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Accomplishment Report

accomplishment report sample essay

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Personal narrative: my past accomplishments.

Every day I wake up determined to do more than I did the day before. My past achievements include gaining leadership skills, being on a varsity sport, and learning outside of school. I have been in tennis for eight years and varsity for three years, where I have received two awards for most improved player. I was accepted into the program “Trees for Tomorrow” where I learned how to manage and use natural resources in a classroom and in field studies. I participated in a new sport, a cross country ski team, where it taught me skills and strengthened my mind set about myself. My early years of high school, I was part of the backstage crew for a play, performed at my high school. The theatrical plays were terrible, under equipped, with barely…

Most Significant Accomplishment

The most significant accomplishment, for me, would be assuming an officer position within the Morehouse College Glee Club as a freshman. This is something that never happens, considering elections within this organization occur at the close of each academic year so freshmen would not be considered. The then president had a tough decision to make in terms of who to appoint to the position. After careful review of attendance records and academic records I was ultimately chosen. Not only did the then president go against the grain, but he believed in my ability to achieve be an effective leader. This empowered me to excel and become more dedicated to the organization and developing my leadership skills.…

Week 2 Progress Report

We as a learning team are progressing well through the assignment. Each member took on a different topic that needs to be addressed in the final project. We are each starting our sections of the final project. Each team member will be completing two pages each for the final project. We are right on track for the final weeks team assignment. Also, for the final team presentation each of the team members will complete two slides each to be collaborated for the final presentation. The team is working well together and so far everyone is contributing equally. Jennifer has completed the outline for the final team project. The outline is below:…

Personal Narrative: My Greatest Accomplishment

A time when someone shared a special accomplishment or achievement with me was last year during track season. My team, my coaches, and I shared the accomplishment of being North Tier League (NTL) champions. Also, because we were North Tier League champions, we were recognized in the school yearbook and received an NTL patch for our varsity jackets.…

My Accomplishment: My Pursuit Of Honor

Through life I've discovered many things with myself and accoplished many things. This past year my goal was to get high honors because, I have never goton my GPA that high honors and that was such a big accomplishment for me. An award that I was proud of was when I got my citizen ship award. That award proved to me that I was kind, helpfull, and ect. Even tho i already knew that stuff about me, but when i was presented that award in front of the whole school everyone knew. As you know I play sports, if you didn't know well, now you do. So, I play a lot of sports and I am actual pretty good at most sports. Through out the years that I've played sports I've MVP, I've been the captain of teams too. But through out the years I've notice that I…

My Journey To My Accomplishments Analysis

My first goal was to obtain my general Equivalency Diploma (GED) with the intentions of later attending college. It took me longer to achieve my goals, since I have had many personal obstacles in my way. At the age of 17, I became a married teenage single mother of a one month old baby. I did not have much of a family so I had to take care of my child on my own. My family was not the type to go to for help because they would take from someone leaving them helpless. Looking in the mirror one day after being knocked down for not cooking dinner, made me look into my soul through my eyes; I decided enduring a life with so much Domestic Violence that it was not for me.…

Electronic Health Record Research Paper

Medical assistants take and record patients’ personal information. They must be able to keep that information confidential and discuss it only with other medical personnel who are involved in treating the patient. Electronic health records (EHRs) are changing some medical assistants’ jobs. More and more physicians are adopting EHRs, moving all their patient information from paper to electronic records. Assistants need to learn the EHR software that their office uses. Medical assistants should not be confused with physician…

New Comer Wilson Hospital Case

Cross functional team to be established between administrators, nurses and doctors to create an actions items list to correct issues – due…

Personal Accomplishments

My current interest is continuing my education within Riverside Community College. As of right now, I am the first person within my family to obtain an Associates Degree. My responsibilities are working full-time to provide for my wife and my six year old daughter. I currently work fulltime within the Los Angeles County Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. This is a demanding job, which offers few working breaks. At the same time, I attend Riverside Community College as a part-time student. My class schedules usually goes from 6pm-9pm, depending on the type of course I’m taking. After work and school, I go home to a beautiful six-year-old girl who is exceling within her school work. I usually spend the weekends studying with my daughter. During the weekends I usually help my daughter work on her school work, while I’m working on my assignments from Riverside Community College. I can honestly say my daughter’s academic success is my biggest…

Personal Narrative: My College Accomplishments

When I was only 5 years old I began to play the sport of football. In my first few years of playing the sport, my father was my head coach. Before I started to play, I was always on the sideline watching my dad coach and being the team manager. My two sisters were cheerleaders for the same team I played on and my mother was the head coach for the cheer team. My very first time stepping on the field, I had goosebumps on the arms and chills going down my spine. I remember feeling like I was about to throw up but…

Progress Report of My Educational and Career Goals

Shin, A., Mui, Y. Q. & Trejos, N. (2006, October 25). Getting Schooled on Student Loans. Retrieved September 14, 2008, from…

Personal Accomplishment: A Graduation Speech

My fellow seahawks, I want to first congratulate you all for making it to this momentous occasion. Graduating high school, who would’ve thought we'd make it to this day. It seems like just yesterday we arrived to South Lakes. We were little freshmens fighting with the locks on our lockers, trying to figure out where our next class was and generally looking lost and clueless. Now here we are as the upperclassmen, the seniors, ready to graduate and take a hold of our futures. In the beginning, we measured time in class periods which we felt like imprisonment, counting down the periods until eventual freedom. As the weeks passed, we measured it in semester, and later in years. We moved from being those clueless freshmen to the seniors who are…

Personal Narrative: My First Accomplishment In My Life

It is so difficult to live in the United States, the land of opportunity, without education and the English language. Without these two things, our lives seem like meaningless. My family is one of the victims of this problem. Two years ago, when I was a senior student in high school, I almost could not graduate from high school with diploma in hand because of failing the exit exam twice and my lack knowledge of English. At that time, I really wanted to give up and ended my education at that level, but the encouragement of my parents had helped me go through this challenge to succeed the first accomplishment in my life.…

Personal Narrative: My Accomplishment

An accomplishment of mine that marked my transition from childhood to adulthood within my culture, community, and family was learning to drive. The steps from studying the books from the DMV, to going out with my parents and the behind the wheel program at school, to getting my own car all helped prepare me for the next section of my life. And while this accomplishment may seem minute to some, it was major for me because it was something I really wanted and not everyone my age are in the same position. This accomplishment was a milestone for me mentally, extended my responsibilities and freedom physically, and lessens the burden for my parents.…

Personal Narrative: My Greatest Accomplishments

Perseverance and determination are some of the qualities that contributed to my accomplishments. When I was in the third grade, I was labelled as the girl who “needed extra help” because I have an auditory processing disorder. That is why one of my greatest achievements is that I have not given up in my educational goals and that I am still continuing my education.…

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15+ Accomplishment Report Examples [ Project, Research, Community ]

accomplishment report examples

Accomplishment Report

15+ accomplishment report examples, 1. accomplishment report template, 2. weekly accomplishment report template, 3. project accomplishment report template, 4. work accomplishment report template, 5. monthly accomplishment report template, 6. individual accomplishment report, 7. annual accomplishment report, 8. project accomplishment report, 9. community accomplishment report, 10. basic accomplishment report, 11. standard accomplishment report, 12. research accomplishment report, 13. printable accomplishment report, 14. title update accomplishment report, 15. accomplishment report template, 16. organization accomplishment report, what is an accomplishment report, how to write an accomplishment report, what is an accomplishment report, why is it important to know and how to write one, what is expected in an accomplishment report.

accomplishment report template

  • Google Docs

weekly accomplishment report template

1. Keep Your Facts Straight

2. write a summary of the accomplishments, 3. state the projects that was done, 4.  make it personal but not too personal, 5. do a spell check and grammar check, more design, free 9+ status report examples, free 8+ performance report examples, how to create a nonprofit annual report examples, 9+ monthly status report examples, free 45+ sales report examples, free 23+ monthly report examples, 25+ annual report examples, 22+ best church magazine examples, free 20+ employee report examples, 17+ project report examples i, free 13+ church report examples, 11+ narrative report examples.


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5+ SAMPLE Narrative Accomplishment Report in PDF

Narrative accomplishment report, 5+ sample narrative accomplishment report, what is a narrative accomplishment report, benefits of writing a narrative accomplishment report, basic elements of a narrative accomplishment report, how to write a narrative accomplishment report, what are some examples of narrative accomplishment reports, what is the purpose of a narrative accomplishment report, what are the significant steps in writing a narrative accomplishment report, how to summarize work and project accomplishments, what is the difference between a narrative accomplishment report and a narrative progress report.

Narrative Accomplishment Report Template

Narrative Accomplishment Report Template

Basic Narrative Accomplishment Report

Basic Narrative Accomplishment Report

Narrative Accomplishment Report Example

Narrative Accomplishment Report Example

Annual Narrative Accomplishment Report

Annual Narrative Accomplishment Report

Monthly Narrative Accomplishment Report Outline

Monthly Narrative Accomplishment Report Outline

Narrative Final Accomplishment Report

Narrative Final Accomplishment Report

1. record and evaluate project growth and performance, 2. determine strengths and weaknesses to boost success rates, 3. highlight efficiency and integrity , 4. obtain a clear and balanced insight, share this post on your network, you may also like these articles, 11+ sample manufacturing reports in pdf | ms word | adobe xd | google docs | apple pages.

sample manufacturing reports

In a manufacturing company, it is a must that everyday, the workers should produce a quota on the company's product. All the workers work together in their assigned posts…

17+ SAMPLE Market Research Report in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs | Apple Pages

sample market research report

In today's extremely competitive world, the marketing research report describes what types of new products or services would be the most profitable.  A market research report is essentially a…

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FREE 10+ Narrative Accomplishment Report Samples [ Science, Teacher, Reading ]

sample narrative accomplishment report templates

Are you a science teacher? One of the fundamental things that you need to know and be aware of is the current status and performance management of the tasks, activities, and projects work entrusted to you. But how can you measure and monitor the overall performance and condition of your work in teaching the students?  In this article, we have some informative guide and downloadable templates of accomplishment report  in narrative form to guide you in carefully managing and keeping track of the progress of your job. Keep on reading!

Narrative Accomplishment Report

10+ narrative accomplishment report samples, 1. narrative accomplishment report sample, 2. accomplishment narrative report, 3. narrative accomplishment report, what is the summary of the accomplishment report, 4. narrative report sample, 5. example of narrative accomplishment report, 6. printable narrative accomplishment report, 7. short narrative report example, 8. narrative accomplishment final report, how do you write a daily narrative report, 9. work accomplishment report sample, what is the format of narrative report, 10. narrative accomplishment self report, what is the introduction of a narrative report, 11. narrative accomplishment report outline, what is a narrative accomplishment report, how to make a narrative accomplishment report, 1. start with a summary, 2. include additional information for clarification, 3. provide a time period of your accomplishments, 4. tell your performance goals and expectations, 1. how do i structure a narrative accomplishment report, 2. why include observations in a narrative accomplishment report, 3. how to summarize accomplishments, 4. what is an annual accomplishment report, 5. what are some examples of professional accomplishments, 6. how to describe achievements, 7. how long should a narrative accomplishment report be.

narrative accomplishment report sample

Size: 185 KB

annual narrative accomplishment report

Size: 305 KB

The summary of an accomplishment report provides a condensed overview of the key achievements and milestones within a specific period. It highlights successes, completed project design , and noteworthy contributions. This section typically offers a snapshot of the positive outcomes and impact of individual or team efforts, emphasizing results and progress note made during the reporting period.

health research narrative accomplishment report

Size: 973 KB

monthly narrative accomplishment report

Writing a daily narrative report involves documenting a day’s events, activities, and observations in a detailed and chronological manner. Here’s a guide on how to write one:

1. Start with a Header:

  • Include the date, your name, and any other relevant details, such as the location or project title.

2. Provide an Introduction:

  • Begin with a brief introduction outlining the purpose of the report and the context of the day’s activities.

3. Chronological Order:

  • Organize the sample report chronologically, detailing events and activities in the order in which they occurred.

4. Be Descriptive:

  • Use descriptive language to convey a clear picture of the day. Include details on tasks, conversations, and any significant interactions.

5. Highlight Achievements:

  • Emphasize accomplishments, completed tasks, or milestones reached during the day.

6. Include Challenges:

  • If faced with challenges or obstacles, describe them objectively and, if applicable, note any strategies used to overcome them.

7. Record Observations:

  • Include observations relevant to the day’s activities. This could involve noting changes, trends, or unexpected occurrences.

8. Use Concrete Examples:

  • Support your narrative with specific examples to provide context and make your report more engaging.

9. Include Relevant Data:

  • If applicable, incorporate quantitative data or metrics to measure progress or results achieved.

10. Reflect on Learning:

  • Reflect on any lessons learned, insights gained, or improvements that could be made for future reference.

11. Maintain Professional Tone:

  • Keep the tone professional and objective. Stick to facts and avoid personal opinions unless necessary.

narrative work accomplishment report

The format of a narrative report typically follows a structured approach to convey information in a chronological and organized manner. Here’s a common format for a narrative report:

  • Include a clear and descriptive title at the beginning of the report.

2. Introduction:

  • Provide a brief introduction that sets the context for the narrative. Outline the purpose and scope of the report.

3. Date and Time:

  • Specify the date and, if relevant, the time period covered by the narrative.

4. Location or Project Title:

  • Indicate the location or project title associated with the narrative.

5. Body of the Report:

  • Organize the report chronologically, detailing events, activities, or observations in the order in which they occurred.
  • Use paragraphs to separate different aspects of the narrative.
  • Include descriptive language to convey a vivid and clear picture of the events.

6. Achievements and Accomplishments:

  • Dedicate a section to highlight achievements, completed tasks, or milestones reached during the covered period.

7. Challenges Faced:

  • Describe any challenges or obstacles encountered, along with strategies employed to address them.

8. Observations:

  • Include relevant observations related to the narrative, such as changes, trends, or unexpected occurrences.

9. Reflection and Learning:

  • Reflect on lessons learned, insights gained, or improvements that could be made for future reference.

10. Conclusion:

  • Summarize the key points and outcomes of the narrative.

11. Recommendations (if applicable):

  • Include any recommendations or suggested actions based on the narrative.

12. Signature (if required):

  • If the sample report requires approval or verification, leave space for signatures.

narrative accomplishment self report

Size: 51 KB

The introduction of a narrative report serves as the opening section that provides context and sets the tone for the rest of the document. It typically includes key information to orient the reader to the purpose and scope of the narrative. Here’s a general guide on what to include in the introduction of a narrative report:

  • Begin with a descriptive and informative title that hints at the content or purpose of the narrative.
  • Open with a concise and engaging statement that captures the reader’s attention. This could be a relevant quote, a thought-provoking question, or a brief summary of the main event or period covered in the narrative.
  • Clearly state the purpose of the narrative report. Explain why the events or observations documented are significant and what the reader can expect to gain from reading the report.
  • Define the scope of the narrative by specifying the events, activities, or observations covered. Include the timeframe or duration of the narrative to provide a temporal context.
  • Briefly explain why the narrative is relevant to the reader. Connect the content to broader themes, goals, or objectives that may resonate with the audience.
  • If applicable, introduce any main characters, projects, or elements that play a central role in the narrative. This helps the reader understand who or what will be the focus of the report.

narrative accomplishment report outline

Size: 61 KB

Tamara Rasheed said: “When I hit milestones in my business and accomplish goals, it is a celebration time. I am big on celebrating my wins because when you have big goals, it is easy to miss celebrating the accomplishments on the journey from goal to goal.” Therefore, keeping a comprehensive record of your progress or accomplishment reports can be helpful in many ways. So, here are some of our downloadable and printable accomplishment report in narrative form samples available in different kinds of formats. Simply click the narrative accomplishment report templates in this article and start downloading now!

A narrative accomplishment report is a significant document that demonstrates the overall performance and progress made toward reaching the specific goals and objectives in the workplace. It is typically used by teachers especially in monitoring their work projects and measuring their skills and capabilities when it comes to completing different kinds of school activities and tasks. 

In order to maintain the appropriate structure and processes inside the organization and your teaching department, you need to write a comprehensive narrative report of accomplishment. If writing a report form is not your cup of tea, don’t worry because we provide you some easy-to-follow tips that indicate how to make an accomplishment report : 

First, you need to start your narrative accomplishment report with a clear and well-detailed summary which contains your previous and current work achievements. Write your job roles and responsibilities, beneficial skills and competencies, work goals, objectives, and many others. 

The second step in your narrative accomplishment report writing is to include additional information for the clarification of your previous and current accomplishments in the summary section. Explain each aspect and highlight the significance of a particular job role, skill, and many more that you have contributed to help the company grow and improve.  

Then, you need to provide a comprehensive time period of your accomplishments by using a bulleted list as you write down the respective time period of each of your previous and current work accomplishments. 

Lastly, you need to tell about your work performance goals and expectations in your current or prospective work if you consider applying to a new company. Some examples of performance goals are cognitive flexibility, efficient people management, complex problem solving, transdisciplinary skills, and many other goals. While some examples of job expectations are demonstration of a positive and respectful attitude, professionalism, etc.

Structure your Narrative Accomplishment Report with an introduction, chronological details of achievements, challenges, observations, and a reflective conclusion. This format offers a comprehensive overview of your accomplishments.

Including observations adds depth to a Narrative Accomplishment Report, providing insights into changes, trends, or unexpected occurrences. This enhances the overall narrative and offers a holistic view of the accomplishments.

When you summarize your accomplishments, think about your current and previous accomplishments that you have done. List them according to the dates. Make sure that the work accomplishments must be related to the duties listed in a particular job advertisement that you want to apply. Then, quantify your work by providing an estimate or range. 

An accomplishment annual report is a document that summarizes the accomplishments for the year. It is actually a brief overview of the work achievements that are reached for the entire year.

Some examples of professional accomplishments are increased performance, money and time saved for the company, problems identified and solved, innovative ideas being introduced, promoted growth, exceeding work targets, and many more. 

If you are describing your achievements, you must quantify your achievements by using numbers, percentages, and statistics or you can describe a qualitative achievement. Then, use your employer’s language. You also need to consider highlighting the achievements which are significant to the job requirements. 

The length of a Narrative Accomplishment Report can vary, but it’s advisable to maintain a balance. Provide sufficient detail to convey the narrative effectively without overwhelming the reader. Aim for clarity and conciseness.

In conclusion, this Narrative Accomplishment Report reflects a period marked by notable achievements and valuable insights. Through a detailed account of accomplishments, challenges, and reflections, it demonstrates growth, resilience, and a commitment form to continuous improvement. These experiences contribute to a broader narrative of success and professional development.

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accomplishment report sample essay

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Accomplishment Essay

B-schools pose essay questions about your accomplishments to gauge what you will bring to their program.

In your ‘Goals' essay, you have proclaimed great potential/ skills that have enabled you to set high goals for yourself. Through this essay, B-Schools want to know how far you have been successful in translating your skills into concrete results that have significantly benefited your organization. They also want evidence of what sets you apart from your peers and what demonstrates your ability to function well with them.

Remember your accomplishments should show IMPACT and interpersonal skills. The applicant who has led a team that could accomplish a multimillion-dollar gain has an advantage over the candidate who developed a world-class software application on his own. Therefore, your essay should not only focus on the technical or procedural aspect of the achievement but also on your team working and leadership skills.

1. How different schools ask this question?

Business schools word their accomplishment essay questions differently based on what they are looking for in their potential candidates.

Some schools word their accomplishment question in such a way that it gives you maximum leeway. For example, questions like “What are your three most substantial accomplishments and why you view them as such?” (Harvard) or “Tell us about your most substantial accomplishment?” (HAAS)

It gives you so much freedom that you need to be careful in evaluating your accomplishment story. So, you should select a story that has challenged you to show your leadership skills- a story that has made an impact on your community or organization. Moreover, in a multi-accomplishment essay, it will be your best bet to choose one professional, one community, and one personal accomplishment to demonstrate that you are a multi-faceted personality.

Some schools specify that out of two accomplishments, one can be personal and one professional (INSEAD), which makes it easier for you to choose one accomplishment from your personal life and the other one from your professional life.

On the other hand, some schools deliberately narrow down their essay topic that almost forces you to think and answer in a preferred manner. For example, questions like, “ Please describe a time when you went beyond what was defined, expected, established, or popular.“ (MIT Sloan) and “Describe a time when you questioned an established practice or thought within an organization. How did your actions create positive change?” (HAAS) expect you to confine your definition of accomplishment to a specific area of your work life.

Finally, all schools want you to describe not only the accomplishment but also why you value it or why it is meaningful to you. Remember, whether the schools specify it in their essay question or not, you still must explain what you think of your achievement.

2. How to choose your accomplishment stories?

Choosing your accomplishment stories can be a daunting task when no specifications have been provided. The following questions will help you to brainstorm your accomplishments stories.

  • Am I truly proud of this accomplishment? If yes, why?
  • Did this accomplishment make a tangible impact on an organization or an individual?
  • Did this accomplishment help me learn a new skill I did not know before?
  • Did it require me to take initiative and step out of my defined role or perform beyond expectations?
  • Did I view myself or did others view me differently after this accomplishment?
  • Did my role in the organization change after this accomplishment?
  • Did it lead to opportunities and responsibilities I did not have before?
  • In what ways did this accomplishment require me to be creative and innovative?
  • Did this accomplishment teach me skills that led the way to other accomplishments?

While choosing your stories, try to avoid discussing professional accomplishments that do not involve working with teams. Your accomplishment essay SHOULD bring out some of the following qualities: Dedication or focus, persistence, ambition, vision, expertise, initiative, high personal standards, leadership, team skills, energy, self-discipline, organizational ability, etc.

3. How to structure your essay?

Now that you have identified your accomplishment story, your next challenge is to structure it properly. To do full justice to your story, you may organize your essay following the four-part structure below:

  • The Challenge

Begin your essay by engaging opening sentences to draw the reader in. Your introductory paragraph should set the scene by providing the context of the story. It should also directly state what the challenge was.

Example: In October 2010, when I was working as automation lead at TCS, the client expected automation of new functionality for maintenance drugs in three weeks as against the usual five weeks, and the teams had little knowledge about this functionality Initially, this deadline seemed to be unachievable, but after brainstorming with my team, I took the calculated risk and went ahead with the project.

  • The Action:

Instead of providing a laundry list of ‘I did x….’, ‘I did y…’, tell a story that has a beginning, middle, and end. Describe this part in detail as this is the most crucial part of your story. If your story describes in detail what you thought, felt, said, and did, it will not only interest the Ad Com but also tell them who you are and how you navigate through challenging situations. If your story describes in detail what you thought, felt, said, and did, it will not only interest the Ad Com but also tell them who you are and what you want to be.

Example: However, after 10 days, I realized that we were still behind the schedule. Hence, after considerable deliberation, I discovered that the functional analysis effort could be reduced by 25-30 percent with more test scripts. So, I created these scripts by aligning my team appropriately and by putting in extra work hours .

  • The Outcome

In order to provide closure to your story, make sure to state the ultimate result of your achievement. To showcase your accomplishment’s impact, it is advisable to state the outcome in quantitative terms.

Example: “On May 13, the whole design passed all the testing successfully and got deployed into the production two days prior to the deadline.”

  • The Significance:

Even if the school does not ask you to discuss the significance of your accomplishment, you should always describe it. Make sure to wrap up your essay by explaining why your accomplishment is meaningful to you and what lessons you learned from the experience. Your accomplishment’s significance and the life lesson it taught you must be genuine and personal to you. Please remember that external benefits like raises and promotion should be mentioned in the third part of the essay (outcome), and not in the end.

Example: Today I recall this project as one of the most memorable projects. From a revenue perspective. It was not the biggest project I handled, nor was it the most complex project. However, it was the most challenging project in terms of saving my company and my own reputation in front of the mounting unforeseen challenges.

4. W hat should you ‘NOT DO’ in an accomplishment essay?

  • Do not write about an accomplishment that was not your own but your team’s and your role in that team was not distinct.
  • Do not write about ancient accomplishments (e.g. High school). Focus on something within the past 2-3 years.
  • Do not select accomplishments involving your friend, family, marriage or romantic relationships unless your story is truly distinctive and the impact substantial.

To sum up, you should draft your accomplishment essay as per the requirements of different schools. Before choosing your accomplishment story/ stories, ask yourself specific questions and then reflect on your experiences that answer those questions. Furthermore, make sure that your accomplishment story has all four components: the challenge, the action, the outcome, and the significance. Lastly, focus on your achievements in the past 2-3 years as this would imply you are making constant strides in your career instead of basking in the past glory.

Do you have questions about your application? E-mail Poonam at [email protected] or sign up here for a free consultation.

accomplishment report sample essay

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accomplishment report sample essay

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How to Write an Accomplishment Report

Last Updated: February 2, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Meredith Walters, MBA . Meredith Walters is a Certified Career Coach who helps people develop the skills they need to find meaningful, fulfilling work. Meredith has over eight years of career and life coaching experience, including conducting training at Emory University's Goizueta School of Business and the US Peace Corps. She is a former Member of the Board of Directors of ICF-Georgia. She earned her coaching credentials from New Ventures West and a Master of Business Administration from the University of San Francisco. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 781,617 times.

Do you need to write an accomplishment report? Many jobs will require one, and often these are self-assessments in which you're asked to report what you've done throughout the year. Perhaps you've been tasked with writing a report on a meeting instead. Understanding how to write such a report well can make a big difference in whether you are perceived as a success or not.

Template of an Accomplishment Report

accomplishment report sample essay

How to Format the Accomplishment Report

Step 1 Open with a summary paragraph.

  • Perhaps you are writing an accomplishment report for a non-profit organization. You could summarize successes, such as the fact you organized events that benefit stakeholders, gained industry recognition, and created linkages with partners. [1] X Research source
  • You don’t need to bog the summary paragraph down with too many specifics. You are summarizing the key points here. You are providing the overview. Try not to make the report too long. Two pages is a good rule of thumb, unless the employer has a specific suggestion. Check with the employer to see if there is a recommended format.

Step 2 Provide details to back up each summary point.

  • Use outline form. Organize different areas into their own sections and use sub-points beneath each header. For example, perhaps one of your sections is “events organized and held.”
  • Under such a header, you could list (with bullets or letters) a brief summary paragraph of each event held, its purpose, and how it advanced the group’s mission. Be specific here.

Step 3 Use professional formatting.

  • Create a title, and center it at the top of the page. Use bold subheads to organize information.
  • At the top of the report, provide the basics. Present the dates that are covered by the accomplishment report and the name and title of the person who prepared it. [2] X Research source

Step 4 Keep a journal throughout the time period in question.

  • Keep a journal or folder in which you track accomplishments throughout the time period of study. This will make your life a lot easier when it’s time to sit down and write. [3] X Research source
  • If you don’t do this, you may find yourself forgetting important accomplishments that happened toward the beginning of the time period.

How to Create Strong Content

Step 1 Remind people of your performance goals and expectations.

  • Then, explain how those were met with actual numbers. The point is to compare what your activities or results were against original projects.
  • For example, if you raised more money than projected, this will seem positive to investors or superiors. However, if you don’t provide the benchmark, it’s harder to assess whether it’s a success and to what degree.

Step 2 Provide visuals.

  • Remember that some of the report readers are going to only scan it because they are probably busy. So visual aids can get your point across more effectively sometimes.
  • Don't inundate the reader with too many graphs though. Select 1 or 2 that emphasize the key points.

Step 3 Focus on CAR.

  • Figure out the challenge of the job. Then outline the action you have taken to address it. And then document your results. For example, let's say you are a manager in a restaurant. You could write: Challenge: Lines were becoming too long during dinner rush hour, with customer complaints increasing by 10 percent. Action: Push back 1 waitress' start time by 1 hour to increase support staff during rush hour. Result: Customer complaints about wait times dropped to 2, an 80 percent decline.
  • The key point is to be specific here. General accomplishments such as “I am a team player” aren’t as meaningful because anyone can say things like that. The key is to connect results to core issues and to demonstrate success through data and specifics. [4] X Research source

Step 4 Present your methodology.

  • Let the readers know the rationale for the chosen survey methodology. Explain the benefits and results of the survey. Why was this a credible method? For example, using the restaurant scenario, explain why it makes sense to use complaints as a methodology. [5] X Research source
  • Explain the survey dates and what you were trying to accomplish with the survey. [6] X Research source

Step 5 Focus on your...

  • Another method you can use to do this is the STAR method. This method involves briefly describing a situation and task, the action you took to accomplish it, and the results you achieved. As with the CAR method, the goal here is to link problems with results and to explain how you reached them.
  • Focus on such things are degree of difficulty, one of a kind, first-time, high-visibility, meeting deadlines, innovation, and your work’s scope and impact.
  • An example would be to explain that when you started as the branch manager, annual employee turnover was at 35 percent. You implemented an employee satisfaction survey, established mentorship for workers, and started a weekly staff meeting. As a result, employee turnover had dropped to 15 percent. As this example shows, the accomplishments don’t have to be excessively wordy as long as they provide the correct linkages.

Step 6 Explain your value.

  • For example, let’s say you started holding staff meetings. So what? What value did that create for the organization? Think it through. If there is no concrete value, maybe you should highlight something else.
  • If staff meetings helped increase worker morale as evidenced in a decline in sick days, which saved the employer money, then you’ve demonstrated value.

Step 7 Proofread the report before submitting it.

  • Proofread the report for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Set it down for the night, and read it again in the morning. Don’t write the report at the last minute.
  • Print out a hard copy, and check that for proofing errors. Sometimes a person’s eyes get wedding to the computer screen to the degree that they skip over obvious errors.

How to Use Effective Language

Step 1 Address any negatives in a positive fashion.

  • Handle the areas where you didn’t do so well with positive language. For example, focus on the concrete steps that you are taking to address the issue, rather than focusing on blame or excuses.
  • Don’t blame others in an accomplishment report. Stay focused on what you’ve done. Stay positive. Focus on the things that you or your group did well. Single out areas that you can tout.

Step 2 Use numbers and metrics.

  • Generic superlatives like “outstanding” or “dependable” aren’t very meaningful. Telling someone “I had an excellent year” is something that anyone can say.
  • Remember this phrase: Show don’t tell. Rather than telling people you had an excellent year, show them, through details and metrics, what you did that was excellent. Instead of saying you’re good at customer relations, cite the results of customer-satisfaction surveys, letters you received and lack of customer complaints.
  • Use numbers. Saying you handled a large staff doesn’t mean much if we don’t know how large it was. Use numbers to express the size of a budget and to outline the scope of duties.

Step 3 Tell the truth in all cases.

  • The other problem with lying, even through obvious omission, is that you’re not going to end up being confident in the end, and you won’t be able to improve.
  • Rather, do an honest assessment of the time period at hand, both weaknesses as well as positives. Address the weaknesses. Just find a positive way to do it.

Step 4 Recognize others.

  • For example, you may want to say “I hired 100 people.” However, don’t forget the other people who contributed to the successes. Refer to the team when applicable.
  • You will gain points by seeming like you’re not arrogant. Vary sentence structure so every sentence doesn’t start with the word “I.”

Expert Q&A

Meredith Walters, MBA

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  • Use professional, not informal language. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Never sound angry in an accomplishment report. It almost always pays off to stay positive. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

accomplishment report sample essay

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