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500+ Words Essay on Water

Water is one of the most important substances for life on earth to function. It is equally important for humans as well as animals. Water does not merely help us survive, but it is significant for our day to day functioning. It has numerous uses when we come to think about it. Majority of our earth is covered with water itself, but, not all of it is safe for consumption. Therefore, it makes it essential for us to utilize this transparent substance chemical wisely. Moreover, if we look at the shortage of water happening in our country, it makes it all the more important to conserve it immediately.

essay on water

Uses of Water

As we have already said that water has numerous uses, we will see where it is used. This part will most importantly help us realize the importance of water . It will make humans aware of what absence of water in the following areas can do to human life. As India’s main occupation is agriculture, water is exhaustively used here. Irrigation and cattle rearing requires a lot of water. Thus, a lot of farmers’ livelihood depends on it.

Further, industries use water for various purposes. It comes in handy when cooling, manufacturing and transporting several goods. For instance, thermal power plants consume quite a substantial amount of water for their running.

Furthermore, the domestic use of water cannot be left behind. In the day to day life of the common man, water plays a vital role. That is to say, from drinking water to washing utensils, we need water every step of the way.

After that, plants need water to survive and make food. It is one of the main elements which help them grow. Hence, water is extremely important for humans, animals, and plants to survive .

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Do not Waste Water

While water is quite essential and yet so scarce, however, people fail to realize this fact. They waste water with little or no care for the results of this activity. There are various ways in which one can avoid wasting water . To begin with, all households must get their leaking taps checked. They should fix them immediately as every drop is precious.

Similarly, we must choose buckets instead of showers for bathing. This is a very debatable topic and it needs to be settled. Showers waste a lot of water, so people must prefer buckets. This particular habit is quite commonly found in most of the households. People do not turn off their taps while brushing their teeth and washing utensils. Always remember to keep the tap off when doing so.

In addition, encourage rainwater harvesting system in all homes. This can help conserve water like never before.

In short, water is essential for the survival of mankind. But, it is, unfortunately, being waster rapidly. Every citizen and government must come together to tackle this issue. Governments must ensure all areas get water equally. On the other hand, citizens must keep in mind to use it wisely and not waste it unnecessarily.

FAQs on Water

Q.1 State the importance of water.

A.1 Water is of the utmost importance for human and animal life. It gives us water to drink. It also comes in great use for farmers and industries. Even common man requires water for various purposes like drinking, cleaning, bathing and more.

Q.2 List the ways to avoid wastage of water.

A.2 Everyone must avoid wasting water. We can do so by fixing our leaking taps, avoiding showers for bathing, and turning off taps when brushing. Furthermore, we can adopt rainwater harvesting system to conserve water.


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Importance Of Water – 10 Lines, Short And Long Essay For Children

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Key Points To Note: Essay On Importance Of Water For Lower Primary Classes

10 lines on the importance of water for kids, a paragraph on the importance of water, short essay on the importance of water for kids, long essay on the importance of water for children, interesting facts about water for children, what will your child learn from this essay.

There will be no living beings on this planet without water. Since each living organism requires water to survive, we should always take care to make sure that this resource is available. This is why children are made to write an essay in English about the importance of water in classes 1, 2 and 3.

Essay writing is a crucial skill. It helps improve children’s vocabulary and writing skills. This article can assist children who’ve been searching for details on water in English. Crafting an essay on such a topic allows kids to be open to the importance of water in their minds, and it will make them respect the key resource on our planet.

Writing an essay on the significance of water is not a very tough task. Make sure you remember the below-mentioned points while writing an essay:

  • Start by explaining why water is vital to everyone.
  • Discuss some fascinating water facts.
  • Explain why it is important to preserve water.
  • Talk about ways you can preserve water. Mention the easy tips and ideas that people can follow.
  • Also, don’t forget to end on a positive note.

We must learn the true value of water while writing an essay on water in English. Below are 10 points on the importance of water:

  • Water is essential for all flora and fauna on this planet.
  • If there’s no water, life on this planet would be impossible.
  • Water accounts for about 60% of a human’s weight.
  • Water is used for showering, cleaning, cooking, etc.
  • The two categories of water on our planet are salty and fresh water.
  • Water covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface.
  • For consumption, we solely utilise fresh water.
  • We should not misuse water because the scarcity of drinking water is a major issue worldwide.
  • We must save water by preserving and utilising rainwater, among other things.
  • We must prevent water pollution by participating in a water management initiative.

When kids write about the importance of water, it generates a flood of fantastic ideas in their heads, and they learn a lot from it. Usually, this is a common essay for classes 1 & 2.

Water is an extremely important element for the survival of all living organisms on our planet. The significance of water is crucial in more than one way. Furthermore, there’s no substitute for water. Regardless of the huge amount of water on the planet, usable and drinking water is very limited. Even though water covers 71% of the earth’s crust, just around 3% of it is suitable for human use. However, we waste water and pollute it, which has created issues like water scarcity for all. There is a continuous depletion of groundwater as well.

A hungry person can stay without eating food, but a thirsty one cannot go on without water since living without fluids is impossible. This essay on water for class 3 will help kids learn about the importance of water.

Everyone, including humans and plants, requires water. People, creatures, and flora all need water. Life cannot exist without water; everyone and everything will perish if no water is available. Water helps in maintaining our body temperature and aids in digestion too. Aquatic animals use oxygen and nutrients present in water for their survival.

There are two kinds of water available on our planet – fresh water and salt water, and the ocean is all salt water. Humankind uses most water for irrigation, home, and business purposes. The quantity of drinkable or fresh water on earth is diminishing daily; therefore, we must save it. We should store water and then use it wisely. We must not leave the tap running or wash our automobiles with water pipes for long hours.

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Water represents life. Water is a precious resource, a fundamental human requirement, and a valuable asset that all living things possess. Every child should understand the importance of water in daily life.

There are many reasons why water is considered one of the most important and valuable resources on our planet. Let us look at this in a more detailed manner.

Significance Of Water

Water is the cornerstone of human survival when it comes to life. A human body requires water every single day. We might be capable of not eating for seven days; however, we won’t last even three days without drinking water. Furthermore, approximately 60% of human bodies are made up of water which aids our body’s normal functioning. As a result, ingesting impure water will cause major health issues in humans. Therefore, the amount and quality of water we drink are critical to everyone’s physical health and wellness.

Furthermore, our everyday activities would be incomplete without water, like brushing our teeth or preparing meals. Also, many companies use water on a massive scale as almost every single activity of their procedure requires water.

Water has an important function in the lives of all living organisms. From the tiniest insect to the largest whale, each life requires water to stay alive. Water is not just a human need but also flora and fauna. Water is necessary for the planet’s life to function. We should not be self-centred and utilise it for our purposes without caring for the consequences.

Water For Life Processes

  • Water plays a crucial part in most biological functions as a solvent. Several waste materials are also eliminated as a solution via urination and sweat.
  • Water aids in maintaining body temperature. We take plenty of fluids when it’s hot outside, which keeps the body temperature stable. Water also escapes from the body’s surface as sweat, which removes heat from the body and gets to normal temperature.
  • Water is required for plants to make food.

Uses Of Water

  • In our daily lives, water is utilised for drinking, dishwashing, baking, showering, and wiping.
  • We need water daily for our home gardens too.
  • A hydroelectric power plant uses water to create energy.
  • Water is being used to irrigate crops and create a variety of items.
  • Many water sports include swimming, sailing, kayaking, etc.
  • Water can also be used to put out fires.
  • Water is necessary for the correct operation of farmed fish, dairies, and many other non-farm operations.
  • The majority of fresh water is frozen.
  • The oceans contain just about all the water on the planet.
  • The salt content of salty water fluctuates.
  • One single drop could hold a great deal of life.
  • Comets might have also provided some water in the earth’s history. 

Your child will learn how to improve their writing and creative abilities. They will also discover how important water is for their bodies and the ecosystem and the various ways they might use it. They will learn about the importance of water on this planet, not just for humans but for all living things. Last but not least, students will learn about several water-related facts.

1. What Will Happen If Water Vanishes?

Complete vegetation would die rapidly without water, making the earth brown instead of greenish-blue. As clouds will fail to develop and there will be no rainfall, the climate will be dominated entirely by atmospheric circulation. Life as we know it would cease to exist. 

2. Why Should We Not Waste Water?

Water is scarce, despite its abundance, and cannot be regenerated. We must utilise it with caution.

To summarise, water is indeed the foundation of all living things on the planet. Recognising fresh water’s importance and educating people about it is necessary.

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very short essay on water

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  • Importance of water


An English Essay on the Importance of Water for the Students

Without water there cannot be life on our planet, that is to say on earth. Because every living organism needs water, and therefore having a good understanding and care for the water is a must for all of us. Hence, students should write an essay discussing the importance of water in the English language.

Writing an essay on such a topic opens a series of good ideas in the mind of the students regarding the role that water plays in our lives, and it can also make the students aware of the importance of water.

Also, if you wish to write an English essay on the topic My aim in life you may find this link helpful My Aim in Life Essay in English for Students | Easy Essay on My Aim in Life (

Advantages of Writing an Essay on the Importance of Water.

Writing an essay on any topic helps the students be good writers, and the same goes for the topic of, Importance of water, but there are quite a few more advantages to writing the essay.

One of the most important things for everyone is to express oneself, and the practice of doing so must be given to the child from a very young age. And writing an essay helps the students in this very important thing.

For writing a good essay on any topic, the students must have a good understanding of the subject of the essay. And hence, writing an essay on the Importance of water, helps the students in learning about the value of water, not just our lives, which is to say humans, but the life of the whole planet.

In his famous play Hamlet Shakespeare writes, Brevity is the soul of wit, meaning being short or concise is very important in speech, or shortness of words is the essence of intelligence. The same rule applies in writing the essay, and doing as clear an understanding of the topic at hand is required as possible. And hence composing an essay on the importance of water helps the students understand the same.

One of the most important gifts that humans are blessed with is the gift of language, and this gift has to be used effectively. Writing an essay helps the students in learning the methods of using the language in such a manner that it makes everything clear to the reader. A good essay does not only touch the heart of the readers but it opens the mind of the reader, it can move them, that is to say, if a good essay is written on the importance of water it can make the readers aware about the same, and not just aware but also careful about using the water.

Water means Life. Water is a prime natural resource. It is a basic need for humans and a precious asset that living beings have. Water is equally vital for the survival of the plant and animal kingdoms. Soil needs water for sustaining plants. The water cycle is essential for ecological balance too. Though a big portion of the Earth is covered with water, only a small portion of it can be used for various human activities. So we need to be judicious and rational, regarding the usage of water.

Why is water important for our bodies?

Water is important for our body for the following reasons. 

 Above 70% of our body contains water so it is pivotal for the human race to survive. 

Water helps in regulating our body temperature. 

 Water helps in the digestion of solid food. 

It also keeps our skin healthy and hydrated. 

Water helps in excreting waste from our body through sweat, urination, and defecation. So replenishing the water in our body is essential to prevent dehydration.

Drinking water also helps in reducing calories and maintaining body weight because it can increase the rate of metabolism.

Water consumption lubricates the joints, spinal cord, and tissues.

Importance of Water

All living organisms, plants, animals, and human beings contain water. Almost 70% of our body is made up of water. Our body gets water from the liquids we drink and the food we eat. Nobody can survive without water for more than a week. All plants will die if they do not get water. This would lead to the death of all the animals that depend on plants for their food. So the existence of life would come to an end.

Role of Water In Life Processes

Water plays an important role in most of the life processes by acting as a solvent. The absorption of food in our body takes place in solution form with water as the solvent. Also, many waste products are excreted in the form of solutions through urine and perspiration. 

Water helps in regulating our body temperature. In hot weather, we drink a lot of water. This maintains our body temperature. Also, water evaporates from the surface of our body as sweat. This takes away heat and cools the body. 

Water is essential for plants to grow. Plants need water to prepare food. They also absorb dissolved nutrients from the soil through their roots. 

Aquatic plants and animals use the nutrients and oxygen dissolved in water for their survival. 

Uses of Water In Everyday Life

Water is used for drinking, washing, cooking, bathing, cleaning, in our day-to-day life.

It is used to generate electricity in hydroelectric power stations.

Water is used for irrigating fields and in the manufacture of various products. 

Other Uses of Water

Water serves as a means of transportation for goods and people.

It provides a medium for recreational sports such as swimming, boating, and water skiing. 

Water is also used to extinguish fires. 

Importance of Oceans

Oceans are of immense use to man. They are useful in many ways, directly and indirectly. They not only play a significant role in the climate of adjoining countries but also serve mankind in many ways. They are a storehouse of several resources. 

An ocean is a major source of water and forms a major part of the water cycle. Oceans contribute water vapor to the atmosphere and we get the same in the form of precipitation.

The oceans are the biggest storehouse of edible forms of marine food, fish being most important. In addition to food, sea animals provide other products like oil, glue, etc.

Oceans have enormous mineral and chemical wealth. A variety of dissolved salts like sodium chloride (common salt), magnesium chloride, and potassium chloride are found in plenty in the oceans.

Oil and gas are important fuels obtained from oceans.

Importance of Lakes and Rivers

Economic and industrial development

Water storage

Hydroelectric power generation

Agricultural purposes

Modern multipurpose dams

Source of food

Source of minerals

Tourist attractions and health resorts

Rivers provide fresh drinking water

Ports can be built on them as they form good natural harbors 

Major Concerns

Although our planet Earth is covered with 71% percent of water and 29% of the land, the fast-growing contamination of water is affecting both humans as well as marine life. The unequal distribution of water on the Earth and its increasing demand due to the increasing population is becoming a concern for all. 

Water pollution makes it difficult for marine animals to sustain themselves.

Covering over 71% of Earth’s surface, water is undoubtedly the most precious natural resource that exists on our planet. Without the seemingly invaluable compound comprising Hydrogen and Oxygen, life on Earth would be non-existent. 

We are slowly but harming our planet at a very alarming rate.

Characteristics of a Good Essay.

It must be brief: As pointed out earlier, a good essay must be short, and also to the point. So, if students are writing an essay on the importance of water it must only deal with the water, and anything which does not directly serve the purpose must be excluded.

Must cover the whole topic: Though it may seem a little contradicting to the first point, what is meant by covering the whole topic is that the maximum number of aspects dealing with the importance of water must be covered in this essay. For instance, water is important for all living organisms and not just humans, and so the same has to be covered in one or the other way in the essay on the importance of the water.

Must be to the point: The essay must remain true to the central idea of the topic, which is the importance of water in this case. Hence, almost all the sentences written in the essay must serve the main topic in one or another way. And also, writing should not be vague or ambiguous, or illogical.

Human beings should realize how important and precious water is. At the individual level, you can be more responsible and avoid wasting water so that our future generation can make the best use of this natural resource abundantly.


FAQs on Importance of water

1. Why is water important?

Water is important because it sustains all living organisms on Earth.

2. How is ocean water useful to Mankind?

Ocean water is useful to mankind in the following ways.

Oceans are a major source of water through the water cycle. 

Oceans have direct control over the climate.

Oceans are the biggest storehouse of marine food.

Oceans have enormous mineral and chemical wealth.

3. How is water important for our Body?

Water helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to each and every cell of our body. It helps in digestion. It keeps our skin healthy and hydrated. Water consumption lubricates the joints, spinal cord, and tissues.

4. What are the uses of water in our Daily Life?

Water is used for drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and irrigation of crops and manufacturing various products.

5. Why should I use the essay provided by Vedantu on the Importance of water?

The essay that Vedantu provides on the topic of the Importance of water is prepared by expert teachers, for the students of the English language. And hence this essay can be used by the students as an outline or an example of the essay on the Importance of water, it does not necessarily mean that the students have to copy it completely, but it serves the purpose of guiding the students in attempting the essay. Furthermore, the essay is completely free for download for all the students and also it is available in a PDF file format.

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very short essay on water

Essay On Water

Water is a tasteless and odorless substance which constitutes about 71 percent of the earth’s surface. All living organisms depend on water for their survival. It consists of two molecules of hydrogen atom and one molecule of oxygen. The boiling point for water is 100 degrees and melting point is 0 degrees. Water can change into different forms of matter such as ice when cooled and vapour when heated. It is also called the universal solvent. Water is used for drinking, washing and agricultural purposes. Most of the water goes into drinking and irrigation practices. There are many water resources such as ocean, river, lake, pond, etc on the earth. 

The physical properties of water are that it is odourless, tasteless and transparent liquid. There is no particular shape of the water as it can take the form of any vessel or container. The plants and animals need water to survive. Plants use water for photosynthesis whereas animals drink water from the reservoir such as rivers or lakes. Apart from drinking, humans use water for industrial and agricultural purposes. Human life exists where there is water. It is not possible for living organisms to live without water. In this essay on water, we will discuss its significance and conservation practices. 

Significance Of Water 

We find abundant water resources on the earth. However, some amount of water is useful for drinking and the rest is unfit for use. It is possible for living organisms to live without food but not water. They need water to function properly. Due to disposal of wastes in the reservoirs, the water is getting polluted. It results in water borne diseases and other chronic health issues. Most importantly, water is used for daily household work such as cleaning utensils, washing clothes, bathing, cooking, watering plants, etc. Apart from this, there is huge demand for water for irrigation and other agricultural purposes. Some of the uses of water are mentioned below:

  • Agricultural purposes: Water is the most important resource in agriculture. It is used for the growth of crops. Due to good water supply, there will be an increase in the yield. This will undoubtedly improve the productivity of food grains. Farmers are dependent on water for irrigation and agricultural practices. This is the main source of livelihood for the farmers. Besides this, water is used for gardening and fisheries. 
  • Industrial purposes: Many industries are being established to produce goods. This production of goods requires large amounts of water. It is used for manufacture and production. It is also used for cleaning, processing and cooling of goods in the industries.  Due to this, there is an increase in the employment of people as well as economic growth. 
  • Household purposes: Water is used for household activities such as washing and cleaning. All people are dependent on water for their survival. People use water to plant trees, wash utensils, drink water, bathing, cooking, washing clothes, etc. 
  • Plants: Water is useful for growth of the plants. It helps in photosynthesis. Therefore, it is an important source for the plants. 
  • Animals: Apart from humans, animals are also dependent on water for their survival. They drink from nearby water resources such as rivers or lakes. 
  • Thermal purposes : Water is used for generating electricity. This provides employment to the people as well as electricity for all the houses. 
  • Mining purposes: Water is used for the extraction of minerals. These are used in the industries for economic growth. 
  • Recreation purposes: Water is used for recreational purposes such as swimming,  surfing, boating, water parks, etc. 
  • Commercial purposes: Water is used for various other commercial purposes such as car washing, construction of buildings, fire extinguishers, etc. 

Also read: Along with water, food is one of the basic necessities, so read food essay and water pollution essay .

Conservation Of Water 

We all know that water is used in day to day life. How much water is used on a daily basis? We consume and use water for many activities. Though the earth is covered with water, all are not useful for drinking purposes. The rest of the water is from the ocean which is salty. Therefore, it is important to conserve the fresh water resources that are available for drinking water. Due to anthropogenic activities, the water is getting polluted drastically. The water resources are getting contaminated with industrial  and other commercial wastes. In recent times, we are experiencing a shortage of water.

Due to urbanization, there is growing demand for water in production and manufacturing units. In this regard, water has to be used sustainably keeping the future generation in mind. If the water is not used wisely, then there might be a shortage of clean water in the future. As a result of this, there can be reduction of agricultural yields, health issues and other developmental problems. Therefore, it is important to conserve water and use it wisely. Some of the ways to conserve water are mentioned below:

  • Turn off the tap if not in use.
  • Fix the leakage of the tubes in order to save the water. 
  • Monitor the use of water on a daily basis. 
  • Use a single bucket of water for bathing. 
  • Reuse the water for gardening.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth. 
  • Create awareness on saving water among people. 
  • Check for the leakage of water in the house and garden area. 
  • Promote water harvesting in communities.
  • Conduct capacity building programs to save water. 
  • Do not waste water while drinking. 
  • Use the required amount of water for household purposes. 
  • Use an energy efficient machine to wash clothes and dishes in order to save water. 
  • Take shower for less time. 
  • Avoid wastage of  running water. 
  • Participate in water conservation programs. 

Water is the most important substance made up of hydrogen and oxygen. It is basically a transparent, odorless and tasteless fluid. Water constitutes about 71 percent of the earth’s surface. It is used for drinking, irrigation, agriculture and other industrial purposes. 

We hope this essay on water was useful to you. Check essays for kids to explore more topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Essay On Water

What is an essay on water.

It is a short write up on water which is a tasteless and transparent liquid. It is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen molecule.

What are the uses of water?

Water is used for agriculture, industrial, thermal, irrigation, household, mining and other commercial purposes.

What are the ways to conserve water?

Water can be conserved by using them sustainably, fixing the leakage of taps, monitoring the supply of water, etc.

  • Paragraph Writing
  • Paragraph On Water

Paragraph on Water - Check Samples for 100, 150, 200, 250 Words

Water is the most precious natural resource that is needed for survival. Most parts of the earth are covered with water. Water is an odourless, colourless, shapeless liquid with neutral pH. As students, you might be asked to write a paragraph on water. Refer to the samples provided below before you write the paragraph to have a clear understanding of how you can put your thoughts into sentences.

Table of Contents

Paragraph on water in 100 words, paragraph on water in 150 words, paragraph on water in 200 words, paragraph on water in 250 words.

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Water

Water is a vital element of life. It is possible to stay alive for a few days without food, but it is impossible to stay alive without water, even for a single day. To write a paragraph on water, you can refer to the samples provided below for various word limits.

Water is the primary and essential need of every living organism. It is the most precious gift by nature that helps in survival. 70% of our body is filled with water, which is why it is an essential part of our life. Water is needed for various purposes every day. We need water for drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking, etc. Just like there is no life without oxygen, there is no existence without water. It exists in the form of seas, oceans, etc., and also in the form of ice. It is not only an essential element for human beings but also crucial for the survival and existence of plants, animals, birds, etc.

Water is the most important component of life, which is needed by human beings and needed for animals, birds, trees, etc. It exists in three different forms on the earth, i.e., solid, liquid, and gas. Water exists in the form of ice (solid), and water vapour (gaseous) forms. It also exists in the form of liquid in the seas, oceans, rivers, etc., but the composition of water remains the same throughout the earth. It is an important compound that is needed by all living organisms. Plants need water for photosynthesis, and humans need water for various purposes like cooking, bathing, washing, etc. So, like oxygen is an essential component for survival, water is also a crucial component of life.

Even though 3/4th part of the earth is covered by water, the amount of freshwater is low. Since the amount of freshwater is comparatively lower, it is necessary to conserve water by various means. For a healthy life, it is essential to drink the right quantity and quality of water.

Water plays a vital role in one’s life. It is required not just for our own survival but also for the proper functioning of our planet. All fruits and vegetables contain abundant water in them. To stay healthy, it is needed to have plenty of water, i.e., approximately 3–4 litres of water per day. The human body needs water, and a lack of it can result in major health problems. Kidney stones are a serious health problem caused by insufficient water consumption. Water has the ability to heal and is necessary for life to exist. Our planet is the only place where life is conceivable since water and all of the other essential elements for life are present. Planets, such as Mars, Mercury, and Venus, are uninhabitable. They resemble a desolate desert since there is no water. Water is necessary for life, and it also helps to keep the environment clean.

Water is a precious resource. Water scarcity is one of the most serious issues in the Middle East and even in some parts of India. There is a scarcity of drinking water. Water pollution has lowered the amount of accessible drinking water on the earth’s surface, as well as damaging the quality of the water. It affects not only human beings but also animals, birds and plants.

Water’s relevance can be seen in the context of the current water crisis. Drought is one of the unlucky situations that might occur in a location. The region’s economic and financial conditions will be badly impacted. Excessive rain, on the other hand, is a concern for people, animals, and even farmers and manufacturers. Water is thought to be a blessing, yet it can also be a curse.

Therefore it is essential to value the importance of water. With the increasing global warming, population, and deforestation, fresh water is being polluted, and the amount available to us is diminishing. The water is being misused due to overpopulation. Water, in many forms, depicts the natural beauty of the world. Water sculpts the beauty of nature as well.

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very short essay on water

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Essay on Water for Children and Students

Table of Contents

Water is a colourless and odourless substance that is essential for the survival of the living beings. It is derived from various sources including rivers, lakes, oceans and streams and has several uses.

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Water constitutes of almost 71% of the Earth’s surface. On earth, it moves constantly via water cycle. This is the cycle of evaporation and transpiration, precipitation, condensation and runoff. Water is used in numerous ways and is vital to all living beings. Here are essays on water of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any water essay according to your need:

Long and Short Essay on Water in English

Water essay 1 (200 words).

Water, known to be the universal solvent, plays a key role in the survival of various forms of life on earth. It is used for various purposes such as drinking, cleaning, cooking, washing and bathing. Besides these domestic uses, major amount of water is used in the agricultural sector mainly for the purpose of irrigation. A substantial amount of this substance is also used in the industrial sector.

However, unfortunately despite being aware about the importance of water in our lives, people around the world are leaving no stone unturned in wasting water and deteriorating its quality. The techniques used for irrigation in many parts of the world including India are old and mundane and often cause immense loss of water. Several industries make use of a good amount of water however they end up throwing their waste in water bodies without realizing that the deterioration of water will ultimately lead to their own loss.

Many areas around the world are facing water deficit and many more are likely to face this problem in the times to come. It is time the government must take effective measures to store and save water and channelize it properly for appropriate distribution. The general public must also be sensitized on efficient use of water.

Water Essay 2 (300 words)


Water is one such substance without which we cannot imagine our life. Besides, quenching our thirst, this transparent chemical substance is used for several other purposes. It is used to accomplish several household tasks. Water is also used for agricultural purpose and is needed for industrial use. Here is a brief look at how it is used at different places.

Agricultural Use

It accounts for around 70% of the water used around the world. In agriculture, water is mainly used for the purpose of irrigation. In addition to this, it is also used for the raring of the livestock. Most of the water used for irrigation is extracted from rivers. Groundwater is also used for this purpose.

Rivers are thus said to be of great importance for the farmers. Not only do they provide water for irrigation but they also play a vital part in the water cycle.

Industrial Use

Industrial use of water includes water used for the purpose of washing, diluting, cooling, transporting, fabricating, manufacturing and processing of various products. Thermal power plants, engineering and pulp and paper industries are among the one that consume the maximum amount of water.

Domestic Use

At home water is used for many purposes. This mainly includes drinking, cooking, bathing, washing utensils, washing clothes, cleaning houses, cars and other vehicles, watering plants and for the purpose of sanitation.

Each country has its own system of water supply to ensure water reaches every household so that the aforementioned basic needs of its citizens are met. While water is used as it is for cleaning, washing and bathing purpose, it needs to be purified before drinking as well as prior to using it for the purpose of cooking.

Water is vital for the survival of the mankind. However, unfortunately it is being wasted at a rapid speed around the world. Everyone should contribute his/her bit towards saving water.

Water Essay 3 (400 words)

Water is derived from various sources. Rivers, lakes, seas, oceans and rain are known to be some of the main sources of water. This free flowing and readily available colourless, odourless substance is needed for domestic, agricultural as well as industrial use.

Sources of Water

The sources of water are mainly divided into two categories – Surface Water and Ground Water. Rain water pours and collects on earth in the form of surface water as well as ground water. Here is a brief look at both these sources of water:

  • Surface Water : It is found in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, streams, seas and other such sources. The water in lakes and rivers comes from rain and the melting of snow. The river water flows into the sea.
  • Ground Water : It is found under the land. Water travels under the surface of the land by way of soil on the non-porous rocks and fills the opening in these rocks. The rocks that store and send out groundwater are known as aquifers. At times, the water stored in these rocks bursts in the form of springs due to high pressure. Ground water is also extracted by digging wells and tube wells.

Water Available for Human Use

Our planet is rich in water with around three-fourth of its surface being covered with water. However, only a small part (just about 2.7%) of the total resources of water is available for the human use.

Around 97.3% of water on earth forms a part of the oceans. It is salty and cannot be used for the purpose of irrigation or any other agricultural use. It is not even good for industrial or domestic use. Out of the 2.7% fresh water available on earth, the inland surface water that is the water available from sources such as rivers, lakes and ponds accounts for just about 0.02%. This water is crucial for the growth and survival of all forms of terrestrial and freshwater aquatic beings.

It is thus important to use it wisely. This point is emphasized time and again. However, its criticality is not yet recognized by the people. It is essential to understand the importance of saving water else we will have to learn it the hard way.

Many areas around the world get sufficient water supply. However, several others, especially those that are a part of the developing countries, face water deficit. The government of such countries must ensure proper supply of water to various areas and the people must use water wisely and avoid any kind of wastage to ensure the flow.

Water Essay 4 (500 words)

Water (chemical formula H 2 O) is a transparent chemical substance. It is one of the basic necessities for every living being be it plants or animals. Just as air, sunlight and food, water is needed for the proper growth and development of life on earth. Besides quenching our thirst, water is used for numerous other activities such as cleaning, washing and cooking to name a few.

Properties of Water

Water is mainly known for five of its properties. Here is a brief about these properties:

  • Cohesion and Adhesion

Cohesion, also referred to as water’s attraction to other water molecules, is one of the main properties of water. It is the polarity of water by way of which it is attracted to other water molecules. The hydrogen bonds present in water hold the water molecules together.

Adhesion is basically water’s attraction between molecules of varied substances. This substance bonds with any molecule it can form hydrogen bonds with.

  • Lower Density of Ice

The hydrogen bonds of water turn into ice when cooled down. The hydrogen bonds are stable and maintain their crystal like shape. The solid form of water which is ice is comparatively less dense as its hydrogen bonds are spaced out.

  • Water’s High Polarity

Water has high level of polarity. It is known to be a polar molecule. It is attracted to other polar molecules and ions. It can make hydrogen bonds and is thus a powerful solvent.

  • Water’s High-Specific Heat

Water can moderate temperature owing to its high specific heat. It takes a long time when it comes to heating up. It holds its temperature for long when heat is not applied.

  • Water’s High Heat of Evaporation

This is another property of water that renders it the ability to moderate temperature. As the water evaporates off a surface it leaves a cooling effect on the same.

Avoid Wastage of Water

Water is required for most of the activities we indulge in our day-to-day life. It is necessary for us to conserve it else our planet will be devoid of fresh water in the years to come. Here are a few ways in which water can be conserved:

  • Fix leaking taps immediately to avoid wastage of water without any delay.
  • Avoid the use of shower while bathing.
  • Keep your tap off while brushing your teeth. Turn it on only when required.
  • Wash full loads of laundry instead of half. This will not only save water but save a substantial amount of electricity too.
  • Do not leave the water running while washing dishes.
  • Use rainwater harvesting system.
  • Avoid using water hose for cleaning gutters. You can use brooms or other techniques instead.
  • Use the right size of pans and other dishes while cooking and eating food. Avoid using those bigger than your requirement.
  • Try to water your plants by hand rather than using sprinklers.
  • Cover the pools so as to avoid water loss due to evaporation.

We must not waste water and contribute our bit towards its conservation. We must practice and promote activities and plans that help in conserving water and protecting its sources to meet the current and future demands of living beings.

Water Essay 5 (600 words)

Water is the most common liquid found on our planet. It is vital for the survival of every living being. Around 71.4% of Earth is covered with water. However, while most part of our planet is covered with water, fresh water that can actually be used for drinking, cooking and other activities is quite less. It is thus important to use this substance wisely.

Different Forms of Water

Water is present in three different forms on Earth – Solid, Liquid and Gas. Here is a brief look at these forms:

Solid : Water freezes at 0 degree to form ice which is its solid state. As water freezes, its molecules move apart and this makes ice less dense compared to water in its liquid state. This means that ice is lighter than the same volume of water in its liquid state. It can thus float on water.

Liquid : This is the most common form of water. Water in its liquid state is used in several ways including drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking, irrigating fields and processing and preparing various products in industries.

Gas : As water boils, it changes from liquid to gas, often referred to as water vapour. Vapours are always present around us. When the water vapours cool, they form a cloud.

What is Water Cycle?

Water cycle is the term given to the circulation of water on, below or above the Earth’s surface. It is the process wherein water circulates between land, oceans and atmosphere. This involves precipitation, snowfall, drainage in rivers, lakes and streams and its return to atmosphere by way of evaporation and transpiration. Water cycle is also referred to as hydrological cycle.

Water Scarcity in India

Like most of the other developing countries, many parts of India also face scarcity of water. People in the country do not get clean water for drinking and there is water deficit for the purpose of sanitization as well. None of the cities in the country receives piped water 24/ 7. It is supplied for just a few hours each day mostly for a couple of hours in the morning and an hour or two in the evening. The quality of water has deteriorated in most of the water bodies in the country. This is because of the discharge of industrial and domestic waste in water.

The scarcity of fresh water in the country is often attributed to lack of proper planning at the government’s end, corruption, increased rate of corporate privatization and increasing amount of human and industrial waste that is discarded into water. The situation is expected to worsen in the times to come as the population of the country is likely to increase to 1.6 billion by 2050.

Here is a look at some of the other causes of water scarcity in India:

  • Traditional techniques of irrigation employed in our country cause a lot of water loss.
  • Lack of proper planning and distribution of water among domestic consumers, agricultural sector and industrial sector.
  • Decline in traditional water recharging areas.
  • Urban development has choked the ground water resources.
  • Increasing number of recreational activities associated with water.

While water is available on earth in abundance, it needs to be understood that the amount that can be put to use for various domestic, agricultural and industrial use is limited. It is essential to use it wisely so as to ensure it reaches every one and is also available in abundance for our coming generations. The government must employ effective techniques to save water and distribute it evenly in various areas across the country. The general public on the other hand must use it wisely to ensure that it is not wasted.

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Essay on Water

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”. A well saying from W.H. Auden shows the importance of water in our life. “Water” is a word we all are familiar with but only a few of us know its importance. Water is a clear liquid that doesn’t have a taste, smell, or color. It can be available in different states like solid (ice), liquid (water), or gas (vapors). One of the precious gifts from god on this earth is water. To understand water, its importance, and uses more clearly, today we will discuss Water in detail.

Short and Long Water Essay in English

Here, we are presenting short and long essays on Water in English for students under word limits of 100 – 150 Words, 200 – 250 words, and 500 – 600 words. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided essays on Water will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches on this topic.

Water Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) One of the most important things for life is water.

2) Water is used to clean and cook at home.

3) The amount of water in the ground is now going down.

4) Water is the only thing that makes farming possible.

5) Water is used for things around the house every day.

6) We need water to grow food, plants, and other crops that we need to live.

7) We should save water to make life on Earth better.

8) Water is also used to produce electricity.

9) People should be made aware how to save water.

10) We can get water from rivers, oceans, lakes, streams, groundwater, rain, etc.

Short Essay on Water (250 – 300 Words)


Water is really one of the most important things we need to live and grow. However, it is also known as the universal solvent. Thinking of life is directly proportional to saving water.

Importance of Water

Water is essential to the survival of every living thing on this earth. Water is essential for many things, like drinking, cooking, washing, farming, and so on. For maintaining a good health, we need pure and fresh water. The industrial sector needs water a lot. Big dams store water so that it can be used to make electricity for homes, businesses, and other uses. It helps keep your body temperature stable, helps your body digest food, keeps your skin healthy, and can even help you lose weight.

Reasons for Water Shortage

With more industrial and scientific progress, this valuable resource is unfortunately, becoming less available. It is thought that 3 out of 5 people on the planet do not have access to safe drinking water or proper sanitation, which causes illness and death every day. The water is getting dirty because trash is being dumped into the reservoirs. If people don’t use water well, there may not be enough clean water in the future. It is very important to save water in order to save lives.

Water is a gift from nature that people have used to support their lives and make progress and development. It has never been more important to the world’s people than it is today. Water needs to be used in a way that won’t harm the next generation. So, it’s important to save water and use it in the right way.

Long Essay on Water (500 Words)

Our planet has a lot of water. 70% of the surface of our planet is covered with water. However, only 3% of all water is fresh water. Out of which, two-thirds are frozen in glaciers or in other places where we can’t use it. Water is one of the most valuable things in nature. Throughout history, water has had a big effect on people’s lives in many ways.

Water: The Precious Resource

Only Earth has water, which is the main thing that makes life possible. There are many sources of water on Earth, such as the ocean, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. Organisms can survive without food, but not without water. Apart from drinking water, we can use it for many other things. It helps to get rid of waste and toxins and helps prevent diseases like kidney, heart, and liver disease. Different plants need different amounts of water. Even animals need water to live.

Uses of Water

Water can be used for many other things like cooking, cleaning, bathing, and drinking. It can be used as a way to use for transportation. Besides this, water is also used for things like washing cars, building homes, putting out fires, etc. Electricity is also produced with the help of water. Irrigation purposes also require huge amount of water. These are used in the business world to make the economy grow. Water is also used for fun things like swimming, surfing, boating, water parks, and many others.

Need to Save Water

Many of the water sources that keep ecosystems healthy are under stress. Because of too much use, rivers, lakes, and aquifers are drying up and getting too dirty to use. Due to more people living in cities, production and manufacturing units need more and more water. Wastes from factories and other businesses are getting into the water sources. In recent years, there has been a lack of water. It is important to protect the sources of freshwater that can be used for drinking.

How to Save Water

Reducing water pollution is an important step toward making clean water easier to get. Using new technologies like wastewater recycling, nanofiltration, solar and UV water filtration, and rainwater harvesting systems can also help a lot with the problem of water scarcity.

One of the easiest and best ways to save water is to collect rainwater and put it back into the ground. You can save water at home in many ways, such as by taking shorter showers and reusing water. To save water, wash your clothes and dishes in a machine that uses less power. Government should take necessary steps to prevent water wastage.

Water is a basic need that everyone should be able to get. We can’t make water, so it’s a valuable resource that we should all use with care. Without water, nothing can live. By saving water, we can make sure that our children and grandchildren will live on this planet and be safe and healthy.

I hope the above provided essay on Water will be helpful in understanding the importance and ways to save water in our life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Water

Ans. World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March every year.

Ans. On average, humans should drink approximately 3 liters of water every day.

Ans. It prevents constipation, and dehydration, keeps us energized, helps to reduce weight, improves mood, etc.

Ans. A water cycle is a process by which water evaporates from the water bodies and rises into the air as a vapor to form clouds.

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Short essay on water

Short essay on water

Last updated Monday , 13-11-2023 on 09:55 am

Short essay on water , contains everything you need to know about water and its importance for all living things ,and all that information you will find here in Short essay on water .

Water is the key of our existence and the secret of life and everyone has a role in preserving water so that life will continue ,and all that information about water and its importance will be found here in Short essay on water.

Water is a transparent liquid that has no color, no smell, no taste, and may be in the form of vapor (gaseous), or in the form of ice (solid state), and these cases of water are a continuous cycle that keeps the existence of water in the universe.

The human body is made up of 70% of the water. Man can not live without water. It is responsible for all the vital processes in his body, and helps to get ride of waste and toxins out of the body, and contributes to the prevention of many diseases such as kidney , Heart, and liver disease .

We must drink water in hot climates so as not to lose balance, which is especially important for the pregnant and for people who exercise continuously, and the water facilitates digestion and thus helps to maintain a suitable weight for the human.

And the water in human life has other importance ,it is used at home to clean it, and to cook. Man has used water to generate power .

And water enters the production of many industries, and there is no way to limit the uses and importance of water to humans here, because they are too many.

Plants need water in varying amounts. Some plants do not produce fruit unless they are irrigated with large quantities of water.

There are plants that need less water, but there is no plant on the ground that does not need water. The plant takes water from its roots and distributes it to the rest of its parts.

Animals also need water. Milk-producing animals need water more than others, and animals get water through drinking water, If the water level of the animal is reduced, its respiratory system is affected.

Man benefits from plant and animal ,so he must  supply them with the necessary water to sustain productivity, and life will continue as well.

In this way we have provided you with a  short essay on water, and you can read more through the following link:

  • English essay

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