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What is a Synoptic Essay and How Do I Write One?

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synoptic essay definition

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Writing the synoptic essay

Part of the A-Level History course now involves a synoptic element. This involves examining change and reasons for change over a fixed period of time. This is usually around 100 years. If you are writing a synoptic essay, a slightly different approach is needed.  You will need to give an overview of your understanding of the major themes studied in the unit/subject (and within the context), often indicating how your understanding of the themes has developed over time. This can be quite difficult to get right. 

How do exam boards describe the synoptic element?

Synopticity is:

'Approaching history in the way a professional historian would' by drawing together knowledge, ideas and arguments to show overall historical understanding . (QCA's definition)

Essentially, we are looking for breadth of understanding (an ability to see beyond the obvious and to see the deeper implications of questions), together with a relevant linking of ideas and arguments across the topic / period of the question.

It mixes breadth of understanding (an ability to see the key underlying themes of the period the 'drivers' bringing change; the degree of continuity; the relationship between state and people), with depth of example and understanding of the importance of precise supporting detail.

At A2, essays are likely to have more than one focus; more than one issue to discuss and more than one viewpoint to analyse. The question itself invites a 'synoptic response' so a good conventional essay answer will do all these things.

A synoptic essay will usually ask you to examine "how far" or "how valid/convincing". In order to approach a synoptic well, it is good practice to organise your themes FIRST. This will make the essay easier to write.

Examples of synoptic style questions

  • How far was the personality cult of Adolf Hitler responsible for the success of the Nazi party?
  • 'Between 1547 and 1559 England was almost torn apart by religious revolution.' Assess the validity of this view.

Both of these questions are synoptic. They are asking you to examine the events/people in the context of other long and short term themes. 

Example:  "How far was the personality of Adolf Hitler responsible for the success of the Nazi party?"

In this question, you are expected not only to be able to assess how important Hitler was to the Nazis, but you are also expected to set the Nazis in the wider historical context of the time and examine other long/short term factors that may have aided their success.

In the long-term, the following factors could be said to have aided Nazi success:

The legacy of the Bismarckian system - the nature of authority and rule, as well as the legacy of policies such as Kulturkampf.

The outdated autocratic regime in Germany under the Kaisers (Kaiserreich)

Difficult relations with Britain, France and Russia. The whole power struggle of the time - especially the growing confidence of Russia against Austria-Hungary and the difficult family ties between ruling families.

World War I and Germany's loss.

The Treaty of Versailles and the 'stab in the back' myth.

The weakness in the set-up of the Weimar Republic 

In the Shorter-term...

The personality of Adolf Hitler and his election to the leadership of the NSDAP.

Failings made by the politicians of the Weimar Republic

The Instability of the Weimar Republic

The Nazi part machine - i.e. organisation

Nazi party tactics - i.e. putsches, propaganda, rallies, use of SA etc...

The Wall Street Crash and depression, growth in anti-semitism.

The mistakes of Hindenburg, Von Papen and Von Schleicher.

This is not an exhaustive list of reasons for the success of the Nazi Party; however, it should highlight to you that the personality of Hitler as suggested by the question was just one of many short and longer term factors that helped the Nazis to become successful.

In a synoptic essay you would need to weigh this up in the light of the other factors at play, whilst at the same time displaying your understanding of the entire period and actually how much change took place. Some would argue for example that some of Hitler's policies were more extreme versions of Bismarckian policies, for example, Bismarck's' Kulturkampf deliberately persecuted Catholics in Germany; Hitler, in a far more extreme way, persecuted Jews.

Some may also argue that because Bismarck and the Kaiser had ruled in an absolute way, that this was the kind of rule that Germans were used to; perhaps they weren't ready for the democracy that was offered by the Republic, so when Hitler came along offering a return to the traditional absolute style of rule, it seemed familiar to Germans.

Of course, the validity of these views is very open to question, but that is the point of the synoptic essay. You are required to think more deeply about the question and read between the lines. The REAL question at play in this example is: "Why were the Nazis successful?"

A good way to organise your themes might be as follows:

Introduction that includes very brief setting of the scene and states your line of argument.

Discuss the theme that is asked for by the question (in this case the personality of Hitler) - how important was this?

Discuss the other short-term themes that were also important to the period/event and evaluate significance. Then compare the significance of these other factors in comparison to the initial factor.

Finally, here comes the synoptic analysis, you then need to examine the longer term themes at play and examine their role - how important were they in comparison to the shorter term factors. Were there many shifts or changes? How much continuity was there? How did any changes or continuity affect the situation?

Conclusion - how important was the factor as stated by the question? Set it in light of the wider context of the time and re-assert your point of view.

*N.B. Where appropriate once again you need to include the historiography and views of historians throughout.

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How do you write an A* synoptic essay?

To achieve an A* in your synoptic essays you must show breadth of knowledge as well as depth. What examiners want to see when they mark your answers is that you have a thorough understanding of the concepts throughout the course, and for an A* answer, that you are able to be insightful throughout your argument. This means they want you to be able to see how the different aspects of the course are related and be able to demonstrate your knowledge with relevant case study evidence.

The mistake many students make when using case studies in their answers is 'case study dumping', where irrelevant details are given to support a point. Ideally, to achieve an A*, parts of case studies should be used specifically (or 'cherry-picked') to demonstrate a point you are trying to make. So for example, if you were making a point about environmental issues that cities in the developing world face you may use Mumbai's slum, Dharavi as an example. You may know tonnes about this case study, but here you would only mention details such as the number of people per latrine and the waste running on the streets, but it would be irrelevant to mention the attempt to regenerate the area by rehabilitating residents to high-rise buildings. Keeping the case studies relevant helps focus your essay, setting the foundations for an A*.

In order to keep your argument coherent you must also have a good essay structure. Having a clearly laid out argument through your essay will help you demonstrate the higher level skills needed to achieve an A*. So, in the introduction you may want to lay out your argument, demonstrating that you undertand the question. The main body of your essay is where this argument will be carried out, and you can show off your knowledge of the course, and the conclusion should tie together the different points you've made. To keep the essay focussed, you may want each paragraph in the main body to end with a sentence that relates it back to your argument and therefore the question. These sentences are often where you can make those insightful A* statements that show 'flair'. If not here, then the conclusion is another place you can show some flair that demonstrates your confidence in the course content and ability to handle it critically. And you don't need to go crazy with this either, to achieve an A* you'd only need to include this once or twice for the examiner to see you are capable of it and award you the A*.

If you really want that A* in those exam essays then a lot of it comes down to ensuring you make the connections between different aspects of your course as you go along. This way you're thinking about the course synoptically from the get-go and when it comes to it you'll find that writing a good synoptic essay comes more easily.


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The Synoptic Problem The synoptic problem is that of considering which of the 3 synoptic gospels. Matthew, Mark and Luke was written first and perhaps which gospel was written aided via the other and/or which writer used the questionable Q source. It is believed that there is a literary connection between the gospels as there is an obvious verbal agreement that suggests some kind of interdependence between them all. It is believed that these similarities have arisen because i. All

The Synoptic Problem: The New Testament

To understand the synoptic gospels of the New Testament, one must have a clear understanding of what synoptic means. Synoptic is defined as viewing or defining something in a similar manner using various vantage points or sources. The synoptic gospels are the first three gospels within the New Testament: Mark, Matthew, and Luke. These gospels are considered to be synoptic for the vast amount of material that is shared between the three books that is very similar and in some instances almost identical

The Synoptic Problem: Analysis Of The Two-Gospel Hypothesis

Introduction Throughout history scholars and theologians have sought to determine the chronological order regarding the synoptic Gospels of the New Testament canon. They have often utilized both the internal sources, found within the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and external evidence to critically analyze the literary and historical relations. The two-Gospel hypothesis provides an effective response regarding these literary and historical similarities with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and

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most other non-fiction genres." (1) It is the use of more general or broader categories, such as, for instance, physical objects or classes, that distinguishes the ontological philosopher's interest in what there is from the scientist's. This 'synoptic view' of philosophy, as Moritz Schlick called it, usually also involves the view of philosophy as a science. (2) As physics studies the specific structure of matter, so philosophy studies its general nature. Quine says, for instance, that "Philosophy

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The Synoptic Gospels are composed of the gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke. These three gospels covered many of the same stories; yet, they disagree with each other on various details within certain stories. Also, numerous events that are in Mark, is not in Matthew or Luke and vice versa. Many historians have concluded that Mark was the first of the three gospels written and that Matthew and Luke used Mark as a source to their own gospels. The Synoptic Gospels were first written in Greek, which

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like this is a really big deal do to the fact that this word is extremely unique to Luke do to the fact that Luke is a synoptic gospel, this must have come from source L that makes it unique to Luke because it is not found in any of the other Gospels. A different form of the word maybe but this form is specific to Luke. John on the other hand has nothing to do with what the synoptic gospels say because it is not a part of them. So to find the significance in John you have to look at why the author

Comparing the Synoptic Gospels

Comparing the Synoptic Gospels Should one fully read the opening four Gospels of the New Testament, he or she can find many similar patterns of literature and themes affording much attention to detail and study. This is what someone such as Merriam Webster would define as the ?Synoptic Gospels?. So, what are and how can we explain the differences and similarities among synoptic authors Matthew, Mark, Luke, and the gospel, John? Which Book was written first? To what extent did the Evangelists

Three Synoptic Gospels

order to provide evidence for the reliability of information. Many believers today understand that not everything in the Bible has been factually proven. An outstanding topic many scholars pay attention to lies within the four gospels. The three synoptic gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, replay essentially the same story with minor inconsistencies, while John portrays Jesus in an entirely different way. The differences in each gospel are due to how each gospel entertains different portrayals of the

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Structural Analysis Outline I. Setting to the Scene Luke: 1a-2c A. Jesus enters Luke: 1a-1b 1. Jesus finished his sayings in the hearing of people Luke: 1a 2. Jesus enters Capernaum Luke: 1b Observation/ Problem: The Centurion Luke: 2a-2c 3. The Centurion owns a slave Luke: 2a 4. The slave is valued highly Luke: 2b 5. The slave was sick and dying Luke: 2c 2. Solution A. Jesus is needed Luke: 3a 1) Centurion asks for his help

The Three Synoptic Gospels

The word "gospel" is a translation of the Greek word "euangelion" which means "good news. The first three books in the New Testament (Mark, Matthew, and Luke) are often referred to as the Synoptic Gospels (from Greek synoptikos, "seen together") They bear greater similarity to each other than any of the other gospels in the New Testament. Along with these similarities come some differences among the gospels, suggesting that each gospel was written for a specific audience and for a specific purpose

Miracles In The Synoptic Gospels

to accept faith, which serves as the “deciding points” in an individual’s life. The Synoptic gospels- Matthew, Mark and Luke; focuses predominantly on Jesus’s work with his healing powers and him guiding those who have fell astray. I propose to speak about in this paper the importance of Jesus’s healing powers and how they exemplify as miracles that brought upon the value of God’s Revelation. The three Synoptic gospels along with the seven signs in the Gospel of John prevalently highlights Jesus’s

Legion: An Exegetical Analysis

and the NRSV, but I have found no significant difference, so the context in which I will use these references bares no large concern to the analysis, other than to show a harmony of the translations. While this occurrence is accounted in the other synoptic Gospels, Mark gives us the longest and most detailed account of this occurrence. This is also the longest and most detailed occurrence in the gospel of Mark. This occurrence happens in the country of the Gerasene’s, which is stated in verse one of

Synoptic Gospel And Jesus Comparison

The most significant difference between the portrayal of Jesus in the synoptic gospels and John’s gospel is the exclusion of important events that occurred during Jesus’ life. John’s gospel fails to mention, what some say are the most critical events of Jesus’ life (For example: The Lord’s Supper). In John’s gospel, he also excludes any mentioning of Jesus casting out demons. Whereas, in the first three books there were several scenario’s in which Jesus cast out demons. I account for John’s exclusion

An Analysis of the Story of the Adulterous Woman

Adulterous Woman, which brings to question the probability of the actual occurrence. However, the differences between John and the Synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) have led many scholars to believe that John may have been written to supplement the material found in the other three gospels. It is believed that the Gospel of John was written later than the Synoptic gospels, but the debate still stands as to how much later; estimates range from 75 A.D. to 145 A.D. Howe... ... middle of paper

Rethinking The Synoptic Problem Essay

understand that none of these things invalidate that the Bible, specifically the synoptic gospels, or make the Bible fallible. The Bible is inspired by God and is knitted together in perfect unison, whether readers comprehend how they do or not. The synoptic problem is a subject that frequently comes up in debates amongst scholars. There are multiple aspects to this problem such as the order in which the synoptic Gospels are written, these usually fall into two main categories: the Markan Priority

Jesus and the Use of Parables

parable displays a deeper meaning. Comprehending the Gospel Parables requires an understanding of the definition of a parables, Jesus’ reason for speaking in parables, and the purpose of parables. The parables of Jesus are mainly found in the three Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Boucher writes, “The parables are generally regarded by scholars as among the sayings which we can confidently ascribe to the historical Jesus; they are, for the most part, authentic words of Jesus (Boucher, 1977)

The Gerasene Demoniac And Synoptic Gospels

Canaanite woman's daughter, the man in the synagogue, and the Gerasene demoniac, which is considered a synoptic gospel, ( Matt 8:28-34 ;  Mark 5:1-20 ;  Luke 8:26-37 ). The synoptic gospels work together to present Jesus. They are not different stories, but; rather, the same information arranged and written as their individual perspective. By arranging

Comparing Synoptic Gospels And Mark

The Synoptic Gospels are the very first three gospels of the New Testament which consist of Matthew, Luke, and Mark. These 3 gospels have been named the Synoptic Gospels because of how noticeably similar that they all are, having many of the same stories often in a similar sequence and with the same wording, and also because of how different they are to the gospel of John. There are many theories that suggest Matthew and Luke used Marks gospel, who supposedly wrote his before theirs, as a major source

The Gospel of John

JOHN: "The Man from Heaven," "Bread of Life," "Light of The World," "Living Water," .... and of course, "Son of Man." This is who Jesus is in The Gospel of John. Jesus' life is portrayed very differently from the other Synoptic Gospels; he lives completely within symbolism, and glorification. In reading the Gospel of John, I felt that Jesus was (more) clear to me, unlike my feelings in reading Matthew and Mark. Perhaps this is because

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This essay discusses different marketing strategies and their effectiveness regarding Return On Investment (ROI). It compares online tools such as SEO and Digital Marketing, which are more effective due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to reach large audiences, against traditional methods such as Direct Mail, which is typically much less successful. Ultimately, businesses should strive for the most efficient and cost-effective ways to maximize ROI in order to ensure success.

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What is a Synoptic Essay?

A synoptic essay is a unique form of writing that narrates a comprehensive story based on the writer's personal experiences or perspectives. Its objective is to captivate the reader by vividly presenting a specific event or encounter.

Synoptic essays encompass essential elements such as characters, setting, plot, and dialogue. They often incorporate sensory details, allowing readers to immerse themselves fully in the narrative.

Significance of Synoptic Essays

Synoptic essays hold pivotal importance in both academic and personal realms. Here are compelling reasons illustrating their significance:

Synoptic essays necessitate students to introspect on their experiences, fostering critical thinking skills as they analyze and draw conclusions from their personal narratives.

These essays serve as a medium for individuals to share their personal narratives, feelings, and thoughts, enabling a meaningful exchange with others and facilitating constructive feedback.

Synoptic essays act as a documentation tool for historical events and personal memories, preserving individual histories and offering a means to share these narratives with future generations.

Synoptic essays, with their engaging narrative style, capture and hold readers' attention. They teach students the art of employing vivid descriptions, sensory details, and dialogue to immerse readers in the synoptic story.

What is a Synoptic Essay Writing Service?

A synoptic essay writing service is a specialized platform that offers tailored assistance in the creation of synoptic essays. Synoptic essays, by nature, involve exploring interconnected themes or ideas and weaving them into a cohesive narrative.

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