Essay on Helping Earthquake Victims

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100 Words Essay on Helping Earthquake Victims

Understanding earthquakes.

Earthquakes are natural disasters that happen when the earth’s plates move. They can cause buildings to fall and roads to crack, making it hard for people to live. Many people get hurt or lose their homes during earthquakes.

Providing Immediate Help

When an earthquake happens, quick help is needed. This can be given by doctors, nurses, and rescue workers. They can treat the injured, find people who are trapped, and give food and water to those who need it.

Rebuilding Homes

After the earthquake, many people may not have homes. Help can be given by building new houses or fixing the old ones. This can be done by volunteers, construction workers, or organizations.

Supporting Victims

Earthquake victims often need emotional support. This can be given by friends, family, or professional counselors. They can help victims deal with their feelings and fears after the disaster.

Education and Prevention

Lastly, teaching people about earthquakes can help prevent future harm. This can be done by schools, community groups, or government agencies. They can teach people how to stay safe during an earthquake.

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250 Words Essay on Helping Earthquake Victims

An earthquake is a sudden shake of the earth’s surface. It is caused by the movement of the earth’s plates. Earthquakes can cause many problems like the collapse of buildings, landslides, tsunamis, and fires. People who live in areas where earthquakes happen often need help to survive and rebuild their lives.

Helping the Victims

There are many ways to help earthquake victims. One way is through donations. People can donate money, food, clothes, or other necessary items. The donated items are given to the victims to help them meet their immediate needs.

Medical Aid

After an earthquake, many people get hurt. They might have broken bones, cuts, or other injuries. Doctors and nurses can help by giving medical aid. They can treat the injuries and make sure the victims are safe.

Earthquakes often destroy homes. One of the biggest ways to help is to help rebuild these homes. Groups of people can come together to build new homes for the victims. This gives them a safe place to live while they get back on their feet.

Psychological Support

Earthquakes can be very scary. Victims might feel sad, scared, or confused. Counselors and therapists can help by giving emotional support. They can listen to the victims’ feelings and help them cope with what happened.

In conclusion, helping earthquake victims is very important. It can be done in many ways, from donating items, giving medical aid, rebuilding homes, and providing emotional support. By doing these things, we can help victims recover and rebuild their lives.

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500 Words Essay on Helping Earthquake Victims

Understanding earthquakes and their impact.

An earthquake is a natural disaster that happens when the earth’s plates move. This movement causes the ground to shake, sometimes very strongly. Earthquakes can cause a lot of damage. They can destroy buildings, roads, and even entire cities. People who live in areas where earthquakes happen often need help to recover from the damage.

Immediate Help for Earthquake Victims

The first step in helping earthquake victims is to provide immediate aid. This includes rescue teams searching for people trapped under the rubble. These teams are trained to work quickly and safely to save lives. Medical help is also important. Doctors and nurses treat people who are hurt. They can help with broken bones, cuts, and other injuries.

Food, water, and shelter are also needed right away. Many times, earthquakes destroy homes and stores, leaving people without a place to live or food to eat. Aid organizations can provide tents for shelter and meals for people to eat.

Long-Term Help for Earthquake Victims

After the immediate needs are met, long-term help is needed. This can include rebuilding homes and other buildings. This is a big job that can take a long time. Construction workers, engineers, and architects can all help with this work.

Schools may also need to be rebuilt. This is important so that children can continue their education. Teachers can help by providing lessons and support to students during this difficult time.

The Role of the Community and Government

The community can play a big role in helping earthquake victims. People can donate money, food, and clothing to aid organizations. They can also volunteer their time to help with rebuilding efforts.

The government also has a role to play. They can provide money and resources to help with recovery efforts. They can also make plans to help prepare for future earthquakes. This can include building stronger buildings and teaching people what to do during an earthquake.

Helping earthquake victims is a big task that requires the efforts of many people. From immediate help like rescue and medical aid, to long-term help like rebuilding, every bit of help is important. By working together, we can help those affected by earthquakes to recover and rebuild their lives. Remember, even a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life. So, let’s do our part to help those in need.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Earthquake Essay for Students and Children


500+ Words Essay on Earthquake

Simply speaking, Earthquake means the shaking of the Earth’s surface. It is a sudden trembling of the surface of the Earth. Earthquakes certainly are a terrible natural disaster. Furthermore, Earthquakes can cause huge damage to life and property. Some Earthquakes are weak in nature and probably go unnoticed. In contrast, some Earthquakes are major and violent. The major Earthquakes are almost always devastating in nature. Most noteworthy, the occurrence of an Earthquake is quite unpredictable. This is what makes them so dangerous.

earthquake victims essay

Types of Earthquake

Tectonic Earthquake: The Earth’s crust comprises of the slab of rocks of uneven shapes. These slab of rocks are tectonic plates. Furthermore, there is energy stored here. This energy causes tectonic plates to push away from each other or towards each other. As time passes, the energy and movement build up pressure between two plates.

Therefore, this enormous pressure causes the fault line to form. Also, the center point of this disturbance is the focus of the Earthquake. Consequently, waves of energy travel from focus to the surface. This results in shaking of the surface.

Volcanic Earthquake: This Earthquake is related to volcanic activity. Above all, the magnitude of such Earthquakes is weak. These Earthquakes are of two types. The first type is Volcano-tectonic earthquake. Here tremors occur due to injection or withdrawal of Magma. In contrast, the second type is Long-period earthquake. Here Earthquake occurs due to the pressure changes among the Earth’s layers.

Collapse Earthquake: These Earthquakes occur in the caverns and mines. Furthermore, these Earthquakes are of weak magnitude. Undergrounds blasts are probably the cause of collapsing of mines. Above all, this collapsing of mines causes seismic waves. Consequently, these seismic waves cause an Earthquake.

Explosive Earthquake: These Earthquakes almost always occur due to the testing of nuclear weapons. When a nuclear weapon detonates, a big blast occurs. This results in the release of a huge amount of energy. This probably results in Earthquakes.

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Effects of Earthquakes

First of all, the shaking of the ground is the most notable effect of the Earthquake. Furthermore, ground rupture also occurs along with shaking. This results in severe damage to infrastructure facilities. The severity of the Earthquake depends upon the magnitude and distance from the epicenter. Also, the local geographical conditions play a role in determining the severity. Ground rupture refers to the visible breaking of the Earth’s surface.

Another significant effect of Earthquake is landslides. Landslides occur due to slope instability. This slope instability happens because of Earthquake.

Earthquakes can cause soil liquefaction. This happens when water-saturated granular material loses its strength. Therefore, it transforms from solid to a liquid. Consequently, rigid structures sink into the liquefied deposits.

Earthquakes can result in fires. This happens because Earthquake damages the electric power and gas lines. Above all, it becomes extremely difficult to stop a fire once it begins.

Earthquakes can also create the infamous Tsunamis. Tsunamis are long-wavelength sea waves. These sea waves are caused by the sudden or abrupt movement of large volumes of water. This is because of an Earthquake in the ocean. Above all, Tsunamis can travel at a speed of 600-800 kilometers per hour. These tsunamis can cause massive destruction when they hit the sea coast.

In conclusion, an Earthquake is a great and terrifying phenomenon of Earth. It shows the frailty of humans against nature. It is a tremendous occurrence that certainly shocks everyone. Above all, Earthquake lasts only for a few seconds but can cause unimaginable damage.

FAQs on Earthquake

Q1 Why does an explosive Earthquake occurs?

A1 An explosive Earthquake occurs due to the testing of nuclear weapons.

Q2 Why do landslides occur because of Earthquake?

A2 Landslides happen due to slope instability. Most noteworthy, this slope instability is caused by an Earthquake.


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  • Earthquake Essay


Download the Earthquake Essay Available on Vedantu’s Website.

Earthquakes are some of the most devastating natural disasters. Millions of dollars worth of property are damaged and a hundred die every time a big magnitude of eater quake strikes.  It is in this regard that everyone must read and know about earthquakes and be prepared to mitigate the damage. Furthermore, the topic of earthquakes is quite often asked in exams. Preparing for this topic will enable them to have an edge and score more marks in the English paper.

To serve the above-mentioned purpose, Vedantu has come up with the Earthquake essay. This essay is prepared by the experts who know what exactly is required to know and weeding out points that are not important. The essay is very precise and would surely allow students to successfully claim marks in the essay question and even stay prepared when an earthquake actually strikes.

What is an Earthquake?

When the earth’s surface shakes, the phenomenon is referred to as an earthquake. Precisely, the sudden trembling of the earth’s surface is the cause of an earthquake. Earthquakes are regarded as one of the deadliest natural disasters. Huge damage and loss of property are caused by earthquakes. There are various types of earthquakes. Some of them are severe in nature. The most dangerous thing about an earthquake is that it is quite unpredictable. It can cause several damages without any previous indication. The intensity of an earthquake is measured by the Richter’s scale. Generally, earthquakes occur due to the movement of tectonic plates under the earth’s surface.

Types of Earthquake

There are four kinds of earthquakes namely 

Tectonic Earthquake,

Volcanic Earthquake, 

Collapse Earthquake and 

Explosive Earthquake.

Tectonic Earthquake 

It is caused due to the movement of the slab of rocks of uneven shapes that lie underneath the earth’s crust. Apart from that, energy is stored in the earth’s crust. Tectonic plates are pushed away from each other or towards each other due to the energy. A pressure is formed because of the energy and movement as time passes. A fault line is formed due to severe pressure. The center point of this dispersion is the epicenter of the earthquake. Subsequently, traveling of the waves of energy from focus to the surface causes the tremor.

Volcanic Earthquake

The earthquake caused by volcanic activity is called a volcanic earthquake. These kinds of earthquakes are of weaker magnitudes. Volcanic earthquakes are categorized into two types. In the first type, which is called volcano-tectonic, shaking happens due to input or withdrawal of Magma. In the second type, which is termed as Long-period earthquake, tremors occur due to changing of pressure among the earth’s layers.

Collapse Earthquake

Collapse Earthquake is the third type of earthquake that occurs in the caverns and mines. This is another example of a weak magnitude earthquake. Mines collapsed due to underground blasts. Consequently, seismic waves are formed due to this collapsing. Earthquakes occur because of these seismic waves.

Explosive Earthquake

The fourth type of earthquake is called an explosive earthquake. This is caused due to the testing of nuclear weapons.

Effects of Earthquake

The effects of earthquakes are very severe and deadly. 

It can cause irreparable damage to property and loss of human lives. The lethality of an earthquake depends on its distance from the epicentre. 

Damage to establishments is the direct impact of an earthquake. In the hilly areas, several landslides are caused due to earthquakes.  

Another major impact of an earthquake is soil liquefaction. Losing the strength of water-saturated granular material is the cause behind this. The rigidity of soil is totally lost due to this.

Since the earthquake affects the electric power and gas lines, it can cause a fire to break out. 

Deadly Tsunamis are caused due to earthquakes. Gigantic sea waves are caused by the sudden or abnormal movement of huge volumes of water. This is called an earthquake in the ocean. When tsunamis hit the sea coasts, they cause a massive loss of lives and properties. 

Earthquake is termed as one of the most huge and lethal natural disasters in the world. It proves the fact that human beings are just nothing in front of nature. The sudden occurrence of earthquakes shocks everyone. Scientists are working rigorously to prevent the damage of earthquakes, but nothing fruitful has been achieved yet.

Examples of Devastating Earthquake

The city of Kobe in Japan witnessed a devastating earthquake on January  17, 1995, killing more than 6,000 and making more than 45,000 people homeless.  The magnitude of the quake was 6.9 at the moment which caused damage of around 100 million dollars.  The governor of Kobe spent years on reconstruction and made efforts to bring back fifty thousand people who had left home.  Japan geologically is a highly active country. It lies upon four major tectonic plates namely, Eurasian, Philippine, Pacific, and North American which frequently meet and interact.

The second incident is in Nepal where an earthquake struck on April 25, 2015. About 9000 people were killed and almost 600,000 structures were destroyed.  The magnitude of the quake was 7.9 and the repels were felt by neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, China and India.  The disaster caused severe damage of millions of dollars. All the countries across the world including India garnered to help Nepal by sending monetary aid, medical supplies, transport helicopters and others.


FAQs on Earthquake Essay

1. How to download the Earthquake Essay?

The Earthquake essay is available on Vedantu's website in PDF format. The PDF could be downloaded on any device, be it android, apple or windows.    One just has to log on to www.vedantu.com and download the document. The document is totally free of cost and a student does not need to pay any prior registration fee.  

2. How to protect oneself during an earthquake?

Earthquakes could be very disastrous and can cause a lot of collateral damage.  During an earthquake you can look for the corners to hide. Another safe place to hide is under the table or under the bed. If one is sitting in a multistory building, avoid taking a lift and only use the stairs. In this kind of situation, one should never panic and stay calm.  Let the earthquake pass until then keep hiding in the safe spot. Once over, come out to evaluate the situation and take appropriate actions.

3. How to mitigate the effects of an earthquake?

Prevention is better than cure. It is always a better idea to take necessary actions before an earthquake has struck. In the first place, send a copy of all your documents to someone reliable. In case of an earthquake that destroys your important documents, there would always remain a facility to retrieve them.  Research and know if your city is in a seismic zone.  One should also take note of earthquakes during the construction of a house and lay emphasis on a seismic-proof house.

4. How can one teach people about the effects of an earthquake?

There are many ways one can raise awareness about the effects of earthquakes.  There is Youtube and Instagram which could be used to disseminate all the knowledge about the earthquake and its impact on humans. You can also go to schools and colleges to conduct a seminar whereby the students could be told about the mitigation and steps to take when an earthquake strikes.  However before that, one must thoroughly research the topic. For this, visit www.vedntu.com and download the earthquake essay for free.

5. Who has written the Earthquake essay?

The earthquake essay provided by Vedantu is prepared by expert teachers who invest a good amount of time and effort to come up with an essay that is highly useful for the students in their personal lives as well as for their academic performance. The students can use this essay to maximize their abilities to cope with the questions on earthquakes and the earthquake itself. The essay is totally reliable and one mustn’t doubt its credibility at all.


Earthquake Experience Essay

Haiti earthquake 7.0 earthquake.

A natural disaster has the capability to cause large scale damage and destruction to an area. Seismic events have been known to alter landscapes and affect the livelihoods, health and development of communities. No two earthquake events are the same and the level of threat posed by an earthquake can vary due to both the human and physical factors of an area. The 2010 magnitude - 7.0 earthquake that occurred in Haiti is an example of where a natural disaster caused a previously vulnerable area to suffer tremendous loss and debilitating socio-economic impacts, to an already poverty-stricken nation.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Personal Statement

At least 75,000 were killed while 70,000 were left injured. Even the larger cities of the country including the capital Islamabad (my hometown) came under the devastation caused by the earthquake. I got the opportunity to work as a volunteer by loading items onto the helicopters and setting up camps so that they could be supplied to the needy. Working with the mobile clinics was a distinctive experience by educating patients and victims about self-care and hygiene. This experience definitely helped me in realizing how satisfying it is to help others and be there for humanity when their future and hopes seem go

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As I walked, the air of this haunted, dreadful and sorrowful land had sucked the life out of everything and roared as humanity began to disappear. As I carried on walking, I noticed that the small fraction of light was getting smaller and smaller, until it had been engulfed into a think black ash like smoke. Aggressively, the wind walked past the building with its cruddy feeling, blowing away all signs of life. Deeper and deeper into the land was a burning car door. The fire roared and crackled. The roaring and crackling of the burning car door merged with the aggressive air and created the loudest sounds ever heard on land. Growing darker, the skies made me feel nauseous. The fear of not waking up if a human fell asleep towered

Hurricane Sandy Essay

Hurricane Sandy was a tropical cyclone that devastated portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States in late October 2012. The eighteenth named storm and tenth hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, as measured by diameter, with winds spanning 1,100 miles. Sandy is estimated in early calculations to have caused damage of at least $20 billion. Preliminary estimates of losses that include business interruption surpass $50 billion, which, if confirmed, would make it the second-costliest Atlantic hurricane in history, behind only Hurricane Katrina.

2010 Haiti Earthquake Essay

  • 10 Works Cited

Earthquakes have afflicted the world since its inception. The sudden release of energy from volcanoes or displacing of earth plates can result in disasters of extreme magnitude. These usually naturally occurring phenomenon have been responsible from wiping out entire towns throughout history and until today continue to produce major loss of life and infrastructure. It can take years for a city or country to recover from a major event of this kind and when a third world country is involved, the result is usually exponentially worse than in a developed country. In the past decades Japan, Chile and Haiti have suffered the devastation an earthquake produces. This document will concentrate in Haiti, a small country in the Caribbean. On

Haiti Earthquake Essay

The January 12, 2010 Haiti Earthquake caused an enormous destruction in the Caribbean nation. Hospitals and government buildings collapsed along with an unbelievable amount of homes. Tens of thousands of people were killed, and many more were wounded. The disaster added more misery to people already struggling to get by with everyday life. Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world. The January 12 quake demolished almost every major building in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital. About 5,000 schools in the city were destroyed or damaged. Throughout Haiti, more than 220,000 people were killed, and more than 1 million were left homeless. A few days after the quake, the number of survivors stood at 121 as hopes of finding more became

Cascadia Subduction Zone And San Andreas Fault

On August 24, 2014 a magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred in and around the city of Napa, CA. The earthquake killed one person and injured over 150 people. And these people were treated at Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa [1]. More and more earthquakes occurred on this earth. So this grasps people’s attention.

Earthquake Dbq

Imagine if you had to restart your life, new shelter, new job, new lifestyle. Well locals or people in the Philippines had to restart their life when an earthquake with an magnitude of 7.1 hit the country and destroyed people’s lives. The earthquake had a devastating 7.1 magnitude. The earthquake hit the Philippines on October 15th, 2013. The likely culprit of the earthquake was the East Bohol Fault because the two tectonic plates were sliding against each other and the creates an earthquake. Sadly, earthquake killed more than 90 people. Ports, schools, and airports were damaged. A hospital collapsed then that lead to a killing of 18 people. Children were also injured at sports complexes because people rushed the exits when the the ground started to shake. Lastly, 5 people were killed in a landslide that was triggered from the earthquake. What really matters though is how people respond to the

Dbq 2007 Earthquake Research Paper

Have you ever been in a deadly earthquake? In 2013, the people of the Philippines experienced one. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake that affected around 43,000 people with 2,211 aftershocks that ended up killing a total of 185 people. Earthquakes are known as one of the most dangerous natural disasters. This horrific event happened October 15th, 2013. The earthquake hit hardest in the central Philippines, it was reported to be caused by the East Bohol Fault. People act in a response to a natural disaster by gathering resources, spreading word, and government aid.

The Hazards Presented by Volcanic and Seismic Events Have the Greatest Impact on the World’s Poorest People'. to What Extent Do You Agree with This View?

The Kobe earthquake in Japan 1995 struck at 5.45am. Many people were asleep in bed, causing the hazard to be increased because the people were unaware. Although many Japanese buildings were of aseismic design, the roofs of their houses were designed to withstand typhoons and so were very heavy. When the earthquake struck many people

Personal Narrative: My First Vietnam War

It was burnt to the ground and most had not gotten out. There was not a single person still living in the city, but I could still hear them. The screams of their last moments before the flames destroyed all were ringing in my ears. It got louder and louder as I sobbed. How could I let this happen? How could I not help all those people to save a tiny family that should even exist? Soon, after what felt like hours of crying, I looked out over the city once more. I could see the future of it being rebuilt and families returning to the once said place. What gave me the most comfort was seeing the small family of three helping all others the came in contact with. They and their descendants would help all, but be remembered by only

Haiti: The Earthquake In Haiti

In 2010, an earthquake occurred that scared ten million lives of men, women, and children. However, the earthquake

1906 San Francisco Earthquake Research Paper

400-700 People died in the 1906 San-Francisco earthquake. The mass destruction, was unpreventable, and was also chaotic, obliterating over 25,000 buildings. Emma Burke, and Fred Hewitt were the author’s of one of the few Eyewitness novels that wrote about the quake. Would you like to be in that town? Would you like to have your house get destroyed? I hope not!

Discuss the view that the impact of earthquake hazards depends primarily on human factors (40)

Another human factor is the earthquake mitigation through education and community awareness. Schemes such as the one in Sichuan, China helped to save thousands of lives. The weekly intervals of training in case of an earthquake, educated children and adults of what to do when the quake struck. Evacuation schemes such as the window slides or hiding under tables was reported to have saved thousands when the magnitude 8.0 hit the area in 2008. However, some were not saved due to their unwillingness to move and evacuate the area. Some people of the village, notably the poorer and elderly refused to leave as they didn’t want to leave all they owned behind.

Informative Speech On Earthquakes

Purpose: Everyone will think that we are living in a peaceful state now and ignore to pay attention to the natural disaster information. On the contrary, this thought in your mind will reduce your sense of crisis. Believe or not, increase a sense of crisis of the earthquake and learn more earthquake information can decrease the damage when the earthquakes occur in our life

Disaster Preparedness and Nursing: A Scenario of an Earthquake

The development of a thought-through disaster management plan is essential to proper and immediate response in emergency situations. Human lives and safety depend on the disaster management cycle, which is improved and facilitated under the Healthy People 2020 objectives (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016). Nurses play a pivotal role in addressing disasters, both human-made and natural, since they are professionally trained to respond quickly and competently to the health challenges imposed by an emergency. In a scenario of an earthquake, nursing staff must be aware of the stages of disaster management and disaster preparedness in particular.

An earthquake is a natural disaster that might induce significant material and health damage by its destructing forces. In managing earthquake cases, nurses should follow the four stages of disaster management, namely prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016). However, preparedness predetermines the effectiveness of all the consecutive stages in the cycle. The essential steps of nursing disaster preparedness include personal preparedness, professional preparedness, and community preparedness. According to Stanhope and Lancaster (2016), the personal preparedness of nurses is a stepping stone of disaster management since the ability of healthcare professionals to preserve their safety and functioning helps save the lives of the community. Professional preparedness entails the knowledge, awareness, and practical skills necessary to ensure the safe evacuation of people in an earthquake and provide competent and timely health care through triage and proper management. Finally, community preparedness also depends on the competencies of nurses since it includes healthcare-informed response planning and coordination of all involved stakeholders (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016). Thus, preparedness is an essential element in the disaster management cycle, the role of nurses in which is crucial.

In summation, nurses’ preparedness to respond to a disaster predetermines the success of the rescuing operations and the well-being and survival rate of the victims. In the case of an earthquake, nurses must ensure personal preparedness, professional preparedness, and community preparedness. These steps will allow for proper planning of response to emergency and smooth implementation of the planned rescuing and healthcare procedures aimed to save people’s lives.

Stanhope, M., & Lancaster, J. (2016). Public health nursing: Population-centered health care in the community (9 th ed.). Elsevier Mosby.

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  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2023, November 21). Disaster Preparedness and Nursing: A Scenario of an Earthquake. https://ivypanda.com/essays/disaster-preparedness-and-nursing-a-scenario-of-an-earthquake/

"Disaster Preparedness and Nursing: A Scenario of an Earthquake." IvyPanda , 21 Nov. 2023, ivypanda.com/essays/disaster-preparedness-and-nursing-a-scenario-of-an-earthquake/.

IvyPanda . (2023) 'Disaster Preparedness and Nursing: A Scenario of an Earthquake'. 21 November.

IvyPanda . 2023. "Disaster Preparedness and Nursing: A Scenario of an Earthquake." November 21, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/disaster-preparedness-and-nursing-a-scenario-of-an-earthquake/.

1. IvyPanda . "Disaster Preparedness and Nursing: A Scenario of an Earthquake." November 21, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/disaster-preparedness-and-nursing-a-scenario-of-an-earthquake/.


IvyPanda . "Disaster Preparedness and Nursing: A Scenario of an Earthquake." November 21, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/disaster-preparedness-and-nursing-a-scenario-of-an-earthquake/.

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A collapsed building in Pazarcık, the epicentre of the Turkey’s earthquake.

Two weeks after the Turkey-Syria earthquakes – a photo essay

The death toll from the twin earthquakes has surpassed 46,000, making them among the most deadly of the 21 st century

F ourteen days after two powerful earthquakes shook southern Turkey and northern Syria, in what has been described as one of the deadliest of the 21st century, the death toll has surpassed 46,000. Dozens of towns have been reduced to rubble with six-story buildings crumbling in a matter of seconds. After five days, there was already no place for the dead in the cemeteries of the affected regions while hundreds of thousands of people were sleeping in the open air, in often subzero conditions. Many have slept in their cars or in makeshift tents under market stalls, with nowhere else to go. For more than a week, rescuers worked day and night, hampered by a large winter storm, in an attempt to find the survivors.

A pedestrian passes a collapsed building in Kahramanmaraş, southerrn Turkey

Above: a pedestrian passes a collapsed building in Kahramanmaraş, southern Turkey. Right, far right and below: scenes of damage to Pazarcık, the epicentre of the earthquake

Earthquake damage in Pazarcık.

Babies, teenagers and sometimes entire families were pulled, still alive, from the rubble, to the applause of the people and the tears of relatives. Some survived for up to 11 days buried beneath the remains of their houses. Many families said that, in the first few days after the earthquakes, they could make out the faint voices of relatives under the debris. Then, slowly, silence fell over the piles of concrete and bricks that were once homes and are now tombs.

For 60 hours, Barış Yapar tried to dig his grandparents’ bodies out from under the rubble of their own home. With his parents, Habip and Sevcan, the 27-year-old clinical psychology student tried in vain to remove them. It was desperate work. It took two full days after the two earthquakes before Turkey ’s official disaster relief agency reached the town of Samandağ near the Syrian border. When they finally arrived, the small number of rescuers were stretched thin. The Yapars watched as rescue workers pulled people from the smashed concrete, a number of whom they had known for generations.

A view of the destruction in Samandağ.

Above: a view of the of destruction in Samandağ. Right: Barış Yapar and his parents are now living in the town’s central square, spending the nights in their car. Below: people displaced by the earthquake in Samandağ gather in front of a truck distributing food, clothes and other items.

Barış Yapar and his parents are now living in the central square of Samandağ, spending the nights in their car.

As in other places affected by the earthquake, Samandağ cemetery had no more room for other bodies. The freshly dug graves are marked with blank headstones, with only pieces of ripped cloth gathered from the victims’ clothing to identify them.

On the street outside the Nurdağı cemetery in the Turkish province of Gaziantep, dozens of bodies lie piled on top of each other on a row of pickup trucks, waiting to be buried. At least five imams have rushed to Nurdağı to officiate a ceaseless rush of mass funerals, sometimes for as many as 10 victims at once. Officials brought in deliveries of coffins from neighbouring villages and as far as Istanbul to provide a final resting place for the overwhelming numbers of bodies arriving in the town.

Residents and workers in front a destroyed building in Nurdağı.

Top: residents and workers in front of destroyed homes in Nurdağı cemetery. Right: three earthquake victims are buried at the cemetery. Below left: the aftermath in Kahramanmaraş. Below right: a body is carried through the streets of Kahramanmaraş.

The burial of three earthquake victims at the Nurdağı cemetery.

“Forty per cent of the people who lived in this town could be gone,” said Sadık Güneş, an imam in Nurdağı. His home had been next to the mosque, which collapsed. Without a place for their prayers, mass funeral services in Nurdağı and the rest of southern Turkey having been taking place outdoors. “I’ve lost count of the bodies we’ve buried since Monday,” Güneş said. “We built an extension to the cemetery. There are still people under the debris. We will bury those ones too, once they are recovered. We are burying the bodies even late at night with the help of citizens who come to help us.”

Yet, even today, tens of thousands of people have been left in the streets. Many families spend the night in front of the ruins of their homes, for fear that they may be looted, warming themselves around a fire lit with wood gathered from the remains of their own houses.

People walk past ruined buildings in Idlib province, Syria.

People walk past ruined buildings in Idlib province, Syria .

When the earthquake trembled across the towns in the rebel-held province of Idlib in Syria, people thought it was another airstrike from the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad and his Russian backers. Mohammed Hadi, who lived with his wife and five children in a five-story apartment block, destroyed by the quake, in al-Haram, even thought that Moscow was testing a new type of weapon on people, one capable of making the earth shake. Hadi said the earthquake struck while he was still sleeping and that, within seconds, he grabbed his wife and two of his children and took them with him, outside the building.

Mohammed Hadi with his two children and his baby daughter, who survived at the earthquake.

Mohammed Hadi, with his two children and his baby daughter, survived at the earthquake.

‘’My wife was gripping my hand tightly as we ran,” he told the Guardian. “But then, once we got outside, she realised two of our daughters were still inside and ran back in to save them.” He described seeing a flash of white, which cleared to reveal the rubble of what was once his new home. The collapse of the five-storey apartment block had claimed his three loved ones’ lives as Hadi watched.

The earthquake has compounded layers upon layers of humanitarian crisis in Idlib. These were homes of people already internally displaced once when the Syrian regime had attacked their villages, forcing them to seek shelter in Idlib. Most said they had arrived so recently that they had been sleeping in houses with bare concrete walls and little else. Idlib had been a place of last resort for thousands displaced by more than a decade of war. Across the province, some pitched their tents among ancient Byzantine ruins in sheer desperation for somewhere to live.

A small makeshift hospital in al-Haram

Top: a small makeshift hospital in al-Haram. Above: scenes from a hospital near the Bab al-Hawa border crossing.

The schools in Idlib, which had been converted into hospitals, are collapsing, where the few doctors available are busy treating patients with very serious injuries. These makeshift facilities are run on a shoestring and lack most of the basic medical supplies and medications that us needed to treat earthquake survivors. Hundreds of children were orphaned after the earthquake, joining the other hundreds of orphans from the war.

Jinan, 5, in a hospital in Idlib, Syria

Jinan, 5, at a hospital in Idlib, Syria.

The Guardian met five-year-old Jinan and her nine-month-old brother Abdullah, filmed trapped under the rubble in a video that went viral a few days after the earthquake. The two children, now in hospital, lost their parents and five other siblings to the earthquake. Jinan had a serious leg wound and the doctor said if it did not improve, they could be forced to amputate it.

“It’s a tragedy,” said Dr Wajih al-Karrat in a low voice. “You see these children here, next to Jinan’s bed. They are orphans too. And the majority still wonder where their parents are and when they will come to get them. First, we want to treat them well. Then, at some point, we will be forced to tell them their parents will never come back.’’

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Natural disasters take thousands of innocent lives every year, and the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 only added to this growing number. On April 18th 1906 more than 1,000 casualties were seen, more than 400 million dollars lost and over 225,000 people became homeless. In one day. It’s safe to say these few terrible minutes may have ruined the lives of these people forever. During this earthquake, many people recorded their personal experiences and those of the people around them, some of which are still around today.…

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earthquake victims essay

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earthquake victims essay

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An earthquake is the shifting of the Earth’s plates, which results in a sudden shaking of the ground that can last for a few seconds to a few minutes. Within seconds, mild initial shaking can strengthen and become violent. Earthquakes happen without warning and can happen at any time of year. Certain states are more prone to higher frequency of earthquakes, particularly California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Washington.

Earthquakes are quite common and occur somewhere around the world every day. However, the vast majority are considered minor. The U.S. Geological Survey in 2015 reported more than 3,000 earthquakes in the United States.

Even minor earthquakes that cause little damage and destruction can cause people to experience emotional distress (especially in areas not accustomed to these events). Aftershocks can continue to occur for months afterwards and can be just as stressful.

It’s normal for people to experience emotional distress during an earthquake. Simply anticipating the possibility of what could be lost or destroyed during the event can cause people to experience overwhelming anxiety or lose sleep. Other signs of emotional distress related to earthquakes include:

  • Being easily startled
  • Having difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Having thoughts and memories related to the earthquake that you can’t get out of your head

Learn more about the warning signs and risk factors for emotional distress related to earthquakes and other disasters.

Where Can I Get Help?

The Disaster Distress Helpline (DDH) is the first national hotline dedicated to providing year-round disaster crisis counseling. This toll-free, multilingual, crisis support service is available 24/7 to all residents in the U.S. and its territories who are experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters.

  Call or text 1-800-985-5990

Standard text and data message rates will apply when texting from mobile phones. International text and data rates may apply from within U.S. territories and free association nations.

Who is at Risk for Emotional Distress?

The following groups are most at risk for emotional distress due to earthquakes:

  • Earthquake survivors . People living in impacted areas, particularly children and teens, previously exposed to traumatic, life-threatening situations are especially vulnerable to emotional distress. These people also may have once been displaced.
  • Friends and loved ones . It’s normal for friends and family members located outside the impacted area to feel anxious about people who are in direct proximity to an earthquake.
  • First responders and recovery workers . These individuals may experience prolonged separation from loved ones (depending on the severity of the earthquake) and show signs of mental fatigue.

Returning to a home, business, school, or place of worship impacted by an earthquake may cause additional distress, especially if there is structural damage. A temporary or permanent loss of employment may also occur.

Remember, too, that the anniversary of a disaster or tragic event can renew feelings of fear, anxiety, and sadness in disaster survivors. Sounds such as sirens or the sight of destroyed buildings or cracks in the walls can also trigger emotional distress among earthquake survivors. These and other environmental sensations can take people right back to the event, or cause them to fear that it’s about to happen again. These “ trigger events ” can happen at any time.

Creating evacuation plans and gathering emergency supplies before an earthquake occurs can give you a sense of control and help you and your loved ones feel more secure in the event of an earthquake.

People can experience a wide range of emotions before and after a disaster or traumatic event. There’s no right or wrong way to feel. However, it’s important to find healthy ways to cope when these events happen. Learn about coping tips for dealing with earthquakes and other types of disasters.

Additional Resources About Earthquakes

  • Disaster Preparedness for Pets at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Earthquakes at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Earthquakes at Ready.gov
  • Let’s Get Ready (involving children in disaster preparedness) at Sesame Street: Family Emergency Kit
  • Managing Distress About Earthquakes from Afar at the American Psychological Association

The SAMHSA Disaster Technical Assistance Center (DTAC) also helps states, territories, tribes, and local entities deliver an effective mental health and substance abuse (behavioral health) response to earthquakes and other natural disasters. Learn more about these issues and find more disaster-related resources at Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery .

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Essay: Syria’s earthquake survivors struggle in a disaster made far worse by civil war, bombed-out hospitals and currency collapse

After a pair of devastating earthquakes struck southern Turkey and north-western Syria, the number of confirmed deaths continues to rise, surpassing 50,000 as of 24th February.

The United Nations estimates that millions of people on both sides of the border have been affected, including nine million in Syria alone. Many across northwest Syria are enduring winter conditions without adequate shelter or access to food, drinking water, electricity or heating fuel.

A general view shows a damaged mosque in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake, in rebel-held al-Maland village, in Idlib province, Syria February 24, 2023.

A general view shows a damaged mosque in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake, in rebel-held al-Maland village, in Idlib province, Syria, on 24th February, 2023. PICTURE: Reuters/Khalil Ashawi/File photo.

Indian economist Amartya Sen famously argued that famines must be understood as problems with human origins rather than merely as natural disasters. The consequences of this disaster must likewise be understood in the larger context of the region’s politics.

Just as the scope of the devastation in Turkey can be partly blamed on shoddy construction and the political apparatus that enabled it, the consequences of the earthquake in Syria can be explained in part by the country’s devastating civil war.

 "Just as the scope of the devastation in Turkey can be partly blamed on shoddy construction and the political apparatus that enabled it, the consequences of the earthquake in Syria can be explained in part by the country’s devastating civil war."

Since it began in 2011, the war there has cost more than 600,000 lives and displaced more than half of Syria’s population. This includes more than six million Syrians who fled abroad as refugees and seven million more who were displaced within Syria.

Among these internally displaced Syrians, three million are now living in the last piece of Syria still controlled by opposition forces, the region surrounding the city of Idlib in Syria’s north-west.

This area was both badly affected by the earthquake and arguably the region of Syria least prepared to withstand it.

Unable to meet basic needs Idlib’s buildings, already badly damaged by years of bombardment by regime and allied Russian forces, had little chance of withstanding the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred on 6th February, 2023.

In the immediate aftermath, rescue operations were hampered by the lack of access to search and rescue equipment. Members of the Syrian civil defense organization known as the White Helmets were able to rescue some of those under the rubble, but Syrians interviewed in the media have lamented that some of those who died could have been saved with better equipment and a faster international response .

Worse, for the past several years, Russian and Syrian government forces have repeatedly bombed the region’s medical facilities , leaving them stretched beyond capacity even before the earthquake.

Now those facilities have been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of injured requiring medical attention.

The impact of war on delivering aid Further worsening the situation, the ongoing hostilities and political wrangling have hampered the distribution of aid to the survivors.

Syria today is divided among several warring parties , including President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, and the collection of armed groups that make up the opposition to Assad’s regime.

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, the Syrian Government – which has a history of diverting international aid and using starvation as a weapon of war – insisted that all international earthquake aid must come through government-held territory.

This position is rejected by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the authoritarian opposition faction that controls most of Idlib province, and which has refused to allow aid to enter the region that’s sent from government-controlled areas.

After a week of international pressure, the Syrian Government authorised the opening of two additional border crossings from Turkey into the affected areas for the distribution of aid by the United Nations.

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Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch, a non-profit research and advocacy group, has reported that aid being sent to earthquake-stricken territory held by the Syrian Democratic Forces has been blocked by both regime forces and the Turkish-backed armed group known as the Syrian National Army .

The Syrian regime’s forces reportedly insisted that aid could go through only if half of it were handed over to them.

Such obstacles are not present in government-held areas, where international aid has been able to arrive directly. The United States and European Union have also adjusted their sanctions against the Syrian government for the next six months to ensure the speedy delivery of humanitarian aid.

But the long-standing economic consequences of the war, including the collapse of Syria’s currency , mean that all areas of Syria face a difficult recovery.

Syrians who have fled the country have been affected as well. Turkey hosts more than 3.5 million Syrian refugees , many of whom settled in the area hit by the earthquake.

Like the Turkish population of the region, they too have lost family and friends, homes and livelihoods. Now, some also face hostility from those who oppose the provision of government aid to the refugees.

The task of rebuilding Syria In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, it is understandable that the first impulse of the international community has been to dispatch search and rescue teams, food and medicine and other types of aid.

But in the longer term, the factors that made this earthquake so terribly devastating remain unresolved and stand to complicate any humanitarian response. An effective response would need to take into account the human origins of the political, economic, and humanitarian conditions that resulted in civil war – not just the impact of a natural disaster.

One good first step would be to make permanent the two additional border crossings into the opposition-held areas, which at present have been authorised only temporarily by the Syrian Government, although the regime will be reluctant to do so.

It will be especially important to rebuild medical facilities in Idlib, where Syrians are providing supplies as best they can.

Ora Szekely  is associate professor of political science at  Clark University . This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article .

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