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  • Hurricane Katrina and the US Emergency Management Hurricane Katrina was a storm that struck the Gulf Coast of the US in 2005. The Federal Emergency Management Agency was responsible for creating and maintaining an emergency plan.
  • Hurricane Katrina Emergency Management This paper discusses the effects, response, recovery, and lessons that people learned from Hurricane Katrina disaster with a particular focus on New Orleans Fire Department.
  • Hurricane Katrina’ Meaning: Mental, Economic, and Geographical Impact In a bid to understand Hurricane Katrina, this paper will focus on the mental, economic, and geographical impact of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Tornado and Hurricane Comparison Both a tornado and a hurricane are fraught with terrible consequences, both in terms of material damage and the possible injuries. Hurricanes causes impressively lesser damage.
  • Hurricane Katrina: Government Ethical Dilemmas Hurricane Katrina is a prime example of government failure. That`s why the leadership and decision-making Issues are very important at every level: local, state and federal.
  • Mississippi’ Disaster: Hurricane Katrina Crisis Strategy The primary strength of the crisis plan adopted by the authorities in Mississippi is the commitment of the authorities respond faster than they did during Hurricane Katrina.
  • Strategies Applicable to the Hurricane Katrina The Mississippi Crisis Plan many focuses on public information in order to ensure more communities and populations are aware of possible disasters.
  • Hurricane Katrina, Its Economic and Social Impact Hurricane Katrina is one of the worst disasters that ever happened on the territory of the US, and the magnitude of the damage that it has caused is nearly impossible to measure.
  • Hurricane Katrina: Facts, Impacts and Prognosis Hurricane Katrina was one of the most serious natural disasters to hit the United States of America over the last hundred years.
  • Early PTSD Interventions in the Event of a Hurricane Debriefing is a kind of psychological treatment offered to survivors of natural disasters in order to reduce their psychological morbidity that may appear as a natural reaction to the trauma.
  • Houston’s Revitalization After Harvey Hurricane Hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods can result in property damage and kill people. This paper will discuss possibilities for a revitalization of Houston after Harvey.
  • Structural Violence and Hurricane Matthew in Haiti Paul Farmer’s chapter “Suffering and Structural Violence” explains the concept of structural violence and applies it to Haiti.
  • History: Hurricanes and British Sugar and Rice Markets In the article, Mathew Mulcahy explores the destructive power of hurricanes and their connection to the dynamics of sugar and rice markets in Great Britain.
  • Hurricane Katrina and Emergency Planning Lessons Hurricane Katrina was a storm that struck the Gulf Coast of the United States in 2005 and that caused massive damages that affected the social and economic lifestyles.
  • PTSD-Related Intervention in the Hurricane Context The aftermath of the hurricane is expected to bring about posttraumatic stress disorder (PSTD) symptoms among the millions of affected victims.
  • 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina in Psychological Aspect The purpose of this essay is to analyze the response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina, mainly from psychological perspectives.
  • Hurricane Hanna, Aftermath and Community Recovery The consequences of the hurricane Hanna that were described by the Federal Emergency Management Agency suggest possible long-lasting environmental issues.
  • Disaster Management: Evacuations from Gulf Coast Hurricanes The main challenge that faced the emergency response to Hurricane Katrina and Rita was the inadequate protection of evacuees with medical and other special needs.
  • Health Department’s Actions in Hurricanes The major role of Health Department officials in case of hurricanes is to coordinate the response of all the medical personnel that is a charge of rendering continuous aid.
  • Hurricane Katrina and Public Administration Action This paper discusses public administration action during Hurricane Katrina, examines key omissions, Super Dome, a “location of last resort,” and other related issues.
  • National Guidance During Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina provided a lesson for the authorities of different levels. This paper analyzes the connection between the National Guidance and Hurricane Katrina.
  • Hurricane Katrina: Determining Management Approach This paper discusses approaches to organizational change, their advantages, and disadvantages in connection with emergency management, for such disasters as Hurricane Katrina.
  • Hurricane Katrina and the USA’s South While the hurricane Katrina was natural, the destruction it caused was largely the result of the USA’s disregard of the south and its people.
  • Hurricane Katrina as One of the Worst National Disasters in the USA This paper illustrates the reasons why american levees failed to control the flooding problems during the Katrina hurricane what attributed to engineering ethics and the precaution.
  • Recovery Efforts During 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina It is a prerequisite of any government in place to always be prepared for any disaster of whatever nature whether natural or humanly initiated.
  • The 1900 Galveston Hurricane: Disaster Management Failure Isaac Cline, who by then was the director of the Galveston Weather Bureau, placed his arguments which were based on the statements saying that the city of Galveston did not require a seawall.
  • Hurricane Katrina’s Mental Health Impact on Populations The occurrence of Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami disasters called for the development of specialized techniques that would respond to a crisis.
  • Organizational Behavior and Motivation in Hurricane Response This article examines methods that could be used to manage the aftermath of the Katrina disaster by some theorists in the field of creating mechanisms to regulate human behavior.
  • Article Review: “The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Trust in Government” The research applies trust concept to and measured in dwellers of several counties within Mississippi and Louisiana.
  • The Atlantic Hurricane Season Explained The Atlantic hurricane occurs from June 1 to November 30. It peaks sharply from late August to September; in most cases, the season is at the highest point around September 10.
  • How Climate Change Increases the Risk of Hurricanes Hurricanes generate significant financial loss particularly in areas with a high degree of development activities.
  • Hurricane Katrina: Improvised Communication Plan This article seeks to highlight improvised communication plans adopted by the victims in the shelter at the Houston Astrodome.
  • Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and Hurricane Harvey The coast of the United States in general and Texas in particular experiences tropical storms on a regular basis. Hurricanes hit the Texas coastline, often causing property damage.
  • Loss Prevention and How It Was Affected by Hurricane Katrina The most damaging flood in United States’ history, is known as the 2005 Great New Orleans Flood or Katrina. It is estimated that the damages were incurred in 2005.
  • Hurricane Katrina: Hazards Management This paper explores the events of Hurricane Katrina in regard to the arguments for and against rebuilding along the shorelines.
  • Hurricane: How Human Actions Affect It To prevent the frequent occurrence of hurricanes, it is necessary to understand the process of their occurrence and how human actions affect it.
  • Hurricane Katrina and Failures of Emergency Management Operations Hurricane Katrina came from the coast of Louisiana on August 29, 2005, immediately resulting in a Category 3 storm as winds reached the speed of over 120 miles per hour.
  • Hurricane Katrina: Military and Civilian Response One of the three most dramatic catastrophes of the millennium, hurricane Katrina highlighted weak points of government and military forces.
  • Galveston Hurricane of 1900 The paper discusses Galveston, the 1900 hurricane. It remains the deadliest in terms of natural disasters ever witnessed in the history of America.
  • Destructive Atlantic Hurricane Season in 2017 The deadly and destructive 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season affected many people in society as it made people lose over 200 billion dollars.
  • Hurricane Vince: The Tropical Cyclone Hurricane Vince is a tropical cyclone that formed and developed in the eastern region of the Atlantic Ocean in 2005, near the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, on the United States Gulf Coast, on August 29, 2005, leaving a path of devastation and flooding in her wake.
  • Aspects of Hurricane Irma: Analysis The paper examines Hurricane Irma and the responses of the country, state, and Monroe County to the disaster. Irma was one of the most powerful hurricanes.
  • The Hurricane Katrina: Consequences Hurricane Katrina is one of the unprecedented disasters that led to deaths and the destruction of economic resources.
  • Hurricane Response Plan: Analysis The City of Baton Rouge Emergency Services has developed a five-step detailed response plan in the event of a major hurricane to reduce risks to civilians and city infrastructure.
  • Hurricanes and National Incident Management Processes This paper discusses the impact of hurricanes and the response efforts that are put in place to mitigate the effects of the disaster.
  • Hurricane Maria and Community Response to Hazard Hurricane Maria, which took place in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Dominica on September 20, 2017, is believed to be one of the most devastating natural disasters.
  • Hurricane Olesya Devastates Local Economy
  • Disaster Relief Coordination Failed in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
  • Irish Famine and Hurricane Katrina
  • Hurricane Sandy: Lessons Learned From the Natural Disasters
  • Comparisons Between Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina
  • Shelter Location and Transportation Planning Under Hurricane Conditions
  • Coastal Building Codes and Hurricane Damage
  • Disaster Management Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina
  • Racism During Hurricane Katrina
  • Hurricane Sandy, Mitigation and Recovery
  • Hurricane Katrina and the Levee System and Its Affect on Organizational Behavior
  • The Preparedness Efforts Leading Up for Hurricane Floyd
  • Differences Between the Impacts of Hurricane Katrina and Cyclone Nargis
  • Hurricane Katrina: Natural Disaster or Racial Disaster
  • The Impact Hurricane Andrew Made on Florida
  • Does Global Warming Have an Effect on Hurricanes?
  • Hurricane Andrew Southeast Florida
  • Preparing Your Boat for a Hurricane
  • Knowledge Management and Hurricane Katrina Response
  • Hurricane Katrina and the Human Resources
  • Northern Hemisphere Hurricanes Hurricane Storm
  • Decision-making Issues During Hurricane Katrina
  • Federalism and Hurricane Katrina
  • Social Capital and Social Learning After Hurricane Sandy
  • Twelve Years Later: The Long-term Mental Health Consequences of Hurricane Katrina
  • Will Hurricanes Like Hurricane Maria Become More Common in the Future?
  • Hurricane Katrina and Its Effects on New Orleans
  • Development, Specification, and Validation of Hurricane Resiliency Index
  • Communication Failures During Hurricane Katrina
  • Wikimedia Foundation and Atlantic Hurricane
  • Personal Hurricane Evacuation Plan
  • Governmental Action During and After Hurricane Katrina
  • Fault for the Recovery Efforts of Hurricane Katrina
  • Home Insurance, and Hurricane Preparations
  • Immigration From New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina
  • Hurricane Katrina and Its Impact on the United States
  • United States Government Response to Hurricane Katrina
  • Hurricane Katrina and Its Effects on Public
  • FEMA’s Effectiveness During the 2005 Hurricane Season
  • Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans Levee System
  • New Orleans Business Recovery in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
  • Race, Hurricane Katrina, and the Aftermath
  • The People’s Plan For Overcoming the Hurricane Katrina Blues
  • Hurricane Katrina Disaster Response
  • Hurricane Katrina and Its Impact on the New Orleans Economy
  • Did Hurricane Katrina Expose Racism in America?
  • The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900
  • Hurricane Katrina and Global Warming
  • Government Interaction After Hurricane Katrina
  • Comparison Between 2003 WildFire and Hurricane Katrina Disaster
  • Flooding and Finances: Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Consumer Credit
  • Government Involvement During Hurricane Katrina
  • Tropical Cyclone and Scale Hurricane Structure
  • The Impact and Dangers of Hurricane Irene
  • The Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model
  • The Chicago Heat Wave: The Effects of Hurricane Katrina
  • Understanding Hurricane Andrew and Its Aftermath in Florida
  • Factors Associated With Hurricane Evacuation in North Carolina
  • Florida Law Enforcement’s Role in the 1995 Hurricane Season
  • Ethical Dilemma With the Effects of Hurricane Katrina
  • Does Global Warming Affect Hurricane Frequency and Intensity?
  • What Is the Easiest Way to Prepare for a Hurricane?
  • How Did Hurricane Katrina Affect the People of New Orleans?
  • Does Hurricane Risk Affect Individual Well-Being?
  • What Are the Greatest Hazards During a Hurricane?
  • How Did Puerto Laina Affect the Hurricane in America?
  • Was New Orleans Prepared for Hurricane Katrina in 2005?
  • How Was Hurricane Katrina Caused by Heat Exhaustion?
  • Was the Poor Response to Hurricane Katrina a Case of Racism?
  • How Did Hurricane Katrina Expose Race and Class Issues in America?
  • What Did Hurricane Katrina Teach Us?
  • How Did the Government Fail the Victims of Hurricane Katrina?
  • What Things Were Unique About the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane?
  • How Did the Hurricane Impact Human History?
  • How Did the Hurricane Sandy Affect the Economy of the USA?
  • What Are 10 Things You Need to Survive a Hurricane?
  • Can You Stay in the Eye of a Hurricane?
  • What Are the Steps of a Hurricane?
  • Should You Sleep During a Hurricane?
  • What Is One of the Most Important Actions to Take Before a Hurricane?
  • Does Taping Windows Help During Hurricane?
  • What Is the Number 1 Safety Tip for Surviving a Hurricane?
  • Is There a Warning Before a Hurricane?
  • What Floor Is Safest in a Hurricane?
  • How Long Does It Take for Florida to Recover From a Hurricane?
  • What Are the Main Conditions Necessary for a Hurricane?
  • Are Hurricanes Getting Worse?
  • What Is the Risk Factor of Hurricanes?
  • How Can a Hurricane Be Stopped?
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Hurricane Katrina Essays

Hurricane katrina and its effects on public.

Libraries: In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina, one of the extremely destructive and deadly tropical cyclone which influenced landfall along the Gulf coast, becoming to be notorious for the impacts and decimation it brought to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, south and central Florida, Bahamas. Notwithstanding to Katrina’s phenomenal impacts, the state and the federal government inefficient preparations or readiness for the cyclone and absence of satisfactory measures to its repercussions made one of the most noticeably bad and most costly catastrophic events […]

Hurricane Katrina Deaths

Hurricane Katrina surfaced around the Bahamas on August 23, 2005. It was a very traumatizing storm and it killed many people. There are many different conclusions on how many people actually died. Katrina hit many places in its path, leaving people with absolutely nothing. The O’Colley discovered 3 sources and analyzed the information, and the different sources reported what happened during hurricane Katrina. Source 1 discusses the deaths during hurricane Katrina, source 2 discusses the numbers for evacuations before and […]

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Hurricane Katrina was a very Costly Disaster

This hurricane was the most destructive in the United States. It was extremely tragic with the loss of homes, valuables, and even family. I know that I personally am thankful for the lives that were saved, but with forever remember the lives that were lost. Hurricane is a was a category 3 storm that hit ground near Grand Isle Louisiana. The category of the storm is based on the wind speed. A category 3 storm is considered extremely dangerous because […]

Hurricane Katrina – August 2005

Hurricane Katrina hit the southern shoreline of the United States on August 28, 2005. The focal point of Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans on the morning of August 29, 2005. The staggering impact of this storm brought about in excess of 1,800 natives losing their lives, and in addition in excess of an expected $81 billion dollars in harms happened. By August 31, 2005, 80% of the city ended up submerged in light of the fact that the tempest flood […]

Hurricane Katrina Military Failure or Learning Experience

What would the outcome have been if the military had guidance in place to respond to national disaster? Could lives have been saved and could have homes and businesses been protected? To evaluate this question, we need to look at the restraints that the military faces during a national/natural disaster. Due to the lack of national guidance, Hurricane Katrina, made the military reevaluate its role in natural disasters Restraints of the Military The major restraints imposed on the military are […]

Hurricane Katrina on Child Development

One of the most crippling hurricanes to hit the U.S. struck the Gulf coast on August 29, 2005. In an analysis of 971 fatalities and 15 additional deaths of storm evacuees, 40% of deaths were caused by drowning. 25% were caused by injury and trauma (CNN) and more than one million people in the Gulf region were displaced by the storm (CNN). The effects of this hurricane lead to many deaths and left thousands of people homeless. The combination of […]

Hurricane Katrina: Causes and Effects

In late August of 2005, a hurricane surfaced over the Bahamas, approximately 350 miles East of Miami. This hurricane was not only the largest, but the strongest to ever make landfall in the United States. When all was said and done, a little over a week later, there were roughly 1,836 lives taken. After impacting about 90,000 square miles, this hurricane was named Katrina. The most violent storms on Earth can also go by other names, including cyclones or typhoons, […]

How Hurricane Katrina Affected the People of New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina was the storm that wiped New Orleans off the map in 2005. hurricane Katrina starts off as a tropical depression on Tuesday, August 23rd. katrina made two landfalls the first one was on the southeast Florida coast on August 25th as a Category 1 hurricane with 80mph winds and soon after the storm passes over Florida it moved into the Gulf of Mexico where it became a category five. the second landfall was Monday, August 29, 2005, at […]

Lingering Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Vulnerable Populations

A Category 3 hurricane made landfall in the Gulf Coast of the United States near Grand Isle, Louisiana on August 29th, 2005. Named Hurricane Katrina and hitting winds of 127 mph the storm caused fatalities, flooding, and severe property damage in the Gulf Coast from New Orleans, Louisiana to Biloxi, Mississippi. Due to the aggressive nature of the storms and flooding, numerous levees failed around the New Orleans area, causing additional devastation to those communities (C.N.N. Library, Hurricane Katrina Fast […]

Hurricane Katrina – One of the Deadliest, Large, and Powerful Hurricane

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina, one of the deadliest, large, and powerful hurricane, hit the United States. It physically and emotionally caused a lot of damages to the country. Casualty loss caused Americans billions and billions of dollars. Millions of the victims were left with no home, job, and money. The government seemed to be helpless to the victims in helping them start their new lives after losing everything they have built. A racial project has come to the result […]

Governmental Action during and after Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most destructive hurricanes to ever hit the US. Hurricane Katrina formed on August 23, 2005, and in less than a week, it became a Category 4 hurricane causing more than $108 billion in damages. Subsequent flooding caused the destruction of more than 200,000 homes and the deaths of at least 1,836 people. By August 31, 2005, the city of New Orleans was completely submerged under water. Many faulted the immense destruction on the local, […]

An Overview of the Devastation of the Infamous Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a devastating occasion, yet nevertheless a historic event. Katrina resembled nothing else typhoon that the United States has actually ever before had, economically speaking. It would certainly take place to be set as a long lasting memory among a number of countless individuals on the Gulf coastline as well as other unaffected states. According to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Katrina hit the Gulf of Mexico on August 28, 2005. The typhoon was verified to […]

The Devastating Effects of the Government’s Decision to Flood the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina Disaster

In order for New Orleans to prepare for the large tornado that was going to hit their city, they first needed to take a look at just how their city was doing as a whole. The social influence as well as the economics of the city were in distress. New Orleans was reducing costs in order to increase the business economics, as well as the divide in between social courses was impacting government choices. In earlier times the government made […]

The Physical and Emotional Destruction Caused by the Hurricane Katrina in the City of New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina’s Psychical and Emotional Destruction A little over a decade ago New Orleans was struck by the infamously known Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed the physical and emotional integrity of the city. Flooded out, evacuated, or simply scarred by the damage to their families and homes, the people of New Orleans were exhausted. It had to take courage, love, and a whole lot of hope for some of the residents to stay. Unfortunately, while the buildings and streets were repaired, […]

An Analysis of Helping Behaviors Around Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was among the most tragic natural catastrophes in American background. In this regard, it is very important to highlight the reality that the actions of individuals associated with catastrophe avoidance and monitoring and other social teams are quite different. Without A Doubt, Hurricane Katrina has brought significant destruction to New Orleans, which has ended up being a scene of terrific disaster in American history. The whole state is susceptible to calamity, yet New Orleans was most influenced by […]

The Emergency Planning Lessons and Experiences Learned from the Hurricane Katrina by the City of New Orleans

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the official Atlantic hurricane Season usually takes place every year between the months of June and November. According to the agency, the period between mid-August and mid-October is usually the peak of hurricane Season. These tropical storms which develop either in the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean grow into hurricanes and they normally hit the southeastern coast of the united states almost in a rotational cycle of once […]

Natural Disasters

Abstract The world is bombarded endlessly with problems and threats. As if life were not enough, these disasters come in many forms and sizes and can vary with the significance of them. The one catastrophe that has been gaining more popularity and producing more damage is that of no other the hurricane. Which have been getting increasingly more violent over time to endure them there needs to be an improved understanding of how hurricanes form and what a hurricane is. […]

Hurricanes: Deadly and Powerful, but Predictable

These catastrophic events can be predicted and prepared for. Hurricane Katrina, however, dealt immense damage. In New Orleans, Louisiana, 2005, citizens were being warned of a disaster so horrible that it would change their lives forever. This event was Hurricane Katrina which lasted from August 23-31. This hurricane was the twelfth one of the season and it was the most devastating. This hurricane affected parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Florida. It was the most destructive hurricane to hit the […]

Federalism and Hurricanes

Federalism is how state and national government work together to divide power and functions. It had a great influence on the making of the constitution and its fundamental’s. Federalism impacts all areas of the government from simple local government all the way up to federal government. Like many things federalism has advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to communication and federalism they do not work hand and hand together, as seen during a natural disaster, hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was […]

Racism in Emergency Response Systems

Introduction It seems that police officers are always in the spotlight in the debate about racism in our first response organizations. For many, police brutality is a well known fact. For some, it’s a myth — that first responders always have their constituents best interest at heart. Whats important is to determine the facts; is there some statistical data that can shed light on and ultimately end the debate about whether racism exists in our emergency response systems? Are firefighters […]

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Hurricane Katrina Essay Examples

Case study of hurricane katrina.

A warning was issued on the 28th of August in 2005 predicting severe damage from the approaching storm to New Orleans and its surrounding areas. Hurricane Katrina has had catastrophic and prolonged effects on New Orleans and its surroundings. On 29 August 2005, the storm's...

Case Study: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge on Bridges and Buildings

Hurricane Katrina struck along the gulf coast of US in 2005. In this case study objective is to get a good understanding of the devastating effect of this hurricane storm surge, damages to coastal structures, bridges and buildings surveyed along Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. During...

Engineering Challenges of Hurricane Katrina

This report tends to the general plan of the building works that shield the City of New Orleans from significant tempest occasions. It quickly depicts the historical backdrop of the seepage of the city and talks about the normal and designed flood-assurance structures and system...

A Horror of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a catastrophic event, but nonetheless a historical event. Katrina was like no other hurricane that the United States has ever had, economically speaking. It would go on to be set as a long lasting memory amongst several millions of people on the...

Danage after the Hurricane Katrina

Other than Hurricane Sandy of 2012, Hurricane Katrina is one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit the United States in the 21st century. It happened in the 2005 hurricane season and devastated the gulf of Mexico, specifically Louisiana and the city of New Orleans....

Negative Impact of the Hurricane Katrina

During the hurricane many families were stuck in their homes until they were able to be rescued. “According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, the average number of people displaced from their homes...have doubled since 1970”.Some families had to choose from rebuilding their damaged homes...

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About Hurricane Katrina

August 23, 2005 - August 31, 2005

$125 billion

1, 836 total

Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi, New Orleans, Eastern United States and Eastern Canada

Hurricane Katrina was a tropical cyclone that struck the southeastern United States in late August 2005. The hurricane and its aftermath claimed more than 1, 800 lives, and it ranked as the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

There is no particular person for whom Hurricane Katrina was named. Rather, the hurricane was named in accordance with the World Meteorological Organization’s lists of hurricane names, which rotate every six years. Following the historical damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina, the name Katrina was retired from the lists of names

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