Personality Traits Essay

The study of personality traits has always been a fascinating subject for researchers. In this personality traits essay, the author dives into the personality theories that explain an individual’s unique personality. From extroversion to conscientiousness, this essay on personality traits will explore the different elements that shape our behavior and interactions with the world. The paper aims to comprehensively understand the complexity of human personality and its impact on our daily lives.



Different individuals are characterized by different physiological and psychological characteristics or values. Collectively, these factors contribute significantly to the nature of the behavior of these individuals. The term personality trait refers to these intrinsic differences in individuals that remain outstanding and stable throughout the life of the individuals.

In many individuals these intrinsic differences remain a personal and constant aspect that explains why the individual behave or react towards situations the way the do. Personality theories explain that individuals have distinctive and characteristic behavior which remains distinctive throughout a variety of situations.

Humans are in one way or another compelled to articulating a certain behavioral pattern and to identify or note differences in the way other people behave. (Emotional Competency, 2009).

Personality trait theories try to explain the differences in behavior patterns that are displayed by different personalities in similar situations. They as well try to explain why individuals behave differently in such situations. An individual can be said to be cheerful, talkative, cold, compulsive, and intelligent.

It can be noted that these personality traits remains more or less consistent over a long period of time or probably they last over a life time. What brings continuity in a person’s behavior characteristic is described as his or her personality.

Lexical hypothesis has found it extended application in describing personality traits. According to the hypothesis, people become used to characteristic differences more and more until they finally get engrossed into their languages of communication.

The hypothesis argue that the more important a difference is, the more people will notice it and the more they will talk about it and consequently they will invent a word for it. (Emotional Competency, 2009).

Researchers extracted from a list of 18000 words and came up with the Big Five Personality Factors. There factors happens to be very similar to the Five Factor Model of Personality. These Five Personality Factors includes:

  • Extraversion. Examples include talkative, extroverted, aggressive, bold, assertive, unrestrained, shy, quiet, untalkative and confident.
  • Agreeableness. Examples include sympathetic, kind, warm, considerate, cold, unsympathetic, unkind, helpful, affectionate and truthful.
  • Conscientiousness. Examples include organized, orderly, neat, disorganized, disorderly, careless and sloppy.
  • Emotional stability. Examples include relaxed, unenvious, unexcitable, patient, moody, temperamental, touchy, envious irritable and self-pity.
  • Intellect. Examples include creative, intellectual, imaginative, philosophical, unimaginative, uncreative, unsophisticated and imperceptive. (Emotional Competency, 2009).

As earlier stated, personality traits last for long period of time and in many cases they extend throughout the life of the individual. Sources have shown that it is these personal attributes that form integration web among our communities. In the process of understanding oneself, it becomes substantially important for one to understand, accept and apply his or her personality traits. (Emotional Competency, 2009).

Social unacceptability is connected to social inclusion or exclusion from certain social groupings. The issue of exclusion or inclusion is a major decision the humans as social animals have to take care of. An individual is either included or excluded from certain social entities.

A different approach on defining personality trait aimed at identifying descriptive nouns. From this research, there was development of the Eight Factor Model of Personality traits. According to this model, the eight factors that are a part and parcel of people personality tarts are; social unacceptability, intellect, egocentrism, ruggedness, delinquency, attractiveness, liveliness and disorientation.

According to this development, characteristic traits such as lawbreaker, alcoholic, rebel, comedian, speculator, daydreamer, tough, dummy, moron, poet, aggressor and many others were developed. (Emotional Competency, 2009). The above eight factors can be seen to correlate with people primal concerns as follows:

  • Intellect refers to the level of enlightenment in matters that affect the community at large. The levels of intelligency place humans at different social orientations. Sometimes the level of intelligence is seen as the levels of evolutionary advancement and therefore distinguishes humans that belong to a certain generational grouping.
  • Egocentrism on the other hand relates to lack of empathy and concern for others. It sometimes can be presented as a false self-image or someone being overzealous.
  • The fourth factor, ruggedness relates to aggression, dominance and hunger to attain power.
  • Delinquency is more or less similar to cheating. The importance and effectiveness of cheater detectors within the society cannot be overemphasized as explained in the theory of reciprocal altruism.
  • Sex and procreating are bonded together in this sixth factor of personality trait.
  • Factor seven is related to attracting attention. This factor is termed as important in attracting attention especially from mates of the opposite sex.
  • Disorientation relates to reliability and competence of a person. (Emotional Competency, 2009).

According to the developed theories, personality trait understanding are very critical if understanding different behavior patterns that are displayed by different persons is anything to go by.(Emotional Competency, 2009).

It is therefore important to understand ones personal trait so that if there is anything negative about how e behave, one can consider the possibility of averting from it. This is necessary because some of these traits are detrimental in the way we live and relate with those who live with us. (Emotional Competency, 2009).

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Essay On Personality Traits

A lot of people are born with character traits that they just absolutely adore. These personality traits play a very important role in building and shaping a person’s personality, and even who they will become later on in life. But can a person be born with personality traits that they just absolutely despise? Traits that do not build up, but instead potentially break a person down and dominate over the rest of their personality traits. Just a few single “bad” traits have the potential to destroy everything good a person has worked for. As for me, being a person who is Organized, Inquiring, and Obsessive, I can definitely say making these traits come together and build up my personality is a weekly struggle that will never end. Organization …show more content…

Whenever I enter my house I immediately start cleaning and organizing my home and consistently clean and organize until it is almost time for bed. In my eyes there is always something in my house or room that needs to be organized, especially my laundry. My laundry is by far the most time consuming organizational chore I can do, I will spend hours just folding my clothes a certain way and size before placing them into my drawers. Hanging my clothes is even more time consuming than just folding clothes, every single item hung in my closet must be hung on a white hanger evenly spaced out from the next, and must be hung by item, size, and color. After spending many hours on that chore alone a person would probably be done for the day but not me because more than likely the list in my planner of things to do is not completely …show more content…

My brain is constantly telling me that I need to spend a lot more time researching and finding out everything I can about the subject at hand. But could this trait possibly be a flaw in me? What if I am supposed to look up information to write a research paper about how after school programs help children stay out of trouble, but my brain is telling me to research a more interesting topic to me like the current rise and history of gang members in Chicago? Then it becomes a problem that I have to learn how to keep control over, but luckily that is just a minor flaw. Being inquiring also has perks too, not only can I know a lot of information about the current topic I may be studying but I also know and research information that others may deem as “useless” information. But in my opinion I think all information I inquire is important and will be put to use in some kind of

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that being inquiring is a great personality trait to have, as it means i want to acquire more knowledge about the topic at hand.
  • Opines that obsessiveness is a fear stimulated by change. they plan their day hour by hour to make sure change does not occur.
  • Explains that many people are born with character traits that they just absolutely adore, but can a person's personality traits be despise?
  • Explains that their obsessive behavior has peaked to a whole new level and that they can't change their personality traits.

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Type A Personality Essay

Type A Personality or Type A Behavior Pattern (TABP) include typical responses of competitiveness, time urgency, and hostility. Type A’s normally strive towards a goal without feeling a sense of joy in their efforts or accomplishments. They also seem to be in a constant struggle against the clock and become impatient with any delays and unproductive time. Type A’s also tend to see the worse in others and display anger, envy and lack of compassion (McLeod, 2017).

Essay On Personality Predispositions

Personality predispositions can determine levels of extraversion, which determine the levels to which one seeks social support, thus determining positive affect. Similarly, personality predispositions can determine levels of neuroticism that may influence one’s style of coping in the face of both positive and negative external factors which can determine negative affect (Diener, 1996). Happiness, a core aspect of positive subjective wellbeing, involves maintaining a superior level of positive affect in comparison to negative effect, based on specific positive or negative emotions linked to the recent experiences in one’s life (Emmons & Diener, 1985). Positive emotions such as joy and pride must trump negative emotions such as frustration and sadness in the recent past or present in order for an individual to feel happy. Life satisfaction builds on this and is a cognitive valuation of the quality of an individual’s experiences as a sum throughout their entire life (Emmons & Diener, 1985). Individual personality traits have been found to influence the different patterns and levels of life satisfaction, positive and negative affects and simply general, overall happiness (McCrae, 1983).

Personality Assessment Essay

An emerging trend among today’s employers is the increased focus on the personality traits of their employees. Whether that focus is on the ability to hire the right person by predicting job performance, or discovering the right “fit” for an employee in a team, a company’s success may depend on these factors. Creating the right team based for the best success of the team is crucial. However, due to project constraints, abilities, market place, etc, the ability to pair the right individuals may not be available.

What Is Personality Type Essay

Up until Last Tuesday, I did not know what a personality type was, and thought that the Myers-Briggs test only covered IQ. Fortunately for me, Last Tuesday, September 25th, happened. From there, I learned of 16 personality types, consisting of various combinations of letters forming a group. There are two options per “slot”, limiting the amount of combinations in terms of mathematics. But, that’s a good thing, or else the world would be a chaotic place with there being twice as much, or even more personality types. A typical combination of letters would be something like my combination, “ENFJ”, or “Extroverted Intuitive Who Feels with Judgement”. Yes, they are acronyms, sort of. How the Acronym forms depends

Personal Essay: How To Defining Personality?

I suppose many of us would stumble on the question. In fact, it is really very difficult to define Personality in the real sense. Day and night, we see people all around us. We meet them; we talk to them; we discuss with them and share our feelings with many of them. But in spite of all these we sometimes fail to judge the personality of the person right in front of us.

Five Types Of Personality Essay

There are five different traits of personality. They are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. To find out how each of these different types applied to me. I took a five-minute test which gave me results for each of these types of personality. In this essay I will describe each of these types of personality traits and I will explain how each of them pertains to me.

Personality Synthesis Essay

What do you think of when you hear the word personality? Have you ever taken a personality test? What did you think of it, was it accurate? This experiment was to test the accuracy of personality tests. Personality is found in the part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, what is personality and why do people enjoy taking personality test, history and explanation of the Myers-Briggs inventory.

Personality Psychology Essay

There are many types of diverse people classified under various categories. Some people have different types of personalities. They could be classified as extremely manipulative, others as impulsive, and some may not show anything on the outside and have wonderful social skills. These categories help in the understanding of humans. This study is called Psychology and there are many different subfields in this diverse study of the people around us. One subfield that is particularly interesting is personality psychology. Personality psychology is a branch of psychology that studies personality and its variation between individuals.

Reflection Essay On Personality

Our personalities are what distinguish us from each other beyond our appearance; without them, we would all behave and react in the same way. Personality is the reason we are outgoing or introverted, persistent or blaze, and anxious or calm. We each have different levels of these competing characteristics that make us unique. But why are personalities so varied? Personality is determined by an array of factors from genetic and biological to the personal experiences and decisions we have faced from the day we are born. The complexity of our personalities cannot be simply explained, and for this reason there exists many different theories of how it’s developed and personality is still deeply under study. I went into this subject with an open-mind

Personality Test Essay

Personality tests tell a person a lot about why a person is who they have become. I believe that these test if taken truthfully can identify deficiencies that individuals can work on to benefit not only themselves but others in the organizations that they work in. Some models state that it is in human nature and chemicals that decided how a person acts but I believe it is based on life experiences and a personality can change as long as a person knows the deficiencies and works to change them.

Essay On Personality Theories

The study of personality theories of psychology is the section of psychology which studies individuals’ personalities and differences. A theory is a model that helps us predict or explain an outcome; in this case it is personality or behavior. Our personality is what makes us unique or different from other people. Many personality theorists may not feel the same about the development of personality or behavior but, they all are interested in the commonalities among people. How are people “put together,” how do they “work,” and how do they “fall apart.”

Essay On Personality And Values

Evidence demonstrates high self-monitors give careful consideration to the conduct of others and are more fit for adjusting than are low self-monitors. (F. J. Flynn and D. R.Ames, 2006). The company which possess the employees who can control their attitudes, manners and behaviours and who are able to behave differently in varying situations lead to positive work outcomes. Moreover, they can maintain good relationship with all stakeholders leading to high company reputation. Thus, self-monitoring skill in McDonald’s is very essential when crew members and Restaurants Managers need to directly

Essay On Personality

Personality takes many shapes and forms and is affected by many factors. My understanding of personality is simply a genetic and environmentally determined set of psychological traits that influence our reactions in the world around us. Genetic because our parents possess a certain set of psychological personality traits that we tend to have in common with them so therefore in my opinion there are heritable personality traits. Personality is environmental because we each have our own separate experiences in the world and these experiences help form our unique personality. Neo-Freudians such as Jung have given us a wide array of ideas of how they believe personality is developed and formatted. Jung in particular has a very interesting

Personality Essay Examples

Personality can affect all different aspects of one’s life. There are links connecting personality to academic and occupational success and social relationships. Health can even be affected by personality because immunity can be altered by personality traits like sociability, optimism, and carelessness. Personality determines the way social interactions occur and when social relationships are determined by how the interactions occur personality can really affect the way one builds social relationships. Just like social relationships, academic and occupational success are affected by personality traits like carelessness, mastery, and agreeableness.

Personality And Behavior Essay

The relationship between personality and behavior. Does our personality cause the behavior to stay calm or go on a rampage? People all over the world have different types of disorders and a certain disorder is called a personality disorder. Arguments from researchers have been made whether or not with someone who has a personality disorder has anger problems and is a danger to others (Davison, 2012). Behavioral problems come from social-cultural influences such as presence of others, the media and peer influences (Myers, 2014).

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My Personality Traits

what is personality traits essay

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My personality and character are two important features that make me who I am. I am an individual.…

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A personal quality that is important to me is my willingness to try new things. This quality did not surface until I graduated high school-- I felt somewhat restricted during those years. After my first semester at community college the eagerness to explore new activities, and learn about new topics began to appear. Because of this quality-- a quality that can sometimes hide amongst the rest-- I would not have discovered by passion for my desired major.…


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A person's individuality is one of their most important characteristics. Individuality makes people special and when appreciated builds self-worth. Everyone has their own unique traits they bring about. In order to be happy and successful in life, one must use their traits as effectively and creatively as possible and be recognized for their individuality and abilities.…

Personality Traits

One of my strong personality traits that describe who I am is that I am very self motivated and not easily influenced by people who can’t give me helpful advice. I have a strong self will about me that keeps me going. I have a passion to own my own business one day and being in school will motivate me even more to push to that goal. By defining my personality traits I am able to learn more who I am as a person. I feel my self growing stronger every day. I also am very organized at what I do. Being organized helps me to move more easily throughout my busy schedule . Being unorganized throws me off track. I stay motivated wherever I go and in whatever I am doing. Others will start to notice your determination and motivation no matter what the circumstances. Not all of my personality traits are positive ones. I have some such as I tend to reject change at times and get a little pride full at times. T.D Jakes once said in a quote that pride has caused the fall of many great and gifted individuals. I refuse for that to be me , I am destined for greatness. Sometimes I can find myself being unfocused and my mind gets scattered when unexpected events pop up like exp. funeral or sometimes family reunion. My family is very big so I must maintain a very positive personality. I have a smaller generation that looks up to me and that may one day come to me for guidance. I have a twin brother, and we are very alike on the outside but we have very different personality traits that make us very different. I am very proud to open my mind and finally move toward to my dream of owning my own business. My strong self will trait in business is at use. I really hope to empower my personality traits so that they may better cope with this economically challenging time in my life. Determination is another one of my strong personality traits when I have something that needs to be done in a timely manner; I am determined to get it done correctly…

An Analysis of My Personality Type

Main Body of Paper (Each Step completed/clear understanding of personality test results/separate Headings for each section/ address main points…

2. How would you rate Mike and Marty Scanlon on the “Big Five” personality traits?…

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The knowledge of one's own personality can help one understanding of how he represents himself to the society, how others perceived him and how he can actually manipulate this knowledge for his benefit in the sense that he can change himself to be what he wants himself to be and creates his own ideal self-brand. This is what the humanistic theorists believe, that humans have freedom to chart our own courses of life and have the innate drive within ourselves for personal growth. I personally agree with their…


Costa PT Jr, Fozard JL, McCrae RR, Bosśe R. (1976). Relations of age and personality dimensions to cognitive ability factors. Retrieved from:…

Personality Trait

After reviewing the “Trait Theories” in chapter four, specifically the “Big Five”, I have come to learn that researchers believe that personalities can be described and evaluated in five traits. (Witt and Mossler, 2010, Ch. 4.3). Starting with Openness to Experience, I believe I would score high on this trait because I am very open-minded to new ideas and I constantly put myself in other people’s shoes to see their own point of view. I would score high on Conscientiousness because I am very goal oriented, ambitions and dependable. I am moderate on Extraversion. Even though I enjoy talking and sharing ideas with others I am not very involved in big social groups. On Agreeableness, as much as I hate to admit, I would be more on the lower scale. For some reason, I am very confrontational and always challenge people if I they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Lastly, Neuroticism I would score low. I’m more of a “glass half full” kind of guy. I know how to control my emotions and I never let them get the best of me.…

Self Awareness

Personality. We don't normally change our personalities, values and needs based on what we learn about ourselves. But, an understanding of our personalities can help us find situations in which we will thrive, and help us avoid situations in which we will experience too much stress. For instance, if you are a highly introverted person, you are likely to experience more stress in a sales position than a highly extroverted person would. So, if you are highly introverted, you should either learn skills to cope with the demands of a sales position that requires extravert-type behavior patterns, or you should find a position that is more compatible with your personality. Awareness of your personality helps you analyze such a decision.…

A recent stress audit in a large retail company has indicated that employees are experiencing high stress levels at work. Discuss this in terms of what may be causing stress and what the potential outcomes of these stress levels may be.…

My Characteristics

Live has not been easy for me, but with my effort and dedication I been able to get the best of everything. I am a very confident person. The best way to gain self-confidence is to look deep inside of yourself and believe that you have the ability to overcome all obstacles and challenges that you are faced with, on a daily bases. I believe in my abilities and myself. I am at the point where I most first believe in myself before others will believe in me. Three of the most important characteristics about me that have helped me success in life are. I am patience. I am kind. I am a very enthusiastic person.…

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Essay on Me Myself and Personality Traits

Humanistic approach to psychotherapy.

However, the humanistic approach mainly focuses on the study of the whole person and through the eyes of that particular client. With this knowledge I would have to say that this approach is one of the better areas is psychotherapy for a client. The humanistic approach includes all aspects of the client’s experiences and works directly with those experiences to help with the agenda for these sessions. The two biggest elements

Minefite Research Paper

I really see myself as a humble guy, and an honest one. Some may even say I am brutally honest (at times). I'm great with communication, and I work well with others. I believe anything can be solved with teamwork, and I'm always willing to put in more effort to make any community a better one. I'm very easy to approach, and no player should have any issue coming to me with issues or just speaking with me in general. I have a fantastic memory, which goes great with planning things as well as remember past players and their past behavior.

Behaviorism, Cognitive, and Humanistic Essay example

Humanistic perspective is a psychological perspective popularized by Carlo Rogers and Abraham Maslow that emphasizes the human capacity for choice and growth. This perspective offers a very positive viewpoint of human nature and potential. It suggests that we are each responsible for our own happiness and well-being as humans. “The humanistic approach emphasizes the personal worth of the individual, the centrality of human

Ap Psychology Worksheet

1.Humanistic psychologists view personality with a particular spotlight on potential for a well-rounded personal growth. The main goal is to assist people recognize, accept, and be themselves with great integrity.

Health Behavior Change Interview Summary

How do you see yourself? Any thoughts, opinions, or feelings that you have towards yourself.

Brain Research Psychology

Humanistic brain research is the place we can the genuine relationship. humanistic psychologists believe that you're basically great and that you're roused to understand your maximum capacity. Clinicians from this camp concentrate on how you can like yourself by satisfying your needs and objectives.

Perspectives of Psychology

  • 2 Works Cited

This perspective assumes that we all thrive for personality growth, through mental processes and behaviors.. This perspective is different in its methodology compare to the biological approach, and the psychodynamic approach. Both these perspectives assume that human beings are controlled by internal or external forces. There are deterministic in nature. The humanistic perspective, promotes free will, and people can be, whatever, they envision themselves. This perspective was influence by humanists such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow, who emphasizes on the importance of individual potentials.

Humanistic Perspective on Personality Essay

The humanistic perspective on personality deals exclusively with human behavior. Humanistic psychologists believe that human nature includes a natural drive towards personal growth, that humans have the freedom to choose what they do regardless of environmental factors, and humans are mostly conscious beings and are not controlled by unconscious needs and conflicts. They also believe that a person's subjective view of the world is more important than objective reality. Two of the humanistic theorists that have made an impact of humanism are Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow.

The Humanistic-Existential Perspective Essay

The humanistic-existential perspective is both a reaction to and an outgrowth of the psychodynamic perspective. These thinkers refer to psychodynamic theory as inadequate, many were repulsed with its tendency to break down the "whole" person into discrete components, and, the idea of adapting to one's society, however questionable its values. Most importantly, they disagree that human action is beyond the individuals control, in fact they believe that if we could develop with out constraints, we would be rational and socialized. Humanists and existentialists also think psychology should be converted into a human science, different from psychological theories with more focus on natural science.

What We Learn: Nature or Nurture

The Humanistic or Rogerian approach to personality says that personality develops from a person's intuitive, organismic motives to prosper and self-actualization. These nourishing predispositions can be subverted by social pressure. Furthermore,

Humanistic Approach

Looking at the basic aspects of humanistic theory, it is somewhat incompatible with the biological explanations of personality. According to the biological explanation of personality, the general idea of Maslow’s hierarchy is that everyone is born with specific needs. If people do not meet those base needs, they are unable to

Essay about Psychology Theories

This allows us to be able to avoid waling into a hole or hitting our head on a door. Humanistic Personality Theory is more of a behavioral theory. I can say they both deal with the “here and now” issues though.

Essay About Myself

School, to me and among many peers of my age, is not a distant term. I have spent one-third of my life time sitting in classrooms, every week since I was seven years old. After spending this much time in school, many things and experiences that happened there have left their mark in my memory. Some are small incidences while some have had a great impact on me. However, regardless the degree of significance, things that happened all contributed to shape the person that I am now.

There are three very important aspects that play a major rule in my life. They can be categorized as intellectual, social, and spiritual. My intellectual self is interesting because I am mainly right-brained which means that I tend to use my creativity more than my mathematical skills, also making me a visual learner. My social self consists of friends, family, and my surroundings. I spend most of my time at home with my family. Whenever I am with my friends, I observe their behaviors and listen to their opinions. I am more of an independent type of person. Being with different people has influenced me into appreciating different cultures and beliefs. I have learned things that have now been incorporated into my own set of beliefs and

I Am A College Student

With so many ways to describe who I am, I think I will start off with the basics. I am a college student that attends Drake University. I would identify myself as hard-working, responsible, and persistent. At the beginning of the term, I identified myself as how I felt in the moment with answers such as tired, hungry, and bored. Yes, those were traits I identified myself within the moment, but now I try to look far and beyond the present. I want to identify myself as someone who strives to achieve everything she ever wanted, including graduating from college, with honors and getting involved within the college community. I want to be able to identify with things that have meaning and substance that I have always strived for including being determined and self-reliant.

My Personality Traits

3 Pages 641 Words February 2015

Everyone has their own unique traits that make them who they are. There are also many psychologists that have theories of why we have the personality traits that make us who we are. It's only human that you are different from people you meet because no one is completely the same. Everyone is different in many different ways and there is nothing wrong with that. The five personality traits I chose basically describe me in a nutshell and I guarantee that no one will have the same traits with the same reasons. One personality trait that I have is that I am calm. I have never gotten into an altercation at school or at any other place for that matter. I don't get mad easily, which I think is a good thing because if I was a hot head then I would be getting into a lot of trouble. What I have noticed is that hot heads always have problems with other people that are hot heads so I'm glad that I am not a hot head. Another personality trait that I have is that I am talkative. I talk all the time especially with all my close friends. I'm always the first one who says something when there is an awkward moment in any case which I think is a good thing. But when I meet people for the very first time I don't talk as much which is shyness but when the awkward moment of meeting someone new is over then I talk more. A third personality trait that I have is caution. I'm always observing my surroundings and looking for anything that can be dangerous or harmful. For example, when I lived in California I went to a lake with my friends during spring break and there was a rope swing that was tied on a tree branch. All my friends wanted to go on that swing so bad but I told them not to because the branch had cracks in it and when you swing on it the branch made a loud sound so that swing was not safe at all. A fourth personality trait that I have is thoughtfulness. I'm always the one who opens the door for everyone and I do a lot of other little things like th...

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what is personality traits essay

Personality Essay

500+ words on personality essay, the different types and traits of personality and factors that influence personality.

The word personality has several meanings, sometimes it’s used to refer to a person’s physical appearance. While other times, personality is used to describe someone’s intellectual qualities or social qualities. The word personality has several different definitions too, but mostly it’s considered to be the characteristics, qualities, behavior and thoughts that make a person unique. These qualities help in predicting and explaining a person’s behavior. A person’s personality is shaped from various factors, which influence their lives like genetic traits, environment, personal experiences etc. 

The word is derived from the Latin word “persona,” which refers to a theatrical mask worn by performers to disguise their identities and project different roles. Personality remains consistent throughout a person’s life. Learn more about the different types and traits of personality and the factors that shape it in this personality essay.

Personality Essay: The Different Types And Traits Of Personality

No two people in the world have the same personality. Even twins or triplets, who grow up in the same environment also have a completely different personality. Additionally, an individual’s personality is not just a collection of their different characteristics, but it’s a pattern of traits. These personality traits help in predicting and explaining that individual’s behavior. 

Here are 5 essential traits that make up an individual’s personality:

  • Physical traits: A person’s physical traits are the characteristics that make up a person’s appearance. These are characteristics that are visible to the naked eye. The height, facial features, build, complexion, hair color, eye color etc are examples of physical traits. 
  • Emotional traits: An individual’s emotional traits like their temperament is an important trait that make up their personality. A person’s temperament is also influenced by their emotions. For example, is a person cheerful and happy, excitable or depressed, sad and gloomy, brave or timid, an extrovert or introvert etc? Other examples of emotional traits are empathy, compassion, positive outlook, anger, anxiety, openness etc.
  • Moral traits: Moral traits are also an important factor of personality. These traits include a person’s volitional traits, will power, their integrity and other moral characteristics. For example, is a person honest or a liar? Is he or she active or lazy, strong or weak minded, humble or a braggart, persistent or they give up easily etc?
  • Social traits: Characteristics like sociability or friendliness, agreeability, generosity, kindness, reservedness etc are social traits. These social traits are also an important part of an individual’s personality. An individual’s social traits can help predict or understand how the individual interacts with others in society. Each individual has a different level of sociability. For example, extroverts love to interact with others, whereas introverts are shy and have difficulty socializing.
  • Intellectual traits: A person’s intellectual qualities are also vital in shaping their personality. Examples of intellectual traits are a person’s intelligence, their thinking skills, decision making and problem solving skills, way of speaking, reasoning abilities, confidence etc.

There are several other traits that make up an individual personality along with these 5 traits. Read on to learn about the factors that influence or shape an individual’s personality.

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Personality Essay: Factors That Influence Personality Development

There are several factors that influence or shape an individual’s personality. These factors can be both internal and external. Internal factors that shape personality are genetic or hereditary factors, hormones, emotions and physiological functions of the body. External factors, which affect personality development are family environment, school environment, circle of friends, mass media, religious and cultural beliefs. 

Internal Factors

  • Heredity or genetics: Heredity and genetics are an important factor that shape a person’s physical traits. Some intellectual and emotional traits are also influenced by heredity and genes.
  • Hormones: An individual’s hormone levels also influence their physical and emotional characteristics.
  • Physiological factors: Physiological factors such as health, their feelings, fatigue at the time of learning also help shape personality.

External Factors

  • Family environment: Family is an integral part of an individual. Family members are the first teachers and role models, so children try to emulate their parents and other family members. Family environment is an important part of developing an individual’s personality. This is why it is important to have a healthy, friendly and safe family atmosphere to develop a good personality.
  • School: Next to their home, children spend most of their time in school. Their teacher’s behavior and friends in school can influence and help develop their personality. It also provides an opportunity to develop better personality traits and even correct any negative traits.
  • Friends and peers: A person’s friends circle and peers also have a great influence on their personality. People with good, responsible friends and peers are most likely to be more responsible. Peers and friends with bad habits could negatively affect an individual’s personality.
  • Mass media: Social media and mass media are also important factors that contribute to personality development. Tv shows, films, books and celebrities on social media platforms influence and shape a person’s behavior. It can teach good things to people, but can also have a negative effect.
  • Religious and cultural influences: Religious beliefs, culture and ethnicity are also important factors, which shape an individual’s personality. It can affect a person’s feelings, way of thinking, decision making skills, emotional traits etc. 

Inculcating good habits and surrounding oneself with good role models will help one develop a good personality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Personality

How do you define personality.

An individual’s personality is a set of characteristics or qualities that defines them and makes them unique.

What are the 5 essential traits that make up an individual’s personality?

The 5 essential traits that make up an individual’s personality are: physical traits, emotional traits, intellectual traits, social traits and moral traits.

What are the factors that affect personality development?

Personality development is affected by two main factors, internal and external factors. Internal factors are heredity and genetics, hormones and physiological factors. External factors are family environment, school, neighborhood, friends and peers, social media and mass media and religion, culture and ethnicity.

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The Personality Traits Issues - Essay Example

The Personality Traits Issues

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Example Of Personality Traits

what is personality traits essay

Show More Personality traits can often determine how well one performs at work and why certain behavioral traits are more dominant in an individual. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to discuss my personality traits and what strengths and weaknesses are present as a result of these traits. The paper is divided into two sections entitled: Step 1 and Step 2. Step 1 is then divided into five subsections that provide insight into briefly what it means to be considered an Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger as it relates to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. Step 2 then discusses what I learned from reading the book entitled Type Talk at Work by Kroeger, Thuesen, and Rutlege and how I plan to use it in the future as I begin managing employees at my current …show more content… In other words, I enjoy looking at problems in a way that produces a logical solution. One of my favorite past times at work is when I am able to look at an issue and find a more efficient or effective way to approach the issue in the future. I believe that this is a strength in most cases; however, I have been known to irritate coworkers by constantly attempting to make our work environment run more smoothly and efficiently. However, this can be considered a weakness by some, because I can get caught up in my desire to change which others deem to “not be broken”. Also, I can become very vague in my approach where those that tend to lean toward sensory traits would prefer for me to have concrete and definitive answers. Thinker Personality Trait The next trait that plays a dominant role in my personality is known as the thinker trait. As a thinker, I tend to thrive on approaching any work related task from an analytical perspective. I rarely overreact and process information in a logical and thought out manner. However, that does not mean that I do not have compassion for others as a case manager for homeless veterans, I feel for their struggle but I am able to distance myself enough from the issues to remain a more reserved neutral guide that allows for self-determination on the veterans’ part to determine the outcomes of his or her stabilization plan. Judger Personality …show more content… As an introvert, I tend to place a majority of my energy focusing on my own internal struggle to understand the world around me. I also am generally able to learn new concepts rather quickly, and have been told at work that I am able to catch on to new ideas faster than the majority of my fellow employees. However, I also have had to teach myself to feel comfortable speaking in front of large crowds, and I have a problem with failure and being wrong. Therefore, I can overanalyze a situation, and have been known to spend valuable time looking at very angle instead of acting due to wanting to be right or fearing that I might be criticized. The fear of rejection has plagued me over the course of my lifetime; however, it is something that I am working on and plan to try to reach out of my comfort zone in the future to expand my abilities and

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4 crime, fight corporate corruption, and anything else that is unethical. I have seen a trend in my life concerning these areas. Assessment Assessment Tools EQ In-Action Profile The EQ profile was used to provide a snapshot of my core emotional capacities (EQ). This assessment is used to interpret my experience as I relate to others around me.…

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Character Analysis: The Duty Fulfiller

Understanding yourself and the personality types both you have and others around you is refreshing. Better understanding the ITSJ personality type is instrumental in learning the most important factor of this assignment. How my personality type affects not only myself but also others, moreover the assignment was an important introduction to Organizational Behavior. This assignment is the beginning to understanding yourself and envisioning ways to improve or enhance shortfalls. My favorite actor Mr. Robert De Niro is an ISTJ personality type.…

Myers-Briggs Personality Traits

As an introvert, I focus on my inner thoughts and feelings. In addition, I understand the world from the big picture, but in a steady pace before going out to do tasks. For example, I attend to think more than act; as a result, I become aware of the situation before speaking to someone. If my friend lost a love one, I think about how I can show compassion to him. If I get in trouble, I think about how to access the situation whether to lie or to tell the truth.…

Meyers-Briggs Personality Analysis

This paper will closely examine the author’s Jung Typology personality Test results. A brief history of the Meyers-Briggs personality test will be provided. The Meyers-Briggs personality type, INFJS, will be broken down and discuss briefly in this paper. This paper will investigate the positive as well as the negative benefits of the author’s INFJS personality types and how each component work in collaboration in the workplace. The validity of each component of the author’s INFJ personality type as well as the author’s two letter temperament will be discussed in this paper.…

Myers Briggs Personality Type

Understanding personalities in the workplace has never been more important to be successful. Taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) allows an individual a comprehensive look into their personality strengths and weaknesses. Results and explanations of the extraverted, sensing, thinking, judging (ESTJ) personality are explained. The test results were then researched in “Type Talk at Work: How the 16 Personality Types Determine Your Success on the Job.” to address communication issues an ESTJ my face. Also how important having different personality traits are to be successful.…

Analysis Of The Myers-Briggs Personality Test

This paper identifies my personal results garnered from the Meyers-Briggs Personality test. The Myers-Briggs test theoretically illustrates an individual’s psychological behavioral traits based upon a series of questions. I am an Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker and Judger (INTJ). This paper will breakdown each behavioral trait, weaknesses, strengths, how they work together, and how it is best applied in the work force to achieve maximum results. Additionally I will share a personal testimony as to what I learned about myself based upon the results, and how these findings can make me a better leader.…

Carl Jung Personality Types

This paper will look at personality types from multiple sources including, Jung Typology, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and Type Talk at Work. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to define my personality type explained by these various sources. Carl Jung introduced three areas of preference that include Extroversion/Introversion, Sensing/Intuition, and Thinking/Feeling, and Briggs introduced the last preference, Judging/Perceiving. These preferences make up sixteen unique personality types that contribute to personality style that then creates a framework for our worldview and that also determines how one navigates in society. Personality traits give insight into how we function in the world, how we process information, why we make certain decisions, why we pick certain careers, and they contribute to communication and learning styles.…

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Essay

The purpose of this project is to discover my “personality type” by taking the Myers-Briggs Personality test online and answer questions in conjunction with the textbook, Type Talk at Work. After the test is completed, this paper will be divided into two sections, Step 1 and Step 2. The information from this paper will include examples from my life and work to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of my personality based on the personality test. Step 1: Personality Test Overall Meyers-Briggs Personality Type After taking the Myers-Briggs Personality Test online, I was able to determine my four letter personality type. Of the 16 personality types, my four letter personality type is ENFJ (Extraverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging).…

Personality Traits And Character Analysis: The Advocate

Have you ever wondered what your personality traits say about you? I have, so I took a personality test online from and this test told me that I am an INFJ. The “I” stands for introverted, the NF stands for an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets me apart is my accompanying judging (J) trait. My personality type in known as “The Advocate.” My personality type is rare.…

Compare And Contrast The Jung Typology Test And The Four Temperaments

In accordance with the Meyers Briggs personality test, each person in society has a different personality consisting of four letters. It is through learning of one’s own personality that they might be able to excel and grow further within their current role in their organization and in every day life. The recognition of similarities and differences will impact the way that these personalities work and live together, as it is apparent that there is validity and truth to the test. This paper goes into detail about the specific researcher’s personality results and how each letter relates to their personal and workplace environments. There will then be conclusive arguments about how it specifically effects the researcher.…

John Holland Research Paper

They are comfortable working within an established chain of command and prefer carrying out well-defined instructions over assuming leadership roles.” These individual are well organized and often enjoy working with data. This type of career related personality type rarly seeks the spotlight roles. I feel that I too fall into the Conventional personality type. I view myself as responsible, orderly, dependable and efficient.…

Four Types Of Infps

Although they are also very reserved, disorganized, hates criticism, and have and idealistic way of thinking, which hurts them when it goes awry. I agree with these examples. With the strengths I often try to get win win solutions even if it should be a lose lose problem. I also love to play detective game or try to foresee the future when watching television it is quite simple for me to use clue in order to guess the outcome or problem. For the weaknesses, I am very disorganized, for instance my bag is a complete mess.…

My Personality Analysis

The analysis results from the various self-assessments have afforded me the opportunity to notice hidden aspects about myself. I have been able to perform contemplative and thorough self-examinations of my personality in order to determine viable methods to enrich my overall personality. It has been my experience that organizational behavior in many ways are similar to the institutionalized behaviors exhibited by those in orphanages or prisons. The similarities reside in the fact that the workplace is an environment where people from very different cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities and religious beliefs find themselves compartmentalized into an environment, directed towards a new way of life and then ordered to play nice…

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