A Character Analysis Of Esperanza Rising

The character Esperanza in Esperanza Rising is a Mexican girl who is transitioning from rich to poor when her father dies and her uncles take over her home. She is forced to move to America as a laborer and faces many internal and external conflicts. Esperanza struggles with the sudden change in her social status as she is ripped away from her life of comfort and luxury. Because of her wealthy upbringing, Esperanza is inherently spoiled. Thus, her new environment is so much harder to cope with as she doesn't have the comforts she usually expects. She feels isolated because while everyone around her is trying to manage with the new lifestyle, she still can't believe what has happened to her. Despite that, she is strong willed and determined to show everyone that she can adjust to her new life as they are. However, her pride sometimes gets in the way of doing tasks such as changing diapers and doing laundry. …show more content…

She says: “Is this the better life you left Mexico for? Is it? Nothing is right here! Isabel will certainly not be queen no matter how badly she wants it because she is Mexican. You cannot work on engines because you are Mexican. We have gone to work through angry crowds of our own people who threw rocks at us, and I'm afraid they might have been right! They send people back to Mexico even if they don't belong there, just for speaking up. We live in a horse stall. And none of this bothers you? . . . Is this life really better than being in a servant in Mexico?” This is very telling of what she experiences inside her head. During her first days at the labor camp, Esperanza is instructed to sweep the courtyard. As she has never done any work before, she fails and is mocked by the other workers. She becomes frustrated as she realizes adapting to her new life is going to be harder than she

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House On Mango Street Compare And Contrast Essay

The reaction to this small house affects her to dream of living in a house of her own (Cisneros 4). Esperanza isn’t all that wealthy; this is evident when they can’t afford lunch meats so she makes a rice Maggard 3 sandwich (Cisneros 44). Overall Esperanza learns to cope with her living situation just talking to people and she also works really hard in school and at home and eventually moves away. These three characters have proved to all be very unique and different.

House On Mango Street Coming Of Age Quotes

You live there? She responded. You live there? The way she said it, made me feel like nothing". This quote reinforces the fact of how apprehensive and shameful Esperanza is during the beginning of the story, where one can clearly see the state of insecurity of Esperanza.

Examples Of Racism In Mango Street

“In the meantime they’ll just have to move a little farther north from Mango Street, a little farther away every time people like us keep moving in (Cisneros 13).” This quote is a significant part of the story because it shows how Esperanza truly feels about herself and her family. She thinks that because she is poor and lives and a bad neighborhood people move away from her family. Esperanza doesn’t think very much of her or her family at all. She thinks that it is because of their race that people do not want to be near them.

Essay On Obstacles In The House On Mango Street

Esperanza and her family are always moving because they do not have much money, but they finally moved into a house on Mango Street where they “Don’t have to pay rent to anybody, or share the yard with the people downstairs, or be careful not to make too much noise” (703). Although it sounded like a nice place, when a nun from her school saw where Esperanza lived, she said, “You live there?” (703). That made Esperanza feel like nothing and made her realize she needs a real house, one that is really nice. Esperanza wants to change her life and make the best of what she has.

Poverty In The House On Mango Street

Esperanza is often humiliated not only by where she lives, but also by her physical appearance, hence causing a restriction in her climb to a higher social class. Esperanza is frequently ashamed of her family’s broken-down house in an urban, poor

Beauty In The House On Mango Street

Beauty is a very powerful and prominent thing. It’s what makes you get out of bed in the mornings and makes the world go round. Despite all that, there are some negatives of it as well. “The House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros gives a window back in time to a point where a little girl named Esperanza grows up on the streets of Chicago. Through the numerous rapes, abusive relationships, and the absence of respect for women, Cisneros portrays a theme that beauty is a double edged sword through the characters Esperanza and Sally.

Analysis Of Esperanza In The House On Mango Street

In the book, The House on Mango Street, Esperanza is portrayed as a young innocent girl that drastically changes over the course of the book. Esperanza is new to mango street and encounters many challenges but also positive experiences that she is able to take away from mango street. In order for Esperanza to transform as a human it was inevitable for her to face the struggles on mango street. As Esperanza matures throughout the novel she experiences three major developments that shape her future through the awakening of maturity, responsibility and her awakening of her interest in poetry.

The House On Mango Street Adulthood Analysis

Esperanza tries to wear high heels like a woman, tries to have a boyfriend like an older woman, and she tries to get a job like an adult. Esperanza’s longing to grow up quickly causes her to confront the reality of being an adult. Although Esperanza desperately wants to be an adult, she is not prepared for the responsibilities that accompany adulthood; she is unable to successfully make the transition

Character Analysis Of Esperanza In The House On Mango Street

It can also be inferred that she is physically weak and malnourished. Finally, Esperanza will do anything to get what she wants. This means that she is extremely determined. Esperanza is a very timid little girl. After pestering her mother to give her a note to eat in the canteen, she is seemingly unable to answer the nun who asks what she is doing there, instead meekly holding up the note and scurrying upstairs to Sister Superior.

Sexism In The House On Mango Street

These problems coming to light through the many women Esperanza looks up to, drive her to rise above her obstacles, and become more than just another poorly treated woman. Despite the variety of girls in the neighborhood, one of Esperanza’s closest friends ends up being Sally, who has moved from one abusive home to the next. Sally’s father was a very strict man and she constantly disobeyed him once out of his sight. Whenever Sally is caught dressing “provocative” or acting “too old” her father decides to teach her a lesson.

House On Mango Street Culture

The male-dominated society that Esperanza grows up in forces the idea that women are weak and should stay locked in their houses while men go off to work. The men are immoral and seedy, as expressed in the chapter in which a homeless man leers and asks for a kiss from the little girls. Esperanza experiences the evil of her community when she is sexually assaulted, causing her to lose her previous desire to explore her sexuality. Before being assaulted, she wanted to be “beautiful and cruel” like her friend Sally, because Sally was what she understood to be a perfect woman. However, after her rape she decides that she needs to discover her own identity for herself.

Change In Esperanza's The House On Mango Street

Esperanza says that she will come back, she will come back for “the ones I left behind... the ones who cannot out”. (Cisneros 110). Esperanza is able to go through a change and accept who she is through her community and her family. She is able to use her situation to empower herself, and to be hopeful in her own

The Window In Esperanza's The House On Mango Street

Esperanza does not realize that by her doing those things, just like Mamacita she is stopping her growth. If Esperanza would have kept with that constant cycle and not accepted her home and what she was

Essay On Esperanza Rising

This book was Pam Muñoz Ryan 's 13th book ever published out of 40. In the book, Esperanza Rising, it describes how there are many ups and downs during your life but to never be afraid to start over. The author of this book, Pam Muñoz Ryan, tells the main character 's story in the best way possible. Pam Muñoz Ryan wrote this book so it would have an impact on everyone who read it.

Female Role Models In Mango Street

Esperanza experiences a sense of beauty and attention when she is strolling through the streets in high heels with Lucy and Rachel receiving comments such as “ ladies, lead me to heaven” (Cisneros 41) from a boy and jealousy from six girls who watch as they walk by. Later, Esperanza meets Rafaela who happened to be trapped in her house because of her husband and this probably has Esperanza thinking of what her future could be like with a husband. A short while after Esperanza befriends a girl named Sally who happens to be the prettiest girl her age at school. Sally receives all the attention from the boys but is beaten by her father at home because of her beauty. All of these experiences beginning with Esperanza not worried about boys to getting attention from boys is a key and then learning that your beauty can get you in trouble ultimately confuses Esperanza’s views on what to believe about

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Esperanza Rising Character Analysis

How does esperanza change.

Did you know that Esperanza has changed in several different ways throughout the book? If you didn’t know this then you should read this book. Esperanza is very different from the people from the camp they went to. In the beginning Esperanza is selfish when she had gotten on the train. She was also very naive too. But in the middle of the book she changes a lot. She is very nice and giving.

Consequences Of Esperanza Rising

Esperanza and her mother made the choice to leave Mexico and go to California to work and escape Tio Luis, which I believe to be a good decision. Before going, Esperanza was spoiled, rich, and quite full of herself, living in a high social class family, and in general thought of herself better than others. At first, she was against leaving everything she knew and loved, but in the end, found herself liking California. Esperanza made new friends, in particular, Isabel, who taught her many things, even though she was younger. She taught her how to appreciate what she had, and how to get a job done. She taught her how to deal with the fact that

House On Mango Street Role Model

Esperanza has a variety of female role models in her life. Many are trapped in abusive relationships, waiting for others to change their live. Esperanza had many struggles in her life, not growing up where and how she wanted to so role models were very important to her. These role models showed her the way she didn't

The House on Mango Street Essay

"She sits at become afraid to go outside". The leave home, she would need permission. She evolves from a victim of child abuse to a slave-like wife. Esperanza sees this despair throughout her story.

Proverbs In Esperanza Rising By Pam Munoz Ryan

While Carmen helping poor people Esperanza confused because she didn’t think of poor can help each other. She was confused because the way she raised were different compared to other people. Finally, Esperanza realized that there are more profound aspects in life than being

Analysis Of Esperanza Rising By Pam Munoz Rising

Esperanza is faced with several major events that forces her to mature at a young age. In these events readers can see how she grows as her emotions change. In the beginning of the book, Esperanza’s father passes away (p. 22) and their family home on the ranch, El Rancho de las Rosas, catches on fire (p.40). This is the beginning of Esperanza's quickly changed young life. As a young girl she realizes life will never be the same. She once was wealthy and lived life with the help of housekeepers. Papa also had field workers to help with his needs on the farm. Raised with a positive perspective on life, her hopes and dreams are soon challenged. Esperanza is forced to leave everything she has ever known to move to the United States. The fire is symbolic because the family is forced start all over, in life, along with her social

Essay about The House on Mango Street

With all of the bad things going on around Esperanza, she was very optimistic and made the best of everything she could. For example, in chapter one, Esperanza explain how she and her family had always grown up poor and that they always had dreams of one day owning a big beautiful house like the ones that they saw on television. One with a back yard and a basement. When Esperanza's family was forced to move her parents had purchased the first house that they could afford so they wouldn't have to continue paying rent. The house was nothing like what they had spoke of or dreamt about. But Esperanza states, "I then knew I had to have a house. One I could point to. But this isn't it. The house on Mango Street isn't it. For the time being, Mama said. Temporary, says Papa. But I know how those things go.." Within this paragraph it shows that Esperanza isn't exactly happy about where she is living but she is going to make the best of it and do what she has to do to get out of there and have a house of her own. One that she can point to.

Growing Up In The House On Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros

The first time Esperanza makes an appearance in the book, she is younger and easily manipulated, especially by her friends. Esperanza meets a girl named Cathy, a snobby girl that lived on Mango Street. When Cathy tells Esperanza “Okay, I’ll be your friend. But only until next Tuesday. That’s when we move away.” Then as if she forgot I had just moved in, she says the neighborhood is getting bad” (13) This was a racist statement towards Esperanza and her family, something she doesn’t quite understand yet because Esperanza thinks Cathy forgot they moved in, yet she was actually being racist. This is the first time Esperanza is exposed to racism in the book, therefore exposing her to the outside world. Later in the book, Esperanza meets Sally, a beautiful girl with shiny black hair, that all she seemingly just wants is to love, and Esperanza wants to be just like her. “I like your black coat and the shoes you wear, where did you get them? I want to buy shoes just like yours.” (82) Sally and Esperanza become friends, but later in the story, in the chapter Red Clowns, Esperanza is put in a dangerous situation where Sally walks off

Esperanza's Insecurity In The House On Mango Street

Esperanza’s insecurity about where she lives and how she lives is the conflict of the story. A tradition her father, Nenny, and herself has is going to the houses on the hills, she believes she looks like the hungry asking for food so she no longer goes. Esperanza is so ashamed of her house that when someone ask which house she lives in she denies living in those flats. She becomes aware of how poor her family is when she must go to work to help pay for private school, this encourages her to get out of the flats. Esperanza sets out to be able to support herself on her own and buy the house she has been dreaming of since she was little.

Esperanza's Attitude In The House On Mango Street

In conclusion, we know that Esperanza’s negativity of herself begins to slowly change as she slowly experience what accepting means and how she began to accept where she was from . Throughout this book, Cisnero showed us accepting is an important part of growing in life as well as determining the true you. In the beginning she hated her life always wanted to escape out of Mango Street versus the end she says she is going to come back. From the beginning to the end, Esperanza finally accepted where she was from and how Mango Street has developed who she became

Theme Of Identity In The House On Mango Street

Eventually, Esperanza decides she does not need to set herself apart from the others in her

The House On Mango Street Essay

This relates to the theme of the struggle for self definition, because at first Esperanza was under the impression she could change a man, but as she’s exposed to these horrible encounters she comes to the conclusion that boys and girls live in different worlds.

Mango Street Role Model

Esperanza is able to look at her great grandmother and realize what she does not want to become, but also she realizes what she does want: to become a strong, independent woman.

House on Mango Street Essay

Esperanza showing hatred toward Sally indirectly shows how Esperanza has matured. All in all, Esperanza Cordero’s lack of innocence and gaining of knowledge develops her into a more mature character.

The American Dream in The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

Esperanza is a shy but a very bright girl. She dreams of the perfect home now, with beautiful flowers in their luscious garden and a room for everyone to live in comfortably all because of the unsatisfied face the nun made that one afternoon--when she moves to the house of Mango Street. She thinks it’s going to be a “grand house on a hill that will have a bedroom for everyone and at least three washrooms so when they took a bath they would not have to tell everybody.” (Cinceros 4) Reality is so different for her when her dream is shot down in a heartbeat when she

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Esperanza Rising

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Esperanza Ortega

Esperanza is the only child of a rich Mexican landowner in 1920s Mexico. She comes from the Spanish ruling class, characterized by a tall physique and pale skin. The novel covers the year between her 13th and 14th birthdays. When the story begins, Esperanza is enveloped in a life of privilege and wealth. She is treated like a little princess and has trouble relating to people who are beneath her social station.

When disaster strikes and her father is killed, Esperanza is forced to adapt to a drastic reversal of fortune. Initially, she resists the degrading experience of becoming a migrant worker and spends most of her time complaining about all she has lost. However, her love for her family is the guiding principle of her life and helps to transform her behavior. When her mother grows ill, Esperanza steps into an adult role and earns money to provide for them both. She proves she is resilient enough to weather any storm. By the end of the story, she has adjusted to life in the United States and regained her hope for a better future.

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Esperanza Rising

Pam muñoz ryan, everything you need for every book you read., esperanza ortega, ramona ortega / mama, sixto ortega / papa.

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Esperanza Rising Character Analysis

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  • 1. Esperanza Rising Character Analysis Everybody has difficulties in their lives that change them in some way, shape, or form. When a person experiences these difficulties; It can cause them to shift their outlook on certain things and/or cause changes in character. This is certainly the case when it comes to Esperanza Ortega. She is the main character in Esperanza Rising. Esperanza 13 years old and lives in El Rancho de las Rosas. She is the only daughter of a very wealthy rancher. Esperanza is forced to leave her perfect life due to the murder of her father. She comes to California and becomes a peasant worker. This journey causes Esperanza to change in many different ways. The first way that Esperanza changes involves the change of her attitude. She is initially very selfish and quite arrogant. The transition that she goes through ends up causing her to be more of a kind person. She is also very generous to everyone around. Before she made this change, her selfishness was very obvious. This was evident when she was traveling to California with her mother. She did not want to be in the cheap section of the train where peasants travel. Esperanza goes on to say, "We cannot travel in this car." (Munoz Ryan) She really does come off quite arrogant. Her selfishness is also very evident when she is getting on the train. Esperanza is holding her doll and a girl named Mona, daughter of a peasant, wants to hold her doll. She would not even allow the girl to touch the doll. Esperanza says to her mother, "Mama she is ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
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  • 7. Little Girls And Little Women Every little girl has seen at least one of the Disney Princesses movies and have played pretend as if they were a princess. They dressed in the costumes and parade around the house as if they were waiting on their Prince Charming, but are Disney Princesses bad for little girls? Are they forcing little girls to grow up faster and more provocative? Stephanie Hanes, a freelance journalist, wrote "Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect" published October 3, 2011 in the Christian Science Monitor. In the article, Hanes argues that little girls tend to grow up faster because they watched Disney Princesses. The author of "Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect" has an effective argument when using ethos, logos, pathos, and writing choice when explaining the effect that Disney Princesses have on little girls. In the article, Hanes explains that little girls watching Disney Princesses tends to grow up faster and sexually. She examines how the Princesses and other characters' dress wearing revealing and provocative clothing. She continues to say that girls tend to not want to play sports because they believe sports are unfeminine and unsexy. She also explains how girls are influenced to post sexy pictures and videos on social media because people leave positive comments on the post and it makes girls think that is the thing to do. She goes on to say that it is not just the children's fault, but the parents because technology requires monitoring and ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 8. Little Match Girl: A Literary Analysis Of The Little Match... Poor, cold little match girl: A literary analysis of "The Little Match Girl" I.Introduction Every time that it's the Holidays, people tend to spend quality time and enjoy it with their families, like eat and have fun with them, have reunions and so. But sometimes there are less privileged people , instead of enjoying the food and the company of our relatives, some are even sent out to sell things, like what happened to this little match girl in this story, as she went into the cold night trying to make a living, not knowing that it might be her last New year's eve, So, if you are enjoying quality time with your family and eating some delicious food, consider yourself privileged because there are more unfortunate people out there so learn to be content with what you have. II.POV You read the short story through a third person point of view because there is a narrator that tells you the story of the little match girl. III.SETTING The story of the ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... SYMBOLS Of course one symbol that is noticeable in the story is that if there is a shooting star in the sky, someone dies or as said in the story "whenever a star falls a soul goes up to heaven." And the little match girl is really an epitome of poverty, in fact, they are so deeply impoverished, she was even sent out to sell some matches on New Year's Eve, on a holiday in which people are supposed to celebrate the New year but since they are living in poverty, they might even cannot afford to take a break from all of this, so the little match girl was sent to sell matches on a cold night on New Year's eve. VI. ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 9. A Short Story : A Story? She was scared, lost, and confused. Anyone could tell simply by looking in her eyes. As she stared out the window, Margaret could see it all. She saw every fear spelled out in the woman's eyes. Margaret's heart cried out in pain as it broke into several pieces. Margaret tore her gaze from this unpleasant scene. She walked through the garden, blinking back the tears that threatened to fall and stain her cheeks. As she walked through the warm air she glanced over at the roses. These flowers had been Margaret's favorite since she was a little girl. She chuckled as she remembered how she would always beg her mother to let her plant some roses. Once her mom finally agreed, they would plant them together. As this lovely memory faded, a thought came out of nowhere causing Marget to frown. How long had it been since she had planted a flower? Had it been just a year ago or had it been ten years? Margaret shook away this thought as she left the garden and turned toward the entrance of the building. She looked up and down the beautiful structure when something through the window caught her eye. Through the window she could see a little girl with her mom. As the little girl started to move, Margaret noticed a plate of cookies in her hands. The little girl walked to an older man and smiled as she set the cookies before him. Her mother smiled and patted her daughter on the back. Margaret remembered a similar event in her own life. One Christmas, Margaret and her mother decided that it ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 10. Stormy: A Fictional Narrative Over the months following the attack, Stormy went to a therapist for counseling. I won't lie, it fucking gutted me every time she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming for help, dry heaving, then sobbing while Drew and I hugged her. She constantly got tested for STD's, until the doctor said she was in the clear. One night while standing in front of the closet mirror, she rubbed her hands over her swollen pregnant belly. "It's so unfair to them, I'm a mess. I have to get past this for them. What if they come out messed up because of all of this?" She said. "The doctor said they'll be fine, they're still growing strong." "No, I mean, what if my trauma and emotional breakdowns cause them to have issues later on in life?" She ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... "Can we go into the living room and sit down?" Sandy suggested. Stormy shook her head, "Is she...?" "Yes ma'am." Sandy answered, softly. Stormy's hands flew to her mouth, "My...my baby girl?" Tears filled her eyes. "Miss Sandy, she's crying. I didn't do anything." The girl looked panicked. Drew was still standing off to the side, "Holy shit." He repeated. "Cussing is bad." The little girl said. Stormy laughed through her tears, then stood up. We followed her to the living room. Sandy handed Easton to Stormy, the little girl stood silently beside Sandy, her eyes bouncing between all of us. "I have some questions and paperwork that I need to review with you. Do you have time?" Sandy asked. "Yes," Drew knelt down, "Lola," he swallowed hard, "Do you want something to snack on or anything to drink?" Her eyes widened, "I can have a snack?" "Yes," his eyebrows drew in, "Rhett will take you and little Easton into the kitchen and you can pick out any thing you want while Stormy and I talk to Miss Sandy. How does that sound?" She smiled, ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 11. A Study On The University Campus Community Learn. Never put yourself in the same position twice. Expand your horizon. Live with open eyes and mind. Remember that time remains the utmost precious commodity in all existence. All of my past experiences have been able to teach myself lessons. Lessons that I will share with you. Subsequently proceed into further detail regarding how I might be able to contribute to the Towson Universitycampus community. Lessons 1. At times you need make your own good in the world. There will always be some sort of positivity in your life, it can always be worse. I remain planning on being extremely involved in many different clubs and organizations that way I stand able to form a bond with different people and a positive friendships. With this lesion I ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... The ability to teach myself about the obstacles I will face. I will bring hope to others when sharing my story. With this lesson I bring my story to the Towson University campus community. 5. When you worry about tomorrow, you will ruin today. The moments that we share right in this moment will never happen again. You should appreciate every moment that you have. Every second that something happens. The majority of the fixations you worry about don 't even happen. I've learned it's necessary to have 20 seconds of insane fearlessness to perform something that you aspire to, although would be afraid. With this lesson I bring to your school appreciation. I was recently told a story of The Dead Starfish Beach by a man who uttered to me "I want to change the world". I looked at him and thought how can one man that wants to tell me a random story concerning a beach simply transform the world. But then I heard the beautiful story of The Dead Starfish Beach. Thus to allow you to fully understand and relate to why this story had such an impact on my heart, I will be obliged to simply tell you the story. So there was a man who decided that he wanted to visit The Dead Starfish Beach to walk and clear his mind. This man lived as a dreadfully narrow minded person that accepts occurrences simply for what they are. As this man is walking down the shore of Dead Starfish Beach he spots an awfully young little girl throwing the dead starfish that lies ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 12. Theme Of Identity In The Bluest Eye Pecola cannot fly and will never fly, since only through self–acceptance could her soul soar. Morrison clearly states that an individual or community identity cannot be acquired as long as those individuals and communities acquiesce in and conform to the oppressive definitions of the mainstream culture. The Bluest Eye is one of the finest pieces of English literature. This masterpiece is written by Toni Morrison. Here in this novel The Breedlove family has shown the individual identity and perception of beauty perfectly. The Breedlove family is a group of people under the same roof, a family by name only. Cholly the head person of the family is always drunk and an abusive man. His abusive is apparent towards his wife and daughter. He abuses his wife Pauline physically and his daughter Pecola sexually. Pauline works as a "mammy" in a white family and prefers to favor them over her biological family. Pecola is a little black girl with low self–esteem. The world had forced her to believe that she is ugly and she must have blue eyes, if she wants to look beautiful. Therefore, every night she prays before sleeping that she will wake up with blue eyes. She was brought up as a poor unwanted girl in the society. But Pecola always desired the acceptance and love of society. The image of 'Shirely Temple Beauty' surrounds her. The idea that she must have blue eyes, if she wants to look beautiful has been imprinted on ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... Cholly hurts Pecola badly instead of loving her and takes away from her the one thing that was completely hers. After the rape, Pecola was so sad to see, and she went insane. Pecola's quest for identity was defined by her everlasting desire to be loved. Her purpose in life was to be beautiful and to be loved, but her family and the community made it impossible for her. Thus, Pecola failed to set up her own identity in the ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 13. Movie Analysis Of The Movie Precious By Sapphire The movie Precious, is based off of the novel Push by Sapphire. In this movie, there is a 16 year old girl named Precious. She is pregnant with her second child from her father, still in junior high, and is morbidly obese. Not only that, but is continuously abused by her mother and father; verbally, mentally, and physically. Throughout the movie, you can see that she has a redscarf either around her neck or around her arm. I believe this represents hope. The hope that Precious has for her own life. Precious has hope about her education, and about her future. Precious, even though her mother says it's dumb, still goes to the alternative school because she has a sense of hope that she can be rescued and saved from her own world. Hope is evidently the only thing keeping Precious moving. Hope means to love. What is there for Precious to have a love for? Its evident that she doesn't have love for her family, but she seems to care about school. She also has love for her unborn child. Though she probably doesn't love school, she is trying to do good not only for herself but for her child. She feels this obligation for the kid to be in a slightly better environment than her first child. This is shown in the scene when the social worker comes over for a home visit and it shows how the child is treated by Precious' mother before and after the visit. Precious obviously can't say anything about the situation because she will get more than a rough talking. School gives Precious a sense of hope and purpose for her future and for her baby. She talks about all the hopes and dreams she has for the baby; the colours of the room and all the things the baby will do when he/she gets older.Throughout all the trials and tribulations hope seems to reign above all else. In the roughest of times, Precious has hope. Its seen after she left her mother's house and the fight happened. She stilled dreamt and hoped for a better life ahead. Another scene of the red scarf flowing in the dim and dark, black and white background of Harlem symbolized that the only thing worth meaning (or colour) was her hope (the red scarf). Another scene, Precious finds out she is HIV positive. Everything for her seems to come into realization. ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 14. I Am A Good Adult I Remember It took me years to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up. Honestly, I still don 't know and don 't ever plan to. Mostly because I cannot imagine becoming a true adult. I'd have to do adult things like returning a sweater I didn 't like or gardening. Gardening: to spend hours upon hours toiling in fields for plants that won't live to see spring! Or worse imagine me cooking, forbid it that I should ever enjoy cooking! Half the time I mess up boiling water and make macaroni only from a microwave. I 'm still afraid of librarians and speaking to strangers. I intend to use Mickey Mouse band–aids, color with crayons and eat Lucky Charms until the day I 'm cold in my grave. I could never be a good adult. Thus, it 's easy to see how when I was younger I had no idea what I wanted to be. I just knew I wanted to be good at something and be helpful to people. I hoped the person would know I had invested time to make their life easier. It never mattered if they remembered my name or my face, just more that I had cared about them. Yet, I was afraid. I didn't think I had the courage, the ability, to be exceptional at an occupation. Certainly never enough for it to warrant a novel. Actually I still think that, but here we are. However, we are not really here because any recent accomplishment I have had. No, we are here because of three people. 1) a five year old girl with hair that 's almost devoid of color and eyes like an autumn sky 2) a four year old boy in red ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 15. Becca's Short Story: After High School The next morning, Becca awoke with a piercing headache. Nauseous because of the pain, she went straight for the Tylenol. If she didn't have Caleb to look forward to, the covers would have gone back over her head and stayed there all day. She got ready for school and was about to go down stairs when her phone rang. "Hi," she answered, wondering why Caleb would be calling so early on a school day. Maybe he wants to ditch and go to his cabin? "Hey! Sorry to call so early," he said. "But can you skate after school?" Oh well... "I told Claudine I'd go to ballet today. It's been awhile." "It's okay, but I doubt you'll want to go tomorrow since it's your birthday." "Tomorrow's fine, except I have to do something right after school." Becca paused to think for a second. "Maybe we could just go today, after I practice. Would 5:00 work for you?"... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... Get a ride to school with Ashley and I'll drive you to ballet." When they hung up, Becca sent Ashley a quick text asking to bum a ride. Ashley texted back, See you in five! Becca got her ballet bag and skates together and headed outside just as Ashley circled around the cul–de–sac. "Thanks for the ride," Becca said, jumping in and dumping an arm load down by her feet. "Anytime," Ashley replied, hitting the gas. "Interesting party last night." "That's one way to describe it." "Do you think your dad has a thing for Claudine?" "It kinda seems like it." "And what's up with Auntie Dearest?" "Can we change the subject?" "Tomorrow's your ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 16. Little Girls Or Little Women Summary In "Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect," Stephanie Hanes argues that the portrayal of women in media has proliferated the premature sexualization of young women. The author analyzes the effect of media's portrayal of women on young girls to raise awareness about over–sexualization and to hopefully convince parents of young women to pay attention to not only the media that their daughters consume but the media they consume as well. Hanes uses various rhetorical strategies to legitimize her argument and address the corruption of girlhood caused by the relentless coverage of sexuality in media. In the hopes of having a profound impact on the lives of women, Hanes appeals to parents with young daughters rather than the girls... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... As Hanes presents new evidence of objectification, she uses the mother's experience as an example of the effects and a solution to a problem she presents. For example, Hanes states that "one of the best ways to keep girls from falling into rigid gender roles is to broaden their horizons," and then notes that Finucane tried to do the same with her own daughter. Finucane found that her daughter's interests have varied and she no longer believes that her sex limits her physical or mental capabilities. By using Finucane's testimony as an example, Hanes successfully proves that her resolution is effective. Hanes uses strong sources to present her evidence in the forms of statistics, facts, and examples. For example, Hanes states hard facts like, "fifty percent of 3–to–6–year–old girls worry they are fat" and "one–quarter of 14–to–17–year–olds of both sexes polled by the Associated Press and MTV in 2009 reported either sending naked pictures of themselves or receiving naked pictures of someone else." Her use of hard evidence throughout the article contributes to the article's rational tone. The author only uses evocative language like, "'sexy babes'" to grab the audience's attention and signal a change in ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 17. Personal Narrative: I M Going To Be Okay I'm Going to Be Okay "I'm going to be okay". That is what my dad had always told me after his snowmobile accident. He liked to try to make me feel okay with everything after him having multiple surgeries. He started riding snowmobiles recently after he had healed. I was always scared for him. But, my dad would always tell me he needed to get past the fear of riding again. It showed strength that he could get past an accident like that. Throughout the years since his accident, our relationship has been all over the place. I grew up as a daddy's girl, but one physical accident can change the relationship between a daughter and father. When I was little, I was really close with my dad. My mom had worked nights, so I saw and spent most my time with my dad. I wanted to do everything my dad did. I wanted to be just like my dad, even though I was a girl. I went to my dad for everything when I was little. When I was scared or sick, I would cry for my dad. As I was growing up, my dad's hobby was going out and riding snowmobiles with his friends. As the years went on my dad's like for this hobby grew, and he was gone most of the nights in the ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... It was hard for an eight–year–old to see her dad in so much pain. It was hard to see your whole family sad and worried. It was hard to focus on school. It was hard to be happy. It was hard to do anything but worry about my dad. But, my dad always said "I'm going to be okay". It was hard for me to believe my dad when he told me that. After my dad healed completely, and winter came up, he was right back out there riding again. I was so frustrated with him. How could he do that? Does he not know what happened last time? So many questions flew through my head. Instead of siding with me and giving up snowmobiling, my dad had told me that he needed to get past the fear of riding again. He needed to show us that it was just an accident and that it was not always going to ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 18. Personal Narrative: A Rainy Day In Arizona It was a rainy day in Arizona. Marie and her friend Sarah went hiking in the woods and then out of no where they came across an abandoned hospital. They thought it would be cool to explore inside so they walked up the crumbling cement stairs. Sarah had a weird feeling walking up to the hospital like someone was watching her every move. Marie pushed the door open. It made a loud creek. Sarah and Marie walked inside and looked around. They saw that the wallpaper was coming off, there was graffiti everywhere on the walls, on the floor, on everything in sight, the ceiling had fallen apart, there were bricks, and mold in every corner of the room. When they came to a large area there were chairs stacked on top of each other in a corner, there ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... They saw another staircase but then they heard a girl screaming. Marie ran up the the stairs as fast could but then the stair broke beneath her feet. She had grabbed ahold of one of the stairs and was holding on as tight as she could. Marie was screaming on the top of her lunges for Sarah to help. Marie's grip to the stair was slipping fast. Then she lost her grip but Sarah grabbed her hand before she fell. She used all her strength to pull Marie back up. After she was back on to the floor Marie was shaking but she went on to find out who was screaming. So they very carefully walked up the stairs. When they got to the top the saw a stuffed teddy bear. Sarah walked over and picked it up. It had been drenched with blood. Sarah looked up and saw blood spots. She walked down the hall and saw bloody hand prints that looked like a little kids hand. She stopped dead in her tracks. Then they started hearing a music box playing faintly. Sarah looked in every room but didn't find it. Marie ran to catch up with Sarah. All of a sudden the music stopped. They stayed still. They heard a wheelchair squeaking like someone was pushing it. Sarah's eyes widened with fear and there it was a wheelchair moving by itself with no one pushing it. It stopped in the middle of the hallway. Marie was frightened. The wheelchair was flying and almost hit Sarah in the head. Sarah ran off into another room and what she found was not what she wanted to see. Marie found her and her jaw dropped. There was a woman's body on an autopsy table. She looked so pale. Sarah got closer and saw stab wounds on her sides and on her stomach. Marie saw blood all over her clothes. Sarah started get nauseous. Marie didn't want to look anymore so she and Sarah left the room. Then they heard a scream coming from the room down the hallway to the right. They room down the hall and turned the ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 19. Little Girls Clothing Advertising We've worn clothes from the beginning. This world has gone through hundreds of styles and fashions through the ages. Recently though people have been getting, let us just say out of hand. They've started wearing less and less to basically no clothing. In adults most people think this is fine and there are a few who are disgusted, but not until recently have people been putting the same things in kids clothing. Showing cleavage, having no backs, and basically just walking around in their underwear. Why adults would do this is ridiculous, but to kids? Why do little girls need to dress like a hooker? Clothing ads have done the same thing. Back in the day it used to be black and white photos of little girls wearing long, plain dresses, no makeup, little to no jewelry, and simple shoes. Then not that long ago it was just kids just playing around and having a good time, and wearing a specific brand. Saying stuff like how durable it is, ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... When Vogue published photos in 2010 of a heavily made up littlegirl wearing skintight clothing, heels and expensive jewelry, with her tiny little lips all puckered up, France was outraged. While the magazine insisted that it only wanted to portray young girls' fantasies of being like their mothers, many in France didn't buy it. "It is extremely destructive for a girl between the ages of 6 and 12 to hear her mother say that what's important for her is to be beautiful," Jouanno said in the New York Times. "We are fighting to say: What counts is what they have in their brains." (Lalisse–Jespersen, 2013) Margo Gianos who is an Oklahoma resident also agrees that brain power is more important than beauty. She is a 12 year old entrepreneur who came up with plans to start her own business. In an email she wrote to Priscilla Lalisse–Jespersen, Margo states, "I do not love beauty pageants. They make girls feel bad about themselves rather than loving who they are and their own beauty." (Gianos, ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 20. My Dream Story I woke again from the same dream that I have been having for weeks or months I don't remember anymore.The dream was about two older people coming towards a young girl and taking her from her bed while she was sleeping, they just took her, as they were taking her off the property she woke up and started kicking and screaming. Then she says a bad man killed her. Than she would say both of them were sick, very sick. It has been happening ever since we moved near Lidtke Mill. I went out to go get the paper and the cover story was "Death at Lidtke Mill". I thought to myself "Who was it? How did it happen?". The rest of my family walked into the kitchen and sat down, mom and dad read the paper and looked like they had just seen a ghost all through the cover story. We ate a almost peaceful breakfast besides Scarlett singing Jack and Jill fell down a hill the WHOLE time, I don't know what is wrong with her. Mama said that it was a little girl who died in the paper. Mama said she had been kidnapped. Mama said by a bad man a very bad man. I asked Mama to tell me more about the little girl and she said yes. Mama started off saying "The little girl's name was Gretchen Keller, her and her family had just moved near Lidtke Mill too. She was sleeping soundly in her nice warm bed, Her parents heard a loud BANG, they ran to her room and when they got there she was gone and the room was a mess, and her all of her clothes were gone. They looked all over the property because it was huge. ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 21. Observation Of A Preschool Observation I was able to observe the oldest preschool classroom we have at the center I currently work at for one hour. The classroom has about 20 children, ranging from four to five–year–old's. They are the classroom that gets the children Kindergarten ready. There are three teachers that work in the classroom: Teacher P., Teacher A., and Teacher J. The large group time started after the children went to the bathroom, about mid –morning. Teacher P. leads the group time and teachers A. and J. did room prep. Once all the children were seated, Teacher P. started group time with a song called Hello Neighbor. Teacher P. was the only teacher to sing with the children. The other teachers were busy doing other things around the classroom. They use the song as a way for the children to know that large group time is starting and with the use of movements with the song it allows the children to get their "wiggles" out. All but one child participated in the greeting song. That child just sat on the rug and watched the other children. Teacher P. tried to encourage the child, but without any success. Teacher A. also tried and failed. Neither teacher forced the child to participate. Once the children had sung their song and sat back down on the rug, Teacher P. started to lead large group time with handing out jobs for the children to do. The jobs include line leader, door holder, who gets to do calendar/weather, librarian, snack help, and lunch helper. When the calendar/weather helper was ready the whole class started to count and clap as he pointed to the numbers. They got about to the number five when a little girl shouted, "Fill up Saturday and Sunday!" Since this was on a Monday they had forgotten to add Saturday and Sunday. Teacher P. laughed and said that they had all of the teachers had forgotten about and that it was a "great catch" by the little girl. Once they finished counting in English, they counted in Spanish with some guidance of Teacher P. Teacher P. was sitting in the "teacher" chair and had done very little teacher –guided instruction. The children seemed to know what to do on their own. Teacher A. had now joined the group and sat at the back of the group. Teacher J. was still doing things ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 22. Annabeths Narrative The day started off nice enough. Summer break had just began a week prior, and the heavy smell of wild flowers and strawberries greeted Percy like an old friend. The scent had followed him and his small group of demigod children all the way to Mount Olympus, and it clung stubbornly to their clothes. Annabeth had flowers braided into her hair, bright purples and brilliant blues stark against golden strands. One of the little boys currently clutching her hand had carefully placed them an hour or two previous, and if he hadn't found the sight of his battle–worn girlfriend willingly letting a son of Aphrodite change up her daily style so hilarious, Percy would've been a little jealous. As it were, he was alright looking at her from his place slightly... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... Not gentle, not loving, not stern or cold. He hoped this wasn't what he thought; he prayed to every god he couldn't think of that she was just shy, just startled and defensive. Wild, inky curls bobbed as she peered up at him, familiar grey eyes stark against skin the color of dark chocolate. He'd seen her around camp–a confident but quiet girl who worshiped the ground her cabin councilor walked on and played strategy games til she dropped bone tired. A daughter of Athena. "He's gone, you know. You don't have to be so afraid." A familiar image painted itself on the back of Percy's eyelids: a beer bottle slammed against his head, rank poker players leering at him with cruel eyes. He sucked in a breath and offered the little girl a (hopefully) sincere smile. She didn't uncurl herself, and he watched with growing anxiety as she seemed to grow further detatched from the world around. Dissociation was a bitch, he knew. Gotta think, Percy, he told himself angrily. Don't use petnames, don't move too quickly, don't talk too loud. Speak clearly without pity, without anger. Don't touch. He shuddered a little. Never ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 23. Descriptive Essay About The Garden I know my parents couldn't help me...Nobody could. Instead of asking for help and forgiveness, I went to The Garden, where everything is full of love. No matter if it is big, small, or had done some particularly nasty things in their lifetime. Everything is included into activities. It is the kind of place where everything is beautiful. There are roses, lilacs, and flowers galore all waving at you in the morning. Equally in bliss, bees and butterflies fly with no cares whatsoever. To feed the caretakers of The Garden, there is even an orchard with cherry, apple and peach trees. In the event that someone visits, they could sit and admire the scenery or go to the ocean and play in the waves. My favorite thing about going here in the summer is the old benches and buildings surrounding The Garden. I admire their rustic brown color and the security they provide. Nobody else knows about this covert region of Martenhyme. It is my little secret. A bird's call shook me awake. A rustling behind the bushes peaked my curiosity. "Hello? Little bunnies? It's ok. I won't hurt you." I look closer at the bushes and realise that there are no bunnies in The Garden...But there were thieves. "Hey! What are you doing here?" The little girl grabs some fruit off of the bushes. Then proceeds to shove them in the pockets of her dirt–stained dress. I run over to her and push her hands away from my precious plants. She stands up with her hands in the air, then runs away as fast as she could. I grab ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 24. Surveillance And Surveillance Throughout The Book,... Surveillance is a continuous close observation of a person. Surveillance plays a key part in the book, Villette by Charlotte Bronte. In Villette, Bronte is focusing on a specific character, Lucy Snowe. Throughout the book Lucy is telling us about her life story while surveillance appears throughout. The focus of this paper is on how surveillance changes over the course of Lucy's life. Lucy's opinion of surveillance changes over time because of her age, the people who come in and out of her life, and when she realizes she is the one being watched by different characters. In Villette, Lucy is telling us about her life story. Throughout the whole book we can tell that Lucy is a different age at different parts of the book. Lucy's opinion of surveillance changes as she is growing up. In the beginning, Lucy is a young teenager living with her god mother, Mrs. Bretton. At this point in the story, Lucy's opinion of surveillance is nonexistence, she really does not care about the what is going on around her because at this point there is nothing big going on in her life. As the story goes on, another young girl comes into the Bretton house and Lucy is very curious about who this little girl is, who she belongs to, and why she is coming to stay at her god mother's house. Lucy comes to find out through surveillance that the little girls name is Polly and she is coming to stay at the Bretton's house because her father is ill and is traveling and she is too young to travel with her ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 25. Personal Narrative: Mary Shelley's 'Brave' My grandma Judy, she was, & still is, extremely special to me. She'll always have a special place in my heart. She was strong. Brave. Wise. Smart. Beautiful. She always stood up for what she believed in. And that's what I loved most about her. She knew a lot about Lakota ceremonies and she always took me to sun dances with her. She told me about the things they do at the dances, and why they do it. She educated me a lot about our culture. She always spoke to me in Lakota. She taught me a bit of Lakota, but I kind of forgot over the years. I really loved braiding sweet grass with her. My favorite times with her is when she would take me to pick choke cherries with her and she would tell me old Lakota stories. My favorite one was the story about... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... It was sometime in the afternoon, Jace was sleeping in the baby room, grandma and me were in the living room. She then got the idea to make a cake, a strawberry cake, for her birthday. We got all the ingredients, mixed everything and put it in the oven. After the cake was finished baking. We took it out, and the middle of the cake sunk in!! We couldn't stop laughing, but at the same time we were a little upset. But we iced the cake anyways and ate it, & it was delicious. And that's my most favorite memory with her. I miss her laugh so much. Her laugh caused me laugh. Oh, another favorite memory of mine with her is when we were getting ready to take a walk. It was the begging of summer and my grandma came down to visit for a few days. After we finished unpacking her things, she suggested we took a walk. I put on my bug spray on, my hair fixed, and my tennis shoes on. After that I went to the living groom to tell grandma I was ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 26. Sparkly Tutu Essay A Girl in a Sparkly Tutu "When I grow up I am going to be a ballerina, truck driver, who rides a motorcycle," shouted the small girl in a bright pink tutu under the scorching lights at her Kindergarten graduation. I was this small girl and I have always been the child who wanted to break away from the pack and be different from everyone else. I may no longer want to be a ballerina, for I realized my hatred for itchy tights, or a truck driver, I am unable to sit for that long, but I still seem to dream big and stand out. To this day I still keep that littlegirl who dreamed big and loves a sparkly tutu inside me. It seems I have found that the way to stand out from others is to be the leader that they can follow. I have always been a people person and seem to feed off of other's ideas and needs. It is the people that I meet in my job, clubs, and activities, that make me long for more in my life and to help them find more in their own. People tell me that you can always tell when I am happy because I am bouncing around, like a bunny on to much caffine, and trying to make everyone be in a better mood. However, the phrase I hear most ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... Psychology is for someone who cares about those around them, is willing to help people through hard times, and has a hunger and curiosity for what is happening in others minds. It is like finding someone curled up in a blanket and slowly having to unwrap them to find out who they truly are and if you are lucky you get to stay there with them so they have someone to lean on. I would love to help someone unwrap from their blanket and let people in and to help them because in return for letting them lean on you, you are able to lean on them. Psychology will give me the tools that I will need to make my mission of having a difference in the lives of everyone I meet and will allow me to unwrap those burritoed in ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 27. The Little Girl We first hear the word power in our lifetime often when we are children. Usually in a question "what is your favorite super power"? Most children answer with abnormal abilities such as flying or invisibility. In its most innocent way power is inherent we think of it as an ability. However as most children grow up they learn that power isn't always on the "good guys" side. Power is defined as "what enables one person to control the behaviors of others". Power turns into a struggle from teacher to student, parents to children, and any other relationship we possess. Children for example need guidance and protection, therefore being a perfect example of the power dynamic legitimate power. Legitimate power can be found within our culture and society from our education system to our own respective family lives. Although many situations are different there is likely someone seen in a position of power based off nothing more than their position in your life. This can be seen in the movie crash where the little girl (Lara) believes and inherently trusts her father (Danial). He has a right of power based on the fact he's her father which allows a level of trust, and feeling of safety for the little girl. Furthermore legitimate power can also be found in work place environments where employer and employee relationship are in continuous power struggles. This happened when Cameron Thayer was approached by his superior to re–do a scene when the producer did not think the scene was done ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 28. Supply Closet Descriptive Writing I couldn't take any more of this, I'm so overcome by fear that I'm ready to give up. But the couch where I'm sitting on would expose me to more, and that demon wouldn't let make this call so easily. I get up and try to navigate towards the small closet where we put our spare supplies of cleaning utensils and where I would refuge from her anger, confined in that dark damp, unbearable closet. But it was the only option left for any privacy, and where I wouldn't so easily be ambushed by attacks. I get up and crawl on all fours afraid if another rough hand would tug at the collar of my shirt. It was next to impossible to make out anything in the dark, I rely on my memory of the layout of the supply closet. I feel the corners of the wall until I touched the cool doorknob, I twist the handle and close the door behind me and hide behind a small beam. This should give me cover for the time being. I fish out my phone from my pocket and wait for a signal. My palms were getting clammy and my mind was all over the place. I couldn't take this anymore, I'm going to drop out, and I'll find better, safer ways to get... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... Everything is still and quiet. I survived the game. I tip–toe my way towards her room, and gently open the door, making sure it wouldn't dare make a sound. I opened the door wide enough to make sure I have a full view of the room but was still concealed by the door's frame. She wasn't in her bed, only a neatly made bed remained in her place. My hope rises up and I wanted to sing on the top of my lungs. She was gone, she was really gone! My request had come true. I sink to the floor exhaustion overcoming me. My stomach growled, I place a hand over my stomach, I need food and then I'll sleep I thought. I make my way towards the kitchen, now that she's gone, I could eat as much as I want, I won't have to hold back myself. I started to whistle, it felt good to finally be ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 29. Personal Narrative Of Pain Is A Funny Thing Elle McGinnity4 November 2014 Mrs. SiragusaPeriod 2AC Paper #2: Personal Narrative Pain is a funny thing. Sometimes it strikes suddenly, a lightning strike in a quiet blue sky. It tears through you and for a few seconds you cannot breathe; cannot think. This was different. This pain was patient and slow. It crept up on me; starting as just an annoying dull ache in my hip. Gradually growing confidence, steadily growing until the roar of the pain became so loud, I could not focus on anything else. But I was stubborn. I told myself I could push through it; that I had to push through it. Nationals were only two weeks away. I could not afford to lose any time... I was torn. On one hand, I had hope that maybe if I saw a doctor, they could fix it and ease the pain. On the other, I was scared. The risk that they would pull me out of dance and not let me compete at nationals seemed to outweigh the benefits. It was my dance teacher that finally convinced me to see a doctor. I remember feeling dazed walking into the hospital; everything was a blur yet seemed to happen in slow motion. And the smell. It was overwhelming and stale. I was detached, just going through the motions: walk here, get wristband, sit, stay, wait. The waiting was the worst part. My mind began to spin. Worrying, and waiting, and contemplating, and waiting and waiting... My fingers began to restlessly tap, dancing out the rhythm of my steps over and over. I fell into a daze, nothing processing except ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 30. Why I Should Be A Good Adult It took me years to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up. Truth be told I still don 't know, and don 't ever plan too. Mostly because I cannot imagine becoming a true adult. I'd have to do adult things like return a sweater I didn 't like or gardening. Gardening! I'd have to spend hours upon hours toiling in fields for plants that won't live to see spring! Or cooking, forbid it that I should ever enjoy cooking. Half the time I mess up boiling water, and make macaroni solely from a microwave. I 'm still be afraid of librarians and speaking to strangers. I intend to use Mickey Mouse band–aids, color with crayons and eat lucky charms until the day I 'm cold in my grave. I could never be a good adult. Thus, it 's easy to see how ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... It is then I wonder how I even ended up in a job that requires one to be compassionate and charismatic all the time. Those days when you can't seem to pull yourself out of a funk I remember. I remember the little blonde head of a stubborn, talkative child. She never seems older than five and she is always, always clutching a tiny Snow White doll. She has incandescently blue eyes and she smiles regardless of what has happened. The kind of kid who can't seem to shut up and is friends with everyone. However, she flips the sounds of her letters. She doesn't mind and it's kind of cute. It makes her name turn from "Kelsey" to "Telsee." I remember the day she was more scared than she had ever been in her entire life. I remember the long hallway that seemed to lead to nowhere deep within the recesses of a high school in a now long forgotten building. How her tiny hands clutched to the doll as if it would save her from whatever creature was on the other side of the door. I remember the panic she felt at being alone with an adult she had never met. She dreamt up villains and monsters each more unlikely than the last, all of whom had horns, and fangs, and terrified children everywhere. Without even the solace of her mother, the girl marched on and her stubborn smile faded into a grimace as neared the door. Yet, I ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 31. Extended Writing Prompt Extended Writing Project Prompt and Directions: You have been reading and learning about stories of suspense, in addition to studying techniques authors use to generate a feeling of suspense in readers. Now you will use those techniques to write your own suspenseful narrative based on real or imagined experiences and events. Your narrative should include: a clear setting, characters and dialogue, a plot centered around the conflict, a suspenseful theme, figurative language, at least one form of irony, and unit vocabulary Roberto Perez Language Arts Period 1/2 December 1, 2016 Don't Look or it Takes My name is Will. I was on my way to a party at my friend 's house on my way there, my car got a flat tire. As the flat tire leaned to the right my car moved to the right and made me crash into a fallen tree next to a sign saying,"Land for sale,call 555–3." that 's all that it stated the rest of the writing had faded. My engine was still working but my tire wasn't keeping me straight. My car kept not moving correctly so I decided to look for a spare in a house I saw in the distance.I brought my camera, for no apparent reason, and went up to the house to see if anybody was home. Apparently nobody was in the house. As I walked into the living room, I saw a note that stated,"Thank you so much for buying my property. I'm going to be out for a while so I won't be here. Signed–Kate." I then put the letter down as I saw that Kate had a nice family when I saw the photographs on ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 32. 4 Little Girls 4 Little Girls, a historical documentary produced by Spike Lee, discusses the deadly bombing of Addie Collins, Dennis McNair, Carole Robertson, and Cynthia Wesley in the 16th Street Baptist Church on September 15, 1963, in Birmingham, Alabama. In the documentary, the bombing of the four little girls was placed in the larger context of the Civil Rights Movement, where blacks were fighting to end the legalized racial segregation and discrimination laws. High levels of white violence, especially from the Ku Klux Klan, and a corrupted legal system in which whites controlled sought to dismantle black progression towards integration. Unfortunately, four little girls, who have not experienced much life were the victims of the deadly bombing at 16th... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... For example, one connection that can be drawn is the rhetoric of the white south during the redemption era in1877 to the 19th century. The white ideologies of the redemption era were for the white south to rise again and redeem what was rightfully theirs. Therefore, our history saw a reemergence of white supremacists groups such as the KKK, manipulations in the political atmosphere to eliminate the black vote, and a widespread number of national lynching. This connects to the four little girl's situation because the same white rhetoric of redeeming what was so–called theirs and maintaining white supremacy was carried out with the bombing of the 16th street Baptist church which killed the four little girls. Bob Chambliss, planted the dynamite in the church representing the same attitude during the redemption era, and similarly, the same types of violence such as lynching and KKK terror were imposed on blacks. This clearly shows that the same white ideologies that were enforced during the redemption period, were still very prevalent and existed in the Civil Rights ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 33. We All Fall Down And The Permission Of Marina Mcduff We all fall down (Inspired by true events. Used with the permission of Marina Mcduff.) When Sarah's aunt told me this story I thought she was being silly. A long time ago Jane had a new baby, a new house, and no husband. She was lucky when her sister Eloise offered to come stay with her and help out, until her husband returned from working in Alberta. The sisters had almost finished unpacking, but Eloise found one small box, labeled "for the baby," that sat alone in the dark hallway. "Jane, what's in here?" Eloise asked. "I can't remember," Jane said, looking at the label. "Kate's got so much stuff. Open it, and have a look." Eloise got a knife and carefully sliced through the red packing tape, and lifted the box's lid. Inside lay a number ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... "Jane did you put on one of the tapes?" No one answered her. Eloise figured Jane had already gone back to bed. She crept into the room, and looked around for the tape player. The music had already stopped, but Eloise looked around the room anyway. Kate looked like a cherub asleep in her cot. Black curls fanned her pillow, and Kate pursed her lips together in a little frown. "I know," said Eloise, stroking Kate's cheek with her finger. "It's cold, but we'll get that sorted." Eloise pulled a blanket off a chair, and lovingly covered her niece with it. She then went back to her own room, and promptly fell asleep. The next morning Eloise sat with her sister, while Jane fed the baby pureed carrots. Kate resembled a jack–o–lantern, her face was caked in orange and she was smiling naughtily. "Jane, did you put on one of the tapes last night?" Eloise asked. "No, why?" "I thought I heard music last night." "You must have been dreaming," smiled Jane. "I wish I slept that well." "I must have been, I thought I heard a little girl singing." "Well, I generally prefer more adult dreams, but I guess any good dream will do. I only get pockets of sleep these days." "It didn't feel like a good dream," Eloise said. "Wasthe little girl trying to kill you?" Jane teased, wiping the baby's mouth with a cloth. "No, but it sounded odd. Too pretty."
  • 34. "Well at least the kid wasn't crying," Jane said. "Yeah," Eloise said, biting her bottom lip. ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 35. My Best Friend I knew something was wrong the summer my best friend walked through me. Katie was like any other normal eight year old. She loved princesses, castles, and had an imagination like I had never experienced. Katie and I had been friends since she was two years old and had always been inseparable. Everywhere Katie went, I went. Our friendship was one of perfection, filled with elegant tea parties, heroic missions, and sleepy bedtime ballads. Katie was my everything and I was hers, at least until that day on the playground. It was a hot summer day in the middle of July and Katie's nana said that it would do us all some good if we went down to the neighborhood park and get some fresh air. Of course Katie and I were super excited, going to the park meant that we could play on the big playground equipment. We all got into the car and after Katie was all buckled up in her car seat, off we drove to the park. On the way there, Katie and I started talking about all the things we wanted to play when we got to the park. "I can't wait 'till we get there and we can play pirates. You be the first mate and I'll be the Captain", Katie said jumping up and down in her car seat. "Aargh", I said as I put my hand over my eye making a pirate eye patch. Katie squealed with laughter which I had found was quite contagious, so I too started to laugh. Once we pulled up to the park, Katie's nana opened the door and helped Katie out. I guess Katie's nana forgot that I was in the car too because she ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 36. A Short Story : The Story Of The Story? Early in the morning, a little boy was playing in the sand. In the market, a little girl was running around, slipping through people and pick pocketing them. They were both around the age of 9. The girl was wearing a dirty white dress that went down to her ankles with no shoes on; her hair was long and was a golden color like the sun. She sneaked out before anyone realized they were being robbed and ran towards the beach. He did not see the girl who was coming up behind with a wooden sword in her tiny hand. "Ahhhhhhh!!!" screamed the little girl who was charging at the boy with a wooden sword in her hand. "You shall not hurt my kingdom." the boy said and grabbed his own wooden sword; then the two started a duel. The little girl tripped and fell backwards and the little boy pointed his sword at her. "Do you surrender?" asked Killian. "Never..." said the girl. Killian dramatically stabbed the girl. "Why are you not in the market today?" said Killian as he helped the girl up and they picked the swords up. She ran in front of him and showed him bag full of coins and jewelry. "Wow...Felicity you got a lot." said Killian who started going through the bag and saw a pretty necklace and gave it to her. "You should wear it." "Can you help me?" she pulled her hair away and smiled as Killian put it on. She turned around and hugged him, but then they heard someone coming. "KILLIAN! Where are you boy?!" yelled an older man. "Who is that?" Felicity whispered scared.
  • 37. "It's my papa. I'll be right back...Papa! I'm right here." Killian ran towards him. That was the last time Felicity saw her friend... Felicity went back to were she lived which was a little shack on the top of a hill. "Papa? I am home...Papa? Papa!!" she saw her father lying on the dirt ground him laying in his own pool of blood. "No...Papa..." she cried and ran to get help. ~12 years later~ During the past 12 years, Felicity pick pocketed and worked at the tavern and it was a lot. She still remembered Killian and always wore the necklace he gave her. She had grown in beauty and her heart was pure but also shut off from any type of love because everyone abandoned her. It was a normal night and she was cleaning up a table. "Hey sugar...do you ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 38. Little Girls Or Little Women Analysis A Rhetorical Analysis on "Little Girls or Little Women" After reading"Little Girls or Little Women", it was apparent to me that the author(Hanes) was very passionate about our girls growing up to fast. The article articulates the fears of its intended audience which are the parents and caregiver of the girls. The article also has an invoked audience mentioned in the article. There are marketers and people who profit from the selling of certain things to young girls who don't agree with (Hanes) assessment of the damage caused.(Hanes) included many different quotes by professionals with credentials that we can trust, and they say different. This author makes us think about the question,"Do little girls become little women too soon?"(Hanes). She is passionate about thesubject, credible and she does a very good job of making her claim believable to the readers. Because of her background, you can expect that she knows what she is talking about and her claim is logical. ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... She beganwriting about thenegativeeffects that the "Disney princess effect" (Hanes) has on little girls. By using the story of Mary Finucane and her child, the author offered us a look into the lives of some of the people this phenomenon has affected. Finucane is well read on this subject and her background as a mother and a protester proves it. Hanes passionate voice, knowledge and understanding of her audience convinces us that she knows what she's talking about. She goes on to add information provided by Peggy Orenstein, the author of "What's Wrong with Cinderella?" and "Cinderella Ate My Daughter". (Hanes) also included input fromDiane Levin, an early childhood specialist. Levin states that "It only takes a glance at some recent studies to understand why parents are uneasy". The author understands that little girls growing up too fast is an epidemic and that many parents and caregivers are ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 39. Reason Vs Instinct Research Paper Which Is Superior : Reason or Instinct? "Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun." Don Marquis explains the superiority of reason over instinct. Without reason, many of the things people choose wouldn't be logical, and can lead to devastating consequences. Generally, reason can lead to positive, or at least logical decisions. Reason undeniably overrules instinct because of the logical choices, reliability, and the wider variety of possibilities it can result in. To begin, reason can definitely be more probable over instinct, especially in life–or–death situations. For example, in The Most Dangerous Game, General Zaroff exclaimed, "The animal had nothing but his legs and his instinct. Instinct is no match for reason. When I thought ... Show more content on Helpwriting.net ... Reason helps grow the amount of possibilities with the expansion of knowledge from previous mistakes. It also shows a trustworthy reliability in specific situations, such as a school shooting. Finally, it proves to be more probable, because humanity is able to discover different ways to survive, letting them live longer than those living based on their instinct. The quote, "Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun," written by Don Marquis, can clearly explain how reason is able to choose , between who lives and who dies, thus proving its superiority to ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 40. Designing Your Shopping A Breeze The houses are decorated, the sales are on and the holidays are about to kickstart. The festive mood has clearly set in. Celebrations at home, parties in your social circle and some small getaways must be making a comeback on your calendar. So as you plan for all these good times ahead, why not also plan in advance for your child's look? The markets are already full with the season's best festive party wear. Here are some traditional wear for kids. Here are a few suggestions to make your shopping a breeze: 1. Traditional trends As you deck up your home with rangolis and diyas and dish out traditional delicacies – it's time to go traditional with your child's ensemble too. Silk ghagara choli sets in attractive colours like red, yellow, fuschia, turquoise are in fashion this festive season. Modern Indian designers are also laying huge focus on TUTUs (layered skirt) and tiered ghagras with ethnic tops, cholis or kurtis. And like always sarees continue to find a place in the season's festive fashion. Custom–made sarees for little girls are easily available. These sets usually come with a blouse, petticoat and saree. The pleats are pre–made and can be draped within minutes with the least effort. The waist of the saree has a drawstring band that keeps the attire intact as the child runs and plays. Kurtas with Patialas or dhotis are also a big hit this season, not only because of their style quotient, but also their comfort value. When it comes to boys fashion, designers these days ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...
  • 41. A Personal Narrative : My Life Altering Moment My Life Altering Moment One event in life can alter a whole world. The small mishaps that happened on our wedding day, still resulted in our lifetime marriage. Accordingly, I pranced down the aisle, with my best friend Sean. Soon, I knew I was going to become a newly doting wife. The thought had made me anxiously overjoyed on the inside. Consequently, our lives were forever altered once we had proclaimed our love for one another with the exchange of our vows. Sean is a gentle, kind soul. Everything I ever had dreamt of in a husband. Caring, loving, sweet, considerate, and most importantly he loved my two daughters. Already a father of a sweet little girl; he had a very keen perspective on little girls. Even our life goals were in harmony with each other. This love connection could not be more ideal. Sean is a gift from heaven, my soul mate. The day we had chosen to tie the knot, turned out to be a crisp autumn day. Leaves rustled and a chilly breeze blew. There I was about to marry the most exquisite man I'd ever met. A magical event was about to happen. Forever this moment in time, had changed the lives of so many, and my last name. All of the prepping, stressing, and sweating was complete. Destiny was awaiting me in just a matter of moments. In walked my father, his jaw had dropped to the floor. "You look stunning!" He exclaimed. Expressing his feelings about how proud he is of me and telling me I'd always be his baby girl. My father and I had shared our special ... Get more on HelpWriting.net ...

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esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising : 7 Character Analysis Activities

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising - Character Analysis Packet, Theme Connections, & Project

esperanza rising character analysis essay

ESPERANZA RISING Characterization Analysis (Ryan) Analyzing Character Traits

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Novel Analysis : Setting, Plot, Characters Themes & Assessment.

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Character Analysis / Change in Esperanza Rising

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising - Character Analysis Google Doc

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esperanza rising character analysis essay

ESPERANZA RISING Characterization Analysis (DIGITAL) Analyzing Character Traits

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esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising End of Novel Character Analysis Essay

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Character Analysis with Facebook Template

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Character Analysis - Pam Munoz Ryan

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Novel Study Unit - Comprehension | Activities | Tests

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Novel Study Unit for Grades 4-8 Common Core Aligned

esperanza rising character analysis essay

  • Easel Activity

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising | Activities and Projects | Worksheets and Digital

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan: 13 Quizzes

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising : Novel Study Unit

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Interactive Journal

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Novel Study | Comprehension & Assessment

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Goes Digital - Character Change Project

esperanza rising character analysis essay

5th Grade Esperanza Rising Common Core Novel Study

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Advanced Novel Study for Esperanza Rising

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Unit

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising Novel Unit & Literature Guide

esperanza rising character analysis essay

Esperanza Rising & Out of the Dust Novel Study Bundle

esperanza rising character analysis essay

A Wrinkle in Time, Walk Two Moons, Esperanza Rising Novel Study Bundle

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Esperanza Rising

By pam muñoz ryan, esperanza rising character list.

Esperanza is the pre-teen protagonist of the novel. She is the daughter of a wealthy landowner growing up in Aguascalientes, Mexico. When her father dies, her life turns upside down. Esperanza and her mother must move to America and begin their life anew as migrant workers in California. The novel chronicles Esperanza's struggles to adapt to her new circumstances.

Esperanza's mother, Ramona, who teaches Esperanza how to be strong after Papa's death. Mama is Esperanza's support system in California until she falls ill - after which Esperanza must take on the responsibility of keeping their family together.

Esperanza's father, Sixto, the kind proprietor of el Rancho de las Rosas. He feels deeply connected to the land and teaches Esperanza to trust the cycles of nature. In the beginning of the novel, Papa is killed by bandits while repairing a fence on the ranch.

Marisol Rodríguez

Esperanza's best friend in Mexico - they are permanently separated when Esperanza and her mother move to California.

Abuelita is what Esperanza calls her maternal grandmother. She teaches Esperanza the importance of perseverance. Due to an injury, she must stay behind in Mexico when Esperanza and Mama move to California. Eventually, Miguel is able to bring Abuelita to the U.S.A.

A Zapotec Indian from Oaxaca who works as the housekeeper at el Rancho de las Rosas. She is married to Alfonso, and is Miguel's mother.

Papa’s close friend and boss of the field-workers at el Rancho de las Rosas. He is also Hortensia’s husband, Jose's brother, and Miguel's father. He makes the arrangements for his family, Esperanza, and Mama to travel to California.

Alfonso and Hortensia's son was once Esperanza's childhood companion. Miguel shares many of Papa's qualities - he is patient, strong, and kind. He loves trains and dreams of becoming a mechanic on the railroad. Miguel and Esperanza sometimes clash because of their class differences, but deep down, they care about one another.

Papa’s malicious and eldest stepbrother who is president of the bank in Aguascalientes. After Papa's death, Tío Luis tries to marry Mama in order to gain traction for his political campaign, but she refuses. He later has a hand in burning down her house, thus forcing Mama and Esperanza to flee to America.

Papa’s crooked, older stepbrother and the mayor of Aguascalientes. He is just as vindictive and corrupt as his brother, Tío Luis.

Juan and Josefina's daughter teaches Esperanza how to take care of the babies and do chores. She is younger than Esperanza but has a great deal of maturity and knowledge about living in the camp. Isabel's dream is to go to school so she can learn English. She loves hearing stories about Esperanza's privileged life in Mexico.

Alfonso's brother (and Josefina's husband) who welcomes everyone into their home in California. He becomes like family to Esperanza and Mama.

Jose's wife and Isabel's mother, Josefina, becomes an important female figure in Esperanza's life when Mama falls ill.

A teenage girl who lives in an adjacent camp with her mother, Ava. Marta fights for the rights of migrant workers and organizes a strike. She often mocks Esperanza for her privileged upbringing and lack of experience doing manual labor. When immigration officials break up the strike, however, Esperanza helps Marta hide.

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Esperanza Rising Questions and Answers

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how does esperanze feel towards the shrikers

Esperanza is grateful that she is able to keep working, but she also feels that many of the strikers didn't deserve to be deported.

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What is the title of chapter 6?

List the 5 things that the strikers did to those who did not strike.

When Esperanza and the other workers arrive at the packing shed, the strikers taunt them and throw stones at them. Esperanza sees Marta among the strikers. I remember they were also called names and intimidated for working.

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