professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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Professional salesmanship essay on buyer and seller, salespeople , competition , and employers.

professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional salesmanship essay

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professional selling

Btec lever 3 in customer service essay.

It is essential to plan carefully how to approach and make the pitch to customers. Careful preparation can help to demonstrate how the product will benefit the customer, handle any objections and close the sale.

Outward Conformity, Inward Questioning in Arthur Millerñs Death of a Salesman

A salesperson’s career depends largely on the respect that others have for him. Without respect, Willie cannot sell himself to his family, friends, or clients. Willie understands this, and takes pride in the positive reputation he thinks he has with buyers across the country. In this way, Biff is a client of Willie’s, who purchases the wisdom that his father has to offer.

Essay Mustang Jean Questions

Although the deal was not closed, the buyer and seller talked more about getting to know each other at a later time. The seller then understood he needed to talk less about business and get to know the buyer more personally.

Case Study Sally Soprano

Therefore I included how I could sell him my product. Before I get into the negotiation I inquired beforehand. By collecting as much information before starting the negotiation, I could understand what was the needs and concerns of Sally Soprano. This knowledge makes it easier finding a mutually beneficial solution.

Hrm 532 Week 4

Presentations from the salesmen give a better understanding of the available services, costs associated with each service, and generate a line of communication with the companies. The presentations potentially help determine the ease of their software, potential issues with staff, and the ability to discuss the variety of scenarios with sales person to determine if they have the technology and capabilities to handle the job. The potential companies will issue quotes to the costs that would be required for the services in question. As a non-profit organization quotes are mandatory to ensure

Fort Sill Soldier For Life Transition Overview Facilitator Sop Essay

Review all of the materials provided (PowerPoint presentation, Facilitator’s Guide, Participant guide, and ITP). Familiarize yourself with the flow of the material so that you understand the context for your session. Review all objectives and make sure that your presentation of the content will support those objectives. Review all slides and slide notes before each session making your own notes as needed.

Panda Restaurant Group : The Largest American Chinese Segment Restaurant Chain

Salespeople must let the buyers explain themselves in order to deliver the things they need. It is also important to fully understand the product they are selling in order for the buyers to trust everything you say. If you do not know anything about the product, the buyers will undermine you and brush you off because you are no longer help to that buyer. Product knowledge is one of the main keys to trust-based relationship selling.

Videotape Presentation Self Assessment

Comment on the following points: presentation introduction, presentation closure, speaker knowledge about information, main points clear to audience, etc.

Word Of Mouth Epidemic Analysis

Salesmen act as persuaders and have a knack to be able to convince others to their way of thinking. Salespeople have the ability to create trusting relationships with people and are great negotiators. They are charismatic and have the innate ability to make others just want to agree with

Sales Class : Bus 171 Final Paper Essay

Honestly, I really did not think I would learn much from this class. I have been in different sales ventures many times in my life. In my life I have taken different sales jobs to supplement my husband’s income. Most of these jobs were doing home parties. I sold Mary Kay cosmetics, Aloette cosmetics, and House of Lloyd collectibles just to name a few. I thought I knew a lot about sales, I was wrong. During this class I learned why many of those sales ventures did not work out for me. First, I did not even have a goal except to sell. I basically thought the products would sell themselves. I can’t help but think to myself if I would have taken a class in sales twenty years ago; I could have achieved so much more. Many of the sales techniques in this class would have helped me be a better sales person. I could have used: Planning a sales call as chapter 7 teaches us to pre-approach plan. I would have had my own sales presentation, instead of just the company plans. I would have known about trial closing a prospective customer. With the information in this class I think I could have closed many more of my sales. I also would have followed up with my customers and built relationships.

Working As A Contracts Coordinator At Triacle Clinical Services

I learnt that it is crucial to understand the other party’s personality and their business goals. It is also important to develop a clear negotiating strategy and purport to guarantee the opponent’s confidence of the

Sellome As A Profession

After focusing and observing Sellome for eleven years, the best profession for her is to be a pediatrician. She is fit to be a pediatrician because she takes exceptional care and loves all young children. Whether they need to be fed or even if they get hurt, she always makes them content and cheerful. An example is with her one year old god sister, Eman. Eman has recently turned one and is a troublemaker. Luckily, when Sellome is around, her mother does not need to worry about her because Sellome takes such admirable care of her like feeding her and changing her diaper.

Sales Presentation Essay

  • 3 Works Cited

The next stage in the personal selling process is approaching the prospect. This means actually having an initial first meeting with the prospect for the first time, face-to-face. (Personal Selling, pg.136) Like most things in life, “Practice Makes Perfect”, and in this particular case, this statement holds true in that the more a sales representative practices and rehearses their sales presentation, the better. Practicing and rehearsing one’s presentation assist sales representatives in

Personal Selling With Clients Case Study

The American Red Cross is not funded by the government. It is an independent entity that is organized and exists as a nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable institution. The ARC is the nonprofit organization it is today because of donations given from people all around the world. When there is a national disaster, the ARC is at the tragedy working to help families. ARC’s presence at these tragedies reassures people that their donation is being put to help fund a good cause. The ARC utilizes social media to draw attention to major national disasters such as Facebook and Twitter. They also have created videos on how donations and the aid of Red Cross has assisted multiples families worldwide. With these

Essay Learning Insights in Innovation and Enterprise Module

  • 2 Works Cited

Our presentation slides focuses more on pictures, charts and key-points for visual aid. By keeping the slides simple, audiences can focus more on the speaker. The videos uploaded by the Centre for English Language Communication department tell us our weaknesses which we do not realize by ourselves. Reflecting on my first and second presentation through videos and feedbacks from Ms. Christine has helped me

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In: Other Topics

SALESMANSHIP Salesmanship or Personal Selling is the oldest and most common form of promotion. It involves direct selling by the manufacturer to the prospective buyer. It is a face to face and oral communication with the potential customer for the purpose of persuading the buyer to buy a particular product or service. It is an important method of understanding the needs, nature and behavior of the prospective customers and giving them full information about the product in question. The information so obtained helps the entrepreneur to manufacture the product according to the demand of customers. Being personal in nature, it is an indispensable technique of promotion. A firm undertakes personal selling with the following objectives:-  To introduce new product or service with personal touch.  To create demand for the products such that it precedes supply.  To clarify the doubts of customers personally.  To create effective selling at least cost and secure repeated sales.  To provide valuable feedback to the managers. Salesmen may be classified into the following categories on the basis of their employers:-  Manufacturer's salesmen: - Are employed to sell products either directly to consumers or to the wholesalers or retailers. They have specialized knowledge about the products of their employers. They may be either creative salesman or dealer-servicing salesman. The former are engaged in creating outlets for a new product and contact the dealers to persuade them to handle the product. While the latter, provide services to the dealers of their employer's products.  Specialty salesmen: - Deal in high value goods like computers, automobiles, machines, television sets, etc. They meet the potential customers and explain the usefulness of their product. They also help in the installation of the product at the customer's place.  Wholesaler's salesmen: -...

professional salesmanship essay

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American dream - death of a salesman.

...The play Death of a Salesman greatly portrays a specific ideology in regards to values, dreams, goals, and success in our consumer-driven society. It helps showcase the American dream that society tends to strive for even in the early 1900’s (the play is set in the 1940’s). That dream of being a successful business person or vendor. As well as the theory that image and physical attributes are most important to gaining fruition. Willy Loman plays a man in his sixties who has strived for this American dream for over 30 years but realistically has failed miserably on his goal in life – a wealthy salesman like his idol Dave Singleman (a fellow who could make a fortune selling without even leaving his hotel room). He spends his entire life in fallacy starving for that success. Plenty of individuals in society search for this similar success in life and career. They may spend there whole lives trying to fall into the category of an “American Success” . This may lead them to never knowing what true happiness really feels like. When searching for something that was never intended to be leads to inevitable unhappiness. One can’t find something that was never really there. Near the end of the play Biff states “He had all the wrong dreams. All, all wrong; he never knew who he was”. This is a very true statement. Willy along with many other people in this world follow the wrong dreams just because they see fit as being successful. Willy quoted: “realized the selling was the greatest......

Words: 1018 - Pages: 5

...Promotion is one of the market mix elements, and a term used frequently in marketing. The specification of five promotional mix or promotional plan. These elements are personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity.[1] A promotional mix specifies how much attention to pay to each of the five subcategories, and how much money to budget for each. A promotional plan can have a wide range of objectives, including: sales increases, new product acceptance, creation of brand equity, positioning, competitive retaliations, or creation of acorporate image. Fundamentally, however there are three basic objectives of promotion. These are:[2] 1. To present information to consumers as well as others. 2. To increase demand. 3. To differentiate a product. There are different ways to promote a product in different areas of media. Promoters use internet advertisement, special events, endorsements, and newspapers to advertise their product. Many times with the purchase of a product there is an incentive like discounts, free items, or a contest. This is to increase the sales of a given product. The term "promotion" is usually an "in" expression used internally by the marketing company, but not normally to the public or the market - phrases like "special offer" are more common. An example of a fully integrated, long-term, large-scale promotion are My Coke Rewards and Pepsi Stuff. The UK version of My Coke Rewards is Coke Zone. Promotion is an......

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Thesis Frat

...Academic support, whether that is friendly academic competition within the chapter, homework help and tutoring by other members, incentives for academic success, disincentives for poor academic performance, mandatory study hours, opportunities to meet faculty at chapter events, textbook swapping, etc. 4. A lifetime network of friends. Alumni from my chapter and many others have remained friends, even decades after graduation. 5. Leadership and organizational experience through holding chapter officerships. 6. Athletic opportunities through fraternity/sorority intramural sports teams. 7. Social skills. Recruitment is a great way for fraternity members to learn how to talk to people, answers questions effectively, and practice their salesmanship, essential skills for future careers. 8. Networking. Alumni can help you find jobs in their organizations, or give strong recommendations to other who may be looking to hire. 9. Meeting other people from around the country. Through going to Greek leadership conferences and retreats, I have met hundreds of members of my fraternity, and other fraternities and sororities, from all over the U.S. and Canada. There's no other way I could have done this in college. 10. Leaving a legacy. College affords you few ways to leave a real mark on your campus. 11. Abundant community service opportunities. 12. Fun, and some of the best friends you'll ever...

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...THE COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE Although people often think of marketing as synonymous with advertising or salesmanship, it is actually much broader. Marketing consists of the full range of activities involved in facilitating commercial exchanges and having all of these activities be guided by a concern for customer needs. The central idea here is that of the commercial exchange (see Figure 1.1). This is where a seller provides a product to a buyer in return for something in exchange (usually an amount of money). The product could be something tangible, which is referred to as a good, or the product could be the result of human or mechanical effort, which is referred to as a service. The buyer could be a consumer—an individual who purchases a product for his or her own use—or the buyer could be a business customer—an individual or group who purchases the product in order to resell it or for other business purposes. One aspect that makes the commercial exchange a very important idea is that it describes an interaction that is voluntary. Both the buyer and seller participate in the exchange voluntarily because the exchange will lead them both to be better off. For example, consider the vending machine in the office lounge. You put in your dollar and get a large package of M&M’s. You do that voluntarily because you would rather have the bag of candy than that dollar. On the other hand, the Mars company, which produces M&M’s,...

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Mkt 445 Sales Mangement

...Sales Management Paper With the current revolution in the corporate world, many organizations find the need to keep up with the set trends in the corporate scene. This is essential for them to maintain relevance, as well as achieve set targets and strategic objectives. One of the important aspects of business management is sales personnel management. This is an important business aspect that can lead to efficiency and effectiveness in business. This study will seek to analyze the various tools and techniques used in sales personnel management. Personnel management encompasses a deep interest in the well-being of an employee. Its main aim is ensuring that employees have a sense of satisfaction. Personnel management tasks include training, selection, hiring, motivation, rewards, and compensation among others. Personnel managers are mainly involved in execution of these important tasks (Ingram, 2008). Training encompasses the process of improving personnel competencies, knowledge and potentialities, (in regards to the specific tasks that will be assigned to them). This is an essential process that should be perpetual, in order to achieve excellent execution of jobs (Ingram, 2008). It gives sales personnel managers an easier time in dealing with sales personnel. There are different basis on which training is carried out. Training is carried out upon induction of new sales people to the company. It is also important to train current sales personnel. This empowers them to......

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The Good and Bad of Sales Representatives

...The Good and bad of Sales Representatives Christopher Kelton BUSN115: Introduction to Business and Technology Professor Jay Egger DeVry University 5 April 2014 The Good and bad of Sales Representatives Introduction The purpose of this paper is telling my experiences with sales representatives. It begins with my most memorably good experience and moves to my most memorably unpleasant experience. I then compare the two to further illustrate the difference in the two. Next we examine in further detail the reasons one made me feel good and one made me feel uncomfortable. Most Memorable Experience My best experience as of late with a sales person was when I went to buy tires at Pep Boys. The sales person made the experience a pleasure. I went in with an idea of the style, type, and purpose I needed the tires to be able to accomplish. When I talked to the sales associate he listened to me and put together options of tires the met and exceeded my requirements, weather they were in the store of from another company. He explained the differences in the tires and how they were quality rated and ranked the according to best suited and price. We discussed the options and he even tried to get a lower price online just to make sure he was not over charging me. It shows that he was looking out for the customer and portraying the company in a good way by insuring loyal customers that feel like they are being taken care of both at the start of the sale and......

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Campbell and Bailyn’s Boston Office: Managing the Reorganization

...Case: Campbell and Bailyn’s Boston Office: Managing the Reorganization Executive summary: This case was about issues that Ken Winston, the regional office manager Campbell and Bailyn’s Boston Office faced with as a result of the two recent changes in organizational structure and performance management system to react to the dynamic of the industry and market. The issues created by these two changes were process complication, limitation in competitive advantages, and discouragement on internal collaboration. We recommend Winston to engage KAT and sales specialist team, define measureable goals to each individual, set up one common organizational goal and make it as part of the performance assessment and hold more company events to encourage collaboration and relationship. With this solution, Winston will be able to ease the process, build stronger sales team, maintain market share, gain sales, maintain profit and create good and healthy working environment within the organization. 1. Situation analysis Campbell and Bailyn (C & B), found in the early 1900s and based in New York, was one of the five largest investment bank in the worlds. The firm has good reputation and was doing well in all segments of the investment banking industry. Within the firm, the bond division, which had been the fastest growing unit, had eight regional sales offices around the world. After New York, the Boston office was the largest. Due to the size and the revenue volume,......

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Factors Related to Consumers’ Preferences of Fast Food Products in Bangladesh: a Case Study

...FACTORS RELATED TO CONSUMERS’ PREFERENCES OF FAST FOOD PRODUCTS IN BANGLADESH: A CASE STUDY Dr. Nazrul Islam Professor, Department of Business Administration East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh Fax: 880-2-8812336 Email: [email protected] G. M. Shafayet Ullah MBA Student East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh Email: [email protected] & Syed Tufikul Bary Abu Nasim MBA Student East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh Email: [email protected] Correspondence: Dr. Nazrul Islam, Professor Department of Business Administration East West University 43 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh Fax: 880-2-8812336 Email: [email protected] FACTORS RELATED TO CONSUMERS’ PREFERENCES OF FAST FOOD PRODUCTS IN BANGLADESH: A CASE STUDY Abstract Fast food is a high growing industrial sector of Bangladesh as it is concerned with the tastes and habits of the people. The food-taking habit has been changing very fast among the people of Dhaka - the capital city of Bangladesh over last decade. The reasons could be attributed by the increase of awareness, growth of education, development of information technology, and expansion of television and print media in Bangladesh. This paper aims at identifying the preference factors of fast food consumers living in Dhaka city. This study was conducted among the university students who are used to take fast food at their leisure time. To conduct the study, a total of 250......

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...The Impact of Advertising on Attitudes in Belize Introduction Advertising is a vital component in the economic development and progress in countries all around the globe but most of all it has become the mainstream and biggest promoting tool of any industry. According to William M. O’Barr (2000), “Advertising is a complex phenomenon — intimately tied to society, culture, history, and the economy — that defies any simple or single definition. Some aspects of it are universal, whereas others are culturally specific. It is personal salesmanship transformed into mediated communication. It sometimes provides new information, often cajoles, and always attempts to persuade. In addition to selling messages, it encodes cultural values and social ideals. And depending on your point of view, it is a positive or negative force in society and the economy.” (What Is Advertising?, 2000) As stated in O’Barr’s definition of advertising, it has the power to manipulate the economy, society, culture, and the political system. Globally, advertising serves the purpose of promoting products and services, and business. Modern inventions and creations are becoming popular through advertisements. In addition, the economy becomes stronger because advertising stimulates the demand for products and services. Therefore, consumers buy products and seek different kinds of services because they have seen it on television, in the newspapers, magazines, through the use of technology and even word of......

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...Group B Performance Management & Appraisal Performance Management and Appraisal Submitted to: Md. Abu Bakar Siddique Adjunct Faculty, School of Business Studies Southeast University Submitted by: Name | ID | Batch | Section | A. N. M. Sadiqur Rahman | 2015010004080 | 20th | C | Mazidul Hoque | 2014210004060 | 19th | C | Ranajit Chowdhury | 2014010002005 | 36th | C | Muhammad Atiq Ullah | 2011110002006 | 28th | C | | | | | Course Title: Human Resource Management and Practices Course Code: HRM 5186 Date: April 13, 2015 Letter of Transmittal April 13, 2015 Md. Abu Bakar Siddique Adjunct Faculty, School of Business Studies Southeast University Subject: Submission of the assignment on “Performance Management and Appraisal” Dear Sir, It is a great pleasure and honor to us to submit the assignment on “Performance Management and Appraisal.” In this assignment, we have tried to describe the performance management and appraisal system theoretically. We have prepared this assignment in a details format with adequate information search and to prepare an effective & creditable assignment, we have tried our level best to conduct this in a professional manner. We have found the study to be quite interesting, beneficial, & insightful. We hope that you will find this assignment worth of all the labor we have put in it. We welcome your entire query & take pride to answer them. Thanking You. On behave of Group B A. N. M. Sadiqur Rahman ID:......

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History of Industrial Psych

...War I psychologists began to investigate soldier morale, motivation, and psychological impairment. It was also during this time that the US Army hired psychologists to develop a testing method to identify soldiers for certain duties, thus, the birth of a group-administered intelligence test called the Army Alpha. While , little use was made of the results at the time since the war ended a mere three months after the testing program was authorized. However, research studies did show that the test scores were related to soldier performance. After the war, in 1919, the first university-based center for studying the applications of psychology to business was established at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Called the U.S. Bureau of Salesmanship Research, The single most significant event which heralded the age of I/O psychology, to me, would be when the US Army hired psychologists to develop a method of identifying soldiers for the right positions and duties. About 1,726,000 enlisted men and officers were tested and although the results werent used at the time the data showed empirical evidence correlating intelligence with productivity and performance, which today helps companies...

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...systematically eroded. On the other hand, e-commerce has been increasingly popular, “through technical and business innovations that include embedded video on their sites, highly credible customer reviews and peer advice, free or subsidized overnight shipping, easy returns and extended warranties, and phone or on-page video chat for customer support”(2). If Best Buy can try to create a cheaper alternative, offering customers a faster, more convenient, and less-expensive online shopping atmosphere, perhaps Best Buy can have a dramatically increase of its online stores revenue. The employee training of Best Buy needs to focus more on the basic knowledge of the products they are selling. Best Buy’s in-store staff training is oriented toward salesmanship. If the goal of a sales person is just to sell the overpriced products instead of providing comprehensive information to customers, it will not get the customers’ interests to...

...Umeed Sherpa Critical Analysis Paper 3 Dr. Christopher Monos BA 3103 Section 008 4th April, 2014 Best Buy Hits Rock Bottom Best buy the specialty retailer of consumer electronics in the United States is no longer the all-powerful super store that it used to be. Over the last fifteen years Best Buy, like many retailers, is “competing with a perfect storm of disruptive technologies (Savitz 2)”; making it hard to compete with companies such as such as Apple and Amazon that are embraced with innovations. As a result, Best Buys 2012 financial performance fell subpar, with a revenue decrease of 2.4% in the brick and mortar sector and operating profit plummeting by 54.30% in 2012. The net loss of the company was $1,231.00 million for 2012, against a net profit of $1,277.00 million during 2011 (Global Data 1). Lastly, Best Buy appears to be having cash flow problems in terms of declining liquidity of $1125 million (41.28% drop) for the year 2011. It is obvious by these numbers that Best Buy, a company that has been historically successful, has been running into some recent troubles. In this report I will conduct a situational analysis of potential causes of Best Buy’s problems and identify the major causes for declining revenue, net loss and declining cash flow position. Revenues Declining Best buy’s main source of revenues is contributed from the US market (76%) out of which the traditional brick and mortar accounts for 94% of the revenues and rest is from e-commerce......

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History of Marketing

...Bartels, Robert (1976) “The History of Marketing Thought,” 2 ed., pp.1-33, 123-243, Chapters 1,2,3,4,9,10,11,12,13,14. Chapter 1: The Meaning of Marketing The establishment of a market economy wrought marked changes in the social and economic structure. A new attitude toward business revolutionized the economy of the country and that revolutionary element was identified by the term ‘marketing.’ Historical accounts of trade lead one to conclude that marketing has always existed. Was the original use of the term marketing merely an application of a new name to an old practice? One theory is that language is an invention of man, an adornment. The other explanation of the origin of language is that it is inseparable from reason. Accordingly, man’s language has developed as his thoughts have developed. By marketing was first meant “that combination of factors which had to be taken into consideration prior to the undertaking of cer6tain selling or promotional activities.” The essence of marketing was the combination of factors. Blindness to and ignorance of that combination of factors is the reason for the absence of terms equivalent to marketing in other languages. Marketing must be regarded not merely as a business practice, but as a social institution. Marketing is essentially a means of meeting and satisfying certain needs of people. It is a highly developed and refined system of thought and practice characteristic of a period in the development......

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Healthsouth- Summary

...Teaching Notes HealthSouth Corporation: Fraud, Greed and Corporate Governance Case Summary During the 1990s, Richard M. Scrushy, the former CEO of HealthSouth Corporation, engineered many acquisitions of rehabilitation clinics, outpatient surgical care operators, nursing homes and other health care companies. Mr. Scrushy had been a respiratory therapist who spotted a niche in the health care market and utilized his entrepreneurial talents, marketing skills, and super salesmanship to set up and run what became the third largest publicly held company in Alabama. Eventually, HealthSouth became the largest provider of ambulatory surgery and rehabilitative health care services in the United States with 1,700 facilities and 51,000 employees. In 2003, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused the company and Mr. Scrushy of inflating earnings to the tune of $1.4 billion since 1999. In November 2003, a federal grand jury indicted Mr. Scrushy on 85 counts including conspiracy, securities fraud, money laundering and charges related to overstating HealthSouth’s earnings by nearly $3.0 billion. According to federal investigators, the company overstated earnings to meet analysts’ earning estimates, while hiding the accounting fraud from the auditors. However, questions were raised whether the auditors failed to find or simply overlooked the fraud at HealthSouth. Central to the investigation was the issue of what role Mr. Scrushy played in “cooking the books.” However, as the......

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[PDF Notes] 1014 words essay on salesmanship

Salesmanship is the knack of selling a product or service. It is the art of convincing the customers to buy a certain product or service. Various authors have given various definitions of salesmanship.

According to National Association of Marketing teachers of America, “It is the ability to persuade people to buy goods or services at a profit to the seller and benefit to the buyers”. Stated a little differently, “it is the ability to induce others to accept a benefit at a fair price, the benefit being the service rendered.”

Professor Stephenson’ defines salesmanship as a “concise effort on the part of the seller to induce a prospective buyer to purchase some thing that he had not really decided to buy even if he had thought of it favorably.”

Gauss, Wightman and Bates observe, “It consists of persuading people to buy what you have for sale in making them want it, in helping to make upon their minds.”

In a nutshell salesmanship is the skill and the ability or a person in convincing another about the proposition of goods or services that the latter is induced to desire them and buy at a price profitable to both. If we observe the above definitions we find certain essential features of salesmanship.

1. The person involved in selling must possess skill and ability to convince another. It is the art of persuasion not pressure which is highly essential. In fact, persuasion is the soul of salesmanship. The salesman must the present the benefits attached to certain product or service in such a manner that the prospective buyer’s mind is made up.

2. Next comes the question of price. The price of the product or service must be reasonable for both the buyer and the seller. Otherwise the efforts of the salesman will bear no fruit. There should not remain any kind of misrepresentation or exaggeration of facts in sales.

3. Next comes the question of quality. The genuine product should also be given to the buyers. There should not be selling of duplicate products. A good salesman will never sell spoilt or unusable goods by tricky methods. A good salesman rather guides the customer in buying something which will give him satisfaction.

4. Ideal salesmanship aims at serving the producer, distributor and consumer. The salesman helps the producer in disposing of his goods at a profit while for the distributor, the salesman makes the distribution process smooth and easy, for the consumer the salesman assist to buy wisely. It is very often called as a service which serves the better cause of humanity.

5. Salesmanship creates satisfied customers, not just cash producing sales. For a sale once made is ended but a satisfied customer once made is but the beginning.

6. Salesman always acts as a link between two-parties the seller and the consumer. He looks after the benefits of both the parties. The seller should get a profit and the customer must also derive benefit.

Is Salesmanship an Art or a Science?

Whenever a new subject is being discussed a common question arises; whether it is a science or an art or both or something other than these two. This question needs an answer because of a variety of opinion about salesman .One group is of the view that ‘salesman are made’, whereas another groups opines, that ‘salesman are born’. The third groups say ‘salesmen are born and made ’. At this juncture it is necessary to decide as to whether salesmanship is an art or a science.

As we know science is a branch of knowledge based on the laws of nature or built on derivations from facts or deduction from self- evident truths. The laws of science have universal applicability. In other words they are true under any situation, at any time or at any place on earth. Hence Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry are regarded as sciences. If salesmanship is compared to other subject of science, it is a science. Salesmanship is a specialized knowledge that has its own rules and principles. However, these rules and principles can not be applicable to each and everyone in the world, since all human beings are not equal and are not universally applied. Therefore, it is not an exact science. On the other hand art is the practical side of science. It is a knowledge made efficient by skill. Hence singing, dancing, acting, writing etc are considered as arts. Art can develop to a great extent by the application of skill and effort. If salesmanship is compared to other subjects of arts like Economic or Sociology, it comes very much on a partnership with these subjects. Therefore, salesmanship is an art. Unless the salesman possesses the practical application of the knowledge as in other subjects of arts, he can not be successful.

Therefore, we can conclude that salesmanship is both an art and a science. This is so because there exists some definite rules and principles in salesmanship as in science and the method of implementing these rules and principles is an art by itself. Thus salesmanship can be developed by regular practice and hard work.

Is Salesmanship a Profession?

At present there remains a wide controversy whether salesmanship can be described as a profession or not. Now we will discuss the characteristics of a profession so as to determine the professionalism of salesmanship.

1. There must be a formal structure of specialize knowledge.

2. There must be an established and accepted ethical standard.

3. There must be a set of standards for admission and disqualification.

4. Service to others before self-interest otherwise called service first, profit last must exist.

If we apply the above tests we find that salesmanship has not yet become a true profession like lawyers, doctors who have mastery over their own field. Similarly like other profession, a salesman has not got readymade knowledge for application in each and every circumstances. A great deal remains to be done before salesmanship achieves the status of a profession, but yet it is feasible. In advanced countries like the USA and UK salesmanship has been recognized as a profession.

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