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  • Photography as a career It is of essence to note that a number of variations exist in the field of photography, for example, self-employment and commercial photographing are just some of the ways one can successfully earn a living […]
  • Evolution of Photography: Trying to Seize the Moment In his book A Concise History of Photography, Helmut Gernsheim takes the reader onto a time travel, explaining the origins of photography and telling about the opportunities that photography offers.
  • The Exhibit Twilight Visions at the International Center of Photography The medium of photography in the post World War I period was almost too deliciously convenient a vehicle for certain proponents of the Dadaists and the Surrealists.
  • Social Uses of Photography: Post-Mortem Photographs The art of photography was invented by Louis Daguerre in the 18th century; this invention promoted the representatives of the middle class family with an opportunity to memorize the events and people and not to […]
  • Photographer – Robert Frank This element is evidenced by Rodeo which was taken in 1954 in New York city because one can not identify the face of the guy who is leaning on the dustbin but since Robert’s photos […]
  • Photography: Jimmy Nelson’s Piece of Art According to Nelson, the Maasai are part of the few tribes in the world that are quickly fading due to civilization and the increasing need for the world to form a global community.
  • Gordon Parks, an American Photographer After the death of his mother in 1926, Parks was forced to move to Minneapolis, where he made a living by affiliating himself with a number of odd jobs, such as the job of a […]
  • Concept of Documentary Photography The purpose of composition in this case is to bring out a distinction between the different elements of a work that is being portrayed in such a manner that the elements of the work that […]
  • Photography Art in 20th Century In its turn, this reflected the fact that during the course of the 20th century’s initial phase, the classical conventions of physics have been thoroughly revised, due to the emergence of the Theory of Relativity.
  • Photographer Jeff Wall and His Paintings The room is clearly in a state of disarray as the dishes and several other things in the room are unattended to.
  • Exhibitions at the International Center of Photography Focusing on the photographs by Chim, it is possible to feel as the part of the European society between the 1930s and 1950s.
  • Critique of a Photographer, Tom Williams The major point is that the works of Tom Williams can be found in both private and public collections, this is why the popularity of his works raises day by day, and, it is quite […]
  • The Art of Photography: Seizing the Moment Flying The vividness of the gender stereotypes which the art of photography disclosed was incredible, because of the new ideas of gender gap and the gender prejudices which the boldest photographers dared to take picture of.
  • Impacts of Photography on Advertising So as to discuss this topic, this paper shall: trace the development of photography on advertising; discuss the positive impacts of photography on advertising; and discuss the negative impacts of photography on advertising.
  • Surrealism in Photography Surrealism, which started after the World War I, in photography is one of the indicators of most important revolutions that have taken place over the history in the area of photography.
  • “Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” by Elliot Smedley Written by Elliot Smedley, “Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” explores how contemporary fashion photography is adopting realistic styles by using realistic activities contrary to ideal styles that had dominated art and photography […]
  • The development of lithography and photography in the nineteenth century For this reason, when the reproduction techniques of lithography and photography came up, most of the artists at the time viewed this as a gold mine. As to whether lithography and photography resulted in a […]
  • Critical analysis of Barthes’s Camera Lucida-Reflections on Photography He maintained that a picture has a potential to create deceitfulness in the fantasy of ‘what is’, where the description of ‘What was’ is so specific.
  • History of Photography Culture Thus, as a result of the credibility, reliability and realism of photography, the development of photography was closely related to the industrial revolution, the scientific revolution and advancement in philosophy.
  • Mads Nissen, a Danish Documentary Photographer He has helped in expressing the plight of the minority groups in the society and also in championing of human rights of the people all over the world.
  • Weegee and Goldin’s Photography This paper compares Weegee and Goldin’s photography to address the connection between the middle years of the twentieth century, when photography began to expose realities in life, and the modern distrustful era.
  • The Impact of Nineteenth Century Photography on Visual Representation and the Development of Visual Culture The essay concludes with a showcasing of a number of nineteenth century photographs that illustrate the wide range of uses, particularly in the realm of portraiture, that photographers of the nineteenth century employed the photographic […]
  • Eastman Kodak and Photographic Film Industry Major Changes This kind of study enables the marketer to evaluate the performance of the company in the market. Therefore, the application of the model is inevitable in case the market is to understand the performance of […]
  • Photography’s Impact on Society The pictures taken from scenes of dying soldiers in the American civil war are some of the reasons that evoked strong emotions, which led to the end of the war.
  • Jack Dykinga’s Outdoor Photography The works of Jack Dykinga have longed appealed to because this photographer is always able to emphasize the beauty of nature by paying attention to color patterns and space.
  • The Description of Nature in Jack Dykinga’ Photographs There are several aspects of these photographs that I would like to discuss, namely the interplay of light and shadow and structured space. This is the main lesson that I learned from the works of […]
  • Photography of High-End Art However, in order to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the original artwork, as well as incorporate a range of innuendoes concerning the artist, the era that the art was created in, etc, very specific […]
  • A Comparison of Photographic Approaches Towards American Culture Siskind, on the other hand, used photography as a skylight into the subconscious minds of Americans and a technique to react to the dirty happenings experienced in World War II.
  • Photographic Approaches Towards Landscapes: Peter Henry Emerson He insisted that science was a core part of art and photography and thus, he endeavored to prove how the two were completely dependent. He was able to capture the economical effects of the depression […]
  • Araki Nobuyoshi and Photography He promoted a new genre of art which is up to date cherished in Japan and other parts of the world.
  • Privacy and Photography in Public Places According to the protectors of privacy, it is inappropriate to take photographs and circulate them without the consent of the individuals.
  • Photography and Beauty Perception His resistance stemmed from the fact that in the early decades of photography, photographs were meant to idealize images and for a picture to be considered beautiful, its subject had to be something beautiful.
  • Surrealist Photography and Experimental Photography These two techniques showcase objects in an in-depth manner, concentrating specifically on the surroundings of the image and creation of an abstract form of art that shaped the history of photography.
  • Reflection of Photographic Arts The knowledge influences the choice of image and the position of the subject in the photograph. The knowledge of the fundamentals of photographic arts creates a world of possibilities.
  • Photographic Approaches for Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Ann Parker In this review, a comparison is made of the photographic approaches of Ann Parker and Manuel Alvarez Bravo, looking for similarities and differences in their art.
  • The Photographic Approaches Towards American Culture of Robert Frank and Gary Winogrand Frank practiced many forms of photography and he did photography both for the commercial and fashion purposes and was considered an influential American photographer who was also a mentor to many young American artists.
  • Melancholy Objects in Photography The purpose of this paper is to develop a critical evaluation of Sontag’s claim of melancholy and Photography, with reference to a photograph taken for a tombstone in a cemetery. In fact, the grave looks […]
  • Photography: Finding Beauty in the Ordinary Therefore, the beauty that the photo represents is largely derived from the actual object. While Sontang acknowledges that the close-up is a reflection of truth, it is still subject to the photographer’s viewpoint.
  • Photograph Discussion: Physical Elements and Content Telling from the photograph, the three boys were part of the group playing games in the background and were called to attention by the photographer.
  • The Photography of the Arctic Ice Panoramic View The vivid play of light and color in the picture brings out the striking separation of the detached mass from the main iceberg.
  • The Pool’ Pictures Balance in Photography Because of the unique combination of urban background and the green elements, as well as the presence of such details as the cast iron, the change in the pictures of the pool not only shows […]
  • Photography in Arabic Countries New and new tendencies and fashion took over the generations of European and American photographers, while for the photographers of Arabic and Middle Eastern countries the art of taking pictures was still new.
  • Photographic Representation of War Photography captures the moments that are gone, portrays the reality of the past, and preserves the images that used to be real at the second when the photo was taken.
  • Technologies: Amateur Film vs Cell Phone Photography An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of photography concludes the paper. Cellphone and film cameras have apertures that regulate the quantity of light passing to the sensor and film, respectively.
  • Lewis Hine’s Photography Art Being born at the age of great changes and stresses, Lewis since his childhood was interested in the imprinting of some great moments of the history of American society.
  • Photography as a Mass Medium To demonstrate this fact, the study explores the works of Sontag in her article titled, On Photography, and shows how digital photography changes her analysis about the “photographic way of seeing” life.
  • Andy Goldsworthy: Sculptor and Photographer Besides, the vast majority of artworks of this sculptor are installed in nature in the woods, fields, plains, at the ponds, or rivers.
  • The Basic Critical Theory for Photography According to Berger, images depend on the way of seeing of the person who has taken them. Berger insists that ‘publicity images’ and ‘advertising images’ have the same meanings.
  • Melbourne’ Keith Gallery: Photography Analysis However, at the entrance of the gallery, I took a picture that shows the entry of the gallery that has photos on it.
  • The Photography Gallery in Melbourne The photos are mounted on glass and owing to the fact that the setting is indoor, a lot of lighting is applied to prevent any darkness.
  • Hine’s Indianapolis and Kruger’s Help! Photography Nevertheless, unlike Lewis Hine, Barbara Kruger chooses to combine different media, and in this way, she departs from the canons of the modernist art. Overall, this comparison indicates that the works of Lewis Hine and […]
  • Social Documentary Photography Then and Now In the first place, he tried to inform people about the diversity of life in the city, which was a common trend for the beginning of the twentieth century.
  • Child Labor, Great Depression and World War II in Photographs The impression is of isolation and yearning for daylight, freedom, and a childhood foregone, in the midst of a machine-dominated world.
  • Steve McCurry’s Photographs This approach has revealed the impacts of war on the lives of many people across the globe. McCurry had the opportunity to capture the portrait of a monk in Tibet.
  • Photography Company’s Public Relations Campaign The accomplishment of each aim will be performed following the specificity of the targeted audience that is supposed to be composed of the middle-class population of the Seattle Area. In the meantime, they expect that […]
  • The Photograph Description and Criticism In this picture, the foreground is where the woman is seated and the background depicts transparent window of the apartment The photograph was likely taken in a broad daylight since outside the apartment to be […]
  • The “We Are All Equal” Photography by Haley Bell In spite of the fact that the photograph is rather straightforward in its message, it is important to focus on this image of a young white woman’s hand with words saying that we are all […]
  • Photography Ethics, Reliability, and Principles As a result, it is often possible to guarantee that the photo provided in the news is not a product of Photoshop.
  • Pathos, Ethos, and Logos in Photography The audience’s personal experiences affects its interpretation of what the picture depicts, it might be close to the communication the photographer had wished to convey or a totally different perspective.
  • Timothy Hogan’s Photography Taking into consideration the infinite backing from the greatest producers, retouchers, and workshops in the professional photography niche, it is quite reasonable that Hogan and his team managed to furnace the lifelong contacts that provide […]
  • Photography: the Art of Seeing The images that she deals with are associated with saucer magnolia blossoms and she aims to capture the exquisiteness of trees hence bringing-forth that magnificence to the attention of her audience.
  • Fascination With Crime Through the Art of Photography The image is not for the faint of heart; however, it is fascinating in a way it is shot. It is evident that the robber fired a bullet into the camera to hide his identity.
  • The History of War Photography The purpose of this report is to identify basic trends in the development of war photography and determine the conceptual, stylistic, and technical changes observed in the course of its formation.
  • “Film und Foto” Exhibition and Surrealism in Photography Surrealism is considered to be a cultural movement of the early twentieth century and is commonly reflected in the works of art and writings.
  • Perspectives on Photography In his essay, John Berger states that the war in Vietnam was one of the most influential transformations of the world.
  • Photographs in a Written Society Visual literature requires one to have the ability to analyze, interpret, and understand images with the aim of acquiring meaning through the cultural context in which the image exists.
  • Modern Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Photography Duchamp and his work have a connection through the refusal to accept the views of the majority of artists and art lovers.
  • Michael Lesy’s Wisconsin Death Trip: Photograph Analysis As highlighted by the focus of the light and the enlargement of the image, this makes the ribs of the horse to be the photo’s point of focus.
  • Photography and Its History This is termed as documentary photography in which a value of a photograph is measured by its worth of objectivity, which depends on the subject matter, the perception of why it is taken, and the […]
  • Photography and Society Through History: Political and Ideological Functions Another example of a thoroughly politicized photo, which during the course of the thirties was meant to promote the cause of Communism, is Alexander Rodchenko’s Pioneer with Trumpet:
  • “Memorial Day” by Anthony Suau: Photography Analysis The background of the image is blurry, indicating that when Suau took the photograph, he had one central area of focus and opted to indiscriminately isolate the other items in the shot.
  • Hector Mediavilla Photographic Series “The Congolese Sape” The photographer’s decision to organize the order of photographs influences the viewer’s interpretation of the image. The photographer captures an image from a focal position; the decision to capture the image is influenced by the […]
  • Richard Drew’s Photography: Visualizing September 11 This would have ensured that I had accommodated the rights of media, clients, society, and other stakeholders while still adhering to media ethics.
  • A Critique of a Photographer’s Works: Matthew Abbott Matthew Abbott underlines one simple fact that Istanbul is the only place where East has all chances to meet West, this is why it is hard to predict the traditions and interests of Turkish people, […]
  • Photography: A Cultural History In the middle of the 1850s, there were many photographers, whose projects caused people’s admiration, and the works of Edouard Baldus, Imperial Library of the Louvre, and Roger Fenton, Rievaulx Abbey, may be considered as […]
  • Personal Interest in Photography Most of Cotton’s photographs were devoted to the exploration of the serenity and beauty in the natural world, as can be seen in the photographs below.
  • Photography: Is It Possible to Recapture the Past? The problem of photography is twofold: the problem of representation, and the presumption of reality that the photographic images elicits in the viewer the pervasive belief that a photograph depicts a referent, a real “how […]
  • Nature and Animals in Photographs In the picture, a viewer sees the glassy and smooth water surface, the banks and fir trees covered with snow, and a high dome of the mountain in the center of the photograph.
  • Andreas Gursky’s “The Rhine II” Photography In The Rhine II, the photographer attempts to deliver “an accurate image of a modern river” and invites viewers to see the river enclosed in the deep-colored stripes of grass, concrete, and the clouded sky.
  • Moholy Nagy’s “Laci and Lucia” Photography In order to make it fit the life in the 21st century, the famous quote by Laszlo Moholy Nagy can be rewritten in the following way: “The illiterate of the future will be the one […]
  • A Distinct Camera Vision in Jacques-Henri Lartigue’s Photograph Also, there is no focus on the man’s feet because the camera concentrated on the leap in water, and the feet remain out of the water.
  • Photography Changes Who We Think We Might Be This essay is interesting and was chosen because Bergen is famous for her acting and not for photography, yet she clearly has a passion for this trade.
  • “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” the Photography by Roger Fenton Finally, from the standpoint of war, such a large number of cannonballs on the road testifies to the scale of the hostilities, which also makes one wonder about the alarming consequences of attacks. Therefore, the […]
  • Robinson, Emerson, and Photography as an Art Both of them viewed the newly created form of image capture as a medium for the expression of art, but their views on the nature of the movement were radically different.
  • Photographs and Danto`s View on Art This argument comes from the idea of the philosophic meaning of art and its ability to impact viewers by representing some objects of reality in unusual ways.
  • Philosophy of Photography as an Art In conclusion, it is necessary to stress that photography is a specific form of art that involves the use of technology.
  • ”Preferences for Photographic Art Among Hospitalized Patients With Cancer” by Hanson ET Al. The opinions of stakeholders, who are patients and nursing staff, as well as the outcomes of treatment, are factors that influence the response to the research question.
  • Photography & Folk Art: America in the 1930s Exhibition The exhibition “Photography + Folk Art: Looking for America in the 1930s” is a remarkable venue where visitors can see and even feel the atmosphere of the years of the Great Depression in the United […]
  • Edward Weston’s Modernist Photographs More attention should be paid to the analysis of Weston’s photographs and the comparison of their style to my photographs. The object in my black-and-white photograph looks like a kind of tubes, which texture is […]
  • Imogen Cunningham, an American Female Photographer The high contrast and neutral tones of the image bring to the viewer’s attention a variety of details, including the woman’s hair, her wrinkles, and the unevenness of her skin.
  • Publishing Controversial Photographs: To Be or Not To Be? Harte took some pictures of the rescue operation, including an image capturing the moment when the rescuers found the body of a drowned boy and showed it to the family.
  • Snapshot vs. Fine-Art Photography in Digital Age The scale of distribution of everyday photography is associated with the improvement of photographic technology and the spread of electronic and digital technologies, making exploring snapshot photography particularly relevant. To analyse the functions of snapshot […]
  • History of Photography: Road and Poplar Trees Analysis The picture artistically depicts the distance between the poplar trees making the trees on the right side to be smaller than the left side.
  • History of Photography: Brief Overview of the Most Exciting and Impressive Ways of Cultural Representation Photography is one of the most interesting and impressive ways and techniques of culture representation. For instance, photography documented the culture of the 1920s and world wars, the Great Depression-era, and the liberation movement.
  • Contribution of Modernity to Photography and Film Movements Modernity in visual arts and cinema is part of the ever-changing world, wherein the establishment of ideas, different people in the world of art participates in experimenting with the forms and styles of art, thus […]
  • Edward Steichen in History of Photography Edward Steichen is one of the central figures in the history of photos. The astonishing sale charge of the print is, in part, featured to its one-of-a-kind personality and to its curiosity.
  • Photographic Pioneer: Paul Strand One of her eyes is a stone eye and with the other eye she is trying to view something on her left side.
  • Visual Art and Photography Ice Sculpting is truly an art of its own, and even though this style of art is not permanent, unless a person were to place the item into the freezer, this would still be categorized […]
  • Photography: Brief History of Invention At that time all images produced were in black and white and eventually all masters of the art came to believe that the only artistic way to record photographic images was in black and white. […]
  • Atta Kim: Presentation of a Photographer While many techniques Atta uses are not new, in some context the works of Atta can be considered as a philosophical opinion that was visualized using photography.
  • “China and Its People in Early Photographs” by John Thompson In spite of the fact the majority of his works are believed to be documentaries, Johnson is often referred to a photojournalist, because he often focused attention on the social aspect of human relationships, it […]
  • Yosemite National Park and Connecting With the History of Photography By the time the Yosemite series was started, Carleton Watkins was a famous master of the so called wet-collodion technique that made use of the “mammoth” plates made of glass to allow for the better […]
  • Invention of Photography and its Social Impact Although photography was invented in its full form only in 1835, an understanding of the social impact that was a result of the invention of photography is rightly portrayed by Azoulay in his article “The […]
  • The Exhibition “The Arlen Ness Photographic Exhibition” Watching the landscape in reality and the same view on the photo, the viewer may not notice the difference as the professional photographer, the artist tries to make his/her photos so realistic and inconceivable that […]
  • Photographic Exhibition in Melbourne Australia The concept of space in the exhibit depicts that of loose and un-articulated. But nowhere in the exhibit were photos shown of men or women building gabions baskets, or showing the river.
  • Photo Art: Photographic Exhibition This is the photo produced by Samantha Everton in 2009 as a part of her Vintage Dolls series: The photo is installed in a frame during the exhibition to ensure the considerable attention the viewers […]
  • Three Questions About Photography If they do, it is through the main webpage where it is displayed and the user is not allowed to copy the image.
  • Pia Johnson’s Photography Exhibition The main aim of the photographer is to stop the time and to make people to be delighted by the beauty of the picture, as the time is the substance which flows fast and the […]
  • Photography Exhibition “Threads” in Melbourne The subject matter of the photograph under consideration is the nature of identity or, to be more exact, the exploration of it.
  • Photograph Description: Nature The photograph reflects a marvelous landscape combining the elements of human interference in the form of buildings; it is necessary to underline the fact that the picture is to be referred to as representational […]
  • Evaluating Evidence: Paperwork and Photographs The paperwork evidence is one of the main evidence, as it is the prejudicial evidence of the witness, who walked the cemetery and saw the act of vandalism of the tomb.
  • Photograph Works by Laura McPhee This particular feature in the works of Laura McPhee impresses the viewer owing to the mastership of the photographer in playing with the background and foreground.
  • Sports Photography and Its Evolution The death of Niepce was announced in 1833, but the experiment was still been performed by Daguerre and he succeeded in the development of the daguerreotype finally in 1837.
  • Has Digital Technology Improved the Quality of Photographs? In the case of our apple, most of the wavelengths are absorbed with the exception of those that lie on the red end of the spectrum.
  • Ansel Adams and John Sexton: World Photography The first assumption that we can make about these works is that both of them achieve an effect of optical illusion and this is one of the most difficult tasks for a photographer to carry […]
  • Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography The photographs in Without Sanctuary provide a record of the intolerance and racism that was standard in the United States at the turn of the twentieth century.
  • Knowing Andy Warhol’s Life and Photography The Post-Modernist Movement of pop art and culture in the latter half of the twentieth century was a revolutionary movement and it was started by the American artist Andy Warhol’s very amundane’ looking paintings of […]
  • Photography Exhibition: Examples of the Works This is an outstanding piece of art which made me, for instance, think of our world and humanity: first of all I thought about the perfection of the both, and then I passed to contemplations […]
  • Horst Wackerbath and His Great Photography This mystic twist in Wackerbath’s work keeps people looking out for more of his works in a bid to try to understand not only how he manages to pull such a delicate feat, but also […]
  • Photography: Robin Fox’s Proof Of Concept The subject and concept of the exhibition is as unique as it can be and the gallery is the best place where the photos can be exhibited.
  • Photography: Critical Analysis The vertical, restive position of the pencil in each of the slides is indicative of a resort to have finished a particular task, presumably that of writing on the foolscap, with the pencil resting in […]
  • HDRI and Tonal Mapping in Photography The science of High dynamic range imaging has developed the dynamic range of processing, transmission, and representation of imaging photography beyond the traditional forms.
  • History in Abbass Studios Ltd. Fonds’ Photographs The approximate creation date of the collection is mentioned as 1940 the year when the eldest of the Abbass brothers became interested in photography. George was in charge of the office and the studio.
  • Julia Margaret Cameron: A British Photographer As the photographer later wrote in her unfinished memoir “Annals of my glass house”, from the moment of the first shot, the camera had become a link to the world of artists, scientists, and writers.
  • Nikki S. Lee and Photography Considered to be one of a kind, the unique nature of this exhibition placed her in the limelight. In ‘The Seniors Project’, Lee managed to transform herself to fit the image of an old woman […]
  • Margaret Bourke-White: A Historically Significant Photographer Among Bourke-White’s exclusive works are the photos of the First Five-Year Plan in the Soviet Union, the daily struggle of the Allied infantrymen in the Italian campaign, the siege of Moscow, and the conflict between […]
  • Jack Dykinga’s Photography In addition, this use of light adds to the beauty of color harmony and color saturation in the picture. Because of the duly chosen perspective and the angle of shooting along with the time of […]
  • Chris Hondros: War Photographer This leads the author of the current paper to discovering the key three topics that have to be covered in order to evaluate Hondros’ contribution to war photography during the first decade of the 21st […]
  • The Beauty of Photography: An Opinion However, ultimately, I leaned toward the DSLR cameras and still photography rather than the motion of the film. As a result, good photos make one look at the situation from a different angle, capturing a […]
  • Photographer Diane Arbus’ Creativity Analysis Therefore, Arbus showed consistency with the portrayed ugliness of the subjects in the photographs. This enabled Arbus to capture moments that genuinely depicted the feelings of the people in their environment.
  • Dream Deferred: Timeless Relevance. Poem and Photograph Review The relevance of showcasing social inequality through voices and faces of the Afro-Americans in the United States draws the parallel between the historical and contemporary context.
  • Town Photography Studio Online Branding In order to convince our potential customers about the quality of our new product, we need to use attractive images of the new product which can easily capture the attention of our potential customers.
  • Macro Photography: Features, Techniques, and Common Mistakes It is customary to call macro photography the shooting of objects comparable in size to the size of a film frame or much smaller than it.
  • Photography, Impression and Alfred Stieglitz A striking example of this is the emergence of photography as a category of art after the invention of the camera.
  • Photography in the E-Business: Marketing Strategy Business owners or those in the photography business are now thinking of possible and probably the best way to reach a wider market in the most fashionable and quickest way.
  • Composing With Light or Color in Photography Light, shadow and color are the components of an image. The balance between each element affects the quality of the image.
  • Ethics in the Age of Digital Photography by Long In his article, ‘Ethics in the age of digital photography,’ Long expresses his concern over the problem of “the public…losing faith” in photojournalists.
  • The History of Photography of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century They assured the recognition of photography as a kind of art. Alfred Stieglitz created a series of clouds photographs that combined the technical and aesthetic principles of his work.
  • Photography: An Artist Statement In the first image, I arranged the details in the composition to guide the observer through the place I captured by the camera. With the help of the play of the light and shadow, I […]
  • An Analysis of a Photograph By Mike Wells This spread of technology-enabled many people to document the environment around them and allowed millions of people to relate to stories of others told through photographs.”A Starving Boy and a Missionary” is one of the […]
  • Photography: Art Creation & Reflection The thematic connection between the two pieces is based on the illusionary vision of the simple scenes and experimental approach to the art of photography.
  • “Tom Torlino Student File” Photograph Analysis The before and after photo of a native American student is vivid evidence of American influence on the disappearing cultural heritage. What was the impact of such boarding schools on the identity and values of […]
  • Note-Taking and Crime Scene Photography Concerning the effectiveness of notes, generally, they should contain a high level of detail, and straightforwardness and cover all areas of the crime scene.
  • Photographer Lene and The Heart Project Lene has had an opportunity to work in a large variety of creative mediums, utilizing the skills acquired in a number of projects. The use of paint, charcoal, and mosaic in her art creates a […]
  • Significance of the Photographs Created by T. Simon and J. Riis In turn, Riis presents a unique perspective on the immorality of the Victorian neighborhoods serving as evidence of erroneous people’s attitudes towards appropriateness.
  • Jeff Wall, a Contemporary Photographer and His Works Most of the photographer’s works are staged, depicting everyday scenes related to the problems of representation and the history of art.
  • Special Features of the Photography by Luc Delahaye and Ansel Adams The above photograph is one of the works by Ansel Adams, who is recognized as a pioneer in the evolutionary field of expertise.
  • Photography Comparison and Contrast The focus on the naked parts of the body, like dirty and scratched hands, necks, and faces, allows for learning about the terror and horror of that period. In my photo, the style differs due […]
  • Photography of Global Disasters: Violence or Not? There is a moral dilemma in people’s urge to respond to suffering photographs of others by either just looking at the pictures or doing something to stop the disaster.
  • Photographs Depicting Sufferings of Real People Recording reality may run counter to the goals and ideals of the person making the recording. The dilemma of reaction to shocking photographs is often limited by the viewer’s psychological predisposition and internal values.
  • The Search for Truth: Early Photography, Realism, and Impressionism European colonialism led to the popularity of ethnography and the emergence of Orientalism the Western representation of the Middle East visually or literary.
  • The Ellen Terry Photograph by Julia Margaret Cameron The value of the artwork is that it reminds the world that people are all the same. An interesting fact about the artwork is that the picture was taken during the honeymoon of the actress.
  • The Visual Argument in the Photograph The photograph and the remark appeal to pathos, striving to first show the emotions of the child in the picture and then accentuating how the words shown through the hand around the boy’s neck can […]
  • The Background of Photography and the History of Racial Strife Overall, Ardizonne argues that Day’s work was destructive to the political discourse, based on an assessment of the pictures and the content of the anthropological section.
  • The Connection of History and Photography Overall, photography falls under the visual sources of chronological data that historians can use to understand and write about recorded events.
  • Photography as Quick-Paced Creative Medium Photography is interesting since it helps keeps memories alive and prosperous because it freezes a scene that lasts forever. In capturing moments of importance and beauty, photography helps one revisit memories in a way otherwise […]
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  • Why Was Post-mortem Photography Popular?
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  • How Did Joseph Nicephore Contribute to the Early Development of Photography?
  • What Is the Target Market for Portrait Photography?
  • What Are the 4 Styles of Photography?
  • How Has Fashion Photography Changed and Developed Over the Years?
  • How Did Photography Reflect the Values and Stereotypes That Underlay European Colonialism?
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  • How Did Female Surrealists Aim to Subvert the Male Gaze Within Surrealist Photography?
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IvyPanda. (2023, November 9). 186 Photography Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/photography-essay-topics/

"186 Photography Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 9 Nov. 2023, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/photography-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . (2023) '186 Photography Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 9 November.

IvyPanda . 2023. "186 Photography Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." November 9, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/photography-essay-topics/.

1. IvyPanda . "186 Photography Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." November 9, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/photography-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda . "186 Photography Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." November 9, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/photography-essay-topics/.

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Teaching students about the definition of poll tax, teaching students about the meaning of underachievement, teaching students about how a hygrometer works, teaching students about hindu mandalas, teaching students about complementation tests in genetics, teaching students about how deep is one fathom, teaching students about heifer calf care, teaching students about the language of poland, teaching students about glycogenolysis, photography essay topics.

essay topics about photography

Photography Essay Questions

1. How Can Digital and Film Photography be Compared? 2. What Is the Most Famous Site for Photography? 3. How Are Political and Social Arenas Affected Through Photography? 4. How Has Our Perspective of the World Changed Due to Photography? 5. What Is the Reason for the Fame of Post-mortem Photography? 6. In What Age Was Photography Invented? 7. How Has Western Culture Been Shaped as a Result of Romanticism and Photography? 8. What Was the Original Name of Photography? 9. How Has Photography Changed as a Result of Digital Processes? 10. What Should Photography Actually Document? 11. Which Is the Best Beginner Friendly Photography Course? 12. Why Is Photography Considered an Art? 13. What If Photography Never Existed? 14. How Has the Business Environment Been Affected by Photography? 15. What Were the Contributions of Joseph Nicephore to the Field of Photography? 16. What Type of Target Market Does Portrait Photography Aim to Please? 17. What Do the 4 Styles of Photography Entail? 18. What Are the Changes That Fashion Photography Has Gone Through Over the Years? 19. How Was European Colonialism Reflected Through Photography? 20. What Is the Importance of Photography? 21. What Is the Effect of Photography on our Lives? 22. Which Brand of Camera Is the Best for Photography? 23. What Are the Five Reasons Why Digital Photography Is Better Than Traditional Photography? 24. What Is the Relation Between Photography and Music? 25. What Are the Seven Most Important Photography Principles? 26. What Did Female Surrealists Do Within Surrealist Photography to Overthrow the Male Gaze? 27. How Has Photography Evolved Over Time? 28. How Has Media Transformed Over the Years Because of Photography and Photojournalism? 29. What Effect Did Photography Have on Painting in the Nineteenth Century? 30. What Are Some Best Ways for Food Photography?

Good Essay Topics on Pessimism

How to implement the lifted line poem ....

' src=

Matthew Lynch

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122 Photography Essay Topics

🏆 best essay topics on photography, 👍 good photography research topics & essay examples, 🎓 most interesting photography research titles, 💡 simple photography essay ideas, ❓ photography essay questions.

  • Photography as a Cultural History The photographer considered, that the main aim of a photographer is to demonstrate how our eyes percept world.
  • Public Relations and Photography Public relations are usually related to broadcasting, publicizing, photography, and promoting. The experts require time and talent to advance relations with mass media.
  • Photography Exhibition “Charles Harbutt, Departures and Arrivals” The exhibition “Charles Harbutt, Departures and Arrivals” reexamines photographic work and encourages the audience to appreciate photography and relate it to modern printing.
  • Hines and Riis’ Photographs Analysis The photographs by Riis and Hine present the poor working conditions, including child labor cases during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
  • Antikythera Mechanism: Photography and Radiography This paper studies the Antikythera mechanism. It uses recent evidence obtained from photography and radiography assessment of the device.
  • “Humans of New York” Photographs by Brandon Stanton In his work “Humans of New York”, Brandon Stanton presented the public with the collection of photographs depicting New Yorkers telling their elaborate stories.
  • Africa’s Visual Representation in Photography The article, written by Landau, discusses photography as a source that provides the visual representation of Africa and explains its connection with the colonial administration.
  • Art: “Attitudes Towards Photography” by Gisele Freund The massive social and cultural changes of the previous century challenged many of the established traditions, including the perception of art.
  • “Pepper No. 30” Photograph by Edward Weston Pepper No. 30 by Edward Weston is a black and white photograph that depicts a close-up of a “bell pepper on the concave surface” against a dark background.
  • Photography and Paintings: Depicting the Truth Photography captures the beautiful moments of our lives that can be cherished by us and our children for years to come.
  • Photography as Kind of Art Photography is an art and a science. Reflectively, the process is more than just capturing images. Proportionality, and introduction of effects determine the quality of an outcome.
  • Photography: Hobby of Millions Unique for Everyone Millions of people take photos on a daily basis in all parts of the world. However, probably only thousands of them manage to capture something purely touching the soul.
  • “Close” the Photography by Martin Stranka The present works of well-known photographers inspire other people to create pieces of art to show their perception of the original idea.
  • Art Appreciation: Alfred Stieglitz’s Photography Alfred Stieglitz tried to explain the relationship between photography and art by a movement known as Pictorialism.
  • Steve McCurry’s Photography “Afghanistan Girl” The Photography “Afghanistan Girl” reveals Steve Mc Curry’s perception of the world through the special inimitable and unguarded moments, which he captured.
  • Annie Lebovitz – Famous Photographer Annie Leibovitz is one of the best portrait photographers in today’s era. She focuses her works on a variety of subjects but mostly among celebrity portraits.
  • Paul Politis’ Black and White Photography This paper shall be discussing the works and the inspirations of renowned photographer Paul Politis who specializes in black and white photography.
  • Photography’s Effects on Modern Art Photography has been hailed by the masses as one of the best means of bringing the rest of the world to the public, affording them views of far-away places and peoples.
  • Procurement Management: Selecting Your Wedding Photographer This paper will provide a briefing of the factors that should be taken care of in the process of soliciting, selecting, negotiating with, and launching the wedding photographer.
  • San Francisco Photograph by George R. Lawrence The discussed photograph is a daguerreotype of San Francisco taken right after the 1906 earthquake and fire. George R. Lawrence used kites to get photos of San Francisco.
  • The Power of Photography: Photography’s Reality Effect The photograph’s evidential worth is held through a transformative method that is being put into play by a dynamic engagement, a stride into the image, on the reader’s part.
  • Analysis of Lee Friedlander’s Photographs Friedlander is famous primarily for his street photography – raw, real, brazen. Lee Friedlander’s photos are like music, and that music is jazz.
  • Reflection on Photography: An Art Piece or Mass Entertainment? It is important to define whether sphere of photography is only for professionals or, on the contrary, for the users of Instagram, travelers, and amateurs.
  • The Birth of Photography: Early Artists and Their Works The popularization of photography coincided with a revolution in art as such. An illustrative example can be found in the works of Alexander Rodchenko.
  • The Works of Photographer Steve McCurry: Consequences of the War In his works Steve McCurry aims at portraying the imprudent moment, experiences imprinted on people’s faces, and a soul escaping.
  • Photography Impacts on Cultural Identity of Native Americans in America The photos of Native Americans often turn out to be disadvantageous to the appearance of the indigenous Americans, especially in this era of photography.
  • The Role of Photography and Views on War Photography changed the attitude to war by demonstrating its horrors, and it triggered public debates about the value of human life and the need to stop military conflicts.
  • Photography Art: A Girl on a Bridge on Lake Garda Photographs give information on what real-life scenarios look like away from human influence. A photo of a girl on a bridge on Lake Garda is compared to that taken in real life.
  • Attitude to Photography. Art and Design It is paramount noting that art and design are all about the artist’s perspective and what they intend to impart to the audience’s mind.
  • Who Should Be Given Credit for Inventing Photography? As a valuable method of visual communication and expression, photography has a broad spectrum of aesthetic capabilities.
  • The Influence of Henri Cartier-Bresson on Street Photography Cartier-Bresson aimed for capturing a decisive moment as it was in real life, with no staging and no interference on the photographers part whatsoever.
  • Painting as a Translation of Photography in Two Ivans and Oksana The painting uses line, pattern, texture, depth, shortening, cropping, and light to relate more to photography than painting, thus making the picture a photograph translation.
  • “The Starving Boy in Uganda” Photograph by Mike Wells The current essay attempts to analyze the context of the picture, details of the image, and the message that the photograph “the Starving boy in Uganda” conveys.
  • The Photographs “Untitled Film Stills” by Sherman and “Early Colors Interiors” by Simmons The photos “Untitled Film Stills” by Sherman and “Early Colors Interiors” by Simmons belong to the wave of feminist art of the 70-80s, representing the deconstructionist approach.
  • The Photography Atelier 21 Exhibition The photographs presented at Atelier 21 are truly outstanding, and the mixed styles and types add to the uniqueness of the exhibition.
  • Cultural Expressions: Photography, Religion, Films The selected cultural expressions reflect my values, which prioritize wellness and mental health, avoidance of excessive consumption, and focus on the joy of experience.
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson’s and Martine Franck’s Photography of Each Other Photography as an art has generated many masters who have revolutionized this sphere and contributed their passion and talent to its development.
  • Violence in Joseph Rodriguez’s Photographs Joseph Rodriguez’s photography is considered a meditation on the different types of violence in poor communities in East Los Angeles.
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson’s and Martine Franck’s Photography The expertise, originality, and professionalism of the author of the book serve as the basis for the reference’s credibility.
  • Pornography vs. Artistic Nude Photographs This essay compares pornography and artistic nude photographs, given the thin line which exists between the two.
  • Writing and Photography Overview The two different fields, photography and writing, adopt similar elements vital for their interpretation by the audience.
  • Homai Vyarawalla’s Photography Career Homai Vyarawalla had a unique talent for penetrating the fabric of time with her camera. One looks at the photos, and the long-gone days magically return to life.
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson: Seville Photograph The image of Seville, Spain, 1933, is linked to the Cartier-Bresson work of photography, particularly those connected to war.
  • Photographic Essay: The Key Advantages A photographic essay is a powerful tool to deliver information in a succinct and comprehensive manner without any loss of depth of the context or narrative.
  • The Brook Ship Photograph Analysis In 1781, the English Brook was launched for the first time. The first diagram of the ship did not appear until a few years later and was written by William Elford.
  • Photography as a Contemporary Art Form In this era, photography, in addition to establishing itself as an art form, and developing its own aesthetic value, has turned into a full-fledged material for other art forms.
  • The Photographic Industry: Historical Background The photographic industry has grown and changed at a breakneck pace. There is an interaction with high-resolution paintings, 3D animations, and videos.
  • Digital and Film Photography at a Glance in the 21st Century
  • Are Photography and Printmaking Art?
  • Crime Scene Photography: Importance and Strategies
  • Alfred Stieglitz Revolutionizing the Art of Photography
  • Communication, Photography and Social Media Class
  • Fashion Photography and the Effects of New Image Technology
  • Photography Boundaries and Uses
  • Diane Arbus and the Revolutionary Arena of Artistic Photography
  • Photography: Society’s Views Through the Ages
  • Capturing Great Landscape Photography
  • How Has Photography Changed Our View of the World?
  • Barbara Rowe and the Art of Photography
  • The Recent and Current Trends and Influences in Portrait Photography
  • Photography Through the Modernist Movements
  • Comparing Traditional Photography and Digital Imaging
  • Photography Laws Surrounding Images of Children
  • Color Photography and Its History
  • ‘War Photography’ Carol Ann Duffy
  • Darkroom vs. Digital Photography
  • Aerial Photography: Capturing Spectacular Images up in the Air
  • Photography and Its Omnipresent Nature in the World
  • Calotype Negative and Early Photography
  • Artistic and Creative Uses of Photography
  • Civil War Life Captured in the Photography of Mathew Brady
  • Brand New Images? Implications of Instagram Photography for Place Branding
  • 20th Century Photography: Documentary Art
  • Photography Books and the Photographers Who Created Them
  • How Photography Helped Change People’s Opinions of the Civil War?
  • Photography During Colonial Afric an Indispensable Tool
  • Capturing the Personal Aspect of Portrait Photography
  • Photography Limits Our Understanding of the World
  • Black and White Photography in Australia
  • Did Photography Destroy Painting Practice?
  • World View and the Changes Brought About by Photography
  • Photography and Graphic Design at Rinko Kawauchi
  • Cultural Understanding and the Reflections of Photography
  • Alfred Stieglitz and His Influence on Photography
  • The Relationship Between Painting and Photography in the Work of David Hockney
  • Beginners Digital Photography Equipment Tips
  • How Photography Has Changed Our Lives?
  • Ansel Adams: Discovering His Life and Photography
  • Trevor Paglen’s Photography Work as a Bridge to Discovery About the Hidden World
  • Wildlife Photography Catching the Animals by Surprise
  • Photography Doesn’t Always Show the Reality of a Painter’s View
  • Cecil Beaton’s Surprising Photography Experiences
  • The Reasons for Preference of Photography Over Paintings in Occasions
  • Photography: Impact Upon Western Civilization Over the Past Fifty Years
  • Will Camera Phones Destroy Photography?
  • Camera Technology and How It Changed Photography
  • Understanding Water Through Photography: Edward Burtynsky
  • Are Photography and Printmaking Really Art?
  • Does Photography Have Significant Political Impact?
  • Has Television Taken Over Photography?
  • How Did Photography Shape Public Reactions to the American Civil War?
  • How Did Photography Influenced the History and the Politics?
  • How Does Sebastiao Salgardo’s Activist Photography Reflect Against Media Journalism?
  • How Joseph Nicephore Contributed to the Early Development of Photography?
  • How Photography Affects the Social and Political Arena?
  • What Factors Determine the Popularity of Photography in KSA?
  • What Are the Historical and Cultural Differences in Photography in the East and West?
  • What Are the Seven Elements of Photography?
  • How Moholy-Nagy Made Photography Manifestly Modern?
  • How Photography and Photojournalism Has Been Transformed?
  • Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before?
  • What Are the Paradoxes of Digital Photography?
  • What Is the Evaluation of Image Appeal in Consumer Photography?
  • What Are the Pitfalls of Nonstandardized Photography?
  • What Is a Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography?
  • What Is the Performative Force of Photography?
  • What Is the Use of Photography as a Qualitative Research Tool?
  • Who Are Three Most Famous Inventors and What Are Their Contributions to Photography?
  • What Are the Parallels Between Photography and New Media?
  • What Is Paparazzi Photography and Why It’s So Exciting?
  • What Is Mathew Brady’s Photography Role in Creating the American Empire?
  • How Did Louis Daguerre Make First Practical Process of Photography?
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  • Research question generator

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StudyCorgi. (2023, November 8). 122 Photography Essay Topics. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/photography-essay-topics/

"122 Photography Essay Topics." StudyCorgi , 8 Nov. 2023, studycorgi.com/ideas/photography-essay-topics/.

1. StudyCorgi . "122 Photography Essay Topics." November 8, 2023. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/photography-essay-topics/.


StudyCorgi . "122 Photography Essay Topics." November 8, 2023. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/photography-essay-topics/.

StudyCorgi . 2023. "122 Photography Essay Topics." November 8, 2023. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/photography-essay-topics/.

StudyCorgi . (2023) '122 Photography Essay Topics'. 8 November.

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Photography Essay Topics

Photography is one branch of the fine arts and since its conception it has evolved according to the necessity. Advances in the field have meant that photography has grown and become more popular, particularly with digital technology. As one of the emerging fields, photography can capture images and scenes and keeps them preserved for future generations. This has become one of the most important factors as well as the ability for the photographer to be more mobile using smartphones and smaller cameras with more capacity on them. Innovation as well as the numerous sociocultural impacts that photography as a field has harnessed, has become a popular topic for essay. It is important that when choosing your essay subject that you choose wisely and a topic which you are passionate about so that you can critically evaluate the use of photography in your chosen setting. Some subsections of topics for photography are identified below.

General Photography Topics

Ethical photography in society and culture, photojournalism, technological advances in photography, digital photography, the evolution of photography.

Photography has become a far more progressive topic with many sections to it. It is important that the right mix can be gained in order to engage the audience. Digital technology has advanced to the point that as soon as a photograph is taken it can be seen everywhere. As technology advances, more opportunities will become apparent in the field of photography which will promote the discipline to a higher level. Photography can be a career choice or a hobby. Below are some topics which can be explored.

  • The era of the selfie. How important is the selfie to identity and culture?
  • What factors are important to the individual when identifying photography as a hobby?
  • What improvements can be made to modern photography?
  • What has changed since the conception of the first camera?
  • How has the portrayal of war impacted on modern photography?
  • What is the role of photojournalism in modern society?
  • Can photography fully document the Covid-19 pandemic?

It is important to understand the ethical considerations in the field of photography and how these can impact both negatively or positively on culture and society. The evolution of photography from black and white to colour has been a dynamic process. Development of photographs also has been decreased and photographers can now edit photographs by using digital technology. Here are some topics which are reflective of ethics in society and culture.

  • What role does ethics play in photography today?
  • Can more be done to protect the vulnerable from photographic exploitation? Provide examples.
  • Using editing suites. Can they be called unethical? Discuss.
  • Are personal ethics sufficient for the modern-day photographer?
  • Can photography be too intrusive?
  • How ethical is the process of photography in the age of advance technology and mass surveillance?

As technology advances, photographers are able to fully appreciate the need for autonomy and transparency. However, this may not always be possible, and the story may be worth more than the moral integrity of the photographer. Getting an original photograph is the definition of photojournalism and this is even more vital as the photography can be shared almost as quickly as it is taken. Photojournalism has become the template for getting information as it happens and passing it on to the individual/ media, etc. Originality and speed are key to this profession. Below are some ideas for topics.

  • Can photojournalism clearly portray war more clearly using modern technology?
  • Has mobile technology made photojournalism more productive?
  • What challenges do photojournalists face? Is it realistic to believe everything you see?
  • What are the key differences between photojournalism and the paparazzi?
  • Is modern technology destroying photojournalism?
  • Can photojournalism be used effectively to help raise money for charities?

Technology has advanced with rapid speed which brings more diversity and challenges to the field of photography. There are several factors which can be evaluated here such as how photography has changed, and how this has changed the socio-cultural background. Ethics has also been drawn into this debate and how photography may be used unethically and for numerous reasons. Below are some topics which are related to this.

  • Has the ability to airbrush out imperfections presented challenges to photography?
  • What are the risks to the individual who strive towards their favourite celebrity portrayed through photographs?
  • Does the use of black and white photography capture landscapes clearer than using colour photography?
  • Discuss one era in photography which you believe is important to the development of the field.
  • What are the most important features of a good camera?
  • Has technological advancements in photography helped the development of communication systems and social media?
  • How has technological advancements helped to produce the best photography? Discuss the relevance of angles and approaches.

Photography has rapidly grown with the development of digital technology since its conception in the 1990’s. A computer mediated approach to photography has been developed with the ability to enhance photographs significantly. The replacement of old technologies has been enhanced and improved using digital technology. More advanced methods have been introduced to allow photography to be adopted in the use of information technology. This improvement has made many major developments which can be seen in some of the topics below:

  • The impact on photography methods from the evolution of digital photography.
  • Has the advancement in digital technology in photography transformed how journalists perform and how the news is reported?
  • How effective can photography be as a visual storytelling in conflict situations?
  • The use of digital technology in photographs can present unique situations. Explore this and present examples.

While photography has evolved rapidly over the past decade, it is important to look back to its roots. A vast amount of development has taken place since photography was first created in 1839 and this can lead to interesting topics which can be viewed below:

  • Can photography provide a window into another world?
  • Identify how photography has evolved into its modern-day role?
  • How effective has photography been to detailing historical events? Investigate choosing one important event which was photographed and explain its relevance to the development of photography.
  • How has photography impacted on the political world? Discuss with references.

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Photography Dissertation Topics

Ten examples of immersive photo essays

Camera sitting on a tripod, overlooking a mountain scene

By Marissa Sapega — Contributing Writer

Photo essays are one of the most powerful forms of storytelling in the last century. From the great depression photographer W. Eugene Smith to the photojournalism of National Geographic or Life Magazine , the best photo essays entertain, educate, and move readers more than words alone ever could. 

But photo essays have changed. Over the last decade, web publishing technologies — including web browsers and file formats — have improved by leaps and bounds. A good photo essays today is more than a collection of images. It’s a truly interactive, immersive, and multimedia experiences.

In this guide, we introduce 10 stunning examples of visually arresting interactive photo essays to fuel your creative juices.

Now, let's set the scene with a short introduction to immersive, interactive photo essays on the web.

What do the BBC, Tripadvisor, and Penguin have in common? They craft stunning, interactive web content with Shorthand. And so can you! Publish your first story for free — no code or web design skills required. Sign up now.

The rise of immersive, interactive photo essays

What is an immersive, interactive photo essay? Let's take these terms one at a time. 

An immersive photo essay uses rich media and story design to capture and keep the reader's attention. Immersive content is typically free of the most distracting elements of the web, such as pop-ups, skyscrapers, and other intrusions on the reading experience.

As a basic rule of thumb, immersive content respects the reader's attention. 

An interactive photo essay is one that allows the reader to control how the content appears. It may include interactive elements, like maps and embedded applications.

More commonly, modern interactive photo stories use a technique known as scrollytelling . Scrollytelling stories allow the reader to trigger animations and other visual effects as they scroll. Many of the examples in this guide use scrollytelling techniques. Read more scrollytelling examples .

Until relatively recently, immersive, interactive photo essays could only be created with the help of a designer or web developer. But with the rise of digital storytelling platforms , anyone can create compelling, dynamic stories without writing a single line of code.

If you're looking to learn more about how to create a photo essay — or are looking for more photo essay ideas  — check out our introduction to photo essays . 

Photo essay topics

If you’re looking for photo essay examples, chances are you’re looking to create a photo essay for yourself. If you’re just getting started, you might want some guidance on exactly what kinds of topics make for great photo essays.

More experienced photographers — feel free to skip this section. But for those who are just starting out, here’s a quick list of classic photo essay subject matter, for all types of photo essays.

  • Local events. A great way to start out is photograph local events in your community, such as a high school fundraiser. A bonus is that you’ll have a ready
  • Historic sites. Another classic photo essay topic is an exploration of a historic site. This could be a building, a monument, or even just a specific location that has significance.
  • Profile of a person. A great way to get to know someone is to profile them in a photo essay. This could be a family member, friend, or even just someone you’ve met.
  • Animals in captivity. Another popular subject matter for photo essays is animals in captivity, whether that’s at a zoo or elsewhere.
  • A day in the life. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live someone else’s life for a day? Why not find out and document it in a photo essay?
  • Street photography. Another great way to practice your photography skills is to head out into the streets and photograph the everyday lives of people around you. The world has plenty of photo essays of cities like New York and London. But what about street photography in your own backyard?
  • Still life photography. Still life photography is all about capturing inanimate objects on film. This could be anything from flowers to furniture to food. It’s a great way to practice your photography skills and learn about composition
  • Landscapes . Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres, and for good reason. There are endless possibilities when it comes to finding interesting subjects to shoot. So get out there and start exploring!
  • Abandoned buildings. There’s something fascinating about abandoned buildings. They offer a glimpse into the past, and can be eerily beautiful. If you have any in your area, they make for great photo essay subjects.
  • Lifestyles. Document someone who lives a lifestyle that’s different from your own. This could be a portrayal of an everyday person, or it could be someone with an unusual job or hobby.
  • Social issues. Take photos depicting significant social issues in your community, remembering to respect your subjects.

Ten inspiring photo essay examples

essay topics about photography

Pink lagoon and peculiar galaxies — July’s best science images

essay topics about photography

In Pink lagoon and peculiar galaxies , Nature present a mesmerising series of images from the natural world. Highlights include:

  • a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it photo of rare albino orcas performing feats of synchronized swimming;
  • an arresting aerial view of the aftermath of the flash floods in Germany; and,
  • a scarlet gawping Venus flytrap sea anemone. 

The best part? Nature publishes similarly powerful photo essays every month, showcasing some of the best and most creative photography of the natural world anywhere on the web.

Pink lagoon and peculiar galaxies — July’s best science images

Vanishing Lands

A plain, with a lake and mountains in the distance, from Vanishing lands — an ominously interesting photo essay from media company Stuff

Vanishing lands — an ominously interesting photo essay from media company Stuff — opens with a bucolic visual featuring meandering sheep flanked by breathtaking mountains that blur into obscurity.

Soon, more awe-inspiring photos of breathtaking New Zealand farmland appear, accompanied by expressive prose whose tone matches the visuals’ stark beauty.

In this unflinchingly honest photographic essay, Stuff takes the viewer behind the scenes with a day in the life of a high country sheep farmer facing an uncertain future. One stunning photo fades into the next as you scroll through, broken only by the occasional noteworthy quote and accompanying narrative.

Screenshots from Vanishing lands — an ominously interesting photo essay from media company Stuff

Olympic photos: Emotion runs high

An athlete is a karate uniform lying flat on the ground

This emotionally wrought sports story from NBC begins with a close-up of an anxious Simone Biles, her expression exemplifying the tension and frustration echoed on so many of her fellow athletes’ faces.

The subtitle puts it perfectly: “The agony—and thrill—of competition at the Olympics is written all over their faces.”

Devastation, disappointment, and defeat take centre stage in this piece — but not all the subjects of the photos in this compelling photography essay depict misery. Some of the images, like that taken of the gold medal-winning Russian artistic gymnasts, manage to project the athletes’ joy almost beyond the edges of the screen.

The NBC editors who created this visual story chose to display the series of photos using the entire screen width and limit the copy to simple captions, letting the visuals speak for themselves. The result is a riveting montage of photographs that manage to capture the overarching sentiment of the 2020 Olympic Games.

Screenshots from an NBC story on the agony—and thrill—of competition at the Olympics

James Epp: A Twist of the Hand

Photo of a various sculptures in a museum

In A Twist of the Hand , the Museum of Classical Archaeology at the University of Cambridge have produced a gorgeous photo essay. This online art show showcases artist James Epp’s installation, combining photographs of the exhibit with images of museum prints and authentic artefacts.

As you scroll down, close-up shots of the installation make you feel like you’re physically wandering among the ancient sculptures, able to examine hairline spider cracks and tiny divots marking the surface of every antiquated figure. In between the photos—and often flanked by museum prints—are James Epp's musings about what inspired him to create the pieces. It’s an absorbing virtual gallery that will no doubt inspire real life visits to the exhibition.

Screenshots from the University of Cambridge photo essay that showcases artist James Epson’s installation in the Museum of Classical Archaeology

The Café Racer Revolution

A helmeted man standing beside a motorbike

Though it’s a cleverly built piece of interactive content marketing , Honda’s “ Café Racer Revolution ” is also a great photo essay. Alongside information about the latest and greatest motorcycles Honda has to offer, it details the history of the bikers who sought to employ motorcycles (specifically “café racers”) as a way to forge an identity for themselves and project a “statement of individuality.”

Scroll down, and nostalgic black-and-white photos give way to contemporary action shots featuring fully decked-out motorcyclists on various Honda models.

Dynamic photos of bikes rotate them 360 degrees when you mouse over them, and text superimposed over flashy shots rolls smoothly down the screen as you scroll. This photo essay will stir a longing to hit the open road for anyone who has ever dreamed of owning one of Honda’s zippy bikes.

Screenshots from Honda's photo essay, a Café Racer Revolution

Built to keep Black from white

Four children standing against a white wall

In Built to keep Black from white , NBC News and BridgeDetroit have built a stunning narrative photo essay that encapsulates the history of Detroit’s Birwood Wall — a literal dividing line intended to separate neighborhoods inhabited by people of different races. 

The piece begins with a brief history of the concrete barrier. Between paragraphs of text, it weaves in quotes from residents who grew up as the wall was erected and a short video. Animated maps highlighting the affected neighborhoods unspool across the screen as you scroll down, accompanied by brief explanations of what the maps represent.

In the series of photographs that follow, contemporary images transition into decades-old shots of the wall when it was newly constructed. This is followed by images of original real estate documents, resident portraits, and additional animated maps — each considering the issue from different angles.

The piece ends with an interactive display of how Detroit’s racial makeup has changed over the past several decades, from majority white to black, and how the wall has impacted the lives of its residents who lived (and died) within its borders.

Screenshots from NBC's 'Built to keep Black from white,' a stunning narrative photo essay that encapsulates the history of Detroit’s Birwood Wall

The story of Black Lives Matter in sport

A footballer with 'Black Lives Matter' on his shirt.

The BBC pairs illustrations and bold imagery in this photo essay on how athletes participated in the Black Lives Matter movement . At the start, a narrow column of text leads into an iconic image of American football players kneeling during the pre-game national anthem in a solemn protest against police brutality. 

The first excerpt, a summary of Trayvon Martin’s death in 2012, draws you in with piercing prose capped off with photographs that bleed into one another. Every account in the photo essay follows this layout.

Screenshots from a BBC story on the Black Lives Matter movement in sport.

WaterAid Climate Stories

Dozens of boats sitting in a shallow harbour

Climate change affects everyone on the planet, but some people are feeling the effects more than others. WaterAid’s scrollytelling photo essay illuminates the plight of individuals living in areas where extreme weather conditions — caused by climate change — have drastically impacted the water supply and environment, endangering their livelihoods and ability to survive.

This climate change story starts with an engrossing video that provides an up-close and personal look at the devastation that climate change-induced droughts have wreaked on people and the environment. As you scroll down, images of massively depleted bodies of water with superimposed text and quotes unfold before your eyes. It’s an efficient way to drive home the critical message WaterAid wants to convey: climate change is real, and it’s harming real people.

Each extreme weather story focuses on an individual to help viewers empathise and understand that climate change has real, drastic consequences for millions of people worldwide. The piece ends with a call to action to learn more about and financially support WaterAid’s fight to assist people living in the desperate situations depicted in the essay.

Screenshots from WaterAid’s scrollytelling photo essay

28 Days in Afghanistan

A bike, a bus, and car in the thick smoke of Kabul

In this piece, Australian photo-journalist Andrew Quilty tells the story of the four weeks he spent in Afghanistan . He captures daily events ranging from the mundane—like a casual visit to his barber—to jarring. More than one photo documents blood-spattered victims of violence.

Viewers must scroll through the piece to follow Andrew’s daily musings and the striking photos that accompany them. His photo essay is a powerful example of how scrollytelling is transforming the art of long-form journalism .

Australian photo-journalist Andrew Quilty tells the story of the four weeks he spent in Afghanistan

La carrera lunática de Musk y Bezos (Musk and Bezos' lunatic careers)

An illustration of a SpaceX rocket careening away from Earth

Billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are angling to conquer the final frontier: space.

El Periódico captures their story via a whimsically illustrated photo essay, filled with neon line drawings and bold photos of the massive spaceships, the hangars that house them, and footprints on the moon. La carrera lunática de Musk y Bezos describes the battle between the two titans’ space companies (Blue Origin and SpaceX) for the honor of partially funding NASA’s next mission to the moon.

As you scroll down, white and fluorescent yellow words on a black background roll smoothly over images. The team at El Periódico slips in stylistic animations to break up the text—such as rocket ships with shimmering “vapour trails”—then ups the ante with a series of moon images that transition into portraits of the 12 U.S. astronauts who visited the celestial body.

The photo essay ends with the question: “Who will be the next to leave their footprints on the dusty lunar soil?” At the time of publishing, NASA had not yet decided between the two companies. (Spoiler alert: SpaceX won .)

Screenshots from El Periódico's story on the lunatic attempts by tech billionaires to go to space.

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Argumentative Photo Essay Topics

Photography is the art of taking and processing photographs. Photographs can tell stories that are sometimes impossible to describe in words. Photography has become a universal thing as a result of its numerous importance to humans. The advancement in technology has made photography to evolve over the past few centuries. This great evolution of photography sometimes makes photographers engage in profitable argument in order to increase their knowledge about photography. This kind of argument is not limited only to professional photographers, so students of photography should get ready for theirs also. Although students generally enjoy the opportunity to write argumentative essays on photography, the majority of them find it hard to get interesting photography topics for essays. To help students save some precious time, we have listed the best argumentative photo essay topics below. Students should use these topics for their essays. All the argumentative photo essay topic ideas that we listed below are easy enough for students to argue. We strongly believe that students will easily know what to write about all these topics, so students should feel confident to write on them.

  • A Photo Can Be Misleading
  • Body Preparation for Photo Shoot
  • The Dilemma in Photo Journalism
  • Evolution of the Camara
  • Architecture in Photography
  • Evolution of Photography
  • Digital Image Manipulation
  • Photo Enforcement
  • Photojournalist Ethics in the USA
  • Digital Image Alteration
  • Cinema and Anthropology Description
  • Photo Manipulation in Advertising
  • Optimum location for photo-radar
  • Photo Impact Evaluation
  • Harmful Effects of Photoshop
  • Paparazzi: A Unique Photo
  • Photo Identification Legislation
  • Photo-shopped Lies
  • Photo Sales and Copyright Law
  • Physics of Image Processing
  • The Black And White Photo
  • The Photo Booth
  • Photo Reflections
  • Image Depictions on Social Network
  • Personal Reflective on a Photo
  • Protein Imaging
  • Photography During the Civil War
  • The Dichotomy of Photojournalism
  • How Solar Radiation Affects Photography
  • History of the Photo Studios
  • Photo-Activated Localization Microscopy
  • 20th Century Photography vs. 21st-century photography
  • Cameras and Photography
  • The Impact Of Photography On The World Economy
  • Civil War Photography
  • Commercial Food Photography
  • Darkroom vs. Digital Photography
  • Film in a Digital Era
  • Digital vs. Analog Photography
  • Evolution of Digital Photography
  • The Impact Of Photography On Education
  • The Impact Of Photography On Media
  • History of Photography
  • Architectural Decay Photography
  • Consumer Market Photography
  • How Photography A Common Art
  • Styles Of Taking A Photograph
  • Photographic Picture Making
  • The Art Of Timelapse Photography
  • The ideology of the Photographs
  • Implication of Photography
  • Lifestyle Of An Average Photographer
  • Photography in Flux
  • Influence of Photography on Reality
  • Type of Photography
  • Special Techniques Of Macro Photography
  • Photographic History
  • Photography Is A Matter Of Life
  • Photography Of The Modern World
  • Progression of Photography
  • The Sub Sections Of Photography
  • Photography Is An Art
  • Photography Reflects The Beauty Of Nature
  • Photography Is The Primary Source Of Communication
  • Photography Of The Great Gatsby
  • How Photography Is Changing The World
  • The Nature Of Photography
  • The Everyday Uses Of Photography
  • The Representation Of Photography
  • Career Opportunities In Photography
  • The Rise of Photography
  • The Importance Of Retouching Photographs
  • Photography As A Creative Form Of Expression
  • The Effects Of Photography on the World
  • Darkness in Photography
  • The Future Of Photography
  • The Birth of Photography
  • Time-Lapse Photography
  • The Purpose Of Photography
  • The Essence Of Light In Photography
  • Mechanics of Timelapse Photography
  • The Disadvantages Of Digital Photography
  • Did Eastman Kodak Company Really Influence Photography?
  • Fashion Photography vs. Glamour Photography
  • Photography During The Industrial Revolution
  • How Advancement In Technology Has Shaped The Art Of Photography
  • Photography in the World of Technology
  • Modern Techniques for Photography
  • The Contribution Of Technology To Photography
  • Photography As A Tool For War Propaganda
  • Photography- The Path to Art
  • The Essence Of Photojournalism
  • The Advantages Of Photography Journalism
  • The Photographer’s Eye
  • Features of a Great Camera
  • Should Analog Photography Go Into Extinction?
  • Skateboarding Photography
  • The Film Industries Today
  • The Practice of Photography
  • Timeline of Photography
  • Two Antique Photographic Processes
  • Is Photoshop Ruining Photography In Some Ways?
  • The Benefits Of Photography
  • Why Photography Is Necessary For Journalism
  • Can Photography Change The Way People Perceive Their Environment?
  • The Development of Photography
  • The Power Of Photography
  • The Elements Of Photography
  • The Importance of Photography
  • Context in Photography
  • The Invention Of Photography
  • Modern Day Photography
  • The Challenges Of Photography

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23 Photo Essay Ideas and Examples (to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!)

A Post By: Kevin Landwer-Johan

Ideas for compelling photo essays

Looking for inspiration? Our 23 photo essay ideas will take your photography skills to new heights!

A single, strong photograph can convey a lot of information about its subject – but sometimes we have topics that require more than one image to do the job. That’s when it’s time to make a photo essay: a collection of pictures that together tell the bigger story around a chosen theme.

In the following sections, we’ll explore various photo essay ideas and examples that cover a wide range of subjects and purposes. From capturing the growth of your children to documenting local festivals, each idea offers an exciting opportunity to tell a story through your lens, whether you’re a hobbyist or a veteran professional.

So grab your camera, unleash your creativity, and let’s delve into the wonderful world of photo essay examples!

What is a photo essay?

Simply put, a photo essay is a series of carefully selected images woven together to tell a story or convey a message. Think of it as a visual narrative that designed to capture attention and spark emotions.

Karen woman portrait

Now, these images can revolve around a broad theme or focus on a specific storyline. For instance, you might create a photo essay celebrating the joy of companionship by capturing 10 heartwarming pictures of people sharing genuine laughter. On the other hand, you could have a photo essay delving into the everyday lives of fishermen in Wales by following a single fisherman’s journey for a day or even a week.

It’s important to note that photo essays don’t necessarily have to stick to absolute truth. While some documentary photographers prefer to keep it authentic, others may employ techniques like manipulation or staging to create a more artistic impact. So there is room for creativity and interpretation.

Why you should create a photo essay

Photo essays have a way of expressing ideas and stories that words sometimes struggle to capture. They offer a visual narrative that can be incredibly powerful and impactful.

Firstly, photo essays are perfect when you have an idea or a point you want to convey, but you find yourself at a loss for words. Sometimes, emotions and concepts are better conveyed through images rather than paragraphs. So if you’re struggling to articulate a message, you can let your photos do the talking for you.

Second, if you’re interested in subjects that are highly visual, like the mesmerizing forms of architecture within a single city, photo essays are the way to go. Trying to describe the intricate details of a building or the play of light and shadows with words alone can be challenging. But through a series of captivating images, you can immerse your audience in the architecture.

And finally, if you’re aiming to evoke emotions or make a powerful statement, photo essays are outstanding. Images have an incredible ability to shock, inspire, and move people in ways that words often struggle to achieve. So if you want to raise awareness about an environmental issue or ignite a sense of empathy, a compelling series of photographs can have a profound impact.

Photo essay examples and ideas

Looking to create a photo essay but don’t know where to start? Here are some handy essay ideas and examples for inspiration!

1. A day in the life

Your first photo essay idea is simple: Track a life over the course of one day. You might make an essay about someone else’s life. Or the life of a location, such as the sidewalk outside your house. 

The subject matter you choose is up to you. But start in the morning and create a series of images showing your subject over the course of a typical day.

(Alternatively, you can document your subject on a special day, like a birthday, a wedding, or some other celebration.)

woman with a backpack getting on a train photo essay ideas

2. Capture hands

Portraits focus on a subject’s face – but why not mix it up and make a photo essay that focuses on your subject’s hands?

(You can also focus on a collection of different people’s hands.)

Hands can tell you a lot about a person. And showing them in context is a great way to narrate a story.

people on a train

3. Follow a sports team for a full season

Sports are all about emotions – both from the passionate players and the dedicated fans. While capturing the intensity of a single game can be exhilarating, imagine the power of telling the complete story of a team throughout an entire season.

For the best results, you’ll need to invest substantial time in sports photography. Choose a team that resonates with you and ensure their games are within a drivable distance. By photographing their highs and lows, celebrations and challenges, you’ll create a compelling photo essay that traces their journey from the first game to the last.

4. A child and their parent

Photographs that catch the interaction between parents and children are special. A parent-child connection is strong and unique, so making powerful images isn’t challenging. You just need to be ready to capture the special moments as they happen. 

You might concentrate on a parent teaching their child. Or the pair playing sports. Or working on a special project.

Use your imagination, and you’ll have a great time with this theme.

5. Tell a local artist’s story 

I’ve always enjoyed photographing artists as they work; studios have a creative vibe, so the energy is already there. Bring your camera into this environment and try to tell the artist’s story!

An artist’s studio offers plenty of opportunities for wonderful photo essays. Think about the most fascinating aspects of the artist’s process. What do they do that makes their art special? Aim to show this in your photos.

Many people appreciate fine art, but they’re often not aware of what happens behind the scenes. So documenting an artist can produce fascinating visual stories.

artist at work with copper

6. Show a tradesperson’s process

Do you have a plumber coming over to fix your kitchen sink? Is a builder making you a new deck?

Take photos while they work! Tell them what you want to do before you start, and don’t forget to share your photos with them.

They’ll probably appreciate seeing what they do from another perspective. They may even want to use your photos on their company website.

hot iron in crucible

7. Photograph your kids as they grow

There’s something incredibly special about documenting the growth of our little ones. Kids grow up so quickly – before you know it, they’re moving out. Why not capture the beautiful moments along the way by creating a heartwarming photo essay that showcases their growth?

There are various approaches you can take, but one idea is to capture regular photos of your kids standing in front of a distinct point of reference, such as the refrigerator. Over a year or several years, you can gather these images and place them side by side to witness your childrens’ incredible transformations.

8. Cover a local community event

A school fundraiser, a tree-planting day at a park, or a parade; these are are all community events that make for good photo essay ideas.

Think like a photojournalist . What type of images would your editor want? Make sure to capture some wide-angle compositions , some medium shots, and some close-ups.

(Getting in close to show the details can often tell as much of a story as the wider pictures.)

9. Show fresh market life

Markets are great for photography because there’s always plenty of activity and lots of characters. Think of how you can best illustrate the flow of life at the market. What are the vendors doing that’s most interesting? What are the habits of the shoppers?

Look to capture the essence of the place. Try to portray the people who work and shop there.

woman at the fresh market

10. Shoot the same location over time

What location do you visit regularly? Is there a way you can make an interesting photo essay about it?

Consider what you find most attractive and ugly about the place. Look for aspects that change over time. 

Any outdoor location will look different throughout the day. Also think about the changes that occur from season to season. Create an essay that tells the story of the place.

11. Document a local festival

Festivals infuse cities and towns with vibrant energy and unique cultural experiences. Even if your own town doesn’t have notable festivals, chances are a neighboring town does. Explore the magic of these celebrations by documenting a local festival through your lens.

Immerse yourself in the festivities, arriving early and staying late. Capture the colorful displays and the people who make the festival come alive. If the festival spans multiple days, consider focusing on different areas each time you visit to create a diverse and comprehensive photo essay that truly reflects the essence of the event.

12. Photograph a garden through the seasons

It might be your own garden . It could be the neighbor’s. It could even be the garden at your local park.

Think about how the plants change during the course of a year. Capture photos of the most significant visual differences, then present them as a photo essay.

lotus flower

13. Show your local town or city

After spending several years in a particular area, you likely possess an intimate knowledge of your local town or city. Why not utilize that familiarity to create a captivating photo essay that showcases the essence of your community?

Delve into what makes your town special, whether it’s the charming streets, unique landmarks, or the people who shape its character. Dedicate time to capturing the diverse aspects that define your locale. If you’re up for a more extensive project, consider photographing the town over the course of an entire year, capturing the changing seasons and the dynamic spirit of your community.

14. Pick a local cause to highlight

Photo essays can go beyond passive documentation; they can become a part of your activism, too!

So find a cause that matters to you. Tell the story of some aspect of community life that needs improvement. Is there an ongoing issue with litter in your area? How about traffic; is there a problematic intersection?

Document these issues, then make sure to show the photos to people responsible for taking action.

15. Making a meal

Photo essay ideas can be about simple, everyday things – like making a meal or a coffee.

How can you creatively illustrate something that seems so mundane? My guess is that, when you put your mind to it, you can come up with many unique perspectives, all of which will make great stories.

plate of Thai curry photo essay ideas

16. Capture the life of a flower

In our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to overlook the beauty that surrounds us. Flowers, with their mesmerizing colors and rapid life cycles, offer a captivating subject for a photo essay. Try to slow down and appreciate the intricate details of a flower’s existence.

With a macro lens in hand, document a single flower or a patch of flowers from their initial shoots to their inevitable wilting and decomposition. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to bring viewers into the enchanting world of the flower. By freezing these fleeting moments, you’ll create a visual narrative that celebrates the cycle of life and the exquisite beauty found in nature’s delicate creations.

17. Religious traditions

Religion is often rich with visual expression in one form or another. So capture it!

Of course, you may need to narrow down your ideas and choose a specific aspect of worship to photograph. Aim to show what people do when they visit a holy place, or how they pray on their own. Illustrate what makes their faith real and what’s special about it.

photo essay idea monks walking

18. Historic sites

Historic sites are often iconic, and plenty of photographers take a snapshot or two.

But with a photo essay, you can illustrate the site’s history in greater depth.

Look for details of the location that many visitors miss. And use these to build an interesting story.

19. Show the construction of a building

Ever been away from a familiar place for a while only to return and find that things have changed? It happens all the time, especially in areas undergoing constant development. So why not grab your camera and document this transformation?

Here’s the idea: Find a building that’s currently under construction in your area. It could be a towering skyscraper, a modern office complex, or even a small-scale residential project. Whatever catches your eye! Then let the magic of photography unfold.

Make it a habit to take a photo every day or two. Watch as the building gradually takes shape and evolves. Capture the construction workers in action, the cranes reaching for the sky, and the scaffolding supporting the structure.

Once the building is complete, you’ll have a treasure trove of images that chronicle its construction from start to finish!

20. Document the changing skyline of the city

This photo essay example is like the previous one, except it works on a much larger scale. Instead of photographing a single building as it’s built, find a nice vantage point outside your nearest city, then photograph the changing skyline.

To create a remarkable photo essay showcasing the changing skyline, you’ll need to scout out the perfect vantage point. Seek high ground that offers a commanding view of the city, allowing you to frame the skyline against the horizon. Look for spots that give you an unobstructed perspective, whether a rooftop terrace, a hillside park, or even a nearby bridge.

As you set out on your photography expedition, be patient and observant. Cities don’t transform overnight; they change gradually over time. Embrace the passage of days, weeks, and months as you witness the slow evolution unfold.

Pro tip: To capture the essence of this transformation, experiment with various photographic techniques. Play with different angles, framing, and compositions to convey the grandeur and dynamism of the changing skyline. Plus, try shooting during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset , when the soft light bathes the city in a warm glow and accentuates the architectural details.

21. Photograph your pet

If you’re a pet owner, you already have the perfect subject for a photo essay!

All pets , with the possible exception of pet rocks, will provide you with a collection of interesting moments to photograph.

So collect these moments with your camera – then display them as a photo essay showing the nature and character of your pet.

Woman and elephant

22. Tell the story of a local nature preserve

Ah, the wonders of a local nature preserve! While it may not boast the grandeur of Yosemite National Park, these hidden gems hold their own beauty, just waiting to be discovered and captured through the lens of your camera.

To embark on this type of photo essay adventure, start by exploring all the nooks and crannies of your chosen nature preserve. Wander along its winding trails, keeping an eye out for unique and captivating subjects that convey the essence of the preserve.

As you go along, try to photograph the intricate details of delicate wildflowers, the interplay of light filtering through a dense forest canopy, and the lively activities of birds and other wildlife.

23. Show the same subject from multiple perspectives

It’s possible to create an entire photo essay in a single afternoon – or even in a handful of minutes. If you don’t love the idea of dedicating yourself to days of photographing for a single essay, this is a great option.

Simply find a subject you like, then endeavor to capture 10 unique images that include it. I’d recommend photographing from different angles: up above, down low, from the right and left. You can also try getting experimental with creative techniques, such as intentional camera movement and freelensing. If all goes well, you’ll have a very cool set of images featuring one of your favorite subjects!

By showcasing the same subject from multiple perspectives, you invite viewers on a visual journey. They get to see different facets, textures, and details that they might have overlooked in a single photograph. It adds depth and richness to your photo essay, making it both immersive and dynamic.

Photo essay ideas: final words

Remember: Photo essays are all about communicating a concept or a story through images rather than words. So embrace the process and use images to express yourself!

Whether you choose to follow a sports team through a thrilling season, document the growth of your little ones, or explore the hidden treasures of your local town, each photo essay has its own magic waiting to be unlocked. It’s a chance to explore your creativity and create images in your own style.

So look at the world around you. Grab your gear and venture out into the wild. Embrace the beauty of nature, the energy of a bustling city, or the quiet moments that make life special. Consider what you see every day. What aspects interest you the most? Photograph those things.

You’re bound to end up with some amazing photo essays!

Now over to you:

Do you have any photo essay examples you’re proud of? Do you have any more photo essay ideas? Share your thoughts and images in the comments below!

23 Photo Essay Ideas and Examples (to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!)

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Kevin Landwer-Johan

Kevin Landwer-Johan is a photographer, photography teacher, and author with over 30 years of experience that he loves to share with others.

Check out his website and his Buy Me a Coffee page .

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90 Good Photography Essay Topics To Assist You

Table of Contents

Do you struggle to choose a subject for your Photography essay? If so, you will find this blog post to be a huge assistance. Here, we have provided excellent Photography essay topics and ideas on numerous issues for your convenience. In addition, we have covered how to choose a solid subject and write an effective piece that will get you high marks. To learn more about how to write a Photography essay, keep reading this site.

List of Photography Essay Topics For You

Photography as a career.

It is crucial to be aware that there are several variances in the world of photography; for instance, self-employment and commercial photography are simply a few of the effective means of supporting oneself […]

Evolution of Photography: Trying to Seize the Moment

Helmut Gernsheim transports the reader back in time while describing the history of photography and the potential it presents in his book A Concise History of Photography.

The Exhibit Twilight Visions at the International Centre of Photography

For certain supporters of the Dadaist and Surrealist movements, photography served as an almost wonderfully handy vehicle after World War I.

Social Uses of Photography: Post-Mortem Photographs

In the 18th century, Louis Daguerre created the art of photography, giving members of middle-class families the chance to preserve memories of people and events rather than just […]

Photographer – Robert Frank

Rodeo, a photograph shot in 1954 in New York City, serves as proof for this point since it is impossible to tell who is the man resting on the trash can from his face, yet because Robert’s photographs, […]

Photography: Jimmy Nelson’s Piece of Art

Nelson claims that the Maasai are one of the few tribes in the world that are rapidly disappearing as a result of civilisation and the growing need for a global society.

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Gordon Parks, an American Photographer

Parks was compelled to relocate to Minneapolis after the passing of his mother in 1926. There, he scraped a livelihood by doing a variety of odd jobs, including that of a […]

Concept of Documentary Photography

The goal of composition in this instance is to highlight differences among the many components of a work that is being depicted such that the components of the work that […]

Photography Art in 20th Century

This in turn reflected the fact that the Theory of Relativity’s appearance during the first half of the 20th century led to a major revision of the classical physics standards.

Photographer Jeff Wall and His Paintings

The dishes and a number of other items in the room are visibly ignored, indicating that the space is in a state of chaos.

Exhibitions at the International Center of Photography

By concentrating on Chim’s images, one may experience what it was like to live in European society during the 1930s and 1950s.

Critique of a Photographer, Tom Williams

The key point is that Tom Williams’ paintings may be found in both public and private collections, which is why his fame is growing steadily, and it is fairly […]

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The Art of Photography: Seizing the Moment Flying

Due to the new concepts of the gender gap and the gender biases that the bravest photographers ventured to record, the vividness of the gender preconceptions that the art of photography revealed was amazing.

Impacts of Photography on Advertising

The purpose of this article is to explore this subject by tracing the evolution of photography in advertising, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of photography in advertising, and discussing both.

Surrealism in Photography

One of the most significant revolutions in photographic history—the surrealist movement, which emerged after World War I—can be traced back to this period.

“Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” by Elliot Smedley

In contrast to the ideal styles that had previously dominated art and photography, Elliot Smedley’s “Escaping to Reality: Fashion Photography in the 1990s” examines how modern fashion photography is embracing realistic styles by employing actual activities.

The development of lithography and photography in the nineteenth century

Because of this, the majority of artists at the time saw the development of the reproduction techniques of lithography and photography as a gold mine. To what extent lithography and photography produced a […]

Critical analysis of Barthes’s Camera Lucida-Reflections on Photography

In the dream of “what is,” where the depiction of “what was” is so precise, he claimed, a picture has the ability to generate deceit.

History of Photography Culture

The growth of photography was therefore strongly tied to the industrial revolution, the scientific revolution, and the advancement of philosophy because of the legitimacy, dependability, and realism of photography.

Mads Nissen, a Danish Documentary Photographer

He has contributed to raising awareness of the struggles faced by marginalised groups in society and promoting human rights for everyone.

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Interesting Photography Essay Topics To Get An A+ Grade

  • Weegee and Goldin’s Photography
  • The Impact of Nineteenth Century Photography on Visual Representation and the Development of Visual Culture
  • Eastman Kodak and Photographic Film Industry Major Changes
  • Photography’s Impact on Society
  • Jack Dykinga’s Outdoor Photography
  • The Description of Nature in Jack Dykinga’ Photographs
  • Photography of High-End Art
  • A Comparison of Photographic Approaches Towards American Culture
  • Photographic Approaches Towards Landscapes: Peter Henry Emerson
  • Araki Nobuyoshi and Photography
  • Privacy and Photography in Public Places
  • Photography and Beauty Perception
  • Surrealist Photography and Experimental Photography
  • Reflection of Photographic Arts
  • Photographic Approaches for Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Ann Parker
  • The Photographic Approaches Towards American Culture of Robert Frank and Gary Winogrand
  • Melancholy Objects in Photography
  • Photography: Finding Beauty in the Ordinary
  • Photograph Discussion: Physical Elements and Content
  • The Photography of the Arctic Ice Panoramic View

Outstanding Photography Essay Topics

  • The Pool’ Pictures Balance in Photography
  • Photography in Arabic Countries
  • Photographic Representation of War
  • Technologies: Amateur Film vs Cell Phone Photography
  • Lewis Hine’s Photography Art
  • Photography as a Mass Medium
  • Andy Goldsworthy: Sculptor and Photographer
  • The Basic Critical Theory for Photography
  • Melbourne’ Keith Gallery: Photography Analysis
  • The Photography Gallery in Melbourne

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Photography Essay Topics For You

  • Photography: the Art of Seeing
  • Fascination With Crime Through the Art of Photography
  • The History of War Photography
  • “Film und Foto” Exhibition and Surrealism in Photography
  • Perspectives on Photography
  • Photographs in a Written Society
  • Modern Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Photography
  • Michael Lesy’s Wisconsin Death Trip: Photograph Analysis
  • Photography and Its History
  • Photography and Society Through History: Political and Ideological Functions
  • Hine’s Indianapolis and Kruger’s Help! Photography
  • Social Documentary Photography Then and Now
  • Child Labor, Great Depression and World War II in Photographs
  • Steve McCurry’s Photographs
  • Photography Company’s Public Relations Campaign
  • The Photograph Description and Criticism
  • The “We Are All Equal” Photography by Haley Bell
  • Photography Ethics, Reliability, and Principles
  • Pathos, Ethos, and Logos in Photography
  • Timothy Hogan’s Photography

Top-Notch Photography Essay Topics We Can Assist With

  • Anthony Suau’s “Memorial Day”: A Photographic Analysis
  • Photographic Series by Hector Mediavilla, “The Congolese Sape”
  • Photography by Richard Drew: Imagining September 11
  • A Photographer’s Work is Criticised: Thomas Abbott
  • Taking Pictures: A Cultural History
  • Photography is a hobby of mine
  • Is It Possible to Capture the Past Through Photography?
  • Pictures of the Natural World and Animals
  • Photography by Andreas Gursky, “The Rhine II”
  • “Laci and Lucia” photography by Moholy Nagy
  • A Distinct Camera Vision in Jacques-Henri Lartigue’s Photograph
  • Photography Changes Who We Think We Might Be
  • “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” the Photography by Roger Fenton
  • Robinson, Emerson, and Photography as an Art
  • Photographs and Danto`s View on Art
  • Philosophy of Photography as an Art
  • “Preferences for Photographic Art Among Hospitalized Patients With Cancer” by Hanson ET Al.
  • Photography & Folk Art: America in the 1930s Exhibition
  • Edward Weston’s Modernist Photographs
  • Imogen Cunningham, an American Female Photographer\

If you are here, it’s possible that this blog has piqued your curiosity and given you ideas for articles. If you still don’t have your subjects, though, think about calling our assignment writing help professionals, who could be able to advise you on the matter. Additionally, you may ask our specialists to adjust topics at your desire. You can also speak with your professor, who can make suggestions based on your knowledge and ability level.

Photography Essay Topics

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Essays About Photography: Top 5 Examples Plus Prompts

Discover the joy of photography by reading our guide on how to write essays about photography, including top essay examples and writing prompts. 

It is truly remarkable what pictures can tell you about the time they were taken and their subjects. For example, a well-taken photograph can expose the horrors of conflict in a war-torn country or the pain endured by victims of racial persecution. At the same time, it can also evoke a mother’s joy after seeing her newborn baby for the first time. Photography is crucial to preserving precious moments that deserve to be remembered.

Photography can be considered a form of art. So much intent is put into a picture’s composition, subject, angle, and lighting. There is a lot of talent, thought, and hard work that goes into photography to produce such thought-provoking images, 

If you are writing essays about photography, you can start by reading some examples. 


5 Essay Examples To Inspire You

1. why photography is a great hobby by lillie lane, 2. the importance of photography by emily holty, 3. why i love photography by bob locher.

  • 4.  The Shocking History Of Death Photography by Yewande Ade
  • 5. ​​Fashion photography by Sara Page

5 Helpful Prompts On Essays About Photography

1. what is your favorite thing to photograph, 2. why is photography so important, 3. should photography be considered an art form, 4. different types of photography, 5. interpretations of photographs.

“Be imaginative when writing your shots. Photography is about the impact of your chances. The odds are good that nobody will care to check over your picture When it is an item in a background. Discover how to produce a fantastic photograph, and take these skills and use them.”

Lane gives readers tips on taking better photos in this essay. These include keeping balance, choosing a subject widely, investing in certain pieces of equipment, and using the appropriate settings for taking pictures. She stresses that photos must appear as natural as possible, and following her advice may help people to get good pictures. 

“No matter where you go photography plays into your life somehow. We don’t realize how big of an impact photography truly has on us until we see the details of our life hidden in a photograph. When you flip through your photo album and start looking for those details you suddenly realize you are truly blessed. A photograph keeps a moment frozen in time so we have it forever. Something like joy becomes clearer as we look deeper into the photograph.”

Holty does an excellent job of describing what makes photography so appealing to many people. You can take a picture of anything you want if you want to remember it, and photos help us look at the intricacies and details of what we see around us every day. Photography also helps us keep memories in our heads and hearts as time passes by, and most of all, it allows us to document the greatness of our world. It is ever-present in our lives, and we will keep taking photos the more adventures we have. 

“Every day in normal circumstances people take thousands of pictures of the Grand Canyon. It takes very little thought to realize that few if any of these pictures will be in any way noteworthy above pictures already taken. But that said, they are OUR pictures, our personal affirmation of the wonderful scene stretched out below us, and that gives them a special validity for us.”

Locher reflects on the role photography played in his life and why he enjoys it so much, partly due to his spirituality. He previously worked in the photographic equipment business and rekindled his love for photography in his 60s. Photography, to him, is a way of affirming and acknowledging God’s creations around him and appreciating the natural world. He also briefly discusses the importance of equipment and post-editing; however, no photo is perfect. 

4.   The Shocking History Of Death Photography by Yewande Ade

“In fact, it was easier for the photographer if the dead person was in a sleeping position because there would be no need to put him or her in an appropriate position or prop the eyes open. The restful pose gave some families comfort because it made them believe that their loved one(s) had passed on happily and to a more peaceful realm. It gave the semblance of death as a painless act like sleep.”

An interesting phenomenon in the history of the camera is post-mortem photography, in which deceased people, usually children, were posed and made to look “alive,” to an extent, so their loved ones could remember them. This was done as a way of mourning; the subjects were made to look as if they were merely asleep to give their loved ones comfort that they had passed on peacefully and happily. Eventually, a reduction in the death rate led to the end of this practice. 

5. ​​ Fashion photography by Sara Page

“Modern fashion photography differs because photographers aim to be extraordinary with their work, they know that extra ordinary will interest the audience much more It is extremely evident that fashion photography has changed and developed throughout the years, however there is not just reason. It is clear that fashion photography has changed and developed because of advancements in technology, change in attitudes and the introduction of celebrities.”

Page’s essay focuses on the history of fashion photography and some techniques used in practice. It dated back to 1911 and astonished the public with glamorous photos of people wearing perfectly-styled outfits. As the years have gone on, photographers have taken the lighting of the photos more into account, as well as their settings. In addition, editing software such as Photoshop has allowed even better photos to be produced. Fashion photography has only become more extravagant with the current social culture. 

In your essay, write about your favorite subject when you take pictures- is it people, landscapes, objects, or something else? Explain why, give examples, and perhaps elaborate on your camera settings or the lighting you look for when taking photos.  

Photography is an important invention that has helped us immensely throughout the years- how exactly? Explain why photography rivals painting and why it is essential. Then, write about its importance to you, the entire world, and humanity. 

Some say photography pales compared to the intricacies of music, painting, sculpture, and even cinema and should not be considered a form of art. For an interesting argumentative essay, determine whether photography is genuine art or not and defend your position. Explore both sides of the topic and give a strong rebuttal against the opposing viewpoint. 

Essays about photography: Different types of photography

From street photography to food photography to portraiture, many different types of photography are classified according to the subject being captured. Write about at least three types of photography that interest you and what they entail. You may also discuss some similarities between them if any. Check out our list of the top CreativeLive photography courses .

Like other works of art, a photograph can be interpreted differently. Choose a photo you find exciting and describe how you feel about it. What is being portrayed? What emotions are being evoked? What did the photographer want to show here? Reflect on your chosen work and perhaps connect it with your personal life. 

For help with your essays, check out our round-up of the best essay checkers . If you are interested in learning more, check out our essay writing tips !

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Top 100 Argumentative Photo Essay Topics

Dec 13, 2021 | 0 comments

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Dec 13, 2021 | Topics | 0 comments

The skill of taking and processing images is known as photography. Photographs can convey messages that are difficult to express in words. Because of its various benefits to humanity, photography has become a universal phenomenon. Over the years, photography has evolved due to technological advancements. Because of the rapid progress of photography, photographers sometimes draw into profitable debates to expand their understanding of the medium. This type of argument doesn’t confine to professional photographers; therefore, photography students should prepare for theirs. While most students love the opportunity to write argumentative essays about photography, their bulk struggles to come up with engaging photography essay topics . We’ve compiled a list of the best argumentative photo essay themes to assist students in saving time. Students should use these essay ideas. All of the topics for argumentative photo essays that we’ve chosen below are simple enough for pupils to develop their arguments. We are sure that students will quickly know what to write about all of these themes, and they should feel free to do so. 1. Photojournalist Ethics in the USA 2. Optimum location for photo-radar 3. Protein Imaging 4. The Sub Sections Of Photography 5. Photographic Picture Making 6. Photography- The Path to Art 7. Influence of Photography on Reality 8. Architecture in Photography 9. How Photography Is Changing The World 10. Progression of Photography 11. Why Photography Is Necessary For Journalism 12. Fashion Photography vs. Glamour Photography 13. Should Analog Photography Go Into Extinction? 14. Commercial Food Photography 15. Time-Lapse Photography 16. Type of Photography 17. Skateboarding Photography 18. Photography Is An Art 19. Cameras and Photography 20. The Importance Of Retouching Photographs 21. Timeline of Photography 22. Photography Is The Primary Source Of Communication 23. Consumer Market Photography 24. The Dilemma in Photo Journalism 25. The Film Industries Today 26. The Practice of Photography 27. The Art Of Timelapse Photography 28. The Birth of Photography 29. Photography As A Creative Form Of Expression 30. Photography in the World of Technology 31. Photo Identification Legislation 32. Modern Techniques for Photography 33. Evolution of the Camara 34. Photography During The Industrial Revolution 35. Photography Of The Modern World 36. A Photo Can Be Misleading 37. Career Opportunities In Photography 38. Photo-shopped Lies 39. Photo Impact Evaluation 40. The Importance of Photography 41. Photo-Activated Localization Microscopy 42. The Nature Of Photography 43. Physics of Image Processing 44. Mechanics of Timelapse Photography 45. The Future Of Photography 46. History of Photography 47. The Representation Of Photography 48. The Impact Of Photography On Media 49. Photography in Flux 50. The Black And White Photo 51. Paparazzi: A Unique Photo 52. Photographic History 53. The Benefits Of Photography 54. Evolution of Digital Photography 55. The Photographer’s Eye 56. Digital vs. Analog Photography 57. History of the Photo Studios 58. Photo Manipulation in Advertising 59. The Disadvantages Of Digital Photography 60. 20th Century Photography vs. 21st-century photography 61. The Dichotomy of Photojournalism 62. Is Photoshop Ruining Photography In Some Ways? 63. The Development of Photography 64. Civil War Photography 65. Digital Image Alteration 66. Film in a Digital Era 67. Harmful Effects of Photoshop 68. Photography Is A Matter Of Life 69. Photography As A Tool For War Propaganda 70. The Contribution Of Technology To Photography 71. Architectural Decay Photography 72. Photography Reflects The Beauty Of Nature 73. How Advancement In Technology Has Shaped The Art Of Photography 74. Features of a Great Camera 75. The Effects Of Photography on the World 76. The Impact Of Photography On Education 77. Special Techniques Of Macro Photography 78. The Elements Of Photography 79. Photo Enforcement 80. Body Preparation for Photo Shoot 81. The Impact Of Photography On The World Economy 82. The Purpose Of Photography 83. Styles Of Taking A Photograph 84. The Power Of Photography 85. Evolution of Photography 86. Digital Image Manipulation 87. The Essence Of Light In Photography 88. Modern Day Photography 89. Implication of Photography 90. How Photography A Common Art 91. The Advantages Of Photography Journalism 92. Darkroom vs. Digital Photography 93. Two Antique Photographic Processes 94. Photography During the Civil War 95. Did Eastman Kodak Company Really Influence Photography? 96. Cinema and Anthropology Description 97. The ideology of the Photographs 98. The Invention Of Photography 99. The Essence Of Photojournalism 100. Photo Sales and Copyright Law 101. The Everyday Uses Of Photography 102. How Solar Radiation Affects Photography 103. Photography Of The Great Gatsby 104. The Rise of Photography 105. Can Photography Change The Way People Perceive Their Environment? 106. Context in Photography 107. Lifestyle Of An Average Photographer 108. The Photo Booth 109. Photo Reflections 110. Personal Reflective on a Photo 111. Image Depictions on Social Network 112. Darkness in Photography 113. The Challenges Of Photography This article provides a list of topics that you can write about in an argument photo essay. It is useful for students who need to write an argumentative paper on any topic, but the specific field they are interested in is photography. Conclusion paragraph: We hope you’ve found this article to be an informative and entertaining read. If not, we invite you to visit one of the many other topics on our blog for more great content like this! To end with a bang, here are some argumentative photo essay ideas that may inspire your next project: What is the best way to get rid of litter? Should people take selfies in public or private spaces? Does it matter if someone takes their clothes off at work? Is there anything wrong with taking pictures of children without permission? Tell us what topic interests you most below!

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Evolution of Photography and Its Impact on History

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