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Exam Question Bank: Paper 2: Health Psychology

Travis Dixon June 28, 2021 Health Psychology , Revision and Exam Preparation

health psychology essay questions

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The following are a list of practice exam questions for IB Psychology’s Health Option in Paper Two. This list contains past exam questions and some written with our best guess as to what the probable exam questions may look like. You could watch this as a video here.

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  • Paper 2: Human Relationships ( Link )
  • Paper 2: Abnormal Psychology ( Link )

health psychology essay questions

The exam questions will be based on the topic and content headings as shown above. This page is taken from our revision guide for IB Health Psychology (Available here ).

Exam Questions

# From past papers.

Approaches (Bio, Cog & Soc-cult)

If questions about the three core approaches are asked they will be based on the three “topics” for the Health Psychology option: determinants, problems and promotion.

Determinants of Health

  • Discuss the sociocultural approach to understanding determinants of health.
  • Contrast one biological and one cognitive determinant of health.
  • Contrast two approaches to understanding the determinants of health.

Health Problems

  • Discuss the biological approach to understanding one or more health problems.
  • To what extent does the cognitive approach explain one or more health problems.
  • Evaluate the sociocultural approach to understanding one health problem.

Promoting Health

  • Discuss the biological approach to promoting health.#
  • Discuss one or more sociocultural factors in promoting health.#
  • Evaluate the biological or cognitive approaches in promoting health.
  • Contrast two approaches (biological, cognitive or sociocultural) in promoting health.

Research Methods & Ethical Considerations

Questions about research methods and ethics will be based on the three “topics.”

Research Methods

Essay Questions

  • Evaluate the use of one research method used to study determinants of health.
  • Discuss approaches to research in the study of health problems.
  • Note: In May 2021 the IB asked about two research methods in abnormal psychology, so it is possible to be asked about two methods. 
  • Evaluate one or more research methods used to study the determinants of health.
  • Evaluate one research method used to study the effectiveness of one or more health promotion programmes.

The phrase “approaches to research” is used in the official IB Psychology guide and it means “research methods” (e.g. true experiments, correlational studies, etc.) Students should be prepared for this phrasing, but hopefully the IB exam team will use the phrase “research methods” so as not to get confused with the three approaches (bio, cog & socio-cult). 

FAQ: Are different types of experiments separate research methods? No, according to the IB for Paper 1 and 2. So if you’re asked to write about “two” research methods, you can’t choose true experiments and quasi experiments. These count as “one” method.

Ethical Considerations

  • Discuss one or more ethical considerations related to research on determinants of health.
  • Discuss one or more ethical considerations related to research on health problems.
  • Discuss one ethical considerations related to research on health problems.
  • Discuss one or more ethical considerations relevant to one study on the treatment of disorders.
  • Paper Two is essay questions only.
  • SL students write one essay for one option, HL students write two essays on two options.
  • There are three topics in the abnormal psychology option and there will definitely be one question per topic, which means you can safely study only one topic per option. HOWEVER, if you’re doing this then you need to be prepared to answer  any  possible question on that topic, including the three approaches, research methods and ethical considerations in relation to that topic.

Got a question or noticed a mistake? Always feel free to let me know in the comments.

Travis Dixon

Travis Dixon is an IB Psychology teacher, author, workshop leader, examiner and IA moderator.

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  • Cognitive Science

Paper 2: Health Psychology Sample Questions revised 06/14) Each

health psychology essay questions

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Health Psychology Sample Questions

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Chapter 13: Defining Psychological Disorders

Short Answer/Essay Questions

Try these AFTER you have thoroughly studied the chapter.  You should not have to look back at the text to answer them (only to check your answer!).  Remember, the point is NOT to memorize parts of the textbook but rather to understand the material and describe it in your OWN WORDS.

If you are going to write more than a couple of paragraphs, think about the structure of your answer.

  • What is the DSM and how is it used?
  • How have psychologists tried to explain anxiety and dissociation disorders?
  • Identify two sexual dysfunctions and describe how each of them can negatively impact a person’s enjoyment of sex.
  • What is borderline personality disorder and what is known about its causes?

Introduction to Psychology Study Guide by Sarah Murray is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License , except where otherwise noted.

Essay Questions

  • How do Haitian cultural explanations for mental illness and cultural attitudes shape mental health practices and treatment? Please give an example.
  • How do Name the criteria necessary for a diagnosis of a psychological disorder in Western medicine.
  • Identify the criteria that must be present for a psychological disorder to receive a universal classification. Please give an example of each.
  • Please define the term cultural syndromes and provide two examples. How do cultural worldviews and values shape the syndromes you chose?
  • Contrast the role of culture in shaping universal disorders and cultural syndromes.
  • Are eating disorders universal? Please defend your position.
  • Please discuss the difference between universal psychological disorders and cultural syndromes. Provide one example for each.
  • Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that results in distorted perceptions, disorganized thinking, and dysfunctional actions. In Western thinking, schizophrenia has several categories of symptoms. Please define these and provide an example of how culture shapes the expression and experience of schizophrenia.
  • Please compare major depressive disorder and Shenjing Shuairuo.
  • What factors contribute to the prevalence of suicide in a country?
  • Please compare social anxiety disorders and taijin kyofusho? How do cultural worldviews and values shape the expression of these forms of distress?
  • Please provide an example of the ways culture guides how people cope with, respond to, seek treatment for, and experience particular mental illnesses and disorders.
  • Please compare the differences between Western and indigenous models to treat mental health issues and problems.
  • Please discuss the reasons why ethnic minorities, refugees, and immigrants often do not seek out mental health services and treatment.
  • Please define the terms cultural incongruence and cultural competence. Do you believe cultural matching is important in a clinical setting? Please defend your position.
  • Please define the term cultural competence. According to Sue, please discuss two areas that are important for therapists to consider when working with culturally diverse clients.



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Best Health Psychology Topic Ideas

Finding an excellent health psychology topic to work on is quite a hassle. Writing your paper using eye-catching and informative topics in health psychology helps you stand out from your colleagues. Every psychology student’s dream is to succeed in the academic journey, and using unique topics is the first step to a successful journey. Best Health Psychology Topic Ideas:

Before you throw in the towel, we have developed a guide for you highlighting the topics related to health psychology. We have also included a process that you can use to choose the best topic for your health psychology paper. Before we dive into details, let’s begin by defining and understanding what a health psychology research paper is.

Definition and purpose of a health psychology research paper

A psychology research paper is a document you write after conducting thorough research to present different ideas and points of view on a particular health psychology topic. It provides your reader with the techniques to achieve information, statistics, and a proper understanding of the topic.

Professors assign their students health psychology research topics to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge in the field. As a student, you must execute your top writing and research skills to secure an A+ grade in your psychology paper. We have made your work easier by providing you with a cheat sheet to ace your essay and improve your skills.

Tips for writing top-notch health psychology research papers

“How should I write an A+ health psychology research paper?” It is a common question among different medical students. It relies on various factors that we have listed below: 

·         Choose engaging topics related to health psychology

Keeping your audience engaged might be difficult, but with the help of a great topic, you can easily make your paper outstanding. Using an informative health psychology paper topic helps you stand out from your colleagues and increases your chances of securing a first-class grade. If you find this challenging, do not despair. You can also make your topics interesting by making connections and briefly developing your topic using the main theories used in the paper.

·         Developing the best theories and ideas related to your topic

This section is where you present to your audience what your paper entails. You can be subtle by using questions or opening up a debate related to your topic. Your main aim is to place them in a dilemma.

·         Conduct a thorough research

Use credible online sources to gather accurate data to support your arguments. Covey your ideas properly and copy-pasting the content. When working with academic papers, avoid journal impact factors or other citation metrics even for every article you use in your research.

·         Keep your content informative.

When working on your paper, always use appropriate language, proper precision, conciseness, correct professional use of phrases, a clear hypothesis, an engaging introduction, and a conclusion.

How to choose the best topics related to health psychology?

Are you looking for splendid topics to help you begin your psychology paper? Below are a few strategies that would likely prove handy:

Ø  Make use of ideas

Using your knowledge, search for your idea online using the relevant keywords. If the argument is a valid research hypothesis, it is very likely it has already been researched, so you’ll find links to academic articles on the topic. In practice, this is among the most effective and easy technique to develop original, fascinating topics in health psychology that matches your idea.

Ø  Make a list of topics.

Develop an extensive topic list and skim through it later. This latter strategy ensures you explore a broad selection of potential health psychology research topics rather than limit yourself to just a few ideas you might brainstorm or remember from your course.

Ø  Become best friends with internet sources

Browse through different websites and read different articles related to your discussion topic. There is a high likelihood of finding several interesting topics that can be explored in greater detail.

Ø  Choose the topic you are comfortable discussing.

After selecting the topics appropriate for your discussion, you can then choose the best one for your research by finding the one that will provide you with abundant information. Unless you buy your psychology paper online, you are always obliged to conduct your research. Choose the already well-researched topic and make sure you find it interesting to work on.

We have also made it easier by grouping different topics within their linked programs. Consider the list below more of a cheat sheet to help reduce the irksome journey of finding the best health psychology topics for your paper.

Top 100 health psychology topics for college students

Give your flowers to submitting the best psychology by using one or more topics from the list below. Take a look at some of the topics that will help ace your psychology and leave your progress with no option but give you the A you deserve.

Social health psychology research topics

  • Discrimination psychology
  • Tajfel & Turner’s social identity theory
  • Distinguishing the self-psychology
  • Factors that lead to dehumanization in the Stanford prisoner experiment
  • How is society modeling our behavior (from the perspective of Bandura’s social learning theory)?
  • How obedience to an authority figure can lead to cruelty (according to Milgram’s shock experiment)
  • The role played by the unfamiliar environment in Milgram’s shock experiment.
  • How group belonging can alter an individual’s behavior
  • Measures of controlling aggression during street demonstrations
  • Conformity, compliance, and obedience as a function of social status

Medical research topics examples

  • REM sleep physiology
  • Consequences of following continuous sleep disruption in the REM phase
  • Lucid dreaming physiology and neurobiology
  • Brain mechanisms underlying attachment/bonding
  • Physiology of a brain in love
  • Physiological differences in brains determined by gender
  • Anger/aggression physiology
  • The role of serotonin and dopamine in feelings of happiness and pleasure/reward
  • Hierarchy of neural “layers” involved in visual perception
  • Differences in sensation and perception across individuals

Neuropsychology health research topics    

  • How does the red color taste?
  • The role of temporoparietal junction in self-perception
  • Forms of amnesia following brain damage
  • An analysis of memory and cognitive processes in a patient with retrograde amnesia
  • What Primary Progressive Aphasia?
  • Brain structures involved in time perception
  • An autistic brain under Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Functional imaging of a Buddhist monk’s brain during several types of deep meditation
  • Gene expression changes induced by meditation and their likely impact on brain function
  • Cerebral reorganization and neuroplasticity in patients undergoing hemispherectomy

Mental health psychology topic ideas

  • Circadian rhythm disruption as a characteristic depression symptom
  • Similarities and differences between sleep paralysis and cataplexy
  • Personality traits linked to higher post-traumatic stress disorder incidence rates
  • Current understanding of schizophrenia etiology
  • Factors contributing to multiple personality disorder onset
  • Top social factors and life events endangering mental health in the US population
  • Symptoms and impact of ADHD on life quality
  • Environmental factors’ role in triggering depression
  • Dementia types and associated symptoms
  • Variability in recurrent behaviors elicited by people with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Developmental health psychology research topics

  • Types of mirroring behavior in children
  • Amygdala’s role as an agent of change in adolescent brains
  • Short-term memory evolution from early to advanced age
  • How much discipline is enough for the harmonious development of a child’s personality?
  • Midlife crisis in men and women: similarities and differences
  • Children’s fundamental emotional needs (care, love, support, freedom, safety, being accepted and understood, etc.)
  • Child abuse as the causative factor for multiple psychological afflictions in later life
  • Impact of ignoring a child’s emotional needs on adult life
  • Mirror test in children and animals (similarities and differences)
  • Psychological changes associated with old age

Health psychology research topics

  • Psychological assistance role in managing eating disorders
  • Group therapy efficiency in palliative care
  • Managing chronic pain through meditation techniques
  • Most effective interventions to enforce abstinence in drug addicts
  • Lessons learned from the 12 steps listed by Alcoholics Anonymous rehabilitation programs
  • A psychological interpretation of the central role of belief in Alcoholics Anonymous Rehabilitation programs
  • Approaches used to manage stress and depression in cancer patients
  • A physical exercise is a valuable tool for controlling mood and stress
  • Effect of social interaction and physical activity on cognitive abilities
  • Communication strategies with patients to encourage regular screens (for breast cancer, heart diseases, etc.)

Forensic health psychology research topics

  • How reliable is an eyewitness’s memory?
  • Risk factors for unreliable eyewitness evidence
  • Justification for legal norms regulating minimum witness age
  • Famous cases from American jurisprudence involving false memory implantation in people with high suggestibility (Paul Ingram case)
  • Assessing legal competence to stand trial
  • Rules of verbal interaction with criminals/eyewitnesses in court to foster cooperation
  • Rules of conduct are essential for forensic psychologists in court
  • Assessing the reliability of evidence collected under various forms of pressure, excluding those mentioned by US constitutional law (the exclusionary rule)
  • Variations in the definition of insanity (which absolves one from legal responsibility) across various US states
  • Knowledge psychologists should possess when serving as expert witnesses in court

Educational psychology research topics

  • Social reinforcement vs. material rewards for encouraging learning in students
  • Parenting style impacts a person’s professional specialization later in life
  • Does playing complex instruments boost cognitive performance in students
  • What impact does self-worth perception have on academic achievement?
  • Consequences of bullying in school on self-perception
  • How much study effort is ok for different ages?
  • Does a no-homework policy (like in Finland) positively affect student performance? Is such a model applicable to the US?
  • Adapting teaching for dyslexic students
  • Importance of affection in teaching younger children
  • Strategies to generate learning motivation in students

Criminal health psychology research topic ideas

  • Key personality traits (neuroticism) that can serve as criminal behavior predictors
  • Typical psychological differences between juvenile and adult offenders
  • Is detaining adult and juvenile offenders together detrimental for the latter (in terms of reeducation)?
  • A serial killer’s worldview – are there any common patterns across cases?
  • A balance between criminal intentions and restraining factors
  • What the amount of planning in preparing a crime tells about criminals
  • Degree of control when committing a crime and its use for criminal profiling
  • Psychological afflictions that often cause criminal behavior
  • An analysis of the worldview of imprisoned criminals (What predominates, remorse, anger, disappointment, self-pity, feelings of injustice, fatalism, etc.?)
  • Emotional and social needs of criminals for effective societal inclusion/integration after release

Clinical health psychology research topics

  • Advances and limitations in clinical manipulations of neuromodulators for depression treatment
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy vs. treating depression
  • Electroconvulsive therapy is a last resort in treating severe depression and bipolar disorder
  • Virtual Reality Exposure for treating post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Clinical implications of lucid dreaming research (for psychosis, nightmares, PTSD)
  • Role of emotional support for treating patients with addiction
  • Ways of enforcing adherence to regimens in patients with eating disorders
  • Innovative approaches to treating phobias
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy for patients with autism
  • Neurofeedback and sensory integration/occupational therapy for kids with Asperger’s syndrome

Psychology research topics for students from different academic levels

If you wonder which is the most appropriate health psychology research topic for your academic, we have your back. Feel free to go through our list of topics below based on level.

Health psychology research topics for undergraduate students

  • The psychological effects of bullying on kids
  • Insecure men more likely to make sexist jokes
  • Health benefits of socializing
  • Hypnosis for quitting smoking
  • Relation between morality and law
  • How do mental health and obesity relate to each other?
  • What is the influence of divorce on children?
  • Types of social interactions
  • Postpartum depression and its effects on children
  • What is the relationship between aging and mental illness?

Health psychology research topics for high school students

  • Causes and consequences of teen dating violence
  • How does depression affects work productivity?
  • Effects of psychological torture
  • Effects of stress on the body
  • The problems of being attractive
  • Is divorce counseling helpful?
  • Factors affecting motivation
  • Things that affect memory
  • PTSD and quality of life
  • Types of bipolar disorder

Social health psychology research topics for college students

  • Psychological effects of hate crimes
  • Homelessness and mental health
  • Why do attractive people often get unfair advantages at work?
  • The role of the psychologist in military interrogations
  • How to quit a bad habit?
  • The health effects of a bad relationship
  • Effects of abortion on the mental and emotional health of women
  • Psychological effects of miscarriage on couples
  • Importance of sports psychology
  • Gut microbiota and significant depression

Psychology research proposal topics

  • Schizophrenia symptoms and coping mechanism
  • Gender role and identity in children
  • Effects of laughter on physical and emotional health
  • How can morality be enforced in society?
  • The role of the family in the socialization process
  • What is the link between obesity and television?
  • How to deal with stress?
  • Analyze the link between working memory and attention
  • What factors contribute to childhood obesity ?
  • Is depression different in males and females?

Good psychology research topics about dreams

  • Are dreams connected to our soul?
  • Do dreams mean anything?
  • What do dreams reveal about you?
  • Disturbing dreams: why they happen and how to stop them
  • How to turn your dreams into reality?
  • The impact of dreams on our social life
  • What do your dreams mean?
  • What happens when we dream?
  • The health benefits of dreams
  • What do violent dreams mean?

Experimental health psychology research topics

  • How do colors influence learning?
  • The psychological effects of colors
  • Effects of music on psychological response
  • Does smell affect taste?
  • What does your music taste say about your personality?
  • How do colors affect mood?
  • Do creative people see the world differently?
  • Excessive social media use is comparable to drug addiction
  • How does conformity influence behavior?
  • What does the Stroop effect say about our minds?

Exercise and eating behavior topic ideas

  • Best strategies for losing weight
  • How to deal with grief and loss?
  • Programs for the prevention of suicide among students
  • Why is depression more common in women than in men?
  • How do they ease seasonal depression symptoms?
  • What causes panic attacks?
  • What to know about meditation for pain relief?
  • How to manage stress in patients with breast cancer?
  • The health benefits of exercise
  • Effective communication techniques with patients

Abnormal psychology research paper topics

  • What causes suicidal thoughts?
  • Why are we becoming so narcissistic?
  • Effects of phobias on your emotions and personality
  • What is the difference between PTSD and PTSS?
  • Separation anxiety in adults
  • Stalking and mental illness
  • How does lying affect your mental health?
  • Causes of eating disorders in adults
  • Mood disorders in teen
  • What causes deviant behavior in the workplace?

Easy health psychology research topics on autism

  • Environmental risk factors for autism
  • Can you stim and not be autistic?
  • Autism in the workplace
  • Autism spectrum disorders in developing countries
  • Types of autism spectrum disorders
  • Is mainstream school good for autism?
  • Autism and gender identity
  • Is there a connection between vaccines and autism?
  • Educating family physicians to manage depression
  • The mental health of people with autism

Family health and safety topic ideas

  • How to cope with grief
  • Psychological adjustment to illness
  • What is the illusion of self?
  • The importance of a child’s social society
  • Role of identity in interpersonal relationships
  • How does the environment affect the person?
  • Types of learning difficulties and how to help
  • Signs of an effective co-operating relationship
  • How does addiction affect the family?
  • Genetic influences on social relationships

Psychology Research Topics on Covid 19

  • How has Covid 19 affected our mental health ?
  • How does WHO respond to covid-19?
  • Why should pregnant women be more careful about coronavirus?
  • Role of social media during the covid-19 pandemic
  • Fake News in the time of coronavirus
  • The impact of covid-19 on sports
  • How has coronavirus affected religious activities?
  • How businesses are adapting to a coronavirus pandemic
  • Will the world ever be the same after covid-19?
  • What is the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on politics?

Cognitive health psychology research topics

  • How do you improve memory and concentration?
  • Judgment and decision making
  • The concept of attention span in children
  • What do people believe about how money works?
  • The reality of repressed memories
  • Factors affecting the problem-solving ability
  • Color psychology in cognitive development studies
  • Speech and language development in children
  • How to measure critical thinking?
  • Implicit and explicit memory: What is the difference?

Personality health psychology research topics

  • Characteristics of heroism
  • The relationship between creativity and temperament
  • How does marriage change your personality?
  • What does your choice of pet say about your personality?
  • Factors influencing personality
  • Are leaders made or born?
  • Is authoritarian leadership effective?
  • Personality differences between athletes and non-athletes
  • The link between personality and prosocial behavior
  • Do opposites attract?

Political health psychology research topics

  • The history of politics
  • Relationship between religion and politics
  • Comparison of electoral systems in the world
  • Importance of political philosophy
  • Politics in wartime
  • Pros and cons of totalitarianism
  • The link between power and morality
  • Globalization vs. nationalism
  • Human rights and counter-terrorism
  • Advantages and disadvantages of democracy

Cultural health psychology research topics

  • Use of social media across cultures
  • Effects of cultures on internet buying behavior
  • Humor across cultures
  • The idea of beauty in the digital age
  • Impact of culture on multinational companies
  • Why is culture influential in psychology?
  • Perception of motherhood in different cultures
  • The relationship between education and culture
  • How various cultures deal with death
  • What is it like to live in multicultural communities?
  • Strategies to keep students motivated
  • The importance of showing affection to children
  • How to deal with students with dyslexia
  • Consequences of bullying in schools
  • Relationship between self-esteem and academic success
  • Does listening to music improve cognitive functioning?
  • Causes of the achievements gaps
  • What is learning in educational psychology?
  • How operant conditioning works?
  • Is adult psychology still in demand?

Controversial health psychology research topics

  • Is it ethical to have clients as Facebook friends?
  • Different attitudes towards homosexuality
  • Ethics of the Milgram experiment
  • Domestic violence in intimate relationships
  • Childhood trauma and its effects
  • The use of social sites among teenagers
  • Was the Stanford prison experiment ethical?
  • How do parents affect children’s mental health?
  • Fetishes and their associated behavior
  • Is homosexuality a psychological disorder?

Sports psychology research topics

  • Currents trends in sports psychology
  • Challenges faced by sports coaches
  • Why is team chemistry more important than talent?
  • The evolution of sports psychology
  • How to control your emotions in sports?
  • Why is building good chemistry in a team critical?
  • What is the role of a coach in developing confidence?
  • How do deal with stress in sports?
  • Importance of appropriate behavior for athletes
  • What are the attributes of a good football coach?

Child health psychology research topics

  • Psychological effects of adoption
  • Risks of obesity for children neglected by their parents
  • What causes childhood depression?
  • Introvert personality traits in children
  • How to prevent child abuse?
  • Common mental health problems in young children
  • Child development stages
  • How does birth order impact your personality?
  • Do video games cause violent behavior?
  • The psychology of parents who torture their children

Last but not least

The above guide and list of the best health psychology topic ideas are your excellent escape plan from poor grades. Let one of these topics guide you to writing a flawless paper of unmatched quality. Have a smooth academic journey in your psychology course by using these topics.

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99+ Latest Health Psychology Topics

June 13, 2022 Blog Steve Kim

Are you looking for research topics in health psychology? or argumentative essay topics We understand how difficult it can be to develop an excellent research question. As a result, we have developed a guide with 100 Latest Health Psychology Topics to help you.

The first step in the research writing process is identifying an excellent research topic. You distinguish yourself from your peers by locating the best research idea. We understand how difficult it is to find a research topic. This article will teach you how to refine your research after choosing a research topic.

We understand how difficult it is to find a research topic. This article will teach you how to refine your research after choosing a research topic.

How to Write a Health Psychology Research Paper

To write a good research paper, choose a health topic that interests you. Because research writing is always on a tight deadline, you must act quickly and seek professional assistance.

Our writers provide you with all the assistance required, including topic selection, proposal writing, and research writing.

Guidelines when writing a psychology research paper:

1) Choose a topic of interest to you: After deciding on a topic of interest, conduct the necessary research and data analysis.

2) Begin writing: Create an enticing thesis statement when beginning a research project. Furthermore, provide detailed background information about your research.

3) Prepare a Literature Review Chapter: Provide an overview of the critical literature pertinent to your research topic.

4) Create a Methodology Topic: In this chapter, you describe the data collection methods used in your research.

5) Write the Results Chapter: Present your research findings clearly and objectively in this chapter.

6) Discussion or Analysis Chapter: Discuss the findings thoroughly in this chapter to support your research topic.

7) Conclusion Topic: Finally, bring your research to a close. Summarize your research methods, findings, and analysis on this topic.

8) Create the Reference and Appendix. Section: This section contains your list, the reference, and any additional information that does not fit in your main text.

9) Proofread Your Work: Check for originality and proofread your work.

These steps are applicable to any research you conduct. However, it will assist you in determining an excellent topic before beginning your project.

Interesting Research Topics in Health Psychology

Finding the most exciting psychology research topics is difficult. Check out the following list:

1) What is the significance of health psychology?

2) The perinatal period’s biopsychosocial perspective

3) The viewpoint of your country on health psychology

4) Emotion regulation development in early childhood

5) Current Emotion Regulation Research Issues

6) The role of culture in emotion regulation development

7) Early childhood emotional regulation

8) Emotion regulation development, factors, and challenges

9) A health psychology perspective on early childhood social-emotional processing

10) Health perceptions of parents of autistic children

11) From early childhood to early adulthood, a health psychology perspective on friendship

12) The effects of your country’s early childhood social-emotional curriculum

13) What effect do early childhood education programs have on children’s health?

14) Parenting’s influence on early childhood education and health

15) Relationship between maternal emotional and behavioral socialization of children

Excellent Research Topics in Health Psychology

Finding excellent health psychology research topics can be challenging at times. Worry no more because we have your back.

1) Workplace stress reduction through health psychology

2) Organizational behavior’s role in occupational health psychology

3) Job rotation and employee performance: The role of organizational behavior

4) Health psychology: How do older people deal with stress and aging?

5) Stress and coping mechanisms: Past, Present, and Future

6) What role do psychological factors play in football injuries?

7) Psychological health and cancer incidence and prognosis

8) Health psychology: Psychological influences and physical illness

9) Human stress predictability

10) psychological factors that influence abortion

11) The genetic basis of human stress

12) Surgical stress implications and management

13) The impact of weight loss programs on self-esteem

14) Obesity and weight loss attitudes and perceptions among young adults

15) Weight management in the elderly

We have some excellent health psychology research topics for you if you are looking for some:

1) Psychological factors associated with young adult weight management

2) Weight management mobile applications: Are they helpful?

3) The public’s understanding of weight management

4) Nutrition and weight management care in family practice from the perspective of health psychology

5) Relationship between dating apps and risky sexual behavior

6) Grief survivors’ health psychology perspective

7) The role of psychology in hospice care

8) Recognizing the impact of stigma on people suffering from mental illness

9) How does culture influence personal health decisions?

10) Diabetes management through the use of technology

Best Research Topics in Health Psychology

Are you looking for research topics in health psychology? We have some expert suggestions for you.

1) The biopsychosocial model’s history: trends, prospects, and challenges for health psychology

2) biopsychosocial interactions: the viewpoint of your country

3) Child psychology from the standpoint of health psychology

4) The biopsychosocial view of mental disorders

5) Chronic traumatic pain biopsychosocial perspectives

6) The biopsychosocial health and illness model

7) The biopsychosocial pain communication model

8) autism spectrum disorder from a Biopsychosocial Perspective

9) The biopsychosocial approach: Pets that help people’s health

10) Adolescent mental health and disease from a biopsychosocial perspective

11) Gender identity development from a biopsychosocial standpoint

12) The biopsychosocial perspective of society’s vulnerable and oppressed people

13) How vital is biopsychosocial education?

14) Biopsychosocial perspective on emotion regulation development

15) Children’s health anxiety

Ideas for Interesting Health Psychology Topics

Consider the following suggestions the next time you’re looking for a research topic for your studies and want to focus on health psychology. These can be used to spark an experiment, a research paper , or any other type of class project.

Before you begin, ensure the topic you’re interested in is appropriate for the assignment. Even if your instructor does not require you to seek approval for your proposed topic, it is always a good idea to consult with them before delving too deeply into your research.

Of course, make sure you’ve chosen a topic for which you’re confident you’ll be able to find appropriate sources. You don’t want to commit to a project only to discover that there isn’t enough existing data to work with. Again, input from your instructor can help you avoid wasting time on a topic that provides little to no information.

1. How to Locate Reliable Psychology Resources Paper of Research

2) Ideas for Exercise and Eating Behavior Topics

a) Investigate some of the psychological strategies that can assist people in sticking to a diet and exercise regimen. Is there a single strategy that works better than others?

b) Examine how media portrayals of “ideal” bodies affect anorexia and bulimia.

3) Is there a connection between these images and eating disorders?

4) Ideas for Family Health and Safety Topics

a) Investigate how increased public awareness of infant safety practices, such as sleeping an infant on their back or removing pillows and other objects from the sleeping area, has influenced the occurrence of SIDS, or “crib death.” Is the number of SIDS-related deaths decreasing? Why do some parents disregard these sleep safety recommendations?

b) Evaluate current immunization strategies for children. Why do some parents refuse to vaccinate their children? 3 What effect does this have on public health? What can health professionals do to increase the likelihood of children receiving immunizations?

c) Investigate the factors that lead to teen suicide. What is the effectiveness of suicide prevention programs?

d) Consider caregiving’s emotional, social, and psychological effects, such as caring for an aging parent, a family member with AIDS, or a partner with Alzheimer’s disease.

5) Ideas for Public Health Topics

a) What can mental health and medical professionals do to assist disaster victims in the immediate aftermath?

6) Are there any strategies that produce better long-term results?

a) Find out how common post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is among veterans. What factors influence whether or not a veteran suffers from PTSD? 5 What are the most effective mental health interventions for treating this disorder?

b) Consider how stress management and relaxation techniques can benefit patients suffering from chronic pain. How successful are these strategies? How do they compare to traditional pharmacological pain management approaches?

c) Compare and contrast various smoking cessation methods. What are the most effective strategies?

d) Consider various techniques for increasing the likelihood that people will use safety equipment such as seat belts and bicycle helmets. What kind of public safety program would you create to promote the use of these products?

Unused Health Psychology Dissertation Topics

Numerous factors influence health and illness. While hereditary and contagious diseases are common, numerous psychological and behavioral factors can have an impact on various medical conditions and overall physical well-being. Health psychology is a subfield of psychology that studies how psychology, biology, social, and behavioral factors influence health and illness.

This field of research and study is rapidly expanding, owing to the fact that health psychologists work on the treatment and prevention of illness and disease, as well as promoting health. Choosing a topic for your dissertation is difficult enough because the field is so vast, but finding untapped ideas is easier than you might think. To get you started, here is a list of new health essay topics on psychology:

Health Psychology Research Paper

• Terminal illness: Handling requests for assisted suicide

• Can play therapy be used to block the brain’s sensation of physical pain in traumatized children?

• Negative self-image: Dismantling the link between low self-esteem and suicide

• Why is there no cure for the common cold on the moon? Is there one? Withholding discovered medicines have ethical ramifications.

• Eating disorders: A comparison of psychopathology issues in bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating

• Disaster recovery: Effective coping strategies for front-line first responders

• Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: The Psychological Consequences of Ignoring Infant Sleep Safety Guidelines

• Caring for others is an emotional rollercoaster – What are the psychological, social, and emotional consequences of caring for an AIDS-affected loved one?

• The prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Can genetic markers predict a higher risk of PTSD in men aged 25 to 40?

• Refusing to immunize: Is your child’s fear of immunization contributing to the global health crisis?

• Smoking’s unpopularity: A behavior assessment must be completed before developing a treatment plan.

• Dying to be vegan: Is it an ethical and moral decision to support the animal rights movement, or is it a genuine desire for optimal health?

This is just a small list of some of the topics on which you might want to base your dissertation. While the above issues may not precisely fit if you intend to focus on a specific area within the field, with some thought and brainstorming, you may be able to adapt one to align with your vision.

Potential Personality Psychology Research Topics

• What is the relationship between temperament and creativity? Are certain personalities more or less creative? You could try administering temperament and creativity scales to a group of participants for your project.

•  Is there a link between certain personality traits and prosocial behaviors? Consider how qualities like kindness, generosity, and empathy may be linked to altruism and heroism.

•  How do personality tests compare? Consider contrasting popular tests like the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, and the 16PF Questionnaire.

•  Do people tend to marry people who have similar personalities?

•  How does birth order influence personality? Are first-born children more responsible, while last-born children are less responsible?

•  Is there a link between personality types and musical preferences? Do people with similar personality traits prefer the same kinds of music?

•  Are people who participate in sports more likely to exhibit certain personality traits? Athletes’ personality types differ from those of non-athletes.

•  Are people with high self-esteem more competitive than those with low self-esteem? Do those with high self-esteem outperform those with low self-esteem?

•  Is there a link between personality type and the proclivity to cheat on exams? Are conscientious people more likely to cheat? Is it more likely for extroverts or introverts to cheat?

•  What factors influence a person’s use of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Are people who frequently use social media more or less extroverted?

•  How does Type A behavior affect academic success? Are people with Type A personalities more likely to succeed?

•  Is there a link between a person’s personality type and the type of art they prefer?

•  Do people choose pets based on their personalities? How do dog owners’ personalities differ from those of cat owners?

What You Should Do Before Starting Your Health Psychology Research Paper

When you find a suitable research topic, you may be tempted to jump right in and begin. However, there are a few critical steps you must take first.

Most importantly, run your topic idea by your instructor, especially if you intend to conduct an actual experiment with human participants. In most cases, you will need to obtain permission from your instructor and possibly submit your plan to your school’s human subjects committee for approval.

Can We Assist You with Your Health Psychology Study?

So, how can we assist you with your research? We can help you write an interesting research paper now that you’ve found the best Health Psychology Topics. Our experienced writers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you with the best information for your project.

If you haven’t found a suitable topic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support staff, and we will assist you. Remember that all of our writers have extensive writing experience in any subject you can think of.

In Conclusion

All flowers to our experts for developing the above 100 latest health psychology topics that you can use to ace your health psychology paper. We can also help you write an interesting research paper now that you’ve found the best health psychology research topics. Our experienced writers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you with the best information for your project.

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