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100 Words Essay on A Famous Person You Admire


I admire many famous people, but the one I admire the most is Albert Einstein. He was a renowned physicist known for his theory of relativity.

Einstein was born in Germany in 1879. He showed a keen interest in mathematics and physics from a young age.


Einstein is famous for his theory of relativity. His E=mc2 equation has significantly influenced modern physics.

Einstein was not just intelligent, but also kind-hearted. He fought for peace and civil rights, showing his admirable character.

Einstein’s intelligence, kindness, and achievements make him the person I most admire.

250 Words Essay on A Famous Person You Admire

Among the galaxy of great personalities, one person I deeply admire is the renowned physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking. His contributions to science and his indomitable spirit in the face of adversity have always been a source of inspiration for me.

Contribution to Science

Hawking’s groundbreaking work in the field of theoretical physics and cosmology has revolutionized our understanding of the universe. His research on black holes and the nature of time has had profound implications, challenging the established norms and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

Overcoming Adversity

Diagnosed with a debilitating motor neuron disease at the age of 21, Hawking was given a mere two years to live. However, this did not deter him. Despite his physical limitations, he continued his scientific pursuits with relentless determination. This aspect of his life is a testament to his resilience and an example of how physical constraints can’t limit the power of the human mind.

Hawking’s legacy extends beyond his scientific contributions. He was an advocate for the importance of science education and made complex scientific concepts accessible to the general public through his bestselling book, “A Brief History of Time”. His life story, encapsulating his scientific achievements and personal struggles, continues to inspire millions around the world.

Stephen Hawking’s life and work embody the power of perseverance, the importance of curiosity, and the pursuit of knowledge. His story is a reminder that limitations are only as restricting as we allow them to be. To me, he is not just a famous scientist, but a symbol of resilience, making him a person I deeply admire.

500 Words Essay on A Famous Person You Admire

The world is filled with remarkable individuals who inspire us with their life journeys and accomplishments. Among such luminaries, the person I admire the most is Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Inc. His relentless pursuit of innovation, determination in the face of adversity, and vision for a sustainable future make him a role model for many.

Unyielding Pursuit of Innovation

Elon Musk’s unwavering commitment to innovation is nothing short of inspiring. He has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible, transforming science fiction into reality. His vision for SpaceX was met with skepticism, yet he persisted. Today, SpaceX is the first privately-funded company to not only send a spacecraft to the International Space Station but also develop a reusable rocket, drastically cutting the cost of space travel. Musk’s innovative spirit is also evident in Tesla Inc., where he revolutionized the auto industry by making electric vehicles a viable and desirable alternative to fossil fuel-powered cars.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Adversity is a common theme in Musk’s journey. He has faced numerous challenges, including near-bankruptcy of Tesla and multiple failed launches at SpaceX. However, Musk’s resilience in the face of adversity is commendable. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to rise from setbacks, turning failures into stepping stones towards success. His ability to maintain unwavering focus on his goals, despite the odds, is a testament to his strength of character and a source of inspiration.

Vision for a Sustainable Future

Perhaps the most admirable trait of Elon Musk is his vision for a sustainable future. He is not just a businessman but a visionary who is leveraging technology to address some of the most pressing issues of our time. Through Tesla, he is promoting a shift towards renewable energy, contributing significantly to the fight against climate change. With SpaceX, he envisions a future where humans become a multi-planetary species, thus safeguarding the survival of humanity.

In conclusion, Elon Musk’s relentless pursuit of innovation, resilience in the face of adversity, and vision for a sustainable future make him a person worthy of admiration. His life serves as a reminder that with determination, courage, and a clear vision, one can overcome any obstacle and make a significant impact on the world. His story inspires us to dream big, work hard, and never give up, no matter the odds.

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famous person admire essay

The person you admire

- Introductory phrases or sentences for that person . - Who is the person you admire ? (Is he/she a popular person ‚ a special one to your life‚ your acquaintance‚ your (close) friend‚ your partner‚ your colleague or just your relative?) - What does he/she mean to you ? (Idol‚ example…) - His/her special condition. (Poor‚ rich‚ handicapped‚ disabled‚ orphaned‚ adopted…) - Is he/she an extraordinary/ordinary person ? - Is he/she a wacky person ? (Does this affects him/her a lot about his life‚ personality

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A Person Whom You Admire

People always have a person whom they enormously admire and want to be like. Some admire a famous person while others look up to their teachers‚ father‚ or mother‚ etc. To me‚ I admire my older sister not only because of who she is but also because of all the things she has done for me. She has changed my life and made me become who I am today. The following reasons will explain why she is admirable and important to me. First of all‚ my sister is an exquisite student. She studied in a high school

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famous person admire essay

A Person You Admire Most

A person I admire most Without our realization‚ we all have a tendency to judge somebody just by their appearance. I once shared my point of view with them until I “met” Susan Boyle in 2009. Ever since‚ I have been a huge fan of hers. Her story began from the first moment she stepped onto the stage of the famous show “Britain’s got talent”. She proclaimed her dream of being a professional singer. The judges rolled their eyes and the audience pulled incredulous faces: she was too

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Describe a Person You Admire

Describe an person you admire Beauty‚ patience‚ ambition and strength; these words come to mind when thinking of the ideal woman. Angelina Jolie‚ she exemplified these characteristics. She is a famous actress whom I have known as Lara Croft and I have watched all her movies. Angelina Jolie was born on June 4‚ 1975 in California‚ Los-Angeles. She is an American actress and film director. She has received an Academy Award‚ two Screen Actors Guild Awards‚ and three Golden Globe Awards‚ and was

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I take pride in saying I admire my mother the most in my family. My Mother. She is like The Sun in the Solar system and all the rest of the family are like planets revolving around the Sun. She is very affectionate‚ kind‚ caring‚ loving‚ compassionate‚ and ready to solve our problems. She has been acting like a buffer between‚ my father who was a strict disciplinarian and the rest of the family‚ grandparents and the grandchildren‚ elders in the family and newcomers to the family. She is up early

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famous person admire essay

A Person You Admire or Respect

Linguist : A person who studies linguistics How does linguistics differ from traditional grammar ? 1. Linguistics is descriptive not prescriptive that means ( linguists are interested in what is said not what they think ought to be said ) 2. they describe all aspects of language but don’t prescribe rules of correctness . 3. Linguists regard the spoken language as primary not the written . 4. Linguistics doesn’t force languages into a Latin-based framework ‚ and they are trying

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Describing a Person You Admire

even though I had friends. My dad was my best friend. He gave great advice and taught me to become the independent woman I am today. He always believed in me to be the best I could be which made him very happy. I remember one time he told me‚ I want you to become a nurse and after I finished high school I went to a nursing school. I started but after two years I loose him after he died I could even continue because I taught was do it for him‚ and I left school. Living with people two times my helped

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A Person You Admire the Most

Child Labor and Child Abuse in Developing Countries “In recent decades some extreme forms of violence against children‚ including sexual exploitation and trafficking‚ female genital mutilation (FGM)‚ the worst forms of child labour and the impact of armed conflict‚ have provoked international outcry and achieved a consensus of condemnation‚ although no rapid remedy. But in addition to these extreme forms of violence‚ many children are routinely exposed to physical‚ sexual and psychological violence

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Admire Person

The person I want to describe is my mother. She’s 55 years old‚ medium-built‚ and she’s about 166 centimetres in height. She has an attractive face and looks younger than her age. She has round face‚ big eyes‚ and beautiful eyelashes. She likes wearing casual clothes unless she’s at work when she normally wears lady’s formal wear. My mother works as an accountant in a trade company. She studied accounting at Fudan University and she has always been working as an account since graduation. She’s

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person admire

COMM 110 – Public Speaking Written Assignment #11 I. Special Occasion Speeches 1. Your text identifies 9 types of Special Occasion Speeches. For each one give me an example from your life when you may gave given or may have to give that type of speech. 2. Characteristics of Special Occasion Speeches Special Occasion Speeches have unique characteristics as defined in Chapter Twelve. How do special occasion speeches differ/compare to speeches to inform? speeches to persuade? II

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A Famous Person You Admire Essay

The famous person i admire essay in english.

I believe people always have a person whom they greatly admire for specific reasons of their choice or liking. Some People admire famous people such as actors, and politicians and there are some who admire people from their close circles such as parents, teachers, and friends. I hope you too have a person that you admire. Let’s go about a Famous Person that greatly I Admire.

The Famous Person that I myself greatly admire is Mother Teresa . Mother Teresa was the epitome of kindness and generosity. She lived her entire life for the welfare of poor and destitute people. Mother Teresa was born originally as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu on August 26, 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia to a grocer father Nikolle, and a kind Mother Dranafile Bojaxhiu.

At eight years of age, she miserably lost her father due to illness, and since then she was brought up by her mother. Her mother taught Mother Teresa, to be kind and helpful to others. Mother Teresa practised kindness and generosity from a very young age.

Also at a very young age, she wanted to embrace Christianity and wanted to become a nun. After a short stint as a nun in Ireland, She along with a group of other nuns was destined to India to do community service as part of a Christian Missionary.

There she worked in a school in Calcutta as a teacher for 20 years, before she left her teaching job to do social work full-time after being disturbed by the sight of unimaginable poverty in Kolkata and thereafter she vowed to help the poor and destitute people in Bengal.

During her life in India, Mother Teresa helped a lot of destitute and ill, and socially neglected people with no means of financial and medical aid. She lent a large part of her focus to care for leprosy-affected people who suffered without any means of support. She ran pillar to post in India for financial aid to support a large number of people she takes care of.

Though she faced many humiliations initially while reaching out for help, she tolerated all of them with absolute kindness. She had opened homes for the poor, and also successfully managed to institutionalize her social work with great hard work and perseverance. She also inspired many people to do social work.

Appreciating her noble work, the Government of India felicitated Mother Teresa with Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award in the year 1980. She’s also the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and Ramon Magsaysay award for her greatest contribution to the fight against poverty and distress in South and East Asia, especially India.

Though many famous people lived and left the world and only a few of them are remembered forever. Mother Teresa will be remembered forever. She is a symbol of kindness and selflessness. That’s why Mother Teresa is a famous person I admire.

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famous person admire essay

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Someone i admire.

famous person admire essay

Look at the description and do the exercises to improve your writing skills.


Do the preparation exercise first. Then do the other exercises.


My cousin laura.

Someone I admire is my cousin Laura. She’s five years older than me, so she’s 19 now and she lives in Bristol. She’s very friendly and confident and she’s got long, wavy, brown hair and greeny-brown eyes. She’s medium height, slim and very fit because she’s a dancer.

She’s been dancing since she was six years old and trains every day at her dance school. She wants to be a professional dancer, but it’s a very difficult profession because it’s so competitive. She often dances in shows and I’ve been to watch her several times. Her favourite type of dance is modern, which is sometimes a bit strange, but I love watching her dance.

Laura is very busy because she also studies photography at university. She’s a really good photographer and has taken lots of amazing photos of me and my family. Her photos have won a few prizes and last year one of her photos was in an exhibition at an art gallery in London.

Laura doesn’t have a lot of free time and she’s also trying to learn German because she wants to go to Germany next year to do a photography course. I think Laura is very hard-working and she deserves to become a professional dancer one day.

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famous person admire essay

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famous person admire essay

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A famous person you admire.

- by abigail shannon chua, wesley methodist school melaka.

There are many famous people in the world who are in the entertainment line, science field and so on. The person I admire in particular is actor Tom Hiddleston. He was born in Westminster, London, as the middle child with two sisters.

Tom Hiddleston is best known for his role as Loki in the films 'Thor', 'The Avengers' and 'Thor: The Dark World'. In 'Thor', Loki was the main antagonist, striving to claim the throne of Asgard and was willing to kill his brother, Thor and father, Odin for it. In the end he failed and was sucked into an abyss and later reappeared in 'The Avengers', seeking to claim the Earth as his own with the help of the Chitauri, an alien race with a massive army but was defeated by the Avengers, comprising Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk and Black Widow. He was later sent into jail by Odin in 'Thor: The Dark World' and later joined forces with Thor to defeat Malekith, leader of the dark elves, only to be seemingly killed by the Kursed. He was later seen impersonating Odin.

What I like about Tom Hiddleston is that he brings out the character Loki really well. He plays Loki with so much compassion and really brings the character to life from the comics to the big screen. I love the way he acts, taking up each scene with much anticipation and compassion. In 'Thor', he was first seen as a person who will do anything to seize power. The way he acted as Loki in 'The Avengers', bringing out the mad and evil side of Loki, really caught everyone's attention. Throughout the movie, he showed how power-hungry Loki could be and that he would take whatever it took to seize control of the Earth. In 'Thor: The Dark World', he showed that he had a reason to help Thor and that he loved his stepmother, Frigga, deeply. He demonstrated the love when he used magic to smash furniture against the walls when he found out about her death.

When he first signed up for 'Thor', he tried out for the character Thor but was found to be unsuitable. But during the interviews, he showed so much determination and was seen as the perfect person to play Loki.

In real life, he is known to value his fans and always entertains them well. He will tweet with them on Twitter and he even has a group, called "Loki's Army", going after him. That is how much Tom Hiddleston has influenced the world of entertainment as one of the best villains to ever take on the big screen. During interviews, he would always be jovial and tell jokes. Even his own fellow actors like Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth say that he is a fun and supportive actor, even though he is the eldest among the trio. Two of his personality traits that I admire are that he always does his best and he is extremely humble.

To sum it up, Tom Hiddleston is one celebrity I really admire and I would love to meet him one day. I hope that my dream would come true in the near future.

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The life of a famous person I admire.


IELTS essay The life of a famous person I admire.

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  • Check your work for spelling and word formation mistakes
  • Use a variety of complex and simple sentences
  • Check your writing for errors
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  • ? Present relevant ideas
  • Fully explain these ideas
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  • 6.5 band These days, many people believe that oral communication is more efficient than written communication. These days, many people believe that oral communication is more efficient than written communication. From my perspective, I assume that this depends on certain situations. On the one hand, it is true that spoken communication is more beneficial in several circumstances. To begin with, oral communi ...
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