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Cue Card # Talk about the weather in your country

Ielts cue card talk about the weather in your country.

  Talk about the weather in your country You should say What the weather is usually like? How often does it change? How do you feel about the weather? And describe what you do in different weathers.

Sample Answer

India is located in such a manner as to cross the tropic of cancer midway. This means that it is a tropical country with highly unusual weather patterns.

During the Autumn months, we experience Monsoon season, wherein it tends to rain for months on end depending on where you live in the country. Mangoes are abundant in that season and agriculture, in general, is hugely dependent on sufficient rainfall. However, further down south tornadoes and flooding are a real concern every year.

During the summer seasons, it is ludicrously hot and humid, or hot and dry, again depending on where you reside. Due to this, heatstrokes are common and it is advised to stay indoors and remain hydrated during the peak hours of the day. I myself do not like to nap in the middle of the day, but a majority of the public does.

The spring months are far more forgiving in terms of weather fluctuations, the heat is manageable and it is the best time of year in my opinion, as everything is in bloom. It is also the best time to go travelling, yet this year I have not been able to go out much in light of the global pandemic.

Lastly, the cold season. We have dry winters in India, not much rain but a lot of fluctuating temperatures, the middle of the days are again very hot due to the cloudless skies, the nights reach freezing temperatures, quite the contrasting combination. Snow is practically unheard of unless you live in the Himalayas.

So overall, India is home to some fascinating climate phenomenons, which makes it especially hard to accurately predict the weather before time, the topography and wind patterns with atmospheric pressures have a huge role to play in the cycle of the elements here.

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