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126 Youth Violence Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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Youth violence is a pressing issue that affects communities all around the world. From school shootings to gang violence, the impact of youth violence can be devastating. If you are tasked with writing an essay on youth violence, you may be struggling to come up with a topic. To help you get started, here are 126 youth violence essay topic ideas and examples:

  • The root causes of youth violence
  • How social media influences youth violence
  • The impact of video games on youth violence
  • The role of parental involvement in preventing youth violence
  • The relationship between poverty and youth violence
  • How mental health issues contribute to youth violence
  • The effects of bullying on youth violence
  • The role of drugs and alcohol in youth violence
  • How gun control laws can help prevent youth violence
  • The impact of trauma on youth violence
  • The connection between domestic violence and youth violence
  • The role of schools in addressing youth violence
  • How gender stereotypes contribute to youth violence
  • The impact of media representation on youth violence
  • The relationship between race and youth violence
  • The role of law enforcement in preventing youth violence
  • The effects of peer pressure on youth violence
  • The connection between gang membership and youth violence
  • The impact of technology on youth violence
  • The role of community programs in preventing youth violence
  • The effects of poverty on youth violence
  • The relationship between mental health and youth violence
  • The impact of family dynamics on youth violence
  • The role of education in preventing youth violence
  • The effects of substance abuse on youth violence
  • The connection between social isolation and youth violence
  • The impact of exposure to violence on youth violence
  • The relationship between trauma and youth violence
  • The role of social norms in preventing youth violence
  • The effects of unemployment on youth violence
  • The connection between peer relationships and youth violence
  • The impact of social media on youth violence
  • The role of community support in preventing youth violence
  • The effects of mental health issues on youth violence
  • The connection between family dynamics and youth violence
  • The impact of substance abuse on youth violence
  • The effects of trauma on youth violence
  • The relationship between gender stereotypes and youth violence
  • The role of media representation in preventing youth violence
  • The impact of peer pressure on youth violence
  • The relationship between social isolation and youth violence
  • The role of schools in preventing youth violence
  • The connection between mental health and youth violence
  • The connection between social norms and youth violence
  • The impact of unemployment on youth violence
  • The relationship between peer relationships and youth violence
  • The role of social media in preventing youth violence
  • The connection between trauma and youth violence
  • The impact of poverty on youth violence
  • The relationship between family dynamics and youth violence
  • The connection between race and youth violence
  • The impact of gang membership on youth violence
  • The relationship between technology and youth violence
  • The role of gender stereotypes in preventing youth violence
  • The effects of media representation on youth violence
  • The connection between bullying and youth violence
  • The impact of domestic violence on youth violence
  • The relationship between peer pressure and youth violence
  • The role of social isolation in preventing youth violence
  • The connection between mental health issues and youth violence
  • The role of family dynamics in preventing youth violence
  • The effects of education on youth violence
  • The connection between substance abuse and youth violence
  • The impact of social norms on youth violence
  • The relationship between unemployment and youth violence
  • The role of peer relationships in preventing youth violence
  • The effects of social media on youth violence
  • The connection between technology and youth violence
  • The role of trauma in preventing youth violence
  • The connection between poverty and youth violence

With these essay topic ideas and examples, you can start exploring the complex issue of youth violence and its various causes and consequences. Remember to conduct thorough research and present a well-structured argument in your essay to effectively address the topic at hand.

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Youth Crime Essay

This sample IELTS writing is on the subject of  youth crime .

In this essay, you are presented with an issue and asked to discuss the  'reasons'  why it is occuring and suggest  'solutions' .

Crime is a topic that sometimes arises in IELTS essays and in speaking questions. But be careful to identify what kind of crime is being referred to - this is specifically  youth crime .

You need to give some reasons that it is happening and then give some solutions.

Youth Crime

IELTS Youth Crime Essay

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Levels of youth crime are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world.

What are the reasons for this, and suggest some solutions.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer

Over the last few decades, many cities around the world have seen alarming increases in the levels of youth crime. This essay will discuss the reasons for this and provide some possible solutions.

The first reason is connected with the family. In order for a child to grow up in a balanced way, it is very important that he or she is nurtured well by his or her parents. However, these days, it is often the case that children are neglected. This may be because of the fact that many parents in cities now both have to work so are often not around to give their children support when needed. Another factor is the increasing levels of poverty around the world. We have seen with globalization the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and this inevitably means that those who are poorer will have to resort to illegal means to get what others have. Of course, this will include the children in the poorer families.

However, there are ways to tackle such problems. Firstly, one of the ways to combat the problem is to have stricter punishments. Although, as discussed above, it can be outside factors that lead to crime, it is still important to have severe punishments to deter teenagers from crime. All too often, because they are young, the courts are too lenient. Parents also have to take more responsibility for their children’s actions. They too should be punished if their children commit crime.

To sum up, several factors have led to increases in youth crime, but measures are available to tackle this problem.

(267 words)

The topic of youth crime is clearly stated in the general statement of the introduction, and the thesis tells the reader that reasons and solutions will be discussed.

It is organized well, with reasons for youth crime discussed in the first body paragraph and solutions in the next. Each paragraph has two ideas and they are clearly signaled and well supported.

There are some good complex structures (In order for…, often the case that…, means that…,) and some good examples of topic related vocabulary (nurtured…, neglected…, illegal…, severe punishments…, deter…, commit crime…).

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youth crime essay topics

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youth crime essay topics

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youth crime essay topics

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youth crime essay topics

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Youth Crime is on The Rise

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Published: Jun 5, 2019

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Table of contents

Introduction, youth gangs, substance abuse.

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Youth Crime is on The Rise Essay

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youth crime essay topics

281 Crime Essay Topics & True Crime Research Topics

Looking for an exciting topic about crime? This article is for you! Here, you will find the most unique crime topics for your compare-and-contrast essay or problem solution paper. We’ve also included true crime research topics for you to check out!

🔝 Top 10 Crime Essay Topics for 2024

🏆 best essay topics on crime, 🎓 interesting crime essay topics, 👍 good crime research topics & essay examples, 🌶️ hot crime topics for essay, 📌 easy crime essay topics, 💡 simple true crime research topics, ✍️ crime essay topics for college, ❓ crime essay questions.

  • How Technology Advances Influences Crime Rates?
  • Biological and Psychological Theories of Crime
  • South Africa: Violence and Crime
  • The Impact of Crime and Violence on Tourism in Jamaica
  • The Impact of Unemployment on Crime Rates
  • The Consequences of a Crime
  • Organized Crime: Russian Mafia vs. Italian Mafia
  • Racism: “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah
  • How Social Learning Theories Impact Juvenile Delinquency and Crime
  • Crime Prevention Programs and Criminal Rehabilitation
  • Importance of Toxicology in Crime Investigation The research paper describes toxicology as one of the leading branches in the field of forensic science and importance aspect of criminal investigation.
  • Relationship Between Poverty and Crime The paper makes the case and discusses inequality rather than poverty being the prime reason for people committing crimes.
  • Concept of Juvenile Crime There has been a considerable rise in juvenile crime arrest and this is causing alarm to parents and the society at large.
  • “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky: Analysis of the work “Crime and Punishment”, written by Dostoevsky, concentrates on moral issues and highlights society’s urgent problems in the nineteenth century.
  • Different Perspectives of Viewing Crime The paper suggests that it is prudent to consider crime as a complicated process that can be understood best by examining it from different perspectives.
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  • Situational and Social Crime Prevention Approaches This paper aims to present a distinction between situational crime and social crime prevention. Technology made it complicated how to implement crime theories.
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  • Peru – Globalization, Environment, Crime and Disease The paper synthesizes a number of legitimate sources to focus on globalization and its effects on Peru with special relation to environmental issues, crime, and diseases.
  • How Does Poverty Affect Crime Rates? On the basis of this research question, the study could be organized and conducted to prove the following hypothesis – when poverty increases, crime rates increase as well.
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  • Concept of Natural Legal Crime The concept of natural crime covers actions that are deemed wrong regardless of whether they are enforced by law.
  • Aspects of Crime Scene Investigation Crime scene investigation is a real art that requires care and caution. Criminologists must be careful and persistent in their research.
  • Enron Corporation’s Scandal: White-Collar Crime An accounting scandal that shook the corporate world, Enron Corporation’s white-collar crime saw the downfall of one of the world’s most illustrious companies.
  • The New York Map: A Syndicate Evaluated Crime Network in New York City This paper will largely focus on representing the New York map to show a syndicate-evaluated crime network in New York City.
  • Crime Commission: Legal and Social Perspectives Crime has various dimensions: legal and ethical. Crime commission helps to integrate all dimensions of the society in the administration of justice.
  • Crime Prevention Practices Overview The purpose of this paper is to discuss effective crime prevention practices and social development models to prevent crime.
  • Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” Literary Analysis In “Crime and Punishment”, Dostoevsky tells readers about the tragic events in the streets of St. Petersburg when a student Rodion Raskolnikov commits double murder.
  • Psychoanalytic and Social Learning Theories Explaining Crime Among the theories explaining the causes of delinquent youth, two are especially important: social learning theory and psychoanalytic theory.
  • Victimization Prevention is an Effective Tool Against Crime Victimization prevention solutions borrowed from the crime prevention sector should militate against the practice of consultation and dispassionate inquiry.
  • Crime Statistics Sources: Strengths and Weaknesses In the justice system, there are some ways to discuss and evaluate crime, based on the different metrics for documenting it.
  • Trends Influencing Crime Rates Crime is widely considered a failure in the social system and therefore is to be addressed from the perspective of the social construct operation and the trends existing there.
  • Crime Causation Theories While psychological and sociological factors predispose an individual to delinquency, most offenses can be attributed to biological causes.
  • Fight Against Crime and Its General Characteristics Criminology studies crime prevention as a complex dynamic system. Its functioning is connected with the solution of both general tasks of social development.
  • Organized Crime and Corporate Crime One of the vices that are prevalent in all societies in the world is crime. This vice is generally associated with negative outcomes for individuals and society at large.
  • Juvenile Crime in Modern Society The current research will focus on examining the problem of juvenile crime from the social perspective rather than the governmental.
  • Criminal Law – Is Graffiti a Crime or Not? Graffiti has in a key factor been associated with wrongdoings and ill-image driving purposes towards the society.
  • Crime in Society: Costs and Response This paper looks at the social and economic costs of crime, how people learn to involve themselves in crime and how communities respond to the crime in society.
  • Digital Imaging and Traditional Methods of Crime Scene Technological progress allows police to use innovations in their work routine to make crime scene reconstruction, geospatial analysis, and surveillance more efficient.
  • Whether Crime or Violence Are Justified in a Reaction to Past Trauma This paper presents a debate on whether or not crime or violence should be a justification due to past trauma.
  • Full-Service Crime Laboratory: Forensic Science Forensic scientists study and analyze evidence from crime scenes and other locations to produce objective results that can aid in the investigation and prosecution of criminals.
  • Identifying Strategic, Tactical and Administrative Crime Analysis This paper aims to reveal the concepts and features of strategic, tactical, and administrative analysis of crimes.
  • Crime Types and Their Harm to Society This paper discusses the questions related to criminal justice issues, such as types of crimes, the concept of the Dark Figure of Crime, victimless crimes, and others.
  • Conformity, Deviance, and Crime Definitions of conformity and deviance depend on social context, and what is considered a norm in one community or society can be seen as deviant by those outside it.
  • Juvenile Crime: Punishment of Juvenile Crime The objective of this paper is to discuss why minors should not be treated as adults in court. They should not also receive life in prison without the possibility of parole.
  • Technology-Based Crime and Its Management In the modern world of science and technology, new developments and advancements have changed life and style of living tremendously.
  • Youth Crime Prevention and Needs Assessment To assess needs of youth offenders, one should employ the approach of recidivism prevention and conduct assessment at any stage of the juvenile justice system.
  • Aspects of Crime Against Morality The paper states that crime against morality is an offense of exiting moral values, moral basis, and views shared by the majority of society.
  • The Race, Crime, and Urban Inequality Theory The theory of race, crime, and urban inequality is based on the paradigm of social disorganization theory formulated by the Chicago School.
  • Families, Delinquency and Crime Crime would be considered a major social problem in the United States according to opinion surveys, with the major cause being laxity and inefficiency in parenting.
  • Corporate Crime: Understanding and Explaining Corporate scandals have become the stories behind many company downfalls and corporate governance reforms throughout the world were triggered by the scandals.
  • Crime and Criminals: General Characteristics For a long time, crime has been a subject of discussion among various countries across the globe, with various strategies and inventions being developed to curb the same.
  • Cyber Crime : Issues and Threats Cyber crime involves the stealing or manipulation of information effectively distorting its values across global networks.
  • Functionalism: Crime and Deviance in Society Issues of crime and deviance directly derive from the functionalist system’s components, which are responsible for ensuring continuous functionality and well-being.
  • The England Crime Statistics by Region: Liverpool and Manchester The paper will consider such crime types as violence against personality, sexual offense, robbery, an offense against vehicles, theft, fraud, and forgery, criminal damage, etc.
  • Aspects of Crime Behavior Crime is a behavior in which moral standards that are appropriate for well-being in society are defined, and set rules are violated.
  • Mass Media and Its Link to Crime and the Criminal Justice System In this study, the official website America’s Most Wanted will be analyzed to get a better understanding as to why it is so successful as a TV show and as a tool to fight crime.
  • Criminological Theory: Crime Theories and Criminal Behavior Criminal behavior is a type of behavior of a person who commits a crime. It is interesting to know what drives people to commit crimes and how to control these intentions.
  • Is There Such Thing as a Victimless Crime? The problem of a victimless crime has been labeled as controversial due to the different opinions surrounding this issue.
  • Crime Scene Search and Its Importance The paper states that the inspection is the first and urgent action that the investigator performs even before the initiation of a criminal case.
  • The First Responding Officer in Crime Scene Investigation: Primary Duties Ascertaining the situation and providing the support needed to the people affected is the earliest objective of the first officer attending (FOA).
  • Crime Explanation Using Biology and Psychology A comprehensive theory of Cesare Lombroso has been discussed indicating that criminals could be picked out and determined by their physique, attributes, and appearance.
  • The Crime Control Model: Due Process Values The Crime Control Model has been founded on the premise that the most important role of the criminal justice process is the repression of any form of criminal conduct.
  • Organized Crime: Forming of the Definition The given work seeks to investigate the process of forming the concept of ‘organized crime’ by governments and justice systems.
  • The Link Between Relative Deprivation and Crime In the paper, the author notes that radical theory has the potential to promote noble ideals as far as social equality and justice is concerned.
  • The Profile of a Crime Victim The profile of a crime victim is generally regarded to be a matter of statistics, while the victims themselves are people of various origins, ages, and occupations.
  • “Crimes Against Logic” by Jamie Whyte Crimes against Logic touches the aspect of fallacies through the description of human values and behavior following major actions performed.
  • Capital Punishment Does Not End the Crime Capital punishment needs to be abolished due to the belief that it is equivalent to the crime committed, which is unjust and a form of retribution.
  • Budget Narrative for Markia Crime Stopper Program The following is the budget narrative to enable the Markia crime-stopper program initiative to effectively protect, respond to, and report criminal acts in the community.
  • Bribery as a Crime As a rule, major bribes include payments that are higher than a certain limit which can be considered as an ordinary present.
  • Fiction Versus Reality: Crime as a Social Phenomenon While making an analysis of various societies of the world at large, it becomes evident that no human society has ever been free from crimes, perversion and deviance at all.
  • Juvenile and Crime: The Reasons and Today’s Situation Reserch reveals that crime activities can include violence and that the whole incidence of gang activity in schools has become quite frequent in the recent years.
  • Deviance, Crime and Social Control The selected topic from the class text is “Deviance, Crime, and Social Control”. The term deviance “refers to the violations of established contextual, cultural, or social norms”.
  • The Bank Robbery Crime Investigation The primary objective of securing the crime scene is to preserve all the evidence that can help trace and identify the bank robbery suspect.
  • Crime Rates in Urban and Suburban Areas Currently, researchers are paying more and more attention to the consideration of predicates of increased crime rates in urban areas of large cities.
  • White-Collar Crime: Definition and Special Features White-collar crimes are defined as deception, concealment, or breach of trust, and the difference between it and other types of crimes boils down to a question of opportunity.
  • Crime against Persons With Disabilities In conclusion, it is evident that disabled populations remain extremely vulnerable to mental, physical, and sexual abuse, as well as violence.
  • The Crime of Homicide: History and Laws The project describes homicide, which is the illegal killing of a human being by another. There exist state laws that define the services offered to the victims of homicide.
  • Obsession With True Crime and the Reasons for Its Growing Popularity This paper discusses the people’s obsession with true crime and explains its current popularity by some fundamental human needs and specific current conditions.
  • Corporate Occupational and Avocational Crime Corporate crime is classified on the basis of activities, agents, laws broken or products under consideration; however, the most common criterion use is that of activity.
  • Crime in Texas: Security Strategies There is a need to implement serious self-defense and personal security strategies in Texas to protect its citizens and their loved ones from becoming victims of dreaded crimes.
  • The Psychological Underpinning of True Crime Obsession The proposed study examines the psychological underpinning of true crime obsession to demonstrate why this genre became popular. It presents an overview of the psychology.
  • Crime Situation in Bankstown-Australia The paper provides the level of crime, overview of types of offences in Bankstown – Australia. It discusses general reasons of malicious damage to property commitment.
  • Crime Scene Investigation Effect in Justice System Movies have been known to influence popular culture in different parts of the world. Analysts believe that the “CSI effect” is one of the fruits of popular culture.
  • Smash-And-Grab Crime: Criminal Investigation The smash-and-grab crime under investigation is a multi-million-dollar burglary that occurred in March 2022 at a Beverly Hills jewelry store.
  • Three Items Linked to Policing That Explain Japan’s Low Crime Rate One of the most significant trends observed in Japan over the past years is the low crime rate. The positive trend has promoted peace and socioeconomic progress in the nation.
  • Crime in Falkner’s “Barn Burning” and Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado” William Faulkner’s Barn Burning and Edgar Allan Poe’s Cask of Amontillado raise the topic of crimes that go unpunished.
  • Dante’s View on Crime and Punishment Dante believed that the crimes most worthy of penalty were those of abuse of trust, for reasons rooted in sociopolitical factors as well as the philosophy and law of his day.
  • Forensics Analysis of Terrorism Crime Scene Terrorism uses calculated violence to generate public fear and panic to establish a specific political agenda within the general population.
  • Autistic Disorder and Crime in the United States Prevalence and incidence rates of autistic disorders are not high in the United States. According to Schug and Fradella, the prevalence rates are 5 cases per 10,000 people.
  • Examination of a Mock Crime Scene The crime occurred around 9:00 PM on March 11th, 2021, and was discovered and examined approximately at 9:30 PM on the same day.
  • Counterfeit Products and Sociological Theories of Crime The paper will attempt to employ sociological theories such as strain theory, social learning theory, and control theory to analyze various aspects of counterfeiting.
  • Organized Crime: The Canadian Mafia The Canadian based criminal gang organization engaged in drug trafficking, smuggling, gambling and political corruption.
  • Topology of Corporate Crime and White Collar Crime Corporate crime is pure form of white collar crime. Corporate abuse of power, corporate fraud has a fundamental link with the core concept of white collar crime.
  • Managing Crime and Deviance at Public Events and Public Venues The purpose of this article is to consider the problem of crime and deviations at public events and in public places, as well as to propose methods to combat it.
  • The Definition of White-Collar Crime by Sutherland Sutherland had an approach to the definition of white-collar crime that was purely rooted in a sociological approach.
  • Deterring Juvenile Crime. Bullying and Delinquency Delinquency can be defined as a crime committed by a minor; in the recent few years, cases of juvenile delinquency have been on the rise.
  • Criminal Justice System: Drugs and Crime The main objective of the criminal justice system is ensuring delivery of justice for all. It mainly concentrates in detection of crime.
  • Biological, Biosocial and Classical Theories of Crime The association of biology and criminality based on modifications of the brain also stands as a strong influence on the behavior of an individual.
  • Crime Causation Theories: Contrastive Analysis The purpose of this paper is to provide a contrastive analysis of the three crime causation theories in order to define the most prevalent one.
  • Generali Group: Developments in Financial Crime The paper has outlined recent trends associated with financial crime from a GRC practitioner’s point of view. It has methods for protecting the financial sector institutions.
  • Illegal Immigrants and Its Effects on Crime This paper set out to demonstrate that there is a relationship between the rise in crime and the increase in illegal immigration to the US. It began by highlighting the immigration problem.
  • National Crime Prevention Council’s Media Campaign National Crime Prevention Council is among the American educational nonprofit institutions that enable the creation of safe communities by addressing issues such as drugs.
  • Crime and Factors Influencing It Many modern theories, including biosocial criminology, are beginning to consider various processes occurring inside the body as factors contributing to the commission of crimes.
  • Impact of Immigration on the Economy Looking back on the United States’ history on the issue of immigration, the first immigrants came into the country starting in 1820.
  • Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh’s Crime Army soldiers performed the deadliest terrorist attack on the territory of the United States, which remained in this status until September 11, 2001.
  • Network Security and Cyber Crime, Super-Highway Metaphor Some of the major practices that can be done in ensuring maximum data security and integrity is through making all the servers only accessible by the administrators of networks.
  • The Relationship Between Race and Crime in the United States The US media often mentions Latinos in the news when discussing drug trafficking and crimes related to crossing US borders.
  • Successful Ways of Preventing Crime by Blundell Successful ways of preventing crime should be based on a variety of methods. Also, crime is considered to be a social issue can say about effective programs are to be developed.
  • Mechanisms to Fight Serious Forms of Organized Crime in Italy The report analyzes safety in Italy organized crimes range from corporate crime, Neapolitan Camorra and mafia.
  • We Are Living in a Risk Society Governed Through Crime Society and the world at large are under siege of crime; all sorts of crime from pickpocketing to capital crimes and even treason.
  • The Role of Forensics in the War on Drugs This essay looks at chemicals that are used by forensic experts and the role forensics play in the war on drugs.
  • Predatory Crime Causation and Substance Abuse Problems Substance abuse problems, as the causes of deviant behavior, are a subject of study in biosocial criminological theories.
  • Russian Organized Crime: History & Personalities This research paper seeks to focus on Russian Organized Crime. It will elaborately discuss its history, notable ROC personalities, size and scope, causes, and significances.
  • Media and Crime: Shaping of Public Opinion The essay emphasizes how the media exaggerates and portrays false images of a victim and the consequences of crime for a common citizen.
  • Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut This article explains the purpose and duties of conscience as depicted in the Mark Twain story, The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut.
  • Assessing Role of Technology in Police Crime Mapping The role of technology in police operations has become pivotal because it aids our law enforcement agencies to do their tasks easier and less time-consuming.
  • Crime Theories. “Can’t Catch a Break” by Sered & Norton-Hawk By reviewing the contents of the book and comparing and contrasting it with the three theories, one can examine the key concepts of both the book and the theories.
  • Organized and Transnational Crime in Southeast Asia The paper argues that human trafficking, drug trafficking, and money laundering are some of the most acute security challenges that societies in Southeast Asia encounter today.
  • Crime Scene Investigation in Media and Real Life The process of identifying and matching a piece of evidence to a particular person is a long process which requires exact sciences and methods.
  • Nurse Robaczynski’s Case: Crime or Mercy Killing? The nurse had to disconnect her patient’s respirator because he had no chance to survive. However, the opinions of experts in the field, in this case, tend to vary.
  • Implicit Bias and the Crime Net in the Criminal Justice System An unequal distribution of cases against members of different ethnic groups characterizes the use of force by police officers against citizens in Canada.
  • Problem-Focused Policing Reducing Crime Problem-oriented policing entails the identification of factors that raise crime risk, diagnosing them, and establishing solutions to them.
  • Post-Crime Investigation Analysis Post-crime investigations are an essential process. One of the most important factors is the scene of the crime and the testimony of the victim and witnesses.
  • Hip-Hop and Violence: Does This Music Genre Promote Crime? It is hard to disagree that various types and directions of art are extremely powerful and can have a severe impact on the world and society.
  • Technologies to Reduce Crime and Acts of Terrorism Terrorism can be met with a nonviolent, credible, and justifiable reaction if counterterrorism actions are anchored in an accountable and productive criminal justice system.
  • Racial Discrimination Cases: Federal Hate Crime Charges in Black Jogger’s Racial discrimination happens when a person is considered unacceptable or is denied the same possibilities as others in a similar position because of their ethnicity, or birth country.
  • Asian Hate Crime: Social Limitations and Economic Impact This review focuses on Asian hate and marginalization roots, the current social limitations and economic impacts.
  • Crime and Juvenile Delinquency Impact on Justice The contemporary issue of crime and juvenile delinquency has a negative impact on the field of criminal justice since it contributes to disorganization and anomie.
  • White-Collar and Corporate Crime White-collar crimes have increased in the modern world due to improved technology. Typically, these criminal activities are financially-motivated and are nonviolent.
  • World War II Atrocities: Crimes Against Humanity This paper focuses on the crimes against humanity in World War II. The crimes are not on the battlefield and are unconnected with specific military activities.
  • Banning Violent Video Games Is a Crime Against Artistic Expression This paper discusses the statement that banning violent video games is a crime against artistic expression, credible research, and the first amendment.
  • Overcoming Juvenile Crime: Community Programs Juvenile crime is a complex issue that a single program cannot resolve. There are specialized community programs that work with juvenile criminals and prevent their future crimes.
  • Official Crime Data for Policy Development Using official crime data is very important, as it allows the development of policies that target the actual circumstances and avoid biases.
  • Online and Offline Museums in Correlation with Crime People may now visit the world’s best museums using standard technologies. In this paper, these three museums will be illustrated from criminology and their correlation with crime.
  • Biometrics Recognition and Crime Prevention The current business proposal suggests several recommendations on how to prevent consequent crimes and identify the perpetrators by using biometrics recognition.
  • Procedures Within Crime Scene Investigation A crime scene investigation is a complex and multistage research process in which a criminology specialist uses various scientific techniques and methodologies.
  • A Legal or Ethical Obligation of Facebook to Assist a Crime Victim Platforms like Facebook should have a moral obligation to assist crime victims as soon as possible after gathering information from its members.
  • A Victim as a Dark Figure of a Crime A victim is any person who has suffered moral, physical, or property damage from a wrongful act, regardless of whether he is duly recognized as a victim of this crime or not.
  • Domestic Violence: “Crime in Alabama” by Hudnall et al. The consequences of domestic violence can be associated with deterioration in the population’s quality of life, psychological problems, or even the victim’s death.
  • The Markia Security Crime Stoppers Program The initiative program named Markia Security Crime Stoppers has the objective to reduce the rate of burglaries through a series of preventive measures.
  • Rising Crime and Ethnic Inequality in the United States The article raises the up-to-date topic of the sharp increase in the crime rate in the United States. The numbers are exceptionally high among African Americans and Latinos.
  • Fear of Crime and Crime Rates As a social phenomenon, the fear of crime can sometimes be more dangerous than the crime itself, leading to distortion in the social order.
  • Civil War Veterans and Crime in America Podcast by Handley-Cousins and Earls explores how American society and its disabled soldiers coped with the perceptions of service, disability, and government responsibility.
  • Discourse of Fear in Local Crime News Fear is used as one of the formats of the crime news discourse, and it is popular today among many newspapers and advertising companies.
  • The Influence of Police Bias on Disparity in Juvenile Crime: Methodology The issue of racial disparity in the criminal justice system remains a topical one. 64% of the charged youth are people of color.
  • Ethics and Federal Laws as to Computer Crime With today’s rapid technological advancements, we must be conscious of the potential for cybercrime to create calamity.
  • Crime Causes Among Adolescents Aged 12 to 17 Years Project proposal on the paper intended to explore the major reasons for the crime commitment among adolescents of this age group, ways to reduce crime among juveniles.
  • Investigating Crime with Age and Mental Illnesses Factors This paper describes a criminal case that implies the elements of both age and mental illness presented by the young female homicide.
  • White-Collar Crime and the Whistleblower Protection Program The paper discusses white crimes and how the whistleblower protection program can help and protect the affected employees.
  • Theories of Crime and Juvenile Rights The article discusses rights of minors and adults should differ due to the peculiarities of the psychological characteristics of development.
  • Comparison of Primary Crime Data Sources Used In the United States The uniform crime report and the national crime victimization survey are the two primary sources of crime data in America.
  • Hate Crime: History and Prevalence in the US The American Psychological Association defines a hate crime as a legal offense against an individual or property instigated in whole or part by the bias of the offender.
  • Violent Crime, Its Forms and Patterns Even though the legal reform associated with the introduction of rape shield laws work, their effectiveness is limited by inconsistent implementation across states.
  • Computer Crime Prevention Measures The following paper describes the various prevention tools and procedures that are being followed in relation to computer crime
  • Do Increases in Hate Crime Suggest That We Have Become Less Civilized and More Violent? This paper aims to discuss the history of the hate crime concept, as well as the connections between hate crimes, public awareness, and sensitisation to violence.
  • The Natural Crime Concept in the Legal System The concept of natural crime covers actions that are deemed wrong regardless of whether they are enforced by law, these crimes have an inherent sense of wrong and harm.
  • Social Change and Crime Rate Trends According to Cohen and Felson, structural changes in daily routine activities have a direct influence on the frequency of crime occurrence.
  • What Impact Has Feminism Had in the Study of Women and Crime? The most notable impact of feminism on women could be illustrated through the emerging interest of researchers to females in vulnerable communities.
  • Psychological Disorders and How They Promote Crime and Conduct Problems Psychological disorders are one of the factors that have a significant influence on crime rates. This paper analyzes psychological disorders and how they promote crime.
  • Crime Level Investigation in the United States Two mechanisms that the USA uses to trace the rate of crime in the country are the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS).
  • Crime Trends in London and Manchester: 2005 to 2009 The latest annual recap by the Home Office suggests that burglaries and violence around the nation may have at least held steady against the prior 2007/08 financial year.
  • The Drug Trafficking as Organized Crime Drug trafficking is among the recently organized crimes, and it has a direct influence on the economy as it earns a lot of money.
  • Seventh Day Adventists Fight Crime in Jamaica In this article, the author examines the problem of crime in Jamaica and also expresses an opinion on the influence Seventh Day Adventists can have on solving the problem.
  • White-Collar Crime Description White-collar crime is among the subtlest, most non-evident, and most impactful types of crime, which affects the population on a scale of millions.
  • Drugs and Crime Committed Under the Influence It would be prudent to differentiate between two types of drug-related crimes. There are instances of drug-related crimes and psychopharmacological crimes.
  • DNA Analysis: A Crime-Fighting Tool or Invasion of Privacy? The paper argues that DNA analysis is an important crime-fighting tool and bring great benefit despite the likelihood of an invasion of privacy.
  • The Sex Crime: Influence of Childhood Experiences Offenders may engage in sex crimes under an influence of having experienced sexual abuse themselves or other traumatic events in their childhood.
  • Murder Cases: Technology for Crime Monitoring and Control A new invention in the field of crime monitoring has greatly contributed to a decline in the number of crimes being committed.
  • Status Crime: White Collar Crime in Organizations White-collar crime is characterized by inflating the asset values, overstating the reported income and cash flow, and failure to disclose the liabilities in the financial records.
  • Crime Trends: Drug Abuse in Adults and Juveniles One notes a mixed trend in the different crimes over the years. Drug abuse, for example, increased steadily from the 1970s in both the adult and juvenile populations.
  • Impact of Crime on Civil Liability and Risk: FTCA FTCA of 1946 waived the doctrine of sovereign immunity of the United States government. All federal workers lack defense of their employment and become liable for their wrongdoing.
  • Preventing Crime Victimization in International Students International students are the students who go to other countries to study and because of this, they face a lot of problems – including becoming the victim of a crime.
  • White-Collar Crime: Securities and Pension Fraud The PERAC has in the recent past tried to conduct its activities in the best possible way in a bid to eradicate all forms of pension fraud.
  • Crime Rate Series. Main Cases Reporting Criminology is a complex study and care has to be taken. The reporting of the level of felony in an area can be used by a myriad of people in society to plan other activities.
  • Arms Smuggling as a Form of Transitional Organized Crime The paper sets to discuss how small arms smuggling has affected the social, economical and political well being globally.
  • Are Marxist Criminologists Right to See Crime Control as Class Control? Marxist criminology is comparable to functionalist theories, which lay emphasis on the production of continuity and stability in any society.
  • Crime, Childhood Trauma, and Health The connection between crime, childhood trauma, poverty, and both physical and mental health would be all-encompassing and complete.
  • Reporting Behavior Among Victims of Crime The reporting behavior among victims of crime remains relatively low. Satisfaction level in police operations is among the prominent predictors of crime.
  • Crime Intermidiate Houses and Communities Correction centers for crime offenders exist in an assorted list. They may include recreation, trial, parole, public duty, and penalty alternatives.
  • Drugs and Crime Description: Federal Drug Statutes This paper identifies the current federal drug statutes; Minnesota State statute that governs controlled substances; statistics on drug convictions at the federal level and Minnesota.
  • Hate Crime Laws are a Bad Idea Charley Reese provides his opinion on the adoption of hate crime legislation. He identifies their possible consequences for society in general.
  • Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime or Not? Because victimless crimes involve two contentious issues of morality and liberty, the legalization of this category of crime is always disputed on many grounds.
  • Aetiology of Violent Crime Violent crime has become a major part of the crime world. Sexual crimes, terrorism, and hooliganism are just some of the violent crimes.
  • Violent Crime in the USA
  • Children as Perpetrators and Victims of Crime
  • Uniform Crime Reporting: Indicator of Crime in the US
  • Crime and Criminal Behavior: Assault Concept Study
  • Uniform Crime Report: Term Definition
  • Syndicated and Organized Crime and Governmental Crime
  • Crime in American Society: Causes, Types, Costs, Etc.
  • Fear of Victims to Report Crime
  • Crime Rate: the Recidivism Rate
  • Racism, Crime and Justice and Growing-Up Bad
  • Various Issues Related to White-Collar Crime
  • Crime Rates: Hawaii
  • White Collar Crime – Madoff Affair
  • Enhanced Police Patrol Drones for Crime Prone Neighborhoods
  • The Effects of Hate Crime Law on Democracy
  • Crime Theory Regarding Rape Laws
  • Crime and Class Relations Analysis
  • Property Crime Rates in Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Uniform Crime Reports: Crime Trends and Repeat Victimization
  • Community Policing: The Alternative Solution to Youth Crime
  • Crime and Causation: Robbery
  • Crime Statistics Comparison Between Two Universities
  • Current Corrections in the Criminal Justice System and Crime Control
  • The Case of Shooting at Planned Parenthood: Understanding the Causes of the Crime
  • The Profiling of Crime Victims
  • The Theory Deviance and Crime
  • White Collar Crime, Corporate Crime and Substance Abuse
  • Crime Rates in the US and Its Link to the Juvenile Justice System
  • Confidential Informants and Crime
  • Property Crime and Sociological Typologies: Law Study
  • Terrorism as a Transnational Organized Crime
  • Crime Among the Juveniles: Causes
  • Homeland Security, Race and Crime in the US
  • The Relationship Between Drugs and Addiction to Crime
  • Drugs and Society Violent Crime: Public Drunkenness
  • Should We Rely on Eye-Witness Testimonies to Identify Crime-Suspects?
  • Drug Abuse and Crime Correlation
  • Presidential Powers: Official Pardon for Crime Granting
  • Crime and Justice by Curie
  • Feasibility of Modifying Crime Map
  • Crime Prevention Programme in Australia
  • Criminal Justice and Crime Control in the US
  • “White-Collar Crime” Definition and Qualification
  • Internationalism: The Issue of Transitional Crime
  • Juvenile Crime Concepts Review
  • Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences. The Notion of Criminality and Crime
  • Crime Rates in the United States over 20 Years
  • “Goodfellas” Crime Drama Film by Martin Scorsese
  • Sex Trafficking by Organized Crime Groups
  • Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Offenders
  • The Crime of Challenging Moral Settings
  • Recidivism of Juvenile Crime
  • Capital Punishment for Crime Deterrence
  • Childhood Crime at School in the State of Texas
  • Crime Scene Safety and Security in the United States
  • Crime and Delinquency Theories
  • Sociological Diversity and Its Impact on Crime Rate
  • How Local Television News Viewing Relates to Fear of Crime?
  • Capital Punishment as Ineffective Crime Deterrence
  • Race and Crime Among Minorities in the US
  • Organized Business Crime Prosecution and Investigation
  • Repression and Crime Control
  • The Teens, Crime, and Community Project in the US
  • White-Collar Crime and Negligence
  • “Crime in Post-Katrina Houston” Study by Settles and Lindsay
  • Nortel Networks Company’s Corporate Crime
  • Flagami Community’s Crime and Health Situation
  • US Gun Control Measures and Crime Rates Reduction
  • Psychological Help as the Prevent From Possible Crime
  • The Racilisation of Crime and Cultural Panics
  • Criminality Development in the Documentary A Life of Crime
  • How Can Criminology Theories Help in Preventing or Solving Crimes?
  • Should Children Who Commit Crime Be Tried as Adults?
  • Are Crime Control and Social Welfare Becoming More Punitive?
  • How Can Social Science Theory Help Reduce Crime?
  • Can Criminological Theories Help Manage Crime in the Workplace?
  • Should Government Implement Laws for Cyber Crime?
  • Does Imprisoning Drug Offenders Reduce Crime Rates?
  • How Does the Holocaust Explodes the Concept of Mass Crime?
  • Are Hate Crime Laws Effective?
  • What Is the Link Between Drugs and Crime and What Can Be Done Towards Drug-Related Crimes?
  • How Does Criminology Help Our Understanding of Crime and Criminals?
  • Does Social Deprivation Relate to Crime?
  • What Impact Does the Changing Nature of Crime Have on Criminology?
  • Are Homeless People More Likely to Become Involved or Be Victims of Crime?
  • How Can Technology Help Police and Government Officials Solve Crime?
  • Should Crime Victims Have Rights During Criminal Investigations?
  • Can Public Works Programs Reduce Youth Crime?
  • How Were Crime and Punishment Handled in the Roman Era?
  • Are Non-custodial Sentences Soft on Crime?
  • How Do Crime Scene Investigations Aid in Prosecution?
  • Can Death Penalty Prevent the Rise in Crime Rate?
  • Does Longer Incarceration Deter or Incapacitate Crime?
  • How Does Corporate Crime Challenge Conventional Definitions of Crime?
  • Can Punitive Measures Curtail Crime?
  • How Does the Media Use an Ideal Victim in Portrayals of Crime?

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StudyCorgi . "281 Crime Essay Topics & True Crime Research Topics." September 9, 2021. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/crime-essay-topics/.

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youth crime essay topics

Useful Crime Topics for Essays

  • The Importance of Hate Crime Legislation
  • The Approach to Crime of Hans Von Hentig
  • Environmental Design in Hughesville for Crime Prevention
  • The Crimes of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria
  • Classical Criminology and Contemporary Crime
  • American Crime Trends and Criminological Theories
  • Discussion of Hate Crimes and the Law
  • Intellectual Property Crimes in Cyberspace
  • Theories of Crime Causation and Conflict Criminology
  • The Crime and Law Enforcement Rates in Fort Lauderdale
  • Abortion as a Crime and the Opposition to it
  • Investigating Property Crimes
  • Classification of Violent Crimes in the United States
  • Decreasing and Controlling Violent Crimes in the US
  • Crimes of Identity Theft in the United States
  • Sociological Theories of Crime
  • Theory of Fraud and Crime in the Film Black Money
  • The Broken Windows Theory vs. Giuliani’s Crime Strategy
  • Statistics on Juvenile Crime in the United States in 2008
  • Crime Causation and Diversion in the State of Florida
  • Death Penalty: Racial Bias, Mistrial, Crime Ranking
  • Housing, Homelessness, Drugs, and Crime in Los Angeles
  • Hate Crime Charges Leveled Against Sikh Professor
  • Impression of a Shoe at a Crime Scene
  • Racial Profiling, Terrorism, and Hate Crimes
  • Crime of Raskolnikov in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment
  • Focus on White Collar Crimes
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in the United States
  • Protocols and Stages of a Crime Scene Investigation
  • Effectiveness of Crime Prevention and Control
  • Laws Against Discrimination and Hate Crimes
  • Internet Crime Prevention Through Law and E-Commerce
  • War Crimes Portrayed in S. Mehmedinovic’s Zambak/Muslims
  • The Crime Television Series, Al-Fin Cayó !
  • Internet Security and Computer Crimes
  • Crime, Media Reporting, and Ethics in the Zodiac Film
  • Emile Durkheim’s The Functions of Crime
  • Bohm and Haley’s Crime and Justice in the United States
  • Peer Group Influence on Youth Crime
  • Commitment and Revelation of Civic Virtue in Crime
  • Current Laws and Organized Crime
  • The National Influence of Organized Crime
  • Principles and Procedures of Crime Scene Investigation
  • Presence of Police Patrols in Crime “Hot Spots”
  • Strain Theory: The Link between Gender and Crime
  • Nanjing Massacre: Japan Denies War Crime
  • Gender in White-Collar Crime: Pink-Collar Criminal
  • Theories and Causes of Cybercrime
  • Immigration Services in the Fight Against Crime and Terrorism
  • Adolescent Sex Crimes and Deterrence Theory
  • Internet Crimes and the Prevention of Digital Terrorism
  • Marijuana Crime in State and Federal Courts in California
  • Crime Reduction Using Closed-Circuit Television Cameras
  • Fascination With Crime Via the Art of Photography
  • The Impact of Compliance on Financial Crimes
  • The Balkans’ Organized Crime
  • Hate Crimes in Contemporary Society
  • Sex Crime and Firearm Violence Crime Rates
  • Tools for Collecting and Analyzing Crime Data
  • Risk Management and Crime Prevention
  • Sexually Motivated Crime Rate
  • Trends in Crime and Victimization
  • Crime Perception Differences in North Jersey
  • Cleaning up a Crime Scene
  • Causes of White-Collar Crime
  • Types of Analysis in Crime Scene Investigation
  • Approaches to Crime Prevention
  • Prohibition as a Contributing Factor to Increased Crime and Illegal Activity
  • Theory and Doctrine of Crimes Against Persons
  • The Importance of Setting in Crime Fiction
  • Employee Theft and Crime Prevention in the Workplace
  • Age of Offenders and Anti-Black Hate Crimes
  • Theories of Crime in Biological, Psychological, and Sociological Theories
  • Alleged Crimes: Drug Dealing and Aggravated
  • Drug and Human Trafficking as Transnational Organized Crimes
  • Examining Crime Evidence in Forensic Science
  • Community-Based Crime Prevention in Phoenix Park
  • Electronic Crimes and Federal Regulation Guidance
  • School Violence, Security, and Crime Prevention
  • The Three Strikes Law Ineffective Against Crime Reduction
  • The Crime of Robert Courtney as Input to Business Regulation
  • Theories of White-Collar Crime and Their Evolution
  • Crime Theories: Northwest Washington Shooting
  • Theories of Anomie and Strain Crime
  • Comparing Different Crime Indexes
  • Crime Costs to UK Healthcare Statistics
  • Statistical Cases and Tactical Crime Analysis
  • Differentiating Criminal Behavior Using Crime Theories
  • Fear of Crime Reporting in the Media
  • War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Under International Law
  • Analysis of the Organized Crime Series
  • Obtaining Total Community Security
  • Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Economics
  • Writing Crime Analysis and Alert Website Content
  • Serial killers, Their Crimes, and the Stereotypes That Surround Them
  • Counter-Strategy for Transnational Organized Crime
  • Definition of Religion’s Role in Crime
  • Victimless Crimes: Definition and Classification
  • General Crime Trends Over the Last Twenty Years
  • News About Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Canadian Crime Victim Foundation NGO Analysis
  • The Connection Between Crime Rates and Poverty
  • Problem-Solving Policing in High Violent Crime Areas
  • Theories of “Broken Windows” and Situational Crime Prevention
  • National System for Missing and Unidentified Persons
  • The Media and Crime Relationship in Forensic Psychology
  • Capturing Criminals, Crime, and the Public’s Imagination
  • Models of Conflict and Crime Control vs. Consensus and Due Process
  • Gender Factors in Campus Crime
  • Gender and Campus Crime: A Correlation Analysis
  • Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme
  • New York and Chicago Organized Crime
  • Rates of Immigration and Crime in the United States
  • Longford: A Biographical Crime Drama Film from the United Kingdom.
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Crime Prevention
  • Processes and Analyses for Computer Crime Investigation
  • Identity Theft and Computer Forensics
  • Small Business Crimes and Prevention Strategies
  • Cybercrime and Computer Forensics
  • Critical Crime Scene Responsibilities
  • Viewing the Future of Computer Crimes
  • Reconstruction of Crime Scenes
  • The First Officer on the Scene of a Crime
  • The Crime of Innocence
  • Surveillance as a Solution to the Crime Problem
  • Analysis of the National Crime Victimization Survey
  • Global Positioning System Crime Investigation
  • Teenagers Do Not Commit Crimes
  • The Prevention of Crime in the United States
  • Classification of Evidence and Crime Scene Investigation
  • The Most Common Crimes
  • CCTV Cameras: Surveillance and Crime Reduction
  • Increased Surveillance Is Not a Desirable Solution to the Crime Problem
  • Typologies of Property Crime
  • The Uniform Crime Reporting Program Concept
  • Crime Scene Investigations and Forensic Biology
  • Cybercrime in the United States and Nigeria
  • The Uniform Crime Statistics for More Than 5 Years
  • Deferred Prosecution and White-Collar Crimes
  • Genocide: Justice and Ethical Concerns

Interesting Crime Topics

  • Hotspots for Crime and Disorder Policing
  • Prevention of Situational Crime
  • Strategy for Situational Crime Prevention
  • Accreditation and Certification of Crime Laboratories
  • The General Crime Theory
  • Crimes and Torts: Liability for Traffic Accidents
  • Building Inspectors in Granite City: Service Crime
  • Strain Theory: A Sociological Analysis of Crime
  • Psychological Theories of Violent Crime
  • Ward Churchill’s Crimes Against Humanity
  • Relations Between Crime, Justice, and the Media
  • Crimes and Criminal Tendencies: What Causes Them?
  • Community Policing and Crime Reduction in New York City
  • Is Prejudice Against Young People Justified?
  • Laci Peterson’s Murder Is Among the Most Notorious Crimes
  • Drugs, Crime, and Control in Criminology
  • Physical Security and Crime Prevention That Works
  • Discussion: Date Rape Is Not a Crime
  • Crime in Inner-City Communities
  • Crime and Subcultures in the City
  • Crime Prevention and Control
  • Crime Victimization in the United States: Data Statistics
  • Nazi Atrocities Against Jews During WWII
  • White Collar Crimes: When Appearances Can Be Misleading
  • High School Crime
  • White-Collar and Corporate Crimes in Law Enforcement
  • Multiple Perceptions of Crime in Violence and Society
  • The Evolution of Cybercrime and the Most Common Types of Cybercrime
  • The Economic Cost of Crime to Society
  • Three Views on a Single Crime
  • Political and White-Collar Crimes
  • Juveniles Tried as Adults: Crime Policy and Practices
  • Texas Crime and Punishment
  • The Enron Scandal and Business Fraud
  • Parental Responsibility for Children’s Crimes
  • Prostitution: A Victimless Crime
  • Crime Prevention Technology
  • Alcohol and Crime in the United Kingdom, America, and Australia
  • Patterns, Benefits, and Risks of Sex Crimes and Burglary
  • Rape: A Misunderstood Offense
  • Crime Prevention Programs in the United States
  • Issue of Responsibility for the Most Heinous Crimes
  • Disruption, Crimes, and City Violence
  • Recommendations for Crime Control Policy
  • Punishment and Youth Crime
  • Criminology’s Core Subject: Hate Crime
  • The Future of Crime Corrections
  • What Influences Human Behavior?
  • Elements of Intentional Tort and Crime
  • Is it True That Drug Interdiction Increases or Decreases Drug-Related Crime?
  • Major Crime Causation Theories
  • Physically Injured Crime Victims: Criminal Justice
  • Investigating Crime Using a Conduct Report
  • Crime Punishment: Today’s Humane Treatment of Prisoners
  • Sociology and Media Representation of Crime
  • Anthropological Crime Theory
  • Cyberbullying Is Illegal: A Discussion
  • The Evolution of Crime Theories Based on Behavioral and Cognitive Development
  • Criminal Investigations: Crime Scene Investigators
  • Crime and Punishment in China’s Legal System
  • Jack the Ripper Crime Mysteries
  • United States Organized Crime
  • Criminals are Kept at Bay in the Country by Cutting-Off Hands
  • Crime, Criminality, and Prisons in the USA
  • Investigation of Organized Crime in Various Countries
  • Do Drug Enforcement Laws Aid in the Prevention of Other Crimes?
  • Social Program for the Prevention of Violence Against Women
  • Gang Violence in Irish Cities
  • Crime Rates in the United Kingdom: Quantitative Methods
  • Crimes Against the State: Death Penalty and Terrorist Attacks
  • Women’s Crime: A Theory of Gendered Criminology
  • Is Crime a Good Investment?
  • Economic Aspects of Ornament and Crime
  • Crime and the Middle Class: A Historical Examination
  • The Poverty-Crime Relationship in Cities
  • The Problem of Crime and Justice and Philosophical Theory of Law and Justice
  • Crime Scene Investigation in the Criminal Justice System
  • The Crime Self-Control Theory
  • Economic Downturns and Crime Rates
  • Leaving No Trace: Crime Scene Field Notes
  • Justification for Medea’s Crime
  • In War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, Personal vs. Collective Responsibility
  • The Influence of Black Clothing and Social Pressure on Crime Judgments
  • Causes, Regulation, and Legislation in Canada
  • Investigating and Documenting the Crime Scene
  • Theoretical Implications for Sexual Crime Investigations
  • The Nature of Crime: What Motivates People to Be Criminals?
  • Bias Toward the Victim’s Identity in Hate Crimes in the United States
  • The Three Strikes Law in Crime Prevention
  • Drugs, Crime, and Violence: How Drug Use Affects Behavior
  • The Link Between Unemployment and Crime
  • Police Operations: Using New Technologies to Combat Crime
  • The Effects of Society’s Reaction to Crime
  • Keeping Sexual Offenders From Committing Crimes
  • Sex Crime Recidivism Rates
  • Texas Kidnapping Study: State or Federal Crimes?
  • Myths About Crime and Domestic Terrorism
  • Organized Crime and Law Enforcement Using Cyber Technology
  • Press Release from the US Attorney’s Office Regarding Birmingham Crimes
  • Crime in America Since the Early 1800s
  • Depiction of White-Collar Crime: Toxic Chemicals and the Effects of Pollution
  • Crimes Against Women: Salem Witchcraft Hysteria
  • Seligman and Perspective on the Crime Rate Drop
  • Screening in Aviation: Crime Prevention
  • Men’s Sexual Violence as a Crime
  • Discussion of Deviance and Crime Among the Power Elite
  • Employment and Financial Crime
  • The Role of Humans in Enabling and Facilitating e-Crimes
  • Police-Recorded Crime Trends in Northern Ireland
  • The Impact of the War on Crime and Power Shifts Among Different Groups
  • Globalization and the Internet: How Has Organized Crime Changed?
  • The Correlation of Crime and Conflict in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
  • Globalization and Integration: The Future of Global Crime
  • Cyberbullying and the Positivist Crime Theory
  • Concept of Crime and Social Learning Theory
  • The Characteristics of Crime in Virginia
  • Using the Internet to Investigate a Crime
  • Use of Information Technology to Solve Crimes: Biometrics and DNA Tests
  • Crime Prevention and Community Justice
  • Gender Influenced Crime and Interventions Have Negative Effects
  • The Connection Between Drugs and Crime
  • Tools and Techniques for Processing a Crime Scene
  • Relationships and Motivations in Age-Related Crime
  • South African Crime Factors and Levels vs. Canada
  • Crime Incidence and Community Cohesiveness
  • International Organized Crime
  • Loeber Identifies Three Pathways to Crime
  • Different Cultures, Different Attitudes in Asian Crime
  • International Policing and Transnational Crime
  • What Exactly Is a Crime? Is It Possible to Stop Crime?
  • Preventing and Combating White-Collar Crimes
  • Eric Smith’s Case: Crime and Delinquency
  • The Relationship Between the Economy and Crime
  • Good Practice Guide for Electronic Crime Scene Investigation
  • Typical Activities Lawrence Cohen and Marcus Felson’s Theory of Crime
  • Globalization and Neoliberalism’s Impact on Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Watch Programs
  • Terrorism and Cybercrime Investigation Methods
  • Fears of Reporting a Crime: Why Do Witnesses Fail to Report Crimes?

Crime Research Questions

  • Can Genetics Lead to Crime?
  • Are the Laws Fostering Crime?
  • When Was the First True Crime Committed?
  • Does the Death Penalty Deter Crime?
  • Do Violence and Crime Have an Impact on the Tourism industry?
  • Does Crime Cause Drug Use or Does Drug Use Cause Crime?
  • Is Marriage a Deterrent to Crime?
  • What Is the Cause of Crime?
  • Is There a Link Between Social Deprivation and Crime?
  • What Motives People to Commit Crime?
  • Why Will Crime Rates Fall?
  • What Are the Social Factors Contributing to Youth Crime?
  • What Factors Contribute to a High Crime Rate?
  • What Are the Correct Procedures for a Crime Investigation?
  • What Are the Psychiatric Roots of Crime?
  • What Are the Root Causes of Youth Crime in the United Kingdom?
  • What Are the Major Issues Concerning Crime Statistics Collection?
  • Official Crime Statistics: How Reliable Are They?
  • What Comes First, Crime or Law?
  • How Has American White Collar Crime Changed?
  • What Are the Seven Crime Elements?
  • What Impact Does Globalization Have on Crime and Victimization?
  • How Should Crime Be Measured?
  • What Causes Crime to Change over Time?
  • How Can Crime and Deviance Be Seen as Beneficial to Society?

Cosmetics Essay Topics

The little rock nine: everything you need ....

' src=

Matthew Lynch

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Youth Crime Dissertation Topics – A Bunch of Topics Based on Recent Reports

Published by Owen Ingram at December 29th, 2022 , Revised On August 15, 2023

Writing about youth crime can be educational and eye-opening. This area of study will make you consider ideas you hadn’t considered before or perhaps it did, which is why you decided to write a dissertation on a youth crime research topic. So now that you know where you’re going, all you need is a good youth crime thesis or dissertation idea to get started.

Make a decision based on what motivates you. If you are passionate about your topic, you want your audience to be equally interested. Your readers should pick up on your understanding of and enthusiasm for the project. If you want them to read more or investigate this topic independently, you must pique their interest.

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Youth Crime Dissertation Topics

Use Them And Let Them Inspire Your Dissertation

  • How do the media affect youth crime? Do specific films, video games, or song lyrics glorify violence?
  • Should young offenders face adult courts? Do people become irredeemable if they commit crimes before reaching adulthood?
  • Do juvenile correctional facilities help young offenders get better or train them to be more seasoned criminals?
  • Is the only way to rehabilitate young criminals by sending them to an institution for corrections or possibly prison, or is there another alternative?
  • What impact does the family environment have on young offenders? Does the history of youth misdeeds in the family matter?
  • Are foster kids more inclined to misbehave? Do they suffer from a drawback?
  • Are offspring of teen moms more or less likely to grow up to commit crimes? Do kids who don’t have father figures have a higher risk of misbehaviour?
  • What proportion of young criminals are successfully treated? Do people with criminal records automatically disqualify themselves from specific professions? Does imposing a sentence make a bad situation worse?
  • Are kids committing crimes out of obligation or a desire for attention?
  • Do people or society develop prejudices against young offenders? What impact does that have on the kids?
  • What signs help you spot the beginning of criminal behaviour? How can we stop children from becoming criminals?
  • Is there a difference in sentencing between male youth criminals and female youth criminals?
  • Do drug usage and underage drinking play a part in why young people commit crimes?
  • How can sexual offences against youth crime be reduced?
  • Is the primary motivation for significant crimes committed by youth often money?
  • Does the use of drugs cause youth to commit crimes because it makes them more aggressive?
  • What is the black window killing epidemic among young offenders?
  • Do young offenders behave better when they move to a new country?
  • How do youth offenders alter as they pass a particular immaturity threshold?
  • Should there be substantial control over what young people do when socialising in public spaces?

Writing a youth crime dissertation is not an easy task. You need a stellar topic and impeccable research skills to accomplish a good grade. We have mentioned a plethora of unique and interesting dissertation topics on youth crime. Pick a topic from our list or get inspired by them to make your own topic. Now that you have your topic start your research and ace your dissertation.

Or read about dissertation writing services to see how our experts can help you achieve your desired goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find youth crime dissertation topics.

To find youth crime dissertation topics:

  • Study crime statistics and trends.
  • Research social and economic factors.
  • Examine legal and policy issues.
  • Analyze prevention programs.
  • Explore media’s portrayal.
  • Select a focused and relevant angle for in-depth study.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Cause/Solution Essay Topic: Juvenile Delinquency


Updated On Jan 19, 2024

youth crime essay topics

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Cause/Solution Essay Topic: Juvenile Delinquency

IELTS Writing Prediction Questions for 2024

One of the various types of essays that can be asked in the  IELTS W riting task 2 is a problem solution essay. IELTS problem solution essay requires candidates to talk about a specific problem or its causes and suggest possible solutions to the same. The problem-solution essay topics like Juvenile Delinquency are based on real-life situations and issues and are essential to be familiar with the pattern of the essay topics in order to perform well in Writing Task 2.

Given below is an example of a problem & solution essay. Let’s understand how to frame the essay from the ideas we have.

In some countries, a high proportion of criminal acts are committed by teenagers. Why has this happened? What can be done to deal with this?

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Cause solution Essay


  • Give insight about the topic and elaborate briefly.
  • Give prelude to what can be expected in the essay
  • Paragraph 1: Cause (Without supervision from parents or caregivers, children’s extreme behaviours such as aggression, hostility or defiance are given free rein to develop in their later lives. In addition, there is a direct correlation between the lack of engagement in educational activities and serious criminal offending in children.)
  • Paragraph 2: Solution (The better cure for young criminals is rehabilitation. Throughout education and training, the youth can realise their wrongful actions and be given opportunities to turn over a new leaf and transform themselves into useful members of society later in life.)

Reparaphrase the question and end up with the solution stated.

Sample Essay

Today, youth crime is rife. Theft, burglary or even murder are now committed by people of younger and younger ages. The aim of this essay is to investigate the factors responsible for the increase in juvenile delinquency and put forward a number of ways to appropriately punish young offenders.

It is observed that extreme behaviours are exhibited by most children from dysfunctional families. Without supervision from parents or caregivers, children’s extreme behaviours such as aggression, hostility or defiance are given free rein to develop in their later lives. In addition, there is a direct correlation between the lack of engagement in educational activities and serious criminal offending in children. Out of boredom, children befriend antisocial peers and will gradually copy their behaviours. Media also plays an enormous role in shaping children’s criminality. For example, games such as grand theft auto can desensitise younger players to extreme acts of violence and cruelty, encourage them to commit crimes while giving them the impression that it is morally acceptable to do so.

Imprisonment is often cited as a way to punish juvenile offenders. However, it is my view that this approach can produce extremely destructive effects. The youth can potentially be victims of physical or sexual abuse from older prisoners, as well as can adopt their negative behaviours. I feel that the better cure for young criminals is rehabilitation. Throughout education and training, the youth can realise their wrongful actions and be given opportunities to turn over a new leaf and transform themselves into useful members of society later in life.

There are reasons to explain why today antisocial behaviour among the youth nowadays has reached a historically unprecedented high and rehabilitation is the answer for this.

Band 9 Sample Essay

It has been pervadingly seen that the crimes by the hands of juveniles, due to various reasons, is seen a menace to society and more so, their conditioning. This essay discusses the causes of this and the possible solutions to cope up with this increasing plight.

It is generally observed that such heinous offences by teenagers, which are today hysterically expanding, are because of the clamorous and derisive environment children are being subjected to. The environment in which they thrive and prosper is somehow the most pronounced cause of such misdemeanour. Reportedly, the type of personality one develops is often predetermined by the parenting, and upbringing one goes through in childhood. Secondly, the prospering technology and its directly proportional deleterious side effects, which includes unsupervised and disproportional exposure to provocative and misleading content. Some online games promote burglary, while some might cause one to have a belligerent attitude. Misleading television shows and graphical content percolates in the innocent and malleable mindsets of the children, thereby causing them to commit such serious actions.

A possible remedy to this starts right away from the way children are brought up. Being extra vigilant while they are around and cutting the unnecessary vulnerability of being influenced in the wrong helps children a great deal. Digital usage is understandably ineludible. However, in the supervision of a responsible adult and the perusal of them, the risks and perils of children being guided in a corrosive way are palliated to a much greater extent. Schools should alarmingly and intensively monitor the children who are being browbeaten by the hands of bullies, as surveys have often suggested that those are the children who are usually more susceptible to committing a crime.

Therefore, it could be summed up that though it is undoubtedly a problem to society as a whole, by proper monitoring, parenting, and supervision, juvenile misconduct could be largely contained and alleviated.

  • Youth crime is rife: Youth crime is very common.
  • Juvenile delinquency: act of crime committed by the young
  • Defiance (n.): behaviour in which you refuse to obey others
  • Aggression (n.): behaviour that is threatening or involves harm
  • To be given free rein to develop: go uncontrolled.
  • Desensitise (v.): cause people to experience emotion less strongly than before.
  • Out of boredom: Because they are bored
  • To produce extremely destructive effects: have bad results.
  • Wrongful actions: Actions which are unfair and illegal
  • To turn over a new leaf: To become another person.
  • Rehabilitation (n.): the act of returning someone to a good condition, normal life.

Here are some related topics for you to practice:

  • The problem of juvenile delinquency is increasing day by day. What are the reasons for this? Suggest a few solutions.
  • It is often thought that the increase in juvenile crime can be attributed to violence in the media. What do you think is the reason for this phenomenon? Suggest some measures to combat this problem.
  • In many countries, the age of criminals is getting lower. Provide reasons for this problem, along with solutions. Support your arguments with examples.

More Writing Task 2 Essay Topics

  • Every year several languages die out
  • Some People Think That Parents Should Teach Children How to be Good Members of Society
  • Happiness is considered very important in life
  • In some countries the average weight of people is increasing
  • Young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school
  • Research Indicates That the Characteristics We are Born With Have Much More Influence On Our Personality

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Practice IELTS Writing Task 2 based on Essay types

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Effective IELTS Essay Connectors for Writing Task 2 & Task 1


Janet had been an IELTS Trainer before she dived into the field of Content Writing. During her days of being a Trainer, Janet had written essays and sample answers which got her students an 8+ band in the IELTS Test. Her contributions to our articles have been engaging and simple to help the students understand and grasp the information with ease. Janet, born and brought up in California, had no idea about the IELTS until she moved to study in Canada. Her peers leaned to her for help as her first language was English.

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youth crime essay topics

Posted on Apr 16, 2022

Today, the cases of juveniles committing crimes are dramatically rising. While there are many contributing factors that are responsible for this negative trend, several ways are put forward to resolve it . This essay will discuss both the cause of the increase in juvenile delinquency and the measures taken to deal with this problem. The young offenders are the ones whose upbringings are usually subjected to the deprivation of love, care and affection from the family, which is the most important cause of their misdemeanors. A teenager growing up in a family where parents argue on a regular basis or are too occupied with are obviously given less love and attention than others whose parents are happy and often spend time together. As a result, the parents can hardly take notice of their unusual behaviors such as aggression, quick-temper,..which are signs of being susceptible to committing crime. Another cause of this phenomenon is the growing development of the technology, making it possible for teengers to access to television programs, internet, social media in a short at ease. At such an impressionable age, they are indubitably vulnerable to the misleading and violence – oriented content in these flatforms. A fighting game, for instance, enables the player to revive a lot of times and use violence to solve everything, instilling in the youngsters that this case is morally acceptable. Finally, teengers also imitate their friends to engage in violent incidents to impress them and become stand out or to prove that they are fashionable and updated. The solutions to this issue are undoubtedly come from schools and family as well as the community. Firstly, the family plays an essential role in the development of the juvenile’s characteristics and their acknowledge. Therefore, it is necessary that they make a close observation to the young and befriend them. Moreover, the schools are responsible for educating them about the drawbacks of violence and raising their awareness of not using force to solve disagreements. When it pertains to community, each person should avoid unsuitable manners and create a healthy environment for the children to thrive and prosper. To conclude, the reasons for underge crimes stem from family, the advance in technology and friends. However, the problem can be dealt with the aid of schools, families in particular and the community in general.


Posted on Apr 18, 2022

Band Score – 6

Concentrate on the correct usage of articles, prepositions and punctuation.

Pay attention to spelling and spacing between words.

Use C2 level of words.

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On this website, we've put together a catalog of free paper samples regarding Youth Crime. The plan is to provide you with a sample close to your Youth Crime essay topic so that you could have a closer look at it in order to get a clear idea of what a great academic work should look like. You are also recommended to implement the best Youth Crime writing practices displayed by competent authors and, eventually, craft a top-notch paper of your own.

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Draw Topic & Writing Ideas From This Dissertation Conclusion On Should We Lock Children Up Or Should We Look At Alternative Methods


Good Example Of Essay On Crime Prevention Programs

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Research Proposal On Youth Criminals In The State Of California

International criminal justice practice research paper examples, what are the causes of youth crime in the uk and what are the solutions essay examples, essay on reduction of juvenile crime in colorado.

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348 Youth Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for youth essay topics? The field is exciting and worth writing about!

🔝 Top 10 Research Topics on Youth Issues

🏆 best youth essay examples, 🔎 argumentative essay topics about youth, ✅ simple & easy youth essay titles, 🥇 youth culture research topics, 📑 good research topics about youth, 📌 most interesting youth topics to write about, ❓ research questions about youth.

In your paper, you might want to focus on important youth issues, such as study problems, physical development, and mental health. Other options include analysing some sociological aspects of youth, exploring youth crime, and focusing on youth culture. In this article, we’ve gathered best research topics on youth issues: argumentative essay topics about youth, youth culture research topics, etc. We’ve also added excellent youth essay examples to inspire you even more!

  • How does one’s youth affect their future?
  • Youth: rights and limitations
  • The youth physical development model
  • Legal drinking age in different countries
  • Student rights in higher education
  • Youth mortality: causes and effects
  • Adolescent obesity: how to prevent?
  • Young marriages in developing countries
  • Youth and political participation worldwide
  • Minimum age for employment in the US: should it be changed?
  • Youth Crime as a Major Issue in the World The relationships that exist in the families of the youths could facilitate the indulgence in criminal activities for example when the parents are involved in crime, when there is poor parental guidance and supervision, in […]
  • Empowering Youth Engagement in Society If young people in a given society are not actively involved in important activities in the society they can be destructive and thus negative change in the society. This can be achieved by engaging and […]
  • The Main Causes of Youth Violence Access to Guns and the Influence of the Media Shooting is one of the most common forms of youth violence, and guns are the primary weapons of perpetrators.
  • Youth Issues and Adult Society In most countries, the age of the youth is drawn at the time when an individual is treated equally under the law, normally referred to as the age of majority.
  • Youth Unemployment as a Social Issue Different factors have led to the high levels of youth unemployment, with the most widely studied of them being the skills that are available to the unemployed youths.
  • The Effect of Social Media on Today’s Youth This theory is useful in the explanation of the impact of media during crisis, and will also be useful in the analysis of the impact of social media on the youth of the UAE.
  • Media Portrayal of Youth in Australia The portrayal of youth’s participation in society is a critical factor given the significant role of media in shaping the social concept of youth and the capabilities of young people.
  • Solutions to Effects of Excessive Internet Use on Youth The education system and parents have a major role in the effort to reduce excessive use of the internet among the youth.
  • Modern Technologies and Their Impact on Youth This study presents an analysis of the impacts of the modern technology on the communication skills, personalities and social behaviors of the youth in the technological context that characterizes the network society.
  • The National Youth Service Corps Schemes in Nigeria Agumagu, Adesope and Njoku note that the core objective of the scheme is to instill in the Nigerian youth “the spirit of selfless service to the community, and emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood […]
  • Youth Unemployment and Policy Solutions The inability to address the problem of unemployment in the given age group may result in the growth of criminal activity, child poverty, and people’s negative perceptions of life.
  • The Technology Influence on Youth This paper examines some of the main effects of new technologies on adolescents and young people, including deterioration of the physical and mental condition, increased risk of becoming a victim of a fraudster, and the […]
  • Korean Pop Music and Youth Identity Korean pop music has become a powerful genre that connects many youths to their counterparts in different parts of the world.
  • “Anthem for Doomed Youth” by Wilfred Owen Literature Analysis The events of the past still haunt some of the countries, the relics of the war are still being found in the places of former battlefields, the veterans are being honored and the films about […]
  • Media Violence Effect on Youth and Its Regulation It is also important to note that the more important the media puts on violence, the more people are tempted to engage in it for the sake of attention.
  • Youth Crime According to Conflict Theory The second one is that the youth might engage in criminal activities and violence due to misappropriation of resources, lack of jobs, and inadequate strategies to meet their social needs.
  • Youth-Led NGOs in Brunei Darussalam Within the past three decades, the youth in Brunei Darussalam has been on the frontline to identify the trends recorded in different parts of the world in an attempt to implement similar practices in the […]
  • Social Networks and Youth Empowerment The increasing use of the sites has made them good places to train and advertise for various youth programs and activities; ministries of youth have realized the new way of approaching the young and they […]
  • Youth Crime in Functionalism and Conflict Theories The analysis will focus on determining factors contributing to youth engagement in criminal acts, examining the types of delinquencies they are likely to commit, and establishing the socio-psychological facets associated with the teenagers in the […]
  • Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence? The violence and aggression that stains the youth of today, as a result of these video games, is unquestionably a cancer that ought to be uprooted or at least contained by parents, school leaders, governments […]
  • Youth Culture and Globalization The focus is also on the relations that exist between the youth and the society, as well as the factors that shape youths identity in terms of culture.
  • This Is Our Youth by Kenneth Lonergan The exploration of the difficulties that occur during the transition from adolescence to adulthood is the key message of the play.
  • Perception of Childhood and Youth Through History The advent of industrialization led to the employment of many young people. The aristocracy and the bourgeoisies took their children to schools as part of the transition into adulthood.
  • Youth Leadership Development However, the exclusion of certain groups of people from the democratic process does not contribute to the flourishment of a system that hinges on the belief that “the operation and ownership of power” are essential […]
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle Among the Singapore Youth The purpose of this report was to identify the reason for the continued unhealthy lifestyle among the Singapore youth despite the government’s efforts to promote healthier diets and lifestyles and find viable solutions to the […]
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  • Youth Misbehavior: School and Community Risk Factors The following paper analyzes school- and community-related factors that contribute and sustain adverse behavioral patterns assesses the influence of diversity and multicultural issues that may impact the success of interventions, and explores several possible ways […]
  • Rachel’s Challenges and Its Benefits to the Youth. Columbine School Shooting If told in the right context, tone and by a person who really understands the predicament, Rachel’s challenges are bound to have a profound effect on students and inspire them to spread the dream that […]
  • Social Movements and Youth Activism Research done by Earl unveils that, it is vital to guarantee that young people are actively involved in social movements, and activities in order to encourage active citizenship and build programs that effectively represent their […]
  • Relationship Between Caregivers and Behavior of Youth The purpose of the study is to evaluate how youths and caregivers perceive their relationships relative to the occurrence of externalizing and internalizing behaviors.
  • Professional Issues for Child and Youth Care Practitioners in School Based Settings According to Ungar, the major professional issues in the discipline of child and youth, care practices include the programs models that are in use within the learning setting, the preparation procedures concerning educator’s role, functions […]
  • Amitai Etzioni: Youth Issues in “Working at McDonald’s” The article, ‘Working at McDonald’s’ by Amitai Etzioni explores the effect of the McDonald’s on students with reference to their studies. The author is against McDonald’s part-time jobs because they do not help the students […]
  • Contemporary Issues Facing the Youth The paper addresses the issues affecting the youth of today with specific reference to unemployment and health. Solutions: Provision of financial relief to unemployed in the form of Unemployment Insurance System/ Entrepreneurial programs in […]
  • Factors Affecting Youth’s Behaviors Towards Purchasing a Smartphone Objectives Understand the background of the smartphone industry Analyze the smartphone market trends and the role played by the youths in this marekts Understand reasons why youths buy smartphones through a survey on 100 people […]
  • Reasons Behind Youth’s Engagement to Drug Abuse in the 21st Century Although youths in the 21st century engage in drug abuse due to several factors, it suffices to declare factors such as the rising unemployment status, peer pressure, and their hiked tendency to copy their parents’ […]
  • Youths’ Career Choices in Individualist and Collectivist Societies To study the influence of the different types of societies on young adults’ career aspirations, it is important to establish the distinct features of individualistic and collectivistic approaches to the issue.
  • Impact of Digital Drug and Electronic Addiction on UAE Youth Therefore, the primary purpose of this dissertation is to determine the impact of digital drugs and the electronic addiction they cause on the youth of the UAE to highlight the existing problem in society.
  • Child and Youth Care Perspective on Disability The origin of ASD is still unclear for the medical society, but it is assumed that the combination of genetic and environmental factors can cause it.
  • Tourism and Leisure for Youth Target Market This is imperative as the pages provide a forum for potential tourists to identify a company that deals with the tour and travel activities through pictorial displays. For the youths, tourism or travel activities involve […]
  • Exploring The Concept of Youth Cultures Accordingly, the focal concern of this paper has been to accurately comprehend the concept of youth culture and to find out the exact means of finding meaning to the youth identity on the background of […]
  • Understanding Youth: Consumption, Gender, and Education Thus, because young people represent the specific social group, it is important to reflect on such issues typical for the development of the youth as the questions of consumption, gender, and education.
  • Rural–Urban Migration and Youth in Bhutan This trend is a major public concern to the state and the government has experienced a number of obstacles in tackling the challenge of rural-urban migration.
  • Youth and Children Ministry What is required is a framework which aids thinking about the task of youth ministry that ensures that Biblical beliefs, values and practices are constantly upheld in our ministry to young people regardless of context.
  • Personal Values Importance in Child and Youth Care These three values that are of importance to me fall under the category of values that I acquired as a result of my socialization.
  • Western Films Influence on Youth However, there is a concern that its contents may have negative implications on teenagers in the developing countries because of the fundamental differences between the environment presented in the films and what they have in […]
  • Internet Gambling and Its Impact on the Youth However, it is necessary to remember that apart from obvious issues with gambling, it is also associated with higher crime rates and it is inevitable that online gambling will fuel an increase of crime rates […]
  • Marginalized Youths in Australia This conflict mainly between the police and these minority youths as Cunneen explains, has been caused by the unequal distribution of the country’s resources; the pursuit of social networks and the massive youth unemployment which […]
  • Youth Crime in Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight” Film The film uses a triptych storytelling format to highlight the contexts and events in the protagonist’s life, emphasizing potent socio-political and personal themes.
  • Kuwaiti Youth Activities and Sociopolitical Role The youth account for a significant portion of the Kuwaiti population and in their development, activities, and advancement, they play a significant role in the long-term growth of Kuwait.
  • Youth Activities in Kuwait It is assumed that the research paper will contribute to the further development of the Kuwaiti youth and society in general.
  • Ajyal Film Festival and Youth Empowerment The DFI organizes the Ajyal Film Festival to present the film products of its most talented young actors and producers to the government and the business community, as well as the rest of the world.
  • Somerset Rural Youth Project Due to the implementation of the green activities program, the organization has been in a position to preserve the global climate.
  • Drug Abuse: Awareness Amongst the Youths This project is going to carry out a public awareness campaign with the aim of educating the young people on the hazards related to the vice of drug and substance abuse. The awareness campaign is […]
  • Mental Health Issues Among LGBTQ (Queer) Youth Studies point to multiple factors that play a role in the risk of suicide among LGBTQ youth, such as gender, socioeconomic status, bullying, and school experience. There is a need for further research and interventions […]
  • Comprehensive Sex Education: Empowering Youth for Informed and Healthy Choices In addition to providing young people with the facts about sex and sexual health, it is also important for sex education to address issues related to consent, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.
  • Non-Consensual Intimate Image Distribution in Youth That is the reason why the topic of an article called Young People Just Resolve It in Their Own Group is relevant and needs to be discussed. This paper aims to analyze the article and […]
  • Religion and Culture: Immigrant and Minority Youth Religion is a fundamental way people experience and comprehend the world if culture describes how people perceive and comprehend the world.
  • Preventing Risky Sexual Behavior Among Youth The nation also losses productive people due to time wasted time and death of young people The two best strategies to effect change at the community level is through media and policy.
  • Suicide Among Youth as a Worldwide Issue The world needs to pay more attention to this issue because of the many young lives that society loses and the socioeconomic and psychological effects suicide causes.
  • The Urgent Problem of Doping in Youth Sports: Solutions and Impact The solution to the problems is for the states to become more careful about the allocation of financial resources in the field of sports.
  • Jamaica’s Unemployment and Positive Youth Development Although a recent positive trend in decreasing levels of joblessness is apparent as the country revitalizes its main source of income, the problem of the high level of unemployment among youth is persistent.
  • Gender and Sexuality in Community Youth Work The primary duty of a youth worker enshrines competently rendering services to the public regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • Socio-Psychological Trust Issues in Youth The truth is that behaviors associated with distrust, such as trust issues and paranoia, are high in the younger generation toward their peers and fundamental social institutions in the Western hemisphere, and these continue to […]
  • Tackling Drug: Addiction Among Youth Drug addiction is a serious problem, and while it spreads to less marginalized parts of society, this problem affects more people.
  • The Youth Criminal Justice Act in Teresa Robinson’s Case 1 of the YCJA is relevant to the article since the offender’s name is still unreported despite the evidence of his involvement in the homicide.
  • Radicalization of British Youth Into Violent Extremism: The Role of Salafist Ideology Salafism believes that the most principal and genuine type of Islam might originate in the existence of the initial, honorable ages of Muslims known as the Salaf, who lived near the Prophet Muhammad in both […]
  • Sex Variations in the Oral Microbiomes of Youths With Severe Periodontitis The periodontium provides nutrition to the hard tissues of the tooth and the alveolar process – the part of the jaw in which the tooth sockets are located, and it also tightly holds the tooth […]
  • The Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan 2019–21 The Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan 2019 21 marks a crucial turning point in our effort to improve the juvenile justice system and lower the number of juvenile offenders and repeat offenders in Queensland.
  • The University of Maryland’s Youth Sports Program To show the importance of youth sports programs, the report will focus on secondary research to depict the imbalance of academics and sports in the current curriculum used by many schools.
  • Program to Tackle Drug Addiction Among Youth The core area of emphasis will be training the students on different ways to avoid the temptations of using drugs in order to lower the rate of addiction.
  • Eating Disorder Among Youth and Its Aspects It is due to the fact that often the above sociological factors cause the development of psychological issues, especially among young people.
  • Impaired Communication Amongst Youth The paper on ADHD is the research by Yuen-han and Chan who cite the most recent findings in the field and provide a set of recommendations for youth diagnosed with this condition.
  • Retention of Youth by Indian Church of God A case study approach gives a chance to assess how strong the impact of the Indian Church of God is and to evaluate the role of individual members of the church, in particular, the senior […]
  • Youth as the Period in a Person’s Life Youth is both a beautiful and challenging period in a person’s life. Now, living it, I am trying simultaneously to find my purpose and not lose my inner self.
  • Issue of Youth Homelessness in Canada The third and fourth factors, the lack of education and unemployment, are interconnected, resulting in inconsistent and low income and the inability to afford proper housing.
  • Mentoring Youth: Trends and Tradition Considering the information provided in the text, the author’s primary research question concerns the fact what contemporary models of mentorship might be of relevance in the given environment and how these schemes could be implemented […]
  • Substance Use Prevention Among Youth The strategy based on substance use prevention includes a number of tasks to follow to ensure the success of the intervention.
  • Suicidal Thoughts Among LGBTQ Youth: Client’s Case Assessment The therapist must exercise special caution and delicacy while evaluating the factors related to the case and engaging the LGBTQ client in the process of treatment.
  • The Use of Psychoactive Substances by LGBT Youth The purpose of this survey is to identify how reliable the information is that LGBT community adolescents are more likely to use psychoactive substances than heterosexual youth.
  • The Problems of Youth Participation in Sports in the United States According to Atencio and Wright, the main issue covered in youth sports participation in the United States revolves around the relationship between the African American culture and basketball.
  • The Role of Adults in Supporting the Youth Who Play Sports To reduce concerns and enjoy the chosen area of interest, one should recognize the role of adults in supporting youth to play sports.
  • Guaranteeing Safety in Youth Mental Medical Services Centers There is expanding acknowledgment of the drawn-out effect of youth psychological well-being issues and the requirement for a more organized reaction in the US.
  • Gang Culture of Latino Male Youth According to the authors, an occupational viewpoint is vital in inspecting how the exceptional context of a person’s life and location can affect the kind of professions which they are a part of.
  • Gun Violence and Its Effect on Youth As a matter of fact, the intersection of gun violence and domestic violence has the biggest impact on youth almost 60% of young people affected by gun violence every year are affected by homicides.
  • The Loneliness Pandemic in American Youth Loneliness contributes to poor health and unhealthy lifestyles such as social media addiction and damaging activities. Causes of loneliness include feelings of alienation, minimal physical interactions with others, differences in hobbies and lifestyles, and few […]
  • Indian Youth Against Racism: Photo Analysis The main cause of racism within American societies is the high superiority complex possessed by the white individuals living with the Asian American in the society.
  • Competency-Based Model for Youth Leadership Development in the UAE Governmental Organizations In the past, those in position of power would use coercion to ensure that they get the support of the followers.
  • Youth Violence in Schools Paraphrase of the above quotation: The media desensitizes violence and increases aggressive and antisocial behavior, despite this, most youths are constantly exposed to violence and gore in the virtual world which is where they spend […]
  • Should Florida’s School Resource Officers Get Permission to Use Tasers on Youths? Since the use of Tasers is unavoidable, there is the need to ensure the most efficient use of Tasers while minimizing the risks of health complications or death.
  • Implementation of a Public Health Campaign on STDS Among the Youth A number of strategies will be used to actualize the envisaged public health campaign on STDs among the youth. Social media will be used to influence the behavior of the youth in relation to STDs.
  • The Problem of Homeless Youths With HIV-AIDS Studies carried out in the city of New York in 2008 showed that 21 percent of homeless youth males and 24 percent of homeless female youths had “more than 100 lifetime partners”. 5 percent of […]
  • Youth Crime Statistics in the US In 2000, the youth crime rate in juvenile court for drug offenses and public law offenses showed an increase with the age of the youth convict.
  • Sexual Behavior Among Underserved Minority Youth Through IMB Model This article suggests, as one of the options for identifying the determinants and predictors of such behavior, using the information-motivation-behavior model or the IMB.
  • P-Plan Proposal: Youth, Adult and Elderly Abuse To ensure that equality and sanity is maintained, the government normally has some set rules and regulations that have to be adhered to.
  • The Effect of Communicative Means on Youth in Egypt Unfortunately, the modern media is filled with hatred and false claims, which are not filtered and negatively impact youth in Egypt.
  • Modern Communicative Means Effect on the Youth in Egypt For the young people of Egypt, modern communication methods open the opportunity for global integration, which is a key factor in the development of societies at the present stage.
  • Increasing Vocational Opportunities for the Youth Thus, I would like to address the local government to make it more involved in increasing vocational opportunities for the youth because of a few reasons.
  • Youth and Women’s Empowerment in the Economy, Education and Culture Strategy in UAE In March 2015, the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development and the General Authority of Sports launched the Youth Empowerment Strategy to empower the government and young Emiratis to collaborate on achieving Vision 2021.
  • The ‘Street Games’ Athletic Intervention to Reduce Youth Crime With this announcement, and the creation of the mayor’s Steering Group to address the issue in the urban center, the role of sport in combatting the youth crime epidemic was thrown into the spotlight.
  • Sexuality Problem Among Japanese Youth For instance, the impact of economic stagnation, the effects of the tsunami, and the radioactive crisis influenced people’s minds. Moreover, anime promotes the issue of “hikikomori,” which means a person’s choice to stay isolated and […]
  • Attitude of Youths Towards Entrepreneurship in UAE Studies have attempted to identify factors that impact the attitudes of youths towards entrepreneurship in the UAE. Investigating the attitude of youths towards entrepreneurship in UAE is significant in studies related to it.
  • Some Youth Sports Are Too Intense With a rapid increase of physical achievement requirements and the variety of sports activities, adolescents become involved in sports and disregard the adverse effects of intensity they encounter.
  • How Does Cultural Continuity Play a Role in Youth Suicide Rates Among Indigenous People in Canada? In conclusion, it is possible to mention that there is a direct connection between youth suicide rates among Indigenous people in Canada and cultural continuity.
  • Anxiety and Depression in Hispanic Youth in Monmouth County Therefore, the Health Project in Monmouth County will help Hispanic children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 19 to cope with anxiety and depression through behavioral therapy.
  • The Reducing and Preventing Suicide Attempts Among the Youth As a result, this study included a pre-test in order to compare the intervention and control before and after the program.
  • Radicalization Among Youth: Causes and Solutions In this paper, the research topic focuses on the causes and solutions of radicalization among the youths. As a result, it has been chosen to make the determinations in regard to the question of what […]
  • Evaluating Youth Work With Vulnerable Young People The key determining factor in the choice of an evaluation model is the type and nature of the parameter to be evaluated.
  • Social Innovations. Opportunities for Youth One of the ways which have been identified to help in the empowerment of the youth is through the youth social initiatives.
  • The Prevalence of Vaping Among Youths in Ireland This paper aims to analyze the prevalence of vaping among youths in Ireland, the primary causes of vaping, its health effects, and a recommendation for the appropriate approach to prevent e-cigarette use in Ireland.
  • Employment Programs for Unemployed Youth in the MENA The average youth unemployment rate in these countries was 27 percent back in 2008, the highest of any region in the world.
  • Juvenile and Youth Gangs However, in order to understand what society can do to save juvenile gang members, it is paramount to understand why the youth join these gangs and the key issues associated with juvenile gangs.
  • Consumptions of Fast Foods Among Youth in Saudi Arabia However, little research has focused on the factors that lead to the increased consumption of fast foods in Saudi Arabia among these groups of people.
  • Youth and Sexual Violence Analysis Youth and sexual violence are some of the categories incorporated in the general topic of violence. However various strategies have been incorporated in a bid to the upward trend of violence.
  • Intergenerational Partnerships in the Youth The study illustrates the utility of process evaluation methods for improving a new violence prevention program, Youth Empowerment Solutions for Peaceful Communities.
  • Youths Transitioning Foster Care System These problems have led to the necessity of occupational therapy in the foster care systems where they enable the young people aging out of foster care to deal with these issues.
  • Rate of Pregnancy Among Youths in Australia In most cases, the high rate of teenage pregnancy is a result of poor parenting and lack of sex education in the country.
  • Community Initiatives to Deal With Gang Violence Among the Youth This paper is a study of the activities that the members of the community can engage in to assist this process.
  • Detailed Plan to Attract Youth on Stock Market Investment The management of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange may consider starting mentorship programs, which target young people in this society in order to attract them to the stock market.
  • “Youth Gangs in American Society” by Tracy et al. The authors also identify some of the major issues and factors encouraging the youth to join different gangs. The book explores “the use of unremittingly tough policies in order to deal with crime and youth […]
  • Smoking Among the Youth Population Between 12-25 Years I will use the theory to strengthen the group’s beliefs and ideas about smoking. I will inform the group about the relationship between smoking and human health.
  • Asthma in School Going Youth: Effects and Management The control and prevention of adverse effects of asthma are goals of managing asthma as stated in the National Asthma Education and Preventive Program asthma treatment guidelines.
  • Alcohol Advertising and Youth This has been achieved by analyzing the relationship graphs of alcohol consumption versus advertising, as well as bans on advertising. One of them is that it only focuses on advertising as the only influencer of […]
  • The Social Environments and the Effectiveness of Youth HIV Prevention It is saddening that most of the youth view sex education negatively since their elders have socialized them to view it as a curse.
  • Youth Justice Conferencing as a Government Hybrid Technique The main rationale of introducing the youth justice conferencing is to provide for a safe and conducive environment in which both the offender and the victim are given equal opportunity to present facts about the […]
  • Family and Community Violence Exposure Among Youth In fact, the harmful effect of violence reflects on the surviving ability of the society.”Violence is among the leading causes of death for people aged 15-44 years worldwide, accounting for 14% of deaths among males […]
  • Behavior Modification as an Intervention to Enhance School and Training Attendance at Manson Youth Institution The process attempts to create a dialogue between the two and this has resulted in increased satisfaction for the victim, the offender ostensibly feels accountable for his actions and there is also lesser recidivism.
  • Communication Final Project: Youth Activism, Social Media, and Political Change Through Children’s Books Picture the Dream was an unconventional exhibition of children’s picture books related to the topic of the Civil Rights Movement and was held in the High Museum of Art.
  • Promoting the Importance of Healthy Living in Singapore Youth Community This information proves that it is necessary to identify how the Singapore youth community can benefit from the promotion of healthy living.
  • Social Media Efficiency in Decreasing Youth Alcohol Consumption The purpose of this paper is to discuss the effects and efficiency of social media in raising awareness of alcohol as a health risk factor and decreasing alcohol consumption among youth.
  • Civil and Political Engagement in Youth The paper highlights the lack of research on the political context and alternate means of civic engagement used by the young generation.
  • Youth-Led Activism and Political Engagement in New Zealand As the authors admit themselves, this choice of topic was due to the article being a part of a larger research project on the organization’s activism in New Zealand.
  • Kids and Youth Homelessness: Facts and Statistics in the United States There have been numerous government interventions in the form of policies since the times of the Great Depression, but the number of homeless children and teenagers has only increased.
  • Parent-Teacher-Youth Mediation Program Analysis Firstly, the parent-child communication quality will be evaluated within the framework of the characteristics of their relationships and the ability to manage the conflicting situation.
  • Unruly Youth in Urban Environments. Analysis In the end, marginalization forces both the protagonist of the film and the residents of favelas to illegal activities, such as violence and participating in drug trafficking.
  • Youth Empowerment in the UAE The UAE seeks to increase civic responsibility and leadership skills of youth because young people are considered to be an essential resource for the development of the country.
  • Poor Kids: The Impact of Poverty on Youth Nevertheless, the environment of constant limitations shapes the minds of children, their dreams and the paths they pursue in life, and, most importantly, what they make of themselves.
  • Career Motivation of Youth Professional Activity: RAKBANK At the same time, the orientation of the personnel policy of RAKBANK is the qualification and role of personnel in the implementation of strategic tasks.
  • “Friend of My Youth” by Alice Munro The narrator’s attempts to portray her mother as an active member of the community and tell the story through her eyes indicate a close connection between her and the storyteller.
  • Family Factors and Youth Suicide This, in turn, is fraught with the loss of contact between a child and parents and is a driver that prompts teenagers to seek a way out in suicidal thoughts.
  • Hardships of African-American Youths in the Singleton’s “Boyz N the Hood” The community that is filled with crime and corruption is a cesspool and is hard to avoid. His father, Furious, grew up in a harsh environment and so, he explains to Tre that the life […]
  • Critical Analysis of Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields It is also evident that the role of the parent in the life of a youth in the church is present in Chapter 4 of the book.
  • Sculpture of Victorious Youth The sculpture of the victorious youth is made of bronze and was discovered in the year 1964 in the Adriatic Sea.
  • Western Pop Culture and Street Fashion of Japanese Youth The research of the topic needs to be preceded by the explanation of the key subjects and notions used in the current paper.
  • Youth & Society Review In the following paper I have my goal to review the article by Robert Crosnoe, Kristan Glasgow Ericson and Sanford Dornbusch about the factors reducing and moderating the impact of deviating friendships among the adolescent […]
  • Deaf Youth: Social Justice Through Media and Activism The Deaf Youth USA for instance strives to educate, inspire, and empower the deaf youth to make difference in the communities.
  • A Community Development Plan for Youth 15-18 Years in Kenyan Kibera Slum The outspoken challenge facing youth in most of the developing nations has been lack of employment to absorb the large numbers of the unemployed youth loitering along the streets.
  • Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum Est” and “Anthem for Doomed Youth” The title is, in itself, ironic, for anthems have always meant to sing praises about grand things like love and patriotism, and so at first glance the poem seems to praise the damnation of the […]
  • Youth Culture, Obesity and Moral Panic The centrality of this health crisis within the public agenda can be evidenced in the increased coverage by the media and other forms of communication on how the youth are ending up obese due to […]
  • Jobless Youth Joining the Military It is stated that most of the youths in America join the military due to expansion of the nuclear energy and the need for more employees.
  • Youth Cultural Consumption and Its Impact on the Economy Culture is the sphere that can bring great profit to the manufacturers and the youth is the target audience of a great number of businesses belonging to the “culture industry”.
  • Employability of Youths in the US When there is high supply of the youths, their demand by the employers will be less or the rules of the employment will fluctuate and mostly to the advantage of the employer.
  • Youth as Active Participants in Resistance As a subculture it has spilled out from the youth to a wider popular culture acceptable by the main culture, who, while trying to take and accept the youth’s innovations, in design, music, in that […]
  • The Golden Age of Youth and Freedom However, it is interesting to compare it to the story which took place at the dawn of the cultural and sexual revolution in Chinese society.
  • Philosophy of Youth Ministry and Spirituality The sole aim for the formation of the youth ministry is to encourage the young people to learn more about their faith and engage themselves in spirituality.
  • Youth Wages in Australia and Their Advantages This assignment addresses on the advantages of having youth wages increment in Australia, and if the regime of this state should retain the wage arrangements which mainly targets the younger generation under the age of […]
  • Navy’s Child & Youth Programs: Loyal Kids Grant The Navy’s Child and Youth Programs are an essential part of the nation’s child and youth development aimed to promote quality, availability, and affordability of the care under the Department of Defense.
  • “Children With a Star: Jewish Youth in Nazi Europe” by Deborah Dwork Accordingly, this paper will identify some of the themes that are brought out in this book and the contribution of this book to my understanding of the topic of the Holocaust.
  • “The Illogic of Youth Driving Culture” by Tilleczek However, all of the literature included is of recent origin and revolves within the time frame of 10 years and it presents a thorough outline of the problem and the possible solution.
  • “The Wife of His Youth” Short Story by Chesnutt This is the case with Charles Chestnutt’s short story “The Wife of His Youth” in which the significant disruption of life experienced by the institution of slavery and the Civil War is illustrated through the […]
  • Youth Issue: Teen Pregnancy
  • Community Initiative – The Chinese American Youth Forum
  • Youth Prostitution in America
  • Appropriate Sentence for Violent Youth
  • Homeless Youths and Health Care Needs
  • Youth Sports: Negative Effects
  • Youth Crime and Punishment
  • Two Leadership Experiences That Was Significant to Me as a Leader of a Youth Group
  • Asian and Latino Youths Identity Problems
  • American Youth: Consumerism and Consumption Issues
  • Youth Unemployment in Africa: A Challenge for Public Policy Makers
  • Homophile Youth Movement Flier
  • Youth and Maturity as Stages in Human Life
  • Work for Youth: “Nickel and Dimed” by Ehrenreich
  • Living Environments: Classification for Youth
  • Youth Professional and National Occupational Standards
  • Asian Youth Gangs Analysis
  • The Concept of ‘Youth’ in Relation to Current Policy
  • Internet Drawbacks Upon Youth
  • How Should Youth Combat Negative Moral Influences?
  • Youth Crime. Prejudice: Is It Justified?
  • Smoking and Youth Culture in Germany
  • Marijuana Legalization and Consumption Among Youth
  • The First Aid Knowledge of Youth Soccer Coaches
  • Parents’ Role in Youth Probation Outcomes
  • High-Intensity Interval Training Program for Youth
  • Youth Resilience Across Seven South African Sites
  • Career Counseling Program for Disadvantaged Youth
  • Child and Youth Care Professional Issues
  • Songs of Delaware County Youth Orchestra Concert
  • National Security Language Initiative for Youth Program
  • Does Youth Sports Play a Part in Character Formation?
  • Behavioral Youth Counselor’s Self-Assessment
  • Alcohol and Youth Perception
  • Reducing the Alcohol Abuse Among the Youth
  • Helping Families in Need: Concepts of Child and Youth Care
  • Child, Youth and Family Intervention
  • Youth Subcultures Causing Moral Panic in Media
  • Chapters 7-9 of “Youth Media” by Bill Osgerby
  • National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards
  • Outdoor Activity Sport Business for Women and Youth
  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation Website Analysis
  • Youth Sports and Its Role in Character Formation
  • Youth Sports Role in Character Formation
  • Safe Driving Among American Youth as Health Issue
  • “Why Youth (Heart) Social Network Sites” by Danah Boyd
  • The Real Needs of Homeless Youth in the United States
  • Youth Suicide Prevention: Health Promotion Plan
  • Social Behaviour as a Science: Drug Abuse in Youth
  • HIV Prevention in Youth: Public Health Campaign
  • Behavior Change Intervention for Youth in Florida
  • Implications of Youth Violence
  • Youth Texting Research Dissemination Strategy
  • Youth Gang Prevention Continuum in Society
  • Drug Prevention Among Rural Hawaiian Youth
  • A New Weapon Used Against Youth
  • Premarital Sex Attitudes Among Youth and Adults
  • Pop Cultural Influence on American Youth
  • Morality, Faith, and Dignity in Modern Youth
  • Youth’s Aggression and Social Media
  • American Youth in Films Since 1980s
  • Youth Drug Abuse Among, Education, and Policies
  • Obesity Consequences for Youth and Adults
  • Prevention of Alcohol Consumption Among Youth
  • Disposable Water Bottle Usage by Youth Population
  • Youth Demonstrating Truant Behavior
  • Youth Culture After Technological Advancement
  • Troubled Children and Youth
  • The Internet Effect on the Youth Participation in Politics
  • Culture in “Youth Media”by Bill Osgerby
  • How Does Obesity Affect African American Youth?
  • Social Media Hazards for Youth
  • Youth Cultures and Moral Panic
  • Owning a Gun by Youth in Dangerous Environments
  • Muslim Youth Redefining Leadership by N. Hussain
  • Chinese Youth Sexual Culture
  • Youth Participation in Democracy: China
  • Cyberbullying and Its Impacts on Youths Today
  • Mobile Youth Outreach Service’ Therapy Plan
  • “Let Teenagers Try Adulthood” by Leon Botstein – Youth Issues
  • Computer Apps for Productive Endeavors of Youth
  • Media and Youth Violence
  • Hip Hop Music as Media Influence on the Youth
  • Cultural Awareness Among the Arab Youth
  • Doctors’, Government and Youth Views
  • Youth Issues: Student Differences
  • Youth Issues: Video Games Effects
  • Youth With Autism Disorder: Education and Employment
  • Handling a Depressed Youth
  • Lessons of Wisdom From Seniors to Youth
  • The Youth Unemployment Crisis in Spain
  • Sexual Health Education: The Issue of Necessity and Effectiveness of Youth Policies
  • Does Violence in Video Games Affect Youth?
  • Youth Popular Cultures and Music
  • Why Kuwaiti Youth are Reluctant About Using Public Libraries
  • The Role of the Youth Leader
  • Drug Abuse Among the Youth
  • The Impressions of Emirati Youths on ISIS
  • Youth Violence: Prevalence and Trends
  • Somerset Rural Youth Project – Quality Assurance
  • Youth Unemployment in UK and Talent Management Challenges
  • Youth Arts and the Regulation of Subjectivity
  • Youth Antisocial Behaviour: Britain
  • The Effect of Health and Wellbeing on Australian Youth
  • Youth Issues: The State of Children’s Rights in UAE
  • ‘Youth, Adult and Elderly Miracle Centre’
  • Marketing Sports Drinks: What They Don’t Tell the Youth
  • HIV and AIDS Prevention Among the Youth in Asia
  • Gangsta Rap Music as Social Culture in the Journal of Youth Studies by Alexander Riley
  • Public Policy on Youth Gambling
  • Django Paris on Humanizing Research in a Multiethnic Youth Community
  • How Social Media Network Can Change the Attitude of Australian Youth
  • Program Outcomes in a Non-Profit Organization Serving at Risk Youth in an Urban Metropolitan Area
  • Contrast of Youth Employment Methods Between American and Other Countries
  • Archery and Fencing as Youth’s Sports Programs
  • Putting Out the Fires: Will Higher Taxes Reduce the Onset of Youth Smoking?
  • Youth, Crime, and Violence
  • The Weekly Article Analysis on Motivating the Aging and Youthful Workforces
  • New Media and Popular Youth Culture in China
  • The Changing Relationship Between the Generations’ Youth Studies Australia
  • Definition of Alcohol Misuse (Alcohol Abuse and Addiction) in Youth Population Age 18-29
  • Youth Culture in the Last 20-30 Years: New York, London and Tokyo
  • Foods That Are Being Served to Our Youth in the School System
  • Connection Between Child Maltreatment and Youth Violence
  • The Concept of Community Development to the Homeless Youths in Australia
  • Youth Culture Under the Globalization Time
  • Police-Youth Relations/Community Policing and Young Offenders
  • Marked Language in Multiracial Youth
  • Police-Youth Relations and Community Policing
  • Child and Youth Care Counselor
  • Violent Video Games and How They Affect Youth Violence
  • Obesity Cases Among Youths
  • Child Welfare in the Together Youth Shelter
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  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "348 Youth Essay Topics & Examples." March 1, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/youth-essay-topics/.

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Does nothing stop a bullet like a job? The effects of income on crime

Do jobs and income-transfer programs affect crime? The answer depends on why one is asking the question, which shapes what one means by “crime.” Many studies focus on understanding why overall crime rates vary across people, places, and time; since 80% of all crimes are property offenses, that’s what this type of research typically explains. But if the goal is to understand what to do about the crime problem, the focus will instead be on serious violent crimes, which account for the majority of the social costs of crime. The best available evidence suggests that policies that reduce economic desperation reduce property crime (and hence overall crime rates) but have little systematic relationship to violent crime. The difference in impacts surely stems in large part from the fact that most violent crimes, including murder, are not crimes of profit but rather crimes of passion – including rage. Policies to alleviate material hardship, as important and useful as those are for improving people’s lives and well-being, are not by themselves sufficient to also substantially alleviate the burden of crime on society.

When citing this paper, please use the following: “Ludwig, J, Schnepel, K. 2024. Does nothing stop a bullet like a job? The effects of income on crime. Annual Review of Criminology. Submitted.” Thanks to Shawn Bushway, Jillian Carr, Aaron Chalfin and Philip Cook for helpful comments, and to Maggi Ibis, Javier Lopez, Biz Rasich and Alejandro Roemer for outstanding assistance. All opinions and any errors are of course our own. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Bureau of Economic Research.


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15th Annual Feldstein Lecture, Mario Draghi, "The Next Flight of the Bumblebee: The Path to Common Fiscal Policy in the Eurozone cover slide

Teenager charged as an adult in downtown Indianapolis shooting that injured 7

youth crime essay topics

INDIANAPOLIS — A 17-year-old has been charged as an adult in connection with a shooting in downtown Indianapolis last month that wounded seven minors between the ages of 12 and 17, authorities said Tuesday.

King Dennis faces charges in adult court including a misdemeanor charge of dangerous possession of a firearm and two felony counts of criminal recklessness in the March 30 shooting. In a statement about the charging decision, Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears cited Dennis' prior gun-related conviction, the nature of the shooting, and state law as the reason the teen's case was moved to adult court.

Prosecutors also have asked for a greater bond in the case, raising concerns about the "physical safety of another person or the community," as well as GPS monitoring for the teen. In addition to their request to increase bond in the case, prosecutors have asked the court to ban Dennis from entering within a six-block radius of the shooting's location.

“I want to thank the investigators for getting us to this point, but this is the first step — as this matter remains under investigation," Mears said. "We will continue to pursue leads and information until everyone involved is held accountable for their actions.”

The shooting stemmed from an ongoing feud between groups, authorities previously said. Police officers were on patrol in downtown Indianapolis when they heard shots fired shortly after 11:30 p.m. on March 30.

Responding officers discovered "a large group of juveniles," including six with gunshot wounds, at the scene, according to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief Tanya Terry. The six injured minors were transported to area hospitals and a seventh victim arrived later at an area hospital.

The seven victims included two 16-year-old boys, one 16-year-old girl, three 14-year-old girls and one 12-year-old boy, who all suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The shooting drew national attention to the city and its struggle against rising youth violence. The violence also prompted police to enforce the state's curfew law .  

Deadly shootings at bus stops: Are America's buses under siege from gun violence?

Teen later identified as suspect through surveillance footage

Police arrested Dennis the night of the shooting "after fighting with police," according to new details in court records. The teen told police that he and his cousins encountered a large group of people in a fight, and he heard gunshots but denied knowing why people were firing at him.

Police soon later identified him as a suspect after reviewing surveillance footage capturing the shooting and identifying the trigger-puller as Dennis, who was seen wearing the same light-colored embroidered jacket he had on when arrested. The footage showed him pointing a handgun toward a crowd of people and firing, a probable cause affidavit states.

Investigators surveilled Dennis' address and detained him during a traffic stop on April 5. According to court records, Dennis identified himself as the person depicted in the surveillance video during interviews with police.

Dennis told police he was with his 12-year-old cousin and other people when they approached a group fighting near the sidewalk, court records state. He said people began shooting guns in his direction and he moved toward a corner of the intersection, where he drew the pistol he had tucked in his jacket and returned fire.

He also told police he got the gun from his best friend earlier that night. No details about that person were provided in court records.

Police said investigators will continue to review surveillance footage and talk to witnesses to identify other suspects.

Youth violence surges in Indianapolis

While the number of homicides and shootings has decreased in recent years in Indianapolis, violence among youth aged 17 and younger has escalated. According to a recent report, Indianapolis’ youth homicide rate has tripled since 2016.

The report found that for every homicide in the city, there are three to four shootings of youth in Indianapolis. The report also noted that Black youth are nine times more likely to be shot in Indianapolis compared to youth of other races and youth firearm injuries are more concentrated on the city's east side.

In response to the rise in youth violence in Indianapolis, the city has created a position dedicated to curbing youth violence.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Christopher Bailey also announced last week that police will enforce the state’s curfew law for minors. Indiana’s curfew law states that children younger than 15 may not be in a public place after 11 p.m. or before 5 a.m. on any day.

Officers will issue announcements through public address systems on their patrol cars before the curfew takes effect, followed by another announcement that the curfew is in effect. For youth violating the curfew, officers may bring the minor to a designated safe location and then notify the minor's parent or guardian.

“The behavior we saw (on March 30) will not continue,” Bailey said last week. “It is our duty as parents, as adults and as law enforcement to keep our children safe, alive, out of jail and out of the cemetery.” 

Contributing: Jake Allen, Indianapolis Star

Contact reporter Sarah Nelson at [email protected]


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