The Story Of My Life Essay

The Story of my Life I have a very fulfilling feeling about what I have been able to accomplish in my life so far. I want the absolute best for myself and those close to me. I often go above and beyond to help those around me succeed and be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. My life is a mixture of moments, some happy moments and others not so much, but regardless, these moments have made me the person that I am today and I don’t regret anything that had happen. I consider myself a strong, and a very determined person, I have dreams to fill the world and I am willing to do the necessary efforts to attain those dreams. My motivations I inherit from my family, more specifically my father that I love so much; I have always …show more content…

The time to breathe before advancing further in my future projects, the difficult moments instead of discouraging me, these moments give me motivation and the necessary energy to move forward. I am optimist but realistic. My parents taught me that we live in a world that is constantly changing and to succeed we need a smart plan and the ability to adapt and adjust to the changing world environment but more importantly one need to prepare one’s self to succeed. We need discipline and above all an unshakable will to resist difficulties when they happen. “An ongoing work of art” would probably be one of the best ways to describe my life. From very early on in life, I have learn that I can be the artist of my own life through guidance and hard work, I learned that we are the architecture of our life, the artist of our own destiny through work, commitment and determination. Every route taken or not taken will somehow impact our existence and leave a trail like a shooting star in the night sky, the beauty of the trail depends entirely on the nature of our actions in life. This is the first time in my existence I have had the opportunity to write the story of my life in detail. This exercise …show more content…

It was on a Friday morning at 4:30 A.M. that happiness and joy filled the hearts of both my parents. I was born on November 29, 1996 at Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale Florida. My parents had five children, and among the five children that they had, I was the third (or middle) child from them. It started off as two boys, then I came along as the first girl, after it was another boy, then finally, another baby girl; so total was three boys and two girls. The way that my parents lived and treated each other was the same as if any other married couple that loved each other so much. They’ve gone through a lot to get to where they are now today, but they made it and along the way had us five children. They have been really strong with each other which made them only have the five of us and no other step children. My mom is a great cook and enjoy cooking for us; this is probably where my passion for culinary comes from. My dad is an amazing tailor, he is very good at making our clothes, and my passion for fashion probably came from him. My dad is also a teacher, one of the best math teacher I know, he is passionate about his job and his family is the center of his universe. I cannot finish this chapter without mentioning my grandmother, I was lucky enough to have ever met. I had spent part of my life time with her, like the rest of the family she is sweet, my grandmother Abelus,

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they want the absolute best for themselves and those close to them. they go above and beyond to help others succeed and be the best version of themselves.
  • Describes their life as a mixture of moments, some happy moments and others not so much. they consider themselves strong, determined, and have dreams to fill the world.
  • Opines that writing the story of their life in detail allows them to explore and discover aspects of themselves in a way they have never known existed.
  • Explains that they were born on november 29, 1996 at broward general hospital in fort lauderdale, florida. their parents had five children and were strong with each other.
  • Explains that their grandmother, abelus, was the best grandma they could have asked for. they were born naturally at about 11 to 12 pounds.

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Personal Narrative: My Life As A Car Ride

People could say that my life is similar to that of a car ride; where there are bumps in the road that can or cannot be avoided; when there are times when the car ride is rough or smooth; when it is lonely or populated with loved ones; and how the car will keep going at different speeds until it has run out of gas. My life has been filled with its typical ups and downs, excitements and fears, and its fair share of accomplishments and failures. I come from a world that I did not want to be a part of, but looking back on it now, I feel that the events I experienced in my past have shaped me into who I am today.

Personal Narrative Essay

After countless hours of uncomfortable naps and tasteless meals between flights, we finally arrived at the unfamiliar land of America. Leaving all our dear friends and families behind, I was told that we came here in hope of a better future, my future specifically. I was never really socially active and at the time, English was a whole new concept that I have yet to understand. The inability to communicate with other makes it even harder for me to express myself and it mold my personality to become more antisocial than I ever was. There’s always this uneasy feeling that linger when someone talk to me and I cannot give them a response and it’s even harder to say something because I was afraid of making a mistake and make a fool out of myself.

Winston Churchill said, “All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” While I have learned from my mistakes in the past, all the experiences that I have endured have made me into the person I am today. Even being a work-in-progress, I have a solid foundation, strong internal support and blueprints of the person I will become. And the day I become a complete multi-colored sculptor of experiences and hard work, I will have helped and inspired others to do the same.

Personal Narrative Essay: Who I Am Today

Throughout life we tend to run into numerous challenges along with changes, my challenges were keeping a decent grade as well as being active with a sport I loved. Also overcoming the fear of a certain hurdle and worrying about not make it to the finals. Although I’ve faced and overcome that particular fear, as the years passed, currently still face some challenges. I did not become the person I am today overnight, there were some challenges I’ve faced and changes I’ve made to become who I am today.

Personal Narrative Essay: What I Learned In My Life

When I ask myself what I have learned over the summer my mind kind of does a 180 backflip. I feel like I have learned so many different things that it is challenging to pinpoint it, or even know where to start. However, I guess the first thing that pops into my mind is attitude.

Personal Narrative Essay: The Aspects Of My Life

It was unexpected, heart-breaking, and frustrating. My parents’ divorce hit me like a brick wall. Every aspect of my life changed within the following years of their divorce. At the time, I felt like my world was ending, however, the separation took me places I could have never imagined; from South Dakota, to the Nation 's Capitol, to the beautiful land of Germany.

Personal Narrative Essay: The Life Of My Life

February 11th, 1996, in the small town of Spencer, West Virginia, a baby girl was brought into this world; Little did she know how cruel and vindictive this world truly is. Twenty-years later, here I am still trying to understand my place. I was born into a rather large family (counting aunts, uncles, cousins, & just about everyone). Throughout my childhood, all the way up to my junior year of high school, my family moved just about every year. Over the next few years I really got into history and government, only then did I look back at all of the life changing events in my lifetime and truly understand what happened.

My Past Present And Future Essay

Ultimately, my life is an intricate combination of my past, present, and future. At all times my life is being affected by my past experiences, present situations, and future aspiration. My past experiences shape how I react in present situations, while my future aspirations influence the present situations that I take on. My past experiences also influence the future path they my life takes. Move over, the path of my life is not linear progression of events, but a complex journey of self-reflection and I experience, reflect, and act in my present

Personal Narrative Essay: My Personal Experiences In My Life

As long as I can remember I have had an amazing childhood. I have always been blessed with love and surrounded by many people I can look up to. I grew up with amazing parents and siblings that gave me oppoutunites some people do not always get. Many things have happened in my life time to make me the person that I am today. Without my childhood friends, family, and teachers the person I am would not be here. The top five experiences I can recall from my childhood that really stood out were becoming a big sister, joining my first cheer team, meeting my dad 's damily for the first time, getting my first puppy, and being on a television program called Zoom.

Determination: Personal Narrative Analysis

The story of my life would simply be titled "determination". Throughout my life I have always been determined to get what I want. I was never a child that asked mom and dad for something and got it, I worked for it. From a young age my mother made me do chores around the house in order to go outside and play with my friends. As I got older, nothing go easier, chores turned into jobs, and my income turned into my alliance. However, one thing that I did realize is that working without passion is not very enjoyable. I began working at a Restaurant as a host, which is not the most glamorous job out there. Fortunately, the Restaurant I worked at was looking for a new local marketing team. Once I heard what the job entailed I jumped on the opportunity;

Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience In My Life

On a rainy day on March 30th, the year of 2000, at 11:50 in the Memorial Hospital in Modesto, California, I, Allison Oudomphanh, now sixteen years old,was born to two loving Laotian parents and a sister. My family and I currently live in Ceres, in a small home that barely fits our family, since my mother, recently, gave birth to a little one. I go to Ceres High School and enjoy learning new ideas every day; although I am not much of an early riser. Some people would describe me as being shy, which is true. However, if I am comfortable around a person or people, like my family, I am quite loud and quirky. My life is like a movie plot, there are unhappy scenes, exciting scenes, dull scenes, mainly joyful scenes, and even some plot twists along

Personal Narrative Essay: My Story Of My Life

Here is my story. If you're interested, keep reading. If not, take a chance. Life is filled with possibilities. Almost all of them begin with a first impression. Still reading right? How's that for a first impression. Some say I'm different, laid back, open to all opportunities. I like to see myself being unique and determined. But overall, I am not weak. Although it was within the same area, I moved many times. Not only location wise, but also where I put myself in terms of personality and commitment. Let me elaborate on that. You see, even today, a lot may know my personality, although I don't know who I am as a person. What's my reason for living and where do I want to be? I grew up in a unique neighborhood. For all those who know, the Schaumburg and Hanover Park area is not as

Personal Narrative Essay: Life Experience

Life experiences shape an individual into the person they are today. It concede a person to grow. Make a more thoughtful and wise decision in order to not repeat the same mistakes they have made in the past. Being in love was a life lesson experience I had learned from. Love happens so unexpectedly that when it does arrive our emotions become unsteady. Happiness, sadness, hurt, and pain are the emotions that derive from love. One 's emotions are expressed as intense, so they would call it; especially when it is first time their time falling in love. Being in love with my guy best friend was the most beautiful and painful experience I have withstood.

My Life Experience Essay

My life has been the result of many situations that have shaped it; however, it was not until recently when I realized just how well I have it. It took one impactful life experience in order for me to recognize that my life, compared to how others must live their lives, has many more opportunities. Once I realized my great circumstance, it was like a switch went off in my head. I had to take action and make the most of my life by looking at life in a different way.

My Experience With The Salvation Army

Name: Anferni Harris Date: July 28, 2015 EN46b Unit 7 Reflective Narrative Essay Grade: _____/100 Directions: Write a multi-paragraph essay in which you look at a frozen moment in your lives that has left you with some sort of truth. Begin typing your essay below: I signed up to be volunteer for community service hours for my honors class. I choose this particular one because I thought it would be easy, but after few weeks, I felt honored for having been a part of it.

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My Background: Life Story as a Definition of You

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Published: Jul 1, 2021

Words: 1728 | Pages: 2 | 9 min read

The essay discusses the author's life experiences and how they have shaped their identity and outlook on life. The author's background is likened to a roller coaster, marked by uncertainty and unexpected turns. They emphasize that their experiences have defined them as a person.

The narrative begins with the author's family facing financial difficulties and violence in their home country. Eventually, their uncle sponsors their immigration to the United States, providing hope for a better life. However, upon arriving in the U.S., the author encounters challenges related to their identity and experiences racism and discrimination.

The essay highlights the author's struggle to fit in and be accepted in a new culture, including efforts to suppress their accent and conform to societal expectations. Despite these challenges, the author ultimately learns the importance of embracing their own background and culture.

Furthermore, the essay delves into the author's motivation to succeed in school, driven by their desire to support their family and provide a better life for their loved ones. They express concern for their family's safety back in their home country, which serves as a powerful motivation to excel academically.

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My Background: Life Story as a Definition of You Essay

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sample of life story essay

A Story Of My Life Essay

The Story of My Life Interesting enough, my life began on a Thursday night, on December 17, 1987 In Atlanta Georgia, where I was delivered at 9. Pm to my mother, Ruth Dye and father, Tony Jiffies. I was the second child for my father and the third for my mother. I Just didn’t know anybody or where I would end up In life after that moment. As I grew up, my life changed at each milestone In a person life. I had a rough and very fun childhood.

Essay Example on Story Of My Life Sample

I remember playing outside with family and friends, eating around the dinner table with my family and sleeping with my grandmother until I was 15 years old. My life was filled with more great memories than the bad, even though lived in poverty stricken neighborhood. My grandmother never once, made it seem that way because she made sure we were fed, bathe and had clean clothes and shoes on our feet.

Even though, neither my mother nor my father was in my life, when I was younger, my father decided to change that when I was 15 years old.

He wanted me to be more than cousins that had three kids on their hips and one on the way. He told me, “If you are ready to leave, you can go with me, right now. ” I was hesitant at first, but I decided this might be my chance to get out of the situation I was In. At that point, my grades had started slipping, I started not to go to school, but I know I TLD want that for myself.

sample of life story essay

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I took that leap of faith and I went with my dad and the rest Is still writing its story.

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"A Story Of My Life Essay." , 27 Nov 2019, (2019). A Story Of My Life Essay . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 5 Dec. 2023]

"A Story Of My Life Essay.", Nov 27, 2019. Accessed December 5, 2023.

"A Story Of My Life Essay," , 27-Nov-2019. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 5-Dec-2023] (2019). A Story Of My Life Essay . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 5-Dec-2023]

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A Story Of My Life Essay

Example Of Life Story Essay

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sample of life story essay


Reflection Of My Life Essay

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  • 1. Personal Timeline Essay Personal Timeline Throughout my lifetime, I have experienced many different milestones that have made me the person I am today. Some of these milestones were difficult and traumatic, while others were very special and joyous events. I feel like a person has to face both the good and the bad times in order to grow. I was born on May 14th, 1989, which happened to be Mother's Day. I was my parent's first daughter to an older son. My brother Zachary and I are only eighteen months apart in age, which made us very close friends growing up. I have always lived in Rising Sun, Indiana. My mother is from Rising Sun and my father is from Roanoke, Virginia. I am proud of the fact that I am very close with my family. In 1993, when I was more content... I know she is looking down on me very proudly for sticking to my goals and continuing school to become a registered nurse. When I graduate, she has a box put up for me that I get to have with all of her nursing stuff in it, like her hat, pin, stethoscope, and a lot of other neat things that I will always cherish. Something that I really became interested in while I was in school was the sport cheerleading. When I was in the seventh grade, the year 2001, I tried out for the team for the first time and made it. I will never forget how happy and excited I was to try something new. I had always been the shy, timid little girl and now I had a chance to try something completely different. It was always hard for me to make friends because of how shy I was. With cheerleading, I made lifelong friends that I still keep in contact with. I cheered all throughout middle and high school. This memory is something that will stay with me forever and is a very happy and special time for me. When I was a junior in high school, my life made a turn for the worst. I met a boy named Mike that I started dating. He was an older boy and I thought I really liked him. We spent a lot of time together because he didn't like being apart from me. I took this as a compliment that a guy would want to spend every waking second with me because I was young and stupid. Then I started noticing some really strange patterns happening with Mike. He would show up at my school Get more content on
  • 2. Essay about My Life My Life I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, and moved to California when I was very young. Before I moved to California my dad traveled back and forth for 2 or 3 yrs from California and back to Costa Rica. He spent most of his time working in the Fresno area, in the cities of Tulare, and Visalia. He says he spent his time working in any available job including some farm labor jobs and went back to Costa Rica to spend time with us. After the second time he left Costa Rica to come and work he did not go back. At that time, amnesty was given to immigrants in California, and he moved up north to the Bay area to find a steady job. That is when he saved enough money for my mother, my two siblings, and I to join him in California. My more content... I was in ESL programs until I entered junior high school. Learning the language, and trying to keep up with the class work was a challenge for me. Having friends who spoke my language, and the English language as well was an advantage I had. Having that extra help and support really made my school experience challenging, but exciting as well. Remembering the support I received from those friends creates a need in me to do the same for other people. I don't only believe that the support that I can give to migrant students as a Mini–Corps student will help them in succeeding in school, but I believe that an appreciation for school can be gained as well, and hopefully bring insight for continuing their studies beyond high school. As I improved in my English I also grew an interest in writing. I enjoyed my English classes, along with my math classes too. My interest grew and grew, and I joined summer girl programs. After participating two year, I became a mentor to those new peers coming into the program. I worked with teachers in Science, and in Math classes. I also participated in the volleyball activities, and group activities. This is when I realized I wanted to work with youth my whole life. My interest in English, and my interest in being a role model to youth made me decide to become an English teacher, especially working with students whose first language is not English. Now, I am a college student. I first went to UC Santa Barbara, where I dealt with more Get more content on
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  • 4. Short Story Essay : The Story Of My Life The Story of My Life "They judge me like a picture book, by the colors like they forgot to read"–Lana del rey. Proving that people tend to judge without allowing themselves to give me a chance. They always go with what their eyes tell, but they should know that I'm more than what I appear to be. My way of being deals many with my likes and dislikes and thanks to that, it has turned me into who I am obviously. It is those little occasions in life that have helped me see things from a different perspective , you know, see the world in a unique way. There are so many things I like, of course I cannot name them all because I probably don't even know them yet, but just like there's things Id die for, there's also things I really wouldn't. For example, I hate lies. I hate being lied to and the feeling you get after realizing someone has lied to you. I hate feeling betrayed honestly. I feel like the worst thing a person can do to me is lie, especially when it's a person I know from long ago. I ask myself, why do people lie? What do they get out of a lie anyway? Yes , thetruth hurts sometimes and that stinks, but a person who tells the truth is more respected and more trustworthy than a person who lies. Most of the people prefer a beautiful lie over the ugly truth and that is just not right because lies are just empty words without meaning, full of fake hope and happiness and even though they are full of such beautiful things, it is still a lie, and sadly it is all fake. Get more content on
  • 5. Literature in Life Essay Literature in Life Literature is the expressed influence of communities and the individuals in societies. Literature spans culture, beliefs, and attributes the necessary component for corroborating how literature reflects, and portrays communities. The language from literature helps gives culture explanation of live in different society. Literature that is defined by the culture aspect, gives details about such fascinating and affluent information or context. Certain works, and words used in literature can help the reader understand and describe the sense of the community being read in the story. In addition, it is not uncommon for people to write about an imaginary community that is based from their own community. more content... Another example of how a community can affect an author's writing is illustrated in William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" (DiYanni, 2007, p. 79–84). The story takes place in the South after the Civil War. Faulkner's writing is extremely eloquent and deliberate. The time period also comes out through the language in his writing referring to African–Americans as Negros and to Northerners as Yankees. It soon becomes obvious that Faulkner must have been raised in the same time and place this story takes place. Communities do not only affect the language of the author but they also can provide the community of the author's work. Some communities act like an extended family and an author may want to show that aspect. Sometimes an author may wish to write about a close–knit community that knows everyone else's business. Often a writer will write about their community, illustrating certain cultural aspects that they hold dear. All of these can be examples of the writer's community coming to life in their own stories. In "A Rose for Emily," (DiYanni, 2007, p. 79–84) Faulkner shows us a community that is very involved with each other. They are constantly talking about what Miss Emily does, what she says, and whom she sees. The author speaks for the Get more content on
  • 6. A Simple Life Is A Happy Life A Simple Life is a Happy Life In Henry David Thoreau's "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For," from Walden, the narrator writes about his journey to go live in the woods for two years to learn everything nature has to offer. He encourages readers to follow their own path and live a life of simplicity. Too often people believe that the more materialistic things they have, the better life they will live. Everyone is so caught up in their possessions, that they do not take the time to fully let the place where they will live captivate them. One should not only be fully drawn to the place where they spend all of our time, but it should leave them filled with joy and positive outlooks on life. He encourages people to give up all but the necessities and find that they were never living before because they were so bounded by all the things of the world. Thoreau argues that a life of simplicity teaches one more about themselves and drives their spirituality more than one could imagine. We see this theme of "living simply" reoccur throughout the story. Thoreau proposes that a simple life surrounded by natural creation is a spiritual journey in itself. He refers to himself as a surveyor and explains that before one should buy a place to live, they have to really explore the place they are planning to invest in. The closest he comes to actually buying a place was at Hollowell Place, until the Get more content on
  • 7. My Life Story The Story of my Life... People don't realize the sad truth that I've been holding on for and secretly suffering with most of my life. People seem to see me as a girl that is naturally bubbly, happy, and outgoing. This was a way for me to hide my real emotions in the time when my depression and anxiety were major factors impacting my self–esteem, just a couple of years ago. So, yes, I admit it –– I was a victim of depression and anxiety. My anxiety has been occurring ever since I was a toddler. My usual anxious behavior would be when I would easily get nervous, wouldn't talk that well in order to be understood, would go through emotional meltdowns at times, and so forth. My depression however, seem to connect a lot with my anxiety because of my meltdowns and it would easily bring my self–esteem down. One interesting fact about my depression is that it got extreme when I was in middle school. Many events in that time of my life made me feel absolutely worthless inside. It is common knowledge that life is supposed to be hard and you are going to meet people that don't like you for you being yourself. Additionally, my parents would always say this and repeat it to me in order to get me to understand and accept it. The thing is, it was hard accepting that. For instance, during sixth and seventh grade, I cared a lot of what other people thought of me. I wanted it everyone to think I was cool and, most importantly, I wanted to make many long–lasting friendships. However, this Get more content on
  • 8. The Love of My Life Essay Love conquers all. That's what we hear over and over again growing up. Everyone longs for that one amazing person to waltz into our lives and steal our hearts for the rest of eternity, but is it possible that love will be strong enough to face any problem that gets in our way? T. Coraghessan Boyle once said "As strong as love might be, there is always something stronger that could come along and shatter it" (After). T. Coraghessan Boyle was born in 1948 as Thomas John Boyle in Peekskill, New York. When Boyle went to college he never dreamed that one day he would have a major in Literature. He originally went to major in music as an aspiring saxophone player at SUNY Potsdam ("Auteur"). "That did not work out because I did not have near more content... China did not tell anyone about the baby except Jeremy. They went to two different colleges and that they would deal with the baby when it was time for China to give birth. When China's water broke she called Jeremy and they went to a motel. Jeremy delivered the baby girl and China told him to "get rid of it" so he threw the baby in the dumpster outside (Boyle 387). They left the motel and went back to the college as if nothing ever happened. The police came the next morning and arrested both China and Jeremy. China and her parents decided to place the blame on Jeremy by allowing everyone to think that China had believed she had miscarried, and Jeremy acted alone on dumping the breathing child into the dumpster. This enormous problem eventually led to the downfall of China and Jeremy's relationship. Boyle gets his ideas for his stories in many different ways, some can be from him just walking down the street and an idea pops into his head, others ideas come when he is watching television or reading a book. Boyle got the idea to write "The Love of My Life" from a case he read in the newspaper (After). The case was about a murder investigation involving Amy S. Grossberg and Brian C. Peterson for the murder of their new born baby boy. Grossberg delivered the baby at a Comfort Inn in Newark, Delaware, in November 1996 ("Amy"). Grossberg was assisted by her boyfriend Brian Peterson. Peterson threw the baby in the dumpster. In March1998, Peterson Get more content on
  • 9. Personal Narrative My Life Essay Personal Narrative My Life I never really thought about where my life was going. I always believed life took me where I wanted to go, I never thought that I was the one who took myself were I wanted to go. Once I entered high school I changed the way I thought. This is why I chose to go to college. I believe that college will give me the keys to unlock the doors of life. This way I can choose for myself where I go instead of someone choosing for me. I have chosen to go to the local community college to get used to the college experience. College life can be an exciting time but at the same time it can be a challenge. I feel that starting out at the community college would be a better chose than "jumping" into life at more content... I know this is what I want to do with my life. I want to be a positive influence in the lives of children. I want to be able to stand up and show the children that it is okay to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in. I am a well round student. For nine years I was actively involved in a girls organization. This experience taught me many things. We were actively involved in community service activities, for which I received the Silver Award. ( The second highest award in the organization.) I learned about the value of friendship and patients with others. This organization first introduced me to my future career. I was also involved for three and a half years in a student government club on campus. In this club I learned many life lessons. One of which was the value of hard work. I was one of the few people that organized the Junior/Senior Prom of 2000. My responsibilities included planning corranation, buying and organizing decorations, planning the busing schedule, booking the photographers, fundraising, ect. This taught me about hard work. But the best part of it was going to Prom knowing I was one of the only reasons that it happened. As far as school goes, my schedule is very diverse. I am taking child development lab, which is a class where students from my high school can go to the local elementary schools and work one on one with the students. I have work in the elementary school for two and a half years. I Get more content on
  • 10. Life is a Struggle Essay examples Life is something that requires a considerable amount of physical and mental effort. Some are fortunate enough to have everything prepared for them. Such as some are born into money; some come across good fortune yet most work hard from the start to get some where in the world. It just all depends on how you were brought into this world. For some people, life is full of stress and hardships. That's how life was for someone very dear to me. He had it difficult from the start. However he chose not to let life get him down. When life gave him lemons, he made lemonade. From the day that high school started, he had to work to support his seven siblings and his mother. Along with his father he worked hard to support his family while at more content... From then on, life became easier. Then he decided to marry. He had his first child and then his second. Life was serene. Upon being given a chance for at a better life, he took it. Taking his family with him, he moved to America, Anderson, South Carolina to be exact. Since his masters originated from the UAE, it has little value in the US. His options were to either get a job or go to college. Thinking of his family, and how he needed to support them, this man decided to obtain a job at a jewelry store at the mall in Anderson. There he worked for two years as an employee until he was finally given the chance to operate the store himself. From there, over the course of four years, this man owned jewelry store all across South Carolina. He was given an opportunity to expand into other businesses and he embraced it with open arms. Soon his business had reached New York, California, Florida, and Georgia. Life once again was peaceful until the jewelry business plummeted. He sold all his stores and moved to Georgia. Now he had nothing to his name. So again, like before, he started anew. With a store opened in one year to four more over the course of three years. With the experience he had gained in life, he was able to start over from scratch. From the time he was born, this man had nothing to his name. No money, no Get more content on
  • 11. Cycle Of Life Essay Examples Cycle of Life Essay The cycle of life is a series of changes in a living organism that will eventually be replaced by a new organism. This new organism will then go through the same changes as the one before it. The cycle of life theme is incorporated into many stories throughout history although the exact role the theme plays in each story can vary. One of the ways it can be seen is through the use of concrete examples, meaning someone is born and dies. Abstract examples are another way the cycle of life can be shown in stories. Abstract examples would include such things as the sun rising and setting which gives the reader a visual of time lapse. "Lightning Crashes", "The Lion King", and "Indian Camp" all share the same theme of more content... Disney also uses examples of concrete life when Simba is presented to all the animals in the pride land as the newborn prince. This is important to the cycle of life because there always is an end and beginning to everyone's life. Along with "The Lion King", "Indian Camp" shares all four elements of the cycle of life. In "Indian Camp" by Ernest Hemingway, the theme of the cycle of life is evident. Hemingway displays this theme by utilizing both abstract and concrete examples of life and death. For an example, Hemingway uses light and dark in contrast to life and death. When Nick and his father see "in the shanty nearest the road there was a light in the window", it shows there is life in the shanty. However, when "the young indian stopped and blew out his lantern", the dark represents a death about to occur in the shanty they enter (1).This is important because if it did not happen in the story, the reader would not be able to foreshadow a life beginning or ending. He further conveys the theme of cycle of life by using the following as concrete examples of life and death. In the story, "his father picked up the baby and slapped it to make it breathe" (2). Afterwards, when they went to tell the father, "his throat had been cut from ear to ear" (3). Hemingway uses both light and dark and life and death in order to display the theme of the cycle of life. The theme of cycle of life is Get more content on
  • 12. No matter who you are I believe that everyone will go through stages in their life that will get them to where they are on today. I am a person who has a very interesting story; this is the first time it will be told in full. We were asked to use Erik Erikson's theory of development as a guideline to telling the story of our lives. At first I was very nervous; however, I soon realized that this would be a fun task. Erik Erikson has eight stages of Development (Zastrow and Kirst–Ashman). I will be walking you though my life using each one of his stages drawing out the map of my life. Within my life I have had some very interesting encounters. I have been through foster care, abuse, rape, molestation, starvation, adoption, depression, more content... I would have to say this because I was very young and I didn't know who I could trust. The older I got the more I struggled with this stage. I would say I struggled because you could never know who the right person was to trust. Another stage I would say I went through at this time is "Initiative Versus Guilt" (Zastrow and Kirst–Ashman). This is when a child learns to build relationships and or has a hard time doing so. Although I was very social, I was unable to know how to make friends. I would always feel guilty and would never know why I felt that way. At the age of six I was officially adopted by the Henry family. My name was changed, my history was left behind. Not only was my history left behind, however, so where my siblings. My parents were not able to adopt us all, causing all of to have to split up. This is one of the most traumatic moments in my life. I still remember being pried from my little brother's arms, one of the most traumatic events in my life. I would have to say I was going through Identity versus role confusion at this time. Being adopted, for a long time, meant to me that I did not belong. I did not know who my brothers and sisters were. I also didn't know my mother and father, which caused an emotional hit on me. This caused me to feel like I didn't have an identity. I was confused and was unsure of how to deal with the stress that was being thrown at me. I would have to say the Get more content on
  • 13. My Success Story Essay My success to education Blondie Torres ENG. 121 Concetta Williams July 18, 2011 Looking back at the past eleven weeks I have grown and learned so much here at Ashford University. I never thought that I would actually accomplish my educational dreams and be successful in my life, but I definitely have proved, myself wrong. I love knowing that I am doing great and I really try to do my best in completing my homework on time, with the occasions of a few speed bumps along the way. I decided to return to school to further my education for many important reasons. I have struggled tremendously in the past with my five children and I wanted to change that life style for good. I am so very tired of trying to make ends meet and more content... I decided to just go for it and I am so glad I did because I know now that I have overcome that fear and I feel as if I can accomplish anything and everything. I can also say that I have matured in many ways as a mother, first time college student, and being a single mother of five. My kids had to adjust to the new routine as well. They did not understand at first but eventually they came around and little by little they gave me the time I needed to study and do homework. I still have to overcome a few obstacles in order to complete my degree program, just like I had to overcome all the changes that come with me returning to school. One of the main obstacles I must achieve here at Ashford University is to listen, learn, and to be obedient in all the discussions and the assignments asked of me. Last but not least I have to say I have to overcome all negative feelings I get from time to time to complete all my educational goals. I need to be prepared mentally and physically for anything that is being asked of me from my instructors. I feel that I need to keep an open mind as well because I know all the feedback from classmates and instructors will be of great help in making me a better person and learner. There are a few things I must do to overcome all these certain obstacles here in college in order to have a successful completion of my degree. I will have to keep doing all these helpful strategies that have gotten me this far. For example, using the Get more content on
  • 14. My Past, Present, and Future Life Reflective essay: My past, present and future life Introduction When I was growing up, I remember my family situation as extremely chaotic. I was one of eight children and my father and mother had little time to devote to me individually. Most of the time they spent trying to earn enough to support us with their meager resources. I was often called upon to act as a surrogate mother to my siblings. I felt I had little time to develop my own unique perspective and voice when I was very young. Even as a preschooler I remember doing chores to help out at home. However, this situation did foster some positive aspects of my character. I learned to be mature at an early age and gained a sense of competence because of my responsibilities. But I also was taught put the needs of others second to my own. I feel that I did not learn to value my own, legitimate desires to an adequate degree as a young girl and have only recently acquired a true sense of worth [THESIS]. Past According to the developmental theorist Erik Erikson, every child proceeds through a series of social stages in which there is a core, essential conflict that must be addressed. If that conflict is not fully resolved, the child carries that unresolved issue into the next stage, and cannot truly mature. During the preschool–age stage of 'industry versus inferiority,' for example, although I gained a sense of competence as a caregiver, I also gained a sense of inferiority because my needs were supplanted by Get more content on
  • 15. Essay on A Day in My Life A Day in My Life My alarm clock starts beeping at 7:15 exactly and I groan and try to imagine that it isn't there. When the noise doesn't stop I roll over and hurl the unlucky object across the room. It invariably hits a precariously balanced pile of books or CD's and they invariably come crashing down, adding to the scene of devastation that is my bedroom floor. I then slowly drift off to sleep again; until, twenty minuets later, I am rudely awakened by my mum's voice shouting: "Danny you'll be late for school!". I turn over looking for my alarm clock and, realising that it's no longer a foot away from my right ear but at the other side of the room, I slowly climb out of my bed and more content... After we have walked the length of the school twice we sit down to 15 minutes of tutor time. While I franticly finish the History homework due in five minutes time everyone else enjoys some time taunting Michael or Ashley about one thing or another. As Ben leaves the tutor room I shout after him "Ben! What we got now?" The reply comes: "Science. Mr Smith." "OK" I shout as I hurry after him. First lesson, despite being science, goes past in a dream. I have decided that however much I may look awake at nine o'clock in the morning I actually do not wake up until ten. Therefore, during first period (science or not) I am still fast asleep. This means that, except under special circumstances (i.e. a test), the amount of work completed in this lesson is fairly small. Second period, I am usually more awake (unless, of course, it is R.E, in which case I remain a deep sleep throughout, even if it's last lesson.). I.T with Mr. Wisson is almost never enjoyable. Despite my love of computers I cannot ever manage to squeeze even the slightest bit of satisfaction from an hours typing numbers, letters and mathematical equations into Excel or some such program. The teacher seems to think that because we are not doing IT long course we are all computer illiterate fools who find it hard to use Microsoft Word.
  • 16. Get more content on
  • 17. Teenage Life Essay People who are nostalgic about childhood, were obviously never children. Few people can remember the truth about adolescence. Their minds "censor" their memories; and have them believe that being a teenager was was one big party, free of cares and responsibilities. Well let me say this, you couldnOt be more wrong if you had a lobotomy. There aren't that many adults around who realise what adolescence was really like. The anguish, the fear, the anxiety, the stress. People don't remember those problems because they want to forget them. The truth of the matter is, is that being a teenager is hard, right from the beginning, and it doesn't get any easier. We are such easyprey for big name companies who advertise using the more content... There are thousands of poems floating around written by bitter or depressed teenagers that are never recognised as works of art. Another form of escape for teenagers is, unfortunately, suicide. It is alarming how high the teen suicide rates have risen over the past decade. Yet, it is comforting that there are support groups and counsellors available now to aid teens through their troubles. Because no one wants to see a life full of promise and potential end abruptly because of a little sorrow in one kid's life. Another reason for teen suicide is their home life. The teenager gets caught in the middle of an argument between their parents, and they take the blame personally. This is not right. Sometimes the child is beaten or abused and is forced to run away into the streets, where they become homeless, and sometimes abducted. Sometimes they just die in a back alley during a cold winterOs night, and they are never missed. At sixteen, a teenager knows about suffering, because he himself has suffered, but he barely knows that other beings also suffer. Although, some teenagers face their problems. They plod along through school. Some of them get after–school or weekend jobs. They learn responsibility. Eventually, they enter adulthood and the work force. Successful, confident, and eager to work. They lead their lives using the knowledge they swallowed throughout their education and the power they gained. But not long after, they Get more content on
  • 18. Essay on The Meaning of Life The Meaning of Life My few years on this planet have been a bit confusing. I have learned of many aspects of life from which one can draw meaning, if indeed such meaning can be drawn. I have also learned that there can be no singular meaning of life to stand for us all, or even any one of us. What I have learned above all is that trying to put words to the meaning of life is a task of absolute absurdity. This is not to be confused with the idea that life has no meaning, for life certainly has meaning. However, there is no single meaning of life to be defined – life is different for us all. Therefore, rather than define life for an entire planet, I shall try to explain what life means as I perceive it, and why it means so. more content... Life is a complicated twist of suffering, laughing, and learning all merging to tell a great story – or great many stories. Based on this view, "it is not the end goal or outcome of life that gives life meaning but rather the quality of the story, the quality with which one lives out and develops his or her role." At the time, this event seemed rather insignificant and did not merit remembrance. However, its catastrophic effects on my attitude that evening may have helped to mold me into the person I have become. I learned that suffering through such an event, as childish as it was, is quite necessary in any life. Such pains are part of an interminable cycle and only generate balance in one's life (p. 62, 'Life as Suffering'). Despite my horrid time spent that evening, the laughter brought since the incident is a worthy tradeoff. Laughter is an all too necessary function of life, just as suffering and the wide range of other emotions. "Some thinkers would emphasize the importance of sophistication in humor, but others would say that laughter itself is what is important." Whatever the case may be, laughter is an important ingredient in life, and must not be taken for granted nor ignored. Despite such emotional ties to life, I have also learned that life is not only about emotions. Those emotions are generated from the chain reactions created endlessly in Get more content on
  • 19. My Life My Journey Essay As a very small child I don't remember too much, but the things that I do remember were seen through a child's eyes that has made me the person that I am today and I will always have those memory's with me until my last breath on this earth. In this essay I intend to show how my childhood and adult life to this point has influenced my life, my journey. By utilizing the adult development theories from this class I also intend on showing how they relate to my Life experiences and where I am today as an Adult student. Its funny how as a child you look at things. As time passes, those same child memories become life experiences as an adult. It is stated that Environmental assessment is closely related to the impact environment makes more content... I lost my little brother in 1982 at age 22 in an accident at my parent's home. Robbie was taking down a C.B. antenna and it struck a high power line that ran into the local General Motors plant. Robbie was killed instantly. As Erickson's stated in his psychosocial development theory, "which refers to the development within the social environment in which a person lives, primarily focusing on relationships with other people" (Simanowitz & Pearce. 2003). This had brought back memories of how my relationship was when we were little. I was always kind of upset with Robbie because he was one of those kids that had that natural athletic ability. Robbie could run faster and throw better, do everything better when it came to sports, but the real reason I was mad at Robbie most of my childhood life was because every time something went wrong, I always got the blame and in trouble. Mom would say "You're older you should have known better" Yes she was right most of the time I did know better. I was the middle child and I was always the one that got into trouble even though Robbie might have done it first. I had a good childhood for the most part, I can't remember not doing without the things that I really needed as a child. Things like clothes, food, shelter and love from a family. I recall having my favorite things Get more content on
  • 20. The Story of My Life Essay This explains the beginning of my life all the way to the end of my life. My life from the beginning was very fun as I grew up living with my mom's friend and my friend. But there were a lot of fights and I was very hyper back then. I have ADHD so back then when I was little; I was very hyper and wouldn't stop moving around the place. I always was annoying back then and never seemed to get my homework done at school. I was born at Kaiser Hospital during the year 1996. The first place I lived was on the street Via Harriet and was right next to a train. It was always noisy when the train passed by because it shook the house and scared all the animals. It wasn't the best place to live, but we eventually moved to the hills, I don't more content... Overall I know that I'm going to graduate because I'm pushing hard and all I need to finish is my Cyber High and keep up my grades and I will graduate. I want to go to Chabot College because it's the closest place to go to. I am planning to get my associates degree then transfer to Cal State East Bay University. I don't exactly know the requirements of classes to get into Cal State, but as long as I get my AA degree I should be fine. I am focused on technology and computers; I like to choose classes that can be similar to wiring or soldering. I am not that sure if I would be more focused on computers or wiring, I think an Internship might help me out. My career would be Technician or Electrician because I'm focused on electricity and wanting to discover what would happen without getting electrocuted. I'm still unsure if I just want to work on physical components on the computer. I used to work on computers a lot, but it got boring and I can't do it as great now. Soldering is interesting for me because I get to repair broken wires, being able to strip a wire. When striping a wire, you get to know how the wire is connected. I think a life event for me is to grab my master's degree, which is what I'm focused on. That's like the best degree to get, but it's really difficult to receive. I wouldn't like going to years and years of education, but it's totally worth it. Getting a higher degree affects the amount Get more content on
  • 21. Essay about My Birth Story My Birth Story A baby's life helps to form and shape the future for that child; this goes the same for me. My birth, my sign, and my name, all relate to the way I live and act today. Many people may not see this connection for themselves, but it takes a little bit of research and thinking to come to realize why people are the way they are. Every day and every action that a child experiences can influence their actions as an adult. I was born on a Monday morning at 5:33. Although my mother was not in labor for long, she did take her time getting to the hospital to give birth. I was born on April 23, 1984, the day after Easter as a Taurus. In general, Taurus' are stubborn people and can bring harmony from chaos. Taurean more content... I am adjusting like any child would to their new surroundings, and getting used to daily life as a college student. I came to NAU alone, much like I was born an only child. However, in the next year, I know I will make friends and meet people to enjoy college life with, much like when my brother was born, I had a new playmate and someone to grow with. Taureans are also known to have very strong opinions and a strong voice. All through middle school, my voice wasn't always used for academics; all my report cards said: "...She's a good student, but has a tendency to socialize too much during class". Throughout high school, my teachers have been able to tell when I haven't done my homework because I didn't have anything to say about the book or the article we read. I was known to be social occasionally and a strong voice in every debate or discussion that took part during the class. My Bioethics teacher once told me "...Cammy, give someone else a chance, you're monopolizing the class" I was a little shocked, but I knew she was right and shut up. As a Taurus, I also have an inclination to make sure people are taken care of, especially in my own home or my "territory." Although I don't host many parties, when I do haveguests, I like to be sure that they are comfortable and have everything they need. For example, about a week ago, my roommate and I Get more content on

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My Life Story Essay

Updated 13 November 2023

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Category Life

I must admit that each of us has a life story that we would like to share with the world again and again. The stories can be about a failure or a success caused by an obstacle. Mine was a success which came as a result of overcoming an obstacle. I recall distinctly how my mother lost her job in a terrible circumstance. It was the part of the cycle which predated industrial revolution making my mother unable to retain her workforce following such industrial changes. Such exceedingly complex of non-sensational issue which had no solution brought a negative impact on my life considering that I was only six years old.

When I turned eight, I learned on my own experience many things like arithmetic where my dad would ask me questions on what I had learned wherein a year later, my precocious landed me in a mathematics class. I developed a lot of academic interests although I limited myself to some activities after my mother lost job which took me through financial constraints. Two years later, my father lost his job in which he struggled to secure a new one but in vain. It affected my academics drastically to the extent of being branded a failure by my peers and teachers. Imagine dropping to position thirty from top five in my academics. My performance resulted in my alienation because everybody believed that I was a failure. The stated belief made me consider dropping out of school, and no one would opine me otherwise.

However, I gave myself hopes to try again and that, if I fail again, dropping out of school would be inevitable, so I decided the insurmountable despite the challenges I went through. I had only scored twenty in arithmetic and the turning day just arrived yet I was to sit for another exam an hour later. I straightaway dropped out of education as I could not bear the humiliation; thus I chose to accept the failure branding. Three days later, my friend gave me a visit after school. She had brought me literature paper in which I was the champion. Nonetheless, the score did not satisfy me either on the resolution that I had already taken. It was until I found out that it was only arithmetic that I underscored that I reversed my decision. At the time I was sitting for arithmetic, I had not decided to try the insurmountable, and that is why I failed.

I have come to learn that despite the challenges I went through, I am still capable of achieving much more. Though it is becoming a challenge in attempts to satisfy all my ambitions, but from everything I learned in my adolescent years, I can conclude that they are within my eventual reach. I would like to transfer these passions to the next level in university and impact the world by providing solutions to the challenging problems. It is this passion and experience that I am applying for a degree program in Social Sciences in Lynn University. I am writing to seek an opportunity to test my abilities and prove that obstacles are never an issue to someone’s success. My failures which caused criticism have taught me that winners are losers who never give up. I will express my competence and strengths if you give me an opportunity to join your institution.

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  1. ️ Examples of narrative essay. Narrative Essay Writing Guide: Topics, Outline, Examples. 2019-01-24

    sample of life story essay

  2. 001 Essay Example Story Of My Life Examples Cover Letter Favour Brightened Alison Strong Lenana

    sample of life story essay

  3. 020 Essay Example Story Of My Life Autobiography Sample About School Dream First Day In

    sample of life story essay

  4. How to Write a Life Story Essay (with Pictures)

    sample of life story essay

  5. An Experience That Changed My Life Essay

    sample of life story essay

  6. The Story of My Life

    sample of life story essay


  1. Describe your 👉🏼👌🏼 life using book titles

  2. story , essay and dialogues 😊🙂

  3. Essay on My Daily Life. #shorts #essay_on_my_daily_life #essay #mydailylifeessay #essaywriting

  4. Day in my life writing an essay

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  6. How to Write Report, Story, Essay, Letter, Factual Description, Job application


  1. What Are Some Sample Titles for Mass Media Essays?

    Example Essays lists “Culture as Portrayed by the Media,” “Mass Media-Communications,” “Mass Media,” “Media Influence” and “American Culture and the Influence of Technology” as existing mass media essay titles.

  2. What Does APA Format Sample Essay Look Like?

    An APA format sample essay consists of a title page, abstract, actual essay, references and appendices with each section separated by a page break. Each page of the essay consists of a running head and page number. An APA essay must be type...

  3. Unlocking Success: How College Admissions Essay Samples Can Help You Stand Out

    Are you a high school student preparing for the next phase of your education? One of the most critical aspects of the college admissions process is crafting a compelling essay that showcases your unique qualities and aspirations.

  4. The Story Of My Life Essay

    The Story of my Life I have a very fulfilling feeling about what I have been able to accomplish in my life so far. I want the absolute best for myself and

  5. The Story of My Life Assignment

    They always motivate me in my every situation and in every field always try to lead others in every condition always try to control on my

  6. The Story of My Life Essay by Edubirdie

    This essay sample was donated by a student to help the academic community. Papers provided by EduBirdie writers usually outdo students' samples.

  7. Short Story About My Life Free Essay Example

    am a Gold medal list in Cricket in School life I was the Captain of School team. My life story is all about just believe in myself and keep

  8. My Life Essay

    Encourage children and students to reflect on their own experiences and emotions, as well as the lessons they have learned along the way. They can share stories

  9. My Background: Life Story as a Definition of You

    This free personal narrative essay explores a life journey akin to a roller coaster ride, reflecting on financial struggles, encounters with racism

  10. A Story Of My Life Essay

    I remember playing outside with family and friends, eating around the dinner table with my family and sleeping with

  11. A Story Of My Life Essay Free Essay Example

    Jul 12, 2022 - Essay Sample: The Story of My Life Interesting enough, my life began on a Thursday night, on December 17, 1987 In Atlanta

  12. Example Of Life Story Essay

    Mr Smith." "OK" I shout as I hurry after him. First lesson, despite being science, goes past in a dream. I have decided that however much I may

  13. My Life Story, Essay Example

    I am able to realize the connection of my lessons to my personal being. I have learned how to academically survive and become more serious about my studies. I

  14. My Life Story Essay

    ... Free Essay Samples; My Life Story Essay. My Life Story Essay. Updated 13 November 2023. Downloads 43. Category Life. This sample was provided by a