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philosophical essays pdf

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philosophical essays pdf

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philosophical essays pdf

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philosophical essays pdf

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philosophical essays pdf

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Philosophical essays

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Uploaded by Alyson-Wieczorek on August 15, 2008

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Situations and Experiences. Essays on Philosophical Practice

Profile image of Leon de Haas

This book contains six essays on philosophical practice. They all have been written in 2011 and 2012, and published elsewhere, in an anthology or a journal. They express my thoughts about philosophical practice at the time. The three essays in chapters 2, 3 and 4 have also been published together as an e-book: ‘Dialogical Encounters. Three Essays on Philosophical Coaching’, Roermond: 2011, ISBN 978-94-90208-00-4.

Related Papers

Interdisciplinary Research in Counseling, Ethics and Philosophy - IRCEP

Patrizia Salvaterra

The first part of this paper is meant to describe the process, and its different steps, that I generally follow during a philoso- phical counselling session, run both with individuals and groups, as developed in the last twelve years of practical experience. A fill rouge reveals itself in the dialogic relationship with most of the counselees, and I have tried to descend this communicative thread highlighting the recurrent questions and matters. “Where we are now” indirectly explores the possibility of a guideline for philosophical practitioners aimed more as a collection of good practices than as a rigid assembly of protocols based on only one, defined method. A sort of book of instruction, a manual with an educational task, addressed to our younger colleagues who are approaching this practice. The second part tries to briefly contextualise my personal experience within the Italian context where I live and work. “Where we are now”, in this sense, describes the actual situation of Ph...

philosophical essays pdf

International Journal of Applied Philosophy

Mark Weinstein

Acts, processes, thought and action in philosophical practice

David Sumiacher

Philosophical practice operates under the following hypothesis: human beings, in general poses something philosophical-in-themselves. This article will try to answer the question: where is this philosophical element? The answer we shall give is: in the actions and processes that a human being undertakes as living operations. We will therefore analyze the categories of action and process, as well as the ones of thought and action which allow us to systematically understand what we do and how we can find philosophy in what we do. We will also be talking about the notions of intuition, conscience, corporal action and discourse. All of these notions will be linked to philosophical practice and the philosophical in itself.

Werner Ulrich

Leon de Haas

This e-book is a compilation of eight essays I wrote in the years 2011-2016 in the field of philosophical practice. They all have been published in Journals of philosophy and philosophical practice, or in the proceedings of a conference (see the acknowledgment at the end of the book). The title “Skeptical Interventions” refers to both the Socratic nature of the dialogical philosophy I practice, and the nature of these essays as critical interventions in discussions about philosophical practice. Actually the texts are preparatory studies for the dissertation project I am currently working on.

ANNALS of the University of Bucharest Philosophy Series

Claudiu Mesaros

Perhaps one of the most used terms in the recent philosophy is that of philosophical practice. It has attracted philosophers some years ago but eventually it has been accepted as such. But there are many problems still to be discussed, like the nature of a philosophical practice in general. Is the philosophical practice as used today in the counselling manuals the same term with the epistemologically connoted term of a practice in Wittgenstein or David Hume? If not, then is it the case that we should aim at standardizing the meaning of what a philosophical practice is nowadays? Some insist against such a claim, while others offer different orientational meanings for it. We attempt at discussing the nature of philosophical practice and its main contributions in order to arrive at a critical evaluation from the standpoint of the spiritual practices or exercises as proposed by Pierre Hadot, assuming that this supports an anti-standardization position based on the idea that the philosophical practices should rather be taken as nonsystematic sets consistent with the ways ancient schools developed maps of complex and intensively verified, problem-oriented practices, according to a Platonic non-systemic view regarding the multiple contexts moral concepts can be functional.

Philosophical Practice 1 (2) (2005): 89-93

Peter Atterton

The following is a case study of a client who received individual philosophical counseling from a private practice. The client attended for five 1-hour sessions over a period of 2 months. Client details and locations have been altered to protect the client's true identity and confidence. The name of ''Tim'' is pseudonymous.

European Journal of Philosophy

Critical and Creative Philosophical Practices

In the following article, I propose to approach two transcendental categories for the comprehension and execution of philosophical practices: Critical dimension and creative dimension. In this case, I will make a description of the different elements, and the way each of them work, in general and particular, giving, at the same time, examples of how these two dimensions work, both in everyday life and in philosophical practice. After this, I will provide an integrating vision to help us to moderate many terms that are sometimes overrated; to understand some common tendencies in the people, groups and institutions; to use the alternation between polarities as a patron of working; to fuse methodologies and to classify different types of philosophical practices.

Controversies in the Contemporary World

Luca Bertolino


Valéria Paschoal

Richard Sivil

Daniel F Ferrer

Horst Müller

pierre grimes

Max van Manen

Journal of Education Policy

Julianne Lynch

Pragmatism Today

Daniil Koloskov

Europe’s Journal of Psychology

Beatrice Popescu

Reflective practice research in higher education pedagogies

Guro Hansen Helskog

Pragmatic Perspectives in Phenomenology

Ondrej Svec

South African Journal of Philosophy

Helen Douglas

Sophie Gaur

Journal of consciousness Studies

Pierre Vermersch

Ulrich's Bimonthly, January-February 2009

Social Learning Systems and Communities of Practice

Noël Tointon

Sally McLaughlin

Peter Critchley

Piotr Szybek

International journal of philosophical practice

Taylor John

John Braithwaite

The American Review of Public Administration

Hendrik Wagenaar , Noam Cook

Studies in Continuing Education

Jacqueline McManus

Tutoring Second Language Writers

Rebecca Babcock

Synthesis Philosophica

Aleksandar Fatic

Studies in Philosophy and Education

Donato Loia

Ulrich's Bimonthly, September-October 2008

Ethnogr Stud

Richard Fitzgerald

Reflective practice

Vikki Pollard

Karl-Stéphan Bouthillette

Paul Clarke

Lucie Antoniol

Cultural Critique

Linwei Jiang

Megan Laverty , Maughn Gregory


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    Download Free PDF View PDF. Ethnogr Stud. Conversation Analysis, Practitioner

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    The increasing number of philosophical topics in the essay paper of the. UPSC CSE demands a thorough understanding of these concepts. This book.