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Troubleshooting Workday Login Issues: Common Problems and Solutions

In today’s digital age, accessing work-related information and systems online has become the norm. One such system that many employees rely on is Workday, a cloud-based human resources management platform. However, like any online service, users may encounter login issues from time to time. In this article, we will explore some common problems faced by users during the Workday login process and provide solutions to troubleshoot these issues effectively.

Forgotten or Incorrect Password

One of the most common problems faced by users attempting to log in to Workday is forgetting their password or entering it incorrectly. This can happen due to various reasons such as using a different device or simply forgetting the password after a long break from work.

To resolve this issue, the first step is to click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. This will initiate a password reset process where you will be asked to verify your identity through email or security questions. Once verified, you can set a new password and regain access to your Workday account.

Account Lockouts

Another frustrating issue that users may encounter is getting locked out of their Workday account due to multiple failed login attempts. This can happen when someone tries to gain unauthorized access or when you mistype your password several times in a row.

If you find yourself locked out of your account, reach out to your organization’s IT support team or HR department immediately. They will be able to assist you in unlocking your account and ensuring its security measures are intact.

Browser Compatibility Issues

Sometimes, users may face compatibility issues between their web browser and the Workday platform. This can result in error messages or an inability to log in altogether.

To address this problem, ensure that you are using a supported browser version recommended by Workday. Clearing cache and cookies regularly can also help resolve compatibility issues. If the problem persists, try accessing Workday from a different browser or device to identify if the issue is specific to your setup.

Network Connectivity Problems

Poor network connectivity or unstable internet connections can also cause problems during the Workday login process. Slow loading times, error messages, or inability to establish a connection are all signs of network-related issues.

To troubleshoot this problem, ensure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection. If using Wi-Fi, try switching to a wired connection for better stability. Restarting your router or contacting your internet service provider (ISP) for assistance can also help resolve network connectivity issues.

In conclusion, encountering login issues while trying to access Workday is not uncommon. However, with the right troubleshooting steps and proactive measures, most of these problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently. By following the solutions provided in this article, users can overcome common login issues and regain access to their Workday accounts without much hassle.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


problem solution essay human trafficking

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Human Trafficking and Solutions to it

Human trafficking, especially children and women, is a huge problem in the United States. Many victims of human trafficking are at risk to neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and homelessness. Human trafficking can be prevented through acts of adopting polices to prevent trafficking as well as providing different services to the victims of trafficking, future crimes can be stopped, and victims can be helped. According to one source, “global estimates suggest that about 25 million people are subjected to ‘modern slavery’ in the form of ... human trafficking” (Kiss). Sex trafficking is more common than people think. Sex traffickers use violence, threats, lies, and more in order to engage individuals, especially children, into committing sexual acts against their wills.

Traffickers prey on people who are more vulnerable, who have a history of sexual or physical abuse, or who have an unstable home. They are responsible for luring their victims in different ways, such as tactics that “include psychological manipulation, deceit, trickery, false information, financial exploitation, and abuse of the legal process” (Walts). They use tactics, such as force, coercion, and fraud to force their victims into commercial sexual exploitation. Because child trafficking has no preference, “trafficked minors include young children and adolescents; children of any race and culture; United States citizen and non-United States citizen; … boys and girls” (Walts).

In short, there isn’t just one group that is targeted, not by gender or age. One solution that should take place to put an end to human trafficking would be to pass more legislation to establish human trafficking as federal crimes thus having severe penalties. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act is the first federal legislation that addressed sex and labor trafficking. It prioritized the protection for trafficking survivors as well as the prosecution of traffickers.

Also, in 2000, the United Nations developed a protocol to “compel UN member states to create legislation with severe penalties for those persons directly involved in human trafficking” (United Nations). This procedure was an attempt to help minimize human trafficking and to have laws enforced for its prevention. There has been a large increase in the number of legislations that are being introduced, “to combat human trafficking, primarily targeting the sex trafficking of United States citizen youth” (Walts).

More legislation towards decreasing the crime rate of human trafficking would provide more protection for trafficking victims than state laws currently address. One disadvantage of my solution would be that people are still committing human trafficking crimes despite harsh penalties that are already enforced. Another solution is providing for the victims of human trafficking with services, such as food, housing, safety, and medical assistance. Research shows that, “survivors of extreme exploitation often suffer severe and enduring health consequences” (Kiss). Therefore, services and assistance are important, so those affected receive the help they need.

In addition, trafficking victims and their families are often given benefits and services through the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. The Department of Health and Human Services was responsible for helping victims of human trafficking to become eligible for the benefits and services they need. There are many risk factors associated with human trafficking such as homelessness, poverty, and lack of safety.

The Council of Europe created a convention which would “provide basic housing, food, and medical assistance to trafficked persons seeking safe harbor” (United Nations). By providing services for the victims, it would prevent future crimes and help individuals who have suffered severe and enduring health consequences. According to one source, most trafficking survivors experience “persistent health problems … especially symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and suicidality” (Kiss). Most individuals who are lured into human trafficking find it difficult to seek the help they need, so it is important for people to reach out and speak out more about human trafficking.

In contrast, a disadvantage is that sex trafficking can be found helpful to many people that live in poverty, and trafficking could easily change their lifestyle for the better. In conclusion, human trafficking is slowly becoming a reality in the United States, given how many individuals deal with poverty, lack of opportunities, or homelessness. Through new legislation towards punishing human traffickers, the harsh effects it causes can be reduced and prevented, and by providing services and assistance for victims and their families, human trafficking can be stopped.

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Human Trafficking and Solutions to It. (2020, Sep 30). Retrieved November 27, 2023 , from https://studydriver.com/human-trafficking-and-solutions-to-it/

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Solutions to Human Trafficking


The war against human trafficking can be assessed in three ways: the motives behind it, the manner it is conducted, and the strategies implemented to combat the adverse practice. Human trafficking comprises the illegal receipt, harboring, or transfer of an individual or individuals (Unhavaithaya et al., 2021). The practice is mainly conducted in deceptive or violent techniques such as; abusing power, payments, coercion, or threats. Forced labor and sexual exploitation are the principal inspirations of human trafficking. Human trafficking has become a global menace since almost persons in diverse states worldwide are victims of the practice. For this reason, human trafficking has become extensively challenging to combat with limited policies and laws. Although multiple states globally have enacted stringent rules to counter this international dilemma, there are still many strategies that people worldwide can undertake to make the fight against human trafficking more successful and effective. Emotionally or psychologically susceptible individuals are the primary targets of human traffickers. As a result, such individuals fail to ask for help as they do not view themselves as human trafficking victims. Some feasible solutions to effectively combat human trafficking include; being well-enlightened about the problem, enhancing advocacy, helping survivors, learning human trafficking signs, and volunteering.

Advocacy is highly paramount in the war against human trafficking. The federal and state representatives of human trafficking organizations should first understand people’s views and concerns regarding the adverse practice. This action enables the federal and state governments to acquire the citizens’ support in the fight against human trafficking. Further, educating the citizens on the dangers or detrimental consequences of human trafficking makes them passionate about contributing to the dilemma’s fight. For instance, in the 2000 Trafficking Victims Protection Act- the foundation of anti-trafficking laws in the United States lapsed or lost its validity in 2011 (Steinburg, 2020). However, the act was reinstated in 2013 after massive protests and advocacy from anti-trafficking nonprofits. Government and corporations’ supply patterns should advocate and operate utterly free from slavery and human trafficking. Contrarily, multiple products across the globe are produced by slave laborers. Lastly, schools should collaborate with the government and human rights activists to inform and enlighten children and ordinary citizens on identifiable human trafficking signals to shield themselves from the practice easily.

Educating people on Human Trafficking

Educating children will allow them to quickly recognize or detect any human trafficking signs preventing them from becoming victims of the practice. Schools should be at the forefront of human trafficking education since children are the primary victims, as they are mostly emotionally and psychologically susceptible. Social media platforms are very fundamental in teaching children about human trafficking. A recent study by UNSEEN revealed that teenagers on social media are the primary targets of human traffickers. Noteworthy, traffickers emulate children’s behaviors in online avenues like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and later deceive them into meeting them at specified places only to be kidnapped. Such child victims are later forced to engage in non-consensual sexual activities or hard labor under harsh conditions and with little or no payments. In the past, the school curriculums in many states comprised “Stranger Danger” lessons where children were always taught to avoid strangers and the potential dangers they pose. However, such learning has slowly faded, leading to an increase in human trafficking cases. To combat the subsequent rise in human trafficking, parents and teachers must re-introduce such lessons and further enlighten children that they are principal targets of human traffickers. Notably, to combat the practice, many countries have hired bloggers to create articles and YouTube videos enlightening people on human trafficking, its dangers, and common deceptive tactics used by traffickers (Borrelli et al., 2020). Human traffickers live within our neighborhoods and lead decent lives making it challenging to detect them. For instance, it is difficult to detect an enslaved child or woman residing within one’s locality as they behave like normal human beings. Thus, everybody should be educated on human trafficking warning signs or any indicators of the crime’s victims and where to report such incidents. In summary, law enforcement officials, the community, schools, and human rights advocates should all work harmoniously to enhance human trafficking awareness.

Fundraising and volunteering

Donating or fundraising to raise funds to support the different anti-human trafficking nonprofit organizations is highly essential (Onyekachi et al. 2021). These organizations act as homes for human trafficking victims; hence, holding fundraisers or donations helps them to maintain or run their operations effectively. Fundraising also increases awareness of this slavery type, enlightening people that it still exists. Donations and fundraisers also incentive and expedite the building of anti-trafficking institutions. Individuals who escape human traffickers’ residences or ones’ who have been rescued do not have specified homes, hence, are sheltered mainly by anti-human trafficking organizations. Society should work harmoniously with such institutions by donating necessities like food, clothes, and other personal effects. Community volunteers can also help trafficking survivors acquire internships and jobs or further their education enabling them to lead decent lives.

In summary, enhancing advocacy, educating people on human trafficking, and encouraging people to volunteer and donate towards supporting human trafficking organizations are effective strategies to counter human trafficking. Advocating involves government officials championing effective legislation to combat human trafficking. On the other hand, federal and state governments should employ effective mechanisms to enhance human trafficking awareness. Such techniques include; using the media and schools to educate people-mostly children- on the warning signs of human traffickers and how to detect and respond to trafficking victims quickly. Lastly, the community should support human trafficking institutions by donating items and money to allow them to build safe shelters for rescued victims.

Borrelli, D., & Caltagirone, S. (2020). Non-traditional cyber adversaries: Combatting human trafficking through data science. Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal, 4(1), 77-90.


Onyekachi, E. B., & Azubike, A. J. The Menace of Human Trafficking Across the Sahel Region and the Efforts of NAPTIP.


Steinberg, J. (2020). Human trafficking in the United States


Unhavaithaya, J., & Ammartsena, A. (2021). Measures to Protect Fishing Workers and Solutions to Human Trafficking. Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, 24, 1-5.


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Causes and Solutions to Human Trafficking 

Do you know that over 20 million people are being robbed of their freedom and dignity as of right now? Well, they are being abducted, coerced and deceived by traffickers. As a result; victims have been trafficked for used as forced labor, sex trafficking, debt bondage, forced marriage and the removal of their organs. The Exploiting of human being’s dates to Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and during the medieval period (Aronowitz, 2017). Human trafficking has become modern day slavery for the purpose of exploitation. Human trafficking can be considered forced labor, removal of organs, sexual exploitation, slavery, and prostitution. Over the years, human trafficking has expanded its resources and took places in different areas, where it has become the largest criminal business in the world. Majority of human trafficking victims are minors and are taken against their will. Human Trafficking has become the 21st-century modern day slavery and continues to evolve in 127 countries. In the year of 2000; Congress passed a Trafficking Victims Protection Act to fight against trafficking. However, more solutions and policies must be implemented to stop Human Trafficking because it is still occurring. Human Trafficking abuses human rights, affects victims in numerous ways and is caused by social inequality. Victims are trafficked into a life that is difficult to escape.

The largest and most known form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation. Also, it’s the most profitable source of human trafficking and it’s a global problem. From a report of 2014, there was an estimated profit of 99 billion dollars (Human Trafficking by the Numbers, 2017). Sexual exploitation is acts in which abuse, force, and coercion are used for the purpose of commercial sex. One of the main reasons why its one of largest forms of trafficking is because of the many types of tactics used to lure women. These types of tactics include: social media, drugging at bars, using family members, and exploiting vulnerabilities. Although, it’s considered a global issue, there are still ways to prevent being a victim of it. These include: education, recognizing signs, awareness, and reporting suspicious activity (Gaines, 2012).

The slavery of human beings existed as early as 4000 BCE in Mesopotamia; slaves participated in agriculture, domestic and trade labor. As time went on; slavery became more brutal and exploitative because of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade existed throughout the early modern-day period; slaves were bought and sold including children. Over time the violation of victims escalated; when the White Slave Trade developed. In the 1900’s women and children were transported; traded into prostitution and forced to work in brothels (Aronowitz, 2017).

The trafficking of human beings expanded over time and now this industry makes over $150 billion per year; where it has become, by far, the third largest global crime industy . According to The United Nations, “2.5 million people from 127 countries are being trafficked around the world” (Petrilliggieri, 2013). Many are trafficked across borders and even within their own countries. Victims are deceived, forced or even abducted into a life of exploitation. The traffickers lured victims by false advertisements, fraud job opportunities and a promised life. Recruiters spot vulnerable people who are looking for a better way to survive due to lack of employment opportunities, or resources. They also look for people who are naïve and looking for love because they may lack that attention from their family. This strategy is very powerful; because they know people are constantly searching for something new. Social Media is another way predators disguise themselves. For example, victims are target on Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat or Instagram. This can happen to anyone because social media is a big part of people’s lives. Social media is obviously designed to connect people however; it’s easier for recruiters to connect with their next victim.

There are many forms of Human Trafficking besides labor and sex trafficking. The three other forms include forced armed combat, forced marriage and the removal of organs. The trafficking of children is very popular. In the year of 2014; “The United Nations Children’s Fund reported that at least 6,000 children were recruited by armed groups in the Central African Republic” (Aronowitz, 2017). Children are constantly being robbed of their childhood and purity due to human trafficking. Many children are also sold into forced marriage; which is a crime but not highly recognized. The US Department of State reported that 234 girls were kidnapped in Chibok, Nigeria in April 2014. The girls were sold for twelve dollars to be used as wives (Aronowitz, 2017).

Human Rights are being abused as we face the 21st-century modern day slavery. In 1948 the United Nations Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Human Rights law states that all human beings are born free, equal in dignity and rights. Everyone has a right to be free from slavery or servitude. The human rights law covers basic civil and rights such as a right to education and to receive fair pay. If these principles are so well developed; why are human rights abused and ignored all over the world. According to the American Bar Association; Haddadin and Klímová-Alexander states that “the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council have repeatedly affirmed that trafficking violates and impairs fundamental human rights, as have many of the international human rights mechanisms” (Vol. 52 No. 1). Human Trafficking not only destroys human rights, but victims are affected by it internally and externally.

The impact of Human Trafficking affects victims in many ways. Many victims are forced to work in dangerous working conditions, days without eating, forced to have sex and completely stripped of their dignity. Despite their age, religion, nationality, marital status, or gender, victims have a substantial risk of sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies, physical, mental and health problems. The International Organization for Migration “reports that victims do escape have been so brutalized that they experience lifelong physiological trauma, and according to psychologists, only 30 percent fully recover to live a normal life” (Aronowitz, 2017). Victims can experience a delayed progress at school or failure to complete a degree due to the years they have been trafficked. There are many obstacles victims faced. Victims will also have a challenging time maintaining employment because of the psychological and physical effects of trafficking.

The root cause of Human Trafficking is surely poverty. Based on poverty statistics and facts; “over three billion live on less than $2.50 a day and 22,000 children die each day due to poverty’’ according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (Shah, 2013). Limited economic resources can elevate the risk of Human Trafficking. Throughout my research, I read a story on Huff Post News about a Cambodian woman name Mona; who was promised a better life in China instead trafficked into a bride market. Mona was 15 years old at the time when a woman in her mid-30’s approached her offering an opportunity in China. Because her family was very poor and in debt; she accepted the opportunity. Mona became pregnant when she was forced to have sex with a man in China who paid $10,300 for her. Eventually, as time went by she escaped and now is reunited with her family (Maza, 2017). Based on this story, poverty is the root cause due to economic opportunities in many areas and in some countries poverty can push parents to sell their children to traffickers. Their inability to feed, educate or even provide the basic needs of their family can be a strong motivating factor for people to seek employment with a promised future. It is no surprise to know what people will do for money today.

Eradicating Human Trafficking must happen and there are great solutions for this problem. Economic empowerment can address poverty, lack of economic resources and lack of employment opportunities. Because people should have equal access to medical care, education, pay and everything else. Livelihood programs will alleviate poverty because they provide economic support for example water, food, shelter, clothing, education, and training (Petrilliggieri, 2013). Housing programs should also be required in every state for victims.

In conclusion, human trafficking comes in many forms and in all types is considered illegal activity. Over the most recent decades, there has been an increase in activity because of high profits that are obtainable. Of all the types of trafficking, sexual trafficking is still the most profitable and most dangerous to minors and women. There are still ways to prevent being a victim of trafficking, and the main way is to be better aware and educated. Implementing more programs will reduce Human Trafficking in many ways. These solutions will allow victims to live a stable life and alleviate poverty. Victims will no longer look or feel vulnerable towards traffickers due to poverty. Economic opportunities will increase and help prevent Human Trafficking. The survivors of Trafficking will be able to complete school, walk in their healing process and lastly; they will have the support and guidance to live a life of prosperity and success. Human Trafficking is caused by social inequality and because of this fast-growing industry; human rights are abused, and victims are affected. Victims of Human Trafficking deserve their freedom and should not be obligated to do anything that goes against their rights. It’s time to put an end to Human Trafficking because every life matters and they need our help to make a difference.

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Causes and Solutions to Human Trafficking . (2021, Mar 30). Retrieved November 27, 2023 , from https://supremestudy.com/causes-and-solutions-to-human-trafficking/

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Human Trafficking: Definition, Reasons and Ways to Solve the Problem Analytical Essay


Modern world can be characterized by the blistering development of the issue known as globalization. People are able to communicate, share the latest news and even make bargains with the help of the Internet, which obviously makes the life of society easier. However, globalization also has a great number of negative effects and the world nowadays faces the aftermath of this very process.

The first and most dangerous thing is obviously terrorism as this phenomenon also becomes global and all countries of the world can suffer from it. Governments have to respond to this hew challenge as it can threat security not only of a certain country however, they can destroy the whole modern society. The issue of human trafficking is of this sort.

Definition of Human Trafficking

To understand the problem better, a clear definition of the issue should be given. Nowadays, under the term human trafficking people understand the trade of human beings with different purposes 1 . In other words, it is a sort of modern slavery which coherent humanity is supposed to be got rid of.

Traders use the similar schemes which slave merchants of the past used. People, who are being sold, become a good as they are deprived of any rights and privileges. Very often, they do not have documents and depend on their master totally. Under these conditions, they have no choice but to obey because there is no other chance for them to survive. Moreover, very often force is used to control these people.

That is why, it becomes obvious that slavery, which is taken as the remnant of the past, prosper in the modern world and a great number of people suffer from it. According to statistics, about 800000 people are sold every year 2 . Moreover, the following diagram shows that women comprise the greater part of this trade, while the demand for men is lower 3 . The threatening fact is that children are also sold.

The main reasons

However, the given statistics becomes more understandable if to take into account the main purposes of human trafficking. There is a great number of different reasons, however, it is possible to state the most important ones. Sexual slavery is one of the main cause of human trafficking. There is a huge market of sex slaves in the world and, that is why, a great demand exists.

Horrifying fact is that the average age of children who are sold is 13 years 4 . That is why, women comprise the majority of people who are sold because they can be forced to work as prostitutes and this commercial sexual exploration can give great benefits to their owners. Thus, men and children can also be involved in sex industry, however, their number is lower.

The next important reason is forced labour. In this segment men slaves are more demanded and appreciated as they are more enduring and can bring bigger profit. Finally, there are also such reasons as forced marriage and even extraction of organs and tissues 5 . Unfortunately, very often children suffer from the last reason and this cruelty cannot but horrify.

Moreover, the next table shows the main causes which make people sell themselves or become sold.

The main ways

It should be said that there are many ways in which slaves can be transported and delivered to their owners. Globalisation and development of different means of transport make this process easier. Nevertheless, it is obvious that usually slaves are not taken from the regions where their owners live.

It is much easier to obtain people from poor countries where conditions of living are catastrophic and very often people have no other choice but to become slaves 6 . They can make this step in their own volition because they do not know how to survive. Additionally, very often slave traders choose countries with weak governments and judicial power as they could not guarantee security for their citizens.

That is why, the necessity to deliver these people appears. Very often ships or cars are used for this purpose as they are more commodious and it is easier to hide people there. People are transferred under horrible conditions, though it is the cheapest way. Additionally, it should be said that there are special places where such cars or ships can cross a border without any complications.

Besides, it should be said that the are some countries which are taken as traditional suppliers of people for some European countries. The next table shows the number of representatives of different states which came to the UK.

Nevertheless, it is still a risky business as according to the law there is a severe punishment for people who trade slaves. Thus, the possibility of punishment does not scare them. The thing is that it is a good source of income and giant sums of money can be obtained with its help.

Moreover, according to the latest investigations, it is possible to say that there are certain organisations which deal with this issue and which have aligned mechanism of human trafficking 8 . Terrorist organisations belong to the main actors and nowadays they are also great suppliers of slaves. Human trafficking is another way for them to earn money which will be spent on weapon and recruiting 9 .

Moreover, activity of these organisations very often leads to the appearance of chaos on certain territories. The government of a state, to which these territories belong, is not able to resist terrorist organisations and they can take people with impunity. Due to this fact, the issue of human trafficking becomes one of the main sources of incomes for different terrorist organisations.

Interested actors

Besides, it is silly to deny the nude fact that even these organisations need patrons from developed countries which will be able to protect them and control the whole market of slaves. Very often these patrons are representatives of governments of different developed countries or some global international organisations which main task is to fight with this very issue.

Cynicism of these people impresses, though it is easier to control human trafficking if a person has real power. Moreover, the amount of money obtained due to this trade should not be forgotten. “The United Nations estimates the total market value of illicit human trafficking at 32 billion US dollars” 10 .

That is why, there are many people who want to get part of this money and guarantee their prosperity. Additionally, the sum is not final as a great number of bargains connected with human trade remain unnoticed and incomes from them can be used for different purposes.

Threat to security

Besides, distribution of these very incomes can be taken as a threat to security of the whole world. It has already been stated that this money are used by terrorist organizations to buy weapon and equipment. Having obtained new remedies, they will be able to continue their activity and bring chaos to other territories, enlarging the areas where slaves can be obtained, which, in its turn can lead to the further development of slave market.

Moreover, the growth of terrorist organizations is also a great threat to the whole world. Thus, there is one more danger connected with the development of human trafficking. Humanity devoted a great number of efforts trying to get rid of slavery and guarantee equal conditions to different people.

However, nowadays, it returns. People are deprived of their rights and many of them are taken as a good. It is a very threatening tendency which leads to corruption of the main principles according to which our society functions. That is why this process holds a great threat to the modern world.

Ways to solve the problem

Under these conditions, it becomes obvious that some steps should be made in order to stop further development of this issue and guarantee security and rights for abused people. However, it is a rather complicated task nowadays. The thing is, that modern world suffers from crisis, both political and economical. Additionally, terrorist organization known as ISIL adds tension to situation and makes it more complicated.

That is why there should be the complex of measures which main aim will be to stop development of terrorism and human trafficking. Almost all countries in the world try to solve this very problem as terrorism has already led to thousands of victims and continues its development 11 .

Global organisations

However, it is useless to struggle with it alone. It is the obvious fact that only the combination of efforts of a great number of countries can solve this problem. The work of different international organizations like United Nations should be aimed at looking for a good solution for this problem.

Additionally, it is possible to suggest that some new organization, which activity will be the struggle with human trafficking only, should be created. This organization should be comprised of the most powerful states like Russia, China, India, the USA and countries of the European Union.

Moreover, the Vienna forum, which was organized with the aim to discuss this issue, could also help to solve the problem as it addresses three main issues of human trafficking. Participants of the forum try to understand why human trafficking occur, what the consequences are and what measures can be taken. 12

With this in mind, having analyzed the issue of human trafficking, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. First of all, it should be said that it is a very threatening problem which can destroy modern society. It humiliates dignity of a person and deprives him/her of his/her human rights.

Additionally, another threatening fact is that the bigger part of incomes obtained with the help of human trafficking is spent to finance terrorism and promote its development. That is why, this very problem can be taken as one of the most important nowadays and the most efficient solutions should be found.

Being a global problem, the issue of human trafficking can be solved only be the combined efforts of a great number of different countries which should control this issue and punish people and organizations which deal with it. Only under these conditions the possibility to get rid of this problem will appear.


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Human trafficking is an everyday recurrence. Lots of people have heard about Human trafficking, but aren't sure how much of a global issue it truly is. The average age a teen enters the sex trade in the U.S. is 12 to 14-year-old(Do something-Human Trafficking), better known as your teenage or adolescent years. Human trafficking is a problem that must be solved for people at any age, though it starts with adolescents as a result of social media platforms and vulnerability […]

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What if you were given the most appealing chance to escape poverty and took it, just to find out your efforts landed you into the hands of human traffickers? Human trafficking is a large issue dealt with by countries all over the world, including the Philippines, a tier 1 country that is actively changing their methods of the battle against it. For example, one instance of this took place in 2003 where the country passed the "Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act, […]

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A topic that most people probably go through their day without paying much attention to is that of human trafficking. Many individuals do not think that human trafficking will ever affect them nor their families. However, the reality is that such a tragic event could happen to anyone regardless of age, race, or gender, it could occur at any given place or time, and the perpetrator could be absolutely anyone. Human trafficking has become a prominent problem in the United […]

Heinous Crime and Global Problem – Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, one of the most heinous crimes, is a global problem that is flourishing in many areas of the world including our local college campuses. The problem has infiltrated Arizona State University (ASU ) as female students have reported exploitation and coercion at university events by traffickers promoting prostitution. Aside from prostitution, students could be at risk of being abducted and exploited for other human trafficking crimes such as drug trafficking, enslavement, organ transplants, or forced labor. Human trafficking […]

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There is a strong relationship between drug trafficking, drug use, and gun violence. The research attempts to come up with a solution for the research question why does drug trafficking cause gun violence. Most youths have been involved in the use of drugs like marijuana, stimulants, hallucinogens, crack cocaine, heroin, and cocaine hence being involved in violence including gun violence (Johnson, Golub, Dunlap, 2000) This research will play a major role in improving academic research, sow the existing causal effect […]

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Overview Human trafficking is a substantial issue in Bulgaria because Bulgaria is a country of transit for migrants who are leaving Eastern Europe to seek a better life and better socioeconomic conditions in wealthier countries in Western Europe (Central Intelligence Agency, 2018). Migrants are the most commonly targeted group for human traffickers in Bulgaria (Petrunov, Weitzer, & Zhang, 2014). Promoting just, peaceful and inclusive societies is a sustainable development goal established by the United Nations (United Nations, 2018). Addressing human […]

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Some people have a fear of heights, spiders, or even the dark but in America, the level of fear is far greater. Lions, tigers, and bears are the least of the worries for Americans due to the multiplicative issue of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking includes the purchase of women, children, and in some cases men to be used as sex slaves. Instead of recognizing victims and giving them proper assistance, United States citizens and lawmakers disavow human trafficking. Among the […]

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The United States border is always a topic when the subject is the illegal entry ( entering into a country ) in the United States. Some people defend that building a wall will reduce the criminal activities in the country, while others defend that to stop illegal entry, ( entering into a country) could lapse the United States economy (the process of people making, selling, and buying things). To state that whether criminal activities increases by illegal ( entering into […]

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like an object being forced to do things you don't like or feel comfortable? Human trafficking is a big problem in the US and all over the world. Older women, even young girls, are being slaved to participate in a sex labor, labor trafficking, and even forced marriage. In the article, Human Trafficking: A Call for Counselor Awareness and Action it mentions Human Trafficking described as a form of modern-day […]

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The City of Tampa our beloved home where we should feel safe and together as one community. No matter which gender, race or age you are, living in Tampa overall portrays to be a peaceful city where families can stabilize their life and grow with successful opportunity. Tampa is home to multiple suburban communities where kids are raised with their neighbors and play together in their parks. However, when you sit on the park bench and lose sight on your […]

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The participation of England in the slave-trade began in the early 16th century, with the country, on par with Portugal, being the most successful in the trading business until the abolishment of Slavery in the UK in 1807. The original interest of the British traders was more-so with the produce from within Africa, such as ivory and gold, rather than the people of Africa itself. The interest shifted however when the demand for labourers increased and rich British figures became […]

What is Human Trafficking

When people bring up the topic of crimes, the first thing that comes to their mind is gun violence, theft, rape, and murder. A major crime that is not discussed enough is Human trafficking and many people do not recognize that it is not only happening in the middle east, but also in South America and other third world countries. This misdeed can happen to anyone no matter their race, financial background, gender, or sexual orientation and still goes on […]

What is Human Trafficking?

Well, human trafficking is any form of recruiting, transporting, or kidnapping, in which the intent is to be held against will, threat, or coercion with payments or benefits to control another person for exploitation. Human trafficking can be practiced in various ways, such as forced labor, sexual exploitation, slavery of different forms, and organ trafficking (1). One issue the U.S. has with this topic is that there is such a small number of victims and their traffickers, which creates contradicting […]

Human Trafficking in Arizona

Human trafficking is happening here Arizona, right in front of our noses. Let's start off by telling you a little bit more about human trafficking. Human trafficking is criminalized under the United States law, also under federal law, it is a crime to compel another person to provide labor, services, or commercial sex. Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that is happening in every state, including Arizona. NHTH (National Human Trafficking Hotline), has been working with providers, law […]

How did Slavery Shape Modern Society?

Slavery has never been abolished from America's way of thinking. (Nina Simone) Slavery still exist till this day, from forced labor, sex trafficking, debt bondage, child soldiers, and domestic servitude. Although slavery was abolished in 1865 in the United States, slavery continues to be a worldwide issue from forced child labor, sex trafficking, and debt bondage. Thousands of people suffer every year resulting in injury, kidnapping, and even death so the question remains does slavery still exist to this day? […]

Human Trafficking and Child Welfare

Child victims of human trafficking are more likely to suffer from long term affects rather than adults due to the critic stages of development they may be going through. As time persists after the abuse occurred, strong defensive emotions, like anger and fear, can be associated within relationships the individual has that have no correlation to the abusive event (McCammon, McCammon, & Ramby, 2006). Children who have been abused or trafficked can begin to develop a sense of hypervigilance in […]

Societies Role in Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is defined as the action/practice of illegally transporting people from one country/area to another, typically for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is a $32 billion-a-year industry, with 300,000 Americans that are under the age of 18 being allured into the commercial sex trade every year. Society should begin educating the signs of a trafficked victim, go through trainings of how to help a victim, figure out where their products that they use come […]

Celebrity Influences on Human Trafficking

For years human trafficking has been an ongoing problem that people have been unaware of and now many celebrities stepping up to bring awareness to the cause, like Jada Pinkett Smith. Pinkett Smith, displayed in the image on the right, is an American actress who is married to actor Will Smith. In the image we can see Pinkett Smith at an event where her media influence is large. She heard about human trafficking through her daughter who had recently become […]

The Effects of Human Trafficking and Healthcare Providers

Freedom is inarguably the most treasured right in the United States. But each year, roughly 18,000 men, women and children are trafficked in the United States. Human trafficking is a public health concern that affects individuals, families and entire communities across generations. The health care system plays an important role in identifying and treatment victims of human trafficking; however, how trained are the medical professionals on how to identify and properly treat the victims to ensure a successful recovery? What […]

Modern Slavery – Prostitution, Labor, and Debt Bondage

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that serves involuntary solitude, forced prostitution, labor, and debt bondage that happens in the shadows of Charlotte, NC. Involuntary solitude takes away the personal freedom that you have a right as a person. Out of all crimes, Human Trafficking is the fastest growing business of organized crime which can include transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises. It happens through fraud; initiating false promises and/or working conditions, being forced; any […]

Combating Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a problem that affects every country in the world, big or small. This practice has become very popular throughout the world because of labor needs and the want to have sex. People are frequently needed to perform labor and a lot of people struggle to meet their sexual needs and as a result they turn to human trafficking to get their fix. While the majority of people in the world recognize that this is a serious global […]

Human Trafficking in Venezuela

Abstract This research examines the injustices and dehumanization of Latina/os in Venezuela, focusing on its phenomenon of human trafficking. The nation has become a victim of its own economic, social, and political corruption. The trafficking of persons is believed to be the third-largest organized crime worldwide, encompassing many demographics. Human trafficking has plagued Venezuela for many years. This paper ultimately concludes and exposes the extent of the dilemma. The sources used for our research were found through the databases of […]

Human Trafficking and its Relationship with Sex Trafficking

This paper is about Human Trafficking and its relationship with Sex Trafficking. The best way to understand what Human Tracking is would be to define Human Trafficking and give a brief history of Human Trafficking and how long it has actually been going on and what has changed since the early days of Human Trafficking and who is affected by it. This paper will cover which states are the worst for Human trafficking and if there is clearly one state […]

Victims of Human Trafficking

Limiting victimisation of human trafficking only to the period of traffic or transit of the victim would narrow the true essence of anti-trafficking laws. A sex worker, who was abducted/kidnapped, then trafficked and finally forced into the flesh trade, continues to be a victim of human trafficking and prosecuting him/her under prostitution laws would be penalising a victim of human trafficking. A criminal record for charges such as prostitution, disorderly conduct etc., under general criminal laws as well as specific […]

The Construction of Human Trafficking as a Big Social Issue

Specific Purpose: Cognitive, To inform my audience about what is human trafficking and its importance, how human trafficking works, and the statistics on human trafficking. Thesis: Human trafficking is a big social issue, so today, I will explain my knowledge about what is human trafficking and why is it serious, how human trafficking works, and the statistics on human trafficking. Preview: In today's society, It is very scary to be going out anywhere because you never know what is going […]

Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking

Human trafficking comes in many different forms such as sex trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Sex exploitation is based on the interaction between a trafficker selling an individual, victim being smuggled to customers for sexual services. Labor trafficking includes situations of debt bondage, forced labor, and involuntary child labor. Labor trafficking uses violence, threats, lies, and other forms of coercion to force people to work against their will in which most cases have no knowledge on the activities […]

Research on Human Trafficking Problem

Research Musto and Kempadoo agree that the difficulties in researching Human Trafficking are due to unreliable data of a "hidden population" and because of the stigma associated with trafficking and sex work, where members are unwilling to talk to researchers about their experiences. Because it is a hidden population, quantitative researchers think that governmental and NGO reports have overestimated the amount of trafficked victims. Although solutions to curb sex trafficking have been proposed, "few U.S. government reports or scholarly works […]

Human Trafficking in the Textile World

For thousands of years forms of slavery and human trafficking have existed; however, the it was noted best in the 1400s when the European slave trading industry began in Africa (""Timeline of Human Trafficking ). Slavery is defined as a condition in which individuals are owned by others, who control where they live and at what they work (What is Slavery?; the Abolition of Slavery Project ). Many argue that slavery does not exist today because it has been globally […]

Victims of Human Trafficking and their Access to Healthcare

Access to healthcare has been a dilemma for many years in underdeveloped countries and communities. One reason is the feeble economical dynamics that people are faced with in that territory. However, one of the big issues that tends to hide in the shadows is the global epidemic of human trafficking around the world. There is an inadequacy of access to healthcare for the millions of victims where many of which are frequently predisposed of due to the horrendous conditions they […]

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Human trafficking is one of the cruelest acts people can do. Unfortunately, as developed as some societies are today, the phenomenon doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Quite the contrary, the horrible news of children, women, and men subject to trafficking is coming from all sides of the world. Slavery was omnipresent a few centuries ago, but since then, democracies have abolished the act. Yet, in the present day, the concept has turned into a covert financial market for flesh and organs. Victims of human and sex trafficking are subject to torture, beating, and handling as if they were material objects. Even worse, acts like organs removal and sexual and labor exploitation make this practice resemble contemporary slavery. Eventually, it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel for these underprivileged people. Children in foster care, runaways, the homeless, and the poor are the most prone to kidnapping and smuggling. And while some countries ignore the problem, others consider it a lucrative business, so they refuse to invest funds and time in solving it. Our society must acknowledge the matter and act. To this end, most colleges urge their students to explore the issue of illegal trade of people and share ideas on preventing it. Ideally, solutions should come in the form of an impactful speech or a research paper about human trafficking. Essay topics can focus on the social, economic, or political side of the issue. Moreover, you can elaborate on the factors contributing to human trafficking, its patterns and channels, or the possible prevention mechanisms. Alternatively, one may explore the physical and psychological effects on victims. Human trafficking is a controversial topic in the United States. To impose your opinion, you must work out a good thesis statement that explores how vulnerable people get exploited and exposed to a vicious cycle of abuse and mistreatment. Ideally, your work will also contain a well-framed introduction and a solution-packed conclusion. Above all, your paper must be informative, unbiased, and easy to follow. Hence, reading a few college essay examples on human trafficking might inspire you to draft the perfect outline.

Essay About Human Trafficking It is not common knowledge to know what exactly human trafficking is – Human trafficking is the act of taking someone against their will to sell them for sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery, and organ removals. The history of “human trafficking” can date back to the 1800s starting with slavery in African Americans. Once slavery was abolished it then went on further to “white” women. “Around the 1900s Men and women would force, deceit, or drug the women for prostitution (Oster 2016).” There are 7seven “Acts” in the law for human trafficking in the U.S. From the 1800s to 2019 There have ONLY been seven acts put into motion to stop human trafficking, which makes it harder to even put the people involved away if the government can catch them. There are 100 laws in place over substance control, which ruins the lives of people who choose to take the drugs but there are only seven acts in place to protect the innocent people taken from their families into this scheme. Human trafficking is a growing problem not only hurting the individuals involved but the family as well. We need to enforce our laws need to be enforced so that the government does not engage in this horrific crime. Victims of human trafficking can be any gender, race, or age. Often than most, to lure victims, traffickers usually make false promises of jobs and cheap education. It is easier for human traffickers to take advantage of people who come from broken relationships or those that have no loved ones. Traffickers use these methods to lure their victims and force them into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Victims seldom come forward out of fear of the traffickers and law enforcement. Children are constantly being robbed of their innocence due to human trafficking. Many of them are also sold into forced marriages. Disturbing new reports state that 234 girls were kidnapped in Chibok, Nigeria in April 2014. According to the relatives’ “girls were sold for as little as twelve dollars to be used as wives (Aronowitz 86).” Human trafficking affects victims in many ways, most victims are forced to work in dangerous working conditions, go days without food, and will be forced to have sex, while completely stripped of their dignity. Victims have a higher risk of: STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and mental health problems. The International Organization for Migration often comes into contact with victims who need assistance and reported that once they escape and go back to their homes it is hard to get past the trauma. “reports that victims do escape have been so brutalized that they experience lifelong physiological trauma, and according to psychologists, only 30 percent fully recover to live a normal life” (Aronowitz 100). Victims can experience delayed progress in school or failure to complete a degree due to the years they have been trafficked. On Huffington Post, there was an article stating that a woman was promised a better life but instead, was trafficked into a bride market-based in China. Mona was only fifteen at the time when an older woman approached her offering an opportunity in China. Her family was very poor and in debt, so she accepted the “opportunity”. “Mona then became pregnant after she was forced to have sex with a man in China who paid $10,300 for her (Maza 2017).” Poverty can push parents to sell their children to traffickers. The inability to feed, educate or even provide basic needs for their family can be a strong factor for people to seek employment with a promised future. Nowadays, people will do anything for money and to save money. There have even been some rumors about several governments being involved in and supporting trafficking schemes. While reading an article, it stated that although the U.S government has a “Zero Policy” for labor trafficking, this is the least punished form of human trafficking. Although they have a zero policy the Government avidly hires for military zones through these companies. This is an example of how much money the traffickers make: “If a subcontractor brings over 8,000 workers, and each worker comes with a $2,500 recruitment fee, that’s a $20 million black money kickback (Schulberg 2014).” What is worse is that the citizens of the U.S are responsible for these horrible acts “This is the only situation in which the government uses U.S. tax dollars to fund human trafficking,” he says. “It’s not that we’re idly sitting by we’re actively paying for it. It’s like the U.S. government is the John, telling the pimp, ‘We need bodies here, but we aren’t going to look at how you got them, or if they are even getting paid (Schulberg 2014). Many government officials take a blind eye to these situations out of pure benefit. In Argentina, the captain of the Anti-Trafficking police was accused of running brothels and the Commissioner was accused of holding four victims’ captive after their “rescue” (Fletcher 2014). Money is the motive everywhere and these horrific and unjust crimes will continue to go on if nothing is done about the neglect towards these situations. Human trafficking will continue to be a prevalent issue if society continues to allow those that govern it to engage in these activities.

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