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100 Words Essay on Technology and Human Relationships


Technology has transformed how we communicate and build relationships. It’s an inseparable part of our lives, influencing how we interact with each other.

Technology’s Role

Technology, particularly social media, allows us to connect with people globally. It bridges distances, making communication easy and instant.

Impact on Relationships

However, technology can also affect relationships negatively. Overuse can lead to less face-to-face interaction, potentially weakening bonds.

Balancing technology use is crucial. It can enhance relationships if used mindfully, but can also harm if not used responsibly.

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250 Words Essay on Technology and Human Relationships

Technology has become an integral part of human life, influencing various aspects including our relationships. The interplay between technology and human relationships is complex, with both positive and negative impacts.

Enhanced Communication

Technology has revolutionized communication, making it possible to connect with people around the world in real-time. Social media platforms, video conferencing, and instant messaging apps have facilitated constant communication, strengthening relationships.

Virtual Relationships

However, there’s a growing concern about the authenticity of relationships in the digital era. Technology can create an illusion of closeness, leading to superficial relationships. The rise of virtual relationships can also lead to the erosion of face-to-face social skills.

Technology’s Impact on Intimacy

Technology can both enhance and hinder intimacy. On one hand, it allows couples in long-distance relationships to maintain their bond. On the other hand, excessive use of technology can create a digital barrier, reducing quality time and causing emotional disconnect.

In conclusion, while technology has the potential to enrich human relationships, it can also create challenges. It’s essential to strike a balance between technology use and maintaining genuine, meaningful relationships. The key lies in using technology as a tool to enhance relationships, not as a replacement for real human connection.

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500 Words Essay on Technology and Human Relationships

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, shaping our interactions and the way we perceive relationships. The advent of digital tools has revolutionized communication, making it easier and quicker. However, this digital revolution also raises questions about its impact on human relationships.

Technology: A Bridge or a Barrier?

Technology has undoubtedly made communication more accessible. Through social media, email, and instant messaging, we can now connect with people worldwide, breaking geographical barriers. This instant connectivity has facilitated the formation of global communities, where people share ideas, experiences, and cultures.

However, while technology bridges the gap between people geographically, it may also erect barriers in personal relationships. The digital world often provides a curated version of reality, where individuals present their ‘best selves’. This may lead to superficial relationships, devoid of emotional depth. The ease of communication also inadvertently leads to an expectation of constant availability, potentially causing stress and anxiety.

Impact of Technology on Interpersonal Skills

The rise of digital communication has resulted in a shift from face-to-face interactions to screen-based conversations. This shift has implications for our interpersonal skills. Non-verbal cues such as body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions, which are crucial in understanding others’ emotions, are often lost in digital communication. This loss can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations, impacting the quality of relationships.

The Paradox of Connection and Isolation

Technology can create a paradoxical situation where individuals are more connected than ever before, yet feel isolated. While social media platforms allow us to maintain contact with a vast network of friends, they can also foster feelings of loneliness and isolation. This is because online interactions often lack the emotional depth and intimacy found in face-to-face relationships. Furthermore, the comparison with others’ curated lives can lead to feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction.

Technology and Empathy

Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, is a cornerstone of human relationships. However, technology might be diminishing our empathetic abilities. The constant bombardment of information and the impersonal nature of digital communication can desensitize us to others’ experiences. This desensitization can hinder the formation of meaningful relationships, which are based on mutual understanding and empathy.

In conclusion, technology has transformed human relationships in profound ways. It has made communication more accessible but has also led to issues such as superficial relationships, reduced interpersonal skills, and feelings of isolation. As we continue to embrace technology, it is crucial to be mindful of these potential pitfalls. Balancing digital interactions with face-to-face communication, fostering empathy, and promoting genuine connections can help us navigate the digital age without compromising the quality of our relationships.

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Technology And Human Relationships Essay

In the modern n day, we cannot imagine a world without technology. It 's fascinating how much digital technology like mobile devices, and social platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter can connect human being to one another. . Rather than conversing face to face, we can connect our loved ones from anywhere and anytime. Technology has been improving from the past to present, in its: shapes, speed, collection etc. We have reached the point where we are deeply acquainted with digital technology platforms. Digital technology such as mobile devices, and social medias can make, maintain and destroy human relationships. UNLV associate professor Katherine M. Hertlein, director of the university’s Marriage and Family Therapy program, and assistant professor Markie L.C. Blumer, a faculty adviser in the program …show more content…

He presents,” It certainly does exist within the soul of the person who texted, posted or emailed this – but the words don’t convey that” (para 5). He means that those words are sent through technology with emotions to someone, the receiver is only getting the message, but he is not experiencing the emotions. . He points out that “technology fails to deliver essential personal touch”, where he gets “stickers” and “emojis”, it is not connecting to him but because it doesn’t make him to experience the emotions of the virtual poster. He states that technology leads humans get more involved with technology and get addicted to it. He captures,” Conversations through social media and email Krammer, Bryan to leave the house to communicate with others – and many people won’t and resulting the cocooning phenomenon leads to social isolation that can be crippling for some” (para 7). He means that, addiction causes people to isolate themselves away from the world and communicate with loved ones through

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how digital technology like mobile devices, and social platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter can connect human beings to one another.
  • Analyzes how katherine m. hertlein and markie l.c. blumer explore how technology plays a significant role in promoting relationships.
  • Analyzes how s perceive different aspects of digital technology in human relationships. in the first two articles, they view positivity, while in the third, empathizes on negativity.
  • Explains that the digital revolution has brought people to communicate their loved ones from far away distance without face-to-face. researchers have grasped their conclusions through life experiences and observing others.
  • Analyzes shanhong luo and shelley tuney's essay, "can texting be used to improve romantic relationships? — the effects of sending positive text messages on relationship satisfaction."

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Social Networks: The Illusion of Connection

He also goes into the issue of technology and how humans have become addicted and how simple it is to do certain things nowadays. From your phones,computers and tablets and how people have become so obsessed that they can’t live without their technological devices. Virtual connecting has become so much of a problem to where humans aren’t differentiating “quantity vs quality as well as mistaking a computer conversation from a connection face to face.” He states people are truly misunderstanding the concept of a text conversation and not a genuine deep connection with each other. Which creates a paradoxical effect when a person think they’ve created something authentic in all reality they haven’t. So then the question is asked “what is wrong with having a

Textual Analysis Essay Of The Tethered Self By Sherry Turkle

People have the fundamental desire to maintain strong connections with others. Through logic and reasoning, Sherry states, “But what do we have, now that we have what we say we want, now that we have what technology makes easy?”(Turkle). Face to face conversations are now mundane because of the accessibility to interact at our fingertips, at free will through text, phone calls and social media. Belonging, the very essence of a relationship has now become trivial.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Olson, D. H. (1970). Marital and family therapy: Integrative review and critique. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 32(4), 501-538.

Marriage and Family Therapy According to Christian Beliefs

Mace, D. R. (1954). What is a Marriage Counselor? National Council on Family Relations,16(2), 135-138. doi:10.2307/347770

Technology And Technology Essay

during the late 20th century, mankind hit an unprecedented surge of technological advancement and innovation. From the 1980s onward, our level of technology- especially communication-based technologies- increased exponentially year by year, giving us inventions (and their subsequent additions) such as the mobile cell phone, the Internet, email, instant message and social media platforms. In fact, the advent of the Internet and social media has created a smaller, wired world wherein an individual can communicate with someone from across the world in the blink of an eye.

The Importance Of Social Media

Within this paper reflects the qualitative and quantitative recollection of how social media and other masses of media having over-run our lifestyle. The influence of daily routine had been shaped by merely checking our phones every other minute. Markets growing and becoming more socially interactive with their customers has been good for business and shown an increase in attracting the appropriate people towards business and with that has our society grown and been influenced to become a more socially interactive unit. We live our daily lives surrounded by social media and mass media just by the way we divulge the information we know we utilize it every day and everywhere and it seems only inevitable to become more technologically advanced if we are to keep up with our growing society these days.

Essay About Technology

Another good use for technology is extra jobs. People can easily get online and put applications in. This is good in case they’re not physically able to get to the place they want to apply for. If they’re able to get to the place and put a good impression in on the boss, they can just search for jobs online then go in and put an application in.

Social Media And Cyberbullying

With the way the world is now it should be no surprise to anyone that social media has very literally taken over the world in this day and age. From late 2008 to early 2009 the size of Facebook users doubled from 100 million to 200 million in eight months, and was already up to 400 million by early 2010. Twitter also raised its number of users in 2009 from 4.5 million to 20 million (Zandt). With a few clicks of a button or taps on a screen, a person can be connected to family and friends in every corner of the world and even see what their favorite celebrities are doing with their lives.”Social media defines an array of internet sites that enable people from all over the world to interact. This can be through discussion, photos, video and audio

Hope-Focused Couple Response Paper

Ripley, J. S., & Worthington Jr., E. L. (2014). Couple therapy: A new hope-focused approach. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. ISBN:

The Importance Of Technology Enhances The Human Experience

Through the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, people are able make connections that might otherwise not be possible. Social media and smart phones have been a godsend for me, previously I rarely found time to pen a letter or talk on a landline, I did a terrible job of maintaining friendships, technology has changed that for me improving my relationships and generating new ones. It would appear that I’m not alone, “half a billion people are now on Facebook suggests that people believe the benefits of connecting with others, sharing information, networking, self-promoting, flirting, and bragging” (Singer 464). Restak echo’s this when he said “laptop computers, cell phones, e-mail, and fax machines keep us in constant touch with the world” (415). “Philosophers interested in friendship, romance, and intimacy more generally have, in recent times, endeavored to distinguish between the types of people we like and the specific people we feel connections with in our lives” (Christian 106) reiterating that relationships with others are important to us. Video chat applications are another example of technology that affords easier connectivity, especially for those people who are unable to leave their

What Technology Can T Change About Happiness Analysis

Technology has advanced a lot and has been greatly impacting our lives since the Industrial Revolution. The appearance of the mobile phone, the computer, and the tablets have all changed our ability to communicate with people around the world. Although technologies have greatly improved our lifestyle, they have brought many negative effects on our relationships and happiness as well, for instance distorting people's views on one another and bringing more loneliness to people's lives. Many people believe that benefited by social media platforms such as Facebook, it is now not necessary to talk to someone in person in order to effectively communicate with one and know one’s life. Others, however, believe that technology alone cannot replace

What Is The Positive Effects Of Social Media On Social Relationships?

Social networking has the power to connect strangers across the world. As the evolution of communication continues, technology progresses and social networking grows. Social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp have grown to have billions of users. In fact in today’s society, it is necessary or nearly expected to use at least one of these technological communication networks. The increasing use of social networking has had both a negative and positive effect on communication in relationships. Sherry Turkle explains the negative impact of social media on social relationship. Meanwhile, Jenna Wortham the author of “ I Had a Nice Time With You Tonight” focus on the positive enhancement of technology on users relationship.

Marriage and Family Counseling

The techniques used in marriage and family counseling can be different. For instance, counselors will sometimes handle family therapy in different ways than they would couples or marital therapy. Both family and marriage c...

How Has Technology Changed Communication?

“We barely have time to pause and reflect these days on how far communicating through technology has progressed. Without even taking a deep breath, we’ve transitioned from email to chat to blogs to social networks and more recently to twitter” (Alan 2007). Communicating with technology has changed in many different ways. We usually “get in touch” with people through technology rather than speaking with them face to face. The most popular way people discuss things, with another individual, is through our phones. Phones have been around way before I was born in 1996, but throughout the years, they have developed a phone called a “smart phone”. The smart phone has all kinds of new things that we can use to socialize with our peers. On these new phones, we can connect with our friends or family on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Technology has also developed Skype, a place you can talk with people on the computer with instant voice and video for hours. The new communication changes have changed drastically from the new advances made in technology through our smart phones, social networking sites, and Skype.

Technology and Human Relations:

Consider a situation where a family is sitting at the dining table, the son pull out his iPhone, connects to Wi-Fi, and starts chatting with his friends on “Facebook”. The father has a Samsung Galaxy S4 in his hands and he is reading the newspaper online and using “Whatsapp” messenger while having his meal. The mother is busy texting her friends. They are all “socializing” but none of them has spoken as much as a single word to each other. This situation can be commonly seen nowadays. Technology has brought us closer and squeezed the distances but in reality, it has taken us away from each other. The rapid growth of technology has brought about significant changes in human lives, especially in their relationships. The latest technologies have turned this world into a “global village” but the way humans interact with each other, the types of relations and their importance has changed a lot. The advancement in technology has brought us close but has also taken us apart.

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Essay On Effects Of Technology On Relationships

What effect does technology have on relationships? Technology has a huge impact on all relationships, but mainly on boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. Some impacts are good, but although some can be bad. Some good impacts are, you can always communicate with them at any time. Another good impact is you can meet someone who you do not know and grow closer to them each and every day by using your technology with communication. On the other hand, technology can also impact many relationships in a really bad way. Technology can make you have a misunderstanding of what the person is trying to say, isolating you from your significant other. Another bad effect that technology can have on relationships, is when spend too much time on our technology …show more content…

Some of the negative effects are, we spend entirely too much time on the technology we have. We either have them in our hands or in arm’s reach. When we spend too much and not have enough time for our boyfriend or girlfriend it could cause a result of cheating. Cheating is very common when you use the technology too much. When I was a little bit younger, my boyfriend was always on his phone even when we were spending time in person. Him being on the phone and never paying attention to me, it bothered me. Well eventually, I found out he was cheating. He spent too much time on technology and found other girls while we were together. As a result of spending too much time on his technology we broke up. When we do not have enough time for them, we tend to break up just like me and he did. However, technology does not only affect boyfriend and girlfriend relationships but also on family relationships as well. The family relationship has been affected just as much as boyfriend and girlfriend relationships have. The family relationships have been affected by kids just sitting here on here phone and not paying attention to their family. When we are on our phones and browsing social media , we tend to not pay attention to any of our family. One night at the dinner table, we were all sitting there and then my brother pulls out his phone and starts playing a game. He pulled out his phone and did not even pay attention to any of us anymore.

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Fahrenheit 451 Technology Analysis

For instance, Clarisse lives a very abnormal life in her society, but in our society talking to family members is normal. Montag notices Clarisse's interactions with her family and finds their conversations “...relaxed, hearty, and not forced in any way…” (14). Montag is so used to minimal interactions and isolation that seeing Clarisse’s family, makes him rethink his relationship with Mildred. If Mildred did not hog up the TV and took her seashells out, Montag could actually have decent conversation with her. Technology is ruining relationships too.

The Pedestrian And The Veldt Comparison

Technology definitely is affecting how humans communicate and interact, but that does necessarily have to be a negative thing. For instance, the popular social media application Skype, has kept over 74 million people from around the globe connected with one another. Despite humans spending much more time with their devices, like in “The Pedestrian”, many are not using this time to mindlessly stare at the television. Skype is just one example that connects people who may be a long distance apart, but will still spend an average of 100 minutes a month (“Skype Company Statistics”) still keeping in touch with one another. While some do use their their screens to block out the people around them, a majority use their smart phones and computers to keep connected with their

Argument Analysis: Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

I believe technology does make us more alone. People now are always deep into technology, whether it 's a phone, computer, or even television. Phones in particular really isolate people from interacting with each other, as they 're always texting or watching video. Technology is causing us to have connections with our phones instead of connecting with people and it sometimes can cause some people relationships to break apart. In the article, "Does Technology Make Us More Alone?" found on NYT written by Michael Conchar.

Essay On Modern Relationships

The article’s purpose is to pinpoint specific cultural traits that cause problems in modern relationships. It dives into the history of marriage to illustrate that our modern views on marriage and love are new and specific to the twentieth century. Cultural shifts in our individualistic tendencies are responsible for some of the problems marriages face today. The article poses the underlying idea that perhaps society’s individualistic nature is too self-centered to the point that we push out other’s needs, feelings, and happiness. 4.

Technology Has Brought People Together Essay

I think that technology and the internet can and have brought people together. The reason that I say that is because if you are homeschooled, than you can stay connected with your old friends. But if you get cut off from the internet and stuff, and you cannot get to talk to anyone at all, than you will be lonely and not have anyone to talk to. Also, it can bring people together by showing eachother what they look like if they have not been able to see each other for a long time.

Argumentative Essay: Does Technology Make You Feel Alone?

According to Lindsey Craig in her article “Technology -- we all love it and we all use it, but how is it affecting us?” she stated that “Technology is making us more alone, because instead of interacting with our friends in person, we are dependent on using our phones or tablets. We start to compare

Should Children Be Allowed To Use Social Media Essay

Should kids be allowed to use social media ? Could young children be able to manage social media ? I disagree with this . I think that children 13 and under shouldn 't be using social media until they are mature enough . Social media like Instagram , Snapchat , Facebook , WhatsApp , and Messenger can cause children to have health issues , waste their time , and it can be dangerous.

Informative Speech About Technology

We all use it. Whether it is a text to your significant other, a hard work day on the job, a quick drive to the store, even something as simple as going to church, no matter where we are we always seem to be using technology. Technology is a growing issue with each passing day and even though there are positive effects it also has its negative side. It affects the things we do such as communication and playing, but most importantly affects our brain with our daily thought process. Today, Im going to inform you on how technology has affected you and your daily lifestyle habits.

Essay On How Technology Make Us Less Sociable

Technology is getting bigger and bigger each day. With the advance of smart phones, tablets, and laptops it’s become much easier for people to keep in contact with their social media. People can easily stay in touch with friends all the time on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram and by texting. Many people are taking advantage of that opportunity and that seems like people are becoming more sociable but actually it is making people less sociable. People are spending too much time on their phones instead of having a face to face conversation.

How Social Media Affects Relationships Essay

Social Media: Affects Relationships As technology progresses more and more, there have been great changes that have made our lives more easy and efficient. There are many advantages that technology has brought upon us, one in particular is the Internet. The Internet has allowed people to be connected quickly to information and be updated to the issues and happenings around us, but the social networks that have been invented to allow long distance connection have been resulting in negative outcomes for society and our generation. Social media gets in the way of building actual relationships, makes people become inauthentic about their lives and lowers their self-esteem, and has become a dangerous and threatening nature. During these days, it seems as if nobody can live without checking their social media accounts, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Positive Impacts: The Negative Impact Of Cell Phones

However, the negatives outweigh the positives. Cell phones are a large negative component in so many lives, yet this goes practically unnoticed. Cell phones can negatively affect one’s physical health, mental health, and one’s daily life. Cell phones can negatively affect one’s physical health.

Technology Makes People Feel Lonely Essay

Technology affects almost every aspect in our life. Nowadays people use computers and smart phones in their personal social activities, business, education, medical care, politics and, most of all, in entertainment. Needless to say that technology makes our life easier and is the major reason that helps people develop, especially technically, but it certainly affects our life negatively from a social perspective leading people to feel lonely. You don’t have to be physically alone to feel lonely.

Technology Essay: How Technology Affects Our Lives

We depend too much on technology. There is no doubt about it. Many places of work are at a loss if their internet connection stops working. Many businesses and institutions are left high and dry if the internet or computer crashes. Every bit of information regarding business is entered into the computer.

Argumentative Essay: Is Technology Bad For Us?

In conclusion, technology can have negative impacts on today’s people in many ways. It is harmful to people’s well-being, makes people lose physical connections with those around them, and it makes students disregard their work. Technology is everywhere in today’s society. These devices can be so harmful to people without them even knowing it. People should be more aware of what technology can do, and try their best not to depend on

How Technology Affects Brain Development

Once technology comes available it is important to learn and know the proper use of it. Children should be educated more to use it in positive way. Students are distracted by their phones when they are at school. As the teachers are always against the use of phones in school, students and computers when they are at school. One negative effect that students have at school is their lack of studies and grades.

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Impact of Technology on Human Relationship

The rise of technology has had an impact on the way we communicate with each other. In some ways, it has made things easier and more convenient (for example, being able to reach out to someone by email), but in other ways, it has made things more difficult. With the rise of instant gratification and constant distractions (such as notifications), it has become harder for people to be patient or take the time to reflect on what they are doing. Technology has greatly created distractions among people in workplace meetings, business partnerships, and family relations. These negative influences of technology are because people are trying to replace conversations and connections with their cell phones. Human relationships have grown due to communication technology, but people should be regulated from their cell phones for great connections and conversations to be achieved.

It is no secret that cell phones can be a disruption in meetings at the workplace. But the real problem is not the cell phone itself; it is what we are doing with it. We are all guilty of checking our phones when we should be paying attention to the meeting at hand, and that can often lead to missed connections and misunderstandings. The thing is, most of us are only really interested in what is going on in the meeting for a few minutes at a time. We might be tuned in while someone is presenting, but as soon as they finish, we start browsing through our emails or checking Facebook. “Our colleagues want to go to that board meeting but pay attention only to what interests them” (Turkle 59). And that is where the trouble starts; because when we are not paying attention, we cannot effectively communicate with others.

Cell phones can sometimes lead to a breakdown in communication between business partners. It seems like every day; I am seeing more examples of people who are trying to have a conversation with someone, only to have their partner get distracted by their phone. It is not just that people are checking their phones too often; it is additionally the fact that they are using their phones to communicate in ways that can be extremely disruptive. “A businessman laments that he no longer has colleagues at work” (Turkle 59). For example, I was talking to someone the other day who said that they had a meeting with a business partner, and the partner kept sending emails and text messages during the meeting. Needless to say, it made it very difficult for them to have a constructive conversation.

No matter how strong our relationships are, we all need deep connections with others. We need to be able to talk to people and share our thoughts and feelings with them. These days, it is easy to rely on technology to stay in touch with our loved ones. But while email, Twitter, and Facebook are all crucial communication tools, they can never truly replace conversation. “Email, Twitter, Facebook, all of these have their places-in politics, commerce, romance, and friendship. But no matter how valuable, they do not substitute for conversation” (Turkle 60). The conversation is the backbone of relationships; it is how we get to know each other, how we express our thoughts and feelings, and how we connect on a deeper level. Without conversation, our relationships would be much more shallow and less meaningful.

There are several reasons why more relationships fail these days. One reason is that we expect more from technology and less from one another. We are always looking for the next best thing, and we are often disappointed when our partners do not measure up. At the same time, we have become more disconnected from each other, spending more time on our phones and laptops instead of connecting with the people around us. This can make it difficult to build a strong relationship. “We expect more from technology and less from one another and seem increasingly drawn to technologies” (Turkle 61). Some are even having a problem with connecting with themselves since whenever they are alone, they look for their cell phones to reach others to feel connected or keep them company.

There is no denying that smartphones, email, and the internet have drastically changed our lives for the better. They have made us more connected and productive, but there is similarly a downside to all this technology: it can be overwhelming, addictive, and distracting (Powers 520). That is why many people are choosing to disconnect from technology for periods. They are finding that life can still be amazing without all our gadgets. Staying away from technology is an incredible relief, even if it is just for a little while. It allows us to focus on what is important: our relationships, our surroundings, and ourselves. “An acquaintance of mine cooled down his connectedness by getting rid of his smartphone and returning to a basic cell phone, thus removing Internet from his mobile; it was an incredible relief” (Powers 523). In “Growing up tethered,” Turkle states that mature individuals should be comfortable even without their phones; they connect to the people around them (Turkle 581). Other than the internet, people can still be entertained or connected through radios, which existed before the greater technology of the internet.

There are several ways that people can become addicted to technology. For some, it is the allure of being constantly connected and having access to limitless information. For others, it might be the rush that comes with checking social media or email notifications. And for many, it is a convenience to be able to talk and shop while on the phone (Powers 519). Whatever the reason, addiction to technology is real and can have serious consequences. There are a few different ways that cell phone users can reduce the amount of time they spend online. One is to do activities that do not require dialing the phone, such as reading or listening to music. Another is to use other people as search engines, rather than relying on Google or another search engine every time they need information (Powers 519). Cell phone users can choose to limit their time on social media and other websites that tend to suck up a lot of time and derail social relationships.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that technology has revolutionized the way we live and interact with each other. However, there is a growing concern that the overuse of technology is hurting human interactions. Technology should be regulated in human relationships because it ruins social connections as well as conversations. Conversations are a key part of human relationships, and technology can disrupt that. It can likewise lead to people feeling isolated and alone, which is not good for mental health. To save the human relationship from technology, people should be encouraged not to embrace performing a single task at a time, and similarly use people to get information instead of the internet.

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Powers, William. Not so busy . New York, NY: HarperCollins, 2010.

Turkle, Sherry. Growing up tethered . From Inquiry to Academic Writing, 2015.

Turkle, Sherry. The flight from conversation . The New York Times 22, 2012.

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I still remember as a teenager back in the 90’s when people still sent love letters through the mail and talk on landline phone. You had to physically get out to meet someone to know if you like them. When someone said they want to meet, they will show up. If didn’t, they either were dead or something horrible happened. When someone showed up or you got to hear from them, that meant that the person really cared for you and made their time for you. Today, technology is making our life so easy and in a fast paced. It changes the way we interact with our love ones. Technologies has made us value our relationships less because of the lack of face to face communication, the lack of needs for physical bond and the little effort to maintain a relationship.

“Sexting to spice things up, saying sensual things through text messages and sending erotic pictures, and videos” (Herchlain 2014) to fulfill their fantasies. People don’t have the need to want to be with each other to fulfill those needs because you’re constantly connected. “You lose intimacy when you’re not together”. (Herchlain 2014). Because texting or sending a message through technology is so convenient, people make it a habit. They don’t have to wait to hug, to kiss, or to see each other’s faces. Instead of making the effort to physically meet someone, people can connect with someone without leaving their comfort zone. This made me mad when I was having a long-distance relationship with my husband and he didn’t make much effort to visit me. Instead he spent all day texting me and complained how much he missed me. I felt neglected, as I felt the lack of interests and the little effort he shown for me. This lack of physical bond distanced our relationship.

Technology is a big distraction in a relationship. People spend way too much time on it, playing game, watching movies, T.V shows, or browsing online. They forget about the people around them. The time spent with each other turn into alone time with each other because people are frequently staring at their phones. I go to restaurant and I see that couples don’t even talk to each other even though they look like they are on a date. Instead, they’re just staring at their phone. People are so fixed to their technologies that they don’t create much memories together. The lack of memories makes it easier to let go when a relationship gets tough.

Even though technologies made our life so much easier in many ways, these negative impacts in our relationship are critical. We can still make our relationship great if we limit our time on our technology usage. Instead of letting technology takes control of our live, we should be taking control of the use of technology. Technologies may change the way we live our lives, but we should never change who we are. I sometime caught myself doing some of this stuff and I must remind myself over and over. It’s not easy since it has become a habit for everyone, but we just have to set ourselves reminders to always pay attention to the people we love and care for.

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Technology and Relationships

The information error has fundamentally altered how people conduct themselves in various sectors such as education, business, and general social interactions. Technological advances in areas such as email, social media, and instant messaging were all designed to expedite and enhance communication. Today, friends and families separated by huge distances can now communicate face to face through video calls whenever they like. More so, each year, dating sites such as Tinder successfully connect hundreds of thousands of soon-to-be spouses. And even more significant, parents can communicate with their children more readily throughout the day. However, while society adjusts to these new modes of communication, there are also ways in which the new technology threatens to erode critical components of how individuals connect and engage on an individual level (GoodTherapy, 2022). This is particularly true in our closest connections.

Therefore, as people spend an increasing amount of time huddled around their computers, tablets, and smartphones, a critical issue arises: Is the new technology bringing people closer together or further apart? While the benefits of technology on relationships are clear, there are still certain negatives that individuals should be aware of in terms of how technology might negatively impact their relationships. The disadvantages of technology in relationships do not always imply that persons should avoid using technology completely; nonetheless, knowledge of the disadvantages can assist individuals in determining what they should and should not do. Knowing what others have done incorrectly can assure that no one has to learn some lessons the hard way. Therefore, it is unsurprising that technology can cause chaos in relationships. For this reason, this study explores the impact of technology on people’s quality time spent together and depression and anxiety levels.

Thesis Statement : Research suggests that people should limit their use of technology because it has significantly reduced quality time spent together and has increased levels of anxiety and depression.

The 21st Century adolescents depend on media and technology in navigating romantic relationships. In their article, Vaterlaus et al. (2018) present a detailed study of how interactive technology and entertainment media impact romantic relationships among young adults and adolescents. Through thorough research, the authors assert that interactive technology and entertainment media impact romantic relationships among the mentioned groups (interactive technology at 97% and entertainment media at 95%). Interactive technology and entertainment media provide role models for expected romantic relationship behaviors. Besides, the two are also connected with the development of unfeasible relationship expectations and the perceived push to be in a relationship. Interactive technology has completely changed how adolescents and young adults communicate with their partners how they become integrated into the whole romantic relationship life cycle and led to the fall of in-person communication among these groups.

Individuals should restrict their use of technology since it has resulted in a considerable decrease in quality time spent with one another and increased anxiety and despair.

There has been a significant rise in the use of ECT (electronic communication technology) being incorporated in romantic relationships. According to Deans and Bhogal (2019), there has been a rise in ECT use as a medium to manage a romantic partner. Although several articles emphasize the cyber-dating abuse victims, these authors focus on the factors predicting cyber-dating abuse perpetration. They attempt to determine whether romantic jealousy (behavioral, cognitive, and emotional jealousy), aggression (physical, hostility, anger), and gender predict the perpetration of cyber-dating abuse. This article is very relevant to my topic as its findings help me understand and appreciate the psychological factors driving cyber-dating abuse among various groups’ romantic relationships.

Obsessional use of social media has consequences on the users’ professional, psychological, personal, and social lives. Abbasi (2019) comprehensively examines the connection between social media obsession and behaviors related to infidelity. Besides, the author also explores the influence of age on this connection. I found this article suitable for my research as online association with virtual friends often distract most users from spending quality time with their real-life partners consuming their attention. Furthermore, the internet’s romantic alternatives provide a perfect environment for a sexual or emotional affair, leading to adverse romantic relationship outcomes. This source also enabled me to understand the connection between age and social media addiction and infidelity-related behaviors.

In their article, Nyholm et al. (2021) explore the impact of future and emerging technologies such as love drugs, sex robots, anti-love medicines, and gamify relationships on the value and understanding of love. The authors also explore some of the significant concerns these emerging technologies bring while discussing whether there’s a need for a ‘vigilant optimism’ considering their impacts on people’s lives. I found this article interesting as it explains the nature of love, what it is really about, and how it should be appreciated and valued.

The current technology abundance in our daily life has created interruption opportunities among couples. McDaniel and Drouin (2019) refer to this technology abundance as phubbing or ‘technoference .’Based on the participants’ results, these authors assert that when users rate more pubbing than usual, they often feel worse about their romantic relationships and perceive in-person interaction or communication as less effective. Therefore, this article maintains that the use of technology interferes with one-on-one communication or interaction among romantic partners. Hence, affecting their daily evaluation of mood and their relationship.

Young adults and adolescents increasingly depend on text messaging to maintain communication and sustain their romantic relationships. Nonetheless, Ohadi et al. (2018) assert that there has been a mixed reaction regarding the impact of this technology on romantic relationship satisfaction. Therefore, this article primarily explores the role of perceived texting similarity among couples in forecasting satisfaction in romantic relationships. With about 98% of adolescents with mobile phones in modern society, this article is significant in my research. This article examines the role of technology in romantic relationships’ communication and satisfaction, which is vital in my study.

Smartphone technology is continuously spreading globally. As a result, there has been a rising concern about overdependence on this technology and how it can curb communication and negatively impact interpersonal relationships. Therefore, Lapierre and Custer (2021) explore contemporary smartphone dependency and its impact on romantic relationship communication and couple satisfaction. This article is relevant to my selected research topic because, in contemporary society, smartphones/mobile phones are associated with increased communication among romantic partners. Besides, increased use of smartphones is associated with high mediated communication among these groups hence predicting enhanced affectionate communication. However, when reviewing the journal further, I learned that smartphone dependency could lead to low couple satisfaction and unaffectionate communication despite their significance in romantic and interpersonal relationships. Therefore, the relevance of this journal to my topic is that it provides insights into how technology possibly affects connections among romantic partners.

Technology has wholly shaped couples leisure time. It has interfered with couples’ good time and one-on-one interactions through phubbing or tecnoference. I know I had already listed an article on tecnoference and phubbing. Still, unlike the one recorded earlier, McDaniel et al. (2021) provide a suitable remedy to technoference, which includes engaging in shared use of technology to enhance romantic relationship bonds. Since it has completely transformed the 21st century, this article explores the significance of shared technology use and its impact on relationship quality, conflict, and couple satisfaction. Technology has several adverse impacts on romantic relationships. However, I find this article relevant as it explains how shared technology use plays a significant role in relationship quality, positive feelings, and couple time. A perfect remedy for technoference.

Modern technology has grown so pervasive in our lives that it’s easy to develop an addiction to smartphone and social media use to the point that it begins to interfere with our ability to relax and sleep. As a result, additional stress accumulates throughout the day, creating a cycle of stress buildup. With technology, people are ever insulated from little uncertainty, exposing them to major ones. Anxiety is caused by uncertainty. People often ask themselves questions in the hope of relying on something predictable. For instance, “What will happen?” “How do people feel about me?” “What if this goes horribly wrong?” Therefore, technology has diminished people’s exposure to uncertainty, making them less equipped to cope with ambiguity when it occurs. Romantic relationships frequently provide unique obstacles, and evolving technology can exacerbate the stress associated with modern partnerships.

At times, the methods people utilize technology can cause friction between dating partners, potentially igniting conflict and discontent. According to a report by GoodThearapy (2022), 1 in 4 mobile phone owners in a marriage or relationship complained about their spouse being overly preoccupied with their phone. Nearly 1 in 10 experienced a disagreement with a spouse over excessive technology use. According to the poll, many disagreements between couples may be related to technology use, such as whether to use gadgets and when to abstain. Social media use has also been demonstrated to severely affect mental health. Several research studies that have analyzed depression rates in younger individuals maintain that those spending the most time on social media have a considerably elevated risk of depression. Excessive use of personal social media is strongly connected with greater depression.

As a result, psychologists emphasize the need to find therapies for heavy social media consumers prior to the onset of a severe mental health problem. A study by Ivanova et al. (2020) supports this statement by asserting that cellphones are destroying romantic relationships and increased levels of depression in the general population. Today, more than 95% of American adults use or own mobile phones and other devices such as tablets and computers (McDaniel & Drouin, 2019). Therefore, I found this information relevant to my topic as such technology abundance is more likely to develop technological interruptions among couples. The result of this technology abundance, or as the authors call it, ‘technoference,’ is often high rates of jealousy, conflict, and low romantic satisfaction or closeness.

Abbasi, I. S. (2019). Social media addiction in romantic relationships: Does user’s age influence vulnerability to social media infidelity? Personality and Individual Differences, 139, 277-280. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.paid.2018.10.038

Deans, H., & Bhogal, M. S. (2019). Perpetrating cyber dating abuse: A brief report on the role of aggression, romantic jealousy and gender.  Current Psychology ,  38 (5), 1077-1082.

GoodTherapy. (2022). 3 Ways Technology Can Negatively Impact Your Relationships. https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/3-ways-technology-can-negatively-impact-your-relationships-0919167

Ivanova, A., Gorbaniuk, O., Błachnio, A., Przepiórka, A., Mraka, N., Polishchuk, V., & Gorbaniuk, J. (2020). Mobile phone addiction, phubbing, and depression among men and women: A moderated mediation analysis.  Psychiatric Quarterly ,  91 (3), 655-668.

Lapierre, M. A., & Custer, B. E. (2021). Testing relationships between smartphone engagement, romantic partner communication, and relationship satisfaction. Mobile Media & Communication, 9(2), 155-176. https://doi.org/10.1177/2050157920935163

McDaniel, B. T., & Drouin, M. (2019). Daily technology interruptions and emotional and relational well-being. Computers in Human Behavior, 99, 1-8. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7430699/

McDaniel, B. T., Galovan, A. M., & Drouin, M. (2021). Daily technoference, technology use during couple leisure time, and relationship quality.  Media Psychology ,  24 (5), 637-665. https://doi.org/10.1080/15213269.2020.1783561

Nyholm, S., Danaher, J., & Earp, B. D. (2021). The technological future of love. In  Philosophy of Love in the Past, Present, and future  (pp. 224-239). Routledge. https://philpapers.org/archive/NYHTTF.pdf

Vaterlaus, J. M., Tulane, S., Porter, B. D., & Beckert, T. E. (2018). The perceived influence of media and technology on adolescent romantic relationships. Journal of Adolescent Research, 33(6), 651-671. https://doi.org/10.1177/0743558417712611

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