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107 Video Game Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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Video games have become a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages. From action-packed shooters to immersive role-playing games, there is a video game out there for everyone. With such a wide variety of games to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on a topic for an essay about video games. To help you get started, here are 107 video game essay topic ideas and examples to inspire your writing:

  • The impact of violent video games on children's behavior
  • The evolution of video game graphics over the years
  • The rise of esports and its influence on the gaming industry
  • The benefits of playing video games for cognitive development
  • The representation of gender and race in video games
  • The history of virtual reality gaming
  • The psychology of loot boxes in video games
  • The role of music in enhancing the gaming experience
  • The ethics of video game journalism
  • The impact of video game addiction on mental health
  • The cultural significance of video game franchises like Mario and Pokemon
  • The future of cloud gaming and streaming services
  • The role of storytelling in video games
  • The influence of video games on popular culture
  • The relationship between video games and education
  • The impact of video game censorship on creative expression
  • The portrayal of mental health issues in video games
  • The role of social media in video game marketing
  • The history of video game consoles
  • The impact of online multiplayer games on social interaction
  • The evolution of game mechanics in the survival horror genre
  • The representation of LGBTQ+ characters in video games
  • The influence of Japanese culture on video game aesthetics
  • The role of nostalgia in the popularity of retro gaming
  • The impact of microtransactions on player experience
  • The relationship between video games and violence in society
  • The role of artificial intelligence in game development
  • The impact of video game streaming platforms like Twitch
  • The representation of disability in video games
  • The influence of game design on player engagement
  • The evolution of mobile gaming
  • The role of virtual economies in online multiplayer games
  • The impact of video game sound design on immersion
  • The portrayal of mental illness in video games
  • The influence of Eastern philosophy on game narratives
  • The role of user-generated content in game communities
  • The impact of fan culture on video game development
  • The representation of indigenous cultures in video games
  • The influence of literature on game storytelling
  • The role of game difficulty in player satisfaction
  • The impact of video game piracy on the industry
  • The portrayal of war in military shooter games
  • The relationship between video games and sports
  • The influence of board games on video game design
  • The role of player choice in game narratives
  • The impact of virtual reality on therapy and rehabilitation
  • The representation of historical events in video games
  • The influence of film on game aesthetics
  • The role of gender stereotypes in video game marketing
  • The impact of game mods on player creativity
  • The portrayal of mental health professionals in video games
  • The influence of tabletop role-playing games on video game mechanics
  • The role of game mechanics in promoting teamwork and cooperation
  • The impact of game development crunch on industry workers
  • The representation of animals in video games
  • The influence of science fiction on game narratives
  • The role of player agency in game storytelling
  • The impact of game difficulty on player motivation
  • The portrayal of addiction in video games
  • The influence of mythology on game aesthetics
  • The role of puzzles in game design
  • The impact of game reviews on player purchasing decisions
  • The representation of mental illness in horror games
  • The influence of architecture on game environments
  • The role of game soundtracks in enhancing the player experience
  • The impact of game tutorials on player learning
  • The portrayal of robots and AI in video games
  • The influence of fashion on character design in games
  • The role of humor in game narratives
  • The impact of game localization on cultural representation
  • The representation of environmental issues in video games
  • The influence of psychology on game design
  • The role of game narratives in exploring complex themes
  • The impact of game communities on player engagement
  • The portrayal of mental health struggles in indie games
  • The influence of mythology on game storytelling
  • The role of player feedback in game development
  • The impact of game accessibility on player inclusivity
  • The representation of gender identity in video games
  • The influence of surrealism on game aesthetics
  • The role of morality systems in game narratives
  • The impact of game tutorials on player retention
  • The portrayal of mental health professionals in horror games
  • The influence of psychology on game narratives
  • The role of player choice in shaping game outcomes
  • The impact of game aesthetics on player immersion
  • The representation of LGBTQ+ relationships in video games
  • The role of environmental storytelling in game design
  • The impact of game streaming on player engagement
  • The portrayal of mental illness in puzzle games
  • The role of player feedback in shaping game development
  • The impact of game aesthetics on player perception
  • The representation of LGBTQ+ characters in horror games
  • The influence of film noir on game narratives
  • The role of environmental storytelling in shaping game worlds
  • The impact of game tutorials on player skill progression
  • The portrayal of mental illness in narrative-driven games
  • The influence of science fiction on game aesthetics
  • The role of player choice in determining game endings
  • The impact of game aesthetics on player emotional response
  • The representation of LGBTQ+ relationships in indie games
  • The influence of literature on game design
  • The role of environmental storytelling in immersive game worlds
  • The impact of game streaming on player community building
  • The portrayal of mental health struggles in interactive fiction games

Whether you are writing a research paper, a critical analysis, or a personal reflection on video games, these topics provide a diverse range of ideas to explore. From examining the psychological effects of gaming to analyzing the cultural significance of game narratives, there is no shortage of fascinating topics to delve into. So, pick a topic that interests you and start exploring the world of video games through the lens of your essay. Happy writing!

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110 Video Game Topic Ideas for Essays & Examples

🔝 top 10 video game topics for 2024, 🏆 best video game topic ideas & essay examples, 🎮 good video game research topics, 🕹️ interesting gaming topics to write about, ❓ video game research questions, ✅ simple & easy video game essay topics.

Looking for video game topics for your project? Look no further! Here, we’ve collected excellent essay topics for true gaming enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for argumentative essay ideas on video games, research topics, or questions for debate, you will find them here.

  • History of Video Game Consoles
  • Myths of Video Game Violence
  • The Global Phenomenon of Esports
  • VR Gaming and Its Future Possibilities
  • How Video Games Influence Cognitive Skills
  • Therapeutic Mental Health Benefits of Video Games
  • Diversity and Gender Representation in Video Games
  • How Multiplayer Games Impact Social Interaction
  • Healthy Gaming Habits Against Video Game Addiction
  • Aesthetic and Narrative Qualities of Artistic Video Games
  • Product Life Cycle & Marketing of Video Game Industry One of the most important advantages of the concept of life cycle can be seen in the sphere of marketing, where if used as a tool it allows adjusting the strategies, including marketing, based on […]
  • Video Game Addiction and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs As to me, I was interested in video games when I was a child because this industry was at its beginning and almost every pupil was involved in it.
  • Sony and Nintendo in the Video Game Industry The firm has manufactured several generations of the home console since the 1980s, beginning with the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in the early 1990s, and the Nintendo 64 that was […]
  • Video Game Effects: Good or Bad? Given the fact that there is indeed a logically sound rationale to such a suggestion, throughout the course of conducting my study, I remained thoroughly observant of the article’s classification-related suggestions, in regards to the […]
  • The “Medal of Honor” Video Game Analysis The game is set to depict the Afghanistan invention in 2002 and the battle between the U.S.military and the Taliban. Due to the close resemblance of the game to the Afghanistan war, the game has […]
  • FIFA 10 Football Simulation Video Game A lack of consistency is evident in the various versions of this game as FIFA 10 played on a PC lacks the realism that is exhibited when the game is played on XBOX 360 and […]
  • Video Game Industry Analysis In 1950, Yamauchi assumed the position of the president in the firm and got on a variety of strategies with the purpose of rationalizing and modernizing the way the firm was controlled.
  • The Monopoly Tycoon Video Game Review The game is stylistically similar to the board game Monopoly, and it can be played both online and offline. It is important to note that the game has a multiplayer feature, which can be played […]
  • The Video Game Industry Evolution The first mention of the creation of such games dates back to the 1940s, but it was in 1952 that Alexander Shafto “Sandy” Douglas officially presented his dissertation at the University of Cambridge. One of […]
  • The NASCAR Video Game Project Management Plan The plan attempts to draw the features and gameplay mechanics by replicating the thought process of a potential player. At this stage, the game should be well-advertised and ready for release.
  • The Motivation of the Video Game Player For instance, the project gave its players the dynamic and fast pace of the game, a vast and detailed map, various locations, several different weapons, and character skins, and this is not all the possibilities.
  • Human Life: Video Game, Simulation, or Reality? Drawing parallels between the real and the virtual world, one can admit the unreality of the existence of the planet and people and compare everything that happens with the simulation in which we are.
  • Does Video Game Violence Lead to Aggression in Children? Among the gaming community, children participate vigorously in absorbing the plethora of entertaining content, including age-restricted ones where the scenes of violence are abundant.
  • A Role-Playing Video Game Ayiti: The Cost of Life This strategy worked but not to the topmost level simply because the burden of the living cost was gradually weighing down the overall income of my family.
  • BioWare Video Game Project Management For example, Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third installment of the company’s flagship series, switched to the Frostbite engine used by most of the EA games and succeeded in delivering the product despite the technical difficulties […]
  • Video Game History: Overview From the 1990s to Nowadays In addition to arcade car behavior, the game was also famous for its beautiful graphics at the time, with each game in the series being a launch title showing the capabilities of the console.
  • Video Game Delivery Project: Strategic Marketing To initiate strategies in marketing of Video Game, the company will decide to develop a web based application by ABC CORP and this application is customized to meet the requirements of the project. The purpose […]
  • A Video Game Store’s Business Plan The projected cash flow of the cash in the balance sheet will appear positive for the next five years and will show that the company’s profitability in will be good enough pay for operating expenses […]
  • The U.S. Video Game Industry This was also based on the views of the company’s developers who assumed that the technological advantages of the the16-bit system were extremely less than that of the 8-bit system.
  • Video Game Company Against Online Piracy The purpose of the said DRM software is to protect the intellectual rights of the company. The fourth major issue is the encompassing goal of the VGC to end all types of piracy.
  • Twitch.tv and Video Game Streaming Career From this point, in spite of the fact that the Twitch.tv platform can be viewed as belonging to the live-streaming industry, the careers of streamers develop according to the traditional principles of the entertainment business.
  • Nintendo in the Video Game Industry Previously, Atari was a major power to reckon with in the industry but was later toppled by Nintendo. Part of Yamauchi’s vision was to introduce new and cheaper video games in the market than the […]
  • Game designers have the responsibility to design less video game Secondly, the outcome of the video game is unpredictable as compared to movie in which the audience can predict the point at which the story would end thus making the video games more interesting to […]
  • Striving for the Ultimate Knowledge: Eli’s Mission. Video Game Owing to the peculiarities of the movie plot, the game can be shaped in a most intriguing way, with a lot of turns of the plot which lead to the most effective denouement.
  • Analysis of the Counter-Strike Video Game Phenomenon in Computer Gaming
  • Comparison of Three Companies in Video Game Industry; Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft
  • Analysis of Free Will in The Stanley Parable Video Game
  • Analysis of the Effects of Playing a Video Game Used in Computer Science
  • Analysis of the Characteristics and Player Statistics of Bungie’s Video Game Destiny
  • Are Video Games Truly a Game or a Reality?
  • Analysis of the Topic of the Releases in the Video-Game Industry and the Issues of the Violence
  • Analysis of the Rise of the Video Game Empire in Modern Society
  • Two Aspects of Creating a Video Game
  • Analysis of the Third-Person, Console-Based Video Game, The Last of Us
  • Are Users The Next Entrepreneurs? A Case Study On The Video Game Industry
  • Combating Video Game Addiction : A Global Problem
  • Does Playing Video Game Consoles Bring About Plenty of Advantages?
  • Analysis of the Field Work Project and the Topic of a Video Game Community
  • Does Video Game Violence Affect Children?
  • Do Video Games Contribute For Video Game Violence?
  • Is The Video Game Industry an Oligopoly?
  • Is Video Game Violence the Cause of Juvenile Delinquency?
  • Psychological Effects of Video Game Violence on Children
  • What Is the Defining Business and Economic Characteristics of the Video Game Console Industry?
  • Why Play Station 4 and the Xbox One Are the Kings of the Next Generation Video Game Console?
  • What Makes A Video Game Addictive?
  • Competition Among 3 Main Video Game Companies: Nintendo, Sega, And Sony
  • Brief Note On Video Gaming And The Video Game Industry
  • Effects of Television and Video Game Violence on Children and Teenagers
  • Analysis of the Different Genres of Video Game Systems for Children
  • Overview of the Process and Career in Video Game Design
  • Development of the Elder Scrolls Video Game Series
  • Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Traditionally Masculine Sports: The Inclusion of Women in FIFA 16 Video Game
  • Cancer: Video Game and Playing Violent Video
  • Fighting the Online Video Game Wars in China
  • Government Regulation Of Video Game Violence Is Unconstitutional And Unnecessary
  • Japanese video game industry
  • History of the Video Game Industry
  • Microsoft Xbox Entering the World of Video Game
  • The Merchant of Video Games: Adapting the Merchant of Venice into an Adventure Game
  • What Are Some Revolutionary Breakthroughs in the Video Game Industry?
  • What Does It Take To Make It in the Video Games Industry?
  • Why Has the Video Game Industry Exploded Recently?
  • What Is Wrong With the Video Game Industry in This Generation?
  • Is the Video Game Industry Going Downhill?
  • Who Is the Best Voice Actor in the Video Game Industry?
  • What Will Be the Next Breakthrough or “Big Thing” in the Video Game Industry?
  • Is the Video Game Industry in Trouble Right Now?
  • Who Makes More Money: Hollywood or the Video Game Industry?
  • How Has the Coronavirus Impacted the Video Game Industry?
  • What Is the Biggest Missed Opportunity Yet in the Video Game Industry?
  • Does Video Game Violence Induce Negative Affects on Our Youth?
  • What Are the Changes the Video Game Industry Needs?
  • How Large Is the Video Game Industry?
  • Why Is the Video Game Industry in China Dominated by MMOs?
  • Is There a Bubble Forming in the Video Game Industry?
  • What Do Video Game Players Understand That Most People Don’t?
  • How Easy Is It to Make a Video Game?
  • What’s the Best Advice You’ve Received From a Video Game?
  • What Was the First Video Game?
  • What Is the Most Inappropriate Video Game You Know?
  • What Are the Elements of a Good Video Game?
  • How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Video Game?
  • What Can Video Game Consoles Offer You?
  • Why Video Game Addiction Is One of the Urgent Problems Today?
  • How Does Science Create Video Game?
  • How the 1970s Sparked the Video Game Industry?
  • Why Do Video Game Movies Always Fail?
  • What’s the Most Popular Video Game Genre?
  • The Science Behind Brain-Boosting Games
  • How Gaming Reflects and Influences Society
  • How Video Games Participate in Social Justice
  • Pros and Cons of Gamified Fitness and Wellness Apps
  • Gamification, Its Benefits, and Learning Outcomes
  • Virtual Goods in Video Games and Their Real-World Value
  • What Factors Influence Immersion and Player Engagement?
  • Cloud Gaming and the Potential of Streaming Technology
  • Market Trends and Revenue Models of the Video Game Industry
  • Violence, Microtransactions, and Other Ethical Issues in Video Game Development
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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1. IvyPanda . "110 Video Game Topic Ideas for Essays & Examples." December 27, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/video-game-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda . "110 Video Game Topic Ideas for Essays & Examples." December 27, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/video-game-essay-topics/.

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YourAcademicWriter Blogs

Best Video Game Essay Topics for Students

Video Game Essay Topic Ideas

Choosing the right essay topic is crucial, and for students who love video games, it’s an opportunity to combine their passion with academics. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of exciting and various video game essay topic ideas for students of high school and college. This blog includes argumentative, analytical, persuasive and other types of essays related to video gaming.

Video Game Essay Topics for High School Students

  • How Video Games Improve Problem-Solving Skills.
  • Understanding the World of E-sports.
  • The Importance of Balanced Gaming Habits.
  • Exploring the History of Gaming Consoles.
  • Video Games: Entertainment and Cultural Influence.
  • Gender Representation in Video Games.
  • Gamification in Education: Learning through Play.
  • Game Design and the Art of Video Games.
  • Tracing the Growth of the Video Game Industry.
  • Social Connections in Online Gaming Communities.
  • Video Games and Mental Health Benefits.
  • Exploring Careers in Game Development.
  • Ethical Choices in Video Games.
  • The Impact of Music in Video Games.
  • Making Video Games Accessible to Everyone.

Video Game Essay Topics for College Students

  • The Educational Value of Video Games in College Curriculum.
  • The Growth and Impact of E-sports in the Sports Industry.
  • Gaming Habits and Academic Performance: A College Study.
  • Game Engine Comparison: Unity vs. Unreal Engine.
  • Gender Representation in Video Games: A College Perspective.
  • Analyzing Game Narrative Structures in Popular Titles.
  • Moral Choices in Video Games: Implications and Outcomes.
  • The Psychology of Player Motivation in Gaming.
  • Virtual Reality in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges.
  • Career Prospects in Game Development: Paths and Insights.
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Video Game Content Creation.
  • The Role of Music and Sound in Video Game Immersion.
  • Indie Game Development: Innovations and Success Stories.
  • Video Game Preservation: Saving Gaming History.
  • AI in Gaming: Enhancing NPC Behavior and Gameplay.

Common Essay Topics Related to Video Games

  • The Influence of Video Games on Academic Performance.
  • Video Game Violence: Separating Fact from Fiction.
  • The History and Evolution of Mobile Gaming.
  • The Role of Gaming in Building Teamwork and Collaboration.
  • The Psychology of In-Game Rewards and Achievements.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming: A Glimpse into the Future.
  • Gaming and STEM Education: Learning Science through Games.
  • The Representation of Diversity in Video Games.
  • The Impact of In-Game Advertising on Players.
  • The Benefits of Gaming for Stress Relief and Relaxation.
  • The Importance of Responsible Gaming.
  • The Art of Game Mods: Customizing and Enhancing Games.
  • E-sports Scholarships and Opportunities for Students.
  • The Environmental Impact of Video Game Consoles.
  • Gamers for Good: How Gaming Communities Contribute to Charity.

Argumentative Topics for Video Game Essays

  • Do Violent Video Games Promote Aggressive Behavior in Players?
  • Should There Be Age Restrictions on Purchasing Violent Video Games?
  • Are Video Games a Viable Educational Tool in Schools?
  • Is Video Game Addiction a Real Concern, and How Should It Be Addressed?
  • Do Video Games Enhance Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills?
  • Should Parents Be More Involved in Monitoring Their Children’s Gaming Habits?
  • Is E-sports a Legitimate Sport and Worthy of Recognition?
  • Does Playing Video Games Improve Hand-Eye Coordination?
  • Are Video Games a Form of Art, and Should They Be Treated as Such?
  • Should the Video Game Industry Be Regulated More Strictly for Content?
  • Do Video Games Have a Positive or Negative Impact on Social Skills?
  • Is There a Link Between Video Games and Obesity in Children?
  • Should Professional Gamers Be Considered Athletes and Eligible for Sports Scholarships?
  • Does Gaming Culture Foster Toxic Behavior and Harassment?
  • Can Video Games Help Alleviate Stress and Anxiety in Players?

Didn’t find any topic of your interest? No worries! We have listed 100+ Argumentative Essay Topics for Students here, you can go through the article and choose the best one as per your needs. This blog has various niche topics and can assist to find the best one for you.

Informative Video Game Essay Topics

  • The History of Video Games: From Pong to Present.
  • A Deep Dive into the World of E-sports.
  • How Video Games are Made: Game Development Explained.
  • Exploring Different Genres of Video Games: Action, RPG, Simulation, etc.
  • The Evolution of Video Game Graphics and Technology.
  • Iconic Video Game Characters and Their Impact on Pop Culture.
  • The Science Behind Gaming: How Game Engines Work.
  • Video Game Consoles: Past, Present, and Future.
  • The Importance of Storytelling in Video Games.
  • The Role of Sound Design and Music in Gaming.
  • The Influence of Video Games on Architecture and Design.
  • Video Game Streaming and Content Creation: A New Career Frontier.
  • The Psychology of Gaming: Why We Love Video Games.
  • The Cultural Significance of Video Game Events and Conventions.
  • The Rise of Gamification in Education and Training.

Compare & Contrast Video Game Essay Topics

These compare and contrast essay topics are chosen by our experts and are specifically related to video gaming. These are general and easy to write on.

  • Console Gaming vs. PC Gaming: Which Is Better?
  • Single-Player vs. Multiplayer Games: Which Do You Prefer?
  • Mobile Games vs. Console Games: Pros and Cons.
  • Classic Games vs. Modern Games: What’s Changed?
  • First-Person vs. Third-Person Shooter Games: Which is More Immersive?
  • Xbox vs. PlayStation: Comparing Gaming Communities.
  • Video Games vs. Board Games: Which Provides More Fun?
  • Old Game Graphics vs. New Game Graphics: A Visual Evolution.
  • RPGs vs. Action Games: Gameplay Differences.
  • Retro Games vs. Modern Games: Nostalgia vs. Innovation.
  • Open-World Games vs. Linear Games: Freedom vs. Guided Storytelling.
  • Strategy Games vs. Puzzle Games: Challenges in Gaming.
  • Video Games vs. Movies: Storytelling Approaches.
  • Online Shooters vs. Battle Royale Games: Teamwork vs. Solo Play.
  • Exclusive vs. Cross-Platform Games: Your Gaming Options.

Analytical Topics for Video Game Essays

  • Strategies for Success in Online Multiplayer Games.
  • Analyzing Game Elements in Role-Playing Games (RPGs).
  • In-Game Purchases and Their Impact on Player Progress.
  • The Design of Levels in Platformer Games: A Critical Look.
  • Difficulty Levels in Video Games: Effects on Player Experience.
  • The In-Game Economy: How It Works and Influences Players.
  • The Significance of Tutorial Levels in Game Learning.
  • Character Development in Video Games: Evolution and Influence.
  • Linear vs. Non-Linear Storytelling in Video Games.
  • Morality Systems in Games: Player Choices and Consequences.
  • AI and Machine Learning in Video Games: Advancements and Applications.
  • User-Friendly Game Interfaces: Design Principles and Importance.
  • Game Analytics: Measuring Success in the Gaming Industry.
  • Visual Design and Its Impact on Player Immersion.
  • Cultural Adaptation in Video Game Localization.

Read more: Best Analytical Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics on Video Gaming

  • Why Schools Should Use Video Games for Learning.
  • The Importance of Age Ratings in Video Game Sales.
  • Video Games: Tools for Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills.
  • How Video Games Can Improve Mental Well-being.
  • Debunking the Myth: Video Games and Real-Life Violence.
  • Promoting Diversity in Video Game Characters.
  • Parents’ Role in Monitoring Kids’ Gaming Habits.
  • Gamification in Education: Making Learning Fun.
  • Addressing Video Game Addiction as a Health Issue.
  • Teamwork and Cooperation in Multiplayer Games.
  • Ethical Game Development: Fair Monetization Practices.
  • The Need for More Research on Video Game Violence.
  • Combatting Toxicity in Online Gaming Communities.
  • Exploring E-sports Career Opportunities.
  • Making Video Games Accessible for Everyone.

Read more: Best Persuasive Essay Topics

Best Video Game Essay Topics in 2023

  • The Impact of Video Games on Society Today.
  • Gaming and Sustainability: How Can Gamers Go Green?
  • NFTs in Gaming: What You Need to Know.
  • Virtual Reality Gaming: The Next Big Thing.
  • Making Games Accessible for Everyone.
  • AI’s Role in Video Game Development.
  • Gaming Habits Post-Pandemic: What’s Changed?
  • In-Game Advertising: Friend or Foe?
  • 5G Technology and Its Effect on Gaming.
  • Video Games and Mental Health: A Closer Look.
  • Augmented Reality Games in Learning and Fun.
  • Collectibles and In-Game Economies: Explained.
  • Gaming Across Cultures: Challenges and Solutions.
  • The Power of Online Gaming Communities.
  • E-sports: The Future of Competitive Gaming.

These gaming essay topics would surely help you select the best topic of your choice, all various topics are suggested by our qualified experts keeping in mind the capabilities of an average student. If you want to hire our assignment writer for your gaming topics, feel free to reach us and get your essay done by experts.

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Essays About Video Games: Top 12 Examples and Prompts

Video games have revolutionized the way we have fun today. If you are writing essays about video games, check out our guide to inspire your writing.  

Few can contest the fact that video games have taken over the world. From the basic, almost “primitive” games of the 1970s like Pong to the mind-bending virtual reality games of the 2020s, they have been a source of entertainment for all. Moreover, they have proven quite profitable; countries like Japan and the United States have made tens of billions of dollars solely from the video game market.

Despite their popularity, much has been debated over the potentially harmful side effects that video games may have, particularly on children. One side argues that playing certain video games can lead to people exhibiting violence in the future, while others believe that video games teach players essential life skills. Regardless, they will continue to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. 

For engaging essays about video games, read the essay examples featured below for inspiration.

1. What electronic games can teach us by Kendall Powell

2. designers are imagining video games without guns by keith stuart, 3. playing video games all summer won’t make you feel worse by nicole wetsman, 4.  violent video games bad by andrea newman.

  • 5. ​​The health effects of too much gaming by Peter Grinspoon

Writing Prompts For Essays About Video Games

1. video games: good or bad, 2. the benefits of video games, 3. what is your favorite video game, 4. do video games cause people to become violent, 5. video games in your life, 6. video games vs. traditional games, 7. is the video game rating system enough.

“In other studies, researchers found that gamers who trained on Tetris were better at mentally rotating two-dimensional shapes than those who played a control game. Students who played two hours of All You Can E.T., an educational game designed to enhance the executive function of switching between tasks, improved their focus-shifting skills compared with students who played a word search game.”

Powell explains a few possibilities of applying video games to education. As it turns out, certain video games can improve players’ skills, depending on the mechanics. Researchers are inspired by this and hope to take advantage of the competitive, motivational nature of gaming to encourage children to learn. New games are designed to help kids improve their focus, coordination, and resilience, and game designers hope they will succeed. 

“Imagine a game where you’re a war reporter seeking to capture the most iconic, representative images in a battle environment: You’d still get the sense of peril that audiences expect from action adventures, but your relationship with the environment would be more profound. It would be Call of Duty from the perspective of a creative participant rather than a violent interloper.”

The graphic nature of some video games is said to make kids violent, so it is only natural that some creators try to change this. Stuart writes that it is possible to maintain the fun that shooter-type games induce without using guns. He gives examples of games where you do not kill your enemy, simply stunning or capturing them instead. He also suggests photography as an alternative to killing in a “shooting” game. Finally, he suggests basing video games around helping others, making friends, and doing more peaceful, creative tasks.

“Any role video games play in skewing well-being that did pop up in the study was too small to have a real-world impact on how people feel, the authors said. People would have to play games for 10 more hours per day than their baseline to notice changes in their well-being, the study found.”

Wetsman counters the widespread belief that video games “destroy your brain.” Research done with a sample of 39,000 players over six weeks has shown that whether one plays video games for long or short periods, their mental health is not impacted much. There are some exceptions; however, there are not enough to conclude that video games are, in fact, harmful.

“Some people believe that the connection between violent games, and real violence is also fairly intuitive. In playing the games kids are likely to become desensitized to gory images;which could make them less disturbing, and perhaps easier to deal with in real life. While video games aren’t about violence their capacity to teach can be a good thing.”

In her essay, Newman writes about the supposed promotion of violence in some video games. However, she believes this violence does not cause people to be more aggressive later. Instead, she believes these games expose children to certain atrocities so they will not be traumatized if they see them in real life. In addition, these games supposedly promote connections and friendships. Finally, Newman believes that these “harmful” can make you a better person.

5. ​​ The health effects of too much gaming by Peter Grinspoon

“Gamers need to be educated on how to protect their thumbs, wrists, and elbows, their waistlines, their emotional state, their sleep, and their eyes. Simple education around taking breaks, stretching, eating healthy snacks, and resting and icing your thumb, wrist, or elbow when it starts hurting can address injuries early, before they become significant. For the eyes, gamers can try the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, try to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.”

Grinspoon discusses both the benefits and the health risks of gaming. Video games allow people to interact with each other remotely and bond over specific missions or tasks, and some research shows that they have cognitive benefits. However, some gamers may develop vision problems and hand and wrist injuries. Gaming and “staring in front of a screen the whole day” is also associated with obesity. Overall, Grinspoon believes that gaming is best done in moderation.

Looking for more? Check out these essays about hobbies .

Many parents believe that their children’s “bad behavior” is because of video games. Based on your experience and others, decide: are video games good or bad for you? Make sure to read viewpoints from both sides and write an essay based on your position. Would you encourage others to play video games? Discuss these pros and cons for an interesting argumentative essay.

Like anything else, video games have both positive and negative aspects. Explain the good that video games can do for you: the skills they can equip you with, the lessons they can teach, and anything else. Also, include whether you believe their benefits outweigh the disadvantages they may pose. 

For your essay, write about your favorite video game and why you chose it. What is its meaning to you, and how has it affected your life? Describe the gameplay mechanics, characters, storyline, and general impact on the gaming community or society. You can write about any game you want, even if you have not played it; just ensure the content is sufficient.

Many claim that playing violent video games can make you violent in the future. Research this phenomenon and conclude whether it is true or not. Is the evidence sufficient? There are many resources on this topic; support your argument by citing credible sources, such as news articles, statistics, and scientific research.

Video games have been a part of almost all our lives. Recall a treasured experience with video games and explain why it is significant. How old were you? Why do you remember it fondly? How did this experience make you feel? Answer these questions in your own words for an exciting essay.

Essays About Video Games: Video games vs. Traditional games

There are stark differences between video and traditional games, such as board games and card games. For an engaging essay, compare and contrast them and write about which is more entertaining, in your opinion. Be creative; this should be based on your own opinions and ideas.

The video game content rating system is used to classify video games based on their appropriateness for specific ages. However, parents complain that they are not strict enough and allow the display of violent content to children. Explore the criteria behind the rating system, decide whether it needs to be changed or not, and give examples to support your argument.

If you are interested in learning more, check out our essay writing tips !

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

video games topic for writing

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Teacher's Notepad

12 Writing Prompts about Video Games

Whether it is writing a story from the perspective of a character from a video game, or being thoughtful about what games have to offer as positive experiences, there should be something for everyone here.

I know the best storylines in some of the games I’ve played over the years have stuck with me far longer than most movie storylines – because I was part of the story unfolding I suppose.

These can be great to get your students engaged and enthusiastic about writing too! You might also like to try our superhero writing prompts for some more excited students writing sessions!

Let’s get into it…

How to use:

Try a random prompt and write 500 words on it right now!

Or maybe you’d prefer to try combining two prompts into one very detailed exploration of what video games mean to you.

You can do a writing week challenge – write in depth on a new topic from the list below each day for a week.

These are all about inspiring thoughtful and enjoyable writing, so get into it however you want to!

The prompts:

  • What are some good things about playing video games that people might not know?
  • Do you think playing video games such as minecraft can encourage creativity like painting pictures or building things in real life? Why?
  • Do you feel more or less connected to other people when you’re spending a lot of time playing games? Why?
  • Do you think that video games more actively engage your brain than watching a movie or tv show? Why?
  • How is playing a virtual reality game different to a game played on a screen? Explain your thinking with as much detail as possible.
  • Can video games impact your emotions? How?
  • Do you feel like the emotional connection you have to a character in a video game can be stronger than it would be to a character in a film? Why?
  • Do you prefer playing multiplayer or singleplayer story-driven games most of the time? Why?
  • What is a game story line that stuck with you for years after playing the game? What was it about that game which made it have such an impact on you?
  • Do you spend more time watching Youtubers or twitch streamers play games than playing them yourself? Why?
  • Would you like to be a full-time professional gamer, knowing how hard they have to train to get that good? Why?
  • Write a story set in the world of your favorite video game. Use as many details of the characters and environment as possible.

Here’s some more for you…

Did you know that we have thousands of free writing prompts, story starters, and all sorts of other free tools and resources here on the site for you?

Take a look around, and don’t forget to bookmark now!

Yours, Matt & Hayley

(P.S. – If you have found this useful, it would be amazing if you could share this with others you think would find it helpful)

video games topic for writing

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  • Our Official List of Great Video Game Essay Topics

Content our official list of great video game essay topics

Any essay that you write should be well-written, accurate, and interesting to your audience. That begins with finding a great topic for your essay. Check out our list of the best essay topic ideas. You should be able to write a great essay about gaming with one of these topics. If you struggle with it, you can always order a custom essay on video games.

Topics on Social Issues

The topic of video games comes up quite frequently when various social topics are being discussed. If you are taking classes such as sociology, public health, political science, or journalism, your essay might focus on the many social issues relating to video games. Writing essays on violence in games is always an option, but there are others as well. Here are a few topic ideas:

Persuasive Essays Related to Social Issues

  • Do Violent Games Cause Behavior Problems?
  • Convince readers, in an essay about violence in games, that the average person will not be affected in a negative way.
  • Should video game rating systems be more stringent?
  • Are parents ultimately responsible for what their kids play?
  • As a society, do we unfairly blame video games when we should be focusing on personal responsibility?

Narrative Essays on Video Games And Their Impact on Society

  • Write about a video game that you played as a child that was too violent for you
  • Have you ever been addicted to online gaming? What was that like.
  • Talk about an incident of harassment that you witnessed when playing online video games.
  • Write essays on violence in gaming and the impact of that in early dating relationships

Expository Essays on The Social Impact of Video Gaming

  • Write a  short essay  on the impact of video gaming on health and wellness
  • Compose a research paper that addresses the effects of allowing young children to do violent video games
  • Write a case study about a young adult who has never been exposed to video games vs. one who has been

General Essay Ideas That Relate to Social Issues

  • What should be done about sexism in gaming?
  • How can the gaming industry become more inclusive as a whole?
  • Why is sex and violence such a common theme in video games?
  • Does early exposure to video games impact the ability of children to self-regulate?
  • What are the biggest social problems related to gaming?

Video Game Essay Topics New Technology

If you are an avid gamer, you probably keep up with the latest technologies, reading specialized magazines, and eagerly await the latest and greatest releases. You may have even been part of a beta testing new things or involved in open source gaming projects. Most importantly, you likely have lots of knowledge and opinions on gaming technology. Check out these essay ideas:

Persuasive Essays on Gaming Technology

  • Will virtual reality impact video game technology or is it simply a fad?
  • Which release is causing the most buzz?
  • Streaming will replace consoles, yes or no?

Expository Essay Ideas on Gaming Technology

  • Pick an up and coming technology and explain how it works
  • Explain the history and development behind an upcoming technological advancement in video tech
  • Discuss the trend of gamers as designers

Other Video Technology Essay Ideas

  • Write a compare contrast essay on virtual reality in gaming vs. augmented reality
  • Write a review of a new gaming system that you have recently tried out.

Topics About Educational Games

Persuasive Essays on Video Games in Education

  • Should children spend more time focusing on lectures and hands-on work than gaming?
  • Argue which educational video game parents of toddlers should choose
  • Video games have no place in education. Argue a side
  • Is gaming a possible solution when dealing with disengaged students?

Expository Essay Ideas For Gaming in Education

  • Explain how gaming is used in special education
  • Describe the features that make a game educational vs. entertainment
  • Research and explain the process educators use to integrate gaming into the classroom

Other Educational Essay Ideas

  • Review the most popular educational games that have been released this year
  • Write a paper about the differences between educational games today vs. 10 or 20 years ago
  • Write a case study about a school that incorporated gaming into their classrooms    

Essay Topics For Passionate Gamers

If you don’t find anything that interests you above, don’t fret. You can still improve your writing skills while expressing your passions for gaming. If you have an interest in gaming, you have many options when it comes to writing essays. This is especially true when it comes to classes where you have a bit more flexibility in your writing assignments. Check out these topic ideas:

  • Write a descriptive essay about the first gaming experience you have had
  • What are your predictions about the future of console gaming
  • What is the funniest thing that happened to you in an online gaming experience
  • What 10 worst things that impact the world of video gaming be opinionated!
  • Compare and contrast the first release of a video game with the most current
  • If you could invent a video game, what would it look like
  • Write a review of the most popular game available today

Remember that you must balance your passion for the topic of gaming with good writing skills and factual knowledge. You will still have to research, cite your sources, and do the other work that goes into writing a good paper. As always, if you need help with a gaming essay remember that we are available to help as we are top essay writing service . Happy gaming!

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127 excellent video game research topics for 2023.

video game research topics

Are you looking for the best video game research topics for 2023? We are proud to say that you have arrived at the right place. Our experienced ENL writers and professional editors have just finished creating our brand new list of 127 awesome video game topics for high school and college students. You can use any of our ideas for free – no credits required.

Best Way To Write A Video Game Essay

Before we get to the list of topics, we want to make sure you know how to write a great essay. After all, finding a great topic is just part of the writing process of any custom term papers . Here are some pointers that should help you do a better job on your research paper:

  • Structure your paper properly and always start with an outline. We recommend you use the 5 paragraph essay structure, as it’s extremely versatile.
  • Make sure your grammar and vocabulary are spot-on. Edit your work and polish your writing to make sure you get a top grade.
  • Be careful with quotes and citations. Remember to include all your sources in the References chapter.
  • Always start your paper with a great thesis statement. Dedicate some time to crafting the best one possible.
  • Keep in mind that each body paragraph should start with a clear statement and then support it. Don’t tackle more than one important idea in a paragraph.
  • Make sure you research the topic thoroughly and get accurate data from reputable sources. This is, after all, a research paper.
  • Last, but not least, write in a clean and concise manner. Express your ideas clearly and avoid unnecessary information that would just confuse or bore your readers.

Now that you know what to do and what to avoid when writing the video game research paper, it’s time to take a look at our list of original video game research topics:

Easy Video Game Topics

We will start our list with a selection of easy video game topics that are perfect for students who don’t want to spend too much time on their papers:

  • Talk about your favorite video game
  • What do you like about modern video games?
  • The process behind the creation of a new game
  • Why do you want to become a video game developer?
  • What is a MMORPG video game?
  • Differences between FPS and RPG games
  • Analyze the gaming industry in a country of your choice
  • An in-depth look at cyber sports and video game championships
  • Can playing video games be considered a sport?
  • What makes League of Legends so popular?
  • Research gun violence in modern video games
  • Are the games you play bad for you?
  • Talk about the impact of video games on small children
  • Do video games have any positive effects on you?

Video Games Topic For Every Student

Below, you will find a selection of topics for every student from high school to college. Check out our video games topic for every student list:

  • The psychology behind modern video games
  • Analyze the launch of a popular game
  • How are video games priced?
  • The history of online gaming
  • Games as learning tools
  • Controlling video game addiction
  • Shooters or strategy games?
  • Why you shouldn’t play video games
  • Physical benefits of games

Interesting Video Game Topics To Write About

We know; you want a topic that is both interesting and easy to write about. Take a look at these interesting video game topics to write about:

  • Do violent video games make teens violent?
  • What is the effect of video games on children?
  • What changed my view on video games?
  • Skills that can be improved by playing games
  • Do adults play video games?
  • Research the increase in demand for video games
  • Compare video games in the US and the UK
  • Ethical responsibility in the gaming industry
  • How addictive are role playing video games?

Fun Gaming Topics

Yes, writing a research paper can be fun – if you choose a great topic. Pick any of our fun gaming topics and start writing your paper right away:

  • The entire history of video games
  • Positive effects of video games
  • Android games vs iOS games
  • The Candy Crush popularity
  • Gaming industry careers
  • Genres of video games
  • The technology behind the Xbox 4
  • What causes addiction when it comes to video games?
  • How do games improve learning skills?

Latest News On Video Games

If you want to write about something new, we recommend you take a look at the latest news in video games:

  • Talk about the use of augmented reality in video games in 2023
  • What are incremental console upgrades?
  • An in-depth look at inclusivity in video games
  • Which games are trending in 2023?
  • Most anticipated video games of 2023
  • Latest advances in 3D and SFX effects
  • Talk about the remastered cinematics of Diablo 2 Resurrected
  • Halo Infinite: everything we know so far
  • The clan system in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Informative Gaming Topics To Talk About

Do you want to write an informative paper? No problem, we have a long list of informative gaming topics to talk about right here:

  • Why do people love video games so much?
  • Can video game addiction be treated like substance addiction?
  • Case study: The Elder Scrolls of Oblivion
  • Discuss government regulation of video games in the US
  • Compare and contrast the Xbox and the PlayStation
  • A closer look at the Japanese gaming industry
  • What does it take to become a video game creator?
  • The rise of Android video games
  • Do we really need computer games nowadays?

Video Game Research Paper Topics For High School

Our list of video game research paper topics for high school is unique, so you can safely pick any one of our ideas and write your essay on it:

  • What do modern video games promote?
  • How much time should you spend playing video games?
  • Are video games good or bad for our youth?
  • Talk about how gaming will look 20 years from now
  • Does playing video games make you think more strategic?
  • How important are video games for our society?
  • The importance of video games in treating depression
  • Are games a good way to treat anxiety?
  • Why do people spend so much money on video games?

Best Video Game Research Questions

A question is usually enough to spark your creativity. This is why we have an entire list of the best video game research questions right here:

  • Are video games good for teens?
  • How does video game violence affect children?
  • How will games look 50 years from now?
  • How do games improve our collaborative skills?
  • Why do we love looking at other play video games?
  • How damaging is piracy for the video game industry?
  • Which are more popular, RPGs or FPSs?

Video Games Debate Topics

Are you preparing for a debate and need a great topic? Don’t worry about it; we’ve got your back. Check out these great video games debate topics:

  • Discuss sexism in modern video games
  • Talk about social problems related to video games
  • Virtual reality in future games
  • The important of augmented reality
  • Can a game be educational?
  • What makes games so fun and addictive?
  • Gaming in the classroom in 2023
  • Interesting online gaming experiences
  • Important of games in special education settings

Good Video Game Writing Prompts

Are you looking for some good video game writing prompts that can help you write an intriguing research paper? Here are some of our best ideas:

  • Compare and contrast the top 3 games in the United Kingdom in 2023
  • What are some problems with modern video games?
  • An in-depth look at advanced SFX effects
  • 3D game rendering technologies
  • Discuss online piracy related to video games
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Modern video games
  • How realistic are modern games in 2023?
  • Tackle the violence theme in video games
  • Sony vs. Microsoft: gaming giants battle
  • The link between gaming and violence in teenagers
  • Discuss the addictiveness of video games

Video Games Research Paper Topics For College

Of course, we have a list of video games research paper topics for college students. These are a bit more difficult than the others in our list:

  • Linking video game addiction to substance abuse
  • The use of first person shooter games in military training programs
  • Flight simulation games and their real world applications
  • Games that improve critical thinking skills
  • The minimum age for playing video games
  • Games that improve reaction times
  • Pros and cons of playing assassin video games
  • Debunking the most popular myths about video games
  • Should parents prevent their children from playing video games?
  • The link between video games and cognitive skill improvements

Engaging Video Games Topics

Want to engage your audience right from the start? If you are looking to impress your professor, you might want to give these engaging video games topics a try:

  • The role of a developer in the video game industry
  • How is testing being carried out on video games?
  • Talk about the latest and most advanced video game effects
  • An analysis of the video game industry in 2023
  • Compare the 3 most popular games in the United States in 2023
  • Are online video games more addictive than single-player ones?
  • Discuss about the psychological effects of video games
  • Compare and contrast 3 first person shooter games
  • Improving reaction time in FPS games
  • The effect of video games on education

Video Games Of The Future

Last, but not least, we have a nice compilation of ideas related to video games of the future. Take a look at our innovative ideas and pick the one you like:

  • A closer look at Battlefield 2042
  • Talk about how rendering graphics works in games
  • Advances in graphics planned for games to be released in 2023
  • Innovative graphics in Halo Infinite
  • Discuss 3D game rendering technologies of the future
  • What makes Pragmata a game of the future?
  • The use of artificial intelligence in games in 2023
  • Research the use of virtual reality in future games
  • Discuss real-time rendering in future 3D games
  • An in-depth look at Hytale (to be released in 2023)

Get Affordable Writing Help

Are you struggling to write a compelling research paper about the subject of video games? Why don’t you get some affordable writing help and term paper help ? Our company has the best writers and experts on the Internet, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You just tell us what you need and we will write you a high quality custom research paper for any class. Over the years, we have helped thousands of high school, college and university students with their research papers. We can guarantee your teachers will love our work!

So, can your experts write my paper right now? Yes, you can use our secure and reliable academic writing services to get a great video game essay online in no time – in as little as 3 hours. Let our experts write your paper and impress your professor. Get a top grade with minimal effort. And don’t forget to ask our customer support team about our latest discounts!

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video games topic for writing

117 Original Video Game Research Topics That Are Very Cool

video game research topics

Stop wasting your time searching all over the Internet for unique video game research topics! You can find 117 original video game topic ideas right here on this page. And yes, you can use these topics for free without even having to give us any credit. In fact, we have just finished updating the list of topics for 2023. This means that you will be able to find dozens of unique topic ideas that will give you an advantage over your classmates. In addition to the interesting topics, we also have 7 helpful tips, tricks and advice on how to write a video game essay or research paper faster. Let’s get started!

Finishing Your Video Game Essay On Time

However, finding excellent video game topics quickly is not enough, especially when you are on a tight deadline. There are many other things you can do to finish your paper on time. To make sure you complete the assignment on time, you should follow our tips, tricks and advice.

Start early. Give yourself enough time to research and write your essay. Don’t wait until the last possible minute to start writing the paper. Make sure you understand the requirements and scope of your essay topic. Stay focused and avoid wasting your limited time. Break down the task. Divide the essay into smaller parts, such as researching, outlining, writing, and editing. This will help you manage your time better and avoid being overwhelmed. Create a timeline. Develop a timeline that includes all the various things you need to do to write the paper and set a deadline for each one. Prioritize. Determine which parts of the paper are most important and work on them first. Make effective use of your energy. Use credible (primary) sources. This way you won’t have to go back and correct various parts of the paper due to problems with your sources. Create an outline of your essay before you start. This will help you organize your thoughts and save time by avoiding the need to revise and rearrange your work later.

Now that you know how to be more efficient, it’s time to give you some topics that will help you write an exceptional paper in no time:

Easy Video Games Topics

Don’t want to spend too much time writing the essay? No problem, just choose one of our easy video games topics:

  • The history and evolution of video games.
  • The positive effects of video games on children.
  • The impact of video game violence on society.
  • The benefits of playing video games for cognitive development.
  • The use of video games in education and training.
  • The role of video games in promoting physical activity.
  • The psychology of video game addiction and its effects.
  • The influence of video games on culture and society.
  • The future of virtual reality in video games.
  • The use of video games as a treatment for mental health issues.
  • The ethical considerations of video game development and production.

Interesting Video Game Topics To Write About

Our experts have put together a list of the most interesting video game topics to write about. Check out the list below:

  • Gender representation and diversity in video games.
  • The impact of esports on the gaming industry.
  • The relationship between video games and storytelling.
  • Cultural significance of popular video game franchises.
  • The role of video games in socialization and relationships.
  • The effects of streaming on the gaming culture.
  • The potential negative effects of excessive video game playing.
  • The use of video games in medical treatment.
  • The evolution of game design and mechanics in video games.
  • The impact of the video game industry on local economies.

Current Gaming Topics

If you want to talk about topics that are relevant today, you can simply select one of our current gaming topics. You can find them right here:

  • The rise of esports and professional gaming leagues
  • The ongoing debate around video game addiction
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the gaming industry
  • Loot boxes and micro transactions: controversies
  • The increasing popularity of mobile gaming
  • The emergence of cloud gaming platforms
  • The debate around video game violence and its effects
  • The role of gaming in learning
  • The rise of indie game developers and their impact
  • Talk about augmented reality in gaming in 2023
  • The importance of inclusivity in gaming

Video Game Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper on a topic related to video games doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some simple video game research paper topics:

  • The impact of video games on problem-solving skills
  • Violent video games and aggressive behavior
  • Using video games for teaching in the classroom in 2023
  • The influence of video game design on player engagement
  • The impact of online gaming communities on social interaction
  • The role of video games in promoting physical activity
  • The potential for video games to enhance mental health
  • The effects of video games on attention span
  • The use of video games in therapy
  • Video game addiction and compulsive behavior

Video Game Research Questions

We have some of the most thought-provoking video game research questions on the Internet right here for you:

  • How do different game design elements impact player attitude?
  • What is the role of video games in shaping cultural identity?
  • How do different types of video games affect spatial reasoning skills?
  • What is the relationship between video games and creativity?
  • How do video games impact risk-taking behavior?
  • What is the impact of video games on academic performance?
  • How do video games affect emotional intelligence?
  • How can video games be used to promote sustainability?
  • What is the impact of video game marketing on consumer behavior?
  • How do video games impact racial stereotypes in society?
  • What ethical considerations should be taken into account when designing video games?

video game research topics

Video Game Writing Prompts

Don’t know what to write the essay about? Don’t worry about it; we’ve got your back. Check out these video game writing prompts:

  • Write a short story based on the world of “The Elder Scrolls. Skyrim.”
  • Imagine a new planet for the “Mass Effect” series and describe it.
  • Write a fanfiction piece that explores the backstory of “Overwatch” hero, Soldier. 76.
  • Create a character in “Fallout 4” and write a journal entry from their perspective.
  • Write a screenplay for a movie based on “The Last of Us.”
  • Develop a new quest line for “World of Warcraft” and outline the story.
  • Write a short story that takes place in the universe of “Halo.”
  • Imagine an alternate ending to “BioShock Infinite” and write it out.
  • Create a poem inspired by the themes and imagery of “Journey.”
  • Write a story set in the post-apocalyptic world of “Horizon Zero Dawn.”
  • Develop a backstory for the character of Clementine in “The Walking Dead” game series.

Video Games Debate Topics

Preparing for a heated debate? You need a good topic, of course. Check out these interesting video games debate topics:

  • Are video games really a form of art?
  • Is the portrayal of violence in video games harmful?
  • Are loot boxes and micro transactions in video games ethical?
  • Is it fair for video games to include difficulty levels in 2023?
  • Are video games responsible for addiction and compulsive behavior?
  • Should video games be used as a tool for educational purposes?
  • Is it appropriate to censor or ban video games?
  • Should video game companies be held accountable for their content?
  • Is the portrayal of women in video games sexist?
  • Are remastered video games worth the investment?
  • Is streaming video games on platforms like Twitch a viable career?

Informative Gaming Topics To Talk About

If you’re looking for some informative gaming topics to talk about, you’re in luck. We have some for you:

  • The evolution of gaming technology and graphics
  • The rise of esports and competitive gaming
  • The history and influence of classic video game franchises
  • The future of virtual and augmented reality gaming
  • The psychology of video game addiction and how to combat it
  • The cultural significance and representation in video games
  • The intersection of music and gaming, including video game soundtracks
  • The rise of mobile gaming and its influence on the gaming market
  • The history and impact of multiplayer gaming and online communities
  • The design and development process of creating a video game

Engaging Topic Ideas Related To Video Games

These unique, engaging topic ideas related to video games will surely win you some bonus points from you professor:

  • Write a script for a TV show set in the world of “Assassin’s Creed.”
  • Create a new playable character for “Street Fighter” and describe their moves and backstory.
  • Write a novella that explores the mystery of “Firewatch.”
  • Develop a plot for a new “Red Dead Redemption” DLC.
  • Write a short story inspired by the characters of “Life is Strange.”
  • Imagine a 2023 sequel to “Breath of the Wild” and outline the plot.
  • Write a screenplay for a movie based on “Half-Life.”
  • Create a new creature for the world of “Monster Hunter” and describe its behavior and habitat.
  • Write a story that takes place in the world of “Dark Souls.”
  • Develop a new puzzle game concept and describe its gameplay and mechanics.
  • Write a fanfiction piece that explores the relationship between Ellie and Dina in “The Last of Us Part II.”

Fun Video Game Topic Ideas

Writing a paper on a fun topic is a sure way to get noticed. Take a look at some of these fun video game topic ideas:

  • Rank the best video game soundtracks in games from 2020 to 2023
  • Discuss the funniest video game glitches and bugs
  • Explore the history of video game consoles and their evolution
  • Create the ultimate video game character (talk about their abilities)
  • Choose the most iconic video game weapons and discuss their uses
  • Debate the best video game crossover events
  • Examine the most impressive speedruns in video game history
  • Identify the most challenging video game bosses and discuss strategies to beat them
  • Rank the most immersive video game worlds and environments
  • Celebrate the most memorable moments in video game history.

Best Video Games Topic Ideas

Want to write your paper on an original topic idea? Below you can find what we consider to be some of the best video games topic ideas:

  • The use of video games in advertising and marketing in 2023
  • The history and impact of gaming consoles on the industry
  • The role of video games in fostering creativity and imagination
  • The history and impact of speedrunning on the gaming community and industry
  • The ethics of video game content and censorship
  • The history and impact of arcade games on gaming culture
  • The impact of video games on spatial reasoning and navigation skills
  • The psychology of character development and player identification in video games
  • The role of video games in exploring and experiencing new cultures and worlds
  • The impact of video games on decision-making abilities
  • The history and impact of gaming conventions on the industry and community

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The Field of Dreams Approach: On Writing About Video Games

video games topic for writing

Tony Tulathimutte on the future of video game criticism

video games topic for writing

Every year, more and more great essays are published on literary sites concerning video games. In the past year I’ve especially loved entries like Janet Frishberg’s “On Playing Games, Productivity, and Right Livelihood,” Joseph Spece’s “A Harvest of Ice,” and Adam Fleming Petty’s “The Spatial Poetics of Nintendo: Architecture, Dennis Cooper, and Video Games.” But for each great essay there are a handful of others written like apologies, seemingly perennial pleas to take video games seriously as a form of meaningful narrative.

I hoped to have a conversation with a writer about games that went a little deeper. There were two main reasons I turned to the Whiting Award-winning writer Tony Tulathimutte. The first was because of his response in an interview with Playboy , in which he said that his interest in gaming probably “had something to do with my desire to bend or break formal conventions in fiction.” The second was his three thousand word essay about Clash of Clans , “Clash Rules Everything Around Me,” which was exactly the type of essay about gaming I wanted to see more of. Tulathimutte is the author of Private Citizens , which we listed as one of the 25 best novels of 2016 .

What I want is long-form literary criticism. But writers should just write what they want to read. The body of work will be there and the audience will follow it. The ‘ Field of Dreams’ approach.

Graham Oliver: Can we have this conversation without getting stuck trying to legitimize video games as a medium?

Tony Tulathimutte: “Are video games art?” “Have we had the video game Citizen Kane  yet?”

GO: That’s such a boring and overdone conversation. I think it’s more interesting to look at the ways in which video games actually do interact with literature, and not to hold the conversation just as a demonstration of our respect.

TT: Take the respect for granted and go from there. I thought about starting a literary magazine about video games a while back, but the discourse had by then become so toxic that, even with the most anodyne academic essay you could write, the best you could hope for was that it would be ignored. There needs to be more space for this kind of writing, but I just didn’t want to wade into it then. I feel a little better about it now, which is why I did the Clash of Clans  essay.

GO: What is the difference between video game-related essays showing up on a literary site, versus a site where the primary purpose is the intersection of video games and literature? What could that site do that can’t be done (or isn’t being done) otherwise?

TT: Part of it is just volume. You can’t have a general interest magazine like the New Yorker covering video games to the same depth or degree as it does film or music or even theater. Every big magazine at this point covers video games occasionally — I know the New Yorker has written about Minecraft and No Man’s Sky , for instance. New York Magazine just did a big essay on gaming more broadly.

video games topic for writing

But for some reason, there’s no video game editor at the New Yorker , no dedicated departments or verticals, except at newer places like VICE, Vox , The Verge . Unlike music or movies, video games aren’t equally distributed through the culture; it’s more compartmentalized. This owes in part to a marketing apparatus around games that caters to and fosters a specific audience, and because the audience for certain genres — responding to these pressures — became self-selecting, especially with respect to gender. Video games may be art, but they are also a STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] industry, which makes them no different from any other STEM field in that regard.

GO: It’s a question of access. I was thinking about your Clash essay; you have this entire paragraph that has to explain this massively popular and mechanically fairly simple game. Does that automatically turn off an audience who are already proficient in those basics? In which case, are you only writing for people who don’t game? I suppose that’s another conundrum of coverage in a general interest publication…

TT: If you read an essay by Susan Sontag or Martin Amis about the great books, or by André Bazin about film, they can assume a certain level of knowledge about the text or film from their audience. I can write that way about games on my own time and my own dime, but there’s no presumed canon or general readership for games, because they’re not taught in schools and not regularly discussed in big publications. So you either write for the diehards — the equivalent of film buffs or bookworms — or for novices.

GO: Is that why we haven’t had novels which interact with video games the way David Foster Wallace did with tennis, or Ann Patchett with opera? Neither of their books included explanatory paragraphs; it’s so ingrained in our culture that it seems almost impossible to have grown up without some idea of what tennis or opera are.

TT: Most people have played a game, and the average gamer spends six hours a week playing them. I think it has less to do with the medium inherently than just the failure of writers who have approached the subject. I haven’t read everything on games, but so far, the fledgling efforts have been too literal or kind of corny. Some writers seem to think that you’re supposed to transpose the form of games into fiction — to provide this very lightly remediated experience of reading a book so that it feels like you’re playing a game.

The last thing you want to do is create a watered-down experience of gaming in a text. A book should still work as a book. It’s the usual difficulty of writing about other mediums; there’s that old chestnut that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. But there are special considerations for how to write about any form in a way that conveys deep presence and vividness comparable to the experience itself.

GO: When you’re writing about games in one form or another, do you find you prefer to write for someone who is like you — very interested in both writing and video games — or is your preference for someone in that liminal space somewhere between them?

TT: I approach it as I do with all my creative writing, which is to write for the audience of Tony. That frees to me to write things irrespective of their publishability. Right now I’m working on a long essay about Metal Gear Solid  — the whole series. That’s between ten and twenty games, depending on which ones you call canon. The dialogue alone stacks up to something like sixty thousand words each. And the companion synopsis is almost three thousand words. I’m just trying to make points about the series that haven’t been made before. Would Kill Screen or The New York Review of Books ever run that? Hell to the fuck no.

video games topic for writing

If writers keep doing this, eventually there will be a readership equipped to deal with it. For the longest time there have been really smart people playing video games and wondering where all the good criticism was. It’s a discoverability issue, to a certain extent. There’s so much good writing out there about games, but most games-writing outlets cater to fairly niche perspectives. Action Button is extremely good, irreverent creative criticism, probably my favorite. Five Out of Ten is academically oriented, Kill Screen is mainstream journalism. What I want is long-form literary criticism. But writers should just write what they want to read. The body of work will be there and the audience will follow it. The Field of Dreams approach.

GO: You said earlier (and you’ve also mentioned it in your Playboy interview) that the discourse around games is toxic and partisan. Are you talking about within or outside of the gaming community?

TT: All of it. Partisan lines have been drawn within it for purposes far beyond aesthetic disagreement. In part because so much of this discourse occurs in a medium where people are not held accountable for their words, i.e. on the internet.

GO: How does that compare to conversations within the literary community? You’ve written before, for instance, about the MFA vs. NYC debate .

TT: I want to do my part to de-estrange gaming discourse. Not de-stigmatize or demystify, but de-estrange. This cancerous shit happens everywhere — it just happens in a spectacularly aggressive and organized way in gaming.

GO: When you’re not actually writing about video games, what place do they hold in your life? Are they the stress relief at the end of the day, the reward after two hours of writing? Or something you try to avoid when you’re in the middle of a big project?

TT: I’ve played video games since I was three years old. I have loved video games a lot longer than I’ve loved literature — which is not to say more. Actually… yeah, probably more. It just so happens that I’m a writer. I don’t feel the guilt that some people do who, even if they enjoy gaming, approach it feeling as if it’s a waste of time, or a form of entertainment which takes them away from their “real life.” You wouldn’t condemn a cineaste or a lover of literature. But a fug of non-respectability still attends video games.

That said, the reward mechanisms in most games are designed to get you hooked in cognitive motivational ways that don’t apply to most literature. So it’s absolutely possible for games to displace other things that you would want to do just as much. I don’t struggle to fit them into my life, but I probably would, if my life consisted of much more than just teaching and writing.

GO: I suppose I was thinking more about the effect on your mental state. For instance, I have to save video games for the end of the day, because I have a hard time going from the almost meditative state of game-playing into writing. How does it fit in, not in the sense of time but in how it interacts with your ability to produce writing afterwards?

TT: If a visual narrative enters my head before I start writing, it’s enormously difficult to pull myself back into writing. A huge amount of psychic inertia has to be overcome to transition from consuming a narrative to assembling one. I have a lot of wacko bird theories as to why. Perhaps language is such an information-poor medium that it demands a sparseness of input, so that you can have room to envision or create new stuff in your head. Maybe the act of viewing, which puts you in the posture of evaluation and judgment, beefs up the inner critic that makes it hard to write. That’s all pure superstition, I have nothing to base that on.

GO: What about when it comes to the type of video game? You’ve mentioned playing DotA 2 in other interviews, which is very different from more narrative-heavy single player games. In the middle of a big writing project, do you find yourself drawn more to one type of game over another?

TT: With the caveat that writers are the worst self-appraisers, I’ll say that I have not noticed any influence from the type of games I’m playing on what I write. I think games engage an entirely different part of my brain, which might also account for the difficulty I have toggling between those two modes. That said, I think longer games can work like long books — immersively — where you have to pinch your nose and take a deep breath before plunging into the Neapolitan books and it just becomes the medium you swim in for months. Some games demand a higher or more frequent degree of engagement to get any kind of nuance at all. You can play a thousand hours of DotA 2 , without coming anywhere near understanding it.

video games topic for writing

GO: How does that compare to the relationship between reading and your own work? Do you avoid other people’s writing when working, or do you keep books on your desk for the sake of referencing them?

TT: I do. I try to keep a messy puddle of books around my work area, in case I want to steal something from somebody else. But I Google as much as I refer to other books. I don’t disconnect from the internet when I’m writing, like some writers who have this almost mystical anathema against technology. I generally find I benefit from my procrastination.

You can have a rom-com game, a campus game, an adultery game, or a boring-but-important game that will get taught in high schools circa 2110.

GO: You referred to language as being information-poor a minute ago, which reminds me of the AGNI essay you wrote on boredom. The thesis of that essay was basically that boredom in literature is okay. Can you also apply that idea to video games? Can there be meaningful or productive boredom while playing, through the act of repetition, for instance? I just played Her Story, which I know you enjoyed, and while it has a super interesting story you have to slog through a certain amount of repetition to get to it.

TT: The democratization of game creation is producing a wider range of games, like the Super 8 camera did with film. You can have vignette-style games like Nina Freeman’s —  Cibele , how do you Do It? , Freshman Year , etc. You can have “walking simulators” that are almost purely meditative, like Gone Home , Firewatch , or Dear Esther . I just saw a piece on a game based on Thoreau’s Walden .

video games topic for writing

The impulses and tendencies that make people want to create literature are present. It will happen more as people are able to do what they want to do, without enormous corporate financial support or even crowdfunding, which, to an extent, just moves the bottom line to having to be crowd-pleasing. Games can be plenty boring in spite of themselves, even if that’s not what they’re trying to do. It’s a cliché by now to point out that the most time investment-heavy games like World of Warcraft consist largely of “grinding.” Or, if you play something like DotA 2 , queuing for a game.

GO: For DotA 2 you also have to spend a lot of time reading up on viable builds. Work that’s not in actually playing the game.

TT: Yes, although I will say that that intellectual work doesn’t feel like tedious labor to me. I have fun looking up builds. The deep strategy and understanding are coextensive with the pleasure of playing the game.

Moments of boredom are built into games for reasons that range from comedy to suspense. I think a lot about the moment in Final Fantasy VI where you’re directed to just wait at the edge of a floating continent for a character to come along. On the one hand you’re sitting watching a clock tick down. On the other hand, it’s extremely tense.

Contrasting aesthetic effects in games to those in other media is not always productive, because it’s like playing Twenty Questions. Can games do X like books? Can games do Y like films? In the same way we should assume games are art, and that there’s an audience out there hungry to make something of them, we should assume that games can do anything. You can have a rom-com game, a campus game, an adultery game, or a boring-but-important game that will get taught in high schools circa 2110.

GO: I go to these academic conferences where a similar conversation is happening among professors who write in the field of gaming studies. Some bring in literary and film theory, and try to lay that on top of video games, while others reject that. The tools and the language are already there from other fields, so it seems easy. On the other hand, it can be kind of reductive, and perhaps prevents you from having the more meaningful conversation.

TT: Right, or even just the conversation you’re trying to have. There are also those efforts to create a language around game studies, partly I think try to legitimatize it in the eyes of the academy. You get people going on about the Ludologists versus the Narratologists, about ludonarrative dissonance, copping these quasi-academic terms. I can see the point of systematizing things, but my favorite criticism helps you not to just describe and understand, but to enjoy stuff more.

GO: How much do you worry about the effect that being an “out” gamer will have on your literary career?

TT: If I were bashful or coy about my love of video games I wouldn’t do this interview. The same goes for pornography or television. Even the language of being “out” implies a political and social pressure or an importance that just doesn’t exist. I’d hate to believe that being a writer means living in a constant state of deposition, publicizing everything you do, think, or feel. The fact that I like video games isn’t interesting. Video games are interesting. I love talking about them with smart people, both within and outside of gaming culture. But I’m also perfectly happy to be left alone with them.

GO: Do you hope there’s a day around the corner where a game developer decides to make a narrative-heavy game like Life is Strange , Her Story , or Kentucky Route Zero , and they look at a list of literary authors to figure out who should write it?

TT: Not at all. I believe that I can do a lot of things in writing, but I haven’t felt an urge to create a video game since the third grade. It’s always good to have some kind of interest that is totally pure, where you’re going to be an eternal fan, because sausage-making can disillusion you fast. If part of the charge of art comes from mystique or sheer baffled admiration, that’s something I want to preserve in at least a few departments of my life.

GO: As a writer, you’re expected to be both a creator and a thoughtful critic as well. It seems like once you publish a book, there is an expectation that you’ll be reviewing or blurbing for other books for the rest of your life. How does your approach to writing about literature differ from your essays on games?

TT: I review books as a practitioner; I know what goes into putting one together, so I can pan one that isn’t well-made. I write about games as an appreciator, in that I want to take something I like and enlarge people’s sense of pleasure or wonder at it. This doesn’t mean that I can’t be critical of a game. I have negative things to say about everything. But because I’m not highly qualified to trivialize or disparage a game on the level of craft — for instance, a sunbeam in a video game might look shitty and aliased because of technological or budgetary constraints that I’m not aware of — my main task is to study its narrative and to add value.

GO: You’ve been thinking about games critically for a long time. I read that you wrote your theses — both in undergrad and for your first master’s degree — on video game interaction. What were you looking at in those?

TT: I majored in something called Symbolic Systems, which would be called cognitive sciences anywhere else. They add linguistics and philosophy to the standard curriculum of formal logic, computer science, and cognitive psychology. I applied the extremely specific language of human-computer interaction studies to video games. So I wrote pretty dry literature surveys of game-writing and interaction theory, and how the latter could be applied to the former.

One was about game controller design, which ended up anticipating the Nintendo Wii controller by a couple of years. I talked about the potential for modular design and gestural input. The second thesis was about menus. They’re the basis of turn-based RPGs, and in games their definitional boundaries are weird. Take the Warp Zone Pipes in Super Mario Brothers . You go over a ceiling and drop into a room where you’re invited to select one of three pipes to go through. It is very clearly a menu, where you’re selecting one of three options, but it’s also a part of the action.

God, I sound so stoned when I talk about this.

video games topic for writing

GO: I hate to keep mentioning Her Story , but I just started it today. In that game, the user interface also has this blurry boundary. You read a ReadMe file to learn how to use the system, but that’s all part of the in-game computer you interact with as part of the story.

TT: Yeah, it’s brilliant. Any computer interaction can be extrapolated into a game premise. Here it’s basically Database Search: The Game, but it’s fun and well written. To analogize with literature, there are plenty of stories whose premise comes from its formal conceit. My favorite is “ Going for a Beer ” by Robert Coover. He takes a simple sentence gimmick — where two things that happen at different times are written as though they’re simultaneous — and it becomes the conceit of the story. The story is, “what if your life was composed of moments with endings and beginnings but no middles?”

GO: Form matching content. That happens in all types of art, right? There was a piece on Hamilton which pointed out that, as the first half progresses, the Marquis de Lafayette’s rhymes get denser and faster, coinciding with him being in America and increasingly speaking English. The music reflects the plot.

TT: Form generating content, I would say. It’s a classical idea. Sometimes it’s done very explicitly, like with Oulipo. It can be super corny, but it’s a dependable source of inspiration.

It’s Tristram Shandy-levels of batshit.

GO: Going back to your idea for a game-writing website, were you imagining a place that just collected the kind of long-form writing you want to see, or were you also imagining a community that would be built around it?

TT: I am not too concerned with building community. The idea was simply to get critical essays on games­ — not fiction, poetry, reviews, or personal essays, but literary analysis. Like the essay I’m working on about the Metal Gear Solid series… So many of the male characters lose their hands and are sterile and have daddy issues and misinterpret the will of one female character, The Boss. Aside from the glaring Freudian overtones, what’s that about? This is not stuff that figures into the plot as it plays out, but is something that I think screams out for conversation.

GO: I was a Nintendo kid and then jumped to PC gaming, so I never got into the Metal Gear  games.

TT: It’s like the Infinite Jest of games. As far as I know, it’s the longest continuous scripted narrative in games. You can make a strained case for things like Zelda or Metroid , but this is the most sustained vision from an auteurist figure, Hideo Kojima, and it’s just bonkers. It’s Tristram Shandy -levels of batshit.

GO: Well, that sells it. I now have to ask the big, speculative question, since you just called it the Infinite Jest of games. What do you think David Foster Wallace’s writing would have been like, had he been obsessed with video games rather than television?

TT: This question is so enormously counterfactual it might as well be a novel. The guy was hugely tech-avoidant. He typed with one finger on an old computer. But games seem very contiguous with his concerns in Infinite Jest . Though who’s to say Virginia Woolf wouldn’t have also gotten equally invested in games? Wallace is a gimme because of the technological overlap, but to me the more interesting speculative question is, What would a game written by P.G. Wodehouse be like? I want to see an essay on  that .

How to Have Fun Destroying Yourself: An Interview with Tony Tulathimutte, Author of Private Citizens

video games topic for writing

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When You Write

Crafting Compelling Game Stories: A Guide to Video Game Writing

If you’re a budding writer wanting to get into the game industry and more specifically in the world of video game story writing, I’m here to tell you why this craft is so important for creating a truly captivating gaming experience.

Storytelling through games allows us to capture players’ imaginations and bring our stories to life like never before. Crafting compelling storylines can be tricky but with just a few key tips, anyone can become a masterful storyteller when it comes to designing their own video games.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes great storytelling in video games, how to create unique plots that will keep your players engaged from start to finish, as well as provide helpful advice on developing characters and dialogue that are sure to enthrall your audience.

We’ll also look at some innovative ways for incorporating interactive elements into your narrative so that each player’s experience feels personalized and one-of-a-kind.

What Is Gamers Writing?

If you’re wondering what gamers’ writing is and how it’s different from writing a novel, well, it’s all about creating compelling stories for games that keep players engaged and coming back for more (adding more playability to the game).

Game writing involves crafting narratives that are both interesting and interactive – giving the player a sense of control over their adventure. Game design can be thought of as another element in this process, where an idea is turned into something tangible.

A great story needs to have three key components: characters with motivations, plot twists or obstacles to overcome, and satisfying conclusions. It should also reflect the world around us – whether through dialogue or visuals – so that it resonates emotionally with the audience.

Players today want creative storylines that can go as deep as a movie storyline, that not only inspire them but challenge them too. Writing engaging content requires creativity, knowledge of gaming trends, and an understanding of how people interact with games; without these elements in place, even the most innovative ideas won’t make an impact on gamers.

To create successful game stories you need to think beyond just words on paper and develop believable worlds for your characters to inhabit.

What Makes A Good Game Story?

I believe that a good game story should have a well-developed plot, interesting and believable characters, and an immersive world. All three of these elements are essential for creating a captivating story that players can enjoy.

Plot development should involve twists and turns that keep players guessing, along with a satisfying resolution. Followed by character development, which should involve a mixture of personalities, backgrounds, and motivations that make them feel real.

Lastly, world building should be immersive and believable, with a range of settings that bring the story to life. With these elements in place, you can create a great game story that players will love.

Below I cover these in a bit more detail.

Plot Development

Creating an engaging story throughout the game is no easy task. At the heart of it, you need to craft a script that can bring the player into your world and make them feel like they’re part of the action.

To do this, you should be utilizing various narrative design techniques such as cutscenes and interactive elements to develop characters, create pacing, and further your story arcs. These are integral components in driving home points or conveying emotions through gameplay which helps players identify with their avatar as well as propel them onward in the game’s progression.

With all these tools at your disposal, crafting an immersive experience becomes much easier; however, regardless of how great the visuals are or how cool the mechanics are – nothing compares to a good plotline and strong characters to engage with. 

In other words, if you want your game to be successful then you’ll have to put your best foot forward when it comes to creating a compelling story!

Character Development

Within the game, character development is essential to creating a successful story. You need to give your characters depth and make them relatable so that players can identify with them in some way. To do this, use creative writing techniques such as dialogue and exposition to help build each character’s backstory and motivations.

Additionally, by utilizing role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft, you can create unique scenarios where the player has to think critically about how they approach different situations which ultimately helps add more dimensionality to their avatar and the world around them!

It’s also important to stay on top of the latest trends in game design when it comes to developing stories. Knowing what works best for certain genres allows crafting engaging scripts that are tailored specifically for your target audience. 

For instance, open-world RPGs have become increasingly popular over time due to their ability to provide players with an immense amount of freedom and exploration opportunities – something that’s essential for crafting compelling narratives.

So if you want your video game story to stand out amongst others, then understanding the importance of character development is vital. From giving life-like backstories and personalities through creative writing approaches, all the way down to taking advantage of modern gaming conventions – there’s plenty one needs to consider when trying to write a video game narrative worth exploring!

World Building

Once you have created your characters and their stories, the next important step when crafting a great game story is world building. When constructing an immersive game environment, it’s crucial to think about how this imaginary universe will be experienced by players.

From establishing a believable geography and history that sets up the quest to creating interesting objects and creatures for them to interact with – all of these elements need to come together in order for gamers to truly feel connected to your world!

With tools like inklewriter or Twine available now, developers can easily build out branching storylines that keep track of player decisions throughout the entire gaming experience.

This allows for a much more dynamic journey as each playthrough differs from the last, making exploration even more rewarding. Plus, if you add in secret lairs or hidden areas filled with unique treasures then you can spark interest among players who love uncovering mysteries within games!

So don’t forget about the importance of world building when designing a captivating video game story; it’s essential for creating an unforgettable adventure!

Elements Of A Video Game Narrative

Just as I’m passionate about story writing narratives, so should you be about video game narratives, and I believe that story arcs and character development are two of the most important elements, whether for a book, novel, short story, or in this case… a video game.

A good story arc should have a clear beginning, middle, and end, while character development should focus on creating believable and unique characters that players can relate to.

Crafting these elements well can make your video game stand out and leave a lasting impact on players. With the right approach, creating a compelling video game narrative can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

A story arc is one of the essential elements of a successful video game narrative.

As a long-time writer, I know it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be limited by conventions when creating your main story – in fact, I always encourage my clients to think outside the box and consider how they can create something new!

The development process starts with opening up a word processor and designing an overarching plot for your project.

This should include arcs for each character as well as general themes or ideas you want to explore.

You’ll also need to map out the beginning, middle, and end points of your story so that you know where everything fits into the grand scheme of things.

Ultimately, crafting a compelling story arc requires imagination and creativity – two ingredients every good game writer doesn’t lack!

With enough dedication and attention to detail, players will appreciate your efforts once they experience all the surprises along their journey through your virtual world.

Character development is an integral part of any successful video game narrative. You should ensure that each character in the story has their own unique arcs and motivations that contribute to the overall plot of the game.

Consider major story beats as well as subtle elements like dialogue, body language , and relationships between different NPCs or player characters.

This can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience – after all, when done right, players will have deeper connections with your virtual world’s inhabitants!

How To Become A Games Writer

If you become a game writer, you will have the privilege of creating something new and exciting. It’s not just about telling stories; it’s about using your imagination to create an interactive experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end.

While writing for video games is different from traditional story-telling methods, there are some key elements you should take into consideration in order to become successful at it.

First, understand how game mechanics work and what kind of effect they can have on your narrative. Depending on the type of game, these mechanics could be anything from puzzles or combat systems to level design and NPC interactions. You’ll also need to work with the game director and creative director to ensure all aspects of your storyline fit within their vision.

Second, develop major storylines but don’t forget about non-linear details that add depth and flavor to your world. This could include side quests, dialogue options between NPCs, collectible items scattered throughout levels – really any detail that helps build up the atmosphere and give players more incentives to explore their environment. Make sure each piece fits together like a puzzle without detracting from the main quest line.

Finally, when crafting stories for video games take care not to focus solely on linear narratives as this won’t leave much room for exploration or replayability value which are essential components of most modern gaming experiences. Instead, try experimenting with non-linear structures such as branching paths or divergent endings while still ensuring the core elements remain intact no matter which route players choose.

With practice, you can find ways to blend traditional storytelling techniques with engaging gameplay elements in order to create truly captivating experiences for gamers around the world! Moving forward we can now compare and contrast writing for games versus conventional story-telling methods…

Writing For Games Vs Conventional Story-Telling

When it comes to writing for video games, there is a wide range of possibilities. From twine stories and role-playing adventures to linear tales and game scripts, the art of storytelling in the gaming world has grown exponentially over recent years.

At its core, this type of creative writing offers more freedom than that which exists when working within traditional storytelling structures. Not only do video game writers have greater control over character development and plot lines, but they also have access to a plethora of innovative tools not available elsewhere. 

This increased level of autonomy makes it easier to create dynamic storylines with complex characters – something rarely seen in conventional narrative forms such as books or films.

The potential for creativity offered by the medium means developers can push boundaries while still remaining true to their vision; creating experiences that are both immersive and inspiring. With so much room for experimentation, it’s no wonder why many consider this genre of story writing to be truly revolutionary.

Taking risks with fresh ideas leads to bold new paths when crafting captivating worlds through interactive media – all without sacrificing quality or authenticity.

Creative Freedom For Games Writers

The creative freedom that is often associated with writing for games offers so many opportunities to explore narrative worlds and characters in ways that may be impossible through other forms of storytelling.

It’s exciting knowing that you can create something unique and special with your words, especially when creating stories within an interactive medium like gaming. This type of writing also allows you to work on elements such as dialogue, plot points, character arcs, and world building while following a particular structure.

With this kind of structural approach combined with active decision-making from the player’s perspective, there is no question why game writers are highly valued by developers looking for innovative content. 

Whether it’s crafting cutscenes or designing branching storylines, there is always room for creativity when working on any project related to gaming.

Writing for video games requires more than just a knowledge of story structure; it demands the ability to think outside the box and come up with interesting solutions in order to engage players. That’s why working as a game writer is both rewarding and challenging – but ultimately worth every minute!

Daily Tasks For A Games Writer

Obviously, a game writer’s tasks will be different compared to someone who is a game designer, so developing a productive workflow of story ideas is an important part of gamer writing.

Crafting the dialogue is often the most challenging part, so you need to make sure that you’re writing memorable conversations that fit the characters. Also add a bit of humor to the dialogue whenever possible, as it can help to engage players.

Overall, make sure that the story and dialogue work together to create an immersive and entertaining experience for gamers.

Developing Story Ideas

Crafting an engaging and innovative story usually starts by writing down the main idea of what you want your overarching story to be about – this is key in creating good storylines that draw players into the world of the game.

After that, it’s all about developing backstories for each character and connecting them together with the main plot. This can take some time as you’ll need to write a compelling narrative while also ensuring there are enough twists and turns throughout!

To make sure you stay on track, daily tasks include brainstorming sessions, researching source material, and playing through certain levels if possible – these activities help get inspired and create something truly unique.

But ultimately, it’s up to you to shape those ideas into a captivating script that will leave gamers wanting more!

Writing Dialogue

Writing dialogue is a huge part of writing for video games, and it’s something you need to keep in mind throughout the entire process.

You have to make sure what your characters are saying feels natural and true to life; that means creating realistic conversations that move the plot forward while also introducing interesting themes.

It can be tricky at times – after all, you don’t want your dialogue coming off as too stiff or unnatural! But with some practice and by keeping up with industry trends, you can craft convincing conversations that draw players into your story world.

In order to write great dialogue for a video game script, you should always stay informed about the latest innovations in the gaming industry so you know what kinds of things will actually work within your stories.

Additionally, reading other scripts written for video games helps get an idea of how successful dialogue should sound like on paper.

All these activities help hone the necessary skills as a writer and create compelling storylines!

Exploring The Benefits Of Studying Video Games Writing

Writing stories for video games has become a popular career choice in recent years, and with good reason. As an aspiring writer of video game scripts, I can tell you that there are many benefits to learning how to write for this medium.

From honing your storytelling skills to understanding the nuances of gameplay, writing for video games is an exciting way to put your talents to use:

  • You will learn how to write a main story arc for a game, which requires careful attention to continuity and pacing.
  • Crafting compelling dialogue and character arcs within the context of the game’s overall narrative structure helps create immersive experiences for players.
  • Working closely with developers and other writers on projects allows you to gain insight into all aspects of creating successful video games.
  • And most importantly, mastering the art of scriptwriting enables you to contribute something truly unique–a well-written game that people enjoy playing.

The key to success as a writer lies in being able to craft engaging scripts within the parameters set by developers and publishers. With practice and dedication, it is possible to unlock the secrets behind making great video games!

Onwards now then; let us explore crafting scripts in video games so we may understand their inner workings even better.

Crafting Scripts In Video Games

When it comes to crafting scripts for video games, the possibilities are endless. Writing for a video game is an entirely different experience than writing for film or tv – with interactive stories and non-player characters that must be considered.

Crafting a game script requires immense creativity, as well as knowledge of gaming trends in order to create something truly engaging. 

Take for example the popular open world RPG Skyrim: its main plot was written in such a way that players felt as though they were actually part of the story, making decisions that determined how events unfolded.

This immersive quality takes time and dedication to achieve; however, when done right, this level of interactivity can make all the difference between a successful game and one that buyers forget about shortly after release. 

The key to crafting really remarkable scripts is understanding what your audience wants from their gaming experience.

Players want an escape, but one full of challenges that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With creative ingenuity combined with research into current trends within the industry, you can create something truly spectacular!

Tips For Aspiring Game Writers

If you’re interested in becoming a game writer, the first thing you should do is research the genre you’re writing for. Understand the conventions, tropes, and character archetypes that are used in that type of game. That way, you can craft characters that will engage your players in a way that feels natural and familiar to them.

Once you have your characters established, you can start outlining the story. It’s important to create a story that is interesting, compelling, and that fits the world you’ve created. It’s also important to make sure that the story you create is feasible within the constraints of the game.

Researching The Genre

One of the first things that you should do is research the genre(s) and type of game you want to write for.

There are so many video games out there that it can be hard to decide which ones fit your needs—so take some time to explore different titles and find something that speaks to you. You can also look at other writers’ approaches for guidance on how to approach writing for various genres.

Doing this will help give you a better understanding of what works within each style and provide insight into creating unique stories. With just a bit of research, dedication, and creativity, you’ll have all the tools necessary to create engaging narratives for many video games!

Crafting Engaging Characters

Once you have your game’s story arc in place, the next step is to craft engaging characters. A great way to create compelling characters that players will want to follow on their journey is by using archetypes as a foundation.

For example, we all know Lara Croft—the Tomb Raider heroine who has become an iconic figure in gaming culture. She embodies many of the traits found in classic heroines: bravery, intelligence, and strength. 

By creating characters with similar qualities or building off existing ones from popular media, you can give your players someone they’ll identify with and root for throughout the game’s narrative arc.

It’s also important to keep the player at the center of every decision when constructing character arcs. It should feel like these characters exist solely for them—their choices are shaped by what makes sense for the protagonist and how it affects them specifically instead of just being window-dressing for the story moves along.

GDC talks often discuss this idea of making sure each character has purpose and meaning within a game world; if not, then why bother including them? At its core, crafting engaging characters comes down to understanding both your audience and yourself as a writer. What kind of stories do you like telling? And what types of stories would make players care about certain figures in-game?

Answering those questions honestly can help ensure that your cast member has depth and originality—traits necessary for creating memorable video game experiences!

Outlining The Story

Once you have your characters developed, the next step is to outline the story that they inhabit. Writing a game isn’t like writing a film or television show; there’s a lot more flexibility in terms of how players interact with the world and their environment.

You want to make sure that you are creating an engaging experience for them while still allowing for meaningful choices along the way. 

There are many tools available now such as branching story systems or node-based narrative structures that allow writers to map out potential storylines and plot points before starting the actual scripting process. 

By taking advantage of these tools, you can ensure that players will be able to explore all possible outcomes within your game’s universe without feeling limited by pre-determined actions.

At its core however, outlining should focus on what makes sense for both your protagonist and antagonist—what do they want? What stands in their way? Why does this matter to them specifically? These questions will help guide you through crafting an arc that feels unique and substantial instead of just another generic save-the-world scenario.

Additionally, it’ll give players something concrete to latch onto so they’re invested in progressing through each level until they reach the end goal! If you want to write games that capture attention and hold it long enough for people to complete them, then having a well thought out roadmap beforehand is crucial.

Don’t forget: even if everything else looks great on paper but your story lacks substance, no one wants to play it!

Crafting stories for games can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It’s not just about being creative or having fun; it’s also about creating something meaningful and powerful.

Whether you want to write scripts for existing franchises or create your own original worlds from scratch, the world of gaming has plenty of opportunities for aspiring writers.

With hard work and dedication, you too can become a successful video game scriptwriter! Perhaps your calling and future is gaming storytelling!

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Argumentative Video Games Essay Topics

Video games haven’t been around for decades, but the impact they have on kids and the world, in general, is massive. Typical video games are made up of a user-interface and interaction that sends a visual response to 3 or 2-dimensional video displays to keep the gamers thrillingly attached to the action. The story of video games doesn’t end with the practical part of it.  Today, video games have become a major topic of interests in most universities and colleges.

Students pursuing a course in journalism, sociology, political science, and public health will often be given video games assignments. Video games incorporate fresh content and data relating to journalism, sociology, political science, and public health.  For students to find their way around the involving and complex context of video games, they must be mentally ready to research for pure content and handle the challenges of creating unique content. Besides, they must understand which video game essay topics work to drive home the kind of information they are working on. Whether journalism, political science, sociology or public health student looking for convincing and informative video games essay topics, TopicsBase has got you covered.

  • The Role Video Games Play in Improving Learning
  • Violence and Video Games
  • The Negative Impacts Video Games have on Children
  • Violent Video Games Nurture Aggressive Behavior in Kids
  • The Effects Violent Video Games Have on Children
  • Invention, Growth and Refinement of Video Games
  • Video Games As The Drive Behind Increased Violence Behaviors in Teens
  • The Role Video Games Play In Enhancing Teens Critical Thinking
  • The Pros and Cons of Video Games
  • Sex and Violence as The Main Themes in Video Games
  • Early Exposure to Video Games and the Effect it Has on Teenagers
  • The Effect Of Violence in Video Games in New Relationships
  • The Popularity and Increased Demand for Video Games
  • The Positive Effects of Video Games on The Society
  • The Frightening Nature Of Video Games
  • How First Person Shooters Make Players React Faster?
  • The Future of Video Games in The Coming Decade
  • The History of Video Games
  • The Nature of Assassin Video Game Simulations
  • The Relationship Between Youth Violence and Violent Video Games
  • How do Video Games act as A Learning Tool?
  • Video Games As The Future Of Learning and Education
  • Ethical Responsibility In Modern Video Games
  • Don’t Play Video Games, and Here is Why
  • The Pros and Cons of Videos
  • How to Control Addition to Video Games
  • Video Games Should Be Banned For Elevating Cases of Violence in Teens
  • The Role of Parents In Regulating Teens’ Access to Violent Video Games
  • The Mental and Physical Benefits of Video Games
  • Can Playing Violent Video Games Hurt My Emotions?
  • The Healing Effect of Video Games
  • Analysis of Different Types of Video Games
  • How Video Games Affect Your Brain and Emotions
  • Myths and Misconceptions About Video Games
  • The Rise of Video Games has Taken the World By Surprise

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The Beginner's Guide to Writing for Video Games

The Beginner's Guide to Writing for Video Games

Video games have evolved into a dominant cultural and entertainment medium, surpassing even the film and television industries in profitability and creative potential. In 2016, the global video game industry generated a staggering $99.6 billion in revenue, dwarfing Hollywood's $36 billion in the same year. This financial allure is coupled with the breakthroughs in gaming technology and the impressive revenues of blockbuster games like Grand Theft Auto V, which earned $815.7 million on its first day of release alone.

For many screenwriters and storytellers, the gaming industry presents an exciting frontier. However, writing for video games is an art that diverges significantly from traditional scriptwriting.  From understanding the role of a game writer to breaking into the industry, and from crafting interactive narratives to navigating the job market, this guide aims to demystify the process of becoming a video game writer, offering insights into the unique challenges and opportunities within this dynamic field.

Whether you're a seasoned screenwriter looking to transition into game writing or a budding storyteller curious about the details of this field, this guide is designed to provide valuable information and practical tips to help you navigate the path of writing for video games.

Section 1: The Role of a Game Writer

Contrary to popular belief, game writers often join after initial concepts and designs. Unlike film or traditional writing, they don't start with an original script but work within a predefined framework.

Key Responsibilities of a Game Writer

  • Flow Charts : Essential in games, especially RPGs, where writers create complex narratives that adapt to player decisions, resembling an advanced form of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.
  • Character Development : Involves writing detailed descriptions and biographies for each character, guiding designers in character creation.
  • Storyboard Scripts : The closest element to traditional screenplays, these encompass the game's narrative from start to finish, after all other elements are in place
  • Cut Scenes : Responsible for cinematic scenes that advance the story, offering a more directed narrative experience within the game.
  • NPC Dialogue : Crafting dialogue for non-player characters, a crucial element for enhancing game realism and depth.
  • Side Quests : Writers craft smaller missions and quests, integral to deepening the game world and providing additional player engagement.

Game writing demands a balance between narrative and gameplay. The story serves the game mechanics, often leading to adaptive and responsive storytelling based on player choices. The interactive nature of games means writers must account for various player actions and paths, creating multiple narrative branches and potential outcomes. Working in a team-driven environment, game writers must collaborate with designers, artists, and programmers, often adapting their writing to fit technical and design constraints.

Section 2: Developing Writing Skills for Games

A career in game writing doesn't necessarily require you to attend a traditional university. Instead, it's about mastering the craft through various resources and building a portfolio of great work.

Alternative Learning Paths

  • Online Courses : Platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and edX offer courses on creative writing, storytelling in games, and interactive fiction. For instance, the 'Writing for Video Games' course on edX provides insights into the specifics of game narratives.
  • Workshops and Webinars : Seek out workshops and webinars focused on game development and writing. These often feature industry experts and provide practical, up-to-date knowledge.
  • Books and Industry Literature : Books like "The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design" by Flint Dille and John Zuur Platten , and "Creating Character Arcs" by K.M. Weiland offer valuable insights into the specifics of game writing and character development.

The Creative Foundation

  • Creativity Over Credentials : Emphasize developing creative skills over acquiring formal qualifications. Creativity, imagination, and the ability to craft engaging stories are paramount in this field.
  • Practice and Experimentation : Regularly write and experiment with different game genres and narrative styles. This not only improves your writing but also helps in finding your unique voice.

Tools and Resources

  • It's important to become familiar with tools for interactive storytelling and scriptwriting. These can help you create dynamic narratives and streamline your writing process. We provide a detailed list of the most used applications in our blog post "The 7 Best Tools for Game Scriptwriting" .

Master Script Template

The Beginner's Guide to Writing for Video Games

Section 3: Getting a Job as a Game Writer

Game writing is a competitive and specialized field that differs from traditional forms of writing. Aspiring game writers need to understand the intricacies of interactive narratives and adapt their writing to fit within the framework, story and the game's focus, while overcoming the challenges and recognizing the opportunities unique to the gaming industry.

Getting Experience

If you play games, you know that experience is crucial. Participating in game jams can be an excellent way to build experience, showcase your work, and network. Game jams like Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare are especially beneficial for beginners due to their collaborative nature and learning environment while being a challenge to the team, usually responsible for making a game in a short period.

Engine-specific game jams, like those hosted by Unity or Unreal, often offer help for beginners, and could be a good place to start as they are a bit more casual and sometimes have prizes involved.

Portfolio and Networking

The games developed during the jams can serve as practical examples of your writing and collaboration skills. These events are not just about game creation but also about meeting other game developers, artists, and writers, fostering valuable industry connections.

To build a diverse portfolio as a game writer, it is important to include a variety of writing samples such as game scripts, character bios, and narrative designs. Demonstrating an understanding of branching narratives and player choice can be achieved by creating interactive stories using platforms like Twine or Ink . For more info on setting up your portfolio, you can check out this guide .

Attending industry events like GDC (Game Developers Conference) or PAX, actively engaging on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, and joining online communities such as Reddit's r/gamedev or game development-focused Discord servers are valuable ways to connect with professionals, stay updated on the latest industry trends, and discover job opportunities in the game industry.

Learn from Industry Veterans

  • Hidetaka Miyazaki : The visionary behind critically acclaimed titles like "Elden Ring" and the "Dark Souls" series, Miyazaki is known for his unique approach to narrative design. His work, blending intricate lore with minimalistic storytelling, offers a masterclass in creating deeply immersive game worlds.
  • Rhianna Pratchett : An acclaimed game writer known for her work on the Tomb Raider series. She transitioned into game writing from a journalism background, initially polishing game scripts before moving into full-fledged game writing.
  • Amy Hennig : Renowned for her work on the "Uncharted" series, Hennig's approach to character-driven narratives and cinematic storytelling in games has been influential. Her journey from film to video games showcases the versatility required in game writing.
  • David Gaider : Formerly a narrative designer at BioWare, Gaider has worked on major titles like Baldur's Gate 2 and the Dragon Age series. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and critiquing game narratives and suggests practicing writing with tools like Twine.
  • Neil Druckmann : As the creative force behind "The Last of Us" series, Druckmann's work exemplifies how powerful, character-centric stories can elevate the gaming experience. His progression from an intern to co-president at Naughty Dog illustrates the importance of growth and versatility in the industry.
  • Olivia Wood : Starting as a freelance editor, Wood transitioned into game writing through personal projects and networking. She has worked with Failbetter Games and highlights the importance of proactive skill development and engaging in personal projects for career advancement.

Section 4: Enhancing Your Craft

After starting your journey as a Game Writer and getting your stories read, you'll face the need to hone your creative skills, improve your writing, and distinguish yourself in the industry. Here are strategies to elevate your work:

Cultivating Creativity

  • Diverse Gaming Experiences : Play a wide range of games to understand different narrative styles, genres, and mechanics. This broadens your perspective and sparks creativity.
  • Cross-Media Inspiration : Draw inspiration from various storytelling mediums like books, movies, and theater. Each medium offers unique narrative techniques that can enrich game writing.
  • Creative Writing Exercises : Regularly engage in writing exercises. These can be prompts, short stories, or even fan fiction, helping you to think creatively and build your storytelling skills.

Improving Writing Skills

  • Study Game Scripts and Design Documents : Analyze scripts from successful games to understand how they weave narrative with gameplay. Websites like GDC Vault offer resources and talks on game writing and design.
  • Feedback and Collaboration : Share your work with peers or mentors for constructive feedback. Collaborating on projects also exposes you to different styles and approaches.
  • Writing Courses and Workshops : Attend workshops or courses focused on creative writing, screenwriting, or specifically game writing. These can provide structured learning and professional guidance.

Differentiating Yourself in the Industry

  • Develop a Unique Voice : Find and nurture your unique writing style. This could be a particular genre you excel in or a distinctive approach to character development.
  • Specialize in a Niche : Consider specializing in a niche aspect of game writing, like world-building, dialogue writing, or branching narrative structures.
  • Stay Informed and Adapt : Keep up-to-date with industry trends and technological advancements. Adapting to new tools and techniques can set you apart as a forward-thinking writer.

Engaging with the Community

  • Active Participation in Industry Events : Attend game industry events, workshops, and panels not just as an attendee but as a participant. Consider giving talks or presentations once you have enough experience.
  • Online Presence and Branding : Build a strong online presence through a personal website, blog, or social media. Share your insights, experiences, and portfolio to establish yourself as a thought leader in game writing.

The journey to becoming a game writer combines creativity, continuous learning, and community engagement. While the career doesn’t require a traditional college degree, writers must constantly learn and grow to evolve with the industry. As a game writer, you are tasked with crafting not just narratives but immersive worlds shaped by player choices. By leveraging experiences from game jams, building a diverse portfolio, and always growing through courses and industry connections, you can enjoy a successful and fulfilling career as a game writer.

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ESL Writing Worksheet: Opinion Essay About Video Games (Intermediate)

In this writing worksheet, you are going to find exercises that will help students elevate their writing skills and practice the structure of an opinion essay on the topic “Are Video Games Good for Youngsters?”. 

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There is an example of a short opinion essay on this topic, plus a multiple section where students can check their understanding of this type of writing, a section for practicing useful words and phrases for opinion essays plus practical tips for writing an opinion essay. The exercises are tailored to intermediate (B1) students.

Preparation Notes for the Teachers

Required time: 45 – 60 min

To prepare:

Prepare a discussion that covers the topic of the pros of video games. 

As a warm-up, tell students that you all know that playing too many video games for too long can be harmful for the mental and physical being of a person. However, this activity is also fun and some games are really engaging and intelligently made, so players see many good reasons about why they should play them. 

Ask students: How many hours per day do they play video games? What is their favorite video game and why? Are video games a good way to socialize? Are video games a good way to learn new English words? Are there any other benefits?

An Opinion Essay: Are Video Games Good for Youngsters?

In this worksheet, you will find exercises that will help you strengthen your writing skills and learn how to write an opinion essay on the topic “Are Video Games Good for Youngsters?”.

You will also learn some useful words and phrases for opinion essays, plus practical tips for writing an opinion essay. 

What is your favorite video game and why? Are video games a good way to socialize? Are video games a good way to learn new English words? Are there any other benefits?

Discuss briefly with your teacher and the class, then answer the questions in Exercise A, B, C, D, and E.

Read the questions before answering to make sure you understand them.

Are Video Games Good for Youngsters?

Today, many young people play video games on their electronic devices, at home, at their friends’ houses and many of them say that playing video games is their favorite activity.  These games are good for young people because of several reasons.

First of all, I think that video games are a good way to train your brain. There are many popular games in which players need to have high levels of thinking, follow instructions, solve complex problems and use logic. In my opinion , these games are fun, and you can learn many things from them. Moreover , you can play them with friends online, so you can hang out and socialize even if you have long-distance friendships.

In addition , you can learn a lot of new English words if you play video games. Some people think that you learn best in classes and while listening to music or watching films. Although this is true, there are many excellent students who learn English from video games because they spend most of their free time playing.

Finally, I believe that video games are good because they are fun and intelligent. I think that they are a good alternative to communicate with friends when you can’t see them in person and learn many new things together.

A. Understanding the Opinion Essay

1. Read the above essay, then choose and circle the 6 ideas that are mentioned in the essay.

a) Video games can increase your intelligence and ability to think.

b) Too many young people are obsessed with video games.

c) Playing video games online is good for socializing.

d) You can play video games even when you are not at home.

e) It is better to learn English in person than online.

f) Many students do well in English because they play video games.

g) There more reasons why playing video games is good for young people.

h) Many video games may help young people with problem-solving.

B. Expressing Opinion

2. Match the words and phrases that have a similar meaning. *Reminder: some of these words and phrases are underlined in the opinion essay in Exercise A.

a) I disagree that… ____________________________________

b) Finally…____________________________________

c) Nowadays…____________________________________

d) In addition…____________________________________

e) In fact…____________________________________

f) First of all…___________________________________

g) I believe that…____________________________________

Tips for Writing an Opinion Essay

  • Write your essay in 3-4 paragraphs. Start each paragraph with phrases like First, Moreover, To conclude.
  • Express your opinion using phrases like In my opinion, I believe, I think that. Always support your opinion with 1-2 arguments, i.e., why you think so.
  • Mention opinions that are different from yours. Use phrases like “Some people think/believe“ and then explain why you don’t agree with them. Always explain why you disagree with 1-2 arguments.

C. Write an Opinion Essay

3. Write an opinion essay with the title ‘Are video games good for youngsters?’ Write the essay below and give your opinion.

Download this worksheet (including key) in Word and PDF doc format (zipped)

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Persuasive Essay: Video Games

Teenagers today often spend a great deal of time playing video games. These games are fun and engaging and young people often feel like playing games is a great thing to do in their spare time. However, you shouldn’t spend too much time gaming and there are a number of reasons for this: it’s unhealthy, you should spend more time studying, and you need to socialize more.

The primary reason to cut down on gaming time has to be that youths that spend a long time on computers and games consoles are often not getting enough exercise. With high obesity rates, it’s very important for young people to spend as much time being active as possible, especially since studies show that people who are overweight during childhood and adolescence are far more likely to become overweight adults than those of a healthy weight when they’re young. There is just as much, if not more, fun to be had in getting out and about and being active. This doesn’t have to mean going for long runs if that’s not your thing; team sports are both fun and great exercise. Dance or fitness classes are also a good option for those not into sports.

Secondly, getting a good education is that best thing that you can do for your future. If every teenager cut down on their gaming time by 30 minutes per day and used this time to study, the whole of that generation would achieve better results and be more likely to have the career that they want. With education, you get out what you put in, so it’s really up to you to put in the additional effort. If you want to go to a good college, extra study in your own time will be completely vital, but gaming can reduce your concentration span and make this more difficult.

The third main reason that playing video games too often is that it’s no good for your social skills. Some teenagers may argue that because they can now play their games online with friends, they are socializing in their own way. However, you can’t beat face-to-face contact, and if you want to succeed in interviews and build good relationships in later life, you need to develop some proper communication skills. This shouldn’t be a chore, or difficult, because hanging out with friends is far more fun than sitting indoors playing on games all day anyway!

In conclusion, there can be no doubt that spending too much time gaming isn’t good for you. You don’t have to stop all together, but it’s all about moderation. Cut down and allocate your additional free time to doing things that are good for you, and you definitely won’t regret it in later life.

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100 Video Games Argumentative Essay Topics For Students

Dec 27, 2022 | 0 comments

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Dec 27, 2022 | Topics | 0 comments

Video games have become a pervasive part of modern culture, with people of all ages playing various games on various platforms. As such, they have become a popular topic for argumentative essays. Here are potential video games argumentative essay topics you can use in writing your essay on video games:

Video Games Research Paper Topics For Students

Best Video Games Essay Topics

  • Do video games cause violence?
  • Are video games a form of art?
  • Can video games be used for educational purposes?
  • Do video games have a positive or negative impact on mental health?
  • Are video games harmful to children?
  • Do video games contribute to the objectification of women?
  • Can video games be used to promote social change?
  • Do violent video games desensitize players to violence?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of addictive behaviors?
  • Can video games be used to improve hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness?
  • Do video games contribute to the sedentary lifestyle of young people?
  • Can video games be used to improve problem-solving skills?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of social skills?
  • Can video games be used to improve memory and cognitive function?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of aggressive behavior?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of anti-social behaviors?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of attention deficit disorders?
  • Can video games be used to improve decision-making skills?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of mood disorders?
  • Can video games be used to improve language skills?

Interesting Video Games Argumentative Essay Topics

  • How have video games evolved?
  • How do video games reflect societal values and beliefs?
  • What role do video games play in shaping cultural identity?
  • How have video game graphics improved over time?
  • How have video game storylines evolved?
  • How have video game controls evolved?
  • How have video game genres changed over time?
  • How have video game platforms changed over time?
  • How have video game marketing strategies changed over time?
  • How have video game rating systems changed over time?
  • Do violent video games increase the likelihood of aggressive behavior in players?
  • Do violent video games increase the likelihood of violent thoughts in players?
  • Do violent video games increase the likelihood of violent behavior in players?
  • Do violent video games increase players’ likelihood of aggressive behavior when combined with other risk factors?
  • Do violent video games increase the likelihood of aggressive behavior in players when played for long periods?
  • Do violent video games increase players’ likelihood of aggressive behavior when played by certain individuals, such as those with a history of violence or aggression?
  • How do violent video games compare to other forms of media in terms of their impact on aggressive behavior?
  • How do violent video games compare to other forms of media in terms of their impact on violent thoughts?
  • How do violent video games compare to other forms of media in terms of their impact on violent behavior?
  • How do the themes and storylines of violent video games impact players?

Simple Video Games Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Do early exposure to video games have a lasting impact on players?
  • Does early exposure to video games impact the development of cognitive and social skills in children?
  • Does early exposure to video games impact the development of aggressive behavior in children?
  • Does early exposure to video games impact the development of attention deficit disorders in children?
  • Does early exposure to video games impact the development of mood disorders in children?
  • What are the potential future developments in the video game industry?
  • How will advances in technology impact the future of video games?
  • How will the rise of mobile gaming impact the future of the video game industry?
  • How will the rise of virtual and augmented reality impact the future of video games?
  • How will the rise of streaming services impact the future of video games?
  • How will the rise of e-sports impact the future of video games?
  • How will the rise of social media and online communities impact the future of video games?
  • How will the changing demographics of video game players impact the future of the industry?
  • How will the changing role of video games in popular culture impact the future of the industry?
  • How will the increasing trend toward free-to-play games impact the future of the industry?
  • How will the increasing trend toward in-game microtransactions impact the future of the industry?
  • How will the increasing trend toward digital downloads impact the future of the industry?
  • How will the increasing trend toward subscription-based models impact the future of the industry?
  • How will the increasing trend toward cross-platform play impact the future of the industry?
  • What are the potential negative impacts of video games on public health?

Video Games Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  • Do video games contribute to developing poor eating habits in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of sleep disorders in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to developing young people’s eye strain and vision problems?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand injuries in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to developing neck and back pain in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of hearing problems in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of obesity in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of stress and anxiety in young people?
  • What are the potential positive effects of video games on public health?
  • Can video games be used as a form of physical therapy?
  • Can video games be used to improve social skills and communication skills?
  • Can video games be used to improve mental health and well-being?
  • Can video games be used to improve physical fitness and health?
  • How do video games impact youth violence?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of aggressive behavior in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of anti-social behaviors in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to developing attention deficit disorders in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of mood disorders in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of risky behaviors in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of risky attitudes in young people?

Video Games Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  • Do video games contribute to the development of substance abuse in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of self-harm in young people?
  • Do video games contribute to the development of bullying in schools
  • What are the potential benefits of video games for youth?
  • Can video games improve young people’s teamwork and collaboration skills?
  • Can video games be used to improve leadership skills in young people?
  • Can video games be used to improve creativity and innovation in young people?
  • Can video games improve young people’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills?
  • Can video games be used to improve young people’s social and communication skills?
  • Can video games improve mental health and well-being in young people?
  • Can video games improve physical fitness and health in young people?
  • Can video games be used to improve academic performance in young people?
  • Can video games be used to improve career opportunities and job skills in young people?
  • Do playing violent video games lead to an increase in real-world violent behavior?
  • Do violence in video games contribute to the normalization of violence in society?
  • Do video games affect or can influence players’ attitudes and beliefs?
  • Is it ethically justifiable for video game developers to create and sell violence and violent video games?
  • How do the themes in video games impact players’ attitudes and behaviors?
  • How has the history of video games reflected and influenced societal values and beliefs?

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, video games have become a central part of modern culture, with people of all ages playing various games on various platforms. As such, they have become a popular topic for argumentative essays , with a wide range of potential topics to explore. While there are valid arguments on both sides of many of these topics, it is clear that video games are a complex and multifaceted topic that will continue to be the subject of debate and discussion for years to come.

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With a passion for education and student empowerment, I create blog content that speaks directly to the needs and interests of students. From study hacks and productivity tips to career exploration and personal development

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3rd Grade Writing Prompts #1:  Video Games

This small collection of 3rd grade writing prompts touches upon the world of video games. More often than not, video games are the sort of thing that keep kids from writing. By having your Nintendo and Xbox loving students actually write about the games they're playing, you are able to pull from a typically untapped resource.

You may notice that the numbers on this page do not start at 1 and work their way up. This is because these 10 3rd grade writing prompts are an excerpt from my book,  500 Writing Prompts for Kids: First Grade through Fifth Grade . If you like these free samples, the full version is available in both  digital  and  paperback  form.  3rd Grade Writing Prompts #1: Video Games

271. What kind of video game systems do you and your family have inside your house? Tell the story of how you got each of them. If you don’t have any video game systems, create a story of how your family might get one in the future.

272. What is your favorite video game that you’ve ever played and what system was it for? Write a story about a day in which you had a particularly great time playing it.

273. What do you think some of the benefits are of video games? What are some of the reasons you think kids maybe shouldn’t play video games? Do the pros outweigh the cons or do you think video games are a bad thing for kids?

274. Some people think that video games keep kids from going outside as much. Do you agree or disagree and why?

275. The recent video game systems like Xbox360 and Wii are a ton of fun and they have amazing graphics. What do you think the video game systems of the future will be like? What new features might they have and what kind of games will they provide?

276. The first video games were really simple and you could only do a couple of things like bounce a ball from one side of the screen to the other. If you went back in time to those days, how do you think you would be able to deal with such simple games?

277. Have you ever played a video game that your parents told you that you weren’t allowed to play? Something with excessive violence or language perhaps? What was the game like? Do you understand why your parents might not want you to play it?

278. If you could be a character inside any video game, which one would it be and why? Tell a story about a day in the life for your new video game character.

279. Imagine that you are a game developer for the company that makes some of the biggest games today. You need to come up with an amazing idea that everyone will like. What is the idea? Tell the story of its amazing success in the marketplace.

280. Most video games are catered toward boys, leading girls to often leave video games alone. If you could create a video game that was for girls only, what would it be? Do you think boys might want to try it too?  Done with 3rd Grade Writing Prompts? Go back to Creative Writing Prompts.

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Video Game - Essay Examples And Topic Ideas For Free

The video game industry has evolved from a niche entertainment medium to a significant part of modern culture with a vast and diverse audience. Essays could delve into the historical development of video games, from the early arcade and console games to the modern, sophisticated online gaming experiences. They might also explore the technological innovations that have driven the industry forward, and the cultural shifts that have accompanied the rise of gaming. Discussions could extend to the social, psychological, and educational impacts of video gaming, exploring both the benefits and potential downsides. The discourse may also touch on the economic aspects of the gaming industry, including the rise of eSports, mobile gaming, and the future trends that could shape the gaming landscape. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Video Game you can find at Papersowl. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Do Video Games Promote Violence?

The Internet is rife with articles about the potentially harmful consequences of play. Psychologists and parents have been arguing the pros and cons of this topic for decades now namely whether video games encourage violence, social isolation and obesity, or on the other hand, promote cognitive growth, perception, care, memory and decision-making. Questions flood our mind making it near impossible to truly answer that question: Can a video game truly promote a violent glimpse into a future reality? Summarized below […]

Can Video Games Make you Smarter?

Video games make kids more intelligent. So many parents say that video games are bad for your brain. Little do they know that it has been proven that video games enhance your brain activity. Games like Fortnite, Destiny, Black Ops, Fallout, Skyrim, and Red dead Redemption can teach kids survival skills, what it is like to live in different time periods, and exercise reflexes. Survival skills are one of the most important things in life. In almost all video games, […]

How do Video-games Affect Child Development

We currently live in the age of rapid technological advancement where almost anyone has access to some form of technology. Video games, in particular, have been at the forefront of recreational entertainment in the past decade. The ubiquity of portable technology means that children are more likely to get ahold of a smartphone or laptop and gain exposure to games, which brings about the concern on the effects of games on child development. Results of numerous recent research studies have […]

We will write an essay sample crafted to your needs.

Benefit of Playing Video Games

Video games are seen as a useless entertainment to many parents and even some educators believe that they damage a child's brain. Over the years, violent video games have been blamed for leading people to a life of crime because they believe that games are the cause of kids becoming violent or develop an antisocial behavior. In reality many psychologists and scientists have found that playing video games can actually have benefits towards a person's brain. Video games can eventually […]

The Impact of the Video Games on Children

In this paper I will explore the impact that video games has on children. I will discuss the research on the effect of violent video games on children in particular. At this moment gun violence and particularly school shootings are an extremely hot topic that has resulted in the speculation of different causes for this recent surge in gun violence. Violent video games is one of the leading reasons many are giving for these horrific acts. With all of these […]

Effects of Multi Media on Violence in School

School violence on students can cause psychological and physical pain. The physical pain they get can cause them to be hospitalized. Sometimes that school violence cause students to shoot up schools. People's aggressive behavior increased watching aggressive programs on TV. Students that watch aggressive TV show start to become tougher and less emotional. TV mainly effect students because in the show they watch they become aggressive with other people. Research has also shown that the viewers who watch violent shows […]

Future of Video Games

In many centuries, technology has been a big contributor to human history. It has helped humans advance in many different areas of life. It has provided us with the abilities to advance the human race, and gain more knowledge than our previous ancestors. Technology over the years has advanced rapidly. Not that long ago, the very first cell phone was an extraordinary invention that caught the world by storm. It helped talking with people from long distances remotely seem like […]

Violence and Video Games

The latest debate that is long standing in country today is the big debate does or is video games harmful to our children. Do they allow our children to become harmful to their selves or others, there have been studies internationally looking at the ages from nine to nineteen from 2010 to 2017, over 17,000 adolescents found playing video games led to increased physical behavior over time. There were 24 studies done from countries including U.S., Canada, Germany and Japan […]

Violence in Media

Researchers from Ohio State did a study where they showed one group of 8-12 year olds a movie where the characters used guns and another group a movie where the characters did not use guns. When the group that watched the movie with guns were handed a real, unloaded gun, they pulled the trigger on average 2-3 times more than the group that was not shown the movie (LoBue). The idea that violence shown through media is the source of […]

Video Game Rating System

Video game rating system has come under attack considering the recent mass shooting incidents. Many believe that violence shown in the video games is responsible for these shootings and have called for governmental regulation of the video game industry. In the article"" The Video Game Ratings is an effective Regulation"" Patricia Vance argues that video game rating system created by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) is an appropriate mechanism to promote and regulate the video game industry. The ESRB was […]

Do Violent Video Games Make you Violent?

A common myth about violent video games is the user is more prone to become violent along with a whole lot more issues like desensitization and many other things. Many think this because it has been a big bad wolf for the media blaming things like school shootings and other horrible things on violent video games. I personally play violent video games and have been asked frequently if i feel violent playing the games. In a article by the washington […]

Negative Effects of Media on Teenagers  

Media is literally in every facet of teenage life, and it is having devastating effects on young people today. Cyberbullying pushed a teen in Texas to commit suicide. Brandy Vela was eighteen years old and cyberbully pushed her over the edge resulting in her suicide. Brandy told her family she was going to kill herself and her family watched her as she shot herself in the chest. Teenagers in Brandy’s high school made fake accounts of her and made comments […]

Research on Video Games and Violence

The day and age we live in are getting more violent and aggressive. Since 2013 there have been at least 300 school shootings. As of 2018, there have been at least ten school shootings. As a result, parents and others have blamed the increase of such horrific acts on violent video games. Some of these video games may include the widely known "Call of Duty franchise, "Halo, "Grand Theft Auto, and "Destiny. Though video games may be correlational to violence […]

Teens should be Allowed to Play Video Games

In a research study that has been conducted on 1000 children among the age group 12-17, about 970 children play computer, web, portable, or console games (Lenhart et al., 2008). About 500 children said they played video games ""yesterday."" Video games are being played by all age group and genders. There are enormous video games available on the market, both for consoles and computers, which require some type of physical activity. Simulation games that are meant to simulate outdoor sports […]

Why Video Games do not Lead to Individuals being Anti-social?

While there is still much to learn about video games, it is a common misconception that video games are a large contributor to individuals becoming anti-social and developing an Antisocial Personality Disorder. In fact, this is the exact opposite of what happens behind the scenes when video games are played, especially for prolonged amounts of time. Video games and the link to anti-social behavior has been a subject of discussion for the better part of the decade, but despite what […]

Stop Blaming Video Games

In today's society, we are able to find violence and aggression everywhere; in magazines, on the TV, on social media, on video-sharing websites like Youtube as well as in video games. Yet, why are violent video games such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Assassin's Creed are assumed to be the largest source responsible for the eruption of violence? The criticism towards violent video games from teachers, parents, and the media are so constant that these games have […]

Why you should Play Fortnite

Fortnite Fortnite has taken the video game world by storm. Fortnite is on every console including PC and even on IOS and Android devices. Fortnite Battle Royale has been the most popular game globally since Epic Games, the developer, launched its trial in July of last year. Fortnite: Battle Royale is a Hunger Games-esk game of where up to 100 people jump out of a bus and have to land on an island. On this island, players find weapons, health […]

Video Game Industry

Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and others are among the video games that I play. They are consuming, interactive, competitive and fun. When I first started playing video games many, many, years ago, I played them all by myself. What is great now is that the games can be played with one, two or more people at a time. Teams can be formed and it becomes a game where you work together to win. Of course, this requires a […]

Virtual Violence and Video Games

Virtual violence in video games has become more and more realistic in recent years which has created an area of concern regarding whether the aggression and violent actions experienced during play have an impact on real-life situations. Over the past 15 years many studies have been conducted and significant research has been done that focus on the relationship between interactive, realistic, violent video games and violent behavior. This relationship is questioned in many of the studies, and the ultimate results […]

Violence, Addiction and Expenditure in Video Games

I am against video games because they promote violence, addiction and expenditure. Video games are good when life gets bored and monotonous with the same schedule every day, but people now have made gaming as their profession, which affects them adversely. I played video game for the first time when I was 12 years old. It was fascinating and easy to learn than any other of my course content so, I got addicted to gaming. I found myself depressed and […]

Why Violent Video Games is not the Reason for Violence

Even if people believe that video games has caused violence, video games has definitely brought new ways of benefiting the young minds. Since the 1970s, video games introduced a new way of entertainment for children and teens. Video games has produce a wide variety of games, ranging from peaceful and adventurous to violent and fast-paced. Video games has grown tremendously in the twenty-first century, the most trending games today are violent such as Activision's Call of Duty series, which is […]

Fortnite for me

Fortnite has been out for a year now and it has changed a lot with the release of the Battle Royale edition which was released on September 26th of last year.From map changes to weapons being vaulted and new skins with new seasons being in the game. Which today marks the first day of Season 7. Fortnite is the best game because of the pickaxes,skins,and emotes. Fortnite is a great game because of the great pickaxes. The Rainbow smash pickaxe […]

How Video Games are Good and Bad for your Health?

Are video games good or bad for your health? I think video games would be good for your health because when I play video games I feel more relaxed and at ease than aggressive and mean. I think that some people only use it as a little getaway from the world which is fine as long as they come back to the world rather than becoming anti-social. Which video games are good for communicating with each other? The ones that […]

Video Games and Their Impact in Sports

Introduction As an avid fan of Soccer and a fondness for the Fifa video game franchise, I was interested in delving deeper into the details and trying to find an arbitrary relation between the two. While the importance of physical abilities and motor coordination is non-contested in sport, more focus has recently been turned toward cognitive processes important for different sports. Coaches should be innovative in their methods and use concepts familiar to children. If that means allowing the next […]

Video Games in Education

The use of a video game for education is a two-sided coin with each side pushing strong arguments for and against the use of them to teach and help students retain information. There is supporting research for both the detrimental effects of games and the real learning power they can foster. It is my belief, however, that games can truly be harnessed to promote the development of learning behaviors, not only in children but in adults and the elderly as […]

Video Games – Game over

Anyone who has ever picked up a controller knows that "game over" is a temporary state of being. If a particularly challenging level bests you, most games give you an immediate chance to retry, now armed with more of the knowledge, experience, and skill needed to complete your quest. For many gamers, real-life works the same way. A team of 25 scientists from Europe and North America recently reported that people who played nine or more hours of video games […]

Effects of Fortnite Games

Advances in technology since the 1980s has led to a rapid increase in the computer video gaming industry. Different categories of the online video games have been developed during the period including fortnite games which have become craze currently. From the study by Groves and Anderson (2013), the video game industry has been growing rapidly with market volume rising from 100million to about 4 billion in a five-year period between 1985 and 1990. Jones (2018) also finds that there has […]

The Effects of Video Games

The industry of video games has grown exponentially over the past twenty to thirty years, and the amount of games available to the public has skyrocketed (Green 2). The first video games were being made only 50 years ago. Access was not widely available, and content was limited to very simple games such as Pong, which in itself became popular. However, in a world where computers are becoming ever more essential to everyday life, the video game industry can only […]

Violence Video Games

The first video games emerged in the late 1970s with poor graphics and a low amount of depicted violence. Since then, video games have become much more violent with far more sophisticated graphics making the games seem almost lifelike. This has prompted concerns from the media and psychologists concerns that frequently resurface in the wake of school shootings. For example, following a 2006 school shooting in Montreal, the Associated Press reported that the shooter had been "fascinated by the video […]

Video Games are not the Cause for Mass Shootings

Video games, one of the greatest sales in the entire world, are currently found as a threat. It is usually characterized to be evil and a bad influence on people around the world, especially to minors. It makes children more ""violent and aggressive"" (Laczniak 70). President Trump stated, ""Video game violence & glorification must be stopped""it is creating monsters!"". There have been many comments are arguments over this situation. But is all that true? All these stereotypes and miss understandings […]

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  • Apple vs Samsung: Compare And Contrast
  • Colonism in Things Fall Apart
  • The short story "The Cask of Amontillado"
  • Beowulf and Grendel Comparison
  • The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food
  • Gender Inequality in Education

How To Write an Essay About Video Games

Introduction to the world of video games.

Writing an essay about video games requires an appreciation of the medium as both an entertainment form and a cultural phenomenon. Begin by introducing the broad world of video games, covering their evolution from simple pixelated adventures to complex, narrative-driven experiences. Highlight the diversity in genres, from action and adventure to strategy and simulation, and acknowledge the vast demographic that video games appeal to. This introduction should provide a general background that sets the stage for a deeper exploration of specific aspects of video gaming, such as their impact on culture, psychological effects, or the gaming industry’s evolution.

Analyzing Specific Aspects of Video Gaming

The body of your essay should delve into the particular aspect of video gaming that you wish to explore. If you're focusing on the cultural impact, discuss how video games have influenced and been influenced by popular culture. For a more psychological approach, explore how gaming affects cognitive skills, behavior, and social interactions. If your angle is industry-focused, consider discussing the evolution of game design, breakthrough technologies in gaming, or economic aspects like the esports industry. Use specific examples and case studies to support your analysis, demonstrating a deep understanding of the chosen focus area.

Debating Controversies and Ethical Considerations

An essential part of writing about video games is addressing the controversies and ethical considerations surrounding them. This may include the debate over video game violence and its impact on players, the portrayal of gender and minorities in games, or issues related to gaming addiction and mental health. Present various perspectives on these debates, offering a balanced view that considers both the concerns raised by critics and the arguments put forth by proponents of video gaming. This section should engage critically with these topics, showing an awareness of the ongoing discussions in the world of video gaming.

Concluding with a Personal or Predictive Touch

Conclude your essay by summarizing your main points and offering either a personal reflection or a prediction about the future of video games. If you choose to reflect personally, share how your understanding of the topic has evolved or why it holds significance for you. Alternatively, offer predictions about how video games might continue to evolve and impact society. This could include advancements in technology, shifts in societal perception, or potential new areas for growth in the industry. A strong conclusion will not only tie together your essay but also leave the reader with a lasting impression of the depth and complexity of video gaming as a subject.

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How to Write for Video Games

Profile photo of John Dennis, video game designer writer

What does it take to become a Video Game Writer, and how is writing for games different from linear media like books and film? How can a game writer create a story with endless possibilities, adapting to any choice a player might make — whether expected or unexpected?

Those question (and more) are answered today by John Dennis, who has worked in the game industry over 20 years on diverse titles from the beloved Worms franchise to the mega-hit Call of Duty series. He’s currently a tutor at Arvon academy for their course, Writing for Games: The Art and Business of Creating Interactive Narratives .

What are the differences between the Game Writer job, and a Game Designer?

I’m not sure there’s any hard and fast division, and I suspect the roles differ from developer to developer.

Some projects, such as large, story-based role-playing games (RPGs), are based around story. In these cases, there may be a game director steering the whole game who defines what needs to happen on a particular mission and which characters need to be involved in order to fit into the overall story arc. Game writers will have a list of content such as speech or full-motion video sequences to write, while game designers might lay out the level, place enemies, and create trigger locations for conversations to happen according to the director’s plan.

At the other end of the spectrum, in projects in which there’s no overall story, game designers may be free to create level content and rationalize those levels themselves by writing their own story content. It really depends on how much written or spoken content there is in the game, and how central it is to the experience as to whether it’s handled by a game writer or someone else.

If I have a story I want to make into a game someday, is that a realistic goal?

Sure it’s realistic. What I’d ask any aspiring writer wanting to make their story into a game is: “What’s stopping you?”

There’s a bunch of websites that have tools for creating interactive, non-linear fiction. Sites like Twine or Inform have powerful tools and an enthusiastic community who are happy to help.

Alternatively, there’s a hugely successful app called Episode that provides a platform for writers to contribute stories. There’s no better way to learn about the challenges of creating story-based games than actually making them. If you’ve not had any roles in the industry and you’re looking to get involved, then there’s no better way to demonstrate your skills to a potential employer if that’s your goal.

The other thing I’d say on this point is “Play games. Play lots of games.” How is written content used in other games? Where does it work really well? Where does it work less well? Why? Read around the subject and inform yourself on the state of the art. It’ll give you insight and ideas and maybe some warning signs about mistakes to avoid.

Smaller studios often hire writers as contractors. Is there much full-time game writing work?

The contract-only or “Hollywood” employment model is becoming increasingly common across the industry. As unsatisfactory as it may be for someone wanting regular employment (and regular pay!), that employment model can be the only way for small developers to stay afloat.

For many games, some roles — such as game writer , musician , or character animator , for example — may not be required for the entire duration of the project development. In those cases, it makes financial sense for smaller companies to fill those type of roles on a contract basis. So for game writers seeking full-time work, there are a few options:

  • Find a role at a larger studio in which the role of the writer is integral to the game. Games like “Mass Effect”, “The Witcher”, or “Red Dead Redemption” have huge amounts of written content.
  • Find a role at a writing agency. Developers who don’t employ game writers on a permanent basis need to find writers from somewhere. There are some very good writing agencies such as Sidelines and The Mustard Corporation who supply writers to the games industry.
  • Add another string to your bow. If you can code, create game art, or design content, then you’re increasing your value to an employer — particularly to smaller developers who often look for staff to fill more than one role.
  • Start your own company and make your own story-based games. Not for the feint-hearted, but if you can bring a game to market and it has some success, you can chart your own course in the industry.

Is there a standard format for the writing within the industry?

The Hurst

I don’t know if there’s an industry standard format like there is for film, but of the games I’ve worked on, each text snippet (called a “string” by game programmers ) needs to be in a database labeled with a unique identifier. This is what the programmers will use to look up that string when it’s needed in-game, and it’s how the production team references the line when they need to track changes, have lines recorded by voice actors, and localize the line if the game’s being released in non-English-speaking territories.

Getting the writing into the game is normally a collaboration between several different roles on the team, so the text database is usually held somewhere where all key stakeholders can access it. Getting your writing into this format early on could save someone a huge and painful job further down the line.

What are the top challenges of writing for games, compared to books or movies?

The simple answer here is: The player! The magic of games is that the main protagonist has agency outside of the author’s control, which can be a curse for writers trying to create a linear story. So the magic comes about by accounting for the possible player actions and writing for those possibilities.

Okay, but how can a writer build a story with nearly infinite possibilities?

There are numerous ways of managing this (and to be fair, it’s a subject that’s much larger than this interview), but one of the most common ways is to have some sort of branching game structure. This means that at certain points in the game, the outcome of the player’s actions either sends them down one path or another. This structure is normally invisible to the player but manifests itself as the game world feeling responsive and alive. For example, “I accidentally attacked the king’s son and, consequently, the king has put a bounty on my head.”

The practical problem of this approach is redundancy. For every branching point in the game, the developer needs to create two lots of content: for example, one for if the player attacks the king’s son, and one for if he doesn’t. Assuming the player only plays through the game once, the developer could potentially be creating a large amount of redundant content that the player doesn’t see and doesn’t even know exists.

That still seems like it would get out of hand rather quickly…

So normally in a branching game structure, there’s some sort of compromise between how much the world can react to the player’s actions and how much potentially redundant content needs creating. Often this is done by engineering branches to re-join the main story arc.

If the player did attack the king’s son, maybe the player meets the king shortly afterwards and gets to explain it was all a mistake. The king says that’s fine but he must go on a quest to redeem himself. If he didn’t attack the king’s son, the king says he’s heard good things about the player and asks him to go on a quest. Either way, the situation in the game world is now the same whether or not the player attacked the king’s son and the two branches have both re-joined the main story arc.

I like to mess with games by refusing to “play along” with the story.

[Laughs] That’s another challenge of writing for games. While the writer can give the player goals and provide context for their actions, the game mechanics will also be providing goals for the player, and there’s risks and opportunities when those two sets of goals aren’t exactly the same.

For example, if the game mechanics are telling the player that they need food to survive, the writer could present the player with a situation in which they meet a starving non-player character. Does the player follow the goals the game has given them, and keep their food? Or do they follow the story goals, and act against their game goals and do the moral thing?

Pitching story goals against game goals can make for really interesting player decisions

Pitching story goals against game goals can make for really interesting player decisions, however the danger here is that if those goals are pulling in different directions too often, the engagement of the player can suffer, or the game can feel disconnected from its story. “Dishonored” is a wonderful game in many ways, but it gives the player ever more effective ways of killing enemies while the story stresses that the player shouldn’t use them which becomes ultimately detrimental to the experience. Clint Hocking (creative director on “Far Cry 2” amongst many others) coined the term “ludonarrative dissonance” to describe that phenomenon.

What aspect of the job would people find most surprising?

Speaking personally, I suspect the amount of tea and biscuits consumed would raise some eyebrows. ?

Why did you decide to get involved with the Arvon “Writing for Games” course?

Firstly, I love the idea of the environment that Arvon provides on its courses. As a residential facility isolated from everyday life, the courses become spaces in which writers can create, free from distraction but within easy reach of support and positive feedback.

Secondly, the chance to work on the course as co-tutor with the incredibly talented David Varela . David has worked on a number of award-winning games, theatre and radio productions, and I think coming at game writing from almost opposite directions is going to be an intriguing experience.

And lastly, I was actually a teacher before joining the games industry (a long time ago!), and there’s maybe a bit of an itch there that I’d like to scratch. Creating games and teaching actually aren’t so different, I mean, games are really a learning environment, the fun comes about when the player understands the challenges you’re asking them and learns and optimizes strategies to overcome them.

What sorts of things will you cover in the course?

We’re going to touch on many aspects of where writing meets video games: character arcs, environment and world design, story structure, writing for tutorials, writing for interesting context and meaningful player decisions, writing for cut-scenes and mission design. Each of these will be backed up with real-world case studies to get a feel for how developers and writers have dealt with those challenges in released titles.

We’re also going to look at a lot of great examples of story games in action, so for any writers new to the idea of working in videogames, it’s a great opportunity to get a picture of the standard of writing in the games industry and sample some of the best story games on console and mobile first hand.

Additionally, if people are coming to the course wanting to focus on particular aspects of game writing and it’s something within mine or David’s experience, then that’s absolutely something we can accommodate too.

What additional resources do you recommend for learning how to write for games?

A quick search of Amazon reveals that there are many books on writing for videogames, so there’s really lots to choose from. If you’re a writer wanting to learn more about game design, then you could do a lot worse than The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell. I’d recommend it not only because he is easily the best writer on the subject of game design I’ve read, but also because he covers pretty much all aspects of game design. If you wanted to learn about game design from just one book, this is it.

Thanks to John for this insightful interview! Learn more about the Writing for Games course at Arvon . Get in touch with John via LinkedIn .

Read my new book!

Making games for a living is an incredibly rewarding career, but it’s hard to break in unless you have insider knowledge. This book levels the playing field.

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video games topic for writing

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  • What does a video game writer do, and how can I start in that career?
  • Do I need to be a good writer to get a job testing video games?
  • How To Become A Video Game Writer
  • Can I sell my original story to a video game studio?

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Could a video game developer win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

video games topic for writing

Profesor de Humanidades, IE University

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Andrés Porras Chaves does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

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In October 2016, the Swedish Academy announced that it was awarding the Nobel prize for Literature to the singer-songwriter Bob Dylan for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. The decision sent out shockwaves: for the first time, a musician had received the most prestigious literary award on the planet. It sparked debate , with many questioning the decision and even sarcastic suggestions that novelists could aspire to winning a Grammy.

The controversy fed into much needed debates on the boundary between poetry and song, but the question of what constitutes literature is much broader. Does it mean the same as it did in 1901, when the first Nobel prize for literature was awarded?

High and low culture

These questions date back far beyond 2016. In the late 1950s, a group of professors from the University of Birmingham founded a new interdisciplinary area of study, called cultural studies , in order to ask new questions: What was the role of TV and other mass media in cultural development? Is there a justification for distinguishing high and low culture? What is the relationship between culture and power?

These questions are all still relevant to current debates around literature. Often, the word “literary” is a status symbol, a seal of approval to distinguish “high” culture from more vulgar or less valuable “low” forms of culture. Comics, for example, were not invited to join the club until recently, thanks in part to a rebranding under the more respectable guise of “graphic novels”.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, literature displays “excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest”. It seems that an artist like Bob Dylan can take home the Nobel prize thanks to literature’s defining feature of “excellence of form or expression”, which is not strictly limited to the written word.

But how do we account for other language-based forms of expression? If performed works such as theatre or songwriting can be considered literature, where is the limit?

Word play: text-based video games

According to data from video game data consultancy Newzoo , more than 3 billion people play video games worldwide – almost half of the world’s population. In Spain alone, 77% of young people play videogames , making them a massively relevant form of culture. But what does this have to do with “excellence of form or expression”? To answer this question we have to look back several decades.

When the first video games were developed in the 1950s, two distinct genres emerged: one was action oriented (such as the pioneering 1958 game Tennis for Two ), and the other more text based. The original written games, known as “ interactive fiction ”, were made up exclusively of text, and the player’s job was to read and make decisions that would determine the game’s outcome using a keyboard.

Screenshot of the game _Mystery House_ on Apple II. The colour white was created by combining green and purple, producing white in the centre, but into the other two colours at the edges.

The inclusion of images in adventure games would not arrive until 1980, when Mystery House became the first “graphic adventure” game. These would reach their heyday in the 1990s: famous examples include the first two Monkey Island games (1990, 1991), Day of the Tentacle (1993), Full Throttle (1995), and Grim Fandango (1998), though there were many others. Despite technological advances, these games inherited several features from interactive fiction, including the predominant role of text.

The experience of playing one of these titles is not so different from that of a book: reading, pauses, the possibility of backtracking, and so on. The player spends most of their time in dialogue with various characters in search of information, stories, or even banter and jokes that are irrelevant to the game’s progress, much like footnotes or subplots.

Several classic adventure games even have direct links to literature: The Abbey of Crime (1987) is a Spanish adaptation of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose , while the legendary insult sword fighting of The Secret of Monkey Island was written by science fiction author Orson Scott Card . In Myst (1993), the gameplay itself revolves around two books.

Literature on the screen: “story-rich” games

In more recent years, a new sub-genre of adventure games – known as “story-rich” games – has become popular thanks to independent creators and producers. In Papers, Please (2013), a border policeman in a fictional dictatorial regime deals with terrible moral dilemmas on a daily basis. In Firewatch (2016), players take the role of a forest ranger who investigates a conspiracy by walkie-talkie. In Return of the Obra Dinn (2018), the player must reconstruct a tragedy on the high seas with the help of an incomplete book and a peculiar compass. In all these cases, gameplay and visuals take a back seat to strong narratives.

Screenshot from the video game _Papers, Please_.

A quintessential example is The Stanley Parable (2011), where the player takes the role of a worker in a strangely deserted office. They have to explore several corridors while trying unsuccessfully to interact with their surroundings, accompanied by the voice of an enigmatic narrator. Upon reaching a room with two open doors, the voiceover states that Stanley “entered the door on his left”.

The player can choose to follow the instructions or disobey, provoking the wrath of the narrator much like in the denouement of Miguel de Unamuno’s 1914 novel Fog , where the main character speaks directly to the author.

Each decision then opens up new paths leading to dozens of possible endings, similar to a “choose your own adventure” book. Its fragmentary and disordered story – as well as its playful spirit – is reminiscent of Julio Cortázar’s 1963 novel Hopscotch . The experience of playing the game is marked by postmodern literary features – as described by critics like Mikhail Bakhtin or Linda Hutcheon – including metafiction, intertextuality and parody.

One of its creators – Davey Wreden, a critical studies graduate – also created The Beginner’s Guide (2015), a game in which the player moves through levels of failed video games to learn more about their mysterious creator. In one, the player’s task consists solely of wandering through a virtual cave reading the countless comments left there by other frustrated players.

Screenshot from the videogame _The Beginner's Guide_.

In recent years, the genre of digital or electronic literature has emerged, including books with QR codes, works that can only be read with virtual reality headsets, poetry collections published as apps, and so on. These works are fundamentally based on language, begging the question of why video games cannot also fit into this category.

This debate takes on added relevance today, as digital formats are having an undeniable impact on our reading habits. Just as today we accept oral cultures or popular music as literature, perhaps one day we will do the same with interactive stories like The Stanley Parable . Writing has always tried to break away from established ideas, and we know that literature is not limited to words on paper. Sometimes it pays to disobey the voice in our heads and walk through the door on the right, the one that leads to new, unexplored possibilities.

This article was originally published in Spanish

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The Emily Blaster game inspired by Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin.

Five of the best books about video games

Generations have now grown up with games, but they have long been linked to science fiction and are now the subject of histories, too. Here are five of the best

T here is a lingering misconception about video games that they exist entirely in their own sealed subculture, utterly untranslatable to books or movies. But this has never been the case: in the 80s and 90s, games (and by extension, virtual worlds) became a major theme of cyberpunk fiction, from the jacked-in hacker dystopia of William Gibson’s Neuromancer to the narcotic alternative reality of Jeff Noon’s Vurt.

Video game history and culture have also been widely explored in book form, whether that was the How to Beat Pac-Man manuals of the 1980s or current investigations of the game development process by journalists such as Jason Schreier and Tom Bissell. Avid gamers and utter newcomers alike will learn much about video games and our modern digital world from these five books.

Masters of Doom by David Kushner

An experienced New York Times and Rolling Stone journalist, Kushner brought keen reporting skills and cultural nous to this examination of seminal 1993 shooter Doom and the young men who made it. Masters of Doom captures the haphazard and anarchic process behind game development in the 1990s – the late nights, the pizza, the questionable personal hygiene – but it’s also a thrilling and emotional story about inspiration, friendship and, yes, creative genius.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

A surprise bestseller following its publication in 2022, Zevin’s beautiful and gripping novel follows a trio of young game designers fulfilling their dreams and falling apart in the process. Although there is plenty of accurate detail about making games, this is really a novel about love, care and inspiration, which just happens to take place in a development studio.

Invasion of the Space Invaders by Martin Amis

First published in 1982 and cruelly out of print for many years (a close friend of mine is still racked with guilt for stealing a copy from his local library), this bizarre artefact is an examination of the dawning arcade culture written with Amis’s droll, deadpan wit and detached intelligence. A one-time games addict himself, the author relays his experiences in sleazy New York coin-op palaces as well as providing hints and tips on beating the best titles of the era. Now available in a modern edition filled with historical photos and screenshots, it’s an absolute delight.

Gamish by Edward Ross

Video game histories can often be somewhat insular and workmanlike, overlooking the cultural impact of the medium while obsessing about games console release timelines. Gamish is different – an accessible and fascinating graphic history written and illustrated by comic book artist Ross. It gathers all the landmark moments, but also ponders what games mean to players and the wider world, as well as the issues around sexism and representation that still haunt the industry and its fanbase.

Reamde by Neal Stephenson

An absolutely vast labyrinthine techno-thriller, Reamde rockets around the world from Idaho to Cambridge to Taiwan, recruiting an army of hackers, misfits and criminals en route. It mostly concerns an online massively multiplayer game named T-Rain, which becomes infected with the eponymous computer virus to devastating effect. Combining trenchant observations on computer culture and the socio-political weirdness of the digital era inside a rollicking page-turner, Reamde is to games what Infinite Jest is to tennis.

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  • Martin Amis

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What Is Your Favorite Sports Video Game? We Want to Know.

Sports video games are emotionally powerful and an opportunity for bragging rights. Which one is still stuck in your mind?

In a video game screenshot, a player in a white jersey prepares to strike a soccer ball with his right foot as a player in a red jersey charges behind him. The goalkeeper begins to sprawl in the foreground.

By Jason M. Bailey

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater deserves all of its praise but Jason M. Bailey was just as smitten by another 1999 classic: Virtua Tennis. Vive Cédric Pioline!

For nearly two decades, my childhood obsession with professional football spilled into the virtual realm. I devoured video games like NES Play Action Football, Tom Landry Strategy Football, Madden 95, NFL Quarterback Club 98 and NFL 2K.

Before the technology caught up, I would meticulously write down statistics on lined notebook paper after each game so I could compare my season totals with N.F.L. records. One New Year’s Eve, I played NFL Blitz 2000 with friends for eight consecutive hours.

Sports video games are emotionally powerful, and many people can summon memories at the mention of a cherished title: NHL 94. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! NBA Jam. Forza Horizon 5. MVP Baseball 2005. Rocket League.

So I want to know, what is your favorite sports video game of all time?

Fill out the form below, and we may feature your response in an upcoming article. We will not publish or share your contact information outside the New York Times newsroom, and we will not publish any part of your submission without contacting you and hearing back from you.

What Is Your Favorite Sports Game?

Inside the world of video games.

What to Play Next?: For inspiration, read what our critics thought about the newest titles , as well as which games our journalists have been enjoying .

Beyond the Uncanny: For the hyperrealistic visuals in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II , the studio traveled to Iceland and spent months on motion capture.

Minecraft Turns 15:   A robust speedrunning community  is smashing records and keeping interest in Minecraft high. (Pro tip: Spawn near Buried Treasure.)

Building on Success: Hades II pursues a tantalizing past , our critic writes. The small studio behind the game was once considered anti-sequel .

Eclectic Influences:  The mysterious estate in the puzzle game Lorelei and the Laser Eyes  has its roots in Resident Evil and the French New Wave.

A Rooting Interest:  Many people can summon memories at the mention of a cherished sports video game. We want to know which one is your favorite .

Tesla cars end support for PC video gaming

' src=

Owen Good is a 15-year veteran of video games writing, also covering pop culture and entertainment subjects for the likes of Kotaku and Polygon. He…

promotional image of a tesla model x driving along a highway against a scenic mountain backdrop

Tesla is reported to end support for Steam-delivered PC games in its latest Model S and Model X (pictured), which might strike some as odd considering Tesla automobiles are mainly used for transport and not as a video games console.

PC game support had been introduced in a beta update to Tesla’s operating system in December 2022. Tesla owners could use it to play full-scale titles like Fallout 4, Baldur’s Gate 3 , or Helldivers 2. But going forward, Model S and Model X buyers won’t be able to do so. Current owners of the vehicle seem to be exempted from the Steam support removal given Tesla’s history of leaving legacy features intact.

Per electric vehicle blog Electrek.co, Tesla owners were notified of the discontinuation of Steam support in a recent software update. “All other entertainment and app functionalities are unaffected.”

The video gaming was available when the car was parked and not in motion, whether the person playing the game was the driver or a passenger. Given that limitation, it’s quite likely that the company’s telemetry indicated very few people were using the capability and that’s the reason they pulled it from the entertainment system.

When the PC gaming capability was introduced, Tesla bragged that the Model S and Model X had “up to 10 teraflops of processing power” that made the car’s entertainment center “on par with today’s newest consoles via Tesla Arcade. Wireless controller compatibility allows gaming from any seat.”

Again, gaming was supported only as long as the car was stationary, so for parents looking to entertain kids on a long drive, this was not a very useful feature, and they were better off handing them a Nintendo Switch , mobile phone, or even a Steam Deck — which is, as its name suggests, Steam compatible.

Image via: Tesla.com

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' src=

Owen Good Gaming Editor (US)

Owen Good is a 15-year veteran of video games writing, also covering pop culture and entertainment subjects for the likes of Kotaku and Polygon. He is a Gaming Editor for ReadWrite working from his home in North Carolina, the United States, joining this publication in April, 2024. Good is a 1995 graduate of North Carolina State University and a 2000 graduate of The Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, in New York. A second-generation newspaperman, Good's career before covering video games included daily newspaper stints in North Carolina; in upstate New York; in Washington, D.C., with the Associated Press; and…

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Copilot+ PC at Microsoft

Microsoft promises instant AI recall with Copilot+ PCs

Microsoft Build 2024, the developer conference will take place in Seattle from May 21-23.

Microsoft Build 2024 – What to expect from the three-day conference

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Xbox user interface update promises automatic updates; we’ll believe it when we see it

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Tesla shareholders challenge Elon Musk's $46B compensation plan

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Glorious D2 mouse

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Dell and Nvidia partner to create 'AI factories' for companies. A Dell laptop displaying a Nvidia logo on its screen, set against a backdrop of vibrant blue circuit board graphics, emphasizing technology and connectivity.

Dell and Nvidia partner up to create 'AI factories' for companies

Dell and nvidia partner up to create ‘ai factories’ for companies.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree trailer shows fiery rampage. This image shows a fiery and dramatic scene, likely from a cinematic moment in a video game or film. The main focus is on a character wearing a detailed, ornate mask, looking downwards with an intense and menacing expression. The character is bathed in a deep red glow, emphasizing a sense of danger or evil. The background features flickering flames and glowing embers, adding to the overall ominous atmosphere. The lighting and details suggest a moment of high drama or confrontation.

New Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree trailer shows fiery rampage

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  1. Video Games Essay

    video games topic for writing

  2. 9+ Fun and Engaging Writing Games for Kids

    video games topic for writing

  3. Handwriting Games to Print and Play

    video games topic for writing

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    video games topic for writing

  5. Video Games Essay

    video games topic for writing

  6. writing games

    video games topic for writing



  2. 10 Video Games That Are Better When You Break Them

  3. The Video Game that is IMPOSSIBLE to write about

  4. Ranking the Best Games of 2023

  5. Game Writing is Unique [Planning & Game Design]

  6. Why Writing In Video Games Matters


  1. 107 Video Game Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    With such a wide variety of games to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on a topic for an essay about video games. To help you get started, here are 107 video game essay topic ideas and examples to inspire your writing: The impact of violent video games on children's behavior; The evolution of video game graphics over the years

  2. 110 Video Game Topic Ideas for Essays & Examples

    Here, we've collected excellent essay topics for true gaming enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for argumentative essay ideas on video games, research topics, or questions for debate, you will find them here. We will write. a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts. 809 writers online.

  3. 100+ Video Game Essay Topics for Students

    3 Common Essay Topics Related to Video Games. 4 Argumentative Topics for Video Game Essays. 5 Informative Video Game Essay Topics. 6 Compare & Contrast Video Game Essay Topics. 7 Analytical Topics for Video Game Essays. 8 Persuasive Essay Topics on Video Gaming. 9 Best Video Game Essay Topics in 2023.

  4. Essays About Video Games: Top 12 Examples and Prompts

    5. . The health effects of too much gaming by Peter Grinspoon. "Gamers need to be educated on how to protect their thumbs, wrists, and elbows, their waistlines, their emotional state, their sleep, and their eyes.

  5. Video Games as Writing Prompts

    Console Gaming. This is one category of gaming in which you actually do see some pretty robust narratives. GamesRadar did a nice job of listing some of the best video game stories we've seen, highlighting games like BioShock, The Last Of Us, Red Dead Redemption, and more — all of which could easily be adapted as exciting novels or films.

  6. UBCx: Video Game Writing Essentials

    Writing for video games is truly a new frontier, a place where writers and game designers are still learning, innovating and pioneering bold approaches to telling stories. This course is your introduction to this frontier. We'll explore interactive storytelling as well as touch on the history of video games and the kinds of games that have been ...

  7. 12 Writing Prompts about Video Games

    Try a random prompt and write 500 words on it right now! Or maybe you'd prefer to try combining two prompts into one very detailed exploration of what video games mean to you. You can do a writing week challenge - write in depth on a new topic from the list below each day for a week. These are all about inspiring thoughtful and enjoyable ...

  8. List of Great Video Game Essay Topics

    Pick an up and coming technology and explain how it works. Explain the history and development behind an upcoming technological advancement in video tech. Discuss the trend of gamers as designers. Other Video Technology Essay Ideas. Write a compare contrast essay on virtual reality in gaming vs. augmented reality.

  9. 127 Latest Video Game Research Topics You Will Love

    Video Games Research Paper Topics For College. Of course, we have a list of video games research paper topics for college students. These are a bit more difficult than the others in our list: Linking video game addiction to substance abuse. The use of first person shooter games in military training programs.

  10. 117 Brand New Video Game Research Topics

    Fun Video Game Topic Ideas. Writing a paper on a fun topic is a sure way to get noticed. Take a look at some of these fun video game topic ideas: Rank the best video game soundtracks in games from 2020 to 2023; Discuss the funniest video game glitches and bugs; Explore the history of video game consoles and their evolution

  11. So You Are Writing About Video Games for Your Eng 101 Paper ...

    Ethos, Pathos and Logos Telos and Kairos Audience Purpose Check Out Part 2: So You Are Writing About Video Games for Your Eng 101 Paper (Part 2): Avoid These Essays on Video Games. Ethos, Pathos ...

  12. The Field of Dreams Approach: On Writing About Video Games

    Every year, more and more great essays are published on literary sites concerning video games. In the past year I've especially loved entries like Janet Frishberg's "On Playing Games, Productivity, and Right Livelihood," Joseph Spece's "A Harvest of Ice," and Adam Fleming Petty's "The Spatial Poetics of Nintendo: Architecture, Dennis Cooper, and Video Games." But […]

  13. Crafting Compelling Game Stories: A Guide to Video Game Writing

    Crafting compelling dialogue and character arcs within the context of the game's overall narrative structure helps create immersive experiences for players. Working closely with developers and other writers on projects allows you to gain insight into all aspects of creating successful video games.

  14. Argumentative Video Games Essay Topics

    Whether journalism, political science, sociology or public health student looking for convincing and informative video games essay topics, TopicsBase has got you covered. Get Writing Help. Rated 4.8 out of 5. The Role Video Games Play in Improving Learning. Violence and Video Games.

  15. Best Online Video Game Writing Courses and Programs

    Explore online video game writing courses and more. Develop new skills to advance your career with edX.

  16. The Beginner's Guide to Writing for Video Games

    Our guide to breaking into the industry as a writer. Video games have evolved into a dominant cultural and entertainment medium, surpassing even the film and television industries in profitability and creative potential. In 2016, the global video game industry generated a staggering $99.6 billion in revenue, dwarfing Hollywood's $36 billion in ...

  17. ESL Writing Worksheet: Opinion Essay About Video Games ...

    1. Read the above essay, then choose and circle the 6 ideas that are mentioned in the essay. a) Video games can increase your intelligence and ability to think. b) Too many young people are obsessed with video games. c) Playing video games online is good for socializing.

  18. A Beginner's Guide to Writing for Video Games : r/writing

    For topics related to the design of games for interactive entertainment systems - video games, board games, tabletop RPGs, or any other type. /r/GameDesign is not a subreddit about general game development, nor is it a programming subreddit. This is a place to talk about Game Design and what it entails.

  19. Persuasive Essay: Video Games

    Persuasive Essay: Video Games. Teenagers today often spend a great deal of time playing video games. These games are fun and engaging and young people often feel like playing games is a great thing to do in their spare time. However, you shouldn't spend too much time gaming and there are a number of reasons for this: it's unhealthy, you ...

  20. 100 Video Games Argumentative Essay Topics For Students

    100 Video Games Argumentative Essay Topics For Students. Video games have become a pervasive part of modern culture, with people of all ages playing various games on various platforms. As such, they have become a popular topic for argumentative essays. Here are potential video games argumentative essay topics you can use in writing your essay ...

  21. How to Write an Effective Essay on Video Games

    Analyzing and Critiquing. An effective essay should go beyond simply describing or summarizing information. Analyze and critique various aspects of your topic, such as game design, narrative elements, societal impact, or cultural representation. Offer your own insights and opinions, but support them with evidence from your research and careful ...

  22. 3rd Grade Writing Prompts #1: Video Games

    This is because these 10 3rd grade writing prompts are an excerpt from my book, 500 Writing Prompts for Kids: First Grade through Fifth Grade. If you like these free samples, the full version is available in both digital and paperback form. 3rd Grade Writing Prompts #1: Video Games. 271.

  23. Video Game Free Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

    A strong conclusion will not only tie together your essay but also leave the reader with a lasting impression of the depth and complexity of video gaming as a subject. Free essay examples about Video Game ️ Proficient writing team ️ High-quality of every essay ️ Largest database of free samples on PapersOwl.

  24. How to Write for Video Games

    Game writers will have a list of content such as speech or full-motion video sequences to write, while game designers might lay out the level, place enemies, and create trigger locations for conversations to happen according to the director's plan. At the other end of the spectrum, in projects in which there's no overall story, game ...

  25. Could a video game developer win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

    Screenshot from the video game Papers, Please. Papers, Please. A quintessential example is The Stanley Parable (2011), where the player takes the role of a worker in a strangely deserted office ...

  26. Five of the best books about video games

    Invasion of the Space Invaders by Martin Amis. First published in 1982 and cruelly out of print for many years (a close friend of mine is still racked with guilt for stealing a copy from his local ...

  27. What Is Your Favorite Sports Video Game? We Want to Know

    Sports video games are emotionally powerful, and many people can summon memories at the mention of a cherished title: NHL 94. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! NBA Jam. Forza Horizon 5. MVP Baseball 2005 ...

  28. Why Hellblade 2 is more than a video game

    A new journey. The first game was more of a solo quest but Hellblade 2 introduces new characters and explores the effect of Senua's interactions with them on her psychosis. Studio head Dom says ...

  29. Tesla cars end support for PC video gaming

    Owen Good is a 15-year veteran of video games writing, also covering pop culture and entertainment subjects for the likes of Kotaku and Polygon.

  30. How to write a discussion text

    Set them the challenge of writing their own discussion piece on a topic using all the techniques outlined by Leah. You could also use the detailed explanation of writing in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ...