Essay on “Unemployment in Pakistan” for CSS, PMS, and All Judiciary Examinations


  • August 10, 2021
  • Essay for CSS PMS and Judiciary Exam

This is an essay on “Unemployment in Pakistan” for CSS, PMS, and All Judiciary examinations. Unemployment occurs when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work. Unemployment is often used as a measure of the health of the economy. The most frequent measure of unemployment is the unemployment rate, which is the number of unemployed people divided by the number of people in the labor force. So here is a complete essay on the topic of Unemployment in Pakistan for CSS, PMS, and All other Judiciary Examinations.

Essay on “Unemployment in Pakistan”

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan . That person is unemployed who has the ability to do work and is willing to do work but is unable to get job opportunities. In the current situation, more than 30 lakh people are unemployed in Pakistan and the unemployment ratio is more than 12%.

The biggest reason for unemployment in Pakistan is concerned with the backwardness of the agriculture sector. Agriculture is the biggest sector of our economy that contributes 20.9% to GDP and 44% of people get jobs from this sector directly or indirectly. Unemployment in this sector is from two sides.

Unemployment is defined as “a condition in which an individual is not in a state of remunerative occupation despite his desire to do so.”

Types of unemployment

  • Seasonal unemployment
  • Agricultural unemployment
  • Frictional and technological unemployment
  • Industrial unemployment
  • Cyclical unemployment
  • Educational unemployment
  • Voluntary unemployment
  • Involuntary unemployment or under-employment

Lord Keynes uses the concept of involuntary unemployment for under-employment. It refers to a condition in which the self-employed working people are not working to their full capacity. People who are partially employed, or are doing inferior jobs while they could do better jobs are not adequately employed. It can be called a state of “under-employment”.


The causes of unemployment are as follow:

  • The policy of “laissez-faire” or free trade pursued by the British did not accelerate the process of industrialization in the sub-continent. As a result, employment opportunities could not be generated on a large scale.
  • The unchecked growth of the population posed the problems of finding job opportunities.
  • The decline of traditional skills and the decay of small-scale and cottage industries led to great pressure on land and this, in turn, resulted in the greater exodus of people from the rural to the urban areas. This added to urban unemployment
  •  The low level of investment and the neglect of the industrial sector could not help the process of creating job opportunities.
  •  Age factor fixes limitations on the range of choice of job opportunities. Too young and too old people are not eligible for many of the jobs.
  • Many of our young people do not have a proper understanding of their own aptitudes, abilities, and interests on the one hand, and the tasks or jobs or career they want to pursue, on the other: If willing to do some job is not followed by the required abilities, one cannot find a job of one’s selection.
  • Due to inborn or acquired disabilities or deficiencies, some remain partially employed or totally unemployed throughout their life. Illness induced by industrial conditions and the fatal accidents that often take place during work may render a few other people unemployed.
  • The population in Pakistan is growing at an alarming rate. All these people who are eligible to work are not getting jobs. Hence, the population explosion in Pakistan is making the problem of unemployment more and more dangerous.
  • The business field is subject to ups and downs due to the operation of the trade cycle. The economic depression which we witness in the trade cycle may induce some problematic _or sick industries to be closed down compelling their employees to become unemployed.
  • Technological advancement undoubtedly contributes to economic development. But unplanned and uncontrolled growth of technology may have an adverse effect on job opportunities.
  • Strikes and lock-outs have become an inseparable aspect of the industrial world today. Trade unions which are found in each and every industrial unit organize strikes, protests, processions, public protest meetings, placing, before the management a list of labor demands. In order to suppress labor strikes, managements often declare lockouts.
  • Some of our young men add women are not prepared to undertake jobs that are considered to be socially “degrading” or “indecent” for Example.
  • Our system of education which appears like a remnant of the British colonial rule in Pakistan has its own irreparable defects and its contribution to the problem of unemployment can hardly be exaggerated.
  • Occupational mobility and geographic mobility on the part of the workers have increased the gravity of the problem of unemployment.


  • The problem of unemployment is a serious one and it leads to a number of consequences. The evil of unemployment may be discussed under four broad heads personal disorganization, family disorganization, social disorganization, and irreparable financial losses. Unemployment is not only a societal problem it is also an individual problem. An unemployed person loses self-respect and faces a discouraging and disappointing outlook.
  • Unemployment causes physical hardships and mental agony not only to the individual of the employable age but also to his family members. If the breadwinner of the family loses the job, the entire family suffers. In the absence of regular income, the family has to fall back upon its little savings, and when that is exhausted it has to resort to borrowings.
  • Unemployment, if not checked or controlled, may ultimately prepare the way for social disorganization. Due to unemployment, people fail to live up to the expectations of society. Some of them may even resort to anti-social activities. It tempts or provokes them to resort to begging, indulging in criminal activities, falling prey to gambling, drug addiction, drunkenness, etc.
  • Unemployment causes incalculable economic losses. Since unemployed persons become parasites in society they pose a big economic burden. The failure to provide jobs to those who have the willingness and the potential to work inevitably brings down economic production. Low production would cause low per capita income.


  • The problem of unemployment is growing day by day in Pakistan. It is becoming more and more complex also. Such a complex problem will have to be tackled in a planned manner. No single solution can be an effective remedy for this problem. A multi-pronged attempt is needed to face it in an effective manner. It is possible only with the combined efforts of the government and the public. The growing population in Pakistan is a major cause of many socio-economic problems. Our population is growing on an average at the rate of 2.9% per year. We are adding every thousand of mouth to eat. Job opportunities are not increasing at the same rate to accommodate the growing population. Hence the population growth has to be checked. Family planning program has to be made more popular and other suitable steps are to be taken to minimize or neutralize its growth.
  • The main solution for the problem lies in achieving substantial economic development. This can be materialized, only if attention is paid equally to agriculture and industry.
  • The employment opportunities in the agricultural sector may be increased through the construction of major and minor irrigation projects, expansion and development of plantations, intensive agriculture, and horticulture. Unutilized land may be brought under cultivation.
  • The development of forest and fisheries and encouragement of animal husbandry (dairy farming, poultry, piggery, etc.) is also a major step in the direction of improving agricultural production.
  • In the Pakistani context, cottage and household industries which are often associated with agriculture, play a vital role in the development of the economy.
  • Commercial crops can make agricultural tasks economically, attractive. Commercial crops such as areca, coffee, tea, pepper, ginger, cardamom, cashew, tobacco, groundnut, vegetables, and fruits, etc.. can bring good income to the farmers. Due encouragement is to be given to the farmers to grow such commercial crops
  • Depending upon the local needs and feasibility new agricultural programs and projects are to be launched so that the young people of the area get new opportunities to use their talents and energy for the developmental programs.
  • Planned development of industries is essential for creating more and more job opportunities. Development of industries may include (a) large-scale industries. (b) small scale industries and (c)village and cottage industries including handicrafts. A proper balance should be maintained between agricultural growth and industrial development so that industry would not destroy handicrafts and household industries.
  • Education has much to do with employment and unemployment. Our education is not much job-oriented, it is degree-oriented. It caters more to urban needs rather than to rural requirements. It has not completely come out of the British colonial bias. Hence, it has failed to create an army of self-reliant, self-dignified young men and women.

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It has got worse, and even leads to suicides

Zoha Aziz

Unemployment is a state in which workers are capable of working and eager to work but don’t get employment. Orsan Scott Card said,

“Unemployment is capitalism’s way of getting you to plant a garden.”

Currently, looking at the condition of Pakistan, it is sad to say that many people are unemployed. Even some people are highly capable and a few among them have good education and fulfil all the requirements of a particular job, but couldn’t get one just because of unemployment.

The Pakistani rate of unemployment increased by 6.5 percent, and we can say that one out of every 10 persons in the country are experiencing unemployment. The statisticss from the urban areas for the unemployment rate were taken and it increased by 2 percent to 10.1 percent and in rural areas it increased from 4.3 percent to 5 percent. In the year 2020, when the unemployment rate in Pakistan was approximately 4.45 percent, a minor decrease from 4.65 percent the previous year. According to the Trading Economics Global Macro Model and Analysts expectations, the unemployment rate is likely to reach 5.0 percent by the end of 2021. According to official information, the predicted growth of the economy has almost eliminated the informal sector in which three of every four people lost their livelihoods between April and July the previous year. According to a report, “Special Survey for Evaluating Socioeconomic Impact of COVID-19 on Wellbeing of People”, the labour market of Pakistan dropped by 13 percent in the April–June quarter of 2020, leaving 20.7 million people out of work and due to that those workers, who mostly affected by this were the low-skilled young workers.

Such an environment should be created by the government which makes the industrialist set up more and more industries. There are numerous such people of very creative mindset but who are facing high interest rates on personal loans in Pakistan. The government needs to start a scheme to encourage and promote them. The businessmen should be encouraged to start their own business or continue with their family businesses

The jobless people can always be dangerous to a nation’s well-being. Those youth of the country who are unemployed are getting frustrated and falling a prey to drug addiction, theft, violence and many other social harms. Terrorists, drug traffickers and smugglers are engaging them in evil activities.

The people are getting so much depressed that according to the statistics, 136 people committed suicide just because they were unemployed. The unemployment rate is the ratio of unemployed individuals in the labour force. Unemployment negatively impacts the disposable income of families, diminishes employee self-confidence, erodes purchasing power and lessens an economy’s output.

There are three major causes of unemployment, economic causes, social causes and financial causes. The use of advanced technology, mechanization of agriculture, low industrial growth rate and reduction in foreign employment all comes under economic causes and need great attention. The second are social causes which include: high population rate, widespread illiteracy, lack of technical education, nepotism and favouritism, re-employment, political instability, rural-urban migration and Afghan refugees.  The third set are financial causes which include: deficiency of capital and lack of credit facilities.

All these causes need to be addressed on time. Those factors which give heat to the unemployment are poor governance, political instability and corruption. First attention should be given to the factors of unemployment, because if the base or root is not strong then there is no use of putting efforts to get fruits. For better fruit strong roots are required. Therefore, we need to focus on our factors to make a better and more fruitful society. The law is not considered a supreme or respectable aspect of our society. Due to lack of obeying law, everyone considers himself superior and does whatever he wants. The violation of law makes the system weak, due to which people keep away from investing or creating industries in the country.

Unemployment can be converted into employment by taking certain steps. The government needs to act sensibly and do proper planning. Education systems need to be improved and well managed and should be equal for everyone. The government needs to establish well recognized technical and training institutions, where the skills programmes are offered. To encourage the youth, motivational programmes should be done, such as programmes against drug addiction and homeless individuals. Also, there should be support programmes for mental issues.

The concept of discrimination should be ended from society to create a better atmosphere. The fiscal and monetary measures should be taken in a financial crisis situation. It is the job of the government to give many facilities and benefits to the investors so that they invest more in our country

Such an environment should be created by the government which makes the industrialist set up more and more industries. There are numerous such people of very creative mindset but who are facing high interest rates  on personal loans in Pakistan. The government needs to start a scheme to encourage and promote them. The businessmen should be encouraged to start their own business or continue with their family businesses.

Unemployment is a significant issue for any economy. It creates adverse impacts on the unemployed as they are jobless and suffer from worse chances to find a new job, and those who are employed feel less secure about keeping their jobs in future. It is the job of the government to strictly monitor the implementation of laws. The people of the country should help the government to fight against unemployment. Therefore, every citizen should follow the rules and regulations in their true spirit and should maintain discipline. To make our country successful, along with the government, every individual should do their part of the job.

Zoha Aziz


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Pakistan Today

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Causes And Effects Of Unemployment In Pakistan

Unemployment in Pakistan has far-reaching causes and effects. Factors such as rapid population growth, a lack of quality education, economic instability, and insufficient job opportunities contribute to the high unemployment rate. The consequences of unemployment include poverty, social unrest, increased crime rates, and a decline in overall economic growth. Understanding these causes and effects is crucial for implementing effective policies and interventions to address the issue of unemployment in Pakistan.

Picture of Causes And Effects Of Unemployment In Pakistan

Unemployment in Pakistan is one of the major economic and social challenges facing the country. With millions of people unemployed, it has an immense impact on both individuals and communities. Due to population growth and lack of employment opportunities, unemployment is becoming more widespread every year. This can have a devastating effect on local economies, public services, income levels, consumer confidence and increasing poverty levels. In this blog post we are going to explore some of the causes and effects of unemployment in Pakistan so that you can gain insight into how it affects society.

  • Unemployment in Pakistan

Unemployment is an ever-growing issue that affects many countries around the world, including Pakistan. The current situation in Pakistan regarding unemployment is quite alarming and needs to be addressed urgently. According to recent statistics, the unemployment rate in Pakistan is around 5.8%, which does not seem like a significant number. However, when we take into account the soaring population, especially the youth, the figures become quite concerning.

The government needs to take strong measures to curb this issue and provide more job opportunities for the people. Without employment, people cannot sustain themselves or their families, which can lead to poverty and other related problems. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to find a solution to this issue and ensure that everyone in the country has access to a decent job, regardless of their background.

Prevalence of unemployment in Pakistan

Unemployment in Pakistan is a growing concern. With a population of over 220 million people and a workforce of around 65 million, the country is struggling to provide sufficient job opportunities for its citizens. The problem is particularly acute for young people, who make up around 60% of the population and face an unemployment rate of around 10%.

Despite efforts by the government to boost employment through investment and economic reform, the situation continues to worsen, with many people struggling to make ends meet. The consequences of long-term unemployment can be devastating for individuals and families, leading to poverty, social exclusion and a range of health problems. It is clear that urgent action is needed to address this crisis and ensure that everyone in pakistan has the opportunity to earn a living and contribute to society.

  • Causes of unemployment in pakistan

1- Growing population

Pakistan faces a daunting challenge with its growing population and simultaneous rise in unemployment rates. The reasons behind this phenomenon are multi-faceted and intricate. One of the biggest culprits of unemployment is rapid urbanization that has created an insufficient job market. This has led to a surplus of workers competing for a limited number of vacancies.

Another factor is the lack of quality education and training opportunities that results in a mismatch between the skills and knowledge of the workforce and the demands of the job market. Furthermore, the economy's over-reliance on the agricultural sector has also contributed to unemployment, with limited job opportunities available in other industries. As the population continues to grow, the need to address this issue becomes more urgent.

2- Illiteracy

Illiteracy is a major issue in pakistan that has resulted in a high rate of unemployment. The lack of education and basic literacy skills has left a significant portion of the population struggling to find gainful employment. While several factors contribute to the unemployment rate in pakistan, illiteracy remains a top cause. The inability to read and write limits job opportunities, as many jobs require basic literacy skills.

Furthermore, illiteracy perpetuates poverty and limits access to healthcare and other crucial resources that are necessary for individuals to be healthy and employable. Consequently, it is vital that efforts are made to address illiteracy in pakistan to alleviate the burden of unemployment and give citizens an opportunity to improve their economic status.

3- Flawed education system

The flaws in pakistan’s education system have been cited as one of the major reasons for the high rate of unemployment in the country. Students often graduate from schools and universities without the necessary skills and knowledge required for the job market. The system focuses more on rote learning and theoretical concepts rather than practical application and critical thinking.

Additionally, there is a mismatch between the subjects taught and the demands of the job market, resulting in a shortage of skilled workers in certain fields and an oversupply of graduates in others. Reforms in the education system are necessary to bridge this gap and provide students with the skills they need to secure employment and contribute to the economy.

4- Economic state of pakistan

Pakistan's economy has been facing a challenging phase for the past few years, and one of the most significant concerns is the rising unemployment rate. Despite efforts to boost job opportunities, various factors still contribute to the unemployment problem in the country. One of the leading causes is the lack of investment in the economy, leading to minimal business growth and limited job opportunities.

Additionally, the education system fails to equip students with the skills necessary for the job market, leaving graduates unemployed. The agricultural sector's decline is another reason, with fewer people employed in farming and agriculture. Furthermore, political instability, corruption, and ineffective policies have all contributed to the unemployment crisis in pakistan. With a focus on implementing effective and sustainable solutions, pakistan can address its growing unemployment problem and pave the way for a thriving economy.

View More: Various Health Stress Of Unemployment In Pakistan

5- Energy crisis

Pakistan is facing a severe energy crisis that has been plaguing the country for years. The shortage of electricity and gas in pakistan has caused immense problems for citizens and businesses alike, leading to frequent power outages and even blackouts. The country's economy has suffered tremendously as a result, with factories shutting down and productivity taking a hit. The situation has only been exacerbated by the rising demand for energy, coupled with lack of investment in the sector.

With pakistan's population projected to grow significantly in the coming years, it's crucial that the government takes immediate action to address this crisis and ensure a sustainable supply of energy for the country's citizens and businesses.

6- Shift of our textile industries

Pakistan's textile industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. With the introduction of modern technology and innovative techniques, the industry has witnessed a major shift in its overall production and manufacturing processes. Today, pakistan is recognized as one of the leading textile producers in the world, with a diverse range of products that cater to various international markets.

This shift has not only enhanced the country's reputation, but it has also provided much-needed employment opportunities to thousands of people. With this progress, the textile industry in pakistan is poised to contribute more significantly to the country's overall economic growth in the years to come.

7- High taxation rate

For years, the taxation rate in pakistan has been a source of worry for its citizens and investors alike. With one of the highest taxation rates in the region, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to expand and flourish, while the average citizen struggles to make ends meet. The issue of tax evasion only exacerbates the problem, as the burden of tax collection falls disproportionately on those who are already paying their fair share.

Despite the government's efforts to decrease the tax evasion rate, it remains a significant issue. The need for a fair and efficient taxation system in pakistan is vital for the country's economic growth and the well-being of its citizens. A reform in the tax system is necessary to encourage both local and foreign investment to help create more jobs and increase the tax base, leading to decreased dependence on foreign aid and increased self-sufficiency for pakistan.

8- Lack of technology

Pakistan's lack of technology has become a pressing issue that is preventing it from unleashing its full potential. Despite the country being home to a vibrant and talented population, the lack of access to advanced technology is hampering progress across all sectors. The challenges of poverty, inadequate infrastructure, and an underdeveloped education system have compounded the problem, leaving pakistan behind many of its regional neighbors.

However, the government, private sector, and civil society are starting to recognize the urgent need for technology to drive growth and development. By embracing digital innovation and investing in the technology sector, pakistan can unlock a brighter future for its people and society as a whole.

Effects of unemployment

9- Less money

Pakistan is a nation that has been facing economic hurdles for various years, but lately, the country has been hit by a more substantial crunch. The dwindling economy has ensured that people have less money to use, and the situation is dire. It is affecting not only the citizens but also the whole nation as it generates a sense of insecurity and uncertainty about the future. The government of pakistan is striving to find possible solutions to turn around the situation, but the people of pakistan also need to come together and contribute to solving the problem.

The country possesses immense natural resources, a diverse and dedicated workforce, but without enough money, the economy is weakened, causing a ripple effect throughout the nation. To solve the problem, pakistan requires strategic planning and a collaborative effort towards achieving definite goals, and with the right strategy, pakistan can become a prosperous nation again.

10- Health stress & mental disturbance

Pakistan is a country that has been riddled with health stress and mental disturbance for decades. With a high poverty rate, political instability, and ongoing terrorism threats, it’s no wonder that people in this nation are feeling the strain. The situation is exacerbated by the lack of mental health facilities and infrastructure, making it difficult for those who need help to access the resources they need. It’s not just adults who are affected; children and adolescents are also grappling with the mental health ramifications of living in a country where violence and instability permeate daily life.

Despite these challenges, there are organizations and individuals working tirelessly to address this issue and improve the mental well-being of pakistan’s citizens. It’s important that we bring attention to this pressing issue and work towards making mental health support more widely available for those who need it.

11- Economic suffering

The economic situation in pakistan has been a subject of concern for many years. Despite the country's rich natural resources and strategic geographic location, pakistan has struggled to establish a stable and prosperous economy. The recent pandemic has only worsened the situation, with many struggling to put food on the table. The daily wage earners have been hit hardest, unable to work due to nationwide lockdowns and social distancing measures.

Moreover, the country faces a significant debt burden while struggling to attract foreign investment and stabilizing its currency. However, the people of pakistan remain resilient in their pursuit of a better tomorrow, and the government is working to implement economic reforms to improve the situation.

12- Mental disturbance

Mental disturbance has become a pressing issue in pakistan. The country has been facing ongoing political instability, economic turmoil, and natural disasters, which have resulted in high levels of stress and anxiety among its citizens. Furthermore, lack of awareness and a stigma surrounding mental health prevent many individuals from seeking professional help.

This is particularly alarming as suicide rates in pakistan continue to rise. It is crucial that the government and healthcare institutions prioritize mental illness and promote its acceptance within society. Accessible and affordable mental health resources must be made available to those in need. By addressing this issue head-on, pakistan can truly begin to rebuild and support its citizens' overall well-being.

13- Labor exploitation

The issue of labor exploitation is a gruesome reality in many parts of the world, and pakistan is no exception. Employers take advantage of vulnerable workers, paying them unfairly, and making them work long hours in dangerous and unhygienic conditions. Children, in particular, are highly vulnerable to exploitation, with many working in brick kilns and as domestic servants.

The government of pakistan has made some efforts to combat labor exploitation, but these measures are not enough to put an end to the problem entirely. It's time for the international community to step up and join hands with local stakeholders to put an end to this shameful practice and ensure that every worker is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

14- Social dilemmas

In pakistan, social dilemmas often revolve around issues of gender equality, poverty, and education. Despite government efforts to address these issues, many pakistanis still struggle to access basic resources and opportunities. For instance, women often face discrimination in the workplace and in society at large, while impoverished individuals may not have access to healthcare or clean water.

Education is also a major concern, as many children and adults cannot afford to attend school or lack the necessary resources to succeed academically. While progress is being made in some areas, there is still much work to be done to ensure that all pakistanis have access to basic rights and opportunities.

Unemployment is a wide spread socio-economic issue in pakistan. In conclusion, we can see that the main causes of it are a lack of education, low wages, poor working conditions, an absence of qualified labor, and a dearth of jobs. The effects this has had on the country are alarming, ranging from increasing poverty and inequality to greater crime rates and mental health issues. It is clear that if these root causes continue to be addressed ineffectively, or even ignored altogether, the problem will only get worse.

This situation needs systematic solutions which should address both short- and long-term issues like providing more vocational training for those who cannot go to college or take advantage of other educational opportunities, introducing better labor laws and practices so that workers feel more secure in their positions and gain higher wages, offering employability-boosting incentives and tax breaks to small businesses so that they can create more workplaces—the list goes on. If we really want to make a positive change across pakistan’s society—especially for its youth—only then can employment rise along with the nation’s wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main causes of unemployment in pakistan.

There are several main causes of unemployment in Pakistan: 1. Rapid population growth: The high population growth rate outpaces job creation, resulting in a surplus of labor and limited job opportunities. 2. Lack of quality education: Inadequate access to quality education and skills training leaves many individuals ill-prepared for the job market, leading to unemployment. 3. Economic instability: Fluctuating economic conditions, including inflation, low GDP growth, and fiscal deficits, create an uncertain business environment, hindering job creation. 4. Insufficient job opportunities: Limited job opportunities in both the public and private sectors fail to accommodate the growing labor force, leading to unemployment. 5. Skill mismatch: There is often a mismatch between the skills possessed by job seekers and the requirements of available positions, leading to unemployment or underemployment. 6. Gender inequality: Women face significant barriers to employment, including cultural norms, lack of opportunities, and limited access to education and resources. 7. Rural-urban divide: Disparities in job opportunities and economic development between rural and urban areas contribute to higher unemployment rates in rural regions. Addressing these causes requires comprehensive strategies focusing on education reform, investment in job creation, skill development, promoting entrepreneurship, and reducing economic disparities to alleviate unemployment in Pakistan.

What are the reasons and effects of unemployment?

There are various reasons and effects of unemployment: Reasons for Unemployment: 1. Economic recession: Downturns in the economy can lead to reduced business activity and job losses. 2. Technological advancements: Automation and advancements in technology can lead to job displacement and reduced demand for certain skills. 3. Lack of skills: Insufficient education or training can result in a mismatch between the skills possessed by job seekers and those demanded by employers. 4. Demographic factors: Population growth, retirement of older workers, and changes in labor force participation rates can impact unemployment rates. 5. Government policies: Certain policies or regulations may create barriers to job creation or hinder workforce mobility. Effects of Unemployment: 1. Financial hardships: Unemployed individuals often face financial difficulties due to the loss of income, leading to economic instability and poverty. 2. Mental health issues: Unemployment can contribute to stress, anxiety, depression, and a decline in overall mental well-being. 3. Social consequences: Unemployment can strain relationships, erode social connections, and lead to social isolation and exclusion. 4. Skills deterioration: Prolonged unemployment can result in a loss of skills and work experience, making it harder to find employment in the future. 5. Reduced economic growth: High unemployment rates can slow down economic growth and hinder overall development by limiting consumer spending and investment. Addressing unemployment requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on creating job opportunities, investing in education and skills training, promoting entrepreneurship, and implementing supportive social welfare programs to mitigate its negative effects on individuals and society as a whole.

What are the 7 causes of unemployment?

The seven main causes of unemployment are as follows: 1. Economic Recession: Economic downturns and recessions can lead to reduced business activity, causing companies to downsize or lay off workers. 2. Technological Advancements: Automation and technological advancements can replace jobs previously performed by humans, resulting in unemployment. 3. Globalization: Globalization and outsourcing of jobs to other countries with lower labor costs can lead to job losses in certain industries. 4. Lack of Skills or Education: Insufficient education or skills that are not aligned with the demands of the job market can result in unemployment. 5. Demographic Factors: Population growth, changes in the labor force participation rate, and shifts in the age distribution can affect unemployment rates. 6. Government Policies: Certain government policies and regulations can impact job creation and workforce mobility, either positively or negatively. 7. Cyclical Unemployment: Fluctuations in the business cycle, such as booms and busts, can lead to cyclical unemployment as demand for goods and services changes. Understanding these causes can help policymakers, businesses, and individuals develop strategies and policies to address unemployment effectively and create a more robust and inclusive job market.

essay on unemployment in pakistan

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Essay On Unemployment In Pakistan Causes, Solution

Essay On Unemployment In Pakistan Causes, Solution, The problem of unemployment on a vast scale, is a world phenomenon. It is not confined to Pakistan or developing countries alone but certainly, it is more serious and pronounced in developing and under-developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Pakistan is the largest country in terms of population and manpower but because of the lack of proper opportunities for employment, there is a huge waste of manpower. There are skilled, intelligent, and trained hands but there is no suitable job for them. Unemployment causes frustration, indiscipline, and crimes among people. Because of increasing unemployment, there is appalling poverty, social evils, and crimes. In Pakistan, the chronic problem of unemployment is widespread. There are thousands of men and women waiting for employment in cities and villages. There is huge unemployment among educated, trained, and skilled people.

Essay On Unemployment In Pakistan Causes, Solution

This is a factual but sad commentary on our present education and training system and institutions. We need urgently a system of vocational education that is both competitive and make friendly. About 80 percent of educational institutions are under the government. Our schools and technical institutes do not equip the students properly to suit the market demands. The circular is outdated and sometimes even irrelevant. In this age of globalization, we need fundamental structural changes in our entire education system for improving the unemployment problem. In the final conclusion, education for its own sake is not desirable. It should be for employment and earning. As such, higher education in many cases is simply a waste of valuable resources which a developing country like Pakistan can hardly afford. The indiscriminate expansion of education at college and higher levels should be discouraged. It is important that more attention should be given to elementary and secondary education. In short, we can say that the problem of unemployment in Pakistan can only be reduced if the Pakistani government takes proper measures.

Moin akhtar

I am committed to helping Pakistani students craft successful career paths by merging their individual passions with market trends. As a career counselor, we'll explore both well-established fields and modern industries to find the best fit for you. With personalized counseling and strategic planning, we aim to transform your educational journey into a thriving professional future.

U have mentioned two major reasons for unemployment, but discussed only one!!!

How to get complete essay.. Its too short.

ap buth acha kam kar rhy ho wish you best of luck

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Next Pakistan

Essay on Unemployment in Pakistan with Outline

essay on unemployment in pakistan

  • November 23, 2023

Kainat Shakeel

Unemployment is a critical issue that transcends borders, and Pakistan is no exception. In this essay, we claw into the depths of severance in Pakistan, exploring its literal roots, current challenges, and implicit results. Understanding the complexity of this issue is pivotal for developing effective strategies that can hoist communities and foster profitable stability. 

Historical Overview:

Unemployment in Pakistan has been a patient challenge, with roots tracing back through the country’s history. profitable and social factors have contributed to the eclipse and inflow of job openings. From the early times of independence to the present day, colorful influences have shaped the employment geography. 

Current Situation:

As of (the current time), the unemployment rate in Pakistan is (percentage). The recent global epidemic of COVID-19 has worsened the situation, causing significant job losses across various sectors. The demand for comprehensive solutions has never been more critical.

Causes of unemployment:

Several factors contribute to the high situation of Unemployment in Pakistan. A lack of education and essential chops leaves numerous individuals ill-equipped for the demands of the job request. profitable insecurity, aggravated by factors like affectation and political misgivings, adds to the complexity. also, the rapid-fire growth of the population intensifies the competition for limited job openings. 

Government enterprise:

In recognition of the seriousness of the issue, the government has implemented a range of colorful programs aimed at creating job opportunities. These programs include the development of infrastructure as well as incentives for businesses. Although some have been successful, there are still challenges to be addressed, and a more nuanced approach is necessary for long-term progress. 

Education and Skill Development:

Education plays a vital part in addressing severance. Investing in quality education and skill development programs is essential for creating a pool that meets the demands of evolving diligence. This, in turn, can contribute to a reduction in Unemployment rates. 

Entrepreneurship as a result:

Encouraging entrepreneurship is a crucial aspect of diving severance. By fostering a culture that supports and celebrates entrepreneurial gambles, the nation can produce a pool of tone-employed individualities. Government-backed programs and accessible coffers can pave the way for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Global Influences:

The global frugality has a substantial impact on Unemployment trends in Pakistan. profitable shifts, trade programs, and technological advancements in other corridors of the world can either open new openings or pose challenges for the Pakistani job request. A keen mindfulness of these global influences is vital for effective policymaking. 

Technological Advancements:

The rise of robots and artificial intelligence presents both openings and pitfalls concerning employment. While certain jobs may become obsolete, new avenues for employment in technology-related fields crop. conforming to these changes is pivotal for preparing the pool for the future. 

Social Stigma and Mental Health:

Unemployment not only affects individuals financially but also takes a risk on internal health. Addressing the social stigma associated with Unemployment is essential for fostering a probative society. Mental health enterprise can give an important- demanded safety net for those floundering with the cerebral impacts of retirement. 

Community Involvement:

Original communities and nonprofit associations play a vital part in addressing Unemployment. Grassroots enterprises, mentorship programs, and skill-structure shops contribute to creating a more flexible and exploitable pool. 

Challenges Faced by the Unemployed:

The jobless face multifaceted challenges, from fiscal struggles to societal judgment. Understanding these challenges is pivotal for developing targeted interventions that give meaningful support. 

Success Stories:

Despite the challenges, there are inspiring stories of individuals and communities prostrating Unemployment. These success stories serve as lights of stopgap, showcasing the adaptability and determination that can lead to positive change. 

Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, prognostications for severance trends suggest a need for adaptive strategies. Embracing technological advancements, investing in education, and fostering a culture of invention can contribute to a further promising future. 


In conclusion, Unemployment in Pakistan is a complex issue that demands a holistic approach. By addressing education, embracing entrepreneurship, and navigating global influences, the nation can work towards a future with increased employment openings. It’s a collaborative responsibility to produce a society where the impacts of Unemployment are minimized, and individualities can thrive. 

' data-src=

Kainat Shakeel is a versatile Content Writer Head and Digital Marketer with a keen understanding of tech news, digital market trends, fashion, technology, laws, and regulations. As a storyteller in the digital realm, she weaves narratives that bridge the gap between technology and human experiences. With a passion for staying at the forefront of industry trends, her blog is a curated space where the worlds of fashion, tech, and legal landscapes converge.

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Essay On Unemployment In Pakistan

essay on unemployment in pakistan

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Best Essay On Unemployment with Outline for Students

Unemployment in pakistan essay with outline for the students of b.a, bsc, bcom and bcs.

In this post, you will find an Essay on Unemployment with Outline for the students of B.A, BSC, Bcom and BCS. Here are 3 different examples of this essay with different difficulty levels. You can write the same essay under the title, Essay on Unemployment, Essay on Unemployment in Pakistan, Unemployment essay in Pakistan, unemployment in Pakistan essay. The 1st essay is an outstanding essay with 477 words.

Outline of Unemployment Essays

  • Unemployment is the mother of countless evils.
  • In Pakistan, we find increasing unemployment in different fields.
  • Overpopulation is a major cause of unemployment.
  • The slow economic and scientific progress is perhaps the greatest cause of unemployment.
  • The defective system of our education is also responsible for this serious problem.
  • To get rid of this problem, we have to develop our economy on modern lines.
  • Rapid industrialization can remove the dark clouds of unemployment.
  • Our government is trying to solve this problem as early as possible.

Unemployment means not having enough jobs to employ the unemployed. Unemployment is the mother of countless evils. It pollutes the society and wrecks the political fabric of the county. It turns the law-abiding and honest men into criminals and dacoits. It is difficult to expect truth, nobility and honesty from a person who cannot have two square meals a day, and who cannot provide a morsel of food or a dose of medicine to his sick wife or ailing children. A long spell of poverty and unemployment is a great menace to the state.

In Pakistan, we find increasing unemployment in different fields. Thousands of B.A’s and M.A’s are idle as they cannot even get the jobs of clerks. There are many causes of large scale unemployment.

First of all, the population of our country and other developing countries is rising fast. It becomes difficult to meet the needs of all the additional population. If the population goes on increasing at the present speed, all efforts of the government to provide employment and food for the public are bound to fail.

The slow economic and scientific progress is perhaps the greatest cause of unemployment. Because of sluggish industrial growth, there are not many large factories and industrial centres where labourers, skilled workers and fresh graduates can get employed.

The defective system of our education is also responsible for this serious problem. We neglect technical education. Our young men do not like physical labour. There are not enough desk jobs available in the country. As a result, unemployment prevails in society. Moreover, the decline of the cottage and small industries are also a cause of unemployment. The increasing demand of goods is also a cause of unemployment. The demand for locally made products has decreased. This thing has created a lot of problems not only for the government but also for the highly skilled artisans.

To get rid of this problem, we have to develop our economy on modern lines. Our agriculture system is backward. We must develop it with new techniques. Besides, we need to develop our cottage industries. These industries need less capital and more manpower.

Rapid industrialization can remove the dark clouds of unemployment. In rural areas, small-scale industries should be set-up.  The government should set up new factories in as many places as possible. Unemployed and skilled workers will be able to get employment in large number.

Our government is trying to solve this problem as early as possible. But in spite of all much more is needed. The concept of education should be changed. Planned limits. The government must create a powerful stimulus for foreign investors. The menace of unemployment cannot be overcome without effective planning. It is only after a long struggle that we can get rid of this evil.

2. Essay On Unemployment, Causes and Solution with Outline

  • Outline A World-wide problem.
  • In Pakistan, unemployment is at its highest peak.
  • A source of discontent.
  • Causes of large-scale unemployment.
  • A comprehensive plan is required to combat unemployment.

Essay On Unemployment In Pakistan for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

Unemployment is an economic term which shows an inability to find work for which one is suited by nature or attainments. It is a worldwide problem. Even rich and advanced countries like America, Britain and France suffer from unemployment. Its percentage varies according to the industrial and economic development of a country.

In Pakistan, unemployment is at its highest peak. All professions are over-crowded. A graduate is not welcomed in any office. There is no scope in the professions of medicine, engineering, law and education. Hundreds of qualified youngsters are wandering in search of jobs. Thousands of labourers and workers are jobless in cities and villages.

Unemployment is a social evil. It is a source of discontent, depression and anxiety for the educated as well as the uneducated people. Corruption, crime, unrest, sin and vices of all sorts prevail in a society where people are unemployed. It brings hunger, starvation, and disease. The frustrated youngsters are falling prey to violence, theft, terrorism, drugs-addiction, drug-trafficking and many other heinous crimes.

There are several causes of large-scale unemployment in Pakistan. Some are the following:

  • Our defective education system is responsible for the high rate of unemployment. It only produces young men who hate manual labour. They want to get only some white-collar job. This system does not meet the economic needs of the country.
  • The pace of economic development of the country is very slow. The mills and factories are unable to absorb all the jobless people. Moreover, ill-planned mechanisation and computer technology are also causing unemployment.
  • In our country, a few privileged persons control the whole economy. Most of them are uneducated and unskill. But, the educated young men have neither the capital nor the opportunities to try their luck in business.
  • The rapid growth of population is a major cause of unemployment. The resources of the country are not enough to maintain such a large population. The result is unemployment.

The large-scale unemployment is creating many social, economic, moral political and psychological problems in our society. Therefore, a comprehensive plan is required to combat unemployment. The education system should be reshaped to produce skilled manpower. the government should speed up the pace of economic development. Especially, the fields of energy telecommunication and transportation should be encouraged. The government should introduce self-employment schemes and set up small industries in rural and underdeveloped areas. Moreover, sincere and adequate steps should be taken to overcome the population explosion. The problem of unemployment cannot be eliminated entirely. However, it can be alleviated with devotion, sincerity and wisdom.

3. Easy Essay on Unemployment for Class 10, Class 12, FA, FSC, BA and BSC

A person who does not have work to earn his livelihood is called an unemployed person. Unemployment is a universal problem. Everybody faces it. Even developed countries like Britain and America face it. Unemployment exists at two levels in our country. There are uneducated people who have no source of income in this country. Unemployment also exists among educated people. This is very dangerous in its results.

Thousands of persons holding master’s degrees are out of job. There are numberless doctors, engineers and scientists who have degrees in their hands but they are unemployed. Even people with foreign qualification wander aimlessly in search of jobs. There are many thousands of unemployed labourers farm workers in villages and workers in cities who are daily breadwinners. Sometimes they do not get work for days and weeks together.

The causes of large-scale unemployment are many.

First, our system of education is defective. It does not fulfil our social and economic needs. It aims at producing clerks and peons instead of technicians and skilful workers. It needs scientists, technical hands and skilful workers. Our education produces young graduates who do not like to work with their hands. We must change our education and harness it to the economic needs of the country.

Secondly, our country is not much advanced in the industry. We have a few mills and factories. We cannot absorb jobless people in these factories and mills.

Thirdly, the industry of the country is controlled by a few privileged people. They do not let others share their experience and capital. If they make a little sacrifice, they can raise a network of industries in the country. The educated people have neither the opportunity nor the capital to set up an industry. The industrialists can give an incentive to the educated people to set up new factories and mills.

Fourthly, our population is increasing rapidly It is very difficult to provide jobs to such a large number of people. They go on increasing every year. Our country is underdeveloped and its sources are limited.

Large-scale unemployment has very bad effects on the progress of the country. Unemployed people do not take part in the development of the country. Moreover, the unemployed people in any society suffer from an inferiority complex. They suffer from the agony that they are worthless and good for nothing. Unemployment brings frustration and disappointment among the educated as well as the uneducated people. It brings in its wake hunger, starvation and disease. It produces a feeling of revolt among the unemployed.

Essay on Unemployment was previously in exams – P.U. 2002, P.U. 2007 B.Sc

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essay on unemployment in pakistan

Ayesha hani

March 30, 2022 at 3:00 pm

awesome!! keep it up…👍👍

essay on unemployment in pakistan

Anila Nadir

December 25, 2022 at 7:29 am

Nice good job 👌

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essay on unemployment in pakistan

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essay on unemployment in pakistan

Write a comprehensive note on unemployment in Pakistan: Social, political, and economic impacts

Write a comprehensive note on unemployment in Pakistan Social, political, and economic impacts

  • Mutahar Iftikhar
  • June 4, 2021
  • CSS , CSS Solved Pakistan Affairs

Solved by Mutahar Iftikhar

PMS Solved Pakistan Affairs Past Paper 2020 | What are the main causes of the energy crisis in Pakistan? What measures do you suggest to address it? PMS 2020

Question’s Breakdown:

The examiner has divided the question into two parts, so you must give relevant weightage to each part. After introducing the subject matter, it would be best to briefly account for unemployment and its determinants in Pakistan. Then, elaborate on its significant social, political, and economic impacts. Hereafter, you must incorporate your critical analysis before ending the question through a brief conclusion, maintaining coherence and relevance to the subject matter.

The answer is solved on the given pattern, which  Sir Syed Kazim Ali  teaches his students, who consistently score the maximum because of their attempting the questions. The content is based on historical facts taught by  Sir Rameez Ch .

essay on unemployment in pakistan

1- Introduction

Overpowering and overshadowing all other concerns Pakistan faces today, unemployment has become the most disturbing fact in the country. It has eroded the socio-economic fabric, leaving the country in social, political, and economic turmoil.

2- Current situation

  • Above 6% unemployment rate 
  • About 7 million jobless youth
  • Substantial brain drainage 
  • Absence of a counter plan

3- Determinants of unemployment

  • Deteriorating the quality of education 
  • Burgeoning population
  • Ebbing aggregate growth rate
  • Declining Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Sky-rocketing inflation

4- Social impacts

  • Swelling discrepancies with degradation of moral standards
  • Increasing crime rate with severe social and psychological stress

5- Political impacts

  • Hunger turns into anger with protests and armed violence
  • Public discontentment and the people-state gap

6- Economic impacts

  • Waste of significant human capital
  • Inconsiderate usage of the country’s natural resources

7- Critical Analysis 8- Conclusion

essay on unemployment in pakistan

Answer to the Question


Unemployment has assumed the centre stage as the most crucial issue- overarching and, in some ways, overpowering all other concerns Pakistan faces today. The country’s unemployment crisis has multiple roots: burgeoning population, declining quality education, and ebbing growth rate. Moreover, it has large-scale social, political, and economic consequences ranging from social discrepancies and psychological stress to increasing crime rates and armed violence. Unemployment has eroded the state’s socio-economic fabric, hurting the average individual and impacting everyday life. Inauspiciously, unemployment is rising in Pakistan, and its consequences are becoming more apparent steadily. The rise in suicide, crime rates, and violent protests- coupled with political indecisiveness and large-scale brain drainage- are some manifestations heralding the severity of the crisis. This answer elaborates on the current unemployment situation in Pakistan and its major determinants, explaining its socio-economic and political impacts.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), Pakistan’s unemployment rate is around 6%, and there are nearly 7 million young people with no way to earn a livelihood. The actual numbers may be even higher; that presents a gloomy picture of the country’s future. Due to various reasons, the government cannot create the desired number of jobs. Therefore, according to the Labour Force Survey of PBS, the employment generation rate has remained near 1.2 million jobs per annum. However, at the minimum, 2 million jobs per annum are needed to meet the demands of the unemployed youth of Pakistan.  

essay on unemployment in pakistan

It is challenging to point out a single source. Rather the widespread unemployment is the compounded outcome of multiple factors: first, the deteriorating quality of education in the country; next to it, exploding population; along with them, the ebbing aggregate growth rate on micro and macro-economic levels; moreover, declining foreign direct investments (FDIs); and, finally, sky-rocketing inflation pushing more and more people below the line of minimum subsistence. Moreover, it is debatable which factor contributes more to the crisis; nevertheless, they all directly or indirectly impact the country’s unemployment scenario. Unfortunately, all the above elements show negative progress in Pakistan, consequently pushing the country into the ever-expanding vortex of unemployment.  

Social impacts

The impacts of widespread unemployment are rife in society. With decreasing opportunities for the educated young people to make their ends meet, a wave of hopelessness is creeping among them. They are forced to spend their lives in abject poverty with no apparent means to earn livelihood to run their homes. Consequently, the disgruntled young people use unfair ways to feed the mouths dependent on them only because they cannot find a decent job. Moreover, as it is aptly said, “A hungry man is a mad man; he does not see what is right and legal, rather what fulfils his and his family’s needs.” Moral, and ethical values are the first victim of the unemployed, hungry man. In this way, social discrepancies lead to a heightened crime rate in the community, leaving a stressed, psychologically disturbed society. Hence, ongoing unemployment turns society upside down, destroying the very fundamentals of humanity.

essay on unemployment in pakistan

Political impacts

Besides social impacts, the political effects of unemployment result in social unrest, violent protests, and public discontentment. Theoretically, a state is responsible for its people’s bread, residence, clothes, and security. When it fails to fulfil its duties of creating opportunities for the people to earn even the minimum subsistence, it leaves no reason for people to believe in the state. Accordingly, political unrest is followed by protests and armed violence, leaving the state in political paralysis. Moreover, the increasing fissure between the public and the state makes the country more prone to fifth-generation warfare. Hence, a robust political environment in the country is highly dependent on the prosperity of its people.  

Economic impacts

The miserable state of the country’s economy is, directly or indirectly, linked to the unemployment crisis. The shortage of opportunities to earn livelihood for young people forms the air of hopelessness, forcing them to move to another place to find opportunities. This large-scale brain drain is the potential human capital loss for Pakistan. Besides, losing the best talents available in the country leaves it incapable of exploiting its natural resources in the most efficient way possible. For an illustration, the graduates with honorary degrees in Pakistan look abroad for a bright future; thus, the country needs to import expertise and technologies to run the country, indeed a dismal situation. Henceforward, a comprehensive plan must be implemented to provide emerging talents and ample opportunities to grow and prosper.

Critical Analysis

Food, clothing, and shelter are the necessities a person needs to live an honourable life. He works day and night tirelessly to get them, earning the amount he requires to satisfy his needs. If there is no place and no job for him to work, social, political, and economic anomalies find their place in the minds of the jobless. That inflicts high short-term and long-term costs on the country, slowly ripping its socio-economic fabric apart.

In a nutshell, the prevalent unemployment crisis in Pakistan has eroded the socio-economic fabric, leaving the country in social, political, and economic turmoil. With no emphasis on tackling its determinants, it is expected to worsen. For instance, poverty, crime rate, political crisis, and economic exploitation are dreadful manifestations of joblessness, resulting in the erosion of social harmony, loss of immense human capital, and destruction of political structures. Consequently, individual economic instability leads to a major debacle derailing the country’s path to peace and prosperity. Conversely, fixing the unemployment problem can have unimaginable benedictions for the country. 

About Mutahar Iftikhar

Mutahar Iftikhar, a proud student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali , writes on various topics about competitive examinations and has also completed his creative writing course from Howfiv.

CSS 2022 Solved Pakistan Affairs Past Papers

The following are the CSS 2022 Pakistan Affairs solved past papers questions. These questions have been evaluated and checked by Pakistan’s top Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs coaches, who are either lecturers or officers and scored the highest marks in this paper. They include Miss Saba Baloch (CSS-2021), Miss Aimeen Mirza (CSS 2018), Miss Nirmal Hasni (DD NAB), Sir Rameez Ch. (Lecturer & Deputy Director), and Miss Zaineb Azam (the highest scorer – 76). Moreover, these questions have been attempted on the same pattern taught by Sir Syed Kazim Ali to his students who have been scoring the highest marks for years.

CSS 2021 Solved Pakistan Affairs Questions

essay on unemployment in pakistan

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essay on unemployment in pakistan

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Unemployment In Pakistan Essay in English

This piece of writing in English is about the Unemployment in Pakistan essay. From the time of establishment to current time, the problem of unemployment in this country is on the vast scale. It is not confined to Pakistan or developing countries along but certainly, it is more serious and pronounced in developing and under developing countries of Asia, Africa, South, and Latin America etc. Pakistan is the largest country in terms of population and manpower, but because of the lack of proper opportunities for employment, there is a huge waste of manpower. There are skilled, intelligent, willing and trained hands but there are no suitable jobs for them. Unemployment in Pakistan causes frustration, alienation, indiscipline and crime among people, especially among the educated men and women.

Because of increasing unemployment, there is appalling poverty, backwardness, social evils and crimes. The number of unemployed men and women registered with the hundreds of employment exchanges is ever on the increase.

essay on unemployment in pakistan

Causes and Effects of Unemployment In Pakistan:

The two main reasons for this chronic and unmanageable problem in Pakistan are rapidly increasing population and defective education system. With such a huge population, Pakistan finds it difficult to make any significant success in the areas of employment, alleviation of poverty and backwardness. This is a factual but sad commentary on our present education and training system and institutions.

We need urgently a system of vocational education which is both competitive and makes friendly. The schools, training institutions and universities should provide quality training and education and not just produce degree and diploma holders in drovers. About 80 percent of educational institutions are under the government. Our schools and technical institutions do not equip the students properly to suit the market demands.

Steps to Control Unemployment In Pakistan:

Recently, some useful steps have been taken to reverse the trend. The UGC has introduced such vocational subjects like advertising, marketing, travel and tourism etc along with regular courses at the graduation. This will result in reducing the gap between education and industry and also remove unemployment in Pakistan to some extent.

Education for its own sake is not desirable. It should be for employment and earning. As such, higher education in many cases is simply a waste valuable resources which a developing country like Pakistan can hardly afford. In this way, the problem of unemployment in Pakistan can be solved. So we need to do work on it.

' src=

I appreciate this but the one problem is bribery culture in our country.Our leader are their in the gov for only earning dollars.I would like to ask a question from all the nation.Are this is our fate or our mistake?

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Essay: Unemployment in Pakistan

Essay details and download:.

  • Subject area(s): Economics essays
  • Reading time: 3 minutes
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  • Published: 26 November 2019*
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  • Words: 792 (approx)
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Text preview of this essay:

This page of the essay has 792 words. Download the full version above.


Unemployment plays very important part in our life. Today I’m going to discuss about the unemployment in Pakistan. Unemployment is one of the biggest problem In Pakistan. That person in unemployed who has ability to do work and Is willing to do work but is unable to get job opportunity in the current situation more than 300,000 peoples are unemployed in Pakistan and unemployment ratio 12% in Pakistan.


Unemployment is a major problem for any country , the position of Pakistan will be seen.we will also look at the urban and rural areas of Pakistan and look at the unemployment rate there. The table below shows the total population of Pakistan. It can be clearly seen the Pakistan is suffering from over population and the being an underdeveloped country it is very difficult to control this. This also effect the employment rate of Pakistan. The population is increasing as we can see in the table. Although the growth rate is decreasing by the actual figure of population has increased from 90.10 million in 2004 to 149.03 in 2009. This shows the rapid rate of increase in force is defined as all persons of ten years of age and more who worked at least one hour during the reference period and were either paid employees or self employed.

This defined by the government of Pakistan. The table below shows the amount of people employed in Pakistan. Of the labour force of 42.75 million 39.4 are employed. 27.6 of them working in the rural areas and 11.8 in the urban areas. We can see the same aspect of the higher population rate in the rural area has caused a higher employment rate in the rural areas. the government has neglected the unregistered people who are actively participating in the labor force but are not employed because there are no jobs available to them. This cause is the negligence of the government and of the people as well as menu. The mayor problem can be seen in the table below. It is the unemployment rate in Pakistan. According to the government is defined as all persons ten years of age and above who during the period under reference were

  • Without work i.e were not in paid employment or self-employed,
  • Currently available for work i.e were available for paid employment or self employment.
  • Seeking work i.e had taken specific steps in a specified period to seek paid employment or self employment.
  • The table reveals that unemployment has increased from 5.89 % in 2004 to 7.82 % in 2009. Similarly unemployment in rural areas, which was 4.98 % in 2005, has risen to 6.94 % in 2006 & urban unemployment has enhanced from 7.95 % in 2004 to 9.92 % in 2009.e


There are two sector of the economy are growing faster than others sector which are dairy sector and industrial sector.


The rapid industrialization plays an important role in accelerating

The rate of growth of the economy. It provides employment opportunities, increase income through multiplier effect and upgrade the technological base of the economy. The high cost of utilities, lack of physical infrastructure, low investment, lack of skilled manpower and R&D capabilities are the main obstacle in industrial growth. The following recommendations are made to ensure sustainable growth of manufacturing sector.

  • The engine of growth of manufacturing be the private sector and the government role may be restricted to provision of utilities and regulatory frame work.
  • Level playing field for domestic and foreign investors and small and large scale producers.
  • Fiscal incentives for promoting research and development and national awards for outstanding R&D achievements and its commercialisation.
  • Improve efficiency of manufacturing sector by tariff reduction and rationalisation to ensure competitiveness in local and foreign markets.
  • Public-private partnership in defence production and removal of discriminatory regulations on import of raw material, parts and assemblies.
  • Fiscal and monetary incentives to invest and develop engineering and chemical industries.
  • In view of WTO regime, manufacturing sector be encouraged to upgrade technology, replace existing machinery and introduce BMR to be competitive in the world market.
  • Industrial estates be developed in close proximity of large engineering units. Development of vendor industry, transfer of technology and provision of credit will follow it.
  • Activate judiciary for fast, efficient and transparent dispute resolution to facilitate access to technology and foreign investment through strategic alliances.
  • Facilitate and encourage private sector to enter into joint ventures with multinationals and use brand names to market products.
  • Cost of doing business is made attractive by reducing utility prices, simplifying the procedures of registration, avoiding multiplicity of taxes and restricting use of discretionary powers by the tax authorities.
  • Encourage value addition in textile industry to remain competitive in the world market.
  • Re-orient the education and training in accordance with manpower requirements of the existing and future industries.

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Violent Unrest Over Economic Strife Erupts in Pakistan’s Kashmir Region

“I have never seen such a large-scale uprising” in the restive region, a teacher at a local university said.

Police officers, some holding batons, walk down a street. Smoke covers part of the street in the background, where protesters are.

By Salman Masood

Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan

Vast protests have broken out in the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir, driven by outrage over soaring electricity bills and flour prices in a region that has long suffered economically because of its status as a conflict zone.

In an attempt to quell the growing unrest — which has led to a widespread strike and left one police officer dead and 90 injured — Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif called an emergency meeting for Monday in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital.

As protesters planned to march this week to Muzaffarabad, the regional capital, the authorities suspended internet service in many areas and shut down schools in the city.

“I have never seen such a large-scale uprising in Pakistan-administered Kashmir,” said Mubashar Naqvi, a Muzaffarabad resident and a teacher at the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. “This protest is unique because it unites people from all walks of life in demanding basic necessities.”

The picturesque but highly militarized Himalayan region of Kashmir, claimed by both Pakistan and India since their independence from Britain in 1947, has been the site of three wars between the estranged neighbors.

The current unrest poses a challenge for the Pakistani military, which maintains a heavy presence in the region, and the civilian leadership in Islamabad. Pakistan regards Kashmir as a disputed territory whose status should be resolved through a United Nations-mandated referendum to allow Kashmiris to choose between being part of Pakistan or India.

But the Pakistani government has faced criticism for suppressing local movements seeking complete independence. Although there have been no strong calls for independence in the current wave of unrest, residents said the protests reflected a general feeling of dissatisfaction.

“There’s a strong sense of anger and frustration among the Kashmiri youth, driven by political disappointment, high inflation and severe unemployment,” Mr. Naqvi said.

The unrest began on Friday when an activist group made up largely of traders initiated a strike in Muzaffarabad that soon led to violent clashes with law enforcement officers. The detention of Kashmiri activists in overnight raids had fueled the call for a strike.

The Kashmiri authorities have urged protesters not to resort to violence. Faisal Mumtaz Rathore, a local government minister, said that a plan to send in paramilitary troops was withdrawn as talks with the protesters continued.

But the real solution, he said, lay with national Pakistani officials. “The big demand of the people, the demand for cheap electricity and the end of power outages, falls under the jurisdiction of the government of Pakistan,” Mr. Rathore said.

The region depends heavily on government jobs and receives little private investment because of its status.

As the protests entered their third day, the streets of Muzaffarabad were quiet on Sunday. Security forces, identified by their black bandannas, were a stark presence at checkpoints. Residents watched from behind closed windows, their daily routines disrupted and their supplies dwindling.

To ease the hardship, protest organizers said essential shops could open for three hours each evening. Ayesha Bibi, 34, a Muzaffarabad resident, expressed her distress over her young child’s needs.

“She hasn’t had milk for two days,” Ms. Bibi said. “We can bear hunger, but denying us basic services like affordable electricity and wheat flour is unbearable.”

Siddique Haidari, 68, another resident, lamented the widespread damage caused by the clashes. “Every home here shows the damage,” he said.

Jalaluddin Mughal contributed reporting.


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