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  1. Pages

    Annotated student work samples to support implementation of the Victorian Curriculum F - 10. The annotated student work samples provide teachers with examples of student learning achievements in the three modes of Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening. These work samples support teachers to: make consistent and balanced ...

  2. PDF English

    This text sample provides evidence that the student: writes imaginative texts that experiment with textual features, for example, 'a fairy to turning her small'. uses narrative structural elements of orientation, complication, series of events and a resolution. uses expressive verbs, for example, 'deserve', 'transformed', 'pleaded'.

  3. PDF English

    This. working indicated below. of been. This text sample provides evidence that the student: narrates with connected characters and events. uses ideas that support an underpinning theme or concept (poverty) uses literary techniques such as vivid description. selects structural elements to suit the purpose, such as orientation, evidence of a ...

  4. PDF English

    English - Writing Work Samples Level 10 Task: Students were asked to respond creatively to The Book Thief by writing a speech in the voice of one of the characters several years after the war has ended. The speech should have outlined the narrative of the text and what is learnt through the experience of the chosen character.

  5. English

    Reading and Viewing. By the end of Level D, students listen to and view a range of spoken, written and multimodal texts from familiar contexts. They identify the main character and event in an imaginative text. They use visual images to identify the key topic or theme within an informative text.

  6. Writing

    Writing. This section of the Literacy Teaching Toolkit is focussed on writing instruction. You will find information about: teaching practices (e.g. modelled writing, shared writing) approaches to the teaching of writing (the teaching and learning cycle, and the writing workshop) the literacy focus (e.g. genre, grammar, spelling)

  7. English

    In Levels 5 and 6, students communicate with peers and teachers from other classes and schools, community members, and individuals and groups, in a range of face-to-face and online/virtual environments. Students engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment. They listen to, read, view, interpret and evaluate spoken, written and multimodal texts ...

  8. Level 3 and 4 persuasive writing

    Level 3 and 4 persuasive writing. Unit overview. The following science unit of work uses the Teaching and Learning Cycle to help students build content science knowledge, while extending skills in writing, reading, speaking and listening. Teacher support for vocabulary development will vary according to students' current knowledge.

  9. Literacy Teaching Toolkit

    Victorian Curriculum: Foundation to Level 6 Topics in this section. Reading and viewing. The four resources model, teaching practices and examples, effective reading instruction. Writing. Effective writing instruction approaches to teaching writing. Speaking and listening. Instruction, examples and teaching practices. Multimodal literacy

  10. Home

    The Victorian Curriculum F-10 sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship. The Victorian Curriculum F-10 incorporates the Australian ...

  11. VCAA English

    VCAA English - Writing Work Samples. These example English writing samples from the VCAA have been assessed as representative of Levels 9 and 10. Use them to examine evidence that students have understood concepts and demonstrated the requisite skills for these levels. You can also plan the next stage of teaching and learning.

  12. Work samples

    Each work sample in the portfolio may vary in terms of how much student time was involved in undertaking the task or the degree of support provided by the teacher. The portfolios comprise authentic samples of student work and may contain errors such as spelling mistakes and other inaccuracies. Opinions expressed in student work are those of the ...

  13. Level A1 Writing

    Contributing ideas and words in shared writing activities, for example, when writing a class book (VCEALA062) Pathways and transitions considerations A Foundation student working within the range of Level A1 in any one language mode is not ready to transition to the English curriculum regardless of their proficiency in the other two language modes.

  14. Handwriting

    However, the recommendation is that left-handers hold the pencil about 2.5-3.8 cm from the point (Graham, 2009-2010; WA Dept of Education, 2017; Tas DECYP, 2023). The lower arm should be perpendicular to the bottom of the page. The wrist should be straight, and the writing hand should be below the writing line.

  15. Links to the Victorian Curriculum

    Levels 5 and 6: Sequence significant events and lifetimes of people in chronological order to create a narrative to explain the developments in Australia's colonial past and the causes and effects of Federation on its people ()Identify the origin, content features and the purpose of historical sources and describe the context of these sources when explaining daily life in colonial Australia ...

  16. Victorian Curriculum F-10 EAL Reporting Resource

    The Victorian Curriculum F-10 EAL includes content descriptions and achievement standards. The additional proficiency levels described in this resource allow you to report on the language learning progress of EAL students before they reach the achievement standards. When making an assessment or reporting on student English language proficiency ...

  17. Level 1

    From Foundation to Level 2, the curriculum focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and understanding to express reasoning and to problem solve and learn more effectively. Students become familiar with key vocabulary and simple strategies to structure and improve thinking. Students develop an understanding that thinking can be made explicit.

  18. Level 4

    In Levels 3 and 4, the curriculum focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and understanding to improve and monitor thinking. Students learn and consider the advantages of different thinking techniques. Students learn there are different ways to respond to problems, visualise thinking and think more effectively.

  19. Moderating student writing samples on the Victorian Curriculum F-10 EAL

    Moderating student writing samples on the Victorian Curriculum F-10 English as an Additional Language (EAL): Pathway B The Department has released companion resources for the Victorian Curriculum F-10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) to support assessment and reporting of EAL learners' English language proficiency. This webinar provides the opportunity to look at some of the updated ...