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About Globalization in China

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China's Strategy of Peaceful Rise

China as the global environment leader in the 21st century, china in international trade: china's relations with the united states, the impact of china’s urbanization, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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China: One of The Earliest Civilizations

An analysis of the "blind date" culture in china, educational system in china, cashless payment in china: advantages and disadvantages, how the one child law in china has impacted family decisions, reflection on social behaviour of chinese in china, the china-pakistan economic corridor, the most glorious time of china history - ming dynasty, competencies of global leaders: case studies of expatriates working in china, the problems of agriculture in china, age of ambition: chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new china, review on modern china, china’s economic rise: opportunities and challenges to malaysia’s economy, a trade war of the dragon and the eagle, negative and positive effects of chinese import penetration, naval tensions between china and japan, significance of the tang dynasty and impacts on modern china, the role of silk in ancient china, a chinese tea ceremony: the art of drinking and serving tea, the one belt one road initiative in china, relevant topics.

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China Essay Topic Ideas & Titles

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  • Putting his hands on the reins of power in China: Mao Zedong This essay will argue that although favourable conditions such as the weak GMD forces in Chinese Civil War contributed to CCP victory, his rise was mostly due to his political astuteness and ruthless that allowed him to eliminate opponents and ...
  • Problems related to the growth of china Problems related to the growth of china The impressive economic growth of china which is also leading to the increase in its GDP has encouraged other countries to compete with it, even the competing countries have to incur losses at ...
  • Mao Zedong – Famous Leader of China From his strategic success of the Long March, to his humiliatingfailureof the Great Leap Forward, to the Cultural Revolution that shocked the country and took countless lives, Mao has significantly influenced the result of what China is today. This book ...
  • Essay On Slow Food In China China is a country that values it culture and traditions, which is why the Slow Food movement's 'Respect' for food mentality is liked by many people there. With proper effort and support from the government, it is expected that the ...
  • India- China BUSINESS Environment shift The benefit that India has is that along with the population growth rate, the working class proportion Is also increasing and by the year 2025 Indian working age population will overtake that of China as demonstrated in the graph below. ...
  • Business Environment Analysis Report on China Population Growth RatePopulation of growth rate of China already starts to decline as the Chinese government tries to control the size of their population in a form of government policies such as the "One Child Policy". GovernmentOpenness to Foreign Direct ...
  • China’s 1998 Summer Flood Disaster on the Tangtze In 1998, a collection of floods of the Yangtze River caused bydeforestation,overpopulation, location, andfailureto learn past mistakes all resulted in a high number of deaths, millions of homeless people, life-threatening water borne diseases, and the suffrage in the industrial and ...
  • Explanation Of China’s Shopping Spree Of The Last Decade The reputation of all the big companies took a hit as a result and some of them fell like ninepins and made everyone scared. As I have discussed in the paragraphs above that the companies from China reaped the benefit, ...
  • Milk Powder Wars – China vs Hong Kong Essay Sample But while the desire of any parent to secure the best possible supplies of food for their children is understandable, the milk-formula issue has come to crystallize for Hong Kong people the disquieting ease with which the mainland is now ...
  • Starbucks Global Expansion Strategy, with a focus on China Essay Sample One of the amazing things about Starbucks is the fact that the vision of the CEO is absolutely shared by each and every employee in the company. In summary Starbuck's initial vision is the key to their global acceptance and ...
  • Banking in China Its huge experience with the developing markets first provides the bank a reliable and efficient mainframe to face the difficulties of the buoyant Chinese market. Regarding the professionalism for example, the managers of the PBOC implemented the Citibank audit procedures ...
  • Article Review on the China Road for Peace Zheng' Bijian is the current chairman of the China Reform Forum and until 2002 when he retired he was the executive Vice President of the Central Party School committee of the Communist Party of China. The road for peaceful rise ...
  • Accounting Laws- China, Gambia & Czech Per the World Fact book, China and the Czech Republic follow the Civil Law System while Gambia practices a Mixed Law. China: The Republic of China is the most heavily populated country in the world.
  • Coping with Corruption in Trading with China Although some of these? rms said they had no experience with corruption in the People's Republic of China, the majority said they increasingly were asked to make payments to improve business, engage in black-market trade of import and export licenses, ...
  • Birth Control in China: the One Child Policy Population control in China has been hurting the Chinese people and destroying the Chinese economy for a p of 65 years, and continues to cause conflict even today. The one-child policy has been in place for over 50 years and ...
  • Differences between in India and China about Buddhism Siddharta Gautama is a prince in the kingdom of Magadha who abandoned his rank, privileges, and even his wife and child; in search for an answer of the true existence in life. Also, like in India, Buddhism introducedequalityin the treatment ...
  • Spread of Buddhism in China Essay Sample The people of China responded in different ways to the spread of Buddhism. The people of China responded in different ways to the spread of Buddhism.
  • China’s Social Credit System: an Epoch Of Value Creation Social Credit System refers to the system which allocates every individual and organisation a credit score with a vision of steering the behaviour of citizen and compliance of organization with government regulations to create a credit society. Critical questions answered ...
  • China’s Long Term Trade And Currency Goals: The Belt And Road Initiative This would provide the Chinese MNEs, an advantage over its western counterparts and facilitate effectiveness and efficiency of the MNEs although the success of BRI is critically dependent on the internationalization of Yuan which would facilitate Chinese outbound investment and ...
  • China Taxation: Interpretation In order to maximize efficiency, the ideal tax policy should be consistent with the principle of 'fiscal neutrality' in the sense that it does not interfere with the workings of markets or the decisions of individuals while minimizing disincentive effects ...
  • Macroeconomics and its study with relevance to china SummaryIn accordance to the formulation of latest economic data juxtaposed with macroeconomic principals and theories it can be stated that at the start of 2006, the People's Republic of China officially proclaimed itself as the fourth largest economy, determined by ...
  • Macroeconomics – Competition with China and India The phenomenon of rapid economic growth in China and India is often discussed within the frameworks of is possible threat to the global world economy. For the first time in the history China and India became the subjects of the ...
  • Han China and Imerial Rome Comparison During the Classical Age the Imperial Administration of the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were similar in a form of centralization but differed in reliance of laws and bureaucrats and governance of new territories. During the Classical Age the ...
  • Rome and Hans China Comparison Rome and Hans China Comparison Essay The ancient empires Rome and Hans China played a vital role in the economic health of Europe and Asia. The barbarians took advantage of this and disbanded the Roman Senate, ending the Roman Empire ...
  • Marketing Mix of China’s Haier in the US Essay Sample Through the introduction of successful experiences of china's Haier in the US market, the article tries to reveal some key elements in marketing strategy. The US is the largest refrigerator consuming market of 90 million units every year and the ...
  • China’s Historic Transformation from a Dynasty to Communism In the terms of the trade, the Chinese government mandated silver as the only material of value to be traded for commodities with the western powers. The boxer militia became united in their course under the rule of the Empress ...
  • China Authoritarian State There are three reasons as to why China is considered to be governed by an authoritarian regime: The Communist Party seeks to maintain their own control; corruption, and the absence of constitutional restraint and clear legal framework. It is hard ...
  • Communism In China And North Korea Essay Examples The fact, that communism emphasizes reserved tendencies and isolation from the international scene, has led to the poor performance of both China and North Korea in the global scene. Today, entrepreneurs from the west are moving to both china and ...
  • Homelessness In New China Essay Examples Many people have divergent views about the state of the homeless people in china. Further, they argue that the dignity of the people is paramount and thus, the authorities have to find a solution to solve the problem.
  • Economics Of China Term Paper Examples In order to demonstrate how the maximum freedom society differs from the minimum freedom society, McGregor provides example of thescenarios where the freedom in China is limited by "the party". According to McGregor, the minimum freedom society in china is ...
  • Opening China: Nixon's and Kissinger's Motives Therefore, a brief explanation will be given of the Cold War and the hostile relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, the Cuban Missile Crisis that led to talks of Detente, the Sino-Soviet split, and consequently how the ...
  • Evaluate the Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization in China Globalization has become one of the most talked about debates of the past 10 years and as been the subject of numerous books and videos and the cause of many global demonstrations in most of the major cities all over ...
  • Media Systems in China and the Us These two media systems have some similarities but they differ greatly from each other in the way and extent that their media is regulated and by the way their news is reported and by who reports the news. All citizens ...
  • The Singularity of China Europe and China : a priori distant cultures - China is the "Middle Kingdom", kowtow - For the ancient Chinese, Europe was a distant land, barbaric, uncultivated, in the Western Oceans, by definition inaccessible to Chinese culture - IR culture: ...
  • Conflict Between China And Japan Research Papers Examples Separated by the East China Sea, when the bilateral relationship between China and Japan disused, generally, the history is seen as a background issue for the reasons behind the current conflicts. Looking at the public media and history textbooks of ...
  • Compare and Contrast : Classical Greece and China Essay Sample The civilization of classical Greece and China has a lot to compare and contrast. In China's bureaucratic system, exceptionally talented people on the basis of education was able to move up; in Greece, it was usually wealth that enabled one ...
  • Changes and Continuities in Ancient China Essay Sample At the end of time in Ancient China in 500 C. E there were many significant political and cultural changes and continuities in Ancient China, which changed how the chinese civilization is ruled today.
  • Accounting Standards in China and Australia For instance, a corporation in China with holdings internationally, such as in the United States, must create end of the year accounting reports using the Chinese Accounting Standards, another set using the International Accounting Standards, and a third using the ...
  • How did Mao Zedong secure control of China in the 1950’s They were the opposition of the CCP. Mao and the CCP wanted to 'serve the people' before themselves.
  • Introducting Brita to China Global Marketing Essay Sample The Yangtze River is the longest in China and the third longest in the world. The People's Liberation Army is the national military for the Chinese Republic, and is at the total control and mercy of the primary governing body ...
  • APWH Rome and China Notes This caused an outbreak and a loss ofrespectfor the law When people begin to not care about the law the republic started to fall. They used the violent acts to educate the people in the Punic Wars and promote Rome ...
  • Implementation Of Balanced Score Card In China Essay Sample The implementation of balanced scorecard has proved to be quite successful in the developed countries and hence it's increased acceptability as a measure of business enterprise performance. Research shows that the most important factor that has led to success in ...
  • Methods of Political Control in Han China and Imperial Rome Essay Sample The Han Dynasty of China and Imperial Rome's methods of political control were similar in many ways and many differences but I believe the similarities outweigh the differences because while the differences are definite ways to control the people, the ...
  • Lego in China One of the contributors is their government policy.'Chinese government has stressed the importance of developing the IT sector to the whole economicdevelopment of the country, with considerable commitments to massive investments in infrastructure positive effects of IT on its economic ...
  • SARS: Impact on China’s Economy SARS impacts economy through the channels - the aggregate demand, the aggregate supply and the financial market. The expansionary fiscal and monetary policy will persist to mitigate the impact of SARS and promote the growth of China's economy.
  • The US and China in pursuit of finding origin Essay Sample The struggle of Jing Mei is that she is stuck between two identities, the modern American one and the one with the one based in her Chinese heritage. As she repeat name is a round character in the story, we ...
  • Ancient Dynasties in China After the civil war China had, which lead to the death of the leader Qin Shihuangdi, china was reunited by the rule of the Han dynasty. This was when the Ming dynasty started.
  • The history of Ancient China Essay Sample The royal family lived in the Forbidden City, in a palace that was separated from the ordinary people.1.1. 1 Extract evidence from the source to suggest that the Mughal Empire was a dynasty".
  • Good Example Of The Ethics Of Using Organ Transplants From Executed Prisoners In China Research Paper First of all, it is necessary to determine whether or not the practice of carrying out the organ of executed prisoners to use it for organ transplantation is happening in China. Other reports state that the vast majority of organs ...
  • The South China Sea Island Disputes In the East China Sea, China has had a long dispute with Japan and Taiwan over the ownership of a group of islands known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China. This is evidenced by the recent standoffs between ...
  • Han Dynasty and China 1 paragragh China experienced the fall, absence, and eventually the re-establishment of imperial authority while Confucianism prevailed through all levels of society from the period of 100-600 C.E. The Han expanded China hundreds of miles to the west, north, and ...
  • History of China Essay The first non-mythical dynasty to rule China was the Xia Dynasty in the 21st century B. The Revolution of 1911 ended the Qing Dynasty, and led to the founding of the Republic of China.
  • History of Music in China Essay Sample The development of music itself is a story that is interwoven with the history of a region. From this music form to the modern genres of China today is a long and drastic trail.
  • China Economics China, as a crucial country in the world, is suffering from a variety of costs of economic growth while the economic growth is incredibly fast in recent years. Because of the swift economic growth, the demand-pull inflation and collapse of ...
  • Australia And China Relations John McDonnell said "The Prime Minister needs to clarify the nature of his connections with the Chinese Government and how they are likely to affect Australian interests and policies." Moreover, John McDonnell has raised two things that the government and ...
  • My view on talent shows in China Essay Sample As far as I am concerned, the main reason that such kind of programs enjoying widespread popularity is that they help some ordinary people with performance talent realize their dreams by offering them the platform to show themselves. As long ...
  • Latest Reports: China Maternity Clothing Market In Chinas maternity clothing market, most of pregnant women belong to the post ass-generation, of them, most working women pursue high brand consumption, fashion and have publicizing individuality. Because of huge and stable consumer groups with unprecedented consumption power, market ...
  • Air Quality Regulation In China And The USA Research Paper Example The Clean Air Act is considered as the foundation of the air quality regulations in the States. A more effective regulation of air pollution and air quality came with the amendment of the CAA in 1967.
  • Great Leap Forward in China At the close of the GLF, many citizens were won over by Mao's leadership capabilities and vision for the country, and were willing to work hard to pave the way for China's future, which can be seen from the fact ...
  • China Toys and Games Market to Reach This has helped in the growth of toys and games market in China. The overall toys and games market in China have will reach USED 70,302.
  • Levendary Cafe: the China Callenge Essay Sample The decision to enter the China market was based upon several factors to include the declining domestic growth in 2008, the advisement of the board, and the US restaurant market had already shifted its attention in that direction. In return, ...
  • Article Review On Obama To China Behave Like Grown Up Economy Author has also informed the readers about the president Obama's economic plans of establishing strong ties with the countries of Asia pacific economic cooperation and to establish a free trade zone in this region. The author seems to be successful ...
  • The Expansion of Europe and China in the 15th Century Knowledge of wind and sea currents was considerably more advanced in the West by the Portuguese and Dutch than by the Chinese in the 15th century. In the 15th century, the Chinese and the Europeans were in rough overall parity.
  • Freedom of religion in the People's Republic of China Freedom of religion in China Freedom of religion in China Slavoj Zizek reported for The New York Times d 11 October 2007) that China iscurrently trying to control religious freedom even after the death of the people. As in the ...
  • See instruction/ china one child policy China is viewed in our modern times the country that grew itself out of the struggles of the poor and their leaders ability to recognize potential problems and then swiftly deal with the situation before it gets out of hand. ...
  • Ecommerce in China The growing importance of e-commerce and the spreading of the Internet have pushed isolators, both national and International, to adopt new legal Instruments to accommodate It and to foster Its development. The scope of the Measures Is to regulate behavior ...
  • How to implement e-business strategy in China Although eBay nominally continued to operate in China, it was no longer a concern of Taobao which held over 80 percent of the market in 2008. Overall, Taobao has a more clear understanding on the Chinese customer behaviors than eBay ...
  • The Roman Empire and Han China The differences within the groups of people in each empire and how they thought about money, possessions and responsibility for others helped contribute to the fall of each of these once great civilizations. This in turn put the burden of ...
  • Pestle Analysis Of China Analysts of China Political: China set to focus on supporting domestic brands and creating more appeal for domestic brands, this will mean naturally less support for exports and overseas brands Single child policy means that consumers aged between 18 and ...
  • Youth Participation in Democracy: China Essay As such, they create a platform for the pursuance of the same in the future. The revolution that occurred in China in 1911 ended the reign of the feudal monarchy while marking the start of democracy.
  • China Aerosol Market annual output volume China has become an important aerosol producer, aerosol MEMO and aerosol consumer in the world. China has already been one of the largest aerosol producers in the world.
  • China Linezolid Market Lentoid brought in sales revenue of USED 150 million in the same year it entered market and its sales in the global market during the period of 2013-2014 reached up to USED 1350 million. Currently, lentoid in the Chinese market ...
  • China Sildenafil Market Forecast In April 1991, the clinical research of goldenseal officially failed, but a side effect in the report attracted the researchers' attention. Price of Vicarage in China may be reduced as the generic drugs enter the market.
  • China Enoxaparin Sodium Market Forecast The report "Investigation Report on China Nonagenarian Sodium Market, 2009-2018" by China Research and Intelligence is now available at chinamarketresearchreports.Com. The collection of 'Life Sciences' market research reports has a new addition of "Investigation Report on China Nonagenarian Sodium Market, ...
  • Foreign market entry in China Consequently, he has decided to use his practical experience and combine it with the theoretical knowledge gained through the last year, to produce a piece of research which will attempt to explore the feasibility of employing the above two methods ...
  • China Paclitaxel Market After the patent of facilitate expired, over 100 companies around the world are engaged in he production of the Apish and preparations of facilitate. It is estimated that the market size of facilitate in China will keep growing in the ...
  • White pollution in China White pollution in China Have you ever heard of the term "white pollution"? White pollution affects the environment negatively through "visual pollution" and "potential hazards", resulted from inadequate dealing with plastic garbage "Visual pollution" means that disposable plastic waste strewed ...
  • Air pollution in China and Azerbaijan Speaking of different types of pollution, there are numerous such as noise pollution, visual pollution, light pollution, thermal pollution and so forth whereas as is surveyed the three most severe kinds of pollution are air pollution, water pollution and land ...
  • Free Air Pollution In China Essay Sample The scale and speed of the rise of China as an economic power has also welcomed the air pollution. In addition, the coal provides more than 80% of the electricity in China and has the greatest share in contribution to ...
  • China and Environment Given the secretive nature of the Chinese Government, it is difficult to determine the actual amount of environmental damage done, but even the most conservative estimates indicate that parts of China are among the most polluted in the world. Despite ...
  • China Town Through the characteristic of the design of the shophouses I need to identify the Malaysia and foreign design influences of the traditional shop houses in Petaling Street. Moreover the stucco decorations is the intention of which was to emphasis the ...
  • Essay On Christianity in China The re-birth of Christianity was owing to the creation of the Society of Jesus and the direct European maritime that resulted to the increase in number of Chinese participating in Christian activities, as a consequence of interaction with foreign powers. ...
  • Homosexuality and Mainland China Furthermore, to provide historical context for the interest in linking homosexuality to Tiananmen Square in Mainland cinemas, we will also look at Antony Thomas' documentary The Tank Man, a film centered on finding the true identity of the man who ...
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: Case Study Through the move of issuing equity in markets outside china, ICBC is able to raise capital denominated in USD and that to huge amount of capital, which may be difficult to raise from the issuer's home country. Price change is ...
  • China National Advanced Payment System: Need for Foreign Bank In China It is obvious that the system of same day settlement for payment transactions would greatly increase the operational efficiency of banks and this facility would not be available to foreign banks which do not adhere to CNAPS. In short, foreign ...
  • Discuss China’s Social Inequality and Poverty in the Context of Post-Reform China The combination of the economic strategy and the social policy in this era had several implications for poverty and inequality. The social benefit system in urban China: Reforms and trends from 1988 to 2002.
  • Child Labor Issue in China Even though there are some regulations enforced by the Chinese government to try decrease the number of children workers in cities, there is still a large number of families taking the risk of losing their children by sending them to ...
  • The Rise Of China And The Security Implications To The Region Argumentative Essay Sample This is due to the military, economic and political impact of any of its actions or moves.- China's Security Alignments and OppositionsOf the other stable nations in the Asia Pacific region, only Russia takes China as its vital partner. In ...
  • The Challenges in Strategic Sourcing Garments From China Manufacturers. The activities that affects sourcing with china and their commodities, and the key findings in the study that may influence a company to work with China. In the agreement, it is important to list out all the terms and conditions, ...
  • Analysis Of The 2017-18 China Vaccine Scandal As It Was Highlighted in News Lines The administration has also revoked the company's certificate that is needed for production and sales of the vaccine, as stated by People's Daily."The administration confirmed that the company's other vaccines now available on the market have been tested and no ...
  • China’s Cyber Espionage: Operation Aurora
  • The Analysis Of The Article "OECD Economic Survey: China Overview"
  • Mongolian Effects on Russia and China
  • The Challenges, Aims And Implications Of a New Development Strategy Adopted in China
  • China’s food safety problems
  • China As An Emerging Superpower Research Papers Example
  • Foreign Trade of China
  • Good Essay On Death By China
  • The Great Wall Of China Term Paper Samples
  • Business Culture: China vs Us
  • Good Research Paper About How Has Chinese Calligraphy Changed From Ancient China To Modern Day
  • Myanmar east, and China to the north. Currently,
  • Conserving Panda ( Ailuropoda Melanoleuca) in China
  • Financial China in year of 2007 as
  • What are the effects of large emerging countries like China and India on the world economy? Essay
  • China Rising Research Paper Examples
  • China Vs United States-Their Current States Of Economic Development Research Paper Example
  • Good Research Paper About Summaries Comparing China Vs. India In Foreign Direct Investment
  • Critical Thinking On US Pivot To China
  • Impact Of Changing Population Of China And On Economy And Society
  • Pak China Friendship
  • Research Paper On China And Japan Over The Ownership Of The Uninhabited Senkaku Islands In The East
  • The staff recruitment and selection policy of IKEA in China
  • Free Essay About Marriage Traditions In America And China
  • Revolution of Art in China
  • Digital photography revolution in China and India
  • Free The Revolution Of China Research Paper Sample
  • The two revolutions of Unilever China
  • How Chinese Cultural Revolution Influenced Modern Democracy in China Term Paper
  • China: A Century of Revolution II: the Mao Years
  • Starbuck Stragegy in China Essay
  • Production Strategy in China
  • Example Of Education Of China Essay
  • Movie Review On Enter The Dragon: China And Hong Kong: Cinematic Elegance Vs. The Hong Kong
  • The Food Safety Issue In China Argumentative Essay Samples
  • The Reason Apple’s Next R Center Is Coming to Shenzen, China’s Hardware Hub
  • Developing Shopping Online in China
  • Example Of Research Paper On Evolution Of China New Media
  • The Influence of the New Media Weibo in China
  • Example Of The Taiwanese Concern Is The Island Part Of Mainland China Essay
  • The Tang Dynasty in China Essay Sample
  • Landscape painting of China
  • Free Essay About China
  • Is The U.S. Seeking To Contain China Essay Sample
  • Example Of Trade Tensions Flare Between US China As G 20 Nears Case Study
  • China Nursing Education System Versus Kenya Nursing Education System
  • Good Example Of Research Proposal On What Role Do Communication Technologies Have On University Education In China
  • China a Development Miracle
  • Essay On History Of The Republic Of China
  • Traditional China Essay Sample
  • Free Research Paper About Manifesto Of Better Education In China
  • Policy Proposals for FDI Host Countries with Reference to China’s Economic Evolution Essay
  • China’s Automobile Industry
  • Business Of Buying Your Own Property in China
  • US-China Trade War And Its Aftermath
  • Trade War Between United States And China
  • Global and China CNC Machine Industry Market Size
  • Good Dissertation Proposal On Hotel Industry In China
  • China Reflection Paper
  • Free Essay On The Rise Of China As An Economic Superpower Since The 1970s
  • Global And China Hydraulic Industry Report
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  • The manufacturing of specific products to China
  • Xiaomi Overtakes Samsung In China Smartphone Market
  • Case Study On Levendary Cafe: The China Challenge
  • Ikea China Marketing Analysis
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  • Good Essay About China Vs India
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  • How Craft Changed Oreo Marketing Strategy in China
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  • Strategic Analysis of L’Oreal in China Essay Sample
  • China, India And United States Marketing Essay Sample
  • China's Educational System
  • China's Trapped Transition The Limits Of Developmental Autocracy
  • The trade relations between China and the U.S
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  • A football match report of China 1:3 Iraq on 5 march
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  • Case Study of Google China
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  • Management Practices of Cross-National Businesses in China
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China - Essay Examples And Topic Ideas For Free

China, a nation with a profound historical legacy and rapidly evolving contemporary significance, presents a rich tapestry of topics for exploration. Essays on China might delve into its ancient civilizations, dynastic histories, and the myriad contributions to science, art, and philosophy. The discourse could extend to the examination of modern China, the Chinese revolution, the era under Mao Zedong, and the subsequent economic reforms that catapulted China into a global economic powerhouse. Additionally, discussions might explore China’s political system, its human rights record, and its contemporary socio-political issues like the Hong Kong protests or the Uighur crisis. The international dimensions of China’s rise, its relationships with other global powers, and its ambitions as expressed through initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative could also form a significant aspect of the discussion. The multifaceted nature of China’s history, culture, and modern-day standing provides a rich array of avenues for scholarly exploration and discussion. We’ve gathered an extensive assortment of free essay samples on the topic of China you can find at PapersOwl Website. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Imperialism in China

The Age of New Imperialism, from around 1870 to 1914, was a time when European powers sought to take control and claim territories throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. In order to do this, industrialization was required to produce the equipment and factories necessary to make these products. An example of new imperialism was British imperialism in China, where Britain, and other countries, fought to gain power in China's economy through trade. British imperialism in China additionally led to […]

China Free Trade Agreement

The article that I deemed fit and choose is a China free trade agreement. The information concerning the trade agreement stroke the globe and the mails on 7th October 2017 barely two years since the ideas crept up. It was all in the media, magazines and the Chinas FTA network. The article from the name articulates all the agreement that the nation have made or are in the process of making with various countries of their interest, to enter with […]

Chinese Exclusion and Discrimination

In the 1800's there was an influx of Chinese Immigrants in the West Coast of the United States. Many Chinese immigrants came from Southern China in hopes to earn income and escape poverty. Chinese Immigrants left their homeland in anticipation of the American Dream, unexpectedly, let down by America's social, political, and economic discrimination. While many Chinese intend to return home after earning sufficient income, many intended to remain on America soil. Although the Chinese immigrant held a crucial role […]

Internet Censorship in China

An original supporter of internet censorship was Deng Xiaoping, a Chinese politician. Deng Xiaoping had a famous saying that "If you open a window for fresh air for longer than 10 hours, you have to expect some flies to blow in". Deng Xiaoping, as well as many other Chinese politicians, were the main reason internet censorship exists today. Using this analogy, the Communist Party of China decided that it would be best for them to be proactive in "swatting flies". […]

China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

The article speaks about the agreement on China-Australia Free trade agreement. The concerns or fears raised is about opening floodgates for Chinese workers to enter Australia. The Australians were concerned about this because Chinese might come in plenty and flood the markets. The article seeks to clarify to the Australian people that that was not the case and in fact, the number of the Chinese worker in Australia had dropped. The CHafta (Chinese-Australian free Agreement) is a deal between the […]

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The Emergence of a New Cold War: Implications and Challenges

On October 4th, 2018 a speech was given in the Hudson Institute, the think tank and research center dedicated to nonpartisan analysis of United States and international economic, security, and political issues (Hudson Institute), in Washington D.C., Maryland. Vice President Mike Pence, addressed a speech to China's leaders/government. Pence formally addressed the matter that there will be a new, tougher approach toward Beijing. Pence's speech was very straightforward, surprising Beijing of the 'alleged offenses' in only one public indictment, speaking […]

Continuity and Change in China 1950’s to Present

Continuity and Change in China 1950 ?s to 1990's Today, a nation like China is the most influential on the Earth with a diverse economy, a billion population, considerable technical ability and innovation, and the most striking military power in Asia. It is believed that China will overtake the United States as the world's preeminent superpower. China's strength which is seen today is a positive impact of many years of historical hard times.A few centuries ago, beginning from the 1950s, […]

Cold War in China, Cold War in Cuba, and Space Race

Today, I'm going to write a research paper about, Origins of the cold war, Cold War in China, Cold War in Cuba, and Space Race. These four topics are all related to the horrible tragedies that happened during the Cold War. A lot of families suffered during this war. A lot of the soldiers have died during this war. I will start off with my first topic, which is Origins of the Cold War. I hope you enjoy reading my […]

British Imperialism in India

British imperialism was an event that greatly impacted both India's past and present. British imperialism in India was able to occur because of the country's trading system, and the weakening of the Moghuls, and British wanted to control India because, India was seen as a good source of both labor and raw materials and this was necessary for British industrialization. As stated previously British imperialism had a large, lasting effect on India. It opened India to western ideals, opened them […]

China’s One Child Policy

China is considered to be the highly populated country across the world. History says that China has the largest population which has ever been witnessed. By 1979 China's population was estimated to be approximately one billion. This number of people made the country to look for a way they can do to reduce this population before it was too late. That's when they came with a policy of one child. This policy has affected this country negatively. Firstly, according to […]

Internal Migration and Discrimination in India and China

Introduction In 2001 it was identified that out of 1.02 billion people in India, 307 million that is 30% of the population are the migrant which is slightly more than what is was 27.4% in 1991 excluding the province of Jammu and Kashmir. As per the 2001 census Maharashtra received the largest number of migrants, the number of migrant were 7.9 million and Delhi received second largest number of migrant having 5.6 million migrant populations. During the period of 1991 […]

Illness Social Construction

Construction of society is sophistic and combining social factors from different levels either large or small. Illness is one of the assignable portion of it. It is not only constructed by its symptoms, which means the intuitive pathological understanding. Construction of illness is constituted in social ideological sphere with extra derivative labels created in different cultures context, particular social phenomena, political situations and so on. Influence, meaning, and modes of illness during this process should not be ignored. Simultaneously, culture […]

Women’s Roles Feminism and the Culture of Resistance in China

Introduction - What is Feminism? Feminist activism has been challenging to incorporate in Chinese society because women have been depicted inconsistently by the Chinese government for many years. The government aims to “be progressive in many respects, whilst simultaneously seeking to repress and control efforts to further gender equality.” According to author Lydia H. Liu, “China has enslaved women and forced them into submission for many thousands of years.” Majority of Chinese women have been and still are being restricted […]

Big Trouble in Little China and the Hero’s Journey

Trying to solve big problems on your own is not always the best way to handle a situation, no matter the size. Today, I will be demonstrating the heroes journey and the lesson learned of the main character in the fantastic 80’s fantasy-comedy, Big Trouble in Little China. Big Trouble in Little China tells the story of Jack Burton, a big-talking semi-truck driver, who must help his best friend Wang Chi save Chi’s green-eyed fiancee from a group of San […]

People in China and the Cryptocurrency Ban

Boasting the world's second largest economy, China is a central focal point for any cryptocurrency business. Starting earlier this year, that became a whole lot harder when China instituted a ban on all cryptocurrency related activity. By August, that even included popular communication apps where people simply discussed cryptocurrency markets and news. The ban has been enforced by shutting down Chinese-based crypto trading exchanges, leaving Chinese bitcoin buyers with no way to trade the popular asset. This has prompted the […]

An Issue of Fracking in China

Fracking is a current technique many oil and gas companies around the world are using to reach new levels of oil, gas, and geothermal energy not able to be reached until now. "Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. Water, sand, and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of […]

What Walmart Needs to Succeed in Indian Market

Introduction Walmart has already dominated the Americas and China Markets and have set their sights on the Indian market. However, Walmart must overcome the strict government barriers, frustrating bureaucracy, and poor infrastructure in order succeed in the Indian market with the lessons Walmart learned from previous ventures. Background Sam Walton opened the first Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962 to bring great opportunity and value to his customers after being inspired with the success of his dime store. Walmart soon […]

Women’s Rights in China

Despite all the protest that international women's rights movement from the Seneca Falls in 1848 to the National American Woman Suffrage Association in 1890, and the National Women party in 1916. In China women never had the privilege to show what they are capable of doing because that was not a ladylike thing in their family. Women have always been the primary abduction target since the early 1900s to 2005 because it was unacceptable that they had a higher population […]

China and Imperialism

Since the seventeenth century, China had confined itself from whatever is left of the world and declined to receive Western ways. The Chinese allowed exchange yet just at the Port of Canton, where the privileges of European traders were at the impulse of the ruler. Colonialism in China started with the First Opium War (1839-1842), when the Chinese government attempted to stop the British from bringing in opium. This brought about a war in which Britain's unrivaled military and mechanical […]

Water Pollution in China

The challenge of rising water pollution in China poses a huge threat to existing water bodies that greatly benefit indigenous people, industries, and government. This water pollution was the result of effluents from large industrial areas, which drained the chemicals of rivers and other related streams. The escalating impasse of China's water pollution requires quick and practical measures aimed at protecting a few uncontaminated water bodies and stopping further pollution of those already polluted. These efforts will help protect aquatic […]

Woodrow Wilson and his Contested Internationalism

Few presidents have had to face such a monumental and formative event during their term such as Woodrow Wilson had to with World War I. In the decades before Wilson's election, the United States faced unprecedented internal growth, largely due to advancements in technology and infrastructure: "the U.S population tripled. The value of manufacturing became six times larger. Cities grew up and out. While the election of 1912 mainly concerned itself with issues of how the government would handle the […]

Christianity in China

The unique culture of the Chinese dates back thousands of years, and even through efforts of new ideologies it has been able to retain is most valuable core principles. Christianity, for example, was a new idea presented to the Chinese. What began as a small group of missionaries grew into an accepted religion practiced in the country. The presence of Protestant Christians in China has grown ten percent annually since 1979. That percentage of the population who follow Christianity have […]

IPhones from China to Canada and Korea

As the Canadian and the Korean governments are geared towards helping importers and the industry in general, they subject all products being imported to a regulatory check to ensure their compliance with certain requirements and conditions (Rodriguez 12). IPhones being among the products imported from this country, therefore, needs to comply with certain special requirements for them to be allowed for shipping to Canada, Korea, and other countries. This paper explores various requirements that the shipping and distribution team should […]

Essay about IPhones from China to Canada and Korea

An iPhone is a smartphone that is manufactured by the apple company. This type of phone is consists of a computer, iPod, digital camera, and a cellular phone all in it. This kind of a phone is also screen touch. The apple company says that the phone uses the iOs operating system. To get a better knowledge of the iPhone, we can trace its history a little bit. Back on January 9th, 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. The first […]

Gender Inequality in China

"Mao Zedong once said, “women hold up half the sky.” This famous quote has been interpreted by people for nearly one-hundred years. All interpretations tying back to one basic core idea that women hold just as much priority in the world as men do. However, in present-day China, social standards are far from equal between the two genders. Men still earn more money than their female counterparts, the gender ratio of the country is still out of balance, and boys […]

Imperialism in the Eastern Countries

From its origin as a small enterprise, the East India Company emerged in 1600 as a powerful commercial and political organization established by the English businessmen. Its early presence shaped India and its surroundings and officially brought western people into Asia's early modern landscape. During the period of 1700 to 1900, the world was expanding rapidly, and many western countries took on their journey of imperialism to obtain more control over world trade and expand their territories. Certain factors such […]

China’s Urban Housing Problem and Underground Housing 

China’s urban housing problem is characterized by many factors. With approximately one million citizens residing underground the countries capital. It is safe to say that China has an urban housing problem. Worldwide, Beijing is the third most expensive city to live in. Additionally, the average monthly salary of persons living in the city is less than the average monthly salary. This means a lot of persons living in the city cannot afford housing. This has led to very deplorable living […]

The Popularity of Fast Food Festaurants in China

Today's cities are fast-paced. Whether it's senior white-collar workers or ordinary workers, the pace of work is very fast, and often the time for eating is very short, so eating fast food can save a lot of time, and will not waste a lot of time on the issue of eating, delaying work. Fast food that has already been matched doesn't need to worry about what to eat, but can be used immediately Meal is the topic, which can be […]

Structure of the Great Wall of China

Have you ever wondered why the Great Wall of China built or it is shaped in such a way? The Great Wall of China, as its name suggests, is located on the northern border of China. It is the longest man-made structure and currently one of the seven wonders of the world and carries a significant symbol in the Chinese culture. This research report will explore why the Great Wall is shaped the way it is, why was it built, […]

The China Air Pollution

The problem that I will be discussing in this essay is about the pollution in China. The air quality is becoming worse and worse in China each year. Air pollution has been a major issue in China for many years, first record of China having unhealthy and unsafe air quality was back in January of 2005. They are still in the process of reducing the levels of nitrogen dioxide in their air. The water pollution has also been in an […]

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One Hundred and Eight Possible Term Paper Topics

Related to traditional chinese society, page outline, family life, archaeology, extremely bad term paper topics, introduction.

As far as I know, all of the topics on this page can actually be developed into term papers suitable for a college course on traditional Chinese society. The list was originally developed in order to provide students in my courses with a broad enough list of topics that they wouldn't all try to use the same library resources simultaneously. Over the years many good papers have been developed from the list. (Actually, so have many bad ones, but never mind that.) It is offered here for the use of students needing inspiration as they start developing topics.

As to length , I notice that the Encyclopaedia Britannica editors maintain that there is no topic too complex to summarize in 750 words. On the other hand, there is no topic so inherently straightforward that nobody is willing to be longwinded about it. That said, most topics listed here can probably be handled adequately in about ten to twelve pages, the length of an average college term paper.

Term papers should always be legible, written in graceful English , and correctly spelled and punctuated; the list of citations at the end should follow a normal citation format. (Click here for help with graceful English or an easy and widely acceptable citation guide .)

If bibliographic resources are ample enough, you may wish to focus your paper more closely than is implied by the topic as stated here. For example:

  • If you are writing about prostitutes, for example, and you find that there is enough material, you may wish to contrast prostitution under the Han dynasty with prostitution under the Song dynasty. Or you may wish to limit yourself to Cantonese prostitutes. Or you may wish to limit yourself to village prostitution.
  • If you are writing about life in the army, you may wish to limit yourself to army units stationed at the frontier, or contrast them with non-frontier ones, or you may wish to restrict the discussion to Chinese units in the Qing dynasty, when Manzhou ("Manchu") units had special privileges.

On the other hand if the information is spare and hard to find, such a restriction is impossible, and you may find yourself even having to broaden the topic. In a prologue to your paper, placed before the first paragraph, you may if you wish explain what sorts of bibliographic constraints you experienced and the changes you were able (or forced or delighted) to make in the original topic in view of the materials you found.

An appendix at the end of this list suggests three utterly terrible topics for which it is nearly impossible to receive a decent grade.

(Pet Peeve of All Right-Thinking Paper Graders: Princess Di's England was not the same as Julius Caesar's Italy, Napolean's France, or Count Dracula's Romania. So what makes you imagine that China didn't have any variation!? If, in a fit of last-minute idiocy, you write a term paper that refers to 1920 as "ancient times" or uses quotations from Mao Zedong as examples of Hàn dynasty court decisions, or cites modern business practices as the opinions of Confucius, your professor may have apoplexy. Or run amok. Or both. Think about that!)

1. Chinese craft and mercantile guilds. 2. Chinese domestic animals and ideas about domestic animals. 3. Finance, money, and credit in Chinese farming life. 4. How Chinese irrigation systems worked. 5. How marketing operated. 6. Land and labor: the ecology of Chinese village life in [a particular region] 7. Landlords and tenants. 8. Peddlers. 9. Money lending and money lenders: rural credit in traditional China. 10. The silk industry and the organization of labor. 11. Did ancient peasants really wear silk? Most ancient clothing in China.

Return to top.

12. A man and his wives: polygyny. 13. Adoption of children. 14. Birth control, reproduction, and fertility. 15. Chinese genealogies. 16. Famale infanticide and the sale of children. 17. How big were families really? 18. Mothers are compassionate, fathers are severe: parental stereotypes in traditional China. 19. Love: the place of romantic love in a society with arranged marriage. 20. Reflections of familistic ideology in New Year rites. 21. The expression of values about families and family life in pre-XXth century short stories. 22. Tiger women: myths of dangerous female sexuality in traditional China. 23. Why clans and lineages divide and when. 24. Why families divide and when.

25. Chinese city walls and city planning. 26. Civil Service examinations as a route to social advancement. 27. Contracts, written & unwritten, in traditional times. 28. Crime and crime rates among Chinese populations: Is there a "Chinese pattern of Crime"? 29. Crime and police work. 30. Heroic warriors and military lore in folk life. 31. Intervillage warfare in the Cantonese-speaking world. 32. Cheating the tax man: the collection of taxes in traditional China. 33. The model of an ordered state implied in the Confucian canon. 34. The use of torture under traditional Chinese law: theory and practice. 35. Village-level organization in two dynasties. 36. Was the Chinese local government adequately staffed for the job it was supposed to do?

37. Different schools of interpretation concerning the nature of Shang and Zhou period bronzes. 38. Manchus and Mongols: How two kinds of outsiders tried to run the Chinese empire. 39. Recent archaeological evidence concerning the origins of agriculture in China. 40. Taiwan at the time of the Dutch & Dutch policy concerning Taiwan. 41. Taiwan at the time of the Japanese annexation: What did the Japanese get? 42. The Chinese migrations into Malaya and their local-level organization. 43. How can we know how big the population of China was in the Yuan dynasty? 44. Was the famous Tang dynasty persecution of Buddhists really necessary? A study of the anti-Buddhist position. 45. Western experience of China: The view of three nineteenth- or early twentieth-century missionaries. 46. What are the Dunhuang manuscripts and what do they tell us about Chinese society? 47. What do we actually know about the reforms of Wang Mang? 48. What we know about most ancient Chinese writing and what needs to be done if we are to find out more. 49. What we know about the Xiongnu. 50. Who are the Hakkas?

51. Chinese "Culture-bound psychiatric syndromes." 52. Medical diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. 53. Religion and the treatment of childhood illness in traditional China. 54. Diet and nutrition before the discovery of the Americas. 55. How Chinese thought about the human stomach. 56. Plagues, pestilence, and famines. 57. The idea of qi in Chinese medicine.

58. How did Chinese children learn to read? 59. How much literacy was there in China really? 60. Elementary education in imperial times: village schools, clan schools, and tutors. 61. What were "textbooks" like in traditional China? Did they work? 62. Was there education for people who didn't aspire to the civil service exam system? 63. How were "clan schools" organized anyway?

64. The cult of the goddess Mazu in south China. 65. Buddhist monasticism. 66. What's in the Buddhist canon as known to most Chinese? 67. The Kings of Hell and Judgement after death. 68. Chinese contributions to the Buddhist canon. 69. Chinese place gods: Chenghuang (the city god) and Tudi Gong (the earth god, a.k.a. She). 70. Chinese theology and the view of hell. 71. Divination: when must the goeds be consulted and why? 72. Evidence for nature worship in pre-Han times. 73. Evidence for popular (i.e., non-royal) ancestor worship in pre-Han times. 74. The evolution of the idea of reincarnation after it is introduced to China from India. 75. Lay Buddhism. 76. Liturgical Taoism (as against philosophical or literary Taoism). 77. Elixirs of immortality in Chinese tradition. 78. The nature of indigenous Chinese Christian churches. 79. Nuns, priests, and other religious professionals. 80. Patterns in Chinese ghost stories. 81. The religious beliefs of the Taiping rebels of the 19th century and their relation to traditional religious beliefs. 82. The role of texts in Chinese Buddhism as it was practiced. 83. Secret societies and small-scale religious sects during the Ming and Qing dynasties. 84. Secret societies in pre-Ming-dynasty times. 85. Tai Shan: a sacred mountain. 86. Trance and possession in Chinese society. 87. What actual evidence is there about the behavior of the ancient Wu ("shamans")?

88. Banditry. 89. Charity and welfare in theory and practice. 90. Chinese rhetoric: how Chinese argue. 91. Chinese styles of conflict and conflict resolution. 92. Ethical dilemmas and the celebration of ethical dilemmas. 93. How Chinese thought about painting and paintings. 94. Jokes and farces: the underlying patterns in what Chinese found funny. 95. Life in the army. 96. What is "face" anyway? 97. Patterns in the conceptualization of the "martial arts." 98. Song Dynasty Prostitution. 99. The punishment of children in traditional families. 100. Theatricals as a way to teach morality and history to illiterate people. 101. Two Chinese games and their social and cultural significance. 102. Value orientations in Chinese proverbs & popular expressions.

103. Neolithic peoples of Heilongjiang: a second Xia dynasty? 104. Neolithic peoples of the Sichuan Basin: a second Xia dynasty? 105. So what's with the Xia Dynasty? 106. Who was "Peking Man" and does he matter to later China? 107. Is there any actual evidence that prehistoric China was matriarchal? 108. What were the "Dunhuang Caves" all about?

Very broad topics tend to result in appallingly superficial papers. It is always best to start with a broad interest, try to narrow it as far as humanly possible, and then broaden it again only as sources require. A paper on why peach wood is considerd to have magical properties will almost always turn out to be more successful than a paper on "Buddhism."

Certain topics are especially terrible because, in my experience, they have never in all of human history produced adequate term papers. Here are some examples:

  • "The Position of Women in China." Women did not occupy a single position in China, and attempts to treat of all Chinese women at all stages of their lives in all times and places have always resulted in ill-considered ideological tracts of no intellectual merit. Papers about aspects of women's lives with a more limited focus can be wonderful, but attempts to treat "the position of women in China" as a single brief topic have always been disasters.
  • "Chinese Medicine." Chinese medicine is an immense and extremely technical subject about which whole libraries, have been written. To treat a subject this broad in a single term paper has in every instance resulted in a depressingly superficial product, usually made worse by mindless preaching about how Chinese medicine works (of course) or is better than "Western" medicine. (Sometimes students have tried to write brief papers on "acupuncture." That normally doesn't work either, since the bulk of the literature on this subject that they locate is either a list of cures or promotional hoopla praising acupuncture as ancient wisdom. Although considerably narrower than "Chinese medicine," acupuncture is a topic that has never produced a term paper to which I could give a grade above C.)
  • "Martial Arts." This is a favorite of students taking martial arts classes and has in every case resulted in a mediocre to poor product with little analytical thought. It seems as though taking a martial arts class seduces participants into the sense of knowing something but is not very conducive to thinking about how martial arts really fit into Chinese society. A more limited topic linked to martial arts might work all right. Purporting to treat the whole subject in a single paper pretty clearly does not work. And if you are actually practicing martial arts, experience suggests that picking it as a term paper topic is an extremely bad decision.

An unsolicited translation this page is available as follows. Note that translated pages are not normally updated, and links in them simply refer to the pages in the English original.

Essays on China


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Weekend Long Read: ‘Lying Flat’ Is the New Resistance Movement to Materialism

china topics for essay

Trending in China: Young Chinese Reject Rat Race, Embrace ‘Lying Flat’

china topics for essay

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Essays on China

The snake or serpent is the most widespread and oldest mythological symbols in the world. The word serpent is derived from the Latin word Serpens referring to a snake or crawling item (Forum). Snakes are creatures that have often been linked to the oldest rituals performed by human beings.  They represent...

Words: 2057

My name is Zhu Ruo, born in a family of four kids: Three boys and one girl. Am the last born in the family and the lady among the boys? We grew up in a small town in western Yunnan Province called Heshun. Heshun is a charming town in the...

The first obituary was that of Ida Wells who spoke strongly against racism in the Deep South and reported on the lynching of blacks and minorities. She lived at a time when racism was rife, and few people dared to talk about it. For instance, she illuminated the story of...

The Chinese International Migration published the 2012 Annual Report, which indicated that China was dealing with the challenge of mass migration of its Citizens, the top destination being the United States. Approximately, 90,000 Chinese immigrants were offered permanent United States residency in 2011 alone (Kivisto and Thomas 2). This paper...

The Chinese started to migrate from their home country to United States of America, and as per immigration research, more than 150,000 Chinese have received American residency visas in the year 2011.  As per study, the Chinese who has worth up to $16 million is migrated from China to U.S....

China has in the recent years established itself as one of the superpowers in the world. This has drawn many comparisons between China and the United States. Despite the fact that both countries have similar economic goals of being expansive, they have different cultures, which are so distinct. Hierarchy and Social...

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I recommend that we introduce the medical products into the Chinese market instead of U.K. China has been facing a rapid increase in disease burden in recent years with improved urbanization, growing household incomes, and rising aging levels that pose a significant health risk to its citizens. Consequently, China now...

The past four-five decades have seen China rising from a developing country to a dominant economic nation (Morrison, 2018). China has always been determined to overcome the ever-rising social, economic and environmental challenges (Serger " Breidne, 2017). Her gross domestic product has always been on the rise at a rate...

Words: 1083

The leadership and management styles by cross-culture is a discourse that interest many researchers and scholars. Culture presents a clear leadership and management approach although it has deteriorated due to westernization, globalization, and education (Talaghani, Salmani and Taatian, 2010). A study conducted on Filipina managers in Metro Manila found that...

Words: 1000

The U.S has accused China of stealing their ideas and calling it economic espionage. These claims are caused by the China’s requirements that foreign firms who want to invest in their vast market to share technologies with the local firms. The result is U.S has continuously criticized the Chinese for...

Words: 1593

About twenty-five years ago, China’s main concern was that it had a very high birth rate, too high to provide support for. As China limited its birth rate and introduced a birth control policy this matter came under control. However, as a result of the one-child policy, China has a...

Words: 2257

Q1).  How does tariff affect the global trade with China? Trade tariff is basically a tax that is levied on goods that are imported in a country. Tariffs are widely known to be a severe economic policy that a country can put into act. It therefore means that such tariff policy...

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Chinese Culture

The short story “Tanjong Rhu” by Minfong Ho, an ASEAN author, delves into the contrasting elements of traditional and modern Singaporean Chinese culture. Taking place in Tanjong Rhu, a well-known port in Singapore, the protagonist’s early life unfolds. The narrative primarily focuses on the juxtaposition between age-old customs like ancestor worship and contemporary modes of…

Dragon Boat Racing: A Sport with Chinese Roots

Dragon boat racing is more than an exciting H2O athletics. It is besides a really dynamic portion of the Chinese folklore and civilization. Chinese people traditionally regard the firedrake as a great animal that has been presiding over the H2O. It besides represents the symbol of power. The emperor of the Chinese land would have…

The Chinese Culture Essay

There are many characteristics that comprise the Chinese culture that contribute to its uniqueness. Their many customs influence their religion, language, food, art, science, technology, and celebration (Zimmerman, 2017). Those of the Chinese culture are typically one of five possible religions; this includes Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and/or Protestantism (Zimmerman 2017). China has the world’s…

How to Make Chinese Dumplings

Chinese dumplings, also known as JiaoZi, are a staple in China during holidays and even consumed daily in Northern China. They hold great cultural significance and are traditionally enjoyed during the spring festival to convey well wishes for the upcoming year. Chinese dumplings are comprised of two components: the filling mixture and the wrappers or…

Chinese Culture Research Paper China consists

Chinese Culture Essay, Research Paper China consists largely of two major sectors of the economic system: Agribusiness and Industry. China ’ s oldest and biggest sector of economic system is agriculture. Harmonizing to Chinese statements, approximately 75 per centum of the full Chinese labour force as of 1980 was engaged in agribusiness. The agribusiness is…

The Unique Chinese Drinking Culture

From the behavioral perspective, how do Chinese and westerners drink alcohol and what do they mean? Drinking is serious in China because it sends blessings to the important persons and boosts Guanxi and business. Traditionally Chinese families could drink at homes or in the restaurants, and nowadays going to bars or pubs remains a popular…

Chinese Culture vs. American Culture Essay

American Culture

Did you know the Chinese culture believes in bad fortune, evil spirits, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures? In comparison to the United States, most ghosts and spirits only exist in movies. According to traditional beliefs, Chinese people believe that they become a ghost after death. The United States has different beliefs to what happens to…

Chinese Organizational Culture Essay

Legalism (法家,Fajia)first developed during the Warring State period (战国时代,475 – 221 BC), it was the State’s ideology during the Qin dynasty (221 – 206 BC), and then was officially vilified by the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AC). Han Fei (韩非, or Han Feizi 韩非子, 280 – 233 BC) can be considered the founder…

Chinese Film Culture Essay

A film is an element of cultural expression in the society. Consequently, culture is a direct product of a society, which makes it difficult to assume its existence. For instance, the Chinese nation traces its cultural civilization from the Yellow River basin depicting a geographical setting of vast agricultural fields with grouped settlements on the…

Edward T. Hall’s High Context Low Context Theory on Chinese Culture

Messages are transcended without much explanation or explicit descriptions because it is assumed that the receiver will understand. This is Edward T. Hall’s High Context theory. This is the Chinese culture. I am an immigrant from Hong Kong. Although I relocated to Toronto before I came to understand most of my teachings, I did not…

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123 Dynasties Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best dynasties topic ideas & essay examples, 👍 good essay topics on dynasties, ✅ most interesting dynasties topics to write about, 📌 simple & easy dynasties essay titles, ❓ dynasty essay questions, 💯 free dynasties essay topic generator.

  • The Tang Dynasty Analysis Secondly, the emperors exempted the Buddhist monks from taxation, which promoted the flourishing of the religion by more people joining the monasteries. However, the rulers promoted corruption and social discrimination, which led to the fall […]
  • The Major Dynasties of China The Manchus took advantage of the fact that the Ming dynasty was collapsing due to the rebellion taking place in the year 1644.
  • History of the Qing Dynasty The Qing dynasty was formed after the military conquest of the chinese empire by the Manchu. The capture of Beijing by the Manchurian people signified the beginning of the Qing dynasty.
  • Cleopatra and Her Influence on the Ptolemaic Dynasty C and he left the will that he allowed Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII, her younger brother, to rule the kingdom and Cleopatra was directed to wed her brother and deputy ruler because of the Egyptians’ […]
  • Chinese Influence on Korea: Compare and Contrast the Silla and Tang Dynasties It is imperative to note that the Tang Dynasty was also influenced by the cultures and civilizations of the trading partners.
  • Art Objects Created During the Western Zhou Dynasty It is tempting to speculate that there was some mental connection between the evanescent fumes of the wine, and the persistent but non-corporeal aspects of the human spirit. The Zhou, however, apparently tried to reduce […]
  • The Religion Affects the Tang Dynasty The influence and impact of religion in the affairs of the Tang Dynasty cannot be understated. Religion was conspicuous aspect of the dynasty.
  • The History of the Koryo Dynasty This type of rule was only aimed at enriching few members of the society and subjecting majority members to absolute poverty which is contrary to new dimension of governing. Yangban status was passed from one […]
  • Qing Dynasty: Manchu, Key Events, Emperors, Achievements The opposition by the Chinese peasants weakened the dynasty, such that it was unable to address the challenges of the 19th century and reform China as well.
  • Song Dynasty and Two Poems for Analysis It is possible to give different questions, and in my opinion, the idea to united water and the issue of death is one of the most brilliant steps in this poem. It is possible to […]
  • The Tang Dynasty of Ancient China Eroding economy and weakened power and authority of the central court are among the reasons behind the fall of the Tang Dynasty.
  • China Reunified: The Song, Tang, and Sui Dynasties After the end of The Sui dynasty, the Tang dynasty emerged and it existed between 618 and 917. Political structure: During this era, the Chinese population increased considerably and the dynasty established a strong and […]
  • The Han Dynasty Methods Despite the fact that nomadic groups started to settle the territory of the northern China without a strong military support, the Chinese had no opportunity to protect themselves.
  • The Tang Dynasty: China’s Golden Age Chang’an city grew to become one of the largest cities in the world and it popularly gained the name ‘Heyday of Kaiyuan’, and the Tang Dynasty at this period reached the peak of its prosperity.
  • Various Types of Ancient Chinese Paintings in Different Dynasties One of the common similarities of the paintings of these ancient cultures was the painting of composite beasts. In addition, the essay will also strive to use different paintings to provide insights into the political […]
  • The Qin and Han Dynasties through the Lens of Sima Qian: A Look at the History of China However, in general, it must be admitted that Sima Qian’s historiography deserves appreciation as one of the earliest attempts at revisiting and evaluating the Chinese history.
  • The Chinese Qing Dynasty This essay will explore the history of the Qing Dynasty by comparing and contrasting the state and the Chinese society during this dynasty to the earlier periods in the history of the country.
  • Reasons for the Collapse of the Ming Dynasty The fall of the empire was mainly caused by rampant corruption in the dynasty’s courts and the bad rule of the eunuchs.
  • The Growth of Daoism in During Late Qing Dynasty One of the factors that contributed to the growth of Daoism was institutional renewal, the emergence of writings, and the spread of Chinese culture across the region.
  • Ancient Korean Culture: Female Education in Choson Dynasty One the most dehumanizing restrictions of this dynasty was that women were never allowed to remarry after a husband’s death, a law that was enforced in the pretext of preserving the chastity of women on […]
  • Burial Models. Sneaking a Peek at the Customs and Traditions of the Han Dynasty Era Though seemingly minor artifacts, the burial models known as the Farm shed with grain mill and the Animal pen with figures an be used to evaluate the progress that the Han Dynasty contributed to, as […]
  • “Fall of the Romanov Dynasty” by Esther Shub The film of Esther Shub Fall of the Romanov Dynasty is one of the exemplary compilation films where archival footage is used in a specific manner. The film dwells upon the last years of the […]
  • Asian Studies: The Era of the Tang Dynasty Reign The epoch of the Tang dynasty is often considered the highest point of the early Chinese civilization evolution. By designing a very specific and quite rigid set of rules and regulations for addressing the increasing […]
  • Shang and Zhou Dynasties Bronze Age in the development of human culture follows the Neolithic Age, the period of time when humans were using tools made of stone for hunting, as weapons and as appliances for the household.
  • Bronze Vessels in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties The same explains the existence of certain vessels During the reign of the Zhou dynasty, there are elements of religion and.warfare which characterize the Bronze vessels.
  • Confucianism and Legalism in the Qin Dynasty In the modern era, the ethical lessons that form the framework of Confucianism continue to influence the mindsets and conducts of billions of people in the world.
  • China Dynasties Comparison: Ming Vs Qing The focus of the paper is examining the institutional developments after the Ming dynasty’s fall, with a view of illustrating the changes in the power division, distribution, structure, and dynamics in the Qing dynasty era […]
  • Chinese Calligraphy in Tang Dynasty Calligraphy or the art of beautiful writing in traditional China came along as the visual art of a highly cherished handwork of the time.
  • Chinese Civilization During the Han Dynasty The history of the Han emperors, their conquering prowess, system of administration, scholars, innovators, entrepreneurs, and the common people represented emergence of a great Chinese culture. The success of the system prompted the government to […]
  • The Tang Dynasty Era and Chinese Development The epoch of the Tang Dynasty is traditionally considered as the period of the uttermost might of the country. The idea of the association of China and the nomads under the rule of the Tang […]
  • Technological Advances in Song Dynasty Besides, the Song dynasty invented gunpowder that marked the commencement of the production of sophisticated weapons. The desire of sailors to explore the world led to the development of the directional compass.
  • Records of Literacy in Qin and Early Han Dynasties The main aim of the text is, according to the author, to review the records of literacy among the lower orders during the Qin and early Han dynasties.
  • The Role of War in Song Dynasty, China The thesis of the paper is that the importance of the military increased greatly due to security threats faced by the dynasty.
  • Neo-Confucianism in the Song Dynasty: Metaphysics Focus To be a human meant to occupy a proper place in the society and to be a member of the system. Neo-Confucians taught people to understand the material world around them and be an integral […]
  • An Lushan Rebellion in the Tang Dynasty History An unsatisfied army general who served in the army of the Tang Dynasty started the rebellion which led to the collapse of the dynasty.
  • Late Shang Dynasty: Ritualistic Wine Vessel – Zun This is one of the arguments that can be put forward. This is one of the main details that can be identified.
  • Chinese Dynasties: From Qin Through Tang One of the changes in writing books occurred when authors moved from philosophical works during the Qin period and autobiographies during the Han dynasty to dominate in fairy tales of the Tang period.
  • The Qin Dynasty’s Challenges in China’s History As such, the rule of Duke Mu of Qin in the 7th century BC did much to uplift the rank of Qin among the community of aristocratic states.
  • Respective Schools of Chan During the Sung Dynasty The concept of the sudden opening of the mind and the concept of meditation are deemed as opposing aspects of Chan Buddhism.
  • Confucianism and Women During the Tang Dynasty His teachings were focused on the ability to ritualize life; one of the main focuses of those teachings was that the majority of the problems in society were the result of individuals forgetting their proper […]
  • Shang and Zhou Dynasties: Comparison Between Rituals and Artefacts However the main reason for calling the era bronze was the fashionable and the then latest weapons which were prepared using only bronze, as it was the need of the imperial and materialistic culture of […]
  • Terra-Cotta Army: Organizational Power of Qin Dynasty After the museum, it seemed to be one of the marvelous art museums of the world.”Life-size terracotta figures of warriors and horses arranged in battle formations are the star features at the museum.
  • Founding of Ming and Qing Dynasties Nevertheless, in many cases, the remoteness of China was the main reason for its failure in the wars against the Mongols and Manchus dynasty, as in the times of Empire’s decline, famine, or troubled times […]
  • The Rise of the Qing Dynasty at 1630-1800 This was the dynasty that was found by the Manchu clan Aisin Gioro. This was a mode of ruling led by the Qing dynasty to remain in the dominance of its ruler.
  • Umayyad Dynasty and Islamic Expansion Certainly, the changes in the political and economic worldview were the inevitable consequence of these conquests, but beyond that, the caliphate succeeded not to surrender to the growing external dangers and did not fail to […]
  • The Qin Dynasty: The Governors of China The people were not allowed to voice their concerns and this was what led to their rebellion hence the fall of the Qin dynasty.
  • Song Dynasty and the Development of China Nation The empire had the most dynamic agricultural land that the Song used to empower the people of China. After the massive paper money invention, there was a large scale of steel and the iron industries […]
  • Comparison of the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties During the reign of the Northern Song, the dynasty wielded a lot of influence in the whole of China. On the other hand, the Southern Song Dynasty refers to the reign of the Song Dynasty […]
  • Chinese Han Dynasty: Comparing to the Japanese Culture Changing the focus to that one of the daily lives of ordinary citizens, the art of the Chinese culture during the Han Dynasty era allowed introducing a significant amount of diversity into the artistic realm.
  • China History: The Sui Dynasty Unified China in the 6th Century The rule of the Sui Dynasty officially started when Yang Jian with the help of the military overthrew and killed the previous Emperor’s family.
  • History of the Arabian Gulf: The Al-Qasimi Dynasty For this reason, the given paper focuses on the investigation of the Arabian dynasty of Al-Qawasim, their growth, and transformation into the rulers of a powerful country as the way to trace the evolution of […]
  • The Commercial Revolution of the Song Dynasty However, the reforms largely failed, due to the lack of full support from the emperor and large landowners, with the only positive outcome was the establishment of a national educational system in China.
  • The Han & Tang Dynasties vs. the Gupta Empire When it comes to comparing the Han Dynasty in China to the Gupta Empire in India, some parallels can be drawn in terms of the political control methods. In conclusion, the golden ages of China […]
  • China’s Sung and Ming Dynasties and Agrarian Societal Stability
  • Economic and Political Choices of Tang and Song Dynasties Compared to the Ming Dynasty
  • Political Dynasties and Poverty: Measurement and Evidence of Linkages in the Philippines
  • The Ninth and Tenth Century Dynasties
  • Economic Dynasties with Intermissions
  • How the Great Wall of China Effected the Qin, Han and Ming Dynasties
  • Assyrian Dynasties History
  • Agricultural Science and Technology During Ming and Qing Dynasties
  • Chinese Dynasties: Culture vs. Religion
  • Heterogeneous Dynasties and the Political Economy of Public Debt
  • Royal Dynasties, Political Representation and Positive Discrimination: A Comparison of Two Constituencies in Northwestern Odisha
  • Eighteenth and Nineteenth Dynasties of Western Asia and Nubia’s Egyptian Imperial Presence
  • Political Dynasties, Term Limits and Female Political Empowerment: Evidence From the Philippines
  • The Great Dynasties, Empires, Civilizations, and Nations
  • Life-Cycles, Dynasties, Savings; Implications for Closed and Small, Open Economies
  • Hucker China Dynasties in Chinese History
  • Early Asia and Chinese Dynasties
  • The Similarities Between the High Caliphate and the Golden Age of the Tang and Song Dynasties
  • Entrepreneurship and the Family Business: The Fluctuating Fortunes of Clothmaking Dynasties in Reading and Newbury C.1500-1650
  • Tang and Song Dynasties Technological Developments
  • Ancient China Dynasties History
  • Conflict Within Economic Dynasties: Selfishness vs Descending Altruism
  • Chinese Dynasties Compared
  • Federalism and the Balance of Power: China’s Han and Tang Dynasties and the Roman Empire
  • Comparing the Mauryn and Han Dynasties
  • Intergenerational Top Income Mobility in Sweden: A Combination of Equal Opportunity and Capitalistic Dynasties
  • Trade and Foreign Relations In the Han, Tang, and Song Dynasties
  • Comparing and Contrasting the Tudor and Stuart Dynasties
  • English Royal Dynasties History
  • Political Dynasties and the Incumbency Advantage in Party-Centered Environments
  • Compare and Contrast the Cultures of the Shang Dynasty & Zhou Dynasties
  • Political Dynasties, Electoral Institutions and Politicians’ Human Capital
  • Comparing the Tang and Song Dynasties
  • Academic Dynasties: Decentralization and Familism in the Italian Academia
  • The Difference Between the Umayyad and Abbasid Dynasties
  • The Rise and Decline of the Sui and Tang Dynasties
  • Foreign Trade, Commercial Policies and the Political Economy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of China
  • Spain’s Bourbon and Hapsburg Dynasties History
  • China’s Greatest Dynasties and Their Achievements
  • Egyptian Dynasties History
  • What Were the Rights of Women During the Han Dynasty?
  • How Advanced Were Agricultural Science and Technology During the Ming and Qing Dynasties?
  • Why Did Early Reforms Fail in the Qing Dynasty?
  • How Did the Tang Dynasty Create a More Stable Economy?
  • What Technological Developments Were Made During the Tang and Song Dynasties?
  • How Did the Great Wall of China Affect the Qin, Han, and Ming Dynasties?
  • What Happened in China After the Fall of the Yuan Dynasty?
  • How Did the Chinese Dynasties Rise and Fall?
  • What Are the Sui, Song, and Tang Dynasties Known For?
  • How Did the Song Dynasty Improve Government?
  • Which Chinese Dynasty Had the Greatest Achievements?
  • How Did the Fall of the Han Dynasty Affect the Silk Road?
  • What Led to the Rise and Fall of the Yuan Dynasty?
  • How Do the Principles of Equal Opportunities and Capitalist Dynasties Combine in Sweden?
  • What Are the Similarities Between the High Caliphate and the Golden Age of the Tang and Song Dynasties?
  • Do Dynasties Have a Positive or a Negative Effect on Civilizations?
  • What Was the Role of the Opium War in the Fall of the Qing Dynasty?
  • How Did China’s Economy Change During the Tang and Song Dynasties?
  • Why Was the Tang Dynasty So Successful?
  • How Many Dynasties Were There in Persia?
  • What Were the Political Differences Between the Tang and Song Dynasties?
  • How Did the Sung Dynasty Conduct Foreign Trade in China?
  • What Do the Shang and Zhou Dynasties Have in Common?
  • How Influential Was Sun Yat-Sen During the Fall of the Qing Dynasty?
  • What Religion Was the Stuart Dynasty?
  • Is There a Link Between Political Dynasties and Poverty in the Philippines?
  • What Were the Major Political, Social, and Economic Changes During the Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasties?
  • How Did the Great Wall of China Help the Han Dynasty in the Development of the Silk Road?
  • What Do the Umayyad and Abbasid Dynasties Have in Common?
  • How Were Women Treated During the Han Dynasty According to Confucian Teachings?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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China Studies Paper Topics

China, currently known as the People’s Republic of China, is the most heavily populated country in the world with a population level that exceeds 1.35 billion individuals. As one of the few modern bastions of communism that has endured since the end of the Cold War, China currently has the largest and most complicated economy in the world (CIA, 2015). China has emerged into a 21st Century global superpower from its early and fertile roots as a cradle of civilization (Loewe & Shaughnessy, 1999). Within the vast history and geographic location of China stands countless sociological, environmental, political and historical subjects waiting to be explored. From architectural marvels like the Great Wall of China to some of the most polluted cities in the world, the cross curricular examination of China cannot be understated.

The professional staff at Power Papers is well versed China Studies and are poised to help students select suitable fields of inquiry within the scope of this vast topic. Beyond this, the staff at Power Papers can locate and apply suitable primary and secondary research data to complete anything from a short single page journal style entry on China to a full dissertation on a facet of China studies. For your China studies paper needs, Power Papers‘ staff members can be reached by email for questions regarding scopes of inquiry or for placing an order on our secure server.

Interesting China Studies Research Paper Topics

The nature of China studies is so immense that analysis could be conducted from, but not necessarily limited, to the following categories: sociology, history, economics, religion, political science, geography, art, military, gender studies and even biology. As a result of the topic potential, it can be stated that there is likely some element of China studies that can be applied to a student interest or field of inquiry. While there are some subjects related to China studies that have received a great deal of analysis, like civil rights studies in China, there are other less examined topics of inquiry that could provide important advances to existing research on the topic like Falun Gong and contemporary religious movements in China. In addition, the uniqueness of Chinese culture is such that ethnographic data could be easily generated for original social science research that could be applied to global business or cultural studies.

Navigating the potential scope of inquiry for China studies could be intimidating to someone unfamiliar with the topic. Its depth could even be intimidating to individuals with a strong background knowledge of the culture. Selecting suitable research topics related to China studies necessitates a topic with suitable specificity and scope in comparison with the length of the project parameters.

Below is a list of some topics that fall within the spectrum of China studies paper topics that can be adapted for research purposes. The list can be used in a literal capacity for selecting research topics or it can be used as an idea source for selected original topics spawned from the listed suggestions.

  • Contemporary Chinese Politics
  • The Sleeping Giant: Becoming the World’s Largest Economy
  • Tibet and the Chinese Government
  • Environmental Issues In China
  • Mao’s Little Red Book
  • The Communist Experiment: The People’s Republic of China
  • The People’s Republic of China and the Former Soviet Union: Parallels and Deviations of Marxism
  • Censorship and China
  • One Child Policy: Population Control and Modern China
  • Human Rights and China
  • Made in China: A Production Phenomenon
  • The South China Sea: An Exploration
  • Cross Cultural Competency: Business Interactions in China
  • The Tianamen Square Incident: An Analysis and Implications
  • The 2008 Olympics: An Outside Perspective of China
  • China and Africa Alliances
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act: The Migration of Chinese Workers and Western Response
  • Interpretation of the Chinese State Through the Orientalism Lens of Edward Said
  • The Great Wall of China: An Engineering Marvel
  • The Boxer Rebellion
  • The Silk Road and Chinese Culture
  • China and the Opium Wars
  • An Examination of the Tang Dynasty
  • Chinese Art
  • Confucius and Chinese Philosophical Impact on the Modern World
  • China and Space Exploration
  • Genghis Khan: Ancient Conquerors
  • Sun Tzu: Understanding the Art of War
  • Marco Polo and Early Interactions with Ancient China
  • Feudalism in Ancient China
  • The Mongols and Chinese Development
  • The Battle of Red Cliffs: Great Naval Battles
  • China: A Geographic Analysis
  • Three Gorges Dam: The World’s Largest Hydro Electric Power Source
  • Venous Snakes and the Taklamakan Desert
  • Buddhism and Chinese Culture
  • Falun Gong: Modern Chinese Spiritualism
  • Gender Role Structures in the Chinese Family
  • The Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)

Do you have any additional ideas or would like to further discuss your projects needs, simply email us here .

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Central Intelligence Agency. (2015). China. CIA World Factbook. Retrieved from .

Loewe, M. & Shaughnessy, E. (1999). The Cambridge History of Ancient China. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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china topics for essay

Comparing Views of the U.S. and China in 24 Countries

In recent years, views of the United States and China have changed a lot. This year, the U.S. is largely viewed positively in the 24 countries we surveyed. At the same time, China is seen much more negatively – especially in high-income countries. But favorability does not tell the whole story. Both countries are seen positively in some ways and negatively in others.

Based on surveys conducted in 24 countries, we examine how the U.S. and China stack up to one another on more than 10 different measures, spanning from confidence in their leaders to views of their universities and technological achievements. We focus on the difference in how people see the two superpowers.

Take one aspect of foreign policy as an example. In Greece, 93% say the U.S. interferes in the affairs of other countries, compared with 56% who say the same for China, for a difference of 37 percentage points. The Greek flag is therefore plotted farther to the left, closer to the U.S. end of the scale, at 37.

Australians, though, see little difference between the superpowers and consider both the U.S. (79%) and China (77%) to be interventionist powers. The Australian flag is therefore plotted at 2, close to the midpoint, which represents no difference in ratings of the two countries on this measure.

Across all 24 countries surveyed, we see that while majorities in most countries see both the U.S. and China as prone to interfering in the affairs of other countries, the U.S. is almost always more likely to be described this way. All of the flags are thus generally to the left of the midpoint and closer to the U.S. end. These metrics can be viewed for each country by hovering over that country’s flag.

Ratings of whether the U.S. and China take each country’s interests into account paints a somewhat different picture. Most flags are still to the left of the midpoint – and closer to the U.S. end – because more people across countries say the U.S. accounts for their country’s interests than China. But the flags are more spread out across the scale because publics feel quite differently from one another about this.

We can also see differences between middle- and high-income countries. 1 Selecting middle-income countries on the bottom right of the graphic shows that middle-income countries are mostly clustered together around the midpoint of the scale and that they evaluate the U.S. and China similarly.

Conversely, selecting high-income countries shows that they are clustered together on the left, giving higher ratings to the U.S. than China when it comes to accounting for other countries’ interests.

The U.S. also gets higher marks for contributing to global peace and stability than China does, and the differences in evaluations are often 30 points or more. The difference is greatest in Japan, where 79% say the U.S. contributes at least a fair amount to international stability and just 14% say the same of China – a difference of 65 points. While still large in many countries, differences are smaller in many middle-income countries. And in Indonesia and Hungary, U.S. and Chinese contributions to global peace and stability are seen in a similar light.

For more on international views of the U.S., read “ International Views of Biden and U.S. Largely Positive ,” and for more on international views of China, read “ China’s Approach to Foreign Policy Gets Largely Negative Reviews in 24-Country Survey .”

As the charts above show, views of China and the U.S. vary a lot among the 24 countries surveyed. Besides foreign policy, you can compare views of China and the U.S. on a few other measures. To see charts and analysis for those topics, keep scrolling or select a topic from the list below.


Favorable views of the u.s. and china.

Difference in shares who say they have favorable views of the U.S. and China

On balance, views of the U.S. are much more positive than views of China, and increasingly so .

Opinion skews toward the U.S. most heavily in the high-income countries surveyed, with differences of 50 percentage points or more in favor of the U.S. in Poland, Japan and South Korea. In all three countries, more than seven-in-ten offer positive ratings of the U.S., and fewer than three-in-ten have favorable opinions of China.

In most middle-income countries surveyed, views of both powers are generally positive, leading to a smaller difference in views. Nigeria is the lone public surveyed with warmer opinions of China than of the U.S., though both the U.S. and China receive positive ratings from large majorities of Nigerians.

Hungary – notably the only country where positive ratings of the U.S. are the minority opinion – and Kenya stand out for having near equal shares of adults who rate the U.S. and China favorably. Just under half offer positive ratings of each superpower in Hungary, and roughly seven-in-ten Kenyans see the U.S. and China favorably.

Is favorability of the U.S. and China zero-sum?

An alternate way to think about favorability is to look at whether individuals in a given country hold positive views of one superpower and not the other – essentially a “zero-sum” mindset.

In nine countries, this seems to be the case: A majority or plurality has favorable views of the U.S. but not China. In both Japan and Poland, 63% of adults have a favorable view of the U.S. and an unfavorable view of China.

Particularly in middle-income countries, though, pluralities of a third or more have favorable views of both world powers. This includes majorities in both Nigeria and Kenya. No more than a fifth of adults in any country surveyed have a favorable opinion of China and an unfavorable opinion of the U.S.

Bar chart showing many in 24 countries see the U.S., but not China, favorably

Leading economic power

Difference in shares who say the U.S. and China are the world’s leading economic power

The U.S. economy is larger than China’s but has tended to grow less per year, at least until recently . Still, the U.S. is considered by most surveyed publics to be the world’s leading economic power . And, in many countries, this sense is growing. In Sweden, for example, 51% now say that the U.S. is the leading economy, compared with 39% in 2020, when they were more likely to give the title to China.

South Koreans are especially likely to see the U.S. as the world’s top economy, with 83% giving the title to the U.S. compared with just 8% to China. Sizable differences of around 40 percentage points in favor of the U.S. are also seen in Japan, Poland, Israel and India.

Still, five countries – most of which are in Europe – see China as the leading economy. This includes Italy, which is the only country where a majority considers China the world’s leading economy.

Dot plot showing most people in 24 countries say investment from the U.S. and China is beneficial

Investment from the U.S. and China

In Australia, Indonesia, Kenya and South Africa, similar shares see investments from both superpowers as having helped their country’s economy at least a fair amount. Conversely, Argentines are equally likely to see Chinese and U.S. investment as having not benefited their country’s economy.

For those in Israel, Poland, India, Brazil and Mexico, U.S. investment is seen as more beneficial.

Only in Hungary and Nigeria is Chinese investment seen more favorably than U.S. investment. Even then, 74% of Nigerians say investment from the U.S. has benefited their country at least a fair amount.

Ratings of American and Chinese technology

Difference in shares who say U.S. and Chinese technology is above average or the best compared with other wealthy nations

The U.S. and China are both widely seen as technological powerhouses. For example, together they dominate the global digital market . Between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, American companies have the vast majority of the mobile operating system market share worldwide . Yet China leads the charge toward 5G and global network coverage.

Across the 24 countries surveyed, a median of 72% describe U.S. technology as the best or above average and 69% say the same of Chinese technology. And evaluations of the two superpowers’ technological prowess differ little in seven countries. For example, 83% of Spaniards say American technology is above average or the best, compared with 82% who say the same for China.

Seven publics give U.S. technology more positive ratings. Among them, Israelis and South Koreans stand out for their favorable evaluations of American technology relative to Chinese technology; this is driven by Israelis’ high ratings of American technology and South Koreans’ low ratings of Chinese technology.

China’s technology is seen more positively in 10 countries, including in the U.S. Technological achievements are the only measure where Americans see China outpacing the U.S. About two-thirds of American adults (66%) say China’s technology is above average or the best, compared with 56% who say the same about their own country.

There is little distinction between middle- and high-income countries’ ratings of either country’s technology, but some regional patterns do emerge. China’s technological achievements are rated more positively in the Latin American countries surveyed, while the Asian countries included give the U.S. more positive marks.

Quality of American and Chinese technology products

Bar chart showing American and Chinese tech products seen as well-made among people in 24 countries; American technology more so.

Respondents in 12 countries further evaluated technology from the U.S. and China on their quality and other attributes.

Roughly three-quarters or more in each country surveyed say American products are well-made, including 94% in Nigeria and 92% in Israel. China’s technology gets more variable ratings , with 82% in Nigeria saying it’s well-made compared with just 36% in Israel. Israel is the lone country to have a majority say China’s technological products are poorly made.

Respondents were also asked about the price of technology products from either country. A 12-country median of 77% call American products expensive, while 42% say the same of Chinese products.

With regards to data security, views are mixed. On balance, people are more likely to say technology produced by American companies protects personal data than to say the same of Chinese companies.

Still, the shares who say American technology protects personal data range from 81% in Nigeria to 25% in Hungary. China’s technology garners similarly varied opinion, with 78% in Nigeria saying it protects users’ personal data but just 15% of Australians saying the same.

Earlier this year, as TikTok faced a potential ban in the U.S., most Americans were similarly distrusting when asked about data privacy and the behavior of Chinese social media companies.

Ratings of American and Chinese militaries

Difference in shares who say the U.S. and Chinese militaries are above average or the best compared with other wealthy nations

The U.S. and China are home to two of the world’s largest militaries. China’s active forces are nearly double the size of the United States’, though the U.S. outspends China on defense.

Majorities in every country surveyed say the American military is above average or the best, while the same is only true for China in about half of the countries surveyed.

In most countries surveyed, the U.S. military receives significantly higher ratings than China’s. There are three exceptions: In Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, all NATO allies of the U.S., the United States’ and China’s militaries are about equally likely to be considered above average or the best. However, the U.S. military gets more recognition than China’s when considering only those who say each is the best .

Israelis stand out for their near unanimous positive ratings of the U.S. forces. While a majority of Israelis rate China’s military highly, the 39-point gap in ratings is the largest of any country surveyed.

Unlike other measures of hard and soft power, there is little difference in ratings of the American and Chinese militaries between middle- and high-income countries.

American and Chinese entertainment

Difference in shares who say U.S. and Chinese entertainment is above average or the best compared with other wealthy nations

In 2020, China replaced the U.S. as the world’s largest film market after a number of successful local productions, and its government released a five-year improvement plan for its film industry a year later. Most of the top 10 highest grossing films globally were nonetheless still American productions in 2022.

Global views of entertainment from each country parallel these trends. U.S. entertainment – including its music, movies and television – is more than four times more likely to be seen as the best or above average than China’s (a 24-country median of 71% vs. 17%, respectively).

High-income countries view American entertainment more favorably than middle-income countries. Entertainment ratings skew toward the U.S. most heavily in Israel, where adults are 71 percentage points more likely to call American entertainment, rather than Chinese, above average or the best. Differences greater than 60 points in favor of the U.S. are also seen among the Dutch, Italians, Poles and Swedes.

The sub-Saharan African publics surveyed offer the highest praise for Chinese entertainment, especially in Nigeria, where 67% say it is the best or above average. Even so, each public gives U.S. entertainment higher ratings.

American and Chinese universities

Difference in shares who say U.S. and Chinese universities are above average or the best compared with other wealthy nations

In May 2023, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced plans for bolstering China’s education system to spread its global influence and create a “‘Study in China’ brand.” Currently, out of the top 100 universities in the world , as rated by the Times Higher Education, only seven are in China, whereas 34 are in the U.S.

This disparity is reflected in views of the two countries’ universities. Across the 24 countries surveyed, a median of 68% say U.S. universities are above average or the best, while just 35% say the same of China’s.

Universities in the U.S. receive significantly more positive ratings than universities in China in all countries surveyed. Middle-income countries give both countries’ universities some of the most favorable evaluations, but the gap in the ratings of the two are similar to the gaps seen in high-income countries.

Europe is home to some of the largest differences as well as the smallest. Poles, Greeks and Hungarians are at least 40 points more likely to say American universities are above average or the best than Chinese universities. The differences are much smaller – in large part due to less positive outlooks on American universities – in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Notably, the U.S. has one of the least positive perceptions of American universities, along with several other advanced economies. About half in each saying American universities are the best or above average.

American and Chinese standards of living

Difference in shares who say U.S. and Chinese standards of living are above average or the best compared with other wealthy nations

As of 2021, both the U.S. and China fall above the world average on the United Nations’ Human Development Index , but the U.S. is considered a very high human development country while China is labeled a high human development country. The difference is reflected in international ratings of the two countries’ standards of living. Though ratings of both vary greatly, greater shares say the standard of living in the U.S. is above average or the best in every country surveyed.

Israelis and Poles stand out for holding particularly skewed views of each country’s standard of living, in favor of the U.S. In Israel and Poland, roughly eight-in-ten regard the standard of living in the U.S. in high regard, while 9% and 19% say the same of China, respectively.

In several high-income countries, ratings of the standard of living are low for both the U.S. and China. For example, just 16% of Germans see the standard of living in the U.S. as above average or the best and 8% say the same of China. In comparison, middle-income countries offer some of the most positive evaluations of the standards of living in the two economic powerhouses.

Respect for personal freedoms

Difference in shares who say the U.S. and China respect the personal freedoms of their people

The U.S. is generally considered by experts to be more democratic than China. Among other organizations, Freedom House describes the U.S. as “free” and China as “not free,” and International IDEA labels the U.S. a “democracy” versus China’s “authoritarian regime.”

Public opinion follows the same pattern. In a survey of 17 high-income publics in 2021, the U.S. government was far more likely than the Chinese government to be seen as respecting its people’s personal freedoms, and previous surveys of both high- and middle-income countries have recorded similar findings. The U.S. government was seen as more respectful of its people’s personal freedoms than China’s even as it received increasingly negative ratings between 2013 and 2018.

In 2021, the differences between ratings of the United States’ and China’s treatment of personal freedoms were especially pronounced in South Korea and Taiwan. In both, roughly three-quarters said the U.S. respects its people’s personal freedoms compared with only about one-in-ten who said the same for China. Differences of about 50 percentage points or more were also measured across most of Europe. Conversely, Singapore stood out for having the smallest difference and being the most likely to consider China respectful of its people’s personal freedoms.

Confidence in the American and Chinese presidents

Difference in shares who say they have confidence in U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping to do the right thing regarding world affairs

When it comes to leaders, global publics are nearly three times more likely to have confidence in U.S. President Joe Biden than in Chinese President Xi Jinping (medians across 23 countries, not including the U.S., of 54% and 19%, respectively). Each country surveyed is more likely to have confidence in Biden than Xi, but this has not always been the case for ratings of the U.S. president.

The gap in confidence ratings of the U.S. president and the Chinese president has shifted greatly in the last 10 years with each American leader. Views of the two leaders were most similar in several countries when former President Donald Trump held office.

Views of Biden and Xi differ across high- and middle-income countries. Those in middle-income countries are more likely to rate Biden and Xi similarly. For example, 71% of Nigerians have confidence in Biden, while 62% say the same of Xi – a 9-point difference.

In high-income countries, the gap tends to be much larger – especially in parts of Europe, including Poland and Sweden.

In many places, though, respondents are less likely to offer an opinion on Xi than Biden. For example, in Hungary, 24% of respondents said they did not know the answer or declined to answer when asked about their confidence in Xi, while only 6% responded similarly when asked about Biden.

About this essay

This Pew Research Center essay was made possible by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Pew Research Center is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts, its primary funder. This essay is a collaborative effort based on the input and analysis of a  number of individuals and experts at the Center. The results presented  in this data essay are drawn from nationally representative surveys conducted across 24 publics in 2023 and 17 publics in 2021. The methodology for each survey is publicly available. This analysis was designed to compare current views of the United States with views of China. Country classifications by income level reflect 2022 World Bank income groupings. For further explanation of international opinion in 2023 and how views have changed over time, see “ International Views of Biden and U.S. Largely Positive ” and “ China’s Approach to Foreign Policy Gets Largely Negative Reviews in 24-Country Survey .”  


This essay was written by Laura Silver, Associate Director of Global Attitudes research, Christine Huang, Research Associate, Laura Clancy, Research Analyst, and Nam Lam, former Pew Research Center intern. Shannon Greenwood, Senior Digital Producer, produced the essay. John Carlo Mandapat, Information Graphics Designer, and Peter Bell, Associate Director of Design and Production, produced graphics. Christopher Baronavski, Senior Web Developer, contributed to web development. Moira Fagan, Research Associate, Sarah Austin, Research Assistant, Sneha Gubbala, Research Assistant, and Jordan Lippert, Research Assistant, checked the essay and Janakee Chavda, Assistant Digital Producer, copy edited it. Editorial guidance was provided by Richard Wike, Director of Global Attitudes research, Hannah Klein, Senior Communications Manager, Gar Meng Leong, Communications Manager, and Kelly Browning, User Experience Manager.

  • Income groups are determined by the World Bank , and includes both lower- and upper-middle income countries. Lower-middle income countries are those with a gross national income (GNI) per capita between $1,136 and $4,465, and upper-middle income economies are those with a GNI per capita between $4,466 and $13,845. High-income countries are those with a GNI per capita of $13,846 or more. ↩
  • The question was asked in 12 countries where surveys were conducted face-to-face or via the web. ↩

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A List Of The Most Impressive Persuasive Essay Topics On China

China is a place of wonder and mystery. Almost all the world has a tremendous curiosity about China and if you are really an inquisitive person then it is almost certain that you also have a tremendous curiosity about the China. But curiosity and writing an essay is not the same thing at all. You have to cover up several things in an essay and you have no excuse if you are writing an academic writing. When it is the question of finding the perfect topic, then it becomes little tricky. You have to have an overall understanding of the reality of China and its geological as well as the historical background. Apart from that you need to follow some techniques. If you find some really tricky examples of topics, then it will be a lot easier for you to do the job.

Here is the list of helpful topics for you

  • What is the learning process of chemise children?
  • What is the actual number of literacy in China?
  • What are the unique characteristics of “clan school?”
  • Why really the wall of china is called great?
  • What are the unique chemise medical technologies?
  • How Hakka’s are different and interesting?
  • Is it interesting to know about Xingu?
  • Buddhism and chemise culture.
  • Is the hell concept in chemise culture different
  • What machineries did china invent first?
  • Martial art is from chemise origin or from Indian?
  • The politics and its effects in china.
  • Is socialism really established in china?
  • China and its secret wonders
  • The things you must avoid in china

Well, these topics are most persuasive ones if you want an academic writing topic for China. Actually China is a place of wonder and mystery and if you know well about this country you will certainly produce good writing. So the key thing is knowledge. If you have knowledge, then you have got the key thing. Otherwise, how much technique or examples you may follow nothing will be so much helpful however, the above examples will certainly help you to overcome many of your problems regarding academic writing. True to say you will have a better understanding and better writing after you read these topics? So be happy with it and go with your writing,.

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China: An Overview Essays Example

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Transportation , Business , China , Politics , Commerce , Products , Trade , Infrastructure

Words: 2500

Published: 03/16/2020


- What are the rough dimensions of the country in miles? China is situated in the eastern part of the Asian continent. Its area in miles is around 3,696,000 square miles). Country is surrounded by other countries i.e. Nepal, Pakistan, North Korea, Bhutan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Russia Afghanistan, Burma, India etc. according to area China is considered third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada. - What is the population? What percentage lives in the 3 largest cities? China is considered world’s largest country according to the size of its population. In 2014 it has been estimated that its population is 1,393,783,836. Around 20% of the population of the world belongs to China. Shanghai is largest city according to population which is having around 23,000,000 inhabitants. After shanghai Beijing is considered seconded most populated city of the country. 18,079,000 inhabitants of the China belong to Beijing. Guangzhou is third most populated city of the China after shanghai and Beijing. 12,385,000 people are living in the city. Over all these countries are used to have around 5% of the total population of the country. - What is the predominant language? How widely used is English in business? In China official language is Standard Mandarin. This is language of Chinese and it is widely spoken by the people of China. This is main language which is used by the government of China, their media and in their education system for the instructions. Standard Mandarin has got the status of official Chinese language long ago. After English it is considered most famous business language all across the world. As for English is concerned, it is not getting much attention in China because; government is trying to protect their language from the foreign impact. - What are the principle cities and political divisions which would have an impact on transportation? Major cities i.e. Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin etc and 23 different provinces of the country all are having their impact on the transportation system overall. Similarly, autonomous administrative regions and special administrative regions all have their own importance on the transportation system. - What are the principle products for the country (top 3-5 in each of the following categories)? *Overall (produced in the country) *Exported to the world *Exported to the US *Imported from the world *Imported from the US China is becoming one of the major economies of the world and it is producing the products in every field. The products which are produced by the China include; machinery, electrical equipments and vehicles etc. country is generating lots of revenue with the help of its exports. Major products which are exported by the China contains Electronic equipment making around 25% of the total exports, Machinery is making around 18% of the exports and furniture’s, lights and signs etc which is making aroun4 % of the total exports of the country. Along with exports China also have to import many products and usually it imports crude oil, integrated circuits soybeans and LCDs. China is used to import cars, computer and broadcasting equipment from the United States. - In the last three years have there been any instances of political instability? Political instability is low in the China as compared to other markets in the region. This is one of the major reasons of development of strong economy of the China. Even for the foreign investor political stability of the China is one of the charming factors which are helping them to start exploring a new marker. In last few years China didn’t witness any major political instability. - What is the currency? What is the exchange rate to US dollars? How has it changed in the past two years? Currency of the China is Renminbi Yuan. 1 Yuan is equal to 0.16 of US dollar. In last two years exchange rate has faced changes but those changes were not significant. Rate of US dollar has increased over the time. - What time zones exist in this country? What time is it in the capital when it is noon in Cambridge, MA? Time Zone is UTC+ 8:00. In capital city of China time will be 4:00 am when it will be noon in the Cambridge MA. Beijing is capital of China and its time will be 4:00 am at noon in the Cambridge. - What unique requirements exist for products sold in this country? (E.g. testing, packaging, language, safety, etc.) Products used to need the certificate of inspection which is given by relevant authority to the products. Once company receives certificate of inspection only then it can sell its products in the market. This is very important requirement of the selling goods in China. This is used to link with the safety of the buyers. - What regulations or limitations exist regarding freight transport? Freight transport is system of transport which is used to transport the goods among different parts of the country it used to involve rails and roads etc. freight transport has increased over the period of time. It has been divided into two sections general and special freight transport. Those who are managing the freight transport business they must have certificate from the government for their working. - Are there saltwater ports which can handle large ships? How far are the major population centers from those ports? Saltwater ports are considered important for the trade of products to international community. China has number of ports for the trade and it has 12 out of 20 most busy ports of the world. Rizhao Port, Tangshan port, Qinhuangdao ports, Shanghai port and Tianjin port etc. these areas are also falling under the category of most populated area of the country. For instance, shanghai and Tianjin is considered most populated areas of the China. - What business terms and financial instruments are typically used for import commercial transactions? International terms and conditions are applicable for the business in China and for the imports and commercial transactions etc.FOB (Free on Board), CIF (Cost insurance and freight) along with the other major terms and conditions businessmen are used to have Letter of credit to do their business. For the transactions etc USD is valid currency in the China. Imports are largely regulated by the government and need of the country. - How large is a typical supermarket or retail food store (square feet or meters)? There are lots of super markets and retail stores in the China in order to cater the needs of world most populated country. Usually there are supermarkets and retail stores which vary in their size from 500 to 2000 square meters. Now there are many stores and super markets which are exceeding this usual size of the market. - Do any of the large US discount retailers (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Toys ‘R Us) have stores in this country? Discount retailers are not appreciated by the Chinese government. Only Wal-Mart is performing its functions in the China. In the form of joint venture Wal-Mart enter into Chinese market and now it is having major stake in the joint venture. Other retailers didn’t enter into Chinese market up till now. - Describe the highway and rail infrastructure. Are they: extensive, moderate, or primitive nationwide? China has got the status of a strong economy in the world so; it is encompassing a good infrastructure. Up till now country is stands second in terms of its rails and highway infrastructure. China is having wide and extensive system of roads and railways throughout the country to connect the different parts of the country with each other. Eastern part of the country is more densely populated and have more advanced infrastructure but now government is trying to expand its working towards the west side deliberately. - How bad is the traffic congestion in the major cities? In major cities of the country traffic congestion problem is emerging and getting a serious status with the passage of time. As mentioned above, traffic population of China is increasing it is creating the issue of traffic congestion in major cities i.e. Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin. Infrastructure of highways and railroads is becoming insufficient for the people. - Which countries are the primary trading partners? For each partner, in which direction is the balance of trade (import or export)? Trade of Chinese goods is throughout the world but with some countries China is having more strong business ties. Primary trading partners of the China in terms of exports are United States of America, South Asian countries, European countries, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. In terms of imports major trade partners of the China are Japan, Russia, South Korea and Taiwan. These countries are considered major trading partners of the China. - Is security an issue in logistics? Why? Security is not a major issue in the China. For instance, freight through air and sea ports is very easy as compared to transportation of goods on ground. In distant part of the country cargo products are used to have insecurity of robbery and theft. Overall the security level of the country is good and it is not an issue for the traders because they can do their business easily. - How reliable is the phone system? How long for a consumer to get a phone line installed? How extensive is the mobile phone network? Telecommunication of the China is reliable because major state owned companies are operating the telecommunication sector in China. They are providing quality services to the people although they are charging high prices from the people. Time for the telephone connection varies according to the size of the country usually it takes 1 week for the functional telephone connection. Cellular phones are being manufactured in the China and it is becoming one of the largest markets for this product. This network of cellular phone is increasing with the passage of time. - How many people have Internet access? Internet access for the people is increasing with the passage of time. Although government is regulating the internet service and censor the content. According to one report in 2013 about internet users suggests that “China ended last year with 618 million Internet users and 500 million mobile Internet use”. This means that numbers of users of internet are increasing with each passing day. Access to internet through mobile is also increasing. - What is the price of regular gasoline, $ per gallon? Rate of gasoline in the China recently is $1.17 as compared to international price of $ 1.25. - What trade restrictions exist? What are the highest import duties – which products and countries of origin? What embargoes exist, if any? In terms of trade now businessmen are not facing problem because now according to the requirements of the World trade organization government of the China is reducing its duties level in China. Before government was used to put heavy duties on imported products especially vehicles etc. but now government is following the terms and conditions suggested by the WTO. In terms of imports media equipment, weapons and any material which is illegal can’t be imported. Likewise, major business ideas, genes of precious species and animals etc are not exported to other countries. - What customs documents are required for an import shipment? For export? Traders are used to have LC (letter of credit), certificate of inspection shipping slips and documents along with the certificates from the country origin when they are importing products to China. Traders are used to have same documents when they are intended to export the products to the other countries. - How common is “bribery” (US definition) in trade transactions? (Normal, infrequent, very rare). What are the legal ramifications? China is trying to increase the control over the issue of bribery in the different sectors and after becoming the member of WTO legal system for the business is getting stronger. Regardless of all these efforts still many sectors are facing problem of bribery so China still need improvement in its legal system. - How strong are the unions? In what industries are they an important factor? Are they predominantly national or local? What impact do they have on logistics? Unions in all government sectors are very frequent and they are having symbiotic relationship with the government because they are helping the government in performing their functions. Unions are formulated by the government and one ministry is used to take care of activities and issues of these unions. As these unions are not by the industries so; they are having no impact on the logistic system. - Be sure to include any current news articles or other current factors that might impact supply chain management now and in the future in your assigned country. In his article Michael Zakkour notes that domestic consumption is increasing in the China and this increased demand of the products will have its impact on the supply Chain in the Chinese market. China is needed to “reassess their supply chain infrastructure in China for both selling and making goods”. This means that trends are changing in the Chinese market which must be assessed by the government of the China. Business industry in the China needs to revamp itself in order to make the system and industry more efficient. For instance, Steven H. Ganster in his article suggested that Chinese business enterprises should reduce their costs to make the supply chain more efficient and enhance the value of the business in international market otherwise industry will face major issues in the future. As he notes that “The downturn is driving companies all along the supply chain to cut costs. Lower demand for goods and intense competition are forcing companies to reevaluate their operations, with some leaving China altogether”. This means that in order to be sustaining the long term presence in the market there is strong need for the reassessment of the operations and costs of companies .

atlas.media.mit.ed. atlas.media.mit.ed. 19 november 2014 <http://atlas.media.mit.edu/profile/country/usa/>. China.org.cn. China.org.cn. 20 november 2014 <http://www.China.org.cn/top10/2011-11/09/content_23856103_8.htm>. Chinadaily.com. Chinadaily.com. 20 November 2014 <http://www.Chinadaily.com.cn/bizChina/2014-02/19/content_17290565.htm>. Ganster, Steven H. "Supply Chain Actions to Improve China Sourcing." China Business Review 1 November 2009. globalpetrolprices.com. globalpetrolprices.com. 20 november 2014 <http://www.globalpetrolprices.com/China/gasoline_prices/>. HONG, KAYLENE. "China’s Internet population hit 618 million at the end of 2013, with 81% connecting via mobile." The Next Web 16 January 2014. infoplease.com. infoplease. 19 november 2014 <http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0934666.html>. Lauerman, John. "Mandarin Chinese Most Useful Business Language After English." Bloomberg News 31 August 2011. Nationsonline.org. Nationsonline. 19 november 2014 <http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/China_cities.htm>. oanda.com. oanda.com. 20 november 2014 <http://www.oanda.com/currency/historical-rates/>. Zakkour, Michael. "Supply Chain Key to Success in China - Outlook 2014." Forbes 2 june 2014. Zheng, Ben, et al. "Specialized Aspects of International Logistics." International Logistics (n.d.).


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Guest Essay

The U.S. Can Counter China’s Control of Minerals for the Energy Transition

A photo of a piece of graphite.

By James Morton Turner

Dr. Turner is a professor of environmental studies at Wellesley College and the author, most recently, of “Charged: A History of Batteries and Lessons for a Clean Energy Future.”

China recently rattled the world’s electric vehicle supply chains by announcing new export controls on graphite, a key component of lithium-ion batteries. If China uses the export controls, which take effect on Dec. 1, to reduce exports of graphite or to favor Chinese-owned companies operating abroad, it could slow down efforts to scale up advanced battery manufacturing globally.

Welcome to the geopolitics of the clean energy transition. Unlike in the 20th century, when China was largely a bystander in petroleum politics, the country has achieved new geopolitical significance by scaling up investments in clean energy manufacturing and the critical minerals that work requires.

The supply chains for many critical minerals, not just graphite, run through China. In the case of materials critical to the production of lithium-ion batteries, which power electric vehicles, the consulting group Benchmark Mineral Intelligence estimated that China controlled 58 percent of the global production of lithium compounds in 2022, 69 percent of nickel sulfate, 69 percent of synthetic graphite, 75 percent of cobalt, 95 percent of manganese and 100 percent of spherical graphite. China plays a similarly outsize role in the supply of materials used in solar panels and wind turbines.

But this isn’t simply a story about China’s geological good fortune. The country’s reserves of most of these minerals aren’t actually that large. Instead, it is a story of strategy. Over the past decade, China has systematically invested in overseas and domestic mines that feed into Chinese-owned refineries, where raw materials from around the world are processed into the high-grade materials needed for advanced manufacturing.

China justified the new export controls on graphite as a national security measure . But most observers read China’s move as a warning shot in an increasingly high-stakes trade skirmish, as China, the United States and the European Union explore the new geopolitics of advanced manufacturing and a clean-energy transition. Three days before China announced the export controls on graphite, the Biden administration restricted exports of computer chips used in artificial intelligence applications to China.

China’s leverage over the global critical minerals supply explains why the particulars of the Inflation Reduction Act are so important. The law, passed in August 2022, is not just the most consequential piece of climate and energy legislation in U.S. history; it is also designed to drive investment in domestic manufacturing and in supply chains that do an end run around China. It does this, in part, by providing generous incentives for domestic production of critical minerals, battery components and batteries.

Consider its $7,500 tax credit toward electric vehicle purchases. For a vehicle to be eligible for the subsidy, in addition to meeting price caps, final assembly must take place in North America, and an increasing percentage of the critical minerals and battery components must be sourced from North America or, in the case of critical minerals, from free-trade partners. China does not have a free-trade agreement with the United States. The Treasury Department may also further limit the use of materials or components from China, depending on how it enforces the act’s restrictions on sourcing materials from a “foreign entity of concern.”

In some respects, this law is working. Based on tracking I’ve undertaken with my students at Wellesley College, companies have announced $65.5 billion in investments since the act became law, including 15 new large-scale factories to produce batteries. If these projects all come online as planned, the United States will have enough battery manufacturing capacity to supply 14 million electric vehicles per year.

What the Inflation Reduction Act hasn’t done, however, is spur similar investments in mining and minerals processing. Although it includes a 10 percent tax credit for critical minerals production (a category that includes graphite), about 2 percent of the newly announced investments are going toward mining and materials processing facilities. So as the United States expands investments in clean energy manufacturing, its dependency on global supply chains, dominated by China, will only grow.

Building more diverse and resilient supply chains for critical minerals requires action at home and abroad. First, the United States needs to reduce the hurdles to investing in domestic mines and mineral processing facilities. While a new battery or E.V. factory can be brought online in a few years, identifying, permitting and commissioning mines and refineries often stretches out over a decade or more. Reforming permitting processes to ensure better engagement with local communities and expedited environmental reviews is urgently needed. Such reforms could help advance projects like Graphite One, a mine planned for Alaska’s Seward Peninsula.

Second, the United States needs to support investments that diversify global supply chains. The Biden administration has begun laying the groundwork for such investments. In June 2022, it announced the Minerals Security Partnership , which includes promises of loan guarantees and debt financing and emphasizes the need for projects to benefit local communities and expand supplies of critical minerals from overseas. One potential project is a mine in Mozambique, which could supply graphite to the United States.

What isn’t going to solve the supply problem, at least in the coming decades, is recycling. Given the global goals for scaling up clean-energy deployment, nowhere near enough of these critical minerals are available for recycling to meet the rapidly growing demand. The International Energy Agency forecasts that if the world is going to meet its most ambitious clean-energy goals by midcentury, production of critical minerals will need to increase to six times 2020 levels by 2040; graphite production will need to increase up to 25 times 2020 levels.

Climate action can no longer be about phasing out fossil fuels alone. It must also be about phasing in a new set of extractive industries needed to enable a clean-energy transition. China figured this out a decade ago. The United States and its free-trade partners now face a monumental challenge: scaling up production of critical minerals, diversifying supply chains to protect national security and doing so in ways that are both more just and more sustainable.

The place to begin is by reckoning with what it is going to take to build a clean-energy future, from the ground up.

James Morton Turner is a professor of environmental studies at Wellesley College and the author, most recently, of “ Charged : A History of Batteries and Lessons for a Clean Energy Future.”

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