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Nursing School Personal Statement: 5 Best Examples

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Nursing School Personal Statement

These outstanding nursing school personal statement examples have been approved by our admission experts who have helped countless students get into their top choice nursing programs. Whether you are at the beginning stages of a nursing career looking to apply to nursing school or wanting to further your career by becoming a nurse practitioner or a clinical nurse specialist, you will probably have to write a nursing school personal statement to gain admission to your program of choice. Your nursing school personal statement is one of the best ways to stand out in a nursing school application . In this blog, we are going to guide you in the process of crafting a strong personal statement that highlights your skills as well as the characteristics you possess that make you a good fit for the program.

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Nursing school personal statement examples, nursing school personal statement sample 1.

I stood there not knowing what to do and being completely sure I had made the biggest mistake of my life. My decision to travel to a remote area of the Amazon jungle in Colombia to work as an elementary school tutor felt like the right one at first, but as soon as I got there, I regretted it. Being faced with the harsh reality of a struggling community made me feel completely out of place. It was heart breaking to witness such a palpable scarcity of resources and realize that there was not much that I could do. It took a lot of determination and adaptability to overcome the shock. Eventually, I learned to navigate this new world and embrace my role in the community. I planned lessons for the children and used all my free time to teach their parents to read and write. I developed teaching materials adapting them to my students’ context in order to make them meaningful. In the end, I realized I had become part of their lives, and I was humbled to have met such an amazing group of people. This experience taught me the true meaning of altruism and the value of hard work. This, alongside the cultural sensitivity that I developed, is what I am bringing with me to this new step in my life.

Becoming a nurse has been my goal for a long time. As a child, due to an unfortunate kitchen accident, I burned my arms with hot water and had to stay in the hospital for serval days. I remember being very scared and in pain, but there was a lady in a white uniform who would come to visit me every afternoon. I always enjoyed seeing her because she spoke to me in a way that almost seemed like she was telling me a story, and that put me at ease. One day, I asked her why she always wore white, and she said she was a nurse. ‘A nurse’, I said to myself, thinking that was exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. She was kind and compassionate, and she knew how to explain things. Those traits that I learned from her are the same skills that I have been honing ever since, as I know they will be essential in my future profession.

I could see my breath crystalize in the air as I exhaled, dribbling and dodging the opposing players on my way to the goal. “I’m open,” shouted my teammate, poised right in front of the penalty box, waving his arms. Two more players stood between me and the goal. I hesitated, wondering if I should trust my teammate or try to score the winning point. Turning, I launched the ball into the air with a swift kick, and watched nervously as my teammate stopped it and sent it soaring above the goalie’s head. As the crowd erupted in celebratory cheers, the game time buzzer rang out across the field and I knew I had done the right thing. Every team victory that season was a personal victory, sparking a feeling of elation that I seek to replicate as a member of whichever health care team I have the privilege of joining.

My biggest soccer fan was always my grandmother, who even brought orange slices for the team to practices, claiming, “The little things are the most important!” Several winters ago, my grandmother unknowingly exposed me to nursing when she was hospitalized with pneumonia so severe that we were unsure if she would survive. Though her whole care team was dedicated, her nurse, Jackie, always went above and beyond to make sure my grandmother was comfortable and happy. Every day, Jackie would pop her head into the room and say “How’s my girl today?” or stop what she was doing to run a cool cloth over my grandmother’s feverish forehead. Each time I had to leave the hospital was gut-wrenching, but I felt better knowing that nurse Jackie treated my grandmother with such empathy. I remember being in awe of her kindness when I found out she left my grandmother sticky notes filled with encouraging messages while she was sleeping. When my grandmother asked her why she spent so much time on such little things when she had so many patients to attend to, Jackie winked and whispered, “The little things are the most important!” While I did not know I wanted to be a nurse in that moment, observing the profound impact Jackie made on my grandmother sparked a strong desire to explore the medical field.

Inspired by Jackie’s compassion for patients like my grandmother, I aimed to make the same difference when I signed up to volunteer at Riverview Hospital. With lofty goals of becoming a physician, I threw myself into my volunteering efforts, often coming in early or staying late to help stock supplies. Whenever I had a spare moment, I would chat with a patient, rearrange their pillows, or a myriad of other small things. One of the most striking aspects of my volunteering experience was how little time Riverview doctors were able to spend with their patients due to the sheer number of people to whom they had to attend. Nurses, on the other hand, had near constant interaction with longer-term patients: assisting them to the bathroom, administering medications, or changing IV fluid bags while chatting with them about how they were feeling. I was reminded of Jackie when I watched how tenderly one of the nurses changed their wincing patient’s bandages, all while trying to distract them with friendly conversation. Even aside from the comforting gestures I witnessed so frequently, it was the little things that made such a huge difference in patients’ wellbeing. Without nurses there to help execute the game play, the team would never score! Always a team-player, I knew I wanted to be a nurse.

Though my time spent on the soccer field is less and less these days, I am thrilled about the possibility of joining a new team and working hard to bring us to victory. My introduction to nursing through nurse Jackie could not have been better. Seeing the relief she brought to my grandmother in her most vulnerable state inspired me to do the same for others. Watching the nurses at Riverview Hospital expertly fulfill their duties while treating each patient as an individual cemented my desire to become a nurse who remembers that the little things are the most important. I want to be there with the assist right before the buzzer, helping my patients win, because every victory on a care team will be personal. (Word count: 719)

Nursing School Personal Statement Sample 3

“Help!” my friend Jack screamed as his faced swelled up due to an extreme allergic reaction to a candy bar he had just eaten. At the time, I did not know what to do, except to call for an ambulance. As we arrived at the hospital, I stayed by my friend’s side to offer my support. I saw the physicians and nurses swarmed around him, ready to take action. After my friend’s condition had been stabilized, he was left with the fear of another anaphylactic episode. It was his nurse that was able to calm his fears as she educated him on anaphylaxis and how to make the appropriate dietary changes. While I did not know how to respond with medical attention when my friend needed me, I gained a new purpose. I was inspired to become a nurse and to guide patients in times of uncertainty through compassion and education.  

To build my understanding of the nursing profession, I pursued experiences that would allow me to gain first-hand experience in the healthcare field. I secured a volunteer position at a children’s hospital where I was responsible for checking patients in and ensuring they were comfortable as they waited for their appointments. I was eager to practice helping calm patient nerves, just as the nurse had done for my friend Jack. Through consoling a memorable patient, named ‘Ryan,’ I learned the importance of working in a team of professionals. ‘Ryan’ was crying as he waited for his appointment since he was experiencing pain due to a broken leg. I talked to Ryan in an attempt to calm him down, but I was initially unsuccessful. To hone my approach, I asked a nurse on staff at the hospital how she approached children that are in pain. She shared with me that it is helpful to try to get their mind off the pain, for example by distracting them with an entertaining story. The next time I saw a patient crying like ‘Ryan’ had been, I was armed with funny jokes and engaging stories from my own childhood that I could share to take their mind off of the pain they were experiencing. From my time as a hospital volunteer, I learned that feedback from a team is critical to advancing professionally and providing optimal patient care. I look forward to becoming a nurse myself and working with my team of healthcare professionals to achieve this common goal. 

In my final year of university, I became involved with clinical research; as a research assistant, I approached patients in the same children’s hospital in which I had earlier been a volunteer, but now I worked to enroll patients in our research study. My purpose was to explain the goal of the study to families in the hospital, educating them on its potential impact and answering any questions they had about enrolling. This task was challenging because I was approaching families that I had not yet built a rapport with, and I needed to establish trust before asking if they wanted to enroll their child in our study. This required empathy for the hardship they were experiencing with a sick child, as well as an understanding of how to relay complex information in a way that was approachable to a variety of audiences. I learned that it is best to first ask the patient, or their family, what their understanding of a topic is to establish a baseline from which to build a conversation. In the future, as a nurse, I hope to apply what I have learned to build rapport with patients and their families for greater healthcare outcomes while ensuring that my patients are comfortable under my care. 

Since my friend Jack’s anaphylactic episode, I have taken the initiative to explore the field of nursing and to build the teamwork and communication skills needed to be a successful future nurse. I look forward to my first day of nursing school where I will be surrounded by peers that share the same vision for the future as me: to train as a nurse in order to provide outstanding care to those in distress alongside a team of dedicated professionals. (696 words)

Nursing School Personal Statement Sample 4

Nursing school personal statement sample 5.

The process of creating a strong nursing personal statement starts even before you begin writing. There is a certain amount of preparation that should take place to identify the specific information you want to include in your essay. So, make sure you take all the necessary steps before you are faced with the daunting, but fun, task of writing your first draft. Remember to give yourself between 6 to 8 weeks to write your statement. Be prepared to write several drafts as you edit and change your essay!

The Brainstorming Stage

The first step is what we call the brainstorming stage. You will need to do some soul searching and write many ideas as they come to you. Working on this step can take you anywhere between a couple of hours to a whole week. It really depends on you and how much you can actually remember from your personal history. There are two types of information that you will need to focus on at this stage: 

#1 Personal experiences

The goal behind this step is to start gathering information about your personal story and about any experiences that you have had from which you learned something valuable. The lessons you learned should relate directly to nursing or have contributed to your decision to become a nurse . You want to answer the question: “ Why do you want to be a nurse? ”

In order to do this, think about your life as a child, the characteristics of the place where you were born and raised, any meaningful experiences that may have sparked your interest in the nursing field, any contact that you had with the healthcare world, or any healthcare workers in your family that had some influence on you. Then consider your high school and teenage years and any events that may have increased your interest in becoming a nurse. How did you finalize your decision to apply to nursing school? Did you have an ‘a-ha’ moment, or was it a more gradual process? Whatever the answers to these questions may be, be sure to identify these key moments because they will be useful for addressing the thesis of your essay, which is why you decided to devote your life to a career in nursing.

Here are some examples of meaningful experiences that can potentially spark, or validate, an individual’s interest to become a nurse or what nursing means to you :

  • Being raised in a rural area with limited access to health care and wanting to do something about it in the future;
  • Growing up in an urban setting where great social disparity is evident and identifying opportunities to contribute to levelling up these differences;
  • Experiencing a personal injury or diagnosis that created opportunities to interact with nurses in a clinical setting;
  • Watching the illness of a loved one and seeing the impact that nurses have on a patient’s journey;
  • Volunteering at something related to the health sciences or an unrelated field with plenty of opportunities for helping others and interacting with them;
  • Conducting research in something related to the field;
  • Being involved in extracurricular activities that can lead to reaching a high level of compassion or maturity

Remember to always follow show, don’t tell in any personal statement you write:

#2 Nursing school research

Gather as much information as you can about the program so you can identify the specific things you like about it. It is very important to know the reason, or reasons, why you want to apply to a specific program.

In order to do this, you can look at the program’s website and pinpoint two or three specific aspects that interest you. Do you like the program’s curriculum? If so, what do you like about it? Do you like the research lab? Why do you like it? Have you done research in the past? Has this prepared you to make good use of this lab and contribute to whatever research they do here? Do you like the extracurricular initiatives the program offers? Do these align with any extracurricular activities you did in the past? Do you like the opportunities for patient interaction that the program provides? Why? Have you had patient interactions before? What did you learn from them that you can use moving forward? Knowing the specific reasons why you have chosen this program in particular is essential to write a strong essay later on.

Remember that besides telling universities what you hope to get from them, you will also need to show how you can complement their program. Showing what you can bring to the table, by referencing specific experiences you have had in these areas of interest, is the best way for programs to know that you will be successful if you are admitted. 

Look at these skills that are essential in the nursing field, and which are highly valued by nursing schools. You have probably already developed many of these throughout your life and through your experiences. Try to match these values and traits directly to your personal experiences in your essay.

As previously mentioned, the main goal of the brainstorming stage is to identify your reason for wanting to become a nurse as well as the relevant personal experiences that you can reference to support this decision. We suggest you make a list of five to seven experiences that you could potentially include in your essay. This list is going to be significantly reduced later to one or two, but it is good to have a good amount to start with.

As soon as you identify these meaningful experiences, be sure to also identify what you learned from them; that is, the skills you developed, the characteristics you refined, or any learning that resulted from going through these events in your life. Think about this carefully and select those skills that align with the ones your program of choice values. The information collected here is going to be essential later on when you start writing your essay.

Like any other academic essay, your nursing school personal statement should follow an academic structure and be organized in three major sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. See below for information on what each of these sections should include:

1. Introduction

This is your opening paragraph and, as such, it is the first impression you are going to cause on your readers; that is, the members of the admission committee. The purpose of an introduction is to act as a road map that allows the reader to understand where your story is going.

Important to remember here is the fact that an introduction can make or break your essay, so you need to come up with a very good opening sentence. This is the one that will draw the reader in and make them want to keep reading. Your opening sentence can be a quote, an anecdote, an event, or any idea that is captivating and enticing.

For example:

  • “It was three in the morning, and I was sitting in an empty room trying to think how my life had come to this.”
  • “He did not need to say anything; I knew something was wrong just by looking at him.”

Sentences such as these ones will leave the reader wanting to know more. There is a reason opening sentences are also called ‘hook’ sentences. Can you think of a good hook sentence to open your essay with? 

2. Body Paragraphs

The body of your essay is where you elaborate on the ideas introduced in your opening by providing personal examples. Remember all the brainstorming we asked you to do? This is where that information comes in handy. Your body paragraphs should include information about those meaningful experiences that you have gone through that have sparked and solidified you interest in pursuing a career in nursing.

Depending on the word limit required by your program, you will decide how many of these experiences to include. We asked you to come up with five to seven during the brainstorming stage of the writing process. Now, since our recommendation is quality over quantity, you should plan to include maximum two or three experiences and present one experience in each paragraph. Of course, one experience per paragraph is not all it takes. Besides presenting the experience, you need to include what skills or characteristics you developed because of this event and how you will be able to apply these skills moving forward in your nursing profession.

In case the program provided a specific question or prompt to be addressed, add a fourth paragraph where you answer this question. It is important to tell the program what they want to know, so do not forget to include this information as part of your body paragraphs.

Mention how your skills can be drawn upon in the future in order to give the admissions committee a glimpse of the type of nurse and professional you are going to be. Remember some of the essential skills in the nursing profession that we mentioned above and see how they connect to your past experiences. 

3. Conclusion

The same way we place great importance on the introduction of a nursing school personal statement, we also want to emphasize the big role that your concluding paragraph has on your entire text. The most important thing we can tell you is that a conclusion should not be a summary. It should, instead, be a place to emphasize some of the major ideas you previously discussed and, when possible, it should circle back to the introduction.

Conclusions have to be insightful and captivating. They should convey a sense of closure and an invitation to keep reflecting on the ideas that were presented in the essay. Think that this is the very last thing that the admissions committee will read from you. What is the last impression that you want to leave on these people? Be creative! 

Here are some more nursing school personal statement examples to help you!

Here are some other aspects about drafting your personal statement to be considered:

Besides all the information that you brainstormed from your own personal history and from the programs\u2019 websites regarding the areas that interest you, there is something else that should be part of the content of your essay, and that is the prompt. You need to be aware of the prompt of the essay provided to you by the program, and you always want to address it. Some programs will ask for a general essay describing your motivations to become a nurse, in which case the information you gathered during the brainstorming stage will suffice, while others will give you a specific question to answer, in which case one paragraph of your essay should be devoted to answering said question.  ","label":"Content","title":"Content"}]' code='tab1' template='BlogArticle'>

No matter how much effort and time you put in writing your personal statement, there is a high probability that the committee members will not spend too much time reading it. Do not take this personally. They go through many application documents from many applicants like you and do not want to waste too much time reading one single essay, especially if it is not interesting enough. They want, instead, to be able to identify in a few minutes whether you are the person they are looking for.

This, of course, creates the need for applicants to write essays that have great content, great structure, and that have that ‘it’ factor that will make them stand out in a nursing school application . Your essay should be easy to read and have a great narrative. It should not read like a nursing school application resume or list every single experience you have had in chronological order. As we mentioned before, quality is better than quantity, and your nursing school personal essay should have precisely that: quality.

What experiences should end up in your body paragraphs? That is up to you. What we can suggest is that you diversify the content by highlighting experiences from different dimensions of your life. Having one of the paragraphs address a personal experience, the second address a research or academic experience, and the third address a volunteering or extracurricular activity is much better than including three experiences related to only research, for instance. Be strategic in how you showcase your skills!

Follow these steps to start drafting you essay: 

  • Remember all the information you brainstormed earlier? The first thing you need to do is identify the top three experiences from your life that you want to include. 
  • Once you have them, write them in bullet points. Create one bullet point for each that mentions what the experience is. 
  • Then, expand each bullet point into sentences and these sentences into paragraphs. 
  • As we mentioned above, each paragraph should have three essential elements: what the experience was (i.e., the meaningful experience), the main takeaways you got from it (i.e., skills you developed, characteristics you enhanced, etc.), and future applications (i.e., how you can apply this learning moving forward). 
  • Once you have your paragraphs ready to go, make sure you start each one of them with a good opening sentence. Each paragraph should follow the same structure of the general essay. This will create flow and cohesion between ideas.
  • You can look at sample medical school personal statements and think how these medical school essays could be applied to the nursing field.

Ok, so you finished writing your first draft. Good job! However, this is only the beginning. Once you are happy with your first draft, you will need to receive expert feedback on it. Having a professional like a nursing school admissions consulting service look at your essay and suggest changes to enhance what you have written is vital to create a strong product. You will see that, more often than not, these experts will be able to identify weak areas and ineffective ideas that you will not perceive.

Once someone else looks at your essay, be sure to incorporate their suggestions, work on editing and polishing up your document, and do another revision. Crafting the perfect essay that will grant you admission to your dream program is a process that should be done carefully and conscientiously. That means multiple revisions and edits are essential. In general, writing a strong competitive essay does not happen overnight. The whole process can take several weeks. So, be prepared to put in the effort and remember to do some happy writing!

The nursing school personal statement should highlight some of your most meaningful personal experiences and the skills you gained through them that will make you a great nursing professional. It should provide a good narrative that will help the admissions committee know more about you as a person and about your chance to be successful in their program. By showing that you possess certain skills that are important in the nursing profession, the committee members will see that you are a good fit.

Writing your personal essay is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly, but when you finally finish writing and look at the amazing essay you have created, you will feel satisfied with the job you did and will be able to show your program of choice why they need to have you.

No. Essays may or may not be required, depending on the program. You can check this portal and this portal to learn more.

No. There are a few steps that you wan to follow before you actually start writing. One of those is the brainstorming stage, and it will help you come up with all the ideas and information that you will need to write a good essay.

Personal information and information about the program or the areas that interest you.

Personal experiences that have been meaningful enough and that have allowed you to develop different skills that are important in the nursing field.

You need to identify the two or three areas of the program that attract you the most and see how those relate to your own experiences.

To identify the reasons that have led you to pursue a career in nursing.

It should have an academic structure and include an introduction, three or four body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Yes, it is! You need to stay within the limit in order to show that you can be concise and also follow instructions.

Then you make sure you address it. Do not leave this information out, as it is essential to provide the program with the information they want to know.

Because it is the first impression that you are going to have on your readers.

It should begin with a captivating opening sentence in the introduction. A statement, quote, or anecdote that is creative and that sparks curiosity on the reader.

You want to describe one meaningful experience per paragraph (i.e., personal example), include the main takeaways from this experience, and how this learning can be applied in the future.

You need to have an expert give you feedback on it. You may think it is already perfect, but personal essays usually require lots of revisions before they can be at the competitive stage.

It depends on the writer, but it is usually something that does not happen overnight. It usually takes several weeks. It depends on how much access you have to professionals who can provide good feedback and how much time you devote to incorporating their suggestions.

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sample admission essay for nursing school


Nursing School Admission Essay

Nursing School Admission Essay My interest in nursing began at age 18 at Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut where I was trained as a Certified Care Partner, then as a Phlebotomist, followed by a two year surgical floor assignment and a one year burn unit stint. When I moved to New Hampshire, I worked full time at Plymouth State College and took night courses towards a BSN for one and a half years. I postponed my education for eight years while I was a wife and mother. After divorcing, I returned to P.S.C. to continue taking courses leading towards a BSN to help support my children and myself in a career that allows me to contribute to my community. Currently, I am attending Claremont School of Nursing full time, working towards completing an Associate RN Degree. I chose nursing as a career because I found the work challenging, exciting and rewarding. I feel my skills and attributes are well suited for nursing. My ability to sta... ... middle of paper ... ...reas, I hope to find employment at one of the nearby ski resorts. Others options I am considering include working as a member of the D.A.R.T. Trauma Team in Hanover, or as a part of the trauma teams at one of the two local hospitals. I am totally committed to working in the field of trauma nursing. I believe this is where my talents are best suited, as well as the area of nursing in which I can reach my full potential, and make the greatest service contribution.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how their interest in nursing began at age 18 at bridgeport hospital in connecticut. they postponed their education for eight years while they were a wife and mother.
  • Explains that they chose nursing as a career because they found the work challenging, exciting and rewarding. their ability to stay calm and focused enables them to deal competently with the sick and injured.
  • Opines that their exposure to different areas of nursing has shown them how much they enjoy working in the field and helped them solidify their commitment to serving others through this profession.
  • Explains that their courses, both past and present, lead to a bsn, with specialization in trauma team nursing, and their long-range goal is to pursue paramedic degrees.
  • Opines that as a divorced mother of four, they must focus on job opportunities suited to their area of expertise that are available in the area where they live.

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In history we know that no two men are alike but, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were phenomenal people and leaders. Both had visualized some type of change in the future, yet were not literally able to see it. Both Dr. King and Malcolm X set out to bring a sense of confidence to blacks all over the United States. Their main purpose was to help instill black’s power and strength so that they could overcome racial disparity and prejudice that surrounded them, but both of them had very unique and distinct different ways of promoting their message. Martin was more geared and focused on equality and wellness of the world as a whole, a Malcolm X’s personal interpretation of the world was very well blinded by anger, bitterness, and the desire to get revenge at the expense of the world that he thought treated him unfairly.

Same Sex Adoption Persuasive Essay

Everyone should be able to get married, adopt a child, go to school, or get a job without having to worry about being discriminated against. However, this is not the case. In most places same-sex couples cannot even do any of these things, and if they can they get discriminated against while doing so. Homosexuals and same-sex couples absolutely are the most discriminated groups of people.

Do Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble?

A curfew can be described as an order establishing a specific time in the evening after which certain regulations apply, especially that no civilians or other specified group of unauthorized persons may be outdoors or that places of public assembly must be closed (Dictionary.com). This definition refers to the curfews that are enacted in some states throughout the United States and some countries. A curfew can also be described as a regulation requiring a person to be home at a certain prescribed time, as imposed by a parent on a child (Dictionary.com). Local city curfew laws are enforced with the intension of reducing the juvenile crime rate. On the other hand, parents enforce curfews to keep teens safe, to protect them and to save them from getting involve in illicit things.

Teenage Curfew Leads to Trouble Not Safety

Curfews have been around in the United States since the late 1800s. Over time curfews have changed; the original curfews were in medieval Europe. A curfew was “the ringing of a bell indicat[ing] that fires were to be extinguished for the evening” (Fried 128). When curfews were adopted in the U.S., city officials and citizens believed that imposing a curfew helps to reduce crime rate and victimization of teens. First curfew was imposed in Omaha, Nebraska in 1880. According to the article, “Youth curfews popular with American cities but effectiveness and legality are questioned” President Harrison believed that curfews were very important in protecting children from “‘vices of the street’” (Favro). Later, curfews were adopted in many of the major U.S. cities that had populat...

CLOSURE/CLINCHER (end with a bang, not a whimper): Remember that there is the perfect condom out there for you and it can save you from having nasty diseases… and babies.

Why Your Teens Needs A Curfew

Should teenagers be restricted to a curfew? That's a question many parents question themselves. What is my son up? What is my daughter doing? How do I know if they're safe? What time will he/she be home? When following curfews, teens tend to stay out of trouble more because criminal activity or high-risk behaviors is more likely to occur later in the evening when parental supervision is not present. Therefore teenagers need have a curfew, imposing curfews would help keep young teens out of trouble legally, set strict boundaries, and provides safety.

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Nursing School Admission Essay Sample

Nurse interview essay sample.

Miss Judy is the Quality Assurance /staff educator/infection control nurse at the skilled nursing facility where I work. What is most fascinating and admirable about Miss Judy is that, she has 3 job descriptions that she manages to multitask on a daily basis. I really commend her for what she does because I have seen her work relentlessly in a dependable manner. She is a nurse leader I greatly admire and aspire to be like.

Nursing School Application Essay

Tell us why you decided to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition, share with us the academic, extracurricular, or research opportunities you would take advantage of as a student. If applicable, provide details of any circumstance that could have had an impact on your academic performance and/or extracurricular involvement.

Nursing Scholarship Essay Sample

After graduating Anacortes High school I plan on attending a four year private liberal arts university. I will be pursing a Bachelors of Science in Nursing leading to a career as a Registered Nurse. My main interest is a specialty in pediatrics. Following a month stay at Children's Hospital after enduring emergency surgery and a difficult recovery I decided nursing is what I'm meant to do. The nurses inspired me, and I hope that I can help a family and child in the same way that they helped

Nurse Extern Application Essay

I am applying for the position of Nurse Extern at your facility and I meet the requirements set by your facility. I am in the process of earning my nursing degree and I will be graduating in December 2016. This position will help me gain the experience needed to take a step into the professional nursing world. This hands-on experience will be essential in helping me prepare myself to work as a nurse in the future.

Requirements for Entry-Level Nursing Essay

  • 6 Works Cited

An ongoing debate for the requirements to become a Registered Nurse (RN) has been unsettled. Several different educational pathways lead to an RN licensure; however, the minimum educational requirements must be standardized at the baccalaureate level for several reasons. Spetz and Bates (2013) published that a growing number of hospitals prefer hiring nurses with a Bachelor Science in Nursing (BSN) as this increases the status of the nursing profession (p. 1). Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), as well as a certificate on-the-job training Diploma are two other educational pathways to become an RN, which can be disadvantageous to the nursing profession in several ways (Tollick 2013; Spetz and Bates 2013). If entry-level nurses

Nurse Practitioner Application Essay

Your motivation for pursuing a career in the MSN specialty for which you are applying

Registered Nurse Admission Essay

In 2003 during the last semester of nursing school, my life was devastated as my ex-husband was arrested as a serial rapist. This was overbearing and I thought this as being impossible to recover from. A breaking point came as I approached a red light deciding whether to deliberately run my minivan into oncoming traffic with my two young children to end our lives. Only days later, I once again felt that I was at the lowest point in my life as the reality of this event truly hit during a medical-surgical examination.

Application for the Fast Track Nursing Program Essay

Since starting my nursing career at Penn, my commitment to primary care across the lifespan has consistently been reaffirmed. While the accelerated nursing program has challenged me, I utilize outside resources when necessary while building upon proven personal strengths and learning strategies. This approach will help me succeed through the family nurse practitioner (FNP) fast track program and as I become a leader in my field. Because of my experiences, qualifications, and passion for primary care I believe I am uniquely eligible for the fast track program.

I Want To Become A Nurse Research Paper

My experiences have provided me with the ability to devote myself to the wellbeing of others and being able to adapt to many situations. In addition to these experiences, I am very dedicated to my goals and I know that becoming a nurse requires much commitment. A career in nursing will be more than a career for me - it will be a lifestyle and it is who I am. It means assisting my community, having a new perspective on life and a profession that will make an impact. Becoming a nurse is a conscious choice that has been cultivated from my personal desires and experience. This will allow me to do what I love anywhere I go. For these reasons, the Eileen Doran Esler Changing Lives Scholarship will help me achieve my education and goal of becoming a nurse. Certainly, a career nursing will be challenging, but with clear set goals in mind, I know that I can achieve great things with great

Nursing Journal Entry Essays

The second week of my preceptorship brought many new experiences for me, and I can honestly say that each day I spend with my preceptor is better than the last. This week I focused on time management of a full patient load with continued documentation practice as well as admission and discharge procedures. I’ve had brief experiences in my past rotations assisting with discharge teaching and admission assessments however I have never been able to fully take charge and complete the process from start to finish, so this was a great learning opportunity for me.

Advanced Registered Nurse Essay Sample

I am highly interested in attending MASH, because I want to learn first-hand the career I want to pursue. I have wanted to be an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner ever since my APRN showed me how rewarding it was to help other people by healing them and being there for them in their time of need. This program appeals to me because I am always wanting to learn as much as I can about health care and what it takes to have a health care career. I could bring a positive energy to this program with a smiling face and positive attitude. I am always willing to learn and have an open mind. Attending the lectures, participating in the hands on activities, and shadowing is exactly the opportunity I have been looking for and would be extremely grateful

Future Nurse Admission Essay

One of the biggest reasons for this is the clinicals and internships. Clinicals will be one of the most important parts of my time in college. They are really going to give me an insight to what nursing is like and prepare me for my career. With rotations in different units and in different hospitals, even if I decide that I do not want to work in the Intensive Care Unit, I will still have that preparation because of the clinicals Endicott offers. The internships are really going to prepare me as well, since not many other schools offer internships for the winter break. Being able to intern in a hospital that I could spend the rest of my professional future in is an incredible opportunity, and it is because of Endicott I have that opportunity. I believe that is will be the defining point of how Endicott is going to make me successful for my future path in nursing. The education I will receive will give me the knowledge of how to care for patients in need, which will be the reason for my future

Nursing Application Essay Sample

I come from a low-income urban community located in East Los Angeles and was raised by a single mother who immigrated to the United States from Mexico. I am a first-generation college student and I have an interest in Nursing and the desire to improve the health in communities similar to the one I grew up in: working class communities that consists of disadvantaged groups of people who lack access to quality health care.

Educational Preparation in Nursing Essay example

With a consistent change in modernizing medicine, along with the continuing advancement in technology, continuing education in nursing is essential for a variety of reasons. The nurse’s main concern is providing safe, efficient, and effective patient care with positive patient outcomes. This paper will examine the differences in competencies between nurses prepared at an associate-degree level versus a baccalaureate-degree level, in order to provide an evidenced-based understanding of the variation in the educational preparation of nurses.

Readiness for Advance Practice Nursing Essay

My decision to apply to Masters in Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program was not an easy one, given my compelling journey in nursing. Although I have been a registered nurse for three years, my passion for nursing started a decade ago. As a teenager, I was always fascinated by the nurses who took care of me at the hospital. I admired how they made a difference in people’s lives. Subsequently, I started volunteering to a nearby hospital to get acquainted with the reality of caring for others. Shortly, my grandfather had a Cerebrovascular accident and became debilitated. My passion for nursing became driven by purpose because I wanted to take care of my grandparents. I started as a Nurse assistant then to Licensed vocational nurse, and ten

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Sample Nursing Application Essay

Why i want to be an rn essay.

Implementing plan of care, evaluate outcomes and help patient reach their goals, according to their plan of care. There are many things I can’t do right now as an LPN, such as IV push, teaching, assessments, etc. but once I become an RN my goal will be accomplished. As of now my goal is to pass all my classes and understand the information provided to me and applied them in the lab, clinical and everywhere else it seems to be needed. Once I finish the RN program and pass my board, my goal is to work with geriatric patient and move on to management also to continue with my

Nursing Appeal Letter Sample

To EPAC Appeals Sub-committee: This morning I received an email regarding my dismissal from the College of Nursing program. I am aware that I have failed NUR 250: Knowledge Foundations with a 71, instead of a 73. I’m writing this appeal letter to explain the cause of my poor grades and to ask you to please reconsider me to continue my progression into the nursing program. My poor academic performance has been a result of multiple stressors and life problems.

NYU Personal Statement

I am driven and determined to have a career in nursing by becoming a student at NYU College of Nursing. My main source of inspiration to become a nurse comes from a deep desire to help people. Nurses have the ability to see people at their worst, while helping them become their best. This is the most rewarding experience and an experience that I want to obtain. Being a trilingual nursing student, I would love to use the skills I acquired in nursing to help the immigration population of NYC and translate for patients with language

Nursing Portfolio Essay Sample

In creating this portfolio, I am inclined to maintain a professional e- handbook, so to speak, of my educational and professional accomplishments over the years that reflect growth and development in my quest to be a competent nurse. Creating an e-portfolio allows for the safe documentation and archiving of my information that potential employers can have easy access to when I am in the process of seeking employment opportunities. Having an e-portfolio is a more efficient and effective way of utilizing technology to be more organized in keeping track of important information that could otherwise get lost or destroyed due to adverse events such as floods or fires. I am currently a working Registered Nurse at a long-term care facility in New Jersey and a student in the Bachelors of Science in Nursing online program at Thomas

Nursing Student Admission Essay Sample

I am currently an undergraduate at Rowan College at Gloucester County completing my pre-nursing studies. As I was growing up, I always enjoyed the idea of helping and healing others. My inspiration to become a nurse was watching my mother make a difference in the lives of elderly at a local senior living community as an Activities Assistant for years. Even though, she was unable to go back to school due to personal circumstances, the compassion she showed towards others around her was something special as she took care of them as if they were relatives. Whenever I had free time, I would just sit and play a game with the elderly residents hearing their life stories from when they were young.

Family Nurse Practitioner Admission Essay Sample

My passion for nursing practice defies description; leading to the reason I am opting to pursue a higher level of education in nursing. The George Washington University School of nursing has one of the highly ranked master’s programs in the country, which offers a competitive curriculum and highly defined leadership skills that integrates technology into learning. It is therefore my desire to pursue an advance education at this facility because it prepares practitioners to become great clinicians ready to solve real-world clinical problems. Moreover, the opportunity to pursue a degree in this facility will afford me the ability to be a competent and highly efficient family nurse practitioner; that will serve the community and mostly the underserved. I am the last child in a family of eight that has aspired to pursue my education at the graduate level.

Nurse Scholarship Essay

I believe a job as a certified nurse assistant will give me a better insight while working beside nurses and observe what set of skills nurses use. My strengths that best suit my personality and this program are determination, effort, caring, critical thinker, discipline, and enthusiastic. These qualities would reflect on a nurse and would make caring for the patient easier. I believe that I belong in the nursing field, because ever since I was a child, I always wanted to make a positive influence in people's lives.

Sample Personal Statement For Nursing School

I have decided to pursue nursing and apply for the second degree accelerated nursing program; I consider myself a highly motivated individual with a value of strong work ethic. I can certainly distinguish myself as a person with numerous interests, a range of skills and goals. My Goals are to become a highly skilled nurse, work for the united state military and help save lives. Just like my father, I would love to provide a great humanitarian service, not for the pay or the glory or the recognition but to save lives, give hope, provide care, love and touch

Nurse Interview Essay

It took me a while to find nurses that wanted to participate in my interview. I was able to interview 2 nurses at a medical center because this week at my private practice, with the help of an Ecuadorian Audiologist who has ABR/ASSR system, we had a Microtia week from all over Bolivia and one of the mother’s was a nurse assistant, she made the contact with her boss and I was able to interview both, yesterday. (NP: nurse practitioner and NA: auxiliary nurse- MARIA) 1) What motivated you to become a nurse? NP:

Personal Philosophy Of Health Education Essay

I was not born into the world to do everything, but I was born into the world with great intentions; intentions to make a difference, to be an outstanding leader, ambassador, and advocate to serve and give back to the society. Ever since I have known myself, I have always wanted to become a nurse. A hardship that has made me stronger is, after my first semester in the pre-nursing

Statement Of Intent To Be A Nurse Practitioner

My Intent to Be a Nurse Practitioner Coming from a third world country where there aren’t many opportunities for work and funding for education, proceding to nursing school was a grand opportunity. The privilege to attend a government subsidized school where top students in the region compete to get into the program that allowed only 60 students per year was indeed a blessing. As clinical rotations began, what was once considered a mere opportunity evolved into a true passion for caring as I truly love and enjoy nursing and helping people.

My Passion Of Becoming A Nurse

I have a heart for service and a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Becoming a nurse I will be able to fulfill my passion of making a positive impact on individual lives on a daily basis. I will be able to fulfill my nurturing and caring desires of helping others. I’m very passionate and fascinated with the medical field in all aspects. I strive for excellence, integrity and love interacting with all diversity of people.

Why I Chose Nursing Essay

As a child, I dreamed of acquiring a career in Nursing. I was always fascinated by the amount of respect that nurses received during my doctor visits throughout my childhood. There are many reasons why I chose to major in Nursing such as the ability to take care of someone, the money and benefits that the career offered, as well as job stability and flexibility. On of my main reasons for pursing Nursing is the ability to care for someone other than myself.

Professional Values Of Nursing Essay

Being a nurse is not always as easy and picture perfect as people paint it to be. A nurse is expected to act perfectly professional, even when tears, anger and all-around emotions are begging to come out. A nurse must always be the one that has their life together, especially when others do not. They are there to be the ones to hold and care for others in desperate times of need. Nurses are expected to be more than just a nurse, but rather an advocate, caregiver, support system and professional.

The Importance Of Spirituality In Nursing

Being messenger of Good Faith is a characteristic that I found very appealing. This is the kind of nurse I hope to be. I want to be there for my patients with my faith during the hardest times. Also I want to help them understands that God is wonderful and he is always present among us.

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Sample of nurse practitioner’s entrance essay

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Sample of nurse practitioner’s entrance essay


In the report titled “ The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health ” the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in collaboration with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) developed four key recommendations.  One of the recommendations was that nurses should be empowered to practice to their full capacity of their educational and training achievements.  Secondly, nurses should attain higher levels of education and training in an enhanced education system, which encourages scholarly progress. The goal of the IOM recommendations is to build the capacity of the nursing profession to address   the emerging challenges and demands of the American healthcare system (IOM, 2011).


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  • 1. Nursing Phd Degree Application Essay This statement demonstrates my enthusiastic desire to join the School of Nursing PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh. My determination to pursue a PhD degree stems from my passion to empower the global nursing profession in general and that of Saudi Arabia. This passion guides my long–term career goal to establish a nationally recognized NP program in Saudi Arabia. Although the nursing profession has improved in recent years, it still falls short in the advanced nursing program. In Saudi Arabia only magnet hospitals have witnessed the positive impact of the training and recruiting of specialized advanced nurses. However, NPs are not accredited at the national level. This goal could be accomplished as I become a leader in my community through progressing up the academic career ladder and practicing as an advanced nurse scientist at a leading Pediatric Tertiary Care Centre as well. I was inspired by the...show more content... My aim is to change the teaching atmosphere from simply cramming information into a more engaging participatory environment. Moreover, I will apply innovative and interactive teaching methods as a course coordinator for the undergraduate pediatric nursing course. I am very invested in trying new teaching methods to strengthen young nurses' body of knowledge. That was my core motivation for conducting my research study about incorporating e–learning into traditional teaching methods. Correspondingly, I will be qualified to apply for a position on the simulation lab quality improvement committee. As a previous teaching assistant who worked in the first regional simulation lab in Saudi Arabia, I have insight about areas of improvement, so I will incorporate my extensive experience as a nurse practitioner who was trained in the school of nursing at the simulation lab at the University of Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 2. Nursing School Admission Essay Sample My initial interest in nursing began from my experience with my grandmother. It was in the fall of 2007 when my grandmother was sent to the hospital due to hypernatremia. My dad would pick me up every afternoon from school to visit my grandmother. I was given the responsibility to look after my grandma for nearly two weeks that includes in feeding her, assisting her, and other light duties. What fascinate me during my visits in the hospital were the nurses who assisted and took care of my grandma. They treated my grandma with dignity, kindness, compassion, courtesy, respect, understanding, and love. Their commitment, professionalism, dedication, determination and skills inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. From that point, I realized that nursing is a field that enables people impact other people's lives and make a difference. At 9 years old, being a nurse was a childhood dream and now I am at the point of turning my dream into reality. I want to study and pursue my dream registered nursing at Ryerson University that offers a nursing degree program that focuses on developing student's critical thinking skills, ability to analyze reflectively and apply theory through community health focused practice making Ryerson one of the best nursing schools in Canada. Every summer I volunteer as a group leader in a one week long...show more content... I do not see myself going to a different university other than Ryerson because of the great nursing program that your formidable school offers. This is why I choose Ryerson to hone my capabilities to become not just a successful nurse, but a nurse who displays confidence in treating patients with love, care and knowledge. I believe that I possess the skills, motivation and knowledge needed to successfully finish the course with flying colors and eventually get a job with the endless opportunities I would get from graduating at Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 3. Nursing Application Essay Examples The opportunity to challenge myself in UCLA's School of nursing, in addition to my own personal experiences and traits, supply me with a fierce determination to succeed in my academics, in my nursing career, and in fulfilling my aspirations as a whole. Foremost, I am drawn to nursing from experiencing the lack of quality healthcare available throughout society, often to the people who need it the most. Growing up in rural China, I have witnessed the negative effects of a faulty healthcare system on children, adults, and even a whole community. I find it appalling that people are suffering and dying from preventable diseases, due to a lack of access to medical facilities, or when individuals are unable to seek adequate health care because of...show more content... Coming from a family that struggles financially, my parents were frequently absent for work, and often left me in charge to take care of my sister and brother. From my siblings' birth in January 2006 and May 2008 respectively, I was tasked with feeding, teaching, and caring for them while my parents were working, on top of managing my own schoolwork. However, I am fulfilled by the sense of gratitude I receive when I began caring for those who could not care for themselves. In addition to teaching me patience, this also impels me towards a nursing career where I can fully utilize my strengths. Furthermore, I gained exposure in healthcare through my internship at Chapa–De as a dental assistant that began in early November 2016. By working clinically for over 12 hours a week, I gain invaluable exposure and experience by working with a variety of patients each day. The skills I develop, such as time management, infection control, and patient comfort are beneficial tools I will wield into my nursing education and career. Although my internship is focused on the dental aspect of healthcare, I desire to transfer my skills and experience into nursing because of the higher variety and more holistic aspects of patient care that enthralls me and my neverending curiosity. Nonetheless, the opportunity to learn each day in this field of healthcare is fascinating, and only further motivates me Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 4. Nursing Personal Statement My inspiration to pursue a lifelong career in nursing derived from witnessing a close individual succumb to a painful and chronic disease when I was the tender age of 6. I pondered and researched endlessly on the symptoms and damage caused by that disease until I comprehended its origin and everlasting effects. The memory of witnessing that individual die will continue to plague my memories and serve as a reminder of why I continue to strive for my goals today. From that point on, I knew exactly the person I aspired to be in the future–a nurse. I was fascinated with acquiring knowledge about the human body and diseases. In high school, I applied to a local hospital to become a candystriper to gain more insight about the medical field and nursing. I was placed into the endoscopy department and it was there where I truly established my determination to take on the challenge of becoming a nurse. I witnessed and experienced a myriad of things during my time there. I grasped how to become more compassionate and to prioritize one's life and safety above everything. The hospital became my personified version of Utopia. Every...show more content... I was an individual who believed that in order to be a well–rounded character, one must employ countless interests simultaneously. I soon discovered that quality over quantity is what bears significant weight. Since then, I have learned to only engage in an adequate amount of work profoundly. I have also improved my tolerance for patience. I used to become impatient when I couldn't acquire a new skill rapidly enough causing me to become upset. Now, I have learned to become more tempered and forbearing for my overall well–being. Working in retail and volunteering in the community has also enabled me to advance my communication and people's skills which is a vital component of nursing, as one must be able to efficiently interact and socialize with Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 5. Medical Terminology Admission Essay Sample For as long as I can remember I have always had an interest in the human body and how it functions. As a young girl, my mother noticed my interest in this and began to buy me human anatomy books. Since my mother worked in the medical field, she has inspired me and has encouraged me from the start. As I've gotten older, my love for the human anatomy has only grown. As a junior, I was able to take an anatomy and physiology class at Sanger High School. I was able to excel in that class with my prior knowledge and learned so much more. Along with anatomy, I took a Medical Terminology class. Both of these classes together greatly influenced me into choosing to major in Nursing. Taking the medical terminology class opened my eyes to see the many Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 6. Nursing Admission Essay Sample I grow both personally and professionally through my relationship with nursing. Unlike many other careers, the growth is reciprocal. Nursing gives me the freedom to venture into uncharted territory and in turn, nursing's boundaries expand. As the field of nursing develops and strengthens in new areas, unique and rewarding opportunities become available to me. While I achieve a Master's of Science in Adult Primary Care from New York University the profession of nursing will, in return, be rewarded with a valuable contributor. My nursing relationship began after a successful yet uninspired career in fashion and media production. As the first person in my family to attend college and self–fund it, I am especially proud to have graduated cum laude from the University of Texas with a BSN in December 2004. In school I maintained a 3.69 GPA in my...show more content... Oz Show, as a guest on Good Day New York, and on ABC 7 Eyewitness News with Dr. Jay Adlersberg. Dr. Jay Adlersberg has encouraged me to draw upon my past career in modeling and on–set production to become the first nurse health correspondent. He and I agree that it makes sense for nurses to deliver health–related information in the media. The public wants information from reliable, honest and ethical sources and nursing has ranked the most honest and ethical profession in 13 out of 14 annual Gallop Poll surveys. After bolstering my education and credentials at NYU, filling the vacancy in television is something that I would consider. Teaching is one of my favorite aspects of nursing and I could reach a much broader audience using this forum. However, I want to be clear, I am not focused on self–promotion. I am interested in health promotion; health promotion through my business, my writing and the media. A graduate nursing degree from NYU combined with my business acumen and previous career experience will give me the confidence and credibility to advance in all of these Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 7. Nursing Application Essay From my own experiences in hospital I have a lot of admiration for nurses. The nurses were always caring and gentle towards myself and other patients even when it is clear their work was demanding. Their passion for the job was clear to see and I want to be part of this dedicated profession. In school biology has always been my favourite subject. The human body fascinates me and I have always been eager to learn more about how it functions. I feel this interest is one of the main driving forces for choosing nursing as a career. I'm looking forward to the challenge that university will offer. Another reason why I have chosen nursing as my topic of study is this year I am undertaking a college course in 'care'. In the course I have looked...show more content... I found the experience very rewarding and loved working with the other volunteers. Everyone pulled together as a team while sorting through all the donations and it made the whole experience fun and go by very quickly. I have never been scared of hard work. I had my first job at 13 at my local grocery store and have been working ever since. I have done various jobs, I have been a cleaner, a waitress and a quality checker at a jewellery factory. Each job was different and I had to adapt to make sure I was working to the best of my ability, which I managed with ease. From these jobs I have gained social skills, organisation skills, creativity and responsibility. I am very passionate about caring for and working with others in the future. I know that I will do well in this course because I am determined to become a nurse and expand my knowledge of the human Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 8. Examples Of Nursing Mission Statement The University of Pennsylvania's School of Nursing mission statement is "to make a significant impact on health by advancing science, promoting equity, demonstrating practice excellence, and preparing leaders in the discipline of nursing." These remarkable qualities that the university wants to instill within its students are the reasons why I applied to this prestigious university. This school would allow me to receive a high level of education while preparing me to become a nurse that exhibits everything the mission statement mentions. As a student at this university, it would help to expand my scientific mind into the vast world of nursing and all that it has to offer. It allows me to bring a fresh and new perspective to the nursing field while also embracing and studying the present knowledge I can gain from this universities nursing program. I experienced the majority of my college education at a small Catholic college right in the Philadelphia area known as Chestnut Hill College. Overall, my college experience at Chestnut Hill was very educational, engaging and an eye–opening experience for me. The programs allowed me to learn and experience new environments, people, information and ideas first hand. All of these new skills and understandings made me a better student, person and hopefully a nurse. The programs at Chestnut Hill College program gave me a sense of self–appreciation, strength, determination, honesty, and care that is unique to not just their educational Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 9. Medical School Admission Essay Sample Since my unsuccessful attempt to gain entrance to medical school medical school I have taken upon myself to strengthen all aspects of myself that could have, in any way, been viewed as inadequate to the decision boards of medical school admissions offices. I started this quest by changing the location of my residence and enrolling myself in one of the most respected higher learning institutions in the nation, The George Washington University located in Washington, District of Columbia. Here I have been pursing my passion for medicine, in a preparatory capacity, studying Anatomical and Translational Sciences. This Masters' program is comprised of medical school courses as well as an internship in the highly respected Children's National Hospital. Although the courses are challenging, I have relished this opportunity and have earned a perfect grade point average in all of my classes. During the first semester of my time at GW I also concentrated on improving my score on the Medical College Admissions Test, which I have done by five points landing myself within the top 80% of test takers. Now during my second semester I am spending much of my time with a research laboratory in the Sheikh Zayed Center for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, a department within Children's National Hospital. In this setting I am...show more content... I joined an organization at GW's medical school called Emergency Medicine Interest Group, which has allowed me to serve as a medical volunteer at large gatherings in the Nation's capital such as marathons and protests like "March for our Lives". Additionally, this organization has given me opportunities to shadow emergency room physicians in the Ronald Reagan Institute for Emergency Medicine. Here I have witnessed first–hand the work of world class physicians servicing disparate cases of Washingtonians with skill and competency of Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 10. Sample Nursing Admission Essay Nursing is not only a profession, but it is an opportunity to provide compassion and support for those in need. I realized that nursing called upon me when I came across a heartwarming, yet rewarding experience. On a few occasions, I served breakfast to the children and their families coping with illness at the Ronald McDonald House. Interacting with these children developed my appreciation for the medical field. Despite the challenges that I may face while in this nursing program, I will be honored to deliver the best possible care to patients. I will be able to manage the stress that comes along with unpredictable clinicals and taxing homework due to my patience. I am determined to overcome the conflicts that are involved in obtaining my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing because of my interest in this field....show more content... I want to be able to go into work and be faced with a new, exciting challenge every day. I enjoy being a mentor and caregiver for individuals because it makes me feel like I am giving back to society. Nursing will allow me to fulfill my desires to learn, educate, and advocate. The field of medicine has many branches that can be studied, which will permit me to increase my knowledge. Another appealing aspect of being a nurse is that they give and receive gratification simultaneously. In my perspective, this is satisfying because moral values such as, appreciating life, empathy, or listening skills can be enhanced through involvement. I am prepared to thrive as a nurse because of the passion and devotion that I have already formed about this Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 11. Sample Nursing Admission Paul Harris said that "Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless." Your personality carries with you when you travel. It is your traits and characteristics and to satisfy your personality that you must find the right job that fits. I have the ability to delight others and make them lighten up and enjoy the world and in turn that has a positive outcome on me. Because of my optimistic, witty, and warm personality, I have chosen to pursue a career in the field of nursing where I will be assisting and helping as many patients as I can, pushing myself to my full potential while conquering challenges and making the world a better place. Upon my search for this career I must have a education to start. I want to attend Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia. I chose Shenandoah University because I met a nurse during a visit to the ER. While asking her about her job as a nurse she mentioned that...show more content... While working in the Emergency Room as a Registered Nurse the salary is $ 69,510. Getting paid $ 29.62 hourly. Registered nurses earn on average $64,690 a year, depending on level of education, experience, geographic location and the type of facility. Experienced registered nurses with advanced education can earn $80,000 a year or more. Being a Registered Nurse has many benefits including financial benefits, career benefits, and flexible work hours. Financial benefits for being a nurse offers signing bonuses, salary hikes, work schedules that are friendly to their families, and a subsidized training. Career benefits for being a nurse offers many alternatives advancement opportunities and specialty areas. Nurses can work in hospitals, outpatient care centers, physician's' offices, home health care, and nursing care facilities. Nurses have flexible work hours meaning they have variety of shifts to work. They can have a schedule that fits perfect for their Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 12. Pre College Admission Essay Sample Last summer, I had the privilege to attend the Michigan Health Sciences Pre–Exposure Academy held at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and hosted by the University of Michigan Health System Office for Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI). This summer program took place on June 14 to June 27. This program provided me with exposure to the University of Michigan Medical School and other health related fields. This program gave me the chance to learn and understand better what medical classes were like and the intensity of work I needed to put in to succeed. My exposure in this summer program helped me decide the best pre–medicine course to take. It also gave me an opportunity to meet new people, many of whom shared similar interests with me, and who are still some of my best friends even to today. To conclude, the Michigan Health Sciences Pre– College Exposure Academy helped make the most of my summer vacation, gave me an insight in my future profession, and prepared me for the rest of my high school, and my upcoming college career. Also, I've been in my school's Medical Club for the past three...show more content... I would've never predicted how amazing the effects of my visit to the nursing home would be. After greeting the elderly and holding conversations with each and every one of them, I was amazed by how appreciative they were for my visit. Perhaps they felt lonely or abandoned before, but now tears of joy glistened in their eyes. Maybe all people need is to know they are cared for, even by a simple stranger. Moreover, I was stunned by the optimism they had for their future, even at old age. They were so youthful in spirit, regardless of their frail bodies. They were selfless enough to tell me to take care of myself, even if they were the ones in wheelchairs. It taught me that happiness can exist, even at old age, regardless of discouraging circumstances or diminishing Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 13. Sample Essay For Nursing Admission Nursing is not simply defined as ones ability to care for another, it is taking the balance of caring, knowledge and continued learning to create a lifeline for another. Im very proud to speak about my interest in such a demanding role but most importantly I'm excited about the journey this interest will take me on throughout my life. My interest in nursing first developed as a young child with the simple words of 'lets play Doctors'. It's easy to describe this as just a game, however following through each of my aspirations in life I've grown more, pushed further and finally understand that an innocent game has turned into an exciting adventure. Im so incredibly enthusiastic about applying for this course and ultimately knowing I am part of...show more content... In January 2015 I volunteered as part of a group, travelling to Romania to aid vulnerable adults and children. I took action in raising money, bringing clothes, food, medications and necessities. Throughout my work in Romania I visited many children's orphanages, care homes, schools and psychiatric homes. This helped for me to incorporate my qualities of compassion and skills of communication. In addition to this, I recently volunteered within a nursing home. I independently took this role as I felt obliged to continually learn and support my interest in such a special area. Ive learnt important policies such as manual handling; benefitting my confidence and awareness of my surroundings. As well as supporting leading nurses, I occasionally incorporated music throughout the care home. Music is a huge part of my life, independently learning guitar, piano and banjo. Further to this I am currently awaiting confirmation to begin voluntary work within St John's ambulance NI. I applied as a first aid event worker, ultimately learning and increasing my awareness of fast pace Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 14. Essay For Nursing School Admission My interest and fascination in nursing dates back to when I was in the hospital for my grandparents. Despite the fact that I was there as a supportive family member, I found myself watching the nurses in action, assisting both the patient and my family. This was the first time I realized that I wanted to be a nurse, the person who was so dedicated in caring for my grandparents. Ever since that moment in the hospital, I knew nursing would be the career meant for me. Being a profession which is both hectic and fulfilling, nursing is a career I have always admired. My passion for caring and assisting people in need existed from the time when my grandparents were in the hospital. Since that instance, I was always intrigued by nurses, either in...show more content... Specifically, I have had the ability to talk about pediatric cancer with my school's Mini–THON. Throughout my four years in high school, I have been an active committee member and now a Merchandise Co–Captain of my high school's Mini–THON. With this experience, I have talked to many children in local hospitals suffering from pediatric cancer. Seeing these children in the hospital has impacted my awareness of how much of an effect nurses and doctors have on their lives. Without the nurse's positivity and eagerness, those children would not be as optimistic and cheerful. Being able to experience a hospital setting with supportive nurses helped to determine my career choice to become a nurse. I am notably aware of the exquisite reputation of your college, and specifically your nursing program. I have conversed with several of your staff members and present students that have altogether intensified my interest in York College of Pennsylvania. As well as your excellent faculty, your nursing lab facilities are very advanced and impressive, which is a key factor in determining the college that will best prepare me to be the nurse I need to be. I hope you will consider my application, and I hope to be a part of your nursing program and community in the Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 15. Essay For Nursing Admission When I was ten years old, I fractured my femur. I had to stay in the hospital for almost three weeks. My time at the hospital and afterwards inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. During my stay at the hospital, my favorite part was hanging out with the nurses. I remember one night there I was so bored that one of the nurses came in and juggled for me. After that experience it inspired me to pursue a career in nursing. I want to be able to help others and provide the kind of care like the nurses and doctors did for me. All medical careers are important in their own way, but nursing in my opinion has the greatest responsibility for patient care. I think as a nurse, compassion is one of the most important skills they can have. Without this skill nurses can't provide patients with the best care possible. The nursing field has always peaked my interest because of its versatility. Nursing is available and needed almost everywhere in the world, working with almost anyone throughout their lifetime. I think this is one of the biggest assets that nursing has. Westminster's College Nursing program interested me because of their small class sizes, their...show more content... In high school, I interned with the same physical therapist that helped me recover after my injury. This internship helped me explore the different careers in the medical field as well as teach me about patient care. I also interned at my local hospital working in the pathology lab where I got to study blood and urine samples. This was one of the most interesting internships because it let me see what happens behind the scenes of our daily lives and how things work at the cellular level. Because of those internships, I am able to make connections from the classroom to those experiences allowing for a better understanding of the material Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 16. Nursing School Admission Essay As a young adult entering the challenging yet beneficial study of nursing, I need a school that will meet all of my requirements and provide even more as well. I know that the University of Pittsburgh will grant an experience in different aspects of nursing at countless different hospitals. I also understand that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is one of the best hospital systems in the world. As a Pittsburgh native, I know the reputation of UPMC, but I have experienced the center first hand as a girl who lives every day with congential heart disease. All three of my open heart surgeries took place at Children's Hospital and I am grateful each and every day for the nurses working there who saved my life. The experiences I had at...show more content... I have always been a risk–taker and someone who loves a grand challenge. During each day of learning, I strive to face various different obstacles and overcome many fears. Additionally, I know Pitt will also provide many different opportunities outside of scholastics with its numerous amount of clubs and activities to choose from. I crave to become involved as much as possible without letting my school work suffer. Lastly, since the school is located in the heart of the beloved city I grew up in, I know every day will fill my heart with joy. Walking around campus will bring nostalgia, as I will remember the days as a child in which I attended basketball games at the Peterson Events Center with my family, and reminisce back to when the class visited the decorated Christmas classrooms in the Cathedral of Learning. Ever since I was a kid I pictured myself studying at the University of Pittsburgh and I hope now that dream can come true. There is a fire inside of me that is ready to set ablaze and the only item needed is a match to create a spark. Pitt is that Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 17. Nursing Admission Essay When I was fourteen years old, my great–grandmother had an ischemic stroke and struggled with Broca's Aphasia until she passed away seven months later. What she left me with, however, was a gift greater than anything of monetary value: passion for the healthcare field. For months prior to her death, I watched her devote her life to redeeming her expressive language. I was inspired tremendously by her gallantry and decided that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. However, when I was applying to colleges, I chose nursing because it was what my parents suggested I pursue as a career. After coming to college with the anticipation of graduating with a degree in nursing, I was disappointed when, after two years of school, I realized...show more content... Ever since I can remember, I have been devoted to bringing out the best in others, and being able to work in tandem with anyone no matter what the situation. Enabling others to gain something that they could not previously do, or regain something that was lost to them due to an unfortunate event in their lives, would bring me immense satisfaction. Not only would I be successful in this profession because making the world better for others is my lifelong goal, but because I am certain the skill sets I possess are fundamental to being a prosperous Speech Pathologist. Over the course of my undergraduate studies, I have truly learned any and everything I could about this profession and it's most critical concepts. For me, rote memorization was not an option. I made it my utmost responsibility to learn and understand the material that was presented to me in order to better the lives of my future clients. I have a strong educational background that has led to my dexterity in social skills, critical and cognitive thinking abilities, and the ability to solve problems and help others when they are in need. All of these qualities make the difference between someone who begins a graduate program in Speech–Language Pathology, and someone who finishes one and becomes an outstanding Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 18. Sample Nursing Admission Essay Many kids grow up wanting to be doctors, lawyers, or astronauts. I was one of those many who wanted to be a doctor and save lives every time I walked into the hospital. Having this mindset throughout my childhood, and even a semester in college, I soon learned in college that maybe the traditional MD doctor route was not for me. The realization that I would have to stay in school for close to, or more than, 8 consecutive years before I could make money, provide for myself, or help others, medically, worried me. I was never truly thinking about my future until college and that is why I was worried, I had no clue if I could even make it 8+ years, financially or mentally. So, my thoughts quickly transitioned to nursing because I would be able to get out of school with a BSN and start working. Then, I can...show more content... The obvious answer for why was to treat people. Of course that is a true and valid reason, my main reasoning for studying nursing is the uniqueness of the processes of the body and the many treatments that are available for each illness. The body is so complex and even today we still do not know everything about it. I want to learn as much as I can about treating clients and learn ways to facilitate a seamless transition from illness to health. Hopefully, as I learn more about the copious processes and treatments, maybe I can help make a difference in future client's lives by aiding a doctor's research in new techniques and treatment plans. This seems like a long shot to a lot of people but, I believe the body still has many secrets that we have yet to discover. Maybe this will be how I make a difference in the world but, I would also like to make a difference by showing people how to be capable and proud of your career. My father has never been one for words but, has always showed us you can be proud of what you do and do it Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 19. Why I Chose Nursing School In my short 15 years of life, I have wanted to pursue in several different careers. I knew that I wanted to interact with people in some way; whether it be by cutting their hair, or stopping crime. With most of my parents being in the medical field, I have always been interested in getting a bachelor's degree in Nursing. Get more content on HelpWriting.net
  • 20. Examples Of Nursing Application Essay Greetings and salutations fellow virtual aviator! I'd first like to thank you for your interest in the team. We are always excited when we receive applications. Our application process may span the course of multiple months. It is this span of time that helps us determine whether or not an applicant is the right fit for the team. It is important that you fill out our application with detail and honesty. As an applicant of our team, we expect that you understand and emulate the four core values that allow are our team remain successful and reputable. Precision Our demonstration is not easy––for any position on the team. Every flight, practice, performance, or otherwise that we carry out requires a remarkable amount of accuracy and a keen sense for detail. Every member of the team trains for hours in an effort to make our display appear the best that it can be. Dedication...show more content... It requires hundreds of hours of studying, practicing, and refining the demonstration. Sometimes it gets difficult and to a point where it doesn't seem worth it. Being able to push through the hard times and keep a focus on the end goal of the team is something we look for in all of our team members. Professionalism Every member of the team is part of different organizations in the flight simulation community, such as The Sky Lounge, msFlights, MaldAir, and beyond. Being in the public eye quite often, it is expected that our members all display themselves in a professional and mature manner. It is one thing to have fun, but it is quite another to display yourself as immature. Discipline Being able to take and learn from criticism is what allows the team to progress and succeed in the long run. Taking the time to understand how the demonstration works, what you are doing incorrectly, and taking the steps to fix it is imperative to making the team's demonstration appear as flawlessly as Get more content on HelpWriting.net


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