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8 Websites for Making Money with your Proofreading Skills

  • by Michelle
  • October 11, 2021

8 Websites for Making Money with your Proofreading Skills

Are you a writer or someone who is passionate about writing and has a great eye for grammatical errors? If this description fits you, then you can easily make money by proofreading articles. Many websites pay you to proofread their articles, for which you only need good English language skills, a knack for grammar and you’re good to go.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is a critical component of the writing process involving English professionals scrutinizing a written document to detect and correct mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. Good writing always requires alteration and revision, and a basic aspect of this process is proofreading.

Proofreaders have one and only one objective: To ensure that a given piece of text is 100% correct in terms of grammar and vocabulary. If you believe you have the skill set to check and correct someone else’s writing then this is the right job for you.

Can I really earn money online as a Proofreader?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, there are a number of websites that are looking for expert writing professionals to help them with their client’s writing. And some of them pay really well. The amount of money you can earn out of this career depends on your skill level. Some jobs even pay up to $50 per hour to read and edit documents.

Legitimate Websites that Pay you to Proofread

Here are some of the most reliable websites where you get paid to proofread and edit text:

Scribendi is a site that provides proofreading services for essays, thesis, resumes and many other types of scripts. It hires proofreaders and editors with good qualifications and degree in any related field. You can join their team of expert editors and earn money with your language skills. You can either choose to work at their office or work as a freelancer and proofread scripts at the comfort of your home. To join their team, your proofreading speed should be of 1000 to 1500 words per hour. You can apply for a job at Scribendi by going to the jobs section and filling in the form.


Prompt is a website that provides help to students in writing their essays, specifically college essays and therefore requires individuals who are good creative writers and understand the art of essay writing to provide writing coaching to students. The task for a writer at prompt is different from proofreading as it involves creative thinking and writing skills. Prompt requires a minimum commitment of 4 hour per week. It’s a good opportunity for people who enjoy writing and are good at creating, analyzing, and bringing out the best of an essay.

Scribbr is another writing coaching service for students. It involves guiding students in writing their essays and help them become better writers by guiding them in their language skills. The website also helps students of bachelor’s, masters, and even Ph.D. in perfecting their thesis to graduate successfully. If you think you can be a good editor and mentor for students, then you can definitely work at Scribbr. The best thing about scribbr is that it allows flexibility for its’ writers. You can work from the comfort of your home and even design your own work schedule. Other than that, you can interact with a community of writers at scribbr if you need any help of any sort.


As the name suggests, proofreadingservices.com proofreads various documents for clients from all around the world and recruits anyone who has a good hand at language and can efficiently help in improving a writing piece or editing it. To become a proofreader at this site, you must take their preliminary test to showcase your language aptitude. Once you become a part of their team, you can earn between $19 – $46 with flexible working hours.

Cactus global

Cactus Global is a proofreading service that hires specialist writers of diverse specializations. You can help with writing pieces of different subjects, depending on your field of study or specialization. You must have a degree in a related field to join the team at cactus global. Proofreading subjects range from science and engineering to healthcare and business. If you have a piece of good knowledge in any specific field, then you can earn at this forum. Your task will mostly consist of editing and formatting manuscripts. Like all other proofreading sites, cactus global also allows you to work from home and determine your own work hours.


Jobs for editors is an editing and proofreading service that does not require you to have a degree to start earning at their platform, however it does require individuals to have impeccable English skills and are good at analyzing writing samples to point out any mistakes and suggest improvements. It also requires you to know how to use a computer and the ability to work efficiently and deliver within the time frame. Although you don’t need a degree for this job, jobs for editors highly encourages professionals and specialists to apply at their forum as a writer manager.

As a freelancer, you can work according to your ease and even signup for 1 week of training period if you are new at an editing job. Other than that, jobs for editors allow you to obtain a salary twice a month. You can apply for a job at this platform by submitting your CV.


Another easy way for language experts to use their skill and earn a good amount of money. Writing jobs posts a variety of writing jobs on its’ platform and you can take up any amount of load, according to your ease to start earning. Writing jobz offers a diverse range of topics to proofread and edit. You can also write on different subjects and earn through your creativity if you enjoy writing. You can analyze science manuscripts, medicine, history and even sports manuscripts; and can provide important feedback for student essays, research papers, book reviews and help them in their work. To apply you need to take a test and fill in the form and you’re good to go!

Reedsy is a great site for professional editors, publishers, and writers to earn extra income with their highly in-demand skills. Readsy provides service to authors who are looking to publish their books and need help with the finishing touches. If you have experience in publishing or editing books, then you are a perfect fit for this platform. Reedsy is a reliable site that has received funding from the European Union and has been reviewed by BBC. The best thing about reedsy is that it delivers your profile to the right client so that you don’t have to compete for every job against a wave of other freelancers. To begin working at reedsy, create your profile, and showcase your work experience to get accepted. Besides editing, reedsy also offers jobs for designers, writers, marketers and web designers. So if you have any of those skills, then you can be a part of reedsy as well.

If you’re interested in working online as a writer, here are 10 Freelance writing websites you can join.

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How to Become a Proofreader in 5 Easy Steps (Beginner’s Guide)

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Proofreading is a great side hustle opportunity, but there are a few things you should know about it before you get started. Learn how to become a proofreader and what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Jen Smith

Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. If a purchase or signup is made through one of our Partners’ links, we may receive compensation for the referral. Learn more here .

In the two years that I’ve been a full-time writer, I’ve gotten exponentially better at grammar and punctuation.

But as any of my editors will tell you, I’m not perfect. That’s why it’s so helpful to have proofreading tools and services available when I need them.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. There are many professions and industries where people rely on proofreaders to make sure the things they publish are free from errors.

Ever wonder what it takes to become one of those proofreaders and make money from home?

It’s a great side hustle opportunity, but there are a few things you should know about how to become a proofreader before you get started.

What Is Proofreading?

Proofreading is simply reading a document and marking or correcting any errors. A proofreader makes the final pass to ensure a published work is free of all spelling and grammar mistakes.

To be a proofreader, you must have great attention to detail and be willing to communicate if you’re not sure about something. If the proofreader is having a hard time understanding something, odds are the audience will, too. And the writer may not even read it once the proofreader’s done with it, so the document has to be perfect.

“What I didn’t realize about proofreading when I started – that I certainly know now – is that your clients really will depend on you to be a final proof and may not even glance at the content again before considering it finalized,” said Jennifer Johnson, a communications and public relations consultant at jentimecity.com.

How Much Do Proofreaders Make?

An experienced proofreader can charge anywhere from $20 to $45 an hour, depending on the scope of the work. According to the Editorial Freelancers Association, the average is $30 to $35 per hour, assuming 2,200 to 3,200 words per hour. PayScale reports the median yearly salary to come in at just under $45,000 per year.

median proofreader yearly salary according to glassdoor

Beverly Darnell, a writer for USInsuranceAgents.com, has been proofreading for nearly 30 years.

“I was a full-time contract proofreader for six months at a large insurance company,” Darnell said. “I was paid $23.00/hour for 40 hours a week of AP Style proofreading.”

What you make is also determined by how much your services are needed. If you choose an in-demand niche such as legal transcript reporting, you could have consistent work more easily than other niches.

Caitlin Pyle, a legal transcript proofreader and educator, earned just over $43,000 in her first year, working about 20 to 30 hours a week.

“There are a couple of reasons that transcript proofreading is popular,” Pyle said. “Court reporters are in high demand; there’s actually a projected shortage of these skilled professionals, and proofreaders enable reporters to focus on what makes them money: going to jobs and producing more pages.”

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Proofreading vs. Copyediting vs. Scoping

“The first thing to know about proofreading — and this ties into how much you can charge — is that it’s critical to make sure you and your client are working from the same definition of “proofreading,” said Patti Podnar, a freelance content strategist at PattiPodnar.com.

“What if you realize that the content you’re proofreading is making an argument based on flawed logic? What if, from your own experience, you have additional information that would make the content stronger? Are they open to that kind of input? If so, you’re not just proofreading; you’re doing developmental editing and should charge accordingly.”

Copyediting and proofreading do much of the same thing, but they’re done in a particular order. Copyediting comes first, checking for initial grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. A copy editor also corrects for things like the continuity of the story, clarity of phrases, copyright infringements, facts checking, and correct citations.

Proofreading is the final step before publishing. Once something is copyedited and formatted, a proofreader checks for any mistakes the editor missed or potentially introduced: issues with formatting, and visual consistency in headings, tables, etc.

chart analyzing the difference between proofreading and copyediting

Scoping is another service that often gets mistaken as proofreading. Scoping is editing transcripts for court reporters. Scopists use the same steno software that court reporters use with audio to ensure everything was transcribed as accurately as possible.

A scopist or court reporter will then hire a proofreader to go through the document one final time to catch small errors like capitalization, punctuation, and word usage.

How to Become a Proofreader in 5 Simple Steps 

You can start proofreading online as a side hustle — or potentially a full-time online business —  in as short as a few weeks. Using the right strategy will get you there faster than others.

1. Decide if You Have the Skills to Become a Proofreader

Proofreading isn’t for everyone. You have to have exceptional attention to detail and be able to work fast.

“If you overlook something, it could cost a company a lot of money to make corrections,” Darnell said. “It can also be fast-paced, high-volume work. You need to be a master multi-tasker who can complete tasks quickly.”

Sometimes you have to learn specialized skills beyond traditional punctuation and grammar.

“For legal transcript proofreading, you also have to adapt to the rules of transcripts, which aren’t the same as other proofreading or copy editing,” Pyle said. “You can’t change the grammar, ever — no matter how awful it is. Punctuation is more important than grammar in transcripts, and you have to know how to apply those rules to some really tricky constructions.”

While skills vary across different types of proofreading, some qualities are universal for all proofreaders.

  • Reliability: A sought-after proofreader must be able to meet deadlines and respond to client emails promptly.
  • Flexibility: They must be able to work with printed and digital materials.
  • Perfectionism: Proofreaders should be meticulous and detail-oriented.

If you’re still unsure how to make money proofreading or if it’s a good fit for you at all, Caitlin Pyle offers a free workshop designed to introduce people to the field of proofreading online. It’s also packed with great advice and business-building tips for any type of freelancer.

2. Get Training on How to Become a Proofreader

To get started, you’ll need some proofreading training. Darnell recommends picking one style and committing to it.

“I suggest picking either AP or Chicago Style of writing and becoming so well-versed in it that you can tell which is being used within the first few sentences of a written document,” she said.

You can find free quizzes to test yourself on Chicago and AP Style , but there aren’t many places to learn the skills needed to become a good proofreader. That’s one of the reasons Pyle makes proofreading courses.

Her course, Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice , teaches students basic proofreading skills, how to set up their business,  and how to get and keep clients. Students complete more than 3,000 transcript pages and take three tests to graduate.

At the end of the self-paced course, which usually takes between two and four months to complete, graduates are well-equipped to start their own legal transcript proofreading business.

She also has a general proofreading course for people who want broader proofreading training. Her training aims to take the learning curve out of proofreading and get students to make more money faster.

3. Determine Your Niche

Once you’ve decided you’ve got the skills for proofreading and you enjoy it, it’s time to explore the niche options available. You can choose from several different types of proofreading niches depending on your strengths and time availability.

Print media proofreading: This is the most traditional type of proofreading. Checking for spelling, grammar, and formatting issues in newspapers, books, and other printed or online publications.

Marketing materials: Large companies spend millions of dollars on printed and online ad campaigns, and one mistake could cost them additional millions. A marketing proofreader checks the spelling, grammar, and formatting of ads, press releases, and emails.

Academic proofreading: Beyond grammar and spelling, academic proofreaders check references, citations, and style in assignments, dissertations, and course materials.

Proofreading translations: Proofreading translations may require proficiency in the translated language, but not always. These proofreaders specifically make sure the meaning and context of the translation are accurate.

Transcript proofreading: Many YouTube and podcast hosts will transcribe their audio for use on their website. Proofreaders here make sure the automated transcription makes sense and is formatted correctly.

Legal transcript proofreading: Checking for accuracy of court reporter transcripts. This type of proofreading is unique in that there’s no grammar or style correction. Proofreaders are checking for accuracy between the audio and transcript and correcting punctuation. This is one of the more lucrative and consistent forms of proofreading.

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4. Set Your Proofreading Rates

Beginning freelance proofreaders charge anywhere from $10 to $35 per hour based on the document length, turnaround time, and skill set needed to complete the work. The more specific your expertise, the more you can charge.

Johnson said she made $15 an hour starting out proofreading and technical editing at an engineering company nine years ago.

“A starting rate for proofreading in 2019 would be more like $25 per hour,” she said.

When you’re starting out, don’t be disappointed by all the lower-paying proofreading jobs. Take what you can get and make it a point to continue learning and niching down as you gain experience.

5. Look for Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

Decide whether you want to start your own business and find clients on your own or take a job. You can find proofreading jobs from sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter .

ziprecuiter proofreading jobs board

Fiverr, Upwork, and LinkedIn are great places to post your resume when you don’t know where to start. Facebook groups for writers and people in media can be good too, but you should avoid being spammy and only offer advice or services when asked. You can also post your services in the English building or library on college campuses.

If you know the niche you want to work in, join industry-specific groups and reach out to people who might be in charge of finding proofreaders.

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Proofreading Resources

To be a successful proofreader, you have to be proficient with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more. But there are tools and resources that can help you complete work faster and with more accuracy.

Grammarly is a free app for Google Chrome and macOS that detects grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors and allows you to fix them with one click. It also detects wordiness and offers alternative phrasing.

The premium version of Grammarly goes further by detecting overused words, unclear sentence structure, and even plagiarism.


ProWritingAid is a premium app with a limited free version that focuses more on context, syntax, and structure. It’s helpful in editing long-form content and can help you become a better writer with in-depth explanations for its recommendations.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App aims to make your writing clear and concise. You can use it as a free online editor or pay for a downloadable version. It highlights in different colors to show where sentences and words can be made clearer. It even analyzes the text to show the grade level it’s written and how long it takes to read.

AP Stylebook

The Associated Press publishes and updates the AP Stylebook , the primary style reference for news and public relations. You can purchase a physical or digital copy to reference when proofreading or download style-checking tools for Microsoft Word and more.

Chicago Manual of Style

Anyone proofreading books, periodicals, and journals should be well-acquainted with the Chicago Manual of Style . It’s much more in-depth than the AP Stylebook so having a copy to reference will be far easier than trying to memorize the complete 950-page guide.

Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer

Dreyer’s English is a book on grammar that will teach you lessons from Dreyer’s 20 years in copyediting for Random House and will entertain you to no end. This book is essential reading for anyone who works with the English language.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr.

The Elements of Style is an American English writing style guide focusing on telling good stories with as few words as possible. Time listed it as one of the 100 best and most influential books written in English since 1923.

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Proofreading Online Can Provide a Flexible Income

Proofreading is a reliable job that’s been around since the dawn of print media, and it’s one that will continue to stick around as the demand for content marketing and court reporting increase.

It won’t make you rich, but when you know how to become a proofreader you can create a lucrative side hustle for yourself.

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Best Online Proofreading Jobs

Minimal financial investment is needed, qualifications aren’t necessarily required, and the work is flexible. Online proofreading is something you can do whenever and wherever you want.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or living the digital nomad lifestyle, working remotely from your computer can be a great option. Online proofreading jobs generally revolve around projects and deadlines rather than set hours, so it’s easy to structure the work around your routine.

As the internet continues to expand, more new content is being created every day. All this content needs to be proofread – there’s never been a better time to become a proofreader. Yet making a start on something new can be daunting. Where can you find a job? Is it competitive? How much money can you make proofreading?

This guide to online proofreading jobs will answer these questions and more.

What Is Proofreading?

Before we get started, let’s define what proofreading is and isn’t.

Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process, which takes place once the first draft has been written and run through by an editor. Proofreaders are the last in line before a piece of work is published.

Proofreading vs. Editing

Proofreaders focus on spelling and grammar mistakes. They don’t suggest large changes such as rephrasing sentences, restructuring, or formatting entire sections – this is the job of copy editors.

When searching for online proofreading jobs, you’ll find there’s a lot of overlap between editors and proofreaders when it comes to job adverts. It’s important to be aware of the differences.

Proofreaders cover a wide variety of content. The usual suspects are the types already alluded to – eBooks and web content – but it doesn’t end there. More under-the-radar documents also need to be proofread: white papers, student theses, user manuals; even menus.

It’s also important to differentiate between being a remote employee and a freelancer. Both involve very similar job tasks, but the structure couldn’t be more difficult. Freelancers are responsible for managing their own freelance business and finding clients, whereas employees work for one company. Both options offer the flexibility of working from home .

Best Proofreading Jobs Online

Here are the top 10 ways to find proofreading jobs online:

  • JournalismJobs
  • BloggingPro
  • MediaBistro

FlexJobs specializes in remote job opportunities; seriously, that’s all they do.

You can find both part-time and full-time jobs that allow you to work from home, or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Price: $9.95 w/ 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

FlexJobs is the largest site for finding remote, work-from-home jobs, both full-time and part-time for your skillset. The trained researchers at FlexJobs hand-screen job listings to eliminate ads and scams found on other sites. Find everything from entry-level to executive positions at FlexJobs.

Another popular option is Fiverr , which has the advantage of letting you get started straight away. This makes it an ideal place to test the waters and see what types of assignments you like doing.

Fiverr started as a website where you could find anyone to do anything for $5, but has quickly evolved to be one of the top platforms in the world for freelancers to find work and people to find freelancers. It’s definitely worth exploring.

It also makes it easy to do a few assignments and use your happy clients as testimonials in other areas of your proofreading business.

Learn more:

  • Best Fiverr Gigs

If you don’t feel ready to pitch directly to companies, using third-party websites designed for freelancers could be a good option.

The advantage of using these kinds of sites is that you don’t have to worry about being scammed or chasing payment because the website takes care of this for you. However, it comes at a price – a cut of the profit will be taken.

Upwork is the largest and most popular of these websites, and it provides a huge amount of work. Some love it and others hate it, but it can be a good place to start.

However, it can be complicated to get accepted as Upwork claims to receive over 10,000 applicants a day. You need to ensure that your profile is filled in and you include all relevant information.

  • UpWork vs Fiverr: Which is Better?

LinkedIn is a well-respected place to search for high-quality jobs. You can input ‘remote’ into the location option to ensure that you narrow your search down to online proofreading jobs.

It’s also possible to create alerts for jobs that match your search terms and have new jobs sent straight to your inbox daily. Just remember to create multiple alerts including all the key terms.

You’ve probably used Indeed before, but not everybody realizes the number of remote jobs on there.

Competition can be high since Indeed is one of the most well-known job websites in the world and it’s extremely convenient to use – but for the same reasons, you can’t afford to ignore it.

Another great option is Monster.com , which works in almost the same way as Indeed. Regularly applying for relevant jobs posted on this triad – LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster – will certainly keep you occupied.

Hopefully, success will come your way eventually.

Online Proofreading Job Boards

The final option you can pursue is to check online job boards and websites that are specifically made for freelance proofreading jobs.

Some big online job boards which often have jobs relevant for proofreading are these:

  • JournalismJobs – best for ‘media jobs’ including proofreading
  • ProBlogger – mostly for writing jobs but sometimes proofreading
  • BloggingPro – aimed at writers but includes proofreading too
  • MediaBistro – various media jobs including proofreading

11 Proofreading Jobs That Require A Degree

There are also various websites that are specifically geared toward experienced proofreaders. These sites are looking for highly qualified academic proofreaders.

For those professional jobseekers, here are the 11 best proofreading jobs that require a degree :

  • CACTUS Global – needs proofreaders to have a PhD/Master’s/Bachelor’s degree or expertise in a specialized subject.
  • Edit 911 – hires proofreaders with an English PhD who can use InDesign or Publisher.
  • Edit Fast – requires a degree from a recognized university.
  • Enago – hires proofreaders with a Master’s degree/PhD/postdoctoral research experience.
  • English Trackers – hires proofreaders with a PhD.
  • ProofreadingPal – hires proofreaders enrolled in college with a minimum 3.5 GPA or experienced graduates.
  • Scribbr – hires proofreaders with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Scribendi – hires editors with a university degree.
  • WordFirm Inc’s ManagedEditing prefers five years’ experience and a degree.
  • Words R U – hires proofreaders with a PhD or Master’s and preferably with ESL experience.
  • Wordvice – requires a graduate degree.

19 Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

If you are just getting started as a proofreader, here are the top 19 online proofreading jobs that don’t require a degree :

  • American Journal Experts – hires editors with proven expertise.
  • Babbletype – hires skilled proofreaders and editors.
  • Domainite – the rates are low but could be a good place to start.
  • Book Editing Associates – five years of experience is required.
  • Editor Live – hires proofreaders for academic and business papers.
  • Gramlee – must submit an application to get approved.
  • Kibin – allows you to sign up for proofreader job alerts.
  • Kirkus Media – sometimes hires editors.
  • Lifetips – offer remote employee positions with benefits.
  • OneSpace – hire for both writing and editing jobs.
  • Polished Paper – hires those who can pass a 35-question test.
  • Prompt – hires freelancers to read college admission essays.
  • Proofreadingservices.com – hires those who can pass a 20-minute proofreading test.
  • R3ciprocity –based on a credits system where contributors proof each other’s work and use the credits to get their own work proofed. You can also turn the credits into cash.
  • Reedsy – a freelance marketplace that allows you to work with authors and writers.
  • Scribe Media – hire freelance “scribes.” The role involves writing as well as editing.
  • Scribe Writing (previously Book in a Box) – proofread a book project which lasts for a series of months.
  • Smartbrief – sometimes looks for proofreaders and editors but the pay is low.
  • Writer’s Relief – hires proofreaders to read the work of creative writers to get published. Only accept 2% of those who apply to get accepted.

Connect With Proofreaders in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are another great way to find jobs. Many companies aren’t willing to spend their budget on giving commission to third-party websites and prefer to directly source proofreaders. However, it’s worth exercising a healthy dose of caution when it comes to Facebook job pages; they can sometimes be a hotspot for scammers.

One thing you may find is that proofreading jobs get posted on groups that aren’t necessarily specific to proofreading. Therefore, it’s worth getting creative with which groups you join. You should be able to find relevant jobs by searching for all the key terms related to proofreading and also terms such as ‘freelance writing’, ‘flexible jobs’, and ‘remote work’.

Clearly, there are many social media platforms you can use to source online proofreading jobs. You may want to try out various different methods and figure out which ones work out best for you. It’s important to remember that you may find your search difficult at first but things will get easier as you build up experience and get referred by past clients.

How To Become A Proofreader

It goes without saying that proofreaders need to have excellent spelling and grammar skills.

However, even if your command of the English language is perfect and your attention to detail is second-to-none, this is unlikely to guarantee you a top-paying gig unless you can back your skills up with experience or qualifications.

Do I Need A Degree To Become A Proofreader?

Having a degree in English or Journalism isn’t essential, but it’s undoubtedly an advantage. This is especially true for anybody hoping to go down the route of being a remote employee rather than a freelancer – companies will expect a more traditional candidate.

If you don’t have a degree in a relevant discipline – or no degree at all – then there’s no need to panic. Freelancing jobs tend to rely more heavily on experience and testimonials than on conventional qualifications.

Is Proofreading Difficult?

You may be worried that, since online proofreading jobs being such an attractive option for many people, the market would be oversaturated and demand would struggle to meet supply. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

The truth is that not everybody has the skills necessary to be a good proofreader. It’s a difficult and highly technical job, which is why so many companies demand candidates who have a bachelor’s degree – or even a PhD – in English.

Due to online proofreading being such a flexible role, many people drift in and out of the profession, meaning that companies are always seeking new people.

You may also be worried about the threat of automation, especially as the use of tools such as Grammarly is growing. However, anybody who uses these tools on a regular basis knows that they’re an imperfect replacement for real human beings.

Robots may do a good job of learning grammar rules and spellings, but they’re yet to be able to understand context and tone.

Take An Online Proofreading Course for Professional Certification

If you want to brush up on your skills or stand out from your competitors, one option is to take an online course. This is a lot cheaper and quicker than completing an entire undergraduate degree.

The Proofread Anywhere course is excellent for those who want to get serious about proofreading, and you can take part in a free workshop before you decide whether to complete the whole course.

Proofread Anywhere is hands down the best proofreading course anywhere online. Hundreds of Millennial Money readers have taken this course and are now making money proofreading.

Proofread Anywhere - The #1 Online Proofreading Course logo

Proofread Anywhere - The #1 Online Proofreading Course

Most courses focus on the mechanics of proofreading, but Proofread Anywhere trains you on both how to proofread AND how to market your services. The course has helped 15,000+ students with their proofreading career!

Test Your Proofreading Skills

You may be asked to do an editing test before you’re given a job, especially if you’re applying for a remote employee role, so it’s important to make sure you’re up to a good standard. Not sure whether your skills are good enough?

There are various free tests you can try, such as the Ultimate Editing Test from ProEdit or the proofreading test on Web Done Right. The Society for Editors and Proofreaders in the UK also has a test – but beware of the differences between American English and British English.

How Much Do Online Proofreaders Make Per Hour?

Online proofreading jobs aren’t usually paid by the hour. Remote employees will be paid a yearly salary, but freelance proofreaders are more likely to be paid by the project, pages, or even words.

Having said that, according to Salary.com , the average salary is $54,956. The true figure depends on a lot of factors. Payscale.com allows you to input your city and years of experience to find out a more accurate figure.

How To Choose Your Rate As A Freelance Proofreader

Of course, if you want to work as a freelance proofreader, then you’ll be free to choose your own rate. Most freelance proofreaders start off with a relatively low hourly wage and then increase their rate gradually over time as they hone their craft and build up their portfolio.

A quick search on Upwork reveals that there are currently over 200 freelance proofreaders who are charging an hourly rate of $60 an hour or more. Some charge up to $100 or even slightly more.

It’s tempting to charge a low rate under the guise that this will guarantee more work, but this isn’t the case. Most freelancers charging high rates have no trouble finding work because they have the experience and skills to back up the prices they ask for.

Best Proofreading Industries

It’s also notable that some industries are more well-paid than others. You may want to bear this in mind if you’re planning on approaching companies you’d like to work with directly. According to Data USA , the best- and worst-paying industries are as follows.


  • Printing & related support activities
  • Legal services
  • Advertising, public relations & related services


  • Business support services
  • Newspaper publishers
  • Colleges, universities & professional schools

Tools & Online Resources For Proofreaders

In terms of equipment, online proofreading jobs have lower startup costs than many other potential businesses. Of course, you’ll need some kind of device to work from, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a computer or laptop – a tablet is usually sufficient.

Likewise, although you’ll need an internet connection, ultra-fast internet isn’t strictly necessary since you’ll be working from text files. If your Wifi isn’t always reliable, this will come as a huge relief.

Understanding Citation Systems

It’s also extremely useful to have an understanding of the major citation systems, such as APA, MLA, and CMOS. There are plenty of resources available online that you can use to familiarize yourself with these styles, and it’s also possible to buy an official handbook directly from the websites.

Best Grammar Tools

Grammar tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway app are also incredibly helpful. This software isn’t a replacement for human proofreaders, but they do add an extra layer of security against simple errors and typos.

Grammarly offers a free version to help you avoid basic grammatical errors and a premium version that covers more sophisticated errors.

Hemingway app has no free version, but many writers swear by it. Grammar-checking apps aren’t strictly necessary when you first start on your freelancing journey, but they’re a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to grow their business further.

Best Proofreading Software

Most of the time, if you’re freelancing then simple software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs will be used. It may sound basic, but it’s a great way for clients to collaborate and see what you’re doing.

However, it may also be helpful to know how to use professional publishing software – especially if you plan on becoming a remote employee rather than a freelancer. Here are some you may come across, depending on your industry:

  • Adobe Acrobat Vs 8 (Professional) for editing PDFs
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Framemaker
  • DITA and Arbortext Editor
  • ​QuarkXPress
  • ​Final Draft
  • ​iAnnnotate
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter

Proofreading Business Requirements

If you want to be a freelancer, there are some additional considerations you wouldn’t need to think about if you were pursuing a more traditional job route.

You may want to purchase General Liability Insurance, preparing an invoice template, or using accounting software such as QuickBooks . Doing this will protect you against any issues that could arise and ensure that you stay on top of your clients.

This isn’t something you need to worry about when you’re first testing the waters, but it’s something you need to consider for later down the line. Remember, when you freelance, you’re essentially starting and operating your own business.

Work Samples and Testimonials

It’s also incredibly helpful to have a sample to show to clients. You can create a Google Doc of a document you proofread and clearly show the errors you picked up by highlighting them.

If you don’t have a past client then don’t worry – you can just create one using a piece of work you wrote yourself.

In addition to a sample, testimonials from previous clients go a long way in proving that you know what you’re doing. It’s possible to get started without any experience, but if you have any past clients you can call upon to recommend you, asking them is a must.

You’ll also need to have the time management skills necessary to meet deadlines, as this is a vital part of the job. When you’re working from home, there’s no boss present to motivate you.

Are Proofreaders in Demand?

We’re living in a world of content, and the content level we’re currently experiencing probably is yet to reach its peak. As independent authors and the self-publishing industry boom, many writers are looking for freelance proofreaders they can work with.

There is also more web content than ever before as more blogs are created and more businesses go digital. Now is a great time to be a proofreader.

According to Data USA , around 9,800 people in the US workforce were employed as proofreaders in 2020 – roughly the same as 2019.

The average national salary for proofreaders according to DataUSA is around $38,500 per year.

On Indeed, there are 375 ‘proofreader’ jobs posted currently. This may be less than other professions, but it’s still a considerable number.

On Upwork, there are over 3,000 jobs posted most days, which reflects that there’s a greater demand for freelancers than remote employees.

Get Started As A Freelance Proofreader From Home

Proofreading could be a feasible option for you if you have a good understanding of the English language skills and are well-suited to working from home.

If you’re a published author with a doctorate in English, building a career as a proofreader will be straightforward. However, even if you have no degree and no experience, there are plenty of online proofreading jobs available.

To take a direct approach, collect the email addresses of companies you think you could help and pitch your services to them. This should be a short yet persuasive email that consists of an outline of what you can offer and a call to action.

If you find grammar and spelling mistakes on the content of an individual or company, you could even proofread a small section and use this as your sample to send them.

However, only do this sparingly; it’s a risky strategy to spend a lot of time working for free with no guarantee of more paid work.

It might also be helpful to join a professional society, such as EFA (USA only) or ACES (international). This can be a great way to start networking and may help you to land work.

You might not be able to make $100 an hour from the get-go, but if you continuously build up your testimonials and portfolio, there’s no reason you can’t get there eventually.

There’s certainly no end of places to look for jobs, and demand seems set to increase over the next few years. With the potential payoff being so high and the startup costs being so low, why not give it a go?

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20 Ways to Make Money From Home Proofreading

Author: Holly Reisem Hanna

August 11, 2023 31 Comments

Do you have an eagle eye? Do typos drive you crazy? Being an online proofreader might be your calling. Begin your proofreading career here!

Do you have an eagle eye for catching spelling and grammatical errors? If so, maybe becoming an online proofreader is your calling.

Because proofreading requires a highly detail-oriented personality, proofreaders are in high demand, particularly for online businesses. And because you can proofread from anywhere, it’s an excellent option for making money from home. In many cases, online proofreaders can even set their own hours and work at their own pace.

If becoming an online proofreader sounds appealing, keep reading for everything you need to know about this work from home profession.

What’s the Difference Between Proofreading and Editing?

Proofreaders and editors are often thought of as interchangeable, but there are specific differences between the two roles. Proofreading primarily focuses on catching spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation errors, and typos.

On the other hand, editors may go through the information and reorder and organize it for clarity. They may change or strike out material completely. Editors check and verify sources and change the tone of voice to better match the audience. Often editors and writers may work together through several revisions.

While editors also proofread, proofreaders aren’t necessarily considered editors. Both roles are professional and skilled, but proofreading doesn’t require as much in-depth examination of the material. Most editors must have a bachelor’s degree and sometimes a graduate degree in journalism or English. Explore this post for remote editing jobs .

How Much Do Proofreaders Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , proofreaders earn a salary of $48,770 on average for full-time work. The pay and amount of work vary by the proofreader’s availability and workload. A busy proofreader who can maintain several consistent clients or who has training in a specialty area like bilingual or legal proofreading will generally earn more.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become an Online Proofreader?

Many proofreading and editing jobs require a bachelor’s degree or current enrollment in a four-year program. You should also know how to use programs like Microsoft Office and Google Docs and have familiarity with the main style guides including AP, APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style.

If it’s been some time since you’ve been in school, a proofreading course can improve your skills and knowledge and help prepare you for this career.

Caitlin Pyle from Proofread Anywhere offers a free workshop for proofreaders to help you decide if this is a suitable occupation for your personality. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Five signs proofreading is the right career path for you
  • The freedom, flexibility, and financial rewards of proofreading
  • How to attract your proofreading clients

You can purchase the online proofreading course here if you’re ready to sign up and get started. It takes approximately a month to complete and covers everything from proofreading basics to finding online jobs and managing your workflow.

Where Can You Find Online Editing and Proofreading Jobs?

Whether you’re looking for online proofreading jobs, editing jobs, part-time or full-time work, or just a side hustle there are many options for you to explore.

1. EditFast

EditFast is a proofreading service where clients can submit their documents online for proofing and editing. Potential proofreaders must submit a resume and complete several editing tests. Once approved, you’ll receive notifications regarding potential projects. EditFast pays the proofreader 40% of the project price, so rates vary by project.

  • Education: A college degree
  • Experience: Must have past editing experience
  • Classification: Independent contractor

2. Wordvice

Wordvice operates worldwide, servicing universities, medical institutions, and laboratories. They hire freelance editors, content writers, translators, and online English Tutors. To get hired, you’ll need to submit a resume and complete an editing sample. Pay is commensurate with experience, projects, and knowledge level of the specific topic.

  • Education: An advanced college degree
  • Experience: Must have prior experience

Gramlee is an editing and proofreading company. They offer services for writing projects such as dissertations, essays, novels, white papers, and more. Editors and proofreaders must complete an application that includes a background check and an assessment. Proofreaders are expected to turn documents around within 24 hours during the week (but can set their own hours).

  • Education: Unknown; may not require a degree
  • Experience: Unknown; may accept beginners
  • Classification: Unknown

Kibin is a smaller company that offers copyediting, proofreading, and grammar services. They work with many students and scholarly organizations to help with essays, applications, and dissertations. Kibin pays proofreaders per word and includes bonuses for deadlines and customer satisfaction. According to a review on Glassdoor , proofreaders earn $4-$10 per document.

5. ProofreadingServices.com

Offering $19-$46 per hour and flexible hours, ProofreadingServices.com works with various clients around the globe. Contractors go through a 20-minute testing process when they apply to prove their proofreading skills and abilities. With ProofreadingServices.com, you can create your own schedule and work full- or part-time hours.

6. Scribendi

Scribendi is a proofreading and editing company based in Ontario, Canada. They offer both in-house and freelance opportunities. Freelancers must pass a screening test and complete an application process. The pay varies by project, but it’s competitive, and each project’s priced out upfront. They do not hire freelancers from California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, Washington DC, West Virginia, or Wyoming.

  • Education: Must have a university degree
  • Experience: At least three years of experience in editing, writing, or teaching the English language
  • Classification: 1099 and W2

7. ProofreadingPal

Proofreading Pal offers proofreading services for resumes, essays, books, businesses, and more. According to their website, proofreaders can earn $500-$3,000 a month proofreading documents from home. To apply, you’ll need to fill out their online application, as well as submit a resume and cover letter. If you make it to the next step in the hiring process, you’ll be required to pass their timed proofreading exam.

  • Education: Must be enrolled in college with a 3.5 GPA or
  • Experience: Have a graduate degree with a minimum of five years of experience

Scribbr hires editors in a variety of languages to proofread and edit academic documents. They are a Dutch company that hires editors from all over the globe. According to their website , editors process, on average, 1,700 words per hour and earn around €20-€25 per hour. You must fill out an application and pass their online language quiz to be considered.

  • Education: Must have a bachelor’s degree
  • Experience: Must have experience in editing academic texts

editing essays for money

Appen hires individuals for data collection, translation, transcription, and proofreading projects. Once you create your account, be sure to completely fill out your profile to unlock more projects. According to their job listing on LinkedIn , you’ll need to have a good comprehension of the English language. They do ask about your education level, but it’s unclear if you need a certain level to complete proofreading projects.

10. Scribe Media

Scribe Media offers professional publishing services to people who want to write and publish a book. They often have positions for copywriters ($250 per project), line editors ($0.04 per word), and cover designers ($2,200 per project).

  • Education: Unknown: may not require a college degree
  • Experience: Must have experience editing manuscripts

11. Express Writers

Express Writers hires copywriters, expert copywriters, social media copywriters, designers, and copy editors. Their editors are paid $15 per hour and must edit a minimum of 3,000 words per hour. For their writing and editing roles, you must be a native English speaker, have impeccable spelling and grammar, and understand best SEO practices.

  • Experience: Unknown for editors; they hire three levels of writers

12. Focus Forward

Focus Forward offers transcription, translation, marketing research, coding, and proofreading services to clients. For their part-time proofreading positions, you must have advanced to intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, excellent communication skills, and a working computer and high-speed internet connection.

  • Education: An associate’s degree is preferred
  • Experience: Experience might be considered in lieu of a degree

13. Study.com

Study.com hires individuals for lesson and curriculum development, writing, researching, editing, proofreading, and tutoring. For these positions, you can choose your schedule, and you’ll get paid twice a month via PayPal. Study.com hire individuals from the US and the Philippines.

  • Education: No mention of needing a degree
  • Experience: Prior experience is required

Job Boards and Freelance Marketplaces

As you can see, many of the popular editing and proofreading companies require a college degree and experience. So, how do you get experience if no one will hire you? You can try submitting a spec assignment to prove your skills and expertise to a potential client. You can also try pitching and applying for one-off gigs on freelance marketplaces and job boards that don’t have as rigid of requirements for proofreaders. Here are platforms and sites to explore.

14. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a telecommuting job board that hosts a variety of editing and proofreading positions. The nature, availability, and requirements for each position will vary by the assignment and the company. Some proofreading jobs require high skill levels, while other positions are more general and require less experience. With FlexJobs, it’s easy to view a variety of positions to assess what you’re best qualified for, and they hand-screen all companies so you can rest assured every listing is legit.

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where freelancers can post their services, and business owners can shop around to find a freelancer to complete their projects. Initially, Fiverr worked on the premise that each service was only $5; today, they have expanded how much freelancers can charge for their services ($5-$10,000). With Fiverr, it’s free to join, and whatever you decide to charge for your proofreading services, they’ll keep 20% of the total price.

16. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a staffing agency that offers a wide range of temporary and temp-to-hire jobs. Their virtual jobs include proofreading and editing services for a variety of industries and businesses. Listings will vary based on skills, experience, and the nature of the position. Proofreaders can find virtual work in the US and beyond.

editing essays for money

17. Randstad

Randstad is a US-based staffing agency that allows you to search for remote temporary, contract, temporary to permanent, and permanent roles. Since Randstad covers all types of positions, you’ll need to search for keywords: proofreader, proofreading, editing, copy editor, and editor. Positions, as well as requirements, will vary greatly from client to client. To help speed up your search, you can sign up for emails for the types of positions you’re searching for.

18. Robert Half

Robert Half is a US-based staffing agency that hires permanent, contract, and temporary workers for in-person and remote roles. Like Randstad, Robert Half hires in many different areas, so you’ll want to search a few different variations of your keyword. You should also explore all jobs that come up in your search results. Often the title of the job is in a different area like writing, content coordination, project assistance, or marketing, but it includes proofreading as part of its role.

Upwork is a freelance marketplace that offers a variety of projects, including proofreading and editing. Once you complete your profile on the site, you’re paired with your ideal jobs. You can also search through clients and respond to invitations directly. Rates vary by project and client, and the rates are disclosed upfront. Some projects are hourly, and others offer a fixed price.

How to Start a Freelance Proofreader Business

Starting your own proofreading business gives you the option to work the hours of your choosing, set your own rates, and work entirely from home. You don’t need a college degree if you start your own business. You can grow with your clients and even offer additional services based on your skills and experience.

While keeping up with deadlines and building up your client base are challenges, there are plenty of resources to help you get started with your freelance proofreading business. The Editorial Freelancers Association is a professional group offering job listings, resources, education, and connections to other proofreaders in the industry.

Ready to Start Your Proofreading Business?

Here are some common steps you’ll need to take to start your own proofreading business.

  • Get the proper proofreading training if you need it.
  • Write your business plan — You can grab our free business plan template here .
  • Determine your proofreading niche (academic, legal, medical, authors, bloggers, copy editor, etc.)
  • Build your website and set up your social media profiles.
  • Set up your communication channels, workflow processes, and how you’ll accept payments.
  • Starting pitching clients, I suggest making a list of 100 people and companies you’d like to work with, then pitch 2-5 people a day until you’re fully booked up.
  • Keep track of your income and expenses and pay your quarterly self-employment taxes.

Is Becoming a Proofreader Right For You?

If you enjoy reading and writing and you’re a stickler for correct usage of the English language, proofreading is a great work-from-home job. Since you’ll likely be working as a freelancer, you’ll also have the bonus of being able to work a flexible schedule, which is good news if you’re trying to balance caretaking duties with making money. If you’re unsure if a proofreading career is the right option for you, be sure to check out Proofread Anywhere’s free workshop .

Originally published August 7, 2017. Content updated August 2023.

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Writers Work

1. Writers Work

2. academic writers online, 3. paperhelp, 4. speedypaper, 5. advancedwriters, 6. writing creek, 7. essaypro, 8. iwritessays.com, 9. essayshark, 10. bluecorp, 11. lancerhop, 12. writers lab, 13. dame magazine, 14. the change agent, 15. buzzfeed, 16. narratively, 17. new york times modern love, 18. the smart set, 19. vox first person, 20. practical wanderlust, what are the advantages of getting paid to write essays, what is the best essay writing site.

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Writers Work is a popular platform for new freelance writers. It connects writers, including aspiring essayists, with online clientele, enabling you to fulfill tasks and earn income, all from the comfort of your office or library. You’ll need to pay a fee to sign up. Once inside, Writers Work aggregates dozens of writing jobs and opportunities across various niches and magazines. If you want to spend more time writing essays and less time pitching, it’s worth checking out. Read our Writers Work review to learn more. 

Academic Writers Online

Academic Writers Online has a free application process for potential freelancers. This site has a small pool of writers, so you have a better chance of getting quality freelance writing work here. They pay between $9 and $15 per page, and writers are paid on their credit card via wire transfer two times per month. You can also check out our guide on how to get paid to write a blog .


PaperHelp is an academic essay page that takes ghostwriters. You must submit a resume via email, then take a writing test. Understanding MLA and APA formatting is helpful for this page. After the initial test, they then put writers on probation for lower pay, and eventually, you can work your way up the writer ladder if you publish flawless work, opening the door to higher-paid work.

SpeedyPaper is a large essay and paper writing company that provides excellent customer support for its paying customers. To write for them, you will need to email them or use the live chat feature to access the writer application. They pay a minimum of $8 per page, but the pay range varies depending on the length and type of paper.


AdvancedWriters has a large team of writers who write everything from case studies to research papers. They do not advertise their rates or application process, but you can email them directly to get the application. They have a writing test and sample essay process you will need to go through to write for them. You may also be interested in our guide on the best ways to get paid to write poetry .

Writing Creek

Writing Creek has a constant workload of academic writing projects. They pay between $4 and $12 a page, depending on experience, via Payoneer or PayPal. You will need proficiency in your area of study and good use of the English language. You will need to take a test and submit a sample essay to write essays for money for this site.


Essaypro offers payment on the 15th of each month and then again on the last day of the month. They don’t use PayPal but Payoneer, so writers must be comfortable with that. Customers will place orders; then, writers bid on those orders. Turning in papers on time and following directions will increase the pay rate.


iWriteEssays advertises itself as a student homework help and essay writing service. Students use an order form to input the instructions and deadline for their paper, and then they get matched to a writer with the correct writing style. As a writer, you’ll interact directly with the student to ensure the final project meets their needs well. You must upload a writing sample and pass a grammar test on writing for them. They don’t publish their writing rates.


EssayShark is a unique essay writing service. They allow freelance writers to register as writers and then bid on writing projects. They have a high work volume, and writers who deliver excellent work can get bonuses, but there can be a lot of competition for available jobs. If you feel like taking on the competition of bidding for jobs, consider registering here.


Bluecorp is a top-notch writing website for essay writers. They are very strict about their formatting, so you will need to know how to make a title page, references page, citations, and similar structural elements of academic papers. They also offer proofreading and editing services for students. Work is paid per page with a range of $3.50 to $9 a page for writers with an undergraduate degree, and all work must be plagiarism free.


LancerHop is a unique site in that it offers both academic writers and writers for web content and general copywriting. They also have review writers. If you are looking for freelance writing jobs that cover a wide range of topics and are interested in adding essay writing to your skillset, apply for LancerHop. You will need to take a writing test for this site. The rate of pay will vary depending on the type of work you do.

Writers Lab

Writers Lab offers academic essay and personal essay writing jobs and general article writing. This is a one-stop shop for freelance writers, and they pay between $5 and $26 per page with bonuses if you are very efficient with your work. Writers Lab hires both native English writers and ESL writers for their writing projects.

Dame Magazine

Dame Magazine takes personal essays on subjects that interest women. The current pay rate is around 13 cents per word, with an average of $350 to $750 per piece. This particular magazine is looking for edgy, unexpected topics. You will have to pitch a topic to the site to get your writing published.

The Change Agent

The Change Agent accepts essays on social justice and changes topics. This magazine focuses on adult education, paying $50 for essays between 200 and 1,000 words. However, payment is made in the form of a gift card, not actual money. Also, they only take articles a few times per year, and they will publish a topic to write on.


If you want to write personal and argumentative essays and get a lot of exposure for your work, then Buzzfeed is your site. You can pitch topics on culturally hot topics. They are looking for argumentative essays that connect to culture in some way, and they pay well. The average pay rate is between 13 and 27 cents per word for accepted essays.


If you have a personal story, consider pitching it to Narratively . They are looking for essays with click-bait titles that will gather traffic from social media. All essays for this site need a takeaway, which is a lesson for the reader. Expect between $200 and $300 for accepted essays between 2,000 and 2,500 in length.

The New York Times is a prestigious publication, and you may be able to get a piece posted through the Modern Love column . Your essay will need to cover marriage, dating, and relationships in some way. They also accept parenting articles. The pay is $300 per essay of 1,500 to 1,700 words.

The Smart Set

The Smart Set is an established print magazine for the literary world. It is published through Drexel University in Pennsylvania and is regularly on the lookout for personal essays. The rate of pay is 7 cents per word. This magazine prefers long essays between 1,000 and 3,000 words.

Vox First Person

Vox First Person takes first-person essays or thoughtful discourses on hot political and cultural topics. You will need to email the First Person Editor to pitch your topic, but you will earn between 19 and 41 cents per word for essays up to 3,000 words.

Practical Wanderlust

If you want to become a travel writer and make money on essays, consider writing for Practical Wanderlust . They pay $300 a piece for essays of around 3,000 words and require pitches. You will need an essay that makes people stop and think or laugh, and it must be travel related.

FAQs About Ways to Get Paid to Write Essays

Learning to write essays for pay can help you add to your freelance writing income. You will be able to write on various topics and have steady work. There is a high demand and great flexibility to write for this niche.

EssayPro is considered one of the top essay-writing sites. It pays consistently and has steady work. Customers know they can count on EssayPro to deliver plagiarism-free high-quality work.

To learn more, check out our tips on blogging for writers !

editing essays for money

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Best Online Proofreading Jobs in 2021 (Earn $66,000 Editing)

by Lauren Bennett - Verified & Updated July 20, 2021 (This post may contain affiliate links.)

Here's a list of legit companies that hire freelancers and remote workers to do online proofreading jobs from home...

In today’s post, I’ll cover some of the best places where you can find proofreading and editing jobs. These range from freelance positions to remote jobs you can do from home. I’ll also give you tips on how to get started, how much money you can make, and more.

What will I learn?

What is Proofreading?

Before we get started, it’s important to define what proofreading is .

Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process. It involves checking writing for typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes.

Sometimes the terms proofreading and editing are used interchangeably. But they are actually two different things.

Editing is done earlier than proofreading and involves making large changes, like rephrasing sentences or restructuring entire sections. Proofreading is the last stage of the process before a piece of work is published and focuses on spelling and grammar mistakes.

When you search for online proofreading jobs, you’ll likely find that there’s a lot of overlap between editors and proofreaders when it comes to job adverts.

Some sites use the terms editor and proofreader interchangeably when advertising for openings, and many jobs involve both proofreading and editing.

So if you’re interested in proofreading work, keep an eye out for editing jobs as well.

Below, I’ll cover sites that advertise for both proofreading and editing jobs.

What do proofreaders work on?

You’ll proofread a variety of documents, from social media updates to blog posts to books!

You may specialize in your services and focus on just editing one kind of content, like books for example.

Here’s what you may edit as a proofreader:

  • Online articles
  • Social media posts
  • Student essays
  • Court transcripts
  • Screenplays
  • Legal transcription
  • Self-published novels
  • User manuals
  • Restaurant menus
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Student theses

Some example of clients and companies you work with could include:

  • Independent authors
  • Court reporters
  • Real estate agents
  • Restaurants
  • Local brick and mortar businesses
  • Consultants

Are Proofreaders in Demand?

According to the BLS , more than 11,000 people are employed as a proofreader.


In my research for this post, I found thousands of job postings for proofreaders and editors.

And it makes sense.

We live in a world with access to more content than we’ve ever had before. Think about all of the things you read on a daily basis just on your phone!

From ads to news articles to blog posts, there’s so much content available at our fingertips nowadays and all of that has to be (or should be) proofread by somebody.

Self-publishing is now a huge industry too, and these independent authors need freelance proofreaders to edit their work for them before it’s published.

So, it’s a great time to be a proofreader.

How Do I Become a Proofreader?

Obviously, the most important thing you’ll need is good spelling and grammar skills.

Other than that, the skills and qualifications required vary from job to job.

To be honest, anyone who has a good eye for spotting errors can get started with this job.

That being said, some places are a little more stringent when it comes to the qualifications and experience they require from their editors.

Below, I’ll cover two common things you may be considering if you want to become a proofreader.

Do I need a degree to be a proofreader?

Not always. While many people believe you must have a degree to be a successful proofreader, this isn’t always the case.

Sure, there are many positions out there that require a degree and often a Ph.D. and experience too.

But, not all of them do.

Some positions just require you to take some sort of test to prove your skills as a proofreader and editor.

Below, I cover jobs that don’t require a degree and ones that do. So regardless of your experience level or education, you can find the right job for you.

Aside from a degree, you may also need to be knowledgeable about certain style guidelines, like:

  • AP stylebook guidelines
  • The Chicago Manual of Style
  • MLA Style manual if you want to proof academic papers

Don’t worry, I’ll cover where you can learn about these styles below.

The best proofreading courses

If you’re new to proofreading, you may want to consider taking an online proofreading course.

Here’s where you can find some online courses:

  • Proofread Anywhere
  • Art of Proofreading
  • The Writers Bureau

Taking a course isn’t a necessity, but it can help you to get started in your proofreading career by helping you to sharpen your skills and learn the craft.

How to Find Work as an Online Proofreader

Okay, so now you know what proofreaders do and how to get started, you’re probably wondering “how can I find proofreading jobs?”

Well, fortunately there are lots of jobs available online .

And there are a few different routes you can go down:

  • Work directly with sites: Lots of websites hire people on a freelance basis. So, you work as an independent contractor.
  • Remote positions with a company: Companies post jobs on sites like Indeed. These are remote positions. So you work from home as a remote employee.
  • Third party freelance job sites: These are job board sites like Upwork. You can apply for lots of different freelance positions on these sites. Basically, clients post jobs that freelancers can apply to. Some of these sites do take a cut of your profits.

I’ll cover all three routes below.

When looking for jobs online, it’s important not to restrict yourself to jobs titled “proofreader”

You may want to look out for jobs with these titles too:

  • Proofreading
  • Proof reader
  • Proof reading
  • Copy editor
  • Academic editor
  • Book editor
  • Editorial assistant

You may also want to include all of the usual keywords associated with at-home positions, like:

  • Home office
  • Telecommute
  • Contract/contractor
  • Independent contractor

Now you know what types of jobs you’re looking for, here’s where you can find work…

Best Online Proofreading Jobs in 2020

Here’s where you can find online proofreading jobs from home.

1. Scribendi

  • Degree needed : Yes

Scribendi offers freelance proofreading gigs. You do need to have a degree for this one, as well as three years of experience in editing, writing, document production or language teaching.

You also need an average editing/proofreading speed of 1,000 to 1,500 words per hour.

There are a few other requirements for this one too.

As one of the site’s editors, you can choose the types of assignments you want and edit on your own schedule.

  • Degree required : Yes

Cactus has a wide range of freelance positions available, including freelance editing jobs. At the time of writing, it had many openings available, like freelance specialist editors, copyeditor and freelance specialist editors in materials science.

Most positions require you to have a degree, with many requiring a PhD/master’s degree, or expertise in a specialized subject.

3. Domainite

  • Degree required : No

Domainite is a good place to find entry level proofreading jobs because it doesn’t require you to have a degree.

Instead, you need to submit an editing sample. The only downside is the rates aren’t super high. It’s a good site for beginners looking to get their foot in the door though.

4. Editor World

  • Degree required : Yes – currently only hiring candidates with PhD and/or science background

Editor World is hiring editors to work remotely as independent contractors. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree or higher. At the time of writing, the site was only hiring editors with a Ph.D. and/or science background.

You’ll also need to have editing experience.

5. ProofreadingPal

  • Degree required : Yes (or be enrolled in an accredited university)

ProofreadingPal offers proofreading and editing career opportunities. You’ll get paid to proofread and edit all types of documents.

You’ll need to be currently employed by or enrolled as a graduate or postgraduate student in an accredited United States university, with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Or have a graduate degree with at least five years of professional proofreading and editing experience.

If you fit the requirements, you’ll need to complete the independent contractor questionnaire. You’ll be contacted about the next step of the hiring process, which includes a comprehensive, timed examination.

According to ProofreadingPal, its editors earn $500 to $3,000 per month.

6. ProofreadingServices.com

ProofreadingServices.com provides fulltime and part-time remote proofreading positions. You can apply from any country. You just need to have excellent proofreading and editing skills.

To become work with the site, you will need to complete a 20-minute preliminary test.

  • Degree required : Yes – PhD

If you have a PhD you may be able to work as an editor with Edit911. It’s looking for dissertation editors, thesis editors, and book editors to join its staff.

8. Polished Paper

  • Degree needed : No

Polished Paper says it’s looking for “exceptional editors.” To be considered for a job with the site, you need to register for a user account and upload your resume. You will then need to take a 35-question editor test. You are encouraged to use outside resources to take the test, like MLA, CSE, APA, and Chicago formatting guides.

9. EditFast

EditFast provides jobs for proofreaders, editors, and writers. It offers freelance positions, so this could be a flexible gig for you. If you have a degree from a recognized university, consider applying for work.

  • Degree required : No (But Master’s/PhD preferred)

Enago is looking for editors in the following subjects:

  • Medical and Clinical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • Economics and Business Management
  • Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

The site’s authors edit academic papers from a range of subject areas and that are meant for publication in highly acclaimed international journals.

It requires you to have at least five years of academic copyediting, and substantive editing/proofreading experience.

It also prefers editors who have Master’s/PhD/postdoctoral research experience.

11. English Trackers

  • Degree required : Candidates must have a PhD or be an academic editor with verifiable experience

You can find online work as a professional academic editor with English Trackers. This site allows you to fit work around your own schedule.

For this one, you’ll need to have at least two years of professional academic editing experience.

You will also need to have a Ph.D. or be an academic editor with verifiable experience.

It doesn’t always have openings available, but it’s definitely worth checking out for work.

12. Scribbr

Scribbr provides freelance academic editing jobs. So you help students with term papers, essays, and theses. You coach students to become better writers and help them to finish their bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program.

To be one of the site’s editors, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and be able to work at least 10 hours a week.

13. Managed Editing

Managed Editing hires editors to work as independent contractors.

You work from your home office. You need to have a college degree and at least five years of practical experience in editing for this one.

14. Writer’s Relief

  • Degree needed : Not specified

Writer’s Relief sometimes has proofreading jobs available. You can complete the application form on the site to apply.

15. Babbletype

If you want to be a proofreader but don’t have a degree, check out Babbletype.  It’s looking for editors to add to its team. It doesn’t always have jobs available, but sometimes you’ll find openings so it’s worth checking back.

16. WordsRU

  • Degree required : Master’s degree, PhD, or equivalent professional experience in any academic discipline.

WordsRU provides jobs to proofreaders.

It’s currently looking for:

  • Academic Editors
  • Technical/Science Editors
  • Business Materials Editors

However, it’s not for beginners. You need to have a master’s degree, PhD, or equivalent professional experience in any academic discipline.

That’s not all. You also need to have at least two years of professional experience as an editor, copyeditor or proofreader. And experience with formatting styles, like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. is also required.

  • Degree required : Not specified

Kibin sometimes offers jobs to freelance editors. It doesn’t always have openings but have a check back from time to time to see if there are any opportunities.

18. Wordvice

  • Degree required : Yes (or be enrolled in a graduate degree program)

Wordvice is an international English editing company. It’s hiring qualified and experienced freelance editors to join its team.

You will edit and proofread academic papers, admissions essays and other documents to check for grammar and mechanics issues and to ensure natural language and flow of communication.

For this one, you’ll need a minimum of two years’ professional editing experience, and knowledge of formatting styles, like APA, AMA, MLA and Chicago. You’ll also need to be enrolled in or have completed a graduate degree program.

19. American Journal Experts

American Journal Experts has a number of openings available for editors.

At the time of writing, it was looking for a:

  • Freelance technical editor (engineering or computer science)
  • Independent contract editor – Business
  • Independent contract editor – Chemistry and Materials Science

You will need a degree for this one.

20. Book Editing Associates

Book Editing Associates is hiring copy editors and proofreaders to proofread and edit books in a range of genres.

You will need at least five plus years of editing experience and a track record of published books that you have edited (traditional and self-published).

While the site doesn’t say you need to have a degree, it does say you must pass a proofreading test to be able to work on the site.

21. EditorLive

  • Degree needed : Yes (or be currently employed by or enrolled in an accredited university)

Get paid to edit academic and business papers with EditorLive. You must be skilled in Chicago, APA, AP, MLA, CSE, and other style manuals.

You need to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 5 years’ professional editing experience or be currently employed by or enrolled in an accredited university in the United States and have a minimum GPA of 3.6. You also need experience writing academic papers.

To work with the site, you’ll need to meet the requirements, apply, and take a test. It’s a two-part examination.

22. Gramlee

Gramlee does not mention that it requires its editors to have a degree. So if you’re a proofreader without a degree, then this could be the site for you. You just need good grammar skills! Apply on the site to learn more.

23. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is another place to look for proofreading jobs that don’t require a degree.

It sometimes hires editors to edit books. Positions aren’t always available, but it’s certainly worth checking with the site from time to time.

24. LifeTips

LifeTips is a website that hires editors. It says you’ll work directly with clients to develop a content strategy for the web, and you’ll edit the content produced by freelance writers assigned to projects.

It doesn’t give any details about the qualifications or experience you’ll need. It says that salary plus full medical benefits are included.

Prompt hires freelance editors to read college admission essays. There are not always editing positions available. At the time of writing, it had positions open for an AP English Writing Coach and for an AP History Writing Coach. It’s positions are focused more on editing than just proofreading. So it looks for people with editing and writing experience, as well as a degree.

Reedsy is a website where editors can work with authors and other writers. It works in a different way to the other sites on this list. Basically, writers looking for editors are matched with editors from Reedsy, who can then offer a quote for their work.

27. Scribe Media

Scribe Media sometimes hires editors. The role usually involves writing as well as editing. At the time of writing, there weren’t any positions available. But, it’s certainly worth checking back with the site from time to time.

How to Become a Freelance Proofreader

The sites above hire fulltime remote workers and freelancers to work as independent contractors.

If you’d prefer to find work with clients directly, then consider signing up for some freelancing sites.

On these sites, clients post jobs that freelancers can apply to. These sites can open up opportunities to work with lots of different clients and companies.

You might find it tough at first to get clients, but once you get some testimonials and a portfolio together, you’ll start getting more work.

Here are some freelance sites to check for proofreading jobs.

UpWork is a freelance marketplace where you can create a profile as a proofreader. You can explain the services you offer and set an hourly rate too.

Clients post jobs on UpWork that you can apply to. The client sets a budget, but you can bid the price you want when you send your application.

For beginners, UpWork can be a good place to get started, since many jobs on there don’t require you to have a degree. Plus, anyone can sign up. You don’t have to be based in the United States to find work on there.

29. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour offers thousands of jobs, so it’s definitely worth a look. It works like UpWork, where you can apply to jobs that clients have posted and set your own rates within the client’s budget.

30. Freelancer

Freelancer works in a similar way to UpWork. You can apply for jobs posted by clients. It’s definitely worth a go for beginners, as you’ll find job openings that don’t require you to have a degree.

31. Remote.co

Sign up for Remote.co and you’ll be able to view lots of different editing jobs on there.

Fiverr is not my favorite website, as the pay can be pretty low. If you’re just starting out though, it could be a good place to get proofreading jobs and build up your portfolio and client testimonials.

33. JournalismJobs.com

JournalismJobs.com has lots of journalism jobs available, including editing jobs. You can easily search for jobs there, so it’s a good place to find work.

34. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is a job board that’s mostly for writers but proofreading and editing jobs are posted on there occasionally. You can enter keywords too and search for the jobs that you’re interested in. There are both freelance and remote jobs on there, so it’s worth a look.

35. BloggingPro

BloggingPro is another job board where you may be able to find some work as a proofreader or editor. Most of the jobs listed on there are for writers, but you’ll often see proofreading and editing ones listed on there too. There are remote positions and freelance positions available there.

36. MediaBistro

MediaBistro is a great site for finding work from some big-name clients. At the time of writing, there were positions available from well-known companies, like Bloomberg and the New York Post.

You can find a lot of writing jobs on there, but there are plenty of editing jobs posted to the site.

MediaBistro isn’t necessarily suited to beginners, but if you’re an experienced proofreader or editor, you should definitely use the site to find jobs.

How to Find Remote Proofreading Jobs

Freelancing is good, but it’s not for everyone.

If you want to work as a traditional employee from home, then remote work would suit you.

I found in my research that there were more freelance positions available to proofreaders than remote ones. But there were still a decent amount of remote positions available.

If you want to find a proofreading or editing job as a remote employee, then your best option is standard job-seeking websites.

Here are a few websites where you can find remote proofreading jobs.

37. LinkedIn

LinkedIn had more than 5,000 jobs available for proofreaders at the time of writing. So it’s definitely worth a browse for opportunities. You can also be notified about new jobs.

Indeed has a selection of remote proofreading jobs available. There were 200 jobs available for the keyword “proofreading remote.” It’s worth a look on there, as you can find some good openings.

39. Monster

Monster is another place to look for remote work. Search on there as well as the other sites in this section, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

40. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is the place to look for remote editing jobs and proofreading work. There are lots of remote positions available on there, so have a peruse of the site.

Proofreading jobs near me

Would rather show up to an office and work from there?

You can, of course, use the same sites to find legit proofreading jobs near you if you prefer to actually work from an office. There are some companies and agencies that do hire people to do proofreading in a traditional office space. You can also look for

By the way, you can also use the good old Craigslist to find local proofreading work.

Tools & Online Resources for Proofreaders

Proofreading is one of those jobs that doesn’t require a ton of equipment. Usually, you’ll just need a computer, internet access, and some sort of document editing software.

Now, there are a couple of other things you may want to get to make your job easier.

Style guides

Depending on the website, company, or client that you work with, you may need knowledge of certain style guides.

Fortunately, you can buy these style guides online.

Here are three of the main ones:

  • Associated Press Stylebook
  • Chicago Manual of Style

Some sites may ask you for understanding of other style guides, like academic ones for example. A quick search online for that style guide should yield plenty of results.

Document sharing tools

Document sharing tools are also useful for proofreaders. While you may email documents in some cases, you may need to use a tool where everyone can view and share work.

A couple to consider are Google Docs (which is free) and Dropbox (which is free for a basic account).

Grammar tools

Grammar tools can be helpful. They’re not a replacement for your own eyes, but they give you another way to check work for errors that you may have missed.

Here are a few grammar tools to consider:

  • Ginger Proofreader
  • Hemingway App

How Much Do Online Proofreaders Make per Hour?

How much money you’ll make as a proofreader varies.

Here are a few examples.

According to figures reported on PayScale , proofreaders earn:

  • $11.70 to $28.67 an hour.
  • $17.50 an hour on average.
  • A salary of $44,806

According to figures from Glassdoor , proofreaders earn:

  • A salary of $32,000 to $66,000
  • An average salary of $44,666

According to Salary.com, proofreaders earn:

  • $22 to $29 an hour
  • $25 an hour on average

As you can see, income ranges for this career vary quite a bit. Factors like the site you work with, how advanced the job is, your experience, and what industry you work in will all affect how much money you earn as a proofreader or editor.

Highest paying proofreading industries

Like I said above, there are lots of factors that will determine how much money you make.

An important one is the industry you work in. Some industries pay more than others.

According to Data USA , the highest paying industries for proofreaders by average wage are:

  • Computer Systems Design
  • Legal services
  • Advertising, public relations & related services
  • Newspaper publishers
  • Business support services

How to choose your rate as a freelance proofreader

If you find freelance work on sites like UpWork, you may need to set your own rates. Many freelance proofreaders start out with a relatively low rate and then gradually increase their hourly wage over time as they improve their skills, and build up their portfolio and client testimonials.

But I wouldn’t recommend setting your rate too low in order to compete.

I’d recommend you have a quick search on UpWork to see what rates other freelancers are charging for their services.

Then, set your rates accordingly. Don’t lowball yourself. Set a fair rate for yourself based on your skills and experience.

Don’t be afraid to charge what your work is worth. After all, someone is hiring you because they can’t do this job themselves, so you deserve to be paid fairly.

Get Started as a Proofreader from Home

If you have a good understanding of the English language, great grammar skills and want to work from home , then proofreading could be the perfect option for you.

You’ll have no trouble finding work if you have a degree or experience in the field.

Don’t worry though if you don’t have a degree.

As you saw above, there are so many jobs out there that don’t require you to have one. So give them a try!

You’ll likely just need to pass a test or show that you are skilled with the English language .

Sure without qualifications or experience, you may not be able to make a ton of money from the get-go. But if you build up your testimonials and portfolio, there’s no reason you can’t have a successful career in proofreading or editing.

There are so many places to look for work, so give some of the above sites a try.

Let us know about your career as a proofreader in the comments section below.

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editing essays for money

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14 Best College Essay Services for 2024 (40 Services Reviewed)

Not sure which college application essay coaching and editing service is the best? We compared the top 40 services, created in-depth reviews for 14 of them, and narrowed it down to the 4 best that will help guide you through the process of writing amazing college application essays.

What is the Best College Essay Service?

  • PrepMaven  – best college application essay service overall
  • College Essay Mentor  – best for individual consultants
  • The College Essay Guy  – best for unlimited essay assistance
  • College Vine  – best of the big platforms

The best of the rest:

Individual essay consultants:

  • College Essay Editor  – small editing team
  • Allison Karpf  – former English teacher helping students
  • Your College Vision  – former journalist with more affordable rates
  • The College Guru  – good on paper but unresponsive
  • Sofia Zapiola – budget-friendly application assistance

Mid-size teams:

  • Lotus Learning  – focus on health sciences

Large platforms:

  • Study Point  – larger platform with mystery editors
  • Ivy Select  – larger platform with mystery editors
  • Empowerly  – larger platform with mystery editors
  • BeMo  – expensive and aggressive with wrong expertise

starting to write college essay

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Best College Application Essay Services in 2024

#1 – prepmaven.

Our Verdict — Best College Essay Assistance Overall Price: $79–349/hour (minimum $510 package) PrepMaven’s one-on-one college essay assistance is the best option overall. Founded by brothers and Princeton grads Greg and Kevin, almost all of PrepMaven’s essay coaches have Ivy-League experience, primarily from Princeton and Harvard. All essay coaches also undergo a thorough training program in PrepMaven’s methods, developed by professional writers with deep understanding of the college admissions process, for helping students to discover the most compelling stories for their essays. Unlike other services, PrepMaven offers college essay assistance at several different price points. At the most accessible rate, students can work with current Ivy-League undergraduates who specialize in writing and have recently aced the college application process. At higher rates, students can work with coaches who are both Ivy-League grads and professional writers (screenwriters, journalists, editors) with many years of experience helping students to craft compelling essays. Interested students can even work directly with founders Greg and Kevin, who have over 15 years of experience helping students through the entire essay-writing process. PrepMaven’s services combine many of the best features of other good options into one, and it’s hard to beat their experience.

Sign up for PrepMaven’s college essay help now

Any student wanting college essay help, at any point in the process, with a range of budgets.

At a glance:

  • Cost: $85–349/hour (minimum $510 package)
  • Writing coach qualifications: Princeton graduates and professional writers (or current Princeton students); all trained

What we like:

  • Ivy League experience —most of their writing coaches are Princeton grads or current students, with some from Harvard and other Ivies
  • Different pricing options to meet different families’ circumstances
  • More flexible and greater capacity to take on new students compared to individual consultants

Sign up for PrepMaven’s college essay help

Princeton University

#2 – College Essay Mentor

Our Verdict — Best of the Individual Consultants Price: unknown but high Some college essay consulting services consist of just one expert. Of these individual essay consultants, Chris Hunt at College Essay Mentor is our favorite. He combines writing experience as a journalist for the Economist and the Wall Street Journal with personal experience as a graduate of Dartmouth. However, he only works with a small number of students each year, and students need to apply to work with him — he only accepts students with top grades and test scores who are already strong applicants for top schools. Chris offers the option for one-time written feedback, but this only gives big-picture generalizations. (And written-only feedback is always limited.) In order for help with the essay process, students need to purchase a complete essay package.

Students with top grades and test scores who want to work with a one-person business, who have a sizable budget, and who are ready to get started early.

  • Cost: $210 for a one-time written essay feedback (big picture only), then $110 per draft feedback; pricing for essay process packages unknown
  • Essay coach qualifications: professional journalist, Dartmouth grad
  • Professional writing experience as a journalist
  • Extensive experience working with college applicants
  • Partners with Debra Felix, former Director of Admissions at Columbia, for full application review

What we don’t like:

  • One-on-one work is limited to very high-achieving students, who need to apply with a resume : “I limit my one-on-one work to students who I believe will be strong applicants to elite universities. As a rule, this means having high grades in challenging classes, a test score of ACT 34+ or SAT 1500+, and substantial activities outside of the classroom.”
  • Works with a limited number of students (60 per year), so often no availability
  • All-or-nothing packages don’t allow students to work with Chris for just a few hours or for part of the essay-writing process
  • Secretive about pricing (he’ll only give pricing details once he’s reviewed the student’s resume and agreed to work with them), but we expect the minimum cost of working one-on-one to be several thousand dollars

#3 – The College Essay Guy

Our Verdict — Best for Unlimited Essay Assistance Price: $7400 for application for 10 schools We’re fans of Ethan Sawyer, the original “college essay guy”— his book, College Essay Essentials , is a great guide to the essay-writing process. Ethan doesn’t work directly with many students these days, but he now has a team of consultants who help students follow his principles. Their assistance is really all-or-nothing — they prefer to work with students from the very beginning of the process, and their minimum package is $4900, which includes assistance with essays for three schools. If students are applying to ten schools (a more realistic number for students aiming at competitive colleges), the fee is a hefty $7400.

Students who want unlimited help through the entire process, who have a sizable budget.

  • Cost: $4900 (supplemental essays for 3 schools) – $7400 (supplemental essays for 10 schools)
  • Essay coach qualifications: mix of Ivy grads and former teachers, some writers/screenwriters; all trained
  • Great free resources about the essay-writing process
  • Their Matchlighters Scholars Program gives back to the community by providing admissions consulting for select qualifying students
  • All-or-nothing packages have a high minimum fee and don’t work for students who want just a few hours of feedback or help with just part of the process

#4 – College Vine

Our Verdict — Best of the Big Platforms Price: $170–190/hour There are plenty of large platforms with large stables of part-time tutors and coaches available to work with students. Of these big platforms, we think CollegeVine has the best offerings. Compared to other large companies, CollegeVine provides more information about their tutors, and students can pick individual tutors to work with from their roster. However, this model is really just a way of finding individual tutors to hire. Tutors don’t receive any training and don’t share a common approach, so it’s a mixed bag. Their rates are fairly high for part-time tutors who don’t have specific expertise and training in college essay consulting. We also recommend working with college essay consultants with a clear code of ethics stating that they will not make edits directly on the essay documents for the students. It’s unclear to what degree the editors with CollegeVine follow these principles.

Students who want to work with a big company.

  • Cost: $170–190/hour
  • Essay coach qualifications: no specific qualifications, but a few are Ivy League graduates
  • Possible to select individual editors to work with from their roster
  • No training or common approach for tutors
  • Editors are part-time , with no option to work with full-time college admissions experts
  • Relatively expensive for this level of expertise

College Essay Editing Alternatives (that Didn’t Make the Cut)

Individual essay consultants, #5 – college essay editor.

Our Verdict — Small Editing Team Price: Roughly $5,950 for application to 10 schools College Essay Editor comprises two graduates of Stanford. This means that they have personal experience applying to highly competitive schools. One member of the team also has a college counseling certification, which is a good background for college essays. Based on their website, they appear to focus on the editing and proofreading phase of the essay-writing process. This can be helpful to students, but we recommend working with a service who can help students to uncover their values and brainstorm really great material that allows them to really shine—and if this doesn’t happen at the beginning of the process, it’s much harder to add in later on.

  • Cost: $195/1000 words for proofreading, $495/1000 words for 3 rounds of editing and proofreading, or $595/1000 words for unlimited rounds of editing and proofreading; for the purposes of comparison, complete applications to 10 competitive colleges would be around 9,650 words, or $5950.
  • Writing coach qualifications: Stanford graduates, one of which has college counseling certification
  • Editors are graduates of Stanford University , and one is a member of NACAC, the national association of college counselors
  • They focus on editing and proofreading only , not on the crucial earlier steps of brainstorming and strategy
  • Small team with very limited availability

#6 – Allison Karpf

Our Verdict — Former English Teacher Helping Students Price: $300/hour or $3000 package for application to one school Another option for students looking to hire an individual consultant is Allison Karpf. Allison is a former high school English teacher and a graduate of UC Berkeley who also holds a Masters of Education from Stanford. Her rates are definitely on the higher side, especially for someone who doesn’t have a professional writing background, but she does have extensive experience working with students to craft their essays.

  • Cost:  $300/hour or $3000 unlimited counseling (includes supplemental essays for one college)
  • Essay coach qualifications: former high school English teacher; Berkeley grad, Stanford MEd
  • Lots of experience helping students improve their college essays
  • Very quick to respond to client requests
  • No professional writing experience or Ivy-Plus undergraduate experience
  • High rates relative to other options
  • Limited availability , since she works alone

#7 – Your College Vision

Our Verdict: Former Journalist with More Affordable Rates Price: $150/hour (minimum 10 hours), or $3800 package for application to seven schools Laurie Lande is another individual consultant who helps students through the essay-writing process. She comes recommended by other consultants like Chris from College Essay Mentor . Laurie did not herself attend a highly competitive school, so she doesn’t have that personal experience of going through the selective admissions process, but she does have a professional writing background as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong.

  • Cost: $150/hour (for 10 hours), or $3800 package for application to seven schools
  • Essay coach qualifications: journalism background
  • Affordable pricing , relative to other options
  • Professional writing background as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal
  • Not a graduate of a highly selective school

#8 – The College Guru

Our Verdict — Good on Paper but Unresponsive Price: unknown Yet another individual essay consultant is Geanine Thompson from The College Guru. Geanine attended Dartmouth as an undergraduate and also holds an MBA from Duke. She also has a professional writing background as an assistant book editor at Berkley Publishing Group. Like Greg and Kevin at PrepMaven , she combines experience in the business world and at Wall Street firms with experience in education.

  • Cost: unknown
  • Essay coach qualifications: former assistant book editor; Dartmouth grad, Duke MBA
  • Dartmouth graduate and former book editor
  • Not responsive to emails and client requests

#9 – Sofia Zapiola

Our Verdict — A budget-friendly, personal essay editor. Price: From $65/hour Yet another individual essay consultant is Sofia Zapiola, who offers a mix of essay editing and college application counseling services.

  • Cost: From $65/hour
  • Essay coach qualifications: M.A. from Harvard; certificate in College Counseling from UC San Diego.
  • Individual approach, budget-friendly rates, commitment to working within families’ budgets.
  • Very few testimonials, so it’s difficult to evaluate how effective she is.

student writing college essay on laptop

Mid-size Teams

#10 – lotus learning.

Our Verdict — Focus on Health Sciences Price: $165/hour Founded by a Harvard grad who is a former teacher and veteran of the publishing industry, Lotus learning offers college essay help in the Boston area. They have a small team of tutors, mostly recent grads from good but not Ivy-Plus colleges, and mostly with focus in health sciences.

  • Cost: $165/hour (minimum 8 hours)
  • Essay coach qualifications: tutors are recent grads, but not Ivy-Plus schools
  • Reasonable pricing with flexible packages
  • Essay editors aren’t graduates of Ivy-Plus schools and don’t have professional writing experience

Large platforms

#11 – study point.

Our Verdict — Larger Platform with Mystery Editors Price: unknown Study Point is a larger essay editing service. They claim to have several decades of experience helping students to craft their college essays, but they do not give information about who their essay coaches are and what qualifications they might have.

  • Essay coach qualifications: unknown
  • Larger company with several decades of experience
  • Unclear who the essay coaches are
  • Secretive about pricing

#12 – Ivy Select

Our Verdict — Larger Platform with Mystery Editors Price: unknown Ivy Select is another larger essay editing service. They do not give information about who their essay coaches are and what qualifications they might have.

  • Long list of impressive (but anonymous) testimonials
  • Only work with “top students”
  • No information on their website about who the editors are
  • No professional writing experience

#13 – Empowerly

Our Verdict — Larger Platform with Mystery Editors Price: unknown Empowerly has over 60 college counselors who each work with an average of 5 students per year, in order to have more time to devote to each student. Their counselors come from “different educational backgrounds,” and while they do not provide specific biographical details we can assume that most of their essay coaches did not attend highly selective schools.

  • Cost: $3550 minimum package
  • Essay coach qualifications: college counselors
  • Counselors work with just a few students per year
  • You have to upgrade to “Empowerly Elite” to guarantee a counselor with a more selective educational background

#14 – BeMo

Our Verdict — Expensive and Aggressive with Wrong Expertise Price: $2997–12797 BeMo is a large admissions company based in Toronto, Canada. They focus primarily on admissions to medical schools and science graduate programs in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Their rates are expensive, and they justify these by pointing out potential high earnings decades later as a doctor. Past customers have commented that their “school selection consultation” doesn’t provide any information specific to the individual student or schools. They do provide a training process for their essay consultants, but their essay consultants do not have training as college counselors, do not have experience as professional writers, and did not attend Ivy-Plus schools . They have been known to be very aggressive with their marketing emails, and have included some strange language in their sales pitches that seems inappropriate for high school students.

  • Cost: €2997/silver (one hour consultation and then unlimited written essay review for one application, no supplemental essays), €4797/gold (one hour consultation and then unlimited written essay review, incl. supplemental essays for up to 10 schools; waitlist letter, scholarship applications), €8797/platinum (unlimited consults), €12797/titanium (unlimited consults)
  • They have more of an international scope
  • High prices
  • Not focused on undergrad admissions

Top 40 College Essay Services Considered

  • College Essay Editor
  • The College Essay Guy
  • College Vine
  • College Essay Mentor
  • Study Point
  • Allison Karpf
  • The College Guru
  • Lotus Learning
  • Summit Prep
  • Sofia Zapiola
  • Ivy Global / New Summits
  • College Essay Solutions
  • Your College Vision
  • Essay Edge*
  • ServicEscape*
  • PapersForge*
  • QuickWriter*
  • JustEditMyEssay*
  • JustDoMyEsssay*
  • ExpertWriting*
  • SpeedyPaper*
  • GradeMiners*

* A number of services will edit essays directly for students, or even write portions of the essay for students. We do not condone this. Admissions officers can tell when essays have been written or edited by adults and this can have severe consequences. We have excluded these services from our reviews.

student writing college essay

Why are college application essays important?

Can a great college essay alone get you into Harvard?

No. You’ll need your grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities (as well as letters of recommendation and interview) to be outstanding.

But can a mediocre essay be the reason you didn’t get into Harvard?

Yes. There are thousands of amazingly-qualified students who graduate from high school each year. Great grades and test scores might be a prerequisite for admission to a competitive college, but they alone aren’t enough.

Harvard University

College essays are a key component of a student’s application . When done well, they transform a collection of numbers—GPA, class rank, SAT or ACT scores , number of AP classes taken, AP scores—into a glimpse of a real, individual person.

Essays do many things. Good college essays can highlight extracurricular achievements which otherwise would be overlooked in a sterile list. Strong essays often indicate the student’s future plans —how they plan to leave a mark on their college campus and on the world. They can shine a light on unique challenges that a student may have had to face on their journey.

College admissions officers only have a few minutes to spend on each application. College essays need to be original, interesting, and memorable . They need to grab the attention of the admissions officer and persuade them that this is the student out of hundreds or thousands of other similarly-qualified applicants who should be admitted.

College admissions essays are usually unlike any other kind of writing that students have done before. They’re a combination of memoir and marketing pitch, and they need to be creative but also highly strategic. That’s a tough assignment!

What’s more, students are left to figure this assignment out on their own. A thoughtful and generous high school English teacher may provide guidance or offer to read essays and give feedback, but these teachers are responsible for many students, and they’re (usually) not experts in admissions strategies.

Princeton University

Why work with a college essay service?

You may want to consider a college essay service if:

  • You have no idea where to start in order to write your college application essays
  • You feel overwhelmed by all of the different ideas you have and don’t know what would be the most strategic for college admissions—and what topics to definitely avoid for college essays
  • You don’t know how to craft a compelling story
  • You’re not sure how to edit and refine what you’ve written
  • You have a hard time keeping yourself on track and want an external structure to hold you accountable
  • You’re tired of conflict between students and parents about college essays
  • You’re aiming at a competitive college (not just the Ivy League!) and know that you need your essays to be outstanding
  • Your grades, test scores, and extracurriculars aren’t exceptional, so you need your essay to make your essay stand out from the pack
  • You’re unfamiliar with the US college admissions process (a common situation for international students and first-generation families in the US)

Any of these are strong reasons to consider working with a college essay service!

It’s important to note that a good college essay service will not write your college application essays for you . This is unethical and illegal. 

A good college essay service will guide you through each step of the process , teaching you how to self-reflect and write well while sharing insider insight about admissions strategy .

Yale University

What makes a good college essay service?

We strongly believe that students need to write their own college essays , and we do not condone plagiarism or “buying” a college essay.

However, writing college application essays requires a completely new set of skills that is rarely taught in high school!

Writing a personal essay is much more creative than simply writing a good paper for English class. It requires a compelling narrative and a great deal of writing craft . A good essay service will teach how to do this kind of writing.

There are many college essay services that will provide only written feedback to students, usually in the form of comments added to an essay draft. (Remember, it’s important that students write their own essays, so avoid any college essay service that will make edits directly to an essay document .)

Written comments can be an effective component of good essay coaching. However, writing college essays is a deeply personal process , and it’s incredibly difficult to guide a student through the process of self-reflection, brainstorming, and planning purely through written comments.

In addition, a great college essay coach will teach students how to do this entire process of brainstorming, planning, outlining, writing, and revising . It’s difficult to learn why an essay coach is advising certain changes through written comments alone.

For these reasons, look for a college essay service with live, one-on-one services , not just written feedback. These days, it’s easy to work with the best college essay consultants in the country over Zoom!

college essay coaching service online

Students need to reflect on their goals, their passions, and what drives them to be the person they are. This requires a great deal of self-awareness and self-analysis . An experienced college essay coach can help draw these ideas out of students through tested introspection techniques and brainstorming exercises .

On top of all of that, students need to be cognizant of which traits and accomplishments will be most appealing to colleges , and which stories will be cliche and boring. Personal statements and supplementary essays need to fit together to tell a cohesive story, and they need to work together with the rest of the student’s application (extracurriculars, grades, and other accomplishments).

In other words, there’s a great deal of strategy here! An experienced college essay service can help students decide how to present themselves in the best possible light .

Furthermore, most students don’t know how to edit effectively . A really top-notch college essay service will also teach students how to edit their own writing —how to reorder sections for better flow, cut unnecessary words to meet a word count, eliminate passive verbs, and make their writing vivid and exciting. Our students are routinely amazed by how transformative this step can be, and how much they learn by doing it together with the essay coach.

Finally, the best college essay services can also help students to make a writing plan and keep them on track , so that parents don’t have to be involved directly.

Ready to work on your college essays? Schedule a free 15- to 30-minute consultation with Jessica or one of our founders.

Best overall: PrepMaven’s

Best for individual consultants: College Essay Mentor

Best for unlimited essay assistance: The College Essay Guy

Best of the big platforms: College Vine

Ready to work on college essays with one of our experienced writing coaches? Schedule a free test prep consultation with Jessica (Director of Tutoring) or one of our founders to see what would be the best fit for your family.

It’s always best to start early and not wait until the last minute to write your college essays! Remember that essays can be used to earn scholarships as well as college admission, so a few months of writing now can pay off with up to $300,000 in tuition saved later. 

We work with students at all stages of the writing process, from I-have-no-idea-what-to-write to final edits. To start working with an Ivy-League writing coach today, set up a quick free consultation with our team.

Schedule a free college essay consultation

Ivy League schools

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editing essays for money

Emily graduated  summa cum laude  from Princeton University and holds an MA from the University of Notre Dame. She was a National Merit Scholar and has won numerous academic prizes and fellowships. A veteran of the publishing industry, she has helped professors at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton revise their books and articles. Over the last decade, Emily has successfully mentored hundreds of students in all aspects of the college admissions process, including the SAT, ACT, and college application essay. 


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In the 21st century, working from the office with a nine to five schedule becomes increasingly played-out. Being a white collar is just not relevant anymore for most of us. During the day, you might need to take care of your kids, or further your education, or make a live stream in your blog, or plant flowers, or chill at the beach. There are so many things to do for a modern working professional. And spending most of your time at a day job eliminates many opportunities in life. That is exactly the biggest reason why so many people consider switching to freelance editing jobs from home. Keep on reading to find out why home based proofreading jobs are so relevant, what to be aware of, and how to land the best editing or proofreading assignments to make enough money for a living while working only couple hours a day.

What is a Proofreading Job

So let’s get this show on the road. First, we need to clearly distinguish the features of different jobs in editing. Do you know the difference between editing and proofreading? It’s simple. Proofreading is like an icing on the cake. It is the final touch before an academic paper is ready for submitting. Many students give their papers to professionals for proofreading to perfect the result, especially if they are running out of time with respect to strict university deadlines.

What is proofreading job? It’s simply correcting other people’s mistakes, which means just doing what most of us love so much in our everyday lives! If you are proficient in grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax - you can potentially make money by proofreading academic assignments of various kinds. Thankfully, the workload at VIP-Writers service is steady and you will always have something to do. You can take just a few papers to proofread and make $200-250 extra money a month just for buying some stuff for your hobby, ordering a new outfit for the upcoming party or buying a present for your sister’s wedding. On the other hand, this kind of an editing work from home can grow into a real daytime job with respective numbers in salary that can be quite higher than average. It all depends on the amount of papers you proofread, though. The more time and effort you put into it - the more money you earn.

You can have any philological type of education to be eligible for collaborating with services that offer proofreading to students. In case you have never done this before, you can apply for entry level proofreading jobs online to make sure that you will be accepted for this job. These types of assignments also won’t be too hard to do since they are designed to be proofread by beginners in this field. That being said, you won’t see much seasoned academic style of work there, which is also beneficial for those who want to proofread more and thus, earn more. Note that another option could getting paid for hours spent at work instead of receiving money for the amount of pages that you have worked on. Both approaches are neither good nor bad, it just depends on your pace of work. You can try out both styles of payment to see which one is more comfortable and appropriate for your schedule and in regards to the amount of money that you can make.

Otherwise, when you consider yourself a professional in the field, online proofreading jobs for beginners won’t suit your level of expertise and won’t guarantee you the potential earnings that you could have. Here at VIP-Writers we can offer you a wide range of academic assignments to proofread, from high school essays to PhD dissertations, from literature history to astrophysics. You can choose whichever academic level will suit your skills better, and, of course, which type of texts you are especially comfortable with. There could be Math write-ups with a lot of formulas and specialized language along the way, as well as there could be intricate literary content, so make sure that you provide the information about your area of knowledge when creating your account. If you feel especially confident in your field of knowledge, you can apply for editing academic writing, which goes beyond only correcting superficial mistakes and implies suggesting the author better ways to structure one’s paper and ways to improve the argument presented in the thesis statement.

You can find lots of proofreading vacancies by just typing this inquiry into any search engine online. However, all websites promise you high rewards and interesting jobs while they fail to provide their team members with a necessary amount of assignments. This situation results in frequent rejection of qualitative applications from professional teachers, graduates, and even scholars. VIP-Writers suggests you to bypass small sites that you have never heard about offering you remote proofreading jobs. You can’t rely on those small companies. It’s much better to choose a renowned company that has a great pool of students working with them on a regular basis. On the other hand, global websites with thousands of proofreaders and editors working for them are not the best combination for earning good money too. You may already know the reason for that, maybe you have even applied for one of their jobs once and it didn’t work out. Want to know why? It’s simple. Not because you are not good enough for them. It’s just that, again, the pool of specialists on those websites exceeds the demand. Writers and proofreaders have to bid for projects and with the constant flow of bids, their exquisite expertise sadly, may just be lost in a flow of other inquiries. Our service will always offer you to work on assignments that perfectly suit your expertise and requirements for the amount of work as well as working hours.

Whether you decide to choose freelance proofreading jobs for beginners or proofreading of some more advanced academic assignments, our managers will certainly find works that need to be perfected while fitting your needs and proficiency level. You can start with proofreading and then gradually move on to editing research papers, essays, thesis papers, term papers, dissertations, lab reports, etc. If you stick to your preferred body of knowledge, online proofreading jobs from home may not only set you free from the tight office schedule, but also ensure you will be dealing only with the subject that you love.

Freelance Editorial Jobs

Academic editing jobs are often intertwined with proofreading for the reasons that some students distinguish, and some of them - not. However, it is not easy to clearly understand the importance of professional editing of academic papers. Similarly, a lot of seasoned students often do not underestimate the power of advice from a specialist in the discipline they are writing a paper for. Sometimes editing becomes essential for submitting a scholar article for a journal or for getting a good grade for the whole semester. Freelance editor jobs are gaining popularity as more students want to submit excellent papers and get perfect grades.

While every freelance editing work implies proofreading as a part of its process, it rewards the author of the paper with so much more than just a regular mistake correction. Professional editors can also clearly see between the lines of what is written. They are able to suggest a better way to unfold the topic or advise on a stronger, more persuasive argument. They also may have valuable suggestions on the structure of a paper or on some powerful tricks to align the argument line. Maybe the paper has some weak evidence and they know exactly where to look for a better one. This kind of assignment help is so much more useful for students than just working on the assignment alone, which is why this service becomes more popular each year and our editors are never left short of work to do. The widely spread promotion campaign all over the world along with the professional team of managers, developers, media and marketing experts ensures that our writers and editors are free from the hassle of looking for online editor jobs themselves. They have a chance to focus on what they do best, namely, edit papers for money, while we take care of the rest.

It’s not always easy to deliver the so-called train of thought in a clear and concise way when it comes to writing an academic essay, an article or a research paper. This is exactly the reason why professional editors are becoming so popular among students. It is most likely that professional proofreaders and editors would give a valuable and individual advice that helps them gain A+ grade without having to order writing the whole paper. While students do all the research, outlining and writing for themselves, they have an opportunity to perfect their own work by consulting with an editor like you. Applying for essay editing jobs won’t take up much time and when you are just starting with it, you can easily combine it with your day job, parenting, or writing a dissertation of your own. If you want to start earning with proofreading jobs from home, no experience is needed in the first place. If you are a subject matter expert in some preferred field of study, this kind of support will even bring you more rewards because you can look at the context of what is written and suggest some reasonable research tips, evidence examples, as well as the best argument ideas.

Having said that, remote proofreader jobs where you get paid to edit papers is a perfect way to keep your writing skills fresh and new if you like to keep being in a scholar environment. Online editing jobs from home require you to keep learning something interesting every day about the subject that you are good at, which will paint your life in bright colors. If you are working as a teacher or you have your graduate degree hanging on the wall, applying skills that you gained in the university will bring you the desired amount of financial benefits from the comfort of your own home. You will be free from the hassle of passing job interviews and looking for a perfect day job. No more hard traffic mornings, no faceless offices with uncomfortable chairs and having to communicate with a company of co-workers that you barely want to make friends with. If you prefer to work from home, editor jobs are a great fit for you! You can even earn money on your vacation, while travelling around the world or continuing your own education. Check our opportunity of online editing jobs for college students if you are still studying and making extra money is extremely important for you now. Editing younger students’ papers will help you cover the costs of housing, having fun, and maybe will also make a valuable contribution to your tuition payments. Freelance proofreading jobs from home are a great opportunity both for those who want to earn just a little bit extra money and those who plan to earn for a living with it. The possibilities are vast and ample, and it’s only up to you how to use them.

Academic Editing Jobs: Why is This Popular?

Editorial jobs have been gaining increasing popularity over the past few years. We have discussed some of the reasons of this phenomenon earlier, but let’s break it down into a few cohesive reasons that will help you understand whether or not it is appropriate for you to apply for editorial jobs like these. Hint: this section has all chances to dispel your doubts if you are still unsure that you can actually make real money by only working on proofreader jobs remotely from your home for a few hours a day doing the editing job that you became proficient at while being a student yourself.

Basically, editing process is constant. We continuously keep reading and rereading, and altering, and reorganizing what is written in our first draft of an academic paper. Of course, every student wants to get the best grade for an essay that he or she put their effort into writing. But at some point, even the most diligent student may get stuck. This is one of the top reasons why students request professional editors to help them out with their assignments. Academic writing editing helps them to construct more understandable, logically clear sentences, to maintain a professional and consistent lexis, to arrange their evidence and arguments by kind and strength in order to achieve the most persuasive proof of their thesis statement. Maybe they even need to rephrase the thesis statement so that their assignment will present a whole new approach that has not been addressed by other scholars before. A well-written research argument is also one of the most essential parts of a successful essay. The thing here is that, for freshman students, or even someone with a higher academic level, shaping a perfect academic write-up can often appear as a challenge. Many international students, who had learned English as their second language, now struggle not only with arguments and logical structure of the paper, but also with their language to make it sound clear, natural, and intelligent. If you apply for editorial jobs, you will probably come across a lot of essays like that, papers that need some basic proofreading, while you can also suggest editing them to make them sound more professional and get some extra money for this task. It is essential for the editor to make a proofreading job, while for a proofreader it is essential only to correct mistakes, as they may not spend their time coming up with the ideas of how to structure the paper better.

The next popular reason for hiring an academic essay editing expert is the tight schedule of modern students. It is no wonder that they have to juggle a lot of responsibilities at the same time. We have all been through this. You attend lectures in the morning, and later you have to do all the homework, earn money, and leave some time to have fun. Some students are too busy with their day jobs so that they simply have no free time while their professor’s working hours are already ending. Young parents are also struggling with a tight mom’s and dad’s schedule as they may wish to continue their education and take care of urgent responsibilities like taking care of a baby. That’s why, to fit the deadlines of their university assignments, they just have to give their papers away to a professional who can do all the editorial jobs for them to deliver the best quality paper on time and manage to get their much anticipated degree no matter what life brings them every single day.

As a writer and a potential editor, you might already know this issue. When you are working on your paper for a long time, everything seems fine and there is really nothing else you would add or change in what is already written. However, when you hand it over to your professor, one manages to find a few parts of your paper that need a significant improvement. Then you find yourself wondering: how could you have missed it? You seemed to have covered every single detail of your assignment and you’ve spent some sleepless nights almost sweating blood to achieve the best possible result. What’s the problem, then? Well, people should not blame themselves in a situation like this. Our brains simply get used to similar information that we keep going all over and over again. This is the reason why every student needs a fresh look on his paper from someone who has written and corrected numerous academic papers before. That’s why editorial jobs are so useful, even the smartest students out there are not ashamed to ask a professional proofreader like you for help. Quite often, this becomes their secret key to the academic success. They manage to live their lives, to study, work, manage their duties, and to have fun, while their assignments get the best grades. And you get your salary for something so easy for you to do, which makes everyone in this process happy. Our website offers freelance editor jobs that are offered to our professionals on a daily basis and which they can manage in a breeze.

To top it all off, it is clear now, that the academic editorial jobs are now experiencing a very high demand among students from all around the world. But that’s not all. Our service also offers a wide variety of subjects to work on besides the scholarly disciplines. If you don’t feel like getting by a student’s desk again, you can still find some types of freelance editor jobs in store for you. For example, this could be website proofreading jobs. As you can see, the internet is filled with billions of websites, each containing from one to hundreds thousands of pages. Each one of them, in turn, is filled with a readable content. That being said, you are never going to believe how many of our clients, from startups and small entrepreneurs to global companies leave the inquiries for proofreading and order content editing on their websites. It may also be a public person’s social media profile because it is crucial for media influences to have their content perfectly literate to keep their audience, gain new fans, and maintain their reputation.

While proofreading and editing webpage content continues to be our most developed field with the large pool of professionals, there are also fields with the highest salaries that not everyone, even with a higher education, can handle. Yes, we are talking about the most advanced level there is - Ph.D. editing jobs. You can apply for them too, in case you have a proper education and a decent level of experience. You can also grow into this category from editing other academic assignments in large amounts. If you feel like you are ready for this kind of a career leap, then we will be happy to support you in this aspiration. This advancement will most likely require passing the proficiency and field of study tests, but after you nail that, your opportunities for higher wages will grow significantly practically overnight. In addition to that, you will constantly develop your own level of knowledge in your subject matter area. First of all, this is much more interesting than just having a regular job in a company which in many cases doesn’t imply any intellectual development. Second of all, you might come up with an idea of your own dissertation topic over time! There might also be a chance that you even have an insight of some scientific breakthrough in your area!

As you can see, online editor jobs are an exciting opportunity to release yourself from a burden of a boring daily job, while also being a very interesting field for your personal growth. Don’t hesitate to send us your application form if you feel that this is exactly the kind of job for you. After you have read about the market of remote editorial jobs and the opportunities that they give in this section, let us take you a step further. Let’s say, you have decided to become a professional academic writing editor. Congratulations! What else you should know before you can get started with your dream job? Let’s find out!

How to Earn Money With Help of Home Based Proofreading Jobs

Let’s imagine that you have already applied for an online proofreading job from home and you’ve got your first assignment to work on. Deep down you are nervous of this first task at your new job, even though you know that you have nailed lots of academic papers yourself. First off, take a few deep breaths and prepare for an attentive, but extremely interesting job. This section will briefly guide you through the most common editing process to let you know what to expect from this work so you can have a final assessment of whether this is the right freelance opportunity for you. If you want to know how to become a freelance proofreader, you can also continue reading, because as we already know from the information above, every editing process necessarily contains the proofreading stage.

Of course, you will have a direct communication with the author of the paper in case you have some questions. So, the first thing that you need to know is the academic writing style that you need to abide by. Most commonly, it would be APA, MLA, or AMA. You might check basic requirements again before editing and proofreading the paper. There are also a number of academic style checker services online that automatically define and highlight areas that contain mistakes or need improvement. You can use those services, but don’t rely on an automatic service to correct all the mistakes there are, as all professional proofreading jobs require your education, knowledge, experience, and live approach to eliminate even the smallest chance of leaving a mistake and to perfect a paper to its most.

The next thing that you want to do while editing papers online for money is, of course, to correct mistakes that you have noticed during the previous stage. You might find it hard on the eyes to read a few pages of content that need your precise attention. That’s why many editors prefer printing their assignments and correcting them using a pen. Still, if you stick to this approach, you will still need to correct mistakes in a digital format. Meanwhile, editorial jobs online ensure that you correct mistakes on the go, thus, you might spend much less time on every paper, and eventually make more money in a shorter period of time that you have to perform your freelance duties. Note that the use of a certain academic writing style requires not only an appropriate table formatting and citations placement but also a control over a tone of voice, the language that is used throughout the paper and many more tiny but crucial details.

After you’ve done with the basic university formatting norms and the overall academic style of writing, it’s time to think of more interesting points of your editorial job. On the next stage, you might want to review the academic paper that you are currently working on regarding the content completeness. What do we mean by this? First and foremost, it’s better to check if the information is accurate. Because, for example, if the student bases ones argument on an old evidence that have already been disproved by other scholars, the essay surely won’t get the highest grade and he or she might potentially blame you, the hired editor and subject matter professional, that you haven’t pointed out this misconception. We know, it might sound like a hassle to deal with, but it’s an essential part of the academic editor jobs and, on the flip side, it can also be an interesting research to perform yourself in case if you are familiar and passionate about the topic of your assignment.

As a final stage of your review and also as a stage in between some essential parts of style and content editing, you might also want to check the structure of the assigned paper. Look closely at the outline. How is it structured? Does it maintain a perfect logical order? Is it credible and persuasive enough? How can you make it better? By answering all these questions you can present your list of recommendations regarding the structure of the overall essay and of each part of it to the author of the paper, which is also a part of any kind of paper editing jobs. Watch how the thesis statement unfolds with each paragraph. It should be phrased in a clear and concise manner. Each body paragraph should have a leading topic sentence, to which all the other context in the section relates to. Each idea, judgment, or opinion presented by the author should be supported with credible sources of information, in other words, with evidence and facts. At the same time, facts, data, and citations of other scholars should not be left without a comment of the student who wrote an academic assignment. You should also read carefully the introduction and the conclusion of the paper. Maybe some points are being revealed too fast, and they should be kept for the other parts of the text? Or maybe, on the contrary, the explanation of the thesis statement is not clear and relevant enough. It also could be that you can make the opening or the clincher phrase more catchy and engaging for the reader. Also, you might want to check if the overall context of the paper correlates with the audience that it is written for. It could contain too difficult or, on the flip, too simple words. It could lack persuasion in the arguments or contain too many emotional-based claims instead of being balanced with rational evidence.

Whether you have to do online editing jobs for beginners or take care of higher academic level assignments, it is also necessary to ensure that the language flow is smooth and clear. Reading the paper out loud or asking someone to read it for you might help a great deal. By doing this, you can surely hear which sentence sounds awkward, illogical, or too wordy. Note your ideas and mark those sentences on the go so you won’t forget what you wanted to correct after you’ve made an effort to read the whole paper out loud. You can also search for text-to-speech online applications to do that reading work for you. When you are sure that the language flows smoothly, the final step to perfect the paper is to perform a final proofread. Mostly, it involves three main areas to check and correct: grammar, punctuation, and of course, spelling. Some automated literacy services online can also help you with that, but often they make mistakes themselves or bypass the words and sentences that the software doesn’t recognize and doesn’t have in its database. Spelling checkers also often miss typos and errors in the text. So make sure your mind is fresh and alert and you are ready to notice even the smallest flaw that could appear in that text.

So, now you know everything you need to start freelancing in the fruitful field of academic writing, editing, and proofreading. But it’s not all, however. Let’s make it clear now. After all, proofreading sites like ours that also offer editing and essay writing services are not the easiest way to put food on the table. But if you are excited with the idea of learning something new every single day, of correcting other people’s mistakes, of helping students to manage their studies in the best way possible, then this job is definitely for you. At the end of the day, you have put so much effort into getting your own degree. Why do this knowledge and experience should be left with no use? You can make money on something you know so well while your schedule will be absolutely free for doing other things that you love!

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    5. Upwork. Upwork is one of the largest freelancer platforms that lets you get paid for a variety of tasks from freelance writing, graphic design, and proofreading. If you are just getting started, Upwork can be an excellent place to start to build up your skills while you build an online presence.

  11. 10 Best Proofreading Jobs Online (Earn $45/hour)

    Learn how to get paid to proofread online, from finding work on websites like Upwork and Fiverr to joining platforms like Scribendi and Scribbr. Find out the skills, degrees, tools, and tips to make money as a proofreader, as well as the pros and cons of each job.

  12. Get Paid to Write: Top 16 Sites That Pay (up to $1 per Word)

    1. Upwork. Upwork is a massive online freelance marketplace. It caters to all kinds of industries, including and especially writing services. Before you accept gigs, you'll need to register for free and set up a freelancer profile.With Upwork, you set your own rates and find work by pitching clients directly, accepting work from clients who reached out to you or by bidding on projects that ...

  13. Best Online Proofreading Jobs in 2024

    Learn how to find and apply for online proofreading jobs that pay well and offer flexible hours. Compare the best platforms, websites, and job boards for proofreading and editing papers, eBooks, web content, and more. Find out the difference between proofreading and editing, and the types of proofreading jobs available.

  14. 20 Ways to Make Money From Home Proofreading

    4. Kibin. Kibin is a smaller company that offers copyediting, proofreading, and grammar services. They work with many students and scholarly organizations to help with essays, applications, and dissertations. Kibin pays proofreaders per word and includes bonuses for deadlines and customer satisfaction.

  15. 31 Best Online Proofreading Jobs in 2024 (Earn $25/Hour)

    Check out editing and writing jobs, ... Hi, I'm Brittany Kline! A money-saving frugal mom, budgeting fanatic, and personal finance expert. With my master's degree in education and life experience, I help families save money, make money online, and reach financial freedom. I have been featured in online publications like Forbes, TIME, USA Today ...

  16. Scribbr's College Essay Editing & Coaching

    Meet Scribbr's essay experts. At Scribbr, you can rest assured that only the best editors will work on your college essay. All our 800+ editors have passed the challenging Scribbr Academy, which has a passing rate of only 2%. We handpick your college essay editor on several criteria, including field of study.

  17. Get Paid to Write Essays: 21 Great Sites For Making Money

    There are two primary methods to make money writing essays, and the first is to write academic essays. ... They also offer proofreading and editing services for students. Work is paid per page with a range of $3.50 to $9 a page for writers with an undergraduate degree, and all work must be plagiarism free. 11. LancerHop. In LancerHop you will ...

  18. Best Online Proofreading Jobs in 2021 (Earn $66,000 Editing)

    Learn how to become a proofreader and earn $66,000 editing essays and other documents. Find out the best places to find proofreading and editing jobs, the skills and qualifications you need, and the tips to get started.

  19. 14 Best College Essay Services for 2024 (40 Services Reviewed)

    A comprehensive guide to the best college essay services for 2023, based on 40 reviews and rankings. Compare the top 40 services, from PrepMaven to individual essay consultants, and find the one that suits your needs and budget. Learn about the features, prices, and benefits of each service.

  20. Free online proofreading and essay editor

    Relax, focus, write your next masterpiece... Writing presumes more than simply laying out words on a paper. Typely helps you get in the mood and keeps you focused, immersed and ready to write your story. Whether you need a distraction-free environment, some chill relaxing sounds or a pomodoro timer to manage your time we got you covered.

  21. Get paid for online editing and proofreading jobs

    Thankfully, the workload at VIP-Writers service is steady and you will always have something to do. You can take just a few papers to proofread and make $200-250 extra money a month just for buying some stuff for your hobby, ordering a new outfit for the upcoming party or buying a present for your sister's wedding.

  22. Essay Writer

    Research essay writing. An essay is a common type of assignment that high-school and college students have to deal with. This assignment is one of the most challenging because it requires in-depth academic research. We have a team of authors and editors with profound skills and knowledge in all fields of study, who know how to conduct research, collect data, analyze information, and express it ...

  23. Editing Essays For Money

    For expository writing, our writers investigate a given idea, evaluate its various evidence, set forth interesting arguments by expounding on the idea, and that too concisely and clearly. Our online essay writing service has the eligibility to write marvelous expository essays for you. View Sample. ID 4817.