How to Write a Political Essay, With 5 Tips

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If you’ve read political op-eds, you’ve read political essays. Political essays have been used to express individuals’ opinions and shape readers’ views for centuries. Historically famous political essays include On Liberty by John Stuart Mill, Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft, and Republic by Plato.

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What is a political essay?

A political essay explains, explores, and often argues for or against a specific political position. A political essay can analyze a political situation, argue a particular issue, or reflect on a political event. One aim of a political essay is to inform readers about political matters and persuade them to adopt a particular point of view.

Another purpose of a political essay is to understand political issues through rhetorical analysis. In other words, when writing a political essay, you’re thinking and writing critically about a specific political concept, precedent, position, or legal document through the lens of a political theory. This kind of writing is an exercise in interpreting political theory, which often enters the realm of philosophy as well. A few examples of political theories include these:

  • Conservatism
  • Libertarianism
  • Objectivism

Political essays can be persuasive essays , with the goal of guiding the reader to agree with a specific position. In some cases, they’re analytical essays . In any case, a political essay is defined by its adherence to a theoretical framework and its author’s development of a logical argument within that framework.

What are the parts of a political essay?


Like any other essay, a political essay includes an introduction . This section introduces the essay’s topic and provides a summary of what the reader can expect in the following paragraphs. It also needs to “hook” the reader with an unexpected fact or engaging statistic. Your essay’s title can be its hook, or the hook can be the content of its introduction. In any case, the hook serves to engage readers and make them want to continue reading.

Thesis statement

Every political essay includes a thesis statement . This is a summary of your essay. A thesis statement can be a single sentence or a few sentences. The thesis statement is part of the introduction.

Following the introduction, a political essay includes two or more body sections . Each section discusses a relevant point that adds to the reader’s understanding of the topic, such as statistics that directly support the thesis statement or opposing perspectives on the topic.

The final part of a political essay is its conclusion . The essay’s conclusion summarizes the points made in its body paragraphs and brings the author’s discussion to an end. It may also add a short insight or personal anecdote that leaves a lasting impression on the reader.


Although a bibliography isn’t technically part of an essay, it’s an important accompaniment to one. On a separate page from the essay, your bibliography lists all the sources you consulted and cited in your writing. This credits the authors of those sources and makes it easy for readers to conduct their own research after reading your work.

How to start a political essay

Before you start your essay , determine the topic you’ll cover. If you’re assigned a topic, this step is easy. If not, take some time to determine a political topic you care about and can research using high-quality sources. Although your political essay’s thesis can be your opinion, it needs to be supported by sources, such as legal precedents, statistics, and case studies.

Develop your thesis

The next step in writing a political essay is determining your thesis. What is your essay going to be about? A thesis is more than a topic; it’s your nuanced position on the topic. Examine the difference here:

Topic: Voter participation in presidential primaries.

Thesis: The American presidential primary process is inaccessible to the average voter for various reasons. These reasons include the timing of primary elections and voters’ perceptions of the importance of primaries.

With a thesis ready, your next step is to identify the sources you’ll use to support it.

Find sources

You may have a few sources ready, or you may have to find appropriate sources for your essay. There is a lot of political information available online and offline, so be sure to stick to factual, trusted sources. Examples of these include primary sources , such as scholarly articles, data from government sources, and quoted statements directly from lawmakers. Stay away from blog posts, opinion pieces, and content from third parties—including political commentators—as these secondary sources often reflect their authors’ perspectives rather than unbiased facts. Your essay should reflect your own perspective and understanding of the topic. By writing a political essay, you’re creating a piece of writing that would be considered a secondary source by those who cite it.

Conduct research

Research your topic thoroughly, and read sources that counter your perspective and thesis statement. Although your essay shouldn’t be based on secondary sources, reading them can help you better understand current positions on your topic. In a political essay, it’s important to understand the opposing position and engage with it in good faith rather than paint opponents as straw men or misunderstand their positions. A strong political essay addresses opposing viewpoints and argues against them logically, so it’s important that you have a solid grasp of these perspectives before you begin to write.

5 tips for writing a political essay

Once you have a clear direction for your essay, it’s time to write the first draft. Work from your outline, as this will help you stay focused and see what to write next when you get stuck.

1 Don’t let the order slow you down

You don’t need to write your essay in a specific order. If you’re having difficulty introducing your essay, but you know how you’ll unravel each issue and how they relate to each other, dive right into writing your body paragraphs. Sometimes, it’s easier to write an introduction once you know exactly what you’re introducing.

2 Use an academic tone

A political essay is a piece of academic writing, so avoid casual words, phrases, and sentence structures. Depending on your essay’s intended audience, it could be beneficial to explain certain legal subjects or precedents in plain language , but don’t confuse plain language for conversational or casual language.

3 Support your criticism

If your essay criticizes a specific politician or policy, support your criticism with statistics. Rather than making a personal attack, explain why this politician or their policies had a negative impact on the public. Your essay is a reflection of you, your understanding of its topic, and your ability to research and analyze political topics.

4 Get your thoughts down

Write a first draft without trying to make it perfect. Get your thoughts onto the page coherently and mostly in a logical order. Once you’ve finished your first draft, give yourself some time before you return to edit it.

5 Read and read again

When you return to edit your work, you’ll have a fresher perspective, making it easier to spot mistakes and areas where you might need to rework some of your writing. This process is known as revising, and it transforms your first draft into your second draft. Once you have a complete second draft, reread your essay to spot any mistakes you might have missed initially. This step, known as proofreading, is the last step before you submit or publish your work.

Political essay FAQs

A political essay examines its topic—generally a legal ruling, piece of legislation, or current event—through the lens of a specific political theory.

What should a political essay include?

A political essay should include these sections:

  • An introduction with a thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs that discuss the topic in detail, including opposing viewpoints
  • A conclusion that summarizes the essay and leaves the reader with an understanding of the author’s position
  • A bibliography that lists all the sources the author used

What are the different kinds of political essays?

A political essay can be an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay, or an analytical essay.

When should you write a political essay?

You may be asked to write a political essay in a political science, philosophy, history, or English course. Outside academic settings, you may write a political essay as an opinion piece or a persuasive essay to share with voters and legislators.

how to write an essay about political

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How to Write Political Essay

A political essay deals with political or governmental issues. It is a piece of writing made as a way to practice in interpreting specific political theories. It is usually composed of historical information and statistics and is somewhat similar to  writing a rhetorical analysis essay . The purpose of which is for students to demonstrate their ability to argue effectively and logically within defined theoretical frameworks. We've got some tips for you in order to make your writing easier.

Guidelines to Write a Political Essay

Create an argument. Political essays often deal with normative issues. The goal of the student is to give a concrete treatment of the basic interpretative facts and give his thoughts on the theoretical problem. As it is an opinion, there is no correct or wrong answer. The student just simply has to persuade his readers by developing a compelling argument which is well substantiated by a comprehensive and insightful interpretative work.

Develop a thesis. The goal of the student is to develop a thesis which he should sustain during whole paper. A political essay should be organized in such a way that it will be a thesis emphasizing a conceptual argument. That is, the student should choose a position which is clearly stated, and assemble references to offer the readers some sense of credibility. The textual references will ensure the readers that the student has observed the question in a thoughtful manner.

Apply theories learned in the course. Political essays and essays, in general, are technically the application of all the lectures and seminars attended by the student, all the discussions, and all the of the assigned readings. The student then should be able to apply all these theories and lessons learned in school.

Define your terms. Political essays are scholarly written documents that give a new perspective on the conceptual sides of main political theories and problems this is why a student who is writing a political essay should define terms used in the document with great precision.

Cite sources. When making an argument, the student has to ensure that he substantiates it with facts that are properly cited in the footnotes. The reason for this, aside from not plagiarizing these authors, is to refer the readers to a particular factual claim to its proper reference should they want to read about it further. It also helps to write an essay  that is more interesting and informative.

Write an outline and several drafts. A good political essay is not crafted overnight. It takes a great amount of critical revisions. The outline should also have a timeline to ensure that you have ample time to make revisions and finalize it accordingly before the due date. Editing and proofreading eliminate weak paragraphs and illogical transitions, and ultimately makes the political essay a well-research and well-written one. 

Other Reminders on Writing a Political Essay

Be analytical. A political essay is not just a simple collation of all data and information related to political theories. The student must emphasize an informed argument and ensure that he has made a thorough research so he has enough tools to use for independent and creative thinking. As an example, you can include obvious meanings to arguments, as well as the subtle and even contradictory dimensions of it.

Keep it scholarly. The student author must avoid casual language and sloppy argumentations. He has to remember that political essays are an academic type of discourse. A scholarly tone will give the readers the impression that the essay is going to be informative and interesting, without compromising the kind of words and arguments to be included in the essay.

Comment on quotes. At some point, the student will have to quote sources and references to build an argument. But after providing the direct quotation, he must ensure to make a commentary on it. After all, the paper has to be an analysis of your research, not a simple compilation of it.

Be concise. For a student to avoid filling the political essay with too many quotes, he can paraphrase passages, using paraphrase tool . Although, he has to remember that plagiarism is no way acceptable in the academe and must still cite the original source. The rule still applies that the student has to include a commentary of the paraphrased passage. This is to avoid making your paper strike a reader as a plain summary as it is not supposed to.

Explore texts carefully. While the student may oppose arguments, he must avoid bias and recognize both its strengths and weaknesses to engage in advanced forms of interpretative work.

Assume non-experts as readers. In writing political essays, make sure to limit the use of jargons and complicated terminologies. And when the student does use it, he must define the terms thoroughly. A good political essay must not only present a well-researched and well-written paper but should be able to educate the reader about political theories. To do so, the student then should craft in a way that is easy to understand by the common mind.

Embrace objections. Not everyone will agree with your thesis or arguments. When a reader raises an issue, accept it and rebut accordingly. This process should be able to develop your political essay in a way that you can spot weaknesses and instead make it richer and more penetrating.

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Technical Requirements of a Political Essay

Ultimately, the requirements will be coming from the professor or instructor assigning the political essay. General rules, however, apply starting from presenting the different parts of your argument in a logical order, footnoting original sources used or writing a bibliography for references not included in the footnotes, avoiding plagiarism at all cost and practicing proper citation, meeting the deadline set by the professor or instructor, and following the format prescribed.

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how to write an essay about political

Essay on Politics: Topics, Tips, and Examples for Students

how to write an essay about political

Defining What is Politics Essay

The process of decision-making that applies to members of a group or society is called politics. Arguably, political activities are the backbone of human society, and everything in our daily life is a form of it.

Understanding the essence of politics, reflecting on its internal elements, and critically analyzing them make society more politically aware and let them make more educated decisions. Constantly thinking and analyzing politics is critical for societal evolution.

Political thinkers often write academic papers that explore different political concepts, policies, and events. The essay about politics may examine a wide range of topics such as government systems, political ideologies, social justice, public policies, international relations, etc.

After selecting a specific research topic, a writer should conduct extensive research, gather relevant information, and prepare a logical and well-supported argument. The paper should be clear and organized, complying with academic language and standards. A writer should demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject, an ability to evaluate and remain non-biased to different viewpoints, and a capacity to draw conclusions.

Now that we are on the same page about the question 'what is politics essay' and understand its importance, let's take a deeper dive into how to build a compelling political essay, explore the most relevant political argumentative essay topics, and finally, examine the political essay examples written by the best essay writing service team.

Politics Essay Example for Students

If you are still unsure how to structure your essay or how to present your statement, don't worry. Our team of experts has prepared an excellent essay example for you. Feel free to explore and examine it. Use it to guide you through the writing process and help you understand what a successful essay looks like.

How to Write a Political Essay: Tips + Guide

A well-written essay is easy to read and digest. You probably remember reading papers full of big words and complex ideas that no one bothered to explain. We all agree that such essays are easily forgotten and not influential, even though they might contain a very important message.

If you are writing an essay on politics, acknowledge that you are on a critical mission to easily convey complicated concepts. Hence, what you are trying to say should be your main goal. Our guide on how to write a political essay will help you succeed.


Conduct Research for Your Politics Essay

After choosing a topic for the essay, take enough time for preparation. Even if you are familiar with the matter, conducting thorough research is wiser. Political issues are complex and multifaceted; comprehensive research will help you understand the topic better and offer a more nuanced analysis.

Research can help you identify different viewpoints and arguments around the topic, which can be beneficial for building more impartial and persuasive essays on politics. Sometimes in the hit of the moment, opposing sides are not able to see the common ground; your goal is to remain rational, speak to diverse audiences, and help them see the core of the problem and the ways to solve it.

In political papers, accuracy and credibility are vital. Researching the topic deeply will help you avoid factual errors or misrepresentations from any standpoint. It will allow you to gather reliable sources of information and create a trustworthy foundation for the entire paper.

If you want to stand out from the other students, get inspired by the list of hottest essay ideas and check out our political essay examples.

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Brainstorm Political Essay Topics

The next step to writing a compelling politics essay is to polish your thoughts and find the right angle to the chosen topic.

Before you start writing, generate fresh ideas and organize your thoughts. There are different techniques to systematize the mess going on in your head, such as freewriting, mind mapping, or even as simple as listing ideas. This will open the doors to new angles and approaches to the topic.

When writing an essay about politics, ensure the topic is not too general. It's always better to narrow it down. It will simplify your job and help the audience better understand the core of the problem. Brainstorming can help you identify key points and arguments, which you can use to find a specific angle on the topic.

Brainstorming can also help you detect informational gaps that must be covered before the writing process. Ultimately, the brainstorming phase can bring a lot more clarity and structure to your essay.

We know how exhausting it is to come up with comparative politics essay topics. Let our research paper writing service team do all the hard work for you.

Create Your Politics Essay Thesis Statement

Thesis statements, in general, serve as a starting point of the roadmap for the reader. A political essay thesis statement outlines the main ideas and arguments presented in the body paragraphs and creates a general sense of the content of the paper.

persuasive politics essay

Creating a thesis statement for essays about politics in the initial stages of writing can help you stay focused and on track throughout the working process. You can use it as an aim and constantly check your arguments and evidence against it. The question is whether they are relevant and supportive of the statement.

Get creative when creating a statement. This is the first sentence readers will see, and it should be compelling and clear.

The following is a great example of a clear and persuasive thesis statement:

 'The lack of transparency and accountability has made the World Trade Organization one of the most controversial economic entities. Despite the influence, its effectiveness in promoting free trade and economic growth in developing countries has decreased.'

Provide Facts in Your Essay about Politic

It's a no-brainer that everything you will write in your essay should be supported by strong evidence. The credibility of your argument will be questioned every step of the way, especially when you are writing about sensitive subjects such as essays on government influence on economic troubles. 

Provide facts and use them as supporting evidence in your politics essay. They will help you establish credibility and accuracy and take your paper out of the realm of speculation and mere opinions.

Facts will make your essay on political parties more persuasive, unbiased, and targeted to larger audiences. Remember, the goal is to bring the light to the core of the issue and find a solution, not to bring people even farther apart.

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Structure Your Political Essay

Your main goal is to communicate your ideas to many people. To succeed, you need to write an essay that is easy to read and understand. Creating a structure will help you present your ideas logically and lead the readers in the right direction.

Sometimes when writing about political essay topics, we get carried away. These issues can be very emotional and sensitive, and writers are not protected from becoming victims of their own writings. Having a structure will keep you on track, only focusing on providing supported arguments and relevant information.

Start with introducing the thesis statement and provide background information. Followed by the body paragraphs and discuss all the relevant facts and standpoints. Finish it up with a comprehensive conclusion, and state the main points of your essay once again.

The structure will also save you time. In the beginning, creating an outline for essays on politics will give you a general idea of what should be written, and you can track your progress against it.

Revise and Proofread Your Final Politics Essay

Once every opinion is on the paper and every argument is well-constructed, one final step should be taken. Revision!

We know nothing is better than finishing the homework and quickly submitting it, but we aim for an A+. Our political essay must be reviewed. You need to check if there is any error such as grammatical, spelling, or contextual.

Take some time off, relax, and start proofreading after a few minutes or hours. Having a fresh mind will help you review not only grammar but also the arguments. Check if something is missing from your essays about politics, and if you find gaps, provide additional information.

You had to spend a lot of time on them, don't give up now. Make sure they are in perfect condition.

Effective Political Essay Topics

We would be happy if our guide on how to write political essays helped you, but we are not stopping there. Below you will find a list of advanced and relevant political essay topics. Whether you are interested in global political topics or political science essay topics, we got you covered.

Once you select a topic, don't forget to check out our politics essay example! It will bring even more clarity, and you will be all ready to start writing your own paper.

Political Argumentative Essay Topics

Now that we know how to write a political analysis essay let's explore political argumentative essay topics:

  • Should a political party take a stance on food politics and support policies promoting sustainable food systems?
  • Should we label Winston Churchill as the most influential political figure of World War II?
  • Does the focus on GDP growth in the political economy hinder the human development index?
  • Is foreign influence a threat to national security?
  • Is foreign aid the best practice for political campaigning?
  • Does the electoral college work for an ideal political system?
  • Are social movements making a real difference, or are they politically active for temporary change?
  • Can global politics effectively address political conflicts in the modern world?
  • Are opposing political parties playing positive roles in US international relations?
  • To what extent should political influence be allowed in addressing economic concerns?
  • Can representative democracy prevent civil wars in ethnically diverse countries?
  • Should nuclear weapons be abolished for the sake of global relations?
  • Is economic development more important than ethical issues for Caribbean politics?
  • What role should neighboring nations play in preventing human rights abuse in totalitarian regimes?
  • Should political decisions guide the resolution of conflicts in the South China Sea?

Political Socialization Essay Topics

Knowing how to write a political issue essay is one thing, but have you explored our list of political socialization essay topics?

  • To what extent does a political party or an influential political figure shape the beliefs of young people?
  • Does political influence shape attitudes toward environmental politics?
  • How can individuals use their own learning process to navigate political conflicts in a polarized society?
  • How do political strategies shape cultural globalization?
  • Is gender bias used as a political instrument in political socialization?
  • How can paying attention to rural communities improve political engagement?
  • What is the role of Amnesty International in preventing the death penalty?
  • What is the role of politically involved citizens in shaping minimum wage policies?
  • How does a political party shape attitudes toward global warming?
  • How does the federal system influence urban planning and attitudes toward urban development?
  • What is the role of public opinion in shaping foreign policy, and how does it affect political decision making
  • Did other countries' experiences affect policies on restricting immigration in the US?
  • How can note-taking skills and practice tests improve political engagement? 
  • How do the cultural values of an independent country shape the attitudes toward national security?
  • Does public opinion influence international intervention in helping countries reconcile after conflicts?

Political Science Essay Topics

If you are searching for political science essay topics, check our list below and write the most compelling essay about politic:

  • Is environmental education a powerful political instrument? 
  • Can anarchist societies provide a viable alternative to traditional forms of governance?
  • Pros and cons of deterrence theory in contemporary international relations
  • Comparing the impact of the French Revolution and World War II on the political landscape of Europe
  • The role of the ruling political party in shaping national policies on nuclear weapons
  • Exploring the roots of where politics originate
  • The impact of civil wars on the processes of democratization of the third-world countries
  • The role of international organizations in promoting global health
  • Does using the death penalty in the justice system affect international relations?
  • Assessing the role of the World Trade Organization in shaping global trade policies
  • The political and environmental implications of conventional agriculture
  • The impact of the international court on political decision making
  • Is philosophical anarchism relevant to contemporary political discourse?
  • The emergence of global citizenship and its relationship with social movements
  • The impact of other countries on international relations between the US and China

Final Words

See? Writing an essay about politic seems like a super challenging job, but in reality, all it takes is excellent guidance, a well-structured outline, and an eye for credible information.

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Ready to Enrich Your Understanding of Politics?

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500+ Words Essay on Politics

When we hear the term politics, we usually think of the government, politicians and political parties. For a country to have an organized government and work as per specific guidelines, we require a certain organization. This is where politics comes in, as it essentially forms the government. Every country, group and organization use politics to instrument various ways to organize their events, prospects and more.

Essay on Politics

Politics does not limit to those in power in the government. It is also about the ones who are in the run to achieve the same power. The candidates of the opposition party question the party on power during political debates . They intend to inform people and make them aware of their agenda and what the present government is doing. All this is done with the help of politics only.

Dirty Politics

Dirty politics refers to the kind of politics in which moves are made for the personal interest of a person or party. It ignores the overall development of a nation and hurts the essence of the country. If we look at it closely, there are various constituents of dirty politics.

The ministers of various political parties, in order to defame the opposition, spread fake news and give provocative speeches against them. This hampers with the harmony of the country and also degrades the essence of politics . They pass sexist remarks and instill hate in the hearts of people to watch their party win with a majority of seats.

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Furthermore, the majority of politicians are corrupt. They abuse their power to advance their personal interests rather than that of the country. We see the news flooded with articles like ministers and their families involving in scams and illegal practices. The power they have makes them feel invincible which is why they get away with any crime.

Before coming into power, the government makes numerous promises to the public. They influence and manipulate them into thinking all their promises will be fulfilled. However, as soon as they gain power, they turn their back on the public. They work for their selfish motives and keep fooling people in every election. Out of all this, only the common suffers at the hands of lying and corrupt politicians.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Lack of Educated Ministers

If we look at the scenario of Indian elections, any random person with enough power and money can contest the elections. They just need to be a citizen of the country and be at least 25 years old. There are a few clauses too which are very easy.

The strangest thing is that contesting for elections does not require any minimum education qualification. Thus, we see how so many uneducated and non-deserving candidates get into power and then misuse it endlessly. A country with uneducated ministers cannot develop or even be on the right path.

We need educated ministers badly in the government. They are the ones who can make the country progress as they will handle things better than the illiterate ones. The candidates must be well-qualified in order to take on a big responsibility as running an entire nation. In short, we need to save our country from corrupt and uneducated politicians who are no less than parasites eating away the development growth of the country and its resources. All of us must unite to break the wheel and work for the prosperous future of our country.

FAQs on Politics

Q.1 Why is the political system corrupt?

A.1 Political system is corrupt because the ministers in power exercise their authority to get away with all their crimes. They bribe everyone into working for their selfish motives making the whole system corrupt.

Q.2 Why does India need educated ministers?

A.2 India does not have a minimum educational qualification requirement for ministers. This is why the uneducated lot is corrupting the system and pushing the country to doom. We need educated ministers so they can help the country develop with their progressive thinking.


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Political Essay

What is a political essay? A political is just as the name suggests an essay based on politics or a political situation. Completing a political essay is impossible without the proper research to fully understand your subject. First, you should study the primary texts, to analyze its contents. You may take advantage of using reliable Internet sources, with available government reports and political parties' news. Scan through reputable newspapers and magazines to compile relevant data for your political essay.

Having a precisely selected topic of your political essay ensures its efficiency and effectiveness. Make the compass of your writing specific and goal oriented. Your paper should answer the implicit questions - "how" and "why", as it is an analytical work.

When you are presenting your political essay topic in the introduction, make it specific and informative. The reader should understand from your words that your topic is worth investigating. You can defend your subject stressing its political importance and your own preferences. Keep in mind that you can't guess the political views of the reader. That is why you have to get the reader interested and enthusiastic about what you are writing with your words and original arguments. Writing the introductory section you should ask yourself: "How will my essay contribute to existing facts?"

Each paragraph of the body includes the main point, the so-called topic sentence. You support your topic sentence with examples or specification or both. The transitions from one paragraph to the next must be smooth and logical. Sometimes you may remind the reader what the major point of your political essay is.

The final conclusion aims at summarizing the main argument and emphasizing its importance. Though you may consider going beyond the debated issue and leave the reader with a more challenging question to think over.

Follow the style of political essays. It suggests: minimal use of Passive Voice and avoiding redundant phrases, trendy words, cliches.

We want to remind you that social scientists often apply terms not covered by common dictionaries. Sometimes the same term can convey quite different meanings to different political groups. Be careful and accurate using political terms in your essay. One more thing you should remember is to choose precise and cautious stereotype words. They can encompass racist terminology, ethnicity terms, gender words, and occupational terms. Stay away from words with discriminatory connotation in your political essay. Give preference to using gender-neutral language. Your essay may be enriched with statistics and you will want to use tables, charts and figures. In this case you should not fail to interpret them in your political essay.

Occasionally you will support your argument with someone else's words. Be sure to mention the source of the information you are presenting. If you are still confused and are unsure how to write a political essay hire our essay writers now

how to write an essay about political

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Effective Political Essay Writing: Learn from Professional Writers

Effective Political Essay Writing

No one can avoid the impact of politics. Learning the fundamentals of politics, the students get to know about numerous political issues of critical importance, in particular environmentalism, sovereignty, justice, populism, democracy, nationalism, globalization, and so on. Since the range of topics in the framework of politics associated with other disciplines, such as religion, economics, philosophy, health care, science, and other is extremely wide, the task to write a political essay can be complicated as it requires profound knowledge and ability to think analytically. An undeniable benefit of learning how to write papers in the field of political science is development of critical thinking and ability to evaluate the issues from the past, present, and future, which make a difference in the world. Writing about them, one can show individual approach to universal problems and add one’s own voice to the analysis of what is going on around the globe and locally.

To complete the paper on politics successfully, a student should devote sufficient time to conduct thorough research and evaluate all the related concepts. Read the following guidelines and get to know how to select a good topic, do the pre-reading stage, analyze the question, research the raised questions, draft the first version of the paper, and do the actual writing. Following our advice, you will be able to submit a flawless research paper or essay and impress your professor.

Essay on Political Science: Basic Format

  • Introduction

The aim of an introduction is to present a clear argument and make an explicit outline for the paper structure. For a short paper, this part can be made of several sentences or several paragraphs, while a long one can have an introductory section composed of several pages. It is crucial to pay special attention to the thesis statement of the paper as well as it should be suitable for all the assignment aspects.

A serious political paper should demonstrate how your constructed argument is built on the previous topic research by including a section of literature review. It can be incorporated in the introductory part or any of the sections of the paper body. It is up to you to decide which approach will be appropriate for the particular research you conduct.

  • Sections of the Body&nbsp

The number of body sections can be determined in accordance with the needs of the writer. Each specific aspect of the topic is covered in a separate body section that comprises one, two, three or even more paragraphs, depending on how many are needed to make an intended point. For instance, if the topic requires analysis of the process of making the law out of a bill, there should be several sub-topics that cover specific aspects within a large section. One can be about the events and decisions made in the House, another refers to the events in the Senate, the following one can be focused on what takes place after final agreement on the approved bill version. It is essential to keep to one topic throughout the text and ensure smooth transitions between the parts.

  • Setting up the paragraphs of the body: how to do that effectively

Thesis: what is the topic of this particular paragraph? There should be the first sentence that expresses this main idea and it should be directly associated with the final sentence. Mind the smooth flow of ideas!

Analysis and evidence. Please note that it is wrong to cite the quotes and then do analysis of them one by one. The right approach implies providing the required evidence and doing analysis all at once. If you discuss the attitude of the House to the amendment offered by the Senate to a bill, you should also add a corresponding quote about the corresponding position of the President.

Sentences for transition and summarizing. Stating some idea, do not forget to finish up in the same part of the text, either in the same sentence or the next one. Provide all the explanations with the required transition phrases that build connections between the paragraphs and points.

Writing a conclusion to a political essay, mind that it should be related to the thesis without mere restating it. Review the essay twice before writing a conclusion. Double check whether the thesis statement is related to all the parts of the essay. Make sure that the created argument is supported with the evidence which is directly related to the thesis. If everything is fine, you can proceed to working on the concluding paragraphs. However, if you feel that there should be some changes, then do the revision and change the thesis accordingly.

To be a good writer, you have to know exactly how to restate the thesis properly, not just by copy-pasting it both in the introduction and some other paragraph of the conclusion. The whole essay should be summarized in the concluding sentences. You have to use this part as a chance to emphasize the main idea and state your point of view again. However, be careful and do not introduce any new facts, evidence, statistical data, or figures in the conclusion. Your task here is not to add to the information provided but to explain it and show a broader context of what has been said.

how to write an essay about political

Political Essay Writing: Valuable Tips

  • Sound analytical. You write an essay not to make a summary of the collected facts regarding the events and theories in politics. Your task is to lay emphasis on the informed argument and prove that the research you have made is thorough. What you have to demonstrate in your writing is your independent thinking and critical approach to the information. For instance, you should present the arguments not only with the evident meanings, but also with contradictory opinions about them.
  • Adhere to a scholarly style. Do not sound informal or casual in your writing. Your argumentations should never be sloppy. Instead, you have to keep to academic presentation of the facts and make sure that your political essays sound formal with the dominant scholarly tone. Your audience should expect to read an interesting and informative text.
  • Be brief. Paraphrase without too many direct quotes in your text. Remember that you should always cite every borrowed idea or quote; otherwise, you will be plagiarizing. Even a paraphrased paragraph from a different source requires your individual comments. It is not appropriate to present a summary of the used sources instead of your personal analysis and reflection.
  • Analyze the text carefully. Bias is not acceptable in your text. Your interpretation of the facts should always take into consideration both the strong sides and the weaknesses.
  • Remember that your readers are non-experts. Too complex terms and jargons will scare your readers away. In your political essays, give definitions to all the terms which you have to use. Your paper should be based on high quality research to raise your readers’ awareness about the political events and theories.

Political Essay Topics

  • History of politics: background and evolution
  • Relationship between politics and wars: is there a political background in every war?
  • Overview of the political science. Methodology and fundamental principles
  • Rationality of politics. Religion and politics.
  • Political psychology
  • Politics vs. cultural norms
  • Terrorism as an instrument of politicians.
  • Outstanding personalities in politics. Choose the one you admire.
  • Civil wars: causes and consequences.
  •  Crucial political decisions that have transformed the history.
  • Mechanisms of populism.
  • Social movements and political development.
  • Similar and different features of totalitarian regimes.
  • Electoral systems: classification and characteristics
  • Examples of divided governments
  • Peculiar features of unitary systems, confederalism, and federalism
  • Republics of presidential and parliamentary types
  • Global politics and environmental protection
  • Political economy at the international level
  • Diplomacy and wars. Interstate affairs.
  • Politics and open society
  • Loyalty oaths and code of honor
  • Constructivism: positive and negative aspects
  • Positivism: positive and negative aspects
  • Eliminating corruption in politics
  • Media and politics
  • Theory of rational choice
  • Cultural pluralism
  • Globalization vs. nationalism
  • Political scandals
  • Political anthropology
  • Political philosophy
  • Religion and politics: how are they related?
  • Politics and public relations
  • Origins of politics
  • Wartime and peaceful politics
  • Impact of the common good concept on politics
  • Evolution of public morals and its impact on politics
  • International non-state actors
  • Electoral systems in different countries: comparison
  • Major political figures of the 20th century.
  • Political dependencies at the global level
  • Democracy: positive and negative aspects
  • Power and morality
  • Totalitarianism: positive and negative aspects
  • Benefits of nationalism and globalization
  • The most influential political decision of the 20th century
  • How is it possible to explain the difference between the results of elections and those of exit polls?
  • Politics in your state and environmental protection issues
  • Influence of international relations on your native country
  • Wartime political environment
  • Political system of your native state: positive and negative aspects
  • Psychology of politicians
  • Can civil wars be defined as a mistake committed by politicians at the local level?
  • How can corruption be reduced or eliminated?
  • They say politics is immoral.
  • Is politics in your country affected with gender discrimination issues?
  • What is a perfect political system, in your opinion?
  • Impact of cultural norms on politics: give examples
  • Impact of social movements on politics
  • Political scandals: positive and negative aspects
  • Civil rights in your country
  • Death penalty: for and against
  • Legalizing drugs: for and against
  • Politics and the media: dependencies
  • Is regulation of the internet resources by the government necessary?
  • Are strikes an effective method of impacting the governmental decisions?
  • Protests: for and against
  • Processes of democratization
  • Politics in your country: development and progress
  • Civil wars: reasons and consequences
  • Political conflicts: background of the phenomenon
  • Political parties in the USA
  • International relations: history and background
  • Present-day conflict science
  • International law collisions
  • Power balance
  • Is war always caused by a political decision?
  • Foreign policy: factors and aspects
  • Political system in your country: background
  • Key characteristics of an effective politician
  • Non-state actors on the global arena
  • International relations nowadays
  • Political thought in the context of Christianity and Islam
  • Local and state government in your native country
  • What is the direction of political development in your country?
  • What matters: concerns of national security or privacy of the people?
  • Advantages of parliamentary republics as contrasted to those of presidential republics
  • Is wall needed in the USA?
  • Do the countries need nuclear weapons?
  • Diplomacy vs. war in the 20th century
  • Harm and good caused by revolutions
  • Do you believe in the principles of democracy?
  • How can the country fight corruption?
  • Which law would you introduce in your country?
  • Imagine a perfect political party
  • Controversial politicians in the 20th century
  • Which political party do you consider to be the most effective?
  • The most impressive political event of 2019
  • The future of politics at the global level

how to write an essay about political

Online Assistance with Essays on Politics

We have obtained a huge experience in providing help to our customers. We have developed our unique perspective on political essays and online custom writing. We have loyal clients who recommend us to their friends because of the high level of writing and analysis we offer. You contact us and get the services of political science writers.

Expertise of the Writers

Our writers are perfect in two areas of expertise:

  • Politics: Ordering an essay on political science from, you get the writer who has sufficient experience of work exactly in the required sphere. We check on his or her background in the field and also give extensive training to every writer. The writer who will work on your paper is definitely ready to tackle any project of yours.
  • Writing: Writing political essays is different from other kinds of academic writing, and it demands special skills and knowledge from the experts. We hire only those who know how to prepare bibliographies, make proper citations, and write well. We value consistency and our writers ensure it in the papers. You will receive a piece of good writing with excellent ideas and transitions between them.

Benefits of Cooperation with Us

You will enjoy our discounts and reasonable pricing. However, we offer much more than a chance to save with us. You can choose a specific writer with a guarantee of confidentiality and safety. We provide unique content and we always take into account the guidelines to every task. We handle all kinds of topics from the area of foreign affairs or domestic politics. We are the best in political essay writing ; you can trust us in that.


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