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500 Words Essay On My Parents

We entered this world because of our parents. It is our parents who have given us life and we must learn to be pleased with it. I am grateful to my parents for everything they do for me. Through my parents essay, I wish to convey how valuable they are to me and how much I respect and admire them.

my parents essay

My Strength My Parents Essay

My parents are my strength who support me at every stage of life. I cannot imagine my life without them. My parents are like a guiding light who take me to the right path whenever I get lost.

My mother is a homemaker and she is the strongest woman I know. She helps me with my work and feeds me delicious foods . She was a teacher but left the job to take care of her children.

My mother makes many sacrifices for us that we are not even aware of. She always takes care of us and puts us before herself. She never wakes up late. Moreover, she is like a glue that binds us together as a family.

Parents are the strength and support system of their children. They carry with them so many responsibilities yet they never show it. We must be thankful to have parents in our lives as not everyone is lucky to have them.

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While my mother is always working at home, my father is the one who works outside. He is a kind human who always helps out my mother whenever he can. He is a loving man who helps out the needy too.

My father is a social person who interacts with our neighbours too. Moreover, he is an expert at maintaining his relationship with our relatives. My father works as a businessman and does a lot of hard work.

Even though he is a busy man, he always finds time for us. We spend our off days going to picnics or dinners. I admire my father for doing so much for us without any complaints.

He is a popular man in society as he is always there to help others. Whoever asks for his help, my father always helps them out. Therefore, he is a well-known man and a loving father whom I look up to.

Conclusion of My Parents Essay

I love both my parents with all my heart. They are kind people who have taught their children to be the same. Moreover, even when they have arguments, they always make up without letting it affect us. I aspire to become like my parents and achieve success in life with their blessings.

FAQ of My Parents Essay

Question 1: Why parents are important in our life?

Answer 1: Parents are the most precious gifts anyone can get. However, as not everyone has them, we must consider ourselves lucky if we do. They are the strength and support system of children and help them out always. Moreover, the parents train the children to overcome challenges and make the best decision for us.

Question 2: What do parents mean to us?

Answer 2: Parents mean different things to different people. To most of us, they are our source of happiness and protection. They are the ones who are the closest to us and understand our needs without having to say them out loud. Similarly, they love us unconditionally for who we are without any ifs and buts.

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My Parents: Paragraph on Parents | 100 to 500 + Words | Their Responsibilities, Parents Health Insurance & Influence

Paragraph on Parents

This page provides examples of the ‘ paragraph on parents ‘, including both short and long compositions.  My Parents stand as the cornerstone of my life. Their responsibilities range from ensuring our well-being through parents health insurance to molding our character and values. 

Table of Contents

Paragraph on parents- 100 words “my parents: the foundation of my life”.

My Parents are like guiding stars, of my life. They provide guidance, love, and support while also setting boundaries. Parents play an important role in their children’s social, academic, and emotional development.  They teach their children what it means to be a good citizen and how to treat others. Parents also play an important role in their child’s education.

They can help choose the right school for their child and can encourage the child to learn. Parents can also help their children make good choices when it comes to spending their money. We should understand that parents have a lot of responsibilities and obligations.  One of the most important roles is they keep their children safe. For this they take a lot of measures like teach children them about safe driving habits, setting good examples for them, and monitoring their food habits etc.

Parents face many challenges in bringing up their children. Parenting requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. So we should be very much thankful to our parents.

Paragraph on Parents- 150 Words – Parents Responsibility: More Than Just Care and Affection

Parents Essay edumantra.net

My Parents are more than just a wonderful gift in my life. Life without parents cannot be imagined. They are always very loving and caring. My father is Mr. Raj Singhania and my mother is Ms. Savitri Singhania. My father is a businessman and a great designer. He is a very kind and hardworking person. He loves me dearly and takes care of all my needs. Sometimes he brings beautiful gifts for me, he takes me out, and fills my life with happiness and joy, he even helps me with my homework.

My mother stays at home, she’s very caring too-taking care of the house, cooking tasty food for all of us, taking me to school in the morning, taking me to the park in the evening telling me interesting stories at bedtime and helping with my homework as well. I am very dear to my parents and love them dearly as well both by respecting them a lot too-I don’t know what I would do without them when I grow up-I will take care of them also.

My Parents” Paragraph on Parents- 200 Words

Parents are an a wonderful gift given to us by God . Parents provide us mental and emotional support as well as they guide us to reach our full potential. In addition, parents play a very important role in helping children learn how to behave and how to socialize. Parents also help children develop skills such as problem solving, social discipline , and self-discipline.

Parents provide children with a good environment. This enables the children to develop their skills and talents. Parents are crucial in raising children. They provide them with the love and support they need to grow into strong individuals. Parents also teach their children about morals, values, and discipline. They set an example for their children and help them learn how to be responsible for themselves.  Parents do everything they can to help their children reach their goals and live a fulfilling life.

Though the task of parenting is hard to balance like work, family, and other responsibilities, but it is worth it in the end. Parents are responsible for raising their children and giving them the best possible upbringing. So the children must understand the sacrifices of their parents and must take a great care of their parents.  

Parents Essay: The Foundation of Our Lives


Parents responsibility goes beyond giving birth; they play a great role in shaping our life. They are responsible for their well-being, happiness and education. It is not easy to be a parent, but it is an important job. Parents should do everything they can to help their children grow up to be successful adults.

When raising children, parents remain patient and consistent. They also provide guidance and support when it is needed. They are also aware of their child’s feelings and reactions, and do what they can to encourage healthy relationships. A good relationship between a parent and child helps the child develop empathy and communication skills.

Parents sometimes have fun with their children too. There are many things that parents do together that will make the relationship stronger. One way to have fun with your child is to take them on outings or enjoy activities that they enjoy. Parents should also make time for themselves so that they can recharge and spend more time with their children in the future.

Parents Responsibility in Nurturing the Next Generation

The parents responsibility in a child’s life is paramount, guiding them through every stage. The parents provide the foundation for their child’s early development, and the child in turn benefits from this strong foundation. Parents set an example for their children and help to shape their character. They play a large role in their children’s lives by providing guidance and support throughout the years.

A child needs love and nurturing from both parents, but it is especially important that the father plays an active role in his child’s life. Studies have shown that a father’s involvement in his child’s life has a positive effect on the child’s development. Fathers offer encouragement and support, help to teach values, and provide models of how to be responsible adults.

Fathers are also often better equipped to provide guidance in areas such as academics and athletics. Fathers can provide critical feedback on their children’s school work, which can help them develop skills needed for success in life. Fathers also have an important role in helping their children develop healthy habits such as eating right and getting exercise.

Tips for communicating with your parents

Tips for communicating with your parents are explained here- Some things to keep in mind when speaking with your parents are as follows:

  • Listen carefully. Make sure you give your parents the opportunity to explain what they are saying before you respond.
  • Be willing to compromise. It is important that you and your parents can work together to come up with a solution that works for both of you.
  • Be respectful. Do not argue with your parents or push them around. Show them respect by listening and trying to understand their point of view.

How to make your parents feel comfortable when they’re around you?

When parents are around their children, it is important for them to feel comfortable. This can be a difficult task for some parents, but there are ways to make them feel more at ease. One way to do this is to show them that you care about them and want to have a good relationship with them.

Additionally, make sure that you are honest with them and let them know what you expect from the relationship. Finally, be respectful of their time and do not monopolize their attention.

Parents Responsibility Reflected in Diverse Parenting Styles

Every parent, in their unique style, showcases their parents responsibility and beliefs in nurturing their child. There are four main parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful.

Authoritative parenting is when a parent takes charge and gives clear instructions to their child. This type of parenting is most common in traditional families with a father as the head of the household. Authoritative parents set boundaries and expect their children to obey them. They also often have high expectations for their children and expect them to be successful in life. Authoritative parents are usually strict with their children and may be demanding.

Authoritarian parenting is when a parent doesn’t take charge but instead gives their child lots of rules to follow. This type of parenting is often found in single-parent households or households with an absent father. Authoritarian parents give their children little choice in what they do and how they do it. They also frequently discipline their children using physical punishment or verbal abuse. Authoritarian parents are often neglectful of their children and don’t provide them with adequate resources or emotional support.

Permissive parenting is when a parent allows their child to do whatever he or she wants without any constraints. This type of parenting is found more

Parents Health Insurance: Safeguarding Children’s Development

Parents are the pillars of a child’s life. They shape their growth and future. Just as one carefully designs a parent’s room, the influence and guidance of parents are meticulously crafted for the well-being of their children. They are the first educators of their children and guide them in the formation of their personalities and character.

Parents must be patient, consistent, and loving while raising their children. Proper parenting is essential to ensure that children grow into successful adults.

Here are a few ways parents influence their children’s development:

-Parenting styles can vary greatly, but there are some common principles that all parents should follow to provide a healthy home environment for their children. These principles include setting clear expectations, providing structure and discipline, and modeling good behavior.

Children learn best when they feel safe and secure. When parents are able to establish trust with their children, they can open up communication channels that help them understand the world around them. This type of relationship is important for developing positive self-esteem and self-confidence.

Providing opportunities for exploration is another important way that parents can help their children develop intellectually. Children need to try new things in order to learn about the world around them. This can be done by exposing them to different cultures, arts and crafts, and other activities.

Parents Essay: The Significance of a Strong Bond with Children

Parenting, like parents’ medical insurance, offers protection and guidance to a child, and it is important for parents to have a good relationship with their children. A good relationship between parents and children allows for a child to develop emotionally and mentally, as well as learn how to behave appropriately.

A good relationship between parents and children can be achieved through communication, which involves sharing feelings and thoughts with one another. It is also important for parents to spend time with their children, providing them with positive reinforcement and modeling appropriate behavior. When parents model appropriate behavior for their children, they are teaching them how to behave in society.

There are many benefits that result from a good relationship between parents and children. One of the most significant benefits is that a good relationship between parents and children provides children with emotional security. When a child feels secure in his or her relationships, he or she is less likely to experience anxiety or stress.

Additionally, a good relationship between parents and children helps children develop self-esteem. When children feel confident about themselves, they are more likely to succeed in life. Furthermore, a good relationship between parents and children helps create close bonds between the family members. When families are strong, they are better

Parents Responsibility and Vision: Defining Your Parenting Style

The role of parents, much like the blueprint in parents room design, shapes and defines a child’s life. It can be challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding. There are many different types of parents, and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some parents are very strict while others are more lenient. Some are very hands-on while others let their children lead more independent lives. The key is to find the parenting style that works best for you and your child.

There is no single right way to parent, and the best way to find out what works for you is to experiment. If you find that you are struggling with a certain parenting style, try to change it gradually over time. Don’t try to force things in the opposite direction; that will only create chaos and conflict. Just take small steps in the new direction, and eventually you will find yourself on the right track.

Above all else, remember that parenting is a partnership between you and your child. You should always put your child’s best interests first, and try to be as understanding as possible when they make mistakes or need help behaving correctly. Above all else, be patient and consistent with your parenting techniques, and your child will eventually

How to Raise a Good Child

Raising a good child is not as easy as it seems. There are plenty of ways to go wrong, and even more ways to go right. To help parents out, here are five tips for raising children that come from experience and observation:

1. Set high standards for your child. It’s important to have expectations for your children, and make sure they understand why these standards are important. This will help them be motivated to meet them. 2. Teach your child how to manage their emotions. it’s important that they know how to control their anger, frustration, and sadness. This will help them develop good problem-solving skills, and stay calm in difficult situations. 3. Encourage your child’s creativity and imagination. These can be powerful tools, so let your kids use them! Play with them and allow them to explore different ideas. 4. Help your child develop a healthy relationship with food. Make sure they eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and avoid junk food and sweets completely. This will help them maintain a healthy weight throughout their lives. 5. Teach your child about respect for others. This is one of the most important lessons a child can

As a parent, it is your duty to provide the best possible environment for your children. You are their first teacher and role model, and it is your responsibility to set an example for them. It is also up to you to make sure that they have all the resources they need in order to succeed both in school and in life.

This essay will outline some of the ways that you can help ensure that your children receive the support they need from you. Thank you for reading!

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My Parents Essay in English for Students

my parents essay 50 words

Table of Contents

My Parents Essay: My parents are the most important people in my life. They love and care for me every day. My mom is kind and helps me with my schoolwork. My dad plays with me and teaches me important things. They both work hard to give me everything I need. Sometimes, they even surprise me with fun outings or treats. What I love most is that they listen to me and understand how I feel. They make me feel safe and loved. I know I’m lucky to have such wonderful parents, and I hope to make them proud as I grow up.

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My Parents Essay – Short Essay

My Parents Essay

My Parents Essay 100 Words

We owe our existence in this world to our parents, who brought us into this life. Our parents hold the most significant and closest place in our hearts. Both our father and mother have made countless sacrifices and put in a lot of hard work to provide for us. Allow me to introduce you to my parents.

My parents are truly wonderful people who shower me with love. My mother’s name is Tanya Srivastava , and she is forty years old. She is a well-educated woman, working as a professor at the nearby college. Her job keeps her quite busy, but she always finds time for us.

My father, on the other hand, is a businessman. Despite their demanding schedules, they both make it a point to spend quality time with me. I hold deep love and admiration for them.

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My Parents Essay 200 Words

Parents hold a unique and vital place in our lives. It’s essential to cherish and respect them because they are irreplaceable. Even though they might not always express it openly, parents love us deeply, and we can feel their affection. Sometimes, fathers may seem reserved in displaying their love, but it’s crucial to understand that their love for us is profound. We should reciprocate that love and respect.

Today, let me introduce you to my parents:

My father, Brijesh Sharma, is a 45-year-old engineer who works for the local government. He has achieved great success in his career, and I aspire to follow in his footsteps and become an engineer myself. My father is not only my role model but also someone I deeply admire.

He treasures spending quality time with our family whenever he can. Now, let me tell you about my mother, Sneha Sharma, who is 40 years old. She manages our home with dedication and is known for her hard work, politeness, and impeccable manners.

My Parents Essay – Long Essay

My parents essay 300 words.

My parents are my greatest source of strength. They’re always there for me when I need help and make me feel safe all the time.

We live in Varanasi, but my parents are originally from Mumbai. My mom is a nutritionist, and my father is a doctor. They’re also skilled Badminton players, and they’re teaching me the game. My mom is a good swimmer, and I go with her to the swimming club every Sunday to learn how to swim.

Mom prepares our breakfast and packs our lunch every morning. Before she goes to work, she ensures all the cooking for the day is done. Father helps us get ready for school while mom is in the kitchen. Mom makes sure we have our lunchboxes in our bags and all the schoolbooks we need. Both mom and Father are great cooks, and they enjoy it.

Our parents take good care of our health and overall well-being. Mom helps me with my homework when I need it. We spend a lot of quality time together on weekends, going to movies or dining out. During vacations, we explore different places – father loves the sea, mom prefers the hills, and I enjoy both.

I cherish the time I spend with my parents, and I also get to hang out with my friends. They are loving and understanding, and their importance in our lives is immeasurable. They play a crucial role in helping us achieve success and happiness in life.

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My Parents Essay 500 Words

We came into this world because of our parents. They are the ones who brought us into existence, and we should cherish this gift of life. I’m thankful to my parents for all they’ve done for me. In this essay about my parents, I want to express how important they are to me and how much I admire and respect them.

My Parents My Strength

In my life, my parents are like superheroes. They’ve been with me every step of the way, and I can’t imagine life without them. Whenever I’m lost, they guide me back on the right path.

My mom is a homemaker, and she’s the strongest person I know. She takes care of our home, helps me with my work, and cooks the most delicious meals. She used to be a teacher but left her job to look after us kids.

My mom makes many sacrifices for us, often things we don’t even realize. She always puts us before herself and never sleeps in. She’s like the glue that holds our family together.

Parents are a source of strength and support for their children. They carry so many responsibilities but never complain. We should be grateful for our parents because not everyone is as lucky as we are to have them.

While my mom takes care of things at home, my father works outside. He’s a kind-hearted person who never hesitates to assist my mom and lend a helping hand to those in need.

Father is a sociable guy; he talks to our neighbors and keeps our family ties strong. He’s a hardworking businessman who puts in a lot of effort.

Despite his busy schedule, he makes time for us on our days off, and we often go on picnics or out for dinners. I really admire my father for all he does for us without ever complaining.

In our community, he’s quite well-known because he’s always ready to lend a helping hand. Anyone who asks for his help can count on him. That’s why he’s respected and loved, and I look up to him as my wonderful father.

My mother’s name is Tanya Srivastava she is a forty-year-old homemaker. I believe she is the most crucial person in our family. We can’t even imagine a day without her. Every morning, she rises early and begins her work in the kitchen. She washes clothes, tidies up our entire home, and prepares our meals.

I have a deep love for both of my parents. They are kind individuals who have instilled the value of kindness in their children as well. Even when they have disagreements, they always resolve them without letting it impact us. I look up to my parents and hope to follow in their footsteps, aiming to achieve success in life with their blessings.

My Parents Essay FAQs

How do i write an essay about my parents.

To write an essay about your parents, start by introducing them, mentioning their qualities, and sharing personal anecdotes.

Why are parents important 10 points?

Parents are vital because they provide love, guidance, and support, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

What makes your parents special short essay?

My parents are special due to their unconditional love, wisdom, and the way they nurture our dreams.

When writing an essay about my parents, I begin by describing their personalities and how they impact my life positively.

What makes my parents unique is their unwavering love, care, and the values they impart.

What is the role of parents essay?

The role of parents is to love, protect, and guide their children, shaping their character and future.

Who are parents Class 3?

In Class 3, we learn that parents are the people who take care of us, love us, and teach us important things.

Who are parents for Class 2?

In Class 2, we understand that parents are the ones who love and care for us, helping us grow and learn.

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  • My Parents Essay in English for Students & Children


Essay on My Parents for Students & Children

An essay is basically a short version of expressing the writer’s perspective. It is very similar to a story or a short article. Essays can be written in a formal manner and also an informal manner. However, writing an essay at an early age helps to develop many skills in a child. 

Essay writing is included from the Class 1 to 4 English syllabus. That is why we, at Vedantu, have brought up this sample essay on ‘My Parents’ for your reference. You can take a look at it and use it as study material for your child’s learning.

My parents are my superheroes. They are my strength. They stand by me in every crisis of my life. They are the most important people in my life. I love my parents very much. I feel really happy and safe whenever I am with them.

We live in Bangalore but my parents are actually from Mumbai, Maharashtra. My mom is a nutritionist and my dad is a software engineer by profession. Both my parents are good at playing badminton and various other indoor games. My mom is also a good swimmer. I go to the swimming club in our society with her every Sunday to learn how to swim. 

My mom wakes up in the morning and prepares food for everyone. My dad also helps my mom. Then my dad helps me in getting ready for school every day. Meanwhile, my mom prepares my lunchbox and keeps it in my bag. She also keeps books and notebooks in my school bag as per my daily routine. My mom prepares really tasty food and so does my dad. I am really happy to have such great parents.

They take care of our health. While keeping unwell, my dad calls the doctor or takes me to the doctor so that I get recovered soon. They pray to God every day for my health. In addition to household chores, my mom also helps me out with my homework. 

We spend a lot of time together on the weekends and holidays. We go out to the movies or eat in the restaurant. During long vacations, we go to beautiful beaches or mountains to calm our nerves and refresh ourselves. My dad loves beaches while my mom is fond of hill areas. I like both. I just love spending my vacations with them. 

Everyone loves their parents because they support and save you from every evil thing. Not only do they protect us but also they sacrifice our well-being as well. The value of our parents cannot be described in words. We cannot rise and shine without them. They play a great role in our lives so that we can gain all the success and happiness in the world.

My parents are my biggest source of strength. They stand by me and help me whenever I am in trouble.  My parents make me feel safe at all times.

We live in Varanasi, but my parents are from Mumbai. My mother is a nutritionist and my father is a doctor by profession. My parents are good Badminton players, and I am also learning the game from them.  My mother is also a good swimmer and I accompany her to the swimming club in our society on all Sundays to learn how to swim.

 My mother makes breakfast and our tiffins every morning. Before she leaves for work, she makes sure to finish all the cooking for the day too. My father helps my mother with a lot of things. My father helps me and my brother in getting ready for school every day., while my mother is in the kitchen. Mother takes care not to forget to put our tiffin boxes inside our bags.  She also makes sure we have all our necessary books and notebooks in the schoolbags as per the daily routine. My mother is a great cook and prepares very delicious food. My father is a very good cook too and he enjoys cooking.

Parents take care of our health and look after us properly, and make sure I and my brother are very well taken care of. In addition to household chores, my mother also helps me with my homework, whenever I need help.

We spend a lot of time together and on weekends and holidays, we go out to the movies or eat-in restaurants. During vacations, we go for long holidays. My father is very fond of the sea and my mother prefers the hills. So we enjoy an equal share of both. And like my father, I also love the sea. 

I enjoy spending time with my parents, and I also get to spend time with my friends. My parents are very loving and understanding. The value of our parents cannot be described in words. They play a great role in our lives so that we can gain all the success and happiness in the world.


FAQs on My Parents Essay in English for Students & Children

1. What is Essay writing and why is it important?

An essay can best be described as a formal piece of writing which has only one topic. Essay writing  is very advantageous, especially for children. It gives children a chance to collect their thoughts and ideas together and put them down in words, in an elaborate manner. Essay writing is often considered a fun activity. It helps young children to use their imagination. Essay writing is recognized as very useful for kids, and it builds their linguistic skills as they grow older.

2. How can you teach young children to write an essay?

Teaching young children to write an essay involves certain steps, which will help them understand the flow that is required to write an essay. Steps like i) Teaching the young child the use of basic grammar and of writing skills, ii) teach them to make an outline, iii) encourage them to think, iv) note down all the points. Following these steps, the young child will learn how to place all the words together. This in turn, will become a fun activity for them too.

3. Why is My Parents' Essay important?

Essay writing is a habit that children learn from a young age. Essay writing encourages students to think and to write their thoughts on paper.’ My parents’ topic is a basic and very easy essay topic  every child is able to relate to. Writing their thoughts down is a way of encouraging them to utilize their brain power and their creativity, which will help build their writing skills.  Essay writing helps children think over a topic and then put those thoughts down on paper.

4. How can you help children write an essay on ‘My Parents’?

Helping children to write an essay on My Parents is not a difficult task as long as you have a few handy tips which should include the following points: names of both mother and father, their individual professions, their hobbies and how their hobbies are helping the children, the nature of both parents, etc. Once the children have answers to these basic questions, writing them down on paper will not be much difficult.

5. Where can you get samples of essays on ‘my Parent’?

Essay writing is important for all children and enables children to develop  many skills. It is also important to be able to practice some of the sample essays that are available for practice. The online portal, Vedantu.com offers sample essays for students of Class 1 upto Class 4,, that have been formulated in a  well structured, well researched, and easy to understand manner. These study materials and sample essay writings are all important and are very easily accessible from Vedantu.com and can be downloaded too.

Home — Essay Samples — Life — Someone Who Inspires Me — My Parents – The People I Admire The Most


My Parents – The People I Admire The Most

  • Categories: Someone Who Inspires Me

About this sample


Words: 480 |

Published: Dec 16, 2021

Words: 480 | Page: 1 | 3 min read

Works Cited:

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My Parents – The People I Admire The Most Essay

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Everyone has that someone that they admire and look up to them throughout their life .For me a formula one driver named Lewis Hamilton who influence me and shape my life till today. He influenced my life because he is very [...]

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. Is one of the many inspirational quotes from Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was also called Saint Teresa of Calcutta dedicated her time to caring [...]

Dolan, A. (2020). The Importance of Role Models: Why You Need Them and How to Find Them. Psychology Today. Retrieved from Books.

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Narrative Essay: I Love My Parents

Parents are the closest people that we have in our lives, whether we realize it or not. They love us not because we are smart, beautiful, successful or we have a good sense of humour, but just because we are their children. I, too, love mom and dad simply because they are my parents, but I think I would have felt the same even if they weren’t. I love who they are as people, each with their own individual traits – and, together, forming an amazing super-team that’s made me who I am today and taught me what life is all about.

My mother is a cheerful, chatty perfectionist who seems to always find something to get excited about and who can talk for hours about animals and flowers. She is never afraid to speak her mind and she can be very convincing when she wants to. She sometimes get upset a bit too easily, but she is just as quick to forgive and forget. I love mom for all that she is – even when she’s angry – for all that she has done for me, and for all that she’s taught me. My mom has been through a lot throughout the years, but she always kept fighting.She taught me to never lose hope even in the direst of moments, and she showed me how to look for happiness in the small things. She’s been trying to teach me to be more organized as well, but hasn’t succeeded yet. I love her for that too.

My father is quiet, patient and calm, and he has an adorable hit-and-miss sense of humour. I may not always find his jokes that funny, but I love him for trying. Dad almost never gets angry and he is always polite, friendly and nice to everyone. He is not the one to verbalize emotions, but he always shows his feelings through sweet gestures and little surprizes. He is the pacifist in our family and never goes against mom’s wishes, but he runs a large company witha firm hand. I love my father for all these characteristics and for all he’s sacrificed to build a better life for us. He’s worked day and night to ensure we afford good education and have a rich, wonderful childhood, and he has passed up many great opportunities for the benefit of our family. I love dad because he’s taught me that you cannot have it all in life, but with hard work and dedication, you can have what matters most to you.

Mom and dad may be very different people, but they complement each other perfectly. Together, they formed a super-team that was always there – and, thankfully, still is – to provide comfort, nurturing, and support and help me grow as a person. Their complementary personalities bring balance in our family, and each of them steps in whenever they are needed the most. Together, they taught me to believe in myself and have turned me into a fighter. Their care and dedication towards me and each other has served as an example of what healthy relationships should be like, and I love and admire them for that.

I love my parents because they are my parents, my good friends, my heroes, my role models, my safe haven, my pillars of strength.I am who I am today thanks to them, and I know that their support and affection will play an essential role in what I will become in the future.All I can hope is that, when I have children of my own, I will be half as good a parent as they were to me.

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Essay On Parents

To think, talk or write about parents can take one on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Parents are the most significant and influential people in every child's life. Right from giving us birth, parents toil hard to make us independent and self-sufficient individuals. Here are a few sample essays on “Parents”.

100 Words Essay On Parents

200 words essay on parents, 500 words essay on parents.

Essay On Parents

The influence of parents on children's life is significant, we are because they are. They are responsible for giving birth as well as bringing them up in a healthy way. Right from the day a child is born, parents take care of their every need and groom them to become effective members of society. They are essential to each stage of a child's development. Parents are givers of love, support, care and direction which is needed for one to move forward in life. Nothing is more reassuring and calming for a person than their parents’ arms, no matter how old they get.

For a youngling, parents are providers of everything. From the basic needs of food and personal hygiene, love and care, to all material needs and requirements. Parents toil hard in their respective occupations to give the best possible lives to their children. They do all in their power to make their children all their wishes.

First Teachers | Parents are a child's first teachers, and teach the essence of integral living. The lessons a child learns by observing their parents and listening to them are invaluable, and their real value is often understood after growing up and seeing some of life. It is from parents that children learn to face difficult situations and challenges in life.

Givers Of Love | Unconditional love and acceptance from parents is essential for the healthy development of any child into an adult. A child, whatever age they might be, is likely to feel more motivated to study, work, and achieve their goals if they know they have their parents to fall back upon. Some of the renowned psychologists of the world have established that the quality of one’s relationship with their parents has a huge impact on the kind of relationships they form as adults.

They say, it is at the birth of the child that a parent is born. The art of parenting is difficult to develop and maintain, there is something new to learn at every step. There is no turning back once one signs up for it. Parents need to carefully manage their time and mindfully manage work and personal life, such that they’re able to give adequate time to their children.

Parents As Providers | Like the human body needs food, water, and oxygen to survive, the body and the mind also need love, affection, and security to thrive. All these needs are, for the first few years of life, fulfilled solely by one’s parents. Parents share all our joys and griefs. They laugh when we laugh, and cry when we cry.

Lifelong Companions | Parental influence on a child's growth is fundamental. The journey from childhood to adulthood is full of physiological, psychological, and social changes. It is easier and less of a pain for individuals to go through these changes and deal with the various challenges they bring, if the journey is backed by the unconditional acceptance and support of parents.

Remind Us Of Strengths | Parents try to provide the best of education to their children. It is said that it is one’s parents who are the most well-aware of one’s skills, strengths, and limitations. Whenever needed, parents remind us of our strengths and encourage us to steer through all the challenges that come our way.

My Relationship With My Parents

I live in a family of six, including my parents, grandparents, my younger brother, and me. My father is a businessman, he is a builder with the govt., while my mother is a homemaker. When I was younger, I used to closer to my mother, share everything with her, spend time with her, but extremely scared of my father. My father had a controlling nature and so I thought he would get angry if I shared anything with him.

My Father And I | But as I grew up, I saw my father encouraging me to hone my talents of dancing, singing, and swimming. He got me enrolled in the best classes for each of these in our locality and would make sure that he dropped me and picked me up from the classes everyday. I realised that my father wanted me to become the best version of myself and polish each skill and talent I possessed, so I could feel proud of myself. One day, one of our relatives commented on me being slightly overweight. My father sensed that I felt embarrassed and that it was wrong of my aunt to comment like that, and so he immediately told my aunt that his daughter would live the kind of life she wanted to and that no one should comment on her choices, in any way.

My Mother And I | My mother and I are like the closest of friends. Not a day goes when I don’t sit with her to discuss what happens in school and among my friends. She never judges me and only tries to handhold me in situations where she feels I feel challenged. We go for lunch to some nice place once in a week and also do some shopping during those outings. She cooks my favourite dishes for me and pampers me like a little baby.

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Essay on My Parents

We always say god is the creator of everything that exists in this world. And of course we enjoy many of these. Every natural thing in this universe is the creation of god. But above all, the best creation of God is parents. God created parents to provide unconditional love, guidance, and protection in the world. We can say that God created parents and parents are responsible for creating a good human. To understand more about parents and their importance in our life, today we will discuss My Parents in detail.

Short and Long My Parents Essay in English

Here, we are presenting long and short essays on My Parents in English for students under word limits of 100 – 150 Words, 200 – 250 words, and 500 – 600 words. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided essays will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches on My Parents.

My Parents Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) My parents provide me unconditional love.

2) They always support me in anything I choose to do.

3) My parents take care of me and ensure that I have everything.

4) They provide plenty of guidance and advice when I need it.

5) They also give children the strength to face challenges of life.

6) My parents are my biggest role models.

7) My parents have always been my biggest sources of encouragement and inspiration.

8) They have been a huge source of motivation and support throughout my life.

9) My parents have demonstrated the values of respect, loyalty and family.

10) I have the best parents in the world and I love them very much.

Short Essay on My Parents (250 – 300 Words)


Parents are the first teachers in our lives and are responsible for shaping us into adults. Our existence is just because of our parents. They offer us support when we feel down and provide a shoulder to cry on when we need it. Nobody can take place of our parents. They are the one who gave us this beautiful life.

Significance of Parents

Parents provide us unconditional love, support, and guidance at every step of life. Parents are the first teachers of their children and teach them the basic values in life which help them to grow up into strong individuals. They provide the security and the feeling of being loved that foster a child’s development. Parents also play a major role in imparting knowledge and skills that children need to build a successful and meaningful life.

My Parents My Support System

My parents are my rock. They were always present to teach me valuable life lessons. They have always given me the right guidance and support that I need to make my life a success. Whether I am having trouble with a problem, want some advice about making a decision, or just need someone to talk to, I know that I can always count on my parents. They are like a beam of energy in my life, providing stability and security even in the most trying of times.

Parents provide us life’s most valuable gift of precious time and hope. Thanks to our parents, we are better equipped to navigate our way through life. I love my parents more than anything and am so grateful for their unwavering love and support.

Long Essay on My Parents (500 Words)

For us, parents take place of the most important people in our life. They are our best friends and mentors. Their presence and guidance provides children with invaluable life lessons and emotional support. A child’s success in life is greatly dependent on having a supportive and caring parent. Furthermore, parents provide much-needed love, security, and stability for their kids.

My parents My Life

My parents have been a tremendous influence in my life. They have taught me the value of hard work, honesty, courage and remaining true to myself. They have supported and guided me throughout my life, helping me to make good decisions and to stay on the right path. Even during the toughest times in my life, they have always been there to support me and motivate me to keep going. They have given me everything I need for success in life, and have always been there for support. Even when I made mistakes, or needed someone to talk to, they were always there to listen and provide guidance. They believed in me when I had difficulty believing in myself. I am extremely grateful for the sacrifices they made and I strive to live my life in a way that will make my parents proud of me.

Importance of Parents

Parents play an integral role in a child’s life. They are the first people children learn from, and their influence can shape the child’s character and personality. Parents help shape the values, skills, resilience, and ambition of their children to become better human beings. With their endless support and teaching, they help children shape their career path and form personal goals. Furthermore, they are a source of inspiration and motivation to young individuals, providing them guidance and advice to tackle difficult situations in their lives. All in all, parents are the backbone of their children’s lives and have an immeasurable significance.

Learning from My Parents

My parents have taught me a lot over the years, from life lessons to simple lessons about common courtesy. They have taught me the importance of respect, the value of hard work and the power of kindness. My parents have also taught me the importance of being honest and taking responsibility for my actions. As a result of these lessons, I have developed into a well-rounded and successful person. I am thankful for all the important things my parents have taught me. My parents have taught me the importance of hard work and dedication, and believe that anything worth having is worth working for.

My parents always act as a pillar of strength for me. Since childhood, their unconditional love and support has taught me the value of respect, responsibility, and hard work. I can say without a doubt that I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I am so thankful to have such amazing parents in my life. They have taught me so many valuable lessons and I am forever grateful for their unconditional love and commitment.

I hope the above provided essay on My Parents will be helpful for you to know about parents and taught you to love and support your parents always.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Parents

Ans. National Parent’s Day is celebrated every year on fourth Sunday of July.

Ans. There are four types of parents, permissive, authoritative, neglectful and authoritarian.

Ans. Spend quality time with your parents, listen to them, be honest and open with them, and try to show them that you respect their opinions.

Ans. Parents are considered to be like gods because they are the people who nurture and care for their children from the moment they are born.

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My Parents Essay, Paragraph & Composition

Here are essays, paragraphs, and compositions, ranging from 100 to 350 words about “My Parents”. What is the role of parents in a child’s life, how parents raise their children, their love and affection for children; and conversely, what are the duties of children to their parents, what is the religious instruction in this regard, and what is the moral demand, why should the parents be obeyed—the following writings answer all such questions.

My Parents Paragraph

Table of Contents

My Parents Essay, 350 Words

By: Haque ; For class 9-10/SSC; 27-02-’22

Introduction: There are five members in my family . They are my father, my mother, my elder brother, my younger sister , and me. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housewife. My parents are the most important people to me.

My father: My father’s name is Mohammed Ayub. He is a businessman. He deals in cloth. He has a cloth store in Khatunganj, Chittagong. His store remains open six days a week. The only off day he gets in the week is Friday. He has to work very hard. On working days he remains at his store from 9 AM to 8 PM. So on weekends, he passes the whole day with the family. He takes us to different places such as the zoo, children’s park, museum, cinema , theatre, etc. Sometimes, we just sit together and chat while taking fruits or snacks like puffed rice with Chanachur, handmade cake, peanuts, cashew, mango, pineapple, etc. He often takes us to the houses of different relatives. He also plays with us, the children. I like my father very much.

My Mother: My mother’s name is Ayesha Khatun. She is a housewife. She remains engaged in her work at home all the time. She gets up very early in the morning. Then she makes breakfast for everyone in the family and prepares us, the children, for our respective school or college. Then she prepares our food for lunch and dinner. My mother has to work till midnight. She endures all the hardship for the sake of our happiness.

Their Sacrifice and Sincere Effort of My Parents: My parents always take good care of me and my siblings. They sincerely try to fulfill all my needs. As they are not rich, they cannot buy me everything I desire, but they try to make me happy with whatever they have. I understand and value their sincere effort.

Conclusion: My parents are best companions to me. They behave with me like friends . I discuss everything with my parents. I consider myself fortunate to have such good parents. I love my parents very much.

My Parents Essay, 300 Words Obedience to Parents / Duties to Parents

By: Haque ; For class 7-8/JSC; 27-02-’22

Introduction: Obedience to parents is a sacred duty. Parents always love their children, think for their bright future, and work hard for their happiness. But the children, in return, forget their parents when they grow up.

Our Duty to Our Parents: We are indebted to our parents for our life. We have seen the light of the world through them. They have brought up us with great care and affection. So, it is our duty to make them happy in their old age. Our parents are our best guides and best friends. They are our best well-wishers. They do not hesitate to sacrifice even their lives for the sake of children. Many full fathers are starving to feed their children. so, it is quite natural that we should obey our parents.

It is the religious duty of every child to obey his parents. Islam says, “to please the father is to please God”. Moreover, it enjoins: “heaven lies at the feet of mother”. The sacred book of the Hindus says that one’s mother is superior to heaven. So, we see that obedience to parents is one of our religious duties.

How to Repay Our Debts to Them: The love, care, and sacrifice to the parents can never be repaid by children. It is, therefore, by good conduct that the parents be best served and pleased. We should not do such things as will make them unhappy. We should nurse them when they are sick.

Benefits of Obeying Them: Obedience to parents brings mental peace and happiness. It teaches us discipline. It makes the life of the children happy, peaceful, and prosperous. It teaches a child to be pious and honest. Children who are disobedient can never be happy.

Conclusion: Children should obey their parents in their own interest. The love and affection of the parents are blessings to the children.

My Parents Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque ; For class 5-6/PSC; 27-02-’22

Write a paragraph about your parents, which will answer the following questions:

  • How is your relationship with your parents?
  • What is the role of your parents in your growing up?
  • What are the educational qualifications of your parents?
  • What dreams do your parents have for you and your siblings?
  • Do you feel proud of your parents?

My parents are rich and educated. They are my best guardians, friends and well-wishers. They love me very dearly. They have brought me up with great care and affection. My father is an M. A. and my mother is a graduate. My father is a professor in a college and my mother is a school mistress . My parents are well to do. They have a house of their own in Comilla. My parents are trying their best to educate us. My parents wish that we, all brothers and sisters, will be established in life and be good citizens of the country. I love my parents dearly. I am proud of my parents.

Duty towards Parents Paragraph

Duty towards Parents Paragraph

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph on duty to parents. Prove that performing duties to parents one can be successful in the battle of life. Write the statements in favor of duty towards parents done by the issues.

Our parents are the dearest and nearest ones on earth. They bring us up and teach us many things with great care. So, we have many duties towards them. Firstly, we should take care not to hurt their feelings by our words or deeds. Secondly, we should be obedient to them. Thirdly, we should take care to look after them when they are old and helpless as we were in our childhood. Islam says, “Heaven lies at the feet of mother .” The Hindu scriptures say, “Mother and motherland are superior to heaven”. Similarly, every religion has given stress to the duties towards parents. Parents are the source of all success for the children because the blessing of the parents makes God sympathize with them. If parents become angry with their children, God also gets angry with them. So, to shine in life everybody should be careful of duty to parents.

My Parents Composition

In 100 words, for Class-3

My parents are very dear to me. They are my best friends and well-wishers. I love and respect them very much and always follow their orders and advice. They have brought me up with care and affection.

My parents are well-educated. My father is a banker. My mother is a housewife. My parents maintain our family properly. We live in our own house. My parents are trying their best to make me educated.

My parents want me to be an honest, active, hard-working, and useful citizen of Bangladesh. I am proud of my dear parents.

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by  Stephen Spender

My parents kept me from children who were rough Who threw words like stones and wore torn clothes Their thighs showed through rags they ran in the street And climbed cliffs and stripped by the country streams. I feared more than tigers their muscles like iron Their jerking hands and their knees tight on my arms I feared the salt coarse pointing of those boys Who copied my lisp behind me on the road. They were lithe they sprang out behind hedges Like dogs to bark at my world. They threw mud While I looked the other way, pretending to smile. I longed to forgive them but they never smiled.

Summary of My Parents

  • Popularity of “My Parents”: Stephen Spender, a famous poet and novelist, wrote ‘My Parents’. It was first published in the 19 th The poem is about childhood games, bullying and making friends. It also illustrates the parent’s love and their protective instinct for their children. However, its popularity lies in the phenomenon of parental love.
  • “My Parents” As a Criticism on Society: This poem is written from the perspective of a young child. The child’s parents restrict him and keep him away from the rough children, fearing they will make fun of him. The poet presents a graphic picture of the street children, which justifies the stance of his parents. They are rough in their manners and appearances. However, the speaker is envious of their freedom. He adores the way they play freely in the street without any restrictions. Also, he praises their iron muscle, which shows that he is physically weak as compared to them. Therefore, his parents never allow him to take part in an activity that invites hatred and bullying. Thus, the poem highlights an inevitable gap that exists among different classes of societies. The parents want to safeguard their son from the negativity, and the speaker wants to liberate himself from the clutches of restrictions.
  • Major Themes in “My Parents”: Bullying, the gap between social classes and parent’s love are the major themes of the poem. The poet presents two things in the poem: parents concern for their child, and the child’s wish for freedom. His parents never permit him to mingle with the street boys, and they have reasons for that. But, the poet thinks that his freedom is snatched in the name of protection. Therefore he tries to give those street children a positive gesture, forgetting their bad behavior with him, but they never respond to him positively.

Analysis of Literary Devices in “My Parents”

literary devices are tools the writers use to create meanings in their texts to enhance the poems or stories and connect the readers with the real message of the text. Stephen Spender has also given this poem depth and clarity with the appropriate use of these literary devices . The analysis of some of the devices used in this poem is given below.

  • Alliteration : Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds in the same line such as the sound of /c/ in “And climbed cliffs and stripped by the country streams”.
  • Imagery : Imagery is used to make readers perceive things involving their five senses. For example, “Who threw words like stones and wore torn clothes”; “Their jerking hands and their knees tight on my arms” and “Their thighs showed through rags they ran in the street.”
  • Enjambment : It is defined as a thought or clause that does not come to an end at a line break and is continued in the next line. For example,

“Their thighs showed through rags they ran in the street And climbed cliffs and stripped by the country streams.”

  • Hyperbole : Hyperbole is a device used to exaggerate a statement for the sake of emphasis. For example, “I feared more than tigers their muscles like iron.” This statement shows how greatly he fears them.
  • Simile : It is a figure of speech used to compare something with something else to make the meanings clear. There is one simile used in the fourth line, “I feared more than tigers their muscles like iron”. He compares their muscles with iron.

A careful glimpse of this analysis shows that with the help of literary devices Stephen Spender has effectively conveyed a simple message through this poem.

Analysis of Poetic Devices in “My Parents”

Poetic and literary devices are the same, but a few are used only in poetry. Here is the analysis of some of the poetic devices used in this poem.

  • Stanza : A stanza is a poetic form of some lines. There are three stanzas in this poem each comprises four lines in it.
  • Quatrain : Quatrain is a four-lined stanza borrowed from Persian poetry. Here each stanza is quatrain.
  • Rhyme Scheme : There is no specific rhyme scheme in this poem.

Quotes to be Used

The lines quoted below can be used when teaching kids about a parent’s love. These can also be used to teach why parents put some restriction on them.

“My parents kept me from children who were rough Who threw words like stones and wore torn clothes Their thighs showed through rags they ran in the street And climbed cliffs and stripped by the country streams.”

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