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  • 8 Ways to Reduce Stress for Students

8 Ways to Reduce Stress for Students

Students should have everything to be happy about, but today’s least responsible generation experience the most stress. Students manage the part-time job with their studies and they concern about their assignments and also stress about the future and think how to create the next step. As a student, every extra time appears to be filled with worrying to make a plan and achieve something in future. In place of relaxing in the holidays, they are planning to their CV or working to earn some extra cash.

These are 8 ways which will surely help you to reduce stress effectively:

1. Get enough sleep

A lack of sleep is the main reason for stress. Unfortunately, stress also interrupts our sleep as thoughts keep turning or stopping us from relaxing, head enough to fall asleep. Many students spend too much time on social media , text, emails and cells phone and too much use can lead more stress. Sleep is the finest medicine and some people find that small 20 minutes naps can help improve productivity.

8 ways to reduce stress for students

2. Healthy diet

Eating fresh foods is really important for students. Juice filed with vitamin c, like orange juice is said to be good for your immune system so can help with stress. Certain food provides increasing levels of hormones in the body that fight stress.

Doing exercise at least 10 minutes in a day is one of the best ways to reduce stress. When you feel stressed, go for a walk in fresh air. Even daily walk of 30 minutes can help ease stress level. During sport and joining a sports club also help reduce stress. It is the best way to relax your mind and muscles.

4. Meditation

10 minutes a day can really help to reduce stress level, decrease anxiety and improve health. Good breathing techniques can help put you in a more relaxed. Meditation is very simple and inexpensive and does not require any special equipment. It can give you a sense of peace, calm and benefits keeping you physically and mentally fit. Many students ignore this kind of trick to reduce their stress, they think doing meditation is wastage of their time, instead of this they can study but actually, here the problem arises, so great choice also matters.

5. Listen to music

Listing to music helps you to stay calm down and put your mind in a relaxed situation. If you are feeling stressed, listing some calm music while you work it really helps. Many students while doing the same things, again and again, they get bored or by taking tensions of studies due to which it adversely affect students, so to avoid this listening light music may help you out.

6. Time management

Mainly people get stressed when they felt the lack of time to complete their activities. However, various simple and easy tricks of managing time may help you out to come across the fear of not managing the time properly, many students start giving their time of sleeping to their studies due to which their time of sleeping hours reduced and which results to tension and frustration more, so managing time is very necessary part of life to reduce stress.,

7. Competition.

There is a lot of competition amongst students, so to be successful in this competitive world we need to keep us fit and healthy but many students fail to do this and this result in anger and stress. Instead of this, we need to use competition as an opportunity to show our skills and knowledge. So work hard, get good marks and work upon weakness one will definitely be successful.

8. Realistic

Recognize the thoughts that cause you study related to stress. Many a time we think about various things that we can do this and that? But thinking only and not working on the plan we had it would only create stress and anxiety. So first try to learn to set goals realistic and to replace unrealistic thoughts with more and good realistic goals. This will help you reduce stress and help in improving your result.

So overall management of stress is necessary which will lead you to feel healthier. We have to remember that we cannot change the opinion of others but we can prove ourselves. No one is that much perfect in life so do not underestimate you. Always try to keep a positive attitude and from time to time practice out different relaxation techniques. So be strong, love yourself, be flexible and love others and don’t be that person who always talks negative are with a person who talks positively and spread happiness to others. So, at last, be stress full and be happy.

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Essay on Stress Management


500 Words Essay On Stress Management

Stress is a very complex phenomenon that we can define in several ways. However, if you put them together, it is basically the wear and tear of daily life. Stress management refers to a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies for controlling a person’s stress level, especially chronic stress . If there is effective stress management, we can help one another break the hold of stress on our lives. The essay on stress management will throw light on the very same thing.

essay on stress management

Identifying the Source of Stress

The first step of stress management is identifying the source of stress in your life. It is not as easy as that but it is essential. The true source of stress may not always be evident as we tend to overlook our own stress-inducing thoughts and feelings.

For instance, you might constantly worry about meeting your deadline. But, in reality, maybe your procrastination is what leads to this stress than the actual deadline. In order to identify the source of stress, we must look closely within ourselves.

If you explain away stress as temporary, then it may be a problem. Like if you yourself don’t take a breather from time to time, what is the point? On the other hand, is stress an integral part of your work and you acknowledging it like that?

If you make it a part of your personality, like you label things as crazy or nervous energy, you need to look further. Most importantly, do you blame the stress on people around you or the events surrounding you?

It is essential to take responsibility for the role one plays in creating or maintaining stress. Your stress will remain outside your control if you do not do it.

Strategies for Stress Management

It is obvious that we cannot avoid all kinds of stress but there are many stressors in your life which you can definitely eliminate. It is important to learn how to say no and stick to them.  Try to avoid people who stress you out.

Further, if you cannot avoid a stressful situation, try altering it. Express your feelings don’t bottle them up and manage your time better. Moreover, you can also adapt to the stressor if you can’t change it.

Reframe problems and look at the big picture. Similarly, adjust your standards and focus on the positive side. Never try to control the uncontrollable. Most importantly, make time for having fun and relaxing.

Spend some time with nature, go for a walk or call a friend, whatever pleases you.  You can also try working out, listening to music and more. As long as it makes you happy, never give up.

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Conclusion of the Essay on Stress Management

All in all, we can control our stress levels with relaxation techniques that evoke the relaxation response of our body. It is the state of restfulness that is the opposite of the stress response. Thus, when you practice these techniques regularly, you can build your resilience and heal yourself.

FAQ of Essay on Stress Management

Question 1: What is the importance of stress management?

Answer 1: Stress management is very efficient as it helps in breaking the hold which stress has on our lives. Moreover, you can also become happy, healthy and more productive because of it. The ultimate goal should be to live a balanced life and have the resilience to hold up under pressure.

Question 2: Give some stress management techniques.

Answer 2: There are many stress management techniques through which one can reduce stress in their lives. One can change their situation or their reaction to it. We can try by altering the situation. If not, we can change our attitudes towards it. Remember, accept things that you cannot change.


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Essay On How To Reduce Stress

Stress is a ubiquitous part of everyday life. There is no way to avoid stress but you can learn to manage it. Stress can be caused through distinct ways and distinct reasons such as personal problems, social and job issues, post-traumatic stress and so on. You may have headache, feeling anxiety and depression, and easily irritated if did not handle stress well. Reduce stress in daily life is important to keep overall health since it will let you to have better frame of mind, enhance immunity and longevity so you can be more productive. You should cast off stress in order to concentrate on work, study and enjoy the life. There are various ways to cope with stress such as you should reduce stress by listen to music, maintain positive thinking and have a healthy lifestyle. One of the way to reduce stress is by maintaining positive thinking in daily life. Positive thinking is you are thinking the best is going to happen instead of the worst and deal with unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. Those who are suffering with life stresses is encourage to have a network of friends and family on whom you can rely on. Family and friends are the one who make you to feel appreciated, valued, confident and encourage you to become best possible self. When you spend time with people who are …show more content…

However, it is related with how we manage stress and tension. Actually, stress is plainly manageable. You should manage it appropriately, so can handle it easily. You must always develop a positive thinking in your life, take care of yourselves and socialize with everybody. Try to do something that you enjoy, this can help you relax. It might also help you increase your life quality. Life is simple, it just not easy. Attitude is very important because you are the person that ability to decide what is better for yourselves. You must keep the stress, enjoy your life by not succumb to

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Stress can be something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety. “Stress can be a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation” (Merriam-Webster, 2014) A person experiences stress “when a demand exceeds that person’s coping abilities, resulting in reactions such as disturbances of cognition, emotion and behavior” (Huether & McCance, 2012, p. 208) Stress is “a reaction to stressful situations at work that leads to a physiological response manifested by psychosomatic symptoms such as hypertension and headache” (Toh, Ang, & Devi, 2012, p. 127). Stress occurs when the situational demands outpace the individual’s ability to

Describe How Stress Makes Us More Vulnerable To Disease Essay

Jada Lewis October 2, 2015 1. Describe how stress makes us more vulnerable to disease. a) Disease can affect us in more ways than thought about but it turns out that stress actually makes us more vulnerable to disease. Within the body, we have lymphocytes which help secrete stress hormones. One of the major lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, play an important role in fighting bacterial infections while T lymphocytes help fight cancerous cells, viruses and foreign substances.

Get Rid Of To Make The World A Better Place Essay

Stressing can give a feeling that everybody would be happy living without. I think that if we got rid of stress in this world people would be so much happier. These reasons are very truthful on why people get stressed but there are also many more. Getting rid of stress would change this world for the better.

Pharmacology Case Study

There is no way to avoid stress, but you can not worry yourself about things that you can't control or that you can not

Stress, Portrait Of A Killer

All that we do, we are bound to encounter stress. Stress can be defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Whenever one is facing difficulty ,suffering anxiety, or feeling worried,stress will immediately take over. Stress has been, and will remain to be, a natural part of our daily routine. This causes many to underestimate its overall effects.

Definition Essay: The Two Most Common Use Of Stress

Good forms of stress can come from situations as buying a new home. Committing to something as big as purchasing a new home can make buyers nervous about what they are getting themselves into. Reflection on the choice of buying a new house leads to more suitable amenities and fewer consequences. Facing the stress that comes with buying a house or having a child brings out the more intelligent, reasonable side in

Review Of Clear: A Guide To Treating Acne Naturally

Everyone live with several stressful factors. Nobody can live, working they only want to do. In this circumstances, stress comes to us and affects on us to be weak. When we are in profound stress, we should deal with stress, and there are numerous ways to cope with

Stress In Middle School

Finally, simply relaxing can really help you deal with stress. For example, taking a bath while watching Netflix on your phone or cuddling with a pet while watching a t.v show or reading a book can also be a worthwhile activity on a day dedicated only to yourself. Giving

Persuasive Essay On Stress In Students

Teens Get Stressed Too Adults often believe that teens do not have much to be stressed about. Teenagers do indeed have a lot on their plate. Dealing with school, a job, school work, working towards getting their permit/license, sports, even things at home, teenagers tend to be extremely stressed. A majority of teenagers suffer from anxiety and depression from all of the pressure put on them.

Essay On Academic Stress

Academic Stress: Academic stress among students have long been researched on, and researchers have identified stressors as too many assignments, competitions with other students, failures and poor relationships with other students or lecturers (Fairbrother & Warn, 2003). Academic stressors include the student 's perception of the extensive knowledge base required and the perception of an inadequate time to develop it (Carveth et al, 1996). Students report experiencing academic stress at predictable times each semester with the greatest sources of academic stress resulting from taking and studying for exams, grade competition, and the large amount of content to master in a small amount of time (Abouserie, 1994). When stress is perceived negatively

Essay About Stress In College Students

In college, students experience a great deal of stress for the first time in their lives. In the past, they experienced little stresses that came with growing up, but now they experience stress from the real world and it can be overwhelming. The stress in college is more serious than any they had experienced prior because it is a time that will define the rest of their lives. For many, this is the first time getting a loan, the first time having to care for themselves, the first time studying for massive exams, and the first time that their decisions will affect the rest of their lives. The main types of stress college students experience are financial stress, parental stress, class stress, social stress, and self-invoked stress.

Stress In Nursing Students

Stress refers to a dynamic interaction between the individual and the environment. In this interaction, demands, limitations and opportunities related to work may be perceived as threatening to surpass the individual's resources and skills. Stress is any physical or psychological stimulus that disturbs the adaptive state and provoked a coping response The increasing interest in stress research is probably because we live in a world that includes many stressful circumstances and stress has been a global phenomenon. It has become an integral part of life and is said to be the price we all pay for the struggle to stay alive.

Research Paper On Stress Management

There are many ways to manage stress, everyone has a different way to cope, reduce, and manage stress. This information can be used to help anyone trying to better understand how to manage their

Stress In College Students Essay

Stress involves interaction of the person and environment. To quote a definition: “Stress is an adaptive response to an external situation that results in physical, psychological and / or behavioural deviations for organizational participants” (Luthans, 1998). Stress has generally been viewed as a set of neurological and physiological reactions that serves an adaptive function (Franken, 1994). Traditionally, stress research has been oriented toward studies involving the body's reaction to stress and the cognitive processes that influence the perception of stress. However, social perspectives of the stress response have noted that different people experiencing similar life conditions are not necessarily affected in the same manner (Pearlin, 1982).

The Importance Of Coaching

No one can deny that stress can be caused by many reasons. For instance, you may not like your job, money matters, quarrel with your boy or girl friend, stress is something that you cannot avoid. Generally, stress attacks when you start thinking that you are the victim of circumstances or most importantly when you feel that a situation, things, or work will not be solved by you, that’s when you place yourself under stress. However, fortunately stress has a solution within the world and their easy ways to reduce stress in your life.

More about Essay On How To Reduce Stress

How to Beat Stress? Essay

Nowadays, people have to live with stress every day due to all that chaos happening around and the inability to cope with a number of social things and concerns observed every day. Being involved in numerous activities and the necessity to meet expectations and perform duties, people cherish a dream to have at least one day without stress. Stress seems to follow us everywhere and every minute, so that it is not always possible for people to find the time and think of the ways to beat stress and live quietly with no more negative vibes.

According to the American Psychological Association, about 63% of people experience stress because of the necessity to think of the “future of our nation,” 62% of people are bothered with money, and 61% of Americans are challenged by work issues (1). Scholle claims that “the over-activation of our stress hormones has been linked to high blood pressure, heart attacks, lower immunity, depression, anxiety, and more.” So obviously, stress is not the issue to be ignored nowadays.

People must understand that stress is dangerous for them, and it is not enough to avoid it. It is necessary to be ready to fight stress and all possible stressors. In this essay, I will talk about why people and students, in particular, experience stress, how to beat stress and improve the quality of life, and what the benefits of having a relaxing life with no stress are.

Millions of stressors are around us, including home, family relationships, society, finance, or unstable economic and political situations. When it comes to students, it is necessary to add such causes as exams, obligations to meet deadlines, and thoughts about their future. Numerous unexpected changes usually wait for people as soon as they graduate, and not all students are actually ready for new living standards.

In fact, stress may be caused by millions of things that are hard to predict and identify. Sometimes, students have to deal with unexpected deaths, divorces, or the necessity to make serious financial decisions. Uncertainty and the lack of confidence challenge people a lot due to the inability to predict the results and improve the outcomes. People can face all different types of situations that make them fall into a zone of nothing but stress. Therefore, instead of searching for some new methods to predict or avoid stress, it is better to think of the ways how to reduce the level of stress or to beat it for good.

Change is a good solution in many situations. Just thinking about ways to deal with stress on our daily basis is simply going to be helpful to kill out stress unknowingly. The idea of making time to beat stress, feel better about the things around, and let this out of our thoughts are the first steps to promote a difference. As soon as this stage is over, a person is able to notice how effective such therapy can be and how proud and relieved people may be.

Though some people admit that change is one of the causes of stress, it is necessary to remember that changing something is a solution to many stressful situations. People should not wait when everything can be cleared up. They have to do something or, at least, consider all their options for doing something. Change is something people should not be afraid of, but make use of any time they can.

In fact, there are many well-known ways and studies in terms of which stress reduction and management are possible. For example, healthy eating is proved to be a helpful step. In her research, Scholle addresses Dr. Mark Hyman, who said that “eating whole, real foods restores balance and reduces the effects of stress on your body.” Many people might not pay attention to the fact that healthy eating can help to deal with stress in different ways. However, as soon as several changes in eating habits occur, stress reduction can be noted as a pleasant outcome.

Another method with the help of which it is possible to reduce stress is dancing. People do it for fun and enjoy their time at parties or at home. Still, recent studies demonstrate that dancing can kill stress and make us feel fresh and better, and it is enough to dance about five minutes to forget about stress (Scholle). Even if a person does not feel like dancing, it is possible to try this method and turn on music. The solution can come in a short period of time, and certain improvements can be observed.

Also, sleeping enough and very well can reduce stress. The investigations of Alyssa Sparacino about the benefits of sleep underline the importance of rest for the appropriate mood and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. She uses the investigations of a director of sleep medicine, Dr. Raymodne, who explains that “many things that we take for granted are affected by sleep… if you sleep better, you can certainly live better” (Sparacino). Therefore, as one of the important lessons in human intentions to deal with sleep is the attention to the work of our sleeping system. It is necessary to make sure that we get enough sleep every night and put in mind that sleeping in the daylight instead of the night does not count as a healthy sleeping.

Students, as well as other people who are exposed to stress, should remember the importance of relaxation as one of the main fighters against stress in a magnificent way. Looking up for millions of ideas on how to relax your body and soul every day, people should consider their personal preferences and interests. Few exercises can be enough to make relaxation possible, and one thing you can do is to get yourself time outside the world.

This time is the period when a person may contact nobody, just closing the eyes and the mind, thinking of nothing, and taking a deep breath in and out for five minutes only. Yoga is one of the possible methods of relaxation that is available to all people. Some yoga classes can be found online. People may also address experts and professional trainers to take yoga classes in specialized places. Relaxation is possible when people try to walk regularly. Healthy and calm walking every day only for 3o minutes can help people forget about stress and improve their quality of life.

One of the most unexpected ways for many people to deal with stress is crying. People might think that it is something ridiculous and has no relation to the reduction of stress. Otherwise, it has a big effect on stress reduction. Delena Chew uses the investigations of Dr. Sinatra, who said that “crying is one of the most cleansing experiences you can go through.” Regarding the scientific aspect, crying is a possibility to release neurochemicals with the help of which people can reach a calm state (Chew).

Simply speaking, crying will help to clean out your soul and your mind. Deep crying will open the chest and the diaphragm to produce more energy. So be free to let your tears out every time you felt like it. There is nothing wrong with crying and sobbing. It is a good and healthy practice for many people.

If people are interested in calm and regular activities, reading can be used as an option. Reading good books about something you want to achieve is a great job. There are many classic literature sources, as well as modern journals and magazines, to pay attention to. Sometimes, it is enough to grab a book about beating stress and learn something from it. Today, many movies based on books are available to people. This option can also be put on the list of methods to deal with stress.

There are plenty of ways to beat stress if a person makes a strong decision about the necessity to find a solution to this problem. “The wear and tear on the body from lots of stress changes the nervous system,” said Bruce McEwen, a neuroscientist at Rockefeller University in New York (“Studies Show Stress”). Obviously, even in early life, stress, like in the womb, can affect people badly. Therefore, pregnant women are always advised to relax and happy during their pregnancy and avoid stress by any possible means.

Many studies prove how a neonate can be shaped and influenced by the emotions experienced by a mother during pregnancy. Emotional problems, difficulties in learning and remembering, and hyperactivity disorders are the possible outcomes of stress in such situations (Glover 27). Stress can have different, unexpected roots. Many young people believe that they have enough power and opportunities to deal with stress and make correct decisions. Still, though self-confidence is a good quality in dealing with stress, credible guidelines and the suggestions of medical workers and other experts can contribute to the best solution.

Stress reduction is the goal millions of people establish every day despite their age, gender, race, geographical location, occupation, or social status. Stress is a global problem that does not have one simple solution. The idea of beating stress is a great achievement. However, not all people are ready to complete this task. Stressors may vary, and people should understand that help can be found anywhere. The only task is to recognize such a source of help and use it properly.

The benefits of life without stress are numerous. People can make free and properly weighted decisions. Productivity and creativity can be increased. Communication and cooperation between different groups of people may be improved. Finally, the percentage offered by the American Psychological Association about the reasons for stress and their outcomes can be reduced.

In general, stress management is a significant activity for people to be involved in. Stress may negatively influence human health, change the work of mental processes, promote wrong behaviors, and support harmful emotions. Stress occurs as soon as a person is not able to meet needs or find appropriate resources. It is a normal thing in human life. Therefore, instead of trying to live properly and avoid stress, people can learn how to deal with stressful situations and assist each other in meeting similar goals. Life without stress is hard to imagine. However, it is easy to manage stress and take the steps with the help of which human potential can be discovered and used in many different ways.

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Scholle, Anne. “ 5 Ways to Relieve Stress. ” The Center for Mind-Body Medicine . 2015. Web.

Sparacino, Alyssa. “ 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep. ” Health . 2013. Web.

“ Studies Show Stress Can Reshape the Brain. ” The Guardian . 2008. Web.

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