79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  • “The Place of Nonhumans in Environmental Issues”. Summary In situations both large-scale and small, from the location of a building project or the wholesale extermination of pests, to the daily consumption of meat for our pleasure, he notes that we ignore the pain […]
  • Reflection on Global Issues: Globalization of the Environment The global conflicts, managing the post-pandemic world, and the need to navigate the social injustices to ensure equality for all are among the most pressing ones. We will write a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts 808 writers online Learn More
  • Human Impact to the Environment – Cuba Deforestation Issue One of the most significant aspects during the political eras in the nation that characterized the political development was the fluctuation in deforestation.
  • Contemporary Environmental Issues on Hospitality Industry To begin with, saving of energy and water resources is one of the most vital issues in the hospitality industry. Location of the building belonging to hospitality industry is one of the key factors responsible […]
  • The Aral Sea’s Environmental Issues Prior to its destruction, the Sea was one of the biggest water bodies, rich in different species of flora and fauna; a case that is opposite today, as the sea is almost becoming extinct.
  • Quality Issues in Ford Motors Asia Pacific: Environmental and Other Factors In the Asia Pacific region, Ford Motors has made its mark by addressing the demands of the riding public or the growing interest of customers to Ford products, including parts and servies. Social Imperative Quality […]
  • Honda Motor Company Environmental Policies and Issues It was also ranked at position six among the world’s top motor vehicle manufacturers and was the second Japanese exporter to the USA and the rest of the world trailing behind behind the Toyota motor […]
  • Current Environmental Health Issues Considering the effects these bacteria may result in the following consequences should be remembered, the production of the lethal toxins in the intestine, the development of the clinical disease and succumb to the infection, the […]
  • Environmental Issues in Asia This paper is going to have a look at the key environmental issues in Asian countries as well as the policies put in place by various agencies to address the issues.
  • Thailand Issues: Environment, Child Prostitution, and HIV/AIDS The intensification of child prostitution is largely associated with the growing industry in Thailand, the relegated position of women in the Thai society due to Thai Buddhism and the culture of recreational sex.
  • Thermodynamics: Application to Environmental Issues Cyclists would use at least 250 kWh per hour of energy walking, which is about 70% more efficient than the energy required for a car.
  • Environmental Issues of Rwanda Extensive farming, as well as animal husbandry, is a common phenomenon in the country, hence leading to serious environmental degradation on the land. Deteriorating quality of water and extinction threat to wetlands in the country […]
  • Environmental Issue – Climate Change If the right measures are put in place, our environment will be regenerated and the continued alterations to the climate will eventually stop.
  • Political Environment Case: Inmate Programs Issue As the director of the prison, I am charged with the responsibility of the prison’s management and providing information to the governor and the department of corrections. Response to the governor will require accurate information […]
  • Industrial Meat Business and Environmental Issues According to Goodman, it is essential to consider the ethical implications of our food choices and their impact on animals, the environment, and society. By choosing to consume meat, individuals are complicit in the perpetuation […]
  • Exploring Environmental Issues: Marine Ecotourism For marine ecotourism to succeed, it must thrive in a manner that accommodates the needs of both the current and future generations and safeguards the natural environment.
  • Environmental Issues, Psychology, and Economics This is the basis of the dynamic interaction between man and the environment. The learning process is primarily determined by the conformity or inconsistency of the environment of such activities.
  • Environmental and Global Health Issues: Measles Measles is among the most contagious disease in the world and is highly frequent and densely distributed in poor developing nations of Africa and Asia.
  • Avocado Production and Socio-Environmental Issues The thesis presents information regarding the situation with the sustainability of the forest of Cheran in Mexico. This article draws a connection between the increased export of avocados and the subsequent deforestation and claims the […]
  • Pope Francis’s Recommendations on Environmental Issues Pope Francis argues that the modern focus on consumerism is harmful and unethical as it leads to irresponsible use of resources.
  • Challenges in Integrating Environmental Issues Into Operations Management The idea of sustainability: managers are expected to integrate environmental practices into operations management.
  • Major Communication Issues in a Multicultural Environment For effective communication among staff, students and amongst themselves, there is a need to have cultural intelligence, however, there are numerous challenges that hinder effective communication, they include: Carroll is of the view that even […]
  • Paper Recycling: Environmental and Business Issues In order for paper to be properly recycled, the several types of paper must be separated because the different types of paper must be used for different types of products. This is the most common […]
  • Eco-Labels: Environmental Issues in Business Overall, it is possible to argue that they can certainly lead to the improvement of environmental practices in many industries; however, this goal can be achieved only if these certificates are given by independent and […]
  • Sustainable Environmental Policy: Fight the Emerging Issues The emergence of green cities, which a sustainable environment has spawned, is a major breakthrough; however, despite the fact that the creation of green cities seems to be the solution to the current environmental issues, […]
  • Health, Internal, Environmental Issues Affecting Dewa.gov Due to the increased related issues in the water and electricity sector in the whole world, it found it right to relate the worldwide issues together with the related factors in the DEWA industry.
  • Environmental Law: Strategies and Issue of Standing The law cases related to environmental dispute that occurred over the smelter in the City of Riverside proposed by RRE International and legal standing of the organization Citizens for a Clean Future if the case […]
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Issues in Liquefying Methane From Algerian Natural Gas As one of the leading producers of liquefied natural gas in the world, the demand for this natural resource from Algeria is growing by the day.
  • The Information Context and the Formation of Public Response on Environmental Issues The lack of knowledge about the interaction of natural factors and the influence of humans on them, as well as the inverse effect of nature on the health of society interfere with the building of […]
  • Datasets and Environmental Issues The date set on the level of nitrogen dioxide in the air is one of the most frequently used information and its analysis can show determine the change in air pollution, its sources, and the […]
  • Organic Food Is Not a Cure for Environmental and Health Issues For instance, the same group of scientists claims that the moderate use of pesticides in organic agriculture is particularly important to consider while purchasing food.
  • Environmental Health Issue: Air Quality To the surprise of many people, other channels of hazardous chemicals are tobacco smoking and the beauty industry that makes use of a variety of heavy metals in its products.
  • Environmental Issue by Rachel Louise Carson Her article is insightful and full of sound reasons that people should learn to see beyond their quest to control the environment.
  • Sheffield Flooding and Environmental Issues Involved The agencies that were involved in the rescue mission such as the Environmental agency and the government were also concerned over the impact of the calamity on people’s lives in particular and resources in general.
  • Global Warming Issues Review and Environmental Sustainability Whether it is the melt down of Arctic ice, the damage of the Ozone layer, extra pollution in developing countries; all sums up to one thing in common and that is global warming.
  • Noise Pollution: Environmental Issue in Lagos, Nigeria The aim of the study would be to understand and evaluate the amount of noise pollution in Lagos, Nigeria and its affects on public health.
  • Environmental Issue: Whaling In the case of the Whales, their yearly migration habits are based upon the circumstances of the body of water where they reside.
  • “Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Environmental Issues” by Easton The Issue Introduction is very important as it provides the students with a proper historical background and context to each of the issues or debates before the two contrasting viewpoints are given.
  • Environmental Issue in Canada: Kyoto Protocol The ultimate name is the Kyoto Protocol, instead of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. The main cause of global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases that accumulate in the atmosphere.
  • Environmental Issues in Hamilton Harbor As a result, a better option would be to side with the government and contain the toxins in a landfill in the region by capping them.
  • Aboriginal Environmental Issues in Canada The main task of the global community is to persuade the global South to join in environmental protection regimes and reduce pollution.
  • Supply Chain Management’s Influence on Environmental Issues Both external factors and environmental performance have the highest Cronbach’s alpha values of 0.79. 38 was with external factors, and the lowest correlation of 0.
  • Challenges in Integrating Environmental Issues Into Operations Management Despite the fact that sustainability, the process of greening supply chains and other environmental issues are actively discussed in the context of operations management, there is still little research on challenges faced by managers on […]
  • Environmental Issues and Food Efficiency In the article under consideration, the results of the investigations organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute, the International Water Management Institute, and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization helps to clarify that more […]
  • Biology and Environment Issues Species diversity refers to the abundance of organisms within a certain area. Ecology refers to the study of the relationship between organisms and organisms’ environments.
  • Indonesia: Environmental and Indigenous Issues It is also noted that Indonesian officials have different views on the future of indigenous people. It is stated that the experience of indigenous people should be integrated into Western culture.
  • Environmental Perils: Climate Change Issue Many people have been lamenting over the issue of the climate crisis, For instance, Mindy Lubber, a former regional administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, delivered a speech in October 2008 at a […]
  • Environmental Issues in Urban Systems One factor that we may want to underline is that the question of man’s demand and use of natural resources can be addressed about the ability of nature to produce these resources as well as […]
  • Various Aspects of Environmental Issues A variety of assignments prepared over the course of the class allowed for a better understanding of important environmental issues and improved many of my skills.
  • Environmental Issues in Business Regulation Business regulation refers to the measures that the government imposes on businesses in order to control the activities that they undertake.
  • Environmental Issue: Hunting on Whales The case study at hand presents an environmental issue involving the Makah tribe that had hunted whales over two thousand years until the 1920s when this practice had to be discontinued due to the decline […]
  • Environmental Issues: Radiological Dispersion Device First of all, it is paramount to determine a place to serve as a shelter in case of an emergency. This is a mix of dynamite and radioactive particles.
  • Environmental Issues: The Use of Biofuel The use of biofuel can be viewed as one of the safest and the cleanest ways of improving the current environmental issues and promoting the concept of sustainability as the foundation for the change on […]
  • Hunting, Its Moral and Environmental Issues The first fact refers to the idea that there is nothing more natural than hunting, and that is why it is normal.
  • Environmental Issues: The US Aiding for Other Countries The United States has been at the forefront in supporting the activities of the CSD as a primary agency for tackling environmental issues throughput the world.
  • Port Hastings Expansion: Environmental Issues This paper analyses the issues surrounding the expansion of the Port of Hastings. The government-appointed the PDHA to act as the proponent of the project.
  • Environmental Issues of Energy Innovations This leaves much of the world disconnected from the rest of the globe, and handicapped in terms of engaging in banking or business above the most basic level.
  • Maori Health Development and Environmental Issue The problem is in the fact that the focus on farming during the 19th century and on industry during the 20th century affected the aspects of the land development, and today, Maori land resources are […]
  • Brazil Environmental Issues Brazil is one of the countries located in Southern America and is one of the emerging economies in the world given its economic performance.
  • Environmental Issues for Managers: UK’s Current Strategy on Renewable Energy & Technologies The renewable energy strategy of the UK entails escalating the utilization of micro-generation and lessening energy wastage. Barriers to Adoption of Renewable Energy and Technologies The main barriers to adoption of renewable technology in the […]
  • The Environmental Issues and Unsustainable Tourism Williams and Shaw allege that the growth of tourism in the developing countries has led to the countries experiencing immense environmental problems.
  • Health Issues: Designing Senior Environments In addition, the number of utilities within the facility influences the behaviour and health of seniors. This will boost their level of significance in the society.
  • Environmental Issues in Business It is necessary to define the difference between the two types of businesses to understand major peculiarities of ‘green’ products.’Green’ marketing is different from the conventional form of marketing as environmental issues are brought to […]
  • Modern State as an Impediment to Environmental Issues This created a lot of hype around the purchase of the product and thus perpetuated the growth of other industries that were insignificant. The greater the consumption levels, the higher the amount of waste produced […]
  • Environmental Issues and Management An organisation is able to evaluate the impact of its practices on the environment in a consistent manner. The standard encourages organisations to implement appropriate practices which improve the awareness of the employees of the […]
  • Environmental Issue in China Given the influence of the Chinese government on the public, it is proposed that a network of influence should be created as a public diplomacy strategy to influence the government to take action on air […]
  • Evaluate Human Resource Issues in Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Apart from training it is necessary to make personnel aware of their impact of the organization’s development. In conclusion, it is possible to state that Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has certain problems […]
  • The International Relations Theories in Addressing of Environmental Issues The political dimension of the green theory has led to the emergence of “environmental justice, environmental democracy, environmental activism and the green states”.
  • Silent Spring and Environmental Issues Despite the credibility for both sides of the argument, this paper agrees with the message of Silent Spring by arguing that although the use of DDT has declined in modern times, the environmental destruction of […]
  • Mercury International: Macro and Micro Environmental Issues The issues of concern for the company include mainly its products and services due to the need for innovation, the value discipline based on the recommendable organizational structure, concern for the drop in the quarterly […]
  • Environmental Issue raised in the “Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling” In addition, the article indicated that the nuclear power plant in Illinois affects the natural attributes of the environment due to the consequences of reacting components.
  • Environmental Issues of Yucca Mountain Nuclear Storage Facility in Nevada This Nuclear Policy Act gave the U,S Department of Defense the responsibility of finding a site and to build and operate a nuclear waste facility in the subsurface.
  • The Issue of Images and Perceptions in Corporate Environment The Rigas family is well known to be amongst the biggest violators of ethics in corporate America, these executives are a symbol of poor ethical leadership and gross incompetence.
  • Environmental Justice Issues Affecting African Americans: Water Pollution Water pollution in the 1960s occurred due to poor sewage systems in the urban and rural areas. Unlike in the 1960s, there are reduced cases of water pollution today.
  • The Issue of Conserving the Environment in the US The United States, just like other countries in the world, is being faced with the issue of conserving the environment in order to resolve the issue of global warming.
  • Southeast Asia Human-Environment Issue Most of the gold that is mined in Indonesia is exported to other countries. This has made gold to be one of the most sought out natural resources in the country.
  • Arguing on Planet Earth – Environmental issues: Outline The concept of overpopulation is not limited to the number of people on the earths’ surface, or the size of the earth’s surface alone; it is also subject to the availability of resources that support […]
  • Impact of Environmental Issues and Laws in the Aviation Industry Limited growth Although the industry appreciates, the efforts of environmental movements like Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and Friends of the Earth, the industry feel that the requirements of the set policies limit its […]
  • Bio Desertification and Environmental Issues in Eritrea The paper singles out the issue of desertification, among the many environmental issues in Eritrea, expounding on the Eritrean flora, the reason behind its desertification and further pointing out the major strategies that the government […]
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IvyPanda . "79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." February 28, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/environmental-issues-essay-topics/.

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  • 140 Environmental Essay Topics

In any academic discipline, writing an essay on the environment can be a daunting task, no matter what the subject matter. Not only should students understand the complexities of the natural world, but they should also be able to communicate their ideas clearly in writing.

To combat the many challenges students can face when crafting an environmental essay, we’ve created this handy guide detailing how to write an environmental essay and even included 140 environmental essay topics to help get you started.

What Is an Environmental Essay?

An environmental essay is a type of paper where a student must choose a topic related to the environment and present an argument, opinion, or point of view about it. The primary purpose of this type of essay is to educate readers on a given issue and raise awareness about potential solutions.

How to Write an Environmental Essay: A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: choose an essay topic.

Before you can start writing your environmental essay, you need to choose a topic. Writing this type of paper may appear simple, but finding the right topic can be the most difficult part of the process. You’ll want to choose a topic that matches the essay format to ensure that the writing process is as smooth as possible.

For example, if you are tasked with writing an argumentative essay on a particular environmental issue, make sure that your topic can be argued. Avoid choosing a topic that is too broad or too specific, as this can make it challenging to develop a clear thesis statement and support your argument.

If your environmental essay is a compare and contrast essay, you’ll want to choose two topics that can be effectively compared and contrasted. And if your essay is a cause and effect essay, make sure that your topic focuses on causes or effects (or both) related to an environmental issue.

Step 2: Develop a Thesis Statement

Once you’ve chosen your essay topic, it’s time to develop a thesis statement. This is a sentence (or two) that summarizes your paper’s central argument. Specificity and focus are the hallmarks of a well-crafted thesis statement. In other words, it should be open to discussion and disagreement.

For example, a weak thesis statement might be something like:

“The environment is important.”

While this statement is true, it’s too general to be the focus of an entire essay. A stronger thesis statement might be:

“It’s time to stop polluting and other activities that harm the environment.”

This is a well-reasoned statement that expresses a firm opinion on the subject. It’s a good topic for an argumentative essay because it’s open to debate.

Step 3: Do Your Research

Now that you have a thesis statement, it’s time to do your research. This will involve finding sources (such as books, articles, and websites) that support your argument. When taking notes from your sources, be sure to write down the author, title, and publication date for each one. This will make it easier to create your Works Cited page later on.

As you’re doing your research, keep your essay format in mind. For example, if you are writing a five-paragraph essay, make sure that you have enough evidence to support your thesis statement and fill out each of the three body paragraphs.

Step 4: Write a Draft

Now it’s time to start writing your first draft. Begin by creating an outline that will help you organize your thoughts and ideas. Then, as you flesh out paragraphs from your outline, keep your audience in mind and make sure that your argument is clear and easy to follow.

Your draft should include an introduction, ideas for each body paragraph, and a conclusion. It is important to include your thesis statement in your introduction and to restate it in your conclusion.

Keep in mind that each body paragraph will always need a clear and interesting topic sentence, as well as a transition sentence that sums up the section. The following are some good examples of sentences that begin or transition:

“Even though many people do not consider the environment to be important, it is vital to our continued existence. It is impossible to survive without a healthy environment.

In order to see this, you can look at the…”

“Humans are clearly causing harm to the environment, but what are the root causes of this? I believe that the most important issue is….”

“We can all see the effects of environmental degradation, but persuading people to alter their behavior is a difficult task. While the…”

Each of these sentences offers a clear and concise argument that can be explored in more depth in the body paragraphs.

Step 5: Edit and Proofread

After writing your essay, it’s time to edit and proofread it. This is the process of making sure that there are no errors in your grammar or spelling. It’s also a good idea to read your essay aloud to make sure that it flows smoothly.

With the helpful guide above detailing the process of creating an environmental essay, you should now have no trouble writing on your topic of choice. However, if you’re still struggling to find the perfect topic, consider one of the following 140 environmental essay topics.

Environmental Essay Topics About Pollution

  • The dangers of plastic pollution
  • How climate change is affecting our environment
  • The causes and effects of water pollution
  • Air pollution in cities: a problem that needs to be addressed
  • The issue of noise pollution and its effects on our health
  • The dangers of pesticides and herbicides
  • How deforestation is affecting our environment
  • The problem of light pollution
  • The dangers of nuclear waste
  • How climate change is affecting our weather

Environmental Essay Topics About Conservation

  • Why it’s important to conserve water
  • How to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Why recycling is important for the environment
  • The importance of composting
  • How to reduce your energy consumption
  • Why it’s essential to protect endangered species
  • How you can help the environment in your everyday life
  • The benefits of organic farming
  • Why it’s important to reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • The dangers of mountaintop removal mining

Environmental Essay Topics About Animals

  • How climate change is affecting animals in the wild
  • The declining populations of bees and other pollinators
  • How deforestation is affecting wildlife habitats
  • The problem of invasive species
  • The plight of endangered animals
  • How zoos and aquariums are helping to conserve animals
  • How to make your home more wildlife-friendly
  • The importance of responsible pet ownership
  • How to help local wildlife in your area
  • Why it’s important to spay and neuter your pets

Environmental Essay Topics About Plants

  • The importance of trees for the environment
  • Newly discovered flora species with exciting medicinal benefits
  • The benefits of permaculture
  • How to make your garden more wildlife-friendly
  • Why it’s important to plant native species
  • How to help local flora in your area
  • The specific compounds in herbicides that affect particular plant species
  • The benefits of home gardening

Environmental Essay Topics About Sustainability

  • What is sustainability?
  • The importance of sustainable living
  • How to live a more sustainable lifestyle
  • The benefits of renewable energy sources
  • The problems with nuclear energy
  • Public transport v. carpooling: A comparative analysis
  • How to make your home more energy-efficient
  • The dangers of recycling the wrong items
  • Socio-economic factors that make organic farming difficult for the masses
  • How to shop sustainably

Environmental Essay Topics About Climate Change

  • The causes of climate change
  • The effects of climate change on the world’s economy
  • The potential impact of climate change on our health
  • The effect of climate change on plant and animal species
  • Compare and contrast two factors driving climate change
  • Analyze arguments for and against climate change
  • The possible solutions to climate change
  • The role of the individual in combating climate change

Environmental Essay Topics About Environmentalism

  • What is environmentalism?
  • The history of environmentalism
  • The goals of environmentalism
  • The different branches of environmentalism
  • How you can get involved in environmentalism
  • The benefits of environmentalism
  • The challenges of environmentalism
  • Environmentalism v. consumerism: A comparative analysis
  • How environmentalism is affecting our economy
  • The future of environmentalism

Environmental Essay Topics About History

  • How the Industrial Revolution changed the environment
  • The environmental impact of World War I
  • The environmental impact of World War II
  • How colonialism has impacted the environment
  • The environmental effect of the American Civil War
  • Reconstruction and its effect on the environment
  • The Dust Bowl and its environmental effects
  • The environmental impact of the Great Depression
  • The environmental consequences of the Cold War
  • How 9/11 has impacted the environment

Environmental Essay Topics About Natural Disasters

  • The effects of floods on the environment
  • The effect of droughts on the environment
  • Wildfires: Causes and solutions
  • Causes for the growing intensity of environmental storms
  • How can we prepare for natural disasters?
  • The role of the media in natural disaster relief
  • The impact of natural disasters on our economy
  • The importance of environmental protection during times of emergency
  • Psychological effects of natural disasters
  • Natural disasters and their effect on our infrastructure

Environmental Essay Topics About Alternative Resources

  • Understanding the benefits of hemp production for paper
  • The use of biogas as an environmentally friendly resource
  • The pros and cons of nuclear power
  • Why solar energy is the way of the future
  • How wind turbines are changing the energy game
  • The potential of geothermal energy
  • The benefits and drawbacks of using tidal power
  • The use of rainwater harvesting as an alternative water source
  • How to make recycling more effective
  • Why we should be using more recycled materials in the construction industry
  • The benefits of using recycled materials in the automotive industry
  • Why we should be using more alternative energy sources

Environmental Essay Topics About Education

  • The role of education in environmental protection
  • The importance of environmental education
  • Environmental education programs that work
  • The challenges of environmental education
  • How to make environmental education more effective
  • The future of environmental education

Environmental Essay Topics About Water

  • Analyze the current state of the world’s water supply
  • The importance of freshwater
  • The global water crisis
  • Solutions to the global water crisis
  • How climate change is affecting our water supply
  • How to conserve water
  • The benefits of recycling wastewater
  • The dangers of contaminated water
  • The effect of oil spills on the environment
  • The role of the individual in protecting water resources
  • What we can do to stop water pollution
  • How to make our sewage system more efficient

Environmental Essay Topics About Air Pollution

  • The effects of air pollution on human health
  • The causes of air pollution
  • Solutions to air pollution
  • How to reduce air pollution
  • The impact of air pollution on the environment
  • The effect of smog on the environment
  • The benefits of reducing emissions
  • How to make our cities more livable
  • Reducing noise pollution
  • Why we should be planting more trees

Environmental Essay Topics About Capitalism

  • Compare the environmental effects of capitalism v. socialism
  • The role of the government in environmental protection
  • The impact of capitalism on the environment
  • Is capitalism pushing us into environmental catastrophe?
  • How does capitalism contribute to climate change?
  • The pros and cons of green capitalism

Environmental Essay Topics About Technology

  • The impact of technology on the environment
  • The effect of social media on the environment
  • The role of technology in environmental protection
  • The environmental impact of Bitcoin

These 140 environmental essay topics will give students plenty of material to work with and should make writing the essay relatively easy.

Remember that these topics are just examples and can be altered or combined to better suit your needs. Once you have a topic in mind, follow the writing guide above to ensure you hand in a high-quality environmental essay that will earn you a good grade.

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Academia de Escrita

Learn how to write incredible essays

The 15 Best Argumentative Essay Topics On Environmental Issues

Many people are passionate about various environmental issues. Therefore, it is often a fantastic theme to use as the basis for argumentative essay. However, with so many topics related to environmental issues, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down the perfect title for your paper.

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In order to help you think of a good title for your argumentative essay on environmental issues, the following will explain some techniques that you can use to think of ideas. Furthermore, at the bottom of this article, there is a list of 15 of the best argumentative essay topics for environmental issues, which you can either use verbatim, or as further inspiration for your own unique title.

One of the best ways to choose a title that you would like to write about is to note down any ideas you have off the top of your head. Some of these ideas may be useless; however, you will most likely be to think of some that you can use or, at the very least, some of the ideas will then inspire you to think of better topics and titles to write about. Essentially, you can use these brainstorming techniques to come up with a range of ideas, which can then be whittled down into you have the ideal title to use.

  • The government should do more to end the reliance on non-renewable energy sources
  • Should car owners pay more in taxes as a result of the environmental damage caused by pollution?
  • Should all future cars be hybrid vehicles to minimise environmental damage and pollution?
  • Should individuals face stricter penalties as a result of littering?
  • Should companies that are found guilty of dumping toxic waste and materials be shut down?
  • Should individual households do more to recycle any rubbish that they produce?
  • Is the United States doing enough to reduce CO2 emissions?
  • Are humans responsible for climate change?
  • Are cheap goods worth it considering the environmental damage caused to produce them?
  • Are hybrid cars as environmentally friendly as they are portrayed to be?
  • Should the United States set a good example for the rest of the world when it comes to reducing pollution?
  • Is the nuclear waste produced by nuclear submarines and nuclear power stations disposed of safely enough?
  • Are people overly concerned about the environmental effects of nuclear power?
  • Should all people travel by public transport?
  • Should the government make public transport free in order to reduce the polluting effect caused by individuals travelling by cars?

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184 Environment Essay Topics + Examples & Writing Prompts

Environment issues essay focuses on pollution problems, climate change, etc.

Environment issues essay aims at spreading awareness of pollution problems, climate change, global warming, and many other issues. It is a common type of essay for writing parts of a lot of exams. Environment protection essay is also assigned to high school and college students.

In this article, you will find out:

  • Current TOP-7 environment issues
  • 184 environment essay topics
  • How to outline your essay
  • Different essay writing tips
  • 4 essay examples
  • 🌎 Environment Issues Essay
  • 💡 184 Essay Ideas
  • 📑 Outlining Your Essay
  • 🛡️ Environment Protection: Essay Example
  • ☘️ Eco-friendly Environment: Essay Example
  • ♻️ Human Impact on the Environment: Essay Example
  • 🗑️ Effect of Plastic on Environment: Essay Example

🌎 Environment Issues Essay – What Is It About?

Ecology has always played a significant role in all people’s lives. We all depend on it, but unfortunately, more and more environmental problems occur each year. They affect nature and our way of life. To stop the spread of these issues, we need to get to know them first.

Top 7 Environmental Issues of 2024

Here’s the list of some relevant environmental issues that take place in the modern world. Before writing your paper, you might want to learn as much information on the topic as you can. Let’s take a closer look at each of the issues, their causes and effects.

The picture contains a list of some relevant environmental issues of the modern world.

  • Deforestation

Each year there are fewer trees and forests. Why is it happening?

According to World Population Balance , the U.S. population grows by over a million people each year . An increasing number of people leads to the growing demand for land for living, agriculture, highways, etc. We have no other option but to cut the amount of open land, which leads to deforestation.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic may seem a suitable material: it is flexible, cheap, and strong. However, plastic is also hazardous and toxic to the environment. According to National Geographic , 91% of all the plastic ever produced hasn’t been recycled . It takes around 400 years for it to decompose, so it continues to pollute nature.

Each year, around one-third of food produced worldwide gets wasted . This amount is enough to feed about 3 billion people.

Food waste also leads to the waste of resources, global warming, and climate change.

Why do people waste food? It might be happening unintentionally. For example, when you leave last bites on your plate or throw away the leftovers that you couldn’t manage.

Air Pollution

According to Worldwide Health Organization , around 7 million people die due to air pollution annually . It causes lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

What causes air pollution?

There are numerous reasons: outdoor pollution such as vehicles, industries, and agriculture. Household air pollution like exposure to smoke from cooking or heating might also be one of the reasons.

Global Warming

The rise of temperature causes a lot of different adverse effects on the world. It causes:

  • climate change
  • glaciers melting
  • crop-destroying
  • insect swarming
  • deforestation
  • ice shelves collapsing
  • tropical storms, and many other issues

Recent events such as wildfires in Australia and California result from global warming too.

Biodiversity Loss

As humankind continues its development, it overuses resources from nature. Since agriculture needs more systems each year, people turn forests, fields, and other natural habitats into them. It leads to biodiversity loss. Some species’ population has decreased dramatically by 68% from 1970 to 2016 .

Melting Ice Caps

Melting ice caps is also a serious issue because it’s the main reason for the sea-level rise. It mainly concerns the Arctic since this is where climate change has the most significant negative impact. The sea level rise might affect coastal regions by flooding them. Moreover, it might force around 340 million to 480 million people to migrate and cause overpopulation.

💡 184 Environmental Essay Topics

If you’re struggling with choosing your environmental issues essay topics, here’s the list of 184 essay topics ideas. It is better to choose something you’re genuinely interested in.

  • How does melting ice caps affect the rising sea level ?
  • Renewable sources of energy: Controversies .
  • The correlation between population growth and deforestation.
  • The environment pollution in the US .
  • How does plastic affect nature?
  • American Indian environmental movement in Arizona.
  • The danger of food waste and the ways to prevent it.
  • Environment: Sustainable development in Abu Dhabi .
  • Dangerous effects of air pollution .
  • Environment: Greenhouse gases and hydrological cycles .
  • Harmful effects of global warming .
  • The science of global warming and its effects.
  • Biodiversity loss: Causes and effects.
  • Water pollution and associated health risks.
  • The correlation between climate change and melting ice caps.
  • Environmental ethics: The case for animal rights .
  • How can we improve agriculture ?
  • Environmental issues and plastic industries.
  • Human impact on nature.
  • Environmental security: Global warming and pollution .
  • Environmentalist movements and their impact on politics .
  • Environmental damage because of oil spills .
  • Ecotourism and its benefits.
  • Water pollution in China.
  • The pros and cons of nuclear energy .
  • Farming, animal consumption, and environment .
  • The correlation between globalization and ecological issues .
  • The global climate change as a manmade disaster.
  • How to save the world from air pollution?
  • The evolution of insect wings in response to environmental changes .
  • How does our lifestyle affect the environment?
  • Water resource problem and its causes.
  • The importance of waste management and recycling .
  • Global warming in Australia: Environmental health .
  • Production and consumption impact on the environment.
  • Environmental racism and justice .
  • How dangerous is microplastic?
  • Global warming policies and options.
  • How can zero-waste help our planet?
  • Scope of improvement of the environmental impact of air travel .
  • The advantages of green engineering.
  • Renewable energy sources controversies.
  • What is earth day, and why is it important?
  • Environmental impacts of Heathrow Airport: Demand for a strategic sustainable transport .
  • Social impact on climate change .
  • Waste handling and control as fundamental phenomena.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits and their impact on the environment.
  • The role of waste management in the environment .
  • The most vulnerable regions to the rising sea level.
  • Global warming: Human vs. natural causes.
  • The change of the average air temperature in my area.
  • Implementing environmental sustainability in Dubai .
  • Acid rain: Causes and effects.
  • Sustainability and waste management.
  • Social and environmental sciences connection.
  • Environmental governance and institutional arrangements in Niger Delta oil spills .
  • Conservation projects in my region.
  • Solar panels and their advantages.
  • Pandas’ extinction and how we can prevent it.
  • Sustainability in the built environment .
  • What is an ecosystem , and how does it work?
  • Maritime risk assessment and environmental management .
  • Melting glaciers and their impact on the environment.
  • Alternative fuels and the US nation development.
  • The correlation between climate change and natural disasters .
  • The noise pollution: Negative effects .
  • Why is ocean acidification dangerous?
  • Changing ecosystems: Effects of global warming.
  • Climate crisis and climate refugees.
  • Global warming: A real danger or a hoax?
  • How climate change impacts agriculture .
  • Ocean wave energy technologies .
  • The greenhouse effect and how it works.
  • The real effects of greenhouse gases.
  • The ways to prevent global warming .
  • The water-energy-food nexus and problem mitigation .
  • Deforestation and its impact on climate.
  • Gulf oil spill: facts, causes, response, effects.
  • How does tree planting affect climate change?
  • Alternative energy sources vs. fossil fuels .
  • The reason behind plants and animal extinction.
  • Environmental sustainability in the Dubai police force .
  • Population growth : Causes and effects.
  • Fossil fuels as a significant part of the future energy mix .
  • The reason behind birds’ migration.
  • Cost of plastic recycling in US.
  • What is green construction , and why is it beneficial?
  • Sustainable building and environmental design .
  • How can responsible consumption help nature?
  • Green technology and how it can help the environment.
  • Global warming: causes and consequences.
  • How can we improve agriculture without harming the environment?
  • Environmental conservation and resource management .
  • Invasive species and how they can harm the environment.
  • GMO : Advantages and disadvantages.
  • Air pollution and mortality rates.
  • The process of the nutrient cycle.
  • What are sustainable environmental practices ?
  • Solutions to the environmental crisis in Vietnam .
  • How can we save more energy?
  • Solar energy effects on the environment .
  • What are alternatives to plastic?
  • Construction and demolition waste management in the UAE .
  • Commercial fishing impact on the ocean.
  • Mitigating climate change through trade schemes.
  • What is a marine ecosystem, and how do we affect it?
  • Nine challenges of alternative energy .
  • Energy efficiency and its importance.
  • Climate change causes: Position and strategies.
  • How do fossil fuels damage the environment?
  • Sustainable building materials and technologies in the construction industry .
  • The controversy behind environmental laws .
  • Environmental risks: opposing views.
  • Air quality in your country.
  • Why is urban sprawl a problem?
  • Energy sources: types and development.
  • Different types of environmentalism.
  • Global warming, climate change, and society’s impact on the environment .
  • Wildlife reserves and how they work.
  • Wind power in the United States .
  • Ecotourism regulations in your country.
  • Columbia river, its salmon culture and human impact.
  • Ecological footprint and its impact on nature.
  • Is solar energy important for the future of humanity ?
  • Simple everyday habits that can help the environment.
  • Integrated sustainable water resource management plan.
  • Different ways of recycling water .
  • Global warming and carbon dioxide .
  • What is sustainable food?
  • Dubai municipal solid waste management.
  • The most popular renewable energy sources .
  • Environmental issues in developing and developed countries .
  • Various factors of sustainability .
  • Atomic power as a renewable energy source .
  • Climate change and global warming difference.
  • Los Angeles regional collaborative for climate action.
  • Human impact on climate.
  • The reasons behind climate change.
  • Virtual water and the water-energy nexus.
  • Why is carbon dioxide harmful?
  • Environmental benefits and problems of concrete .
  • The reasons for the carbon dioxide increase.
  • Water scarcity: An issue of living in the US .
  • Fracking and why it is bad.
  • The cost effectiveness of recycling plastic.
  • Ozone depletion: Causes and effects.
  • History of the environmental law in the US .
  • Three basic methods of ecological research.
  • Renewable energy sources in the aviation industry .
  • Different types of recycling.
  • Sources of energy: classification and aspects.
  • Volunteer organizations and their contribution to environmental health.
  • Quality and environmental management .
  • Does eco-friendly marketing help the environment?
  • The major contributors to water pollution .
  • Carpooling and its contribution to the environment.
  • Chemicals as the worst pollutants on the Earth.
  • Human impact on global warming .
  • The health effects of air pollution in America .
  • The water purification technology.
  • Solar energy in the modern world.
  • Environmental organizations and what they do.
  • Green space as an urban environment of Sydney .
  • Environmental activities to do at home.
  • How to protect the Egypt Nile River from pollution ?
  • Famous environmental activists and the difference they made.
  • Wind energy: is it viable or not?
  • What is emancipatory environmentalism?
  • Water resource plan: The problem of overdrawing the surface water .
  • Green political parties and their influence.
  • Global warming causes and mitigations.
  • Environmental justice : Goals and causes.
  • Pollution of the marine environment .
  • Can any country become green?
  • Flint poisoning: Environmental racism and racial capitalism .
  • Environmental law and its history.
  • Investment into alternative energy.
  • How does emission trading work?
  • Wind energy and non-renewable energy .
  • Ecological niches and their types.
  • Waste diversion programs in Ontario in 1996-2010.
  • Pollution and its impact on our health.
  • Dubai coast: Environmental sampling and analysis .
  • The most significant causes of desertification .

Didn’t find the topic that perfectly suits your taste? You are welcome to use our essay topic generator !

📑 Environmental Issues Essay: Outline

The environmental issues essay consists of three parts: introduction , body , and conclusion . The optimal length is five paragraphs (around 200-300 words).

So, what do you write in each of them?

In the introduction part , you can mention the following:

  • the current environmental situation in the world;
  • the specific topic you chose;
  • your thesis statement.

The introduction part shouldn’t be very long. One paragraph is usually enough.

The thesis statement is your main idea that you need to support in your body part. Let’s say you want to write about the dangerous effects of air pollution. “Air pollution not only harms the environment but also is the cause of numerous diseases.” This might be your thesis.

Need to formulate a thesis statement? Use our thesis-making tool !

In the body , make sure to:

  • elaborate on your thesis statement;
  • find reliable references with precise information;
  • suggest some advice on the chosen problem;
  • be argumentative.

The length of the body depends on the size of the whole paper. A five-paragraph essay should contain a three-paragraph body. A five-page research paper, in its turn, would have a four-page body.

Finally, write your one-paragraph conclusion . Here you can:

  • sum up your essay;
  • restate your thesis statement.

🛡️ Environment Protection Essay: Writing Prompts & Example

Environment protection starts with each of us. So, a good essay topic might be about how each of us can contribute to it.

You can list some options of how we can protect the environment. You can try to persuade the reader to contribute. It might be simple everyday steps or a more significant contribution like volunteering. Make sure to mention their benefits as well.

Some sample questions to answer in your essay:

  • How can we protect the environment?
  • What are the ways to decrease pollution?
  • What are the governmental policies of environmental protection?
  • How should we preserve nature?

Environment Protection Essay Example: 250 Words

☘️ eco-friendly environment essay: writing prompts & example.

What to write in an eco-friendly environment essay?

You can list various ways to maintain an eco-friendly environment. Here are some of them:

  • Eco-friendly marketing
  • Green movements
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • Water-conserving
  • Energy conserving
  • RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle)

Another option is to explain how you maintain an eco-friendly environment. Maybe you recycle your waste at home or avoid using fuel vehicles? You can also create a list of effective and ineffective ways to create an eco-friendly environment. It is better to read some articles on this issue before starting your writing.

Eco-friendly Environment Essay Example: 250 Words

♻️ human impact on the environment essay: writing prompt & example.

As we all know, people are the ones who affect nature the most. So, in this essay, you can elaborate on how people harm the planet.

Some of the issues you could focus on are:

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Plastic pollution
  • Climate change
  • Overpopulation
  • Global warming

Make sure also to include your advice on how we can solve these problems.

Human Impact on the Environment Essay Example: 250 Words

🗑️ effect of plastic on environment essay: writing prompt & example.

Plastic undoubtedly plays a significant role in our life.

In your essay, you can list the reasons why plastic is damaging. You can also suggest ways of how we can reduce the usage of plastic.

Some of the topics you can mention in your essay:

  • Microplastic
  • Plastic effect on animals
  • The reasons why plastic is toxic
  • Plastic decomposition and why is it harmful
  • What can we replace plastic with?

Effect of Plastic on Environment Essay Example: 250 Words

Now you are ready to share your thought on environmental issues in your essay. What is your opinion on environmental issues? What topic would you like to write about? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

❓ Environment Issues FAQ

How have approaches to environmental issues changed over the years.

Over the years, environmental problems have become more complex. It takes more time to study and identify them. However, technology is constantly developing and contributes to solving environmental problems now.

Why is it important to cooperate with other countries on environmental issues?

A lot of issues such as air pollution or climate change are very wide-range. If people can’t cross the different countries’ boundaries that easily, these problems can. So, it can only be solved by international cooperation of different countries. That is why we should support international nonprofit organizations.

What are some of the major environmental issues in Europe?

Some of the major environmental issues in Europe are: • climate change • nuclear waste • biodiversity loss • waste disposal • deforestation • water pollution.

Why is globalization potentially damaging to the environment?

Globalization has different positive impacts on the world. However, it has contributed to environmental damage as well. Globalization leads to consumption and export increase. These also lead to the rise of gases and the used fuel amount. Finally, the greenhouse effect is increasing because of that.

180 Environmental Research Topics & Questions to Write about

Environment affects us all, whether we want it or not. Political leaders and students alike discuss ways to tackle environmental topics & issues. Some might argue about the role humans play in all this. The fact remains that our environment is a delicate matter. That’s why we must educate ourselves on the issues related to it.

Our specialists will write a custom essay specially for you!

In this article by custom writing experts, you’ll find a list of environmental research questions to scrutinize and write about. The environmental essay topics in the collection below are related to economics, health, sociology, law, and even psychology. These ideas might be helpful either for school or for college students.

  • 🔝 Top 10 Topics
  • 🌡️🌍 Climate Change Topics
  • 🏭🌱 Sustainability
  • 🔬🌻 Environmental Science
  • 🌳⚖️ Environmental Law
  • 🧑🌿 Environmentalism

🔬 Top 10 Environmental Research Topics

  • 📖 Environmental Research Questions

🔝 Top 10 Environment Essay Topics

  • The life cycle of tornados
  • History of environmental studies
  • Positive impact of birdwatching
  • Drinking water and the environment
  • Christianity’s impact on the climate crisis
  • Climate’s effect on mountain ecosystems
  • How aviation contributes to global warming
  • Early commercial adaptation of thermal energy
  • What does nuclear meteorology investigate?
  • Fruitarianism’s benefits for the environment

🌡️🌍 Environmental Research Topics on Climate Change

Throughout history, the Earth’s climate always fluctuated. Ice ages were followed by warmer periods. However, the increase in temperature we perceive today is unusual. Because of this, climate change is one of today’s most pressing problems. Below we have compiled a list of 25 global warming topics. Have a look!

  • What is the difference between climate change and global warming?
  • Investigate how humans influence the climate.
  • Which regions suffer the most due to the rising sea levels?
  • How did the average weather in your region change over the past 20 years?
  • Why are coral reefs endangered?
  • How do melting glaciers impact the environment?
  • Examine what natural disasters are linked to climate change.
  • What does ocean acidification mean?
  • What are the effects of global warming?
  • Analyze the phenomenon of climate refugees.
  • How does global warming affect biodiversity?
  • Discuss the most significant causes of climate change.
  • Why are hurricanes becoming more intense?

Extinction fact.

  • What are the most significant agricultural problems caused by climate change?
  • How does the excess of CO2 impact the environment?
  • What actions lead to a CO2 increase in the atmosphere?
  • Discuss how hydraulic fracturing affects nature.
  • Explain how the greenhouse effect works.
  • What can each of us do to stop global warming?
  • How is ozone depletion related to climate change?
  • What was the purpose of the Paris Agreement?
  • Investigate how deforestation affects the climate.
  • Can we reverse global warming?
  • Examine why some people don’t believe in climate change.
  • What is the correlation between tree planting and climate change?

🌲 Environmental Research Topics on Ecology

Ecology is a branch of biology that investigates how organisms coexist. The environment shapes the way different species interact with each other. Essential factors can be living, such as nutrition, or nonliving, like water. Here are 25 prompts for your ecology essay:

  • Examine the ecological research methods.
  • What defines the number of organisms living in a community?
  • How does an ecosystem work?
  • Why do plants and animals go extinct?
  • Do non-native snakes threaten the U.S. ecosystem?
  • Explain the elements of population growth.
  • What would the world look like without bees?
  • How do organisms adapt to their environment?
  • Analyze how photosynthesis occurs.
  • What different relationships can organisms form with their surroundings?
  • Discuss the research methods of bird behavioral ecology.
  • How do organisms survive under extreme conditions?
  • Why do some birds migrate?

Ecology can be broadly categorized into five different areas.

  • Investigate why some animals benefit from living alone.
  • What can humans do to prevent pandas from extinction?
  • How do plants help combat climate change?
  • What’s the correlation between water management and ecology issues?
  • How does commercial fishing affect the oceans?
  • What are the most prominent current environmental threats?
  • How does the ecological footprint method work?
  • What are the long-term consequences of plastic use?
  • Analyze how nutrient cycles work.
  • What impact does human waste have on marine ecosystems?
  • Examine the different types of healthy bacteria.
  • How do cacti grow in the desert?

🏭🌱 Sustainability Topics for an Essay

According to the UN World Commission , sustainable development “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Simply put, sustainability means fulfilling the demand without exhausting any resources. Today, it plays a vital role in protecting the environment.

  • Give an example of sustainable practice.
  • Analyze the process of recycling.
  • Investigate what sustainability wants to achieve.
  • Explore the history of the green movement.
  • What can a country do to become greener?
  • Why do we need the concept of sustainable development?
  • Examine the ways of recycling water.
  • How can you make food sources more sustainable?
  • What does zero-waste mean?
  • Talk about the issues related to eco-friendly packaging.
  • Discuss ways of saving more energy.
  • What are the greener alternatives to plastic?
  • Examine the different sources of renewable energy.
  • How can a person live more sustainably?
  • Explain the three pillars of sustainability.

Effective ways to protect the environment.

  • How does green construction work?
  • What’s the connection between sustainability and climate change?
  • What can we do to reduce water pollution?
  • Discuss the impact of globalization on sustainable agriculture.
  • What is responsible consumption?
  • Why should we not use plastic?
  • Describe how wind turbines produce electricity.
  • How can technology become green?
  • What is social sustainability?
  • What are the most critical sustainability issues today?

🔬🌻 Environmental Science Topics for an Essay

Environmental science combines various approaches to study nature. In doing so, it tries to find solutions for ecological issues. Research goes into areas such as pollution and alternative energy. If you want to write about it, have a look at our topics:

Just in 1 hour! We will write you a plagiarism-free paper in hardly more than 1 hour

  • What are the environmental impacts of production and consumption?
  • Examine ways of improving agriculture.
  • What are the critical elements of environmental science?
  • Discuss the advantages of green engineering.
  • What are the different types of pollution?
  • Determine the primary goals of environmental science.
  • What are invasive species?
  • Investigate the benefits of reforestation.
  • Describe the Amazon rainforest and its role in the environment.
  • Explore the various types of agriculture.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of GMOs.
  • What effects does a biodiversity loss have on humanity?
  • How do dams and channels affect ecosystems?
  • What is the connection between social and environmental sciences?
  • Why is overpopulation a problem?
  • Explain the process of desertification.
  • How does mining cause environmental disasters?
  • Investigate the Gaia Hypothesis.
  • What are the causes of acid rain?
  • How is our health affected by pollution?

Franklin Roosevelt quote.

  • Explain the importance of energy efficiency.
  • Explore the link between globalization and ecological problems.
  • Why are fossil fuels harmful to the environment?
  • What are ecological niches?
  • Analyze the pros and cons of nuclear energy.

🌳⚖️ Environmental Law Topics for Papers

Environmental law aims to protect nature. It’s the legal foundation of human interaction with their surroundings. Besides, it formulates how we should utilize natural resources. Take a look at these compelling topics for your paper:

  • How is waste regulated in your community?
  • What laws address contaminant cleanup?
  • Why do we need chemical safety regulations?
  • Examine legal ways to curb hunting and fishing.
  • Describe environmental protection in the US and in the Hawaii state.
  • Discuss the Rio Declaration.
  • Why can environmental laws be controversial?
  • What are the advantages of emission certificates?
  • Investigate the process of emissions trading.
  • How does your country regulate air quality?
  • What makes the laws concerning water quality vital?
  • What are the general principles of environmental law?
  • When can a piece of land be declared a natural reserve?
  • Should there be a binding international environmental constitution?
  • Explore the history of environmental law.
  • What purposes do wildlife reserves serve?
  • Discuss the legacy of Kyoto Protocol.
  • Analyze the marine pollution prevention efforts in Australia.
  • What are environmental assessment mandates?
  • Investigate economic incentives for environmental protection.
  • Discuss why ecotourism needs to be regulated.
  • Why is it difficult for some countries to become green?
  • Establish a connection between free trade agreements and ecological problems.
  • Do businesses have to incorporate environmental law?
  • Compare several international agreements on ecological issues.

🧑🌿 Environmentalism Topics to Write About

Movements aiming to protect nature are at the core of environmentalism. The idea first gained traction in the 1960s. Notable organizations include PETA and Greenpeace. If you’re interested in environmentalism, consult this topics list:

  • Investigate the history of environmentalism.
  • Discuss the negative impacts of urban sprawl.
  • What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22.

  • Describe the key concepts of environmentalism.
  • What are the different types of green movements?
  • Compare the goals of various NGOs.
  • What does the WWF do?
  • Describe the main achievements of nature activists.
  • Explain what apocalyptic environmentalism is.
  • Who is Greta Thunberg?
  • Discuss the impact of the Fridays for Future movement.
  • Explain emancipatory environmentalism.
  • Investigate the Animal Liberation Front.
  • Analyze the central concerns of ecofeminism.
  • Why are environmental movements important?
  • Who was John Muir?
  • Explain what ecoterrorism is.
  • Does going green equal saving the environment?
  • Who were the first nature activists?
  • Discuss the influence of green political parties.
  • What is environmental justice?
  • Explain how civic environmentalism works.
  • Are the actions of Greenpeace always justified?
  • What are some examples of good nature activism tactics?
  • Analyze the effect environmentalist movements have on politics.
  • Types of marine pollution
  • Concepts of ecofeminism
  • Causes of grassland degradation
  • Advantages of hydroelectricity
  • Organic farming support in the US
  • Energy conservation in the US
  • What does photochemical smog depend on?
  • Seasonal behavior of urban heat island
  • Nuclear and radiation accident categories
  • Can baffle spray scrubbers control pollution?

📖 Top 10 Environmental Research Questions

  • What are the causes and effects of air pollution?
  • What are the most dangerous effects of climate change?
  • What are the most severe diseases caused by water pollution?
  • Is global warming real?
  • How does deforestation affect people and animals?
  • Do carbon offset programs work?
  • How to prevent and control soil pollution?
  • How does plastic pollution affect marine life?
  • What are the most threatened biodiversity hotspots?
  • What should we do about overpopulation?

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🔍 References

  • Environmental Issues Guide: Giving Compass
  • Climate Change: National Geographic
  • Climate Change and Global Warming: NASA
  • What Is Ecology?: Khan Academy
  • Ecology: Encyclopedia Britannica
  • What Is Sustainability and Why Is It Important?: Environmental Science
  • Environmentalism: Learning to Give
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Essays on Environmental Issues

Environmental issues are a crucial topic for essays, as they address some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet today. When choosing an environmental issues essay topic, it's important to consider the significance of the subject matter and the potential for impactful discussions. This article will offer advice on selecting a compelling topic and provide a diverse list of recommended essay topics, divided by category.

The Importance of Environmental Issues Essay Topics

Environmental issues encompass a wide range of challenges, including climate change, pollution, deforestation, and endangered species. These topics are critical because they directly impact the health of our planet and all its inhabitants. By addressing environmental issues in essays, students can raise awareness, promote solutions, and contribute to the global conversation about sustainability and conservation.

When choosing a topic for an environmental issues essay, it's essential to consider your interests, the current relevance of the issue, and the potential for generating thought-provoking discussions. You should also take into account the availability of credible sources and data to support your arguments. Additionally, choosing a specific aspect of a broader environmental issue can help narrow the focus of your essay and make your arguments more compelling.

Recommended Environmental Issues Essay Topics

  • Climate Change
  • The impact of climate change on global food security
  • Policy responses to climate change in developing countries
  • The role of renewable energy in mitigating climate change
  • Climate change adaptation strategies for vulnerable communities
  • Carbon pricing and its effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • The impact of climate change on wildlife
  • Strategies to mitigate climate change
  • The role of renewable energy in combating climate change
  • Climate change and its effect on agriculture
  • The importance of international cooperation in addressing climate change
  • Plastic pollution in the world's oceans
  • The health effects of air pollution in urban areas
  • Regulatory approaches to controlling industrial pollution
  • The impact of electronic waste on the environment
  • Strategies for reducing water pollution in agricultural areas
  • The effects of air pollution on human health
  • Ways to reduce water pollution
  • The role of government regulations in controlling pollution
  • The impact of industrial pollution on the environment
  • Deforestation
  • The effects of deforestation on biodiversity in tropical rainforests
  • Community-based forest management as a solution to deforestation
  • The role of corporate responsibility in combating deforestation
  • The impact of deforestation on indigenous communities
  • Reforestation efforts and their impact on climate change mitigation
  • Endangered Species
  • The ethical implications of captive breeding for endangered species conservation
  • The impact of illegal wildlife trade on endangered species populations
  • Conservation strategies for protecting endangered marine species
  • The role of ecotourism in supporting endangered species conservation
  • The potential for de-extinction in preserving endangered species

Sustainable Development

  • Challenges and opportunities for sustainable urban development
  • The role of sustainable agriculture in addressing food insecurity
  • The impact of consumer behavior on sustainable development goals
  • Corporate sustainability initiatives and their impact on the environment
  • The role of education in promoting sustainable development practices

Environmental Policy

  • The effectiveness of international agreements in addressing environmental issues
  • The role of government regulation in promoting environmental conservation
  • The impact of environmental lobbying on policy-making decisions
  • The potential for market-based solutions in environmental policy
  • The influence of public opinion on environmental policy development

Water Scarcity

  • The causes of water scarcity in developing countries
  • Technological solutions to address water scarcity
  • The impact of water scarcity on agriculture
  • Strategies for sustainable water management
  • The role of government policies in addressing water scarcity

Biodiversity Loss

  • The importance of preserving biodiversity
  • The impact of habitat destruction on biodiversity
  • Strategies for conserving endangered species
  • The role of ecotourism in promoting biodiversity conservation
  • The ethical implications of biodiversity loss

Waste Management

  • The challenges of e-waste disposal
  • Strategies for promoting recycling and composting
  • The impact of waste management on public health
  • The role of circular economy in reducing waste
  • The economic benefits of effective waste management

These environmental issues essay topics provide a wide range of options for students to explore and analyze. By choosing a compelling environmental issues essay topic, students can engage in meaningful discussions and contribute to the ongoing efforts to address the challenges facing our planet. It's climate change, pollution, deforestation, endangered species, sustainable development, or environmental policy - there are countless opportunities to explore and raise awareness about important environmental issues through essays.

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The Human Impact on Grassland Biomes: Causes and Consequences

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Environmental Problems: Challenges and Solutions

Air pollution: causes, effects, and solutions, environmental issues: the problem of climate change, the main factors of adapting to a new environment, the power of change: how you can change the world, different types and sources of pollution, the ecological footprint caused by human activities, geography's role in addressing global environmental risks, water pollution, its factors, and ways to reduce, human – the significant wellspring of global warming, climate change as the one of the biggest threats to humanity now, the long term effects of littering and pollution on the environment, a research on the relationship between the global economy and the environmental protection issues, the environment hazard of plastics, deforestation and the ways to overcome it, global warming and what people can do to save earth, we are causing environmental problems and we are suffering from them, the impact of china's progress on the environment, air pollution its causes and damaging effects, the top three individual contributors to climate change, relevant topics.

  • Global Warming
  • Invasive Species
  • Water Pollution
  • Ocean Pollution
  • Natural Disasters

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essay on topic ecological problems

111 Environmental Issues Essay Topics

🏆 best essay topics on environmental issues, ✍️ environmental issues essay topics for college, 👍 good environmental issues research topics & essay examples, 🎓 most interesting environmental issues research titles, 💡 simple environmental issues essay ideas, ❓ research questions about environmental issues.

  • Environmental Issues in Educational Institutions
  • Environmental Issues in The Lorax Movie
  • Environmental Issues in the Hospitality Industry
  • Environmental Issues and Human Health
  • Environmental Issues in the Hospitality Industry: An Actual Trend
  • Environmental Issues in the Third World Countries
  • The United Arab Emirates: Environmental Issues
  • Environmental Issues in the United Arab Emirates This paper overviews the main environmental issues, ecological problem trends in the United Arab Emirates and which these trends will be in the future.
  • Global Environmental Issue in the 21st Century The environmental issue is perhaps the greatest of the global challenges and will still remain a challenge even in the 21st century.
  • Environmental Issues: Intensive Farming Intensive farming as an issue involves factors such as overgrazing, inappropriate methods during the preparation of land for farming for example slashing of bushes, etc.
  • Environmental Issues: Plastics in the Ocean The circular economy encourages recycling and reuse and this approach could be used effectively to mitigate the problem of plastic marine pollution in the long term.
  • Environmental Ethical Issues: History, Current Events, and Significance Environmental ethics exerts its influence on several disciplines such as sociology, law, theology, economics, geography and ecology.
  • Modern Environmental Issues: Climate Change Climate change had taken place before humans evolved, but the issue lies in the one, which is caused by direct human intervention.
  • Waste Disposal: Environmental Issue Environmental issues are a common occurrence worldwide, with new patterns emerging every day. It is important to note that humans are the main actors in environmental issues.
  • Microplastics as an Environmental Safety Issue One of the priorities of today’s ecologists, biotechnologists, community activists, and environmentalists is the problem of microplastic pollution.
  • Environmental Issues: Biodiversity Loss The loss of biodiversity is an environmental problem that needs urgent intervention since it threatens livelihoods.
  • Environmental Issues in Namibia Due to Rössing Uranium Mine The study focuses on the Rössing uranium mine, as uranium is one of the most toxic substances and its mining significantly worsens the standard of living of the population.
  • Environmental Issues and Protecting the Environment Protection of our environment should be a huge concern for people because our population is doubling, no, tripling faster than our environment can keep up.
  • Water Scarcity Issue and Environment The paper answers the question why to be worried about running out of drinking water even though the earth’s surface is mostly made of water.
  • The 2010 Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico: Environmental and Policy Issues The paper argues oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 was a large-scale man-made environmental disaster that had a disruptive impact on wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Environmental Issues: Air Pollution One of the central environmental problems in today’s world is air pollution. With the development of cities, people expand the reach of their technology.
  • Food Insecurity and Associated Environmental Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa The paper argues Africa is the poorest continent in many aspects, including gross domestic product per capita.
  • Flood Environmental Issues in the Netherlands With the current constantly rising sea levels, the Netherlands is at constant risk of floods, and those calamities were harsh incentives for the country’s development.
  • Environmental Justice Issues in Miami The paper focuses on the environmental justice issue in Miami, Florida, which has always had questions associated with the unfair distribution of environmental burdens.
  • Environmental Issues: Problems of Climate Change The paper states that climate change poses a threat to the planet in various forms, including vital impacts on health, food, water, and air.
  • The Environmental Issues Significant Impact on Health Factors such as natural hazards, air pollution, poor quality of water, and favorable conditions for the development of the incurable viruses are hazardous.
  • The Patient Safety Issues in Today’s Diverse Global Environment This paper thus evaluates various solutions that can be utilized in solving the patient safety issues in today’s diverse global environment.
  • The Importance of Solving a Social Issue of Environmental Plastic Pollution Plastic single-use cheap objects constitute a large volume of all waste globally, forming big plastic patches in the oceans, seas, and land, thus harming the marine and land wildlife.
  • Globalization and Related Environmental Issues Globalization supports the flow of raw materials, wastes, and pollutants from one region to another. The wave of industrialization does not care much about environmental issues.
  • Food and Sustainable Environmental Issues in Campus This paper aims to explore the environmental knowledge of the campus community and foster an understanding of how students use resources (food, water,) and energy-related issues.
  • Environmental Ethical Issues and Current Situation This paper seeks to address the challenge of environmental ethics to human centeredness which is embedded in global thinking, the current situation in environmental ethics.
  • Coffee Firm: Environmental and Social Issues We take a critical look into some of the environmental and social concerns that may be associated with this Coffee firm in the United Kingdom.
  • Questions on Environmental Ethics Concerns It’s quite possible that under a bureaucratic and rigidly enforced system, the priorities over environment may not be as efficiently monitored as under a private enterprise system.
  • Environmental Issues and Ethics: The Questions Environmental ethics concerns itself with “the moral relationship of human beings to, and also the value and moral status of, the environment and its nonhuman contents.”
  • Lack of Water in California as an Environmental Issue California can run out of water because of technological and social problems that affected the region. Defining water resources’ “development” is critically important.
  • Global Awareness of Environmental and Moral Issues Global awareness entails the aspect of making people, the society, have an understanding of various life issues that is based on knowledge of global perspectives.
  • World Environmental Politics: Biocentric and Anthropocentric Views on Environmental Issues Environmental issues have been in the spotlight for decades but it is clear that people are still reluctant to pay the necessary attention to the matter.
  • Environment and Legislation Issues This work examines private action on polluters as a deterrent to the degradation of the environment and the response of Texas to the regulations of Federal Regulatory Agencies.
  • Human Factors Issues in Virtual Environment Human factors engineering is a field that employs a systems methodology to fit tasks to human abilities and skills while boosting technology and human interfaces.
  • Pollution and Noise as Environmental Health Issues This paper explores the concept of environmental health and the issues related to its use. On the whole, a detailed explanation of the term “environmental health” is provided.
  • Richmond Plastics Products and Environmental Issue Richmond Plastics will be motivated by the increased environmental sustainability call in the US. The company will benefit from the waste to make their products.
  • The Issue of Environment Pollution in Peru For their scavenger habits, the Peruvians use black vultures, or coragyps atrarus. This species is extensive in population and does not fall under special protection.
  • Agriculturally Related Environmental Issues in Free Trade Agreements
  • Environmental Issues, Climate Changes, and Energy Security in Developing Asia
  • Computable General Equilibrium Modeling of Environmental Issues in Australia
  • Environmental Issues Facing Future of the European Car Industry
  • Mongolia’s Economy Trapped Between Mining Precious Metals and Environmental Issues
  • Long-Term Energy-Related Environmental Issues of Copper Production
  • Conflicting Interests and Property Rights in Environmental Issues
  • Innovative Monitoring Tool for Environmental Issues Within Project Management
  • Health and Environmental Issues in the Middle East and Third World Countries
  • Economic and Environmental Issues Involved With Farming Practices That Increase Productivity
  • Political Discourses and Ethical Approaches That May Impact Environmental Issues
  • Hydrological and Environmental Issues of Interbasin Water Transfers in India
  • The Environmental Issues Start Piling Up: Overpopulation, Fracking, Increased Ozone Levels, and Pollution
  • How Companies Have Responded to Environmental Issues Over the Last 10 Years
  • Environmental Issues That Affect the Five Main Business Functions
  • Why Japanese Firms Choose to Certify: Managerial Responses to Environmental Issues
  • Developing Countries and Their Development of Human, Archaeological, and Environmental Issues
  • Malaysia’s Maritime Environmental Issues and Their Impact on Naval Operations
  • Environmental Issues Affecting the Border Between the United States and Mexico
  • An Investigation of Perception, Attitudes, and Awareness of Environmental Issues in Zambia
  • The Environmental Issues Raised by the Disturbance of the Natural Balance in the Level of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
  • Environmental Issues Associated With Conventional Power
  • China: Environmental Issues and Mitigation Strategies
  • Pollution and Environmental Issues in Agriculture and the Livestock Industry
  • Energy and Environmental Issues for the Midwest Economy
  • Shale and Tight Gas in Poland: Legal and Environmental Issues
  • India: The Unfortunate Correlation Between Poverty and Environmental Issues
  • What Causes Our Environmental Issues and How Can We Avoid Further Damages?
  • Democrats and Republicans’ Influences on Environmental Issues Since 1965
  • Royal Dutch Shell: Company Strategies for Dealing With Environmental Issues
  • Environmental Issues and the Importance of Connecting With Nature
  • Combining Economic Reasoning With Environmental Issues
  • Will Environmental Issues Increasingly Dominate Foreign Policy in Coming Years?
  • Environmental Issues and Farming in Developing Countries
  • Overpopulation: The Underlying Cause of Most Environmental Issues
  • Ford Motor Company’s Success With Environmental Issues
  • Environmental Issues: Company’s Perspective and Government Policies
  • Current Environmental Issues: UAE Environment Policy
  • Environmental Issues That Impact The Tourism Industry: Global Warming Causes
  • How Public Pressure Can Affect Environmental Issues
  • Ethical and Environmental Issues of International Marketing
  • International Relations and the Influences of Environmental Issues
  • Policy Measures Addressing Agri-environmental Issues
  • Social and Environmental Issues in Corporative Management: A Romanian Story
  • What Are the Major Environmental Issues Facing Society?
  • How Did Environmental Issues Start?
  • Will Environmental Issues Increasingly Dominate Foreign Policy in the Coming Years?
  • How Can We Solve the Environmental Issues?
  • What Is the Main Cause of All Environmental Issues on Earth Today?
  • How Can the Government Reduce Environmental Issues?
  • What Environmental Issues Is Society Facing Today?
  • Do Environmental Issues Affect Business?
  • Why Is Ethics Important in Environmental Issues?
  • What Are the Biggest Environmental Issues?
  • How Can Businesses Solve Environmental Issues?
  • What Is the Environmental Issue of Water Pollution?
  • How Does Trade Affect Environmental Issues?
  • What Are the Most Important Environmental Issues of the 21st Century?
  • Why Are Environmental Issues Important?
  • Does Tourism Development Impact Environmental Issues?
  • What Are Global Environmental Issues?
  • Who Is Responsible for Environmental Issues?
  • Is There a Relationship Between Social Work and Environmental Issues?
  • What Actions Do We Need to Take to Reduce the Environmental Issues?
  • Should Social Workers Be Involved in Environmental Issues?
  • What Environmental Issues Does the United Kingdom Have?
  • How Can Ethics Be Applied to Environmental Issues?
  • What Are the Major Environmental Problems in the United States?

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Environmental Problems And Solution Essay : IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample & Tips

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Updated on 31 January, 2024

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

Study abroad expert.

Mrinal Mandal

Attempting the IELTS writing task 2 environmental problems and solutions essay? A minimum word count of 250 is compulsory, and you should complete this task in 40 minutes. You will get an essay topic to give an opinion, summarize information, outline major issues or identify solutions for relevant problems. 

While writing the problem of pollution IELTS essay, it must be accompanied by examples, arguments, and logical reasons. Read your instructions carefully before starting. Structure your essay beforehand and decide what you wish to say about the topic. Be clear about the paragraph count that you want and your conclusion. Here are some samples to help you.

Table of Contents

Ielts writing task 2 environmental problems essay samples - 1, download e-books for ielts preparation, download ielts sample papers, environmental problems and solutions essay samples - 2, important study abroad articles, frequently asked questions, learn more about study abroad, popular study abroad destinations.

Go through some samples that will help you frame a good essay:  

Question:   Many people think that environmental problems are too big for individual citizens to fix. In contrast, others feel that the government cannot solve them unless individuals take constructive actions. Discuss both perspectives, and let us know what you think.  


There are pressing environmental problems that the world faces today. Some believe that they are outside the ambit of individuals to solve, while others believe that unless people step up, the governments will be unable to solve them either. This essay will discuss both these views before concluding. 

The argument is heavily tilted towards individual citizens lacking the material resources and social networks to fix long-standing environmental problems. There are several facets towards solving environmental issues, notably those concerning the administrative, governmental, regulatory, authoritative, law and order, and legal domains. For instance, manufacturing units keep releasing poisonous gases into the atmosphere while polluting rivers with toxic materials. Individuals cannot possibly combat these instances. People may argue that every stakeholder can step up and pressure the authorities and companies to take proactive steps. However, this is not a feasible solution since these companies are largely under the ownership of businesses and funds that only seek profits and do not prioritize the environment. 

It leads to the natural deduction that solving environmental problems is the joint responsibility of public stakeholders and the government. The authorities should offer legal and administrative support towards curbing pollution and other environmental issues. If any individual wishes to notify the authorities of something harmful in their region, then steps should be taken to streamline this provision as much as possible. Governments may consider setting up pollution control bodies, desks in every administrative office, random environmental inspections at manufacturing units, fines and legal provisions for a rule violation, and similar steps. 

Hence, the above premise supports the argument that the government can't fix everything unless there is sustained pressure from a section of society and individuals. The responsibility seems to veer directly towards individual actions collectively harnessed to pressure legislative and administrative mechanisms to fix prevalent issues. The combined initiatives of citizens and authorities will be the most effective solution for solving environmental problems. However, this does not mean that individual responsibility takes a backseat until there is government support. Individuals can contribute in numerous smaller ways towards ecological preservation. (Words: 360)


Important Resources to Read:

Reading sample test

Question:   Some citizens feel that the biggest environmental issue currently is the loss of animal and plant species. Some think that there are bigger ecological issues worth addressing. Discuss both perspectives, and let us know what you think.  

Many people feel that there are bigger environmental issues and potential disasters that should be tackled first. In contrast, others believe that the loss of particular animal and plant species is the biggest threat at the moment. Despite the first argument having some merits, I agree that the loss of biodiversity through the vital plant and animal species is the biggest environmental issue we face today. 

Natural disasters have increased worldwide, and scientists cite climate change as the major reason. Many experts argue that the temperature increase, especially across oceans, has led to a higher risk of blizzards, hurricanes, cyclones, and tsunamis. There are multiple natural disasters, including the devastating cyclones  Aila and  Amphan,  which struck India periodically over the last two decades. The biggest tragedy of the entire century was arguably the 2004 tsunami that destroyed Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, causing innumerable deaths, serious injuries, loss of property and homes, livelihood risks, and unimaginable damages. 

The key reason animal and plant species have to be safeguarded are the growing number of endangered species on the planet over the last few decades. Take the example of polar bears, who mostly reside in the Arctic, where they currently face threats due to the prolonged melting of the ice caps. Polar bears may completely become extinct by 2100, as per forecasts. It will have a chain effect on the Arctic ecosystem and other animals in the endangered category, such as narwhals and seals. It is only a single example of global warming and how it impacts the lives of plant and animal species. 

In my opinion, biodiversity loss is the biggest threat faced by the environment today. Citizens, action groups and governments, should find ways to collaborate and take positive steps towards preserving endangered wildlife and plants along with their ecosystems. It is because biodiversity is the bedrock of natural growth, maintenance, and evolution. Governments should simultaneously look at ways to lower carbon emissions, the usage of fossil fuels, and other factors causing climate change and deadly natural consequences. (Words: 353)

In conclusion, addressing environmental problems requires a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand and a commitment to implementing practical solutions. Essays on environmental problems and solutions for IELTS Writing Task 2 should not only highlight the urgency of these issues, such as climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss, but also emphasize the effectiveness of solutions like renewable energy adoption, conservation efforts, and sustainable practices. By critically analyzing these topics, candidates can demonstrate their awareness, analytical abilities, and language proficiency. Furthermore, such essays encourage a global discourse on environmental stewardship, underscoring the need for collective action and innovative approaches to safeguard our planet for future generations. As we move forward, it is imperative that we all contribute to these solutions, embodying the change needed to address the environmental challenges that face us today.

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How to keep our environment clean essay?

As human beings, we are blessed with a beautiful and nurturing environment. However, it is fast being reduced to shreds owing to the negative impact of our destructive and careless actions. Out of our greed, selfishness and carelessness, we are steadily destroying the environment brick by brick. The rising incidence of natural calamities throughout the world and growing emissions are only two indicators of what is to come if we do not mend our ways. I strongly feel that communities, Governments and individuals should take more concrete steps towards keeping their immediate environments clean and in good shape. 

We should enhance our environments by planting more trees and encouraging others to do the same, especially the future generations. We should also advocate legal regulations that ban usage of plastic in order to preserve our future ecosystems and oceans. We should reuse our plastic bags and not dispose them. We should gradually switch towards paper bags as well. 

We should also use more public transportation and reduce electricity and water consumption. I believe that with responsible steps, we can ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for the upcoming generations.

How to protect the environment essay?

Our environment refers to our ecosystems, communities, surroundings and our living conditions. However, it is now on its way towards being endangered owing to the callous actions of Man for greed and profit. Milking natural resources to the point of exhaustion, we have already been chipping away at the natural environment bit by bit. I believe that all is not lost however and we can start taking pro-active steps towards safeguarding our environment. 

We can start with more tree plantation since green cover is the only solution towards combating the impact of natural calamities, flooding and reducing the artificial  heat island effect that major global cities are suffering from. More oxygen will also ensure better quality of life in the bargain. We can also endeavor to protect natural habitats, urban forests and other natural ecosystems including water bodies. We should also conserve forests with dedicated initiatives and awareness programs. A lot has to be done at the Government level in this regard. 

Other measures include waste management, zero-tolerance policies for littering, soil conservation and preventing pollution. In this way, we can all work together to protect what is left of our environment in order to combat future calamities and destructive occurrences, while ensuring the sustainability of life itself on the planet.

How to save our environment essay?

Saving the environment is imperative in the current scenario. The word  save assumes immense significance here, since we have already managed to destroy large parts of our environments and natural habitats owing to greed, conspicuous consumption and politics. 

We can start by emphasizing more tree plantation and conservation of existing natural habitats and ecosystems. We should take steps towards reducing carbon emissions and footprints, while switching to electric mobility, cutting down on water waste and managing solid waste carefully. We should eliminate plastic usage in order to save our oceans. 

Forest and soil conservation are also essential for saving the environment for the future. Solar and wind energy should be promoted as the new-age formula for environmental conservation. Recycling and reusing is also the way to go with regard to conserving natural resources. With these positive steps being implemented by environmental organizations and authorities worldwide, we can attempt to save our environment, leaving it intact and sustainable for future generations.

How I care for the environment everyday essay?

As human beings, we are all governed by a set of fundamental duties and responsibilities to ourselves, our families, society and the environment. We are all entrusted with responsibilities to leave behind a sustainable environment for upcoming generations instead of defiling it and leaving behind the planet in a hazardous state. 

At my end, I try to take various pro-active steps towards caring for my environment. I try and plant trees as often as I can, not just in proximity to my residence, but also throughout my community, by organizing tree plantation drives. I gift saplings to my loved ones and acquaintances. I also reuse plastic bags at home while avoiding the usage of new ones. I use paper bags for my shopping as much as possible. I regularly volunteer for beach and park clean-up drives in my locality while also spreading awareness amongst children and younger generations. I try and use lesser water and encourage my family members to do the same. I also buy sustainable seafood and have cut down on my consumption of electricity. 

These are some small ways through which I care for my environment. I firmly encourage others to do the same. We only have one planet and it is time that we stopped taking it for granted.

How do humans affect the environment essay?

Over centuries, human beings have adversely impacted the environment, especially with a rapid growth in population, housing and societal requirements, along with widespread urbanization and industrialization. 

Human beings have contributed towards large-scale deforestation and elimination of precious forest cover throughout the world for housing, industries, profitable enterprises and other purposes. Industrialization and consumerism have become a lethal cocktail that has led to increasing usage of plastic that chokes up our oceans and causes pollution, more toxic emissions with an increase in vehicles and burning of fossil fuels and contamination of soil and water through harmful chemicals. 

As human beings, we have also managed to destroy the tender ecological balance through misuse and exploitation of natural resources for profits. Littering and careless waste disposal have also hurt the environment along with wildlife extinction and biodiversity losses. Last but not the least; we have also contributed towards soil erosion, higher radiation and noise pollution. These are the catastrophic ways in which we have harmed the environment. Decades of restorative measures are required to reverse these damages to an extent.

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Mrinal Mandal is a study abroad expert with a passion for guiding students towards their international education goals. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering, earned in 2018. Since 2021, Mrinal has been working with upGrad Abroad, where he assists aspiring students in realizing their dreams of studying abroad. With his expertise and dedication, he empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of international education, making their aspirations a reality.

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essay on topic ecological problems

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IELTS Essay, topic: Environmental problems

  • IELTS Essays - Band 7

Nowadays environmental problems are too big to be managed by individual persons or individual countries. In other words, it is an international problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

essay on topic ecological problems

Lately, many presentations, conferences and international summits are held to deal with waste treatment, recycling, and soil and water contamination. joint efforts and consolidation can only help in the mutual war the ongoing environmental disaster. For instance, governments should offer support to companies and organizations, involved in manufacturing, industry or agriculture in order to find environment-friendly approaches. These could be special law regulations, recycling programs, helping courses in order to implement ISO certificates and many more.

However, the influence of individuals over environment should not be ignored. If we do not that our planet is our home, we will never be able to take care of it. We have to contribute every day to the preservation of nature and environment. For example, always remember to save energy by switching off lamps, computers and everything that we do not use. Our next obligation is to separate waste and throw bulk only in the designated areas. Driving vehicles can also be environment friendly. For example, we have to avoid accelerating the engines too rapidly or using the air conditioning in the country, where it would be better to save energy and simply open the windows.

To sum up, environmental problems should be handled by local and international authorities as well as individuals. Every single person should take care of the environment, moreover we have to bring up our children to be conscious citizens of a clean and preserved planet.

This is a very good essay, a Band 7+ candidate. The structure of this essay and sentences is correct as well as the spelling and punctuation. Good job!

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Essay on Environment for Students and Children

500+ words essay on environment.

Essay on Environment – All living things that live on this earth comes under the environment. Whether they live on land or water they are part of the environment. The environment also includes air, water, sunlight, plants, animals, etc.

Moreover, the earth is considered the only planet in the universe that supports life. The environment can be understood as a blanket that keeps life on the planet sage and sound.

Essay on Environment

Importance of Environment

We truly cannot understand the real worth of the environment. But we can estimate some of its importance that can help us understand its importance. It plays a vital role in keeping living things healthy in the environment.

Likewise, it maintains the ecological balance that will keep check of life on earth. It provides food, shelter, air, and fulfills all the human needs whether big or small.

Moreover, the entire life support of humans depends wholly on the environmental factors. In addition, it also helps in maintaining various life cycles on earth.

Most importantly, our environment is the source of natural beauty and is necessary for maintaining physical and mental health.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Benefits of the Environment

The environment gives us countless benefits that we can’t repay our entire life. As they are connected with the forest, trees, animals, water, and air. The forest and trees filter the air and absorb harmful gases. Plants purify water, reduce the chances of flood maintain natural balance and many others.

Moreover, the environment keeps a close check on the environment and its functioning, It regulates the vital systems that are essential for the ecosystem. Besides, it maintains the culture and quality of life on earth.

The environment regulates various natural cycles that happen daily. These cycles help in maintaining the natural balance between living things and the environment. Disturbance of these things can ultimately affect the life cycle of humans and other living beings.

The environment has helped us and other living beings to flourish and grow from thousands of years. The environment provides us fertile land, water, air, livestock and many essential things for survival.

Cause of Environmental Degradation

Human activities are the major cause of environmental degradation because most of the activities humans do harm the environment in some way. The activities of humans that causes environmental degradation is pollution, defective environmental policies, chemicals, greenhouse gases, global warming, ozone depletion, etc.

All these affect the environment badly. Besides, these the overuse of natural resources will create a situation in the future there will be no resources for consumption. And the most basic necessity of living air will get so polluted that humans have to use bottled oxygen for breathing.

essay on topic ecological problems

Above all, increasing human activity is exerting more pressure on the surface of the earth which is causing many disasters in an unnatural form. Also, we are using the natural resources at a pace that within a few years they will vanish from the earth. To conclude, we can say that it is the environment that is keeping us alive. Without the blanket of environment, we won’t be able to survive.

Moreover, the environment’s contribution to life cannot be repaid. Besides, still what the environment has done for us, in return we only have damaged and degraded it.

FAQs about Essay on Environment

Q.1 What is the true meaning of the environment?

A.1 The ecosystem that includes all the plants, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, water bodies, fishes, human beings, trees, microorganisms and many more are part of the environment. Besides, all these constitute the environment.

Q.2 What is the three types of the environment?

A.2 The three types of environment includes the physical, social, and cultural environment. Besides, various scientists have defined different types and numbers of environment.

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Environment Essay Titles

Below are examples of IELTS Environmental writing task 2 questions.

Human activity has had a negative impact on plants and animals around the world. Some people think that this cannot be changed, while others believe actions can be taken to bring about a change. Discuss both and give your opinion. (Reported 2017, Academic Test)
It is often said that governments spend too much money on projects to protect wildlife, while there are other problems that are more important? Do you agree or disagree? (Reported 2017, GT Test)
Some people think the best way to solve global environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (Reported 2017, Academic Test)
Some people think an international car-free day is an effective way to reduce air pollution. Others think there are more effective ways do to this. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. (Reported 2017, Academic Test)
While some people consider global warming to be the most pressing environmental problem which we have at the moment, others believe that deforestation has a more devastating impact on our world. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
The government should reduce the amount of money spent on local environmental problems and instead increase funding into urgent and more threatening issues such as global warming. To what extent do you agree?
With increasing populations and ever growing urban centers, many countries are losing their natural beauty spots. What benefits are there to protecting places of natural beauty? How can this be solved?
Although many people value their public parks, this space could be better used for other purposes such as residential areas for the ever growing population or to develop business and boost economies. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?
With deforestation, urban development and illegal hunting, many animal species are becoming endangered as they lose their habitat and some are even threatened to the point of extinction. Do you think it is important to protect animals? What measures can be taken to deal with this problem?
Global warming is one of the biggest threats to our environment. What causes global warming? What solutions are there to this problem?
Both governments and individuals are spending vast amounts of money protecting animals and their habitat. This money could be better spent dealing with fundamental issues in society such as poverty and health care. To what extent do you agree?
As a result of growth in some urban centers, the environment in those cities is deteriorating. How could this issue be tackled by both the government and individuals?
Some people think that current environmental issues are global problems and should therefore be dealt with by the government while others believe that these problems can only be tackled by individuals. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
Global environmental issues are the responsibility of rich nations not of poorer nations. Do you agree with this opinion?
Many people believe that global environmental problems should be dealt with internationally rather than domestically. What is your opinion?
 Many animals are being hunted to the brink of extinction in order to fulfil the demand and greed of mankind for decorative purposes as well as for other reasons, such as traditional medicine. How can this issue be tackled?
Restricting air travel is the only way to prevent air pollution. Do you agree?

Reported essay questions are from students who have taken their IELTS test. These questions may vary slightly in wording from the original question. 

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essay on topic ecological problems

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essay on topic ecological problems

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    To sum up, environmental problems should be handled by local and international authorities as well as individuals. Every single person should take care of the environment, moreover we have to bring up our children to be conscious citizens of a clean and preserved planet. This is a very good essay, a Band 7+ candidate.

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    Environment Essay Titles. Below are examples of IELTS Environmental writing task 2 questions. Human activity has had a negative impact on plants and animals around the world. Some people think that this cannot be changed, while others believe actions can be taken to bring about a change. Discuss both and give your opinion.