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    good phrases to use in french writing

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    good phrases to use in french writing

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    good phrases to use in french writing


    good phrases to use in french writing

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    good phrases to use in french writing

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    good phrases to use in french writing


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  1. 30 Useful French Essay Phrases and Transition Words in French

    Do you need to write an essay in French? Whether you are a student, a traveler, or a language lover, you can benefit from learning some useful French essay phrases. In this article, you will discover 30 common expressions that will help you structure your arguments, introduce your ideas, and connect your thoughts in a clear and elegant way. Plus, you will also find some tips on how to improve ...

  2. 52 Advanced French Expressions Using Familiar Words

    Faire la tête (to have a pout/to sulk) Perdre la tête (to lose one's memory or one's mind) Ni queue ni tête (making no sense) Garder la tête froide (to remain calm) En avoir par-dessus la tête (to be fed up) Une tête brûlée (a hothead) Avoir une tête à claques (to be stupid or annoying) Avoir la grosse tête (to be arrogant)

  3. Writing essays in French Cheat Sheet

    Useful expressions to help structure your A level French essay.

  4. Expressing Opinions in French

    Votre vs ton - see vous vs tu Supporting opinions Asking for opinions Tempering and avoiding opinions Assorted useful expressions Appeler un chat un chat Au contraire Avoir l'esprit de l'escalier Changer de cap Être à côté de la plaque Et j'en passe Être d'accord Figure-toi La question ne se pose pas Mettre les pieds dans le plat Moi aussi

  5. How to Write an Essay in French Without Giving Yourself Away ...

    Must-have French Phrases for Writing Essays 4 Types of French Essays and How to Write Them 1. Text Summary (Synthèse de texte) 2. Text Commentary (Commentaire de texte) 3. Dialectic Dissertation (Thèse, Antithèse, Synthèse) 4. Progressive Dissertation (Plan progressif) And one more thing...

  6. 20 useful French words and phrases for ESSAY WRITING

    Here we have a list of 20 most commonly used french words and phrases which can be very useful for essay writing. This video is aimed at helping beginners.Wi...

  7. Improve Your French Writing with These Effective Methods and Tips

    Learn the passé simple. Grow your vocabulary. Use online resources to get started. Tips to Improve French Writing. Track your progress with a journal. Try writing poetry. Put new words to immediate use. Don't use a dictionary too often. Write a little first, then check grammar.

  8. How to Write an Excellent French Essay (Resources Included)

    1. L'explication de texte. An explication de texte is a type of essay for which you complete a close reading. It is usually written about a poem or a short passage within a larger work. This close reading will elucidate different themes and stylistic devices within the text. When you are completing an explication de texte, make sure to follow ...

  9. How to write an essay in French

    First, you will find some useful tips and tricks that will help you write more compelling and better French essays in the future. Have a clear thesis and structure. Do sufficient research and use reliable sources. Use examples and arguments to support your thesis. Avoid plagiarism and cite correctly. Always check structure, grammar and spelling ...

  10. What are some sophisticated essay phrases I can use in French?

    Here are some phrases that can be adapted for use in many situations to help elevate your language: Faire le point de l'affaire = to summarise the issue Tirer l'affaire au clair = to shed light on the matter Souligner la gravité de la situation = to underline the seriousness of the situation Le problème se banalise = the problem is ...

  11. 33 Connectors In French For Smooth Speech

    33 French Conversational Connectors For Smooth Spoken French. by Olly Richards. As you learn French and begin using longer sentences to express your ideas, you need to know the connectors in French that allow everything to flow together. Connectors will turn disjointed phrases into joined up sentences, making your French sound more smooth ...

  12. Gcse French Writing Higher 150 Words Key Phrases

    23 terms AZahir24 Preview situation familiale 7 terms ashle6125 Preview Os coxal 33 terms manelle79 Preview French GCSE Essay Writing Phrases Teacher 81 terms llestercrestwood Preview All GCSE French Vocab (higher) 851 terms ElodieKnott2006 Preview

  13. Opinions in French

    Use phrases like 'Je crois que' or 'A mon avis' to make persuasive points without coming on too strong. ... a good phrase to use is Je n'ai pas d'avis sur le ... Writing in French. Ch 13. Food in ...

  14. 23 French Transition Words to Make Your Sentences Flow

    The French language has quite the catalog of transition words to help hold it all together. Not only do they keep you from sounding robotic, but they're also the key to writing effective essays, understanding the literature you're reading and improving your comprehension and conversation.

  15. French GCSE Speaking and Writing Handout with 39 'Ingredients

    3 comments Useful French GCSE Speaking and Writing Phrases for Grades 4-9 Sometimes I wonder if we give students too many handouts. Especially when I consider how often they look at them. Or on the other side of the scale, how reliant students can become on using handouts to produce their 'own' work.

  16. 47 Greetings and Salutations in French

    Salutations. These salutations follow along with initial greetings and are more specific to various circumstances, such as holidays. French. English. When to Use. Formality. Bon joyeux anniversaire. Happy Birthday. To wish someone Happy Birthday.

  17. French GCSE Idioms

    Transcript of French GCSE Idiom N°1 : Poser un lapin. 'Quand j'étais plus jeune, je n'étais pas une personne ponctuelle, j'arrivais souvent en retard et je posais parfois des lapins'. Tranlation : 'When I was younger, was not punctual, I was often late and I …..'. What do you think this means, pick one option among :


    FRENCH GCSE WRITING: USEFUL PHRASES Term 1 / 12 J'ai eu Click the card to flip 👆 Definition 1 / 12 I had Click the card to flip 👆 Flashcards Learn Test Match Created by deborah112233 Terms in this set (12) J'ai eu I had J'avais I used to have J'aurai I will have Je serai I will be je ferai I will do j'irai I will go il faisait froid it was cold

  19. French Phrases in English

    Many French phrases are used in English, both written and spoken. This page lists some of the most common French phrases, with meanings, comments and contextual example sentences. Although you may not need to use French phrases, it's useful to recognise them when you see or hear them. Vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers.

  20. 110+ Everyday French Phrases for Sounding Truly French

    1. Bonjour - Hello / Good day (formal/informal) This phrase is probably the most common greeting you will hear and can be used in formal and informal situations (although it's more common in formal situations). 2. Bonsoir - Good evening (formal/informal) This phrase is used once people start to leave school or work to go home.

  21. French phrases for GCSE writing

    Quand je serai adulte. when I am an adult. Si j'avais beaucoup d'argent, je voudrais. If I had a lot of money, I would like to. inoubliable. unforgettable. Learn these and attempt to use them for higher marks in French writing (or speaking but I've already done that so).

  22. 30 French Debate Phrases to Agree, Disagree and Stay Neutral ...

    Avoiding Expressing an Opinion. 10. Il m'est impossible de donner un avis [définitif] sur (I can't give a [definite] opinion on) Talk about avoidance! This is a great phrase to keep in your pocket when you feel like it would be best to keep your opinion to yourself. Il m'est impossible de donner un avis [définitif] sur la crise economique.

  23. GCSE French Speaking

    When the cat's away, the mice will play. il va sans dire que. it goes without saying that. vieux-jeu. old-fashioned. en avoir marre (de) to be fed up (with/of) These phrases explore a variety of tenses and situations, making your speaking much more complex and showing you have a firm grasp of the language.