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The Benefits of Online Calls: How Virtual Communication is Changing the Game

In today’s fast-paced digital world, virtual communication has become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s for personal or professional purposes, online calls have revolutionized the way we connect with others. From video conferencing to voice calls, this technology has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. In this article, we will explore the benefits of online calls and how they are changing the game.

Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

One of the primary benefits of online calls is the ability to collaborate with individuals or teams located in different parts of the world. Gone are the days when physical distance was a barrier to effective communication. With online calls, you can connect with colleagues, clients, or friends instantly and discuss ideas, share files, and make decisions in real-time.

Virtual communication tools like video conferencing also enable face-to-face interactions regardless of geographical boundaries. This personal touch enhances collaboration and fosters better relationships between team members or business partners. As a result, productivity levels soar as tasks can be completed more efficiently through seamless communication.

Cost-Effective Solution

When it comes to traditional phone calls or face-to-face meetings, expenses can quickly add up. Travel costs for in-person meetings alone can be significant – not to mention accommodation expenses and time spent away from work. Online calls offer a cost-effective alternative by eliminating these extra costs.

With just an internet connection and a suitable device, you can participate in high-quality virtual meetings without breaking the bank. This is especially beneficial for small businesses or startups with limited budgets that still need to maintain regular communication with clients or remote teams.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the greatest advantages of online calls is their flexibility and convenience. You no longer need to schedule meetings weeks in advance or travel long distances for a brief discussion. Instead, you can simply arrange an online call at a time that works for everyone involved.

This flexibility is particularly useful for international businesses operating in different time zones. Online calls allow teams to collaborate effectively without having to sacrifice their personal lives or disrupt their sleep schedules. Additionally, online calls can be recorded, enabling participants to revisit important discussions and refer back to specific details.

Increased Reach and Accessibility

Online calls have made communication more accessible than ever before. With just a few clicks, you can connect with individuals from all corners of the globe. This increased reach opens up new opportunities for businesses looking to expand their customer base or establish international partnerships.

Furthermore, online calls are not limited to traditional devices like computers or smartphones. With advancements in technology, you can now make online calls from various devices such as tablets, smartwatches, or even smart home assistants. This accessibility allows for seamless communication regardless of the device being used.

Online calls have undoubtedly transformed the way we communicate and conduct business in the digital age. From enhanced collaboration and productivity to cost-effective solutions and increased accessibility, the benefits are undeniable. As virtual communication continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative features and improvements in the future. So why wait? Embrace this technology and unlock its full potential today.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


how does eric change in an inspector calls essay

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Analysis of How Eric is Presented in an Inspector Calls

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Analysis of How Eric is Presented in an Inspector Calls Essay

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Priestley, J. B. (1945). An Inspector Calls. Heinemann.Brown, G. (1998). J.B. Priestley: An Inspector Calls and Other Plays. Cambridge University Press.Sutherland, J. (1973). J. B. Priestley: Playwright and Novelist. Routledge & [...]

In J.B Priestley’s timeless, symbolic sermon about social conscience, he explores the change in Eric Birling: from an intractable and pompous juvenile to a mature and increasingly confident socialist. His transformation is [...]

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how does eric change in an inspector calls essay

Mr Salles Teaches English

how does eric change in an inspector calls essay

How Does Priestley Present Eric in An Inspector Calls?

By top student shazene.

how does eric change in an inspector calls essay

This essay scored 30/30 in the exams!

An Inspector Calls is a didactic play that is anti-war, anti-capitalism and pro-socialism. Priestley presents Eric as a proxy for the younger generation and the hope for change.

As you know by now, I recommend a 3 part thesis. Reread this one and see how many parts it has. There are two about Eric - that he represents the younger generation, and that Priestley is using this to promote the idea for change. Then the first sentence of the thesis reminds Shazene to link this to Priestley’s political and anti-war purpose. So, this is potentially a 4 part thesis, all done very elegantly in just a few words.

This thesis then becomes your essay plan.

His father, Arthur Birling, is a capitalist and is a part of the older generation. Eric starts to learn about the faults of Birling’s beliefs. Mr Birling states that “if they didn’t like our rates they could work somewhere else”. However, Eric understands that due to the capitalist nature of businesses, there is a cartel, where the wages are the same rate everywhere in order to make higher profits and exploit workers. This realisation is seen in the line “I think it’s a shame – we aim for the highest profits, why shouldn’t they aim for the highest wages”. This implies Eric’s difference in beliefs compared to Mr Birling, as he doesn’t believe in treating labour poorly by giving wages so low that workers can barely get by.

At this stage the examiner has decided there are enough references to justify Level 5 AO1 References. This is because two quotations are linked to understanding two characters, and the context of business and workers.

As well as this, Priestley could be using Eric as a symbol for socialism and as an anti-capitalist figure to tell the audience that capitalism is wrong and unjust. Priestley could suggest that capitalism is the reason why big businesses dominate and exploit people and that people should be against a capitalist government and vote for a labour Government. Because the play was published right before the elections, Eric is used to present Priestley’s message about socialism.

·       This explanation of the context of the play is awarded Level 4 AO3.

·       The examiner also treats this as an analysis of the quotation in the previous paragraph, and awards it Level 4 AO2, with a question mark. They aren’t comfortable awarding different Assessment Objectives to the same piece of writing.

In addition, Priestley portrays Eric as a character who is the embodiment of the patriarchal society and of sexual exploitation without guilt. Eric’s unjust treatment of Eva is seen in the line “in that state where a chap easily turns nasty”. He says this to try and justify his actions towards Eva. The phrase “that state” suggests that it is common to all men and Eric is trying to normalise the vile act he did to Eva by saying it is normal. As well as this, the phrase “a chap” rather than “I” presents him disassociating himself from his actions and failing to take responsibility and blame himself. This may be due to the patriarchal society at the time as, like Eric, men had power over women and thought themselves superior, so used them as they pleased. Moreover, in 1912, women had very few rights as they didn’t have the ability to vote either.

This analysis of Eric’s language looks at different words in the quotation. (All these ideas come from my video on Eric by the way!) The examiner is relieved that they can now give obvious marks for AO2 and awards it Level 5.

Therefore, this links to how Priestley uses Eric as a symbol of how capitalism and the products of it (Eric) are corrupt and believe themselves to be superior to the lower classes and to women. Furthermore, the Inspector demands “put yourself in the shoes of these young women counting their pennies” to emphasise the importance Priestley placed on women’s rights and equality.

The examiner likes the way context has been used to help explain Priestley’s point of view about the characters and society. Linking it to the author’s viewpoint always gets high grades (rather than just saying it’s all about socialism). This is awarded Level 5 AO3.

Priestley is telling the audience, in which women can vote, that capitalism and the patriarchal society is unfair and needs to be removed and replaced with socialism and a Labour government. This may be why this play targets “these young women” and why it is set in an industry of women, to appeal to a female audience as the play was released when women had the right to vote. Thus, Priestley may be using this as a campaign for feminism and socialism which is fair to all.

I’m pleased to see the examiner is excited by these ideas which also come from my videos. The examiner has decided that this linking of socialism and feminism is a thoughtful approach to the whole task. So, they award this Level 5 AO1 Task.

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Eric Change In J. B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

Sheila and eric are important in an inspector calls.

Together with Eric, who was described by Priestley as shy and childish. This changed as we realised his part in Eva’s death. Eric was honest and admitted his faults. Eric refuses to try to cover his part up, saying, what he did is what he did and he can’t change it. He was embarrassed that he was a hardened drinker. He is a thief and he later feels the guilt of this when he realises he contributed in encouraging Eva Smith's death and that he was the father of her unborn child. Moreover, when Eric realises that his mother is partly responsible for the death of his unborn child he is petrified, shocked and turbulent. By the end of the play Eric had taken responsibility for his actions alongside Sheila.

Paul's Tangerine Quotes

It all starts in the beginning of the book On page 10, Paul’s mom states, “‘How about waiting for the rest of us, Eric?’” This quote foreshadows what is to come later on in the story. The deep and dark Eric. This little action may not seem like a big deal, but it shows Eric's future personality. Rude, inappropriate, and violent. To add, on page 52, Paul says, “How could they be happy...Mike Costello's death.” This quote marks the start of many more bad behaviours to come from Erik. This is when the reader starts to think that there is another darker side to Erik that has not been on full display. All in all, Erik is a very shady character to start off, he really doesn’t have a full personality, but that will soon change.

How Does Priestley Present Eric In An Inspector Calls

From his speech “so I insisted on giving her enough money to keep her going”. Being brought up in a family where his father strongly believes in a man has to be responsible for himself and his family, Eric tried to imitate his father, being a responsible figure, and may also want the public to finally give him some respect. From the fact that he did not want other people to know that he was in a relationship with a worker girl, shows that he wants respect from the society. From his act of stealing money through precise plans, which the Birling family would not discover if the inspector is not here for inquiry, which shows like his father, he is extremely concerned with his public image and his

Bystander Book Report

In conclusion, Eric understood that bystanding and trying to fit in was wrong so, he learned to stand up and defy the jerks. Eric had become Griffin’s friend until he found out his true colors. For many reasons, Eric decided to put a stop to all the bullying once and for

How Does Priestley Present the Inspector in an Inspector Calls?

In the play 'An Inspector Calls', many contrasts and paradox's are present and at the centre of them all is the character known as Inspector Goole. However, the inspector is not any ordinary inspector. I believe that the inspector is used as a device by Priestley to explore the wider themes of the play and to depict other characters true personalities. This essay will explore some of the techniques Priestley presents the inspector in An Inspector Calls.

Analysis Of Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes

    Eric Calhoune, both the protagonist and narrator, is an important character of the text. It is fascinating how he is such a devoted friend to Sarah, and wants to do whatevers best for her, even if it is not beneficial for him. Over the course of the novel, Eric evolved into a more forgiving character. This is accomplished when he goes to someone who used to bully him, Dale Thornton, for help on how to get Sarah Byrnes to

Common Themes In The Book Columbine, By J. B.

He has short, blonde hair and is perceived as a likeable person. Eric’s mental description

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes Analysis Essay

Then when he told Mr. Byrnes where Sarah was, it was a decision he made for both himself and Sarah, because if he hadn’t told Mr. Byrnes, then he would have been dead and unable to help her anymore. In addition, when Eric kept Sarah from going to Colorado, it was a decision for both of them because he knew that if Sarah stayed, then she could have a family, but also that Eric did not want to lose her or her friendship. Even though Eric had to choose Sarah’s safety over her friendship for different decisions of the book, he was able to do it in a way that he saved their friendship and kept her

The Inspector Calls Character Quotes

However, before Eric met The Inspector, he was quite irresponsible since he made Eva pregnant and drinks a great deal but after he knew he had a child, he did everything in his power to help Eva and his future child even if it included theft. A quote that shows this is ’Well, she hadn't a job – and didn't feel like trying again for one – and she'd no money left – so I insisted on giving her enough money to keep her going – until she refused to take any more.’ Although stealing is a crime and should not have been done, it shows that Eric takes responsibility and tries to help his family. Even at the end of the play he takes responsibility for being in the death of Eva and a quote showing this is ‘The fact remains that I did what I

How Does Priestley Present the Change in Sheila During the Course of the Play ‘an Inspector Calls? How Do You Think This Change Reflects Some of Priestley's Ideas?

An inspector calls is a morality play that challenges the ideas of an upper class Edwardian audience,preistley achieves this both through the attitudes of the play but also through his implementation of personal morals. Sheila is initially presented as the stereotypical Edwardian daughter but soon freely presents her emotions, without the need for approval from her parents.

Sarah Byrnes Research Paper

Eric is extremely caring towards his friends and family. Even though Eric found out Sarah Byrnes could talk the whole time that she was in the hospital he did not say a word to anyone because he knew what would happen if Sarah Byrnes dad found out. “That's what I thought, you’ve been hearing me all along”(Crutcher 107). Eric knew what would happen if Sarah Byrnes were to leave the hospital, so he did not say anything. Due to the way that Eric kept the secret about Sarah Byrnes being able to talk shows how caring her is towards his friends.

Killers: The Columbine High School Massacre

He had zero remorse for his actions. He was very intelligent, and charming together putting up a smooth and slick façade. Like most psychopaths, the pain of others fascinated him as he discussed in his journal. Eric frequently built bombs showing his impulsive tendencies and would lie about having done so. His principal in an interview said, “Eric was the type to say what he thought you wanted to hear.” He was looking for revenge on the world more specifically his classmates who ignored him and achieved his goal. "I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don't … say, 'Well that's your fault,' because it isn't, you people had my phone number, and I asked and all, but no. No no no don't let the weird-looking Eric KID come

Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Courage Analysis

to find out why. Throughout the entire book Eric is standing up for Sarah when her

Discuss The Character Of Paul Fisher In Tangerine

I made Eric Fisher a square. I made him a square because he stays the same throughout the entire story. He is a bully for the whole book. Inside of the square, I colored it black. Black represents evil and power. Eric is powerful because he has many friends that do whatever he says. For example, his friend, Arthur, does whatever he says, even if he ordered him to kill someone else. This happens on page 284 when he orders Arthur to kill Louis. I also made the square yellow because it represents cowardice. In the end of the book, he wasn’t sorry about hurting Paul, or promising to never hurt or steal from anybody again, he was scared of getting in trouble. Eric just stays in his room. It says, “back and forth, back and forth, in the cage that he had made for himself”

Suite Scarlett

He took Scarlett to his apartment, and even to the top of the empire state building. Although it seemed like Eric really liked Scarlett, he told her not to tell Spencer about their little secret. Therefore, Scarlett had no choice but to lie to Spencer when he asked her what she was hiding from him. When Spencer found out what was going on between Scarlett and Eric, he became upset and did not speak to Scarlett for two straight weeks. Lola notices his odd behavior around the hotel and asks Scarlett to go talk to him. They eventually make up. When Scarlett asks what her and Eric were, he avoided the question and changed the subject. Eric eventually tells Scarlett that he cannot be a boyfriend right now after she catches him fighting with his ex girlfriend outside of his apartment. During their final rehearsal, Spencer punches Eric in the face after he found out that Eric had hurt Scarlett. At the play's dress rehearsal, Donna pays an unpleasant visit and warns the cast that they are about to be shut down. With only one day left before the show, the cast panic and must come up with a miracle plan. Mrs. Amberson nearly gives up and moves out of the Hopewell Hotel and stays at St. Regis Hotel because she believes everything happened because of

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Eric Change In An Inspector Calls Essay

How and why does Eric change in An Inspector Calls? ‘It’s what happened to the girl and what we all did that matters’. In this essay, I am going to discuss how various characters influenced how and why Eric changed over the course of J.B. Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’. He lost all respect for his parents, and they stop respecting him. This contrasts to Shelia and Eric, who end up mutually respecting each other by the end of the play . The character who learns the most from Inspector Goole’s investigation is Eric, as evidenced by his regret towards Eva’s suicide. Eric’s attitude towards various characters changes over the course of the play. At the beginning, Eric and Shelia appear to have a fairly typical sibling relationship with Eric’s obvious drunkenness- ‘Eric suddenly guffaws’ obviously exasperating Shelia- ‘You’re squiffy’, who had been so thrilled to be celebrating her engagement party. By the end of the play, Eric and Shelia have improved their relationship with each other, as Eric starts to agree with Shelia ‘she’s right’, and vice versa, ‘Eric’s absolutely right’. However, they both lost a great deal of trust in their relationship with their parents. Both Eric and Shelia agree with the Inspector that ‘we are all responsible for each …show more content…

When she finds out about Eric’s involvement with Eva and how he stole money from his father, she tells him ‘I’m absolutely ashamed of you’. Eric is furious with his mother for unknowingly killing her grandchild and Eva, and he is ‘nearly at breaking point’ when he yells at his mother ‘damn you, damn you’. This shows how devastated he is at not only his child and Eva’s death, but also Eric’s realisation that Eva and his child could have lived if his mother had not behaved so

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Tangerine Lies And Deceit Analysis

In the case of eric he got the harshest form of punishment compared to the rest of the characters in this book, frankly, Eric deserved this form of punishment and it only strengthens the fact that you can’t get away with lying someone is going to find out someday. This was an important part of the book because it clearly shows that lies can break a person and you can learn a lot about Eric’s personality just from looking at this sentence. A fifth and final way lies and deceit is a significant theme in this book is the ending. Near the end of the book, mom has a meeting with all of the other citizens of Lake Windsor Downs and discloses that Eric and Arthur have been stealing from other people and gave some items away. This was the most significant event in this book that showed lies and deceit.

Winterkill Character Traits

Unfortunately the family holds a burden; they are ‘Stained.’ In other words Emmeline’s grandmother had an affair with another man. Being extremely ‘Wayward.’ So her Grandmother got hung and was left in a large cage at the Crossroads. Basically their grandmother brought shame on the family, for now and always.

How To Make Good Life Choices In Edward Bloor's Tangerine

“You are free to make whatever choice you want, but you are not free from the consequences of the choice.”-Ezra Taft Benson. This quote by Benson relates to the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor. The characters in the novel don’t make good life choices and in the end, they pay for the mistake. Paul Fisher’s parents make bad decisions with treating their two sons.

Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Quotes

I handed Lemry the note. This is very courageous because he knows that Lemry could tell anyone but he knows that she is the only one that can help find her mom. So Eric, in my opinion showed the most courage in the

Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Analysis

Eric suffered many injuries, but they were all for the justice Sarah

Mr Birling Quotes

In J.B. Priestley's play "An Inspector Calls," Mr Birling is portrayed as a wealthy businessman and a prominent member of the community. He is the head of a family that represents the upper class of Edwardian society, and his views and opinions reflect the prevailing attitudes of his time. Mr Birling's views on gender are typical of the patriarchal and conservative attitudes of his time. He believes that women should be submissive and should not have a say in political or economic matters.

J. B Priestley's Use Of The Inspector In The Crucible

Priestley demonstrates the theme of wealth, power and influence as Mr Birling acts callously towards the Inspector. However he is not affected by Mr Birling’s cruel disregard for the lower class and indifference towards the wellbeing of those he considers as inferior to himself, linking to the theme of class politics. For example, at the end of act 3, the Inspector delivers his final speech, telling the Birlings that “If men do not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish”, which once again links to class politics. Priestley is essentially warning the audience of the consequences of capitalism, showing the audience that if the bourgeoisie do not change their ways and treat the lower class more fairly and equally, they will face endless adversity and destruction; fundamentally manipulating the audience into believing one has to either be socialistic or capitalistic. The metaphor “fire and blood and anguish” gives a compelling image that insinuates conflict and the words, “fire”, “blood” and “anguish” also hints at a religious evaluation, as if the Inspector was a messenger from god.

How Does Priestley Present Gerald In An Inspector Calls

How does Priestley Present Gerald in An Inspector Calls In his didactic play ‘An Inspector Calls’, Priestley presents Gerald, and the upper class as a whole, to be extremely callous and unwilling to accept the opportunity for redemption. He explores themes and ideologies such as patriarchy in order to excoriate those for living protected in an ‘ivory tower’ of wealth, luxury and, most significantly, denial. The methods used by Priestley to do all of this encourages the audience in a contemporary society to look at themselves with an inverted eye and strive for equality.

Themes In The Living By Matt De La Pena

In The Living, a young adult novel by Matt de la Pena, the reader follows the main character, a teenage boy named Shy, as his quest to work over the summer for extra cash becomes a life threatening journey he never could have expected. In this novel three themes are very present in the forms of Romero disease, stereotyping, and the past versus present experiences. All of these topics arrive in very different ways, but can be traced back to not only Shy’s life experience, but Matt de la Pena’s as well. Though it is not always the main focus of the storyline, Romero disease plays a huge part in shaping the action.

Rhetorical Analysis: The Ways We Lie By Stephanie Ericsson

She uses this quote to strengthen her argument that lying can only be used productively if used with a purpose. In conclusion Ericsson persuades the reader that there good that comes from telling a little white lie. She went in depth by explaining “The Ways We Lie” and all of the different types of lies that are out there. Ericsson did a great job of persuading the reader what is morally right and

Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Book Report

Through all the misery Eric went through in this book is unbelievable, he stays courageous to keep his friend Sarah safe and keep her feeling special, at least special to Eric. Eric was filled with courage throughout this whole book by staying calm in scary scenarios, staying fat for Sarah through all the years they have been friends and standing up to Virgil Byrnes while he was a major threat to Eric and Sarah. In

Stereotypes In Lamb To The Slaughter

Maloney’s impetuous behaviour and change in character after being betrayed exemplify how characters which the reader views as innocent may be the complete opposite. Her rash decisions and hypocritical actions make the reader question the accuracy of female stereotypes. Furthermore, Mrs. Maloney’s change in character from innocent to deceptive and dangerous allows the reader to come to a realization of how betrayal changes a person as a whole. As a result, one realizes that relying on appearances is impartial because one will never fully understand a person’s true

Examples Of Dramatic Irony In An Inspector Calls

One of the several themes that Priestley has introduced to the play is ‘Time,’ and this theme not only interlinks with some others like ‘Age and Youth’ and ‘Social Responsibility,’ but also introduces a very important drama technique into the play for the audience called the dramatic irony. In Act One, Mr. Birling, as a representative of the older generation of the play and the head of the family, is talking to the others about the progress humanity is making and mentions the liner, Titanic saying it is “unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable.” The word ‘absolutely’ in this context shows just how confident in his words Mr. Birling is, without understanding that it will all change. As the play is set back in 1912, but is performed much later in 1946, after the audience knows, and finds it ironic that Mr. Birling, thinking he is an old, wise man says such nonsense, as time will show.

Eric Smith Psychological Theory

Eric reportedly strangled and sodomized Derrick with a small stick. He also dropped large rocks on Derrick 's head. Eric was reported to have been bullied for his looks and had been

Development And Development In Jane Eyre

In Charlotte Bronte’s novel “Jane Eyre” Edward Fairfax Rochester plays a contributing role in Janes development and growth as a character and human being in the Victorian time period. Not only does he play a large role in her independency, but in her emotional and spiritual growth as well. She grows around him whether she likes it or not. Due to Edwards manipulative and seductive nature, jane has to grow and develop in a way that has her frequently questioning her own ideals, whether that be spiritually or morally, and strengthening her independence by constantly refusing her feelings for him and adapting to punishing situations. Edward also opens Janes eyes to a world that is bigger than she realized due to his company at the house, wealth, and opportunities at the favorable Thornfeild manor at which she was employed by him.

More about Eric Change In An Inspector Calls Essay

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Eric Birling Essay Examples

Analysis of how eric birling changes in an inspector calls.

In J.B Priestley’s timeless, symbolic sermon about social conscience, he explores the change in Eric Birling: from an intractable and pompous juvenile to a mature and increasingly confident socialist. His transformation is perhaps the easiest for the audience to relate to: he blames the world...

J.b. Priestley's Portrayal of Eric Birling in an Inspector Calls

Eric is a character in J.B. Priestley's play An Inspector Calls. Eric is Mr. Birling’s son and brother to Sheila. He is portrayed to be “half shy”, which suggests that he has a lack of confidence because he feels that doesn’t fit in with the...

The Character of Eric Birling in the Play an Inspector Calls

J.B Priestley created Mr Birling, a stereotypical right wing capitalist, and one of the most interesting characters of the play, ‘ An Inspector Calls’. The play is set in 1912, written in 1945 and was first performed in England in 1946. He represents a typical...

Analysis of How Eric Birling is Presented in the Play an Inspector Calls

Eric Birling is an influential and significant character in our play, Inspector Calls. Priestly uses Eric's character to show the change in the younger generation and his own socialist views of 1912. He is initially introduced in the stage directions, “half shy, half assertive” which...

The Analysis of Eric Birling

In the play of an inspector calls by J.B Priestely, One of the most important roles was Eric Birling; Mr.Birling and Sybil’s youngest son, also Sheila’s Brother, who seemed to be a careless person who cared about nothing but getting drunk and alcohol in general...

The Main Character in Play an Inspector Calls

The representation of guilt in An Inspector calls wasn’t shown by any of the characters until Inspector Goole arrives along with the news of Eva Smiths death, from that point the guilt from each of the characters is shown in different ways. Each of the...

The Summary of an Inspector Calls

An inspector calls is a play of three acts of drama, In my opinion Sheila is most important character in the play, in act 1 , “a pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited.” May be the audience feels...

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