Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity


Cultural diversity

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Cultural diversity presentation

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Cultural diversity presentation

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  • 2.   What is Cultural Diversity?  Positive and negative effects of cultural diversity  Ethnic and cultural differences  The accommodation made among different ethnic groups with respect to space  Political and economic power and social visibility Topics
  • 3.  Refers to people of different origins, cultures and ways of life living alongside each other without one getting in the way of the other and trying to force their ways on other people. What is Cultural Diversity?
  • 5.  Cultural diversity is having people of different races, cultures, religions, nationalities, ethnic groups and backgrounds making up a community. Cultural diversity is the variety of human society and culture in a specific region or even in the world. It exists between people, such as language, dress, tradition and the way people interact with their environment. Cultural Diversity
  • 7.   Cultures mix- that is, bringing different ethnic groups together to create peace and harmony. This is done by incorporating different religions, cultures and beliefs.  There is good trade between countries- when countries come together it increases the skills in the labour market, that is, exchanging ideas from one ethnic group for the sole purpose of getting one product. Positive Effects of Cultural Diversity
  • 8.   Variety of ethnic celebrations- members are introduced to foods, festivals, music and celebrations, fashion, handicraft and cultural expressions such as dance.  People may appreciate other cultures and a range of perspectives by growing up in society. Example, being invited to celebrations and festivals. Positive Effects of Cultural Diversity
  • 9. Ethnic prejudices between different groups would lead to disagreements about stature in society. Differences appear to be very great that myths and misconceptions of the other race or ethnic groups are believed as fact. Ethnic politics develop with political parties splitting into opposite sides according to race. Politics becomes a contest between ethnicities. Negative Effects of Cultural Diversity
  • 10.  There may be feelings of discrimination which may lead to social unrest such as outbreaks of ethnic violence, labour riots, etc. There may be overpopulation from people coming in where their culture is flourishing. Negative Effects of Cultural Diversity
  • 11.  Just as the development of addictions may be influenced by celebrities, advertising, and the media in the United States, it may also be influenced by culture and ethnicity. Ethnic and Cultural Differences
  • 12.  Cultural beliefs and practices do indeed affect how individuals view the use of addictive substances and compulsive behaviors. Some groups still view addictions as moral weaknesses. If an addicted individual is unable to gain control of his addictive process in this manner, he may find himself excluded from the social group. In addition to the problem of addiction, the addicted individual may also suffer the emotional trauma of social ostracism. Ethnic and Cultural Differences
  • 13.  Years ago Afro-trini, Chinese, Indo-trini living different areas such as Arima, St. Joseph, San Fernando, Debe, etc In recent years different ethnic groups have begun to live together in unity. The accommodation made among different ethnic groups with respect to space
  • 14.  Honourable Prime Minister Miss Kamla Persad Bissessar developed a cabinet comprising of a variety of races and religions. The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) builds houses in rural areas in which they accommodate people of different races and religions. Political and economic power and social visibility

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Personal Culture Essay

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  • 1. Personal Cultural Diversity Essay The concept of globalization, which is the increasing integration and interdependence of different countries from one another in terms of economic, communication, and technological aspects, leads one to address the concept of cultural diversity or multiculturalism. Cultural diversity in the health–care system touches lives of many Americans in one way or another. No matter what our own cultural background is, when we go receive medical care, we may encounter a care giver who comes from a different cultural background than ours(Naylor 1997,291).. In the concept of cultural diversity, it can be recognized that two terms are equally important. The first concept is culture, which refers to the total way of life of individuals, and the more content... In this sense, personal cultural diversity can be seen through the influences of personal experiences that have been acquired and accumulated by the individual through his or her lifetime. Another factor to consider is the individual's religious background or influences, as this would determine the values and practice of morality of the individual. This would also define one's behavior and personality in comparison to other individuals. In addition, the religious influence of an individual, along with his or her personal experiences determines his or her judgments and prejudices regarding a certain issue. Another important factor is one's social–economic class background, which refers to one's income levels and lifestyle backgrounds. One's level of income and lifestyle entitles one to develop different views and perceptions regarding different issues or topics. To sum up the points, it can be perceived that in order to understand the concept of personal cultural diversity, the different aspects of one's lifestyle must be examined and determined in order to point out individual differences in a particular group or society. This is because each individual has different genetic make–up, Get more content on
  • 2. Cultural Background Paper This paper is written as a presentation of my own cultural background and identity. What I hope to reveal, is where I come from, how I became who I am today, and how my culture helped to develop me into that person. My background has never really seemed interesting or particularly pertinent to who I am, until I began this course (HSC570); now, I actually am acutely aware of how important it is to my present life. It is with excitement and expectancy that I write this paper; based upon my memory of tales told to me by those that I consider to have been our family historians. Sadly, they have all crossed over from life to eternity. The Beginning I was born on a Monday morning in late May, 1960, to Andrew, Sr. and Lula Bell Dodd. I am the eleventh of thirteen children, and my parents were separated at the time of my conception and birth. It more content... I later found that this wasn't the case. Everyone was poor, but, we were poorer than all but two or three other families. Everyone knew everyone, and the 'village' worked as one unit in the rearing and nurturing of all the children. At times we lived with other relatives, and at times, other relatives lived with us. I remember my older siblings being around, living with us or within the community, also during this time. In our community, women worked, as did the men; but, the men were treated like kings (husband or not); they came home and put their feet up, ate first, came and went as they pleased and always seemed to be threatening to whip the children and the women. The women always seemed to be trying to keep their men happy, even if it meant sharing him with the woman up the street. They just pretended that they didn't know. I was only privy to this knowledge because I was always somewhere in a corner with my face in a book, and no one paid attention to my Get more content on
  • 3. Personal Culture And My Family Culture Essay While looking upon my personal culture and my family's culture in an attempt to find appropriate dishes for this assignment, it became apparent to me that I have no definite culture. Whereas I have lived in Canada my whole life, my family's background has engaged me in varying cultures, though I have never felt truly attuned to one culture. On the other hand, my father is a first generation Canadian, his parents both from Scotland. Though aware of my Scottish origins and my grandparents' migration to Canada, Scottish culture has never been explicitly celebrated amongst those in my family. Furthermore, my family previously migrated from Ireland during the Irish famine, resulting in Irish culture to also represented in my family's culture. Variously, my mother's side of the family has lived in Canada for many generations, but I do not consider myself as being authentically Canadian. Accordingly, throughout my childhood, I was never encouraged to celebrate an explicit culture. Furthermore, religion was never prominent in my life either, as my parents decided against baptizing any of my siblings and me, as per the family tradition, because they wished for us to have religious freedom. However, because of the rest of my family's religion, as well as my background, my family has always celebrated Christian holidays, though I have never been to church for a reason other than a wedding. I find that without any cultural ties from my family's history and practices, that the culture I Get more content on
  • 4. Personal Culture My Personal Cultural Background Kim Stringfield–Davis University of Phoenix Soc/315 November 20, 2008 My Personal Cultural Background Within this paper this student will discuss how the aspects of ones cultural background can shape and define the structure of their being. By analyzing each source of ones cultural programming, one can define the how and why of different behaviors, beliefs, and morals. Individuals draw from multiple sources that form their personality and character and this paper will discuss those factors that defined this student. While reflecting on the different cultural elements that have influenced my life, it is hard to determine which would be classified as the most significant or the more content... Though my siblings taught me a lot in regards to hierarchy, they also taught me about loyalty and trust. Whenever our parents were "on us" we always could bond together and present a united front. Having this support system gave me confidence and security when dealing with others in social situations. Being born in a rural Tennessee town has contributed to my cultural programming as well. The atmosphere of this town was one of extended family, security and safety. This was especially so as a child. People were open and caring, communities felt a responsibility to other families in their community and everyone "looked out" for one another. After becoming an adult and moving north to Maryland, it was such a stark contrast to the environment in which I grew up. People were very private, families were made up of only blood relatives, and it was unheard of to show signs of family discord. Having experienced both regions, it only made me appreciate the environment in which I was raised, and was able to raise my children. Being female in this region has also contributed in my cultural makeup. Southern men, or the majority of them, hold a deep respect for women and the place they hold in society. In the early sixties, women were mainly homemakers and mothers, but that stigma has slowly deteriorated and now being female has rarely held me back from achieving any professional position I desired. I have been employed
  • 5. Get more content on
  • 6. Reflection Of My Personal Culture Each person has their own beliefs or customs depending on what kind of environment they developed in. Those beliefs or customs then shape a person's mentality and how they interact with the world. Many different characteristics have really shaped me to become who I am today. My personal culture has shaped my own thinking and perception of the world considering that I grew up in a small town, my family's careers, and having divorced parents. In the conservative small town of Mont Belvieu, Texas with a whopping 5,500 population, there is little room for outside opinions. It is just another southern town that revolves around football and church on Sundays. The suburb I grew up in refused to accept the developing characteristics of the more content... Being a first responder means interacting with different cultures and being required to respect and understand those diversities. When responding to a scene an individual's race or gender doesn't matter; the only thing that matters to first responders is saving a person's life. Due to their experiences, I was taught at an early age to treat everyone equally. I learned that not everyone is the same but to treat them with respect even if I am different from them. Growing up with divorced parents provided me with an opportunity to gain independence I would have not otherwise learned if I had not been impacted by my parent's divorce. A household with married parents compared to a household with divorced parents is very contrasting. My parents divorced when I was very young. I lived with my mom and would visit my dad on the weekends. My mom was a stay at home mom so when my parents divorced she was jobless. We struggled a lot and I gained a lot of responsibilities because she was a single mom with no income other than child support. I did most of the cleaning and laundry, and woke myself up and got ready for school all by myself. I gained self–determination and independence being exposed to this lifestyle. I realized the importance of going to school to get an education to be able to get a good job for myself. Not only Get more content on
  • 7. Personal Culture Research Paper Want to know what shaped your behavior and personal values? Then through the Lewis cultural category survey, you can understand how the culture you grow up in shaped the person who you are today. The survey results will let you know what culture category you follow into either linear–active, multi–active, or reactive. Behaviors and Personal Values Growing up fourth–generation Southern Californian my nuclear family help shape my values and behavior. My parents taught me there were consequences in life for my actions, rather it was right or wrong. For example, I came home drunk from a party on a Friday night while I was in high school. So, my father didn't punish me that night. However, Saturday morning he woke me up and made sure I attended the three–hour basketball practice at school. I learned my lesson not to get drunk. Also, my parents assigned chores around the house to teach me the value of good work ethics. Furthermore, they instilled in me freedom of choice to pursue sports, play a musical instrument, or anything else that interested me. Also, allowed me to have input into family discussions teaching me how to have an opinion and defend it. more content... The military needs to recognize the underlying cultural dynamics and language in the countries where the warfighter is fighting. By understanding the cultural dynamics, the warfighter can build one–to–one relationships with the local culture. Also, warfighters need to be aware of what hand and arms signals to use so that they don't offend the local culture. Furthermore, the warfighters need to be sensitive to the local population's beliefs and religion. Therefore, the warfighter has to stay away from transferring American values and religious beliefs onto the local culture. So, by understanding the opposition's culture can create a positive change operationally, tactically, and Get more content on
  • 8. Personal Cultural Aspects My personal cultural is affected by the 7 aspects of myself. These 7 aspects has made me who I am and how I view the world based on my cultural responsibilities. The first personal aspect is my gender. Being a male in my culture I am responsible to do the heavy work like setting up table and chairs for everyone.I am also responsible to help kill the pig and prep the meat for the females to cook. I am also responsible to go forward the elders and bow to them showing my respect towards them. As a male I am to greet all the elders and help them with what they need. Being a male I get more opportunities on working jobs. I am also expected to be strong, I have to look tough and be able to take control because I am a male. The second personal aspect is my age. Since i am almost gonna be an young adult I am to have a drink with the elders if they bring a drink to me. I am to sit with the elders and talk with them keeping them company. Since i'm going to be a young adult soon I will be able to drive and move out to do my own things. I will also be responsible to pay for my own food, my own bills, and to be responsible to go to work. Being my age now I will soon have to do things on my own and cannot rely on people reminding me of my responsibilities. The third aspect of my personal life is my location. My location of where I live has made me if who I am and how I see people. Growing up in the United States I was able to have more opportunities that most people out of the country Get more content on
  • 9. My Personal Experience of Culture That was it. I decided that I was no longer willing to live in a society filled with immoralities and with people that are mainly determined to follow a standard pattern throughout their lives. The past years influenced me in seeing the world through different eyes. The fact that I saw numerous individuals actively involved in receiving social acceptance virtually made me sick. The reason why I was sick was that I knew that most of these people had dreams, an unique personality, and everything it took in order for them to be successful from their own point of view, not from the social order's perspective. Society has historically had the tendency to influence people in putting across certain behaviors. Some of these behaviors are moral in character and people are expected to take them on for their personal wellbeing and for society's wellbeing as a whole. Even with these, other behaviors can be damaging for one's personal identity, considering that the respective person no longer has the ability to distinguish between ideas that are his or hers and ideas that have been induced as a result of the environment that they live in. It all started when I realized that my dreams were not actually my dreams. Surely, this might sound confusing, but read on and you are going to get a better understanding of what I am talking about. So"В¦I discovered that my objectives had been instilled in me throughout my childhood by my parents, by my teachers, and by society as a whole through Get more content on
  • 10. Essay My Personal Culture Culture defines people's values, beliefs, and personal interests. Culture is important because it allows people to maintain a unique identity society. Many cultures have common interests, while others may have customs that differ greatly from that of another. Technology has had a huge impact on present day cultures. Many culture have been altered including my own, and some have been created due to the rise of technology. Cultures differ so greatly that someone belonging to one culture may not agree with the values of another, which then causes social and ethical issues. My culture shares many similarities with others around the world; most of which have connected more people in recent years than ever before. Cultural gaps, and lack of more content... In the past, things were primarily about skin color, and issues regarding people of a particular skin color were handled by such, and not ethnicity.Black people were black people, whites were whites, and so on. The point is that by distinguishing myself from a general role, I am able to have my own identity, and I can make choices for my best interest, and not for the majority. In spite of their differences, both African and African–American culture have been able to connect in certain ways in recent years, as well as other cultures. Technology, specifically social media has allowed my generation to connect with one another even with our cultural differences. There is a chemistry that exists within my generation that my parent's generation never could have imagined was possible. The International Association of Business Communicators says "At its core, social media are about sharing information across boundaries. We can now find out what we want from whomever we want. Social media is breaking down hierarchical, regional, age and cultural boundaries" (IABC). Things have changed socially, through digital means, and it's a big part of what makes me and my generation unique. Today, people in the United States can interact and communicate with people from anywhere around the world. I listened to some weird electronic music from France one night and it is amazing that I can do that. The internet has Get more content on
  • 11. Personal Culture And World View It is a big undertaking to attempt to explain one's culture and world view in a few words. My culture and world view began within the house I was raised. I come from a white, middle class family, with a household of 5. My mom and dad both worked very hard to maintain a "middle–class" living status for their family, and made many sacrifice. Values that were stressed in my household were loyalty, work ethic, family bonds, and character. Religion did not play a big part in my household growing up, and lack of religion, or "self–reliance" was stressed more. Both of my parents worked, however gender roles were pretty obvious in my house. My mother not only worked, but also took care of many of the household chores, while my father handled lawn work, mechanical tasks, etc. The biggest world view that sticks out for me that I learned growing up is that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. However, you have to work for it – there are no hand–outs. In writing this, I can think back to many times where racial, or racist, statements were made in my house. It can be hard to talk about, and I cannot provide justification for many of the comments. Our home was about 10 blocks from public housing. I can recall driving past, and many times, my dad pointing out the fact that "those people" didn't have to work for anything. He would often say, "look, we are paying for their houses with our tax money, and they drive better cars and wear better clothes then we do." This had a Get more content on
  • 12. Personal Culture And National Culture Part B In this paper I will begin by defining personal culture and national culture. After, I will then elaborate my own personal and national culture. I will continue to talk about the subject with the person that I have chosen for my cultural group, my mother, and I will identify her personal and national culture. Lastly, I will talk about my own personality and how it has a connection with my own natural culture; knowing this is important, it lets us know who we are, and how we act with people who are from different cultures. Personal culture, is a share combination of an individual's traits, skills, and personality. It is formed within the context of their ethnic, racial, familial, and educational environments. Everyone's personal culture is unique to them (Mensah, 2015, CH3 PPT, Slide 3). I agree with the statement that everyone's personal culture is unique to them because everyone comes from a different culture, and they are always bound to do something unique that is different to others. Ever since I can remember, my family and I have always celebrated the common holidays that occur throughout the year such as; New Year's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. My family and I have a strong bond, and when holidays come up we always get together and spend time to celebrate the holiday. This is how I grew up, and we never done anything different, and being raised with that in my Get more content on
  • 13. A Personal Cultural Analysis While culture, in a general sense, can be defined as the collective arts and customs of a population, it is also important to consider the broader collective aesthetic of said community. Being such, it is necessary to understand culture before interacting or entering a society as this allows one to better understand tradition and the attitudes towards various aspects, such religion and customs. When I look at my own culture, there are various aspects that shape my daily interactions with society at large and how I approach a situation. As a white male of a higher socioeconomic standing, I am afforded some level of impunity and status within my contemporaries, this due to the history of America and the culture that has been developed. Being that I wish to attend Lund University for the study abroad experience, there more content... An admittedly glaring feature of my person that I left out when previously defining my cultural niche is my homosexuality. While there are many who would like to say sexuality does not define someone, it inevitably does. As such, I have had my fair share of both positive and negative experiences from both within the community and from those outside it. I feel that if I were to take into consideration the aspects that define my culture, and myself, I would come to a conclusion that I exist within a fairly safeguarded and sheltered place where I can watch the goings on of the American culture as a whole. By going abroad, I hope to strip myself of this armor of sorts that I have been carrying with me my whole life. I hope to be thrust into a position where I am forced to face a new culture that I am unexpended with and I can broaden my own culture and brake down some of the walls that have been constructed by my own American Get more content on
  • 14. My culture and I Perhaps the most influential factors which has shaped me into the person Iam today is my culture, and the upbringing of my family. Since my birth, these factors have strongly influenced my values, norms, and characteristics. I'm raised in a Hispanic household, as most traditional Hispanic families, my upbringing is strongly family orientated. I was born in small town in Ecuador, and when I was 5 years old, I experienced culture shock when I moved to America. I was young and didn't understand much, I felt lost and uncertain with the new culture and environment surrounding me. For a couple of years in grammar school I felt unsettled and iffy on the ''unknown'' culture I was revealed too. This resulted to selective mutism in grammar school with teachers. I would also struggle doing my homework during grammar school because no one in my household knew English. Gradually, with the help of my family and my recognition of my capabilities I was able to adapt to my surroundings and overcome my challenges. I've always had a strong motivation to have a better future, and I knew furthering my education will help me. The personal gain from education is something that no one can ever take away from you. My parents would always motivate me to work harder and put all my dedication in school. My education will always come first because no one else is going to give me what education gives you – knowledge and strength in society. My home country, Ecuador, is an alluring Get more content on
  • 15. My Personal Culture Essay My personal culture is influenced by many things, especially by how life treated my parents affected how life treated me. Sometimes life wrecks your expectations so that it can bring you something greater. My parents faced many obstacles in their life and all they ever wanted was to prevent them from happening to me. In my personal culture I'm affected by seven criteria: conflict, income, gender, age, disabilities, location and sexual orientation. These effects made me who I am today. When people hear refugee camp, they usually think about a place where people go to escape bad situations. I know refugee camp sounds way better than living in a dangerous place but staying at a refugee camp was really hard for my parents. My parents didn't get to go to school because they couldn't afford it and they didn't have a home. My parents had to work in the rice field every single day so that they could feed themselves. After working a long day, they had to sleep on dirt. In 2000, my parents got help from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to resettle in the United States; I was only nine months old at the time. Because of the obstacles that my parents faced, my education comes first before anything. Now, and my family, we live in a beautiful house. One day, I want to help people back in my country. My family went from being poor to being a middle class family. Growing up from a middle class family, I get almost everything that I want. My parents want me to Get more content on
  • 16. Personal Narrative: My Personal Culture Whether in general or personal, culture is based on the values, core beliefs or customs that hold a people group together (Solomon, Marshall, & Stuart, 2012, p. 147). Though not always foreign, some cultures even involve rituals adhered to for many centuries. For instance, the Jewish males celebrate becoming a man through a bar mitzvah. A personal culture is more intimate to an individual. My personal culture is centered around or influenced by my faith, my family and my occupation. Growing up in a conservatively Christian home centered on love with service and worship. Those values developed further into integrity and humility. Subsequently, I did not stray too far from the narrow path and those ideals are continuing in my own home. Much like other occupations, law more content... Mining plays a key role in the economy of China and has a type of sub–culture all to itself (XIA LING, DUAN HONG, & WANG, 2016). Chinese miners are very proud of their occupation which passes from one generation to the next. While individualistic in nature with the nation's economy, the culture began to shift to a more collective, humanistic one as the effects of pollution set in. The study stated, "Chinese mining enterprises are not only the producer of wealth but also the destroyer of the natural resources." Management began to see these affects and began intrinsically changing the mining sub–culture. References Solomon, M., Marshall, G., & Stuart, E. (2012). Brand you: Marketing real people, real choices. (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. default.aspx?SectionID=5536&tabid=154#1 XIA LING, J., DUAN HONG, M., & WANG, L. (2016). EMPIRICAL STUDY ON HUMANISTIC CULTURE MEASUREMENT AND INFLUENCE FACTORS OF MINING ENTERPRISES FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Oxidation Communications, 39(2A), Get more content on
  • 17. Eth 125 Personal Cultural Reflection Personal Cultural Reflection ETH 125 October 30, 2010 Axia College (Origin) When thinking about my family and our roots I identify my family's places or origin as Germany and Ireland. A majority of my family is of German ancestry and the one exception is my grandmother and she is Irish. I identify these too places as where my family came from due to stories that I have hear from family members and to the traits that each member of my family carries. A majority of my family are all blonde hair, with blue or brown eyes which have a lot of similarities to people from Germany. My family as very few of the traits from the Irish side but the only ones the I have been told are that some people in our family freckle a more content... One thing that I have heard that they all agree on is that it is heredity and we are cursed by out ancestors. As I have gotten older and noticed that I have had to deal with some of the same things that my parents have had to deal with health wise I have started to believe them and develop the same opinions and beliefs of why. One treatment that my family uses is when you have a sore throat and it does not matter on your age, they give you a hot tottie that is tea, lemon, whiskey, and a drop of honey. Every time growing up when I had a sore throat this is what my mom would give me and my brothers and it would help tremendously. Another thing that I remember is something that would be used for sunburns during the summer and my grandmother would mix fresh aloe with a damp oatmeal and smear it on the area that was burned until it dried. She always said that it would help to take the burn out and to keep our skin from becoming dry and peeling. I think that each of these is cultural in nature and something that has been passed down from each generation to our family (L. Adams/S. Richie Personal communication October 2010). (Discrimination) When it comes to discrimination I have heard several stories of how members of my family where discriminated against for employment during World War Two. The one I remember most is a story that my grandfather told me
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  • 19. Definition Essay: What Does Culture Means To Me? Culture by definition is the identity or feeling of belonging to a group. It is part of a person's self–conception and self–perception and is related to nationality, ethnicity, religion, social class, generation, locality or any type of social group that has its own distinct culture. To me that definition couldn't be more spot on but let's go more in depth over the past few months in my English class we have been trying to learn what our culture is and what part culture plays in our daily lives so in this essay I will be sharing with you what I think culture is what it means to me and how I think it impacts our way of living and the way we look at each other as human beings and how we treat each other and how all this makes up my more content... To me my cultural identity is made up of many things from the sports I like to the food I eat even to they way I treat or act to people but most important thing to me would be how people view me as a person and friend by this I mean my personality and how I treat them because the way I was raised was that you treat everyone with respect no matter the person place or situation. Secondly the food we eat is personally my favorite thing about my family culture because the food is great from tamales to Poole and menudo and even the sports inline which is only one but that doesn't matter because threw the sport i have made many friends and learned many lessons and the sport of course is soccer the greatest sport in the world to me and my family at least now where my view influenced yes and iI am glad they were because if people didn't help me be the way i am today i don't know how i would have turned out sure iI'mnot perfect no one is but i like how I was raised and how i have lived my life so far and all because of my family culture and all the people that made me who i am today so yeah i guess you could say culture is what makes the world spin and connects people together and to me culture is the most important thing you could have in your life In conclusion i feel that culture is important in our everyday live and make us who we are and the people we will become in the feature and influence the course of our lives Get more content on
  • 20. Personal Narrative: My Personal Cultural Identity Cyd's Cultural Identity Many people writing this essay are going to talk about their religion or what race they are. But this is my personal cultural identity essay. I don't have a religion that I talk about or a race that I care about. My cultural identity is about sports, family and everything that makes me, me. My family has a history of sports. I play a variety...Basketball, volleyball , and the most important to me is fastpitch. My Dad played basketball and baseball. My Mom played volleyball and fastpitch. I have a very athletic family. Papa Dan (my Dad's, Dad) coached and played baseball. He coached all six of his kids in baseball, basketball, football or any sports they played. My mom is just athletic. I don't really know where she got it from but she was on a traveling fastpitch team and played for her school. Now my sister and I are in love with the game and both of my parents are always on our side helping us be the best we can more content... I like to listen to all different types of music, but my favorite is country, rock and an oder band called the Beatles. My mom and dad have listened to all genres of music since I was little and I've been listening to them every since. My mom listens to the Beatles and rock mostly. She has a first edition Beatles record that is never not playing in my house. My family and I don't like new rock that people listen to, these day's. Instead we love to listen to what I call old school rock like offspring, nickelback, and Metallica. My dad on the other hand, he loves country! He started to listen to country when he was young. He has 6 siblings and they all listen to country still to this day. Music has such a big impact to my life because I listen to it everyday and my family and I are always singing to every song we hear or that is on are Get more content on
  • 21. My Personal Culture What have you discovered about your own personal culture? While making my collage I discovered what is most important to me and how I would describe my own personal culture. I discovered that my family is what is most important to me. My family taught me most of my learned values and behaviours. Everyday my family influences how I handle certain situations, because I always ask myself what they would do or what I know would make them proud. Whenever I have free time I love to spend time with my family, one of my favourite things to do is take my two nephews on different adventures. When I am spending time with my family I feel my happiest and most like myself. I also discovered what the real meaning of personal culture is during this assignment. Not everyone's personal culture is the same, and many people have more than one culture. Your personal culture is what defines you and it is "shared patterns of learned values and behaviours that are transmitted over time and that distinguish the members of one group from another" (Potter, Perry, Stockert & Hall, 2014). Fully understanding the definition of personal culture also helped me understand my own personal culture better. What were you most comforted by? I was most comforted by discovering my own personal culture and being proud of everything it entails. I found comfort in knowing that my family is what matters the most to me, and that a lot of my own values and behaviours are passed on from them, since I admire my family Get more content on


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