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Cambridge english: b2 first (fce) writing.

Difficulty level : B2 /Upper Intermediate

What is the B2 First (FCE) Writing test like? The test has two sections and takes about 80 minutes:

  • Part 1 - write an essay based on prompts
  • Part 2 - write one from a choice of 3 questions: an article , an essay , a letter, a report , a review , a story

Scoring Each of the two writing parts are marked out of 20. There are five marks for each of the following: Content, Communicative Achievement, Organisation and Language. You must write 140-190 words for each part.

How to prepare for the B2 First (FCE) Writing test

  • Choose a question that you are interested in. You will write better if you know the subject.
  • Read the instructions carefully before you start. Make notes. You must include all the points from the instructions in your writing .
  • Make a plan before you start writing. Decide what information to put in each paragraph.
  • Think about who you are writing to and use an appropriate style of language.
  • Try to use a range of complex language.

Read this explanation of how to write an article for FCE Writing part 2.

First (FCE) Writing tests

  • Writing part 1 (essay)
  • Writing part 2 (review)
  • Writing part 2 (article)
  • Writing part 2 (email)
  • Writing part 2 (report)
  • How to write an article
  • Writing essay introductions
  • Brainstorming ideas for essays
  • Answer the question!

First (FCE) Sections

  • Cambridge First (FCE)

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FCE Exam Tips

Tips and advice for the Cambridge B2 First writing test.

How to write essays, reports, reviews, and articles.

B2 First Writing Test Tips

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

You have 80 minutes to write two texts. The first text will always be an essay and should be 140-190 words long. The second text can be an article, informal email or letter, a formal email or letter, a report, or a review and should be 140-190 words.

The examiners give you a grade based on 4 things:

Content - Did you write what you were asked to write?

Communicative achievement - Was your writing too formal, too informal, or just right?

Organisation - Did you link paragraphs and sentences? Is there a logical flow from start to finish?

Language - Did you show off your sparkling vocabulary or did you use basic words? Did you make lots of grammar and spelling mistakes?

2. Time management

The two texts are worth equal points and have the same word lengths, so you should spend equal time on them. That gives you 40 minutes per text. Spend some of that time planning and some checking. For example:

Planning - 10 minutes

Writing - 25 minutes

Checking - 5 minutes

You might think that's too long for the planning stage, but the more you plan the fewer problems you will have later.

3. You can't cook without a recipe

Many of my students hate the planning stage and like to just start writing as soon as possible. But the finished product is normally not very good. Imagine a chef in a restaurant - does he go into the kitchen and start throwing vegetables into pans? No - he gets a recipe and follows the plan!

So, take a deep breath, think about what you have to write, what you want to write, and how you can write it.

You can even start to think about good words you know, and advanced sentences that you can include.

Example: Before I started writing this page I listed all the sub-headings. I knew how I would start, and how I would finish. It's much easier to write with the structure already prepared.

Now let's look at what Cambridge cares about in your writing. The first point is the content itself. If you are asked to write a letter to your friend and you write a poem - well, it doesn't matter how good that poem is. Maybe you can write the best poem in the history of the world - the examiner will be impressed, and then give you zero points.

Here's a sample FCE writing task:

article essay letter report review of story

You have to write about pollution and the environment, and you have to include 3 points. 2 of those points must be transport, and rivers and seas. If you don't include transport you can't get full marks in the exam. If you don't write about damage to the environment, you can't get full marks.


5. Communicative Achievement

The next thing Cambridge wants is for you to show that you understand about tone. In the previous example, you were asked to write an essay for your English teacher. How formal should that be? You're not writing to a lawyer so you don't have to be super formal, but you aren't writing to your best friend, so you shouldn't be too casual.

For that essay, you should use a neutral or slightly formal style.

That means you need to study how to write in different ways. Spot the difference in tone in this extracts from letters:

Guess what? I bunked off school and tramped up and down the beach all day. Great fun! I found some nearly-fresh muffins in a box, so that was lunch sorted. Free food! Niiiiiice.
Dear Mr and Mrs Biggins,
I regret to inform you that we have taken the decision to suspend Jack from school for the next week. Not only did he fail to come to school today, but we received a call that he had stolen a container of confectionery from a local business.

In short, try to make sure that what you write is appropriate for the person you are writing to.

6. Organisation

Cambridge love when you link sentences together with words like 'whereas' and 'however', and link paragraphs with phrases like 'Firstly, secondly'.

You must learn how to use these phrases if you want a good grade.

One easy way to get a higher score in 'organisation' is to ask a question, and then answer it.

7. Language

Your writing will be more interesting and you'll get a better grade if you can use a wide variety of language. Use high-level vocabulary when you know it; don't repeat the same word too many times; don't make too many mistakes; try to use a variety of grammar (not just 'subject verb object' all the time).

You will be rewarded if you learn (and use) some appropriate phrasal verbs, idioms, and collocations. Compare these sentences:

1. The food was good and the service was good and we had a good time.

2. The food was delicious, while the service was faultless. Did we have a good time? Absolutely!

I hope you agree that the second is much nicer to read. Is it much harder to write? Not really. And if you don't know the word 'faultless' you might know a different word that would fit. Even if you said 'good' again, the sentence would get you a much better score in FCE because the 'while' connects the first two parts and the question connects the last two.

8. FCE Essays

You have to write an essay, so this is the first thing you should learn to write. Essays are about giving information and your opinions, comparing and contrasting.

Title: Use a title at the top of your essay. The title should be interesting so that someone would want to read the article. Imagine two friends share a link on Facebook. Which are you more likely to click on?

Why Pollution is Bad
Climate Change is Fake, and Here's Why

Most people would click on the second one! You don't have to be so provocative in your essay, but do try to make it interesting.

Structure: Use the task as the structure. In the example from question 4, you could have these paragraphs:


The Transport Pollution Problem

Pollution in Rivers and Seas

Pollution at Home

- Try to connect the title you have chosen with the conclusion. If you call your essay 'Climate Change is Fake!' you should end by saying 'and that's why climate change is not real.'

- You should write in a balanced way - don't only say that something is good or bad. Example:

'It's clear that pollution from cars is a big problem that should be looked at. The air in some cities is not fit for humans. But the car isn't totally a villain - it's also a symbol of freedom for many people. So we need a solution that lets people drive their cars, but without being too harmful. For example, electric cars let people get to work but are cleaner than diesel engines.'

- As a minimum, move from paragraph to paragraph by using phrases like 'firstly, secondly'. But try to learn some more advanced versions, too.

- There's more help in this article:

How to Write an Essay for FCE

This article will help you write great essays in the FCE writing exam.

9. FCE Reports

Often, you'll be able to choose to write a report in part 2. The reader will usually be your teacher or a group you belong to. You have to give facts and make recommendations.

A group of English students is coming to your college. Your English teacher has asked you to write a report on one local tourist attraction. In your report you should

describe the attraction

say what you can do there

explain why you think students would enjoy visiting it

If I were writing that, I'd use this structure:

(Title:) Report on Old Trafford Football Stadium
The aim of this report is to describe Old Trafford and to say why it's the best destination for students who visit our college.
Old Trafford
(a description of the stadium, its history)
(what you can do there - the stadium tour, the gift shop, touch the magical grass)
Why It's Perfect for Visitors
(the tour is given in English so it's good practice, football is universally popular, it's great for taking photos)
For the reasons I have mentioned, I highly recommend visiting Old Trafford with the visiting students. I'm sure they will all have a great time.

10. FCE Reviews

Reviews are quite a good choice for part 2 because you've probaby read thousands of reviews in your own language - reviews of movies, video games, hotels and so on. So you should be quite familiar with the format.

The main skills you need are: describing things, explaining, and giving your opinions.

IMPORTANT - You are allowed to lie in the exam! I personally hate the movie Titanic, but I remember quite a lot about it. If I had the task of reviewing a movie I love, maybe I would choose Titanic. The story is clear in my head, I remember the names of the actors, the director and the theme song... I can pretend to like it if it helps me pass the exam...

- Like in the essay task, I encourage my students to use an interesting title. 'Titanic - Their Hearts Will Go On'.

- Use the question to help you structure your review.

- Go to the following link for more help:

How to Write a Review for FCE

Do you want to know how to write a review for FCE? This is the website you need!

11. FCE Articles

Articles in First Certificate are usually written for English magazines or newsletters. The main thing is to make your articles interesting to read, and to give your opinions on the topic.

Improving an FCE Article

I give feedback on a B2 First article written by a student, then show an improved, rewritten version.

11. Frequently Asked Questions

Q  - Do I have to use British spelling?

A - No. You can use American spelling.

Q  - How important is spelling and punctuation?

A - You aren't expected to be perfect, but if a mistake stops the reader from understanding what you want to say, that's quite bad.

Q  - How important is the word count? What happens if I write too many words?

A - If you do the task properly you will write the correct number of words. You won't lose marks if you write 5 words too many. Focus on writing what you have to write, and the word count will take care of itself.

Don't waste time in the exam counting how many words you have written! 

Q  - My handwriting is terrible! Will I lose points?

A - Just make sure a human can read it - if you are very messy, write a little bit slower. If you usually end up with lots of things crossed out - you need to plan better!

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B2 first for schools exam format.

The updated B2 First for Schools exam (for exam sessions from January 2015) is made up of four papers developed to test students' English language skills. You can see exactly what’s in each paper below.

The formats below are the same for both the paper-based and computer-based exams. Please note that computer-based (CB) exams are being replaced by Cambridge English Qualifications Digital in February 2024. Visit our Cambridge English Qualifications Digital webpage to find out more.

  • openbook Reading and Use of English
  • compose Writing
  • playlist Listening
  • megaphone Speaking

openbook What’s in the Reading and Use of English paper?

The B2 First for Schools Reading and Use of English paper is in seven parts and has a mix of text types and questions.

For Parts 1 to 4 , students read a range of texts and do grammar and vocabulary tasks.

For Parts 5 to 7 , students read a series of texts and answer questions that test reading ability and show that they can deal with a variety of different types of texts.

Part 1 (Multiple-choice cloze)

Part 2 (open cloze), part 3 (word formation), part 4 (key word transformations), part 5 (multiple choice), part 6 (gapped text), part 7 (multiple matching), compose what’s in the writing paper.

In the two parts of the B2 First for Schools Writing paper, the student has to show that they can write different types of text in English.

Removal of set text questions in B2 First for Schools

From January 2024 we are removing the optional set text questions in the B2 First for Schools Writing papers. The reason for this change is that only a few candidates choose those questions and often do not perform to the best of their ability. We have updated our support article to reflect this change.

  • Set text for January 2021–December 2022: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (Pearson Level 5 Edition).
  • Teachers may choose to prepare candidates for questions on this set text by studying any film version of Rebecca , as well as, or instead of, the book.
  • Set text for January 2023–December 2023: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Pearson Level 5 Edition).
  • Teachers may choose to prepare candidates for questions on this set text by studying any film version of The Great Gatsby , as well as, or instead of, the book.

Students should not attempt the optional set text question in Part 2 unless they have the necessary understanding of the text to answer the task set. Teachers are best placed to judge if the set texts and/or film version may be appropriate and stimulating for a given teaching situation. The suggested edition is a graded reader which has been adapted to the level and is suitable for B2 First for Schools candidates. Other editions of this book may be available. Teachers and students should be aware that the language level in other editions may be less accessible.

playlist What’s in the Listening paper?

The B2 First for Schools Listening paper has four parts. For each part students have to listen to a recorded text or texts and answer some questions. They will hear each recording twice.

Part 1 (Multiple choice)

Part 2 (sentence completion), part 3 (multiple matching), part 4 (multiple choice), megaphone what’s in the speaking paper.

The B2 First for Schools Speaking test has four parts and the student takes it together with another candidate. 

There are two examiners. One of the examiners conducts the test (asks questions, gives the student a booklet with things to talk about, and so on). The other examiner listens to what the student says.

Part 1 (Interview)

Part 2 (long turn), part 3 (collaborative task), part 4 (discussion).

article essay letter report review of story


Home / CAE / CAE Writing

CAE Writing

Writing will be the second part of your Certificate in Advanced English exam. CAE Writing is 90 minutes long and it consists of two separate tasks:

In CAE Writing Part 1 you have to read three points on a topic and then write an essay based on two of them. In your answer you have to point out which of the two points are more important. Your essay has to be 220-260 words long.

For CAE Writing Part 2 you get three different assignments to choose from. There are four possible types of assignments: a proposal, a review, a report and a letter. Again, it must be 220-260 words long.

CAE Writing Assessment Criteria Writing Part 1 Writing Part 2 — Review — Report — Letter — Proposal

You might want to read advice on  basics of essay composition before moving to the exam tasks.

CAE Writing Assessment Criteria

Your Writing score depends on four different aspects:

  • Content.  How well you is your writing at achieving the task. Have you developed all the points required by the task?
  • Communicative Achievement.  How appropriate is your writing in terms of style. Have you used the right register ( formal or informal )? Does your writing fill the style requirements of your text type (report, review, essay, letter)? Do you understand the purpose of the text you’re writing?
  • Organisation. How logically you structure your text (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion). How well you connect your ideas in the text ( cohesion ).
  • Language. Your grammar and vocabulary. How diverse is your choice of grammar structure?  Is the vocabulary you use fairly varied? Do you make any mistakes in both and how much do they affect understanding the idea you convey?

Writing Part 1

We will use an example task as an illustration:

You have watched a TV programme about scholarship and who should get in in your country. You have made the following notes:

Who should receive scholarship?

  • People with exceptional academic performance
  • Foreign exchange students
  • Members of low-income families

Some of the opinions expressed in the programme:

“Students have to earn their right for free education.” “Children of parents with low income are usually more diligent learners.” “Students from abroad should feel welcomed in our country.”

You should write an essay for your tutor discussing two groups of people that should get scholarship. You are free to use any of the opinions from the programme if you like, but you should use your own words whenever possible.

Your introductory paragraph should state the topic of your essay and its purpose. It is recommended to make it clear which two points (out of three) you will be writing about. Alternatively you may choose to state that in the first sentence of each body paragraph. It is possible to use both approaches together — then you will have to make sure to paraphrase these statements. Avoid making your introduction too long — 3-5 sentences is an optimal length for your opening paragraph.

Body paragraphs are the tools which you use to deliver the key message of your essay. As you will be writing about two different points it is natural to dedicate one paragraph to each point. You are advised to keep body paragraphs approximately the same size — both points should be developed equally well. Some of the tasks require you to choose which of the two aspects is more important, and to state the reason for it being more important. In that case it is acceptable to make one of the paragraphs slightly bigger. This can be done both in the body paragraph and conclusion.

Your conclusion is commonly the shortest of all paragraphs. Most students tend to write a slightly paraphrased version of ideas already mentioned in introduction or body paragraphs. This is a valid technique and there is nothing wrong about it. It is especially useful when you have exhausted the topic and therefore you have nothing else to contribute to the text. Another possible approach is to introduce extra ideas as shown in the example essay below.

CAE Writing Part 1 Sample Essay

Tuition fees have never been low — on the contrary, only the chosen few can comfortably afford paying their studying costs. To participate in a scholarship programme has always been every student’s aspiration. Not only does the scholarship spare serious expenses, it also looks good on one’s CV. In the paragraphs below I will explain my opinion on why members of poor families and students with outstanding marks should be getting preferences for scholarship programme participation. Young people from families with insufficient means are generally unable to to pay for their education. Conversely, children of financially-sound households are more likely to get into scholarship, as they usually have much better secondary education — not to mention their parents being well able to cover tuition fees. These facts eventually lead to further widening of the wealth gap between the rich and the poor, entailing a number of social and economic issues. Such opportunity inequality could be mitigated by lowering the scholarship requirements for the less wealthy. Prospective students with impressive academic records should not be discouraged from continuing their education by charging for it. Considering their mental aptitude and zeal, these young people are very likely to become highly-qualified professionals, potentially making an appreciable contribution to society. Therefore they ought to be eligible for scholarship participation even if they do not meet other, non-academic requirements. Provision of scholarship grants is not an easy task. The decision-making system should be fair and impartial, ensuring that only the most worthy and needy have their academic expenses taken care of by the government. It is only then we can ensure that the programme serves its initial purpose. (272 words)

Writing Part 2

The second part of CAE Writing gives you a choice of three different tasks to choose from. It is recommended to practice at least two out of four possible tasks (Review, Report, Letter and Proposal).

Your paper should be between 220-260 words long. Going over the limit is not penalized, but potentially leads to more mistakes. However if your text is under 220 you will have points deducted from your overall score.

CAE Review is about providing details on the task subject, giving your opinion and recommending (or not recommending) to see/watch/read it. Your review can be on a variety of things such as books, movies, plays, events and much more.

Your writing can be either formal or informal . It is clear from the task which register you are supposed to use. Whichever you use, you should be consistent and stick to one register throughout the whole essay.

Suggested CAE Review Structure

Use the introductory paragraph to name what you are going to be reviewing, state its genre (i.e. a science fiction novel, a horror movie, a vaudeville performance and so on). It is possible to write about author’s other notable works if there are any. To make your introduction more engaging, you may briefly state your general impression on it. Make your introduction at least three sentences long.

Your first body paragraph should give a short summary of the reviewed material. Give a brief overview — plot, setting, actors, general idea. Avoid giving your opinion in this paragraph — you will do this in the following passages.

Second and third body paragraphs can be used to describe good and bad points respectively. Unlike CAE Writing Part 1 your paragraphs don’t have to be of same length — if you liked the described thing then your paragraph with good points will be naturally bigger than the other one. In the negative points paragraph you can name things that could be changed to improve the quality of the product.

Conclusion will contain your general impression and your verdict. Use this paragraph to sum up the good and bad points to make an objective assessment of the reviewed material. You may then recommend or dissuade your readers from seeing/attending it.

An example CAE Review task to illustrate these points:

CAE Writing Part 2 Review Sample

The title I am going to review is a rare example when the movie manages to trump the book it is based on. Today I am reviewing Fight Club by an infamous American novelist Charles Palahniuk — his most widely-known, universally acclaimed work. It is a daunting task to find a person unfamiliar with the movie. The plot engages you from the very start — a young professional finds his apartment destroyed by an explosion of unknown origin. Agitated, he phones his newfound acquaintance Tyler whom he had met on the plane. They see each other at a bar and the story becomes increasingly complex, yet pleasantly effortless to follow. Through its narrative a number of problems are tackled – self-identity, peer pressure, middle-life crises and some other. The characters are likeable and easy to relate to. Both acting and directing are superb. But what makes it better than the book? The only objective fault I could find in the book was the order of events. It goes back and forth, which at times proves to be confusing. The movie manages the sequencing much better. Other than that the book is brilliant — vigorous prose that manages to evoke strong images. The movie however is so good that the book tends to slightly fade in all its glory. People tend to read the book after seeing the adaptation, thus coming with high expectations that can be hard to meet. To sum this up, I would recommend reading the book nonetheless. It may seem inferior in some respects, but it does help to understand the main theme of “Fight Club” better. (266 words)

CAE Review tips

  • The task clearly stated that you will be writing to your tutor, which implies use of formal register.
  • As you write review you will inevitably use words meaning “good, bad, very” and so forth. It is important to know as many synonyms to very and other general words .
  • To get more idea of what a review should look like check some user reviews: For movies go to www.imdb.com and click on any movie. Then scroll down to see the user reviews. Click to see the full list of reviews like this one. Please note that these reviews do not follow the required CAE Review format — they are to give you some ideas and vocabulary examples. For book reviews try  www.goodreads.com . Just like the previous site you have to choose a book and read other people’s thoughts on it. The top-rated  reviews are at the top of the main page.

CAE Report task is giving your opinion on a subject or assessment of a situation. The difference between CAE Review and Report tasks is that your report should be as objective as possible. Another important difference is that CAE Report should have clear headings for each paragraph.

CAE Report has to be written in formal English. Check this page on formal vocabulary to avoid making any mistakes or inconsistencies.

Suggested CAE Report structure

In your introductory paragraph you state the subject your report will be about. It is usually done by paraphrasing the information you are given in the task (see example report below). You may also state the main points of your report to make it easier for your reader to navigate through it.

As it was mentioned before, each of your paragraphs should have a separate heading. For body paragraphs each heading will be an aspect of the thing your report is about. For example, if your report is on a local school, your headings could be:

  • Staff . This paragraph will be about the school’s teachers and other personnel
  • Classrooms . Description of school premises and facilities
  • Curriculum . How the teaching process is organised.

The names of your headings don’t have to be that straightforward — you can show some creativity there. Make sure that the meaning of your headings is clear — your reader should understand the content of the paragraph from the heading.

Your conclusion sums up the points mentioned above and provides a general assessment. You can voice your recommendations and suggestions if the task says you to do so.

To help you structure your report you can write out possible headings. A properly structured text is much easier to write and more pleasant to follow. Use your draft paper to write up an outline plan, but do not spend too much time on it — 2-4 minutes are usually enough to come up with a solid heading structure.

CAE Writing Part 2 Report Sample

You have completed your internship at a big company. As a part of your job placement programme you should write a report to your employment counsellor. In your report you should describe the company you worked at, the problems you encountered and propose any additional training you feel is necessary.

Introduction For the past three months I had been working for Escom Limited, the biggest law firm in our town. I have participated in real working environment, gained new skills and made acquaintances with people from the industry. In this report I will sum up my experience in this company. Escom Structure The company has a well-defined tier system. Being an intern I started at the first tier with everybody except other interns being my superiors. To get used to this strict hierarchy proved to be a serious challenge but eventually I adapted to it. Such system has its merits — as you move up the ranks you get access to more documents, legal tools and get to interact with senior staff. Even though the system has its downsides it is nevertheless very effective and efficient. The Challenges As an intern I had to perform a wide array of tasks. I had to interact with the company’s clients, fill in various forms, go through tomes of legal data and sort the mail. Unfortunately some of them had no relation to my field of study whatsoever — oftentimes I would get asked to bring in some take-away food or fix a malfunctioning computer. Some of the tasks proved to be too daunting for me, but overall I think I did just fine. Improving Myself Having completed my internship I could finally see my professional shortcomings. There are many things to improve on — first and foremost I have to work on my social skills. I found it difficult to talk to clients that I see for the first time and it is a must to make them feel comfortable. I should also study up on the recent law amendments — at times I found myself unaware of the latest developments in legal proceedings. Conclusion I have thoroughly enjoyed my brief stay with the company. Even though the system has its downsides it is nevertheless very effective and efficient. (274 words)

CAE Letter/E-mail

This type of task presents a certain situation that you have to write a reply to. CAE Letter is one of the more diverse type of tasks, as it can vary greatly in content of the letter as well as the required style and register. For example, a letter to your friend is going to be rather informal and its content will be narrative. Conversely, a letter to a manager of a restaurant should stay stylistically formal as well as factual.

Narrative or factual?

The terms “narrative” and “factual” can be a bit confusing – after all, when we talk or write about something, we tell a story (we narrate) and we include facts. That is true indeed, and both styles include elements of one another. In fact, they overlap considerably. However, there is a difference.

Narrative style (Informal letters/e-mails)

Narrative style focuses on the subjective aspect of your writing. It is about making your writing piece more emotionally engaging. It is more appropriate when you want to make the reader invested in what you are writing.

You can use a number of devices to engage your reader. The two most used ones in informal types of CAE Writing are exclamation and question marks. The former makes your message stronger and more emphatic. The latter can be used for a rhetoric question (one that requires no answer) or to make the reader more included in the narrative:

Hey, how have you been? I heard that your last music album was an immediate success. Really great to hear that!


4 thoughts on “CAE Writing”

I appeared on CAE exam last month in part 2 of writing I forget to mention part number in the answer box and I did e-mail part one with full format etc .it will create any problem??

Hello Waqas! I believe you shouldn’t feel too worried about it, unless it is not clear from the context of your answer!

There is clearly a mistake on the report section. Instead of the example of the report there are two reviews. Would it be possible to fix it? Thank you very much!

Thanks you, fixed that. We seem to have some text missing here, we will have to look into this at some point 🙂

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Cambridge B2 First (FCE): How to Write a Review

Cambridge B2 First (FCE): Writing a Review

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A review is usually written for an English-language magazine, newspaper or website. The main purpose is to describe and express a personal opinion about something which the writer has experienced (e.g. a film, a holiday, a product, a website etc.) and to give the reader a clear impression of what the item discussed is like. Description and explanation are key functions for this task, and a review will normally include a recommendation to the reader. from: Cambridge English First Handbook for Teachers

Reviews are included in Part 2 of your writing exam, which means that, unlike essays, you can choose if you want to write a review or instead work on one of the other options (article, report, letter/email, or story in FCE for Schools).

Writing reviews is fun!

OK OK, it might not be as much fun as, for example, going out with your friends or spending a year travelling around the world, but compared to other writing tasks in the FCE exam, such as essays, it definitely feels a little bit more casual and easy-going. So, whenever I practise review writing in my classes my students are surprisingly fine with it and I hope that you will feel confident as well once you’ve finished reading this post.

First of all, for many students it is not fully clear what to expect from a review task. Luckily, there are a lot of similarities between different reviews and you can use this to your advantage. Prepare by studying these characteristics so you can simply replicate them each and every time you sit down to write a review.

We are going to have a look at the typical requirements, structure and other little things you should include, leave out and/or be careful with, so let’s start by having a look at an example task that could be part of your exam.

What a typical review task looks like

When we look at different review tasks we can see very quickly that there are similarities between them which you can take advantage of whenever you sit down to write. A typical example might look like the one below:

Typical example of an FCE review writing task

I always tell my students to check two things when looking at a writing task: what to include and who is going to read their text. Read the task carefully and underline the key parts. Below I have done all of that for you.

Typical example of an FCE review writing task with the key information underlined

So, who is going to read the review? Because you are writing for an English-language magazine their readers are going to be your audience. Why is this important? In the FCE writing exam you are marked on your use of appropriate language for each task, which includes the right register (formal, neutral, informal) . Choosing the wrong one can cost you marks so we don’t want that to happen.

In our example we should choose a neutral to informal style as we are writing for a magazine. Many different kinds of people will read your review so we don’t want it to be too informal, but still keep it light and interesting.

There are also three main points that we have to include in the review: what surprising thing the main character of the book did, why it was surprising and whether or not you would recommend the book.

The good thing for your review writing, in general, is that there are always three things that you have to include. These are usually a description (What did the main character do?), a discussion (Why was it surprising?) and a recommendation (Would you recommend the book to other people?) . You can normally look for these three things in every review and you will see how similar all the different tasks are.

How to organise your review

Once you have analysed the task, it is time to organise your review. You might already have guessed it, but there is a plan that you can follow every time because the tasks are all very similar.

Looking back at our example task, there are three main ideas that we have to deal with in our text:

  • What surprising thing did the main character do? (description)
  • Why was it surprising? (discussion)
  • Would you recommend the book to other people? (recommendation)

Of course, we can give each of these points a paragraph so our review already has three. (Note that we could combine the first and second point into one paragraph as they both talk about the actions of the main character.) Adding a title an interesting introduction makes it four and we are ready to go. The outline of our review (and every review, really) now looks like this:

  • Title and introduction
  • description (What did the main character do?)
  • discussion (Why was it surprising?)
  • recommendation (Would you recommend the book to other people?)

And just like that we have a universal plan for most review tasks in the FCE writing exam.

Plan before you start writing

Just before we start looking at the four different parts of every good FCE review I would like to remind you of one very important tool that a lot of students forget about once they are sitting in the official exam. I’m talking about the importance of making a plan before you even start writing.

Take three or four minutes to make a little map with the different paragraphs and just two or three key words under each heading so you know exactly what you want to include in your text. This way, you won’t forget anything you want to write about and feel more relaxed once you actually start putting your pen to paper.

The different parts of a review

In this part of the post we are going to look at the different sections of a review using our example task so you know exactly what to expect and what to be careful with. Obviously, you will have to adjust your language and vocabulary to each specific task, but I will give you some general advice and expressions you can always use.

The main purpose of the introduction is to create interest so the reader wants to find out what you have to say about the book, film, restaurant or whatever you have to write about. You can use a few tricks to achieve that:

Firstly, start with a personalised question. This connects the reader to your review and makes them want to continue reading, and secondly, don’t give away the surprise but only give a little hint at it. This way, you can create even more excitement.

With these things in mind, I wrote this example introduction for you:

11/22/63 – a review What would you do if you could travel back in time? Most people would probably meet their great-great-grandparents or watch how the amazing pyramids in Giza were built, but Jake Epping, the main character of the novel “11/22/63” by Stephen King finds himself in a completely unexpected situation and he has to make a very difficult decision that will change history as we know it.

As you can see, I followed my advice and started with a personalised question. It makes the reader wonder what they would do if they were in the main character’s situation. I also tease the surprising decision the main character Jake has to make, but I don’t say what exactly it is.

If you like my introduction, which you should 😉 , try to follow this plan each time you start a review. It guarantees excited readers, happy examiners and high marks for you.


The next point we’re going to talk about is the description portion of your review. Here, you need to give some information based on your task. In our example you have to say what surprising thing the main character did.

The best part about the description is that you don’t have to do anything special – just answer the question and move on. Of course, there are some things that (don’t) make sense to include so let’s go into a little bit more detail.

  • Stick to the question and don’t talk about unrelated things.
  • Give some support to your answer (related details)
  • Use adjectives and adverbs to make it more interesting to read.
Jake, a teacher in a little town in Maine, finds a mysterious time portal in the back of a ragged diner which takes him back to the year 1958. He soon realises that every time he goes through the portal he gets to the exact same point in the past. Eventually, he makes the unexpected decision to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from brutally killing President John F. Kennedy on 22.11.1963.

In my paragraph I don’t talk about unrelated things, but only the details that are necessary to understand how Jake gets to the point at which he makes his surprising decision. I also included some descriptive adjectives and adverbs to make my paragraph a little bit more interesting (mysterious, ragged, exact, eventually, unexpected, brutally).

Follow my advice and don’t make it too complicated for yourself. Describe what you have to describe and go to the next point.

The next step is the discussion portion of your review. There is usually some part in which you have to give your opinion in every review writing task (That’s what discussion really means.) so it is really important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Again, don’t write about things that are not in the task.
  • In my opinion/view, …
  • I think/believe/feel that …
  • I would say that …
  • It seems to me that …

In the example task you need to discuss why the main character’s action is surprising so here is what I would write about my book “11/22/63”:

It seems to me that Jake could choose many other and more personal things to do, but he decides to try and change history to a degree that he cannot predict. I my opinion, that came definitely unexpected and if I were in his position I probably wouldn’t even consider a task this far-reaching.

Once again, I followed my own advice to only answer the question and to use specific language (it seems to me that, in my opinion). You see that it’s not that complicated if you know what to do.


The last part of your review is usually a recommendation to your readers. As in the previous to chapters you have to use specific language to please the examiner and to make it clear to the reader that you are recommending something.

  • Don’t mix up the recommendation with the other parts of your review.
  • I recommend/suggest [title/name] to + person
  • I recommend/suggest + -ing
  • I recommend/suggest that …
  • You should + base verb
  • You might want to + base verb
  • Write a final sentence to conclude the review.

My recommendation looks like this:

I definitely recommend “11/22/63” to everyone who has already read some of Stephen King’s novels as well as to those who like stories with twists and turns around every corner plus you get some modern history on top of that. For me, it was absolutely worth reading and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

As you can see, I used specific language to give recommendations (I definitely recommend) and concluded the review with a final sentence (…it was absolutely worth it…).

If you put all four parts (introduction, description, discussion, recommendation) together and follow the advice given in this post, your review will be a hit.

How your review is marked

Marking FCE writing tasks is like a science and for a lot of students it feels as if there is this big mystery and nobody really knows how it works. Actually, there are very clear rules that the examiners have to follow and the criteria are publicly available.

While it is possible to find all the information on your own I thought it would be a good idea to put everything together in an article for you. Check out how your writing tasks are marked by clicking  here .

Now it’s time to practice

I believe that reviews are one of the more enjoyable writing tasks and, hopefully, this article will help you improve. Start practising and let me know in the comments which piece of advice you found most useful.

Lots of love,

Teacher Phill 🙂

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Thank you, dear reacher Phill. I really find your tips very lelpful, how to write the review. I am preparing to English exam and I will use your reccomendations!

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FCE Writing

The Writing paper has two parts. Part 1 has one compulsory question and involves writing an essay. In Part 2, candidates are given three options and are asked to write one of the following using between 140 and 190 words: an article, email/letter, report, or review.

article essay letter report review of story

Part 1 A Part 1 B Part 1 C Part 1 D Part 1 E

article essay letter report review of story

Article A Article B Article C Article D

article essay letter report review of story

Report A Report B Report C Report D

article essay letter report review of story

Complaint letter A Formal letter B C D

Is September intake better than January?

article essay letter report review of story

A number of universities have introduced two intakes in a year. Prospective students have a choice and they can either start the academic year in September or January. Despite the flexibility, some international students are facing the dilemma as they need to decide which intake, September or January, is better as the start date of their degree programme. 

What are the pros and cons of the September or January intake? 

A student needs to consider the number of available courses in each intake, job prospects, student placement options, freshers week events and course duration when choosing either the September or January intake. 

1.Number of available courses 

Not all universities offer January intake. Most top rank and prestigious universities consider September as the start of the academic year. The universities with January intake frequently provide a limited number of programmes available in this intake. Before applying for January intake, ensure you research your university and find out if your desired degree is available in this intake. Otherwise, it’s worth waiting until September, by which your application will be spotless and you’ll be comfortably waiting for the freshers week.

2. Freshers week

Freshers week gives a great opportunity to network with fellow students, learn more about courses, familiarise themselves with campus and various student clubs, participate in lots of fun and also academic events with tutors and university staff. 

You don’t want to miss September’s freshers week, and you will definitely miss freshers week if you start in January. And even if your university does organize freshers week in January, it’s not as fun and engaging as the one in September. 

3.Part-time job opportunities 

Finding part-time work in September is easier than in January. Lots of companies need extra staff before the Christmas period. As a result, you have better chances of finding employment. That said, lots of students look for jobs during this time, so the competition is fierce. Hence you need to be super proactive when job hunting, print your CV, take it with you and leave it with a manager of every coffee shop, clothing store or restaurant located in close proximity of your accommodation or campus.

Part-time positions are limited in January, the haste of Christmas is long gone, people are usually into saving than spending, so there might not be as many job opportunities. However, this is also a period when people make new years resolutions, they want to change their life, and very often that is connected to changing their work. There’s a good chance there will be a vacancy here and there, but it will be limited. 

4. Duration of the course 

Some programmes starting in January might be 3 months longer than those starting in September. As a consequence, you will be studying longer than your fellow classmates. Some universities however ask you to study throughout the summer term, so that by October you catch up with other students in your year. When choosing the university and programme, look into the end dates of the course. What comes with a longer course duration is also an increased programme fee.

5. Work placement 

Work placement is completed during your degree, usually between your second and final year of study. Sometimes they even make a compulsory element of your degree. During this ‘sandwich’ year or as some call ‘year in industry’ you will be assessed and at the end awarded credit for the placement. 

Work placement gives you a fantastic opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in work settings. You will be able to increase your skills and competencies, frequently sought after by future employers. 

Companies usually advertise the work placement a year in advance in September, very few employers start placement programmes in January

Why would someone choose to start a university in January?

1. You need more time 

Family responsibilities, work commitments, English level, saving money or visa issues are just a few things preventing you from starting university in September. No matter how challenging your life has become, take time to sort out the outstanding issues so that you can fully devote yourself to your studies in January. 

2. Gap year 

Gap year used to allow students to take a break between studies to reflect on their life and future, get some work experience or simply backpack around the world. These days, some students prefer to take a mini gap year for 3-5 months. It’s enough time to do volunteering, travel or simply take time to think of what you really want to study. Don’t feel guilty when taking a mini gap year or even a whole 12-month gap, you need this time and space to really think about what you want from life and about your career aspirations.

3. Need to change the course 

You might have started a course in September and realised that it is not exactly what you were hoping to be, it’s just not the right fit. Don’t feel you’re stuck and you can’t change the uni or the course. On the contrary, you can start again and apply in January intake, it’s a perfect time to transfer. 

4. You missed the September intake 

For some reason you missed September intake, if that’s the case, January intake comes as a saviour and it can even allow you to apply for the course of your first choice. Some universities allocation additional spots for the January intake, meaning that some lucky students might get a place on the course they have always dreamt of.

5.Flexibility for mature students

January intake becomes a flexible option for mature students who want to do their first degree or for those who are thinking of doing their second degree. The time between September and January allows them to mentally prepare for the study, deal with their commitments and then with a piece of mind start the course in January. 

6. You are an international student

In the southern hemisphere, including Australia, South America, some countries in Africa and Asia, the school year usually runs from January to December. Starting in September might be a bit tricky as they have to go through the application process during the school year, then wait for almost 9 months to begin their study. 

List of Universities in the UK that admit in January 2022:

Anglia Ruskin University 

Aston University 

Bangor University

Bath Spa University 

Birkbeck University of London.

Birmingham City University 

Bournemouth University 

Brunel University London

Cardiff Metropolitan University

City, University of London

Coventry University 

De Montfort University

Edge Hill University 

Edinburgh Napier University

Glasgow Caledonian University 

Keele University UK

Kingston University

Leeds Beckett University 

London Metropolitan University

London South Bank University

Manchester Metropolitan University 

Middlesex University 

Northumbria University London

Nottingham Trent University 

Oxford Brookes University 

Regent’s University London

Teesside University 

Ulster University 

University College Birmingham

University of Bedfordshire 

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

University of Chester 

University of Cumbria

University of Derby 

University of Dundee

University of East London

University of Greenwich, London

University of Hertfordshire 

University of Huddersfield 

University of Leicester 

University of Portsmouth 

University of Salford 

University of South Wales

University of Stirling

University of Sunderland 

University of West London 

University of Westminster, London

University of Wolverhampton 

University of Worcester 

Can I retake IELTS writing part only?

article essay letter report review of story

The writing part of the IELTS exam is quite challenging for many students. Some have retaken the test and to their surprise, they still can’t achieve the desired result in all four parts of the exam. I’ve been asked numerous times whether it’s possible to retake just one part of the exam, for example writing or reading.

As a general rule, there is no provision for retaking the IELTS test of a single module of IELTS.  If a single section’s score on the IELTS exam is low, a test-taker will have to retake all four sections of the IELTS exam.

If you have scored 7.5 in reading, listening and speaking but just 5.5 in your writing then you will have to retake the whole exam to score an overall higher band. IELTS doesn’t allow single module taking at this stage. If the difference between each module is significant you might want to consider devoting some time for further learning as taking the IELTS soon after your first attempt might not mean you will score a higher band.

Is it possible to only retake the Reading module in IELTS exam if other modules are higher than 7.5?

In general, retaking a single module of IELTS exam, like reading, is currently impossible. In order to improve reading part of the IELTS exam, a test-taker will have to resit the whole exam. IELTS does not allow registering for one module only at this stage. 

If your reading score is significantly lower than the other modules you might want to look into tips and strategies on how to cleverly and methodically approach this problematic task. Remember that reading for pleasure and reading for IELTS are two totally different concepts. And the latter requires from you certain skills to successfully complete each IELTS Reading task in a timely manner. 

Can you retake IELTS immediately? How soon can I retake IELTS exam? 

You can resit the IELTS exam immediately after your initial attempt. Some test-takers book two exams at the same time, especially during busy periods when the exam dates and booking availability are limited. You should only resit the IELTS exam when you feel you’re ready, bear in mind that you won’t be able to score a higher band in IELTS without a significant effort to improve your English in general and for the exam purposes.

Why do you keep scoring 6.0 and 6.5 in your IELTS?

When you reach a certain level of English, that is B2 upper-intermediate, which is equivalent to band 6.0 or 6.5 in IELTS, you feel capable of communicating and understanding English with a certain degree of confidence and fluency. You decide to book an exam because you believe you’re good enough to score 7.0. By this point, you have stopped trying and working on improving your skills better. By then you just keep practising with sample exams, doing one test after another, not even realising that you still need to learn more vocabulary and grammar. Taking an exam at this stage is like playing a lottery, do you really want to risk spending more money and face the exam disappointment.

It doesn’t work like that. You won’t get a 6.5 or a 7.0 by luck. Only continuous effort to improve your English skills and exam strategies will help you score a higher band in IELTS. There are no shortcuts, you need to devote enough time to become a confident, native-like speaker of English. After all, you didn’t get to your present level of fluency in your own language just by accident, did you? It takes time, sometimes lots of it, and it takes real work – with the humility to accept that you still have much to learn.

Why is my IELTS score lower on the second IELTS test? 

You might notice a difference in the score on your IELTS because:

  • it wasn’t your day (you were stressed, overwhelmed and couldn’t think straight)
  • your current English level is not high enough
  • the task was a bit more difficult

There are many factors that may contribute to a difference in scores on two different IELTS exams. Usually, the difference is half a point, which would mean that you still need to work on your English skills (improve your English with a teacher or self-study). Although half a point on IELTS doesn’t seem a lot, in CEFR terms it can mean 50-100 additional study hours. Before booking a third attempt, spend some time learning English, not necessarily practising with IELTS sample tests, you need to improve your English in general.

If the difference between the same part of the exam in the first and second attempt differ significantly, you will need to invest more time in preparation and study. Find a fellow test-taker, or an IELTS teacher, talk to them about your learning goals and together try to achieve them. Find out how long it takes to prepare for IELTS here .

What’s IELTS exam retake fee? 

If you failed to get the right score in IELTS exam, you will need to resit the exam. Depending on the country and currency, the IELTS exams fees are as follow:

How soon can I retake IELTS exam?

You can retake the IELTS exam as soon as you wish to. There is no waiting period before booking or taking the IELTS exam again and there are also no limits on how often students may take the exam within a given period of time. That said, before you book your next IELTS exam you might want to consider a few points:

  • Why didn’t you get the desired score in the first place?
  • What is the difference between the score you got and the desired score?
  • Why do you need to take the exam now?
  • When do you need to receive the score?

The first two questions refer mainly to your current level of English and whether you are actually ready to score a high band in IELTS. Your IELTS score is unlikely to increase unless you have made a significant effort to improve your English. You can find out how many hours you need to study to get your desired IELTS band  here .

The latter two questions are closely related to the deadlines you might have when presenting the IELTS results. Some students need the IELTS result with their university application. If you feel you might not be able to get the IELTS score on time, talk to your university, maybe they will be able to suggest a Pre-sessional or a pathway English course that will help you secure a place at your desired university.

Is it possible to only retake the writing module in IELTS if other modules are higher than 7.5?

In general, IELTS does not allow to retake the IELTS writing part only.  If the writing part score on the IELTS exam is low, e.g.5.5, whereas the other modules are high, e.g. 7.5, a test-taker will have to retake all four sections (reading, listening, speaking and writing) of the IELTS exam.

Difference between opinion and discussion essay IELTS writing task 2

How long is preparation for IELTS exam?

How many mistakes are allowed in IELTS?

article essay letter report review of story

Many of my students want to understand how many mistakes are allowed in the IELTS exam. This crucial information might help you while preparing for the IELTS test as it gives you a clear indication of whether you are ready to take and successfully pass the exam.

As a rule, scoring an average of 75% in all parts of IELTS guarantees band 7.0 in your IELTS. Generally, about 10 incorrect answers are allowed in each part of the exam to score band 7.0.

How many mistakes are allowed in ielts listening task.

The number of mistakes you make in the listening part of the IELTS exam is closely related to the desired band you want to achieve. The table below provides a clear indication of how many incorrect answers are acceptable in your IELTS listening part and what band you are likely to achieve. 

IELTS Listening exam consists of 4 parts and in each part, there are 10 questions/ points you can score.

Listening task IELTS room for error table:

If you are aiming to achieve band 7.5 in your IELTS listening, you need 8 correct answers in each part and you are allowed to make 2 mistakes per part. 

How many mistakes are allowed in IELTS Reading module?

As a rule, the number of mistakes you can make per each IELTS reading part is related to the score you aim to achieve. If your desired band is 7.0 you must have 7-8 correct answers in each Reading part . The table below gives you a clear idea about the number of mistakes and correct answers allowed for each band.

Reading task IELTS room for error table:

In order to score band 5.0 in your IELTS you need 40% of correct answers, which accounts for 4 correct answers per part. However, in order to score 7.0 you need to double that and score around 75% of correct answers, this means 7-8 correct answers per part and only 2-3 mistakes per Reading part.

Understanding the Listening and Reading scores and the number of correct answers you need to score is relatively easy to understand and calculate when it comes to Listening and Reading parts, which are usually checked by a computer. Things are not as straightforward in the Writing and Speaking parts. 

In your Writing and Speaking tasks of your IELTS exam you can score in four main areas. 

How is IELTS Writing marked?

There are 4 criteria taken into account to mark your IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2, these are Task Achievement, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resources and Gramatical Range and Accuracy. Each of these criteria gets a score from 0 to 9. Once each criteria is marked and calculated the task’s total score is determined. 

Here is an example of IELTS Writing Task 1 marks:

IELTS Writing Task 1 score calculation:

(6.0+ 7.0+ 5.5+ 7.5)/4=6.5

Here is an example of IELTS Writing Task 2 marks:

IELTS Writing Task 2 score calculation:

(6.0+ 7.0+ 6.0+ 7.0)/4= 6.5

Are IELTS writing tasks 1 and 2 marked similarly? 

Writing Task 2 weighs two times more than Writing Task 1, writing task 2 accounts for about 65% o f the total writing score, whereas task 1 is about 35% . So if you get 7.5 for task 2 and 6.5 for task 1, the total score for IELTS Writing Section is 7.5*⅔ + 6.5*⅓= 7.0

Why does IELTS task 2 weigh more points? 

The scoring criteria for writing task 1 and 2 differ. In IELTS writing task 2 you need to come up with your own ideas, develop said ideas, address the topic question and provide a conclusion and for this reason this task accounts for an overall 65% of IELTS writing score. 

What are the marking criteria for IELTS essay? 

Your IELTS examiner will mark your writing part 2 based on the following criteria: 

1. Task Response: 

Your own Ideas- come up with your own ideas, ensure you have more than two ideas included

Developing said ideas- provide examples, solutions to said ideas

Addressing the task- ensure you answer the topic question and fully addressed all parts of the task

Conclusion-  write a summary, include your opinion (only if required)

2. Coherence and Cohesion:

Paragraphing- separate your introduction, main paragraph and conclusion; you should have between 4-5 paragraphs

Linking and referencing- use a variety of linking words and refrain from repeating the same word throughout your essay, use pronouns, synonyms and substitutions instead.

3.Lexical Resources:

Vocabulary – use a range of advanced vocabulary to showcase your language level, avoid simplistic adjectives, nouns or verbs

Collocations- use collocations rather than isolated words. Collocations are groups of words that often go together or that are likely to occur together, for example, a light sleeper, to take a risk etc. 

Spelling- in general, if you make some errors in spelling and/or word formation, but they do not impede communication you’re likely to score 6 but on the other hand, rare minor spelling errors that occur only as ‘slips’ are a good indication that you might score as high as 9.0 in your IELTS.

Number of errors- the less errors you make the better chances of getting a higher band in IELTS. The issue many test takers have is that when using more sophisticated vocabulary there is more likelihood of making a mistake. Ensure that you use a wide range of vocabulary with very natural and sophisticated control of lexical features. 

4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Structure and tenses – use a wide range of structures and tenses such as conditionals and passive forms 

Punctuation- rare punctuation mistakes may occur as a ‘slip’

IELTS sample essay band 7.0 University education should be restricted to the very best academic students, rather than being available to a large proportion of young people.

7 tested strategies to score band 7.5 in IELTS by an English language teacher

article essay letter report review of story

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic. 

University education should be restricted to the very best academic students, rather than being available to a large proportion of young people.

To what extent do you agree or disagree .

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence. 

Sample IELTS writing task 2 essay band 7.0 

In the past, tertiary education was limited to a small proportion of people who were the most academic students. Today, however, many more young people have the opportunity of going to university, and I think that this is a much better situation for several reasons. 

Firstly, individuals today need much higher-level skills and technical knowledge. For example, many professionals require advanced computer skills and an ability to adapt to a rapidly changing workplace. Schools do not have the resources to equip students with these skills, so universities have to fulfil this role. 

Furthermore, societies cannot continue to develop unless more citizens are educated. In order to progress and compete in the modern world, each country needs people who can develop modern technologies further and apply them in new fields. 

Finally, it is only fair that anyone who could benefit from a university education should have access to one. Therefore, there should be equal opportunities for everyone to realise their full potential. Going to university is part of this. 

In conclusion, I totally disagree with the statement because I believe that the increasing availability of tertiary education is vital both for the individual and for society as a whole. Individuals need as high a level of education as possible to achieve their full potential, and in the same way, society in the 21st century cannot function unless it has large numbers of highly educated people to cope with the changes to our living and working environment that are likely to occur in the coming decades. 

255 words- Band 7.0

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay sample band 5

article essay letter report review of story

Lots of IELTS test takers are quite intimidated by the IELTS writing task 2- an essay, especially the differences in essay types. As a rule, the main differences between opinion vs. discussion essay IELTS writing task 2 are as follows:

article essay letter report review of story

What is IELTS writing task 2? 

As a general practice, you should spend 40 minutes on the IELTS writing task 2 and you need to write 250 words. The main objective of this task is to provide a response to an essay question. Here are the most frequent types of IELTS essay questions:

  • advantages or disadvantages essays, 
  • opinion essays, 
  • discussion essays, 
  • problem solution essays,
  • direct question essays.

There are about 11 common topics for IELTS writing Task 2: 

  • Environment
  • Family & Children
  • Media & Advertising
  • Sports & Entertainment 

IELTS test-takers need to keep themselves updated on various current topics and issues as these frequently come up as essay questions. For that reason,I usually advise my students to watch the news, read articles and newspapers to become aware of the current events happening in the world. That helps to realise various viewpoints and opinions and exposes you to vocabulary related to a particular topic. 

When improving your writing skills and overall IELTS score you can’t forget writing assessment criteria.  Being aware of the assessment criteria and following them helps you score a higher band in your writing.

There are four writing assessment criteria for the IELTS writing exam:

  • Task achievement 
  • Coherence and  cohesion
  • Lexical resource
  • Grammatical range and accuracy

If you want to have a good mark and pass with a high band, you need to make sure you cover all four criteria. These criteria are shared with everyone on the official IELTS website. 

What is IELTS writing task achievement criteria? 

The task achievement criteria refers to the content of the essay. Achieving the task means that we are able to answer the question by providing enough evidence, examples and other relevant content. The structure of the essay also falls into the task achievement category. 

Let’s focus on the structure of opinion and discussion essays because they have some common features and common rules that we need to follow when we write. 

Here’s an example essay talking about computers 

Sample opinion essay topic:

You should spend no more than 40 minutes on this task.​

Write about the following topic:​

Computers are being used more and more in education and so there will soon be no role for the teacher in education.​ ​

To what extent do you agree or disagree?​

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.​

​ Write at least 250 words.​

How many paragraphs are there in an opinion IELTS essay? 

There are usually between four to six paragraphs in an opinion IELTS essay. First paragraph is the introduction and the last is called the conclusion. Paragraphs in between are called the main body.

In which paragraph do we need to state our opinion or if we agree or disagree  in an opinion IELTS essay? 

In an IELTS opinion essay we need to share our opinion in the introduction. 

What is the best essay structure of an IELTS opinion essay? 

There are four main points in the structure of an opinion IELTS essay:

  • Write an introduction to the topic which clearly states your opinion on the subject. ​

(either ‘yes, I think there will be no role for the teacher’ or ‘no, I don’t think the teacher’s role will be affected’). In the introduction you say what the main topic is about. You also provide some background information and then state your opinion.

  • Main body: include two main points/reasons to support your opinion and write about them with examples. In the main body we have to provide the main points to justify our opinion with supporting evidence (examples).
  • Main body: Think of one alternative opinion (However, some people argue that…) and give examples. You need to provide another paragraph where you will present an alternative opinion in order to achieve balance in your essay. ​
  • Write a short conclusion to summarise your main points and restate your opinion​

Sample Discussion essay topic: 

Computers are being used more and more in education. Some people say that this is a positive trend, while others argue that it’s leading to negative consequences.​

​What is your viewpoint?​

Write at least 250 words.

Opinion and discussion essays are relatively similar yet there are some differences which might be tricky to spot to some IELTS test-takers. 

In this discussion essay topic there are two points: 

Computers are being used more and more in education. Some people say that this is a positive trend , while others argue that it’s leading to negative consequences. ​

Opinion essay: 

Computers are being used more and more in education and so there will soon be no role for the teacher in education.​

What is the difference between the opinion and discussion essay topics? 

The main difference is in the wording. In the opinion essay we have one statement/opinion and then the question is asking whether we agree or disagree. In the discussion essay it’s clear that we have two different opinions, opinion 1, opinion 2 and then we have to say whether we agree or not. It’s really important that we cover both of the opinions, which makes it a balanced essay, and then say what our opinion is. 

Why do you have to mention the opposite view in an IELTS opinion essay?

The reason you mention an opposite view is because you need to have a balance. Imagine you have an opinion essay and you say your opinion only and that’s it. This way your essay is not balanced. In an opinion essay you need to present some general facts that you know about others who believe in something different than you to keep your balance in your essay. 

And of course, in the conclusion you can restate your opinion. 

What is Coherence and cohesion in the IELTS writing task 2?

Essay coherence is about the structure, it means your IELTS essay is divided into clear paragraphs, each paragraph includes a clear topic and there is progression and logic going through all your essay. Cohesion relates to the flow of what you have written; including a range of appropriately used linking words throughout the essay improves your cohesion. 

Some examples of expressions you can use, especially in opinion essays:

Expressing opinion​:​

  • Personally, I think….​
  • In my view…​
  • In my opinion…​
  • From my point of view…​
  • I am in favour of the idea of…​
  • I am completely against the idea of (+ verb + -ing)…​
  • I think/admit/believe that…

Other linking expressions:

What is Lexical resource in the IELTS writing task?

Lexical resource in your IELTS writing exam relates to vocabulary. The wider range of vocabulary you use correctly and appropriately, the better you score in the IELTS writing exam.The IELTS examiner will also look at how well your words help you to express your thoughts.

You are encouraged to use less common lexical items, consider adding collocations and write in an appropriate style and register of the essay. It’s really important you do not repeat the same words and phrases over and over again in the essay. 

What phrases to use to express someone else’s opinion in a discussion essay? 

Expressing someone else’s opinion in a discussion essay​:

  • A growing number of people claim/argue/believe/feel that…​
  • There is a common belief that…​
  • Many people hold the view that…

How to expand your vocabulary range and write better essays? 

The best way to develop and expand your vocabulary is by reading the news and articles in journals and websites such as The Guardian, The Economist, the National Geographic. Watching TV series and documentaries which provide more technical information rather than everyday lexis, is another way to learn new words. Lastly, look into word class and collocations (see below).

What is word class and how to learn new words with it? 

When building the vocabulary range with word class you research different types of categories of words that are used. Instead of always using the same noun, find out what is the verb that comes from a noun. Or what is an adjective that comes from a specific noun.

A great practise is to start to get into this habit of thinking what is the noun, the adjective, the verb. For example:

employee ->  employment

dramatic -> dramatically ->drama

government-> govern 

What are collocations and how to improve writing with collocations? 

A collocation is two or more words that often go together. Collocations make your writing more stylish, formal and academic, for example:

Because it is necessary to speak good English for work, more and more people are studying in English-speaking countries.

As a result of the need to speak .good English for work, more and more people are studying in English-speaking countries.

Job security has declined dramatically in recent years.

There has been a dramatic decline in…

This verb expression, something that has declined dramatically, can be turned into a noun there has been a dramatic decline. This is a great way of making your essay very stylish. 

You might already know that using passive is great to focus on the action, whereas an active voice is great when you want to focus on who is doing the action -the doer. 

You might have heard that in IELTS writing task 2 you need to use the passive more, but it’s not really necessary that we only need to use the passive and this also connects to the grammatical range and accuracy that we have to cover. 

Use both active and passive voice in your IELTS essay:

Computers are being used more and more in education. (passive : action)

People are using computers more and more in education. (active : doer)

What is Grammatical range and accuracy in the IELTS writing task?

Grammatical accuracy in your IELTS writing task relates to correct use of grammar, whereas the grammatical range refers to a variety of grammatical structures you use. Overall, you need to include more complex grammar structures in a correct way to score high in this task achievement. You also need to pay attention to punctuation.

What complex grammar structures should be included in your IELTS essay? 

When writing an IELTS essay you should avoid simple grammar structures and instead use more sophisticated forms like present perfect tense, passive voice and relative clauses.

What are relative clauses? 

There are two types of relative clauses: 

Defining relative clauses provide essential information

e.g. Some people work at home. They often miss discussing ideas with colleagues.

          People who work at home often miss discussing ideas with colleagues.

Non-defining relative clauses include non-essential information / in commas

e.g. Some museums are free to enter in my country. This is a good idea, because it allows everyone to have access to culture.

          Some museums are free to enter in my country , which is a good idea, because…

These grammatical points are very important also for coherence and cohesion because we use relative sentences to link our phrases or words or ideas in a better way, and then we achieve better coherence. 

What’s the best book to prepare for writing for IELTS? 

If you’re preparing for the IELTS writing exam you should equip yourself with some good resources. There are plenty of books about IELTS and choosing the best might be tricky. My students and I tested over a dozen of IELTS books for writing and here are our favourite IELTS books: 

CEPT Practice

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article essay letter report review of story


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