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  • Free Will and Determinism According to William James and Jean-Paul Sartre What is important to note at this point is that both philosophers rejected the notions of free will and determinism albeit in varying levels and for different reasons.
  • Free Will: Towards Hume’s Compatibilist Approach According to Williams, libertarians are of the view that free will is rationally incompatible with the concept of determinism, and that a deterministic world may be rationally impossible or false.
  • Faith or Free Will Used in the Movie – Minority Report and the Drama – Antigone In life, people have the freewill to choose what they want; however, in some cases, faith and fate takes the center stage despite the choices made through freewill.
  • The Issue of the Free Will On the one hand, the opponents of the hard determinism state that free will exists and people do not base their own decisions on anything, however, it is possible to say that the decision was […]
  • What is the difference between compatibilsm and incompatibilist in relation to free will The no choice statement provides that if a person lacks choice in relation to p, and also lacks choice in relation to whether if p, then q, then there is no choice in relation to […]
  • Free Will of a Heroin Addict This paper seeks to present the case of a heroin addict who makes herself and the other people surrounding her suffer evaluating whether she is the one to be fully responsible for her actions or […]
  • Do Humans Have Free Will? However, he takes the view that some humans are not guided only by laws to act and they are not able to exercise their own free will.
  • Free Will Does Not Exist It cannot be imagined how the society would be is there was no thought in the minds of the people about the existence of God who oversees the actions of deeds of people in the […]
  • Ethical Issue of Free Will in Business In this paper, we shall discuss and understand the importance of free will in the sphere of business. According to some people, social reforms are the duty of politicians and not the business community.
  • Nielsen’s Free Will and Determinism: An Analysis and Critique Despite the proof that Nielsen provides for the fact that determinism and freedom can actually coexist and, moreover, complement each other, Nielsen makes it clear that the existence of moral luck defines the boundaries of […]
  • Ontology, Free Will, Fate and Determinism On the other hand, fate is simply the predetermined course of the events or the predetermined future. It is pragmatic that people should not believe in the cause and effect.
  • Free Will and Fate in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King Drama Even though the role of fate and prophecy is significant in influencing the life of Oedipus, the king’s destiny can be discussed as a direct result of his actions, choices, and decisions.
  • Predestination vs. Free Will The protagonists of free will acknowledge that God is always aware of the choices that people intend to make and the consequences thereof.
  • Morality and Free Will in “Daisy Miller” by James Later on that evening, Daisy suggests to Winterborne about her wish to ride on the lake and willingly overlooks the appropriateness of the time.
  • Human Free Will in Philosophical Theories The above factors are completely out of our control thereby affirming the fact that we do not act out of free will. Essentially, we may seem to have free will but our actions and decisions […]
  • Philosophy: Free Will of Aristotle and Lucretius The philosopher says that every action having place under the influence of the external force is not a free will, which comes from the inner desire and motivation of an individual. Moreover, the movie is […]
  • Free Will in Philosophy and Society The emergence and popularization of democratic values all around the world raised the question of social and political pressures that used to be overlooked in the past.
  • Van Inwagen’s Philosophical Argument on Free Will The notion of a state should be treated in such a way that the physical condition of the world remains independent of logic.
  • Hunting, Death, and Free Will: “No Country for Old Men” by the Coen Brothers From the beginning, the directors of the film warn the viewer that the movie is about at least two things: hunting and death.
  • Free Will and Determinism Analysis Jonathan Edwards, in his fundamental work The Freedom of the Will, argues that the will always choose according to its greatest desire at the moment of choice.
  • Free Will and Argument Against Its Existence Determinism is a theory which states that the course of the future is determined by a combination of past events and the laws of nature, creating a unique outcome.
  • Calvinism and Wesleyanism: Predestination vs. Free Will On the one hand, the emphasis on the sovereignty of God has been the source of Reformed piety, the inspiration of the courage, self-sacrifice, and broad humanitarianism that has often marked the Children of Geneva.
  • Fatalism and Free Will: Terms Comparison Some of them, especially at the initial stages of the development of the mankind, kept to the point of view that certain supernatural forces control and predetermine all actions of people and events in the […]
  • Concept of Free Will in “Paradise Lost” by John Milton All these kind of punishments provokes the image in the readers’ mind that God has done what he warned to Adam and Eve.
  • Free Will and Willpower: Is Consciousness Necessary? This plainly makes it a duty to love ourselves and regard our own happiness by the value of the scale. It is our desire only that induces within us the spirit to help others therefore […]
  • Free Will and Determinism: Discussion In particular, it would not provide the capacity to be the origin of one’s decisions and actions that according to incompatibilists is unavailable to compatibilists.
  • “The City of God” by Saint Augustine: Theme of Free Will I am going to analyze the theme of free will in the book written by Saint Augustine “City of God” as it is an imprescriptible symbol of religious text, aspects of morality, and the interpretation […]
  • Free Will and Choice in Islamic Psychology The free choice is concentrated on nafs that a human being has, according to Quran: nafs can be good or bad, and it is up to an individual whether to strive towards the higher potentials […]
  • Free Will in Hinduism and Christianity: Ideologies on Both Religious Practices and Philosophy On the basis of the aspect of free will, the determination of the laws of karma is not favoring to particular people as everyone is treated the same, and has the same opportunity for personal […]
  • Analysis and Comparison of Determinism, Compatibilism and Libertarianism, Free Will It would be safe to assume that a person’s environment is limited by the geography of the planet and the amount of possible places to visit, which is enormous but is nonetheless limited.
  • Against Free Will: Determinism and Prediction On the other hand, humans have the ability to make predictions about themselves and others, some of which will come true, undermining the idea of free will.
  • The Concept of Free Will by Susan Wolf In the Asymmetry of the Reason view, Wolf argues that responsibility depends on the aptitude to operate and act in agreement with the true and good.
  • Free Will and Its Possible Extent According to Compatibilism philosophy, Clarence’s murdering his girlfriend is a free action, because, as Hume states, “the conjunction between motives and voluntary actions is as regular and uniform as that between cause and effect in […]
  • Free Will in Human Life: Reality or Fraud? The paradox of the question about free will for humans is also related to the role of God and the impossibility of great philosophers to provide a clear answer.
  • Free Will vs. Determinism as Philosophical Concepts An objective and meticulous examination of the freedom and responsibility spectrum that highlights the difference between choice and causation explains whether human actions are free or predetermined.
  • Free Will: Determinism and Libertarianism The first one constitutes a belief that there is no free will in nature and that all of the actions are already predetermined.
  • Determinism and Free Will Controversy The problem of determinism is that applying such a system to an individual would bring it to the point of absurdity.
  • Saint Augustine and the Question of Free Will Applying Augustine’s idea of free will to the concept of an all-knowing God, one could think that after God deprived Adam and Eve of free will, the future choices we make are made by God […]
  • The Book of Genesis: Predestination and Free Will The Book of Genesis sets the stage for the later books, explains the main concepts, laws, God’s promises to the people, and introduces the characters who played an essential role in God’s plans and God […]
  • Machiavelli’s Views on Free Will and Class Conflict Thus, Machiavelli raised the question of the historical and political process laws and the need for both objective conditions and the role of the human factor, participants in political activity.
  • The Role of Free Will and Determinism Thus, the presence of free will is important for marking a person as guilty and subsequent punishment. We can define the soul as the consciousness of matter, its mental world, responsible for it.
  • Moral Responsibility, Free Will and Determinism On the other hand, however, it would be unreasonable to assume that the phenomenon of free will is entirely applicable in today’s social and moral contexts as well.
  • The Divine Sovereignty of God and the Free Will of Man God’s intervention in history means for most biblical authors that the will of God ultimately determines the course of events, and human freedom is manifested in the fact that he either accepts this will of […]
  • Perspectives on Free Will: A Comparison of Hobbes and Berkeley Hobbes argued that God has a free will because his free will is not affected by anything that happens. On the other hand, George Berkeley believed that free will was controlled by God in his […]
  • The Workings Of Destiny, Fate, Free Will And Free Choice In Oedipus The King
  • The Natural Law on Free Will and the Nature of Evil According to St. Thomas Aquinas
  • The Unalienable Right of Free Will in A Clockwork Orange, a Novel by Anthony Burgess
  • Were Adam and Eve Influenced By the Snake or Free Will
  • The Three Claims on the Debate on Free Will Between Libertarianism and Determinism
  • What is The Meaning of Free Will in Life
  • The Theme of Free Will in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a Novel by Mark Twain
  • The Role of Fate Versus Free Will in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling
  • Determinism Vs. Indeterminism And The Existence Of Free Will
  • Critically Examine the Claim That Free Will and Determinism Are Incompatible
  • The Struggle Between Fate and Free Will in One Hundred Years of Solitude, a Novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • How Free Will And Inborn Neurological Hardwiring Influence Morality
  • Triumph of Free Will in Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange
  • An Overview of the Imposition of Law as Free Will and the Myth of the Social Contract
  • Destiny, Fate, Free Will and Free Choice – Prophecies in Oedipus, Antigone, and Agamemnon
  • An Analysis of Fate and Free Will in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
  • Baron D’holbach And William James On Free Will And Determinism
  • Can Free Will And Determinism Co-exist
  • The Theory Of Free Will And Determinism
  • What is Frankfurt’s account of free will? Is it successful?
  • Aeneas’s Free Will Despite His Fate in The Aeneid
  • The Theme of Free Will and Spirituality in A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
  • An Argument in Favor of Hard Determinism in the Debate on Free Will and Determinism
  • Comparing Destiny, Fate, Free Will and Free Choice in Oedipus the King and Antigone
  • Boundaries of Destiny, Fate, Free Will and Free Choice in Oedipus the King
  • Analysis of the Actions of Macbeth and Doctor Faustus Based on Free Will and Fate
  • Who Is Responsible for the Downfall of Oedipus Fate or Free Will
  • The True Nature And Extent Of Influence Of Free Will Versus Fate
  • The Varying Levels of Free Will in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon
  • Understanding the Foreknowledge of God and Its Influence in Free Will and Predestination
  • Concept Of Free Will In The Brothers Karamazov
  • Understanding the Existence of Free Will and Determinism
  • Compatibility Of Free Will In The Tenseless Theory Of Time
  • Emotions and Free Will in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King
  • The Scorch Trials Movie And The Issue Of Free Will
  • The Question of Free Will Versus Determinism in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles
  • Control and The Role of Destiny, Free Will, and Fate
  • Existence, Conee And Sider Go Over The Description Of Free Will
  • The Witches In Macbeth: Corruption And Fate Vs. Free Will In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  • Augustine´s View on the Origins of Sin, Grace, and Free Will
  • The Issue of Free Will in The End of Evil, an Article by Ron Rosenbaum
  • Destiny, Fate, Free Will and Free Choice in Oedipus the King – Fate and the Modern World
  • Attitudes and Free Will in the Book of Genesis and Paradise Lost by John Milton
  • How Do Our Duties and Responsibility Affect Our Free Will, Determinism, and Compatibilism?
  • Why Does Galen Strawson Think Free Will Is Impossible?
  • What Was Benjamin Libet‘s Free Will Experiment?
  • Does Advertising Erode Free Will?
  • How Does Pride Effect Free Will and Fate?
  • Can You Put Free Will Into an Equation?
  • How Can Quantum Brain Biology Rescue Conscious Free Will?
  • Does Free Will Exist or Is It All an Illusion?
  • Is Free Will a Third Option Aside From Chance and Necessity?
  • How Do Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic Class Limit the Free Will of Americans?
  • Are Our Lives Governed by Fate or Free Will?
  • Does Oedipus Have Free Will?
  • Can Free Will and Determinism Coexist?
  • Does Free Will exist within Milton’s Hierarchy’s Constraints in Paradise Lost?
  • How Does the Conflict Between Free Will and the Predestination Play Out?
  • Does Macbeth Have Free Will?
  • How Do Fate and Free Will Play a Part in the Odyssey?
  • Were Adam and Eve Influenced by the Snake or Free Will?
  • What’s the Problem With Free Will?
  • Is the Theory of Evolution a Good Basis for an Argument Against Free Will?
  • Why Did God Give Us Free Will?
  • For Whom Does Determinism Undermine Moral Responsibility?
  • How Does Shakespeare Present Macbeth as Having Free Will?
  • What Is the Difference Between Free-Will and Randomness and or Non-determinism?
  • Does Having Free Will Presuppose Consciousness, Can Philosophical Zombies Have It?
  • What Are the Necessary Conditions for an Action to Be Regarded as a Free Choice?
  • Is Free Will Reconcilable With a Purely Physical World?
  • How Does Quantum Mechanics Affect the Modern Account of Free Will and Determinism?
  • What Counters Are There to Spinoza’s Argument That Acts of Free Will Create Infinite Regress?
  • Is Kant’s “Noumenal Self” Argument on Freedom Flawed?
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77 Free Will Essay Topics

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  • The Problem of Free Will Searle, on the other hand, believed that there is a strong biological connection between the functions of a body and those of a mind.
  • Free Will Problem in Philosophy The presence of God’s plan denies the possibility of free will existence. It can be considered that the two phenomena are coexistent.
  • Free Will and Determinism: Can They Coexist? This essay aims to define free will and determinism, provide supporting and opposing arguments, and elaborate as to whether compatibilism is possible.
  • Free Will from d’Hobach’s Determinist Perspective Baron d’Holbach’s quote “Man’s life is a line that nature commands him to describe upon the surface of the earth…” is a great example of a determinist philosophy concept.
  • Determinism and “Free Will” by Derk Pereboom Determinism is a well-established school of thought, arguing that all actions performed are entirely determined (hence the name) by psychological, biological, or other causes.
  • Fate vs. Free Will in Beowulf, The Wanderer, and The Seafarer “Beowulf”, “The Seafarer”, and “The Wanderer” provide us with insight into the spiritual foundation of this civilization as being rather biologically than religiously defined.
  • Frankford and Campbell’s View of Free Will Free will is the ability to choose a course of action with his/her own control and control their action without any external influence from another party.
  • Free Will in Hard Determinism, Soft Determinism and Libertarianism Comparison of hard determinism, soft determinism and libertarianism as the closest movements to explaining free will.
  • Free Will According to Susan Wolf According to Susan Wolf, free will involves conducting oneself in a manner that is consistent with reason guided by what is good and what is true.
  • Do People Have Free Will? Psychologists Answer The idea of free will can be conveyed as the ability for self-control, and the conscious suppression of impulses and desires.
  • Free Will: Responsibility or Predetermination? People use their free will to make decisions every day: what to eat for breakfast, when to leave home, how much time to spend on social media, and many others.
  • The Importance of Free Will in Three Theban Plays One of the concepts touched upon in three Theban plays completed by Sophocles is the existence of a free will and its influence on human lives.
  • “Ordinary Prejudice”: The Role of the Free Will “Ordinary Prejudice” states that free will plays a significant role in prejudicial acts, as individuals are able to evaluate the outcomes or consequences of their actions.
  • Criminal Behaviour as Result of Free Will Crime is simply another form of human activity, and it is subject to all the same laws to which perfectly legal activities are subject.
  • Robert Kane’s Visions of Free Will and Responsibility Robert Kane, a famous philosopher, formulated the concept of free will, which is a relevant topic for discussion even nowadays.
  • Are Free Will and Determinism Compatible? Philosophical metaphysics teaches that all human decisions have underlying causality and motivation, and the freedom to express personal free will is the basis for most of them.
  • Free Will as Controversial Concept Different philosophical approaches at different times sought to comprehend the essence of the phenomenon and explain its origin.
  • Free Will Defence and Importance for Person Free will is an enormous part of the human person, for, through it, the person’s comfort and quality of life grow.
  • Free Will by Kant, Descartes, Sartre, and Nietzsche The paper offers a discussion of the fundamental concept of free will by comparing the major works of Kant, Descartes, Sartre, and Nietzsche and their assumptions.
  • The Controversy between Free Will and Determinism Free will, the ability to act and think unimpeded by natural or social factors, contradicts determinism, the idea that everything has a cause.
  • Free Will (Nurture) vs. Determinism (Nature) in Human Life The goal of the research paper is to explore the contributions of nature and nurture to human life. The study focuses on the interactions of these factors.
  • “Can God Create Humans With Free Will Who Never Commit Evil?” by Thai The essay “Can God create humans with free will who never commit evil?” delves into the complex topic, touching on God, free choice, and human wickedness.
  • Do Human Beings Have Free Will? The concept of free will includes many dimensions and interpretations. Essentially, one’s moral beliefs identify the main way someone perceives their free will or lack thereof.
  • Free Will in Characters of Literary Works Free will is an illusion since this phenomenon is limited by fate and moral, administrative, civil, and criminal liability.
  • Fate vs. Free Will in “The Odyssey” and “Oedipus the King” This essay compares the ways the two authors use in “The Odyssey” and “Oedipus the King” to portray the power of fate over free will despite human and divine intervention.
  • Deterministic Approach and Free Will In the process of the debates between determinism and free will, originated a view that attempted to unify both perspectives and denied their incompatibility.
  • Free Will vs. Determinism as Philosophical Problem The problem of free will or the question of determinism is a fundamental problem of human cognition and the nature of one’s thoughts.
  • Ambiguity Between Determinism and Free Will
  • Contemporary Views Regarding the Debate of Free Will and Moral Responsibility
  • Fate in Antigone: A Comparison of Destiny and Free Will
  • Do We Have Free Will? The Atheist Case for Determinism
  • Free Will and Neuroscience: From Explaining Freedom Away to New Ways of Operationalizing and Measuring It
  • Genes, Environment, and Free Will: Are We Hardwired?
  • Free Will Within the Constraints of Milton’s Hierarchy in “Paradise Lost”
  • Are Our Lives Governed by the Fate or Free Will?
  • Fatalism, Determinism, and Free Will in Oedipus the King
  • Free Will From the Viewpoint of Teleological Behaviorism
  • Criminal Justice System in the Light of Free Will vs. Determinism
  • Buddhist Perspectives on Free Will: Agentless Agency?
  • Plato’s Two Charioteers: Free Will, Moral Agency, and How to Negotiate Our Capacities for Good and Evil
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God: Determinism vs. Free Will
  • An Overview of the Free Will Skepticism in Law and Society
  • Free Will Agency According to Marxism and Free Market Capitalism
  • Mary Shelley: The Contrast Between Fate and Free Will
  • Examining Free Will Through Spinoza and Descartes
  • Fate and Free Will as Viewed by Homer
  • Does Free Will Exist or Is It All an Illusion?
  • On the Difference Between Theological Fatalism and Free Will
  • The Road Not Taken: Fate, Destiny, and Free Will
  • Evil Exists Because We Use Our Free Will to Choose It
  • Re-Conceptualizing Free Will for the 21st Century: Acting Independently With a Limited Role for Consciousness
  • Determinism and Free Will: Descartes and Leibniz
  • How Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic Class Limit the Free Will
  • Free Will and the Brain Disease Model of Addiction
  • Destiny, Fate, and Free Will in Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  • John Searle on the Persistent Philosophical Problem of Free Will
  • Free Will and Benevolent Manipulation in “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare
  • Einstein’s God: Science, Free Will, and the Human Spirit
  • Fate and Free Will as Key Factors Leading to the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet
  • Free Will and How It Affects Human Agency
  • Paradoxical Relationship Between Free Will and Karma
  • How Much Do Our Genes Restrict Free Will?
  • Willed Action, Free Will, and Stochastic Neurodynamics of Decision-Making
  • Free Will Across Cultures: For Whom Does Determinism Undermine Moral Responsibility?
  • Friedrich Nietzsche on the Error of Free Will
  • Fate and Free Will in Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”
  • What Is Free Will in the Bible and How It Relates to Our Salvation
  • Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus: Predetermination & Free Will
  • Free Will and Addiction: Is It a Choice?
  • John Locke’s Social Contract and Natural Rights Argument Concerning Free Will
  • The Role of Free Will in Treatment Adherence
  • Nature vs. Nurture: How Much Free Will Do Really We Have
  • Free Will Belief as a Positive Predictor of Well-Being
  • Oedipus Rex: The Power of Free Will and the Propensity to Ignore the Truth
  • Does Cognitive Neuroscience Support Free Will?
  • Augustine: Advocate of Free Will, Defender of Predestination
  • Making Sense of Agency: Belief in Free Will as a Unique and Important Construct
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StudyCorgi . "77 Free Will Essay Topics." September 12, 2023. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/free-will-essay-topics/.

StudyCorgi . 2023. "77 Free Will Essay Topics." September 12, 2023. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/free-will-essay-topics/.

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Ambiguity Between Determinism and Free Will

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Free Will Vs Divine Providence in Paradise Lost

Free will and human existence in kierkegaard’s philosophy, the conflicy between god and satan in paradise lost, the question of free will and fate in the works of erasmus and shakespeare.

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The Natural Law on Free Will and The Nature of Evil According to St. Thomas Aquinas

The role of brain in behavior, the existence of free will: a closer look at "genome", the role of determinism or free will in moral commitment, the concept of free will as mere illusion in slaughterhouse five, the question of the existence of free will in slaughterhouse five, free will and fate in slaughterhouse-five, facebook's war on free will, multiple characteristics of existential state: absurdity, alienation, responsibility, free will, and despair, the idea of free will against determinism, relevant topics.

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Fate and free will the.

Humbert is awaiting trial for murder, and act of his own free will. No one will argue that Humbert could have made other choices in this case. However, it can be argued whether his sudden coronary in the end was a twist of bad fate, or of good fate. On one hand, it ended his life, on the other; it saved him from life in prison. Lolita's death in childbirth brings up the same question. as it a tragic death, or did it save her from a life of misery? Nabokov introduces the double-sided nature of fate and the idea that good or bad fate I a matter of perspective. No Exit and Lolita explore the issue of fate vs. free will from several different perspectives. "No Exit" questions the role of fate in the predicament of humans. Lolita examines the question of fate more deeply be adding the dimension….

Works Cited

Nabokov, V. The Annotated Lolita. NY: Knopf Publishing Group. 1991.

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Sophocles. Oedipus Tyrannus: A New Translation. Passages from Ancient Authors. Religion and Psychology: Some Studies. Criticism (Norton Critical Edition)

NY: W.W. Norton & Co. Inc. 1970.

Predestination and Free Will as

Therefore, they are compelled to choose what they do in order to instantiate God's foreordainment of history. It wouldn't seem to make sense, therefore, for the person to attempt to change their circumstances or to fight against fate. Affliction, tragedy and evil would be just what God wishes to throw at an individual, who could scarcely escape its occurrence. This seems to suggest a response of futility toward life in which all is merely endured and passes almost robotically. At the same time, one might interpret it as comforting, for it eliminates the human's striving and desire to achieve something before the eyes of God. Or if God allows good to enter a life, this good is not deserved or merited, but is purely random. God's character would appear fickle, if not even unjust, for subjecting people to a predestined fate they cannot hope to change. Perhaps the main….


Ali, Afroz. Understanding Predestination and Free Will. Mt. Lewis, NSW: Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development, 1426/2005.

Cohen-Mor, Dalya. A Matter of Fate: The Concept of Fate in the Arab World as Reflected in Modern Arabic Literature. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.

Mahmood, Iftekhar. Islam Beyond Terrorists and Terrorism: Biography of the Most Influential Muslims in History. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2002.

Mahmoud, Mohamed a. Quest for Divinity: A Critical Examination of the Thought of Mahmud Muhammed Taha. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2007.

Free Will vs Determinism Free-Will

Ekstrom 121) The greatest strength of the concept of free will is that it allows evil deeds to be explained as poor conceptions of a weak human mind. The individual abilty to learn and become a greater agent of responsibility seeks a concept of free will to explain how this can be done and with good reason. The individual has no reason to express learning and to grow from human ideas and actions if he or she is resolved to live with a predetermined set of consequences and actions. As man's ability to reason is what is said to seprate us from animals then "free will" becomes and essential aspect of the equation. hy exactly is it important to so many of us whether or not we can be self-directed, not just politically but also metaphysically? In certain philosophical contexts, such as some discussions of the problem of evil, the high value….

Ekstrom, Laura Waddell. Free Will: A Philosophical Study. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2000.

Free Will" New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia Online. April 15, 2008,  http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/06259a.htm .

Kapitan, Tomis. "Chapter 6 a Master Argument for Incompatibilism?." The Oxford Handbook of Free Will. Ed. Robert Kane. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001. 127-154.

Kane, Robert, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Free Will. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.

Free Will vs Fate in

Goblins in this case can be viewed as devil's agents who force people to commit sins. Food items are presented as sins that man can get involved in if he doesn't have a strong will power. They are described in attractive terms (Bloom-down-cheek'd peaches, Swart-headed mulberries,/Wild free-born cranberries (5-14)), just like sins and vices that initially appear very tempting but are eventually harmful to one's soul. In the very same way, these fruits look attractive and are tasty but gradually rob the body of its vigor and beauty. Laura is a risk-taker and hence fell victim to a clever and tempting ploy. Lizzie is timid and conforms to the norms and thus could save herself and later her sister. This is a rather puritanical argument but that's how the author presents it. But there is another thing which is far more important than their risk-taking capabilities. It is the ability of Lizzie….

Rossetti, Christina. Goblin Market. New York: Franklin Watts, Inc., 1969.

Campbell, Elizabeth. "Of Mothers and Merchants: Female Economics in Christina Rossetti's 'Goblin Market.'" Victorian Studies: A Journal of the Humanities, Arts and Sciences 33 (1990): 393-410.

Free Will and Deviant Behavior

The novel vividly illustrates this event, stated as follows: The scorching blade slashed at my eyelashes and stabbed at my stinging eyes. That's when everything began to reel. The sea carried up a thick, fiery breath. It seemed to me as if the sky split open from one end to the other to rain down fire. My whole being tensed and I squeezed my hand around the revolver. The trigger gave; I felt the smooth underside of the butt; and there, in that noise, sharp and deafening at the same time, is where I tall started. I shook off the sweat and sun. I knew that I had shattered the harmony of the day, the exceptional silence of a beach where I'd been happy. Then I fired four more times at the motionless body where the bullets lodged without leaving a trace. And it was like knocking four quick times….

Bree, B. (Ed.). (1972). Camus. NJ: Rutgers UP.

Booker, (1993). Literature and domination: sex, knowledge, and power in modern fiction. Gainsville: Florida UP.

Camus, a. (1988). The Stranger. NY: Alfred a. Knopf, Inc.

Dupee, F.W. (1957). In Nabokov: a critical heritage. N. Page (Ed.). NY: Routledge.

Evil the Free Will Defense Suggests That

Evil The free will defense suggests that God permits, but does not cause evil. Therefore, it is possible to live in a universe in which good and evil continually coexist. Human beings are blessed with the ability to make a choice that can further the objectives of God and good, or to promote the interests of evil. Although this view is logically coherent, there are clear objections to it. One objection is that God has nothing at all to do with evil, and human beings, made in God's image, likewise have nothing to do with evil. Free will is therefore irrelevant and in fact negated. There is no such thing as free will, according to this point-of-view. All human beings have is a fate that has been pre-determined by God. Using this objection, it is easy to see how the human being is portrayed as a passive recipient of life rather than….

"Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry." Retrieved online:  http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/hick.html 

Speaks, Jeff. "Swinburne's Response to the Problem of Evil." Retrieved online:  http://www3.nd.edu/~jspeaks/courses/mcgill/201/swinburne.pdf

Role of Free Will and Fate in

Role of Free ill and Fate in Oedipus Rex and Othello, the Moor of Venice Free will and fate play a major role in determining the outcome the hero experiences in Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and illiam Shakespeare's Othello, the Moor of Venice. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus's destiny has been predetermined and despite his many efforts, he cannot escape the future the gods have planned for him. Oedipus Rex's form relies on a chorus to serve as an emissary between the gods and the audience and ultimately aims at allowing the audience to achieve catharsis. On the contrary, in Othello, the Moor of Venice, Othello's future is determined through a series of actions that were not influenced by the gods, but rather through free will. Othello, the Moor of Venice's form breaks up the action into separate "vignettes" that ultimately highlight the depravity of man and aims to serve as a….

Brown, Larry."Aristotle on Greek Tragedy." Web. 26 September 2012.

Shakespeare, William. Othello, the Moor of Venice. Web. 26 September 2012.

Sophocles. Oedipus Rex. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Web. 26 September 2012.

Fate in Association With Oedipus

Laius is responsible for his condition and there is no way for him to escape his fate, even with the fact that he does everything in his power with the purpose of fighting divinity's will. It is difficult and almost impossible to determine whether Oedipus should be accountable or not for killing Laius at the moment when he does so. One must consider that similar to how some religions promote the concept that some people are likely to be punished for the sins performed by their predecessors, Sophocles apparently wanted to put across the fact that Oedipus has no say at the time when he is fighting Laius, as he is forced to kill his father in self-defense. The modern day society functions in accordance with the 'everything happens for a reason' system, taking into account that people are provided with benefits on account of the work that they do. However,….

Works cited:

Chong, Gossard, "ON TEACHING the OEDIPUS REX," Retrieved December 5, 2012, from the University of Melbourne Website: http://classics-archaeology.unimelb.edu.au/CAV/iris/volumes16-17/chonggossard.pdf

Freud, Sigmund, "The Interpretation of Dreams: The Complete and Definitive Text," (Kessinger Publishing, 30.06.2004)

Saboor, Haya, "Role of Fate in Oedipus Rex," Retrieved December 5, 2012, from the Academia Website:  http://www.academia.edu/1073775/Role_of_Fate_in_Oedipus_Rex 

Wetmore, Kevin, J., "The Athenian Sun in an African Sky: Modern African-American Adaptations of Classical Greek Tragedy," (McFarland, 2002)

Will Ethics Survive

Realist Moral Theories Unit IV: Bioethics The moral of the film "ottaca" is quite obvious and the development of events also quite predictable. The film starts from the idea that parents want their children to have the best start in life. The majority of parents would agree with it. This idea is put into the context of genetic engineering, a palpable reality today. The moral is that letting doctors apply genetics to do every magic possible in order to get the "best version of you" by eliminating all the "less perfect possibilities" is wrong. Most religions teach one to mind the body as well as the soul in order to be in harmony with od and the rest of the universe. They also teach about free will. Causal determinism, on the other side, superposes the end over the beginning and leaves no chance for the "chance." According to this philosophical theory, human….

Gottaca's predictable end warns us of the danger of deifying science and placing all our hopes into it.

"Gottaca," 1997.Directed by Andrew Niccol, produced by Columbia Pictures Corporation, Jersey Films, United States

Shapshay, Sandra.2009. Bioethics and the Movies. JHU Press

Understanding of Fate in Stories

Fate in Literature Stories whether they are presented in film, printed or orally spoken all share important commonalities. One of the important shared elements amongst stories that have been around for hundreds maybe even thousands of years in literature is the role of fate within the stories. Fate in literature can be broadly defined as the power, influence or will of a superior or supernatural force that stages and predetermines events in the voyage of a the main character in the story (Princeton.edu). A classic example of this is the tragedy written by Sophocles, the infamous tale of Oedipus Rex a king who desperately seeks to outrun, challenge and contradict fate, but is unable to because the supernatural forces above him (The Gods), have predetermined and staged inevitable events in his life. Fate is a very interesting topic to explore as it relates to stories because it challenges the notion of free….

Bangert, Andrea. "Epictetus and Oepidus." Diss. UCSC, 2001. Epictetus and Oedipus. UCSC. Web. 21 Feb. 2011. .

Bloom, Harold. Sophocles' Oedipus Rex. New York: Chelsea House, 2007. Print.

Booker, M. Keith. Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe. Pasadena, CA: Salem, 2011. Print.

"Defining Fate." Fate. Priceton University, 15 Sept. 2003. Web. 15 Feb. 2011. .

Fate Society & Determinism In

hen Edith harton tells us that "it was the background that she [Lily] required," we understand that both Emma Bovary and Lily have a very important thing in common. They are first of all women in the nineteenth century society, fettered by social conventions to fulfill any kind of aspirations or ideals. A woman, as it is clearly stated in both novels, had no other means of being having a place in society than by acquiring respectability and money through a good marriage. To marry was the only vocation of a woman, as harton tells us. Of course, there interferes a great difference between the two heroines here, because Madame Bovary, as her very title proves it, is already a married woman, while Lily in harton's book is in constant pursue of a redeeming marriage. But, essentially the frustration of the two heroines is the same, as Emma is as….

The American Experience: Andrew Carnegie- The Gilded Age. PBS Online. 1999. 1 Oct. 2006  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/carnegie/gildedage.html .

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Cahir, Linda Costanzo Solitude and Society in the Works of Herman Melville and Edith Wharton. New York: Greenwood Press, 1999

Deppman, Jed. "History with style: the impassible writing of Flaubert - Gustave Flaubert." Style. 1996. Oct 2006

Fate of Carbon in a

The fact is that numerous rooted macrophyte structures are not full of naturally strong and healthy particles and sediments and nutrients. It is because of the restriction or absence of these particles, sediments and nutrients that the study of these systems has not been as extensive and thorough as the concentration on the terrestrial structures when understanding the fate, sources and sinks of Co2 levels in the ecosystems and the plants structures (e.g., Drake and Leadley 1991). Researchers assert that "rooted macrophyte systems can be sources of CO2, Chapter 4 and other gases through microbial processing of organic matter in the sediments and direct emission from leaves" (Delaune et al. 1990). Table 1. Total net primary production (NPP) from world systems (Modified from Valiela, 1984) Area NPP Tot. NPP1 % of Total % of Total 106 km2 gC m-2 y-1 X106mTC y-1 System Global Marine System: Open Ocean 46 15,355 74.1 24.1 Upwellings 0.4 74 0.4 0.1 Continental shelf 27 2,997 14.5 4.7 Algal eds & reef 0.6 2.7 0.9 Estuaries (exc. marsh) 1.4 3.7 1.2 Tot. Marine 57 20,726 32.5 Continental System: Terrestr. Env. 39,540 91.7 61.9 Swamp and Marsh 2 1,110 2,220 5.1 3.5 Lakes and Streams 2 0.7 0.5 Tot. Continental 43,112 67.5 Total Global 63,838 Total….

Abel K.M. (1984) Inorganic Carbon Source for Photosynthesis in the Seagrass Thalassia hemprichii (Ehrenb.) Aschers. Plant Physiology 76, 776-781.

Adam, P. 1990. Saltmarsh ecology. Cambridge Univ. Press. Cambridge. 461p.

Agren, G., R.E. McMurtrie, W.J. Parton, J. Pastor and H.H. Shugart. 1991. State-of-the-art of models of production-decomposition linkages in conifer and grassland ecosystems. Ecological Applications. 1:118-138.

Anderson, J.M. 1991. The effects of climate change on decomposition processes in grassland and coniferous forests. Ecological Applications 1:326-347.

Fate of Earth the World

The only hope rests in being sensible and alert to the danger we have incurred upon ourselves. Going green and seriously focusing on renewable forms of energy is the only way that we could save this planet from the impending disaster. ibliography 1) World Water Council, 'Water Crisis', retrieved Oct 1st, 2010, from, http://www.worldwatercouncil.org/index.php?id=25 2) U.S. Census ureau, 'World Population Summary', retrieved Oct 1st, 2010, from, http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/idb/worldpopinfo.php 3) WWF, 'Water: Our Rivers Lakes and Wetlands', retrieved Oct 2nd 2010, from http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/about_freshwater/ 4) Lester rown, (Oct 2001), 'China's Water Table Levels are Dropping Fast', retrieved Oct 2nd 2010, from, http://www.grist.org/article/table/ 5) lue Planet, 'The Facts about the Global Drinking Water Crisis', retrieved Oct 2nd 2010, from, http://blueplanetnetwork.org/water/facts 6) Pew Center, 'Coal and Climate Change Facts', retrieved Oct 2nd 2010, from, http://www.pewclimate.org/global-warming-basics/coalfacts.cfm 7) Science Daily 'Environmental Scientists Estimate That China Could Meet Its Entire Future Energy Needs y Wind Alone', retrieved Oct 2nd 2010, from, http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/09/090910142350.htm 8) Keith radsher, (May….

1) World Water Council, 'Water Crisis', retrieved Oct 1st, 2010, from,  http://www.worldwatercouncil.org/index.php?id=25 

2) U.S. Census Bureau, 'World Population Summary', retrieved Oct 1st, 2010, from,  http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/idb/worldpopinfo.php 

3) WWF, 'Water: Our Rivers Lakes and Wetlands', retrieved Oct 2nd 2010, from  http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/about_freshwater/ 

4) Lester Brown, (Oct 2001), 'China's Water Table Levels are Dropping Fast', retrieved Oct 2nd 2010, from,  http://www.grist.org/article/table/

Role of Fate in the

As their saga unfolds, we realize that Turnus does not experience the same protection as Aeneas and we can even say that while fate is working for Aeneas, it is working against Turnus. Aeneas never looses sight of the prize and Turnus' death provides even more confirmation that his life is indeed in the hand of protective fate. It is important to realize the significance of how the gods intervene in human fate. hile we have established that human fate can indeed be altered it is done almost always through the actions of a god. Some events are predestined to occur and only the circumstances relating to them can be altered or influenced by the gods. Free will without the intervention of the gods reveals itself most predominantly when Jupiter chooses not to become involved with the war between the Trojans and the Latins. ith this example, Virgil allows human Here….

Virgil, the Aeneid. Allen Mandelbaum, trans. New York: Bantam Classics Books. 1981.

Philosophy in Defense of Free

Buddhists, who similarly believe in the concept of Karma, also have a strong commitment to the belief that their actions have consequences. hile Buddhists have a much different value system than Hindus or especially estern religions that tend to see good and bad as black and white, while Buddhists see it as wholesome or unwholesome (Sach 80), they still have a code of morality, such as valuing peace over harm. Karma represents this moral dichotomy. Thus, both the Eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism support the theory that one creates one's own destiny. If they did not, they could not have their system of moral rights and wrongs. ithout the chance to make positive or negative decisions, a belief system cannot coherently state that one cannot make one's own decisions, creating one's own destiny. How could a belief system maintain that one would be punished for his or her….

Mannion, James. Essential Philosophy. Avon: F+W, 2006.

Rice, Hugh. "Fatalism." 2006, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 8 October 2008.

Stanford University.  http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/fatalism/ 

Sach, Jacky. Essential Buddhism. Avon: F+W, 2006.


Humbert is awaiting trial for murder, and act of his own free will. No one will argue that Humbert could have made other choices in this case. However,…

Mythology - Religion

Therefore, they are compelled to choose what they do in order to instantiate God's foreordainment of history. It wouldn't seem to make sense, therefore, for the person to…

Black Studies - Philosophy

Ekstrom 121) The greatest strength of the concept of free will is that it allows evil deeds to be explained as poor conceptions of a weak human mind. The individual…

Goblins in this case can be viewed as devil's agents who force people to commit sins. Food items are presented as sins that man can get involved in if…

The novel vividly illustrates this event, stated as follows: The scorching blade slashed at my eyelashes and stabbed at my stinging eyes. That's when everything began to reel. The…

Evil The free will defense suggests that God permits, but does not cause evil. Therefore, it is possible to live in a universe in which good and evil continually coexist.…

Role of Free ill and Fate in Oedipus Rex and Othello, the Moor of Venice Free will and fate play a major role in determining the outcome the hero…

Research Paper

Laius is responsible for his condition and there is no way for him to escape his fate, even with the fact that he does everything in his power with…

Realist Moral Theories Unit IV: Bioethics The moral of the film "ottaca" is quite obvious and the development of events also quite predictable. The film starts from the idea that…

Fate in Literature Stories whether they are presented in film, printed or orally spoken all share important commonalities. One of the important shared elements amongst stories that have been around…

hen Edith harton tells us that "it was the background that she [Lily] required," we understand that both Emma Bovary and Lily have a very important thing in…

Literature Review

Business - Miscellaneous

The fact is that numerous rooted macrophyte structures are not full of naturally strong and healthy particles and sediments and nutrients. It is because of the restriction or absence…

The only hope rests in being sensible and alert to the danger we have incurred upon ourselves. Going green and seriously focusing on renewable forms of energy is…

As their saga unfolds, we realize that Turnus does not experience the same protection as Aeneas and we can even say that while fate is working for Aeneas,…

Buddhists, who similarly believe in the concept of Karma, also have a strong commitment to the belief that their actions have consequences. hile Buddhists have a much different…

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Topics in Free Will

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Essays on Free Will

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Benefits of Free College Education

Most of the Americans believe that it is essential to have a college degree or education beyond high school. Some of the...

Holbach's The System of Nature

According to Holbach, the popular assumption that the soul acts solely on its own volition and will is incorrect. Becaus...

Free Will by Thomas Nagel

According to Thomas Nagel, there is no such thing as free will, and everything was decided before it happened. As a resu...

Human Free Will, Fate and God’s Action

Human lives in Aeined's Book II are formed in certain ways by three forces: human acts, fate, and divine intervention. D...

Study Guide for Jack London's to Build a Fire

Every person has free will, but how the individual chooses to use his free will defines and impacts him. The elements of...

questions in philosophy

One of the oldest philosophical issues is whether people have free will. There are competing viewpoints on freedom. I be...

Argumentative Essay: Defend free will

The phrase "free will" refers to an individual's ability to make a reasonable choice from the available options within t...

The Issue of Free Will

Free will is the idea that we, as human beings, are free agents with the ability to choose our own actions. A free agent...

Do humans have freewill?

Is it true that humans have free will? In the last century, philosophers have debated the concept of free will extensive...

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Free Will, a complex philosophical concept, refers to the ability of individuals to act at their own discretion, free of coercion or destiny. Essays on free will could explore historical and contemporary debates surrounding the nature and existence of free will, and its implications for ethics, law, and human nature. Discussions might delve into the intersections of free will with determinism, exploring various philosophical, scientific, and religious perspectives on human agency and accountability. The discourse may also analyze the implications of free will for moral responsibility, justice, and social relations. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Free Will you can find at Papersowl. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Free Will Vs Determinism

Do people have a choice with how they live their lives or is all of it already determined for them? There has always been a debate in philosophy between free will and determinism. The issue there is whether humans should be thought of as free to choose their actions and the way they live their lives or whether they are determined by forces beyond their control. Then, if life is already determined for people, should people be held responsible for […]

Romeo and Juliet: Fate or Free Will?

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet has two very prevalent themes. One can cease that the two apposite themes are free will and fate. Within the script of this beloved play, Shakespeare displays a mixed notion of the actual theme which could lead to the assumption that either theme can be lectured. The denotative meaning of fate being ... events beyond a person's control and free will meaning power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate both can […]

The Theme of Fate in Macbeth

Fate and free will is a very central topic in Macbeth? , a play by shakespeare. We are going to look at alot of questions revolving around this topic . Such as, what does fate and free will even mean ? Do they come together as a whole or are they two different things? Also looking at the evidence of who is responisible for the tradgedy that is Macbeth . You'll also find that Macbeth follows up more on free […]

An Important Role Free Will in Oedipus the King

Fate is often said to be inevitable, an adverse outcome, condition, or end and free will is the ability to choose at your own discretion. In our everyday life, we make decisions and are often told that life is about making choices. It is because we have free will that we make choices which may lead to positive consequences if the choice is rational and yet other times our decisions lead to negative consequences. Free will plays an important role in Oedipus the King and fate […]

Macbeth Fate VS Free Will

Written in 1623, William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth continues to be widely discussed and reenacted into the twenty-first century. Macbeth’s far-reaching themes and lack of descriptive stage directions allow for infinite interpretations and performances. Polly Findlay’s contemporary spin is no exception. This fast-paced version of Macbeth emphasizes the destruction of unchecked aspiration through the incorporation of supernatural all-knowing figures, a digital clock, and a modern setting that transforms abstract ideas from stage material to real life, ultimately leaving audience members in […]

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What Freedom Means to me

There are millions of people around the world that live under conditions where the government withholds their human freedoms from them. Some people can not practice the religion they truly believe in, and others are scared for their lives on a daily basis. No matter how many restrictions citizens of different countries must abide by, nobody should be forced into silence. To “be free” means that everybody has the right to raise up their voice, and act for what they […]

The Philosophy of Believing in Free Will

Most human beings believe that they have free will, and this is because they have the impression that they make their own decision. To them, the fact that they can choose what to eat, what to wear, what music to listen to, where to live, or what type of car to drive, means that they have free will. We do have a certain degree of choice, but not as much as we think, we do. Many factors around us as […]

We have no Free Will

Quote: Many scientists say that the American physiologist Benjamin Libet demonstrated in the 1980s that we have no free will. It was already known that electrical activity builds up in a person's brain before she, for example, moves her hand Libet showed that this buildup occurs before the person consciously makes a decision to move. The conscious experience of deciding to act, which we usually associate with free will, appears to be an add-on, a post hoc reconstruction of events […]

The Aristotle’s Perspective on Freedom Citizenship and PolityImam Subkhan

From Ethics to Politics:The Aristotle's Perspective on Freedom, Citizenship, and PolityImam SubkhanEveryone wants to be happy with their lives. Aristotle contended that the happiness is "something final and self-sufficient, and the end of action" (Ethica Nicomachea, 941) that transcend all the aims of action. The actions or anything we do are intended to something that we consider good. It means there are many goods in our lives, but there is the one good that becomes an umbrella for other goods, […]

Free Will and Determinism in Middlemarch by George Eliot

Free will and determinism are two things that are very different from each other and yet they are inexplicably connected. In Middlemarch by George Eliot, this particular connection can be seen clearly when looked at in regards to two of the main characters- Dorothea Brooke and Edward Casaubon. Dorothea begins as an orphan who lives with her uncle, Mr. Brooke. She was fortunate enough to be educated and her ambition is to design new cottages for the poor tenants on […]

Free Will is Living

Life is full of choices, everyday we wake up and immediately begin deciding one thing over another. Some of them we do not even think about prior to doing so, such as waking up and taking a shower or not, what we are gonna eat for breakfast even what kind of music will we listen to on the way to wherever we go. The argument stated by Brian Koberlein says that not all of our decisions are as random as […]

Truman Show and Religion

Every movie supports certain theory or notion that is enhanced and crafted by directors with the help of art to fashion theological, philosophical or political statements. For the same reason, the director Peter Weir and the creator of the story Andrew Niccol weave a web around protagonist who tries to run away from his home to get self-sufficiency like a person who wants to seek freedom just like when he is liberated from sins by Christ. Moreover, many theological themes […]

Free Will and Ethics in the Catholic Church

Throughout history, various forms of determinism have emerged. One has a mythological or religious horizon. According to this vision, men are directed and controlled by superior forces, by God or by divinities, in such a way that if Oedipus killed his father and married his mother it is because he was determined to commit a parricide. Determinism assumes that all the events of this world, also those carried out by human beings, are tightly controlled by inflexible laws. For determinism, […]

Oppression, Freedom and Happiness in “The Allegory of the Cave”

What is freedom and are we free? Freedom. A word redolent with benevolence. People like being ""free"". It is regularly introduced to society as an extremity: free articulation, free decision and majority rules system, versus suppression, restriction and absolutism. The idea of regular rights assumes a conspicuous job in legitimate and political talk of freedom. Philosophical discussions encompassing the idea have concentrated on three unmistakable inquiries. The illustrative inquiry asks how it is or could be conceivable that individuals hold […]

Freedom of Choice

One of the United States’ best attributes as a country, according to the U.S. citizens, is the vast amount of freedom our country preserves for the people. Compared to other countries such as Singapore or Cuba, the U.S. has more freedom under the law. However, this never equates to complete individual freedom. In fact, freedom is often seen to be exaggerated especially in the United States. It is very common for citizens to assume that there is more freedom set […]

Every Chance Must have a Cause

In this case, Locke’s actions are doings in this sense, according to his theory of action. There are few instances where Locke more so suggests that he holds the position of “Doing” theory of action, which can be seen by his discussion: “When [a Body] is set in motion it self, that Motion is rather a Passion, than an Action in it”, for “when the Ball obeys the stroke of a Billiard-stick, it is not any action of the Ball, […]

Immanuel Kant-The Greatest Thinker

Biography Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) was considered by philosophers to have been one of the greatest thinkers of all time. Kant lived in remote province where he was born for his entire life. He was the fourth of nine children but the oldest surviving child to obtain an education. His parents were devoted followers of Pietistic branch of the Lutheran church, which taught that religion belongs to the inner life expressed in simplicity and obedience to moral law. From the age […]

Libet’s Experiment

Although most everyday people believe free will is legitimate, many scientists believe that it is simply an illusion. Most scientist believe that intentions, decisions, and choices are all created in the subconscious mind, and is then delivered to the conscious mind to be panned out. This is an argument that has been circulating since the time of Darwin, Huxley, and Einstein. Many recent scientists also hold these beliefs and have been performing experiments to prove it since the 1980s. The […]

A Utopian Society for One

Toward Human Health and Happiness: A Utopian Society for One The ideal society is not like the ocean it consumes every drop of water, but there is no treasure, uniqueness or identity. However, Utopia is the imagined place or state of things where everything is perfect. It can be a personal, cultural and social idea that must rely on an individual's unique priorities and principles. It does not require a consideration of what is good for most and it is […]

Life and Love in Delirium Novel

"In Delirium, there are many situations where consent comes into question. In today’s world consent means to voluntarily agree to an act or proposal from another person, ranging from contracts to sexual relations. In delirium, they are forced to live a life that is chosen for them, and that means there is a lack of consent. In some cultures, women are forced to marry into a family that they do not know or want to be a part of. They are […]

Contrast between the Libertarian Notion of Freedom

I believe the biggest contrast between the libertarian notion of freedom and Kant's version is the idea of autonomy (Kant) versus heteronomy (libertarian). Libertarian's value their right to be able to do anything they please to do with their time and properties so long as their desires are met. They believe in self-ownership because this concept allows them to do just that exactly. However, Kant would call this definition of freedom as heteronomous because the motive behind doing what a […]

The Libertarian Notion of Freedom

The libertarian notion of freedom is grounded in self ownership and the fact that people have certain rights; one of those rights being that you should be allowed to do what you want with what you own. Others should not be allowed to stop you, and this is why libertarians hate paternalistic laws and moral legislation laws. Those laws could potentially get in the way of people doing what they want with what they own if it clashes with what […]

Senseless Conflict and Misery Regularly

For as long as history is recorded, senseless conflict and misery regularly transpired on the whims one head of state alone. During the 18th century many of the philosophers of the Enlightenment were concerned with ideas surrounding human beings' autonomy and self-determination and challenged the idea of rule by a monarchy which had prevailed until then. One of the most significant, if not the most significant of these thinkers was Immanuel Kant. Kant's work on property, and thus society and […]

The Conception of Philosophical Libertarianism and Determinism

Two authors completely changed the modern perceptions of free will. Agustine by attempting to answer the question of why does evil exist in the world and why does God allows suffering to exist, and Hobbes by attempting to define liberty and clarifying the distinction between willing to act and willing to will. Both definitions intended to define whether there is true freedom in actions. In one hand, Agustine deriving from Manicheanism and Neoplatonism affirms that the existence of evil lays […]

Knowledge that God is Good

A man who does not know why he believes does not know what he believes, and a man who does not know what he believes will never walk the path of light. The natural tendency of mankind is to root his credence in something because a person they admire believed it first. The danger of this tendency lies in the fact that mankind can then base their whole understanding of any concept, idea, or theology on reputation as opposed to […]

The Inevitable Growth of Democracy

Alexis De Tocqueville’s Democracy in America addresses the benefits and disadvantages the United States demonstrates in an advance democracy. In this paper I will argue how persuasive and suitable his work on understanding the ineluctable growth of democracy is to prepare mankind of a new way of life and set a standard of security for the new political structure as well. De Tocqueville’s trip to America inspired him to put democracy under a microscope, personally he was not fond of […]

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Writing Prompts about Free Will

  • 🗃️ Essay topics
  • ❓ Research questions
  • 📝 Topic sentences
  • 🪝 Essay hooks
  • 📑 Thesis statements
  • 🔀 Hypothesis examples
  • 🧐 Personal statements

🔗 References

🗃️ free will essay topics.

  • Examining the existence and nature of free will.
  • Free will vs. determinism and navigating the age-old philosophical dilemma.
  • Neuroscientific insights into the illusion of free will.
  • The role of free will in ethical decision-making.
  • Cultural and religious perspectives on free will and divine predestination.
  • The illusion of free will and its implications for personal identity.
  • Quantum physics and the implications for free will.
  • The philosophy of determinism and its relevance to free will discussions.
  • Evolutionary perspectives on the emergence of free will.
  • Human nature from religious perspective.
  • Cognitive biases and their influence on perceived free will.
  • The psychological impact of believing in free will or determinism.
  • The influence of social and environmental factors on perceived free will.
  • Free will in the digital age and exploring the impact of algorithms and AI.
  • Free will in criminal justice and implications for legal systems.
  • Portrayals and symbolism of free will in literature and film.
  • Free will in education and nurturing critical thinking and choice.
  • Exploring intersectional perspectives of gender, culture, and free will.
  • The philosophy of compatibilism and harmonizing free will.
  • Free will in artificial intelligence and designing machines with ethical autonomy.
  • Comparative analysis of free will in religious and secular worldviews.

❓ Free Will Research Questions

  • How has the concept of free will been historically interpreted and debated across various philosophical traditions?
  • To what extent do neuroscientific findings challenge or support the idea of human free will?
  • How does the belief in free will influence individuals’ sense of moral responsibility and ethical decision-making?
  • What cultural and societal factors shape people’s perceptions and understandings of free will?
  • How do religious and spiritual beliefs impact individuals’ views on the existence of free will?
  • Can advancements in artificial intelligence and neuroscience shed light on the nature of human free will?
  • How do cognitive biases and heuristics influence individuals’ beliefs in their own free will?
  • How do personal experiences and life events shape an individual’s belief in the existence of free will?
  • What role does education play in shaping people’s understanding and acceptance of the concept of free will?
  • What impact does the illusion of free will have on mental health, decision-making, and well-being?
  • How does the concept of free will intersect with issues of autonomy and agency in medical decision-making?
  • What ethical implications arise from scientific determinism and its potential conflict with notions of free will?
  • How do individuals who hold differing views on free will engage in moral and ethical debates?
  • What role does conscious awareness play in individuals’ experience of free will and their perception of choices?
  • What are the implications of advancements in genetics and biotechnology for our understanding of free will?

📝 Topic Sentences about Free Will

  • The perennial debate surrounding free will hinges on the tension between individual agency and the constraints of determinism, sparking inquiries into the nature of human decision-making.
  • In the realm of cognitive psychology, the intricate interplay between cognitive biases and the perception of free will presents a compelling avenue for understanding the complexities of human choice.
  • As artificial intelligence advances and gains decision-making capabilities, the ethical implications surrounding the compatibility of AI’s actions with human free will take center stage in discussions about technology’s impact on society.

🪝 Top Hooks for Free Will Paper

📍 anecdotal hooks on free will for essay.

  • Are we the maestros of our lives or just puppets in the cosmic comedy? Delve into the quirky universe of “free will,” where philosophers argue, neurons fire, and we desperately try to choose between pizza and salad, all while wondering if our choices are even ours!
  • Buckle up for a philosophical rollercoaster! In the wild world of “free will,” we ponder whether our decisions are our brain’s rebellious antics or cosmic directions from a universal GPS. Join me on this whimsical journey of choice, chance, and maybe a sprinkle of destiny.

📍 Definition Hooks for Essay about Free Will

  • Free will, the philosophical enigma, refers to the ability of individuals to make conscious choices independent of external influences. It contemplates the boundary between personal agency and the intricacies of destiny, shaping discussions across philosophy, science, and ethics.
  • Free will, the elusive beacon of human autonomy, embodies the power to forge choices devoid of external compulsions. This multifaceted concept traverses the philosophical spectrum, kindling debates on determinism, moral responsibility, and the essence of personal agency.

📍 Statistical Hooks about Free Will for Essay

  • With 67% of participants in a recent survey expressing belief in free will, it’s clear that this enduring philosophical quandary resonates deeply. Delving into the statistical landscape sheds light on the prevalence and complexity of this concept in modern society.
  • According to a cross-cultural study, 42% of respondents considered free will essential for moral responsibility. These statistics illuminate the significant role free will plays in shaping our ethical frameworks, offering insights into its perceived significance across diverse societies.

📍 Question Hooks about Free Will

  • Do we truly hold the reins of our destinies, or are our choices mere illusions? How does the complex interplay between genetics, environment, and consciousness shape our understanding of free will and its implications on ethics and identity?
  • How does the intricate interplay between external influences and individual choices shape the concept of free will? Explore the boundaries and implications of free will in a world driven by social, cultural, and environmental factors.

📑 Best Free Will Thesis Statements

✔️ argumentative thesis about free will.

  • While external factors and determinism shape human choices, free will remains integral, manifesting in the conscious deliberation and unique agency that enable individuals to transcend circumstances, fostering personal growth and ethical responsibility.
  • The discourse on free will persists: though influenced by genetics and environment, humans possess the capacity to make autonomous choices. This inherent agency underscores accountability, moral decision-making, and the essence of individuality.

✔️ Analytical Thesis Samples on Free Will

  • Examining the intricate tapestry of human consciousness and external influences, the concept of free will reveals itself as a nuanced interplay between choice and determinism, offering insight into the complexities of individual agency and decision-making.
  • Through a multifaceted analysis of philosophical, psychological, and scientific perspectives, the notion of free will emerges as a dynamic construct, shaped by cognitive processes, societal norms, and inherent limitations, shedding light on the intricacies of human agency.

✔️ Informative Thesis Examples on Free Will

  • This informative exploration delves into the concept of free will, elucidating its origins in philosophy and its evolution through psychology and neuroscience. By understanding its complexities, we gain insights into the mechanisms behind human decision-making and agency.
  • Unveiling the layers of free will, this thesis navigates through its historical, philosophical, and scientific dimensions. By tracing its significance across disciplines, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between choice, determinism, and human behavior.

🔀 Free Will Hypothesis Examples

  • The degree of external influences on decision-making directly impacts the perceived autonomy of an individual’s free will.
  • Neuroscientific findings suggest that free will might be a product of intricate brain processes rather than an absolute metaphysical concept.

🔂 Null & Alternative Hypothesis on Free Will

  • Null hypothesis: There is no significant relationship between external influences and the perception of free will among individuals.
  • Alternative hypothesis: External influences significantly affect the perception of free will among individuals, demonstrating a strong connection between external factors and the sense of personal agency.

🧐 Examples of Personal Statement about Free Will

  • The concept of free will has always captivated my intellectual curiosity. As I delve into the intricate interplay between choice and determinism, I am driven to understand how our decisions are shaped by both internal desires and external influences. Exploring the philosophical implications of free will not only expands my cognitive horizons but also deepens my appreciation for the complexity of human nature.
  • Intrigued by the philosophical debates surrounding free will, I am dedicated to unraveling the layers of this timeless conundrum. Through interdisciplinary exploration, from neuroscience to ethics, I aim to grasp the extent of our autonomy in a world governed by laws and patterns. Investigating the essence of free will allows me to contemplate the essence of our individuality and the ethical responsibilities that arise from our choices.
  • Age differences in free will and control perceptions across the lifespan and around the world
  • Free Will and Determinism
  • Free Will and Responsibility: Ancient Dispute, New Themes
  • Free will without consciousness?
  • Conceptualizing and Studying Free Will Belief and Disbelief

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Freewill Essays

Cult conversion: freewill or brainwashing.

The controversy surrounding new religious movements seems to be foremost concerned with whether or not the members of these religions come of their own freewill or if they convert as a necessary and inevitable response to advanced coercion, or “brainwashing” techniques employed by the cult leaders. The concept of brainwashing came into popular existence in the 1950’s as the result of attempts to try and explain the behaviour of some American GI’s who defected to the Communists during the Korean

Stace's Views on Freewill

Freewill Through the Eyes of Stace I can most relate with Stace’s views on freewill. I feel that the freewill argument is more about definition and the word’s true meaning. I also agree with his statement of, “if there is no free will there can be no morality.” Stace believes that is doing what we want to do and not being constrained from doing so. Morality is a good argument of why we do what we do. Then there is the idea that we have choices and choices are made by the individual and not by outside

Essay on Freedom and Fate in Moll Flanders

Freedom and Fate in Moll Flanders Are people who believe in freewill simply ignorant of the reasons of their actions?  In the context of Defoe's Moll Flanders, this question may result in considerable debate. Was Flanders free or was she predetermined to live a wicked and improper life mired in years of penitence? Did the whorish behavior of Moll's mother predetermine Moll's actions? Certainly there is no question that Flanders was a criminal - she was a whore, a thief, and she practiced incest

Herman Melville's Bartleby the Scrivener

scrivener who gives up on the prospect of living life. However, by doing so Bartleby is attempting to exercise his freewill, for he would "prefer not to" work. His relationship to the narrator is thus significant, for as he attempts to exercise his freewill he is breaking from the will of the narrator and the normal progression of life. However, this attempt to exercise his freewill and break loose from the confines of typical societal functions, isolates Bartleby from society, which in turn

Anti Abortion - The Truth of Abortion

pure reason. Of course, this is a tender subject, but that goes to reason. For it is essential for truth and feeling to come together in the expression and beholding of understanding. • Abortion and Choice : We have freewill to either magnify goodness or not. We have freewill, as has been given to us by our Creator, to do good or evil. Hence, I nor anyone else – not even God – has the right to deny another from any course of action – in this case, abortion. • Abortion Stance : Truth is eternal

Free Will v. Determinism

Do we really have Freewill? The topic of freewill vs. determinism has always been something that has interested me. I follow the Christian faith very strongly but my views on the subject vary almost daily. The concept of freewill and determinism is something that, as a Christian, I often struggle with. By no means do I think that I have all the answers or that I am right. I believe that in order to find the truth or what is right you have to be willing to accept that everything you believe could

Examples Of Biculturalism In The Joy Luck Club

Biculturalism Exposed in Joy Luck Club          America does not have a culture. The established American society is made up of multicultural peoples that are forced into assimilation by social pressure. Webster's dictionary defines biculturalism as the existence of two distinct cultures in one nation. I am a prime example of biculturalism in America. My mother was born and raised in another country and her daughter was raised far away in the United States. The novel "Joy Luck Club" by Amy

Freewill In The Bible

not exercise freewill, 8 then He could only get this worship from men outside of heaven. Heaven is a place without sin and only the righteous will exist in heaven. 9 so, logically, to transport a saint to heaven would be against the will of God, thus making God a sinner Himself! The Bible speaks of a final judgment. A time when all the people who have not been saved will be cast into the Lake of Fire along with the fallen angels and the believers taken into heaven. Now, if freewill, of the type spoken

Freewill In Religion

exists a place called heaven that will only be granted to those that are righteous, fair and just. So, it comes to no surprise that faithful Christians seek to purse this goal or reward, but many struggle in remaining morally good with are God given freewill. What are our options? Well, the monastic life described in The Rule of Saint Benedict presents the reader with the idea of becoming a monk for a catholic monastery, to devout

Fate And Freewill In The Matrix

Matrix explore fate and freewill? Fate and freewill remain two ongoing themes in this movie having major significance throughout. The Matrix directed by the Wachowski brother’s developed in 1999, became world famous due to its unique structure and unusual visual effects known as ‘bullet time’ as well as the ‘green tinge’. The Matrix, is a science fiction action based movie that has one main focus being Neo who symbolises ‘The One’. Fate essentially your destiny and freewill meaning a decision you

Examples Of Freewill In Macbeth

control over your actions. It can also mean that events and occurrences are predetermined. The thought of events being predetermined, brings in the question of freewill. Freewill, the ability to choose decisions independently without any restraint, is something someone could doubt with fate. Throughout William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, fate and freewill go head to head with one another. The first example written in Macbeth is when the characters, the Wyrd Sisters, are introduced. The term “wyrd” actually

Fate Vs Freewill

decisions or do we have the power to choose our own destiny? For many ages, there have been debates by philosophers, scientists, and neuroscientists on the complicated issue of fate and freewill. I believe that fate and freewill coexist with each other and that every person is destined to succeed, but it is their freewill that either makes them succeed or unsuccessful. Fate is an unseen power that does control the major decisions of one’s life reminding one that everything in life happens for the better

Abigail Olivares English 4 Mrs. Crockett December, 16, 2015 Fate vs. Freewill According to Horney each of the interpersonal strategies of defense involves a ‘’bargain with fate ‘’ in which if a person lives up to his claims are supposed to be honored. The perfectionistic person believes that his own rectitude will ensure fair treatment from others through the height of his standards he completes fate. In Macbeth freewill is presented because Macbeth kills Duncan and Banquo by him not knowing what

Freewill And Fate In Oedipus The King

Freewill and Fate in Oedipus Rex The argument on whether free will or fate governs the destinies of human beings has been the main topic of many great writings, such as the tragic tale of Oedipus Rex written by Sophocles. Oedipus demonstrated to have a fulfilling praise life by many to see, however he had a past or a fate unknown to him. For the past, he knew, was a complete lie, everything he thought to be true was false. “Guilt is a powerful affliction. You can try to turn your back on it, but

The Freewill Dilemma Case Study

The Freewill Dilemma Free will is the capacity of an individual to “act freely”, how what they do is/ isn’t controlled by any other power, as well as the notion that “every event has a cause” (Vaughn Pg. 333). While rationalizing about this idea, freewill presents a variety of different theories to explain why or why not an individual has the ability to change the outcome. Different views on Freewill There are three different categories of theories: Libertarianism, Determinism and Compatibilism

Fate Vs Freewill In The Crucible

life is predetermined or their decisions affect their ultimatum; fate vs freewill, is one of the most frequently asked philosophical question without a definite answer. The two plays of Macbeth by William Shakespeare and The Crucible by Arthur Miller are excellent at illustrating the theme of fate vs freewill. The two plays provides interesting perspectives on this theme and give intuition on the controversy of fate vs freewill through actions of tragic characters such as Macbeth and John Proctor.

Fate Vs Freewill In The Odyssey

Philosophers and religious figures have debated on fate and freewill for centuries. Those who believe in fate accept this idea of Gods and Goddess’s predetermined destiny. Some philosopher turn to fate to explain why life events happen; giving reasoning to an unexplainable event. However, religious believers respond to fate as a universal aspect of human life. Fate allows an individual life to serve toward a higher power, a single insist in their lives will trigger a chain of events that will led

Fate and Freewill in Oedipus the King

shows many different forms of fate and freewill. Fate is a word that can be defined in many different ways. Fate can affect a person's life in many different ways. Oedipus's fate ruined his life and lead him to a horrible death. Antigone's life was also thrown out to the hand of fate. Neither one of them had any freewill in there lifetime, all of there lives were based upon the fate that the gods handed to them. Both of these elements, fate and freewill, play a large role in the telling of the

Difference Between Freewill And Determinism

Freewill and Determinism Every morning has its routine: alarm goes off, roll out of bed, shower, makeup, brush teeth, and get to class. But do these things happen because that’s what we choose our routine to be? Are we choosing to do these things on our own accord, or are they already predetermined? What is “freewill,” and does it truly exist? These are the questions that philosophers have delved into for centuries, all coming up with different ideas and limitations of “freewill.” AJ Ayer’s concept

What Is Freewill In Macbeth

the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one's own discretion is what free will means. This theme has been used in numerous types of literature. In this shakespearean play, the author lets the audience decide whether it is fate or freewill through the character Macbeth. The events of Macbeth’s life can be either his own doing or fate. Shakespeare used the witches prophecies, Lady Macbeth’s influence to sway Macbeth’s decisions but Macbeth actually makes his fate come true by his actions


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