100+ Nursing Essay Topics


Table of Contents

What is a Nursing Essay?

A nursing essay is a piece of academic writing that explores specific topics related to nursing, patient care, healthcare, or any other relevant subject. These essays serve a dual purpose: to enhance the writer’s knowledge about the topic and to provide insights into current nursing practices and challenges. Such essays require thorough research, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of both theoretical concepts and practical implications.

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A Quick Guide on How to Choose a Nursing Essay Topic

Selecting the right topic for your nursing essay is crucial for its success. Here’s a brief guide to help you:

  • Interest & Passion : Choose a topic you’re passionate about. Your enthusiasm will reflect in your writing.
  • Relevance : Ensure the topic is relevant to current healthcare trends, challenges, or the specific course you’re pursuing.
  • Scope for Research : A good essay is backed by solid research. Ensure there’s enough information available on your chosen topic.
  • Practical Implications : Ideally, select a topic that has real-world significance in the nursing field. This adds depth to your essay.

Engaging Nursing Essay Topics Lists

Patient care & interaction.

  • The importance of patient-nurse communication.
  • Ethical dilemmas faced by nurses in patient care.
  • The role of empathy in nursing practice.

Technological Advancements in Nursing

  • The impact of telehealth on nursing practices.
  • Integrating artificial intelligence in nursing.
  • Wearable technology and its influence on patient care.

Healthcare Policies & Nursing

  • Analyzing the effects of healthcare reforms on nursing practices.
  • The role of nursing in shaping healthcare policies.
  • Addressing understaffing issues in nursing.

Nursing Education & Training

  • The significance of continuous learning in nursing.
  • Challenges faced by nursing students and possible solutions.
  • The future of nursing education: A blended learning approach?

Mental Health & Nursing

  • The role of nurses in addressing mental health issues.
  • Coping strategies for nurses dealing with job-related stress.
  • Integrating mental health training in nursing curriculum.

Global Health & Nursing

  • Nursing practices in the face of global health crises.
  • Cross-cultural nursing: Challenges and opportunities.
  • The role of nurses in global health campaigns.

Specialized Nursing Fields

  • Pediatric nursing: Challenges and rewards.
  • The evolving role of surgical nurses.
  • Oncology nursing: Providing care and comfort.

Nursing Leadership & Management

  • The importance of leadership skills in nursing.
  • Strategies for effective nursing team management.
  • The role of nurses in hospital administration.

Patient Care Dynamics

  • The transformation of patient-nurse relationships over the decades.
  • Bridging the gap: Overcoming language barriers in patient care.
  • How do cultural differences influence patient-nurse interactions?

Innovations in Nursing

  • The role of virtual reality in patient rehabilitation.
  • Impacts of electronic health records on nursing efficiency.
  • The growing importance of mobile health apps in nursing practices.

Pediatric & Neonatal Care

  • The unique challenges of neonatal nursing.
  • Pediatric pain management: Best practices and challenges.
  • Psychological support for children with chronic diseases.

Nursing & Chronic Illness

  • Managing long-term care for Alzheimer’s patients.
  • The nurse’s role in diabetes education and management.
  • Strategies for handling patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Elderly Care & Geriatric Nursing

  • Best practices for handling age-related mental health issues.
  • The challenges of geriatric nursing in a rapidly aging society.
  • Ethical considerations in end-of-life care.

Mental Health Nursing

  • Approaches to handling patients with depression.
  • Nursing practices for managing schizophrenia.
  • Addressing substance abuse: The role of the nurse.

Community & Public Health Nursing

  • The role of community nurses in health education campaigns.
  • Addressing health disparities through community nursing.
  • Nursing strategies for infectious disease control in communities.

Critical Care & Emergency Nursing

  • Best practices in trauma care: A nursing perspective.
  • The psychological impact of emergency nursing.
  • Strategies for efficient triage in emergency departments.

Nursing Ethics & Professionalism

  • Navigating the complex world of medical ethics in nursing.
  • Balancing patient autonomy with medical advisement.
  • Confidentiality concerns in the digital age.

Oncology & Palliative Care

  • The evolving role of nurses in cancer care.
  • Palliative care strategies for terminal illnesses.
  • Psychological support strategies for cancer patients and their families.

Midwifery & Women’s Health

  • The changing landscape of midwifery practices.
  • Addressing women’s reproductive health: The role of nurses.
  • Best practices in prenatal and postnatal nursing care.

Orthopedic & Surgical Nursing

  • Preoperative and postoperative nursing strategies.
  • Challenges in orthopedic nursing: From rehabilitation to chronic pain management.
  • Innovations in surgical nursing and their impacts.

Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice

  • The significance of evidence-based practices in modern nursing.
  • Challenges and solutions in nursing research methodologies.
  • The future of data-driven practices in nursing.

Holistic Nursing Practices

  • Integrating alternative medicine into mainstream nursing care.
  • The significance of spirituality in nursing.
  • Benefits and challenges of holistic nursing in modern healthcare.

Nursing & Technology

  • The impact of telemedicine on nursing practices.
  • Using augmented reality for patient education.
  • The pros and cons of robotic assistance in nursing care.

Occupational Health Nursing

  • The role of nurses in promoting workplace wellness.
  • Addressing mental health issues in corporate settings.
  • Strategies for handling work-related injuries and illnesses.

Nursing Leadership & Advocacy

  • Enhancing leadership skills among nurse practitioners.
  • The role of nurses in healthcare policy advocacy.
  • Strategies for promoting inter-professional collaboration in healthcare settings.

Nursing in Pandemics & Epidemics

  • Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for nursing professionals.
  • The role of nurses in epidemic preparedness and response.
  • Strategies for mental health support for nurses during health crises.

Forensic Nursing & Legal Implications

  • The expanding field of forensic nursing: Roles and responsibilities.
  • Legal and ethical challenges in forensic nursing.
  • Collaborative practices between nurses and law enforcement agencies.

Nursing Education & Curriculum Development

  • Incorporating digital literacy into nursing curriculum.
  • The benefits of simulation-based learning in nursing education.
  • Addressing the gap between academic learning and practical training in nursing schools.

Public Perception & Nursing Image

  • Overcoming stereotypes associated with the nursing profession.
  • The impact of media representation on public perception of nurses.
  • Promoting nursing as a gender-inclusive profession.

Rural Health & Nursing

  • Challenges and rewards of nursing in rural communities.
  • Strategies to improve healthcare accessibility in remote areas.
  • Bridging the technology gap in rural healthcare settings.

Nursing Burnout & Well-being

  • Identifying early signs of burnout among nursing professionals.
  • Strategies for promoting mental well-being among nurses.
  • The importance of work-life balance in the nursing profession.

Environmental Health & Nursing

  • The nurse’s role in addressing environmental health issues.
  • Impacts of climate change on healthcare and nursing practices.
  • Strategies for nursing care during natural disasters.

Global Health & Travel Nursing

  • Adapting nursing practices for different cultural contexts.
  • The challenges and rewards of travel nursing.
  • The role of nurses in global health diplomacy.

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Useful References

  • American Nurses Association
  • National League for Nursing
  • World Health Organization – Nursing and Midwifery
  • Journal of Advanced Nursing

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120+ Fresh Nursing Essay Topics (With FAQs and Essay Writing Tips)

nursing essay topics

Be it writing a nursing assignment or preparing an essay to get admission to a nursing school, choosing the right nursing essay topic is of utmost importance.

An essay can make or break your chance of getting into that school or your chances of scoring the highest in the assignment.

Considering the importance of nursing essays, we have got you some handpicked nursing essay topics that will help you ace the exams.

The article is divided into 3 sections according to the difficulty level. You can opt for them according to your convenience.

You’ll also find an interesting list of topics in the miscellaneous section. So make sure to check that as well.

The following part of the article includes some tips on framing a well-structured essay.

 Basic Level Nursing Essay Topics

  • Describe the role of nurses in society.
  • What are nursing ethics?
  • According to you, what are the challenges associated with nursing?
  • Discuss nursing ethics.
  • Importance of nursing care for infants.
  • What are the possible reasons behind a fewer number of male nurses?
  • Throw some light on nurses’ practice act.
  • Why is there a need for significant leadership in nursing?
  • What are the steps you need to take to cure minor wounds?
  • What are the steps you need to take to cure severe wounds?
  • Discuss the steps that nurses should take to deal with hyperactive patients and their relatives?
  • Are there any differences faced by nurses as compared to doctors when it comes to respect and value?
  • What measures can nurses take to cure serious wounds when not having any instruments?
  • What steps can nurses take to deal with patients in backward regions, where there is a lack of medical infrastructure?
  • Analyze the problems with medical infrastructure.
  • How to strengthen medical infrastructure?
  • How to perform home nursing?
  • Steps to improve mental health.
  • Discuss the pitfalls of dieting.
  • Importance of technology in nursing.

Moderate Level Nursing Essay Topics

  • Throw some light on holistic nursing.
  • Should we allow nurses to prescribe medication or antibiotics?
  • Discuss the risks associated with nurses prescribing medication?
  • Discuss the problems associated with the compensation of nursing jobs.
  • How should nurses deal with abusive or rude patients?
  • How can civilians be helpful to nurses in treating their patients?
  • Infant mortality and its possible causes.
  • How to prepare a nursing resume to apply for a job?
  • Mental impact on nurses.
  • Basic theories to apply in nursing.
  • Nursing in India: from struggle to victory.
  • Soft skills required in nursing.
  • Reasons to choose nursing as a profession.
  • How to teach nursing?
  • How to deal with depression being a nurse.
  • How to deal with patients with dementia initially?
  • What efforts should be made to make patients’ stay in neonatal units more pleasant?
  • Legalizing euthanasia.
  • Importance of midwifery. Is it underestimated?
  • How can we help pharmacies strike a balance between helping the patients and earning a profit?

Advanced Level Nursing Essay Topics

  • Significance of psychological training to ensure efficient medical working.
  • Has covid-19 impacted the chances of nursing being a chosen profession?
  • How to avoid hospitalization in covid-19?
  • Measure to enhance the efficiency of nurses as assistants of doctors.
  • What can nurses do to treat patients with Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Express your views on applying Henderson’s principles in the nursing area.
  • How to convince people to donate organs?
  • Chronic diseases and covid-19 pandemic.
  • Discuss pediatric ethics.
  • Explain acute coronary syndrome.
  • Explain the cause behind anxiety disorders.
  • Write on obesity and weight management programs.
  • What precautions should be taken in the postnatal period?
  • Dealing with gestational weight gain challenges.
  • Precautions to be taken pre and post-delivery.
  • Joint disorders study in elderly people.
  • What are geriatrics ethics?
  • Menarche and menopause challenges and symptoms.
  • Explain reproductive endocrinology.
  • Therapeutic injections: pros and cons.

List of Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are nurses more vulnerable to health risks than doctors?
  • How does the increased number of working hours impact the working of nurses?
  • Is nursing a female-centric profession?
  • How important is the role of a nurse when compared with that of a doctor?
  • Difference in the salary paid to day shift nurses vs. night shift nurses
  • What should be the adequate amount of nursing staff to have in a hospital?
  • Should more emphasis be laid on home nursing?
  • How is racial discrimination a problem in nursing?
  • Are nurses more empathetic than doctors?
  • How important is it for a nurse to work on her emotions?

Miscellaneous Topics for Students Nursing Research

  • Nursing Theory: 
  • Nursing theory history and significance
  • Strategies for theory construction in nursing
  • Nursing theory vs. nursing practice
  • Person-centered nursing: theory and practice
  • Areas of agreement in nursing theory development
  • Nursing Education:
  • Critical thinking in nursing education : Literature review
  • Future challenges for nursing education
  • Curriculum development in nursing education
  • New nursing education structure in US/UK/Asia
  • Creating innovative models of clinical nursing education
  • Nursing Care: 
  • Transcultural concepts in nursing care
  • Basic principles of nursing care
  • Factors influencing why nursing care is missed
  • Measuring patients’ satisfaction with nursing care
  • Spiritual nursing care: state of the art
  • Pharmacology for nursing care
  • Nursing Interventions:
  • The systematic development of nursing interventions
  • The impact of nursing interventions
  • Nursing interventions for smoking cessation
  • Nursing interventions for patients with chronic conditions
  • Nursing interventions for premature infants
  • Nursing interventions to promote functional feeding
  • Nursing Homes:
  • Nursing homes in developed and developing nations: a comparison
  • Characteristics of nursing homes that affect resident outcomes
  • Infections among patients in nursing homes
  • Nursing homes and COVID‐19: What has changed?
  • Abuse of patients in nursing homes
  • Family involvement in nursing homes
  • Nursing Leadership 
  • Factors contributing to nursing leadership
  • Nursing leadership and patient outcomes
  • Leadership and management in nursing
  • Transformational leadership in nursing
  • ethical leadership in nursing
  • Nursing Diagnosis:
  • Nursing diagnosis process and it’s relation with critical thinking skills
  • Application of nursing process and nursing diagnosis
  • Do staff nurses use nursing diagnosis effectively?
  • Methods to validate nursing diagnoses
  • Accuracy of nursing diagnoses: How effective are they?
  • Nurse Burnout:
  • Nurse burnout and quality of care
  • Nurse burnout: personal and environmental factors
  • Impact of nurse burnout on organization
  • Predictors of burnout among nurses in US, UK, India
  • Pediatric nurse burnout
  • Nurse Staffing: 
  • Nurse staffing and inpatient hospital mortality
  • Hospital nurse staffing and quality of care
  • Nurse Patient Ratios
  • The effects of nurse staffing on medical costs
  • Nurse staffing in critical care and how it affects patient outcome
  • Nurse Practitioner Role
  • Barriers to developing nurse practitioner role
  • Analyze nurse practitioner role in acute care settings
  • How case-study research can better implement nurse practitioner role
  • Practice and clinical leadership: The core role of the nurse practitioner
  • Neonatal nurse practitioner role
  • 200+ Great Ideas of Nursing Research Topics to Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

1. how do you start writing a nursing essay.

The following section includes some tips on how to write a well-curated nursing essay.

  • Plan your essay- you need to have a well-planned outline of the essay to write an outstanding one.

Spend a good amount of time in research and shortlist the things that you would want to include, things that you would want to highlight or your personal story if any.

  • Start writing- Start your essay with a statement that is catchy and strong. Include an adequate amount of research and evidence to support your point in the body. End it with a conclusion stating a summary of the essay.
  • Revision- go through the content and look for grammatical or spelling errors, if any. Focus on the structure of the essay.

2. List tips on how to write a nursing school application essay.

  • Focus on being informative- while framing the essay, be mindful of the information you include. Make sure it is backed by some evidence.
  • Select the best essay topic- go for such a topic that makes the officers remember you after they have read the essay. At the same time, make sure you are comfortable writing on it.
  • Check the structure- the essay should be divided into 3 parts- introduction, body and conclusion. Make it readable and easy to understand.

To sum it up, when you kick-start writing a research paper, make sure you move ahead step-by-step.

Since research is the first step in writing the essay, you first have to gather all the essential list of information that is relevant to your nursing essay topic.

Next, handpick the information and come up with an essay that is well-curated and backed by evidence.


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100+ strong persuasive nursing essay topics ideas [+outline], dr. wilson mn.

  • August 11, 2022
  • Essay Topics and Ideas , Samples

Nursing essays can be extremely persuasive. They can help nurses advocate for their patients and care for them in the best way possible. Below are Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics to get you started.

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What You'll Learn

Strong Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics

There are many persuasive nursing essay topic ideas to choose from. Here are some of the most Strong Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics ones:

  • How effective nursing care can prevent chronic illness .
  • The importance of teamwork in nursing care .
  • How nurses can provide emotional support to their patients .
  • The benefits of breastfeeding for infants and mothers .
  • The importance of sleep for both infants and adults.
  • The different types of pain that nurses must be able to manage.
  • Why proper nutrition is so important for nursing patients .
  • The role of nurses in managing acute health conditions.
  • How nurses can help patients adjust to life after a hospital stay.
  • The importance of preventive health measures for nurses and their patients. .
  • How nurses can promote healthy eating habits among their patients..
  • The impact of stress on nursing care. .
  • The impact of technology on nursing care. .
  • The challenges that new nurse staffing policies may pose..
  • The Relationship between Nursing and Healthcare
  • The Importance of Nursing in a Healthy Population
  • The Effect of Nursing on Patient Recovery Time
  • The Role of Nursing in Preventing Infections
  • Nursing and the Environment
  • The Importance of Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Organizations

Current Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics

Topics that could be covered in Current Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics include but are not limited to:

  • The Effect of Education and Training on Nurses’ Role in Healthcare Settings
  • The Impact of Technology on Nursing Practice
  • Perspectives on Nursing Ethics and Professionalism
  • Caregiving Dynamics in the Context of Aging and Illness
  • Role of Nursing in Palliative Medicine
  • Achieving Best Patient outcomes through Nurse-led Interventions
  • Issues Related to Global Health Challenges and How Nurses Can Address Them
  • Promoting Safe Practices in Healthcare Settings through Collaborative Efforts with other Staff Members
  • Advocating for Change: A Look at How Nurses Can Impact Changes in their Communities and Society as a Whole
  • Advocating for Improved Patient Care
  • The importance of nursing in society.
  • The role of nursing in providing health care .
  • The benefits of nursing education .
  • The challenges of nursing practice .
  • The impact of nursing on patient outcomes .
  • Nursing ethics and standards of practice .
  • Nursing leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • Nursing research and scholarship in the field of nursing.
  • Critical thinking skills for nurses in the clinical setting.
  • Evidence-based approaches to nursing care .

Good Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics

Persuasive nursing essays can explore a variety of topics depending on the instructor’s preference and course requirement. Below are good persuasive nursing essay topics that may be of interest to you.

  • Nursing interventions for common conditions in the elderly population.
  • Nursing interventions for pediatric patients with special needs or healthcare concerns..
  • Nursing interventions for critically ill patients. .
  • emiatic resuscitation techniques for nurses..
  • Advanced cardiac life support for nurses. .
  • Care of the hospitalized patient: assessment and planning stages
  • How to improve patient safety .
  • The role of nurses in promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • The impact of technology on nursing .
  • Ethics in nursing practice .
  • The future of nursing education .
  • Nursing leadership skills.
  • Nursing care of the elderly and disabled patients .
  • Impact of health care reform on nursing practice .
  • Role of nurses in disaster preparedness and response programs.
  • Care of acutely ill patients in hospitals.
  • Infant and child nurses: roles and responsibilities.
  • Nursing knowledge assessment tools for improving learning outcomes for nurses
  • The following are twenty persuasive Nursing Essay Topic ideas to write about:
  • The importance of nursing care

Unique Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics

There are many unique persuasive nursing essay topics to choose from, and the options are always changing. Today, persuasive nursing essay topics may include:

  • The changing landscape of nursing
  • The impact of technology on nursing
  • The importance of teamwork in nursing
  • The challenges of nursing today
  • The importance of diversity in nursing
  • The power of empathy in nursing
  • Nursing as an art form
  • Nursing as a humanitarian profession
  • Nursing as a career pathway
  • Nursing as an essential component of health care reform
  • Nursing as a global community responsibility
  • Nursing as a life-saving profession
  • Nursing and aging: challenges and opportunities
  • Nurses and nutrition: exploring connections and implications
  • Nurses and chronic illness: balancing treatments and lifestyle changes
  • Nursing interventions for pediatric patients: from diagnosis to home care settings
  • Navigating the nurse practitioner role: creating successful practices for collaborative

Persuasive Nursing Essay Topic ideas

Below is a list of recent and current persuasive writing topics that nurses may find useful.

When considering persuasive writing topics , nurses may want to consider exploring the following:

  • Nursing is a profession that is constantly in demand. It is one of the most versatile fields, and it offers many opportunities for personal growth and development .
  • The following are Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics to write about:The benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and baby.
  • The benefits of complementary feeding for the mother and baby.
  • The importance of physical activity during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • The importance of early identification and treatment of postnatal depression.
  • Here are  Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing Leadership [50 Topics]
  • The benefits of incorporating a healthy diet into pregnant and breastfeeding women’s lives.
  • How music can play an important role in childbirth preparation and postnatal recovery.
  • The impact that stress has on pregnant women and their babies.
  • How sleep deprivation can affect both the mother and her baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • How genetic factors can influence a woman’s ability to breastfeed successfully.
  • The importance of providing emotional support to mothers during childbirth and post-birth recovery periods.
  • The importance of establishing a close relationship with a lactation consultant while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • What factors can influence a woman’s decision to formula feed her baby instead of breastfeed?
  • Exploring the different ways that medications can be used to help promote lactation in mothers who are not breastfeeding or unable to breastfeed satisfactorily
  • Care of Patients with Special Need
  • Breastfeeding and Womb-Feeding
  • Pain Management in Nursing Homes
  • Infection Control in Nursing Homes
  • Bereavement Nursing
  • Diabetes Management in Nursing Homes
  • Geriatric Pharmacology
  • Geriatric Asthma Management
  • Coping with Change in the Aging Population
  • Hospice and Palliative Care Services for the Elderly
  • Nutrition in the Elderly
  • Respite Care: A Time of Renewal for Families caring for a loved one at home
  • Transition Planning for Family Caregivers
  • Coping with Illness and Disability
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Healthcare Settings
  • Nurse Practitioner Leadership Development
  • Innovative Approaches to Clinical Practice
  • Enhancing Quality of Life through Cancer Care

Persuasive Nursing Essay Outline

Nursing essays can be extremely persuasive. Below are persuasive nursing essay topic ideas to get you started.

Find out more on  How to write DNP capstone project Methodology Chapter ,  How to write a DNP Capstone Project Literature Review ,  How to write a DNP capstone project chapter 1 – Introduction , and  DNP Capstone project Abstract Examples [Outline & How-to]

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84 Nursing Essay Topics

Published by Ellie Cross at June 21st, 2022 , Revised On January 3, 2024

They say, “No day is ever the same when you are a nurse.”

The nursing profession is devoted to caring for and supporting individuals and families. A nursing essay explores topics related to health, medicine and related sub-areas. 

Every year, thousands of international students come to the UK to study nursing courses offered by the universities. To become a nurse, you’ll have to prepare for various challenging tasks while still in school.

Nursing students must do more than attend classes, conduct tests and complete internships because this field of work is diverse and demanding. Writing an argumentative essay is one of the many tasks nursing students must complete. 

In most cases, your tutor will provide you with a topic for your nursing essay. However, if you are asked to come up with your own thesis topic for a nursing essay, this blog post will help you choose the right one. 

Without further delay, here are 84 nursing essay topics that can help you write a highly engaging and impactful piece.  

Choosing a topic for an argumentative essay in nursing can sometimes be frustrating. We have listed the best nursing argumentative essay topics below, while we also assist students with their writing needs. We encourage students to look at these topics and choose the ones they think will be the best to argue. 

Explore our full list of free essay topics here .

Broad Areas for your Nursing Essay 

Here are some broad areas of nursing you can base your essay topic.

  • Introduction to clinical care.
  • Physiology for health.
  • Therapeutic approach and practice.
  • Epidemiology.
  • Complex care.
  • Critical care.
  • Public health.
  • Planning patient care.
  • Mental health
  • Paediatric nursing
  • Learning disability 

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Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are nurses more vulnerable to health risks than doctors?
  • Is nursing accorded the same respect and attention as medicine?
  • Does working longer hours affect the quality of a nurse’s work?
  • What are the differences between the effects of nurses and doctors in the healthcare industry?
  • How serious is the issue of home nurses’ neglect or abuse of power?
  • Is it acceptable for a nurse to participate in the death of a terminally sick patient?
  • Is nursing solely a female profession? Is it appropriate for the government to encourage men to pursue careers as nurses?
  • Should additional supervision be required for home nursing?
  • Do nurses face more pressure than doctors?
  • Should nurses be treated more favourably than doctors?
  • Nurses should be paid better than doctors.
  • Nurses see more patients than doctors.
  • Is there a link between overtime work and nurses’ quality of work done?
  • Nurses have an impact that is distinct from that of doctors.
  • Nurses are the most resourceful members of the healthcare team.
  • Nurses are more productive than doctors.
  • Is it true that all nurses are careless?
  • A typical nurse abuses his or her position of power.
  • The majority of home nurses are emotionless.
  • Male nurses are less concerned about their patients than female nurses are.
  • Should it be illegal to sexualize nurses?
  • Nurses who are sexualized are better at dealing with psychological disorders than nurses who are not sexualized.
  • Nurses have a higher level of patience than doctors.
  • Home nursing supervision should be a legal necessity.
  • Is it legal for nurses to prescribe drugs to their patients?
  • Should nurses be granted a global visa to work in any country where their services are required?
  • Nurses on the night shift are entitled to a higher wage than those on the day shift.
  • Nurses are entitled to bonuses based on patient outcomes.
  • Is it proper for nurses to be forced to work overtime?
  • Nurses, like doctors, are entitled to residencies.
  • Should nurses’ pay be comparable to that of doctors?
  • Nurses are more effective motivators for patients with psychological problems.
  • Nurses are more concerned about their patients than doctors.
  • Compared to doctors, nurses spend more time with patients.
  • In terms of time management, nurses outperform doctors.
  • Doctors are more tolerant than nurses.
  • Infectious diseases affect nurses more than they do doctors.
  • Nurses do not take enough precautions when caring for patients.
  • Nurses, on the whole, are more easygoing than doctors.
  • Nurses must be more watchful than doctors.

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More Nursing Essay Topics

We hope that the list of nursing essay topics we have prepared will help you produce a top-quality essay for the nursing program you are enrolled in. If you still don’t know what to write about, here are some other interesting topics you can consider.

  • Nurses should have a higher level of compassion than doctors.
  • Should nurses be permitted to ask patients personal questions?
  • Is it OK for nurses to have sexual relations with their patients?
  • Should the type of relationship between nurses and their patients be limited?
  • Home nurses have a stronger emotional bond with their patients than home doctors.
  • Doctors are more tenacious than nurses.
  • Nurses provide better care to patients than doctors.
  • Should nurses have the authority to end the life of a patient?
  • Can they give greater care and services if their salaries are increased?
  • Is it permissible for nurses to handle additional responsibilities that doctors should handle?
  • Is it true that all facilities on a worldwide scale must follow all safety requirements?
  • Why do nurses have to do placebo work?
  • Is it true that hospitals with a low nurse-to-patient ratio have bad outcomes?
  • Should nurses administer homoeopathic tablets?
  • Should nurses be given an extra year to improve their health care and qualifications?
  • The government should invest in stem cell research.
  • Should nurses earn additional degrees for their on-the-job training and knowledge?
  • Should nurses be required to complete residencies the same way that doctors are?
  • Should nurses be paid at the same rate as doctors?
  • Should nurses be compensated for the amount of overtime they put in?
  • Should nurses from developed countries work in underdeveloped countries?
  • Should nurses who work night shifts be compensated more than those who work day hours?
  • Should nurses’ pay be increased due to the number of overtime hours worked?
  • Should nurses be paid bonuses based on their patients’ treatment outcomes?
  • Do longer hours at work impact how nurses carry out their duties?

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Some Winning Nursing Essay Topics

  • What is the best effective therapy choice for dementia patients?
  • Is it permissible to legalize euthanasia?
  • What impact might post-operative intervention practices have on a patient’s recovery?
  • Why is it vital for family members to help palliative care patients?
  • How do you tell people who have been given a fatal diagnosis the truth?
  • In what ways may parents in neo-natal hospital wards be better supported?
  • Is it ethical for nurses or doctors to decide when a terminally sick patient’s life should be ended?
  • How can nurses support family members in deciding to donate or not donate the organs of a deceased relative?
  • Discuss the function of midwives in childbirth. Is there a legitimate cause for their profession’s underappreciation?
  • How can severe trauma units become more cost-effective and efficient?
  • What impact can extreme weather conditions have on nurses’ workload in various areas?
  • What can be done to prevent nurse burnout in the workplace?
  • What effect do government measures have on the recruitment of nurses?
  • In what ways might general practitioners assist nurses in their work?
  • Should nurses be able to prescribe antibiotics without the clearance of a physician? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.
  • Should obese nurses be fired because they provide a terrible example for their patients living healthy lives?
  • How can care workers and nursing professionals work together to achieve mutually beneficial results?
  • In a medical context, how useful is it to appear friendly? Should a smile be part of the nursing policy?
  • Do nurses have the authority to refuse medical care to abusive patients or criminals?

Selecting a topic from a wide range of nursing essay topics may make writing difficult. But when you decide on a topic, you will know how to go. Always select a topic you feel confident to write about. The more knowledge you have about the topic, the easier it will be for you to produce an outstanding nursing essay that will exceed your readers’ expectations.  Avoid writing on a topic on which there isn’t sufficient literature available. You don’t want yourself out of ideas when writing a personal essay. Also Read: Culture Essay Topics

Types of Nursing Essays

Broadly speaking, nursing essays can be split into 4 main essay categories, including:

  • Expository essays
  • Argumentative essays
  • Descriptive essays
  • Reflective or narrative essays 

An argumentative essay will require you to take a definitive position on the topic and support your arguments with evidence. A narrative essay will involve telling a story about your personal experiences in the nursing profession. A descriptive nursing essay will allow you to describe a nursing idea or experience clearly and concisely without prejudice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Essay Topics

How do i choose a nursing essay topic.

Choosing a nursing essay topic can be quite tricky if this is the first time you have been asked to come up with your own topic. In most cases, you will be provided with a topic for your nursing essay by your tutor or school.

However, undergraduate and Master’s level students may need to choose a topic for their nursing essay after conducting some research. Before choosing a topic, make sure to establish the type of nursing essay you are required to write.

Explore our free nursing essay topics to find a suitable topic. In the event that you don’t like any of the topics listed on this page, you can fill out this simple free topics form to claim 1 free nursing essay topic along with a thesis statement.

What if my nursing essay topic is too narrow and specific?

A nursing essay topic that is too narrow and specific can cause problems for you as you progress through the essay. For example, if you can’t find evidence material to support your arguments in the essay, you will lose your credibility as an author. Therefore, it is vitally important to choose a topic that is neither too broad nor too specific.

Can I get unique and custom nursing essay topic ideas from EssaysUK?

At EssaysUK , our nursing essay experts can provide several unique and interesting topic ideas for your consideration. Head to our free topics order form to get suggestions.

What is the structure of a nursing essay?

Like other types of essays , a nursing essay starts with a strong opening statement and then introduces the thesis statement . Present your arguments in the main body of the essay, the length of which varies based on the overall word count of the essay assignment. End your essay with a concluding paragraph.

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Looking for some excellent research topic essays to get started with your assignment? This article lists 100s of free research essay topics and titles to help you kickstart your essay without delay.

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144 Nursing Theory Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best nursing theory topic ideas & essay examples, 👍 good essay topics on nursing theory, 💡 interesting topics to write about nursing theory, 📌 simple & easy nursing theory essay titles, 🔎 most interesting nursing theory topics to write about.

  • Florence Nightingale and Dorothea Orem’s Nursing Theories To meet the needs of patients in the diverse contemporary community, one must focus on creating consistent communication between a nurse and a patient based on the latter’s environment and background.
  • Virginia Henderson and Her Nursing Need Theory Evaluation of the model includes the discussion of its logical congruence, legitimacy, and generation to prove the correctness of its application in today’s nursing practice with respect to patients’ and their families’ needs and expectations. We will write a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts 808 writers online Learn More
  • Kant’s Ethical Theory of Deontology in Nursing Kant advanced two approaches of categorical imperative; first, the maxim of an individual’s action should be universal; and second, a person should treat another with dignity, not as means to reach personal objectives. Also, section […]
  • Change Management in Nursing: Applying Kurt Lewin’s Theory The specific nursing theory that will be encompassed in the paper is Kurt Lewin’s change management theory, whereas the theoretical framework is related to nursing and medication administrations and errors.
  • Nursing Retention: Kanter’s and Neuman’s Theory In this paper, the concepts of nursing retention and turnover are explained in the context of nursing shortage. Given the negative effects of nurse turnover, strategies to reduce turnover and promote nursing retention have been […]
  • Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory in Nursing As was already mentioned above, the main focus of Peplau’s theory is on the relations between a nurse and a patient. In Peplau’s theory, health is a process of moving towards the state of productive […]
  • Faye Abdellah Theory in Nursing Practice Overall, applying Faye Abdellah’s theory in practice is influenced by the personal qualities the nurse wants to bring to professional practice.
  • Impacts of Unitary-Transformative Approaches on Nursing Theories The theory promotes the need for a holistic approach to nursing that handles the connection between the universe and human being hence influencing the grand theories and the metaparadigm in nursing.
  • Middle Range Nursing Theory: Medication Adherence Model This paper looks at the theory in terms of its scope, the context within which it developed the content of the theory, the significance of the theory, internal consistency within the theory, the testability of […]
  • The Theory of Comfort in Nursing It was during Kolcaba’s master studies that she took a position of a head-nurse in an Alzheimer’s unit and became interested in the outcomes of comfort, and decided to impart a theoretical shape to the […]
  • Nursing History and Theory Evolution This paper aims to offer a comprehensive view of the history of nursing, major influences on the profession, and the evolution of nursing theory.
  • Nursing Metaparadigm Theories in Emergency Room The patient is the focus of the treatment plans and is liable for making the necessary informed decisions. Nursing is an art due to the values of compassion, empathy, and caring for handling patients.
  • Nursing Theorist Imogene King and Her Contributions When the individual opts to consult a nurse, the perception of the nurse is influenced through the constituents present in the individual.
  • Nursing Theory and Conceptual Model A nursing conceptual model, on the other hand, refers to an image of a phenomenon. Hence, a conceptual model attempts to expound more on the theory by providing a vivid picture of the explained relationships.
  • The Patient-Centered Nursing: Application of Theory The patient-centered nursing model guides practitioners to respond to patients’ conditions and health using personalized care delivery procedures. This model meets the generalizability test since it is applicable in different fields, scenarios, and settings to […]
  • Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory in Nursing Also, the theory addresses the concepts of leadership and suggests that successful nurse leaders should build trust in their followers and comply with a number of principles that promote the professional development of the followers.
  • Mother Roger’s Nursing Theory Martha Elizabeth Rogers’ theory helps nurses deliver quality healthcare to their patients. Rogers’ theory that gave nursing a new meaning.
  • Application of Middle-Range Nursing Theory to Resolve Health Disparity The purpose of this paper is to apply one of the MRT known as the Illness-Constellation Model in guiding the understanding of the mortality of African American women in prenatal.
  • Nursing Theorists: Florence Nightingale and Dorothea Orem She wrote that “the patient’s stomach can assimilate or derive nourishment from, and of this, the patient’s stomach is the sole judge.
  • Change Theories: Influencing Change in Nursing Unlike Lewin’s approach, Roger’s model is more oriented towards the staff’s response and acceptance of the change through the gradual shifting process.
  • Nursing Theories: Critique of the Statement Therefore, when one nursing theory is applied to the whole education process, it seems to be easy to understand the essence of nursing and follow clear instructions and guidelines.
  • Middle-Range Nursing Theories and Their Usage For example, Barreiro et al.aimed to examine diagnostic validation of the low self-efficacy concept in health and nursing care by constructing a middle-range theory for diagnosis validation.
  • Middle-Range Theories in Nursing Research The explanatory theory is the second type used to define the relationship between ideas. The first premise is that there is a connection between the patient’s confidence and quality of life or well-being.
  • Grand Theories Application in Nursing Discipline It can also be described as a structured and systematic enunciation of reports related to the queries encountered in the nursing discipline. In addition, the nurse can be accused of ignorance and having a strained […]
  • Middle-Range Theories Used in Nursing Profession In the healthcare field, nurses work their level best to promote patient satisfaction and improve the quality of care provided. One strategy to deal with the problem involves the use of the theory of nursing […]
  • The Cherokee Self-Reliance Theory in Nursing Thus, the theory arose in response to the needs of the people after leaders expressed concern about the self-sufficiency of community members.
  • Aristotle’s Ethical Theory and Nursing Therefore, the actions of an individual determine his happiness and the aspect of what is ethically good. This theory is directly related to the nursing professional code of ethics as indicated in the provisions of […]
  • Mid-Range Nursing Theory Analysis One of these models was developed in 2003 to promote the importance of the interactions between a nurse and their patient and the impact of this relationship on the health outcomes.
  • Orlando’s Nursing Theory Explanation The theory assumes that the nurse’s role is to identify and meet the patient’s immediate need for help. The patient cannot state the nature and significance of the anxiety without the help of a nurse […]
  • Unfreezing in Nursing Organizational Change Theory The tenet of unfreezing is critical because it “is the process which involves finding a method of making it possible for people to let go of an old pattern that was somehow counterproductive”.
  • Patricia Benner as a Nursing Theorist The work summarizes the key points of Patricia Benner’s article that discloses the peculiarities of contrastive proficiency levels. The distinguished scholar strives to prove that proficiency levels can represent a ladder of success.
  • From Novice to Expert Nursing Theory by Patricia Benner To do that, the author’s goal is to define the difference between a theory and a philosophy and to the stages of epistemological process occurring in the health care environment.
  • Human Being in Nursing Theory The task of the medicine consists in resorting to the biological system, whereas the main scope of nursing is confined to focusing on the behavioral system.
  • Nursing Care Theories: Henderson’s Theory This artifact is an essay discussing the theory of nursing care needs and comparing it to the approach of self-care in modern times.
  • Nursing Meta Paradigm and Self-Care Deficit Theory In conclusion, meta paradigms can be incorporated into the major concepts of self-care deficit theory, which include nursing, humans, and the environment.
  • Nursing Theory Analysis and Evaluation Therefore, successful kidney transplant treatment practice will rely on the practical analysis and evaluation of nursing theories that will suggest best practices to enhance patients’ well-being.
  • Behavioral and Biomedical Theories in Nursing Role categories like role ambiguity, role overload, and role conflict contribute to role stress. The change from nurse-to-nurse practitioner is an illustration of role ambiguity.
  • Illness Theories: Nightingale’s Environment Nursing and Mishel’s Uncertainty Nightingale’s experiences with war victims compelled her to reexamine the role of the environment in the healing process. This philosophical underpinning would support the creation and promotion of the environment theory of nursing.
  • Fundamental Principles of Nursing Care Theory The students in this course will learn the conceptions and theories primary to the art and science in nursing. This course focuses on the beginners of nursing care of customers to encourage healthy transition for […]
  • Enhancing Patient Care Through EBP and Nursing Theory Implementation Practice theories give the framework for nursing interventions and activities and provide suggestions for outcomes and consequences of nursing. The reason for my interest in the theory is that nurses sometimes fail to adhere to […]
  • Advanced Nursing Practice: Philosophies and Theories Theoretical aspects of nursing consider the health care system and the role of the nurse in it, the concept of public health and criteria for its assessment; demographics, communication, training, legal standards of nursing activities.
  • Nursing Theory and Its Importance Therefore, it is essential to understand the reasoning behind the establishment of a hierarchy of values in nursing. Modern nurses are taught numerous aspects of proper treatment and communication strategies that are essential for the […]
  • Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap in Nursing However, the theory-practice divide has become the profession’s most difficult obstacle, lowering the quality of the service in both education and clinical practice. In the assigned case study, the issue of the theory-practice gap is […]
  • Self-Transcendence Theory and Nursing Practice Firstly, I will discuss with Liza and explain the importance of overcoming depression and intending to find a new meaning in life.
  • The Nursing Theory for a Nurse and a Doctor Undoubtedly, the work and contribution to the development of nursing by Jean Watson are challenging to underestimate and overestimate. Moreover, nursing is a significant business, and the work of a professional nurse is extremely valuable.
  • Nursing Theory Discussion Board In this nursing theory course, I have learned that this process is a constant cycle of gathering and analyzing evidence, synthesizing it into practice recommendations, disseminating the information to other healthcare practitioners, and evaluating its […]
  • Nursing Theory and Health Promotion Model To use theory effectively in all realms of practice, training, and investigation, it is necessary to understand how to explain, analyze, and assess the concept.
  • A. Henderson’s Nursing Theory Analysis The key contribution of the theory is the clear establishment of the ultimate goal of nursing workers, namely, the necessity to ensure that the patient gains independence.
  • Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring in Nursing Therefore, it can be said that Watson’s theory is based on the centrality of human care and the transpersonal links between the person offering clinical care and the other receiving the same.
  • Nursing Theories and Postoperative Care This is because they can assess the complexity and complexity of patient care and base all further interventions on the findings of the assessment. A feature of the phenomenon under study is the existence of […]
  • The Feminist Theory in Nursing Since nursing has traditionally been a women’s profession, it is important to understand the oppression of women to gain insight into some of the most pressing issues in nursing.
  • Nursing Critical Theory and Emancipatory Knowing So, I have prepared a talk about the experiences of my colleagues that are similar to the symptoms of burnout and researched the consequences of this situation to highlight the importance of the issue.
  • A Nursing Theory’s Importance for Practice In this changing understanding of concepts, scientific research in nursing is developing, the purpose of which is an objective assessment of all the changes taking place and the choice of the path of development of […]
  • Sociopsychological Theories and Nursing Approaches The primary requirements for quality care are the proper communication between the nurse and the patient, understanding their needs, and the resulting specificity of the assistance.
  • Theories Implementation in the Nursing Sphere The most striking manifestation in the profession is the interpretation of the role of the nurse as a transcultural and humanistic professional whose activity is aimed at serving all people.
  • Aspects of Leininger’s Nursing Theory That makes one think that Leininger’s theory knowledge and commitment to it is essential to one’s health and, subsequently, providing care for others.
  • Integration of Metaparadigm Concepts in Nursing Theory Although the theory of nursing integrates the four meta paradigms the interest of this paper is health and nursing concepts. The nursing theory incorporates the health metaparadigm by taking a holistic approach to the treatment […]
  • Dorothea Orem’s Theory of Self-Care in Nursing However, Dorothea Orem first raised the issue of hospital care as the interaction of two independent subjects: the patient and the nurse.
  • Importance of Theory in Nursing The profession of nursing highly involves interpersonal skills, which may significantly influence the relationship between the clinician and the patient, resulting in better physiological and physical wellness as well as better outcomes.
  • Connecting Nursing Theory and Evidence-Based Change Model for DPI Project These include the use of the old and new testament, the union of the father, son, and the holy spirit, man created in the likeness of God, the regeneration of the holy spirit, and salvation […]
  • Nursing Profession: Definition and Theories For instance, understanding the definition of nursing helps to understand the purpose of a nurse. This course helped me realize the applications of nursing theory to practice.
  • Peplau’s Middle-Range Theory in Mental Health Nursing This paper addresses the topic of nursing theory by reviewing current research pertaining to hypothetico-deductive reasoning, suggesting the model’s potential value in the research of nurse education techniques and barriers to decision-making, and discussing the […]
  • Commitment to Health Theory in Nursing Practice This theory assumes the development of an internal state, as well as the acceptance of the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle under the conditions that any circumstances may limit a person.
  • Psychosocial Theory in Nursing This essay analysis how social support relates to Practice Improvement Project that applies the teach-back method to assist patients with hypertension understand the condition and maintain their blood pressure.
  • Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory Use in Nursing Practice In the next phase, orientation, the patient became more confident and able to discuss the problem after I assured him of my complete discretion.
  • Nursing Article on Orem’s Theory in Practice The study aimed to find out the global understanding of the philosophy of this theory and how the theory is applied to patient management in practice.
  • Nursing Process Theory by Ida Jean Orlando The following paper compares and contrasts some theorist sites on the availability of information on the Nursing Process Theory by Ida Jean Orlando, showing how easy it is to use this model in nursing practice […]
  • The Peplau’s Theory in Nursing Practice The outcomes proved the correlation between the efficiency of the developed initiative and the principles of the theory, which means that the latter provides sufficient support for such experiments.
  • Dorothy Johnson and Martha Rogers: Concept Comparison of Nursing Theories There are three main requirements of the nursing treatment that should focus on protection from harmful influence, motivation from growth, and insurance of a nurturing environment.
  • Discussion of Aspects of Nursing Theory The nursing theory incorporates the field of study and corpus of ideas concerning the attitudes towards therapies to navigate specialists in their practice.
  • Use of Psychosocial Theories in Nursing Therefore, it is vital to examine the application of social and behavioral theories to the operations of healthcare facilities in practice by considering the case of the 65-year-old woman admitted for a mastectomy.
  • Selecting a Theoretical Framework in Nursing For example, in the study “Analysis of the UCSF Symptom Management Theory: Implications for Pediatric Oncology Nursing,” Linder uses the Symptom Management Theory in the field of pediatric oncology.
  • Integral Nursing and Role Modeling Theories It must pay attention to maintaining human health, improving the quality of life, and solving problems related to the health of a person, family, groups of people, and the whole society.
  • Change Theory in Inpatient Nursing Therefore, the nurses have to adapt to the increased activities in the facilities and also to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the services.
  • Nursing: System Theory and Leadership Most of the time, patients confuse things and may give false information that may result in the provision of different healthcare instead of the expected one.
  • American Idol Nursing Theory Contest According to this theory, the nurses have the task of recognizing the role culture plays in the health of the patient.
  • Nursing: Problems, Theories and Practice X and his wife the technique of injecting the insulin subcutaneously, the dosage, the time to have it because he was on the 70:30 mixtard preparations and how to properly plan for his meals.
  • Søren Kierkegaard’s Ethical Theory to Nursing Referred as the “father of existentialism”, S ren Kierkegaard’s philosophically insightful and penetrating work not only focused on the social critique of the 19th-century culture and Christian faith within the state church but also in […]
  • Nursing Theorist: The Roy Adaptation Model A question that a nurse attending to Linda may ask herself in relation to Roy’s perspective of the physiologic need includes is; does the condition of asthma impair Linda’s oxygenation?
  • Implications of Theory to Nursing Practice All nursing models or theories have common positions; these include such concepts as the source of patient’s problems, the goal of the nursing interventions, the means of nursing interventions, the role of the nurse, and […]
  • Nursing Theory Plan of Care Overview In this plan, the patient will play a central role in ensuring that he remains in good health, just as stated in the above theory.
  • The Issue of Nursing Theories Being a very important part of modern medicine, nursing as a science obviously has a great number of different theories which main aim is to increase the level of knowledge of people who work in […]
  • The Comfort Theory of Nursing Used in Education This essay aims to describe the Comfort Theory of Nursing and the use of the theory in addressing problems encountered in nursing education.
  • The Importance of Incorporating Nursing Theory In the case of hand hygiene, attribution theory may be used to explain the hand hygiene behaviors of the health workers.
  • Nursing Research: Models and Theories Content validity is the ability of the contents of a research study to relate with the contents of a certain construct.
  • Analyzing Nursing Theories Through Microscope Approach In order to get to a solution, the theorists highlighted the problem and the causes of the problem in the patient.
  • The Essence of Family Nursing Theories The essence of the family nursing approach is that the nurse communicates with all family members, even if providing care for only one of them. This approach is justified since family members can support each other when facing complex or difficult diagnoses (Bell, 2016). Also, acquaintance with all family members and their medical history helps […]
  • Is Nursing Theory Important to the Nursing Profession? Nursing was recognized as a science, and instead of a traditional model of learning from more experienced nurses, a science-based approach to the training of the would-be specialists in this occupation was implemented. Indeed, theoretical […]
  • The Explanation and Comparison of Nursing Theories Nursing theories provide useful information concerning the definitions of nursing and the practice itself, principles that form the foundation for nursing, and also the goals and functions of nursing.
  • Nursing Theory and Personal Philosophy The task of a nurse is to develop and follow moral philosophy that is concerned with establishing a standard of correctness by the prescription of certain rules and principles.
  • Theories and Hypotheses in Nursing Research I believe a theory in the nursing field aims to improve understanding of the process of medical care to provide the best service for patients ultimately. Without theory, it would be challenging to make real […]
  • Nursing Theory Guiding Clinical Practice Finally, the main goal of week 10 will be to improve my application and understanding of terms, concepts, and principles related to women’s health.
  • Nursing Theories: Outcomes and Reflection For this event, I examined the role of nursing leadership in healthcare and its implementation into interprofessional collaboration to improve patient-centered care.
  • Theory Development in Nursing This paper will consider the role of Nightingale in the formation of the nursing profession, discuss a study based on her theory, and analyze the relationship among theory, research, and practice.
  • Nursing Theories of Henderson and Orem: The Modern Value In the first place, these two figures focused on the input of the patient care theory, which allowed them to constitute theories of nursing process and self-care deficit, respectively.
  • The Criteria of Theory Evaluation and Grand Nursing Theory The goal of this paper is to discuss the criteria of theory evaluation and use them to analyze a grand nursing theory.
  • Nursing Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality The nursing theory that I utilized during my practice experience was the Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality. The Culture Care Theory focuses on the uniqueness of each human being and the importance of […]
  • Dorothea Orem’s Theory in Personal Nursing Practice This journal entry defines the theory of Dorothea Orem, determines the achievement of goals set initially, and explains the use of seven domains of practice in the context of personal nursing practice.
  • Self-Determination Theory in Nursing Work Area This may be necessary to enhance the performance of the workers, but it also destroys their passion and the zeal that they have.
  • Nursing Theory: Evidence-Based Practice The nursing model that can be used as a framework to promote the management of the identified issue is patient-centered care.
  • Applying Borrowed Theories to the Nursing Profession With the application of such a theory, it can be possible to introduce superior procedures, behaviors, and cultural attributes that will streamline existing nursing practices.
  • Nursing Learning Theories, Styles, and Skills To achieve the objective, I will explore the benefits of accruing to nurses because of their knowledge about learning theories and learning styles.
  • Transcultural Nursing Theory in Practice The theory is applicable in different settings to support the needs of many patients with psychological issues. Her competencies in social and cultural anthropology played a significant role in the development of the Transcultural Nursing […]
  • Spirit: Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing The word spirit is used in reference to the part of a human being that is associated with the mind, will, and feelings.
  • The Importance of Nursing Theories in Nursing Education
  • How Incorporates the Concepts From the Nursing Theory Into the Nursing Curriculum
  • How Does Nursing Theory Affect the Practice of Nursing
  • Deliberative Process Nursing Theory for End of Life Care
  • Nursing Theory Application and Integration of Synergy Care Model
  • Using Nursing Theory and Framework for Critical Thinking Endeavors
  • Nursing Theory and Its Effect on Quality Improvement and Healthcare Practice
  • The Five Essential Components of Florence Nightingale’s Theory of Nursing
  • Nursing Theory: Florence Nightingale’s Contribution to Nursing
  • The Relationships Between Nursing Theory and Practice
  • Nursing Theory for Music Therapy Quality Improvement Program
  • Impact of Margaret Newman’s Nursing Theory on Pediatric Setting
  • The Ethical Dilemma of Grand Nursing Theories
  • Why Is Nursing Theory Important in Nursing Education
  • Description of Nursing Theory Madeleine Hubble of Diversity Cultural Care
  • Nursing Theory and the Importance of Domestic Violence Screening and Intervention
  • The Differences and Similarities Between Hildegard Peplau’s and Jean Watson’s Nursing Theory
  • The Ultimate Goal of Nursing Theory
  • The Theories of Florence Nightingale in Nursing in Modern Times
  • Levels of Theoretical Thinking in Nursing Theory
  • Comparative Analysis of Watson’s and Orem’s Nursing Theory
  • Debate the Connection Between Nursing Theory and Evidence-Based Practice
  • Nursing Theory: Foundation for Nursing as a Profession
  • Types of Nursing Theories: Concepts, Levels, and Uses
  • Developing Nursing Theory Using Triangulation of Concepts
  • Why Nursing Theories Are Organized Concepts That Guide Nursing Practice
  • Applying on Practice Virginia Henderson’s Nursing Theory
  • Florence Nightingale’s Theory: Theories and Aspects of the Nursing Theory
  • The Influence of Grand Nursing Theories
  • The Most Common Nursing Theories to Know
  • The Usefulness of the Nursing Theory-Guided Practice
  • Choosing and Implementing a Nursing Theory in Practice
  • Result of Practice, Knowledge, and Nursing Theory’s Role in Future Work
  • Hildegard Peplau’s Theory and Its Importance of Nursing Theory
  • Relationship Between Metaparadigm Theory of Nursing and Ana’s Definition of Nursing
  • Nursing Theory in Hospital Models of Care
  • King’s Theory and Theory of Conceptual System in Nursing
  • The Effect of Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory on Community
  • Nursing Theory in 21st Century Healthcare
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2024, March 2). 144 Nursing Theory Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/nursing-theory-essay-topics/

"144 Nursing Theory Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 2 Mar. 2024, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/nursing-theory-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . (2024) '144 Nursing Theory Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 2 March.

IvyPanda . 2024. "144 Nursing Theory Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/nursing-theory-essay-topics/.

1. IvyPanda . "144 Nursing Theory Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/nursing-theory-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda . "144 Nursing Theory Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/nursing-theory-essay-topics/.

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  • Nursing Care Plan Paper Topics
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  • Healthcare Reform Essay Ideas
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210+ Current Nursing Essay Topics to write about [+Outline]

  • August 11, 2022
  • Essay Topics and Ideas , Sample Study Papers

In order to write a successful nursing essay, you must first familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of the topic. There are many different nursing essay topics to choose from. Below is a list of some of the most recent and Current Nursing Essay Topics to write about,

Here's What You'll Learn

Once you have a firm grasp on the basics, you can start to develop your argumentative and persuasive skills. Essential Nursing Essays Writing Tips:

  • Start with a strong thesis statement . Your essay will be more effective if you can clearly articulate your position on the subject matter.
  • Be sure to cite relevant sources when discussing your essay topic . This will help to bolster your argument and support your assertions.
  • Use effective sentence structure to convey your ideas effectively. A well-written essay should be easy to read and follow.
  • Be sure to use vivid language when describing the nursing process or the impact of illness on patients. This will help to engage readers and immerse them in your essay topic .
  • Remember to keep an eye on grammar and spelling throughout your essay, as this can make a big difference in the overall quality of your work.

As you continue,  thestudycorp.com  has the top and most qualified writers to help with any of your assignments. All you need to do is  place an order  with us.

There are many different nursing essay topics to choose from. Below is a list of some of the Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics to write about.

Current Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

Topics for nursing argumentative essays could include:

  • How does nursing care affect the health of the patient ?
  • What are the ethical considerations of providing nursing care?
  • Should patients be allowed to make choices about their care?
  • How do nurses respond to difficult patients or situations ?
  • How do nursing standards change over time?
  • What is responsible nursing and how does it differ from clinical practice ?
  • What are some common problems in nursing care ?
  • Are there any benefits to traditional nursing care over alternative forms of care?
  • How does Medicare impact nursing ?
  • Are nurses overpaid compared to other healthcare professionals ?
  • What are the benefits of unions for nurses?
  • Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medication ?
  • What are some problems that have been encountered with nurse stewardship?
  • The ethical implications of new medical technologies.
  • The impact of patient satisfaction scores on health care providers.
  • The effects of privacy policies on patients and healthcare providers.
  • The role of nurses in the development and implementation of healthcare policy .
  • The impact of managed care on nurses and their patients .
  • Nursing interventions for critically ill hospitalized patients.
  • The impact of social media on nursing practice.
  • How does Medicare impact nursing?
  • Are nurses overpaid compared to other healthcare professionals?
  • Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medication?
  • The Right to Die: Should the Terminally Ill Have the Right to End Their Own Lives?
  • Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Is There a Difference?
  • The Cost of Nursing Homes: Are They Worth It?
  • The Role of the Nurse in Home Health Care: Enhancing or Impeding Patient Care?
  • Nurses and Medical Marijuana: A Controversial Issue

Thinking of writing a persuasive essay, here are 100+ Strong Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics Ideas

Current Nursing Essay Topics – General

When you are stuck for a topic for your nursing essay , don’t hesitate to turn to this list of current nursing essay topics. These ideas can spark your creativity and help you think about important issues in the health care field .

  • Ethics in nursing. What are the responsibilities of nurses and what are the ethical principles they should uphold? How have these principles changed over time?
  • Advanced practice nurses . What is the role of advanced practice nurses in nursing, and what challenges do they face?
  • Patient safety in nursing . How can nursing protect patients from harm? What are some specific examples of patient safety issues that nurses must be aware of?
  • Nursing leadership and management . What is the role of a nursing leader and manager, and what skills and qualities are necessary for success in this role?
  • Nursing research . What is research in nursing, and what are some common types of research projects that nurses might be involved in?
  • Nursing ethics: What are the main principles of nursing ethics? How do they affect the practice of nursing?
  • Inclusive clinical practices: What are inclusive clinical practices, and why are they important in nursing?
  • Race, ethnicity and health disparities: How do race and ethnicity influence our health and how can we work to address health disparities?
  • Caregiving and dementia: How can we care for loved ones with dementia effectively, both emotionally and physically?
  • RN education: What are the current trends in RN education and what needs does that pose for nurses in the future ?
  • Privilege and Power: Nursing in a Hierarchical Society
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing: To Harm or Not to Harm?
  • Transcultural Issues in Nursing: How do patients from different cultures interact with nurses?
  • Globalization and Nursing: How has the globalization of the world affected nursing?
  • Palliative Care and Nursing: What is palliative care, and how does it relate to nursing?
  • Aging and Nursing: How does aging affect nurses’ work, and what can be done to help?
  • The role of nursing in society; What are the benefits of nursing? What are the challenges faced by nurses today?
  • Nursing leadership; What skills and qualities is a good nursing leader required to have ? How do nurses develop leadership skills?
  • Nursing ethics and law; What are some of the ethical challenges facing nurses today? How do nurses navigate the legal system?
  • Nursing care of the terminally ill: Discuss the various considerations and challenges that may arise when caring for a patient who is nearing the end of their life.
  • Issues in geriatric nursing: Discuss some of the key areas in aging that affect nursing and how to manage them.
  • Reflecting on experience as a nurse: Share your thoughts on your career so far and what has been the most challenging aspect of it.
  • Advocating for nursing: Discuss some important issues that nurses face both inside and outside the profession, and offer your own ideas on how to address them.
  • Historical perspectives on nursing: In addition to discussing contemporary issues, consider providing an overview of nursing history from ancient times up to present day.
  • Healthcare Ethics: What are your thoughts on issues like rationing, euthanasia, and physician-assisted suicide? How do our personal values impact our views on these topics?
  • The Role of Nursing in Patient Care: Nurses play an important role in patient care across all settings. What challenges do they face and how do they address them?
  • Nursing Leadership: As the healthcare industry continues to change, nurses are called on to assume increasingly complex roles. What qualities make a successful nursing leader ? And how can novice nurses develop these skills ?
  • The Changing Face of Nursing: Nursing has gone through a lot of changes in the past few decades, both in terms of technology and the way patients are treated. What will the future hold for nursing and what challenges will nurses face as society changes around them?

Considering an informatic essay, here’s 100+ Excellent Nursing Informatics essay Topics [+Outline]

Here’s a  sample capstone project paper  to get you started

Here’s an example of a  Family Health Assessment Part 2 Paper

Clinical Action Plan: Community Health Plan (Health Education Action Plan) 

Current Research Nursing Essay Topics

There are many research nursing essay topics to choose from, so it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some popular ideas for Research Nursing Essay Topics:

  • How does the current healthcare system impact nursing care?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of various nursing interventions?
  • What trends in nursing research are you observing?
  • How has nursing knowledge changed over the years?
  • How does research contribute to improving patient care?
  • The Effect of Substance Abuse on Nursing Professionals
  • The Implementation and Effects of Critical Incident Stress Management in Nursing Settings
  • The Effect of Technology Use on the Workforce of Nursing
  • Aging in Nursing: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
  • Developing culturally relevant interventions for Aboriginal nurses
  • Promoting healthy nursing practices through reflection
  • Issues and solutions with implementing technology-assisted care in long-term care settings
  • Ethical considerations associated with advances in genomic medicine
  • Meaningful use and implementation of electronic health records in nursing homes
  • Promoting resilience among low-income ethnic/racial nurse professionals under stress
  • Determinants of exit intent for registered nurses: A qualitative study
  • Conceptualizing practice as research in latino/a nursing scholarship: Implications for the academy and clinical practice
  • Educating nurses about burnout: Current issues, insights and directions for future work
  • What is a critical care nurse to do when faced with an intensive care unit patient who is experiencing delirium?
  • Recent research nursing essay topics could include:
  • -The Effectiveness of Nurse-Physician Collaboration in Delivery of Primary Care Services
  • -Engaging Patients and Families in Chronic Disease Management
  • -Developing a Model for Quality Care for Older Adults with Memory Loss
  • -Measurement Issues Associated with Monitoring Our Elderly Population
  • -Pain assessment in the hospitalized patient: A review of the literature
  • -Palliative care interventions for patients with cancer undergoing treatment
  • The Effect of Cancer on Nursing Practice .
  • The Role of Technology in Nursing Practice .
  • Ethical Issues in Nursing Research .
  • Culture and Nursing Practice .
  • Demographic Changes and Nursing Practice .
  • Research Methods in Nursing.
  • Collaborative Care: Nurses Working Together to Improve Patient Care.
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Clinical Practice innovations in Health Care Settings .
  • Roles and Challenges of Today’s Advanced Practice Nurses .
  • Nursing Home Administration: What You Need to Know as a Nurse Manager or Nurse Administrator .
  • Professionalism in Health Sciences: The Path to Becoming a Highly Qualified Nurse Trainer or Educator .
  • Fundamentals of Neuroscience for Nurses: From Basic Science to Clinical Applications .
  • Advances in Gerontological Nursing: Bridging the Gap Between Aging Population and Our Current Knowledge Base 
  • Using patient survey data in nursing research
  • Creating evidence-based practice from research findings
  • Anatomy and physiology research in nursing
  • Interventions for patient safety in nursing research
  • Nursing care of elderly patients with dementia
  • Quality measures for nurses taking care of critically ill patients
  • Effects of climate change on human health
  • Using qualitative methods in nursing research
  • Ethical considerations in nursing research
  • Challenges and opportunities in the use of big data in nursing research
  • Achieving diversity across diverse populations in nursing research
  • Building an ethical data infrastructure for nurses
  • Advances in neonatal health nursing research
  • The role and impact of technology in nursing research
  • Researching and advancing practice through social media
  • Nurse driven health information systems
  • EvaluationImplications of recent advances and clinical applications of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and neural networks(NN).
  • Here are Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing Leadership

Current Nursing Essay topic ideas

  • Advanced Nursing Practice Issue: Alternative Therapies
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Advantages of Breastfeeding
  • Aging in America Sociological & Psychological Aspects
  • Altruism and Nursing
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Genetic vs. Environmental
  • Alzheimer’s Disease, The Brain, & Memory Loss
  • Ambulatory Care Facilities
  • An Exploratory Study of Recipients Perceptions of Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • ANA Position Statement on Accepting Assignments
  • Analysis of Systems Theory in Nursing
  • Analysis of The Derived Theory of Smoking Relapse
  • Article on Assessing Sensory Blockade With Alcohol & Pinprick After Subarachnoid Block
  • Article on Heparin & Haematoma Does Ice Make A Difference?
  • Betty Neuman: Nursing Theorist
  • Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer & Coping Strategies
  • Breast Cancer A Look At Family vs Group Therapy Options
  • Breast Cancer in African American Women
  • Breast Cancer in African American Women Environmental Impacts
  • Breast Cancer Report
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy
  • Breast Feeding Benefits, Misconceptions & Challenges To Public Health
  • Budget Concerns and Nurse Managers
  • Burnout In Nursing
  • Cancer and Diet
  • Cancer Patients and Music Therapy
  • Care for the Elderly At Home vs. Nursing Home
  • Caregiving And The Elderly
  • Case Study of Elderly Patient Presenting With Confusion
  • Case Study on Death and Dying
  • Certified Nursing Aides
  • Chemotherapy Pros & Cons
  • Child Neglect and Abuse
  • Cocaine Use, Pregnancy and Nursing
  • Code Orange Alert – A Look At Nursing, Workplace Violence & OSHA Regulations
  • Collective Bargaining in The Nursing Profession.
  • Colon Cancer
  • Community Nursing Intervention
  • Comparing Five Short Articles To Lindlahr’s Philosophy Of Natural Therapeutics
  • Conflict and Resolution in the Nursing Home Facility
  • Counseling the Dying
  • Critical Care Nursing: The Application in Home Healthcare Nursing
  • Critical Reflections: The Concepts Of Critical Thinking, Advocacy And Decision Making Within The Hospital Atmosphere
  • Critical Thinking in Nursing
  • Critique of the Theory of Caring
  • Cultural Diversity in Nursing: The Hispanic Population
  • Cultural, Political and Ethical Issues in Nursing
  • Dancing Skeletons: A Review of the Book by Catherine Dettwyler
  • Death & Dying Hospice Care
  • Death and Dying Death As The Supreme Motivator
  • Defining the Meaning of Caring
  • Developmental Psychology & Prenatal Development
  • Directors Of Nursing: Long-Term Care Facilities
  • DNA Cloning and Nursing
  • Do Electromagnetic Waves Cause Cancer?
  • Dorothea Orem’s Effect on Nursing
  • Eating Disorders & Residential Treatment
  • Economics and the Elderly
  • Effects Of Chronic Illness On Growth And Development
  • Elder Abuse
  • Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy
  • Empowerment in Nursing
  • Ethical Considerations in a Medical Research Project
  • Ethical Issues In The Book Evaluating How Do We Die?
  • Euthanasia in Australia
  • Euthanasia Issues for Nursing
  • Evaluating article on fall prevention
  • Factors Affecting Cancer and Heart Disease Mortality Rates
  • Family Attendance in Emergency Medical Situations
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Fearing and Dealing with Death
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Its Life
  • Film Review on My Life
  • Five plus Types of Hepatitis Implications for EMS
  • Forensic Nursing
  • Geriatric Health Care Administration
  • Gerontology Loneliness & Other Factors Associated With Aging
  • Hepatitis A Description Of Its Major Types & Implications For Emergency Medical Workers
  • Hepatitis C
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Historical Theorists In Nursing
  • Holistic Nursing & the Perspectives of Martha E. Rogers
  • Hospice Care
  • Hospices Dying With Comfort & Dignity
  • Hospital Mergers
  • Human Service Ethics & Home Visitations
  • Humanities And Healing In Nursing: Holistic Approach
  • Hypertension Is Genetic
  • Hypertension Women’s Risks And Coping Mechanisms

Find out more on  How to write DNP capstone project Methodology Chapter ,  How to write a DNP Capstone Project Literature Review ,  How to write a DNP capstone project chapter 1 – Introduction , and  DNP Capstone project Abstract Examples [Outline & How-to]

Current Nursing Essay Outline

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creative titles for essays about nursing

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Essay titles are not the easiest things to come up with on your own. We know. That’s why we developed our Essay Title Generator to help you create the title your paper deserves. How does it work? Simple. Just enter the topic you’re interested in researching and a random title will be generated from our database based on the parameters you provide.

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creative titles for essays about nursing

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Nursing career nursing as a.

I want my patients safe, and I want them to maintain as much of their health as possible while on the road to recovery and/or acceptance of their conditions (in the event that they have an illness that is terminal or a progressive disorder or injury for which there is no cure). In order to do my job effectively, I will need to learn all I can; continuing education in the field of nursing will be a key factor concerning my job performance and Nursing Career 5 my ability to provide the best care possible to my patients. I first plan to earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and pass the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-N). I then plan to complete a nursing internship in order to get "hands on" experience in my career field, find a nursing mentor who can share with me his/her career experiences, and then….

Gastmans, Chris. (1999). Nursing Ethics: Care as A Moral Attitude in Nursing. Vol. 6. no

3 214-223. Abstract, 1. Retrieved October 16, 2011, from  http://nej.sagepub.com/content/6/3/214.abstract  .

Nurse Practitioner Salary. (2010). Retrieved October 16, 2011, from http://www.nursing-school-programs.org/2010/11/10/nurse-practitioner-salary.html .

Zerwekh and Claborn. (2009). Nursing Today.

Nursing Career Careers in Nursing

Certified egistered Nurse Anesthetists are among the most highly-paid nurses, and are in great demand; unlike most positions, these nurses have very little patient interaction but are instrumental in the conducting of successful surgeries (Santiago 2010). Nurse practitioners are one of the most common types of nurses, providing general primary care in a variety of settings, with earnings near those of CNAs but with greater patient contact, making it a more rewarding career for many (Santiago 2010). After choosing a specialty and receiving the necessary education, which takes years of academic learning as well as practical application and practice, the final step in achieving a career in nursing is finding the right job. There are near-constant openings for short-term and long-term nurses, traveling nurses, in-patient nurses for hospitals, home care nurses on a live-in or live-out basis -- just as almost any imaginable medical scenario provides an opportunity for nurse….

American Nurses Association. (2010). "Considering nursing?" Accessed 9 June 2010.  http://www.nursingworld.org/EspeciallyForYou/StudentNurses.aspx 

Gannett. (2010). "Careers in nursing." Nurse.com. Accessed 9 June 2010.  http://www.discovernursing.com/job-opportunities 

Johnson & Johnson. (2009). "Job opportunities. Discover Nursing. Accessed 9 June 2010.

Nursing Career in Brain Power

With step four, five and six of this eleven-step process, I continued my search and exploration to gather relevant information, began to eliminate choices that required too much education, were not practical for my current situation, or did not spark some form of personal interest and desire. By the sixth stage, evaluating the evidence, I had narrowed down my choice to a few alternatives and began to rate them on various criteria, such as degree of personal interest, educational parameters (length of study, cost, degree offerings, etc.). By this time, I also realized that I wanted to go into a newer area for several reasons. First, every new area has a greater need and more positions and opportunities available. Second, I always have liked challenges and experiencing something new. Third, I wanted to find an area that would interest me for the long-term and would be changing enough that….


Albrecht, K. (1980) in Brain Power - Learn to Improve Your Thinking Skills. New York: Simon

and Schuster.

American Nursing Informatics Association. Website retrieved May 13, 2010 http://www.ania-


Trauma Nursing Career Path

Career in Nursing (Trauma Unit) A nursing career in trauma unit has been my desire for a long period of time, especially after joining college. I have found this an attractive career for me simply because it will provide me with an opportunity to wear different hats when dealing with emergency situations. Trauma nurses are usually the line of healthcare or nursing professionals to attend to emergency situations involving seriously injured patients (Health Career Institute, n.d.). Through this career, I'll be able to provide different kinds of nursing interventions to seriously injured patients. I chose this career because I enjoy fast paced working floors and helping people during their most difficult and challenging moments. Since working as a trauma nurse entails being the first line of healthcare professionals dealing with emergency situations, I'll enjoy the fast paced working floors and helping severely injured patients. My personal values that align with trauma nursing….

Brookdale Community College. (2016). Nursing Program, A.A.S. Retrieved from Brookdale Community College website: https://www.brookdalecc.edu/documents/nursing/New-Nursing-Curriculum-11_2016.pdf

Health Career Institute. (n.d.). Trauma Nursing Job Description. Retrieved Health Career Institute website:  http://www.hci.edu/hci-news/news/282-trauma-nursing-job-description 

Nursing Licensure. (n.d.). Nursing License Requirements in New Jersey: Become a Nurse in NJ. Retrieved April 7, 2017, from  http://www.nursinglicensure.org/state/nursing-license-new-jersey.html

Types of Math Used in a Nursing Career

Life Types of math used in a nursing career Math used in a nursing career and in everyday life Nurses use math on a daily basis: on a very basic level, simple arithmetic is required to keep track of supplies, patients, hours worked, and other logistical issues. Math is used to add up a patient's caloric needs, to compare the patient's lab readings such as cholesterol to that of the general population, and also to assess the patient overall in light of different demographic groups and lifestyle practices. For example, a young, healthy, adult male will require more calories to support his activities than a sedentary one. Expected vital data on health such as blood pressure and cholesterol will vary depending on the patient's age, gender, health and demographic status. Thus, mathematics can be an issue of life and death. One of the most important ways in which nurses use math on a….

Baiyasi, S, Constan, K., Dewey, E., & Hersh, L. (2001). Math for nursing and allied health.

Math for Science. Teaching/Learning Center, Delta College


Placing your bets: Cashing in on probability. (2013). Annenberg Center. Retrieved from:

Nursing Definitions Autonomy in the Nursing Profession

Nursing Definitions Autonomy Autonomy in the nursing profession states the importance of the client's role in making decisions that reflect advocacy for the client (Wade, 1999, p.310). Ultimately, this includes taking care of the patient physically as well as mentally and emotionally, developing a relationship with the patient that is beneficial to his care and actively advocating for the patient's rights and care. This type of autonomy, it is important to note, is not the same as individual or work autonomy, yet it must be considered that empowerment in nursing autonomy will inevitably lead to better professional and personal autonomy and should also lead to increased job satisfaction (Wade, 1999, p.310). Typical definitions of autonomy would include the idea of complete independence for the person making the decisions. However, in the case of the nursing profession, the client's needs and desires must be heavily weighed and, in fact, become central to the idea….

References Cited

Wade, G.H. (1999). Professional nurse autonomy: Concept analysis and application to nursing education. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 30(2), 310-8.

Gaylord, N. & Grace, P. (1995). Nursing advocacy: An ethic of practice. Nursing Ethics, 2(1),

White, L. (2004). Foundations of nursing: Second edition. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Learning.

Nursing Science the Nursing Profession

As such, a nurse is primarily to recognize herself as an individual in the world, with certain responses to this world. When a patient enters the hospital, such a patient is also to be seen as a unique individual who responds to the world and his or her environment in a certain way. Humanistic nursing is then primarily experiential rather than experimental. This means that new knowledge is gained with every new patient that arrives for treatment. In giving treatment, responses are observed and noted for future reference in similar situations. It is not however assumed that a treatment will work because it did in the past and in similar conditions. Instead, hypotheses are based upon experiences of the past. The recognition that hypotheses may prove incorrect helps the nurse to be open to new experiences. Each human being is then seen as a "world," as it were, with the….

Cody, William K. & Kenney, Janet W. (2006). Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives for Advanced Nursing Practice. Jones & Bartlett.

Collaboration for Academic Education in Nursing. (2009). Foundational Perspectives.  http://www.caen.ca/content/view/46/133/ 

Current Nursing (2009, March 16). Nursing Theories. http://currentnursing.com/nursing_theory/development_of_nursing_theories.htm

Kleinman, Susan (2009). Humanistic Nursing Theory.  http://www.humanistic-nursing.com/faq.htm

Nursing Profession Is a Complex and Important

Nursing profession is a complex and important field of human care. In addition to the challenge of high workloads and long hours, nurses are also faced with the challenge of caring for persons who are often hostile or otherwise difficult to handle as a result of the conditions they suffer from. In such cases, nurses must provide care with professionalism and friendliness, regardless of their personal feelings. To be able to perform their work effectively over the long-term, it is vital for nurses to receive as much support as possible from their leaders and peers. In addition to leadership systems such as the transformational paradigm and the synergy model, there are also technical support systems that nurses can benefit most profoundly from. The nurse's relationship to the information systems and technology department, for example, is of optimal importance. According to the Biohealthmatics.com Website (2010), this relationship is currently tragically underutilized despite….

Bigelow, B. And Arndt, M. (2005, Spring). Transformational Change in Health Care: Changing the Question. Hospital topics: Research and Perspectives on Healthcare. Vol. 83, no. 2.

Biohealthmatics.com (2010). Nursing Information System. Retrieved from: http://www.biohealthmatics.com/technologies/his/nis.aspx

Polifroni, E.C. (2007, Jan.). Guest Editorial: Ethical Knowing and Nursing Education.

Ryan, M.K. And David, B. (2003, Dec). Gender Differences in Ways of Knowing: The context Dependence of the Attitudes Toward Thinking and Learning Survey. Sex Roles, vol 49, Nos. 11/12.

Nursing Profession and Nurses

Speaking Truth Concept Discuss the concept of speaking truth to power. Are you better prepared to advocate for patients, nurses and nursing after taking this class? During a time when there is a nationwide shortage of nurses (Glazer, 2009), identifying opportunities to improve their working conditions and status has assumed new importance and relevance and the concept of speaking truth to power can help achieve this outcome. According to Greear (2015), the concept of "speaking truth to power" was coined by the Quakers during the 1950s and has come to mean "taking a stand and mobilizing society around change" (para. 2). An important point made by Greear (2015) is that mere humans are only capable of knowing some of the truth at any given point in their lives but it is essential to act on what truth is known by taking action to effect meaningful change where it is needed. In this….

Glazer, G. (2009, January). Legislative: The nursing shortage: A public health issue for all. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 14(1), 37.

Greear, J. (2015, December 2). Speaking truth to power. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jade-greear/speaking-truth-to-power_2_b_8824094.html .

Paynton, S. T. (2009, January). The informal power of nurses for promoting patient care. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 14(1), 21.

Nurses the Nursing Profession Has Always Attempted

Nurses The nursing profession has always attempted to put forward a positive, clean and healthful image. Throughout history the nursing industry has tried to portray nurses as angels of mercy, and as ethically upstanding, helpful healthcare professionals, just a few steps down from doctors in terms of medical needs. But lately the images of nurses has changed and not always for the best. This paper critiques the images of nurses through a review of the available literature. The highly respected Gallop Poll ranks nurses at the top of the list of several important professions in terms of "honesty and ethical standards" (Gallup, 2010). In a 2010 polling project by Gallup eighty-one percent of respondents rated nurses "Very High" or "high"; number two below nurses was "military officers" (73% rated them "very high" or "high"; number three was "druggists or pharmacists" (71% rated them "very high" or "high"; and number four on….

Works Cited

Cohen, Shelly. (2007). The Image of Nursing. American Nurse Today, 2(5), 1-2.

Darbyshire, Philip, and Gordon, Suzanne. (2008). Exploring Popular Images and Representations

Of Nurses and Nursing. Retrieved August 16, 2011, from  http://www.springerpub.com/samples/25549_chapter.pdf .

De Araujo Sartorio, Natalia, and Zoboli, Elma Lourdes Campos Pavone. (2010). Images of a 'good nurse' presented by a teaching staff. Nursing Ethics, 17(6), 687-694.

People Employed in the Nursing Profession As

People Employed in the Nursing Profession: As compared to nursing practices in the previous years, the profession is much different today with the expectation of ongoing change for the better of both patients and nurses. The nursing characteristics and values are considered to have begun at home because of the similarity with the traditional responsibilities of daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. The traditional nursing role has usually incorporated humanistic support, nurture, comfort and caring (Limon, 2007). This role of traditional nursing care was mainly associated and related to physical maintenance and comfort. While women were the majority in the early development of the nursing profession, they were not the only people providing nursing services. Though they were the minority, men were also providers of nursing services especially through caring for their injured and sick comrades. The development of the nursing profession to include the employment of various people has mainly been influenced….

Durham Region Local Training Board (2005), Nursing -- Many Faces, Many Places, Durham

Region Local Training Board, viewed 31 July 2011,

Limon, C (2007), The Nursing Profession: A Historical Perspective, SelfGrowth.com: The

Online Self-Improvement Community, viewed 31 July 2011,

Recruiting Men in the Nursing Profession

Recruiting more males into the nursing profession: A Positive, Proactive Position Statement The aging population has caused a crisis in the healthcare profession. The population needs more nurses, that fact is clear even to individuals outside of the field of health. One way to increase recruitment numbers of any profession is to expand the targeted populations that are traditionally attracted to the profession. Traditionally, men have been underrepresented in 20th century nursing, although monks used to perform such functions before the evolution of modern medicine. (hittock & Leonard, 2003, p. 243) Thus one way to increase the population of nurses is to increase the number of men in the profession. Nursing is a vocation as well as a profession, and it would be tragic if men who felt the 'calling' eschewed entering nursing as a profession because it was perceived as a female-only employment. Also, as nurses often present the human face….

Chur-Hansen, Anna. "Preferences for female and male nurses: the role of age, gender and previous experience-year 2000 compared with 1984." Journal of Advanced Nursing. Jan 2000. Vol. 37. Issue 2.

Milligan, Frank. "The concept of care in male nurse work: an ontological study in acute hospitals." Journal of Advanced Nursing. Jul 2001. Vol. 35. Issue 1.

Whittock, Margaret & Leonard, Laurence. "Stepping outside the stereotype. A pilot study of the motivations and experiences of males in the nursing profession." Journal of Nursing Management. Jul 2003. Vol.1. Issue 4.

The Future of Nursing Implications for the Nursing Profession

Antecedents and Importance of the IOM eport, "Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health" In an era of widespread nursing shortages, identifying opportunities to improve nurse practice, nursing education and nursing workforce development has assumed new importance and relevance. To this end, this paper provides a discussion concerning the work of the obert Wood Johnson Foundation (WJF) Committee Initiative on the Future of Nursing and the Institute of Medicine research that led to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, "Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health." A discussion concerning the importance of the IOM "Future of Nursing" report related to nursing practice, nursing education and nursing workforce development is followed by an evaluation of the role of state-based action coalitions and how they advance goals of the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action. In addition, a summary of two initiatives that have been spearheaded by the Oklahoma Action Coalition and….

Action coalitions. (2015). Future of Nursing. Campaign for Action. Retrieved from http:/ / campaignforaction.org/states.

California action coalition. (2015). Future of Nursing. Campaign for Action. Retrieved from  http://campaignforaction.org/state/california .

Dickow, M. (2015). California action coalition shares secrets of success. Campaign for Action. Retrieved from  http://campaignforaction.org/california-AC-secrets-success 

McNeal, G.J. (2012, Winter). The IOM report on the future of nursing: One year later. ABNF Journal, 23(1), 3.

Truth Telling in the Nursing Profession

Nurse, Must I always tell the truth Truth in nursing fraternity "I think it's difficult for many physicians and nurses to be completely truthful about their patients' medical condition. I believe we prefer giving positive news because of the desire for nonmaleficence and to avoid the stress of delivering bad news to patients and their families" (Crystal Hird, 2005). Despite the grave sadness that truth saying within the nursing practice may bring to the nurse or the patient and at times the family members, there is need to have the truth told at all times by the nurse and truth that is handled with absolute care and professional communication system must be followed. This paper is purely based on the value of truth in nursing and the virtue of nurse telling the truth despite the situation. It will also look at how the truth needs to be told in the nursing practices especially….

Crystal Hird, (2005). Letters to the Editor: A Call for Education. Nursing Ethics. Edward Arnold Publishers Ltd.

Kate Hodkinson, (2008). How should a nurse approach truth-telling? A virtue ethics perspective.

Nursing Philosophy. Blackwell publishers. Pp 249

Neelam S. (2013). Truth Telling to Terminally Ill Patients: To Tell or not to Tell. Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics. Vol4. Issue 4. Retrieved March 7, 2014 from  http://www.google.co.ke/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=7&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CGIQFjAG&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.omicsonline.org%2Ftruth-telling-to-terminally-ill-patients-to-tell-or-not-to-tell-2155-9627-4-159.pdf&ei=CNoZU8rHJdSy7Aai8YCQCg&usg=AFQjCNGZBSh9Kojp9XIPVHuKZIIQ0tPKyQ&sig2=BN5Na2a9YVp5t7gV6oonOQ&bvm=bv.62578216,d.bGE

Ethics the Nursing Profession Perhaps

107) could also apply here. The confidentiality clause in such a case then only applies insofar as it is estimated that there is no need to disclose confidential information to others. In the case of Mrs. Z, her family deserves to know about her situation, because it affects their lives pertinently. Because of the increasing cultural diversity throughout the world, cultural values also play an important part in making ethical decisions in the nursing profession. In the case of Mrs. Z, for example, she appears to have no powers of decision making either in her home or in society in general. Inside the home, her mother-in-law runs the household, while her husband is in charge of important decisions. This could have a significant influence upon her decision not to disclose her condition to her family. According to Karahanne, Evaristo and Srite (2006, p. 34), for example, also note that cultures seldom….

Alligood, M.R., Marriner-Tomey, a. (2006). Nursing Theory: Utilization and Application. Elsevier Health Sciences.

DeWolf Bosek, M.S. And Savage, T.A. (2007) the Ethical Component of Nursing Education: Integrating Ethics into Clinical Practice. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Goodman, K.W. (2008, Jan) Privacy, Confidentiality, Law and Ethics. Norhteast Florida Medicine Supplement. Retrieved from:  http://www.dcmsonline.org/jax-medicine/2008journals/ethics/privacy.pdf 

Karahanna, E., Evaristo, J.R., and Srite, M. (2006). Levels of Culture and Individual Behavior: An Integtrative Perspective. Advanced Topics in Global Information Management, Vol. 5. Idea Group, Inc.


Health - Nursing

I want my patients safe, and I want them to maintain as much of their health as possible while on the road to recovery and/or acceptance of their…

Research Paper

Certified egistered Nurse Anesthetists are among the most highly-paid nurses, and are in great demand; unlike most positions, these nurses have very little patient interaction but are instrumental…

With step four, five and six of this eleven-step process, I continued my search and exploration to gather relevant information, began to eliminate choices that required too much…

Career in Nursing (Trauma Unit) A nursing career in trauma unit has been my desire for a long period of time, especially after joining college. I have found this an…

Life Types of math used in a nursing career Math used in a nursing career and in everyday life Nurses use math on a daily basis: on a very basic level,…

Nursing Definitions Autonomy Autonomy in the nursing profession states the importance of the client's role in making decisions that reflect advocacy for the client (Wade, 1999, p.310). Ultimately, this includes taking…

As such, a nurse is primarily to recognize herself as an individual in the world, with certain responses to this world. When a patient enters the hospital, such…

Article Review

Nursing profession is a complex and important field of human care. In addition to the challenge of high workloads and long hours, nurses are also faced with the challenge…

Creative Writing

Speaking Truth Concept Discuss the concept of speaking truth to power. Are you better prepared to advocate for patients, nurses and nursing after taking this class? During a time when there…

Nurses The nursing profession has always attempted to put forward a positive, clean and healthful image. Throughout history the nursing industry has tried to portray nurses as angels of…

People Employed in the Nursing Profession: As compared to nursing practices in the previous years, the profession is much different today with the expectation of ongoing change for the better…

Recruiting more males into the nursing profession: A Positive, Proactive Position Statement The aging population has caused a crisis in the healthcare profession. The population needs more nurses, that fact…

Antecedents and Importance of the IOM eport, "Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health" In an era of widespread nursing shortages, identifying opportunities to improve nurse practice, nursing education…

Nurse, Must I always tell the truth Truth in nursing fraternity "I think it's difficult for many physicians and nurses to be completely truthful about their patients' medical condition. I…

Business - Ethics

107) could also apply here. The confidentiality clause in such a case then only applies insofar as it is estimated that there is no need to disclose confidential…


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creative titles for essays about nursing

Tips for Writing Your Nursing Program College Essays

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Giebien Na in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.

What’s Covered:

The importance of your college essays, general advice for writing your nursing essays.

If you know you want to be a nurse, you probably have quite a few reasons for that. Instead of merely relying on your academic and test performances to tell your story, you get the opportunity in your essays to share exactly why you’re so passionate about nursing. Writing about this can be a clarifying and even exciting process. This article explains why college application essays matter and how you should write about why you want to become a nurse.

Grades and test scores matter when you’re applying to college, but your essays can help improve your chances of admission. They’re how you can express your experiences and make your desire to become a nurse clear and personal.

If your prospective school doesn’t have supplemental essays, it’s a good idea to include your interest in nursing in your Common App essay . This could mean that you end up with two different drafts of the essay: one for if there are supplemental essays where you can discuss your interests in nursing and one for if there are not. You’ll change them out depending on whether you also have to respond to specific prompts about why you want to pursue nursing. This may not sound like much fun, but it will help you be admitted to your school of choice.

It might seem exciting to apply to a place where you don’t have to write extra essays—it’s less work! If you don’t do that additional work, though, you’ll have fewer chances to explain yourself. You might not be able to share exactly why you think that you’re the right fit for a certain college or program. 

If you are writing supplemental essays for the colleges that you’re interested in, you can include more details about your passion for nursing. You’ll often be asked, “why this major?” or “why this school?” When you have those opportunities to share your specific reasons, you can let yourself get personal and go deep into your passion. Use that space to share important details about who you are.

Start Broad

When writing essays entirely about why you want to pursue nursing , try to start from a broad interest, then slowly work your way to telling specific personal stories and goals. 

When first thinking about your general interest in nursing, ask yourself what attracts you to the work of being a nurse. This can lead to powerful potential responses. Maybe you like taking care of people in the community. Perhaps you’ve always known that you wanted to make a difference in the healthcare profession, but you don’t want to be a doctor. You’d rather make patients’ healthcare experiences as comfortable and pleasant as possible. 

After you’ve described these broad, overarching motivations for wanting to go into nursing, consider any personal experiences that have made you want to be a nurse. Think about moments you’ve had during hospital visits or checkups or an anecdote from a time that you decided to volunteer in a healthcare role. Once you’ve written these stories, you can end the essay by discussing your planned major and career goals.

Discuss Your Future Goals

If you know what your end goal is, be sure to include it. You can write about becoming a registered nurse or maybe a nurse practitioner. It doesn’t have to be set in stone , but sharing a final ambition can help anchor your personal narrative. Writing about the future that you want can help the admissions officer reading your essay see how you view yourself. If they can do this, they’ll better understand your values and motivations and see you as a real candidate for their school. 

You don’t have to follow this pattern exactly. For example, it can be powerful to begin your essay in the middle of the action—you can dive right into an anecdote and get the reader interested in your story from the jump. 

While you should avoid dramatization, starting with a few clear, memorable scenes or a line or two of dialogue can make for an instantly interesting essay. All of this helps you show your passion, rather than simply explaining what intrigues you about a nursing career. 

Once you’ve led with your narrative, though, remember to ground it in clear reasons for your intended career and what you want your future to look like. A good essay will be balanced between the past, present, and future. It’s how a college will see who you are and everything that you have to offer.

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creative titles for essays about nursing

Nursing Reflective Essay: Examples + Useful Writing Tips [2024]

Nursing Reflective Essay: Examples + Useful Writing Tips [2024]

Do you need to write a reflective nursing essay? Whether you are a nursing student or already working, we know that you may be too busy writing papers. We’ve prepared information for you about reflection models and nursing reflective essay examples, writing instructions, and templates for the outline. This article will teach everything you need to make writing your essay easier.

So, how do you write an academic reflective essay?

What Is a Reflective Essay?

15 best reflective essay topics: nursing, nursing reflective essay examples, reflective tools and models, reflective essay writing tips, reflective essay body paragraphs, how to conclude a reflective essay.

In a reflective essay, you express your thoughts based on your knowledge, beliefs, reflections, and experiences. A reflective essay is best described as an exceptional and personal essay: you will have a lot to think about, comprehend, and explain. You have to demonstrate the feelings that you have experienced before. It should be honest. If you have any opposing thoughts and feelings about the topic, you should write them.

The peculiarity of a reflective essay, unlike an analytical one, is in the expression of thoughts based on personal experience.

How long does a reflective essay last? It’s simple. It depends on your topic and how you express your thoughts. But you have to remember that this is a highly brief type of essay, and you can do it with a few pages.

You can check out the 100% free essay samples to see it all.

What Is a Reflection in Nursing Essay?

What Is a Reflection in Nursing Essay?

Nursing involves many aspects of work, and reflection is one of the critical tools for developing professional competence and personal skills. In nursing, reflection is important because it provides all the prerequisites for further personal growth. It is a reflection that will allow you to take a broader look at your strengths and weaknesses and assess your prospects.

Think of your nursing reflective essay as a chance to reflect on your career, skills, and personality, which will lead to further improvement.

  • Empathy and support in nursing.
  • Communication with patients is one of a nurse’s most important tasks.
  • Nursing is the art of caring for the patient during illness.
  • The key is not to cause harm but to help afterward.
  • Time management in nursing.
  • The Patient’s Interests Come First.
  • Why did I become a nurse?
  • Doctor- patient confidentiality in nursing.
  • The importance of enhancing soft skills for the nurse.
  • Nursing knowledge should not be limited to narrowly professional information.
  • Reflective essay on the internship .
  • Nursing culture and ethics .
  • Deontology of nursing and its synthesis with my personal experience.
  • Nursing clinical reflection essay.
  • Nursing issues for the elderly.

To better understand what reflexivity is, let’s look at examples based on these articles:

Scientists from different fields of science invented many models to simplify the process of reflection. Below are reflection models you can use in your essay nursing writing practice.

Gibbs’ Reflective Model.

Gibbs’ Reflective Model

In 1998, Graham Gibbs introduced his reflexive model to the world. Gibbs’ model is a cycle and, therefore, excellent for analyzing repetitive experience.

It covers 6 stages:

  • Description. What happened? Don’t judge or try to conclude yet; just describe.
  • Feelings. What were your reactions and emotions? Again, don’t begin to analyze them yet.
  • Evaluation. What was good or bad about the experience? Make value judgments.
  • Analysis. Were different people’s experiences similar or different in importance?
  • Conclusions. What conclusions can you draw in a general sense from this experience and your analysis? What conclusions can you draw about your particular, unique personal situation or way of working?
  • Personal action plans. What steps are you going to take based on what you have learned? What are you going to do differently in this situation next time?

Dewey’s Reflective Thinking Model

John Dewey believed that reflective thinking is the active, persistent, and careful evaluation of a belief or assumed form of knowledge, the grounds for that knowledge, and the additional conclusions to which knowledge leads.

John Dewey’s Reflective Model was one of the first and has been the foundation for many other models. He identified five steps of reflective thinking:

  • Step 1: Identify the problem.
  • Step 2: Investigate the issue.
  • Step 3: Generate several possible solutions.
  • Step 4: Evaluate the options and select the best answer from the combination of solutions.
  • Step 5: Test and implement the solution.

Kolb Reflective Model

The Kolb Reflective Model or “Kolb cycle” focuses on transforming information into knowledge. The basic four steps of the Kolb model are as follows:

  • Concrete experience. Anyone should already have experience in the field or area they want to learn.
  • Observation and reflection . This stage implies analyzing the person’s experience and knowledge .
  • Forming abstract concepts . A model describing the information and expertise is built at this stage . Ideas are generated, interrelations are made, and new information is added concerning how everything works and is arranged.
  • Testing in new situations . The last stage implies experimentation and testing the model’s applicability and concept . The result of this stage is a direct unique experience. Then the circle closes.

Schön Reflective Model

Donald Schön’s reflexive model was described in the book ‘ The Reflexive Practitioner .’ He explained how professionals solve problems with a kind of improvisation that is perfected through practice.

Schön’s reflective model , like his writings, is based in many ways on the Dewey we already know

  • Action reflection involves reflecting on an experience you have already had or an action you have already taken. It involves considering what could have been done differently and the positive aspects of that interaction.
  • Reflection in action involves reflecting on your efforts as you make them and considering issues such as best practices throughout the process.

Bouds Reflective Model

David Bouds paired with Schön to explore the limits of reflective practice. This model is based on learning by doing. By analyzing his own experience, the practitioner begins to understand better how to improve certain things.

Bouds suggests that by reflecting, a person may be unconsciously learning. In reassessing the events of his life, he systematizes and classifies emotions, ideas, and results, as well as results, and compares past goals with results.

Past experiences, experiences, and ideas require constant analysis attention to feelings. This leads to new perspectives, commitment to action overall positive changes in behavior.

Driscoll reflective model.

Driscoll Reflective Model

John Driskoll proposed a simple model of reflection at the beginning of the 21st century. It involves reflection through extended answers to questions we are already familiar with. The scholar linked the three basic questions to the stages of the experiential learning cycle and then added trigger questions that must be answered to complete the process of reflection.

Step 1: What? Sets out to recall what happened as objectively as possible, without criticizing anything that happened

  • What exactly happened?
  • What exactly did you do?
  • Was anyone else involved?
  • Was it a good experience? Or a bad experience? Or both? And why?

Step 2: So what? It requires you to slow down and start looking for patterns or meaningful moments. The key here is to bring in concepts that help shed light on what is going on.

  • How did you feel at that particular moment?
  • How did you react?
  • Why did you react that way?
  • Did you feel the same way about the situation then as you do now?
  • Did you experience conflict with your values?
  • Do you think past cases influenced your experiences in this situation?
  • Who else was involved in the situation? How did they feel? And how did they react? And why did they react that way?

Step 3: Now what? Encourages beginning to transfer new knowledge into future situations and other contexts.

  • What did you learn from reflecting on this situation/experience/incident?
  • Could you have prevented the negative consequences?
  • And how might you have done so?
  • What would you have done differently if a similar situation arose in the future?
  • What could you have done to better prepare for it?
  • Where did things go wrong last time, and what would you focus on now?

5R Framework

The 5R Framework was developed in 2002 by a group of scientists as a universal system of reflection, later modified.

It focuses on five basic steps, each addressing one aspect of reflection. Thinking through the five stages, an individual will engage all of the major reflection components, allowing you to create a critically meaningful review based on your experience.

  • Report. What do you see and hear? Write it all down.
  • React. What do you think is happening? What works well and what doesn’t? How do you feel about the situation you are reflecting on? What is it about this situation that makes you feel this way?
  • Relate. How do my perceptions of this situation relate to my personal and professional experiences? How do they relate to my knowledge and skills? Through what “lens” do you view this situation? From the perspective of classroom management or collaborative learning? Do you need professional development in terms of content knowledge?
  • Reason. Do you relate your point of view to someone else’s and how it affects the situation? Does sound practice support your strategies, or do you use different approaches? How does your point of view affect how you understand the problem? Could another point of view be helpful?
  • Reconstruct. What did you learn from this observation, and how will it affect your practice?

CARL framework

The CARL framework of reflection involves going through four stages: context, action, results, and learning. The vastness of this model gives a lot of information, and even at the first stage, you can already get a lot of valuable data. But this is also its main disadvantage because it makes the model more complex.

The framework has four steps:

  • Context : Description of the context of the experience.
  • Action : Explanation of the action taken.
  • Results : Explanation of what your actions led to.
  • Learning : Identification of the experience and knowledge gained.

Now that we’ve covered the basic concepts let’s write a reflective nursing essay.

Reflective Essay Outline

How to make a reflective essay? First, write an outline.

Any reflective essay is a statement of thoughts about something, and the outline acts as a sketch in which you write them down. Creating it is the first step to creating high quality and vivid essay.

What would make a good outline structure for a reflection essay? Structure all your knowledge. Write what you want to see in the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Here is the reflective essay outline template:

  • Hook: Use a catchy statement to set the tone and introduce the article.
  • Mention the main points.
  • Thesis statement: Include all the important points and ideas in one statement.
  • Topic sentence: Carefully explain the first idea in one sentence.
  • Proof of topic or idea: Use authoritative sources to support the idea.
  • Idea analysis: Apply logic and rational thought to the idea and information from the source.
  • Topic sentence: Carefully explain the second idea in one sentence.
  • Topic sentence: Carefully explain the third idea in one sentence.
  • Repeat the statement of the thesis.
  • Review the main ideas
  • Final, concluding sentence

Reflective Essay Thesis

A thesis statement is a condensed version of the paper in which you must briefly explain your position. The point is for your audience to read it and understand your work.

To make a good thesis statement for a reflective essay, you need to formulate your thought on paper. To begin with, think well about the problem, and develop your attitude toward it. That’s why the thesis statement should be created after writing the outline. It is unnecessary to give everything out in advance to the reader because later, you will unfold this thought more broadly.

After successfully developing the thesis statement, you can proceed to the actual writing.

And so, below, you can see examples of the reflective essay introduction and conclusion. Learn what its body of it is.

How to Start a Reflective Essay? Examples

You need to start any paper in the right way. How to write a reflective essay introduction? Check these examples:

  • Practice and theory do not always agree. Not all of the medical reference books that I have been able to study are fully applicable in practice. John Kimble’s case is a testament that it is often necessary to rely on them and consider the specific situation. He complained of dizziness, and the doctors advised him to get a blood iron test. The test showed that there was nothing wrong. But as it turned out later, this was an erroneous result because Kimble had eaten redfish rich in iron the day before, which temporarily raised the iron in his blood.
  • I had always dreamed of becoming a nurse, but my fear of blood robbed me of all desire to study. But still, my passion and ambition made me pull my will into a fist. I had to change and forget what fear of blood was. I lived my dream, which helped me overcome one of my fears.
  • A few years ago, I went through a severe emotional crisis. I had always dreamed of going to the University of California, as it is one of the most prestigious medical universities in the United States. But unfortunately, I failed my entrance exams, so I had to study at the university in my hometown. My failure seemed like a disaster, but now I realize it was a real blessing.

The essay’s body carries arguments, explanations of the topic, and the main body of information.

Each paragraph should begin with short introductory sentences, and the body of the sections should be divided into several parts. This will help you better structure what you have written and help the reader navigate through the text.

It is worth remembering about argumentation. There should be several things that you rely on in your position. Describe each of them in detail in a separate paragraph. Observe the semantic sequence. A mistake, in this case, will be to repeat twice the same argument in different words. It will give the reader the impression that there is nothing to say.

You should also remember about transitions in a reflective essay. Move smoothly from one aspect to another and take your time.

How to end a reflective essay? In conclusion, you should focus on pulling together all of the material, summarizing all of the points made and what you have learned. Try to include a few moments about why and how your attitudes and behaviors changed. Here are some examples:

  • Was the practice of volunteer nursing helpful to me? Absolutely! I was grateful for these weeks because I learned a lot. But most of all, I have learned my Soft skills, which will help me get used to my professional activities.
  • At that moment, I thought about who would be the priority in that situation, and I still believe it was the patient. If the same problem were to arise again, I think I would do nothing but speak up and justify my decisions. I recognize and know that time management and prioritization are essential skills in nursing, and I hope that my skills will improve with practice.
  • I reflected on how personal values can affect professional practice from the incident. Still, it is crucial to consider that the organization has its own set of values to follow, regardless of personal values. Finally, in reflecting on the incident, I was able to discuss the importance of quality assurance monitoring and health care evaluation both in general and during the incident, which allowed me to consider what conclusions were drawn from the incident and how to prevent similar situations occurring again.

So, now you have examples and an idea for writing a reflective nursing essay. Writing your paper will become many times easier and faster.

If this article was helpful, share it with your friends and colleagues!

❓ What Is the Purpose of Writing a Reflective Essay?

A reflective essay aims to express one’s thoughts about a previous experience, including how one changed in the process and what one learned. It is often described in a diary entry; they are intended to demonstrate how the author’s thoughts have changed over time.

❓ What Makes a Good Reflective Essay?

A reflective essay is a combination of both objective and subjective elements. We mix scholarly analysis with personal experiences. This type of paper should explain to readers how our experience influences our behavior and what lessons we learned.

❓ What Are the 3 Basic Parts of Reflection Paper?

An essay should have a clear structure and must contain three parts. It should have a clear introduction reflecting the problem, then the central part with an analysis of the causes, and the conclusion with possible solutions to the problem or how it affected the author.

❓ What Is the Best Reflective Model to Use in Nursing?

One of the best options for nurses is the Gibbs model. The model is accessible and extremely simple. Therefore it can be operated without any problems in any situation.

  • Reflection toolkit: The University of Edinburgh
  • Essay Conclusions: University of Maryland
  • Thesis Statements: UNC Writing Center
  • A short guide to reflective writing: University of Birmingham
  • Outlining: Harvard College Writing Center
  • Reflective Practice in Nursing: ZU
  • Critical self-reflection for nurse education: NCBI
  • Essay Structure: Harvard College Writing Center
  • Essay Structure: UAGC Writing Center
  • General tips for academic reflections: The University Of Edinburgh
  • Reflective essays – ANU
  • Writing An Essay Title – Illinois Valley Community College
  • Nursing Essay Help: Medical Essay Writing Service in UK
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Nursing Essay Examples

Cathy A.

Nursing Essay Examples That Will Help You Write a Stellar Paper

Published on: May 6, 2023

Last updated on: Jan 29, 2024

nursing essay examples

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Many nursing students struggle with writing effective nursing essays, which are an essential part of their education and professional development.

Poor essay writing skills can lead to low grades and an inability to effectively communicate important information.

This blog provides a comprehensive guide to writing nursing essays with examples and tips for effective writing. Whether you are a nursing student or a professional looking to improve your writing skills, this blog has something for you. 

By following the tips and examples provided, you can write compelling nursing essays that showcase your dedication to the field.

Let’s get started.

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What is a Nursing Essay?

A nursing essay is a type of academic writing that aims to explore a particular topic related to nursing. It also presents a clear and concise argument or viewpoint supported by evidence. 

Nursing essays can take many forms, including:

  • Descriptive essays
  • Reflective essays
  • Analytical essays
  • Persuasive essays

What is the Importance of the Nursing Essay?

Nursing essays are important for several reasons. First, they help nursing students develop critical thinking skills by requiring them to analyze and evaluate information.

Second, they help students develop research skills by requiring them to locate and use credible sources to support their arguments. 

Third, nursing essays help students develop communication skills by requiring them to present their ideas clearly and concisely in writing. Finally, nursing essays are important for nursing education because they prepare students for the types of writing.

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To help students better understand how to write nursing essays, it can be helpful to review examples.

Below are some examples of nursing essays.

Nursing School Essay Examples

College Nursing Essay Examples

Graduate Nursing Essay Examples

Nursing Scholarship Essay Examples

Nursing Essay Conclusion Examples

Nursing Essay Examples of Different Fields

Nursing is a diverse field with many different specialties and areas of focus. As a result, nursing essays can take many different forms and cover a wide range of topics. 

Given below are some examples of different types of nursing essays:

Personal Philosophy Of Nursing - Essay Examples

Cal State Fullerton Nursing Essay Examples

Evidence Based Practice Nursing In Medical Field - Essay Examples

Leadership In Nursing And Healthcare Professionals - Essay Examples

Principles Of Professional Practice Of Nursing Professionals And Pharmacists

If you're seeking additional examples of nursing essays, you're in luck! 

Below are some more examples that can help you gain a better understanding of nursing essays:

Health Care And Reflective Models For Nursing - Essay Examples

History Of Nursing Essay Examples

Ethical Dilemma In Nurses Work - Essay Examples

Mental Health Nursing Essay Examples

Why I Want To Be A Nurse Essay

Working In A Team And Collaboration In Nursing

How to Write a Nursing Essay

Writing a nursing essay can seem daunting, but with the right approach, it can be a rewarding experience.

Here are the key steps involved in writing a nursing essay:

Understanding the Topic and Question

The first step in writing a nursing essay is to carefully read and understand the topic and question. 

This will help you determine what information you need to research and include in your essay. Make sure you understand any key terms or concepts related to the topic. Consider different perspectives or viewpoints that may be relevant.

Researching the Topic

Once you have a clear understanding of the topic and question, it's time to research. 

Start by gathering information from credible sources such as academic journals, textbooks, and government websites. 

Consider both primary and secondary sources, and make sure to take detailed notes as you read.

Organizing and Outlining the Essay

Once you have completed your research, it's time to organize your ideas and create an outline for your essay. 

Start by identifying the main points or arguments you want to make, and then organize them into a logical order that flows well. 

Your outline should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Writing the Essay

With your outline in place, it's time to start writing your essay. Make sure to follow your outline closely, and use clear and concise language that effectively communicates your ideas. 

Use evidence from your research to support your arguments, and cite your sources appropriately.

Editing and Revising the Essay

Once you have completed a first draft of your essay, take some time to edit and revise it. Look for any errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation, and make sure your essay is well-organized and flows well. 

Consider asking a peer or instructor to review your essay and provide feedback.

What To Include In Your Nursing Essay

When writing a nursing essay, there are several key elements that you should include. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Introduction

Your introduction should provide a brief overview of the topic and purpose of your essay. It should also include a clear thesis statement that presents your main argument or point of view.

  • Background Information

Provide some background information on the topic to help the reader better understand the context of your essay. This can include relevant statistics, historical information, or other contextual details.

  • Evidence and Examples

Use evidence and examples from your research to support your arguments and demonstrate your knowledge of the topic. Make sure to cite your sources appropriately and use a variety of sources to strengthen your argument.

  • Analysis and Evaluation

Provide analysis and evaluation of the evidence and examples you've presented. This can include discussing strengths and weaknesses, comparing and contrasting different viewpoints, or offering your own perspective on the topic.

Your conclusion should summarize the main points of your essay and restate your thesis statement. It should also offer some final thoughts or suggestions for further research or action.

Nursing Essay Topic Ideas

Choosing a topic for your nursing essay can be challenging, but there are many areas in the field that you can explore. Here are some nursing essay topic ideas to consider:

  • The role of technology in nursing practice
  • The impact of cultural diversity on healthcare delivery
  • Nursing leadership and management in healthcare organizations
  • Ethical issues in nursing practice
  • The importance of patient-centered care in nursing practice
  • The impact of evidence-based practice on nursing care
  • The role of nursing in promoting public health
  • Nursing education and the importance of lifelong learning
  • The impact of nursing shortages on healthcare delivery
  • The importance of communication in nursing practice

These are just a few ideas to get you started. You can also explore other topics related to nursing that interest you or align with your academic or professional goals. 

Remember to choose a topic that is relevant, interesting, and feasible to research and write about.

Tips for Writing an Effective Nursing Essay

Writing a successful nursing essay requires careful planning, research, and attention to detail. Here are some tips to help you write an effective nursing essay:

  • Writing Concisely and Clearly

Nursing essays should be written in clear and concise language, avoiding unnecessary jargon or technical terms. Use simple language and short sentences to help ensure that your ideas are communicated clearly and effectively.

  • Stating a Clear Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement should clearly state your main argument and provide a roadmap for the rest of your essay. It should be clear, concise, and located at the end of your introduction.

  • Using Proper Citation and Referencing

Citing and referencing your sources is crucial in any academic writing, including nursing essays. Make sure to use proper citation and referencing styles, such as APA or MLA. Include a reference list or bibliography at the end of your essay.

  • Seeking Feedback and Revising

Before submitting your nursing essay, seek feedback from peers, professors, or writing tutors. Use their feedback to revise and improve your essay. Make sure that it is well-structured, coherent, and effectively communicates your point of view.

By following these tips, you can write a nursing essay that demonstrates your knowledge and skills in the field.

In conclusion, writing a successful nursing essay requires careful planning, research, and attention to detail. 

To showcase your knowledge in the field of nursing, it is important to have a clear understanding of the topic at hand. When writing your nursing essay, be sure to include relevant examples, incorporate current research, and use proper citation and referencing. 

And remember , seeking feedback and revising your essay is key to ensuring that it effectively communicates your ideas and arguments.

If you need help with your nursing essay or any other type of academic writing, consider using our AI essay writer . 

Our nursing essay writing service can provide personalized support to help you succeed in your academic goals.

So, why wait? Contact us to get college essay writing help today! 

Cathy A. (Literature)

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creative titles for essays about nursing

creative titles for essays about nursing

Nursing School Assignments and Tips to Ace All of Them

creative titles for essays about nursing

If you are about to start nursing school or considering enrolling in a nursing program, you would want to know what to expect. You will write many papers in nursing school and do many other assignments. This is true whether you pursue ADN, BSN, MSN, DNP, or PhD in Nursing.

Before we delve into the types of assignments and papers to expect in nursing school, let us begin by dispelling the myth that nursing school is hell; it is NOT. Instead, it is a beautiful and exciting journey into a noble profession. It entails a commitment to life-long continuous learning for you to grow.

Nursing school writing assignments are an excellent way for students to understand concepts taught in the classroom. You might wonder what kinds of assignments nursing students do. These assignments come in various forms and help students build critical thinking, creativity, research, clinical reasoning, and problem-solving skills that are critical in clinical settings.

This blog post looks at the diverse assignments you should expect or will cover in nursing school, including some tips to help you ace them and get better grades.

Common Nursing School Writing Assignments

Classwork forms the core of most nursing programs. You must have high-quality assignment submissions to attain better grades in nursing school. As soon as you decide to become a nursing student, you sign up for a marathon of writing different types of papers.

Whether you love or hate it, you will write papers before graduating from nursing school; that is the norm. Although not so many, you will encounter a few homework and assignments where you must submit a well-researched, formatted, and organized nursing paper.

The typical nursing school assignments include essays, research papers, term papers, and case studies. Others are article critiques/reviews, critical appraisal, evidence synthesis tables (synthesis matrix), PowerPoint Presentations, posters, discussion posts/ responses, and policy analysis papers. Other advanced papers include nursing care plans, SBAR template papers, evidence-based papers, capstone projects, theses, dissertations, proposals, etc.

These assignments are submitted either individually or as a group. Let us expound on this so you have a clear picture.

Essays for nursing classes come in various forms, including admission essays , scholarship essays, descriptive essays, persuasive essays, speech essays, expository essays, and narrative essays.

Notably, nursing essays focus on a single perspective, argument, or idea, which constantly forms the thesis of the paper.

Nursing essays focus on various topics relating to nursing practice and the broader healthcare field. You can write an essay examining a nursing theory or non-nursing theory or discuss a nursing issue .

Some essays, such as reflective nursing essays, use reflective models to reflect, analyze, and understand personal and professional encounters during clinical practice.

Each nursing essay should demonstrate your understanding of the topic, critical analysis, and organization skills. Besides, you should use evidence from peer-reviewed scholarly sources to support your arguments and ideas.

Discussion Board Posts

If you pursue a hybrid or exclusively online nursing program, you will be assigned to write weekly discussion forum posts and responses. Discussion board posts are short essay-like assignments posted in a threaded format so students can discuss nursing and healthcare topics.

You will write an original discussion post, between 200 and 300 words long, and post it on the forum. You are also expected to write a peer-response post in response to or to comment on an original post done by your peers.

Discussion boards help nursing students advance theoretical concepts, learn from one another, share ideas, and get feedback that can help them advance their knowledge in clinical reasoning and practice.

Research Papers

Nursing practice is evidence-driven, translating evidence into practice to ensure quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare. As such, nursing research takes precedence during studies and when practicing.

Nursing professors assign nursing students to write research papers on various evidence-based practice topics. The students must prove their worth by researching, analyzing, and organizing facts.

Related Writing Guides:

  • How to write a nursing school research paper.
  • Systematic Reviews vs Literature Review

Research papers help student nurses to review literature, conduct research, implement solutions, and draw evidence-based conclusions.

Research papers are critical in developing research and writing skills, maintaining good communication, and fostering creativity and clinical reasoning.

Potential nursing research paper topics can be quality improvement, healthcare/nursing informatics , healthcare policies, practice privileges, nursing ethics, ethical dilemmas , pathophysiology, and epidemiology .

Term Papers

In nursing school, a term paper is a type of assignment completed and submitted toward the end of the semester.

Usually, a professor can assign you a specific term paper topic, or they can let you choose a topic and consult with them for approval.

Term papers can be done individually or as a group project. A term paper has an impact on your final grade.

You should use credible scholarly sources published within the last five years for recent information.

Besides, also ensure that you plan your time well, do everything as per the instructions, and submit the nursing term paper before the deadline.

A term paper can also be a nursing process change report that is expected to address an area that needs change.

Case Studies

Nursing school case study assignments are an essential learning tool.

Most professors assign hypothetical clinical case studies or case scenarios (snippets) to test your clinical reasoning skills.

As a nursing educational tool, nursing case studies help you to develop practical, theoretical knowledge by simulating real-world experiences.

When analyzing a case study, you must use concepts and knowledge from class and class text to assess a patient, plan and implement care, and evaluate the outcomes.

Sometimes, you encounter simulated or digital clinical experience case studies such as iHuman and Shadow Health .

You should be very keen when analyzing a case study and when writing the analysis report.

Case studies help you get beyond books and use your creativity, clinical reasoning, problem-solving, and analytical skills to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems.

Your professor can give you a case study of a patient presenting with a given condition and expect you to take them through the care planning process, including admission and discharge, as you would in a real healthcare setting.

Other times, you can be asked to develop a hypothetical case study of a patient presenting with a chronic disease or a disorder and then use the case study guidelines, including head-to-toe assessment , diagnosis , nursing care planning , and discharge planning.

Related Guides:

  • How to write a great nursing case study.
  • How to complete a case conceptualization report (for psychiatric nursing students)

Nursing Care Plans and SOAP Notes

A nursing care plan can be part of a case study or a stand-alone assignment. Nursing care plans are essential in nursing education as they help students develop effective nursing care planning. Formulating a nursing care plan for a patient scenario or case helps treat them as you define the guidelines and roles of nurses in caring for the patient.

You also develop solid action plans for focused and patient-centred care by documenting the patient's needs. When they are part of an assignment, you can tabulate the nursing care plan using columns so that you explore every aspect independently.

Remember to use evidence from peer-reviewed scholarly sources when giving rationale.

The SOAP notes are a clinical tool healthcare professionals use to organize patient information to minimize confusion and assess, diagnose, and treat patients. Check our comprehensive guide on developing good SOAP Notes in nursing school .

Concept Maps

Another common nursing school assignment is concept maps. Concept mapping helps you visually organize, compartmentalize, and categorize information about nursing care planning, medical diagnosis, pathophysiology, SBAR, nursing responsibilities, etc.

A nursing concept map assignment equips you with strong critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. You also hone your clinical reasoning skills in the process.

Whether it is part of an assignment or a stand-alone, learn how to write great concept maps to score the best grades.

Concept Analysis Papers

If you are taking BSN, MSN, or DNP, you will likely be assigned to write a concept analysis paper. Make sure to distinguish this from a concept paper that is a proposal. A concept analysis paper examines the structure and function of a nursing concept.

The process entails a review of the literature and creativity in coming up with borderline, related, contrast, inverted, and illegitimate cases.

You also explore the antecedents and consequences of the concept before finalizing with empirical referents.

If you need to learn about the structure of a good concept analysis paper, check out our nursing concept analysis guide . We have listed concepts you can analyze depending on your speciality, instructions, and passion.

Capstone Projects

At an advanced stage in nursing school, students are expected to submit longer research papers; capstone project papers. A nursing capstone project is a final project that allows students to demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and concepts gained throughout the nursing program.

In nursing education, the capstone project typically covers an evidence-based practice issue or problem. You can write a nursing change paper, look into a clinical process, problem, or issue, and then develop recommendations based on a study.

Most of the MSN and DNP capstone projects focus on clinical change or quality improvement. You will be expected to develop a PICOT question and formulate a research study to examine the issue, implement a change process using evidence-based models, and make recommendations.

Nursing capstone projects are individual research projects based on nursing topics either of your professional or personal interest. You have to demonstrate competency and commitment to improve health outcomes.

Apart from capstone projects, you will also write a nursing thesis and dissertation papers, which depend on the program requirements and your professor's preferences.

Check out these specific writing guides for advanced papers:

  • How to write a nursing dissertation or thesis
  • Tips for choosing the best nursing dissertation topic
  • How to write an excellent capstone project paper
  • List of capstone project topics for nursing school
  • How to formulate a PICOT question
  • PICOT question examples to inspire nursing students

Group Assignments

In nursing school and practice, collaboration and teamwork are highly recommended. You will encounter collaborative group assignments such as presentations (PowerPoint slides, Prezi, or other platforms), simulation assignments, writing nursing reports, and group research projects.

Group projects allow you to research, learn, and organize ideas together so that you can understand concepts better. It is essential to avoid social loafing in a group to gain more. Besides, plan your time well and avoid excuses.

You can also be assigned to work on simulation exercises as a group of nursing students. The aim of such exercises is to build a collaborative, teamwork, and decision-making spirit among the team.

When in such groups, expect to work with your peers to assess the hypothetical patient, communicate with your peers, formulate a care plan, and manage any arising issues as you would in clinical settings. Do not take such activities for granted; they contribute significantly to your grade.


Your professor can assign you to design a PowerPoint Slide accompanied by speaker notes and send it for grading or present it online or in class. Under presentations, you will also be requested to design flyers, posters, and other visual documents to disseminate information.

It could be about a disease, health promotion, or nursing research. You must also make PowerPoint slides when presenting a thesis, dissertation, or capstone for assessments. Remember, this is the chance to bring out your creativity.

Expect other assignments such as dosage calculations, HESI test exams, skills checkoffs, electronic medical record documentation, nursing student portfolio, online quizzes, drug write-ups, process recordings, group drug presentations, etc.

In most cases, you will be given a template to use wisely and make it as appealing as possible.

Tips to Help You Ace Nursing Assignments

A lot goes into getting the best grades in nursing school. One of the main determinants of your nursing school grades is the assignments, which you are required to do and complete within set deadlines.

Even though many nursing students perform better on clinical, that needs to reflect in written assignments. Most students fear research and writing or do not take writing assignments seriously. Regardless of the assignment, here are some practical and effective tips to help you ace your nursing school writing assignments and surprise everyone, including yourself.

1. Plan your Time

The number one challenge for nursing students that inhibits them from completing assignments is the need for more time management.

Most students are juggling studies and work to make ends meet. It worsens when you have a massive workload from more than one class and a family to look after.

The simple trick to beat this is to manage your time well. You can schedule your assignments for periods when you are free and when you can concentrate and cover more. Assignments have deadlines ranging from hours to days or a few weeks.

To succeed, keep track of your assignments and other academic activities, such as mid-term and final examinations, so that you can plan your study periods. You can use online time management tools and apps to allocate your nursing school homework time.

With proper planning, you should be reassured about the last-minute rush to complete your assignment, which is responsible for the colossal failure we are experiencing in nursing schools.

2. Follow the Course Guidelines to the T

Guidelines, prompts, and reading materials accompany each writing assignment and homework. Sometimes a professor can be generous enough also to give you access to the Rubric, which breaks down how they will assess assignments. Ensure you read everything and note what is required before working on any paper.

Pay attention to these, read, and familiarize yourself with the course guidelines. Understand the formatting requirements preferred by your school, such as Vancouver, APA, or Harvard. Most nursing schools will specify this in the course documents. Also, check the databases and journal articles you can use when writing your nursing assignments.

Preparing in advance by reading the course materials to identify the recommended study materials. You will have a deeper understanding, knowledge, and skills to handle every nursing assignment correctly.

3. Have an Active Study Buddy

A nursing study buddy can be one of your classmates whom you study with. Study buddies offer mutual support, which comes in handy when completing assignments.

Select a bright and committed person with something to offer so you are not only giving. Set the study hours and have accountability follow-ups to ensure you cover much of the syllabus and concepts in time.

A study buddy can help you understand nursing concepts, theories, models, and frameworks. They can also help you review your written papers and give valuable feedback when editing and proofreading your nursing papers.

A knowledgeable, accountable, committed study partner can help you revamp your grades by submitting high-quality assignments.

4. Join a Study Group

A study group is a tried and tested means of completing nursing assignments. Apart from building your teamwork and collaborative skills, you can brainstorm ideas, critique one another, and learn more about the class assignments. With diversity in thoughts, you can get valuable insights and inputs for personal-level work.

Besides, you are also guaranteed to ace the nursing group assignments with ease. When doing group work, try to rotate into new groups so that you can appreciate the diversity of thoughts and reasoning. You can also identify individuals from your groups, those that are active, as your study buddies.

When you have accountability partners within the group, you commit to given tasks and make necessary follow-ups. If you are a part-time student, consider having students whose free time is similar to yours to benefit everyone.

5. Get Writing Assignment Help

As with other subjects in college and university, nursing students face challenges such as time management, complexity of assignments, too many assignments, and writer's block. When you feel overwhelmed with completing your nursing class assignments, you can always pay someone to handle the class for you or at least do your coursework or assignments.

One sure way to get assistance without drawing too much attention is by trusting assignment help websites like NurseMyGrade.com with your papers. Many students do not have time to complete assignments or find them challenging. Consequently, many hire nursing assignment helpers from nursing paper writing platforms.

If you feel like hiring the right professionals, use NurseMyGrade. We offer customized writing solutions to nursing students at different academic levels. Our nursing experts can complete short and lengthy assignments. You will have a well-researched and formatted paper written in Vancouver, APA, MLA, ASA, AMA, Harvard, or any citation style you choose.

You can use the tips and insights above to master nursing school assignments. We wish you all the best as you strive towards excellence. Don't worry about the many assignments. Instead, be grateful that they will equip you with knowledge, skills, and experience to make you the best nurse.

How Many Papers to Write in Nursing School

We have so far covered the general aspects of the types of assignments to expect in nursing school. Under the assignments, you may ask yourself if you must write many papers in nursing school.

While the answer depends on your professor, institutional curriculum requirements, and nursing level, you will undoubtedly write a couple of academic papers before graduating from nursing school. You will write research papers, essays, proposals, white papers, policy analysis papers, capstone project papers, case studies, scholarship essays, personal statements, quality improvement reports, etc.

Suppose you are pursuing a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program. In that case, you will likely write between 13 and 15 papers during the LPN program, including short and long essays, reflective journals, essays, patient-based case studies, and others as your professor pleases.

If you are in a 2-year ADN program, expect to complete about 20 to 30 papers, including care plans, SBAR reports, essays, case studies analyses, research papers, reports, and other assignments.

For a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, you will write between 35 and 50 papers. If you are taking the online class program options, like the WGU BSN program, you might write more papers because they form the basis for your assessment.

BSN-level papers are demanding because you must strictly adhere to the formatting styles and be critical and organized in your presentation.

If you are taking a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program, an advanced-level study for registered nurses (RNs), you will do about 20-50 papers, given that it offers the foundation for nursing research. Again, at an advanced level, the MSN writing assignments are complex.

You need to plan well, research widely, and analyze facts thoroughly before drawing conclusions. During this level, expect to write papers such as MSN essays, discussion posts and responses, specialized case studies, research papers, clinical reports, advanced SOAP notes, nursing care plans, policy papers, position papers (white papers), dissertations, theses, capstone papers, project papers, and change project papers.

You are expected to show exquisite research skills for the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, considered the highest level or terminal degree in nursing practice. At this level, you have specialized, advanced your knowledge, and have adequate experience.

Mostly, DNP papers are a little longer. You will write between 20-30 papers; depending on your nursing school curriculum and supervisor's preference, it could be less or more.

If you opt for the research route, you will write many research papers, technical papers, policy analysis papers, white papers, reflection papers, nursing dissertations, PICOT-based change project papers (DNP change project papers), and other assignments.

Finally, for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in nursing programs, you should expect to write between 10 and 15 papers covering research-oriented topics.

Attaining this degree makes you the epitome of success in the field. You can advance into a nursing researcher, educator, leader, or manager.

We have writers that can help you handle all these types of papers regardless of the academic level. Our Online Nursing Writing pros are available for hire anytime and any day.

Having worked successfully with many nursing clients/students, we are confident to help you achieve your dreams.

Before you go …

There are many assignments and papers to complete in nursing school, including written assignments, quizzes, exams (oral and written), reflective journals, journal entries, e-Portfolio, integrative reviews, teaching plans, presentations, etc. Whether taking an LPN program or advancing your career by pursuing a Ph.D. in Nursing, you will do many nursing school assignments.

Do not take assignments as a punishment. Instead, consider them as tools to equip and shape you into a desirable nurse practitioner.

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious about completing the assignments, you can hire our nursing writers to help you. We can help you ace nursing assignments online and ensure that you get 100% well-researched, organized, and proofread papers.

Our papers are 100% original and non-plagiarized. The writers understand how to structure nursing papers, formulate great paragraphs using the MEAN, PEEL, or TEEL formats, and write desirable papers consistently, scoring the best grades. You can call us your nursing assignment slayers or acers because, in a few hours, we will help you get it all behind you. We can help you ace online nursing classes and tests/quizzes .

Click on the Order button and fill out the form to get our writers started in making you a nursing paper that gives the best grade. No topic is challenging for us, and we allow you direct communication with the writer in the process of getting help.

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