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The Ultimate Guide to GAMSAT Section 2

Please note that GAMSAT ‘Section II: Written Communication’ has been renamed to ‘Written Communication Section’. To ensure this article is easy to follow, we’ll refer to this section as ‘Section 2’ throughout. Read about the latest changes to the GAMSAT .

In our GAMSAT Section 2 guide, we’ll walk you through what to expect in Section 2 and how best to prepare for it. We’ll also go through a free example Section 2 task with expert guidance on how to structure this essay.

Just starting GAMSAT revision? We recommend building your GAMSAT knowledge by going through GAMSAT preparation material, such as:

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Once you’ve finished going through this article, we recommend reading the ultimate guide to GAMSAT Section 3 , to give you a comprehensive overview of the entire GAMSAT exam. If you missed the first article in this series, make sure you check out our ultimate guide to GAMSAT Section 1 too.

Table of contents

Gamsat section 2 structure, what does gamsat section 2 test, how should i approach preparation for gamsat section 2, free example task for gamsat section 2.

GAMSAT section

Number of GAMSAT questions

Section time

Time per question

Written Communication

Approximately 30 minutes

For GAMSAT 2024 testing, Section 2 will now be delivered via remote proctoring and will take place approximately two weeks before Section 1 and 3 (these sections will take place at a test centre as normal). Remote proctoring is a form of online remote test delivery which includes being supervised by a remote proctor via screen sharing and webcam monitoring. Learn more about how remote proctoring will work including top tips for ensuring it goes smoothly.

The purpose of GAMSAT Section 2 is to test your ability to effectively and logically express your thoughts. Essays marked will be judged on quality of thinking and how well you articulate this thinking through written language. In order to do this, you must identify the common theme running through the presented comments, and plan and structure your essay before you begin writing.

This section is split into two writing tasks: Task A and Task B. In each GAMSAT Section 2 task, you will read four or five comments on a common theme and must write an essay that responds to one or more of them.

  • Task A tends to focus on socio-cultural issues, such as law, religion and economic narratives. It’s best suited to an argumentative essay style. 
  • Task B tends to focus more on personal and social issues, such as emotions, feelings and the lived experience. Therefore, a creative or reflective essay could be the best option if you feel comfortable writing in this style.

For those with a pure science background, Section 2 can be the most daunting part of the GAMSAT exam. Not only this, the digital exam format means you’ll need to type out your responses (with no automatic spelling and grammar checks). If this is something you struggle with, we advise improving your typing speed and accuracy before sitting the GAMSAT.

Graphic showing someone typing on their laptop

For GAMSAT Section 2 preparation, we recommend that you break down the steps and timing for each task as follows:

  • Assess the task (2 minutes)
  • Brainstorm your response (4 minutes)
  • Outline your essay (4 minutes)
  • Write your essay (17–18 minutes)
  • Review your essay (2–3 minutes)

As you can see, you should spend just over a third of the time limit planning and reviewing your essay, and allocate the rest to writing time.

According to the ACER GAMSAT Information Booklet , you’ll be assessed on ‘the quality of the thinking about a topic’ and ‘the way in which ideas are integrated into a thoughtful response to the task’. This means you should concentrate more on the depth and organisation of ideas, rather than breadth. A sensible guideline to follow for a non-creative essay is an introduction, a few body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

To perform well in this section, it’s critical that you demonstrate that you have correctly understood the theme, thought through different angles on the issue or topic, and taken a clear stance in relation to it. This can be achieved through analysing the task and brainstorming carefully.

In GAMSAT Section 2 essays, it’s a good idea to write about a few concepts that you understand, and communicate these in a logical and coherent way, rather than to present too many ideas in an unstructured manner. Also, some students can focus too heavily on individual quotes and end up missing the overall theme, or fixate too much on the theme and neglect the variety of opinions on a topic. Success in GAMSAT Section 2 requires a careful balance between the two.

Task A example essay question

Consider the following comments and develop a piece of writing in response to one or more of them.

Your writing will be judged on the quality of your response to the theme, how well you organise and present your point of view, and how effectively you express yourself.

Comment 1 The internet is an elite organisation. Most of the population of the world has never even made a phone call. Noam Chomsky

Comment 2 The internet is forever demanding that the real world be redefined to suit its whims. Terry Pratchett

Comment 3 The Web is a tremendous grassroots revolution. Tim Berners-Lee

Comment 4 The internet’s primary function is to allow people to hear what they want to hear.

Task A example essay guidance

Here’s a step-by-step process of how to approach this task:

Step 1: Assess the task (2 minutes)

1. First, assess the task by reading through all the comments and identifying the overarching theme. In this initial stage, your focus should be on determining which comments you can thoughtfully explore in relation to the theme. This will guide the subsequent decisions you make when planning and writing your essay. As we know that Task A will generally be on a socio-cultural theme, this can help with the first step of identifying the theme in the task. 

Step 2: Brainstorm your response (4 minutes)

2. After identifying the core theme and comments you wish to use, you should think about some pros and cons, as well as your own opinion. In this brainstorming phase, you should reflect on both sides of the topic and note down a few succinct examples for each side. Try to pursue ideas that you find interesting or exciting, as this sense of authenticity can develop your ideas and improve your writing. 

You can use any method to capture your thoughts in response to the task, such as a spider diagram or a table with arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ the statement. By the end of this step, you should have comprehensive notes on many relevant ideas and examples, ready for organising.

Step 3: Outline your essay (4 minutes)

3. Now it’s time to decide how you would like to present all of this thinking to the reader. You should carefully select ideas that will strengthen your essay, and disregard anything that doesn’t contribute to the overall argument. Make sure you decide on your conclusion before organising your chosen ideas into a logical and coherent structure as follows:

  • Introduction: Identify the theme and define the key concepts (use relevant brainstorming notes).
  • Two body paragraphs: Explore one side of the issue in the first paragraph and explore the other side of the issue in the second paragraph. Provide examples in both paragraphs and arrange all your notes on comments, pros and cons, and examples.
  • Conclusion: This is where you should state your own opinion. A strong conclusion accounts for everything that has gone before it (both pros and cons), and makes a logical deduction from that.

Step 4: Write your essay (17–18 minutes)

4. After assessing and planning your essay, it’s time to start writing! 

  • Introduction: The purpose of the introductory paragraph is to provide a clear indication of what’s to come. Identify the core theme, briefly define any key concepts within this theme, and then finish by indicating the other side of the theme.
  • First body paragraph: Present the first side of the argument as clearly and convincingly as you can, and include one or two points with supporting examples which connect to one of the comments.
  • Second body paragraph: Present the other side of the argument as clearly and convincingly as you can, and include one or two points with supporting examples which connect to one of the comments. The key difference between this and the first body paragraph is that you’ll need to show an awareness of the previous paragraph, such as through terminology like ‘however’. 
  • Conclusion: In the final paragraph, you should assert your own opinion – this means you need to pick a side. You could start by directly stating your opinion, and then give reasons as to why you come down on that side. Alternatively, you could briefly summarise both sides, then move swiftly to your opinion. Whatever approach you take, try to end on a strong note to show that you’re in control of the logic presented in the essay.

Note that you can easily adapt this structure to write an essay with a different number of paragraphs. For example, if you want to write one paragraph for all three comments in a task, you would simply plan for three body paragraphs instead of two.

Step 5: Review your essay (2–3 minutes)

5. If you’ve successfully carried out the first four steps, then this step shouldn’t take too long. You can use this time to proofread your essay, which includes checking the grammar, spelling and punctuation. If you have time, you could even add a sentence or two throughout to strengthen the essay if needed. However, by this point, your essay should be close to perfect. This time would be best spent reviewing your work rather than making any major changes.

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gamsat section 2 essay examples

Section II Essay Structure

You don’t need to memorise a dictionary to score well in the GAMSAT Section II, it’s your expression of ideas that mostly dictate how well your essays are scored.

In general, I like to point students to consider blending  philosophy  into our essay writing, since doing so will introduce students to a vast array of ideas that often overlap with GAMSAT topics. We have plenty of resources to get you started . The only thing left to do is to incorporate our ideas into a fully-fledged essay. Not unlike an artisan cheesecake, there are certain steps that we must follow to arrive at the ideal outcome. Below is the  secret recipe  for how to structure your writing and score well.

*Don’t worry, I will explain this shortly. See Body Paragraph 1.


The introduction should serve as a simple outlay for the ideas you will be discussing in your essay. To start you off, I suggest following a simple, 3 sentence format.

  • Present your opening  Social Problem  and how it relates to the topic.
  • How does this  Social Problem  impact the individual. Is it an urgent matter?
  • Allude to your philosophical solution of choice; how can it solve the problem?

As your writing skills develop, you may find yourself adding more content to your introduction. However, always be sure you refer back to these core fundamentals within each essay. Below is a sample introduction written for a topic on “technology”  (May 2020 GAMSAT prompt ).

“ (1)  The unimpeded progression of digital transformation has revolutionalised the process in which we interconnect with family and friends, yet, the transparent nature inherent within this form of communication has encouraged uniformity in the way we express ourselves.  (2)  In many ways, technology has subdued our individual identities, to live in such a state that is bereft of true expression, is a heinous sin to ourselves and a disservice to our precious earthly time.  (3)  In alleviating this irrational phenomenon, introspection into our virtues can provide clarity in finding meaningful purpose within ourselves.”


I’ve been making constant reference to a  Social Problem , what exactly does it mean? A  Social Problem  is a problem that allows us to link the theme of the prompt, to a current-day issue. This helps give substance to our discussions, we’re also able to discuss content that we’ve prepared for. For  Social Problems  it is important to prepare issues that are generally applicable to a wide array of prompts.

What are some  Social Problems?

  • Extravagance.  Materialistic goods and lavish spending habits are almost synonymous with a successful businessperson. Our addiction to this lifestyle creates severe interpersonal problems, especially when we begin to use money as a measure of self-worth.
  • External validation.  Perhaps due to an increase in the capabilities of technology, the ease of communication between many individuals has potentiated the value of external opinion. Our society and in the individuals within are constantly plagued by anxiety and worry of meaningless comments and ‘likes’.
  • Selfishness.

Critically, these discussion points can be applied to a wide array of GAMSAT prompts. Below is an example of how a prompt on “love” can be linked to the broad  Social Problem  of “extravagance”.

Our society promotes an insatiable love for consumerism and materialistic goods. This deeply ingrained habit has perpetuated countless disruptions to an authentic social order. As a collective, we often define ourselves and acquaintances by the number of extravagant gifts and exotic clothes we own; our perception of self-worth can be simply quantified with a dollar symbol. Moreover, our society sets this example for all individuals to follow, a life in pursuit of glamour and glitz, free from the ‘distractions’ of meaningful relationships and passions. Those who follow this path are condemned to an insincere lifestyle that would ultimately yield unrewarding results. Love is an essential element to a fulfilling and sustainable life, a crucial component that is underappreciated within our era.


Here, the main goal is to make your examiner  care  about what you have to write. I mean, it’s all  great  to say that we live in a consumerist, sexist, racist, selfish, and overall problematic society, but why does any of that  matter ? Why should you (or your examiner)  care  about any of this?

To solve this riddle, I usually have one key suggestion.

  • Authenticity.  We should care, simple because we only have one life to live.  We need to make the most of the time that we are given, to maximise the meaning and true gratification within our lives.

Here is how you can incorporate this simple idea into a GAMSAT prompt on “success”.

“The transient nature of our existence, necessarily hastens the need for us to redefine success. With each waking moment diminishing, how wasteful must it be, to spend our times fulfilling society’s norms of successful life. The subjective opinions of others, will often corrode our own resolve, leading us to choose regretful actions in the pursuit of success and prestige. We don’t want to live out own later years with regret, reminiscing of missed opportunities that could have brought us meaning within our lives. We must realise in earnest, that to find forms of long-lasting gratification, would be the only true success worth pursuing.”


This is the fun part, pick and choose some  philosophical ideas  to provide a solution to all the problems you were previously discussing. I give some advice on curating philosophical evidence  here.

Here is an example of how Confucian philosophy can be applied to a prompt on “space travel”.

“Whilst space exploration seeks clues outward toward the infinite oblivion, to find true meaning within our lives we must turn inward toward our personal chasms. Classical Chinese philosopher – Confucius once mused, “The virtues of courage and sincerity are bedrock to a wholesome lifestyle.” Just like how the first astronauts courageously boarded the spaceships, we must also show courage and faith in pursuing our dreams. These Chinese virtues denounce a life in pursuit of materialistic goods, opting instead for time spent in pursuing the subjective ideals of each individual. By acting with these virtues in mind, we take the first steps in fabricating an exploration of our most sincere desires, whatever they may be. In doing so, we act as role models for those around us, promoting meaningful lifestyles that are worth exploring.”


Keep it simple, you’ve done all the hard work already. Follow a similar 3 sentence structure to your introduction, aim to summarise your ideas in a captivating way.

Below is a sample conclusion for a topic on “government control”.

“Whilst the Government aims to promote the interests of most, it’s actions paradoxically detract from the freedom to make our own choices. When such circumstances could adversely effect the fulfillment we find within life, we ought to reject the oppressive ideologies of massed Government thinking. To do so, the teachings of virtue ethics elects us to find the courage to lead our own path, one that is tailored to our own wishes. Whilst breaking into an authentic and individual lifestyle may prove daunting, we are eternally rewarded with knowledge that our efforts are condensed on a noble cause, ourselves.”


Follow this structure and you’ll be well on your way to scoring 70+. All these components are complete in our high scoring  sample essays .

If you’re after a more detailed explanation, including expertly  collated  philosophical ideas,  quote banks  and even  more  sample essays, check out our   essay guides . The September 2020 edition has a completely  new  refresh of  philosophers  so you can rest assured you’ll be writing on something unique.

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Sample Essays: Task A & Task B


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GAMSAT essay tips

How to Write a Creative Essay for GAMSAT Section 2

by Elliot Dolan-Evans , 12 September, 2023 Read 1717 times

It will soon be particularly busy for students hoping to get into medical school in order to prepare for the GAMSAT . But don’t worry - we are here to help! 

Now is the perfect time to begin writing GAMSAT® essays in preparation for what lies ahead. I am strongly encouraging my humanities classes to aim to submit multiple essays from this week right up until the September GAMSAT® Exam.

September GAMSAT Course Reopening

The second essay of the GAMSAT® Exam, often referred to as the “reflective” essay, truly should be thought of as the creative essay; hence the quotation marks. Where the initial argumentative essay task should be quite structured and deliberate, the creative essay is much broader in the type of writing permissible. Although this freedom may strike fear into many scientifically-wired students, I want to emphasise that this is a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity in your own way. Many students believe that the “reflective” essay in the GAMSAT® Exam is restricted to a personal reflective account; the great news is that this is not the case.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood. - Tom Robbins

Childhood is not from birth to a certain age, and at a certain age the child is grown and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies. - Edna St. Vincent Millay

I think all of us are always five years old in the presence and absence of our parents. - Sherman Alexie

Grown up, and that is a terribly hard thing to do. It is much easier to skip it and go from one childhood to another. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

It is not easy to be crafty and winsome at the same time, and few accomplish it after the age of six. - John W. Gardner

Similar to the argumentative writing task, you still need to address your creative writing to a theme. For the above quotes, the overall theme is ‘childhood’, then there are multiple sub-themes such as ‘growth’, ‘happiness’, ‘family’, and ‘trauma’ (that I have identified). 

When you craft your creative response, you should be writing within these themes; however, please do not feel you need to repeat any of the stimuli quotes. You do not need to be restricted by these quotes; these are best used as inspiration and to give direction by identifying a theme. 

So, what to write? Here are some bullet point ideas from the provided quotes above: 

Stolen childhood - growing up too early 

How our parents impact who we grow up to be 

Choosing to relive “childhood” as an adult 

A childhood trauma that shapes a secret part of an individual 

Designing a submission that will captivate the reader is very important, and this may be achieved by ensuring your piece is well-written, relatable or even controversial. Crafting a piece of writing with a strong focus on the characters’ emotions is my best advice for this essay, as I feel the GAMSAT® Exam writing task is almost to test your empathy for medical school . An excellent way to do this is through describing the emotions of a character(s) in intricate detail. Below is an excerpt of an example based on the quotes above, for you to ponder:

My father worked in manual labour at the main mining site which resided a couple of kilometres from the beach. My three older brothers were all asked to work at a similar age before me, so I was not surprised to receive the 'call-to-arms'. Upon his request, I smiled and assured him I would walk with him and my brothers every second day to the site, but on the inside, I was filled with rage. Why couldn't he just work as the adult? Why did he have to extinguish our time as kids so early just to make a couple of extra dollars? The frustration, sadness and anger formed a lump in my stomach that made me want to scream at the top of my lungs, but my respect for what had to be done maintained this rage within a fortified cage in my psyche.

And so my days as a boy rolled away like the current on the shore, and I went to work on the mine. Every day as I fell onto the descending pits that we scrapped from, I became more determined to find a way out of this hole. My gangly arms burned as I beat rock with metal, and the beads of sweat mixed into the minerals that covered my face as I pushed through the pain and exhaustion. Although I wished I could be back at the beach, around all my brothers and sisters, I knew I needed to be there for the family. Over time though, the days in the mine became the fire that drove me to find a better life for myself, and without knowing, my own family. Every day I was not at the mine, I went to school and studied my heart out. My worn hands grasping pen and paper, writing formulas or essays, gave me a sense of hope and fulfillment, that I may do more one day for myself.

For more tips on how to prepare for and ace GAMSAT® Section 2, check out our comprehensive guide:  GAMSAT Section 2 Essays: How to Prepare .

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The Ultimate Guide to GAMSAT UK Section 2

Written by: Matt Amalfitano-Stroud

Section 2 of the GAMSAT (Written Communication) is the most unique part of the test, as it’s a writing task instead of a multiple-choice test. It’s also the shortest segment – with two tasks to analyse and complete in such a short amount of time, you’re going to need to be well-prepared to succeed in this part of the exam. This guide will explain what you should expect from Section 2 and how you can ensure you’re ready for anything it throws at you; let’s get started!

Exams Ninja Question Mark Icon


Let’s start off by looking at the basic format and requirements for Section 2 of the GAMSAT. over questions

Section 2 of the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is a test of written communication and interpretation . Throughout 2 tasks, you must be able to analyse a variety of quotations, determine a common theme and write a short piece to explain and justify your decision . 

How does GAMSAT Section 2 Work?

As mentioned before, Section 2 consists of two separate tasks which each take the same format and have the same requirements. In each task, you will be given a selection of four – five quotes/statements from a variety of contexts. These quotes share a broad, common theme that links them together. Other than these quotes, you are not given any additional information to support your writing. 

Your job is to decipher this theme and explain what it is and why you believe it to be the correct answer. There’s no set word count or limit for each of the two tasks, so it will be down to you to decide how many words will be required to effectively explain your case.

You’ll have 65 minutes in total to complete this section. Five minutes of this is dedicated to reading while the rest of the time can be spent planning and writing. 

GAMSAT Section 2 Scoring

Section 2 of the GAMSAT is unique in many ways compared to the other Section 1 and Section 3 , and the marking system is no different. While the other sections can be marked automatically as they are Multiple-Choice quizzes, written pieces must be assessed by human markers in order to accurately assign a score based on the quality of your work. 

There are conflicting reports on how your answers are marked here, but your essay will be marked by 2 – 3 different markers (and potentially a computer system), who will assess your writing on two key factors:

Quality of Thinking/Discussion of Topic

How well you have been able to explain your interpretation of the common theme and your justification for this answer. 

Quality of Language Used

How well you have been able to utilise written language to present your argument, via language and structure.

Using these factors, each marker will assign your two pieces with a combined score between 0 and 100 . The scores from each marker will be reviewed and a final score will be assigned on the same scale (learn more about this in our GAMSAT Scoring Guide ). 

As with the other sections, your Section 2 result is used to calculate an overall GAMSAT Score using the equation below. 

Overall Score = (1 × Section I + 1 × Section II + 2 × Section III) ÷ 4

Below is a quick summary of the whole GAMSAT format, including Section 2:

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Exams.Ninja Tip 

Note that you will not receive any marks on your work if you don’t correctly interpret the common theme among the provided quotes. The themes covered are generally very broad so it’s difficult to completely misinterpret the quotes. However, it’s still important that you take time to fully consider the correct answer before writing. 

Get the best support for Section 2 with GAMSAT.Ninja

With our GAMSAT Preparation Platform, you’ll be supported by our comprehensive Section 2 tutorials , a full collection of practice questions and 6 Mock Exams . Create your free account now to start your prep straight away!


Section 2 questions don’t give you that much to work with, so it’s vital that you understand what you’ll be faced with and how you can use the prompts given to create a fantastic piece of writing!

We know the basic format of Section 2 now, but there’s a lot more that you need to know than just what’s on the paper. You’re going to need to learn how to interpret the quotes you’re given, plan out your writing and effectively express all of your thoughts within the limited timeframe – and you have to do all this twice!

Let’s take this one step at a time, starting with the interpretation stage:

Interpreting GAMSAT Section 2 Prompts

During the five-minute reading phase of the test, you’ll need to analyse each of the quotes you’re given in each of the tasks – that’s 10 quotes to analyse. It helps to take this stage one task at a time so as not to get confused or mix up quotes between questions. 

To start, you may find it beneficial to take a look at each quote quickly to get a sense of what you’re working with. You may pick up on some obvious themes quickly, some of which may be shared between multiple quotes . From there, you will need to take a look at each quote individually and take the time to assess what each one actually means. 

As you progress, you may find a common theme fairly quickly, at which point you’ll be looking to identify how that theme matches the remaining quotes rather than finding the theme within them. If you have any quotes that don’t seem to fit, it may help to re-evaluate your common theme or re-read the quotes to find what you’re missing . 

The themes will be fairly broad in the GAMSAT, but that doesn’t make them shallow or uncomplicated . Each quote may feature a different stance on the same theme or could be more subtle than others, which are all factors that you will need to discuss in your writing to get the highest marks.

Your interpretation doesn’t need to be perfect or one-to-one with what ACER (the GAMSAT operators) have specified. Misinterpreting elements of quotes isn’t going to cost you the question as long as you have identified the main theme correctly and provided sufficient reasoning for your views. Some elements of the task will be subjective, so just write what you believe it means .  

One important thing to note is that each task will deal with a different type of theme . Task 1 tends to deal with socio-cultural issues while Task 2 uses Personal/Social issues .  Here are some examples of what can be covered in Section 2:

GAMSAT Section 2 Common Themes

Task 1: socio-cultural issues, task 2: social/personal issues.

Our Example Question at the end of this guide offers an accurate example of what you should expect from the quotes you will be given in Section 2. 

Don’t rush to finalise your decision before you have fully analysed all of the quotes . While it’s easy to believe that you have the answer from looking at 4/5 of the quotes, you always need to ensure that everything in the task lines up with your answer . You may miss something that will change your whole perspective on the task, which could cost you all of the marks for the task. 

Planning GAMSAT Section 2 Writing

After your five minutes are up (or potentially during, depending on how fast you have interpreted the themes in each task), it will be time to start planning your writing . This isn’t going to be an identical process to other essay writing tasks you may have completed in the past for several reasons: 

Section 2 isn’t technically an essay writing task because you don’t have to write an essay . Applicants have to option to write in any format they see fit, including more creative and unconventional formats, as long as the writing reflects everything that is required for the question.  More on this in a bit!

2. Essay Length

We mentioned before that there is no set word count for these tasks. That isn’t really to benefit those who want to write long pieces but more so because you aren’t expected to write that much in this section. With the restricted time and requirement of two pieces, you’ll need to prioritise efficiency when it comes to your essay structure.

Time is the biggest restriction for this section , so it’s going to impact the planning phase just as much as the writing phase. You’ll have a digital whiteboard to use, but you shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes finalising your plans for both tasks – and that’s only if you’re a fast typer!

So this planning phase may be more challenging or fairly simple depending on where your skills lie. However, the basic principles of essay planning still apply here – albeit in a more condensed form. 

Creating a basic structure for your work with set discussion points is essential to avoid unfocused writing and repeated statements . Efficiency will be your greatest asset, so simple but effective language should be the aim. Most test-takers will take on quotes one at a time, often finding connections between them to allow for natural flow, and this should all be determined in your plan. 

However, before that, you’ll need to decide on the form your writing will take. As mentioned before, you have an open approach to how you wish to write your work, be it conventional essays or more creative forms of writing. Some examples of less conventional writing formats include: 

You most likely have never seen an opportunity to write academic work in the form of a script or blog post before (especially in medicine), but all of these options and more are available to you should you wish to deviate from the standard essay format .  

With that being said though, most applicants still choose to write in a simple format. The GAMSAT markers aren’t awarding points based on the creativity of your work , so writing in these formats will only benefit you if you feel you can express your points more effectively and efficiently in this way. What’s important is that your work is well-written and offers valid arguments for your answer. 

Remember, you’re time is extremely limited so you shouldn’t fixate on the perfect form or structure for your work. Once you have your key points organised in a manner that makes sense, it’s time to start writing! 

How to Write for GAMSAT Section 2

Writing should take up the bulk of your time as you don’t want to rush through either of the tasks. With an effective plan in place , your priority now is to get the words down in a manner that is well-structured, makes sense and explains everything you need to cover . 

To manage your time effectively, understand that your work can be as short as it needs to be. A typical GAMSAT Section 2 essay is 400 – 500 words , but these are not set requirements. If you feel you can cover all of your points effectively in less or if you think you will need more to properly make your point, the choice is yours.  

The length is not important, but rather the following two elements of writing . These are the two factors that the markers will be assessing your work on, so ensure that your work is written with this in mind: 

This relates to the content of your writing . Essentially, the markers expect your work to clearly explain why you believe the provided quotes have a common theme between them. This is the whole point of the piece, so you need to ensure that the reader can fully understand how each quote fits the theme – at least from your perspective. 

Clear explanations will earn you points, but the highest-scoring essays will feature the following elements: 

  • A clear thesis that summarises your thoughts on the overall theme within the task.
  • Unique, thought-provoking and generally well-explored discussions of the themes and quotes at play.
  • Backing with additional evidence where appropriate (though this doesn't need to be too in-depth).
  • Displays of empathy, logic and other qualities of medical professionals.

Markers are looking for good-quality writing in GAMSAT Section 2 submissions. This doesn’t mean that they are looking for masterful uses of vocabulary and creative structure, but they do require work to be clear, concise and well-structured . Fluency in English also isn’t the primary concern in the GAMSAT, so minor mistakes will not cost you too many points as long as the intention behind the writing is still clear. 

In most cases, simpler writing will actually be favourable , as these are some of the key elements markers look out for: 

  • A logical, well planned structure that offers a clear flow from point-to-point with good connectivity.
  • Efficiency in writing, avoiding overlong and irrelevant discussion.
  • An appropriate use of language and tone when considering the topic being discussed (primarily for more creative works).
  • Generally easy to read and understand, making each point clear.

By focussing on these key areas – and ensuring you have correctly interpreted the task – you should find yourself performing well in this section. It’s the most open-ended task in the exam and that freedom can be either liberating or terrifying! However, effective preparation and practice will help you learn the best GAMSAT writing techniques that work for you. Let’s see what you can do to get yourself ready!

As with any essay task, you should aim to leave yourself time the end to review your work . You’re writing will be much shorter than you’re used to, so yo shouldn’t need more than 5 minutes to properly review both of the tasks. However, it’s still important to check that you covered everything as effectively as possible and correct any simple mistakes you may spot. 


Preparing for Section 2 can be challenging and time-consuming, but once you’ve perfected your own writing techniques, you’ll find the actual exam much less stressful! 

Throughout your time in higher-education, you’ve likely had a lot of experience with academic writing and have been able to hone in on your specific writing style. This will act as a great starting point for your GAMSAT prep, but you’re going to have to approach things a little bit differently in order to get top marks. Here are some ways to prepare yourself:

1. Write, Write, Write!

Writing is the most effective way to prepare for Section 2 of the GAMSAT – or any writing task for that matter! GAMSAT prep is convenient in some ways as you’ll only be writing short pieces under 1,000 words, meaning you can get through multiple pieces in a single study session. 

Initially, your writing doesn’t need to involve answering traditional GAMSAT questions but rather it can be about anything. In these early stages, the goal should be to perfect your writing style to match the needs of the GAMSAT . 

For many of you, this may mean you need to practice your efficiency . Good academic essays can be 4,000+ words long and cover dozens of points, but that just isn’t going to work in the GAMSAT. You need to be able to present the same quality of writing in a fraction of the space , so learn to cut out the fat while writing to prevent bloat in your work. 

2. Start Off Big & Learn To Edit

Following on from the first point, it may not be simple to edit your work while you’re writing. Therefore, you may find it easier to start off writing in your typical style and review your work afterwards to try and reduce the amount of fluff. 

As you continue this process, you may discover some bad habits that are padding out your writing or making it unnecessarily complicated to read . Once you’ve identified the issue, you can take the steps to stamp them out before the testing date so that you’re left writing highly efficient, easy-to-understand texts that will earn you top marks. 

If you’re struggling to do this yourself, perhaps give it to someone you trust , telling them that it needs to be simple and short . Chances are they’ll have some feedback on how to make it fit that description better. 

3. Use Practice Resources

While developing your writing skills is important, remember that you also need to be able to answer the question that the test will present you with. As the testing date gets closer, you will need to begin practising with actual GAMSAT-styled tasks , which isn’t always easy to do.

GAMSAT past papers aren’t released to the public , while ACER tends to charge for the majority of its official practice materials. Therefore free options are limited. Investing in GAMSAT materials is usually a good idea, especially if you are able to access materials for all three sections as you can do with GAMSAT.Ninja (which also provides free access to certain features including practice questions).

The difficulty with GAMSAT prep is that half the challenge comes from interpreting the quotes , which means you can’t really set the practice tasks yourself without help from a trusted family member or peer. If you can do this, however, it will provide you with a very effective preparation strategy!

4. Utilise Exam Conditions

By the end of your preparation, you should be able to confidently complete two separate tasks within the 65-minute window you’ll be given in the test. It’s important to be strict with yourself while practising for an exam, so you should aim to set aside at least an hour each week to do a full Section 2 simulation, complete with realistic marking . 

As well as this, you should aim to complete at least one full mock GAMSAT before the testing date in order to see how well you’ll cope with the gauntlet of testing that’s ahead of you. It’s exhausting and pretty inconvenient to set up, but if you can do it once, you should be able to do it again for real!

There’s plenty more to learn about GAMSAT prep in our GAMSAT Preparation Tips Guide , but for now, let’s take a look at an example of a GAMSAT Section 2 task:

Perfect your writing skills for the GAMSAT with GAMSAT.Ninja

Utilise expert tutorials , a comprehensive question bank and 6 full mock exams to beat the GAMSAT and get top marks! Try it out for free now!


GAMSAT Section 2 tasks are simultaneously very simple and very deep, so let’s take a look at an example of one and how it could be approached!  

GAMSAT Section 2 Example Task 1

1. Some believe that the government is most effective at determining how public money is spent. Others believe it is the public themselves. 2. The founding principle of modern government is to redistribute wealth. 3. When the rich support the vulnerable, everyone prospers. 4. Redistributing the wealth of the nation is a complicated process that prompts many important questions about how to do it in a fair and reasonable way.

The common theme among these quotes is  Redistributing Wealth  – how money can be given back to society by the government or by the rich and what impact it can have. 

GAMSAT Section 2 Example Task 2

1. There are three certainties in life; taxes, death and change. 2. Some say life is nothing but change. 3. It’s not about the fact that things change; it is how you deal with change that matters. 4. Wisdom is dealing with chaos in a calm manner.

The common theme among these quotes is  Change – how change is perceived and dealt with. 

That covers everything. you need to know to start your GAMSAT Section 2 preparation! It’s not an easy task to get used to but with consistent practice, you should find this to be one of the easier portions of the whole test. If you want to go back to the GAMSAT Basics, check out our Definitive GAMSAT Guide , or if you’re to begin your preparation, sign up to GAMSAT.Ninja for free now!

GAMSAT UK Scores – Your Definitive Guide To GAMSAT Scoring and Results

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Create the perfect GAMSAT preparation strategy with GAMSAT.Ninja

Our GAMSAT Preparation Platform  features everything you need to prepare for GAMSAT success, all condensed into three amazing components. 

Training Temple-  Access GAMSAT tutorials that cover every section and every technique that will help you get a fantastic overall score.

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Gamsat Review Blog

Everything you need to know about GAMSAT by Dr Peter Griffiths

Past GAMSAT Essay Topics

Past GAMSAT Essay Topics

Here is a list of some past Gamsat essay topics which have come up before in the test.

These previous Gamsat essay topics have been reported by actual candidates after past sittings of the test over several years so we know they are accurate.

If you'd like to download these as a PDF just click here > Gamsat Essay Topics

Past GAMSAT Essay Topics

After the general previous Gamsat topics below I've also included some Gamsat style quotes you can use to practice writing your own essays. These are also included in the PDF above.

If you'd like to get a full length Section 3 Practice Test with worked answers and which also contains two more essay prompts for Section 2 then fill in the form to the left on this blog or click the link below.

Past GAMSAT Essay Topics Task A

Equality/whether everyone has equal opportunities

Respect towards people of power/discipline/questioning people in power

Trust and respect in society

Over population

Taxation/welfare systems

Tolerance and prejudice

Affirmative action

Intelligence vs. knowledge

Relationship of past, present, future

Nature vs. nurture


Benefits of technology

Climate change

Past GAMSAT Essay Topics Task B

Whether the rich/poor are happier

Marriage and the idealism around it

Recreation and rest/we used to not have enough, now too much

How our habits define who we are

Celebrity and influence

Happiness/what defines a good life

Respect for age vs. pursuit of youth

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Does pain make you appreciate joy?

Do looks matter?

Past GAMSAT Essay Topics

Now you've read the list of some past Gamsat essay topics let me say something about them.

I've published them here to satisfy student demand, everyone asks about them. Maybe you arrived here yourself as a result of an internet search for this topic.

But they really won't help you that much...

At most these examples will give you some psychological comfort when you see that most of them aren't that difficult. They're the sort of typical bland, boring essay subjects that you would guess would come up if someone asked you to take a guess and make a list.

There's nothing surprising or mysterious here.

Now maybe you are one of those people who thinks that if you practice writing essays on a LOT of different prior topics, then maybe one of those same themes will come up in your actual test and so it will be that much easier for you.

But that is a fallacious idea.

First of all even if ACER does re-use topics (it has never been confirmed) the chances of one of them coming up in your particular sitting is miniscule. Add to that the fact that in recent years we are seeing that not everyone gets the same topics or sets of quotes for section 2 anyway. So even if they did happen to re-use a set of themes the chances of you getting them are even smaller.

It will be a much better use of your time to practice an ESSAY WRITING SYSTEM which can cope with turning ANY set of quotes into a high scoring essay.

That way you won't have to rely on luck or be at the mercy of any particular topic. A good essay writing method should enable you to deal with any subject or theme that the Gamsat throws at you.

The essay writing system inside the Gamsat Review Home Study Course for example is designed to do exactly that.

Tips To Improve Your GAMSAT Essays

1. Argue for both sides of an issue rather than just giving an opinion piece from one point of view. This will demonstrate thought and consideration and help you pick up the marks for quality of thinking.

2. Learn a variety of stock phrases for openers, closers, introducing your arguments and your conclusions. This will help you avoid repetition and also help give your essay structure.

3. Try to express ideas and reasoning rather than reproducing large chunks of memorized facts. The examiners want to assess your intellectual reasoning, not read a history book or a technical manual.

4. Develop your knowledge of history, philosophy, psychology and political thought. There is no short cut to this but you can get a head start by reading works designed to give a quick introduction to the main concepts and ideas. I recommend the book 50 Big Ideas You Really Need to Know by Ben Dupré which is an easy to read and quick guide to the main concepts of Western thought covering philosophy, religion, politics, economics, the arts and the sciences.

5. Practice writing your Gamsat essays under exam conditions. Sticking to the 30 minute time limit will focus your mind and develop the speed necessary for the real thing. It will also help develop your handwriting skills. Don't underestimate the difficulty of maintaining nice legible writing for the examiner to read after writing as quickly as possible for an hour straight. Especially if like most people you usually work on a computer.

6. Get your essays looked at by a qualified person after you've written them and ask for feedback. A qualified person probably isn't another Gamsat candidate in the same position as you that you met on a student forum or in a Gamsat Facebook group. Try and get one of your teachers or university lecturers to take a look or someone who has done Gamsat before and scored highly in section 2. Or, even better, you could get them marked by a professional Gamsat Essay Marking service.

7. Finally practice, practice, practice. Essay writing is a skill which must be developed. To help you, below are two essay tasks very similar to what you will find in the real test. Find a quiet place for 30 minutes and try and write two essays putting into practice all the advice given above.

Example Gamsat Essay Topics

Writing Task A

Consider the following comments and develop a piece of writing in response to one or more of them. Your writing will be judged on the quality of what you have to say in response to the theme, how well you organize and present your point of view, and how effectively you express yourself. You will not be judged on your views or attitudes.

The belief that all genuine education comes about through experience does not mean that all experiences are genuinely or equally educative.

                                                                                                               John Dewey

A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.

                                                                                                               Horace Mann

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

                                                                                                               Oscar Wilde He who opens a school door, closes a prison.                                                                                   Victor Hugo

It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.

                                                                                                        Robert Green Ingersoll

Writing Task B

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

                                                                                                                        Mark Twain

Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire.

                                                                                                                        William Penn

Expensive clothes are a waste of money.

                                                                              Meryl Streep

I don’t design clothes; I design dreams.

                                                                             Ralph Lauren

It is interesting to question how far men would retain their relative rank if they were divested of their clothes.

                                                                                                      Henry David Thoreau

Further Resources

For more help with GAMSAT check out Griffiths Gamsat Review Home Study System which takes you step by step through all three sections with advanced strategies for each.

Griffiths GAMSAT Review Home Study System

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Section 2 GAMSAT Essays: Frequently Asked Questions

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Every GAMSAT sitter  will have a different approach to preparing adequately for GAMSAT Section 2 . A common misconception that we come across is that a high GAMSAT score can only be achieved through unique and authentic ideas. While having a novel perspective on a particular subject is helpful, it is logistically difficult. More than 5000 students across the nation sit the GAMSAT . All of these students are given the same instructions, the same Section 2 quotes and the same fixed time limit to write two GAMSAT essays . Thus, it is extremely likely that there will be a degree of overlapping ideas and essay content, regardless of depth or how abstract your thoughts are.

Don’t strive to be unique, strive to have a well-thought-out, fluent essay that responds to both the theme and the comment.   

In March 2023, we found that students who reported failing to write a response to the S2 quote (‘s) suffered massively in their Section 2 GAMSAT scores compared to other students that were similarly positioned based on our internal rankings. Sometimes in striving for uniqueness, students ended up writing on topics that were far-fetched or incorrect. It is better to stand out with respect to the point of your ideas, examples, language and structure, but not the theme you write on, as your GAMSAT scores will suffer tremendously. 

What is the difference between GAMSAT Section 2 Task A and Task B?

ACER has clarified that both Task A and Task B in GAMSAT Section 2 are centered around prominent themes. Delving into Fraser’s GAMSAT insights, Task A predominantly focuses on socio-cultural matters, often exploring the realm of 'inter-personal' relationships. This encompasses areas such as legal systems, religious beliefs, economic structures, and prevailing societal narratives.

On the other hand, Task B leans towards the 'intra-personal' domain, highlighting individual experiences and emotions, cognitive processes, and personal journeys.

Can I just memorise an essay and rewrite it to different themes?

The short answer is no. An experienced marker who has graded countless essays will very quickly detect a pre-formed ‘template’. Similarly, memorised essays that do not address the question theme are very likely to be scored poorly. Don’t make these common mistakes in your Section 2 GAMSAT preparation .

How can the examiners so easily discern memorised essays?

Well, it will be clear that the focus is on adapting poorly thought out templates.

Rather than addressing the dominant themes and related themes based on the given prompts, pre-written essays deploy concrete insinuations that are very much out of harmony with the pertinent themes that are being assessed. That is, the focus will always be on the template, and thematic relevance will be an afterthought. It simply stands out. Memorising the essay is more likely to result in failure as they are inherently flawed approaches—if not fraudulent. Let your honesty, integrity and humility shine through by being organic, responsive, quick witted and insightful.

If my essay has more ideas, will I get a better score?

Most students will become trapped by the thought that the more ideas the essay incorporate, the higher your GAMSAT score will be. This is entirely unfounded. In fact, candidates will score higher in Section 2 by favouring quality over quantity . This means that writing a three-page essay examining five individual evidence points at a very baseline level with little-to-no extrapolation of deeper meanings will score less compared to an essay that uses one or two pieces of supporting evidence.

Moreover, the supporting evidence should vary between a theory and actual examples to substantiate your claims, flowing into a deeper exploration of meanings and implications behind the evidence. Keep in mind that you have roughly an hour to come up with two pieces of writing - the examiners don’t expect you to rattle off countless ideas. Rather, successful students focus on the few, not the many. Have a clear message that you want to convey in your writing. Don’t convolute your essays with obscure and weakly formed ideas. 

Does Task A have to be more argumentative, and Task B more reflective?

All too often, students hear that Task A should be approached in an argumentative manner and that Task B should be written as a reflective piece. This is pure hearsay. You should be authentic in your approach no matter which writing style you choose to use – whether you elect to write a narrative, monologue, poetry, commentary, exposition, feature article or an amalgamation of multiple writing styles. If it has fluency, structure and responds to the task, you’re good to go.

With what little ACER reveals, in consideration of this, candidates are assessed on:

  • The quality of thought and content in your essay
  • The shape and form of your essay
  • The effectiveness and fluency of the English language

One of the biggest challenges you face in Section 2 GAMSAT writing is the writer's block. While you may not address the elephant in your GAMSAT prep, it can be a huge obstacle if not tackled in its early stages - read our elaborate piece on beating the writer's block !

I didn’t do well in high school English, can I still write a good GAMSAT essay?

How you performed in high school has little to no bearing on your performance in GAMSAT Section 2 . The truth is that most students pursuing a career in medicine do so because they have an aptitude in maths and science as opposed to the humanities. Furthermore, a high school English curriculum has little relevance to the style of writing required to succeed in Section 2 of the GAMSAT . In high school , you typically were asked to write an essay on a piece of literature that had likely been studied extensively in the past.

Consequently, it was much easier to anticipate the kind of essay prompts you were likely to get on the day of the exam. You had the benefit of pre-determining what kinds of quotes and writing template you were going to utilise in order to maximise your mark. In this respect, students who were able to memorise pre-written essays and write a large amount within a specific time period tended to perform well.

This is in stark contrast to the GAMSAT exam structure . You are much less reliant on a predetermined template which you can simply adapt to a given prompt. Rather, you are posed with the challenge of coming up with an organic reflection in response to a particular theme in real-time. Also, why structure is undoubtedly an important component of performing well in Section 2 - you have much more flexibility than you did in high school. This is why we advocate for each student to practice, perfect and implement their own unique writing style.

Sure, some students may prefer to stick to the introduction - 3 body paragraphs - conclusion approach, which is absolutely fine. However, you can also opt for use of creative writing or personal anecdotes if that is more appropriate for the message you want to convey. We have seen students perform remarkably well who come from English as a Second Language background, performed poorly in high school English and never saw themselves as ‘good’ writers. It was through persistent practice and the freedom to express themselves in a way that they felt comfortable that allowed them to achieve a fantastic score in Section 2 . 

How long should a GAMSAT essay be?  

With respect to length, there is no hard and fast rule as to the perfect length of a strong GAMSAT essay . What is most important is to clearly describe your point of view on the particular topic that you will be writing about. With that being said, we know that we have 65 minutes dedicated to Section 2 . We suggest that you use at least 5 minutes for planning purposes, which realistically leaves approximately 60 minutes of actual writing time. Historically, we have encouraged candidates to aim for about 500-600 words per task.

However, now that the GAMSAT is online , some students can comfortably write more in the allocated time period. During your Section 2 GAMSAT preparation , you should be assessing how you require to collect your thoughts and write two coherent essays. As you continue to progress, you will get an estimate of how many words this means for you as an individual. If you can write two high-quality essays that are less than 500 words for each, that is completely fine. Again, there is no magic word count that will ensure success. The deciding factor on the day of the GAMSAT exam will be the quality, rather than the quantity, of your writing. Continue to practice and find your own sweet spot. 

Do I have to address all of the quotes to get a high score in GAMSAT Section 2? 

The quotes tend to cluster around a particular theme, rather than separate prompts to be addressed individually. While you are certainly able to incorporate some, if not all, of the quotes into your writing - doing so is not sufficient to guarantee a high score in GAMSAT Section 2 . As you are reading the quotes, hone in on the pertinent idea or subject that they attempt to address such as war, friendship or conformity. You will often find that the quotes presented to you have varying positions on the overarching theme.

Your point of view may agree with some of the quotes and disagree with others, in which case it would not be wise to incorporate the phrases that are seemingly contrary to your opinion. High scoring essays in Section 2 are often well-formulated pieces that demonstrate a high tier of writing expression and abstract thinking. Quotes from the stem, as well as real-world examples with which you may be familiar, can be used to substantiate your viewpoint, but not as the foundation of your writing. Use our quote generator tool , practice including quotes if and when they are appropriate rather than mindlessly including them in your essays.

Where to from here?

GAMSAT Section 2

How to Beat Writer’s Block in Section 2 GAMSAT

GAMSAT Section 2 Quote Generator 

GAMSAT Section 2 - Example Essays   

Perfecting your Section 2 Introduction

GAMSAT AGE: Am I too Old for GAMSAT?

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Ama, March 2022 GAMSAT Student


I only have one word to describe Alison – MAGIC! My S1 score improved from 55 to 63 and I was absolutely delighted with the progress!!! Alison is knowledgeable, kind, patient and understanding and also provides you with some amazing resources. I f you’re struggling with S1, then look no further than Alison for help 🙂

Yasmim , March 2021 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison is a great GAMSAT tutor! During our lessons, she went through different essay structures I could use, exemplar essays, essay feedback and strategies to generate ideas during the exam. I would highly recommend Alison as a tutor!

Leo, March 2021 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

When I almost lost my faith and hope in the GAMSAT, my friend introduced Alison to me. Her way of teaching made me believe that I have a shot to ace the section 2. After studying section 2 with Alison‘s tutoring, my score went up from 48 to 64 . This is a big improvement for me. All you need is a talented and amazing GAMSAT tutor like Alison to ace section 2.

Claudia, March 2021 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison was a great help and her guidance helped me significantly in understanding how I could improve my GAMSAT essay structure and the ideas I presented. Using her framework, my essays were more concise and targeted so that I was able to score my highest mark ever (from 58 to 77)! This would have by no means been possible without her. Thank you for your support in expressing myself Alison and exploring different perspectives and ideas about the world.

Colin, March 2021 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

I have had various S2 tutors over the years and Alison was by far the best one. Coming from a primarily scientific background, I had trouble writing essays which included personal stories and strong opinions and arguments. Alison helped me significantly improve these skills with a plethora of resources and example essays along with tailored in-depth guidance and informative feedback. Following Alison’s tutoring and guidance I increased my scores from 56 to 72 . I highly recommend Alison.

Tina, March 2022 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison is an amazing tutor who takes the time to explain structures to you and offers constructive feedback. If you struggle to generate ideas like I did, I highly recommend her essay workshops. She has excellent knowledge of current affairs and how to analyse examples. My section 2 score improved  from 57 to 67  and I have Alison to thank!

Minrui, March 2022 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison is a fantastic tutor! She tutored me for section 2. I improved from 52 to 58 given that we only had few classes in less than a month. English is my second language and she is very approachable in helping non-native speakers. She is also very knowledgeable and provides us with detailed feedbacks on essays. She has a very good understanding on building structures and ideas for GAMSAT essays. I will recommend Alison for anyone who is preparing for GAMSAT!!! Thank you Alison!

Juri & May, March 2019 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Ali son is a very skilled tutor. She tutored me for section 1 and section 2, with detailed printed-outs and excellent explanation. Her essay samples are very neat, interesting and fun to read! She is well-organised and can analyse the time very well that you will not waste a minute during the sessions. She is very knowledgeable and has many resources for you to practise your reading and collecting information skills. As she pulled me up my section 2 from 50ish to 60ish in barely two weeks , I can be so sure that you would not regret to have her as your gamsat tutor.

Ellie, May 2020 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

I thought Alison was a very good GAMSAT tutor. She was always willing to help answer any question that I had and did so in ways that made it clear to me. She is always enthusiastic about the material and that helps I was trying to learn. After each tutorial, Alison will always email me a list of tasks need to be done before the next tutorial which guide me to study and enables to study actively!!!

Liz, September 2019 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison is a very great GAMSAT tutor. She came in class prepared with detailed notes and structured thoughts. She provided me with ideas that opened my mind and methods that are easy to work on. She is very approachable and knowledgeable. She has a solid understanding of how to write a good essay, and will also tailor your classes based on your personal strengths and weakness.

Planning, May 2020 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

I have taken the GAMSAT thrice now, and I can only achieve the Section 1 and Section 2 marks with your help.   Through going through cartoons and passage analysis, I feel that I became more consistent in the way I interpreted the passages and that definitely helped me with Section 1 (S1 64) . For Section 2, Alison really helped me with figuring out the points for my essay during the exam as well as adding my personal touch to them (S2 68) .

Jay, May 2020 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison is an incredible tutor with an amazing grasp of Section 1 and 2 sections of the GAMSAT. She taught me how to think critically for Section 1 texts as well as apply a structure and flow to my Section 2 essays. She has plenty of resources for your reference and she is always in-touch with the latest news and issues and sharing them with her tutees.

Elizabeth, May 2020 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison is a fantastic tutor. For GAMSAT Section I, she is dedicated and highly experienced when it comes to teaching and explaining concepts. For Section II, she always provided me with detailed feedback and different writing styles that dramatically improved my S1 mark from 50 to 62 and S2 mark from 51 to 68 . Overall, she is very supportive and caring. I am very fortunate to have her as my GAMSAT tutor!

Eden, May 2020 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison is an excellent tutor who helped me immensely preparing for the GAMSAT. Through my lessons with Alison, I have improved my essay structure and my ability to formulate sentences in a concise and coherent manner. English is my second language and Alison has tailored her educational approach to improve both my writing and language skills. Thanks to Alison I received a 70 in GAMSAT Section 2 and 70 overall . I highly recommend Alison to anyone studying for the GAMSAT and especially for those whose English is their second language.

Sahej, May 2020 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison is an amazing section I and section II tutor for the GAMSAT. For section I, she helped me to think and critique the text in the most efficient way possible so that I extract the necessary information without wasting time. For section II, Alison helped me develop a solid structure for both Part A & B, along with brainstorming ideas for many practice prompts. She also gave very detailed feedback on practice essays that I wrote, and provided small passages that I could possibly incorporate into my writing. Overall, Alison is very kind and understanding, she will always motivate you and give you hope of succeeding.

Jasvin, March 2022 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison is an amazing tutor!! Within a span of 2 months my GAMSAT Section 2 score improved by 15 ! She gives very detailed feedback for essays in terms of the wording, content, grammar, and sentence structure. I would highly recommend Alison for anyone who is going to sit for the GAMSAT!

Cherie, May 2020 GAMSAT Student

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Alison has been a fantastic teacher and of great support during my GAMSAT preparation. I have always found it really hard to write essays but she taught at my pace and regularly checked in with tips and materials after class to supplement my learning. She really helped me to generate ideas and write in a way which was more conducive to Section 2, rather than university-style essays. Her patience is very much appreciated and has allowed me to achieve a score which I never would have envisioned !

Here's how we can help you achieve GAMSAT success:

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Confidence with ideas

Learning resources are reviewed daily and are provided in an easy to digest format

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Sharpen writing skills

Lessons are personalised, leveraging your experiences and strengths

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Structured reasoning

We offer tips and tricks to help you succeed in GAMSAT humanities and essay writing

gamsat section 2 essay examples

GAMSAT Private 1-1 Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to rapidly increase your ability to strategise and write towards a 80+ score. Lessons are booked in casually or in a block, at a time that suits you. We utilise structured essay plans, well-proven and detailed feedback to give you the opportunity to excel in the GAMSAT.

Lesson Duration:  2 hours / session

GAMSAT Small Private Groups

Have friends that are similar level to you? You can form your own group class with them! Private groups are for those that want to enjoy learning with their friends in a closed group. We can arrange for this to happen and put you at ease. You work with the tutor on creating a time and schedule that suits you!

Lesson Duration:  2 hours / session

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Learn to map your thought process for the GAMSAT

GAMSAT writing and reading requires a unique strategy. I want to help you develop an in-depth understanding of what the markers want and the creative thinking skills required. My lessons leverage my skills in tutoring english to high school, university and GAMSAT students and can be of tutorial format or specific to your needs. Specifically, I will work with you to make sure that you utilise your strengths to the best of your ability.

Limited timeslots are available. Contact me now to reserve your spot for September 2022 GAMSAT.

- 120/hr (One-on-One)

- 80/hr (Two persons)

- 65/hr (Three person)

GAMSAT Blog Posts

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GAMSAT Student Spotlight: Improving scores from 50 to 70 in Section 2 as an ESL student

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GAMSAT Resources to improve your ideas and writing

gamsat section 2 essay examples

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Ask us anything. Speak to one of our medical or dental students to plan your entry into postgraduate medical and dental school today.

gamsat section 2 essay examples

GAMSAT Preparation Courses in AUD

NEW and UPDATED GAMSAT books: Masters Series paperbacks are coming JANUARY 1, 2023! Order TODAY to secure your ticket to GAMSAT success. You will receive online access to the purchased book so that you can start your GAMSAT preparation EARLY!

gamsat section 2 essay examples

GAMSAT Section 2: Get the 2023-2024 Section 2 GAMSAT Masters Series paperback delivered to your address within a week OR Order the BRAND NEW 2023-2024 edition (shipped in early January, 2023) above!

NEW 2023-2024 GAMSAT Masters Series Section 2

Year of Publication: 2023; Order Now!

Paperback book shipped to your address

eBook access for 1 year

GAMSAT Masters Series Paperback Book Owner

If you purchase your book from any gold standard gamsat website, you do not need to register to get the worked solutions. we have already opened up full access using your purchase email address as a username (note: your password was emailed to you).

NEW 2023-2024 GAMSAT Masters Series Section 2

If you purchased your book from another retailer, click the corresponding book to open your access to online resources

eBook Owners

Gamsat section 2 2023-2024 masters series: written communication, gamsat paperback book or ebook with instant access + bonus: essay correction.

  • From a very basic, introductory level, up to GAMSAT level with clear teaching
  • Learn powerful Gold Standard techniques to help you create impressive essays
  • Improve your vocabulary, produce creative titles, learn powerful expressions and practice using them.
  • New bonus: Essay Correction! Get 2 of your essays professionally scored with personalised advice and helpful comments*
  • Learn the 'Five Minute, Five Step Plan' to conquer your time management for Section 2
  • Heaps of sample corrected essays, Section 2 practice worksheets & more
  • Paragraph-by-paragraph essay plans to develop your logical organisation skills
  • For the first time, more than 50 model essays, hundreds of foundational and GAMSAT-level exercises in the book with more model essays online

*You can submit 2 typed essays at any time of the year except within 7 days of any GAMSAT sitting, not beyond 2 years of purchase, for the original owner only, consistent with our Terms of Use; not transferable.

GAMSAT Section II, or “Written Communication,” is comprised of 2 writing tasks, which should be completed within a 65-minute time limit (the new, digital GAMSAT timing).

Each writing task has four to five quotations - listed as “Comments” - that appertain to a common theme.

Historically, candidates were given 5 minutes to read through the instructions and quotations before the actual test would begin. It was forbidden to write or make any notes during the 5 minutes of reading time.

Reading time per se, as it existed before 2020, is no longer. The 5 minutes has been added to the traditional 60 minutes, but to be clear, you can begin writing the moment the 65-minute timer starts.

Gold Standard GAMSAT Masters Series Section II Table of Contents, Summary:

Written Communication

Preparation for Section II

Overview Key Skills to Develop for Section II Building Your Vocabulary Practice Materials Advice on How to Generate Ideas Exercises for Developing a Logical Response The Scoring Key Sample Corrected Essays Frequently Asked Questions Common Grammatical Errors Section II Practice Worksheets Breaking the Rules: Exploring Creativity Gold Ideas Writing Task A Model Essays Writing Task B Model Essays

GAMSAT Masters Series Book Owner

2023-2024 gamsat masters series paperback book owner.

gamsat section 2 essay examples

Enter your email address and please type the ISBN number that is below the barcode on the back cover of the book (the number starts with 9; please enter the complete number but with no spaces and no hyphens).


The 2022 GAMSAT has evolved and so have we: The new GAMSAT Masters Series by Gold Standard with advanced features is available as paperback books or ebooks. .


GAMSAT Section 2 Example Essays

GAMSAT Section 2 Example Essays

Are you looking for gamsat section 2 example essays?

From: AceGAMSAT Re:  GAMSAT Section 2 Example Essays

Below is one of our GAMSAT section 2 example essays which has been submitted to our GAMSAT Essay Marking Service . Each essay comes with feedback and a sample gamsat grade out of 100.

gamsat section 2 example essays

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    gamsat section 2 essay examples

  2. GAMSAT Section 2 Example Essays

    gamsat section 2 essay examples

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    gamsat section 2 essay examples

  4. GAMSAT Example Essays Section 2

    gamsat section 2 essay examples

  5. GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Writing

    gamsat section 2 essay examples

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    Free GAMSAT Example Essays. 12 min read. |. Read 134684 times. Writing GAMSAT ® practice essays is the most important aspect of preparing for Section 2 of the GAMSAT ® Exam. Regularly writing essays allows you to develop and practise your essay writing skills and is something you should aim to start from early on.

  2. GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Examples

    GAMSAT Section 2: Five Example Essays Ranging From Scores Of 50 To 80+. ‍. In order to perform well in Section 2, it is important to understand the key features of a high scoring GAMSAT essay. When reviewing previous GAMSAT essay topics, you should know the main marking criteria to address. This guide contains worked examples of GAMSAT essays ...

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    TASK B SAMPLE. "Human beings need a challenge and space exploration is the biggest adventure of all.". "The greatest gain from space travel consists in the extension of our knowledge. IN a hundred years this newly won knowledge will pay huge and unexpected dividends.". "Space flights are merely an escape, a fleeing away from oneself ...

  4. The Ultimate Guide to GAMSAT Section 2

    Free example task for GAMSAT Section 2 Task A example essay question. Consider the following comments and develop a piece of writing in response to one or more of them. Your writing will be judged on the quality of your response to the theme, how well you organise and present your point of view, and how effectively you express yourself. ...

  5. Plan your GAMSAT Essays (Section 2): Strategies

    GAMSAT Essays: This 70-minute GAMSAT tutorial/webinar by Gold Standard GAMSAT is designed to elevate your GAMSAT preparation for Written Communication. Topic...

  6. Sample Marked GAMSAT Essays on the Environment

    The sample marked essays below were provided by our Array. The use of these essays are consistent with our Array. ... If you analyse the actual instructions of GAMSAT Section 2, it asks a candidate to do three things: one, express an opinion on the given theme ("what you have to say in response to the theme"); two, present a well-organised ...

  7. Mindsat

    GAMSAT Section 2 (II) - Best Essay Structure. You don't need to memorise a dictionary to score well in the GAMSAT Section II, it's your expression of ideas that mostly dictate how well your essays are scored. In general, I like to point students to consider blending philosophy into our essay writing, since doing so will introduce students ...

  8. GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Writing

    Section II of the GAMSAT asks students to compose two pieces of writing in response to two separate sets of stimuli (quotes). You must complete your two pieces of writing within 60 minutes (you also have 5 minutes of reading time). Theoretically, the pieces of writing can be anything (including argumentative essays or creative pieces such as a ...

  9. How to Write a Creative Essay for GAMSAT Section 2

    Indeed, the second essay on the GAMSAT® Exam task can be written creatively, and can take many forms, including: personal reflection, historical account, fictional story, poetry and the like. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' structure. You may provide the reader with a typical linear story or perhaps a segment of a play.

  10. Your Ultimate Guide to GAMSAT UK Section 2

    Section 2 of the GAMSAT (Written Communication) is the most unique part of the test, as it's a writing task instead of a multiple-choice test. It's also the shortest segment - with two tasks to analyse and complete in such a short amount of time, you're going to need to be well-prepared to succeed in this part of the exam.

  11. GAMSAT Example Essays Section 2

    GAMSAT Example Essays Section 2. Below you can find one of our Gamsat example essays for section 2 which was sent in for marking and detailed feedback as part of our service. The essay has been annotated by the marker. Students who sign up for the Gamsat Review Home Study Course get a full 100 marked example essays for section 2 like the sample ...

  12. Past GAMSAT Essay Topics

    1. Argue for both sides of an issue rather than just giving an opinion piece from one point of view. This will demonstrate thought and consideration and help you pick up the marks for quality of thinking. 2. Learn a variety of stock phrases for openers, closers, introducing your arguments and your conclusions.

  13. Write and edit an 80+ GAMSAT Section 2 Essay with me! (Task A)

    Check out my website: me on my socials: guys. I'm b...

  14. GAMSAT Section 2: Written Communication

    March 29, 2024. Section 2 of the GAMSAT is one-of-a-kind and stands in stark contrast to its counterparts! Unlike GAMSAT Section 1 and Section 3, the written communication section requires you to create a response to a quote set rather than answer specific questions. In the previous article in this series, we discussed the nature and purpose of ...

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    GAMSAT Essay Examples on Love. by jeanne_gsgamsat » Wed Sep 21, 2016 7:42 am . Here's another set of essays marked by our Array team. We are sharing them here to provide samples of average to excellent Section 2 responses. The use of these essays are consistent with our Array.

  16. Sample GAMSAT Section 2 Essays on Wisdom

    Mary Wilson Little. Sample Marked Response 1: Being wise and being knowledgeable are two human qualities that are often pitted against each other. Usually, the former is deemed to be independent of time or age while the latter is something that is accumulated over time.

  17. Section 2 GAMSAT Essays: Frequently Asked Questions

    Section 2 GAMSAT Essays: Frequently Asked Questions. Published on. May 12, 2024. Every GAMSAT sitter will have a different approach to preparing adequately for GAMSAT Section 2. A common misconception that we come across is that a high GAMSAT score can only be achieved through unique and authentic ideas. While having a novel perspective on a ...

  18. Section 2 examples : r/GAMSAT

    Section 2 examples. Hi there, I am trying to stick to my strengths in the essay writing, which I believe to be a more argumentative style of essay. Occasionally I write expository style and talk about how events have changed my opinion of x, but typically find that I can find some interplay between topics (e.g. for quotes relating to laughter I ...

  19. GAMSAT Section 1 and Section 2 Tutor

    GAMSAT Private 1-1 Lessons. Private lessons are a great way to rapidly increase your ability to strategise and write towards a 80+ score. Lessons are booked in casually or in a block, at a time that suits you. We utilise structured essay plans, well-proven and detailed feedback to give you the opportunity to excel in the GAMSAT.

  20. GAMSAT Section 2 Masters Series Preparation Book & Essay Correction

    GAMSAT Section 2 Written Communications Masters Series paperback book, or eBook with instant access, Heaps of sample corrected essays, practice worksheets & more than 50 model essays. Hundreds of basic and GAMSAT level exercises.

  21. GAMSAT Section 2 Example Essays

    GAMSAT Section 2 Example Essays. Below is one of our GAMSAT section 2 example essays which has been submitted to our GAMSAT Essay Marking Service. Each essay comes with feedback and a sample gamsat grade out of 100. November 30, 2017. Published by