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500 Words Essay On My Parents

We entered this world because of our parents. It is our parents who have given us life and we must learn to be pleased with it. I am grateful to my parents for everything they do for me. Through my parents essay, I wish to convey how valuable they are to me and how much I respect and admire them.

my parents essay

My Strength My Parents Essay

My parents are my strength who support me at every stage of life. I cannot imagine my life without them. My parents are like a guiding light who take me to the right path whenever I get lost.

My mother is a homemaker and she is the strongest woman I know. She helps me with my work and feeds me delicious foods . She was a teacher but left the job to take care of her children.

My mother makes many sacrifices for us that we are not even aware of. She always takes care of us and puts us before herself. She never wakes up late. Moreover, she is like a glue that binds us together as a family.

Parents are the strength and support system of their children. They carry with them so many responsibilities yet they never show it. We must be thankful to have parents in our lives as not everyone is lucky to have them.

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While my mother is always working at home, my father is the one who works outside. He is a kind human who always helps out my mother whenever he can. He is a loving man who helps out the needy too.

My father is a social person who interacts with our neighbours too. Moreover, he is an expert at maintaining his relationship with our relatives. My father works as a businessman and does a lot of hard work.

Even though he is a busy man, he always finds time for us. We spend our off days going to picnics or dinners. I admire my father for doing so much for us without any complaints.

He is a popular man in society as he is always there to help others. Whoever asks for his help, my father always helps them out. Therefore, he is a well-known man and a loving father whom I look up to.

Conclusion of My Parents Essay

I love both my parents with all my heart. They are kind people who have taught their children to be the same. Moreover, even when they have arguments, they always make up without letting it affect us. I aspire to become like my parents and achieve success in life with their blessings.

FAQ of My Parents Essay

Question 1: Why parents are important in our life?

Answer 1: Parents are the most precious gifts anyone can get. However, as not everyone has them, we must consider ourselves lucky if we do. They are the strength and support system of children and help them out always. Moreover, the parents train the children to overcome challenges and make the best decision for us.

Question 2: What do parents mean to us?

Answer 2: Parents mean different things to different people. To most of us, they are our source of happiness and protection. They are the ones who are the closest to us and understand our needs without having to say them out loud. Similarly, they love us unconditionally for who we are without any ifs and buts.


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My Parents Essay in English for Students

Table of Contents

My Parents Essay: My parents are the most important people in my life. They love and care for me every day. My mom is kind and helps me with my schoolwork. My dad plays with me and teaches me important things. They both work hard to give me everything I need. Sometimes, they even surprise me with fun outings or treats. What I love most is that they listen to me and understand how I feel. They make me feel safe and loved. I know I’m lucky to have such wonderful parents, and I hope to make them proud as I grow up.

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My Parents Essay – Short Essay

My Parents Essay

My Parents Essay 100 Words

We owe our existence in this world to our parents, who brought us into this life. Our parents hold the most significant and closest place in our hearts. Both our father and mother have made countless sacrifices and put in a lot of hard work to provide for us. Allow me to introduce you to my parents.

My parents are truly wonderful people who shower me with love. My mother’s name is Tanya Srivastava , and she is forty years old. She is a well-educated woman, working as a professor at the nearby college. Her job keeps her quite busy, but she always finds time for us.

My father, on the other hand, is a businessman. Despite their demanding schedules, they both make it a point to spend quality time with me. I hold deep love and admiration for them.

My Parents Essay 200 Words

Parents hold a unique and vital place in our lives. It’s essential to cherish and respect them because they are irreplaceable. Even though they might not always express it openly, parents love us deeply, and we can feel their affection. Sometimes, fathers may seem reserved in displaying their love, but it’s crucial to understand that their love for us is profound. We should reciprocate that love and respect.

Today, let me introduce you to my parents:

My father, Brijesh Sharma, is a 45-year-old engineer who works for the local government. He has achieved great success in his career, and I aspire to follow in his footsteps and become an engineer myself. My father is not only my role model but also someone I deeply admire.

He treasures spending quality time with our family whenever he can. Now, let me tell you about my mother, Sneha Sharma, who is 40 years old. She manages our home with dedication and is known for her hard work, politeness, and impeccable manners.

My Parents Essay – Long Essay

My parents essay 300 words.

My parents are my greatest source of strength. They’re always there for me when I need help and make me feel safe all the time.

We live in Varanasi, but my parents are originally from Mumbai. My mom is a nutritionist, and my father is a doctor. They’re also skilled Badminton players, and they’re teaching me the game. My mom is a good swimmer, and I go with her to the swimming club every Sunday to learn how to swim.

Mom prepares our breakfast and packs our lunch every morning. Before she goes to work, she ensures all the cooking for the day is done. Father helps us get ready for school while mom is in the kitchen. Mom makes sure we have our lunchboxes in our bags and all the schoolbooks we need. Both mom and Father are great cooks, and they enjoy it.

Our parents take good care of our health and overall well-being. Mom helps me with my homework when I need it. We spend a lot of quality time together on weekends, going to movies or dining out. During vacations, we explore different places – father loves the sea, mom prefers the hills, and I enjoy both.

I cherish the time I spend with my parents, and I also get to hang out with my friends. They are loving and understanding, and their importance in our lives is immeasurable. They play a crucial role in helping us achieve success and happiness in life.

My Parents Essay 500 Words

We came into this world because of our parents. They are the ones who brought us into existence, and we should cherish this gift of life. I’m thankful to my parents for all they’ve done for me. In this essay about my parents, I want to express how important they are to me and how much I admire and respect them.

My Parents My Strength

In my life, my parents are like superheroes. They’ve been with me every step of the way, and I can’t imagine life without them. Whenever I’m lost, they guide me back on the right path.

My mom is a homemaker, and she’s the strongest person I know. She takes care of our home, helps me with my work, and cooks the most delicious meals. She used to be a teacher but left her job to look after us kids.

My mom makes many sacrifices for us, often things we don’t even realize. She always puts us before herself and never sleeps in. She’s like the glue that holds our family together.

Parents are a source of strength and support for their children. They carry so many responsibilities but never complain. We should be grateful for our parents because not everyone is as lucky as we are to have them.

While my mom takes care of things at home, my father works outside. He’s a kind-hearted person who never hesitates to assist my mom and lend a helping hand to those in need.

Father is a sociable guy; he talks to our neighbors and keeps our family ties strong. He’s a hardworking businessman who puts in a lot of effort.

Despite his busy schedule, he makes time for us on our days off, and we often go on picnics or out for dinners. I really admire my father for all he does for us without ever complaining.

In our community, he’s quite well-known because he’s always ready to lend a helping hand. Anyone who asks for his help can count on him. That’s why he’s respected and loved, and I look up to him as my wonderful father.

My mother’s name is Tanya Srivastava she is a forty-year-old homemaker. I believe she is the most crucial person in our family. We can’t even imagine a day without her. Every morning, she rises early and begins her work in the kitchen. She washes clothes, tidies up our entire home, and prepares our meals.

I have a deep love for both of my parents. They are kind individuals who have instilled the value of kindness in their children as well. Even when they have disagreements, they always resolve them without letting it impact us. I look up to my parents and hope to follow in their footsteps, aiming to achieve success in life with their blessings.

My Parents Essay FAQs

How do i write an essay about my parents.

To write an essay about your parents, start by introducing them, mentioning their qualities, and sharing personal anecdotes.

Why are parents important 10 points?

Parents are vital because they provide love, guidance, and support, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

What makes your parents special short essay?

My parents are special due to their unconditional love, wisdom, and the way they nurture our dreams.

When writing an essay about my parents, I begin by describing their personalities and how they impact my life positively.

What makes my parents unique is their unwavering love, care, and the values they impart.

What is the role of parents essay?

The role of parents is to love, protect, and guide their children, shaping their character and future.

Who are parents Class 3?

In Class 3, we learn that parents are the people who take care of us, love us, and teach us important things.

Who are parents for Class 2?

In Class 2, we understand that parents are the ones who love and care for us, helping us grow and learn.

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  • Essay on My Parents: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Words

In This Blog We Will Discuss

Short Essay on My Parents for Class 1, 2, 3 (100 Words)

 We have come to this world because of our parents, they gave us birth. They are the most important and close people for us in this world. Both father and mother have lots of sacrifices and hard work behind this position. I will tell you about my parents here. My parents are really nice people.

They love me a lot. My mother name is Sunita Mehta and she is forty years old. She is a well-educated woman and working as a professor at the nearest college. She used to be busy with her work. My father is a businessman. Both of them love to spend their time with me after work. I love them a lot.

Essay on My Parents for Class 4, 5 (200 Words)

Essay on My Parents in 200 Words

Introduction: Parents are the most important person for us in this world. We need to respect and love our parents. We have none except them. They love us a lot. Most of the time they don’t express their love directly for the kids, but we can realize that easily. Especially fathers are like hard and never express love openly. But we have to realize that they love us a lot. We need to love and respect them too. Today I am going to share about my parents.  

My Parents: My father name is Sunil Sharma and he is forty-five years old. He is working as an engineer for the local government. He is pretty successful in his career. I wish to be an engineer like him, that’s my aim in life. My father is an ideal person. I follow his lifestyle and want to be like him.

He loves me a lot and loves to spend time with me. When he gets the free time he spends this time with the family. My mother name is Sneha Sharma, she is forty years old and she is a housewife. My mother is a hardworking woman and she is really polite and well behaved.  

Conclusion: They love me a lot and I love them too. They are the most important part of my life. I can’t think even a single day without them.

Essay on My Parents for Class 6, 7 (300 Words)

Essay on My Parents in 300 Words

Introduction : My parents are my world. Everyone has parents and they should respect and love their parents. Today I will share something about my parents. They are really special to me. They mean a lot to my life. I can’t deny their contribution whatever they have done for me and my life.  

My Father: My father name is Arun Roy and he is a teacher in a local high school. He is forty-five years old. In this age, he is really strong and healthy. The most important thing behind this good health is a regular workout. He goes to the gym and does a proper workout.

Most of the time he wakes me up early in the morning and takes me to a morning walk. I really enjoy this. I wish to become like my father. He is an ideal person and everyone loves him. He is very helpful and because of this nature people come and ask for different types of help. He never refuses anyone.  

My Mother : My mother name is Susmita Roy; she is forty years old housewife. I think my mom is the most important member of our family. We couldn’t even think a day without her. She wakes up early in the morning and starts working in the kitchen. She washes clothes, cleans the whole home, cooks food for us.

She is like a superwoman. I can’t even imagine doing so many works like her. She is really impressive. After doing so many works, she never complains. She is always happy. Especially when she finds me happy, she is the happiest.  

Conclusion: Both of my father and mother are really important to me. I can’t even think a day except them. I wish them to live longer.

Essay on My Parents for Class 8 (400 Words)

Essay on My Parents in 400 Words

Introduction: Parents are the most important part of our life. We can’t imagine anyone else is too much rather than our parents. They are the closest human for us. They sacrifice so many things to make us happy. They don’t enjoy their life too much. They always focus on how kids become happy and do everything for this. We should love our parents and respect them because it’s really important to love them.  

My Parents: My father name is Aditya Roy, and he is forty-five years old. But my father looks so much younger. He is very aware of his health. The goes to the gym regularly. I am also learning so much health things from him. He is a businessman and spends most of his time in his office, but after all, he loves to spend time with me and my mother. My mother name is Koli Roy, she is forty years old.

My mom is a housewife. She does lots of family works. She was working for a school as an assistant teacher. But she left the job to maintain the family better. That’s mean she sacrifice her career because of the family. She is the most interesting and beautiful woman I have ever seen.  

Their Hobbies: As like others my parents also have some unique hobbies, my hobby is always reading books and playing video games. My father’s biggest hobby is bodybuilding. Except for doing this, he loves reading books. In this leisure time, he starts reading books. We have got a small family library. I am also a book lover. And that’s why he buys books every month. My father leads me to become a book lover.

He always inspired me to read more and more. My mother has something different interest, it’s gardening. As a result, we have got a garden in front of our home. It looks really beautiful. I love working in the garden. When my mom works there, I help her a lot. I love the flowers and she is seeding some vegetables too.  

Conclusion: Both parents are really helpful and nice people. They behave with each other really well. I have never seen them quarrelling. Even they help the other peoples too. They have got a really good relationship with neighbours and our relatives too.    

My Parents Essay for Class 9, 10 (500 Words)

Essay on My Parents in 500 Words

Introduction: We have come to this world, because of our parents. We need to be pleased with the entire life, because of this reason. Mother has tolerated so much pain to give us birth. Today I am going to share everything about my father and mother. They are a really awesome and amazing person. I can’t think of my life without them. They have brought light into my life. They are like a guide who is guiding me into the light.  

My Mother : My mother name is Rokeya Begum. She is a housewife. My mother is an educated woman. She was working as a primary school teacher. But she left the job for taking care of us. This is a very big sacrifice for the family. She is forty years old, but she looks much younger. My mother is aware of her health, he wakes up early in the morning and goes for a little walk. And then she starts working.

I have seen that she works almost all the time in a day. We all have rest, but she doesn’t. Sometimes my sister helps her in the kitchen, but she does the main works. She is a very kind and loving woman. She loves poor people and helps them a lot. She is very good with the neighbours. She was keeping a great relationship with our relative.  

My Father: My father name is Jahid Ahmed. He is a businessman. We have two shops in the main market. He used to spend his time there. My father is always busy. But after all of his work when he gets time, we love to spend that time with us. Most of the time he takes us to a small picnic. I love the family picnic a lot. I really enjoy these.

My father is a friend to me. His behaviour is really good. Not only me, but he also behaves well with everyone. He is very popular in the society because of his helping mentality. Lots of people ask for help and he never refuses anyone. That’s why everyone loves him.  

Why My Mother is the Best Mother? Yeah, I consider my mother as the best mother in the world. She is the best. There are so many reasons behind that. First of all, I think she has sacrificed her happiness because of us. She works a whole like a robot, but she never complains. We always try our best to help her.

My father wanted to keep a maid, but my mother is not agreeing to waste money. She is my teacher and guide. When I face any problem she helps me and solves the problem. She is a really highly educated woman. She understands the value of education, and that’s why she is trying her best to make us educated.  

Conclusion: I love my parents very much. They are the best parents ever. I want my parents to live a long whole life. They also love me a lot.

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My Parents : My Best Parents

How softball has made a huge impact on my life.

“Be remembered!” echoes through my mind every time I get up to bat. From tee ball to now, softball has made a massive impact on my life. Ever since I was five years old, I have been playing the game that I love the most.

Personal Narrative: Softball

Softball isn’t all smiles and winning. Sometimes things could almost get sweet. For instance, we were the first team to ever beat Gladstone. I remember it was the second game of the season and we were playing at the dome. I remember Zeke punching the air, “Hell yeah! That’s what I want to see!” and telling us we didn’t have to clean up the equipment because we had won. We went home on a high, so incredibly proud to be on that team.

Personal Statement: Softball

Softball has taught me many life skills like how to get along with twenty girls and have a friendship with each and every one of them. Also, I think it has really shaped my life a small amount; I don’t think I’m the same person I was two months ago. Even though my team didn't win every game or even most of our games, we still acted like a unit and didn't give up easily and we played our hardest at every game. Honestly from my own opinion, I think losing made us even closer to each other and we weren't a cocky team either we were just really confident.

Softball : My Passion For The Passion Of Softball

Have you ever had so much passion for a sport you have been playing for almost your whole life? I love playing all positions of softball and I admire everything that comes with it that includes battle wounds, road trips to games, making memories to practicing out on home field getting ready to bat some love into their lives. Softball is not an easy sport at all but it’s my passion and a privilege to be able to stand on that field. So much love, effort and hard work has been put in over the years. After 12 years of truly knowing the sport these are my favorite things out on the field such as pitching with strength, sliding with passion, and batting to hear all of your support to make a home run!

Sponsors Of Literacy Analysis

My father, for one, has been my literary sponsor for the sport of softball. This type of literacy is one that is mostly for fun, but it also gave me incentive to spend time with my dad. He was the one who taught me every aspect of the game (how to swing a bat, pitch the ball, and catch a pop fly). When I wanted to work on hitting, he would bring me to a batting cage and pitch to me for as long as I wanted. When I was in the mood to pitch, he would take me out in the backyard and catch for me. At first there was a little bit of a problem with him teaching me softball because he was used to baseball. Baseball and softball can

Personal Essay : A Personal Statement Of Softball

I enjoy helping others pursue their passions and achieve their goals. Softball is a sport that has taught me many important life lessons including teamwork, leadership, and dedication. As softball is a sport that has taught me so much, I spent several weeks of my high school summers volunteering at softball camps. It was always rewarding to see the young girls discover their passion for the game just as I did when I was their age.

Personal Narrative: The Red Diamond-Shaped Field

Ever since I learned the ropes, I wanted to play because it has always been my dream to play softball. My mom told me I could try out for Lakeshore Playground that got anyone involved in any sport. There was no such thing as tryouts for this playground. During some of the games, I had my good days and my bad days at either hitting or catching. I loved being on that field. I felt that it was just only my teammates and me on the field waiting for our rivals to hit the ball. That season was a good one, and I will never forget it. This is what started my dreams from just playing on a playground field to being on an actual team. To everyone else it may be just a field with red dirt, but to me it is more than that. It is everything I could dream of because the game is about my teammates and me. I loved my passion, and will continue it later on in my

Softball Accomplishment

Softball is a culture within itself comprised of a very niche community of individuals that work hard and continually strive to learn, grow, and evolve. Playing for both a local team and travel team really helped me to establish a sense of community among my peers and teammates. Playing a sport all throughout my adolescence really instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment. It taught me dedication,

Personal Narrative: Oakridge High School

I have always been in love with the game of softball. I love all the competition and the thought of working at it brings joy to my heart. I could always go to the field to get my mind off things and just focus. But in May of 2015 my life changed and I had a whole new mind set on everything.

Is Softball Ruled Over My Life?

Softball ruled over my life from the time I was five years of age until I was fourteen. According to the people who had watched one of my games, I played first base phenomenally and had some wonderful at bats when I focused on centering my power to hit the ball with all the force I could muster. Unfortunately and fortunately, my father coached every team I played on from T-ball to fast-pitch. At every game, he observed my mechanics and hand-eye coordination, and this pulled memories of watching my brother hit numerous home runs and make game-winning outs from his mind. On nearly all of the car rides home, he would tell me “You remind me so much of Dusty. I see him the way you throw, in the way you hit the ball, and the way you present

Carizo Springs Research Paper

I am the way I am because of my father, he drives me to get an education, and he wants me to be better than him. My dad constantly tells me “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you’re going to be.” This quote means significantly to me because when I was in 6th grade I would hang out with the wrong crowd, later when I was a freshman, I made new friends, better friends, and the ones that push me to strive. My mom is my rock, she struggles sometimes since she raised my brother and I alone, but she always finds a way to get us what we need for school and sports that we play in. I have this picture of my brother, my cousin, and I in front of our house when we first bought it, it’s been 17 years that I’ve been living in it. It may not be the nicest house, but its payed off and I have a roof over my head, to me that’s all that matters. My neighborhood is actually quiet, I have 3 neighbors that are nice people, when we go out of town they watch our house for

Alannah Olson Personal Statement

I’m Alannah Olson, and I’m a senior at Forest City High School. My parents are Kim Olson and Marion Olson. They’ve been two of the most supporting parents I could ask for. I’ve been active in multiple activities throughout my high school and community. I stay busy and do good for the people around me. My parents have been extremely supportive in the decisions I’ve made throughout high school and are always encouraging me that I can do anything, if I set my mind to it. Because of them, I have become the person I am today that likes to be successful and make my parents proud.

Coral Springs Research Paper

I have some family on my dad’s side, who I do not get to see very often, living up in different parts of Massachusetts. I also played competitive softball on my high

What Does Softball Mean To Me Essay

“ Mira mi princesa, hermosa como su mama, también juega softball como su mama asi mismo” - “ Look at my princess, beautiful like her mommy, she also plays softball like her mom, that’s it.” Ever since my father said that to me, it stuck with me. Firstly, because I look up to my mom so many words can't even describe, well a few can, for instance strong, charismatic, kind, beautiful, smart, wise and so much more. It all started, when I was six years old when my parents put me in tee-ball, I hated it so much, in the beginning, I remember I would create excuses after excuses to not play. Because back then I was being forced to do something I definitely didn't want to do, but as I got older, I was starting to get a feel for it, and slowly started to love the sport.

Personal Narrative: My First Year At Diamond Lakes Ball Field

Two years ago at Diamond Lakes Ball Field I started to play softball, I was scared and I really didn’t want to play because I was the youngest on the team. To begin with I started to practice with my team and at home with my mom, stepdad, and sister. After a little practice I became better and learned the skills needed to play the game.

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How To Write An Essay On ‘My Parents’ for Classes 1, 2 and 3

' src=

Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on ‘My Parents’ for Classes 1, 2 and 3

10-line essay on ‘my parents’, short essay on ‘my parents’, long paragraph on ‘my parents’ for kids, what your 1st, 2nd or 3rd grader will learn from the essay.

Parents are the backbone of every child. Children learn most things from their parents because parents are every child’s first teachers. Kids connect with their parents in various ways. They observe them and don’t shy away from imitating them because their parents are their role models. So, when it comes to penning down their thoughts and feelings on their parents, most children take to it instantly because it is a topic they can relate to and enjoy writing about. This is why an essay on ‘My Parents’ is commonly assigned to children in classes 1,2 & 3. But, some kids may struggle to express themselves while writing the composition. If your child is one of them, here are some ways they can unleash their inner author and get their creative juices flowing on paper.

The first step to help children write creatively is to get them to share their ideas on the topic and build them organically. They may also read to be able to write better, but their observation of their parents would help them make the essay unique. Below are some more key points to remember:

  • When you want to write a paragraph about your parents, you need to vocalise your personal feelings for them.
  • It is important to describe your parents as individuals, their influence and their attributes which are the driving forces.
  • Create a mental outline about how you want the essay to flow.
  • Start with an introduction, describe your parents, detail their roles, and elaborate on their influence.
  • While describing, it is important to mention what the parents do.
  • Make sure to write about how they manage their personal and professional lives.
  • Ensure to highlight any points about their strengths and how they motivate you.
  • Speak about the important events and occasions that you spend with your parents.
  • Mention any key secret that keeps you and your family happy.
  • Write a strong conclusion about how children learn from parents and must be there for them.

Children in classes 1 and 2 would have just begun their journey into the basics of creative writing. More than writing an essay or a paragraph, they will be asked to express points on the topic. Read on for some tips to help them get started:

  • My father and mother are the best parents.
  • My father is a banker, and my mother is a teacher.
  • My parents work very hard for the family and take care of us.
  • They look after the house and make sure they keep it neat and clean.
  • They share the responsibility to help me with my studies.
  • My parents are active, and they ride the bike, play football, and board games with me.
  • My parents love to cook. They help each other every day and cook delicious and healthy meals.
  • My parents and I love celebrating festivals, and we decorate the whole house together.
  • My parents take me out to parks, restaurants, and cinemas.
  • I love my parents as they do so much for me and look after me.

Children in grades 2 and 3 can be a bit more expressive than first graders. Here’s an example of a short essay on the topic for you:

Parents are our best friends. We owe everything to our parents as they are the ones who bring us into the world. Like everyone, my parents are the most important people in my life. They make my life so simple and easy. I learn a lot from them, and they inspire me. My father is an engineer. He works for a large company. My mother is a banker. Both my parents rise early to ensure that my sister and I get to school on time. My father helps us get ready for school, and my mother starts cooking our breakfast and packing our lunch boxes. After they come home, my parents start preparing for the evening. They alternate the job of cooking and helping my sister and me with our studies. Once we finish dinner, we sit together as a family and watch TV. We make sure that we spend time together as a family every day, and over the weekends, we go out together to the park or the restaurant. My parents also make sure that we celebrate festivals and special occasions together. My parents work hard to have a good life, and they are my guiding force.

By class 3, children have a better understanding of the topic. They can also elaborate better and have a constructive template for their write-ups. They should ideally be able to write an introduction, main body and conclusion. Here’s a sample for you:

A gift, a blessing, or a miracle – parents can be anything you want them to be. Parents sacrifice their entire life for their children to ensure that we get the best opportunities to lead good lives. They inspire us to be responsible, caring, loving, and respectful.

My parents are very special to me. My father is a professor in a college and did not have an easy childhood. He had to face many difficulties and managed to complete his education to become a professor. He loves his work and strives hard to make a living and make our lives comfortable. He also takes tuitions for poor children for a small fee to help them achieve their dreams. He takes my lessons every day and also enjoys playing games with me. He teaches me how to play cricket as he is a fan of the sport himself.

My mother is a housewife but takes tuition for children every evening. She gave up her career to look after me and started tutoring children at home. She decided to become a tutor to help my father with his expenses and save for my future. She spends her entire day looking after the house and doing household chores. Every evening, when my father and I return, she has a host of dishes prepared for us to eat. My parents make sure that we spend some time together as a family before going to bed. We either read the newspaper or a book before going to bed. We also spend some leisure time going out to the park, restaurant or cinemas over the weekends. My parents do everything to make my life comfortable and help me do my best at home and school.

It is a blessing to have parents as we learn a lot from them. They teach us qualities like sacrifice, love, affection, and respect, which help us become responsible members of society. It is important to listen to parents as they will always speak for our good. I feel lucky to have my parents by my side, who teach me to become a better version of myself every day.

A composition on ‘My Parents’ is the best way to let a child’s imagination flow and their ideas transform into words. Children are very expressive in their speech, but it isn’t easy to write everything down. With some guidance, writing an essay or a few lines on this topic will help them channel their thoughts and feelings and improve their observation skills. Writing also gives kids a confidence boost, consolidates their literacy skills, and applies their reading skills in practice.

Most writers polish their writing skills by drafting essays. The examples given above would give your child the much-needed jumpstart to explore the world of writing. With these tips, your child can learn to develop ideas, plan their essays, write exciting details and make the final edits to write a brilliant essay.

Essay On My Father for Class 1, 2 and 3 Kids Essay On ‘My Teacher’ for Class 1 to 3 Children My Favourite Game Essay for Lower Primary Classes

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  • Essays for Class 2
  • Essays for Class 3

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my best parents essay

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My Parents Essay

my best parents essay

Show More As teenagers in this world we assume we know what the best thing is for us and our future to come. We doubt our parents advice and opinions when they talk to us about our life and our future, we tend to not listen to them because we think they have no idea what they are talking about. As I was growing up everyone told me to listen to my parents because my parents knew what they are talking about, but as stubborn as I am I thought they were full of nonsense. I thought my parents had no idea what I wanted, what was best for me and my future, but as I look back now I wish I would have listened because everyone was right, my parents did know what they were talking about. My parents are the type of parents who care about my grades in high school , …show more content… Eventually, with time me and him talked a little more, we saw each other a little bit out of school and then he became my boyfriend with time. My parents had no idea about me and this boy because I knew they would think I was to young to have a boyfriend, so I kept me and him a secret. As time passed my parents started getting the hints that me and this boy has something going on. My mother accepted it but always told me to be careful, not to do anything dumb and most of all to not get pregnant because it would change my life forever. On the other hand my dad did not like the idea of me dating this boy, he said he did not want to see me anywhere near this boy and if he did I would be in trouble. My dad eventually realize he was going to have to accept the fact that me and this boy were dating and could not do anything about it, so he finally approved of him. My dad and my mom warned me though to not do anything that would change my life or make my life a little more difficult, but I did not listen. My junior year came around and me and this boy were still together, but everything was about to change. I was half way through my junior year and he was half way through his senior year when I found out I was pregnant. At that exact moment when I found out I was pregnant I knew I was going to disappoint my parents because they told me to not do anything that would change

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My parents have said to work hard and do my best in school. I never understood why until I got older. The reason they told me to do my best in school was because they wanted me to think about school and my future. Both of my parents didn't get the chance to go to college. They both came to the United States looking for what most people come to the United States for ‘The American Dream’, they wanted a place where they could raise their children and find a stable job.…

Personal Narrative: What I Learned From My Parents

In life you learn many valuable things. You learn what to do and what not to do. It's what you do with that knowledge that sets you apart from every single person on the planet. Your parents are basic examples of teachers, they are your teachers for life. You learn from their mistakes and you try to surpass them in all that they do.…

Analysis Of More Is Caught Than Taught By John Lubbock

More is Caught Than Taught Is there such a thing as a natural born killer? Can someone be born bad? Criminals would have us believe they are not responsible for the crimes they commit because they have no choice in becoming a criminal. They tell us they are criminals because of faulty DNA. Avoiding punishment is no doubt the reason many criminals have made this argument, but British naturalist and politician John Lubbock would never agree with them and to the contrary, he would hold them accountable.…

Preamble Of Teenagers 'Declaration Of Independence'

Declaration of Independence Preamble: When in the course of life events it becomes necessary for a growing teenager to grow independent from their parents. Every teenager has the rights to be an independent body, just as an adult. To become an independent body, us teenagers must explain to the class, why this declaration of independence is being written.…

Narrative Essay On Parents

After the fight that Jeannette’s mom and dad had. The mom got up with the kids and applied for a job at the Battle Mountain Intermediate School and was hired on the spot because she had a teaching degree. Her mother hated teaching because her own mother was a teacher and pushed her into getting a degree in that so she would have a job to fall back on if her plans on being an artist failed. She was so angry that her mother might’ve been right all along. The only thing that really unsettled me was when she was trying to Miss Beatty that she was capable of disciplining her students.…

Personal Narrative Essay On Being Gay

Maybe if I was not a teenager I would have done something else, but dating a boy was the first thing that I could think of. It was not long until my mom found out, which I know really hurt her because it made me lose a lot of her love. I lost all of her trust in me. I lost her comforting goodnight kisses. I lost her cheerfulness that made me feel like the happiest person in the world.…

Wes Moore: The Value Of Education

My parents value education and they know that in other to have a better future, the first step is having an education. My mom would say that “working at McDonalds would not help pay the bills, put food on the table, and do everything that you want to. You have to go to school. You don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of your life.” My parents’ values and beliefs help me choose the path that I’m on now.…

Declaration Of Freedom Research Paper

Freedom, the sweet feeling of being able to decide what to do and where to go, without the interference of others’ thoughts to sway one’s decision and way of life. The majority of people can agree that freedom is something that should be cherished and strived for. Afterall, freedom is what our Founding Fathers have fought for and declared in the Declaration of Independence. However, the majority of parents place restrictions onto the youth, which violates the so-called freedom they cherish. This results in the feelings of dissatisfaction, dependency, and resentment between parents and their child.…

The Importance Of Education In Texas

Texas has many challenges facing its future related to many issues, but I think that the most important is education. Education is a big challenge now facing texas which does not depend exactly from the school, or teachers, basically depend directly from students. Teenagers now don´t want to realize how their lifes are, and the amazing things they get from it, instead many of us are spoiled because they just don´t care about it. And, I think that the reason is because they maybe haven´t receive a good education throughout their life who encourage them with their studies, as when our parents were young. It´s not the same thing and motivation as the one they had.…

A Separate Peace Should Not Be Banned Essay

Due to our own human nature, people learn the best through their experiences, both positive and negative. It is important for teenagers to understand the process of maturing, especially through how their actions can affect other people. A Separate Peace should not be banned and should be used in high school curriculums because it is a relatable story of young adults maturing through experiences.…

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Why I Want To Continue Education Essay

My parents have always wanted to strive to make sure I receive the best and that I make my own decisions to ensure what I want to do with my life, from this point on they know that I call the shots and they are supportive of me every step of the way with…

What Makes A Good Parent Essay

Where would we all be without parents? The answer is we probably wouldn’t exist. Parents are so needed to help us survive. They teach us everything they know. They prepare us for the cruel world that won’t care about us as much as our parents do.…

My Family Influenced My Life Essay

Some of my biggest influences in life come from my family. My family has always been a supportive and stable place to go to in times of need and advice. But before I start talking more about my family I want to give a background on my life and how I grew up. I was born in Los Angeles County of California in a city called Lancaster. This city in very special to my family because this is where we all came together to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving.…

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Essay on My Parents

We always say god is the creator of everything that exists in this world. And of course we enjoy many of these. Every natural thing in this universe is the creation of god. But above all, the best creation of God is parents. God created parents to provide unconditional love, guidance, and protection in the world. We can say that God created parents and parents are responsible for creating a good human. To understand more about parents and their importance in our life, today we will discuss My Parents in detail.

Short and Long My Parents Essay in English

Here, we are presenting long and short essays on My Parents in English for students under word limits of 100 – 150 Words, 200 – 250 words, and 500 – 600 words. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided essays will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches on My Parents.

My Parents Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) My parents provide me unconditional love.

2) They always support me in anything I choose to do.

3) My parents take care of me and ensure that I have everything.

4) They provide plenty of guidance and advice when I need it.

5) They also give children the strength to face challenges of life.

6) My parents are my biggest role models.

7) My parents have always been my biggest sources of encouragement and inspiration.

8) They have been a huge source of motivation and support throughout my life.

9) My parents have demonstrated the values of respect, loyalty and family.

10) I have the best parents in the world and I love them very much.

Short Essay on My Parents (250 – 300 Words)


Parents are the first teachers in our lives and are responsible for shaping us into adults. Our existence is just because of our parents. They offer us support when we feel down and provide a shoulder to cry on when we need it. Nobody can take place of our parents. They are the one who gave us this beautiful life.

Significance of Parents

Parents provide us unconditional love, support, and guidance at every step of life. Parents are the first teachers of their children and teach them the basic values in life which help them to grow up into strong individuals. They provide the security and the feeling of being loved that foster a child’s development. Parents also play a major role in imparting knowledge and skills that children need to build a successful and meaningful life.

My Parents My Support System

My parents are my rock. They were always present to teach me valuable life lessons. They have always given me the right guidance and support that I need to make my life a success. Whether I am having trouble with a problem, want some advice about making a decision, or just need someone to talk to, I know that I can always count on my parents. They are like a beam of energy in my life, providing stability and security even in the most trying of times.

Parents provide us life’s most valuable gift of precious time and hope. Thanks to our parents, we are better equipped to navigate our way through life. I love my parents more than anything and am so grateful for their unwavering love and support.

Long Essay on My Parents (500 Words)

For us, parents take place of the most important people in our life. They are our best friends and mentors. Their presence and guidance provides children with invaluable life lessons and emotional support. A child’s success in life is greatly dependent on having a supportive and caring parent. Furthermore, parents provide much-needed love, security, and stability for their kids.

My parents My Life

My parents have been a tremendous influence in my life. They have taught me the value of hard work, honesty, courage and remaining true to myself. They have supported and guided me throughout my life, helping me to make good decisions and to stay on the right path. Even during the toughest times in my life, they have always been there to support me and motivate me to keep going. They have given me everything I need for success in life, and have always been there for support. Even when I made mistakes, or needed someone to talk to, they were always there to listen and provide guidance. They believed in me when I had difficulty believing in myself. I am extremely grateful for the sacrifices they made and I strive to live my life in a way that will make my parents proud of me.

Importance of Parents

Parents play an integral role in a child’s life. They are the first people children learn from, and their influence can shape the child’s character and personality. Parents help shape the values, skills, resilience, and ambition of their children to become better human beings. With their endless support and teaching, they help children shape their career path and form personal goals. Furthermore, they are a source of inspiration and motivation to young individuals, providing them guidance and advice to tackle difficult situations in their lives. All in all, parents are the backbone of their children’s lives and have an immeasurable significance.

Learning from My Parents

My parents have taught me a lot over the years, from life lessons to simple lessons about common courtesy. They have taught me the importance of respect, the value of hard work and the power of kindness. My parents have also taught me the importance of being honest and taking responsibility for my actions. As a result of these lessons, I have developed into a well-rounded and successful person. I am thankful for all the important things my parents have taught me. My parents have taught me the importance of hard work and dedication, and believe that anything worth having is worth working for.

My parents always act as a pillar of strength for me. Since childhood, their unconditional love and support has taught me the value of respect, responsibility, and hard work. I can say without a doubt that I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I am so thankful to have such amazing parents in my life. They have taught me so many valuable lessons and I am forever grateful for their unconditional love and commitment.

I hope the above provided essay on My Parents will be helpful for you to know about parents and taught you to love and support your parents always.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Parents

Ans. National Parent’s Day is celebrated every year on fourth Sunday of July.

Ans. There are four types of parents, permissive, authoritative, neglectful and authoritarian.

Ans. Spend quality time with your parents, listen to them, be honest and open with them, and try to show them that you respect their opinions.

Ans. Parents are considered to be like gods because they are the people who nurture and care for their children from the moment they are born.

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I love my parents 2 Pages 615 Words

             Life with out parental support can be a disaster. My Parents are one of the most amazing people you can find around the world for all the sacrifices they had made for me. I have great parents, and I still live with them. They help me with every step of my life. They never turned me down or made excuses about it. They are sweet and lovely. They love me and they would give their life for me. I thank god that gave me such a great gift.              My whole family came to America only for me before I turned eighteen, so I wouldn't have to serve in the military for two years. My parents put a lot of effort and thinking to that, so I can get to America as soon as possible. My parents quit their jobs. My dad was working as Architect and my mom was working in the hospital. We had one month to sell the house and everything inside of it before we could come to America. We had a lot of things to sell, and it was hard to sell all of those things with such little time. The hardest thing was to sell the house because there weren't as many customers looking for a house at that time. We flew to Turkey and stayed at the motel for two days for doctor check up then from there we flew to America and we arrived in Minnesota in March 24, 1999. My parents put everything behind and did all of these things only for me.              In addition, whenever I need help with basic things in life they always gave me a positive answer. For example, whenever I need help financially for school they pay for my tuition because they believe that education is the key to my future. Like this semester the cost of my classes was about $1500 and they paid for it. In some other cases if I need money to buy gas for my car to come to school every week they provide me with good amount of money to fill my gas tank and also my parents provide food at my house, so that I won't go to sleep hungry. When I got laid off from my job I didn't have any money to pay for...

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