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Why I Want to Become a Lawyer: My Future Career

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Why I Want to Become a Lawyer: My Future Career Essay

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my future profession lawyer essay

Composition “My profession is a lawyer”

The profession of a lawyer is a profession that inspires!

Every person is on the verge of choosing the path of life. It depends on this choice whether a person will be happy. Which profession to choose? What to do?

Many of us choose the most popular and prestigious professions. One such, in my opinion, is the profession of a lawyer.

In my opinion, the main goal of a lawyer is to preserve law and order.

There are not so many specialties in the world, so responsible, respected and honorable, and at the same time as complex as a lawyer.

It is from the employees of the legal industry that impeccable implementation of laws depends, and, consequently, the existence and legal functioning of the state.

Each lawyer should be prepared to respond correctly and in a timely manner to the needs of society, to own methods and methods of work with changing legislation, extensive documentation, published literature.

Jurisprudence is one of those sciences that is comprehended throughout life. As the legislation is constantly changing and supplementing, a lawyer should be able to quickly find and remember the nuances of legal norms in order to be able to operate on the received knowledge. The main thing is to have a true calling and be ready for a long and hard work.

I chose my life’s path! My path is jurisprudence.

My future profession inspires me. Every day in an educational institution for me, like a holiday. Every day I supplement my knowledge in this field: I study laws, statutes, reason, think – it’s so cool and wonderful!

Recently, after watching the Russian TV series “Escape”, was delighted with the way lawyers looked for clues, risked their lives for the sake of truth and justice. I believe such people are worthy of praise!

I’m already a fourth-year student, and never, the profession I chose did not disappoint me, but, on the contrary, every day she is more and more interesting to me. In the future, I plan not to stop at what has been achieved, but to enter a higher educational institution. And, of course, work in your favorite sphere, be an example, protect the rights and freedom of citizens.

Each of us is not just a citizen of his state, but also a creator of History. Making meaningful actions, doing everyday work, we become participants in important historical events.

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When you are hiring a San Antonio DWI Lawyer, you need to take a number of things into consideration. A San Antonio DWI attorney is there to help you, in the instance that you are charged with a DWI and have to go to court to defend yourself. Trying to represent yourself during the court process would be very foolish and it would undoubtedly him negatively. A judge will not take you seriously if you have not taken the opportunity to hire a reputable judge to defend you. If you cannot afford a lawyer or attorney, one will be appointed to you, as our justice system states. It is not hard to find a DWI Lawyer In Texas that can assist you during this process. They are specialized and highly trained lawyers that understand this field very well,

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A paralegal is defined as a person trained in subsidiary legal matters but not completely qualified as a lawyer. A legal assistant is employed by a lawyer, law office, government agencies, or other entity to work under the direction of a licensed attorney. Becoming a legal assistant requires an associate’s degree or a certificate in legal assistant studies. A legal assistant can pass the test given by the National Association of Legal Assistants and be referred to as a Certified Legal Assistant. Once someone becomes a CLA they are required to take several hours of continuing educations to maintain their status. At Miller Motte some of the courses a person interested in becoming a legal assistant may include Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, Writing for Criminal Justice, and Criminal Law and Procedure. In some circumstances an attorney may hire a college graduate that has obtained a bachelor’s degree with no legal experience and allow them to learn on the job. Attorneys that specialize in Family Law, Business Law, Tax Law, and Bankruptcy Law are a few examples of the different attorney offices a legal assistant may be found.

Criminal Justice Career Paper

They also perform research on legal codes and judicial decisions. The knowledge of law is necessary for working as a paralegal. The skills required for working in this position are: • Brilliant written and research skills • Strong knowledge of

Career And College Research Paper

Lawyers typically work in cities and towns to reach the greatest concentration of possible clients. Lawyers usually work from offices, although they may also work from home. They often work long hours, more than 40 hours a week. Lawyers tend to work in more urban or suburban environments.

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Against this background, it has turned out to be progressively troublesome for any single lawyer to rehearse over all zones of movement law. This has enabled the job Canada immigration office to boost up. Canada embassy is also deciding to permit more application for Canada visa and immigration is going to made very easy.

A Career As A Legal Assistant

A Legal Assistant is trained to work in operational and administrative functions performed in the judicial system, and in subsidiary bodies of justice, including: notaries, conservative real estate, legal receivers, Tax Services internal, Treasury, etc. Identifies the structure and functioning of the judiciary and judicial proceedings relating to procedures and records for the handling of cases in various areas of law relating to property and contracts, family, criminal, commercial and labor, following the instruction and supervision lawyers and judges. It has theoretical and practical training in legal matters, with a general knowledge of laws and procedures and administrative duties related to the administration of justice. It has expertise

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“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs When I think of my future career goals, I picture myself being happy, successful, and most importantly, doing what I love.

Becoming A Paralegal

There is no formal education required to become a paralegal and most employers prefer to have professionals who have completed their formal qualification in the field. Needless to say, more knowledge means more job opportunities. Paralegals must be acquainted with all legal procedures and preparation of paperwork and verification of facts before cases or trials.

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Deciding what your life will be like for the next 40 years is something you want to think hard about. I've spent five years thinking about what I want as a career, and I still don’t know what I want to be! It is between be a Paralegal or beinng a Police Officer. Do I want to work for lawyers or live a risky life as a cop? I still don't know the answer. I really couldn’t tell you why Law would be my favorate as a career. I've always been interested in law. A Paralegal job would be perfect. Wearing suits, fancy shoes, own office, what’s not to love? Finding myself a husband who’s a lawyer would be awesome too. I guess growing up in New York with both of your parents being a Police Officer it is something to consider. I get this weird sensation

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My career goal is to enter the legal profession as a General Defense Lawyer upon graduation from college. My research into this profession has found that it requires time, effort, dedication and hard work. In order to make this a profitable career, you must be willing to put in the four aforementioned items as well as present a strong case for your client and confidence to the court. Lawyers are often mistaken as greedy, deceptive, and underhanded. This perception is given to the profession by a few unethical or self-serving attorneys that will do whatever is needed to earn a dollar. However, being an ethical lawyer takes practice, morals, and determination.

Post High School Law Case Study

Right after high school, I accepted a job as a legal secretary at a well-known law office in Pierre. I imagined it would open doors that would help me advance in a field as renowned as law. Four years I worked for four attorneys practicing very different areas of law. One worked on corporate matters for businesses; another primarily focused on complicated city issues; one specialized in school law; and the last practiced criminal defense and family law.

Advancement Of Colored People: A Short Story

Since the fourth grade, I have been drawn toward a career as an attorney, though I never truly understood what fascinated me about it. The TV is plastered with stories of people from all backgrounds who have been exploited at the hands of our judicial system. As I have witnessed the injustices in our country unfold, I now know why it is important for me to pursue my dreams.

Becoming a Lawyer Essay

The career I have chosen is to become a lawyer, in either a private practice or firm, or for the government. The definition of a lawyer is an advocate or advisor in society, that is as an advocate, to represent one of the opposing parties in a criminal or civil trial, and as an advisor to counsel clients as to their legal rights and suggest courses of action. But that is not all a lawyer is about. Being a lawyer takes hard work, dedication, and many years in school.

A Career As A Legal Assistant Essay

I often wish that I could spend more time on campus than at work, however, like

Law As A Career : The Lawyer 's Role Quality And Education Requirements

The qualities most desirable to be a good lawyer are dedication, motivation and the willingness to work for long hours. Other essential qualities are centered on self-discipline, ability to communicate effectively, good and thorough acquaintance of the English language and the ability to write clearly and concisely.

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Essay on Why I Want to Become a Lawyer

A lawyer is a person, in which, people deal with judicial actions and help others to get their rights. They can help people from any kind of social problem. There is a law in every country and one should definitely follow it and when someone disobeys or creates problems for others, then people need a lawyer to deal with them. Get here some essays on this topic; I am sure these will be helpful in your academic needs:

Short and Long Essays on why I want to become a Lawyer in English

Essay on Why I want to become a Lawyer for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Why I want to become a Lawyer essay 10 lines.

Why I want to become a Lawyer Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Since childhood, I loved the profession of a lawyer and want to become the same.

2) From a younger age, I like to fight for the rights of others.

3) I want to be a lawyer because I am a great supporter of truth.

4) By becoming a lawyer I want to aware people of their rights.

5) I want to become a lawyer because I want to fight for justice.

6) Every issue can be solved through law and order and I want to be that resolver.

7) I pose logical thinking and influence talks, thus I’m perfect for this profession.

8) I would love to be a lawyer because I can see a better career prospect in this profession.

9) I would love to fight for the poor whose rights are always neglected.

10) Finding evidence and punishing the culprit attracts me to this profession.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why I want to become a Lawyer?


When we ask a child what he really wants to become, some of them want to be a doctor, whereas some of them want to be an engineer. Similarly, when I was young, I wanted to become a lawyer. I like this profession because it is all about getting our rights. I like to solve other’s problems and I found this profession perfect for me.

My Hidden Inspiration

When I was young, I use to watch TV a lot and also use to watch news channels. I liked news channels because they use to tell us various incidents all across the world. When I use to see something awkward, it uses to provoke me to find the thieves or criminals and punish them. But I had no rights and was also very young.

So, one day I ask my mother, as if how can I bring justice to the poor. Then she told me that I have to become a lawyer, to deal with such situations. From that day this profession started attracting me. I decided to become a lawyer and will definitely become someday.

Do whatever attracts you and this will definitely make you successful one day. When our profession becomes our passion then no one can stop us. Bring that spirit and see the change in yourself. I love to deal with the truth, justice, so I chose this profession. Your reason can be something else to choose yours.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Law as a Profession

Different people like different colours similarly when we talk about professions, all of us have different opinions. Suppose all of us become a doctor and if one of them have to make his house. When society is full of doctors who will build his house? So, he needs an engineer too in the society. Similarly, different professions have their own different importance. We need police to maintain the peace, a lawyer to deal with judiciary problems, a sweeper to sweep your dust, etc. No profession is either small or big. A doctor’s clinic will not be clean if there are no cleaning professionals. All of us have different taste and we choose our profession accordingly.

Some Positive Aspects of Being a Lawyer

  • Being a Lawyer is not only a profession but also helps us to know our potential. Sometimes we don’t even know how much we can do and what are the powers of a commoner. This profession helps us to know our own powers.
  • They also know how to deal with a problem; actually our law has a solution for every problem. So, in my onion, it is one of the best professions.
  • A lawyer should be smart and should have a very good logical power because this helps them to find evidence and also helps them to have a good verbal battle in the court.
  • Believe me or not but people never like to mess-up with a lawyer because they know they themselves can become the victim. So, many people stay away from them and it is a good thing.
  • People like me love this profession because I like to dig the truth at any cost. This profession teaches how professionally I can handle a case and help people.

Educational Qualification of a Lawyer

If you are willing to be a lawyer then you have to peruse the below;

  • After completing senior secondary one should complete his graduation in Law stream. They can have LLB with some other bachelor courses like BA, BBA, B.Com, etc.
  • One should complete his graduation in any stream and should also peruse LLB. There are many colleges which provide this course together and it takes near about 5 years to complete the entire course. Apart from this, there are many foreign colleges which also provide different courses for law students.

If you have good learning abilities and are also good at remembering things, then you should definitely go for it; because one should have to byheart a lot of Acts and Rules. One should have a sharp mind to understand all these. One more thing, I would like to say, if you are really passionate about your profession, no one can stop you.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Why One should be a Lawyer?

A lawyer is a wonderful profession where a person should know all types of laws and should be well aware of judiciary actions. He should be capable to deal with any kind of law actions. Lawyers are also known as legal practitioners, attorneys, barristers, law agents, advocate, barrister, etc.

The First-Ever Lawyer

The description of this post was very first mentioned in the Bible and it was ‘Zenas’ the first-ever known Lawyer.

Apart from the Bible, the evidence of lawyers can also be seen in Ancient Greece, where the orators use to do the same job. So, they also get the credit of ancient lawyers in our history and we can say the evidence of lawyers can also be seen the ancient Rome.

When we had lawyers in the ancient period of Roam then they also furnished and progressed in this area first. Slowly it was 1848 when the United States bought this profession into existence.

There are different names proving the title of the first-ever lawyer in the world in the male category. Whereas there are some worldwide famous females’ in this profession like ‘Arabella Mansfield’ was the first female lawyer in the United States of America; whereas ‘Cornelia Sorabji’ was the first female who was from India and studied Law at Oxford University.

Why do I like this Profession?

There are many factors that attract me in this profession; I have listed them below;

  • In my opinion, one should know his rights and should also know his powers. This is only possible if you have a deep knowledge of the law. Apart from our fundamental rights, there are also some rules and regulations that one should know. Like knowledge of your property and its successors, etc.
  • Law helps us to deal with many problems. Sometimes many of us don’t even know what we can do in a particular case and we easily forget it. Actually, a person can even fight for his single penny but very few of us know about the right procedure and we leave it.
  • If you are one of those who like to fight for the truth then you can stick to this profession. Sometimes we see one of our known sufferings and although they are correct, lack of evidence and some social powers they suffer. In such type of case this profession can really help and you can also work as a professional lawyer or can also work for charity.
  • After winning some cases and gaining experience, one can also earn a lot and there are many lawyers who also earn even a crore for a single hearing. So, the money factor, which is one of the important things nowadays.
  • If you want to do some charity and help the poor and helpless people who do not have money to hire a good lawyer, then you can help them by becoming a lawyer.
  • Lawyers have a very good presence of mind and they are intelligent, challenging, brave, etc all these qualities can also make you a smart person.

I am one of those who love to figure out the truth and I find this profession suitable for me. This not only helps people but also helps us and in our daily life. Generally, lawyers charge a lot of money and there is a stage of life when all of us need them. So, it is better to choose this profession and if needed you can also earn, can also help people as social work. In my opinion, it is one of the best professions.

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My future profession is a lawyer

When you leave school, you have to make, maybe, the most important choice of your life – you have to choose your future profession. Nowadays there is a great number of different professions, but it is not easy to make right decision. First of all you should understand that all your life depends on your choice. Someone said: “Find the work you like, and you will work never”. What does it mean?

When you leave school, you have to make, maybe, the most important choice of your life – you have to choose your future profession. Nowadays there is a great number of different professions, but it is not easy to make right decision. First of all you should understand that all your life depends on your choice. Someone said: “Find the work you like, and you will work never”. What does it mean? It means, that making your choice you should remember that the job must not only give you money, it must give pleasure. That is why, choosing the profession you should not listen to your friends or you parents, who often try to give practical advice. Sometimes parents insist on your following the traditions of the family, and the desire of our parents don’t always coincide with ours. Making this choice you must remember about your abilities, and about your interests. When I had to choose the profession I changed my planes several times about what I want to be. I have asked myself a lot of times: “What do I want to be, what do I want to do when I leave school?”. I want to say, that a few years ago I couldn’t give a definite answer. As the years passed I changed my mind a lot of times. And in the end I stopped on one profession, that is very interesting to my mind. I decided to become a lawyer. You can ask me “why?”, and I am ready to answer. The legal profession is very popular among young people in my country and highly paid today, but it was not the main motive of my choice. The main motive was that legal profession is very interesting and quite necessary for other people and for regulation of social situation in the state. There were no lawyers in my family, and there are no layers among my friends. More than that my father always sais there are a lot lawyers today, and I will not be able to find a job. But to my mind good lawyers are still unique. Modern world is full of injustice and cruelty, a lot of people are getting victims of these injustice and cruelty. I understand that I won’t be able to help everybody, but I will try to help as more people as I can. The profession of the lawyer is interesting also because it is very old profession.

My Future Career As An International Lawyer

my future profession lawyer essay

Show More Personally, it comes down to two main questions when considering my future career as an international (corporate) lawyer. The first question is “will I be good at it?” and the second is “will I enjoy it?” My answers to both of them are yes. Lawyer in general, work in jurisdictions, which by nature are local. But, international lawyers work with clients that have business interests in more than one jurisdiction, and therefore their work usually involves parties from multiple nations. Being born in Korea and having spent most of my life in the US after then, I have become a person who sees the importance of culture in relationship with others, embrace the cultures other than mine, and precisely diagnose on how to resolve a dispute that arises …show more content… For most of the time, international lawyers participate in international commercial arbitration, and try to resolve disputes between two private parties, and come up with a compromise/contract which satisfies both legal and cultural elements of both jurisdictions. So, an international lawyer needs to be aware of the possibility that the cultural differences between the two parties could have a significant impact on the outcome of dispute resolution. For example, there is a big difference between the East Asian and Western cultures in their approach to conflict resolution in arbitration. The East Asian culture, especially that of Japan, prefers non-confrontational methods of conflict resolution, in which litigations are avoided and conciliatory behavior is encouraged in the decision-making processes. Due to a feudal regime that has lasted over 200 years, during which people were not allowed to practice law, the tendencies to promote conciliatory settlement of disputes deeply rooted in Japanese communities and became their distinct culture, as well as in other East Asian countries. Consequently, when a Western-cultured party and an Eastern-cultured party join for International Commercial Arbitration, the arbitrator in charge needs to be fully aware of the possibility that the Eastern may draw different inferences from overly confrontational arguments of the Western, and …show more content… A perfect incidence that vividly shows the importance of culture in the world of business is the 1997 Korean financial crisis, which was mainly caused by the excessive government intervention in the market favoring the conglomerates that had the intimate ties with the government at the expense of discriminating against other domestic firms in the market. So, Korea had to be bailed out and received financial support from IMF, in agreement of increasing its transparency of the industrial and financial sector by ending the long-standing friendship between the government and large conglomerates. However, even after the bitter lesson from the financial crisis, the back-scratching alliance between the government and the conglomerates failed to be removed but instead managed to rampantly thrive even until today in Korea. Notably, this cannot be explained unless a more complete understanding of South Korea ’s culture, philosophical backgrounds, and the history takes place. “Chaebol” is a unique Korean word that not only indicates family-oriented conglomerates, but also sub-culturally implies of noble birth, aspired, and chosen figures to lead the country. This distinct image of chaebols in Korea, which have strongly developed among the people

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Essay on My Future Profession Lawyer

Students are often asked to write an essay on My Future Profession Lawyer in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on My Future Profession Lawyer

Choosing law as a career.

When I think about my future job, I want to become a lawyer. This is a person who helps others with the law. Lawyers can work in many places like courts, companies, or schools.

Helping People

Lawyers are important because they protect people’s rights. If someone is in trouble or doesn’t understand the law, a lawyer can help. They make sure everyone is treated fairly.

Studying Hard

To be a lawyer, you need to study a lot. You have to read many books and understand the rules of the country. It takes many years, but it is worth it to help others.

I dream of standing in a courtroom, speaking for those who need help. I want to be someone who makes a difference and stands up for what is right. Being a lawyer will let me do that.

250 Words Essay on My Future Profession Lawyer

Why i want to be a lawyer.

When I think about what I want to do in the future, becoming a lawyer stands out to me. A lawyer is someone who knows the law well and uses this knowledge to help people solve problems. I like the idea of being able to stand up for someone who needs help and making sure they are treated fairly.

The Work of a Lawyer

Lawyers do many different things. They can work in a court, talking to judges and trying to win cases. They can also give advice to people or companies about what the law says they can or cannot do. Some lawyers help write new laws or work for the government. What excites me is that every day can bring a new challenge and a chance to learn something new.

Studying to Become a Lawyer

To become a lawyer, I will have to study a lot. After finishing high school, I need to go to a university and study law for several years. I will learn about different kinds of laws, like those for buying and selling things, for crimes, or for family matters. After that, I must pass a big test to show I’m ready to be a lawyer.

My Goals as a Lawyer

As a lawyer, my goal is to be someone people trust. I want to work hard to protect people’s rights and make sure everyone is treated equally. I also hope to help make the laws better so that they are fair for everyone. Being a lawyer is not just a job; it’s a way to make a difference in the world.

500 Words Essay on My Future Profession Lawyer

Introduction to my dream job.

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by the idea of becoming a lawyer. A lawyer is someone who knows a lot about the law and helps people solve problems that involve rules everyone must follow. They work in courts, talk to judges, and stand up for others. I think this job is very important because it’s all about making sure that fairness wins.

What Lawyers Do

A lawyer’s job is not just about arguing in court. They do many things like giving advice to people, writing legal papers, and researching old cases to help with new ones. They must be good listeners and speakers because they need to understand their clients’ stories and then explain them to others. Lawyers also need to be very good at convincing people because they often have to persuade judges and juries to see things their way.

To become a lawyer, you have to study a lot. First, you finish school, then go to college, and after that, to a special school called law school. In law school, you learn all about different kinds of laws like those about owning property, making agreements, or stopping crimes. It takes many years to learn everything, but I am ready to work hard because my dream is to help people who need it.

The Skills I Need

Being a lawyer is not just about knowing the law. You also need to have certain skills. For example, you must be able to solve problems, think quickly, and pay attention to details. Lawyers also need to be honest and trustworthy because people share their secrets with them, hoping for help. I am working on these skills every day, even in school, by joining debate clubs and paying close attention to my lessons.

I want to become a lawyer because I love the idea of making a difference. When someone is treated unfairly, a lawyer can step in and make things right. I also enjoy reading and writing, which are big parts of a lawyer’s job. Plus, I think it’s exciting to work on different cases, meet many people, and learn new things all the time.

My Future as a Lawyer

In the future, I see myself working in a nice office, wearing a suit, and carrying a briefcase full of important papers. I will spend my days talking to clients, preparing for cases, and going to court to argue for justice. I know it will be hard work, but I also believe it will be very rewarding.

Becoming a lawyer is my big dream, and I am willing to work hard to make it come true. I understand that it will take many years of studying and lots of practice to be good at it. But I am excited for the day when I can stand up in court and help someone who really needs it. That’s what being a lawyer is all about, and that’s why I can’t wait to start my journey towards this amazing profession.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

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